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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, August 4, 1818
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Mr. From Hit Columbia. ; . TMaeTwo vers of thai lUlowmr pa rody arc borwwd for tbe benefit 4 or city. It appears they hav been writtesi by hash - 1; MMiirt bsschetort - w who ha shed his ink in times that tried men's noses 1 . t Ores sjrww the gutters, 6, 1 ' i ;Pwf - owlb fttttkrt.O, .v - r . ( yu fi J iji - H hors that e'er I spent, . 1 Arm mml uuiir tha miters. O. ', ' ' There's aoohl but Mama from evry ban la Yt hour there's mutter, O, ' WbAt signifies our council men, .. : , , V , I - . j . . Grata grow, to - " '' I love a canny hour at e'en, f ; My ajm about my dearie, O s . But straight there coaart tba gutter fume, ' . And dwaks u bailh, I swcarie, O. . Green grow.'&x. A tmnish race infest oar place, - ' . ' And one great men befriend them U . , . iU are forbear anothar year, , - 9 .VU, mrimvT Green grow, Sc. NEW'tORX ZVSJONQ POST. , TUESDAY. AUGUST 4. , InfooMiian H Unimerier Ve copy the Mowing advertisement from tbe RoytU Uatettt rut Baktmrn Aivtrtiitr, of July 8tb, for the be dlofall whom U may coocem. . - BAHAMA ISLANDS, v Chamber of Commerce. Whereas tbe sloop Margaret, of New - York, Ileurt Hurhts, late master, was, on or about tbe 1st of March last, cast away and lost, at or near lieneaeua. one of these said islands, and her cargo comutuig of coffee, and a small quantity oi Icjwood, With some of the sloop's material, were 'taved and brought to this port by a wrecking vessel belonging to these islauds, and by the said Henry Hughes, bore placed in tho nanus oi . Messieurs bain, Dunshee and company, ageuU, to dispose of the same for the benefit of the un - , drrwnters and others concerned : And whereas, . tho salvors of the said cargo and materials toga - . ther with the said master, , did reier to tne saw chamber; according to law, the claim of the said sal i on, for their service in the preames, and gents and H.tuy Hushes, lote master of the sloop ! .',f ' r dargaret, whereby ti. lalsely md to appear, A Urge amomd of k. ,t,. Jk,j. f,H .'.nwn.i. ni ih Kaht. nf h notes of the Phoenix ' '. ' t Mrrt moarallcti I procured from tphyaidan, ao4 to iwaaanicated by the - eur, v. " 1 1 probably Um late Dr. Veuderveer.J in Aw - Harp, Tbich be topUd from (be MerchanP loon Packet. Parker, from Peoobaort. Lt evening, jut before aaeaet, U lying becalmed near the Graves, tba sea - serpent came irom me v and E. and peaeed within tOO feet oftbe aloop, and kept on to Tarda Nahant. HU head was a - bout halfway out of water, and bia movement was alow aay about two mil an hour. Tbey noticed particularly the protuberance, which appeared like ao many kega. The serpent waa viewed by tbe captain, mate, crew, and a passen ger, who were unanimously of opinion that bo wat not led (ban 120 feet loo;;." Mr. Coleman. XtvYor1t,Avi.Z, 1318. I know of no one whom I think more disposed to have things in general conducted at theV ousht to be than yourself. Lotteriea are anihorifed bv the lerislature of this state. ' I la ving myself frequently been an adventurer, nnd always have been, and still are of opinion, that . - . . . L Ibey were conaucteu dj tue mauagrrs iy me ruleioi the s t nc t ct upright ue.i ; but thmkihf of the manner lately practised in Urawinj tliv filed prizca, I have thought the director! rattier deviated from proper rulva. In resect to which, f they were to reflect, they would return to their former mode : That is, that inuoceut boy. were aelected to take the numbers, blank) anil prises, out of the wheels, as ichanco dirtcteJ them to their bands ; hut ol late the ooys nave bad no hand in taking; out the fixed ca ilals. It appears the managers have thought the pullic would place more conliucuco ut i:ieir nooniy than in voutllful innocence. 1 do uol pretend to tay, nor even think, that the public hare been deceived, or wronged, but am ciriam, u i wa manager, I would not do more iu tho drawing than my duty. ' '. ASUDSCIIIBF.R. ' Commuiiiraitun. Counterfeiter and Ihrir I'latrt. Yesterday Mr. llays, high conitable of this city, retunini from Lower Canada, to a liich place be proceed' ed under the direction of the olice magutrates of this city, and accredited by a letter from his esccllency Governor Clinton ; he obtaiued there, and bruus - ht with bin. thirtv - nve ubteton the there was awarded by the quarterly committee following banks, and of the sui joiued denomina of the said chamber, to the said salvors, as afulljijons: compensation, the sua of twelve buaured uoi - rurzs. lars, as by the said award, as the same ii record - 5 Mechaoics, bank, letter C. : f2 Mecha - ed iothe books of the said chamber, more fully ics' bank, letter H I $3 Manhattan bank, Utter appeans And whereas it further appears that o, 5 Exchange bank, J. Barker.; l 2o the said agents aUr sale of the said cargo and City bank, letter A ; $1 60 Manhattan, letter material, and carmen t oftbe said sal vara and n . on fame plate, red impression on the Bank Other rular charges against the property saved, Lf New - York: $3 bank of New - York, letter B ; taid over to the said Henry JJutfiet, as bte mas - J Plattfbureb Bank, letter A ; j Bank of Co ter of the said sloop, on acount of tlm underwri - jlumbia, Hudson, letter B ; Jl Bank of Hudson, tars and others concerned in her loss, a balance I payable at the Mechanics' Bank in Die city of N. of eisht thousand three hundred and twenty dot York : a uniarw uanit, leuer a ; . .twarL lan one shilling and nine pence, of which sum I Banking; and Insurance Company, letter C ; $t cizht thousand dollars were in April last actually state Bank it Newark; S Patterson Bank, shipped, m specie, by the said Henry Hughes, for letter A; $fi Paterson Bank, leUcr P; $2 Charleston, from tin. said port, on board oftbe Merchants' Bank, New - York, letter D ; 10 Pa - sloop Betsey, R. Kelly, master; in which last tenon Bank, letter D; 50 Mechanics' bank, aoetttioned sloop the said Uenrv Huzhos went a v. York, letter C : 3 Germans' BauV, Woo - passeager: And wbareas certain iosareraof the a - 1 ter, Ohio, letter B ; ?! Marine Bank, bahimcre ; ircsmJsioopsiarguetananercargo,ain xora, - SCity Hani, rtcw - lora, tetter a; - ave transmitted to this place, a set of preteud - chants' Bank, N.York, letter K; ilFjcchanse . ed documents or papers said to have been pre - Bank of Providence, Rhode - Island ; tod L'oiou ataUd to them by the said lb ury Hughes, a - Bank of Caltimore, letter C; $10 Marine Bank, our which is one poruortiug to be an original Baltimore ; Kartners' arjl Mcschauirs' Bank, a waid of a quarterly committee of the said j in the city of Albany : $1 Boston Bank, letter chamber of Commerce, in the case of the said I A; glO Commercial Back, 1,'elawarc, letter sloop Margaret, by which it would appear that I O : i0 Bauk of North America, H - .iladelplaa, insleadol twelve hundred dollars, a selvage ol letter ilS Mechanics' Bank, in the city of eight thousand aWlars and upwards bad beea a - New - York, letter M ; $ 5 Union Bank of Ma - war Jed, which paper is altogether fake and a ryland, Utter U ; $J Mechanics' Bank of thr li;ry. Now m pursuance of a rtsululioa ol city and couaty of Philadelphia, letter A; $10 tha aid chamber of commerce, a reward of Jet German Bank of Woostcr, Utter D i r5 10 6'tate hui.ired ilvUan is hereby oflered, by the said I Bank of New - Jersey, letter 11; 110 Lank of - chamber ol' cosMserce, to any person or person. Columbia, at Georgetown, letter B. Wts ion? rive sjich suformatioa ta the chamber, I A larre amount of Counterfeit notes, marknl or to any uji.bale svitDin these islands, or else - thus f) a above luve recently brt - n takai where a the iting's djminiaos, having competent from a person now in custcxly, and from whom Jurisdiction iu this behalf, as shall cause to be the information in relation tu the above plates brooiht to justice the said Henry Hushes, or was obtained. any one or wore person or person; who may have I No funds whatever, are placed in the hands been accetaary to tbe said forgery and inle;,ded 1 0f the colic e. fur this or auy other public pur - fraud as aforesaid, so that he or they may be pro - I noC the want of which, u a serious obstacle to secuted to couTictioa for the same. I exertions, fur the public safety arjainst counter - Given under my band at Nassau, ia the itland 1 fc iters in particular, and it is evident, that the of New Providence, this 18th day of June, in I exertions, of active officers, should belibcrally the year of our Lord one thousand cihl hundred I reWardcd. The banks of our city, and of the and elghleea.' .. - I neighbouring states, so immediately interest - , . ALc... UAii., presiueni. led in those exertions, will it is presumed, re. Py the president, " I wirdthe oflkers in tie employment of the no R. II. BUNCH, secretary. I ilce, in thepresent instance, and until the sute Wbtreas, among the pretended Documents or I letrislsture snail tne necessuy oi piic - papers mentioned in the foregoing advertisement 1 ng the police office altogether wAtr aii of the ChamUtr of Commerce, there are sundry tjtority and direction of the state g' - nt, lorgeu Accounu oi oaiea, maa m uu M contu,tUte it, what It roust oeaiUiiJy te Account Currebt, between the undersigned A - lmB . ,. Account Current, between the unucrsignea a - . . ffi M " crwnte - firit to d lar Bar k cf UrJ - i, vA . H; Cargo and materials, aavd from the wreck of dollar notes of the Bank cf Udstu, pajkUe the said aloop, had been expended iothe pay - at the Mechanic's Bank of Scw - Tvrk, arej meat of Salyaare and other charges against the ;n this city : the public are camts'Med recec'. ... . - ; 1 f f I . . - . .. .... same, wntcn accouni are signeo, h sor uu, .n(r them, for ther are so weii executes: mat Firm, wilh the name of" Jorhea Al'Sab." (ol :, ;. ,i;e.,,i. ;.;.(, il.m frrn th any person pi wmcn nnme in uii cwony we of ttl0Se b4nks. There are up never have naa any xnowiwn ii and we ac - , .. . . . . i..i i .... tualir paid to the said Hughes the full balance ' i"y new piaic, , t :.,i..n:.i r - . - ,.: . bnt i which me it. which the oa Account of the Underwriter and others I possession of. rnnramiui in the loss in the said siuon Marearet. I ibr which we hold hi receipt and a bill of lading Extract of a letter from William Shahr, Fq ' for ioOOO, shipped by him for Charleston, as in Consul General, to his excellency Wilham Oe said lorcgoing Anvenisemeat is stated ; now 1 Eustit. lata Minister to Holland. we do hereby oflrr a reward ol Ove hundred dol - . LEGHORN, 2Cth April, 1310. lacs to any person or pcrwns wi.o suaiigive td u, w wi,eJ , n,, 3d April, and arrived in or toany Magistrate within these Islands, orelse U... . c.u V. - .i:.. .v.,. , . 