The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 4, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1818
Page 4
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' , IN ciiancfrt.. . Dorothy HackUn, William fetk am) Eliia - bftii hi wiier Maria .. llorit, Catharine Hunt pBrwance of o otder of this honorable Hi Snc i - uk. will be told ai ' imbue iwdM at Ihe Tontiae Coffee House, m the city of Mew York, on the Mu. day - of J"1 inst. at it o'clock at noon, naderthe direction rih. I - .nHr .Utrutaa five lolSOl EfWMMl, H - . U;,,, Jyinj hi4 letng i the eighth ward oflhe , city of New York, being forts. Jythat parto , the property of Nitfiola. nyara, kJ.nh. tlv. name of Bavard't farm, lying ' wwtward of Broadway j taid lots being desig . .. j ..r..:j mxk b Casiiuel . - th r. - r. k. iVn one .if the City burveyors, ry A,.U..,k.hj7 UAH. ii4fl. 1 1M) ad ll5t;io ' fetther witu Ihe hereditament, and Wur' S.trtU;..;. Jirlomiinz or in anywise apper laming. Dated J - 'J BOITOS, - J S lwtJv20dh!i Matter U Chaw - try f - The above AUKUkt uext, 1r ?Uth, tttiB, J 99 dtds THOP Matter in t - nancerj. i IN CHANCERS. : H pursuance of an order of court, bearing date lhS7ll. dayol Jul, 18 b, - 7. ' u Jl hi;,. ..,lim. ut llie ioilllll Will ue nut v f..i. ... ,,n,lP . ..r..n. thx - itv of New Yoik, under . i. t iL.tntn. - rilxr. ai oae of Inc. mas It - r of this cowl, on the 21st day ol J uly next, at . n.M..b it r... ull unie ii'vtral blocks, ie - rei or parctli "f sr""",i ",e. '""B anJ il,e :'. .i.. I.l .fl Hrrt,.!lvn. in llie county 01 i:..... - ...i t,.i nf ur.Vurk. aioreaid, tvtitl iwi ft riiBD mailt! "y : a. i th ion. rlw nf March. by the foltontni fcouiuUriei, to wit, northerly in ' front by Waitrtreet, toufierly in the rear hy i.' .itri nn ih nn fide bT Jaca - ..rf ..(. H on the oilier ticle by UoM - itrevt. cootstoint? lour quare or blot L oi rround. Alio all inoe cnam v - immediately i front rff tlie before decnhe .,,iii.Hv hv Water - ilrcet, ani .westerly by Oold - rtiwt, confaining in ' brcoftth t Watrr ttreet ine aimanco ntiwccu y" - - 1..!,. .. .1.1 anil ninnin" into the hat KlVcr io tar ut the taunt ul" the corporation, of the city I iew - iorn rxienuj, wiiu uic uj - i. J - w.bjESA ;nAM1LT0.v "k Mn.ti r in Chancery. Nole. - Tlie above property will he wld and pafC'K according to a certain map t. he nude thereof, wliicb will be exhibited in the CoiIWe - liouMf or.e week before the day oi taio. ... l - .k 1 .... 4.M.I I tm ' ' Tha laJe of the above property it pottponi - d to the beveoteentb day of AujuM next, at the taoie !r"TUM' J A Mfc 3 A 11 A M I LTO V, JSIdtdt Matter in Chancery , - - ITAT Of KKW - fORH, r. riivinl nrdi r of thil tiouoia II, IIHOIIVli VI - , bie court, bearinj date the tuteenth day ol OctN - r laot.will be told at public auction, al the Tontioe Coffee Howe, in we cny oi y mkr the direction of theiiibucriher, atone oftiie ovutert'iftliit court, on IVtdiMday the tttrnii day of January wit, at I we've o'clock, at noon, all tliat certain lot, tract or parcel of land, titua ted in thfl county of Delaware, in the itate oi New - York, and in kVant' Fatenl, and known by ertal tat thirty four, and bouaded a followt : be - ciniiinrat a tiakt and benp of ttor.ei near a heerh tree, morked So. 34 and 37 ; lieing the nor Jieatt comtr of lot thirty tevn ; thence alonj the north bound thereof .uth eighty nine degree wet one hundred and twenty eigbt chamt i.nd ninety is link to a beech le maiked o. 3Jand34; btine the toutheast corocr oflot (No. 33,) number thirty three ; Hience along tl eatt houndi thereof, north three decreet, eait eihty oi;e thaint and twenty links to a beech tree marked K. m ,n.l ju fhfnre alonz llie toutli hcuiidt oi rot (No. 3iytuin!er thirty one, nrUi chty nine tatt Uie aiilam e oi ou nuuuiuu aim l . J .1 - . lu.r. , chains o. ttnke and lPuV,!M loutli thirly lt thain ucd tweuty four if... . InviniiKi at a liemioc ires nlons tlie noith bounds thereof, four ur maudny - sevru - and thirty - eight Uieuce on the I'i'h dvv of May next, at the lime hour and Dated Fe,mAM(LT0Nt . r.i. m 1..1.1. Mniti r in Chanderv The sale of the above pror - riy is postponed to the til day of June next, at Mm same hour and place. "MSOS, my 14 lawtdi Master in Chancery. i . .1 .... ahnim nroneriy is lsostponed lo thi;ihH.ii - nf Aoifo - t uext. at the same liour a,d piace. WrfJW'l,nV. ,, . rf.fcSI L. V m. .r. - i. . - . Jeli lawbls Master io Chancery. At a - ourt "I chaucery held lur tti si ,te ' of New York, at the city hall oi the ci ty ol Now York, on the liileenth day oi Junr, ia the year of our Lord one thou - sandeig'it hundred and eishteeu : Tli kimorable James Kent, Eiqutre, Chanceltar. XT.. f ! t..t i.r ) . , ' ITarjoeaiinehy nCJavit ri..; r:i,t;e. I to ihe satisfaction of this coui L thai process of lubpeeni to appear aud an - swrr in this cause hath been regularly issued a - rmn - t tbe above named defendant, Benjamin Uautier, but that he, the laid defendant. cot - Id .. - n.m .LSir - nt te irrh and enuuiry. made to - t rmediate Ihe teste and return of the laid suh - rv ha rniiml In huai - rved thtFRsvith