The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 7, 1931 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1931
Page 16
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HOGS DROP IN WELL SUPPLIED MARKET APRIL 7 1931 CATTLE TRADE IS ,; SLOW TO START Bullish Tone Pervades Lamb Market but Early Bids I Are Only Steady. I CHICAGO, April.-7. OP--Hogs a Bought lower levels as buying forces f! lost their momentum In a fairly jk "well supplied market. Local offers' ings of 21,000 carried only 3,000 tilled direct to packing .plants, but 1 there were 6,000 stale hogs available. Packers, buyers were indifferent and even eastern shippers demanded sharp cuts which brot at out Borne selling on a 10-20c lower basis. Good to choice 130-200 Ib. animals ' were packed up at $8-8.10 and men d um weights were taken at $7.80. j 'Offerings of 7,500 matured cattle i and. 4,000 calves furnished about all i the bovine stock, the trade could I Absorb. In the absence of a brisk i outside demand, sellers had to look j to local "killers and they, were not | keen; about getting started early in j the day. Only 48 head of., cattle j Were billed direct to packing houses. | While supplies here were about the same as a week ago, outside mar- S Icets .showed a reduction of 8,000.. j Packers received 2,000 lambs dt- \ rect from outside points leaving {· fully 10,000 old crop Iambs and ·i about 1,000 .California springers on | sale in the sheep sheds." A bullish ;j tone pervaded the trade and higher )] prices were asked while initial bids 8 Were- no better than steady. (\ - Hogs · closed v.raUiar slow, · 10-20C lower. 1 Cattle finished slow and steady. Sheep -i strong lo lie hleher. | Local Hogs KANSAS CITJT. LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 7. isj--u. S. department of agriculture^- ·" HOOS, 5,000, ' Including 225" direct; Blow and uneven, 10-25C lower than Monday's average; top 57.76 on 190-220 IDS.; good and.choice 140-180 Ibs., 57.25@7.60; 160-180 Ibs. S7.35@7.70; 180-220 Ibs. J7.50@7.75; 220-250 Ibs. S7.45S17.75; 250-290 Ibs. $7.20 G7.55; 290-350 Ibs. $6.90@7.35: packing sows 275-300 Its. ·S6.15iglfl.75; . stock pigs, good and choice 70-130 Ib3. -57,2507.75. . .CATTLE 7,000: calves 1^200; generally steady;, some strength .on heavy steers; choice 1,518 Ib. steers J9.50; steers, good and choice EOO-900 Ibs. J7.50®9.75; 9001100 Ibs. $7.80@B.75; 1100-1300 Ibs. $7.50® 0.75; 1300-1500 Ibs.. S7.7B®10; common and medium . 600 Ibs.* up 55.25937.75; heifers good and choice 550-850 Ibs. S6.75S8.75; common and medium 550-850- Ibs. $4.5033 6.75; cows, good una choice I5®5.25;'com- mon ana medium 54.25®5; low cutter and culler $3@4.25; vealers (mllK fed) medium to choice $5@9: cull and common $4££B; stocker and'feeder steers, good and choice .(all weights) 56.75®8.75: common and medium (all weights) 54.250S.75. BHEEP. 7,000; R!lllng classes around' 25c higher; Texas spring ]ambj 59.75; test fed wooled lambs held above $9.25; lambs, good and choice. 90 Ibs. down $8.50@9.25; medium 90 Ibs. down. $7.50^8.50; common, all weights, $5.505^7.50; medium to choice 91100 Ibs. $7.50®9.10; ewes, medium to choice 150 Iba. down 53,50® 5. tJVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, April 7. UP)--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 8,000; hogs, 14.000; sheep, 9,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. April 7.--Estimated receipts o[ hogs, 15,000; catUe, 8.000; sheep, 10,000. Representative Sales CEUCAGO, April 7. Un--Representative sales as selected by the U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS. Lights-7.05 30 7.20 83 60 Heavy-67 319 52 311 BO 287 76 273 69 · 266 53 252 Mediums-58 248 238 229 222 214 7.30 7.50 7.55 7.60 197 192 187 48 180 63 173 72. . .163 Light Ugbls-- i MASON CITY, April 7.--Bes sorted,lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., 57.20 best medium weight butchers, 240 j to 260 Ibs, ?700, best heavy butch} eis, 270 to 300 Ibs., ?6.70; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to S5C i Iba, 36 50; best packing sows, 300 -j to 350 Ibs., $6.00; best heavy sows, \ 360 to 400 Ibs., ?5.80. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ! CHICAGO, April 7. C/O--United Elates dei fcartment of agriculture--· .' - . · { HOGS-21,000 JncludlnB 3.000 direct; slow, 10@20c lower than yesterday's average; light weights off most; good to choice 140210 Ibs. S7.90S8.10: top $9.10; 220-320 Ihs. y7.15@7.90; pigs $7.50@8.00; packing sows 38508675, light lights good and choice 140-160 Ibs. S7.85©8.10; light weight 1601200 Ibj. ?7.90@8.10; medium weight 2001350 Ibs S750SB10; heavy weight 250-350 j IDS. f7.00® 7.65; packing sows medium and ; KOOd 270-500 IDs. SO.404T6.65; slaughter pigs gcodtand choice 100-130 Ibs. J7.654P8.10. CA.TTT.F, 7.500; calves 3,000; steer trade ·wry alow, ·-steady. to weak; Killing quality rather .plain,: however;-oulk. steers and y«ar- " a bjlng ot quality to nell at »T.25®8.15; 37 53 71 60 Sfeen 39 45 20 43 205 153 148 143 138 131 7.65 7.70 31 7.BU 53 7.85 73 7.90 25 8:00 CATTLE. I Heifers-31 710 60 748 29 812 14 1030 COW3-- 8.00 8.10 8.00 7.90 B.OO V.85 8.00 7.85 8.10 7.75 7.00 GRAINS LINGER NEAR LOW MARK Corn Goes Almost to Bottom Record, Oats Outdoes Former Mark. CHICAGO, April 7. (m--Sympa thizmg with weakness of securities grains receded today, going almos to the season's lowest price level in corn and outdoing the bottom recorc m oats. Bearish wheat' crop esti mates from the southwest--Texas and Kansas in particular--were B factor. Some advices indicated biggest wheat yields Texas ever pro duced. Wheat closed heavy, unchanged to lower; corn « @ % c o t f ; wheat »4® flown and provisions at 2c to 12c decline. CHICAGO-CASK GRAIN. 