Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 11, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1943
Page 2
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ESS-: SSIFIED ADS ?. F. A. NEWS CLASSIFIED RATES Classified ads are one cent per word for each insertion, with a minimum of 25 cents per order. For example, a 10-word ad will cost 25 cei;ts for either one or two insertions, but only 30 cents for three times. A service charge of 10 cents is added to "keyed" advertisements calling: for replies to be sent to this office instead jf the advertisers. Terms are cash except for business houses carrying r e g u l a r ledger accounts at this office. FOR SALE Real Estate WANTED 3 WELL IMPROVED FARMS for sale, not rented for this year. Jesse O. Kober, Realtor. 1 5.2! BECAUSE we handle poultry and ties only, our entire effort is used to get you the highest prices. Fosse Produce Co., La Porte City. 4.-JC FOR SALE: I have several good farms on my 1943 sale list. So? me for farms. F. W. Kobcr. 3_2c NO HUNTING this office- signs for sale a'. I -- GOOD MARKET for hens. Cull out the boarders and get your flock ready for the laying season. Phone for quotations. Evergreen llatcherv. 4.2c The meeting was called to order Jan. 26, 1943 by President Well, wood Slough. We made plans for a practice basketball game with scouts. The nev president, vice president and secretary were to pick the players for the first and second team. The election of the new officers ·was held. Those elected are as follows: president. Bob Craft; vice president, Marlin Powers; secre. tary, Richard Benson; treasurer, Jack Kerr; sergeant at arms, Don Willwerth; reporter, Don Hager, The meeting was adjourned. Livestock ( C A S H for your old re-cords. We pay phonograph 5 cents a pound, cluck-d. FOR SALE Miscellaneous YOUR FORD is a great car. Keep it that way by having it service^!! by Ford mechanic?. Bring y o u r i Ford back home. Lc-o Mo-or Co.,] Inc. FOR SALE: Tulips, Iris. Peonies. Better plant now t h a n in sprint;, j Tnkir.jr orders for Glads, Dahlias and other bulbs for spring dc- | livery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb Fanns, Rt. 218. l - ' f , FOR SALE: Pair 2 and U year! old mares. WANTED: Single! bottom 16 inch tractor plow.' Frank Brooks, Brandon. J-2p; ' FOR SALE: Full blooded Chester! Edison records Byam's Store. not in. 4.2c YOUNG MAN ON MODERN farm wants housekeeper. Write Fred Turner, Brandon, la. 5_2c SECOND GRADE NEWS Next Monday we will finish reading our "Visits Here and There" books. We had a test today over the addition and subtraction combina. I t : tions, weeks. learned these last two W A N T E D TO BUY--Small house. Reasonable. Mrs. Jake Brown. 5_2c WANTED to buy a second hand baby bed. Thursa Smith. 4.2p White boar. Abe Avers. l.'2c FOR SALE: '2D ChevroV-t f w i a n -new battery. "-J3 license, tires and motor c-xtra good. Oood , ,,_ farm car. Phone 18.23, La Porte : '^ranCC ____ | Cit '- ___ ^P.'FARM PROPERTY INSURANCE! w «tton on installment plan all actual cost through 0.! l-lf FOR RENT : A P A R T M E N T for rent. Inquire at Fri-d S. Garrabrant's Jewelry and Gift Shop. 3_3 C FOR SALE: Japanese while hul ! less -'popcorn. Any amount af 4 pounds for 25 " c e n t s . John| Kobf - r ' Agent. Rauch. SCHOOL NEWS ( C o n t i n u e d from page five) 5.2p' STOVE AND 22c a pa] Ion Station. LIGHT GAS- si t L. J. TUt's 1-tf GREEN COLONIAL F U R N A C E S . 207 and 00-11. W. A. THE BEST I N S U R A N C E j a gift for our heart friends. It was in life, f i r e ' a n d auto sec G. E.; suggested we have n dance, but we Loveless. MIV l v jll wait until a later date. ..1 The sophomore class has com. pitted their unit on child care. _""_"· They observed the first grade and w ... 1 h f ' " ^iv.,.^.