The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 4, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1818
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, ROBERT CII.LESNE, - - riV 112 rint - slieet, offer lor l the car - 1 Voftb,1riliU UiS Amelia lrolu Autl" nsistiaof fli punche - n Born ' $) So WolMet :V V UbVsTORE, , o thd. Kentucky 'J 'obacco i U do Did Richmond do 60 groci v nd iorter Eolllti 14 bale prim Upland Cotton v A chain Cable fit tot liip of 400 (on J White l1' Wine to hhd. TafiiRedPort Wiiieiiicaof3dcr.. half Pipe Madeira imported irom J r.mai - fl( price 3ptrgllon. uus - rrTJjTHS siOASStMERES. A ,ew tMt Lirri J.ondon Cloth and Caia.ert, r" 1IU1&1SEWALI., a4 viulh - L"1iiiloK si'UArte. - i ca.c .Lguorn Jlats and Crowns, prim.ip.illy Cue, jut ie - 9S 4 tf i South street 6fg And possession given i. - nmediat. ly, f. m2i uvo story JiuiHi in the lint ward, tveiUal - rsiattd for a boardiiig house or lure family. - - bou.e contain nine room vith a good tadicn on Uie first fiuor ; a large cellar, witu the ZxhMua water. T a good teaimt the rent will" modeutf. Inquire lit 114 (.rcmwwli - nutf 1 1 iv "sTsT njil SALE, a bright bay HOUSE, li years lent uuJei - the fald'.c. lie is sold 1 r no ' but bscatlfe the owuer lias u use fr h.oi. - price, oue hundred a:iJ sixty Jo'lars - stands ;U naa'i stabbs iu Liberty - :!. near Broadway. aai lw S TOuEN bom the house of a l:.Jy m.Kcw - Haven, on Wednesday last, a ladies gold WTCH. highly ornamented and set wit'i pelrl, with clu'iii and tthkets to nulch ; tlic ini - iaU I'. C. on - the e.l ; a piruct ruur v. a, also attached. A il i possible it may havi found it way to this city, watch - makers., jind others, are requested ta slop sa.d wateu if "I ferrd, and leave notice at 7i l'earl st. wIilTC a suitable reward will be given for its recovery ail 4 2t L OI'CJI.NC;. wanted in the touiiiry, lr a tleumn, Willi lii wil'r, nurs - j uail iluld, in a iiratatit, health tituition on litis i'iaiiJ. Apply at 67 S.iu'ii itruet. . a" 4 iXTI.Llfih.NCr; Ofr'ICE. JOSEPH D. 'OGRAUY n - fpectlul.y informi toe nulilic, tliut lie has 0x - ncd aa lnlelii renceodi etbthi hiufe, lil flf - .VIarkot, bf - iwees tearl and Water - slreets. Families may be accummodatcd witii seivaut, house kerpcr, kc. He. SertantK, &c. with sutitfiii lory rttom - Benrfatioos. miifd with good si uati iin. Or ittttrom (he couutry promptly atteuded lo. tiaX 4 lm m:u bug?. Ttihe Lediit and Gentlemen, ofihtcily o.Yeie - Yitrk. BENJ AMIN TIFHN, bn? destroyer, (from London,) btgt leave to off r his ervi' ei to til those who arc troubled With thote nocturnal isvaderi ol thf if rct. li prices will below, and urthod effectual, l.nving hern 40 yenrs in caiutaot practice ; iiuihad liif roiiimancUul'iiiot Utht jrntry But Society of Friends, tn London, jw resides at No 330 Hom ry. Orders lelt at Mr. WihoiiS Tailor, N.i. ?6 Jobn - street, will be thai.lll'ully itcuvcd uml fuoctuuJIv bltendcd to. a.ti. fitltreni e as to character can be had. s; 4 6t PUE batLelor and Manicd Man, or ihc 1'qui - I, brio in to the CaUnce of Coniort, in l lyoni orl, in ilisht d, tor sale at sols. Trite f 1 73 : this is day published, lor sale feV Mtneria Circulatin tins Library and book and sUtionnry store, No. UQi, Broadway, opposite ite Miiieuiu. " ZZ - tVV NUVLL. . THt Equilibrium of (he " EManceof Coru - tti, ui it fibrin lor and Married Man, ".' mls i to b'a had t the C'irctilr.tmg Lit r.irv anil UockJtort, 'o. U4 Broadtvay, coruerof Cedar - street, opposite Uik City Hotel. H. B. lirppo, poeiu, a ne.v edition, 25 cts. to natch Lor J B)f( o' Worki. CosKersatioos oo C'hmiitry, anewaud impra - Vtdrdiilun, pfioi $1 bound Wilbur's Biblical CVechim Ksmiiy frayers, Uc. a new collection, 62 1 - 2 com. Questions on thr Gible, for the use of families tod school., price 7i rents. Hymen's Recruiting Strseant, or the Matri - ositJ l attoo, by Bu - m, TO cents. Forl by , A. T. GOOOKICII U CO. 5o. l24 Broadway, corner of Cedar strict, op. soy; 4 fposite the - Hot'd. StMV L.1 IV BOOK Si Oil Au. , nUKE'd CM A.CLRT PRACTICE 13 Containing all the proceedings of a suit, a etlia thecourt of chaaccry as in the court tor w trial or lnipeai noients, and correction oi er rM, for the stiito - of New - Yolk. This book coauins about 70O pazes octavo, and is said by BrjiMuootd f ntleaen to be all important to the pracuriancr in tint court, lulrg ttie nuty .viae tv production on this suhjoct : and to the stu nt it it tnvaliuhln, as it eihihits in a very fear and loci 1 manner, step hy step, tlie pro pa ol a suit, in ull its oiinutia, from tbe com avacrment to tiw final termination of it Ac cosroaoied with an aLDondn. contaiuiuf urece rats of the moit approved form, suitable to my case that can posiMy occur in the course 4 a nut. Juit buliJialjcd and lor sale hy - O. BANKS, Opposite City Hall. Corner of Nassau and Spruce streets aug 4 lm fl WILEY It CO. No. 3 Wall - st. havo tht V. day published. 