77° APr " 7 ' UF *~ Wheat No - 5 Com No. -1* mixed (old 6151c; No 3 mixed 57%ii)y 1 e; No. t mixed 56@57c: No 2 yellow 69%®60V4c; No. 3 yellow 57%® 59J4c: No. 4 yellow 5fi®57«o; No. 2 whlto 61®61'Ac; No. 3 white 57iic; No. 4 while 57@57ttc; No. 8 while 55c; sample °" a «f Ko - 2 white 3054 @31c; No. 3 white 30Vl@itc; No. 4 white 30c. Timothy seed 58,2588.75. Clover seed Sll.50@19.25. ' ' I^rd ?8.S7; ribs ?IO:50; bellies 510.50. MASON CITY GRAIN . · MASON CITY, April 7.-Barley Oats 22c Shelled corn. No. 4 .'..,... ...42c Ear Corn .3g c GralnFutures 1310 10.25 869 10.00 1148 9.75 1260 , 9.35 21 \ 1242 6.00 37 1040 8.60 11 1155 20 1137 S.25 18 1011 22 1183 8.00 10 948 18 1211 7.75 7 816 23 , 1239 7.50 2* 952 7.15 14, I' 917 6.75 21 703 6.5U SHEEP; Fat Wooled Lambs-- Shorn · Lambi 8.75 S.OTJ 7.5Q ,. fealers GOe or more o f f . ' ^ Slaughter cattle and vealers: steers, good ' Knd choice GOO-900 Ins, S8.50Q10.0; 900- ji 1100 Ibs. S8.60®10.50; 1109-13DO Ibs. $8.50 !'£10.SO; 1300-1500 Ibs. $8.50@10.EO; common an« medium 600-1300 Ibs. ?c.25®8.60; i belters, good and choice 650-8SO Ibs. $709; j common and medium $9-5Q@7; rows, good and. choice 55@6.50J common and medium I S4.25@5.25; .low cutter, and .cutter J3.25CJ 1 4.50;' hulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice, (beef) !4.50®5.75: cutter to medium { 34@4.90; vealers (milk fed) good and choice i 97®8.75; medium IB@7r cull and common ' 34.60@6.'Slooker and'feeder cattlei Steers Eood and choice 500-1050 Ibs. ST.35OB.75r common.and medium £5.50 ©7.50. SHEEP 13,000;'early market*fully steady; "bulk, good and choice ivooled lambs $9®9.50; 1 "best held around , 50.75; clippers $8.SO:jj S.flS; four loads California, springers unsold. 3 Slaughter sheep and Iambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs. '·· down,; good'·and -choice 53.85SI8.I5r medium j 38.2508.85; 91-100 Ibs., medium to choice S8{9.50; aU weights, common $7®8.25: ewes, 90-150 Ibs., medium to choice S3.7Rffl j P 25; aU^welghts, cull and common ?2®4.25. \ OMAHA UVESTOCir. I] OMAHA; April 7. UP)--U. 3. department tf agriculture-- . M HOGS 11.000. 70 direct: slow, mostly 15- A 250'lower; practical top $7.80 on 160-200 Ib. t lights; part load 200 Ib. putchers at $7.70, j j out 'of line; 160-240 Jbs. $7.2507.50; 240- J B80 Ib.' butchers *7®7.25; nothing done on ; heavier weights; packing; sows $3.25^6.50; T average cost Monday $7.21, weight. 267. j CATTLE 5,800; calves 300; fed steers ft and yearlings opening fully steady; heifers V; ulow. steady; cows active, strong;, hulls and \i Vealers .fully steady;' stacker and feeder J «teers scarce, steady; fed steers and year- jJIngs mostly '$7®8.75; several loads $9® i fi.60; cnolce 1,168 Ib. weights $9.75; good to choice weighty steers $9.85; hellers mostly j SO.7507.75; bulk beef cows J4.50JJ5.75; ^ choice .lots '$8@6,50; cutter grades moaUy \S32504; strong weight cutters $4.20;. med- Sum bulls $4.35@4.60; heavy beef bulls iV J4 5004.75;- pracUcal top vealers $8.50; i choice; lots .to independents $9; few lots Btocker'and. feeder steers $7@8. 1 SHEEP .13,000;. lambs strong to a shade higher; sheep steady; shearing lambs un- 1 evenly higher; early sales slaughter lambs r 59^9 25,', some held higher. Three cars cal|: Jfomla. spring lambu SU; best ewes $4.50; iinlxed, fat .and. feeders, clipped lambs $7.23 -J j@8; shearing lambs $8.7509. j siorjx CITY UYESTOCK. SIOUX CITir, April 7. W)--U. S. depart' Inent o f . agriculture--·; CATTLE 2,500. calves 100; actlvs, beef Steers and yearllngi steady to strong; she } etoclc. strong, to 25c higher; hulls and veal- era firm; . , stockera and feeders little phanged; fed good steers and yearlings $8.35 i38.6fl: choice kinds absent; bulk $7138.25; desirable light heifers held above $7.50; bulk cows $4*5005.50; majority medium buils , 53.75®4.25; choice vealers J8.50; scatter' ing sales stocken $7.25 down. HOGS 5,000, Blow» early sales 160-180 Ib. i Butchers ia shippers mainly $7.4007.60; top $7.60; 10-15C ' lower; · nothing · done on other welghU talking unevenly 1S-25C lower; packing «OWB fully steady, mainly $6.33 "O8SQ, few smooth lights $6.60. i SHEEP 3.SBO, practically notnlnc; done, msking 250 or more higher or $9.25 and above -for best fed wooled Iambs; other CJwse* .Quoted steady. ^ SOUTH ST. PAUL UVESTOCK. .· SOUTH ST. PAtn, April 7, UPI--0. S. fleparUnent of agriculture-; CATTLE 2 ,500; steers and . yearlings opening alow, undertone again weak; fre^h euppUeft swelled 'by moderate holdover* irom Monday; Lhest matured offerings'heH around $8.50; yearlings around-$8.25; bulk all weights klndi salable on down to $6.75; other classes unchanged; beef cows $4.25® B.BO; butcher heifers 55.50@0.75; yearlings to $7.75: cutters $3@4; bulls slow, bulk $4.25 down; 'feeders and stock bulls slow; bulk $4.25 down; feeders and stackers about Us.dy -with weighty kinds getting narrow outlet. Calves' 3,500; vealers unchanged; Kood and choice grades $608.50. HOGS 10,000; slow, unevenly 5 'to 15e or fcnore lower than Monday's average; better J50-250 Ib: weights $7.15@7.60: top $7.dO on weights 210 Iba. down; 250-350 Ib. weights largely t8.60@7.1G; sown $6@0.SO; 114 21 117 130 1S9 182 . 