^ 'i l " ld t h u m stor 'cs. Later we gave ·rranklm. l - l f . \ ; them a party. The last few days USE BRIARDALE COFFEE| Res.air Work i;TM I 1 ' 1 TM nerved the second and] and your breakfast will be good. I lhlrd gra , dc , s and have learncd Bru/t's Crcccry. ' 1-tf.j R E P A I R SERVICES -- Rubbers [ vtr " m u c h from thls COJrse 1 and rubber overshoes arc: off the FOK AUTOMOBILE i n s u r a n c e ' phoTie 31, Anna W. Kobcr. ~ "SERVICES Barbara Bailey, Thelma DunkeL berger, Beatrice Ballheim John Peterson got "A's" in Phoneics test. and -- ' A i« - ' iay, Februa in* the week of January 25.29: !with 10 points. | Schreiber and familv; Mr Jean Jenks 41; Shirley Hacker. I The Httle R suffered their! -Mrs. Louie Sehreiber'and fa S °"' 5?J..£ W ?/ ??"· 3A Elea | second Mtback of f h e 3Q t I Mr . ,, Mrs . A!ben Co]e T«n 32. 34; Marie Foss, En Duller, 32, and Glen 3 20 ' The £on paeed the Played their poor, family; Mr. and Mrs. L of the season. Jim ,,_ Schreiber and fa-nily; H; Rams with 0 points, while Davis paced the Vinton attack with 1 points. Wly wait? Sell it now, through tl:e want adsl Rams Trim Vinton Five The La Porte City Rams flashed! NOTICE of the Appointment of LEGAL NOTICES Executor. State of Iowa, Black Hawk back into their old form that had jiven them their four previous victories and defeated Vinton in an overtime duel. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. It was the second victory of the [that the undersigned has been year for the Rams over the Jays, county, ss. Probate No. 13303. Naomi, Bernadine, Mildred, A and Carl Schreiber. CARD OF THANKS W» wish to extend our si thanks to all the neighbors relatives who have helpec much through their gifts am sistance during the illness death of our beloved husband father, William E. B:al!ier. Mrs. Doi-n A. Brallicr and familv CARD OK THANKS \Vc wish to txtend our tl .. .. _ r . , -- -..-.e...^ u.i^ u^*.,, w L , u i s ,] lo txienu our U ·ar for the Rams over the Jays. du!y appointed and qualified as to the fire department and t lu R TMl P ' a \ d " nd 5 ??"£ i*T' or °f t h s E r tn . te of Charles I m anv friend, for ihc-ir assis crable pressure, because of the| loss of Kenneth Kruse, their star fonvard, and Jack Lesh, sul vnr_ sity guard. It was a close game all the way. The Rams were out ahead at the quarter 9 to 7, but the Jays behind We had 9 "A's" in spelling last'the hot shooting of Struble week. squeezed past the Rams to hold a 16 to 15 margin at the half. But the Rams, behind the sharp shooting of George Spcnce, went EIGHTH GRADE NEWS Kenneth Wilkinson, who has ·tased, late of Black Hawk county. All persons indebted to said estate arc requited to make immediate payment; and those having claims npainst the same will present thorn, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, file in the office been attending school in Colorado, ahead at the close of the third rejoined our grade last week. Lyle, Period. In the final quarter, t h j Caldwell also enrolled. 1 Rams matched the Jays point by Teddy Runyan was elected point till only seconds remained.! president for the second semester. · Hall, Jay guard, dropped in a long of the Clerk of the District Court. C. V. BARNHART, Executor, La Porte City, Iowa. Dated February -1, 1913. L, J. "ROBERTSON, Feb. -1.11 Attorney. Room helpers elected were librarL an, Velma Ferson; patrolman, Ardeth Haberichter; roomkceper, Pearl Riggle; host, Gerald Kahler. SIXTH GRADE NEWS shot to give the Jays a 30 to 28 lead. But with only second remaining Moline, rookie Ram center, hit the hoop and pushed the game i n t o | an overtime period. In the overtime period the Rams , _ during and follov.