Audit furtbef appearing by the said affidavit, that Ihe said defendant resides at ptweut either in Ihe cvtydf Philadelphia, in the Hate of l enusylva - - stia. or tn the town of Boston, ia the state ol Mas a. hMsetts, and not without the territories ol tlie Uuit'.d SLvtcsof America. And on m.iuon oi , R.C Lu'lVnw. Junior. V.a solicitor for thecom' rtainaiit, it is oriered, th'tt the snd defendant, DeniTiin tiiulier. dirsuh - s ariearanee to be entcre - t, mrl h - s answer in this cause to be 6 ' led, within fowtn - vnlhs front the die pf this or der, T in d - fault rhereol' tiit lhe' ompbinant'i ' bi'l of CompUint be taken pro confetr - ij;,,j - it , cub. Ami h is lunnrr ordered, aco.y tlus order tie published witbin twenty dysironi the dte hereof, in one or rnnre if the puhlic nirsppert printed iu this ilale.fur eight weeks ioreivi y, once at least in every week. A f'opy. , 13 AC L. KIP, "Je?i)lw?J Assislaat Register. "US f published and for saU at the new Law J' Boost sinr . corner of Nassau sod Suture J sires ts. Blakc't PrarHct oftht Court tf Lhaace - ry - (oew wotk.) The triel of John M. Tram - . bull sfroo - t Thomas t'lbbosts. lor a iittn. And . also. 1 In Brawuie of Budibevk, and other Tales y Jeasei 1 1 tfz, author of Q'ltsa'i VI aks, tizJix:. jaljtt Xm At a court of CiancVry VW ft tb't lte Aof NeVYork, ulibcily Hjrfth. ty of New York, o. Jhe"'""? ' J J Hue, in the year of out - Lord one U.o - and emht huudred and few"!0 , 4 rESJT,'UiawW)rable JamM ew, yoancw lor. fitepheo Jumel, . M. I . . ' - ' i Th UruHi.e Ccnveatiatbe V i - i city of .N e w - X or, ana o - a ... IT appearing by aSdarit lo the latUfaction of 1 tlfu co'tMhat to. hill in tU abov. cum wa. Iiid and tha nifcpama wtuea on ir.e our. j - Ja rntaut, ,d that U. .aid made returnable ou the twelfth day J Kant: That the lirtuline Convent iu the city of New - York, j aa ii.torpuraiea oouy i ...;lura. dulw incori)or&tln& tntve ioditidu - li under the name alorttaid ; that ine ivnnnt coarjotio: tbe laid iocorpotAtion are all aiiwot from the atate of JNew Yora, being in tome .rf.rr:rt iintmn. town, in ireiaiia u dilieant tearth and enquiry hat been made for the taid iwliTidualt comix,iing the tuid incorpa - ratioo,aud defeouant U thit caute, mterniediite tl.a toat anil Tit M nl the ..lid tutll'fCIH. to ap - ...i .uu. r hut that tint could not he iwiinil. anil that lhiv have left no perton in the capacity of preidut pfttichng olhcer, cashier, ur.iin , trrtsurrr. nnv other person, to repr. teiil llie taw incorporation, iojh ill their aiiteuce, nor up in nnuin ure nn - . in ihi r.iutd rati ! u rtcd : and that ow in to tm'h cute the taid tubj irna bat not Uen terted upon tne tani tain ot'ienunnu, r 'Ar.. i in the cit v of New - Yoik Oa mu. lion of Jainet Stoughion, Eq. tolicitor lor the coBiplaiimnt, it it ordered, thut Ihe taid defend - nnlt, ltitf l UrsUiiiie Vonvrui in uic Vorli. do. in thuir corporste capacity, caute their arperanco to he xiitered.nnd Iheir antwer to be Died III mil cause, umn nine in, " the date of Ibii order, or in default tbtn of lliat Uieromplaiiittott hill of complaint he taken fro - . ,inii ibn. : And it it further ordf red bWllll".U ... 'it tliata ccyy of thi onhr t.e putiiuiw.u tiuhii twenty dayt Horn llie aaie nirtin, m of the ri.ihhc ncwtptiperi rniittd in thi tiaiv, inrviflit wL - eki tucceifiielv. once at Icatt in every week A copy . ISAAC L. KIT, Asiuiant Ilcgietcr. J 6 lawUw IS UlANCt.UY. Slate or A'tie iork, IS punuance ofa decretal order or decieeol the honoralile the court of Char.cery of the ttale , v.. v.b w i.i hi. mill rI nuhhc auction at ,L.r.i:...l'IT,.. Mnum in Ihe cl'V ot ficW York.on Wednetday, the twenty nxih day of An xuit neat, at l o'clock at noon, under Uie dmc r...a....n.rin.ndiiiri nf John Tout, one of tin matter in chancery ol the md itate All tnti cerltin tract, piece or parcel oi linn .nu p.. .. .:.k tK.. i...i.iw.o - . erected and Im inc lituateil, lying and being ia the tnwo of o..kert, in thecouiily of WeitcbesUr, and which m an m - d. nture of mortpiige exeruttd and didivered by John Guion to i homat Vahntme, and tinted the Itth of Kebruary, 1816, is described lo the wordt following, to wit :. All that certain faim or tract of laud, iitualed. lyiuR and being in the f VnL..r. in count v of VVettChctterand tiate of Nl'w - York, containiiit; tevenly ncret.(i4 it taifi) be the tame more or leu ; ano ou u taid tract or parcel of land it erected aunilty dwelling houtt. - , and grht mill and other im - provemenlsaad it hfltt. d and bounded and tletui i I bet at follows, vil. Ncrthwe tterly by fcaw - jMill River, northerly by landtoowol Klijali V itlentme eatterly by landi now or late of t eter Aodinc, and loutlicrly by laoiltnowor lateoi John Con - hong, and Undt o w or late ol Abranam v oo , with the property id roads ami rismt oi w.ij, leading to or (.out tnid preun i to the 1 uropike rin.,1 ....nimnnlv ra il I .e Ill 'h and I urnpiKe road, anrtnlto toother highway! orcltewbere. iih nil ,nH invii1rlhe fir reoilftnisni mi .miurli - n'inrcs lh teuntn belonzmz. Dated the seventh day ol July, 1818. Jiiii.i iu" i, J 