3Tk Bachelor and the Alar - tied Xan, or the Equilibrium to the Balance of temiort. X vols, price $ 1 75. au4 P RACIE'S, 146 Broadway, correct prize list t ot ute medical Science Lottery io. 5. ' 1st day drawine. No. aSSTS, 1000 Dollar 9645, . 100 Dollars Firt drawn simltfr rmiiuil unuM al CR.ACI,:'d, who offer a few Pickets and Snarei r sale on the best tr - rms. Sd drawing will he Tuesday next, at half past 6 o'clock lathe orwsff. Prmnt price of Ticket $23, will advancfr to i uesriay nrxi. aus: 4 it THIS DAY, nl 9 ofcKkin Mr bxAicj KrrcBEff, at the City - H all, ci'mmrnc. ) driwins IEDICAL SCIE.NCL LOTTERY o.5 The 6rt drawn numiier was entitled to a n txe of One f bousaad Dollar. The capital pne are I prize or 100,000 DOLLARS, 1 do of 50,000 do 1 do of 90,000 do I do of 10.000 rla TiekM, nd ,h&res (or tale at the Lacky Lot - '1 vuce or MZ.mns, 74 Mrtid.a - Lane, "here have beca told in f rtner Lotteries, ,0 me amount of One Million, t ive liun m ,"h'",,aftd Dollar. Most !reisi hank aotcs. Rpprofed proraii. 7 aotes, and prix - s in former Lotteries will be Jf 10 P 'yutent for ticket. vroers from a distance, enclosing t':ie cah r" IT"d) will be immediately attended to, and - - - "wfi aavice tiven oTUitir socctss. .4 Currevl elerb hook will h brnf at th jsj lottery office, which nay be examined al ito oi exiienoe. aoe ll (y'LiilK'j - prBEehst, rst dys drawing v.inn tieoical Science Lottery : "5373, 1C00. first drawn W3, 100 - - "raws ajpm nixt Taeds. Those who wish etiances in this splendia lct'ery, ormtainw" J of lOO.octt, 000, 10,000, 5,000. and . mt Bnoiber of ,0i0, and sniaUar ones, ran V1T'1 t G'.LLESI JV? kUery and ex - Ko. U4 Uroidway, oppoiite City fl SR. WAITERS list of pr'izei, tn Msdical . ciettre Lottery, now .diawtog once a wee 1st day - No. i373, vlOOO i 19C45, 100. : . Firtt dcawo number, t Float in; prize. Tickets and sharas Ibrsala at Wl I E'3, 54 Maiden - lane; where bare been loldaod paid in loruier loftcriej, 4,39i SO,000 , 14,583 38,7C6 lJ.8li4 , f. 954 17.V71 . 13,0V 1 lG,t;53 4 1 346 17199 ilJ.231 10 of RJO.O00 besides 15,000, 10,000, Sic. Several of which G. i R, 40.000 3i,C00 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,030 30,000 25,000 25,000 05,000 a great many of . WAITS sold in halve, quat tors ami eihthi. , 'I hi is tbe luhntt prita ever sold in this ci y in iircs of ticket. au 4 Coritcl lilt of priies ifratrn in tht Blh clast Medial ieitnce l.otttry, (now drawing.) htut i)At. No. 5373, Cr.i drawn, 1000 045, 100 Will drnw acain on Tuesday morning next. TlCICLTS k Sll A It Fa warranted undrawn, asahnvc. au? 4 H VI.I.KVsi OKr'.CIALi.Io T, Utday'sdraiv - ibg Medirnl science Lottery (;"th c'ael.) A'o.5,:173, $1X)0 ;9C4j, 100. Tlichon the Corporation have granted the niaiiHers the me ofone oiihc pleas, uitivt opart - ininti in the City Hall. The Lottery will draw next TiirMLy, and once a veik duriuij this mouth, 50 numbers cnih drawii g. , lii lu - ts and hiirt - s (warranted utidrawn) for sals at ALLAN'S Truly Lucky Ollice, No. Ml Cro - .iilway. Where was soll and iinim.diatelv p.iid, .o. S'JZO, which drew Inst .Viw - Yetr's d iv ti.e groat nite of 100,000 dollars, the higlnst prue ever told by ary nflicc in Amniica, and where was sold every "grand capital in the for - uu r c!afcs ol tins lottery, vi.. .No. 103.'3, $30,000; 19500, 730.0(10. 12129, 2.i,flfi0; 19 i4.i, 25.000; atd .evcral ofiO.OOO, :.W), lO.iMK). oOflO, tie.. nuff 4 3t .MEDICAL . - VltLVCK LOTTZHY, 51 CL.1HS. BENJAMIN' CUi LKIVS list of drawing - lst l).iv. No. 5)73 n000; no. 615 - flOO. It is understood lliat 1 - 2 belongs to a Uro - ker in Wail - strcct. f litiriaincd on hand at the office a u 4 No. 27 WALL - STREET. L.itit'WI.Mi. w W. k T. L. CHESTER, have received by the late arrivals, a full asaor'.ruint of larpeling; coiutnigot Imperial JJfuutlh, tup'rior and ordinary Brut - Jii'j, trench and Twkiirnrpeli. Impe, ial Hi i!iih and s'.ripid vciiUimis, for rocm, liatUand rt.iirs. Fine and common imperial am! tfillnnhnarth nigf, all of the latrit Hud nost approved patterns. Superfine aaj common tnlali ingrains, in jjreal variety. J Printed table piunno aiid crumb clotla, and battt ol all widtlit. i Hni fiouci.c't patent merino icon, riift. Hart't ccli United patent English jloor eloths, cf various sviJtht, lorbalu. Lisbon. A'ankctn, Canton and Calcutta mails and mailing. India and ail cloth table mailt and doUes. India window blinds. Stair rods and tort with every other article in li.e car jxt line, are r flernl fur sale at 19 1 Broad way, corner of Ucy - streit. ix. 11. UrUtrt taken for Hare's Boor doth, of my prtitern now in work, (samples lobe tcea at the store.) and of :iuy dimeiiMou, without seam, to fit room o' hall, t be delivered next spriu - '. an I 3t C PIPES ? f i) M.. t.rn':.. U 12 Ilhdf f viiwi - c u i 1'iauaiiA vriuv. 