The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 22, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1937
Page 14
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' ^^^^^^·^y^^^^£^^^^lMf^^^^^^^' FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 22 · 1937 MARKET GAINS 10 TO 15 CENTS SI 0.50 TOP BEST IN TWO MONTHS Receipts of Livestock Cut Far Below Advance Estimates. CHICAGO, (JP) -- Receipts of livestock \yere cut far below advance estimates Monday in all departments of the trade but prices of hogs displayed the only immediate reaction to curtailed supplies. . Swine rose. 10 to 15 cents to a $10.50 peak, highest in more tln two months. Although the run was 07 per cent off what had been expected, this was not the only stimulating factor in the trade: Much emphasis was placed on a sudden jump of Vz cent a pound in wholesale pork loin prices on top o£ last week's more pronounced upturn. . ' . - . · . · Traders said advancing loin values to the 'highest level since last October indicated demand was good despite.the fact that-Lenten abstinence still exists.: However, some buying in the wholesale market was attributed to the fact that dealeis may be anticipating requirements at: the close b£ Lent. : The - trade in cattle and sheep was slow and prices in these departments displayed little strength. Best'.steers" were : held above the two year peak ot.S15.50, however, while the undertone; on good ,to near choice cattle for eastern ship- merit was weak. Most early sales ranged from $9.25 to $12. Bee£ car- ,cass wholesale .values were unchanged to. *,!· cent a pound lower, the range being 11% to 19M: cents. Early indications were that lamb sales would he made on an unchanged to shade higher basis. Loco! Livestock SIO.00-11.50 S 8.00-10.00 S 6.00- 8.00 S 4.00- B.OO S 9.00-10.00 S 7.00- 9.00 S 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 . . S 3.50- 5.00 S 5.00- G.OO S 4.50- 5.00 S 3.50- 4.2j S 3.=0- 4.00 S 3.00- 3.50 s 2.75- 3.00 S 2.50- 2.1o S 4.50- 5.50 s 4.00 MASON CITY-- For Monday HOGS »·· Ten cents higher. . Good llcht lights ... 140-150 S '.53- 7.85 Good light lights ... 150-1CO S 8.05- S.35 Good lights ......... 1GO-170 S 8.75- 9.05 Good lights ....... ... 170-180 ' S 3.20- 9.50 Good light butchers 100-200 S 3.50- 3,80 Good, lifiht butchers 200-220 ? 9.70-10.DO Good me. wt. hutch. 220-250 S 3.70-10.00 Good me. vvt. hutch. 250-270 S 9.70-10.00 Good mo. wt. butch. 270-230 S 9.70-10.00 Good heavy butchers 200-325 S 9.GO- 9.00 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.50- 3.60 Good heavy butchers 350-400 S 3.35- 9.63 Good packing sows . : 275-350 S 9.25- 3.55 Good heavy sows ..:. 330-425 S 9.05- 9.35 Good big heavy sows 425-500 $ 8.85- 9.15 Good big heavy sows 500-550 S B.C5- 8.35 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hbfis. The difference In price is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers ... Good to choice steers .. Pair ,to good steers ..... Low Erade steers . Choice to prime yearlings Good to choice yearlings Fair to good yearlings . Common to fair yearlings .. . Good 'to choice heifers ....;· S 7.00- 9.TO J-alr to good, heliers ........ S 5.00- 7.00 Common tcTfalr heifers .. Choice to prime cows ..' Good to choice cows ... Fair to good cows ....... Fair to good cutters .... Common to fair cutters . Fair to good canners Common to fair canners . Good to choice bulls Lleht bulls ____ . ............ . Calves, Gd. to choice 130-130 S 1.00- S.OO Calves, mcd. to good 130-190 S 4.50- 7.00 Calves, inter, to Kd. 130-190 ? 4.50 d'wn . · LAMBS I^mbs, gd. to choice 10-80 S 9.75-11.00 Lambs, nied. to good 70-90 S 8.75- 9.75 Lambs, tr. to medium 70-90 S 5.75- 8.7D Lambs, common ... ---- - · - . . . s 5.75 d'wn Yearlings, gd. . to ch. -70-90 S 5.00- 6.00 Ycarlinss. medium to good S 4.00- 5.0C Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.09- 4.00 Yearlings, culls ......... :.. S 2.00- 2.50 Natlva CWC5. good to choice S 2.0D- 4.00 Culls.'ewes ........... . ..... $1.00-1.51 Bucks ....... . ....... i Wethers. 2 year olds Wethers, old .......... ..... Buck lambs 51 lower. No dock on Iambs. Quotations subject to market UOBS. , - , CHICAGO LIVESTOCK - - · (Monday Market) CHICAGO, (/F) -- U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 12,00(1; Including 4.000 direct market uneven; 105il5c higher than Friday's average; 'packlne; sows 5tilOc up strictly choice hogs ISO Ibs. doivn very scarce: -good and choice 200 to 320 ,lbs §10.25® 10.45; top 510.50 paid for sevcra loads averaging 220 to 240 Ibs.; most ICO to 190 Ibs. S9.C5©10.40; packing sows mostly $a.GO«9.B3. CATTLE 11.000: calves 1,500; fed steers and yearlings slow, steady; undertone weak on good to near choice kinds suitable for eastern shippers; few loads 'strictly; choice and prime cattle getting some action; common and medium grades also selling but others dull; prime weighty steers; held above S15.5Q; best early $15.25; largely 59.25B12 market; short feds predominating in crop: stockers and feeders scarce with meaty feeders in demand; heEfcrs strong to 25c higher; strictly good and choice cows strong on shipper account selling at $' up; others slow steady; hulls firm to shade higher at $6.60 down on sausage offerings; vealers 50ffSI lou'cr; marke' opening 5Dc off at S10.50 down, now bidding around $10 on best shipper kinds. SHEEP 7.000; including 200 direct; supply fat lambs around 60 per cent from Colorado: three loads clippers ana one load California springers; opening trade very slow: early indications fat lambs fully 'steady or around 512.40 for bes' kinds; fat sheep weak to 25c .Tower; odd lots choice native' ewes $7S'7.50. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DZS MOINES. Iff)--Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and nine lacking plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 48 hour icriod ended at 8 a. m. Monday were 10,800 compared with 42,800 a week ago ind 35,900 a year ago. Mostly 10 cents higher than average Saturday, spots steady to 5 cents higher; undertone strong; loadings indicated light. . . Light lights 140-1CO Ibs. S8.:OS9.20; ifiht weights 1GO-180 Ibs. S9.iOSJB.85: 18000 Ibs. S9.85fi:io.lO: medium weights 200220 Ibs. 59.SOI510.30: 220-250 Ibs. 59.90® 0.30; heavy weights 250-290 Ibs. 53.90110.30; 290-330 Ibs. S9.B5B10.20: packing ows 275-350 Ibs. f9.5tKS9.7a: 350-425 Ibs. 9.30IK9.60; 425-550 Ibs. S9.05S9.40. The above quotations arc based on ulk transactions. Long haul shipments howins excessive weight shrinkage and ogs excessively filled usually-sell res- ectively somewhat above" and below rices quoted. Hogs bought on the oasis C shipping point weights are also cx- ludcd from quotations. . . S 1.00- 2.00 S 5.00- 8.00 $3.00-5.00 SOUTH ST. PAIJr, LIVESTOCK (Monday Market! SOUTH ST. PAUL, Wj_V. S. department of agriculture-. CATTLE 5.000: most classes slo\v, bidding ^weak to lower on most slaughter ulcers and she stock: .few early, sales barely .steady; most slaughter steers sal. able around SS.sotr? 10.50; choice kind! quotable above 512.50; common and mi* dfum heifem $6tfl8; , plain'good cows S. 1 * trt6', low cutters and cutters mostly. S3.75 $?4.75; bulls steady: bulk SS downward slockers and feeders steady; plain and medium stbckers $5.25 ff7 7.25: calves 2,700 ·weak la SOc. lower: bulk (rood to choice $8S9.50: few selection!; 510. TTOCS 5,500;. unevenly steady to I5c higher than last week's close: packfm sows steady; ISO to 300 Ibs. slO-Ff-in.ln top S10.10: 161) in 100 Ibs. S9.e5Sr.10;. 120 to: ISO Ibs. mostly SS.505PD.5d; bulk oood sows S9.50: average cost Saturday $9.31 wcicht 204 Ibs. SHEEP 1.300; very little done: early un dcrtonc about' steady on. moRt classes .good to choice old crop lambs at las week's : close 511.75® 12; range feeding lambs $IO@I0.7S. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK · . ·· , (nfonitay Market) SIOUX CITY, OT--17. S. department,o ftgrlcuHure-- · · . CATTtE 3,000; calves 80(1; stnuqhle steers and yearlinrs active. lOQ'ISc high er; fed heifers strong: cows steady It strong;, stockcrs anrt feeders, fully sleid.v ff.w good and choice 10BO Ib. yearling S12.75; prime beeves absent and quoted . above $14; numerous sales short fed PRICES OF INGOT COPPER, ELECTROLYTIC CENTS PER POUND 25 MOMTrfy AVERAGES OF PfJODUCERSf QUOTATIONS. DOJV£RtCD CXWNECTICUT POINTS ao 15 10 1928 UftR. 22,1937 1929 19.30. .1931. MAR. 8- 16.25,-x CENTS PER POUND ZS 1933 20 15 IO 1935 1936 1937 Clio *tm«L or GcuuiKce STOCK MARKET TAKES TUMBLE 'ew Leading Shares Able to Stage Comeback From Lows of Day. NEW YORK, (fP)--Depressed by rowing labor upsets, traders urned again to the selling side in iTonday'S' stock market and quoted alues of leading issues, fell 1 to nore than 6 points at the worst. Activity was pronounced at in- ervals with the ticker tape late t the height of the slides. Support ppeared occasionally but the volume dwindled. A number of issues came back rom their low points in the final our, but the majority lacked re- overy vitality and closed at the ottom. Transfers were around 2,50,000 shares. Hog Markets MIDWEST I1OGS * Hos prices at midwest markets Monday: . - · . WATERLOO--Hogs lOc higher. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs. S7,7oea; loo-ico Ibs. 160-170 Ibs. $8.80Tl9.10; HOBO Ibs. 59.35(39.65: 180-200 Ibs. S9.G5GS 9.05; 200-290 Ibs. -53.75JilO.05; 290-325 Ibs. $9.635(9.95; 325-350 Ibs. S9.55e3.85; pack- ng sows 275-350 Ibs. 59.25fflO.55: 350-425 bs.-S9.10a3.40; 425-550 Ibs. 58.35(33.25. CEUAR KAPIDS--Good hogs 140-160 bs. SI.BOQB.IO; 150-100 Ibs. 5B.30iae.60; 1GO-170 Ibs. S8.80B9-10; 170-180 Ibs. 59.35 ©9.05; 180-200 Ibs. 59.e5g9.95; 200-325 Ibs. 53.751(1:10.05; 325-350 Ibs. S3.C05l9.90: good packers 275-350 Ibs. $9.25®D.5n; 350-425 bs, S310IR9.30; 425-500 Ibs. sa.95ffi9.25; 100-550 Ibs. S8.n04J9.10. OTTILMWA--Hogs unchanged. AUSTIN--Hogs lOc higher. Good to choice lfiO-200 Ibs. £9.GOS9.90; 270-290 Jbs. 59.80jU0.10; 290-325 Ibs. $0.701210; 325-350 bs. S9.GOS9.90; packing sows good 27550 Ibs. 59.10® 9.70. 9.75'down; small lots good fed heifers 95J9.25; bulk beef cows S5Sj7: few un o $0; most cutter grades 53.75ffi4.75; hoicc.'SGO Ib. stockers 58.70; car 750 Ib, veights 58.50; common and medium lots ?5frfi.50; few fleshy light heifers on ecder account 57.75: current stockcr and ee dcattle quotations: steers 550 to 800 bs. good and choice $G.50i/i9; common ind medium 54.75(^6.50; CUD to 1050 Ib. ood and choice 56.75^9.23: common and medium 55.25riIG.75; heifers good a n d holcc S5.753'7; common : and medium 4.5QS:5.75; cows good S4.50515; common and medium S3,75'i!; calves (steert good and choice S6.SOG9; medium 55.25 «? 0.50. · HOGS 3.000: slow; few early sales to packers 5®10c higher than Friday's average: few under 190 Ib. weights up most; shipping demand-harrow; good 190 to 220 Ib. butchers SIOffilO.10: choice heavier fed butchers held higher: 1GO to 190 Ib lights 59.50® 10; 140 to 100 ib. light lig 58.85^9.50; slaughter pigs scarce; strong weight feeder pigs up to S8.50; good sows 59.60: stags 59.75 down. SHEEP 1.000; 110 carlj- fat lamb bids; undertone firm: choice fed westerns held above 55.25; 120 Ib. bred aged ewes or country .account 57.75. OMAHA' LIVESTOCK. (MoiuUy Market) OMAHA, (tf-j--U. S. department o£ agriculture-- HOGS 3.300: 5-lOc higher; 180 Ibs. up lOB 10.20; top 510.25; ICO to ISO Ibs. $9.CO W10.IO; HO to ICO Ibs. S9.IOff3.Co; sows ".50c7i9.t!0. .