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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1818
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: m 9 r NUMBER 5035: For Maktleu and Mobile.' ' m pwuaei, a IV ph vlt knowo, fast (ailing tcbooner Vi - rVsKY, capt. Weeks, having two thirds i Lfffi&t engaged, will meet With all coi - r,,ji,patcb. Forth remainder, or pso - 'TwifiZ superior accommodation, apply to v ! - 1 ' PETERS & HERRICK, - 'JT "" ' 29 Co8ntie - slipl . . ' .. Pup - HALE, ' The brir HERO, Capt. Marston,J.51 tons,' 7 year old, built in Duxbury, .$rj she " be '1 ver' ,ow on """W credit or exchanged for merchandize. Ap. lj V v ( . H. & D. TALCOTT, "T.?' . ' ' . 64 South - strnet. , .rar CHAUTJClt, A Britiali BRIG, burtlien $18 tons 'n - ttLV or 2100 barrels 1 now at Phi - Air..?!. . .;n kiwihI to tins, or a southern port, to load for EnfrUroi, or the West Indies, nd cn be despatched within three riy no - Se. Apply to KOGER3 tV POST, " j 6 51 South - street , HHsSlcl tOCHAiiJKti. ABritiah 8RIQ, thatwdl carry a - llboutTOO bales Bengal Colton, to load hx LirerieooL Apply lo . ' ; J ! AKCH'DGRACIK& - SONS. , f k fc ,iJUULi ; Wne cf th line of packets,) Tha copperetl, New - Vork built fhip l'Atlt'tC, John Williamf, ma?ler ; hckymt ai - ouutuMKlatioDi for pafjetirrf, and i intcad' - d to rail, according to a fixed arrangement, on the jOlhof oxt month, t or ireigm orp;ise, p - j,ly to captain Williams, on board, at Fultou - st, wturf, to . ISAAC WRIGHT Si SON j or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. P. S. Bed and bedding ars found at the rhip't eXnK. for KL(jH'fUst, Jamittca. . XiSv The fine coppered echr. (JLARE.V - XtAT, John G. Frith, master, is now indie;, and will be dispatched without delay. For panae ouly, apily ou board, at pier No. 9, !t - lUvr, or to TUCKER & LAURIES, july l S9 Poulh - t. ft anted la Clutrter, 4jfjfy A csel of about 140 tons, for a toy - y.jjag to Teruriffe nnd back. Apply to CAMBKELE.NG Si PEARSON, 67 South - t. hnr mm'rht or f'iuirjer. The Schr. "jiLBATltOSS, Collin, master, 100 ton burthen a first rate Apply U rtael. julySB ' C7 South - st. '( . i - 'or Ante, trthl or charter, (& The ttaunch good chip MIRROR, Sa.Y,.H4 tons burthen, is in cottipUle Qrder to Tottnea carjo, and may be sent to wawith little expence. Apply on board. West side Bur - Cue alip, or to N. L..4 G. GIUaWOLDi ' J 21 . 8t Sluth - t tr.iJTVKO TO CUAHttH, A rood fait aailins VESSEL of 1300 to 8000 bairelt burthen. Apply t &? Viliiueton - treet, to - ' , . JrS3 . G. O. & S. IIOWLAMD. . , IVU'. . , ' v ' w ...... M f Tin hton hii proof bt. Viucent Rum, JL 6 do hue fl.kvoored Jaoiaica do. 0 Barrel Jamaica iini;rr, just n - ccived and For sal by TUCKER 4 LAL'RIES, iul 24 ' 29 fcouth - t. KlM. 40 puncheon first 'jnality . E. ltoin, for sale by JAa. O'WOLF, Jun. J iff 54 South - ntrert. TEAa, Wl.Ntj ari.l Oit.iCbhlKii. No. 7 fAHSC (LAT LAIMKS At)Hli( MOM.) 'PIIEsul:iiiH.rhHS conitantly on hand a geu - L crnl assortiueut of the lollowibg articles, wttk h will lie disosed of at a moderate advaoce. , Tea of fimt t)aitlity Suir do d'i Genuine old Cognac Brandy Holland Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wines of the Various kind Vine Apple Shrub a litmon, Line and Orange Juice Sallad Oil in bettin and bottle t. Brown Stout . Bottled Ale and Cider . ' . " Dneblo Gloucester Holland and Auieriran Cheese Cordials Spices, Essence Sperm nd Tallow Candle ' l. Od lVr Lamp ' Coffee, Kice, Hurler and Mustard A few tioxes Sicily Leraon, in fine order ' Raiin, Almonds, Prune, Fig 1 Basket Salt, &c. For sale by JAMES P. AXDOE. Wanted to purchsw, a qantity ofsecond hand vine awl itnrter bottle .1 I KENTUCKY TOBACCO 274 Lh.l. prime Kentucky Totiacco, landins this day from ship Grand Seinor, from New Orleans, lor satoHy C'H AS. L. 0ilF - , anit J 13 .' ABRAHAM OGDKN. II "MITE LhAO. VI'IKIOU Al. T LUM,tc - Keceivoil jier Chaonreyand Columhin, from Bristol. (Ers ) and Tor oale by um untenber, on artvantnf e'nn tens, sit. "V - Q ke - s genuine ground wl.ite Lead in 231b. ke 20 casks best dry While Lead k '.ak 5 to S cwt. eacn 30 do lUd Lead in cask from 1 to. 3 civt. each . H do tspanish Crown from 3 to 4cwLea - Jt . 30 do ivory Black from 4 t"U cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol from 5 to Kent each 75 do Venetian Ked from t to 3cct ewcti 14 tierce Allum from 1 to 10 cwt each .' 10 bhds. 5 tierce and K t his Rotton Stone French Green, Lamp Ut.ick, Purple Brown ., Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Rricka Apply to A. CHURCH. J 15 J8t Brer - . ' GERMAN GOODS. RECEIVED by the ship Triton and the hip Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late import - ''is, an assortment of GeroianLlncDS, iucbas "una, wnne and Drown Brttagnes, Crean, 0wlS Brown Checks ami Shirting Linen ''P'li Osnahurgs and Ticklenburgs, 'Jlesiiaas, Burlaps Brown Rolls ; JSS Tan, Spe,fine Broad Cloth Napkins, Silk Galloon and Pound Ribbon Jtfte Mill., Slate Pcil ''"king GUs Pate focket andStatia Glassea , ad Penrils Aad an assortment of Cardwire. . Alston band, lew tons St Prlershurs Hemp . hst quality Holland SailCloth, and sixty boxe rategrass Cbcee, tnlilled to ik benlnrr. , "of sale on reasonable term", by " :GfcO.Ai THEO. MEYF.ll, Li " ' ' - 159 Washineton t - et." U' llXK - r P'pe choice L. P. Aludeifa Wioeranded 9.P.C ltqr. cask do do Malmsc do. 8 year o iUk b C . VV - S,CRAIG; rnld mil men who nderUnd their buiness, Bu - my. Te contar4 nplo) - m , the abo e CLARRT. 