1 iuu vu vii vtu niisu usswuaw a 71 i TrJZZXZZ. uuitt, w.ruled immediately and anchored in the ......... r. , wu..,, - - ,, V,.., U may cause Oie said tlobe nr auy other per - 7 nlSlcr " eoa or nersoru concerned with lnui in the sail? the late tyraut, Hagia Ali, died oa tha 1st Mare b, Forgeries to be Druiignt to Justice, so that tin or and bad been succeeded oy a man wr.o appear? tbey may be prosecuted to conviction fur tbe disposed to act upon principles of justice - aud mo - lame, deration; he is miog his endeavours to repair BIX, DUNSHCE, It CO. the miichicf done by his predecessor, oud par - iftaMmi u.'ft, June loiv lirnlarlv to restore the ancient coastitutioa o! r. 3. A a s utary tautton to Sh.p Owners fi Algiers' Tho w mtu seLted by Ah have bean UtW IUUvO AllTCIUswrilsTUI Uiaw ues UHlilUUItTU ... . i s s t M..h,.,! ih. I ir.ii.H Hiat nf anrira Uung, as lar as possioi, nas ueen rer iiceu tt. aid llughes apjiears lo he upward of 55 years statu qui. He raadt no dii&culty in airetin; to of age, aooct 4 feel 6 or 7 inches bigb, and cor - my proposition, or rather requhation, not lo board euleat: weatiui an unusual oaantitv of rrbvib American vessels; which I have ai - .nouuccd U hair, n - ay! coveretb bu Ibrehead; long face, and our consuls by a circular, ibr the information ol cum ; ha so impediment tn hi speecn iwnetneri whom it may concern. The plaguo making usUrally V artificialli li not known) ho a good ,u. rPi,ftri throujh..i.t th lie m - tn l teeltJAand when he lelt tru place, wore a Th lh:it nDwards of 13.000 Iravt dark green i; at, ratlxr long in the body, with '..d hy this contagion in Me Fantaiod. and white Waistcoat. e death. The goo J people of Vermont are reginnin; to fAak preparatioo r their annual election, which takes place early in 6e ptember. Little or uo al - tasratio we believe, has been made in the ge - ' eral ticket Ssr several year ; and this circumstance leads out ofoor eastern editor to conclude . that go.emoe aialusha, Lt. tor. Brirhaan. and Mi. treasurer fiaan have reccird bfe leases of these Demtht bu trinket tau stater. - !, no fo, eawaoa do wa racoUect of ao Mn. Jc.,h OCA ioaed by overheating and mcauuetuly drifkin Cold water as tie present, lo the town of Char. lotte, ia Vermont, seven young ssen, labouring UtbeiUU, fell viclims to this imatdrtjc, and io rntsCeld, Massackutti, six rnjre skated lUt aasae bt, all 4a ou day. The (Uio ia n from lie office of ill e Bo ton InteOigetKC", died Sim Jay tan at 12 o'clock, from 40 lo 50. and mcreasin l tbe c.ty. At our were estimated at "On leaving Algiers, the tqu Jron separated i the Washington to return borne and the remainder proceeded to this Bay, where I expect the general rendvsvous will be estab'.i - heJ, and where I shall also fix my residence during the aiKuing summer, it being a very central ioint.n Two daurtlers of a Jewish family wh had been UlJcr the protection of the F rcnr.h Gov. ernmeat for twenty years, but whe were Mixed by onus - cf All and convey ed to his seraguo. nox exit's musical eiiial. SCULL CAP. StuttUana DetrriplhHTa'm is a pereaoial plant, tod rises about two feet in height : leaves are on a square tteos oppot ibs each olhet the same as bone - set, and spenr shaped towards lite end flowers nine, or ratner ot a v.oiet color. Hulary H grows abont the borders ol pond, and oa Uw busas of rivers; Sowers ia Aueuit. Xtd,ctl tirtut; It i a great astringent, and hasbecntoiinJan infallible cure fur the bite of s mil ivf, fci'iA - It ita or beast, Tb tl'.owin; ...... art brought me tha bet D. M4 weicn i " jt - "r - r. i ' jr. now commumcaie tor m. geeri fow creatures, that iu cate of their aseeuug wuu such a misfortune they may know bow to apply ramadv that be never failed tn one instance, wben applied according to use loiiowng pvj. - - tion 23reorii - - Gather the leaves of the plant ,nt th la.t AfJulr. drr them carefully in tbe .hide, and after being pulverized sift the powdf T through a hair seive, aua put urn wnu cot ked for use. Assoooaapmmbasbecnbit by a mad dog, he must take a gui lour umee a .u. ..r mher dav. of ihc tea. mads by poiir - s - - - w - ; . . f..,f ing pint of Doumg waioron a uw - ii''u'' it,. t K.rh nr nowder. aud the dav it is omit - it kj mn.t take a Id - spoonful cfthe flour of ..ilnhur in ihe niomic? fastiu? 0UJ at lU tune, in new milk, and apply the pounded green herb to the wound every two hours, continuing the prescription for thsjee weeks. To ttle orhor - ses, give tour times the quantity prescribed for a man. N. B. This is Ihe time of the year, August, for gathering iU fiii Ihe IVett - Jersey CaztUe, n.. .riA,nr, nfitie tfficacious Quality el Wfll. - - V . . r Pipiisshcuy t' etwmg aatctrf James Lewis, oi thu county, has called upon us, Hod wi. - hesus to make known, that he was cured cf a very large and painful cancer, by the use of Pipsissiway tea, and a strong decoction or tho same winch he applied to the sore, in fho space of three weks time. The cancer was on his cheek, the scar ol which i !! visible, and slw - it to have increased to ao Mlaruiiiig degree. He likewise affirms that it will cure other