35 275 315 ' 228 i 170 155 231 38 27 85 90 78 01 83 92 94 105 .69 101 72 70 99 60 9.80 9.7S 9.73 9.63 8.60 9.50 0.10 D.35 9.25 9.15 9.00 8.CO 8.50 S.CJL) 7.5'; 155 275 239 217 150 Ewes 37 S 13 81 3 82 88 92 94 89 133 126 140 170 200 4.25 3.35 9.00 8.85 8.8.1 8.75 8.50 5.00 4.0(1 4.7fl 4.00 4.00 TUESDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, April 7. UP-- jHog Markets! . : BOO FUTURES.- · · C3HICAGO, April -7. UP)-- Hog futures: Bidding 58 for light hogs, 57.50 for mediums and »7 for heavies to arrive tomorrow: WHEAT-May old... new,. July Sept. ......' Dec. COHff-- May old.... new.. July Sept. Dec OATS-May old. ,,. neiv... July ; Sept. Dec RYE-May old..... new... July Sept. Dec ,. LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July High. ' .84 U -61K .60 .63 .60H .61% .53% .3014 .30?s .31 ·30TS .32H .3654 .3854 8.90 9.02 9.17 Low. .83 .84 .624 .5971' .6051 .02 .60S .53 .2851 -30« .30S .so a .32 .351 .36 8.87 9.00 9.15 .84 .60% .5914 .00 · SOW -62M .OOV. .53 K .29?; -son, .30VS .30 K .32 .39 Ji .41 8.87 D.OO 9.15 10.65 10.80 Notes TIOKEB · TAPE A new record of 2,925,000 old cars junked .was established In 1930, official motor vehicle registration figures for that year Indicate. Alfred Beeves, general manager of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, declared (onday. The elimination of that 'number of used cars was tho result of the normal wearing out of cars and the special Junking plan of the manufacturers In conjunction with'deal ers under which 350,000 additional vehicle! of unsafe character -were eliminated from Uie highways, Mr. Reeves explained. KAIL EQUIPMENT BUYING BEI'OBTED EASI.VG OFF . . An easing off In rail and equipment buy- Ing, together wtlh an uncertainty concerning the automobile Industry's ability to maintain Its excellent earlier figures, was behind the apprehension concerning steel. Some -talk of adverse dividend-action later In the year was abroad but no one could be found who was actually convinced that U. B. Sleel would consider dividend .'-reduction under present circumstances. Traders were Inclined to recall 1021 when dividends remained unchanged during a similar rough period of steel activity. Other steel stocks followed along with the big leader but other groups were inclined more to Idleness than any noticeable pressure. Retail activity and construction work continue as bright spots In the business picture, altho observers were Inclined to look for a falltag-off In retail trade'after Easter. ·The volume of money avallabls to the retail market; however, ia large'and money seeking Investment Is indicated In good supply by tha ready acceptance of bonds. HABVABD ECONOMIC SOCIETY CONTINUES OPTIMISTIC VIEW The Harvard Economic society continues In the .view that the stock market Is on a definitely upward trend'such as signals a cyclcal upturn I n . business. In its current weekly letter It sels down the recent declines in share ^prices as a temporary reaction In a. major-advancing movement. According to Its chart system of forecasting the advance In the speculative curve Is said to foreshadow a definite upturn In business at some point qtTAHTEH EARNINGS BEPOBTS In general the market shows fear of the first quarter earnings reports whlcn will soon jiegin to arrive and which are not expected to compare favorably -wttli those of the sams period lost year. Those Inclined to be optlmlsUc, however, point out that such news will be old when It arrives and Indicate that more attention should be Bald to such, indices as a silent quickening of the commodity price structure, which will be further stimulated by a rise In silver, and Ihe brighter outlook for Industries effected by the operaUon ot programs to b» In' b " tcr WeaUlcr IN CHICAGO AREA Between 100,000 and 150,000 tons of steel will be required far construction nrojects soon to S o forward in Uie territory served by Chicago steel producers. Fully 60,000 tons are now under active negotiation and double this tonnage will be needed In the next few months, according to estimates of steel fabrl- atorg. , A man ig the larger projects counted are he Outer Drive Improvement In Chicago the elevated line extension and the Chicago postofffce. some reports are that the po/t- DROP CONTINUES IN SHARE VALUES . ' ' i ·. ' ' ' ·' - ,' ' Shrinkage Progresses We on Into Third Week of Steady Decline. . . . . - f , · . . NEW YORK, April 7. (JP)--The a most uninterrupted shrinkage c share values progressed well into i' third week today, altho its pace was slow and faltering. The decline was moderate, an the volume of trading was aga] meager. The volume of stock fo sale was too small to be encouragin 'to the bears, but tresh dividend cut ting and expectation of a dismal dis play of first qiJarter earnings stafr ment left the bull camp, all but de sertsd. Short covering, howeve caused a sluggish rally in the earl afternoon. · ...