The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 4, 1936 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1936
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TBN 1936 MANY ORGANIZATIONS 15 TIN CANS TO ADMIT CHILDREN TO STRAND SHOW Banners and Posters Aid in Creating Enthusiasm for Work. Many local organizations are cooperating' with the Junior division of the Chamber of Commerce in making the cleanup, paintup and fixup campaign, which began Monday and continues through Saturday, a success. One of the big features, as far as the children are concerned, will be the tin can show, to be held from 3 to 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Strand theater. Boys and girls wil be admitted for 15 tin cans. Announced in Schools. Those in charge of the show have warned boys and girls, however, that the cans to be used for admission are supposed to come from places where they should not be--to aid in cleaning up the city. Announcement of the show has been made by principals in the various schools. Also announced at the schools has "been the campaign itself, boys and girls being urged' to co-operate with their parents in cleaning up ot yards, hauling away- rubbish and assisting in repair work. Banners Are Displayed. Banners on cleanup week are - . . ing displayed on the sides of street cars and in fire trucks being driven through the streets of the city. In thsi connection, Chief Dan Shire emphasized that one of the best ways for fire prevention is to have prem ises and homes clean. Rubbish, old paper and other trash in the base ment of a home or near building constitute a great hazard for fire he stated. Posters for cleanup have been pu up in safety boaids around town Use of signs and posters as well a sending of letters to local resident have been promoted by the Junio Chamber to do everything possibl toward making the city cleanup cam aign conscious. The commercial lasses of the high school assisted in utting out the letters. Vlethpd of Repair for Ceilings Given When plaster ceilings become adly cracked and the usual methods of cutting: out the cracks and illing them with new plaster will ot suffice to give the ceiling a mooth look, the best thing to do is o cover the whole ceiling with a ·ibbed metal lath or one of the wood-fiber or gypsum-board laths and replaster the entire surface. If you want to change the cornice f the room from the old classic tyle to something modernistic, or idd a cornice where none exists, Jie same method can be used. Wire ath can be bent to the desired shape nd wood blocks installed to which Jie wire can be nailed, or the form an be built up out of one of the board laths. In putting new lath over old plas- er, it is necessary to find the exact ocation of the joists, so that the ath will be nailed to them and not merely to the old plaster. When the oists are located, lines should be drawn or snapped on the old plaster surface to mark them to act as a ;uide for nailing. Colored Doors Get Interest Effects Delightful and interesting effects can be developed by painting pan eled doors in two shades. The stile- and rails may be one shade and tb panels another, or merely the mold ings around the panels can carri the contrasting color. Doors whost panels are flat without any raisec beveled surface in the center maj be made very decorative by paintm the panel a contrasting color an then planting a narrow moldin around where the edge of the be eled plane would ordinarily come this is painted like the frame of th door and stands out from its dark er background. The colonial color made.popular by the recent rebuild ing of Williamsburg. Va., serv nicely for this type of painting. IT'S CHILD'S PLAY to get them clean--with ZORIC NO MATTER how dingy your Curtains and Draperies look, it's easy to get them clean and new-looking when' they are Zoric dry cleaned. Send them to us today . . . and your dresses, hubby's suits and hats, your blankets, too. Zoric performs the same magic on all of your cleanable articles. And there are NO lingering traces of odor, either. Ideal American Laundry AND ZORSC DRY CLEANERS Be An "Ideal Arnerican" Customer IT'S PHONE 22 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY CL^ANUFCAMPAIGN - --" YOU DONT BELIEVE IT--THEM WE MAKE YOU THIS OFFER... Try a can of Seidlitz 100% Liquid Houso Paint along side an equal size can of any other house paint made--regardless of brand or price. If Seidlitz Paint does not spread farther, hide the old surface better and produce a smoother job, we will make no charge for the material used in the test. You can pay more, but you cannot buy better. WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. 34 2nd Street N. E. Phone 1192 Opposite New Postoffice Improved Store Easily Rentable PROPER PAPER ADDS COOLNESS Makes Room Feel More Comfortable, Says Institute. Warm rooms can be made to appear cooler, dark rooms can be given better lighting by the selection of the proper wallpaper color and pattern, according to the Wallpaper institute. This explains in part why an analysis of federal housing administration insured modernization credit shows that a large part of the money has been used by borrowers for interior decoration. | Not only the color but the pat- , tern and texture of the paper as | well influence the amount of light | and the seeming degree of warmth or coldness in a room, authorities reveal The lighter colors reflect more light and generally appear wanner, whereas the dark colors absorb light and make a room seem cooler, more restful. Colors most used to obtain light are light yellow, buff, cream, pink, strawberry and certain metallic papers. White ceilings and white woodwork augment the effect of brilliance. White on yellow and blue on white are typical combinations used to get Uie effect of warm, light rooms. Cooler, darker effects result from using dark greens, blues--especially the darker hues--tans, browns and deep reds, including wines and maroons. Wallpapers