eruptions. Fmwi the riuhiMplii FrankVm Coxetle, eftfte JJ Augrut. Tlx Mail Kob!r.On Monday evening last, the three Mail Rubbers, confined in the Haliimore prison, escaped from their cells at the same moment, and although it was dark nd raining, ami they took separate roads, it , nnt trtv minute fnnn the tunc of their escape, bef.rethi v wore lodged K:,m mthe.r former habitations - The account given by the keener t f the prison, is, that their cells were opened to (five the prisoners some nourisn - ment, when they rushed out of the door, and nrnceeded. unmolested, throuch the prison ; that an alarm was made and they a cre pursued. We did iwt believe the report of the escape, until we had it confirmed by a irentleman from Baltimore who was tt Hie prison wuen these men were brought back. How to account lor this escape, is pernaps not difficult either very neglect on the narl of the persons eniplosed in tha prison, or connivance at their escape ; it is very imma From tt Minou Emigrant, July to. Tho tide of emigration is still sot this way. From Hie Norfolk HeroUl, July 29, The following memorandum was enelo - ed to' us in a letter Irom an esteemed friend raiding near Hampton, wtio states in his letter that it wr sound in a bottle which came ashore bear the form ; and with expressions of sympathy which do honor to bis heart, recomsvends ns to gire it immediate publicity, that tbe relatives or friend of the supposed sufferers may be apprised of their fate. Cast away off Cape flattens, 00 the 17th day of Jane, 1818, tbe brig Essex Trader, cant. Kmg, on her voyage from Gibraltar to Norfolk ; five of the crew are lost, and the remaining are note alive: bow loig we may continue so. Gad only knows. Whoever picks this op, will obh;e tbe nwner and Ibe undersigned by publishing il us the Virginia siwl Boston papers. . J. KING, ciptsiu. WM. MO.TrGOMEL.T, mate," This mode is often practised at sea by the hsxp of stfermfy f after writirg com ruch memorarr dum as the oWve,.De toius it ana iutu.u minewu black Utile, whscU he careiuuy unmiu tn the dees. ' This ixRthamoos messenger, swept along by tne motion m uw raves, or current, bear ill dispatches to some hn. where. Derchance ther are found, and the fan of the wnlsr, ana lu companions iu ujmic ts made known to their anxious relatives and friends. - ' - ' ' . A orartir.e so solemn in its associations as tuts , aiifht not have been expected to furnish fond for levity ; much less might it have been su nosed that but individual in a civilized commu nity could havu availed hinirelf of it to sport with tbe best leelingsol (lie numan ncan. We had our doubts of the above statement. the moment we read it : and uik further rcnec tiou and on:e euauiry. were convinced that it waa what is termed, in the slao; of tho day, lioax." It would be a waste of time and paper to state all the circumstances hich tend to lhi conclusion. It is suuil probable that the bottle was thrown overboard from some vessel lying at uncW in Ilamidou Roaus: and the pscu kitap - laiu king' no doubt promijpd hiuisrll' a world olj pass - time in seeing me nciotim oi ibwjumi j Jisaster going the rounds of the newspapers. tie is - welco , tor us lo ail wic mirin r.e is ukc Iv to derive Iroin that quarter, and we eveu in Vile him to whet the t u. - ty wtupou of his iovcu lion fpr a fresh attack. His Majesty's Surveying Cutter, Landrail, Nassau Harbour, June 16th, 1018. fir You havin? renueitcd my opinion re jperting the situations of tltc diffnrtnt reils and projections on the north side of the coa - . of A baco, I do not hciitato a moment iu sayioe, on dcr the present erroueous state of the chart, it is totally utMursiMc for any navigator in approach auy part of that coast with safety. Havmg myself been employed in urveyiug it tlicf e !a;t 3 years, I have witnessed the destruction i fa num ber of valuatvie ships, particularly on jwau oi - ar Reel, where you met wiU a miliar mis fortune but allow me to obicrve, in approaching this coast, particularly iu tho month of June, i ... ... .. i when tho thunder sounds and havy rams rem mcuce, which deprive the navigator ol his on, the only hope he has to trust to, the chance of saving his thm is such ngain.t hnu particularly as ho has to contend ni:h an evil which is little known aud as little pointed nut, in general charts and direclious ttiat is, a current setting strong cn the reefs. If I could loint out any consolation, it is tint of saving the live oi yourself and crew from off a reel, which has been the jgrave of thousands. I bis you aro at liberty to mention I am, sir, your obedient servant. GF.O. M. DDMAYK, Nautical 6'urvcyorCommandin; Capt. II. I. Dcu - ecs. tenat to which ot U.ese sgesuon. u.ey arc Ksmmtm, (. t ) July 23, auriouiecL u u ru su - c,. M atu. c..,, K,v.t (Intir n grncrauv attenas tne cent, mat. gumaj w . d Hanfurd's Landing yesterday after jwu rv . a noot. xvith unwards of 100 nassenirer. l n a.. U . w r .F IK,. n t.ill alt t t nV iatA . u, c ,ut, - c . - v ". report of her ban lost withallher nassen unlocked ami passed by tne Keeper, mac i.ic . prop tf no doubt, t0 MITt the ecus arc K iuiu . " :.,i,,i r ,. knli h. rml mm rut nf fin . ..n...j,,nul.l ii!rlft in ih keener. I . . . o " ""i " "6.. - J . midaieux m tne cio - e ct tne cay, to open cscu ui mc coors oi incsc ecus ai mc same nine r. .,... rp... I.ilo nn ... . . i r 1 v. - . 