· There were numerous declines b 1 to 5 points. U. S. Steel sagged point to a new 1931 low at 136, the recovered. ' ^ Hails were conspicuously weal again. Union Pacific dropped 4, an Northern Pacific, more than* 2, t new lows. Fox Films dropped' points on the announcement of new financing. Issues off 2 or 3 p'oinL. included American Telephone, Pub lie Service of New Jersey, John Mariyiile, Missouri Pacific, Home stake Mining and McKeesport. ' The market has now lost virtuall all of its February gain and, as measured by price indices, is within a few points of its January low. One custom smelter offered cop per at SYz; cents a pound, the 36 year low record established' las autumn, but the copper market wa dull. Silver again weakened, losrn, Vi. of a cent an ounce. Preliminary figures indicate tha last week's petroleum statistics wil show one of the best reductions in crude output of the year, which i encouraging. , Credit was in good supply. Befor. the close the official rate dropped t 1% per cent. QKAIN.OPEN Close Tr. Ago. Grade LIGHTS-April i ...«., May Juno ^'. Sept. (Ilrst hair) . Sept. (last halt) MEDIUMS-April May Sept. Offered . .8.25 ..8,50 ..8.50 ..9.25 ..0.00 . .8.00 ..8.50 -.9.00 Bid 8.00 8.25 8.25 8.50 7.53 7. SO 8.50 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog.prices at Iowa'markets Tuesday: CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hogs: Mediums J7@7.1.5; heavfes ja.76®6.00j Ifghta 57® 7.15; packers J5.75(a)6.10. J)ES MOINES--2,000; lOc lower; prime llghta $6.90^7.35; prQne mediums $6.80® 7.30; prime heavies S.8.30SP6.80; good packers 55.75®6.40. OTTUftnVA^lOc lower; ^ 120-150 Ibs $5.30; 150-180 Ibs. 56.00; 180-230 Ibs. 47.2.1; 230-280 Ibs. J7.10; 260-300 Iba. JS.gO; 300350 Ibs. 56.50; over. 350 Ibs. $6,50; good packers S5.75; fair packers 54.65. WATERLOO--Prime hogs, 180-220 Iba. $6.80697.25; 220-250 Ibs. J6.85®7.15: 250200 Ibs. $6-60@6.90; 290-320 IM. $8.40® 6.70; 320-350 Ibs. $6.3006.60; good packers {5.801^6.15. noo EECEIPTS. DE3 ItblNEa, April 7. tin--U. S. department of agrlcullure-- Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and T packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota, for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were- 10,500, compared with 24,000 a week ago. Mostly la-ISc lower; marketing very light In most sections; bulk of 170-230 Ibs. $7.15@7.40; choice long haul 180-210 Ib. weights up to $7.55; 240-260 Ib. averages mostly S6.8307.25; 270-320 Ibs. $6.65®7: Quotations lor good and choice: Light lights, 140-160 Ibs., $6.65®7.45; light weights, 100-180 Iba., S7.105P7.55; 280-200 Ibs., 57.1007.50; 220-250 Ibs. S7S7.4U; heavy weights, 250-200 Ibs., $6.70@7.2.1- 2BO-350 Ibs., $a.45®6.95. Good packing sows 273-350 Ibs., SeffG.40- 350-425 Ibs., $S.65@6.10; 425-550'IDs., $5.40 05.80. WHEAT-- ISay o l d . . . . . . 1.13H new.... July Sept Dec CORN-May old...... new..... July Sept Uec. ......... OATS-May old new July Sept Dec. RYE-May old...... 1.14 « 1.17 .87% .88 it ' .S2« July .. Best. .. Dec. .. LARD-May .. July .. Sept. ..... BELLIES-May ...13.75 July 13.72 .71% 176 ....10.42 ....10.02 ....10.87 . April 7. · Close ' Tes'd'y. .83 .84 .51%. - . 6 0 % .01W- .62 i .6111 .53»i .3054 .31 -31W- .30% .32'.4 .3611 .3871 .40 8.05 9.05 9.22 10.72 10,02 Open Today .83 H ·84% .60 .63 .01 .62 « .BO-} ·-53K .30'.! · 30 %S · 30% .30*1 ·32?, .30 .38?, .38 W ·39 « .41 8.90 9.02 0.17 10. 8T OMAHA. GBAIX i Apr)1 7 - I'll-- Wheat-- Hard No 3, 71«p74o; sample hard 00®61c; norlhern prlnB Ko. 3, 67®71c. Corn -- Yellow No. 2, C4c: No. 3 5'c Oala -- Not quoted. KANSAS CITV CHAIN . KANSAS ciTy, April 7. im--Wheat 46 cars; unchanged; Ko. 2 dark hard nominally . 72'/ J @74Mc; No. 3. nominally 72® 73%c; Ho. 2 hard 73873)ic; No. 3, 72© 72$4c; No. 2 red nominally 73©74c; No. 3 nominally 72©73c. . . Com 28 cars; He lower to lo higher; No. 3, »«* 55©BBc: No. 2 yellow No whlte MISCELLANEOUS POTATO S1ABKET CHICAGO, April 7. OP--United department at agriculture--' Potatoes 109, on" track 335, total U. S. shipments 585, steady, trading rather alow; sacked per cwt., Wisconsin round whites $1.50@1.65; fancy shade hlfjher; ungraded J1.40®1.45; Minnesota round whites $1.45® 1.50; Idaho russets No. 1, $1.75©1.85, No. 2, $1.5501.60; Nebraska triumphs mostly MDCNEAPOI-IS FtOUB MINNEAPOLIS, April 7. UT--Flour--Uo- chanEed; shipments 33,591. Bran SIO.30@20.00. Standard mlddllDgjj $1°.00®19.:0. CHICAGO CHEESE CHICAGO, April 7. un--Cheese per ID,: Twins I4Hc; daisies 15Hc; lone horns 15WC! young Americas 15Hc; brtclt 14c- llmburgcr 16^c; 'Swiss unquoted. HAr JIARKET. April 7. UF-- Hay, 28 care. CHICAGO, unchanged. ^, rifts mostly J7.75; 57.27. welsht 241. average cost Idonduy SREEP. 1,200; 439 direct; no early sales Tr bids; asking sharply higher or upwards fo $9.50 on best fed western lambs; best led lambs 58.75, late MINNEAPOLIS OKAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, April 7. IJPI--Wheat 89-cars compared to T* a year ago 1 uc higher.- Cash--No. 1 northern 75%®80ljc; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 77%@SO»c; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein 77TC; to ar,,?,', K J^ C '' No - 1 amber durum 7054CT 74Kc: No. 2 amber 68«@7114c: No. 1 red Corn--3 yellow 53^55c. Oats--3 white 26 H 027 He. · Barley--32@53c. Rye--No. 1, 31@35c- Flax--No. 1, -PRODUCE MASON CITY, April 7 __ Cash Quotations by EL O. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) ....... 15c POtHLTEX Stags .... Heavy hens, 4% Light hens Ibs. ....13c 140 Old cocks, heavy Ducks Geese Sc 12c 7c YOHK SUGAR. ·NEW YORK. April 7. (m-- IUw sugar un. Changed at 3.33c spots duty paid. "Futures at midday net uncfcOTged. Refined unchanged at l.SOo. HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. . 308vFifth Street Southwest. Horse hides ..'