7 lawtdt Master in Chancery 1 ONT - AI.TA for SAi.r.'irio 1.1. i , aim it I im uediate iotenion riven, the beautiful ior. - ,.iuit Mnnt.Alta. seven imlet from Hit l . . .. .. v n : I. ... ..:... I ,.. - . .. : - .1. I ...... .,! . . ..l....: ..... I ah'uiA V.irir! V OI imil KllU CtCII toutb ferty Mr u,n. - no Bp e,v . . . - , t0 M. 61 D. TALCOTT. place o iHginaiug i coniaiiin.s ui. " r...,.. - , je j tortr - Joe aciciand three fourths ol an acre of 61 vouth - ttreel. fill l..j lh,h. .nlmrtinoncet. Ahll altO. alt UlUt It) l Uf I'UlilALH. """ - - r'; ...I ri..i .ii.. - it - ,:.i. certnin Other lot, traci, or parcel oi iauu, ... tit.i I irom rran led in the county of Delaware, in the siate ol fto draw ths attention of the rilwens of New Jlew York, in Evaas' Patent, ana " "f Vnrk lnh,t Iiewi - - .labli - hed Laboratory of Co great lot thuty teven, ana is mi,k - lourt for walls, prepared lor immediate use, and as it .tit Iwi,. the northeast cor' ner of lot No. (40) number forty thence south, ctgh. n7ne degrees, west oae hundred and tbirty - chaiiS and ten link, to a beech sapling g" ,Mt"e,VeUiU cha, to a Beech tree .:. '. ... - nri it thence on the .outh bounds VrWZZV" ."t .ht. nine decrees, east OlrUlUllllJ i.'ui - - . H; - .,,, tree 1....J...1 mi u.iriv a Biah tree accompanied with directions lor laying mem on The colours are ol ma Dngnim num. mu vh pared to that no disappointment can take place. St. John's Hall, t rauwort - si. N. B. A very superior quality of Recordin iuk manufactured by the same pe rson. JulvSi tf ANTHON Y - bTREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons in toretted that the Cornjnissinticrs of esti mate and assessment, appointed by the Su - thTcbain." to tlie place of b, ginning, containing preine court of Judicature of the people of the rle thousand and twenty - four acre, and one Itate of New - York, to perform cerb.ia duties re - rW.rrth of hnacre of land with the appurtenances. ati'e to the opening, enlarging imd improving Ddted, December z, .0. 1. r ...4 lawi&riti Master in Chuncery. y - pne te of the above property is postw - ned tr t!ie eighteenm u.iy 01 r uwmit '"o same hour and tjfa". jn 7 awti Master in Chancery Anthnny - strect. in the" said city, have completed their estimate and assessment, as well of the loss and damage sustained by the ownert and p4tliet interested ol anil in ineianu anipreioi!. rei.i.i eil tnr Ihe slid improvement, os also of the ben . f.f nnrl nikniita - e received bv the owners snd n - .rti, ind n utel of hnd in the lands and preini nnl reoiiiri it for the said imtnovetneiit. ami The sale of the above property is irotpuncd o (,at we the laid commissioners have deposited a true enn of our rersort of estimate eiid aS8 raont in the clerk, nrfice of the city ol New - ork, inr the insiMH tion ol whomsoever it may concern. and notice isherthy further given, that the report if the s.tid - commissioners oi es mine aiioi - ei n. - ..i uill h nr, inntiMl to the Suurcme Co - irt ol I ii nrw nf the iennlenftht!tateoi New - York Rt the cai.iM in ll.e city of Albany, on Friday the I4hd.iy nf Ansust next, at the opening e the s iid court on that diiy, or as soon thertait.;i s counsel ran be beard thereon. Dated thu Ht day l Jul v, 1318. fcnpy.) Kill M s OKDF.S. ) W M.TORRE l", CommissionerK JNO. L. LAWRENCE, S J 25 I'M VAlXABtE JtEAir EfiTATB 1ro& SALE, I?' vey s 1 NEW bblli, Ml J'earl - slreet, retpen - J. fullr informs lh public snd thoe ladies and gentlemen who lately app.iea lor nr. i i - ri ...... . - l 1 . 1 . . . . L - AU I' f - .VltR'3 EUrfctv. rA ii.v.'urvmi r., that l.e has lust received n new supply per Ra dius, precisely the same as Ihe last, and clfcri Hit. in for sale on very accninuioirjiinz terms. .I.. As Piano Fortes or this excelletit maker nave but lately been introduced into this country, for want of a correspondent, G. N. feels ilineuui - henl t - i mlrL that tlieir tooes fbv thos who are acquainted with them) are allowed t be full and expressive, acd have hitherto given univenal satisfaction. MitHsePs Patent Metronomes lor tale. Also. Condorr - elected collection! aod speci men of Mineralogy, c J 1 JKvVELLiElU, WA I'CHEs. tic. CvSF. ol sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, .' . Silver Huntiugand Plnin Watcbe DrMting Cases nnd Ladies Work Boxes. 8 caves Ladies Corsett assort. . Fortaleby J LA vir. it l. Je?4 s..rnr..i... - i.. Al'Vr.i the tTim ser IT r t V - s NAFIfKS . n tn FRUM F.N TO has received a bos of hst ii - numed Naples Shavini Boap. uhich he warrant, lo be oi the first oaslity, and which be will set. any geetleman w itlung to make the trial of it, at Jij, 1 Wall street. JJt IV THE CIT OF HW - iM. ' IVE loti of ground on 0 wet auloot ureea - wicli - ttrefct between Veitr and pttbrot - Mt - itmlf, tS by 80.. - , . - . . ,, v . m J our do in a rear or aoo, "" the eat tide of Wahinpton - tret, S5 by BO. EieUdo in the bloc below, neiweeu intton and Weit - ttreetf . ... ,... ' in aiooicuiuci i vuvj onrm r uu in Lawrence' purchate, near Eatt Caaada Creek, on the uortu aideOI theMohawt.; , - ' m r ranmiu ouniy. .. 