2 I - 2 Qr. Caks Malmsey do do of Scott, Lou;linan, PeufolJ & Co's. brand, and offered for sale by VV. & S. CRAIG, au 1 lm No. 81 Front - st. EDUCATION. YOUNG LAIJlEi' SELECT SCHOOL, No. 13 Cbhar - stheet. TR. MEAD respectfully nives notice, that 4.VL his School will be again open on Tuesday the htel September. x ouuic Ladies' will be instructed es usual, in course of Education: embracing ail Lie no oortant branches, from Readme and Penman ship, to Rhetoric bod natural 1 hilosopuy r reni n oy occ.oi me mnsi approvea insiruciors. Enquirers may satiufy ihrmselves respecliiig the cliarsctcr of this School, by calling epon any ol (he followine; ejenlleincn, uiosl ol wbom are a nir'S its patrons.' Richard Varick, Thomas 5. Clarkson, Anthony Dey, Amasa'Jackson. Calens. K'tss, Ce re Gridin, John Suydatn, and J m lm James Renwick, Esqrs. .". 'J' .iH.O.ij: nnnA BUSHELS LUboa Salt reaily for M VU J discharg - nr, lor sale by STEPHfcN HATHAWAY, jr. Jv3l lw 22 Froiit - t. upstairs, rilOUAtiCO li lilids. prime qualitv. land JL ed from schr Expi es, from Charleston, and for .ale by II. YO;. 73 v asninjrion - sireei. About 153 dcmijolin of 5 gallons ei - cti. au 3 3t I.nNDOVVGLAA. PAIN IS. :c. Wm - t f dow Glass of best quality, 6 by 3 k " by 9, Enlih Hats, assorted in cau - i, A few cases of English Cords and Velveteens, One case Children's black and drab Faucy Boa - riats, trimmed, ' Vet - o pipes ; small bowl da. Irish Glas - wre, Hatter's Wool How - trinj, Old dry Malawi Wioe, Eo;li4t White Lead, dry and in oil of best qualitv. Do. Red Lead, Earthen Ware, in lot to scit purchasers, Loudon Particular Madeira Wine of superiocr quality, A few cases of I rub. Linens and Diapers, For sale by W M . N EI LSON i: EON. an; 3 lw I AMAiCA HUM .HO puirtr - ons will lit ,1 landed this day at the foot of Rect 'r - streel, North River, frout on board tbe ship 1'e.ciuc For sal by S ' ROBERT LENOX. h'. - jjvtkaj. AT - K - ket Book Maker, one who understands his business will hsve pood waxes and constant employ, by pplyior at No. lb Wall - rect. aur 3 AiVfr - AMenlC.i.y AlUiS. SUBSCRIBERS to, Vallsuicei Rear nev tt Co. new American Atlas, are inform ed that the first number has ben completed and is now ready for dr.Iiverinjat rr.or Dunnmg's, No. 1 1 1 W ater - strcet. suR 3 1 w I.10H SALE, at 84 MaiaVn - lane, oppneite I1 Gold - st et, a span of rrer carrio ttOR - SES. well usatcbed k rentle in haraes. Will be rM low, tbe owner baring bo for then wK 3 T EMON9 1 50 bo3ts Sicily lemoos, ia prune M.U order, landtQK and ar sale by JOSEril OSBORX, "T far .'EJr.OSLE.K'S. TLebricMAUYANN.Capt - iicbiof. aaan excellent veueL about 2 year a, sail Very faat, and lias pxd accomrnodai toiu for passengers. She w,ll be dcpatclied with out delay, and Uke what freight and paksen - tera tnay otter by the 5lit August. Apply to Ute captain on board at pier Au. 9, b. IL or u J. II. L.AUKC.NCK ii CU. ' au 3 lw 55 Pine - street. ElAiVUlUN WArvE 3n bogsliaad awl 20 t crates, tanning a well assorted invoice of Bowls. Cups, Saucers Miik Jus, T ea I'ols, Sugars and Cream Mocho and fancy Jug and Bowl, Chanibers, Dishes, Tureen Flat and Soup I'laus Twiffle and Muffias, ofSiieplicrd and other pattern Reeeived per bri Alfred from Liverpool. For sale by JOHN B. MURRAY & AON, 113 1 carl - st. AltnFor tale, freight or cliarter, 'ie al)0V0 brio burthen 2W) tons, cop - p" - i..l to lilit water mark. &uz 3 3t tor hliiyJUL, Ssi'V The very superior bri; JANUS, Dow - .L'.dail. miltr: will soil ou Wednesday next, r or Ireiajht or psage, apply ou board, at Murray' wharf, or to rOl'T& M'KINNr, an S 06 South fired. I' I. JtJI A .V'iVI v y w e . ...... ..J"' - The schfKiner VEXL'S. 131 tons. igiviog - iiL .tiurra a - uiian, n nisi. iaee vessel, with good accommodation!, for passen irei - s. will sail on Sunday next. For ti - ciijlit or pussaje, apply to au 3 tf 98 MurrayVw bai f. tor a.H'.ljVAAll, Thslincsih .SALLY - ANN, Woglom, mneter; will tail ou vv euuesuay, oui i Aii;!u(. r or Ircijrhl orpuwarc, appiy ou LoarJ, at Jouca1 wharf, or to TOTTK iI'KI.NM., an? 3 n? South street. Jlv h LLP. I. Si', (Pontivtly to tail on or b - ftre tht !2(i inetti'it ) . v. The ship CLV.N'l'llDRN', Stilliuan, niaiitcr, liaviny nearly ull her IVei.nht eii(;;it;ed. wiilpitKitively sail as above. For freight equai to 400 bbw. or passage, bavin jroiicl acconi - m'xlations, apply lo the cuptaiu on board, at l'lue - bUcet wiiaif, or l i HYEK, I5REMNER Si CO. autf 1 3t No. 1I l'ront - st. - cct. P.lSSAUU f,r DITHLIX, f& The superior coppered ship DUB - 5Ti&lLIN PACKET, Cole, master, 13 miw iicarlv loaded, and will sail fr lu!ili:i in f mr or five days A few cab.;i or uttcrae passengers, can be handsomely accommodated, and. on moderate terms, apply on board, or to J.Y.MK.V .M'UHIUK, tU Lihei ty - strect. U'ha hat for 3ti!c by I he I'tickcge. A general ussoi lincni ot li'ioii liotii. - ., lawns, sheetings, diapers, and drogliedus. ALo, coni - nion riiMS - waie, consisting ol aecantcrs, w.nes. t.i.nljiers, sails, c tietts, pocket hollies, Lc. kc. and a f.w hhds ot baskel salt. an 1 