. $1.50-S2.00 Cured beef hides 4 C Green beef hides s c . Uerchnnts Quotations. Eggs, In trade I6c Eggs, cash i4e Butter, Plymouth ' 350 Butter, Clear Lake 33 C Butter, State Brand 35c Butter, dairy 3oc Potatoes 35c and 40c a peck CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, April 7.- un-- Butter 13,089; steady; unchanged. Eggs 33.152: firmer; entra firsts 10'Ac: fresh graded firsts ISSic; ordinary firsts l£c: storage packed firsts 21J4c,- storage packed extras 22c. N CITTCACO rouiTnv CHICAGO, April 7. tm--Poultry--Alive, 10 trucks, easy: fowls 19%$J22c! broilers 33-T40c; roosters 15c; turkeys 25c; ducks 20®23o; heavy spring duclm 26c; geese 16o. UMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER Curb Market . GRAIN MAKKET BEVIEW WHEAT--The failure of Liverpool to make a better response' to our advance, and favorable crop news from .the southwest, caused considerable selling of wheat. Thi ?I5l mi?TM 1 , aro H" d a cent and U^"" WM very lltlla rally shown, ^e decline In slocks T£? a ""W'mUaB cause to _u» telling here and rather emphaslied tho unsettled .lite ol most speculative markets. Wlnmnee seemed under the same Influences that pre- l n e U ' S ' The P 001 "" "ported to h ij -.-., jjwu* vu jcfnjnea to nave sold some ITanltoDos. for export .but foreign demand on the whole continued disappointing. Buyers abroad appeared to be walling for a further good break before SnUS. J? ""S m arket. Broomhall referred to near exhaustion of supplies In some coun- K 6 * , M w *""*· lnclln = d to look for more liberal buying soon. Would refrain Som pressing sales on declines' as a technical TMi»V able to come at any tlme CORN--Corn followed wheat and was under more or less pressure. Local sentiment favored the selling side altho there was no pressure of cosh grain. General market conditions rather than individual fundamentals ecemcd to govern the situation. Field work was reported as general In western and southwestern sections, which pre- sagedla. reduced movement of corn to mar- tae^clEe'F"^ Grain Exports From U. S. for Past Week Show Large Decrease .WASHINGTON,, April 7. UP) _ Grain exports laat week from the United ^Jates amounted to 257,000 bushels against 569,000 bushels the previous week. Commerce department figures tq- day gave the following comparisons between last week's exports and those of the week previous: Wheat 193,000 bushels against 470,000; corn, 11,000 against 40,000; oats, none against 8,000. NEW YORK, April 7. '/P)^-The ,curb mark*t atmgglsti thru a per*unctory sea sloa today. Trading v.-aa thoroly profea alonal and the small declines pcedomlnatlng In most groups reflected strikingly the ab aence of public Interest on the buying side Bears did not seem to be particularly eager to preaa their caae, altho some. iirttworc \vaa directed.agalnat" a few utility leaders. United Light "A" and Electxtc Bond ana Share were reactionary and 'American Superpower sold-around its -lowr for tne decline.. There was a slightly bcttet v tonc to the olla. Vacuum and lluxnbtc were firm. Cities Service iv'as sold rattier Eteadlly. Anglo-Chilean Nitrate and Western Air Express "worked against the ,trend of -thB BpficlalUea, rising ;a.point ior- so. -Aluminum was- 'erratic. Deere,. Technicolor, Stutz NewTnbnt Mining, ;'Agfa Ansco and Noranda eased. Zonlte Products and Cord moved uncertainly, qreat Atlantic and Pacific whose earnings report showed $13,66 laal year against j 11.77. was Inactive. Call money renewed at 2',4 per cent,- but the undertone o f , the market was easier anct bankers looked for a prompt return to the familiar low rate. ; Bond Market i PBODCCE FUTURES CHICAGO, April 7. t.n--Egg. futures closed: Storage packed firsts, April 21»fcc: do, May 22c; refrigerator standards, Nov. ^5 '.4 c. T,, But '-.« r ,, futurM closed: Fresh standards. June 2s;itj; storage standards, Nov. 28%c. KANSAS cirr PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY, April 7. (.W--Poultry-Broilers, 25c; springs 30c. Other produce unchanged. NEW Dressed NEW YORK PRODUCE. YORK, April 7. CJV- Poultry- steady; ducks, fresh, 2ic; frozen Poultry--Live, not quoted. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YOHK, April 7. tm-- Eggs 54,852; iteady. Mixed colors, regular packed, medium firsts ""~ . Nearby and nearby western hennery white. closely selected »xtra '25@25«c. Butter 15,338; steady. Cheese .202,732- TOLEDO SEEDS. · TOLEDO, April 7. Grp-- Seed unchanged. PIItATE TRAIN ROLLS EASTWARD IMLAY, Nev.--Aa the Pittsburgh Pirate train rolled eastward Tuesday, Manager Jewel Ens niade up lis mind about two reserve jobs. 1C anything happens to any of his star outfielders, the Waners and Comorosky, it will be the youngsters Pete McClanahan or Forest Jensen who will be called from the bench. . GABBY STREET WONDERS WHERE PUNCH HAS GONE BIRMINGHAM,' Ala. -- Siaaager Jabby Street of the St. Louis Card- nals wondered Tuesday what had iccome of the team's punch. In 15 nnings, six of them against semi- ^ros, the National league champions were able to collect only nine hits, which caused Gabby no joy whatever. The skipper, however, is con- ident .the Redbirds will start hit- ing before the regular season opens. . N E W YORK. April 7. /IV-Weakness in the bond market was most pronounced today In the foreign group, especially Brazilian obligations, a number of which reached ne\7 low levels for 1931. " Brazilian Slis of 1927-57, the two Issues of Minas Ceracs 6^s, Rio Grande Do Uul Gs . of 1968 and