The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 7, 1931 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1931
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14 MAD LAUGHTER i i TTmi. I iv .*. ^^ J "* 0 2 0: TM"''n u =»"««uT»- ^TM* * 'A THPILUNC MySTERY STORY by MILES BURTON ^ · CHAPTER 54 |' ' The detective Vansacke'd the ves- - 4 sel thoroly, forcing open lockeis { and searching every corner, without | discovering anything" of value. Pol- j l lard scratched his head'reflectively. ,' "They can't have dumped the stuff t overboard!" he exclaimed. I "I shouldn't think., so," replied j. Dick, "Tho we'll have the river 5 dredged if we can't find it. Good 3 Lord! I, know. What an ass I was I not to have thot of it before! Here, | lend me a hand, there's a good fel- j Jaw."/ fl He 'tore up the carpet with which e the flooivof the cabin : .was covered, * exposing the floor boards: These I were screwed down to their bearers. V but the screws were bright, and had s, evidently been recently inserted 3 "Let's r have' a screw-driver!" ex\ claimed -Dick excitedly. There's * onte in the engine room; 1 saw it I just now." « Pollard fetched it, and Dick took i, the screws out one by one, until he J was enabled to lift the boards. The « space between them and/the bot- clSimed Sir Edric. "We'll have t skim them off with a ladle. Al right, put that pan aside. There are a couple more, we'll see wnat's in the other two." -, » The experiment was . repeated and this time the blood-red glitter of the- ifaharftfah'-q; r-tiwan «..,c~«._.» therhi 7 -_--,-_j--,, rubies: gre'etec .,--_-.-it the third'a.nd last 'melting, the glorious stones from the famous Hardway .necklace scintillated "before their eyes. " w "" "-""a ,that,"r .commented owe this to you, -i ,- the . ·*,. space oetween taem and/the bot- . torn of the ship was tighuy packed fj with ballast, formed of leaden pigs. . . . . _ . . , . : That same day* Dick' traveled down to ; Weils. Alison ^vas much it TM' ^t:^^r»oAk-^ brtore it. was judged, wise to break :the nevvs of her. father's death to her Ulck was entrusted with the task ?nd explained, that he had been' wn»S n ?' When Dr " Wea ^«rteih was Billed In _a motor car accident. Alison itr her weak state, was almost prostrated -by the shock. Dick, caring- only that she should be spared the revelations* which · must follow took the doctot in charge' of -the case into hig confidence, and begged his to prescribe a long'sea voyage ' Consequently, as soon as she ^ was convalescent, she left '-England -in company \vith her Aurib Edith on a six months' t ' was! thus And among them were three which bore curious antique inscriptions. "There you are!" exclaimed Dick. "There's the stuff, or at all events some of it. Pretty neat, eh? Nobody would guess if they didn't know, the secret. One of these pigs is the one that Dr. Weatherlejgh brot from Wells with him. The other two are what the men fetched r----· ·"·· "».*«a ui me- coming from Lestridge Hall, no doubt" · tna1 ' one of the'most sensationarof "But I don't see the stuff," ob- re c fil t years. The man known as Ar- jected Pollard doubtfully, «ur volunteered .to give j Inform*-' 'We;il get these pigs ashore, and tlon ' an(J . when it had been estab- Jll show you," replied Dick. "The ~" "-" ' . - - - . - - sooner we;get them to.the Yard the better, I suppose." . "· Pollard agreed, Iho" without fully comprehending. 'Til get the Superintendent to put a guard over the six months', trip'. She was us spared the details of the coming trial one o ' boat," he said. "Perhaps he'll send us back to the Yard In a car, and we can take these pigs with us." get ^^ dinghy came off tcKfetch" them) the Superintendent himself, all a*og to see the end of the matter, was in it. Pollard^explained his necessity for returning immediately to London N and the Superintendent agreed to put a car at his disposal. Dick, completely exhausted, slept most of the journey, 1 and it was not until the car drew^up- at the Yard, in the early hours'of the morning' that he awoke. 'Sir Edric, warned by .-telephone from Ipswich of their arrival; was waiting for. theni, and they proceeded to his room to rs- count their adventures. · 7--· -·""« *i- uou ueeu uuitiu- lished that he had taken no active part in the murders' :of Inspector Brooks and Pussy Herrtdge, he was ·allowed to turn King s s ·evidence. · His story covered a. series of robberies extending over Jmany- years of which the majority of the pro^! ,ceeds were never recovered. The c uaa cane inese pigs witn us." I £! had been very 'strictly 'dis Between them they managed to ci p]"ied, operating under exact an :t the pigs on deck, and when the mi nute orders. One or two. of it nehv rnrno nff fn fatni, t*.