The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 30, 1945 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1945
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1915 MAJSOJM CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET STEADY Hogs Again at Two Price Ceiling Chicago, (IP) -- Fed Bteera and yearlings were strong to 25 cents higher Tuesday, with the early top at $16.60, and heifers sharing the advance. Best heifers sold at $15.75. The strictly choice types of steers were scarce, however. Hogs again were at a two price ceiling and cleared early. Butcher hogs scaling 160 pounds and over sold at $14.75, the top, but lesser weights, scaling 140 to 1BO pounds, also reached the top in a few cases, although the general price was from $14.25 to the ceiling. Choice lambs were held at $16.10, but $15.60 and $15.75 was paid for several loads of just-good lambs. The market, which opened moderatively active- was fully steady. (WA)--Salable hogs 13,000; total 17,500; active, fully steady; good and choice hogs 160 pounds . and over at 14.75 ceiling; few 140 · t o 160 pounds 14.25 to 14.75; all good and choice sows 14.00; early clearance. Salable cattle 10,000; total 10,300; salable calves 1,200; total ' 1,200; fed steers and yearlings strong to 25 cents higher; heifers shared steer advance; strictly choice steers scarce, bulk medium and good grades; early top 16.60; bulk 14.50 to 16.25; best heifers 15.75; cows and bulls steady, strictly good beef cows to 15.00 and weighty sausage bulls · to 13.25; vealers firm at'15.50. Salable sheep 5,000; total 6,500 opening moderately active, fully steady; several loads just--good Iambs 15.60 and 15.75; good and choice fed wooled westerns held above 16.10; load medium and good lambs 14.75; two loads common lightweight 13.00; part load good and choice yearling wethers 13.90; ceiling aged ewes 6.50 to .8.25 according to grade. Midwest Livestock Trend Good Butcher*-140-150 UK. 111.10 150-160 Ibs. ill.OO 160-170 Iba,' JlJ.M 170-180 Ite. $13.15 iao-200 Ibc. »M.JO JOO-3SO Ibs. *14.tO 920-3(0 Iba. 114.40 240-270 Ibs. 114.40 270-300 Iba. M4.40 300-330 Ha, 114.40 330-360 Ibs 114.40 Good Packing Sow*-270-500 IbB. J1S.W 300-330 Iba, «1S.SS 330-350 Iba, 113.85 300-400 Ibf. 113.65 400-450 Iba. »IS.S5 450-SOO Iba. »UJ$S COO-C30 Iba. .., (TUESDAY'S MARKET) Albert Lea, Mipn. Steady Austin, Minn Steady S11.90 $12.90 513.40 $13.90 J14.40 814.40 $14.40 (14.40 $14.40 $14.40 J14.W Waterloo Study $13.25 313.65 1 13.65 $13.65 513.65 $13.69 . $14.43 $14.45 $14.45 $14.49 $14.45 $14.45 $14.45 $13.70 $13.70 413.70 $13.70 $13.70 $·13.60 ' Rapid* Steady $13.50 $14.00 $14.43 $14.43 514.45 $14.45 $14.45 $14.45 $14.45 $13.70 $13.70 $13.70 $13.70 $13.70 $13,70 rails led the decline which ran to 2 points or so. Big blocks of low-quoted stocks most of which got nowhere, expanded volume to around 1,600,000 shares. Few recoveries were in evidence near the close. Events in Eurooe were rather confusing to Walt Streeters and the general tendency was to clear the decks in preparation for a possible approaching crisis. Prominent on the slide were Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Southern Railway, Delaware Hudson, -U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler, American Telephone, Reynolds Spring, International