State of/ Sao' Pautov 8s. 6t 1050 all reached new bottom prices and declined from 2 to 6 points each. Rio. de Janeiro Bs of 1946' and. Brazilian 8s of 1941 and t h e ' B a of 192Q-27 also dropped sharply. The only definitely bearish news to account for this' general slump was lower opening prices for coffee, the most portant product of that country, which serves . as security, for some of the loans. Other foreign obligations showed varying degrees of weakness. Australian 5s, Belgian 7s, Polish 7s and Peruvian Bs . eased off somewhat. : .A few .Issues such as German 5%s and 7s were firm. Lower prices appeared In domestic loans also. Railroad bonds continued to recede slightly. Delaware and Hudson 4s, Atchlson general 4s :and St. Loula San Francisco 4a ware steady. . An advance of several points In Manhattan Railway Consolidated 4s was a feature of the public utilities. The trend of the rest of the utilities was narrowly and Irregularly lower. Industrial and stock privilege obligations lost' ground also. Issues of the United States government made small mixed changca on moderate turnover. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, April 7. OT--United Stales government bonds closed: · Liberty 3V4s 101.26. First 4Us 102.25. Fourth 4'As 103.28. - New Hog Market Opens. . SHENANDOAH, April 7. (UP)-^ With several officials of the Burlington railroad present, Shenandoah's new hog market was openec! at elaborate ceremonies today. The day opened with a parade and continued with competitive sports and other contests and exhibits thruout the morning. Will Talk at Waterloo. WATERLOO, April 7. (UP)--Dr. Preston Bradley of Chicago will be the principal speaker at the annual : elk dinner of the local Izaak Walton league-April 15, according to announcement today, Pageant Is Presented. ' CHAPIN--The Rev. Mr. Morrow of Cedar Palls preached here in the Methodist church Sunday evening. Following the · sermon a ' pageant "The .Sign" was presented by the choir and a group of young persons. George Stoll of Sheffield assisted with the music. Church Cantata Is Repeated. SWEA CTTY, April 7.--The cantata fj^ven at the Swedish Lutheran church last night will be repeated at the church tonight for the benefit of the public in general. This cantata was given at Marathon Friday night -to a filled house. The question now troubling a lot of people is whether the late spring in stock prices betokens an early fall.--Vlrglnlaa-Pilot, STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS * NEW YORK, April 7. ' .- Final Quotations. Air Heduc . 02 Kroger Allegheny 814 Lthlfih Port C Al Ch Dyo 132% Allls Chal Mfg 3314 Am Can 119ii Am Coml'Al - 9 Am at For Pow 38 A.m InU . 1SU Am Loco 24 Mi Ain Pow i L 4914 Am Bad St San 17 ft Am T Roll Mill 29 S Am.Sme Kef 43V^ Am Sleel Fdrs 24% 53'A Am Sug Ref A T f t T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Andes Cop Arm of 111 B Atchlson AU Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B O Barnsdan A Bendlx Av Beth Stl Borden Borg Warn Briggs Burr Add Can Dry Can Pac Case ' Cerro de Fosco Ches o Chic Gt W Chic Gt W pfd 23 C N W C K 1 P Chrysler Coca Cola Co! Fuel 4 Ir Col G E Col Grapho Coml Solv Comwlth So Congoleum ' Conspl Gas Contl' Can Contl Ins Coatl 'Mot Com Prod Curtlus Wr Deere pfd Drug Inc Duponjt Eastman El. Pow L Eng Pub Ser Erie Flak Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gem El Gen Foods Gen Motors , Gen Pub Ser Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Gran Paige G N R pfd G- N I O ctf Gt W Sugar Grig Grun ·rahn Jartman B Houston ' ludsbn 3upp 11 Cent Llgg 4 My B Loew's Loose Wiles Lorlllard Louis O £ E A 301, Mack Math Alkali May D S McK Aob Mex Sea oil Mid Cont oil M K T Mo Pac 18714 Mont Ward. 120% Morrell C8T, Nash 31% Nat Bis 235J Nat Ch Heg A 151 Nat Dairy 48} 181 Nat Lead 1201 18^4 Nat Pow L 3B 258 Nat Tea 20H 4% N Y Central 105% 72» N Y N H H 7B 11 Nor W 198 20 No Am 75 52 ?S No Pac 72% Oliver F 23 S Oils St 10J4 Pno G E 2J% Packard 3554 p ara pu D JO p a the »* Penlck Ford 3SJ4 "S Pehn 65% ·"014 Phil 10 v fl Proe Gam Pub Sery N J Pullman Radio Had K O Rem Rand Reo Rep Stl Hey Tob^B Roy Dutch Et L San F Bears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly So Pac . So Pr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G 35 21 Vi' 156 21 37 S 10(4 9i4 11 88 57',4 ·H ' 3% 7754 72 « 92% 24 341 ·13 16 10 V 18 25 fa 22 » 527 34 78 46H ' *i 11 ll EO 9 83*. 42 y. . 21 20%: 11? 8 17 V 50 ^ 3C 31 53 li 6-H 15V 191i 43 27 W 38»i 60% 22-K 301k St OH N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web srude Superior OH Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Boll B ·Union Garb . Un Pac Unit Alro Unit Clg j Unit Corp Unit G * E U S'Ind Alo U S Rub U S Smelt U S Steel Ut.P . Lgt A Vanadium Wabash 8 94V1 12 431 IS 72 4241 42 K ' 1 2711 62% 79 31 6V, 24 Vi 31*1 4 !« 50 19 !S. Ward Bak A B?6 . Warn Fix . . -esii W Mary nt.Comb EDB 2 K , West Air J 1 K? !lr ' - S0! « West E * M t Nick Can · 16S Willys Ov T . T - 32 a Woolworth' ohns Manv-^ 61 K WrlBley 12Vi Yell Tr . '!!,;£· '^"B.s-i CHICAOO STOCKS. CHICAGO, April 7. rap}.-- elvlnator 161.1 SIM ,10% 13-11 32 82 B 61 , 72V. 12 21 C« Pub Ser A 17 . Nat Leather Cities. Service 17 !J Nat -Stand .Lakes': ngsby-Grunow ' "4^ nsull Ut In'v. 35 "4 Calz Drug , -2lsj Llbby-McNeil- -12V4 Jld-West - Utll , 21-, 1-W Ut 6 pfd 100 Midland .Un pf 191i Zenith N W Bane : Quaker Oats" Swift a co Swllt Intl Unit Gnjj . U S Gypsum Utll Ind - .31W : 31 . 