lw A .... milXltHI ttr I ft J 'J t. li tkS The joodichr FAV'OIUTK, 860 bhl? ijburtheu, will uo ready to receive a car - gum 3 'lays. Apply to E. FIM1ER, Jy 30 lw 51 South st. mm ... . j . u a wr . . . . . . . . . . , Tlia An ftailit, a,ili,3n1'..l ailin ASIA, Atexr. S. Suliierland, maetur. will tlow about 2tt00 bbU. and now ready to Uke ia a car'o. For terms apply to LAIDLAW, G1RAULT Si CO. Jy 3 1 t No. 90 Coffee House slip fUii S.iLK, The fine sloop MARILLA, 53tou,2 years old, in good order, cau be seut to sea with little expence. IN A TO RE, 1G puncheons fiue - fiatored Jamaica Run 2 pipes Cognac brandy U hhds muscovado suar 3 do mol u - ea. Apply to Jy3J lw F.. FISHER, 51 Ponih st. OLD COI't'Lll, in, - 1 opHT, and tec. 6,'illtl lbs. old slienth - d auiiantily old copier bolt; alo, a copier rudder chain, brace and pump, which would answer for a man - of - war lor sale by CLAltKF, MOORE U CO. Jy 30 5t 4 1 Somh street. NEW PATENT I'lANO FORTES. GEO I XEWBKRY respeettully and eonfl - I dcutly assures his fi - iuuds and the public, tint at his office, ISi Pearl street, msy be pur - el ased the above iuttrument', tower than any cither place in the city; where may also be had .Mae I els patent Metronomes. J 31 I.1US ITU 10 tons Fustic, landing and JP sale by ItlFLKY li W KLI), for aup 1 193 Front - street. OILS. &c. 5000 Callous 11 timed i'es Elephant Oil loOOdo. Stimmcr Str d sprrai. Oil 100 do N ut Oil lor Portrait Painter 4 Oil Presses, with screws, running in copper dyes, suitable for tobacco, oil, or rlotliiers. To be told by SAMUEL JUDD, at No. 53 Broadway or 13o Fly - tuaraet Jy3l Kit OUI J S MlH't'lNU rURS 1000 Oitrr and Miult kius, just received nr.d for by ANaON G ITlELPS, an; 3 !3J Front - street. A.VIMUCAN CLOI ti?. lOSEPHTUCOMBScCO No. 162 Pearl .1 street, have lust received 10 pieces Amtri can Suneruou Elite Cloths, width will be sold chen. for cash onlv. Also on hand, an extensive assortment of Do mestic, Wonllen, and Cotton Ooouwl tvtry tis - criptioo, jo, at low prices. J 29 SAFE SPECULATION. FOR SALE, cheap, nn sstahnihment in fill operation, which yi - dds from 12 lo . 15 pei day. Enquire cl fc. ftl'l.AltAUtl MC, aus 3 2t No 4 r iankrcrt sn t. l 1 ANCHESTfiK F.L K I S, Assorted co - iv I lour and very superior quality, for sale low.hy . GEO.I. NW OKUV, J 31 l i Pearl street. LALiKs' best London m. - ia Jesuj, Kid, and Silk Roots an &hoes. T'ovs aud Screw Boxes, parlicu'.aily suited to " couolry dealers. Straw Bonnets. 390 Papers of Leaf Metal. For sale, on the most favonenMe term, at GIBBON? ac Co's. aug 1 3t B3 Water - st. - A DKL1H1 SCHOOL is Vacated till tbe last 2. M.widay in August instant. fXT' - The public is respectfully infonnod, thai Mr. John K. fmith is enijed as drawing master, and Mr. Sr hiffcly as tea - her of tba French, SpanUh and German languages. aug3 tlMAcg oJVe. CrA Jtr.H.HiU. R ANAWAY from the subscriber, a BLACK C.JRL. answerin to the name of Lantn Jackson, is about U years of age; ha, on (nly a woollen homespun irtck, baving said tt.e remainder of her clothes since she abscondc - J Whoerer will return ttr, or give . informatioa m here it nT bet.ond, ball receive lit above reward t and any pwmon hnrlxmrins said girl, shall be punished as 8n law dirx - ts. ? . THOS. DE.MNTSON, aug 3 3t - 384 Bowery Rood. . OHEET1NG3 A frw baWshslf bleached Ras - kj. tia S4ieUa;s for sale by t Jy 33 HUiUJ Si SEWALL, 65 SonLtu JSj Uiltm Patent friw (lie ViteA Safe. CULLRN'S LIQUID MAGNESIA. ' Approved of, aud recomiucuded by several of Ute most easioeut pbysieians or flitladelpbia. . THbi TrausBarvut Solution of Mscsi is pre - JL seated to the public witb tbe aanolioa and partK - ular reeomraendation of tuaay of the most respee able pb sieians of this eity, as die most ebV (uie ninue oi exaibiiing magnesia, lfnss .iu tioii possesses the virtues of t .at ruedieins in an eminent degrea acts more speed lyi with greater eertsinu anu is not liable tu torns eoocreuous in the bowel, as Messrs. Brando and Monroe have diss - vered are sometimes produced hy solid magnesia. It combines wild its anti - ao d and aperient priiiple the very desirable property - of allaying tbe most excessive vomitine. and carrviii oft' frt'e and offensive matter. Hence may be infer red its ureat efficacy iu the summer comn ainls oil icinaies, em urea, e. tie. r , " ... t . 