-- »i;_ I earlier members, had, after certai - -L-'. J °y e ' carr 'ed -her by boarding did you?" he exclaimed, as they finishes .'their story. "That was a Pretty good effort: · ' sy fought' as they fought In ·Nelson's-* 1 --' ·" -- .8r8 :i ;stripped 'to tne . waist oyiwere^bare" to"the teet.': . ;As itwag in the''(lays of old.' .' i - :·,. "Not'quite: accurate,' perhaps, but : picturesque:, enough':-I'll bet that -·"-. was your:idea Dick!'Now then, lefa have a lopk at these'.pigs of yours. I had a forge'.,and an iron pan · · - *" *w*.gc v c*tiu I Tigged up as soon as I got your T They 'went ^downstairs, . where they found'the'forge;, and the pigd guarded by'a couple, of'men The ·nan.was.already on toe fire, and ier Sir Edric's instructiins, on« ,. -i the pjgs was ;2ifted into it Dick uttered an ('exclamation of Astonishment. THe metal of the-pig -began to run as-soon as it touched -the hot sides of the pai. "That's not lead! he said. ITt's something meit- : "t -j--i "-tLti. vc* i«*i acts of disobedience;, simply dlsap peared. Arthur either- could not o would not say how.' This had ho been without its effect on the re mainaer, who found,' in addition that the distribution of profits kept them in cpnsi derable~ affluence^ Inspector Brooks, following . two members of the gang from the Margate Jetty, had been, in'his turn shadowed by their, confederates. He had been allowed to overhear a conversation arranged for his benefit, in-which he had been given a hint that the Hardway diamonds were hidden in the disused lead workings P^bably n r fw ere "' oud te : danger i of. the stones crackine in · contact with molten lead, so the* used^ometning which melted at a low temperature-- look!" ' - ti» mE !Si; m e l e a ? a P |dl X. filling the pan with a sUvery liquid. And on its surface appeared admass of - ' 3 ° f on its surface appeared roughly-cut stones, ' 'The Hatton Garden stones!" ex- FRONT PAGE FOLK By CLfFFORD . Doctor \vlio presoribes sun-tan freataienf goes to sleep and geb some of his own medicine. ' MASON CITY Gr,OHK-«AZIS'n'B MUGGS McGINKiS SbODMESS.dUST USIEM Tb THIS * ISO.QDo ee A A«STeraous muss? W A U*!S BUCK OH3S0AT TbUCg. S*JD THIS TEAT THEY PUr-MTnjS- SToCVC tti -TOE RUMOR. -irt^T (T IVAS IM906 JOB TURMEO AB3UUD H/M«6 OPEMGD THE WMi- SAFE r MoTlCED THATTJiE P E A R L S . IX) A SMAU- BUCK PEARLS AS CoL.RnzMofJE FREWRESTo To WALL SA.FE !- ftticg. S/kY THEFT MOST (Kl , . _ FAMOUS FORTHEgUMWENSE. AHO RARE BQ!tnY= Well! Well! Well! , life AWJ1ER10US FtfiOge, PNUSTED W63 ID LlfE UNTU-'H6 5WOJLD MlE ! W SffltHJJ *S65vS££S STAMO KlM 'OF "YOU NlC)W KEEP QOIET ABOUT BE COMFORTTAQUE ,NJ nc.. o r «, Bntau njh I AROUND oNeR THE -- VOVR MOTHER LEft ORDERS FDR ME. TO TAKE. TO ft BR1DQB. WAfrlHG FOR. VO\) 10 STEP wfp. wee AROUND in HEU.O- HELLO." THR --vtiuv. Vcso ^atb op Dour OF NOT NOUR. IAOTH6R- IN Mania ALMOST Rides in ' Style . - ^OWRS- e. -OUT rle ^ GOT OK Ot 000- we«e Don't Rush, Boys OOT RE UJHER.e CAN RIGHT' LOOK AT DAT.' TAKE t\ CRACK T NEVER. 0»D Never Say Die GlT'lM OUT r DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT THEIR. ' By. Leslie Forgrave THX5CT VV^S A NARROVA/ .ESCAPE/ WITHOUT ^ , _ THIS UON1 ^A KLLjOWIM( N/ · Copyright, 1S31, by Central Press Association. Inc in the Mendips, but were to be removed immediately. He had set off at-once, but Ted, Ben and two other members of the .gang had driven flown in a fast car, and were ready for him pn.hjs arrival. He'was ani- ,bushed, overp ower ed VSrid flung:.Snto the lethal ..'cell from which':pick had so .narrowly.·escaped. '\'r.'- ·',,','· '-/' ·' ' · " Pussy Herri^ge might'have been allowed to live^ had he riot been unwise enough to express an public-his belief that it had been the Funny Toff's gang which-had relieved him of his lawful-'swag.. He knew that the police were shadowing him) and he had gratefully accepted the offer of a bargee to hid him on his barge -until things.had blown over.. An appointment was made for him-to embark at the'steps by the Margate Jetty. Ben was .waiting for him, he was taken- on board the 'motor^ boat, and-'conveyed to Coldharbour Point. The Rosalie was already lying there.'As he ascended by'her side he was pushed into the river and allowed,-to drown.- ' The. identity of the Funny Toff had remained-a mystery thruout. Even Ted. and-'Ben, the principal members of the ; gaiig, had never met him face to face. Dr. Weather- lelght': must b ,ve studied ' the un- Jerworld very closely; for these two lad-received letters making appoint- an empty house- in the country, where the' conditions of their, employment were explained ·t n ,','··:'

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