with glossy finishes, such as the varnished papers popular for bathrooms and kitchens, emphasize the "cool" qual- Statea Cellarless House Needs More Space Many houses are being built these days without cellars. New style heating systems make it possible for furnaces to be installed in a small room on the first floor, and, while this saves steps in the servantless home, it does away with the ample storage space in a cellar. To' offset this lack of storeroom facilities, ample shelves should be built in the kitchen. Provisions, household equipment, kitchen equipment need a "parking place," and this should be kept in mind when planning a cellarless home. Built-in shelves and closets may be obtained through the use of the Modernization Credit plan of the federal housing administration. SOW GRASS SEED NOW...Our Seed is of HIGHEST QUALITY Several Varieties--Economically Priced COMPLETE LINE OF The finest types of Evergreens, Ornamental Shrubs, Vines, Rose Bushes Perennials, Hedges and Fruit Trees at hargam^pMces PROSPERITY GARDENS Corner of 13th Street and South Federal ,. its dilated, run-down phant" on its owner's hands. modernized and -mproved MISS GRAVES 1 THESIS ON A. E.'S MYSTICISM PRAISED (Continued From Page 9) SPREAD FARTHER --LAST LONGER with A. E.'s last poem enclosed to Seumas O'Sullivan, one of his clos- j est young disciple-friends. j Miss Graves had several letters from O'Sullivan and from A. B. himself- The last from the poet, was a very lengthy one devoted principal-1 ly to his tenet, Karma, and written j a month before he died. Miss Graves contends that her tentative list of mystical doctrines that evolve from a thoughtful study of his verse; his soul autobiographies "The Candle of Vision" and "Song and Its Fountains" and his Platonic symposiums--"The Interpreters" and "The Avatars, a Futurist Fantasy" are more easily detected and more firmly fixed if the student first resorts to the supplementation of a thorough knowledge of Celtic lore and of the mystical ideas expressed in the Sacred Books of the East and the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Hegel, Wordsworth, Blake, Emerson, Tagore, Keats' and Kagawa. Embodies All Tenets. She contends that "The House of the Titans," A. E.'s long poem ap-" pearing in 1934 in his last publication, was the culmination of his ambition to produce a long narrative poem that would be the embodiment of all his mystical ideas that gradually developed in his 50 years of spiritual experience as a seer. She lists from the poem three or more illustrations of each of his tenets to prove her statement. Miss Graves' two concluding paragraphs are as follows: "Just as art unconsciously reaches out to archetypes" so did A. E. reach out to his divine archetypal pattern, and in that constant reaching out over a period of half a century he was able not only to interpret the Over- Soul to himself but to all those with whom he came in close con-, tact. He was looked up to, by his older contemporaries of the Theo- sopbical society and by a veritable school of younger poets established by him, as the earthly archetypal spiriOwho could expound the sacred mysteries. Moreover, A. E. became such a powerful factor as leader of the Theosophical movement and as interpreter of the spiritual world that the society itself has come to be recognized as the nucleus- from which the Irish literary renaissance originated. A. E.'s life, according to Miss Graves, was the exemplification of " the Biblical quotations he placed on the title page of "The Candle of Vision." "The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord."--Proverbs. "When His candle shined-upon my head and by His light I walked 1 through darkness."--Job Body of Kennedy Taken to Dows From Chicago DOWS--The funeral of Salem Ford Kennedy was held Wednesday afternoon, the Rev ; E.'. Redmayne, in charge. Mr. Kennedy was born' soon found, and the repairs are mncing under the modernization credit plan allowable is $50,000 for this type of property. Aug S 1882, at. Owensboro, Ky., and died April 27, 1936. He was married, to Leona Hackbarth of Dows who survives him; also three children, June Ann, John Charles and Bonita Inez. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy made their home in Chicago where he died of heart disease. Money-Saving Prices J. C. PUTH CO. Plumbing and Heating 2021/2 N. Fed. Phone 989 Has th The National Housing Act gives yon a chance to make immediate repairs to your home and protect it with paint Money for this work can be had on easy terms .. - Come in today and let us give you all the facts. P A I N T S ENAMELS' ^VARNISHES DUCO MONEY WEBSTE LUMBER CO. 516 Second St. N. W. Phone 808 For Beauty, Permanence and Complete Satisfaction -- Build, Modernise and Repair with the Reliable "NORTHWESTERN 1 Portland Cement i T h e Clean-Up, Paint - Up a n d F i x - TJ P Campaign is sponsored by t h e Junior Chamber of Commerce. AGAIN your home can look bright and cheerful. Curtains and rugs, drapes and furniture will sparkle with clean color. Fabrics will gleam with new life. Your home furnishings will become once again possessions to be proud of. FOR OVER 28 years it has been used throughout the Northwest territory and has stood the test of time. "NORTHWESTERN" has fully met the rigid requirements of those who demand CONCRETE FOR PERMANENCE "NORTHWESTERN" is a Portland Cement of strict uniformity. It is tested hourly every day, and night by expert chemists. Each and every detail in the complete manufacture is carefully watched at all times. NORTHWESTERN STATES PORTLAND CEMENT CO. General Offices, 6th Floor First National Bank Building, Mason City Get your house cleaning 'done NOW! Do it the modern way--entrust all cleanable home furnishings to the capable hands of Marshall Swift. For moderate prices on the Highest Quality Dry Cleaning of Your Spring Garments. There's Satisfaction in Every Sackful of "Northwestern"

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