- ' . . . . . CATTLE V.ono; calves 701); steady- steers SS.50F!;14.51: heifers S8«i9.25; cows S3W8: cutters S3.50®5; bulls 54.50 to SG x-ca]ers to 59,50. SIIEEP 5,300: weak: asking strong lambs S12 down; best $12.25. LIVESTOCK TORECAST. CHICAGO, f/H--Official estimated receipts for Tuesday: Cattle 8,000; Hogs 19.000; sheep 9,000. Representative Sales (Monday Market) CHICAGO. If,--V. s. department o£ agriculture--Representative'sales: Efeavy-- IS 349 32 324 61 289 238 Mediums-- S3 248 7Z 227 2tl! 77 203 HOGS. I Lights 10.15| 83 J0.35. 10.45 Steers 17 58 IS 10 20 20 23 57 1533 1523 1648 957 1190 940 1072 990 107 186 17.1 160 | Light Llghts- 10.4SI9B 158 111.5082' 143 10.301 . 10.15J CATTLE. ! Heifers-15.75! 15 8SO 15.25129 7.11 14.50|24 13.35J23 12.15]18 I'.OOICows-- 10.65! 3 9.25| '1 IS \l 745 7IU1 810 13BO I23S 1(112 305 SIIEBP. Colorado Lambs-- |Fcd Westerns- 01 102 04 02 9 6 . Ewes-- 03 30 02 02 89 121 142 ICO INVESTMENT TRUSTS (Bid and Asked Monday) By The Associated Press. Corp Tr Sh . . , ........... 3,05 Corp Tr Sh AA Mod .. 3.78 Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser . . 2.83 Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod 3.76 Dividend Sh ..;.... ..... 2.11 Maryland Fund ---- ...... 10.41 Nationwide Sec ..... ... 4,80 Nationwide See Vtc .... 2.21 Nor Amer Tr Sh ...... . . 2.72 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1355 .. .1.57 Quarterly Inc Sh . . . . . . . . ia.B2 Selected Am Sh Inc .... 15,49 · Super, Corp Am Tr A .. 4.27 U S El L F A ........ 1S.625 U S El L A P B ........ 2.34 U S El L P Vtc ....... 1.08 10.45 10.3_ 1025 10.1! 10.00 8.C jn.SO 9.50 0.00 B.2.1 7.50 7.25 6. on 5.25 4.25 12.40 12.25 12.15 12.00 11.85 7.50 7.25 6.75 2.28 11..1B 4.J30 2.37 20 G2 17.32 1!).I2: .1.04 1. 10 PARTOF WHEAT ADVANCE LOST Lead to Di'op From Day's High; Close Still Above Saturday's. CHICAGO, (IP)--Rains in Nebraska and forecasts of moisture n Kansas and other important states led late Monday to sharp ·eactions from feverish advances of wheat values. More than 2 cents setback from he day's top quotations took place. The late downturns were in the face of 1,503,000 bushels decrease of the United States wheat visible supply total announced Monday. At the close, wheat was % to cents above Saturday's finish, May 51.39 Vi to Sl.39%, July 51.26Va to $1,26id; corn % to 1% cents up, May 51.139s'to $1.13"., July 51.07; oats unchanged to Vj cent lower, and provisions 2 cents o 12 cents down. N'E\V YORK (Monday .Filial By The Associ 1 Ch Dye 234 m Can lOKi ,m Sm Ref 48^ \ m , T T 168 Vi n Tob B 81 Vt m w Wks 23'A \naconda 59r» _tch T Si'S P 80 \uburn Auto 28'A .via lion Corp 0 Bait «; Ohio nasnsdall , £,, * Beth Stl l14 41 G7 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Monday Market} CHICAGO, Wj--Cash wheat, No. 2 red ark hard Sl-45=i; No. 1 hard 51.47® .m\; No. 2 bard S1.46Hs; No. 3 white 1.43; No. 3 mixed $1.42. Corn. No. 2 yellow 51.15J1.17: No. 4 cllow Sl.13SI.lGli; No. 5 yellow S1.09V4 TI.I2K; No. 3 white Sl.lD1iei.20; sample -ado $1.09(gl.ll. Oats. No. 1 white 531I34C; No. 2 white 2c; No. 3 white 51','ac; sample grade '/4C. Rye, No. 2. Sl.18%, .Barley feed 73ii87c nom. , Malting Slffil.35 nom. Timothy seed SJ.75S5,50 cwt. Clover seed SSOfiHG cwt. , Lard tierces 312.47; loose $11.75; bellies S1E.75. Cannd Case Chi i N W C G W 3=Si C M S P 1? 2»i C Hk Si P 3% Chrj-slcr ISl'.i Colum G El 16»B ?omwlth S 3 Con Edison SS^fi Con Oil laTb Con Can 60 ?ont Oil Cel *orn Prod Curtiss Wright 7 )eere Co 118 DccreCo pfd 30 Du Po De N 159 ETt Elcc 5'Ha en Foods 41 ?» en Mot GHi Gillette 17 Coodyr T R 4Mi Hudson Mot 1952 ohns Manv 140 Cresgc 25»'« .ibbSy OF Gl 67?4 laytag 12V= Mason City Groin MASON CITY--For Monday . 3 yellow shelled corn...$1.04 So., 4 yellow shelled corn .. .$1.02 Ear corn 94c White oats, No. 3 ..42V Barley 60-80c Soybeans, No.. 2 yellow ....$1.30 MONDAY GRAIN CLOSE WHEAT-May July Sept 3OHN- May new .... May old July new July old .... Sept. OATS--. May July Sept SOYBEANS-May July · RYE-May , J u l y Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Mar. May July Sept BELLIES-May July Hisll 1.41)4 1.28 1.12V* 1.09=1 l.OH 1.02 '.'· I.I2 1.08 12.07 13.20 13.10 CHICAGO, Low C 1.30H, 1.25H 1.23 . l.OSli 1.01^8 1.0S .90'i 12.75 12.02 13.20 1.33V, 1.26 I'd 1.23'.; 1.07 1.07 1.04% 1. 112V, .47 .4331 1.DB54 1.011 12.52 12.13 12.92 13.20 16.87 17.10 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN ( M o n d a y MarketV MINNEAPOLIS,- I!F)-- Wheat 70 cars s ,ic lower; No. 1 lic.tvy dark northern Gl Ibs. SlAl'AKl.SVt;' No. 2 dark northern 59 Ibs. S1.48'A«J1.58','.; 58 Ibs. S1.47'/i® 1.57'.^; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein $'.45'A®1147'A; No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana wintei Sl.Sfl'.^GI.^O'/i: hard amber durum No. 1 $1.49Virai.67V'«; No. 1 red durum Sl.35',1 Corn, No. 3 yellow Sl.l5'/2(31.18'/3; unchanged. Oats, No. 3 while 45V.e47;!c. KANSAS CITY CHAIN. .(Mnday Market) KANSAS'CITY. (IP,--Wheat: 82 cars I?ic to 31ic higher. No, 2 dark hard Sl.aa'.'.itn.lO'.-i; No. 3. $l,35V(il.37K: No 2 hard nominally · SI.40®1.43',1; No. 3 nominally SI.3G$i'1.3avt; No. 2 red nomln ally Sl.41Spl.44K; No. 3 nominally SI.38'.b 4J1.43. Corn: 50 cars; We lower to I f S c higher No. 2 white nominally SI.23ai.2G; NO. 3 nominally Sl.21^il.24',a; No. 2 yellow nominally S1.23@1.25\4; No. 3, ?1.22!'j(if 1.22V*; No. 2, mixed nominally $1. 