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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1943
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DOES IT READ 1-43? Look at the date after your name at the top of your paper If it reads 1'43 your subscription expires this month according to our rec- . ords. A. Thompson Dies at Home Of Daughter V e t e r a n o f Spanish American War Had Lived in This Vicinity for Many Years Alexander Maurice Thompson =c-ven'.y-thrco years and thre months eld. died at the home o his daug'itcT, Mrs. Charle. Koclii'T, on Saturday, Feb. C, a 1:10 p. m. from a cerebra rx-inoirhaprc s'.;i'cn.-d that morn. in£ sifter n lii^ering illness ol r.vo years duration- He was born October 31, 18GD, at A.-i;,-!vsi'a. Alvastoke, England, .-on "f Edward and Charlotte Thomiifou. He came to United Staus w h e n he was twenty years eld a::d settled in Vinton, Iowa, on October 20, 1889. On March 15, 1'JOO, he was united in mar. riiigi- tu Suran Eaird in Vinton nr.i! t h e y resided there fo r six year?, coming to La Porte City In 1!)OB, v.-here he made his home since v;ilh the exception of short intervals lie spent in the Soldiers' Home ;it Marshalltown. Mrs. Thompson died March 6, 1831. Mr. Thompson served in the Spanish_Ar.ieiii-an war and was a member of Co. G, 40th Iowa Ini. and a member of United Spanish. America. 1 ! velerans' camp in Mar_ He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Constance Kocher; four grandchildren, Richard, Ralph, Eonald and Jean , Anne Kocher; two sisters, Mrs. Grace Percy of Exeter. England and Sister Ger^ trade Anne of Oxford, England; one. niece, Margaret Percy; one nephew, Richard Percy. One sis. tor a?id eight brothers preceded him in death. Thc -funeral was on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Barn. hart and Johannsen funeral home conducted with military rites, as. sistud by Rev. Ralph Supples of the Methodist church. The casket bearers were American Legion members: Her. man Fett, Harold Johnson, RATION CALENDAR H K C i . s T I J . V T I O N Dale of p \a,. H a i i u n Honk Tw be announced sonn! Here is thc second installment of our pictures (,( ngsters. The third group, of 21 children nil! IK- H1 ,,, lv wc«k. This week's contingent include*, reading from left to rio-iu- top row, Delorcs Gross, John McFarland, D ong ,. B Brahman. cfara Charles Loveless. Glenn Teeter and Ray Runyan, - Clarence Wil_ . [ on, with the follov.'ing Spanish. American veterans as honorary members: Charles Isbell, Georga Knapp, Elmo Allen, Dave Tilson Les Ersley of Vinton; Henry -ton of Waterloo; John Pfar of Marshnlltown; Walter Fox of "racr, and Walte r Carlisle of La Porte City. The out of town relatives at. tending were Mr. and Mrs. Fred 1 Bainl, Mr. and Mrs. Lestci LETTERS From Men in Service U. S. Navy Feb. C, 1943. l take Dear Editor, Well, beings I havc a .......,,,,, ,,. u u i minutes before lights out I guess) tubs, so you and have really classy quarters ( everything thc girls had. We don't 1 few! floor of our showers, but baths. Each dorm has 18 bath " TM can imagine where- lo get in thc car to go to Wa. terloo, I'll .just walk. Kentucky is also suppose to have bluegrass, but nil I have seen is clay. It rains on average of three days a week and does the clay ever stick. We havc had some training on everything from hand grenades to how to fall the right way with "i rifle. It's not .so bad though, you get long from one payday to the ftnV thank you for the paper. y a y o e try a "V I0t ° f thc bo ls s P Cn(I their time, next, which bv the way Ts