-irg the which destroyed our home. Mi- Mrs. Lewis Stontr and family. C A R D OK THANKS Wu wish to thank our neighbors and friends for the sympathy and! kindnesses extended ( 0 us during! our recent bereavement. Otto A". PCIjyiCTCRY BUY U N I T E D STATES WAR IJONDS A N D STAMPS We enjoyed the poem, "My Cap. | jumped ahead with a basket FOR SALE -- Chickens drcsstd. Phone -19.35. Mrs. Wellwood Williams. 5-3c| EASY T'.,- FEED--Sargent's Min- ral Meat .Meal for hogs. Farmers Supply Co. 1-tf TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OIL-- fl.20 at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf CLEANER'S SOLVENT AT L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf · LOST-FOUND LOST--32x6 dual tire chain between Bruce Center school and Joe Vopelak farm. Gco. Kruse, phone 14.42. Biographies I Hub Johnson--Bob, as he market, but we can repair y m i r j old ones no matter how badly | worn. Work absolutely guar:ir._j teed! Cole's Shoe Shop . -l-2p BODY, FENDER REPAIRING commonly called, was bom on the --Dents removed, repainted to] shortest day of the year, Dec. 21, match perfccty. Our work will! 1923. He is the younger of the please you Drive in. Leo Motor! two boys in the Harold Johnson Co. 1 - t f ' f a m i l y . -- i Bob has always attended La KNIVES Sharpened. Gravcnhorsl P o r t e cit schn ^ aUho m Welding Shop. "' Miscellaneous AGENCY F O R W A T E R L O O Laundry and Unique Cleaners. 6.2c Harry Eshcr Barber Shop. 2-i)p C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE [HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH Friday SPECIALS Saturday tain," given to us by the fifth grade on Tuesday morning. We went to the gym on Wed. nesday and played "Doge Ball" and "Bean Bag Board." In history we are studying "The Spread of Two Great Religions." We had 28 perfect spelling pa. Dexter, but Vinton matched it a few seconds later. The next m i n _ ute was, perhaps, the fastest eve/ played by both teams. Once again, it ivas Moline who came thru for the Rams with a tip in shot with but a fc\v seconds remaining. George Spence, stellar Rams pers today out of a class of thirty, guard, paced the Rams scoring ; j attack, by hitting the hoop for 5 TYPING NEWS :'field goals and a charity toss.' The following people received Sides was a close second with 7: the highest averages in the daily points. Hart outscored his team ten minute speed tests given dur_ mates to pace the Jays attack ·l,aci kc p t n j ]r] o u t Q | s j x tj, g ra( j c that I year, in fact he spent only six weeks in sixth grade that year. The next year he started with the grade he is graduating with this semester. He likes Junior Business better than most of his other subjects. As for sports, he goes for basket, ball in a big way- While in high school, he has participated in Hi_ Y. Bob has traveled somewhat and in t h a i time has seen Boulder Dam. the Grand Coulee Dam, Golden Gate bridge and the World's Fair] in California. Last summer he was' among n group of boys who went to Clear I.eke for a week. When he is not in school, he helps out his dad at the store. Bcb i will never forget the bakers' days Iho, especially the pastries and coffee sticks with jelly. Bob says those were the days. Since Bob comes within the ngc limit, he is looking forward to; the army. If circumstances were not as they are he thinks he would enjoy attending the Iowa Univer_l sity at Iowa City. TALL CORN PANCAKE FLOUR 5-pound sack DOLE'S PINEAPPLE GEMS 2 tall cans . . FRESH CORN MEAL 5-pound sack CALIFORNIA ENGLISH WALNUTS per pound FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER per pound BRIARDALE WHEAT FLAKES Bowl Free. 2 packages IDAHO RED BEANS 3 pounds NEW SEEDLESS RAISINS 2 pounds SANTA CLARA PRUNES 50|60 Size, 2 pounds G. W. C. CATSUP 14-oz. bottle GRO-PUP DOG FOOD large package SHREDDIES--Shredded Whole Wheat 2 packages G. W. C. BLEACH quart