1.23'A; No, 3 nominally £l,20?n.22!, Oats: G cars; !'i-lc higher. No, 2 white nominally 51'/4ft541ic: No. 3 nominally OMAHA GBAIN. (Monday Market) OMAHA, (m--Wheat: Dark h a r d , ' N o 2. $I.30',i®1.37'.i; No. 3, $1.32U*M.33V hard No. 1. S1.3aT(1.39/4; No. 2, $1,38%. Corn: Yellow No. 2, SI.1714: No. $1.16!4®I.17'.i; No. 4, $t.i5j}1.17; whltt- No. 3, S1.19',i»I.20',4: mixed No. 3, $1.15 Oats: While No. 2. 54c; No. 3, 47'.i@ 1314c; No. 4, 47«47',ic; sample 41c. Go o DCS nioincs. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. O Slaggle drove to Des Moines Saturday. Mr. Slaggle, who is in pooi health consulted a physician. Visits at Iowa City. HAYFIELD--John Heiny, loca high school coach, spent the \veek- end with, friends at Iowa City and West Amana. Stock List 2!Hi 1° 92 STOCKS Quotations) iated Tress. McK 4: Rob Mid Cont Pet Monteom Morrell Co Nash Mot Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr' Nat Distill K a t p ow TJ N Y Central Northern Pnc Oliver Farm p ac kard Mot 42 21 ?°'f 24 i', 32'/4 11« 49 31V. saw 1014 Warner 07 58!4 141. 44»,i Phillips Pet 5K1 Rey Tob B Soars Roeb Shell Union Sec Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Eld Oil Cat Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J 68VS Steivart Warn 10 W Studefcaker Iftfj Swilt Co ZWt Texas Corp 55^1 Tex Gul£ Sul 39 Timk Roll B 6C Un Carbiite 103W Un Pae 141W Unit Air Corp 30V United Corp 6\'i Unit Drug 1*51 U S Ind Alco 40 v a m e r i e t West Un Tel 72 West El M 13ji',4 Wootwortll SH» Wrigley Jr OUT. CHICAGO STOCKS. loriday i r inal Qtiotations) By The Associated Press Cities Service 4».|Natl Standard Keilmanu Brew "Bil Northwest Bane Katz Drug 13HI Quaker Oats ll!)Va KelloEE Switch 10 l /«|Rath Packing ibby McNeil 13V4|Swift Co 2e',i Swi lidwest Corp Iatl Leather IHiiSwilt Intl ni|Zenith Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Oftice In Baglcy-Beck Bids. Telephone No. 7. DOW JONES AVERAGES Infls. Kails Tllils Clo=e .................. 173.62 60.18 31.92 Total Sales ...................... 2,030,OOC CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 16!i Marsiri Fields 2514 Cord Corp 4'/« Walgreen Co 30 Kalpmaz Stov 10'A NEAV YORK CHUB Am G El 3!i'/j Hud B M S 35 Am Cyan B iaV\ Hum Oil Co 79 Am Su Po Co 2 Ark Na Gas A 10V4 As G it El A 3Vi Can Ind Alk 6V Can Marconi 2 El Bd Si Sh 2 Lockheed 131' Nine Hu Pow Kfla Pcnnroad Corp 5 S O Ky Co 20i'a Un Gas Co 11 Un LI P Co I Uttl P t Li Co 1 Ford M o£ Ca 25 Vi Ford M of EnK 'IV* NEW YOIIK STOCKS Alaska Jun I1?i Hudson Motor IO 1 .' Hupp Motors 2 Intl Carriers 8 Am F Pow 10'ii Am Cr Su Co 2IKii Am C F Co 01 Am Pow A: Li I2',i Am Roll Mills 37=i Am R S Co 2414 Amer Tob Co 81 VI Armour Co mi Arm S: Co pf Q7 As Dry Gds 20 '.i All Ret 32 Baldwin Loco 8 BriecsMfe Co 4CVi Bendix 25'A Budd Mfg Co mi Byers A M Co 27'.i Cat Tractor 88 Cer de Pasco 74 dies Sc Ohio 60 Chi Gt W pfd in~i CMStPP ptd Gfii Coca Cola Co 154V'j Com Solvents IS'A Cont Motor S Cudahy Pack 41 Cilrt-Wr Co A 20 n ,'« Dist Cp SeaR 2fi Douglas Airc 61VB Eastman ISO El Auto Lite 3S',i Elec Po : LI 24 Eric R R Co 21 Fire T t Bu 3H Foster-Wheel 4)'.i Freeport Tex 25}a Gen Am Tran 71 Gllddcn Co 44V« Gobel ' S^l Gold Dust 13 3 ,4 Graham Paige Wt Gt Nor pfd 40?i Hahn DC Stor IB 11 Houston Oil 1314 Indust Rayon Kelvinator Co 21 Lambert Co 20 LchiRh Pt Cc 4C'/ Liquid Cb Cp 49=' Lorillard 2K Mack Truck 53 Mathleson Al 36 lUcLellnn Slor 161: Minn. Mol Im 13V! M K T V Mot Products 32!^ No Amer 2Ii% No Am Avi 13% Otis steel Co 31 Packard Mot 30! Parlc Utah Cop 5 Plymouth 24? Proc Gam SGIi Pub S of N J 44^' Pullman GT Pure Oil Co 131: Purity Bakery 20 U K O TV Hem Rand 25 Roo Motors a Simmon.*; Co 52V So Cal Edison 27V Spcrrv Corp St G E 111 Tide W As Oil 10 U S Ind Alch 40 U S Smelter 0:tV: Util P «: Lt A 3V Vanadium 32* Un Gns ic Im 145 Warren Bros 0V Weslern Un 72 Worth Pump 38 Vcllow Truck W. Youngs S t T Hides HORSEII1DES Quotations Farniabed by tVolf Bros lno_ 5108 Firth Street Southwell Etorschldes ....' 54.25 ·OKEEN 3EEF HIDES Up to 23 Ibs. 1I« 25 Ibs. up 9 Bull hides 7M 'Cureo tilde? half cent more a pounc (On above prices a cent and n ha higher to wholesale dealer! In wholcsal lots.) WOOL MARKET. BOSTON, (,?--U. S. department oE ag rlculture-- Moderate business was transacted I the Bo.slon woo) market Monday as bn; ers, encouraged by the continued strenffl In Australian markets, were covering Im mediate need*; and anticipating to n cc tain extent their future requirements. Purchases for current needs were miic largely from spot fine wools of fine an medium sr.idcs. Willingness of mills and lopmakcrs cover future needs stimulated interest I contracts for tcrrllory and Texas wool Curb Marker. NEW YORK, (iP)--Prices drifted lower n the curb market Monday, with losses nuging from fractions to around three olnls. Metal and specialty shaves suffered nost from lack of buying support. Down iy a point or more were Aluminum Co. f America. New Jersey Zine, Shnltltck- )cnn, Sherwin WilHams, Youngslov/n tee! Door. American Potash Chemical nd Brazilian Traction. Fractional losers included Brectric Band Share. Atlantic t Pacific. SIc- Villiains Dredging. Creole Petroleum, imerican Gas Jc Eleclrjc and American Cyanamld "15." Shaves that edged forward against the rend were Lake Shore Mines. Wayne p. Wright Hargreaves and.. Sunray Oil. Bond Market NEW YORK. iP|--U. S. government onds found support at modestly higher iriccs