c-xac v " y ls CX4c - lv We all shave by make up mirro l _ _ . L *"i ' ~ t "^ " Ji o i m v u uy muKu.up rnirror.s get the news pretty regular There are quite a few other thing; but once in awhile it skips a copy or two. I am not much of a hand at this letter writing, but after almost three years I have gotten up nerve and ambition to write and t h a n k you from thc bottom of my heart for thc Progress. we have had to get used to, but I won't go into them. Our classes here last S13.50 for me after everything i New Draft List Out Group Thus Far Called for Induction This Week-End One of the smallest c o n t i n g e n t s m recent months will report this - . . . . . . - , _ » · - « « ~ i ,y i - * i i j j f j in · · · · · - - v i i i r j i ; u i i L f l , w||| r e p o r t t i l l s · · · · - j ' i n - 1 1 1 _ taken out, and have plenty to eatjwcck.cnd to the Cedar Falls d r i f t ' fivc ' ljovs U '' 1IIS( and a place ( 0 sleep. The cats' board fo r a trip lo the Plan Memorial To (he SuIIivans As \Yat. i '.'. i i l i r i r g a 1'a-ifi .vein!,"-. .-, - at Water!,,,, o,l.".-" Sponso, in.- i|;e d: wide in Fro,,,.. II,,. \\-. I Courier a i i n o u i i e o d li m n r i a l -- f i i n n and ,.,, w i l l he ikp'.T.dvnl l l n , m n,,. ,. x | ,,, ! l of public c o n l r i l i i [ i u i , s - would 1, an iTulm-ing m o n u m e n t |,, |],, five sons of Mr. a n i l Mr*. T h o m a F. S u l l i v a n , Waloi-lo,,, o f f i c i a l l y listed In- Ihe navy dcpar! i n e n i ^ missing i i , a e l i u n f,,i- liuve months. The "i'iglilinr; S u l l i v a n M e m o r ial" w i l l I,,,,,,,,- ||,,. fj v ,. ,,,.,,, ,,,.,,.. _ Cicoigr., :_K ; I'raiicis, L'T; .lot,,.ph. 2 1 ; Madison. 2'.',, an,| A l b , - r l . 2(1- for "their heroie s a c r i f i c e - and i-al h i n t v p i r i i . " In whaU-vi-r shapii- il la!;.- u l l i . m a l e l y , I],,, mi m n r i a l v .-il! h n r n r also Ihe p a r e n t s and f a m i l v of I b , Miushalltown; Mr.'Review. It's a great boost to a guy eight every consist now center sit Camp Dodge. With rural board's quota cut i n d u c t i o n . Mrs. D. A. Kcnnicott, Marie |Kcnmcott anil Mrs. E. R. Teeter .Ames; Mr. and Mrs. K. V. iml and Charlts Baird of Wa. "'"" alltl Mr. and Mrs. George ''son °f Mt. Aubum. Oarence Gonnerman [ Wins School Honors ^arencc Gonncrman, S0 n of and .Mrs. Andrew Gonnerman, i n V! omc Tuesday for a visit. I un February 5 he received his o- degree fiom thc University I n n K r '° Uri in a b "siness and | Wlic administration course. He of a professional away from home to find out all] the local news. Well, this is longer than .. letter to my best girl, so I'll cut it short and thanks again for thc paper. Keep 'em coming. Yours, Konk Carlisle P. S. This is a good chance to say hello to all thc old gang of mine that is in the service. Hello, nite for study. They of navigation, c o m m u n i c a t i o n , dial engines, aircraft recognition and aerology. We're t h r o u g h the math, and phvsics s and more even basis classes are rjn now r . This university is reallv a beau. ~ of three honorary Camp Dodge, Iowa February 2, 1043 Doar Mr. Smith, I would have liked to have seen you last week end while at home, to personally thank you for the tiful picture. We day afternoon to every Sun. c the cam. pus and thc en r-ds over. Looking is about all we get done, too. Seattle had its firsl t,ip; snow in 10 years about a week ago. All the boy.s from the m i d . w e s t loved e,Mirage" uvro l e u ' k n l If la.