Telephone, Willys-Overland, General Electric and Anaconda. Occasional gainers included Sears Roebuck, Goodrich, Montgomery International Wa.rd, Harvester, Public Service of N. J., Consolidated Edison and Du Font. Listed railway loans were in supply. , GRAIN FUTURES AIRLY QUIET Move Within Narrow Limits During Trade Chicago, ff)--Grain futures .oved within narow limit-; during iriost of Tuesday's trade. All pits ere relatively quJet and easily influenced by orders on either de. At the close wheat was % low- r to % higher than Monday's close, May $1.59% to $1.60. Corn pas unchanged to Vi lower, May 1.11%. Oats were % to % higher, May 66 to 66%. Rye was % lower o % higher. May. $1.11% to 1.11%. Barley was Vi higher, May 1.09%. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday (Cash quotations By E. G. Morsel Eggs, current receipts 32c Springs, heavy breeds 23c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens ..20c Hens, under 4 Ibs. .... Cocks .170 14c Local Livestock HOGS - MASON CTTV--For Tuesday Steady. Good light llghta 140-150 112.00 Good i s ht lights 150-150 (13.00 Good light lights 160-170 «3.50 Good liiht Ights UM80 *14.00 Good light lights 180-2130 (14.40 Good light lights 200-220 J14.40 Good med. wt butchers 320-240 $14.40 Good rned. wt butcher* 240-270 114.40 Good med. wt. butchers 170-300 S14.40 Good med. wt. butchers 300-330 $14.40 Good med. wt butchers 313-360 $14.40 Good sows Z10-300 MJ.8S Good sows ....3(XXl30tl3.CS Good SOW! 330-380 $13.85 Good *OW* 350-400 $13-«5 Good sows 400-450 $I3.«S All No. 2 poultry, 3e less Merchant Quotation Eggs, at retail 45c Butter. Iowa State Brand 49c Butter, Corn Country 48c Butter, Brookfleld 49c NEW YORK PRODUCE (Tuesday M.rkel) New Turk, (ff--Butter 242.177. Firm. (Prices unchanged at celling.) Cheese 279, B12. Nomijutl. No quotations Eggs 30.P79. Firm. Current genera wholesale prices follow: Mixed colors Extras. No. 1 to' No. 4, 45 Ibs. "*"* over 40.3@42.3c; medium. 40: to 44 Ibs. 39.3c standard No. 1 to No. 4. 45 Ibs. and orvi_ 37.3@38.3c: current receipts 37.8c; dirties 43 Ibs. 38c; checks 36.8c. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CTncidsr Market) Chleafcr, iff)--Wheat: No. 2. red $1.75% eiling. Com: No. 3 yellow tl.14. No. 5 yci- ow $1.01%; sample grade yellow 91% @ 07140. Oats: None. ' Barley, nominal: Mailing tl.1581.371i; eed 90cgSL07. Field seed per hundred weight nominal: Timothy $6(26.15; red top $154816: ·ed clover $31.50; sweet clover $10.65; aMkc $28.50. Good aowa . 450-500 $13^5 CATTLE MASON Cmr--For Tuesday Good steers and Heifers .... 113.00-1UO Med. steers and beUen JIO.00-11.00 CHICAGO POULTKr (Tuesday Usrket) . iff)--(W. F. A.)--Live poultry firm. Receipts « tructa, no cars. Prices unchanged. Com. steers amd hell eta . * 7.00- «JW Good to choice cows Jfl.OMO.00 . $ 8.00- 9.00 Med. cowi Com. cows ................... S 7.0V 7.50 Botcber buns (IO.OD-Il.oo Bologna bull* Heavy » too-9.00 Bologna bulla, medlurn t 7.00- 8.09 Cutten. heavy $ 8Jo-T.OO Cuttera, lljbt * 6.00- 8JO Carmen, heavy .........*..*. S 5.00- 8.CO Cannen. Ufht $4.00-5.00 Fancr. aelect olna «13.01-13XiO Calvza, gd. to cholca 130-UO »I.OO-liOO Calvca, alr to (ood. 130-190 * 9.00-10.00 Calves, eommoB to fair ....... 