1 nc usual way is, 10 open one uour, iccu mc , . , - i ... . prsoner anu secure mm, oe.orc 1 ".. number of wwe ml work (cuU; m beard I other ; and not only tins, but we have of Mf$ Bridv " - ""v - :".t - - L Cumberland county. In the evening, when a i"uy '." r bout finishine. a heavy cloud came up from th CC lellll Wlicilicr UlCir uuns U7 untuuvu. . i,:awl tavittt tnii - .ocr Hicli. . , a. . i . : I cuuiu csw v vvsin - s ow it una examination nau lasen iui M ..f.;; - fKn. fthun. the nrsr, as it ougut to nave oecn, mere tiu . M(, . . ,nn:lir(i lh. have been an immediate alarm, they knew not what they were about - some lion in entering the other cells. But that the ' . . . . ' , ; n - aU doors of thoae cell should have been thrown ... . , ..... nn ,v,,:P open at Ue same moment, and these Two'f lhe ,lind,, Murray ard M. it 1 1 his urciy ii ecu ' - "'" - - - " - - - - - 1 venrkh. were struck dead in the open hew. oiecrse time, should ,have escaped through the I ,. .... .. . ,i r, prison, prison yard and guartt - hou.e, and not heidl,jU coxUing wa9 torn from his bat to bis caught until the citaen pursued them, is yen.ich waa struck on the back of his surprising;, uueoi ine men conccmcu 111 uic ma I robbery, not many week oeture inai transaction, escaped this very same pn son. where lie was coiitineu tor a ciune com mitted in Baltimore. We ait at a lose to know how it happened that no account of the escape of these men is given in the Baltimore papers. From the Columbian olatt trening. Stare Trade The brig Bliss, ctiplaiu French, head his clothing were torn oil his back. Moses kukpatrick, inn. was xnocaea aown and Wm. Irvine had his cheek scared with the same flash. KirkpatricK ana 11 vine were a - bout ten rods the deceased. Hebecca Kirkpatrick who was in the house from ten lo thirty rods distant, say, the fla - Ji appeared like a blue blaze on the lloor 1.1 me nousr where she was she was cast on the floor, how long she lay she cannot say. Murray lias lell a widow sivl two small enn wun ii'j human wines on ocaru, uoumeu iv au - i ,.,:... k;. ,... , r., v.mlrh u'.k ject aud ignominious slavery, left Perth Amlioy u' " "J ' on Saturday morning at day light. It is under - 1 ;iv .fnrul .l.ul lh.. Will li. lunil.l . ! nr.tir - 1 :. - .,ik. n.rr llffin kn.'.. at Dlaitlinn be - PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 3. . - , r - - . - r...Xl - . . CI onging to Mr. Steers, wlm is the owner ol the i nursoay mnrning iai, uuer ma, j - h ... i...rr.l iko i,.iv I A uf ml ue'a ( l urch. a villain e reicu uircreii i vii'j t. vw ... w. wfrn r. i j , ...,.1 .,nr...i..n. anri hi Iron, nhnlnear the A lar, ucd nurloim.d iiiereirom me were servants for a term of years, have been vA - l I'. r trx - u time, as is said, to Mr. 3. and oth ers. 'I hey were totally deceived by these tra ders as i l.oui.iana, its situation and advanta ges : and hi l doubt is entertained, that those oho have lta sld fur 4 5, and 8 years will be laves lor life. Ihe aureus of Perth Am boy and .Vw - k, oout not to have permit - ted this stockiiig trade in their vicinity. Chalice, otic red for rale the same dav. alter hasine umsidciabty disHeurcd it, hut WM detected by a ger.lleinau who nappeneu " be ptestnt in tbe shop where he expected to sell t, and immediately contniiuea mm loririai. NORTHAMPTON, July 5R We understand that a few days siuce a black maniu DcerheUl attempted to commit a rape uton a little rii l of about 7 years of aee. She wilh some other childreu was in pursuit oi uer ries, and pasniug near a negro hut, ho was dc. We presume not less than 300 souls landed here royed into it, where the atrocious crime ' during Uio last 10 days, w'wse object it is to set - committed. Her cries alarmed ner associate, Police magistrates expect to earn tie in this territory. One boat, winch lanuen and the wretch fled. lie has, however, since he - re on Monday hst, contained between 63 and I been apprehended, and is now in Franklin goal 70 persons. I bey were from Lngland, but not to take his trial next ocptcmner those mentioned in our last uudtr tba head of " Emigration." From tlit ffevtburgport Hera!d, July 31 F.uvcrants.We are told that there is an a. gcot in town for the purpose of engaging young men (probably mechanics) to go out to .Mobile ; and who guarantees two years employment to those willing to embark. From !he Portsmouth (ft'.U.) Oracle. , Fascination n Snakes. There are a very few uho have lived in the country who have not soen instances of birds, tquirrtis, c. being, a i.onimouly expressed, ' charmed" by snakes,' t'arlH u'arly by the rattle and black makes. Msjor Cardner, of it. Carolina, in a Memoir to a New - York Society, has lately pobliehed a very atisfactory explanation of thia phenomenoo. lie attributes it to an effluvium, wnich tha snake has the power to emit in the direction of the animal destined for its prey, of so deleterious a nature a to can? convulsions in the smaller and more sensitive animals, such as birds, mice, squirrels, &c. He gives several instances of even men be - msr rtopufied on coming within the sphere of this effluvium, lt I as been the vulvar prejudice that the charm of the snake existed m hi eye (N. Y.) was a few days since delivered of three living