1 I o persons of b hous habit, it U reeommeniled as an exeelleat corrector of bileand acidiiy - eom - ii.unicatLS tone to tbe stninacn perates as a gentle laxaliuo, and fatal lisbes a peruia cut and reguitfr state of the bowels. A uiscreootiary use of this at eeablc enables pcrsonsof evi ry g, sex and constitution tii keep their bowels moderate, without the use of sails or drastic purKs, (hitherto utetl) which never fai, to confirm the costive ha itslhey were iileiided tn remove, aud to disorder lor life ti.e orgaus of digestion. in we .It stomachs urio and other acids are evolved, c;ni:iug gout, gravel, stiffness, : nd eon cretiou oi the j - the solution will enliven, palliate, suit otieii leniote ibese alllioim - coin - pluiu s. Ituli estion an I many disorders of the sysl in, frequently pi - taxed from an aculious state of the stomach i child eu are particu arly sulject to this depraved condition of that organ, inconsequence of their esistii. almost entiit - ly ou milk and veelalile diet. A small quantity of the solution (which children drink with aviiliti, audi gcne - al prefer to every other bevevage) will in s a short time neutralise the etitting acid, aud, if continued, vull picveullhefoi iu:.ttn of auy new acm. Independent orthe other sdvaniages the solu - ion tii'Siesaes over crude mtiencsia, or any oth r medicine, ii, tended to produce a siniilKr effect, the superior purity of the magnesia contained in the solution i ihe l aienlee hatiui d'eicovered a protest by uhit - li he ileprivta the in:ii;iitia he makes use of, oi ihc numerous impui iti s it is al - uuvs ciinliiiiiinated until must L'ive it a decided preference uvt retery other preparaiion : to avoid the appearance of eiupii icism, the certificates of ihe p ysicimn, ind oilier nppruhatory testimony, are iiot'piiblidicd, but may lie seen at the store of the patentee. T he solution may cither he drank at the fouut, (ns mineral aatersi at I'i l - t! ccn per half pint, or may lie hsil iu bottles of an oval shape, niaik cil, iu letters, " Culleu s Liquid Majuetia anil labelled t.ullms solution )t Magnesia. Observe, ton.; is genuine except what answers the above tlesci iptioi , and is signed by tltu pa tentee. JOHN CUL' EV, I'iicef2 50 per dozen, 7j eents of whkb i!l b re iirned on ret - e vingllie empty bottles. Sold in I'lnLildidiia only, at Cullen's Chemical and Drug sturc, M, e.iSt corn, r ot Cucsnul and Sec no il streets. Philadelphia, 2jt!i .Ipril, 18:8. Cj The Patentee, encouraged by the success ..f.l... )...... I I Vt .n'll.,lu,l,.l,dii: and els where, respcciiuiiy inior i.s uie iniiauiiaiustii V V...1. I ........I... .I..., t.. 1. ... IV...niA,l an V W I U U ll .luillitj', ilia, lie iimd ., ,u w. eslablislimeiit fnr its sale t No. 23 . Bruadwsy, uril,t,i Ian il,t.:ra i f I'i.i - U Plnre. ul.t - re l.c alio manufactures Soda Water of a superior quality. J 31 tf cl'hAit'c LALcLSEIi Ai A, . Remedy for a Sunr Slomarh, H carl Hum, and a Cure for lutlincslion. CALCINED MAGNESIA bus been some time in use both in Europe and America ; hnt latterly it bus been more Irequently med than formerly. It was first brought into use in Geruia - np, and was highly extolied by Hidiuan, on on wuote auinornjr i iniiintw - c;,,, ,.. ",(r coniinodly, till the knowledge oi it, and its excel lence, was snore extensively oinutco uy ine au thor of a medical oaimrtilet. entitled an " Essay upon the. Nursing and Munagemr.nt ol Children," 1c. This anUior has bestowed much time and attention tola MswotiKatiouof tlte Vitttsvs of lb can ined magnesia, and ir, most inctanres lias great judgement and knowledge ol the suoiect on which he treated, and theiehy has brought this medicine into high, repute. We cannot, therefore, ni'Te properly eio'nin it runuted vir tue, than by quoting the passage in which he recommends its use. He sas that "the first and general cause of most diseases to winch infants are liable, is the acidity which their food occasions in their stomachs. 'This acidity becomes very obvious from the griping snd purging occasioned there! y. It may not be improper to men - tionnn easy und generally a certain remedy, or raine r preventive, il uineiy onniimsiereu, which is the uinsnesia alba, calcined. 'Phis medicine effectually cures all acidities, prove a mild and lenient purgative, and Keeps me nody gen' lyo - p:n, witliout leaving netiind it trial costive state which lays the foundation for many dangerous and troublesome diseases. " The author ot the above mentioned essay further observes, that " notwithstanding the peculiar excellence of this preparation in removing indigestion, yet still it labors under a disadvan tage difficult to be obviated, as no chemist has as yet pursued a method calculated to divest it completely of its crudities, and give it that pre - eminence which its merits (when properly prepared) would justly demand lor it is a well eitanuinca fact, that indigestion is tlie primary cause ol many of the most alarming and dangerous diseases incident tn the human system ; conseqnrtly the magnesia alba, when properly calcined, would he the mot efficacious r medy hitherto known.'' Successful experiments have fully demonstrated, tii it the magnesia here rerojimendcd has nrrived to the perfection at which the above author hints. Sold only (by Eppointment) by JOHN C. MORRISON, Drustsist, MIJ Greenwich street, and HULL & BOWNE, Drtig'i:, 14fi Pearl - street, New York. J 31 lm NEW - YORK SPKRMTcF.'II OIL aTCA N - DLE FACTORY' No. Si BROAD - WAY ket. Also. SPERMACETI, WAX, I TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general assortment of Lamp. Lamp - Glasses, Lamp Wicks ; aud for the accommodation of - f"?? - 'rjf!i i.c1 customers, 'Tin Cani'tcri, itj&ZSty ' to 15 gallon ; K W&r&mY from 5 to 15 callruti; J Ke;;s, ",rs. fr"iu 1 to3do: with a variety of other articles all cf which are warranted of Ihe fir.t quality, and ns cheap ns can be purchaicd in New - York. 