40 dozen sery UperiourClaret, 'forw!etttll8the dozen, by " . GEORGE JOIINrfTON',' je 30 tf " - No. 1 Sloat - lane . LA HEMIC A Lb, CULUH&, c , Epsom Salts, in cask of 2cwt. .. Lump Magnesia, in case. ' Do do small square " Calcint'ddolo phial llocbelle Salts. Acid Tarfar Citri Acid, Bloe Verditeriu firkiu . ' Patent yellow, King Yellow ilegulu of Antimony - , ".. GUJJiS, BUTTQNB. &c. . Fowling Piece, assorted, well finished Do do iu wuinscoat case, finely fJoisbed with apparatus cumplete Duelling I'utols, incase Gold Epaulette Naval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest Button Copperplate for engraver Matlienmtical Instrument - Rolling I'aralcl Ruler .Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera glasses, microsciiprs 3 sett splendid cltrssmcii carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddie Patent corkscrews, silver pencil case, for sale by J. LAMHERT, jo 1)1 1 J Courtlaiidt - street. M V. LEDYARD S CO. IU I I enrl - tret, 1" .. ofTer (irs:th',iu Hitdition to their former tx - tensive aunrttnent of HnrdWiirc, the following articles, rer'd by tlis Martha, from Liverpool - Trace Chain" Clout ail iiadesand fchovelJ 6 and 8 harr'd Carry C'omlis G barrM Mane do Iron Wirc.No. 4tol0 Steelyard Fine (Jun Trunk Lock Drawing Knives Brass Keith do Cafidletticki do Cocks do Nail Si Gilt Coat buttons, some of snp. quality, uilabk: fur njerchnnt tarlor Biugleys Patent cur JapannedGandlelickt Flemish Tack J 3 tl rier' Binves warrant cd - eqaal to Cox's gen uine. . ClOt 'iONei 'JOBACCO.I hule Upland J Cotton, landing from shin Rising Stntes. from Savannah 1 lilids Kentucky Tobacco will lie landed on Monday, from the schr. Mary Ann, from New - Orleans, for sale by Kuor.ui iiii.L.r.frir J 2., . 112 Front - tr. et. f J hhds Richmond tobacco, som of. it of the Tint quality, aud suitable for the Iri:h market For lali Jy 2 - sale by 24 W. & S. CRAIH. CO TUjV H i ml, ti M.4CHI.YK C.4KJJH. IMIOS. WIHTTEMORE hm constantly on I hand at hi oiannfact'irv. No. 60 Ferry. street, next to the corner of Pearl sirctt, a large and general assortment 0 curds of every description, viz . Cotton Card of 7. 0, 9, 10 Wool do 5 and 6 ' Machine do ' " Cloth - em' and Halters' Raising Cards All of superior quality, which he will sell on the lowest trm. J 54 1m BK IKU, icc. - b tons Bar Iruu . 5 U nsSlH - et Iron 20 drxen Frying Pnns ; . Putebt Chaff ami Drawing Knlve Iron and steel Shovels - , (ierman and cast steel mill, pit ft haod c&w ' Coach Spring St. el. For sale by ANDERSON Ic SHEARER,' J 22 At 131 Water streef . sHt.hKl&LV a VltiMtmiHAM OUODH. 6Caki neatly assorted labia Knives & Forks, 1 do. do. do. Small Cutlery, . , , , t Table Knives is Forks, 4 - do. do. do. jwitheinal,c - utlcrT. 1 do. do. do. Saws, I do. do. do. F1I0;, 1 do. do. do. Ecdge Txil?, 1 d. do. do. BritHiinit Tcrt - pots, A few casks Canille'tick;, Butt Hingej, Wood Serews, Commode Knobs, and 1 case Buttons, Forsale, veiy low, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, july 2 irt t - it renri - st. il. '1 OI'U. .No. U stout Lane, has lor sale, V V received by latest arrival from Europe, 4 - 4 Imitation India Book Muslio 4 - 4 and 6 4 Plain Lenoes Rich sewed Insertings and Flounce Trimmings 6 4, 7 4 and a - 4 black cotton damask Shawls Do . blue and red do 1 10 Waterloo do Do lisM ground, spade filling, with chintz borders 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 1'ght (iingham 4 - 4 Drawing MtHin. lor dnsse 7 - 8 Linen B?d Ticking 5 - 4 to 14 - 4 Marseille Quillings, ntsorted Chintr Bed Lace, pTtch Loch Fine llerripj J 2H7t I IKE and COlfON. - iJO cuks Carolina IV Rice, 158 bales Nw Orleans Cotton 41 do Carolina do For sale by " JONES & M EG R ANIT, J 9 91 South street. NM HUMl I.I.NEN GOODs, iic. K.C Lil C. cUYDA.M, are now receiving, per . the 'hip Neptune and brig Helvidrra, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages this spring bleached Linens. They consist of 7 - a k 4 - 4 Irish Linens, variety of assortments, 5 - 4 do. Sheeting, do. 3 - 4 & 7 - 8 Demi Long Lawns, Hinl's - rye Diapers, 5 to 10 - 4 Diaper and damuk Table Linens, Extra super dimtsk Table Cloths ti Napkins, 3 - 4 Brown Lineus and grey Lawns, 1 j.ico Checks and 7 - 8 black Linens, Irfch .Sad Cloth Ducks and Droghedas, Sic. Alo, come to hand per the Pacific, 2 Caees eleganl new pattern Ginghams, 2 do. d. lurnitura it baloon Dimities, 3 Cambric Miwhos, part undressed, . 