healthy boys, who, together wilh the mother, are likely to do well. The City Inspector reports th death of 88 per sons, irom irirzjth day 01 July to the 1st aay of August, 18l!l. Cancer I ; casualty 1 : clmlera morbus 4 ; consumption 15 ; convulsions 7 ; cramp in (he stomach I i diarrhma S ; drinking cold water S ; dropsy X ; dropsy in the bead 4 ; drowned 2 , dy sentery 3; let er typhus 6 ; flux inlantile z ; l.;e morrbaee 1 ; inflammation of the bowels 1 ; do of Ihe brain I ; Ao of the cl.eit I ; do of tlie liver 3 ; intemperance I ; marasmus S; old age 3, paltry I ;scbrofu!a, or king evil 1 ; sh!l - bcrn S ; syphilis ,1 ; teelhisg U worms 1. GEORGE CUMING. City Inrector. MARRIED, At riatt,burth, (N. Y.) on Wcdoeday flu 22dintant, by ihe Revd. Mr.Whelplcy, Major Gen. Benjimin Mootrs, lo Mrs. Mary Huh.., widow of the late Gen J. M. llujhej, of New - DIED. fr7 The funeral of ROBERT BOWNE will take place to - morrow afternoon, the Sthinst, to meet at IMo.Soti feari strecT, at 9 o'cioca. ,1 nrther officer nf the revolutionary army gone Yesterday moroiog, of a lingering illness, ia the 67Ui year of his age, Abet Hidden, many years aa officer in the army of the revolution. The Cincsusutti and Wahmton Societies, the friends of the deceased and of hi brother Asa Holdeo, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, Uus aJternooa, at 5 o'clock, from bas late rest dene. No. 18 Forsyih - streeL At Deerfield, (Mass.) oa the 18:h inUr Mir - Eunic Allen, aed 85. Mi - s Allen bad beet) cmuiaeel to her bed ttearfy 17 years by reasem of laaserMW. la the year 1748, at tbe Bim' fbht. secalled ia beerfiehL the had a totnahaw k truck bTise,'tutlmarTifedtoemlWow TU writer of ibis article called upost her a lew snouuw previous tb her death, and received from her the foUowiugrelatiosi. Her recollection of the event was perfectly UuUoct ana ciear. cu w .i tLat it would be the last tiling she should ever rget: ...... l'nr MiiMachusett. at Use loot Oi uoosica mountain, about 3mUes westof Ueeintli, was taken oo the SOth of August, 1746. 'After the capitulation, a part v of fifty Indian meditated an attack upon toe wnauiusuu - came down to the Doruer oi tne w""1 the Sabbath and reconnoitred them. '1 bey first examined the north inea.lows, aud then tlie south. rinuiug a Urge quantity of hay in thenonn mea - i wo miles north of Ihe sti ect, and supimsiug tliatour people would be there at work the uesl Jay, they concealed themselves in the brush auJ uuilerwood, up - jo tne oorucrs iw m hills. . ..... I he next day, ten or twelve men anil ciuiurcn, the men armed with guns, which tncy always carried with them, went into the beid and com mcuced their labor. A Mr. Ucarer liawas was out huutyig partridges that morning on the hills dioiuir.g the uitauows. lie saw a panrsuje au shot it. This ularined the Indians, whoeupposeu tha1. thev were discovered, aud they immediately killed a'uJ scalped Mr. Hawks, and then proceeded to attack the workmen. They fought ... i - lt. - .l. 1.1 ...... nn stfne tiiiir, wiucn gave some oi me i ouiHHtuulty to escape. Mr. Allon, the father ol (lie deceased Mis Eunice Allen, reolutly main tained his ground in dufcuce of three children who were at work with l.iioiuthe field, uutil he haJ ,1'ed one or two of the enemy. ' lieu ho was rerpowcred bv numbers, he'li - nj'it them wilh tlw butt of h j guu, but was finally shit and horribly nianghd. The shirt which he wore on tb - t day, torn with many balls, sod gasbod with tomaliawks, is still to De seen as a curiosny m the Museum in Doerlicld Academy, or at uio housu of Mr. Asaph Allm. Iu Uis engagement throe men ana a ixiy were illod, one biy was taken u - isoncr, ana :Miss ha - nice was wounilea ana icu lor utap, uui no. nalped. In endeavouring to make her escape, he was pursued by an Ina an wnn a guu auu u uplifted tomahawk, the was extremely active ind would Have uu'ran him, uan ne uoi ureu upon her. The had passed through hercloauis, but did not injure her. She supposed tftat it had itruck her, aud in her fright she fell. The In dian overtook her, and buried Ms tomanawn m lu - r head, at tho fontanclle, and left her for dead. rhe firing in the meadows alarmed tne people in the street, who ran to the scene of action, and Ihc Indians maJo a hasty retreat. Mui A. was passed by a uu ruber of soldiers who supposed her lo be dead. At last an uucle cam to ber, dis - overed signs of life in her, and conveyed tier borne. Her wound was dressed by .Joctor 1 no - mas Williams, who took from it a considerable quautity of brains. The wouud rapidly bealed, and Ihe cicatrix at the time of her decease was uearly two inches aud a half long. VVbcn she recovered from her swoon, she had no idoa that she was wounded iu the head, but supposed that she was shot. Mar Wilder, CI.KAKLU, Ship Martha, Sketchli y Liverpool I . C puiirr Brig George WashingtOD, Tratt, Havana J D'Wolf. Junr. Schr Jam - , Robinson, Coaster, t an ame, Sloop Visscher, lugrabam, f ruiccior, , NOrlcan FrtderickslLrg Norfolk. Boston. Richmond. IliMVEIJ II'IS fXyREXVOJ. Schr. Morning Star, Luflkin, 4 days from Washinston, N. C. with naval stores and coit m In II Ju C. W. Davfriionrt. Sstl.r. Oideco Sparrow, Doagh, 10 day from Edtnton, N. C. with staves and tub to r. iy tit.. JLr f In. Sch Hannah, Hampton. 