-1 , i n s p i r a l i o i , (o i,,,.. "'ill f o r a l l A n - i - - - - · «· vi, · ii i u i u u y s · largest in from its eligibility lists, t h i s board 1 " lr: "·'"'' ''·'' have this m o n t h is sending only about i V!l " l "'" lll( ' 1 -^' 1' here. | half as many men as each of the , ljlow l!V(;r "' l ' r two Waterloo boards. i f a m i l y in An elimination of JiCcausv. of most f a r m boys; here have been real good so far. I Ft. Knox is a nice camp and is the headquarters of the armored force. I t h i n k it's the the good old U. S. A. We good recreational f a c i l i t i e s Oh, yes, K. P., well somehow I got to be a srpiad leader and so! With the exception of seven I got out of K. P. but sure drew men, all those on thc present list my share of guard. arc from IS to 22 years of age Finally the ]:j weeks were up the youngest c o n t i n g e n t called up and here came the order to b e ' f o r service by the Cedar Falls ·eady to ship at 2:30 p. m. ],,st| board thus far.' Monday. We packed all up and had Those from thc southeastern many going to Florida or Cali.! part of Black Hawk county on the fornia. At 2:30 we piled i n t o ' l i s t include: trucks expecting to depot b c L low and 1. ! lory." ! Uc-spile. t h e i r rr Mrs. .Sullivan i m l . tln.ii- n a v y - v p t n . s o r , eastern cilie.s' war s b i p y a i d s , u r g i n g e. toward vielorv. The pi-rcnl Gc-nevievo. I h go to t h e l Raphael A, Apel, Raymond, IflJ wi " -" l " ''''' ihni,] if we-1 Rath office clerk. ' ' | W c c - k for a nav.-. f, Mr. an V [ ' u ; i l i i u · ! |.,111- i , pla.-il:; a i r . · i l l . . , - e f f o r d a l l g h i e r o l h i - r c h i h l Ore., next it. It's all gone now, but it brought!' 1 " 1 "' 1 . K " " lc f)Ln(;1 ' w:l '- Irl a b °ut Pred Boycc, Jcsup Rout namely, Beta Gamma Alpha Pi Zcta and Phi E t a ' timt " » ------ «. - ~ - » · · -,*-L. P nvll eg^ Of receiving your paper. . f o u n d that d u r i n g thc short : had to visit that it was = is now m v.7 of the naval · v c awaiting his call. urm ~r his time at college he ^ployed at clerical work in auditing department of thc Columbia, MTM BM BSSOCiati0 " at th!' r T Go " ncrt "an is a graduate of [ t h e Sincerely yours, and in his Equation. almost impossible. So please accept this short letter, conveying my appreciation of your generosity for your weekly paper. It is my very best means of knowing thc activities at home. My work here is entirely clcri. ..... ^, ^ cal work. Most of our time is oc. j to hear from the m. cupied by daily induction of men sent here by local boards for in. diction into the army. During fronts gives them a transfer to air corps branch of thc navy, The service has treated swell, so far, and I hope I say the same thc next time I wc were--the 781st tank memories of home w h i l e it lasted.! 1 ''' m ' n u t c K we Hopped and t h e r e Thc next group of cadets lo come here will be. the fellows from the Pacific fleet whose merits and such from the battle. j,j Rath laborer, Vcrlc L. 'Buck, Ln forte City batallion. It's j u s t a new outfit route one, 1!), Hath laborer. Porte shcllcr me can and just starting up. So far we 1 Vincent II. Ilerrman, La haven't been classified so w e ; City route don't know w h a t we will do, but operator, there are jobs of everv kind. T h i s j Harold W. Mclcalf, Gilbertvill our regular line outfit and the-| 19, q u a r r y truck driver. ing, at w h i c h S'.en.'ary of Xavj Knox lias a r r a n g - 1 \ for M,v. Sull livan Lo o f f i c i a t e . C o n l r i b u i i n n s I" i f r ''Fighting S u l l i v a n s M e i n o r i n r ' f i n . d , fro.-,: all Iowa and t i n .'