2 .VurLond.CloihsaodCasimers. The abor for ale, by th package, on reasonable terms and erediL !.H A general assortment of the shore good . opened (r piece and retail sales, at No. C 1 , Maideu - l.tne. Jy 22 Sw La) IlKY UOOOS, Sic. (J) Bote muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 Si 7 - 8 Irish linen 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls ' 4 do. brosrij 6 do Scotch omaburg 7 bales iui'.iation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 da. line bed tick I do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpatin;. ALSO, Suilrloth, Cotton bagging Tst illcd sacking Seiua twine For sala by GEORGE JOHNSTON, JolTj ( Ntx 1 Sloat - lane - 'iru'ffST TIMRF.R WANTED. ITTjWTED, quantity of locat timber and T T trewuuls. Apply to tna iry ngeui, s SI Wahingtoo - tret. ' . rr'rTha onhlisher of lha Xesr - Bruiwwick Tunes, Nesrark CantineL Iog - llaid Mar, Nw - Hmi Journal, awd .ew - loiKloo uaxaue, n..Kl:.ViKi. )rtMtnt nee mrnth. and eend their biUs to. tia Na7 A jeuH Offic. JjlS lax ' TUES DA Y,;AUGUST 4, 181C: LlJfEtfS, PKLfF.TS,tic. " . A' VERY handsome assortment of Seleesia Lmons, consisting of Platillas, Royales, Brelagpcs, Esiopillas, Dowlas, Creas and Cfce - lelt ' "V - 2 case silk velvets" 4 ' ' - ' ' ' ; . 5000 muskeU - 2 boxes fowling piece 'v " ' ' 2 carks Steucrark scj liie?, Joulle sworj 150 kegs Dutch herrings , ' ' 4 boxes auorled glassware The abeve ir tides entitled to debenture. . 1 ' 3 eeroons indigo, t box toy and a few piece Dutch cloth For rale by ' C. ZIMMERMAN, ' July 1 1 1m 77 Washinstoo - ct. fTy, BROWN, stoiie seal engraver - ftnd jewalt X , ler, Nq. ICO Broadway. . . Coats of arms, crests? cyphers, engraved pu stone. Diumuoib, amclhyits, topazes, crystals, Icci bought or cut to an form. Ladiea teals engraved with inottos, devices or crets. Books of heral it y kept with upward of 60,000 names. A large assorluient of fin gold seals, chains, and other jeweller)'. . Jy28 la ' clAlll AVrlUE, and CARXiAL - di REET A'OTCE. TVTOTICE is litrehy giveu lo all persons iotef1 - eiml, mat tne comimtsmnen 01 estimate mid assessment appointed by the Snpreme Court of Judicature of the state of New York, toper - form certain dutie relative to the extending of the Sixth Avenue from Greenwich - lane to Car mine - street, and for enlarging and improving Car - mine - treet to Varick - sireet, in the eighth ward of the said city, liave.completed their estimate and assessment as well of the loss and damage sus - tan.ea over and above Uie benebt and ad van ta;e received by the owners and parties interes ted in the finds and premises required lor the (aid improvement, as oiso, 01 me Denect ana aovan tnge receivod by the owners and parties interes ted of and in certain lands and premises not re quired for the 3id improvement ; nnd that wc the raid commissioners have deposited a true co. nv of such estimate and assessment in the clerks office, of the city of New - York, for the inspection, ol whomsoever it may .concern; and notice is hereby further giveu that the report of the said coiniuissiom rs of estimate nnd assessment will he presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature,' of the state of New - York, at the capilol in IN city of Albany, on Friday fhe fourteenth day of August next, at tne opening 01 me court on tnnt lav, or as soon therealter as counsel cau be heard threin. New Y'ork, 30Ui Jn!v, 1818. HENRY MEIGS, ) WM. T iRREY, and Commissioners. IT.TER STAGG, S Jy SO Kit Sl'HOUI.bY'S MUUK'TAIN RHHIJVGS. HEATH'S HOUSE. rjIIE ulii:riber. sensible ol the many nb'iga. X lions he is tinder fur the preference hereto - lore given to his house, whilst kept by bit son, ould hereby return hi sincere acknovlcdre - uicnt for paef favors, and nt the same time inform, that he intend keeping the house the present season himself, aud that tlisy may rely upon every attention and accommodation, that can make this healthful and fashionable resort useful and pleating ; his son being under the cesity of being absent this season, he trusts will not be found an objection to hi establishment, as no pains, expense, or exertion will dk want ing to ronde.r complete tatisfnction. J7eorlloi JOSEPH HF.ATrf ' - rrjttx.iKK, ill n very croiiianiB rniuii 01 uv acres, two uitrds under cultivation,' the residue wood land, situate on the sea shore, a quartet of a mile helow the narrows, on the Steten Island side nnd a short ride from the steam boat ferry landing. It gives r vary extensive iew ol the bay and en viron of New - York, within the Narrows, nnd of sndv Hook and the ocean tor prospect i equalled by none. The title i unquestionable. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured upon the laud. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premises, or to VV. A. sEELl, 143 vireenwich - streel. TO LET, a convenient new 2 story bonee, adjoining the above, withagarden and about an acre of land. For teuu apply a above. mh 3 eodtf VVRITIAG 1 SIX LEasU.NS. 1 Tit DE Si'RANGH haiobtamel Utters IV L Patent of the U. S. lor his invention of teaching the art of Writing in six lessons. He will enable any person, of whatever age, and notwithstanding any bad habit tliey may have contracted, to write well and with rapidity, af ter hating received these lesson. Person of good capacity will ha able, by a strict attention, to write well in four lessons, each lesson of one hour. The solid utility and merits of this system can be best een iu it particular results, in those heautiiul and various specimens it has produced, and which ran he examined at Mr. U. S' teaching room. No. 48 Broad - street. Mr. D. 8. having just returned from Washing - Ion, where he has taught with great success, and where his method ha been much approved by the heads of government, will remain only lour or five week in New - York, alter which time he must return to Washington, to fulfil an en - sagrinrnt made at the solicitation of a number 01 gentlemen of that city. W. IL Mr. D. S. will sir It a patent right, and learn bis system of teachiiig to lho? who wish to purchase it. ' J 2teod4w iAm.Vji SCi THEH. GENERALLY considered superior to any o - thers made in Great - Britain: those so justly famed of Waldron perhaps not excepted. Oidtrs for the above article taken by SAMUEL CORP. N. B. It is now time to issue for the ensuing spring, considerable delay in Uie execution heing unavoidable. Jy iTeodfw ff tulutipton Insurance Company. '"pHF. Board of Directors have declared a fliv - I iriend of four and one hall rer cent, on the capitol stock of Uie company, for the last six month, payanie ai meif omce, corner 01 ni,n and William - street, "n and alter the first day ol August. PE PER HA WES, Secry J Si 1w 0.K HLWnHKU JiULUiUS HKH AHli. RUNAWAY from the British brig - Francis, capt Tennant, lyinj at the quarantine ground, on the 30th int. a negro boy named ISAAC, about 16 years of age, very dark, has a scar on his breast occasioned by gunpowder; he landed at or near Bergen. Whoever will deliver said Isaac to capt. Tennant, on board brig Francis, at quarantine ground, or at No. 44 South - street, shall receive the above reward. J so (7" The One new steam e.sel FRONTENAC, ol 700 ton burthen, James Mac Kinxie, master, will louiuieiis.e ruimiiiK on theurst day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, I Itli and 21st day of ach month, and Niagara, for York and Kingston, the 6th, 16tt and 23th day of each month, during the season, where ereiy attention will be paid to the ease and comfortTof the p.ngers. Applications for pas tag "to bo made to the captain on board. Kingston. 6:h April, I81R. . J7dfcciOrt , . . al'.GEOHGE'S CHURCH. VPF.W e!iriWy ai tasted in St. George's Cburcb, - ioraakH 1 Enquire at4 Williaex - atraet. - . ' . OLD .VADEIlCA W IN E ' hhds. - ol the hraad and Oavar'ao mach approved V t three year past, hit received from Madeira, aad for sale by. 1 .. V tliui.i e. w. K Wall - ttnet. fc - ..I ;. tVIi SALE OR TO LEASE, Lotsin the 5. 6. ft. and 10 Wnrriit manv of wliich are on regulated and paved streets. No money wui oe renmred under tea years, if sold, interest excepted, - - HptSES. Several two sod three vxy houses, on which a grtot part ol'tiie money remain on mortgage. - . LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excellent stand for busmen, with ten acres of land, pleasantly tituated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haren, with 4tJ acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills mny be erected, wilh a suuiciency of water lor each. Apply at . No. 2 Greeuwich - ttreet. Jan 13 If ' t'UH SjtLE, A FARM, containing 3U0 acres, cn the banks of the North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde Park, and eihty - six from New. York. Th land y equal iu quality to the best iu Duchess county, and is in high order and good fence. On the premises is a good plain I arm house, a good barn and other appendages neces sary lo conducting a large farm. Also, a building spot commanding an rxtrmive aud beautiful view of th North River. Within hlf a mile of the farm honse is an eminent Academy, and within two miles an Episcopal and a Presbyte. rian Church, in each of which there is regular service physicians two lanriings, one of which the Aleatn - hoat advertise as a landing place, stores, A c. ic. The whole will be sold together or divided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment will be made easy, and an indisputable UlM given Dy lha sunsenner. WILLIAM BARD. Hyde Park, July 24 tf I R. DE ANGELIS. formerly practitioner of iJ Medicine id the Militury Hospitals nt Na ples, and admitted a member or the Medical 30 cieiyolitew xork, where he ha resided since the yeir 1798, and his reputation and success in practice is now established in the knowledge of ine puunc ny near twenty years experience, con tiniies to be consulted at'his olfmc, No. til Wa ter Street, ommsite Crane wlmrf. In Rheumatic snd Venereal cases. Dr. I)e An - gclis