'I lie above articles sent to any part of the city free of expence, whore the purchaser makes it an ohjeet. J 31 J. W. FORBES, XAKtrrACTOKKR OF SILVER WARE, No. 'JO Kroadwav. I NFOR.MS his friends and the public, that he 1 cntitn.uc to msnatartare ol sterling siltcrex - cli,3ieiv,and of superior workmanship, ci leer Tea and Table I Ladles Urns, . Sttt, I W'aitHrs, Syphon Ci.urcli Plate, I Fish Knives Spoons, Forks, j Cake Baskets, &c. Sze. ol tin latest .nd most eiejaiit psrticrus, and at the lowest prices. Alt ord - r executed Ina masterly manner. N It. FA.'liLIKS wishing to be supplied with the first rate articles of Silver, are invited lo msiecthis work, a all article of his luaon - facttire are sold only by himself. J 30 lm ' Merchants, Slare - heptrt, Sit. XTTANTS a situation ns Clerk, a Young Man T T whose character ran wodergo the strictest Investigation, and who ha no objection to go lo any part of Ute United States. Employmso bm; his chief object, Will engagw for a short period, on asodtrsde terms, to any merchant or store - keeper. A line, addressed to J. B. and left at this office, shall meet IttuatdiaU alt4Qlwu. J30, tw . ;. - .H ..: 71 f l QAMUEL JUDD, ha for fA - 'i eJ ale, wholesale and retail, - 4jk!wSGi winter prMKtl and summer LJ V':TpJstr tilled Spermaceti k OHie 1 Wl OiV, at the above litrtnry, or h?i M P - 1 at the old stand, 1 38 Fly M ar - tS fc;prVK ' TEAS, WtNF.S'.V GROCERIES. - Tfo, 9 Park (late Lad.t Auction iloom ) ; 'JHE subscriber keeps coi.staiitly s.det . JL general assortment of first rate Grocerie - .'orfamily use, antoegst whkliare - - ti .... uaiinwuH Imperial Hyson, Young Hyson Hyson Skin Eouchoug Si Pouchon Lnal'. Imn. TP A A fof first quality and late importation. , . - , Havana wtute and brown sue AR3. uoiioie iiioucesier, I r - itrrci.' Holland & American Lemon Juice Sicily Lc tuons in gool rr'f r 4th prooi' Cognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Claret, L. P. Teneriff - Sherry and other Wines Sweet Oil iu Bettic and Bottles Spices, W. I. Pepper Ilibbert's Brow u, Stout knatm Oil n,t,l f 'n.ttllua .a - ill. ntama - miliar vi. n vunun,. , i,.nij .in , articles too nu.uerous t.j specify, which will tf sold at a oioderatA advance, by any 3 JAM - .S V. ANIIOK, ,''iLLlA l BUUCK, 139 iiroudtvay, ntar t'itv III, tel. has I'nri.ile onrun and Lime juice, Old Hock and Cham urown Stout mid Ale Old Ct grnic B : unity lloll.vnd, Gin, and .1'imairn pagne Burgundy Arr. - tck Oid Madeira, Sherry Olives, Caper Cordiiils Oid M. th"glin Oid Wliortirbi r - y Gin Pickled and Sh.o.iUkcI Herrings Constant ia and Con - vent V ioc Uhite W ine Yiutgar I'urry Powd.T liisS Wi isk. y I'cath R randy taulKll.s dnions, Pi,:kh', Sic. Viuiiiooin an J u::iu Ketchup Hiirvev it Otiin Sauce l.ldia Soy IHJ Java Coffee r re. 1 1 Lr moi.s S:dt - i'clre Teas, i.oat and I. nmp Scgr j.i(e, Sir. SH - rmact - li (handles Cl.iri.t nnil l oil Ull' I i .1 clt Lt.iup Uil Linen Syrup, Tic.liJuue' fl0.1l .1 n.'iiiu.ii FOR LUMBER SPECULATORS. TT' ANTED to exchange, lor u fatm, on the V 1 borders of the Hud urn or East It've't. within 20 miles rnncu of the city ot New York, 4i'!I3 ncres prune nut Inndu, 3451 of which aie contii;uoiis and situated iu Ihe town (ifChailiuin, in the state o Nc - w - Haiiiplnre. Chiitiiam lits in the slate line udjoiniu FiyelmrK, in the tlis diet of Maine, t here there is un acaihuy of lh first standing. 'J hesi: 4232 acres are iffcar - iy nil the good land remaining tin - rtlli l in the - loan, and pr ir,ri ellv ecu rid vt ith th:? I tt il tunluT : tbty are laid in lots of I0n and 00 a - cres: Saco river rum through hnlh towns, and affords a direct mid cheap opportunity of convey. in,;(iic limber to it very pr illLihle market. Tlie roads to Saco ami I'"i an I, a disliioce ol 50 miles, are remark - i' ly g ,od. 'I he tnih ind. r b.!2 urrcs are situated ir. Die (owns of Elsivorlh and Or.iugo, (also in the state of .New il.uiivl,ire) un.l are tu.cep'ible of making On! best farms. Thfc l. rnpike road lliat leads from Mnverill (o Com old. runs near and tnrouhOOO urrcs of the limit iu ElstvarUi. For further particulars npply to No 33 South street, New - Ymk. bus 3 P2awlm C2awlm ST. JOHN'S HALLOtlDINAlU I ill continuity of this building to the scat of bu siness induces the subM - riber to npnn, tor the itccommoJatinn of gentlemen coiiuecltd with pul lic luisinisi at the City Mall and otherf, a public Ordiuary. Diuncr will be served up precisely nl half pa t two o'clock, aod turtle soups, reh - lsci, with the tnut suitable retretiinteuts ol the season, at