9 7JO* I Calvca. con MASON cm--Tot Tuesday Genuine *p, lAznbc* (S* to c** r $13JO»14^5 Genuine ip. Iambs, med. to (d. »11.00-1ZJO Cu£ latnba tOOA-wn red ewes, good to choice ... * 5.00- 6.00 Common ewes « LOO-ZOO Bucks * .7S- UO CHICAGO PBODTJCE (Tuesday Market) Cnleaie, OP)--Butter firm. Becelp 2*4.364. Markets unchanged. Eggs, receipts 10,973. Firm. Market tax changed. CHICAGO POTATOES (Taesday Market) Chiearo, Vfh- (W. F. A.)--Potatoes: Ar rivals 52, on track 89, total U. S. shipments 568. Old stock: Offerings very light, demand exceeds available offer ings local track market; market fii at ceiling. Very few reported sales. Ni stock: Supplies light, demand good, »TM ket firm. Wyoming Bliss Triumphs, com merclal. $122; Montana Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $3.39. North Dakota Bliss Triumphs, commercial. $3.01. Cobbler commercial, $2.81. Michigan Russet R rals, U. S. No. I, $3.15. Florida SO 1 sacks, Bliss Triumphs, U. S. No. $2.78. . Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 2 white oats, 32 Ibs. 70c No. 2 shelled corn, old .$1.02 No. 2 shelled corn, new 95%c CHICAGO GKALN CLOSE (Io«d»y Market) Hides and Wool Calves, gd. to chalet 140-190 111.00-11.00 So.utlon. (grabbed or Wolf Bro«, In«, SOT ntla Street loaUiwaet lull bldea Jc *rom 15 Ibs. up lOc From 15 Iba. dowa lie Konehldes M.OO WHEAT-- High May l.SOVi July I.52TI Sept .. . COBN-- May 1.52 1.52'A 1.12 July 1.10% Sept 1.09H Dec. · 1.07Y. OATS-May ......... .663^ July 61 Vi Sept. 57W Dec -3ty« RYE-May 1.12% July 1.0914 Sept. 1.06ft Dec 1.08 BARLEY-May July 1.04 Low 1.E9H 1.51V. 1.51% 1.11V4 1.06H Close 1.59V, 1.S2W 1.SH* I.SHI 1.1 IVi LID'S i.oay. 1.07ft 1.11* 1.08% 1.05H 1.05M 1.09 A IJM54 Alexandria, La. '(pop. 25,000) Is the only city in the United States of its size without a cemetery. The Greek theater is the ancestor of all modern European heaters. STRAND Tuesday and Wednesday ·ICKPOtD Terrorffic Co-Hit ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Tacilar Mirtcl) CbiMio, Wt--(W. F. A.)--OKIcially «- Iraated salable livestock receipts for Vcdnesday: Hogs 11,000; catUe 12,X»I sheep 8,000. BOWLING SCORES B. AND H. BOWLING Game* Jan. ss M«n'i L«arao Woo lit 2nd 3rd B.C. Tot. Velion' Pfn. 0 659 SM lit til 2014 Etrtrs HooHoc 8 66J 6TM 1M 315 23S» B. Sheftler 233, 609. Women'! League Won lit tat »rd B.C. Tot. Ctrl'! frail · 407 491 442 6 144W Oldham Team S 483 «« «*. 12» 17S5 T. Uaaetoa 11$, Me. FOR THAT DATE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET DANCE LYNN KERNS WED. HAZEL'S BAND FR1. CHUCK HALL SAT., SUN. Members of Armed Forces, in uniform, admitted free except for "name" bands. Late Bus Every Fri. . Sat. LEFT miHRIEDLY Milton residents attempted to do all they could to help a supposedly stranded "veteran" from overseas one day recently. The local Red Cross chapter was contacted and DANCE CITY MEMORIAL HALL Sheffield, Iowa Thurs., Feb. 1 Music By MACK'S ORCHESTRA authorization was given the telegraph office to send a message to the "veteran's" folks in Wyoming. At this point the stranger found that no cash was being handed him first-hand from Milton people. He immediately found some money of his own and purchased a ticket for some other destination. Chief settlement on the Luzon plains is the town of Tarlac, with a prewar population of 16,350. HILL'S Genevteve t Dale EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY In compliance with War