.alion, w i l l be l e c c i v e d and i i a i r i l r - d by :i;e Wa. terloo Daily C o i . r i ' r . write. we v i l h . Todav ill move i n t o combat Ihe c a p t a i n asked if I had peep license and 1 said .yes, La Verne Ii. Thomas--Avia. Cadtt;- l ; ° T (lrovc h i m around today. They | arc s t i l l coming in and I suppose it will be a week anyway till we get going full blast again. I would like to tell you a lot more but you know as well as 1 V.5, U. S. N. K.--N. F. P. ... University of Washington Seattle, Wash. P. S. If any of my friends have any time, I would certainly like City of 1035, a graduate i -- -- .-- r. licothc, Mo. business tne time that we havc no men, or I received the highest! ver y ^ cvt wc tnen nave short Fort Knox, Ken. class at his recent Dear E d i t o r : Here I am to thank you for the t h a t can't be done.. They trust enoigh lo give it out and we're soldiers enough to keep it in. Well I'll close for now, a g a i n ' o n e - periods of military courtesy, drill,: paper w h e n I get r. new address.; frit-'mls. or whatever our instructor m a y j l should havc w r i t t e n a long t i m e j w r i t i n g to you ''"'"king you very much for the! George- W. Young-, the home town P a P e r and a hello to all my City, 21, Rath employe. Martin L. Morrison, L a pwrlc City, Rath laborer. Wilberl II. Sass, Washburn, 1'J, lumber yard employe. Roger .1. Schaefcr, WashliLrn, 1'J, truck driver. Robert L, Schmit, Gilbcrtvilli,-, 1'J, store clerk. i J u n i o r L. Stephens, La I'orle ' City. 19, Rath laborer. ' Milo II. Slocks, Raymond, l'J,| Hath laborer. : Arnold W. Weber, Jesup rout,- 1'J, R u t h laborer. l W. Young-. La Porte- that is have planned for the time. All of this is done inside, but conic spring, our instructions will be continued out of doors. It is rather interesting watching ago but you know how t h a t is., nevertheless, thanks a m i l l i o n a n d * As ever, Pvt. La Vcrue Wolber. , I would appreciate it if you would . , s. p ran v ] It is rather interesting watching address. I have that fof Powcl "s said this, for men to come through from La] for 13 weeks in ' continue sending I have , Teeter - of e» n Teeter of this ···» is ,,.:,, ^ ori . Rohert Powers, "'tiers ),, v th . c air force some. city. Cecil's %' ' it to my gotten it a row and new now look .. was ' bad weather at Robert is station. or , u ..* Porte City or the surrounding tcr. j forward to Monday morning at ritory. See someone almost every i mail tall very much. day who is at least a casual n c _ ' Wc-11 a little about what I quaintancc. have been doing. I For 13 weeks I was in thc re. l placement t r a i n i n g center here at Sincerely, Pvt. Clare L. Teeter Hqs. Ind. Sta. Camp Dodge, Iowa GLOVES Editor: Seattle, Wash. Feb. 5, 1943 ing. I drove thc light M.5 tank and "peeps," or civilian jeeps as they arc called out there, and motorcycles. I guess I have s h o t j about every kind of gun they ,. .,, ,,, an ,i f |_, T i ,, ^ U1L "- arjouc every Kino 01 gun tncyi a ' Wednesday mornin f ?"' Tonitc is K uard dut " for mc ' have here. Thc .45 revolver, .451 " "i the Golden GI k and since I havc a chance to senl) calibre tommy gun, .30 calibre "'ament at Cedar Ra-nVi D? a letter your way ' r " tcl1 y o u i r i f l c . 30 antl 50 calibre machine j thanks for the pnper j guns, and .37 and .75 millimeter j Maybe I shouldn't tell you how tank gun?. | swell this place is, commpared to| This is supposed to be the ar. - -- .___ Cath ,- EAG UE MEETS i? ^"es Lewi 1 , Ga nno n ThuSn Ocl «k plate luncheon with N i? ^"es Lewio * ls p a c e s ' co n" _ »*on a 1 , Ga nno n ThuSn 1? e S01ne of the other P lacca the boys'morcd force where you "rid«" to' ' Ocl «k plate * O HTO in ' We flre houscd in ! b a«l!