bottle CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 6 bars 25c 35c 19o 25c 27c 15c 25c 25c 15c 25c STONEWARE Stone Jars -- All Sizes -- Stone Jugs Dorothy Duller--Dorothy was' born during a good warm summer! month, July 19 1925, to be exact.! She is one of two children of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Duller. She has ( an older brother, Bob. She is still living on the same place, on a 1 farm southeast of La Porte City, j Her education began in a counJ try school by the name of Cedar. No. 1. This school was attended by Dorothy for seven years. Then she changed schools and came to La Porte City for eighth grade and is now ending her high school career here. During high school, Dorothy had |nrticipaLcd in n number of extra eurricular activities including G. A. A., Glee Club, Pep Squad and Ilomemaking club. As for her fav_ orite subjects, typing and shorthand arc Dorothy's first choice. There is one sport of which she is quite fond--that is dancing. After graduating Dorothy would like to go to business school in Cedar Rapids. ^S'7w/.y^^z-^{,S^J,JM4PZp La Porte City's Fruit and Vegetable Headquarters TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Fine Flavor, Full of Juice; Popular Medium «C_ Size 96 Count, 6 for £wC Slightly Smaller 112 Count, 7 for 25c CALIFORNIA SWEET ORANGES Very Juicy, Extra Sweet. A very fancy 01« juice orange; medium 220 size, dozen «*IC CARROTS--Crisp, small size, California || n large bunch 11C CRISP HEAD LETTUCE, head 15 C SOLID NEW CABBAGE, pound 7 C IDAHO RUSSET POTATOES full 15 pounds, a peck YELLOW GLOBE ONIONS, 5 Ibs. 25c APPLES Good Apples are rather expensive this season but the best are the cheapest. DELICIOUS OR McINTOSH, 3 Ibs 2oC GOVERNMENT TAKES TYPEWRITER The war came close to our own small school today as government men came to take four of our typewriters for government work. They are needed in many different places today and arc essential to vital war work. Our own quota of four typewriters will not be missed in comparison to the work and purpose they will be serving elsewhere. FOURTH GRADE NEWS Those who had 100 in spelling ast week arc Carmen Abbott, La Vita Bolinger, Juanita Bryan, Shirley Foster, Marie Heincn, Mae Hitt, Shirley Kuhn, Beverly Sides, Dorothy Taft, Thomas Gill, Dean Kruse, Jimmy Skilcs, Dick Wagner and Jerry Weatherly. We have memorized three poems ibout dogs. We have finished the; first unit in our new history looks. · SUNSHINE "KRISPY" CRACKERS 2-lb. caddy 33c FRI. - SAT. Feb. 5 EVENING; SHOW FRI. - SAT. a: S Rcdia's Favorites...The Aldrkh Family...In Their Funniest Yefl JIMMY LYDON * HENRY ALDRICH Harj Anderson · Charles Smilli · John Litel RICHARD ARLEN ARLENE JUDGE in SUN. - MON. FEB. 7 - 8 -Mai. Sun. at 2:15 All the Hoys Wnnt (o Carry Her Lunch Pail. But She's Carrying the Torch for Uncle Sam! FANCY PRUNES?--Meaty Santa Claras; Packed by Del Monte; medium size, 2 Ibs. BLENHEIM APRICOTS, pound SHAKER SALT, regular size, 2 for 29c 35c I5c MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT KLINE'S " CANNED PUMPKIN ^ Del Monte Brand, large 2'/ 2 size Smaller No. 2 size cans, each DEL MONTE SUGAR PEAS-- Finest Quality, full No. 2 can ............. ............. TENDERSWEET PEAS No. 2 size "Chubbies" ................. 12c 15c WE WANT MORE EGGS Drive up front or rear Blow your horn FRESH BREAKFAST EGGS Guaranteed "Seconds." Saturday Only-- dozen .................. (Not Delivered) PILOT BRAND OYSTER SHELLS, bat' 9Qfc WHILE IN LA PORTE *~ make Kline's yo ·- - - * ADDED VARIETIES ~~ _ M;iVS KVKNTS CAJ.IFOIIMA ,IK. SV.1I1MIONY COMm-tl, .1ILSIC U. w*"*-**, T ""-- W «I-TI.UTM. ,,,,.,,.,,,, ^fe£t *»** C JACK CARSON .ALAN HALE PLUS - - Pete Smith--Novelty EWSPAPERf

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