15.1CJacreiof Laad, ia the towni. of ; Mount Morrii and Lyton. ' ' ' . ; - - muifivramy. 733? acret efUnd in the town or Barry tuore. .... In ik.I'MinfV Aft JWlt. U Hlfc ..M - 1 19Afl - Inod in CalUrlMld, CbMBnil furchase. - ' " lo Saraloga uouuiy. . rim niirrhll.. ' inquire at UieoCSce of the iubicnber, 4 L,e - dar - ttreet. ,.1(en roh7 it 12Z.V. IIUI)I.'W." ti. fALALlKK'S MILS I tl" You that wuh to tnave wnneawf Jluy of SavNDr.KS if you please ; 11 1 Raor Strop't, peculiar lutb, iai..i .i.f.m. iiin r.nfAr with afourn. jll.iniuii'.i . sfl.M)KRs retpectiuiiy inutiis mo. IjT. uho have wit got bit Fattiit Kawr Strop to furnish Ihcinielvtt Willi ! 'tw " J v,r,, .,! M..ii.ll,: rorniioiilion. Imogen thntan who once mak t tnal of one of the blropt nw oirere.l, will ever try any oUiern&nd t - rUif Iheir loruiation, that ever tomuch ute will i.oi give ttie raiort that roundness which renikrt tw r,i,.m n.plr... ami which is well known al - wayt to folio the application of all t bote hitherto iii vented. The above tirnpi ore genera U'e in New York, and are distiicm'" - 1'' " others. Barbers who have used them fay more toUt.irprai.etba I caaj.usi)Ei3 13 Woll - ttrctt AIo for tale, Razor, Snnp, and every uten :i i.Kn.i.. nl - , first oualitV. With a tUP" riorassoitm. ut of 1'trfumery, llair lpwdtr,a.c IITIIU i. TUIT'll " ' .. ' 1 N. U. The nmtt liberal aUuwame inncle to dealer.. ' l j o 1 - t.r, :S - A uleatant bai k room, at no. 56 W an - street, ruitable lor a lawyer', office. I W.wu .oinitdialely. Apply to the frout office. Jc4 - tun b.iLE, A farm of between tiatT and tevenlj acres tituate on the west hank of Lake Utx - go. ....I i.a mile Irom ine vuinse wwimm". - On it are anew ttonc house M feet tiuare ; a new farm houte, barn, He. It foruit a desirable et tat.lishuieut for a gentleuiaa w islung to retire into the country, as itt situation, at to protect, ......i.i. in mnrket. Jtr.. it not f uri'ASted bv ... in the interior of the itate. It will lie told low for cas.h, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - pert, i. - "VSiTaa - eiI - ick. mv 7 tf Law liuililings. WANTED. a WHITE ir'.rl or woman to do the cookirc:, f frr in a umall familv. consUtinc of four grown persons, Irving' in a pleasant part of the city , she will have the assistance of a little irirl and a bov. None need apply without good itcoinmendalioiis. Appiy at muuiubc. J 10 tf TTTV. CitAMMATlCAL UAK ri Ml K inmortttiu c cf a correct knowledge of X Grammar, is too much acknowledged to ... . .1 ...i..n.. ni. The unsettled and di sultoiy manner, in whi h it it tu?ht in common iciioois, if highly esccptiouable. To have arlntrary rukt and detjniti.ini parroilikecoiniiiitted to memory, learned and count d by rolevvillioui comment oi ..i.fwh.tinii. i. Iniindlo be etneiallv void ol'utili t - . . i...... u. ihs mini inles ot rules are not " . ' ' 'l I.. ....r.l uuderl30l, lliry can never ue ui.v vf" " .. . . ..: .......I .. n.i....i1hv. ue. under ibui run .. ..........j - dc.ire to promote so useful a brum h nt education, il. .,!,.. nlwrm i moose a nmenwitiirui. ' 1.1 - j - - - be slmrU it employs the perwrplive facultiei, tne 1 n i, - . l.nhit nf attention, his ludge - ( IS I SJ V - Vs V t sot - - - . J iuent is exercised, ami he advances with ease and delight. The subscriber, have t.ntn a conxei - lent room in u ton - Stref - t. iO. U'J, wncio eini Inn, young ladies ond geutiemen may Biqm L..r..u,i.. 1.1 flnflith Lrainmar in sixty uiltvi ir.i.vMB ry - - . . . hours. A cot rue t knowledge 01 p.irsins: xtiveii totiew hcginners ; il uot, no pay win n re (J.llied. A nCW Class 10 uej;iu v - i I.I III...H - J. . 1 iiiinivv Inn I - luvvi . 1 - , ...... E. D. CROSSFIELD. V n Vnun. rentlemen. whr hive been 10 ... V . " "I, M ' .... .I.....I - .I in ll.e tnort term of ststy hours, will PC .......... .!...! i ,r elimination each day 1 o o - ciora P. M. S hular. rtct ived and instructed at any iim r. Im u A. nl. lo ill o'cioca i . i' Peru - tuition made known aiuio aoove men Imiinl room. "" A KKV 1.1) IIAKf. I A. GUTTWAl.DT respectfully inviies I . the amateurs ormusic to inspect at his 1'i Forte Manuini lory. No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical imtrumeiit thai perfectly equals the harp in sound nnd far surpass. - 1 it in point orra - sy treatm.nt, as it is played like the piano by 3 . . ..ii. i... .ii ii.. ..I r....;in. n. urvs. unu cuu - 'iurni". " vantagrs of brilliant modulation ; tlie only oik I., the l iiited States. Also, an elegant Piano iorte oi line tone, musical variety and workmanship. l - OST COACH ko STEAM - BWAi tit WAT pr EI.KABSTTOWr fOlBT.' f v - v (TbrauBb in On Way.) . . - i rt rnn A SEW Line or rostQacue wiuii..., veniencefor uastetigen ar.d byigage, on 'mmmmrmmmmm' rSBBBB WSaSJBBBJtJQ Cnm th Coach omie, no. i ?i"u,hi. i.Z..Av New - York tvOuruana - .ireet, nenr '.. .i'ti. every moroinp, (Sunday. in tile cirnui rii nmia.i., - - - , . Urnnswick. rrinceton, T renton una pmw., arrive at WiiladelphJO the same buciuuu.. . A rjrond Line of ne.w Tott Coache. will tart from New - York every niornii(j, (s'"ld(a,.e' cepted,) at 10 o'clock io the btcam Boat , M" iZ' iL .lt T,non. and arrive at I'blladelpbia, in a SiteaniDout, next morning at 10 o clock - Fare 5 dollar.. 