all hours of the day. An elegant Ball - Room, dicoiated in a perfectly national style, is also at the service of par. lies for dancing, society meeting, or for pui uo ses of our justly desert ing and admirable milita ry voluntoer corps, for their various exercises The subscriber lias spared no pains to render the budding as pletuanl as its tttuation would per mt, and, by assiduity aod the strictr4 attention, will endeavour to deserve that patrontge which an eulighteutd and disccrmu; public are at all times ready to bestow. au3 lm JA VIE5 L. HEDTNBF.RG. FOR SLE, 1 fl OOsfl ACRES OF LAND, ly - 1 Vf, V vinciii the town of Florence, county of Oneida and tate of New - York. The state roads Irom Rome to Sachets Harbor and Salmon river pass through the lewn. The country adjoining the land offered for sale is well settled : tbe cil is sond for trass or grain, nnd tht situation is convenient to send produce either to the Montreal or Ultra Market, l eing only da miles from the latter place. Forfurtlur information, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, at Home, or to win. uratur.aBu.t, JIO end 1m 3lrt Wo. 55 wan street. BOARDING. EIGHT or ten gentlemen, who are desirous of i chtaininE board in a pleasant and retired past of the city, can ls nccommodated ia a private family, at No. 49 Cliff street. The improve ments nave lately ueeu maae in tun urcei and its retired situation, it is presumed will ren - d - r it n dt'sirable retreat from the noise and bus tie of business. aug 3 lilt THE DRAWING, a snico son tiii 4rn or aucrsT. Tune 'Ihe Clotue Sptirklr. f Tllie clerks are seated round the board, .JL And every eye is bright, The reign of Fortune is restored, Of hope and gay delight, i The day is come and wreath' our own, Then let the number rise, If any pain or care remain, We'll cure it with a pr'ue. This world they say' a world of woe, Hut this I do deny; Can sorrow f om half e.iples flow. Or bank notes cuse a sigh ? The wise are fools with all their rides, Who lotteries do dispisc ; If life's a pain I say it again, , Let cure it with a prize. . That time flies fast the poet sings, Then surely it is wise. With heavy gold to gild his wings. Ami seiie him as he flies. Now turn the wheel and let us feel, The joys which flow from gold ; ' By all the powers the prize is ours, And SMITH the ticket sold an I 3i At 170 nasiinway. NEW AND ORIGINAL LI.NEi FROM DIIFEHENT ftCAKTIRS ABORXiSfO io(j"ooo " Tuesday next, it is the text, The Lolleiy dt - giii a diawiuj ' Crahb. Soon the day and soon the hour, See the golden prises tower." - " Gracie. M And row for the pruri.tLe, Ihe prires. la hondieds and thoasauds and aH other sixes" TWt next snn's ray beheld me display A heavy hag oi'goid which from A '' canse, Now Mest witlt wealth and ljr. 1 will thank the power above.M AU.IX. ' GOOD - VERY GOOD; But dill better i' you fallow fort no to 27 Wall street t where tn - j bate a ntht to expect some thing more sitiid fo your fcot - ey, and where tick ets are to ce h et at fi;i - - paii in proprO( n with a baodiOfhe alio suncv totters who par rb'uM to tU ruraio, by - - . - BEN J AXIS BUTLER, - . 27 Watt street Tbo win reOe - ia ib Miirord "d Owens nrl set at a sto dl diseotuit and receivo ancurrc - ot hanK notes cl tlte UU iq larjc stiras, at 3 - 4 (?r csn, aucouv. . i PUBLIC SALES El MILLS, Mi. - yTOJf b CO. . i borsdayr - : - ' - Al Ulfpaity oVi..k, a general aortBet I licfa. :u.por.l T rcn n t.O Ml " . . ' i o'olwk, at tbe T . li. House, the ttousw and lot No. 'i' Orcliard struct, now occupied by J as Knox, Tbe tot is - .8 fttt frout aud ttt) le t deep. A further teser.piioi of tbe ptoper - ly is deemed uttuteessary, as his piesuaied no one will puicliasu wiilu ut Set' viewing the premises Twenty five per ceuu of the puiche money ntna be jmid on delivery i,f ihe i;eed, lite nr n aiuderma) rescato ou boud and mortgage oat the ; ' Friday, At 11 o'clock in froiit n thrir auction tore. , ND I earl atreel. 360 dcXcn American I'uiter. and 21 dttu London iiioivn ttocl ;ulo 30 box BY M DITV1S. T'o - nioirow, At 9 o'clock, at Ina store Sn. "fi.t Pearl - rt. a general assortment ol DKY - COOLS. .u.ijiiii.e. run t: il.l i i.'U, i: f H E proprietors of the soullicro niai Lb: qua JL rics, u ar King's - PricLre, give notice, that uiey Lave on bacd, mi J aie leceinu;, sit the tinij'j - iinffire f luxate end. l.tme - tara, V - ..t of Oeach - s'rct I, on the HtiiUon river, an extsnsive tock of uini'Ke tor builuui, ol ihc Ai.lowin; de - , ictiptions, vis : - . ,' - Aihur Copmff : ' ; W'atcr table 1 c.iiii:atinn Sbirit , Steps' Cbimuey - Piccev I'latiorms Facics , SiUf, l.iutels Columns - Arches Alo Lime of lheVrt quality. J r" A rouatau'. supply cl t i r u,ove matciixh) m:y be alciilatcU upon: al 'I these detirous tf purchasing, or nuking iiaj'tnt utn, will inly lo I.2RA LUDLOW, Feb it Attr.e Ybrd. .i G7.0C0' Doi,L A Kb In loan, iti sums to Ult I'M 1KUI1U, OU tTDod With mortgage upouaptirovtd ; ropcity. ALSO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bauk stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Win re application may l e generally tuale through the year, and uioitgagcs dispottdof. J - .0 tf 4 t (f r DOLLARS lo loan on U, J " V J biHid aud mortgage upon properly in tho city of New - York. Apply to J. G. BOGERTr Jy 23 133 Wer - sL LOIi.N KLIL'S l.liblil.i, AlTORXt.Y, COL.SSH.IXW AT LAW, .tA'li JVOTAIIY PUBLIC. COM:..loSiONERuthoriiedto lake Affidavits fetid Special Bail iu any Cn.rt of I. cord of thin State, the proof and nckoutt ledge mcnt of Detds, and discharges cf .Vortjrers l.0 Alfi lavils, Special Bail and Ihe ih p. riiion of witnesses it beiu cue, in thu L'i - - trict and Circuit Courts of the United Stales, ro.i'i.iurs hi office at No. 1 Cedar - strm. jy 22 I its iu .il.An.iMA Me.m.HAATs. ; l'LTFKS STEILslNS. COM MISSION VlklUllAItlS, . BLaKKLLY, Mcibile - lisy. BAVE extoiisivcston - IicuscshuI rertive and forward goods, cotton, btc. free oi cartage tnd wharlise. Vets. Is ;d bii'cts lay it'otg side ol their stores. ' Sliiiii will pleaiu 0;ply lo CALMN SPKAR. Ibvl.m FF.TERSm HERKIC'K, N.York. ' EMLEN hi ILiW LLL, PbiUiU.iii.ia. Jv35tf UOBuKLN - ft7 The lutluliers ute iulormed ihttl f.iero will he a meeting of the Club on Wednesday next the 5th nirt. at the customary time and place, and it is expected that every member - , will hst luroished with hit ticket as there will be none to be had on the ground. Ihisbeine a private association, gentlemen not belonicii'K to the Club are mlbrojrd that thcr cannot he admitted without the approbation of the Malingers. aug 3 St CINCINNATI The members of the ew - York Sta'e Society of Cincinnati, are requested to attend the funeral of captain Abel lioldcn, from his late residence, No. 16 Forsyth - atrcct,' to - mor row afternoon at 4 o'clock precisely. Uy order, auS 2t D. E. DUXSCOMB, Se. - 'rr, IN COMMON i OUNUL,i July 27, inia , J Resolved, That the present weighmasters who have reported themselves agreeable to tht. r solution oi the board nl the loth of June last, con' tinue to act under their sc veial commissions, until the first day ol September next. By order ol tlie Common Cnnnctl. J. MORION, Clerk. The printers employed by the board nitlplraie insert the above oiw week. . J 30 Itf NOTICE. IW The nrnnriefnp of the Rail Al!ev resnert - - , .... . ... j , - l.i'.lo infnrtns his i rtrolil. the Allev will be closed until the 1st of September, when be will 'ie nappy to wan on mem. J291w KOHMll Rt... NOTICE. frt" The co - partnership be(ween Anthony JfJ rainian & Co. is this day dissolved by mu tual consent, and ihe business in future will be conducted hy JS'icholat P. Irappan. All per sons indebted to the late nrm are requested make immediate payoient to A". O. J'rappan. Dated July xH, :8IH. . ANTltUNi w. inArrA., NICHOLAS D. TKAf FAN. J 29 lw m - JAyiK.s It STOUT. Kneraver and Seal Gutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - atrect. Jy 8 3m 'STap k.,iotti,iii. ria HalttaT. jV. t7 - LETTlKS lor His Britannic ajestj' Packet turen.berry, will he received at the Post Offire till Wednesday afternoon, the 6tD day of August. . J 21 T. W. MOORE, Aeent. (TT Wanted, a id officer for a snip to India. Apply to J. sl. BOC.EKT, Esq. jy 23 No. 138 Uaicr - slreet. v,.i:ilAM.h' HANK. a - Th." ir , Uhnlden are infirmtd that a dividend of fourptr rent, out of Ihe rrcriU for tht last six months, will be paid oo tbe lit cf August next . ... ... , .. By order or the rresident ann ureciore. ; Jj7 Iid W. FiSH. I nsider. n'ANIKO, a second band wrcught - sroa CHEST - apply at 68 Wall st. aug I St THt. Uh.VPs fLAD ACjtUM.Ml. . UNDKK ihe t.irsK tion ol I tie subscriber, with an assistant is now open for tbe res cptina oi Studeots. Tbe price of BosH andlattion Idd, per term o( hall year or at that rate for a less period. Tuition oidy, from 3 to $6. per half t tetus, according to tbe studies pursued. . This Institution r4)irprrpen(ia twt d timet rUpeirt - ments, tbe one for young gCLtlcW - n, wnn will bo filled for Ihv Countms - tKrtise, or the College, "ho other, for y ang ladies1, who will be ioAt - aclcd tn ail the brand, of L.steralure,jroi er lor tnetr si. ... ' . The lubsirilwr ha mad arrangermtts lor boarding - Hie Vnung f eiitlen.en who resort to this Institution"; young ladies may he furm - ned wills board on resoualle ter. - ns. ;.i h r,f5?Bf . v ' TL40THYCLOWE3, - . JKmp - tewd, Lng ,'rB'1, For further IV ''""'V,. " Kerrien's Boik Store, tt Wsi - strei,:. I. J3l2awlf r,n i TO. iX ba'espr'0 Upland, foruh 7 tOTSU M'KINNF. aug 3 68 SoalfaHtrttt. i . ' . : ii , ' s r t . . ; i if . vrv?Hv' 1 - - .5 1 f I i' i - n.iM' - . . i - " t - .i , i . f f , s I : ii c v .. ..' ' - 1:".' - ' : Y V ' S ' . . i i T - - ; , 1 1" - , ) :mi - ftp ;i.i, - ,i;.V, '! r;W' S i I , . - .1 ; ': f ! 1 f 'I t 5' it1 l :. ', - ) A' : J v,: 1 t 1 1 4 m

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