- but let me tell you that! new women's dormitory here | from now on I won't even bother! TlvN CENTS A COPY E f f e c t i v e with the first i.=?'. e in March, thp price of f ingle copier, of the Prog. rrss.Ucvicw will be increased to ten rent?, instead of five c i n t p . Price for bulk purchases of three or more paper? will continue to bo five cents a copy. We urge that so far as possible, ihosc who have been in the habit of buying their papers each week come in sometime during this month r.nd Mibscribc for a year in advance at the present low fl-50 Pf' r y c ar ratc - By doing this, they will get their pa. pers during the next year for only three cents each-less than a third of thn cost of buying 52 single copies at a dime each in a year. T O U R N A M E N T La Porte City, Dike, Gladbrook, Grundy Center, Reinbeck and Tracr will compete in a sectional basketball tournament at Ri-inb;ck the first week in March, it was announced Wednesday. Pairing? havc not as yet been made. Another Scrap Drive Announced Mr-mhi.T.i .f th" l,«-a' Hoy Seoul Iroep will mal:i- 1 1 , j Porte f . ' i l y bo.-n, -· ^-i( in-day, |iiek ing up any -a!'.:;;:1 m a t e r i a l wliiel may In of aid to ill'- present war effort. Oirl r u M ) ' -r, scrap iron, paper a n d i , r n a i i - d l i n cans a n among the ihi.-i^ needed most a l (lie p r e s i n L lin,.-. Last w i r k , ud lii" gir] sco'it. 1 canvassed Cor old silk and waslt I k i t c l u - n f.-i!-, :-.nJ re|)or( they bad a successful eo'leclio:i drive. OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City Ration Book (Plans Still CompIete Hc:ird to Decide y Xi-rht on Pos- Closing of School I J ;ii-f of the Week · I ' g i s l r a t i o n of rcsi. I-a Porte City area i.'n IJ:)ok Two are of yehouls und local' aiiniinisirator, said ' p l a n n i n g will be Ml.h- ;,.t!u- |hi s Tluirsdny eve «·!'·'!: -Mr. M a r t i n p | ans to bifi:re the regular monthly ·ng of tin- school board the |ue.-l : ,,n of w h e t h e r or not school · : '" : l '! he i-'ns(,l ]);X rt of the time n i i ; i , n l h i - n-gi.siratidii week, Feb. - to -~, inclusive. Il i. i m s s i b k - [|,;|[ f; C ,,,| e O f t l l e ring may be changed from '":'- gynu-.a-iL-.m to the home ceo. 1 ' - m i c - rooms. Imt no final de_ : - i , u i had been mailo. A slinrlagp of volunteer help 1 1 1 a^Mst. in |}]^ rationing job, will involve issuing oE t h a n :!.ni)() books, and an ted l i a l f . h o u r conference 1(1 l'|"id of each family ·ng. is one of Mr. Mar. worries. Several who U-achi-rs in the past now !ier work which will make .-'-ibV for them to take- part in Ihe new registration. Any il puipK- w i l l i n g to volunteer help w i t h the rationing task are urged to get in touch with Mr. M a r l in at once. If enough voluni.-.T h e l p can be found, it may be possible to avoid closing sel o,d p a r t of | he week. The f . i l l n w i n g brief summary of M i l - rai i n n i n g p l a n was issued this week l,y t h e Chicago branch of l l i i ^ O f f i c e "f War Information: i ; : i i i » n i n g begins March 1. Ra_ t i n n i n g i i f canned, dried and fro_ :-n mills and vegetables will be. r i n March I, and retail sales of I" 1 mure t h a n L'dO items to be 'atioiieil M i l l he ''fro/en" on Feb. nary -JO. liegiiining Monday, Feb. J2. h.'.nsJ l '"ives will register for i-ar I t a l i o n ;!,,,,k i\'o. 2, which will ' a l l u w a tola! ,,f .IH "points" for each nu-mlii-r of thc family for the m o i i l l i of March. Stamps will h a v e v a l i : , s of .S, 5, 2 and 1 points. I f a f a m i l y has more than five S oil!,,.