1. b. I'ast. ngen ore reone.ted to call and take their Seats at the ofuce do. 1 Coiirtland - tt. N. Y. . , . . . iiiii si. i Mail Coach, for Philadelphia R!inf.r ami Wasliii - ston City, with tvery : , ma fit ntt&tia lift ri tpiingt. 'Jt U.S. mail coach will lart frou) U.e cbach office, No. 1 Courtinadt - st. JSew - i crk, etery day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and I arrive at Phil - adelphia nest mormug at 6 o'clock. Only 6 1'" tencert admitted. ... . , r ortealtintlie above named Line., apply to TIIOS. Willi''! ELD, at the old ettaiditued Coat h. and Steam Boat office, No. 1 Court - Inndt - tttcet, near the coin, r of Broadway, .ev - York ; or to A. T.GOODIUCH & CO. "No. 1J4 Hroadway, corocr of Ceilar - street, mid at io. H Whitehall - street, New - York. ftt - AII gooils and baggie '.n'k "V"' owner. JOSEi'H LYON, SONS S CU. N. B Einrettet ent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS YlliTMLLD. Jn 84 . tWIKl SUKK WAIL COACH Eft, yoR rniLAPKi.rHiA, . f5 Leave lew - iora ' r.i r innrninfSundav'sek - NiSST'i elllel at Ko'clock. and ar - rrue in uet da) l dinner. , . I he publics nousei are powi, m.u " their chareei. The drivers, hortet and coach es are net interior to any others now runniiip ue - twern tliete two cilirt. The beautiful country, ii.., mriHanrm ni ll.e roadt on tblt roui, e on - net ted with thetafelv, comfort, and reaionable esences, are belcived to be tron inducements io travellers in piviin on hub ence. The strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general sausiacuon. ail hmi. nnrl n.ti - kncs will Co at the risk ol the owner unless innircu and receipted for by the flut - lr nf tr.ii! ritnre. Stage fare nnly 5, wilb a generous aiiuwam.e ofhaggige. l'artiet wishing to travel at tne r leisure, may rngage tlie Coach on reatonaole trrws exclusively to themselves, by applying one day prcviouj to starting. r or tealt appty t .snruiern tiuiei, Courtlandt - itreet, New - York. LlU.l,SU.10"'i ap f 1'roprietors, UNION LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenly - five miles land carriage, via New - Brunswick andTrenlou. In new iot conches S - J Dogoodstgs itX Do mrecastle or deck passengers. 3 50 Connected by the stuaiu hosts olivk na, AJtcn and PHUAiii.rHiA. Tha steam boat Onve i.i. ...ii i,.nii New York every day, oiin - iiimiii ... . ... . . tne lunseiioeii ip... - i - .n,,r,. tiue iu travelling or wani oi ie p, me i.tnu wi riage being much less tnanoy a:iy ouitriwue be tween uie i wo ciuo. Attl.e Union Line Steam Una. mace, to mar k - iile lil .tree!, norm sine oi uw bhiwij, tween Greenwich and Washington strtef, or t0 Th CAf TAIN on board, frj - All goods and baggage at tbe risk ol the owner. e - wjll lie iu i May AO I ICE. For l ie further accommo dation of the public, the de parture of the nreiiy irom New - York and New burgh iluie n the following day. : Leave New York on Monday, vetmesn..j and Saturday, at9 A. NL Leave Newhurgh on Tueid.vy, r nrtay ana cunuay o r. i - i. ri. - .hnt. nrranemenv uii - ouiiirc - . ... Firellv leaving Newburgh ou fcuuday, the 21th i V. wiim Ftaee leaves Newbureh imme diately alter the amvai oi me I ireuj. my Yl STOBI ANU BKTHI.KHF.St lt i - , Kiw.Bxrjssn ia. ir - T - Pas - enters will leave .New - York every Mondaj V - . - i linil Friday, at II o'cloclt, . mati . :n t,e ,teaol boat - iir,.i.i h l.wte at New Bruntwick ; leav ii - .. e.rls nei mnrninz. and arrive at Eastoi nt A n'rlnrk in the alternoon. Returning, leave 'lr0 . SaVVkK j londayrnd Friday, atSclock. . .n. .....I i.rnli.,liiri ! ii iv. the .iih.rribers. professors of music, d - ..i; . ii.,. ueh;iveeareliillv examined Mr. J. a i"..i. al.l.'i niano - lorti s. which, lor insnni fr'...,i.ei!en i! cl wotkmanship and umlorni bniliancy of tout, we ilesersetlly recommend to pul.lic putronnge. M - srs. s, t.ttemie, rui Vlettx,C. Thiuault, Charlei Gilfert." ' J7 ' . tOK SAL1, LOT of ground on Brwidway, between Walker street ami Canal - street, $6 feet IU inches wide und 175 feet long. Inquire of I A . J A Y Jy tf No. 37 Pme..treet. It f. f . L HSK H .i.TKii. r 'F. with a trood supply of milk, am KJ can produce titisfacUuy testimonials of character, ic. will meet wiui encouragement. by applying at J lei If MRS. SAIULEKS, No. 56 Hroadwtv. t un sti - t.. The 110OE LOT, Na. S33, Broad .. ... . , i t ....i . - ,1 i hil way. ue lot I? .l leci irwoi "tio ...w feet deep. The house is C5 fett deep, finirhed in the best manner, nnd replete wilb convenien ce, alarje family. Cm tne premitct are hr.r k stable, two rain - waver uttrrin, hh is bnck and a well of excedeul water I he situation is consult retl equal to aoy ia mu - ,iv. 1 ne nartK - utnn. apply to i - oaiin w Mtnlurn, ou Uie prcnues, or in KUUI.KI nu.i.'r. jT; - , Im No. gjC. Perl - st i Cfliy 4 lOff.TAKI J. spplv ol la dies Ceaverllats fresh from the sw nuiactoty, sittta Me lartlie SHith era l.trket, and packed at ttr shorttst notice tt ' J. WILSON'S, 10 Broadway A. M . odne at New Hrnniwirk ; arrive