150 283* 371; 9 in'.i SUPPLEMENTARY LIST : OF .STOCK QUOTATIONS ;·'"·. Supplied by 1 -. LAMSON BBOTHEBS AND CO. Mason City Qffice in Bagley- Beck BuUding. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS _ P P C 9%. Houstn O N 11 '£ Am.Cr F 31% Gelvin Corp 12% Am Metal 18 Lambert G SO/, Am Sum T TVs Ltq Car 0 43 Ltn Tob 118 Louisiana O 4^ L Z.I/ S 5% Math Alkali 24»' Arm G B 1% Nev Cons C 10,4 As Dry Gds 25% Otis Steel -- 11% Said win Lo 23 VI' Pathe Excge 2ft Brlggs M C 19% Oil Co JA Best Co 40% ~ ~ ' - - ' Bur Add M 28 3ush terrn 261,!. Butte C Z 1% Calif Pack 36 % Com Solv 16% ^bnt Motors 3% Cont Oil 9i ,,,,,,,, i u 0 Cream of W 31^ U S R I 26 Cur Wgh p 5% Vanadium 5414 5avid Chem 15 \' a Wabash Ry 16' ^IndL John 35 " ' 'irat Nat! S'52% isk Rubber % er Choc C 98 TEW YORK CUKB QUOTATIONS A. For P Co 23% Hud BMS 5« A. Gas El 75 Humb Oil 4-mySupPw-I4%... Ind Pipe L A.rkNtGasA 5% NiagHud ssc@ElA20y i NAmAviat ,,·,,, -an Marconi 3%'. Pennroad Cp 6V Jefor'Rad 6H SheafferPen 39 " ''--ant Mot 2 % S O Ind 30 % __ erEl 5 S OKy . 20^ --I Bd Sh 46% TrancntAirT 5% "ordMoCan 25% Unit Gas 8% ordMoEng 15%' UnLPA 26% ox TheatA ,4% util P L 10% -CHICAGO STOCKS -UiedMoInd 2% HormlGcoA 25% uburnAut258. LionsOHCo 5-% eudxAviCp 20 Morgan Lite 5 J ,i Borg-WCp 23% Muno GeerB IV. utler Bros 5% Nat Leather 1 -" ontChgCp 7% Nat Stand 31V- Chgo Invest 3V4 Quak Oats 1EO " ord Comp 13% U S Gypsm 45'/. ULakesAire 4% UtilInd Cp 7% rigsby-G 4% USRadTei 26% M1NNE^\POMS STOCK FstBkStkCp 221,4 HNNEAPOUS OKAIN aiARKET CASH SALUS Flax 151 to 156 , Pur Bak Cp 39% Reo Grnd O 7 Reo Motors 8^ St. Jo Lead 20-t Schulte R S 10 ' So Gal Bdi 49 W Stand Brnd 17% -Tobacco Pd 3 West Myld 14 ' W Union 129 y, Wrig Jr Co 72 y. " 55 laim Cattle Delivered Fairfield Man Were :er Than Purchased by Ligh'te FAIRFTELD, April 7. OT--Fred Bend, Waterman. 111., stock uyer, and H. C. Holfnan, Gilman, owa, farmer, toth testified today n the trial of John B. Stever for onspiracy that ttiey purchased attic from him fn 1928, Btid both ere firm in the declaration that ley got much lighter weight cattle elivered than they bargained for. MAD LAUGHTER . A Thrilling Mystery Story '·' By MILES BURTON r . (Continued Fran Cotnie Page). to them by. a man £n a^dark room Within a week they were com promised to such an extent the would not have dared to lay infor mation if they had desired to do so It was thruHheir agency'that th remaining Members had been re cruited. .These two were sentencei to death, while the remainder of th gang were awarded varying termi of penal servitude. Tie day after tbj trial ended, Arthur was found mur dered in Waptog, with a knife thrus thru his heart. It was believed t be the work of the lorry driver,, whi had hot been captured with the rest and was never traced. - ; ' , ' * * · * -' .. · Dick and Alison were marriec shortly after the return of the latter to England. She knows the truth now, it would have been iinpossibli '' keep it from her indefinitely. Bu the past seems to have had no powe: permanently to impair her new found happiness.. Lest ridge Hall was sold, but Air. and Mrs. Pen hampton live quietly in a neautifu old house in another part of the country, where their old friends are always welcome. And Jerry Gould, who .ia constantly in attendance upon them and therefore ought to know, says that they are so happy together that he thinks of getting married himself. THE END. Schmeling Headlines Ring Card at Omaha SIOUX CITY, April 7. (5 1 )--Max Schmeling, world's heavyweight champion, entertained 2,500 fans here last night with a three-rouut exhibition with his sparring part ners, Tony Marullo /and Pedro Lopez. In an eight-round preliminary Big Boy Stemmerman, Watertown S. Dak., heavyweight, outpointet Freeman Pepper, Sioux City. In another eight rounder, Kenny Austin, Central City, Nebr., shaded Jimmy Wilson, Sioux City, middleweight: x Doty Turner, Sioux City, and Felix Byrnes, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. welterweights, fought a slow six. round draw. Blackey Bursheim Watertown, defeated Francis Gatewood, Decatur, Nebr., lightweight n six rounds. *ox Film Corporation Is Expected to Offer Convertible Debentures NEW YORK, April 7. GS--Wall itreet expects that the first step in he long-avaited financing for Fox Mlm corporation will consist of an ssue oj ?3b,000,000-6 per cent con- ·ertible- debentures to toe 'offered : irst to class "A" and "B" atock- lolders. The new financing is to take care f $55,000,000 in six per cent notes which mature April 15 .arid other pmpany obligations. Wall Street stimates have placed the total for he new financing as high as $75,00,000. . . ' ; . ' . ; . The financial program will ..-he bmpleted after the annual meeting Lpril 15, at which stockholders will ·ote on a realignment of the board f directors recommended by Harey L. Clarke, president of the com' What's Going On Around Baseball Training Camps By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CUBS \vrrmN THREE EN OF WAB STRENGTH EL PASb, Tex.--The .Chicago Cubs are within three men of war trength, and the squad of 28 now larting its northward journey, is he smallest band carried on thrt eturn trip since they started train- ng on the Pacific coast. The crew ncludes three catchers, 13 pitchers, even infielders and five outfielders. * * * DONIE BT*H ALL SE'T ON WHITE SOX OUTFIELD ATLANTA, Ga.