lias been wonderfully successful; and the most terrible - elteeis ol those disorders have fee quently been cured by him in a short space of lime without lueonvenit nee to the patient. Obstructions, ulcer in Uie throat and pshle, stiffness in thejoinls, pains in the liuihs, eruptions of the skin, together w ith 1 numerous (mm of e - vili arising from neglect or improperly treating of lUc most insidiims of maladies, have given wy to his mode hT treatment in almost an incredible manner. His extraordinary nceess is in s great measure attributable to his Well known Anti rheumatic and Anti - syphilic Syrups, w liieh whilst they eradicate everv form of disease, restore the emaciated patient 10 rigor and licaltn. X. B. All iettcif from the country (post paid) will lie attended to, jndthe neceaarr advice mid medicine will be given and sent to uny purlof the Union. J 25 REWf ,KV. fur sale, a liargam, a Uikv ery Malt House connected, in the iit of Huiltoa. The buildirgs ars stone, aud par - Ucularly well calculated lor the butmcts. II i' tituated in the midst of a barley country, and hjas many other advantages. It is certniulv aii object lor those wishing to engage in tips busl aess. it i the only brawery in lha couttry. This property Will b sold cheap. Terms libe fral : title eood. For farther particulars aoply "A SLtitrV tnW 1 m mr ts a 1' t York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premise, Junr - 13 tf lUliUILDEHS. . Or those who may wih to erect three elegant Duiiiiwg or tuctorics. T OTS, 77 feet by 80. more or less, with Uie Ii buildings thereon, in (he centre of Vesey - st. can be purchased separate or together. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with the Building thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or less, rear Chat - hum - street - the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, uenr Beekman - t I Le advertiser has three small mortgages tr dispose ol, one of $3,000, one ol $1000, one 01 f 1200, all in this city. Je 9 npHK subscriber having permanently fixed his JL residence in the town ol St. Louis, Missouri territory, offers hi services a agent, either in the purchase or sale of lands iu the Missouri or Illinois territoiies : he will also art in the capacity of agent generally, and execute such coru - miMlons as may he entrusted In him. Person having landed property in the Atlantic state, iaay maka favorable exchange for land in the territorie above - mentioned, by ap - . plication to the subscriber, and furnishing a particular description of the property offered for exchange, with an estimate of its real value. To the enquiries of such a are desirous ol emigrating to either of the tcrritnrivs, be will cheerfully make prompt answers, without an) charge : postage of letters t him being T. W. SMI I list. Louis, Missouri Territory, 1st June, 1818. Messrs. Irving, Smith ti Holly, , Cheeeliorough& Patterson, Kefcren - Rathhone Si Downer, ces in John Kathbone, IN. York. Ogden Edwards, Eq. ' J 15 dicc2awlm afvTn FOR S i I.E. An undivided moiety in the following lots of land in " F.vans' Patent" Delaware; County, state of New. York, viz : Lot No. 50, containing 17ft acre ; lot No. M, containing 134. Also, an undivided moiety in the en.n half uf lot No.sVl, containing 104) acres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent containing 1051 acres. The above lot are well timbered with pine, ko. See. and their contiguity to theirs branch aflhe Delaware river render them worthy of the attention of lumber merchants. They will Le sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further partiaulars apply lo THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, Fq. counsellor at law, No. 25 Pine ssreet. New York, (who is authorised to make contracts for the sale of the above lots) or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be given. MARTHA BRAD3TREET, Hammond street, Greenwich. New Y'ork, July Ssth. 1818. (y 'Phe Proprietor of the Philadelphia Freeman' Journal are requested to publish the shove lor two months in their paper and lend their hill to me suoicriher. J 8 dt!m c.'rn rrr to lep. 4irl A part of a honse and a front office in Cherry - street, within a few rod of Franklin Bank. Inquire at No. 17 Cedar - atraet. Jy29 tf ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will be received at th Navy Agent's otnee, New York, for one week from t!is date, to supply a quantity of Jeriey Oak Plank average length 45 feet, 10 to IS broad, V to 4 1 - t thick pith of hart must be out, and clear Ol sap. Also, b nnmoer 01 jersrj vuk irom 3i to 55 leet lotig. 