atew York ht 10 o'clock next morning, in the iteam - hoal Olive Branch. The stage connected with this line i. a good four - horse stage. Pasae from N. ilruaswirk toEaston, $j50 ; from Easlon to Bethlehem, 75 cents, t or seats thei.hoveline.arp y to W.M. H. MHUr. ai e Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat Otiice, orth side ol the battery. Je I3tf ROBERT L(.iU - ,t roptieior. FUH PHUilKLlJHl.1. Via F. I. IZA B t TU - TO I i '.V i'OAT. loal' - COACH LINE, Through in a day ond by day - tieh'. T" EAVlUs New - York in tS team - Ut A Wuta. from the toot of Whiteha.l - t oear the Battery, at 5 o'clocic, A. .vi. r.nqmre t N. 1 Courtlandt - rtreet and No. S3 White hall - slreet, at which pbces seats may be taken J2U tf ffci AMBOlf ON fcUNUAl. cSllSeveTV Veiy The Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH will tail for Am oo Sunday next, and succeeding llo'ilcH - k i.rrcisrlr. he will leave si aur, VI f i. fiiriv. Sil 7 n I HIT . F..iretrs may sillier dine on hoard or at any 01 the laverns. PnsssgeSOcetilsguinj, Ute same price for returnin;: dinner on hoard 5 ceuts. r. a. in making in trip si.B sin Statea Island. J 21 If , BOARDING K - MOOL. ' rfSMF. MISS B EN N F. I I 'a bav opened a L bnardiDS Srhiol for voqtig Indies on the south .id. of I'nwte. II wvk. M a titution very healthy, aa l alfhorich ronsreaieat to tb city, nuite relirei. The iMunl Ensh lras bes and Seexllewoik. French. Mwic. I ianci ic and Draw ine. arwtiscbt, by thearsels - ! - . of by apororr.1 snas'ert. For terns. Kr.. apply to Mr. IN 1 GREENE 24 Wall - strsct, oe at Ihe school. J U tf ...... 77JE ibUkj) iTE.lM;&aAT'LJE. 3 NaUUUkl.ll ailW t AKA.HIAIOUAttAIL - SVrAl.JC . THRRK TISIIlS A WKKK. Jhe propneiors, sn - y inw of accommodating tbe Wrf puldic, bvestending the line Ltn Norwich, intend making theesveriitjent with the Fulton, Cisjit. Law. and this route (ilTound practicable) will I continued during he season. . - I be line Will iu iiiiuru oe irom Norwich, as follows: Tbe Connecticut, tapt. RunL.r uill la rVBW.l Orit CVCrY ' . tfwwti W'dntiiay and t riday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor Ncw - Haveo. Tb Fulton, Cant, i ill l.un. JVimiruA at 6 o'clock in the morning of the same days, touch at ttt - LonJon and depart Irom thence for A'tte - H aim at b o'clock. 'Hie lioitUwill meet at Jhftw - Haitti, .l - i.orl hnm tlmtire ererr MtmdaV If eanil - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock iu the evening the Coimrclicut fi.r Jftie - k'ork, and the ulton lor ,VeM - ,flf.TOn and .Vtuuuh. " 1 ' HT3,l EAVES ftewDurgn eve - St. 1 - 1 rv Sunday, Tuesday f.t and ITiursday mornings, al I .. ...... I. IW,..I ll - IM O 11'n.S, lull. I'.iwun" Mrntomirv. Clonminiihorsih. Mouticelln, by tVbito Lake, Cothtcton, Mouul I'JeRtant, Great BrDi!,Cl.enangoloint,Owrga, lUiica, aod ue neva. toCanamlaklia. Uetiirning leaves Canandaijua every Mon - dy, Wednesday ana t rittay rr.onimgs at tnrrr o'clock, and arrives at Ncvvbuigb, the third day in time to take Jie Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following morning. ffT mnv La tiveclid Uuil at all timet trhtu tin .l,nni - li,a!i tiler Iheir dayt nf running, thai litis . trill oiler mo at to meet them. The whulo route will be perfomeci in three lavs, frnm the first of Mv. until the first ol Vovemher and fram the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until tbe 6rt of May, in four davs and frum the 15tli December, un til the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city ofcw - lork and run from thence to Canandaicua in four days. 1 sv scnirera travellinrr from Jev - orK to . " .. .. ... 1 X.I Caiiaiidaiiia, Magara or uiiiiaio.can ieaic a. Y'ork in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Caiiandanrua in three davs a distance ol Hire o . , . , , hundred miles, ine line is wtm uirnisncu with good, new carnages j good horses, and careful and experienced drivers r.vtry atten tion will be Haul to render llie passage ol Hi traveller safe, eay and expeditious ; and it is believed that the'acconimodations on tliilii are euiial lo anv line in the state. dj r AKri trom ftewourgu vt uananuii FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. U. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a lint - runs from Owcsro Tiorra l'oint, thence through Newtown andVPaiiued Post, lo Bath, lie. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Blooroinghurgh, E. C. et. John, Aiount 1 leataui, Lj. l. ;iiamiin, viieiiangu, Luther Gere, Ithica, Samuel Greeoliff, Geneva, Oliver t'helps, Lanting, mh 14 ri'im Mm .fcnif.'.m ; ' "TZZmJL day's eictpted.Jrom we norm tine oi v'E."r lery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Passengers will lodK4 at Trenton, and take tha steam boat I hiladul - u.mi.r,ive in I'hilade ohia at 10 o'clock L'llin, . ' - - n time to take the Union Line rrtltt. in tiro ..f :s srilrv im ht hnnli whubisan imlinsible preiequisite in I usnne nasa ".toi every other. J he subscribers anticlpa e many v.., - nrl Sound ; and objections to so complete a devi.iliou tro miue - . are calcuaUi to cause lit antiquated track, w bicti custom ess tos ,i . tanciinntd ai the most eligible : tut. loooviite "V ". - BnrJ rertainly the roost conve - thera, they ask a thorough ano ""a.oii.v..g.y t,ie pi,ngurs will leave New - Hon of itsVinciples. It is a route p out a knowledge pf thi I .ea.on on ; ,Uhi, MtM ,he houri of liwiiiess. wit.,ot fa - mane, no vnc vnu i - - ofits truth formed the most powerful ineentivelo tk - t;n .,1 the Grammatical Bar. whichconi - rs lo the mind through llie ineoiuiu oi me eye reasons, the whys, aud the wherefores. 