--Manager Donis uah is all set on his regular Ciii- ago White Sox outfield, but y battle is going on over the re- erve posts. Carl Reynolds, Smead olley and Mel Simons are Bush'a boices for regular duty, with FrecJ Eichrodt, Bob Fothergill. and Johny Watwood in the contest for two ther jobs. . · ' * » * . . IYRIL HOAG DOES \OJtTE HEAVY HITTING NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Myril Hoag expensive youngster from the west oast, bids fair to malte Babe Ruth nd Lou Gehrig look to their hon-' rs. Three homers in two days is his ecord against Nashville pitching, nd he haa thrown in a nice num- cr of hard singles for good measure. * * * . . . '' GUY THEV GOT.FOR LEFTY O'DOUL" FOOLS''EM JACKSON, ^Mlss.--Giant .fans ave been referring to Freddie cach, sourly, aa. "the guy they got or Lefty O'Doul." But if Freddie eeps up the pace fie has been set- ng this spring he is likely to mate iem forget all about O'Uoul. Oft ) a good start for the first time In hree years, .Leach ia hitting the all hard and covering the outfield ke a blanket. " * * * THLETICS, PHILLIES ALL TRUCE IN SERIES- PHILADELPHIA--The champion thletics and the aspiring Phillies ailed a truce Tuesday In their city eries, but expect to resume hostili- es Wednesday. The A's with Hank [acDonald, former Portland ace, in TO box, nosed out their first victory onday, 3 to 2, malting the series anding 2 to 1 in favor of the Phils., GEORGE DUNLAP LEADS IN SOUTH Has Five Strokes to Good in Qualifying Round at Piriehurst. PINEHTJRST, N. Car., April 7 C/P--An 18-hple score of 38-34 72, one over par, gave George T. Dunlap, Jr., of New York, Princeton star and Intercollegiate champion n five stroke lead today at the halfway point of the 36-hole qualifying round of the north and south am- :ateur golf tournament. T. Suffern Taller, Newport, R. I and Richard S. Tufts, : Pinehurs«i were tied for second place 77. Eugene Romans, Englewood, N.'J., defending champion, carded a 79 to tie with M. P. Warner, Chicago. Robert G. Morrison, Pittsburgh and Sidney W. Noyes, Jr., Dobba Ferry, N. Y., bagged 78's. Thompson Man Makgs Hole-in-One Shot on Forest City Course THOMPSON, April 7,--C, W. Shuttleworth, a member of the Forest City golf club, mads a hole- in-one shot on the eighth hole of the Forest City course Sunday. Mn -Shuttleworth was playing a twosome with Mr. Willard Erichson of Thompson. The stiot was witnessed by Mr. Sidney-Ruben and Wendall Asbrink of Forest City and W. B. Eckhart, a brother-in-law of Mr. Shuttle worth's. _This is the first hole-in-one shot of the season and the second ever made .on the course. It was a 165 yard shot and was made with a midiron. TRAP SHOOT Scores for the week's trap shoot held at the Publlx" sport field one mile west ol the city on the old Clear Lake road are as follows; ^ ' 25 Bird Event--· Hockaday Dr. .Farrelh ; Arnold Dr. Tlce Olmstead Drl Farrell Cap , ^ Thomas Olmstead ... Dr. Tlce ... Toungerman 0'Nell ...... Arnold Wels Youngerman OJmslead ... O'Nell .. .. Zack ... Hockaday . . Lau A. Tlce Armld McDonald Tims Scores 20 ...........18 19 21 22 21 '.'.'.'.'.18 19 21 ...20 22 19 15 ::::£:::::::::::::;:::::·:::» .11. ....:......20 ...23 Aamosny t 20 YounEermah · *IQ Tims :.'.... ""IB- Zarnbsky .... ·' .-.*o McDonald , · "'''.-'',,-. 10 Bird 'Event-- ' - - · ' · · ' -- ----^u^y Lau - . '. ' · ' , w ^ ~ Olmstead ' I'.."!" Iff Thomas "....!!'*"*' * 'in Dr. Farrell ""!*].'".'" '. 4 The shoots are conducted"e've'ry ' Su'ntoy afternoon starling at 1:30 o'clock. Floyd Cottrel and Carl Thomas are the operators. STANDARD OIL BOWLERS XO HOLD BANQUET Members of the Standard Oil bowling league will be entertained at a banquet at the Eadmar hotel Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock. rollowing- the banquet, the bowlers will adjourn to the bowling al- eys for an evening of sport. Y. M. C. A. CONTINUES INDOOR BASEBALL CARD Games will be resumed in the indoor baseball schedule of the Y. 11 ' C. A. Wednesday evening. The high ·ichool division of the indoor baseball league holds its regular games at the Y. M.' C, A. on Monday, Thursday and Friday after school. OWA WINS 'S5TRST 1AME WITH .LUTHEK IOWA CITY, April 7. WPX-Vic- orious in the first contest of-^a wo-game series, the University of owa baseball team was scheduled o meet Luther college. again Tuesday. The Hawkeyes won a tight on test Monday by a )3 to 2 score, t -was the opening game of the eason for both teams. EDDIE ROUSH READY TO RETURN TO OLD FIELD LOUISVILLE, Ky._Eddie -Roush las notified Dan Howley, Cincinnati led pilot, that he will join the club n Cincinnati Thursday, prepared to ! esume his old position in center ield. ' Dwight C. Drew of Des Moines, tate secretary of the Y. M. C. A., pent Tuesday visiting with the lo- al organization. O. C. Leetun, assistant advertii- ng manager of the American Agricultural Chemical company of New York, visited at the Y. M. C. A. Tuesday. . Mix Your Own Ground Feeds The Portable Milling: Co, will grint your own oaU t corn, alfalfa, and Boyl beans, and mix your feed* to suit your needs. Sturdy pigs and livestock result from feeding Portable Mil] I tag- ground grain. The prindm? is done on your firm at To west prices. Phono us, we pay the charge t. Portable Milling Co. MASON CITY--rifONK 3048 ROcKivKi.r.--rncnvi: 01 'I.KAH 1.AKE--rilONE IDS l-LYMOUTU--WIONE 1013

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