-i rans per person on hand, si amps w i l l lie removed from the l i f i o l : in p i o p o r t i o n lo (heir excess l i o l d i M L ' . O f f i c i a l point values will ade ( i n l i l i i ; as soon as stockb ' i r o z e n . ' 1 R e g i s t r a t i o n prob. w i l l In: held in local school a',,| one member may IT for Ihe whole family. M- i , i , ; ' l s i.eeil llol be. counted. i n r i i i ' i . ' eaiiiie,! olives, canned and f i s h , pickles, relish, , jams, preserves, spaghct. a nd all home. Seal Sale Head Thanks Co-Workers A public ' ' i h a n k you' 1 was given his wc'l: by Mrs. [I. ('. Teeter, coal C h r i s t m a s seal chariman, to v o l u n t e e r workers and members ,f the A m e r i c a n Legion Auxiliary M a t i n g in Ihe recent seal .sale. "A.s C h r i s t i n a s -eal chairman of g Creek t o w n s h i p , " Mrs, Teeter :d, "I '.visn 'a express my grati. ud" and Ihe appreciation of the !a!ck Hawk BIRTHDAY A birthday parly Was held for [Dorothy Kcttman Sunday, with a | number of relatives and friend- present. Here from out of lowr, were Mrs. Emma Blocs, Vinconl and Bcrnicc of Jcsup. Raymond Richards Pharmacist's Mate Relatives have received word from Raymond I. Richard.-., for of Mrs. G y n c l b IJichni-ds. l h a t he lia.- been p.-rrro.'r-d from hospital plianna. u n i t y tuberculosis iTid.i of La | a«yiicintioii to all those persons who c o n l i i l n t i d to the success of the 1!H:2 sale. We \vi.-h to tha'ik the Mars : heal re. w h i c h e x h i b i t e d the movie I r a i l c r at t h e o p e n i n g of the drive; .Mrs. liny H a w k i n s and Mrs. John Miller, wim distributed posters; llu 1 m e r c l i a n l s who exhibited posters and cards in their stores; the rcss.Kevicw, for its cO-opcr,. ativc p u b l i c i t y . "\Vc wish also to thank the aeJiei's a n r j I ' l i n c i p r d Art Olsen r th' 1 p r o m i n e n t part which the hoolri again played in the an_ n n a l campaign, and the county h e a l t h nurse, Miss Gilbert. "\Vc wish in particular to thank each member of the Christmas first elns cist's mri'e ( b i r d ela: ; s. He rerr.i'.'cil his t r a i n i n g !:n.-pilal corns school al nk'Kii, C V I i f . anri r - t the seal committee who co.operated so generously "I''rom thc b e g i n n i n g of Amer_ the 'ca's fight against tuberculosis, | voluntecT service has played a naval i major role. Every year the people J EXPERT C. W. Kimlcr of Ames will pool leave for Africa, at thc request of the government. He will as a coal expert while there. FOR VICTORY The hens on the Chester Hertz farm near Rembrandt are victory ; minded too. Recently a .''V-shaped I CKKI '"'d by a. leghoraf" I displayed in Storm *1"""" lit U r e m r - r l D i i , Wash, lie of Big Creek township hnve s now loeakil at the U. S. naval rallied to help us in the battle nospitnl, Pearl Jlabor, Hawaii. against thc disease. This year it seemed that voluntcres displayed exceptional enthusiasm and fine ,,,. . . ... spirit, as shown by thc increase Three one act plays will be pre. in salcs which was $ 1720 5'' nterl fuefday, March 2, under _! act the sponsorship of the Spotlight CONSERVATION TALK TH" 1 "?,! , ' A tBlk b y Fnn » s v. Eiiis Thu following plays w j|l be Manchester on given: Red Flannels--seven char. was one of theWB acters; Rocking Chairs -- three ,,,,,,,,,,, characters; Show Up--four char_ aadii ' acters. , · ..··.-*v-CC- ; -'TM lEWSFAPESr SJEWS.PAPE.R

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