1 o I 1 Proprie tor.. FOR ELlZABEl'HTOWN POINT, JVUHTH Rll STK. - iM - tiU. - Ha, CSksat n a. .t. Tnt:TOK EAVES N York each day, iiiiid:iy except cd. I'ri ui the foot of White l..ili tu eel ne i the Battery, at 5 o' Iock ana iu oVIockA. M. and 3 o'clock I . JVI. ; leaves tlua - bethlown Point i.t P. o'cltx;k A. M. and half past I2 o'tloi k and half past 4 o'clitk r. I. Je20 tf (7 - On the 1 1th ol May, commenced running four times a week. A Boat .lep.tes New - Yolk on Tuut - t.v. ji 5io'rl. k. a.M : Wednesday. at5r.M t'rtrlav. at A. M. and Saturday, at 5 P.M. ol a. h week : and a boat ledses Albany nn Mon day, Wednesday, 1 burtday, anu eaiuruay, at As 41 The Fire - Fly leave. New - York on Tuesday Tl.i.rlnv anrl Snturrlxv. nt 9 A. M. for NW urgh, and retumson Alonuay, eoocs nu WHOOPING COLGH. tt'OT'l's Pectoral Mixture, I J which is a safe and elTectual remedy for the whooping cough. It ia only ten years since it was oifertd tj the public, and tonie thousand, ol chihlrin, botn in England and ifcoiiann, nave been cured by it, alter ettry othirmedirine hnd been used wiihoutellect. It is held in the Inchest estimation lor it. excellent nnd saluhuous virtues. It promotes g - nt!e perspiration, re moves viscid ihl gm by an easy and sa!. - expectoration, and is highly saluthry to the lungs ; it strengthen! niiddeiendsthe stomach, gives great er liberty f breatlnnis, ana rroaucct ire mosi s. e. salularv and nappy tuecis, vj ire lin ing those distressing and couvuNive coughs, to which thousands of individuals, in consequence of neglect - prematurely fall a sacrifice. It in not ny exciting - a icniiurary nimuiui , relief in thoso violent paroxysms that its quali ties are manifested, but by elfectually remov ing thoie distressing symptoms, oy giving 11. . N mmm 1 ir f '.AW - R 7" MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF .... .ts ttrrsc vsu tr r. t sr purpese of iusunng against losses br fire, and has cirrumfcribed its operations chiefly within this . ite nnrl immediate proxmntr. In addition to the Capital fctocK, ,oUU,iaj, Tinted proposals in circulation, and which may . " , . . at sa U . .i.S I tie bad on aiHMirauon ai .to. vw an a liDin ri'P 1 IV Ps - ntlul.aal VVIltirL t K - lA SfSIT A lir.lUl.U JOHN P1NTARD, Secretary. mv5fl 1 JOII.Vi II tvv 1 1 T sun retidei al No. tit Water street, where he hit a try hnndsome and fashioosbre ass.trtH - nt of Ca' ioet Furniture on hand, whi h he wiil warrant to be ol the first mmtatT. He s t'iciis hi New York and southern tliey will not be dtsappomUd. Or Jcrt fixated at the sborteitaoticc. Jl t2 tf A ttiKsraUg ptblic kiaw aow to dituti uih ba. TAOCTOrt HORNE, fW - rl, ! f U of tbf city of London, an member of toe faculty of phvjit andturgerytliere,d1eniihfu,"dii. ' ty to repeat somoonscryfituins cs tie abuse of MERClkv. J : rash, inditcriniinate, and loaoali. Ced ute larreol, bas been p - rxjuc. live of iannite nuchief. Tim.. tanua 4re annually mercurializetl out of en.i. ii, it. i uwm w nave id view owe ill f tut ru'.ts daedy to Uiis source. "WhataDitT 1 Uiat a young man, the hopes or mi country, an 1 the darling ol his parents, sliould be sosttcbed la - way irom a'i ine proepecu ana enjoymeatsof hi by the contequeuce. of one unguarded moment, and by a disuse not in iu own nature fatal. bJ i - .u.v. .v i.uu. or improper : treatment." A gentlcmar. flatt Dr. K'. iZ tim.t) now perfechy heary and well, had bee. ami rVpealedly sauvuti d ; when recommeu5e5u ii. ji. .'7 jim., ui uua fclljj nil bonei ' were carious, and his Ccsh dropping from them his friends declared he rould not possiblv mrr!. ' ..... iv.j Tk... - j.r ' know with what ease and taiety Dr. H. eradi cates the severest case, and conhrms the comb tution. I he Doctor' iilan (advertising) is b ctsiury to guard the public against the abuu ."i m.nA ..iK .r.i - .i .i....... l , . . " . - iici.ui J j uiu viuii uciu.iunv, oe fOrtk. - Pert4:s, Jiertfore, hirving cotitrccltd a nri. vnte ihscuicr, or suspectiiiK latent tmitne. .. adiconishtdnot to taiuper with their coottin" lion, or twi:eeai me uiouruci, im pbl ffx'nv - ry : others having tlie remain, of an oM ...." or other impurities of the blood, as well as ots - luiuinanii w m ucuv.ic siniure, in either lex. should rememlier posterity, and do iustics to their consciences, by making appilt&urm ; to Dr. II. at bis old and respectable estab. lishment, No. 64 Vatr - strect, four bouses west of Old - tlip, to obtain that prompt assistance a. lone cau uiiuwi w pievenioiscinsnrc. And hen let me claim your teriout attention Remrmhtr a tus.erlic ii.l euro is no cure at alit unl. uii..i - . iiiessis radically done, yoa will certainly bstt ipt; uirnuei .'