Monday as other sections of the fond market were uneven to lower. The improvement shown in the fed- tral list late in the morning developed rom light trading volume, indicating a vithdrawal of offerings" rather than icightenet! demand. Most of the gains verc of minor dimensions, with the best lightly under '/t of a point. Dealers s.iicl Tiany inventors liad joined the , sidclino roup to axvait something more concrete n Ihe way of money market prospects. Corresponding quietude settled over ither divisions of the market, hut with omevvhat different results. High grade orporates declined as a group, while the upre speculatively tinged issues followed nixed courses. Hails recoiled n bit with *ock Island General 4s. "Katy" .is. Perm- ylvania General 4'^s and AHcghany Stamped 5s declining ,i to more than a oint. Lchigh ValTey Coat company 5s of 1DG4 irokc more than 5 points and the 5s oE 374 nearly 5 to provide two of the ont- t a n d i n e swings in the corporate section. Hiram Walker 4'As declined a point or so nd International Paper 5s lost nearly :iat much. Abitiht Power Bs, -however, gained bout 2 and fractional improvement \vas hown by Shell Union 3'£s, "Loews' nv nd Anaconda 4Vis. Foreign bonds wore slow to open and oath to move' importantly once they lad come out. Slightly uneven trends ibtained. CHAPTER 3 The man who entered the solic- :or's office flung his hat unceremoniously on Stuckey's desk and anlc heavily, without invitation, nto the only chair which offered ny degree of comfort. He glanced round -at Bells and jerked liis ead faintly but authoritatively in he direction of the door. The cleric urned on his heel and vanished nto the outer office. Charles Stuckey looked supreme- y uncomfortable, as he always did n the presence of this paunchy, verfed man with the florid eoun- enance and the faintly mocking expression in the dark-brown eyes, vhich were a trifle too small and et a shade too closely together. For some moments no word was pokcn: the two men sat regarding ach other. A , m a n "in the early iUies, Colonel Alec Lutman had nee been a handsome And impos- ng figure. Those who knew him est and disliked him most said rial Lutman's name could not be ound in the Army List and that he prefix "Colonel" had, indeed, o more justification, when applied o Lutman, than the fact that wo- nen succumb more readily to a itle, particularly a military title. At last.the solicitor, with an ob- /ious effort as of a man slinking imself free from some dominating nfluence, broke the silence. "What have you come for, Lutman?" The smile on the other's face videned. "My dear Charles!" he protest- d. "Scarcely the way to greet an ild--er--friend! I do hope -you don't employ the same effusive manner toward ali your--er-- Clients." The solicitor scowled. "I'm sorry," he said, "but I'm in no mood this morning for badinage. Did you want to see me about anything in particular? Because, if not, I have several appointments." Colonel Lutman regarded him vith an air of appreciative benevo- ence. "The one thing I admire most about you, Charles, is your stern ense of duty. It is that which makes rising young lawyers--er-- ise," he finished rather lamely. Stuckey made an impatient ges- ure and looked at his wrist watch. "I. hope," went on his visitor, 'that you have not, under pres- Produee MASON CITY-- For Monday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Dggs, current receipts ieavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over Under 5 Ibs tags, 5 Ibs. and over Stags, under 5 Ibs Cocks All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs in trade ............ 20-21c" Eggs, cash .............. Butter, Iowa State Brand Butter, Corn Country Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best Butter, Brookfield Potatoes, russets, peck Potatces, cobblers, peck. . ..... i ·EDITOR'S NOTE-- These rep resentative' quotations were o'j tained by calling several grocery stores. 19c ,12c Be lie 7c 6c 4Qc 40e 42c CHICAGO rOTATOES. (Monday Market) CHICAGO. OT--U. S. department agriculture-Potatoes IT!: on track 417; total U. S shipments Saturday 828; Sunday 21; olt stock dull and weak, supplies liberal, de mand light; sacked per ct. Idaho Russc'. B u r h a n k s U. S. No. 1, few salc.=5 S2.U5(Tfi 3.05, according to quality and size; U. S No. 2, S2.10ST2.13: Colorado Red McClure: If. S. No. 1. few sales best S2.S05i2.OQ. Wisconsin Round Whiles U. S. No. 1, (5-2.25: U. S. commercial Sl.T5fU.85 Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1 few sales S2.20: new stock steady on bea slock, supplies liberal, demand fair; car lot track sales bushel crate Florida BHsj Triumphs U. S. No. 1, S2.12',ig2.17',4 showing heated; some decay 31.80 a crate NEW YORK PRODUCE. (Atnnday M a r k e t ) NEW YORK, m--Eggs 32,134. unset tied: mixed colors, special packs 2G? 27c: standards 255?25 I .