10 to 2U iucne square, and a number of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 - 2 to 12 inclirs, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, hod - m In ft I t lon. The whole to be first anali - ty, and subject to the inspection at the Nuvyj lard, ana oenverea mere. . '''"''; The propoall are re q aired not to exceed 5000 leet of Plank 1 not more than 10 I - ng, nor Oiore than 50 Koeea a nocoatracVwill be given to a - ay individual to exceed one of tn! obo named quartitie I the shortest time," aot eedii.g 6 weeks, sntMt be metrtknteilr Maney to be pid m fc - linrv. Anv explanation - tbat may be re - onircd, will be obtained at the Navy Yard, where a DUl will oegivea eacn Braniura snuw (ootracted, and by which be il to be;oT.erjied. i 11 DKC tf .A of or act, ror and uiy and or any mix !o to ged, ed, and lliat to oil, - in sue has cil and that and the the tor of of ral and 9 LO O the lots 1? at at hy be ' - at ty . NO. Law rtguhUmg lit Ouagmg and Jnspretwg eT tito UU$. Passed iViarch 31, 1UIU. 17' bt if tnactri ba 'iht i titmh oftlittlalt ol - Fork, rtprtntcd in itmunj A(y, That the persou admiaisteruig tha nnat tbU by and with the the council of apoictmeot, shall from time to time appoint one ;ierson lor the city of New - York, whose power, shall extend to, ami inciud. the vii'a.Vr c 1,1. 2. r Z i 1 if.!!. BlroohyD 5 one rc"? ? Albany; and one person lor the citv ofTrov. whose powers shall extend to. and include LauA (ingDurgh and W aterlurd, to be euszers and in spector of fish oil. A nd bt it farther tnatttd, That it shall be th duly of each person appointed by virtue f this 10 provide himselt with piOfer instrument guaging at.d inspecling oil, and whenever called on to guage and inspect any parcel of fish oil, within the place for width he wa annointtd. it shaU al. - o be his duty to inquire diligently and seen out any parcels of fish oil within his district, gunge and inspect tha same.aod brand legi - ou me neau 01 tacli cask he may so guag inspect, his own name and tha nam of the place for which he was appointed ; alio lha whole number of gallons the same shall guage, and separately from each other tha quautity of water, the quautity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pure oil he shall fiud therein, and snail niaire, eutwcrihe and deliver to the owner holder ofsuch parcel oloil so guaged and inspected, a certificate, exhibiting ui iruaraie co lumns the quantity of each of the aforesaid enu merated ingredients the whola parcel shall contain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, brand ing and certifying nlbrrsai J, lie shall receive from Uie owner or holder of the oil so gnagrd aud inspected, twenty cent for each rask, be the eatie small or large, the one half of which shall al wavs thereafter be chargeable upou the purcbnier of the tame. And bt ilfurllvtr '.nacttd. That it shall be lha duty of all persons owning or holding ftkh oil, to put the saiucin a convenient petition for guaging and inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guagcr and inspector.. . A nd be it further enacted, That any person or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change of the brands or mark aforesaid, on any catk of oil so branded or marked, or who shall or in auy manner adulterate any cask of oil branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell or tiarter any oil within the districts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, nspected and branded acro. - diiig to law, or who ball ship, export, or olbcrwUe convey or cause be conveyed any oil out of, or from the districts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, iiippcicd nnd branded ac cording to law, such peitou or persons to offending, thall forfeit nnd . pay the sum of twenty - five dollars for c .' Ii cask, the or anils or marks or which th.dl be so counterfeited, altered or chan or which shall be to bought, sold or barter or which shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed coutrary to the true intent meaning of tins act : Provided, nntrllitltsi, uothiug herein contained shall be construed prevent any pe'son or persons from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed. And beit further enacted, I bat il shall lie the duty of any person' or pereous who shall use or otherwise eiiipty Ilia content ol any ca - k of fib immediately a ellace the guager's and inspector's marks or brands from the same, under Uie penalty of twenty - five dollar. .vnd be il further enacted, That any firfeitures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued for and recovered by adiou of debt, wilh rorts cf suit, auy court hnviug cognizance of the same, to the sole use and behoof of any parson who shall therefor. ... NOTICE is hereby given, (hat lha subscriber been appoiuted by the honourable t - Coun of Appoiutment. Guager and Innprctnr of all Fish Oil in the City of !ew - York and Brooklyn, lias opened 111s oince ai iio. ni, naier - si. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to S M. every day, Sunday excepted. JAMES MAURICE. ' X. B. Dealers in Fith Oil are hereby notified, any infriogeuiout ol the above law will be prosecuted. JulySU Itn A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newhurgh. containing I'J.l acre, 33 ol which are Woodlanel, the rut is divided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable pasture land. 1 ne Dunning" are parity new ; house convenient for a small family : itssitu - ntion i equalled in beauty by lew on the river ; advantages, from the'vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, toriety and good market, with the facility of communication Willi new 1 om, renner 11 a utairaniR resilience a gentleman. 4000 dollar of the purchase luonev may remain on mortgage i the payment (he rest will he made easy to Uie purchaser. Apply oa the premne, 11 Je 83 tf f. VERPLANCK. Mfi. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOY'S, No. 8 Pars: Puce. T' UK course of instniclion pursued in this institution embraces every department Literature and Sc.ence necessary to a libe - ediicatii.n, (the dead language excepted.) 1 he public ii utstired that this School shall consist of a number of pupils, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil will be admitted who cannot reud connectedly and - write legibly, who is not acquainted with the firal five rules of aritlimetick School hour li om f - 2 past 6 till 8, and from till 1 o'clook. - Terms 12 dolls; per qr. J 25 2w I STO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER. CMTUATE lietween Barclay and Murray streets, Chamber and Read - streets, Jay and Harrison - streets, bud North Moore and. Beach - streets, al a price very considerably less than interest 00 their value, and at the expimtion 01 term the buildings to ba fairly valued aw) oaid for. or a new lease eraoted. Alio, to let by tho year at a low rate, several or yards on tha water, well calculated, for lumber, nlaster of Paris. Lc. Apply to PH. R1IINELANDER, 31 Tark, near Uie Theatre. Several of the above lots will be - sold at moderate price and on a liberal credit. A small portiou of the moory only will be required. June II tf HACKNEY COACHES, I'OR Select Parties, from Elizabeth Town Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boats Trenlon nod Bristol, and (lie Mineral Spnuge Echooley'a MouoUli a. . Notice sent to No. 63 While - Hall ttrtet, New York, or HALEY ii STILES, Elizabeth Town, mail, or by tho Steam - Boat Atalahtn, will immediately atirnthd to. J 14 .VA7F MUSIC. JUST published by W. DUdC' biiTiar.o Forte acd Music Store, fW. Ub, Broadway, William I ell - j( .. . 1 , . . Her Smiling Eye : ' '; Fanny Daarest - '"; - . - . - Thise - aisilmyFaiarulFair ' . . 1 he Sob tier's Bride . . . . - . , , F.jrcleea' Bow'r, with vwriatiocv by Loxier, AUo, all the S.ti,4ic. Uiat are aw (inging 4rw Concert oy Mr, boike, Uolmao, .Yleses IncKvo - v Mist r billipa. tic. with a great vane 1 - . - . ' t . . . 49 WILLIAM - STREET. 0T'The new FERRY UtiA l S from the foot ( wui tirwe new York, to the foot of l - lt - M'e atmtTJreolUya, Bear the Navy; Yard. Trill, c&ninceniiiiia oa Sundnytha 17ihinL. e"?5;!! crof6 ,0.1,Br,0,3" fr? M rjr 7 - V ?l , .. . 1.. n . t, .. rM - , '. , J RSj'ys Jr,, anuludistry, troni the EJixabetn - tqs Point, for New - k ork, .ail frca. MalheliUtraet, (where the Steam - boat A5ia'trta tortMtly fuss to,) at.. clock, Pt. txiy, . Passage 1 X. l - eoU. rjda4rts.iU.. - 'i - Va heat Hotel), ol . ' , U - 1 aa vuu wunioiiiuiigi Fmyi 21 tf 1 ' . - " Ur JOHN tstUCTOK. Jest. 106 Liberty - st, offers liberal airVetipationson property conaign.. rd to his friend in the Mediterranean.' ror further particulars, - apply as above, or to All ft A II AM HiXb, Je 6 tf - corner of CIiU & Fultot) - ats' ' " LANDS. . - . ' fcr STEPHEN B: MUKW. No. 22C Pa - treet, New York, purchase Lands io Ute Illia - ois Territory, which ha been let: apart for the lute Army. Letter from the country giving a. description of the patent and the price asked lo?' eacn ioi, win he atteuiled to, K roil oaid, ; my 15 tf ' ' - A CAKD. ' 07" At the particular solicitations of the Lady subscribers, lha New - York Salt Water Floating Bull) will be removed - to her old station at the foot of Murray - streat, this day, where it will continue open every day, from sunrise in the morning, uutil 10 o'clock nt - night, during the - batbii season. It is loped wheq the Ladies of this city know that this large building, which will accommodate two or three bundled periocs at a time, I exclusively devoted lo their enjoyment on Monday and Wednesday of each week until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encouragement which such an approbation deserve. On a'l other clay ihey.heve tbeirown apartn.ei ts, only. The grtatt! possible attention will be, pai'f. The Bath at (he Battery, it open every day (rem sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentl - . men only. ' - ' . Je 29 P.AULK KIliK COMtAJSX, OF NEW - VORK. ffcr Notice is hereby given, thftt'a Dividend. of tour and a half per cent on the Capital Stock of tbi company, ha been declared by (he Board, of Directors ; and will be paid to the stockhold ers, on or alter the l.ith Inst. . J J Im The Petilic Insut.iiice Cosnpanv of New York, have (his day declared a