Production Board orders tor the National "brownout," we are tnrnlnt off all slcn lithts. WE WILL BE OPEN TO MEMBERS AS USUAL RIDING CLUB Formerly Friendly Tavern iraiuwisp,! COME ONE - COME ALL 41st ANNUAL DANISH MASQUERADE BALL TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6 AT THE SURF BALLROOM Music by Hazel's Band GRAND MARCH AT 10 O'CLOCK Seven cash prizes will be awarded: $10.00 for lady'* best costume, 2nd prize $2.00; 1 st prize $5.00 for best man's costume, 2nd prize $2.00; $4.00 prize for best dressed couple; lady's prize, comic, $2.00; man's prize, comic, $2.00. Good Fish... of The Soda Grill 5HADY BEACH LAST TIME TUESDAY fcfc TOGETHER AGAIN' IEENE DUNNE CHARLES BOYEE CHAK1ES COBVBN WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY WHERE THE BIG SHOWS FLAT South Shtire. Clear La DANCING EVERY NIGHT Steaks - Fried Chicken Home Barbecued Bibs Fried Fish Coflae--Trj Oar DaUdoas FMtf WALL STREET STOCKS RETREAT War Issues Prominent in Orderly Slide New York, (IP)--War stocks and secondary bonds negotiated a more or less orderly retreat in Tuesday's markets as the swift race of the Russians toward Berlin revived speculative and investment caution. Share prices were no w o r s e than mildly uneven after a fairly steady opening and scattered peace-rated issues were resistant throughout although the majority failed to make much headway. Trends began to waver after midday and, in the final hour, FEBRUARY IS A SHORT MONTH . . . BUT IT'S LONG ON HITS AT THE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY In compliance with War Production Board orders for the National "brownout," we are turning off all sign lights. WE WILL BE OPEN AS USUAL T A G ' S CLEAR LAKE VISIT THIS THEATER REGULARLY DURING FEBRUARY AND SEE THESE GREAT HITS! IN TECHNICOLOR "AN AMERICAN ROMANCE" WITH BRIAN DONXEVT ANN KICHAKDS IN TECHNICOLOR "SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS" WITH CABMEN HIBANDA O'SHEA VIVIAN BLAINE IN TECHNICOLOR "PRINCESS AND THE PJRATE" WITH BOB HOrs V1KGIN1A MAYO "LAURA" 1 , WITT" . 1 GENE TIERNET 1 DANA ANDREWS 1 Ends Monday "Barbary Coast Gent" and "Babes en Swinr Street" Added: Latest News IN TECHNICOLOR ' "FRENCHMAN'S CREEK" WITH JOAN FONTAINE AmTCIO DE COKDOVA 'THE DOUGHGIRLS" WITH AXN SHERIDAN ALEXIS SMITH JACK CAKSONT JANE WYMAN "MRS. PARKINGTON" WITH GREER CARSON WALTER PIDGEON ''Bowery to Broadway" WITH JACK OAKIE MABIA MONTEZ SUSANNA FOSTEK TURBAN BET BPKCIAI, ATTRACTION TUESDAY (EVENING) FEB. 20TH i ON OUR STAGE -- IN PERSON! JERRY AND ZELDA W-H-O Radio Favorites! YOULL SEE ALL THE BIGGEST AND BEST SHOWS AT THE LAKE THEATER! Added Latett Pore. Newt Cartoon Comedy Pledge to Botaan Admission--Ladies 63c; Gentlemen 631 LATE BUS AFTER DANCE -Tax Inc. Last Times Tuesday JOAN DAVIS--"SHE GETS HER MAN" NILS ASTHER--"MAN IN HALF MOON STREET" Hollywood's Latest Fin* Run Feature* EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN ENTERTAINMENT STARTS WEDNESDAY HIT FOLLOWS HIT AT MASON CITY'S FINEST THEATER Torching th* Town wirh Her TORRID TEMPOS/ VMMAUSTH Ttnte Kingi and Qu««n» ofths Niflht Spohl FREOSANBORN Ite MULCAYS **** PAULA DRAKE DELTA RHYTHM BOYS HERE'S AN EXCITING CO-HIT ··?· 0 wilk TOM NEAl JUHNEEATB HUfiB BEAUMONT UMY PAWS · DOOfiUS FOWUY · « SOT w C--r ».! i n

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