.en out again wiin rCdOBPlud ma tignity, at some future period ; perhaps then will nc too mie lor reiuriiy. MOW I you Olleo meet it the streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of nose on their face ! Take warnini:. I beiterh you. Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn inte - eri:y being universally known in tiiis city, .nut IliOi, guarantee to jKitients that delicacy and ir - crecy hitherto unknown, and having coDCrssd his practice foryear. past, exclusirtly to the cure ol disease, of uie blond systom, tiiey may SM - Vy cai. eulatuon the most decided advaabigt iacot. suiting Dr. II. Gleets tradicMed iat we or three weeks. Strictures removed without louis nr any other instrument ; and all debilities: likewise all old ulcerations, Lstuia's tc. . A plurality of of&re. are prorided, and to titi. atud III at patient, are not exposed toeach olfier i ubiervalion.. Open till half pas 9 in the evening. Aii pel sum concerneu are mviiea to ne rres it ailing, nd speaking with Dr. H. which it lrt of cost. And here tne Doctor cannot avoid tha cxpiession'of gratitude for innumerable ncort - mendationt, and for thi decided preference (it it presumed with just cause; long gmn Qua by a Uuicinus puime.. N. B. All letter, most be postpaid. Dr. Bucbanaa. Aug 27 l .t.UUUi HIACKKHK JiOK lMVUbl - s?Kyil7. - TIUJV. K. EVANS' wperiti JUj method ofrvringace; tain Disease, isnowunivt; - sally acknowledged ia tli city ; bis mode oi trentnv rt is perfectly mild, safe, ty !eilniousf and his chare,. irsrwmiic. in every ti stance be warrants a cur. and wilj return the pay if I ioes not perioral agreeae e tocootract. a . 'i he m lest tecrecT aiwsvt orterrest. 'l'here are many pertont in Ihi. city ant its H - . cinitv, laboring under varjoist cjironic " senses, snch as cao - sa. old inretrrate Ulcere tcrefala or king, evil, fistulat, ifis.ases of the rer, bladder and kidnies, oM comrakatedcomplaiats f. rtrtain paturr, bilious and other obstrvx lions, rhenuiatism, Ac. which they consider isct. lions, rhenuiatism, c. wnicn uwy consioer i i linen tu fjcivcmj be cured (in gen rable. they can certainly by applyiiif at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store 9, Pick - slip, having practised in eitt1 ;niys hospitals in Europe It year., aiukr tome of ibt first burgeons and Physicians in the world, tU made those obstinate aiseases his constant it ttj for l vears. 0rt 1 FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - itreet, gentle - .imn'sdienii.g room, ha. for .ale a few Rs - of Damask bteel, made by the celebsnted vegour to the weakened frame, and renovated Marguin, of Paris. He ha. alto received - aa as - health to the afflicted individual. sortment of the best English Raior., Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, warrants goou. - u proveu to u - tu. Apotln carv. No. 82 limsdwav, and J. C. Mori - son, Druggest, No. 18U Greenaich - ttreet, N. York. Druggests tliroughout the United rtates, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. Jy 7 2m iic itiu.iuu. . ...Lltttl Alio, cuts ana nu m me m;. and in a manner so as tu adapt it to Ihe phjsiog - Mr. FRUMENTO return, hiiiincere thanks lohiscustomers, and tl public in general, for iheir very liberal patronage, and solicits a continuance of their lavours. . " , He bas likewise procured a very fine hone.aiut lengagti to restore rsoH to a very keen edge, and should they not cut weu oe win tevw.e " Grtthrmen who sulcribe by the nunrter, will have their apparatus kept exclusively for thfja - i. ... je ju .. .1.1 I.'OR thfc alve troublevme auu cwnplaint, Hamilton'. Elixir iiofferet"" iconlideiice inspired by twenty yulZ , experiment. A mgie tnai win F7V". of KKlge. ond evacuate, tne tougn vir - tu ""or. Ihtoliett IntlitutionfttT insurance againttfirt j mvZn., lUengthem the weakened wuljj inimiruy,! Iluugt, slu - aUiet tue acrimonious u - . Tvcnor . ...;.. Uu or Oumnee n rire.l 7. ....i. I r,..n rliu - hnreea IU' llH UIIO Wp..l.B . - - c - - jr . ' I irrilttiea IlirIU, OIIU ."." " " mmm. tot A Dirr in Houses, ware nouses, uuiniins - m i l.h.n,l.T in unrt and Iheir striking at Ihe. root otthe disorder, tomsare of course effectually and V?"' i'.i. Ilniitelmhl Funu ure. and every tie - 1.. ..r,A . ik nun. of rommon meoiuB' conquered the reverse of common ." - " ' r - I , - - . i - ituui. i .". - - . , ; s ri iionoi personal pruiieiij,"" enn . rahle as similar institutions in thiscity. This Company is incorporated solely lor tne (. w hich we i ken tbe constitution, and give stresfi to the disorder, for tbe sake ol moderating .u pit sent some its painlul enects. . - ta TO PA REN I S, who have eouu - - - - , wi - dreadful malady, ttiis ts a dirJ " . ......t... it KiTordi imnieuiaitr llie uir, Hingiu.uu, . - . SiAeft i;r rhwiu the nrofress. and 10 a tbori siw m. i .. i. ... i.rr.H h hnml nnd nioit"ae on real I .:' u. n. .. ii. ...n.i rruel disorder to wmu eilateand public stocks, Uiis Company potretttt I chikireo are liable. 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