dividend of six. per i cut. on the capital stock, for the last lix. months, pay able at (heir office, No. 49 Walf - it, on the 10th iutt. - " r - ." By order of the Board of Directors. WALTER K. JONES, Sec'ry Jfilm ' : Uteau Insurance Oihce, - v , July 6, 1818. V: rrr The Board of Director have thi daY declarcl a, dividend of Uirre and a half per cent, on their capital stock for Uie last six Month, winch will ba.payabla to tne stockholder or their legal representative on (he tenth inst. ftt - the office of the company, 45 V all - tret. " , fc. mIUIX bTANEBUKY, Etc. ' July 7 1m . . . u - v JfKW.XOHK JJWSCJfAAX'K COMI'AJSl" TVY. President and Directors bsve this day JL declared a dividend of five per cent 011. the capital stock of the company, for tJie lasV six monUi, payable to the - stockholders, or, , their legaTfepreenfariv?","cfl - aoraiier Uie - 13th inst; at the office, No." 34 Wall - street. Jbilv6 1m ' " C. ti. SH1P.MAN, Sccr'y - CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL and 0JER - . CANTILK ACADEMY. MESSRS. KELLY ii TUtf'.IY respectfully inform the public, that (lu - y haio lately rominenced thi establishment in the large and airy rooms. IVo. 45 I eart street a lew doors - from the corner of L'hathtuii ttreet. ' Their course of eilucotioo comprises (Ihj Grtiek, Latin, French, and English language ;, Composition, History, Geography, fhe ur 01 (he (ilobe s. Hook - Keeping, Arithmetic, wilh th oth er practical brandies of (be Mathematics, Young i.aoies nave a room, appropiiaieo to - themselves, where they will be taught a rrgqlur course cf female education, together with plain and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady olexein - plary conduct and lung ex perknee in that department. . - . V Reference to Robert Adrain, P. M. and N. P, Columbia College. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR., Jifess. Kelly Si Tuomy beg leave also to inform the public, that their Giaaimatical Mirror is now completed and organised, nod lha I they are prepared lo undertake it application to the duties of instruction. The Grammatical Mirror a machiue ccastructed 00 such principles, and, actuated by such laws, as to exhibit, a manifest representation of all the parts of human speech,, in all the Variety cf their inflections and all the, diversity of .their toiobiuatiotn ; it is calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed ty writing or by utterance : letter and sound are (he arbitrary symbols, not the resemblance of Idea 1 but (he Grammatical Mirror presents an exact imitation, ot the agent with its cases, of the object with its passions, of their substitute with rU genders and person, and of Uie action wilh it manner, aad its times. The other parts of speech will make their respective appearances iu tha revolution of this extraordinary nmchine. It i 00 lees useful to the teacher than, to the pupil 1 anil while it expedites the progress oftbe one, it will tacili. tote the labor of theotne - v .' Should any person object to fne practicability of its applicMion.Uiey challenge the investigation - of opposition ! they cannot consent lo na Indiscriminate inepectico : but any person whv shall be qualified to di - e uss its merits ihey are willing lo. admit, and prepared to answer hi exertion. TWigh duty f irbids Uiem to acknowledge their own iiileriorily yet, tbry rrly not on. their diligence aad zeal others may have aa. much t they rely not on their erudition and' talents, others may not have Ic ; but Ihey re. Won the co oprition of their meart, which ihey conte nd to he np:rior to any that can be, emplojed to attain the object it oremplatca.. Though they entertain no doubt of Us awe rior general utility, Uiey conceiveXhat for such as cannot, allurd uiucti . time sirr - study, or whose dilieient emplovrnents, most confine them to interrupted ami desultory lertutea, iv must poascas peculiar advantage. - .Vevend literary characters.. - ho have insncc. ted this machine. Rave been equally a&ton'rch. ed aud delighted, and doubt not that experience will realise the most sanguine expeot - lions that arc entertained of its. advantage atd; success. Under these impresions tle r - roprictor of the G nmspfticaf .Mirror rwwrimend Kto public notice, and they are n - at more desirous of acquiring, than they are confident of securing Uie pwtronage, ot tbrpublic . v ; ; !i. it. llrev have tor general. convcn.cnce determined; to ileliveT evetiin? Irottircii, fi - om tialf past five till half pant seven, on any of tht boverftertKMM - i brn ctiea.ol Jrlaraiuee. - - J 10 Im ' . a .AT. - : - (' The ft nJ Mcstnd floe ia atar Nav 0 t. Tb. rooa - are iar - e, inr . Li. rn bit deep, weHralctjlated UrV hole crockery store, fsWtorge, eriar o4e business requiring asoew rooa,' To be Islloje - . of ne - M usic lor Vbt Pwn? Forte and the FUit iher or separate. EaT - rm e the praauaaa. e - JjJ ".' Kt lrorletrft,"P,, - - ilX I . 1 1 t

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