17 d?ys from St. Thomas, with rum. sueur. hides, specie, ue. inr.r.kS I lowland, and P Remsen r Co Morviana. Smiih. of Phila delphia, in JO days ; sch Lawrence, of Norfolk, uncertain sch Marseilles, uf Washington, N. C. for Hraxils. Julv28,lat s4 16, Ion 73, spoke brig Hibernia, of Muladelphia, could not learn where bound. Passengers, Mr. O Evers and family. ILLU1V. Brif Pacific, 2 days fi - om Philadelphia, to W F Van Amruige. Sloop Packet, fioro ebem, N. C. and one schooner. jiimivF.n last ki Kjfi.ytt. Shin South Carolina Packet. Cartwric'.it, 12 days I'imtn St. Croix, with rum and sugar, to Beiij. De Forest S. t,o. rassengeis.niessrs. Itenlock. J Coniell. J Graham, E Koderers, J P Caldro, J Robe, J Cotlwise, J Uoslmg, I uos llnir It tiordon. Mrs Uostine ana iwo aaugo ters, .Mrs Ingiaham, child and servant, and . . . a II a. . Mrs tlnrdon and servants. uriK ssyrun, ior lloston, sailed same day Left July 20, brigs Kliraeth. Bell, for Philad. loadine . - tndor, Ooodncai, for ewYork, next clay; napio, Smith, in a day or two ; Comttifrce, Little, from do. arrived 18th ; Hammond, Towlcr, for do. uncertain ; Jane, M't lxn Portland, discharging ; Kdward, Hunt, for N Haven . Oro - ziiibo. Ward, foi do. uncertain ; schr Alert, Milliard, and Lvcurcus, Potter, boUi for New York. in3or4 davs. In lat 26 30. Ion? 72 spoke a ship belonging to Nantucket, out 6 months on a whaling voyage, understood had but 80 bbls oil. Ship Prudenc, Field, 49 days fi - om West - port, I. eland, with ballast, to 1. rajrg, ami Ullucklcv. Passcntfors. J t. barters, and d in BirfA The lady of Daniel Ladd, Esq. of! the slecrace. Spoke, June 30, lat 40, long 19 Porttmouth, N. II. presented her huhanl, wi 35, ship Ann, 3 weeks Barbadoes, with Friday last, with three fine sons, all iu good j troops for Lngland. July 4, lat 43 30, long 27 health. The aggregate weight of thee three (39 brig Live Oak, 20Uys fiom Savannah for tads is seventeen louuds, vix. 6, 5 and 6. We j ure. Next day, British brig George, from regrclto learn that all of them have since died Irelaisel. with passengers, for St Johns, N. P. The wife of Mr. Samuel Hovt, of S - ip:.o, Ujih. hit 40 59. Ion 65 50. U. S. frigate Guer - riere, ti.m - ftl innougn, trom iiosion tor iiuv sia. 3 1st, lat 40 40, long 69 10, ship Zodiac. Aymar. 3 days from iS York for Liverpool. Sch Rising States, Yates, 18 days f. om St. Andrews, with plaster, to M Ferris 5 passen gers. In the Sound, saw a deep loaded schr, bound down. Sch Maenificience. Aslibv. 7 davs from Winton, N.C. with staves, to Waring and Kim berlv. Sch Abeona, Waring, 11 days from Havana, wilh sugnr. Sic. to N L k G Griswnld. Left, brig Sea Island, Wheeler, for Xrw York in 14 davs; briir Hazard, Rogers, of lloston, arrived .1 , , , . 1, I 1 t 1 I V. . . f . VI I , aB9 VI w - Va,a. Sch, Jones, 3 davs trom Wilming ton. U. wr.h earn meal, to T Buckley & Son ?ch To Hro'hers, Foster, 4 davs tiom Phi ladelphia, with flour, toG S Mumford, Boor - nun & Jolinstor.. anaotliers. J - paiiMi sch Isabella, Lacuna, IS days from MaUinzas, with sugar, to Goodhue &L Co. Pas - seniiem, Mr. LvUray. Sloop ifurlingham, Daggett, 5 clays from Wintlsor, N. C with naval stores, to Hlount ii Jackson. Sailed in co. wilh sch Gideon - row, f.r N York .Sloop Eagle, Nichols, 4 days from Rhode Island, with fash faloop Lydia, Allen, 6 days from New Bed ford, wil'i salt and oil, to the master. MOM OUR VORR&SpOJrDEXT. OrBce ol the baitifflore Patriot, Antra 51 o'clock P. M. i Arrived, ship William Hearv, blockwe'l 51 days irnm Havre tie Grace. Ilf9, 10, lone tl dti, ipnke bns r.carce avd schr Cnsrlot te. of New York bound to U shoo. Off Cape Hnry, spoke ship Fair Trader, from Marseilles, for Alexandria, out 74 day. Passed a large French Frigate at anchor on the Hers Shoe, ud nnotrwr in Annipch Ronds, hud wa fainting lets voyager when hope bat left him ea the rerje her kaad by an Indian, which deprived ber of tu Fo;t, at the Wilham lieurj, wa passing BCBTON, Adgutt t. A.iired, nifg Thoau. White, IS days from Havana. Schr t'enwick, Daggett, front Philadelphia. Beiow, (last evening.) three brig, inward bound ; one of them the federal George, Field, days from Baltimore. PHlLADfcU'tllA, Aug. 3. Arrived, brig Wilmot, Kennedy, 55 days from Rotterdam. Schr Mary, Hide, 1 day from St. Doming, Dritish bug North Star, Miller, 18 days fr&st Aoiiena - - . - ... . Brig toclinc, Winter, (of Batb.) lCdaysft St. parts. tjl;r Rigulator, Norton, 6 days from Bota. Sloop Liprets, Pointer, lti days from fit. Thomas. beh.w. ship Amiable Matilda. Myers, 17 daw from 5t. J co. iv Captain Kennedy, of the brig Wilmot, left (loiturdam, June hth, b'ig Jane, of aud for New - lorkin 3 dayh (probably the brig Juliana, of New - Voik) ; bally. Chase, of Savaanab lot Nesv - York, pcxtday, no other American n. sfls then, a brie belonging to Nrtiolk, captaig Wade, saih rt iu ballast or Cadiz, 6 days bci'oro. ?noke on tl.e passage hoa - e, June S9,lat 40, onJ 'SO, brig Jane, Giillith, of t'ortimouth, N. f. n day from ITuiojIclpl.ia for Oporto. JOtlu Ut 4l long j, a LUuivli tm iroin tt. Croix for Corwo bai n. July Sd, Ut 39, long 26, KhrLesdtr, Siniili, from Nantucket, ii.rtuhou. July 9, U: W, lot.g 43, passei! a itoetof 7 sail of British met - chant men, sandi.ig to tlw eastward. July isth. I. IS tiff IOIi"5 J I, .iut; uio iiiivu ,M - AOfcJtfc, ; i