^c; storage packet firsts 23'.if;,25 3 ,;c; firsts 23®23'.ic; me diums 23^23!;c; dirties No. 1, 23G23!ic average checks 21' ; 3fi22c. Butter 3,173. -firm; creamery highe Ulan extra 3Syfr31\3c; extra 192 scolc 36,jc; firsts fflJl-91 scores) 3-1^136 1 ,'ic; see ends (B4-R7 scores) 32 t ,= 'it33 T .;tc; central ized '.HO score) 3r^' 2 »??35 ; !ic. Cheese H7.213, (irm: stnle whole milk flats heltl fancy 193G. 22!a^23c. Live poultry: By freight, steady; chick ens: Rocks 19c: Leghorn 13c: fowls: Col orcd 20^21c: Leedorn 17rttlSc; rooster 12c; turkeys 20;2Tc; ducks 15c. P R O n U C E FUTURES. Olnnunr Marfcrt) CHICAGO. OT--Butter futures closed Storage standards. March 34',-ac; Novem her 31fec: fresh graded firsts. April 32'/c Egg futures: Storage packed firsts March 2«;c; May MVie; rcfriserato standards, October 2(l^ac. Potato futures: Idaho Russet*. Marc, Hradc A S2.6D; April grade A S2.42: Ma grade- A $2.45. Miscellaneous NEW YOSK SUGAH. NEW YORK, OT--Raw sugar changed Monday at 3.45c. July No. 4 1.2S',4c, September to 1.27V4C or 1 poln net higher. No. 3 contract unchanged t 1 point net higher. May and Scptcmfce 2.52c. Hclincd unch.inRcd, 4.fiOe. Will Erect Home. LIME SPRINGS--Postmaster A G. Buchanan has purchased a !o from Henry Owen of Cedar Fall The lot is in the east part o£ tow and Mr. Buchanan will erect modern home on it this summer. IEAD THIS FIRST: , A cable from America excites lie interest of the stenographer in- lie dingy law office of Stuckey tuckey, London, Upon his arrival 3harlcs Stuckey learns that Miss acqueline Smith, daughter of one f his few respectable clients, now n the continent with her mother, as inherited $1,500,000 from an \mcrican uncle. VOW GO ON WITH THE STORY: Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City (BEd and Asked M o n d a y ) Cent St El 6 pet pld IS25 par) 10 12 Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par) 11 13 Cent St P S: L 7 pet pld 14% 151i Champlin Re£ la 7 pet pfd .. 100 Creamery Package com ...... 23',^ 24'/a Hearst Cons A 22Vz 23 Ceo A Hormcl A pfd 104 107 Gco A Hormel com 20 2214 interstate Power R pet pfd . . 1 3 15 interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 15 n Iowa Electric Co G',-! pel pfd 48 50 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd . . 4 3 51 la El Lt f: Pow 0 pet pfd 6-1 CO la El Lt Pow G',i pet p[l .. IB C7 la El Lt Paw 7 pet pfd G3 71 la Power Light ti pet ptd .. 101 103 la Power Li E ht 7 pet pfd .. 102 104 la Public Scrv 0 pet ptd 05 97 la Public Scrv 64 pet pfd .. flli 90 Ta Public Serv 7 pet pfd 97 03 In South Util 6 pet pfd R! Ii4 In South Util OV4 pet pfd ;... C4 6i la South Util 7 pet pfd 65 70 Minnesota P L 6 Gpct pfd itt 91 Minnesota P L 7 pet pCd 93 95 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 85 87 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 90 92 xN W Bell Tel C'/i pet pfd .. 105 N W St Portland Cement com 30 32 rtatli Packlne com 3B!4 37 Sioux City G El 7 pet pfd 93 101 United Lt Rys (i pet pfd . . 79 81 United Lt Itys (i.3S pet pfd 80 82 United Lt Jk Hys 7 pet pfd . . 9 0 92 Western Grocer pfd 98 101 Western Grocer com 18 20 x Called April 15. Lamson Brothers Market Letter MAIIKET REVIEW Wheat--Statements by the Argentine grain board in line with the rumors the latter part of last week, with f u r t h e r comments that the board intends lo keep a daily check on shipments and will organize methods to be proposed in Liverpool with a sharp r u n u p in their prices and in consequence our market and Winnipeg opened at new seasonal high levels. At one lime wheat prices here were about 3c higher than Saturday's close. Winnipeg gained on Chicago, but after holding steady for a time realizing sales in considerable volume came Into the market and a good reaction ensued, the greater portion of the early advance of tile day being lost. Fair weather conditions were present over Sunday in the southwest but forecast for rain ant 1 unsettled probably in Kansas and Nc hraska for next 24 hours. The May-July wheat difference Monday narrowed to around 13','ac indicating that most of the new buying in Monday's market came into the deferred futures. We believe thai it is well to accept profits on long whcal during such strong periods as occurrcc 1 Monday and that too many eleventh hnui buyers are in the market lo make for ; sound position. Corn--Prices were sharply higher thar wheat Monday with a larger commissior house trade but toward the closc v rcac lions occurred. Milling Interests bough the white com while industries bough the yello\v com. Coastal markets re ceived about 1,300,000 bushels Argentine corn last week, the grain bctng mostly wanted by manufacturers and wet processing Industries. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Monday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, W/--Flour: Carload lots a barrel in S3 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents Iflc higher, $7.-l.5f7.7.fi5; standard patents 15c higher, $7,5007.70. Shipments 20.22D. Pure bran 535W35.50. Standard middlings S37S37.50, GOVERNMENT nONDS (.Monday Quotation*) NEW YORK. (/TV-United Slates bond; closed: Treasury 45*s 47-52 1]5. Treasury 4s 14-54 110,28. Treasury n?.s 40-43 June 105.24. Treasury 3 3 , B R 43-47 10fi.2. Treasury 3'.4s 4B-40 103.28. Treasury 3s 51-55 102.19. sure of yom- professional duties, overlooked one very Important appointment this morning." Charles frowned. "You mean . . .?" "I see you have. Even promising young solicitors . . ." "Oh, for Heaven's sake, Lutman, come to the point." The Colonel sighed and dropped his bantering tone. "All right, I wil!," he said. "Jim Asson comes out of Dartmoor this morning and is by now"--he glanced up at the clock on the dusty mantelpiece--"well on - his way to London and to this office." Stuckey gave a violent start. "Jim? Out! But I thought . , ." "Quite. You thought he wasn't due for another six months. But Jim has been a very blue-eyed boy and has earned a special remission for something or other. He should be here in about an hour." The solicitor's features registered his distaste. "But what's he coming here for? I don't want to see him." "Perhaps not." The Colonel's manner reverted to the grandiose. "But I deemed it advisable that the--er--reunion should take place here, under the aegis, as it were, o£ our legal representative. You see," he went on to explain, "when I heard from Jimmy the glad tidings of his early release, I gathered from his tone that he was feeling somewhat--er--sore with me concerning his incarceration." "You mean he knows you shopped him?" Lutman raised a hand in gesture of protest. " 'Shopped,' Charles? R e a l l y that is hardly a dignified word.'' "Dignity be hanged!" Stuckey interrupted. "I speak the language o£ my clients. And it's not so unfamiliar to you, either." Lutman waved the point aside. "Anyway," he continued, "Jimmy, as I say, is feeling a sense of grievance and is breathing vengeance and slaughter against me. I therefore wrote to him and arranged to meet him here. You see Charles"--again his wordy pose Iropped from him and lie spoke imply and earnestly--"some- hings got to be done about Jimmy." "I've often thought that," grunt- id the other. "He's a lousy--" "Yes, yes, I agree: he's all that ind more. But I mean that we've got to find a way of making it up o him. He's done an eighteen- nonth stretch; the proceeds of the ittle affair which got him the sen- ence are practically all gone f and immy will want considerable-- er--smoothing down.' 1 "What, exactly, do you mean?" "I mean," said the Colonel, 'that we've got to find a way of jresenting Jimmy with some easy money. I'm nearly broke. . . ." The ringing of the telephone bell nterrupted him. Charles lifted the ·eceiver, listened, grunted a few monosyllables and then replaced ':he instrument. "I'll have to slip out for a few minutes," he told Lutman. "Would you rather wait o r - . . , ?" "Or. I'll wait here," was the reply. "Maybe the acute legal atmosphere with which you have permeated your surroundings wit induce a bright idea." Charles grunted. "I'll hot be long," he said, anc passed through the outer office. Left alone,' the caller glanced around the dusty office with distaste. It was poorly, if adequately furnished. A shelf of law books stood affixed by rackets on opposite wall o£ the room; a few black japanned deed-boxes, thx names on which were quite illegible under the thick coating a' dust, occupied the facther come of the floor to his left. His gaze wandered to the large littered desk which occupied the center o the room and by the side of whic! stood the armchair in which h was now sitting. On the blotting pad was a small pile of letters opened and unopened. Lutman reached out a hand and drev these casually toward him. It wa; with him not so much a principh as a habit o£ mind to keep himself as well informed as possibl .on all affairs, his own or anybody else's. The cablegram arrested his attention and he read its contents idly at first, then a second timi with quickened interest. The mes sage, which came from a firm o New York lawyers, informer. Messrs. Stuckey Stuckey, as th legal accredited representatives o Mrs. Millicent Smith and he: daughter Jacqueline, that the lat ter had been bequeathed by he deceased uncle, Mr. Alan Redfern the whole of his residual estate amounting to some $1,500,000. Lutman read and re-read tin cablegram. His mind held no ide; at the moment in what way th facts disclosed could be of anj possible interest to him; but on of his most abiding principles wa that money in the possession o other people was always absorb ing interest to a man of his owr sybaritic needs . He never hear or read stories of the accession o sudden wealth without his ingen iously fertile brain being set t work overtime . on evolvin schemes whereby the transferenc pf that wealth to his own bank ing account could be effected wit the minimum of risk to himself That such schemes rarely .attaine to fruition was no deterrent t Colonel Lutman; he continued t indulge his habit o£ evolvin them. He sat for some minutes concentrated thought the cable gram dangling loosely from hi fingers. When Stuckey re-entere his office some ten minutes late it was to find his visitor sittin bolt upright in his chair, a spark] in his small, acquisitive ears, h whole expression that of a ma who has solved a difficult prob lem. (To Be Continued) Lodge Notices OUEEN RliBEliAIl LODGE NO. 100 I. O. O. F. HALL 1:30 P. U. ' REBEKAH LODGE All Rebckahs will meet at the Hall Monday at 1:45 to attend funeral o£ Sister Alice Warner. IRS. EARL LEAMAK, N. Q. Ph. 3543 IRS. MAUDE MAXSON. Bee. Sec. Pn. 2096 ' UBS. It. E. KOLWINSKA. Pin- Sec. Ph. 148SJ nAKDING LODGE NO. 641) A. F. AND A. i». 1::l" P. M. HARDING LODGE We will confer a third degree Friday, March 26 K U HUDSON. W. U. Phone 1727 a a HALPHIDE, -Stc'y. Phone 249 ' . BENEVOLENCE LODGE NO. US A. F. AND A. M. 7:30 P. 51. Slated communication First Thursday ol each month. C. H. JOHNSON, VI. M. D. D. GILBERT. Sec'y. LEGAL NOTICE conrortATioN NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that corporation named Crescent Electric lupply Company of Mason City has eon formed under the laws of Iowa vith its principal place of business · at lason City. Iowa. The general nature f the business to be transacted is to nanufiicture and deal generally as vholesaler and distributor in electrical, radios and radio supplies, hnrd- vare.' drugs, medical equipment, toys nd such other articles as may be dc- ermined by the Board of Directors; lo wn, hold, encumber, scUJ and convey cat estate and stocks, bonds and sccuri- ics in this and any other corporation; o own. operate and sell telephone lines · nd exchanges, electric lines, power and ransmission lines, and to engage in. any usincss incidental to that herein pacifically defined. The corporate per)d commenced February 15, 1937, when he certificale of incorporation was is-.