oin JVtuit.niqiio It uuys, uuad u Uordeiui July 17th, lat 39,30, long 7, bri Ntreus,4diji from Salt - ru for Alicant. July iUtli, Ir.t 3d, loi.e 70, brig Ommoii'l, from New London for Turks - Island. July 3lst, lock upilut; sane rvtuic came in by the Ca;. Aug. 1st, paned a deep londt - d noi them. I.uiit brig. r. ' Capt Hyde, ol tt.c sth. ftl.iry, ha at SI. Do - mineo. July ICtli, Iru Mary Ami, cant. Join Clark, from the const with a cargo of wW, boin.d to Frane, (having been on shore,) i, di charging ; brig Staff of Liie, r'. Witer, lot bo. dm, tf, sail iu iwo day. ; brig .Miuus, Verany, f .Newbury port, discharging; schr Peace & i'lei. ty, l.:vinttih, for iNewbi.ivpoit in 2 or 3 dntsi schr Ames, Wl.tclriht, ol uvhuryport ard uw coast; schr Aruht:i.t, Godfrey, of New - Yotk. hound on the coast. Markets glutted wilh ail kinds of Auu ric.iii prndure. BROADWAY C I !i C U S this lvlmm;, AUG. 4, The prriormancu v. ill commence with tlie Grand L.ju. stiian Kntiy. Master Thomas will on one horse perform many woudf rlul teals of horsemanship. . airs. svuuariM win nispiny uci esiunisuui equiiibrium on the slack wire. Hie horse Palnfox svill pxriorm the pntt of a dcmstic '; ht wilt sit - atUMfajaJ purlake of a eolation with fcia mnstfr' - , - Master M'C'am, tlA tlw ag. will, oo one horse, perform many wonderful (eats for a youth, only cine years nid, leap over 2 garters, aud conclude by riding on bis head, his hone ia full speed. Two Clowns by Mr. Campbell and Mr. Sul len ou horseback. . . Ground ami lofty tumbling by Ihc wools troop. The comic iccue of Madame Angot, by jfcr. Garcia ' - The elegaot Spanish horse Romeo trill, after leaping over boards aud bar of a prodigioa height, leJiposert horse, and conclude by fcap - il.g tnrougn a ooftsoeuu piaccu on uic uoca. vt oiiother i.orse. Mr. l atuell, the f.ying horntan, Willcncne horse perform many wonderful feats, leap over 4 boaidsof lights, with his hands and feet tied. Roman Pyramids, ly live persons oo two nor - ses. ...... - The whole to conclu Je with tne comic seme ei .VJy Grandmother. Ticket may be had at the circus, from i o'clock, A. M. lo 1 P. AJ. and irom 3 to &. A place li provided tor people oi cuiuur. Door will he oin at 7 o'clock, and the PCT - lormance lommeiice precisely at If. ' ivo sinoaking allowed, cnecsis not imu.c, - able. Crtiiilsiuto aro nquestad at toeasttrtta, riliaT - ' '""' ' HtLlOluVH AfJllLH. trr By Divine oeraiirsioa, a discourse will be delivered this evening at 8 o'clock, at ihe New Jerusalem Church in bread way, by Ihe Rer. Air. Carll, of f hdadelphia, illustrative of the character and wriUup ol EmanutI Swedoaborg. aug 4 It cry The l;oerd of Managers of tlie Socstiy for the Prevention cf Pauptritm, Will meet sa Wednesday, the 5ih. at 5 o'clock, P. M snlhe Committte'room of tbe New - York Free Scliool, 'I non - row. J - UKio, ai4 Jy P. T. Qy - i UiS moiniug, at V o'clock, tha tf'raai acir?e Lottery commenced drawing at the City Hall. No. 5373 waa the first drawn number, which, by the Scheme, is entitled to a prin of 100 dollars! remained untold at GRACIE'S, (upper green ocej 146 Broadway. - S ' ' 'X - rorismeimtfc! AUetSsOtfict - We no - Uce by the Baltimore papers that1 No. 6033, which drew on Friday last a prixe of j 6000, the Masonic Hall lottery of Balimore. raa - ed unsold at jUltnU Lucky Vffict. A few d&t siuce, No. 85, which drew a prise of 1 10.00H, remained unsold at the rame office. aug 4 tor LII'KHPOOL The well known, regular trading coppered ahip IMPORTER, Dingley, master, will be aispaicnea on, nioS u. quarter part of a cai go engaged. For remainder cf freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply - to capt. D. on board, at nier No. 13, E. U. (Couverneur'a - wharf,) or to ' CHARLES HALL, . I Beaver - ttreet try Cohmoxk of good by the above ship from Liverpool, are infotmed that all articles not permitted by Thursday morning, 6U insU ill UC11 DC sciii au 4 ' tor IHLMtUi U.V, A. C. lA - Cv Th nlunrh coDuerod ship GLOBE, rjg,S. UerolU master; will positively sail on WeJuesday, 5th instant, wilh what freight and passengers may offer. Apply boart at r ray's wharf, or to J ' nAiM a. .nt'IVVT IU11 Ji aii'nil M 4 58 Sonlb street - trttxhturCharirJlon. i. 300 tuns heavv freiirht for Charleston, iiapply to ANoO.N O. PHELPd, tug 4 113 r ront - sir.. Foil k.NERlrrb, The good fast sailing brig NYM1 H, N. Hurd, master, wilt receive imnW - au Uirpatch. For passage only, Uvmg accommodations, apply to S 1 . L. tl li. U I3 vv .. 4 8C fcouth - tret - .MAiUH. 620 barrels soperhue Ib.hKf ? phia Flour, of rt4ejeuV '"f Hans' " brands, said to be very "Pr4Dr from sch. Two Brother and brig Facifie, for sale by UOORMAN 41 JOHi 3 y - 's 0 au 4 wbows - ..... 1 .i,. 11111 1, bis ana r.v ivicn jiw. i' r iwu - n IN 40 hall do new Flour, branded GUe8 n!la V11": a ,A wheat, re - LOIS. UW linn - V ceived per scbr Elixabeth, and for aah 1 by . ,uc 4 66 3QUin - nrnr. t UAL COTTONS 6 V tU. - H Pi - AJJ 40 bales of Kendal ColtooW Of ,P,,or A) do Welsh Plain, i rR?r: - i test received per Importer, and for a)e at 1 F,mIa,4Tw"y rROCTORftMATflgRg I s U.M. - 4T . ' - . tt Xl clon ABiigua scorn . - a 63 do Molaswa, aud 12 bbl. Sufr, wceiveo by the British Lii ArnHia, from AntiP? f frsaleby 0BT.S..L2U -

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