- uod by the Secretary of state, and will ontinue for twenty years thereafter un- ess sooner dissolved by a vote of the olders of not less than two-thirds of he capital stock, and it may be rc- ewed according to law. The authorized apilal stock is 550,000.00 of which $10,00 00 was subscribed before the corpor- tron commenced business. The capital lock or any part thereof may be Issued t any lime when authorized by the Board of Directors, .but shall be fully aid for when issued, and if paid for n property or any other thing than noncy it shall be Issued only after compliance with the laws of the State of owa relating thereto. Its affairs and lUsincss shall be conducted by a Board f not -iess than three nor more than ivc directors who may or may riot be tockholders and who shall bo elected nnually by the stockholders at the nnual stockholders' meeting lo be held he last Monday in June In each year. Jntil others are chosen lo succeed them, he [allowing shall constitute the BoaYd f Directors, viz: Titus rj. Schmid, J. A. Scbmicl and A, J. Kies. The officers hall consist ot a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. Until tiler officers are elected to succeed hem. the following shall be the offi- ers, 1 to-wit: President, Titus B. Schmid, 'ice President, J. A. Schmid, Secretary nd Treasurer, A. J. Kies. The corpora- ion shall tiave no seal. The private pro- Terly of the stockholders shall be :.\cmpt from liability for debts of Uie :orporation. Mason City. Iowa. February 23. 1537. CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY OP MASON CITY. By--Titus B., Schmid, President.- - Hobt.'^rciewell^"' S""*"*-- - --- Uubuque, Iowa, Attorney. MARKET NOTES By TICKER TAPE A three sided controversy is raging in Wall street these days as to whether it il boom, a boom let, or just recovery. With three warnings from Washington authorities in as many days, of the dangers of an. excessive price rise, the money ·street experts have been projected into a flurry of figuring and analysing. With the general wholesale price level, as measured by the U. S, bureau of labor statistics Index of 784 items, up 8 per cent ovtr a year ago, and many individual items up 50 per cent or more, there lias been a disposition among the stalfsticians and economists to acknowledge that Secretaries Roper and Wallace, and federal reserve board Chairman Eccles, could scarcely be accused ol crying "wolf." At the snine time, a number included to the belief the current bulge in prices, together with near record production in steel and several oilier lines, was n boom- Ict rather than a boom, nnd would correct itself as it goes along. Some saw- semblcnccs to the sudden f l u r r y in prices and manufacturing in the spring and early summer ol IQn.1, \vhcu fears nt increased material costs from dollar devaluation and higher labor coatn from the impending N. R, A., promplcri manufacturers to turn out ns much Roods as possible at prevailing cost levels. Waffc Increases Sought. While nothing us as dc- valunlion of the dollar enters into the current picture, they e x p l a i n , raw materials costs have been rising, partly due to foreign buying for armament, and partly as result of expanded domestic demands of recovery, and wage ii;creast" have occurred in many Industries, and are bemfi sought in others. Furthermore, the lalk has been resumed In Washington on fresh moves for m i n i m u m wage and maximum hour rcffiiJalions similar (o those of N. R. A. Potti the 1033 and current upswings, one expert said, xvcrc accompanied by forward ordering, which was then, and may to some extent be again, horrowlnc from f u t u r e production schedules. Also this authority explained, on both occasions the rush of orders was superimposed on A broad base of demand accumulated d u r i n g years of depression. Real inffiUinn or boom, an oul-of-hnnd rise in values, one economist hazarded comes-when prices completely lose touch w i t h t h e realties, of supply and demand over a considerable period of Unic Academic economists describe this situation as n period in which prices soar pcrsisl- cnlly more than the value of real wealth practiced. Talks with several Wall street statistical men revealed a feeling that such a situation mi^ht conceivably develop hut a n u m b e r pointed to such correctives ore 1 ! cnt ns the following: ' 1. Much of tbe demand causing a rush o ihe market-; by user* and speculator* is for quick dclivcry-in two to six or eight weeks. The situation may t u r n rapidly Jn many lines such as rubber, ?nto P p^pdu^ restrictions and quotas arc relaxed 2. It 1.9 unWreJy prices will Jose (heir touch with reality so l onR f l s there i s a genuine deferred need of many itcrVJ especially those fn tho heavy lines, such as rails, m i l equipment, building material*, machinery and tho like. Price rises because of real and sustained consump? live demand arc not Inflation, It is held The back-log of jnich demand in many Important lines may be throe or four years duration, some estimated. 3. Other correctlx-es tending (o keen the boost values within bounds included such "deflationary" Influences ag the likelihood of bichor IAXCS hiaher wi^ -not all of xvMch can be indcfinilclv passed on to the consumer--; the DOS- slWHtv of the continued widespread la^^ff* 8 *^ lines. ' r *^-^7r^'''^; p 'Jt*'^7 1 uJ* 1 "^ r '''V*^ WI1

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