Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 4, 1943 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1943
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Page Two THE PROGRESS-REVIEW, LA POBJTE CITY, IOWA La Porte City Personals Mrs. Ogrde^ Fosse i; cor.fired :o · A pro-jp of irie:-.ds wort to tne her home lufferir.p from the f.u.' hcrw of Mr. ar.d Mr.. Oscar Van A son was bom to Mr. ar.d Fleet cr. r.ier.: 10 help Mr* Ker-ry K-j'r.r. co. Wedr.esday.j cc-Iebrate the birtnday o: Mr*. Jan. 27. ! Van Flee'.. A coverto dish dinner . _ rf-- · j * U l i -T 1 v*- » i -1 t % . ' » i - i \ . \ . . *.*..-· v JanV.' Osi* of D« Mc-r.M was^vra* served in ine evening follow. a week er.d f-^'- . of M' a-^i N'". i- T «-r- V.". Pi-.c-~.j d by a social Ka'-hrS'ii . Manui-. ^le^cr·..l^.t by Progress-Review stories mentioning presence of both at that camp, it was learned last week. Although the two were riot acquainted. Snell heard Grobe's name called, and hunted him up immediately. A.I the January meeting of the Women's Relief Corps, Mrs. Oscar Van Fleet was installed as secretary. The women voted to adopt as a Red Cross project the sewing ; of warm throws, four by six feet: in size, from woolen picees to be] Lomiir.e B-e Rapids we- a ^ev :he home of her r Mr;. Floyd EC.- . . o: Cedar of Ctdar Rapid? BRITISH ARMY CAPTURES TRIPOLI . H. R. W.-c-IKapiiU -. Mr?, fa:,],- h Ir. of v- Tuesday · hojnt of ou:l Haw. -.«.. home- Mr. G. r.d of Ma'or Ci:y ? -i a: :hc- home o: . H. II. Scoi-.. 1:1 i who a group o: ladies s nesday in c: Tec Kay Rar.:p:or. A!lah2TT.bra, Ca:::".. - - · . ^ f -- vis:: is parc-r...-. -·!. P.arr.pror.. Pvr. C:sre Tc; Dodg* ??·.-- S--r.d; of n:.- ps:;^"-- -'» C. Teeur. Eva 5; the '.ve-. A moth or. - ci'-y. C-iiioic BU." -o b: ·_-- hU pin week because he- flu. Mr. ar.d M r r . Frtd Morgan Cedar Falls wer--- K;^ = i s , ?; . e . in the horr.t- L; Mr. und Mrs. ira:.=:-, D -, x Nabhrj.z ' n Mcirv^iv "veiling. , G v ; Marie B'Ji.-c'r.y. who has b-jt-nj Gi: employee in Cr.icujro recently, i s ! L ij..,i visiting ir. The horr.c of hc-r f a i r e r . r ---jdr, Fred B'J^sc-hT. ar.ti aur.t and uncle,: tnc i,.- s . A Mr a^d Mr-. C. G. Gc-ren. | X . I!. Mi Mr. and Mr-. Arnold \Vot.= te_ ),,. ,v, : i,l,. i hoff -r-tertained a group of f r i e n d * -: m - thrtr- in their homo lii.-'t Sunday niljhi jj, t (; ; . at a covc- r 'd d i - K d i n n e r and a ! ;iiinounct:l social evening. u . ' o f official obj-cii.m to f i l l i n g --Truman fee-tor celebrated his t ; or , n o u r s a .= adopted in t h i s cuy re week end donated by the members. These ur.d | articles will be used in hospitals, and 1 Next regular meeting will be Sat. ,I!;LT-! u r d a y , Feb. G, at which time plar.s the I will be made for the annual silver I tea. George Fell, who suffered badly mangled arm January . . when he was caught in the gears f.f a corn shellcr, has been home for two weeks and is making u n _ ] expected good progress. Although | in was feared at first that h e j would lose the arm, he is n o w j r.d bee- U- ·.-· of husine?^ ·- a vittsm o, o: b:r:hil:iy ) Mild Mr. and ·-- V.'i'lt-- f a r - M r - of this c i t y . J'.MTte'- of Fort M.-. iii.rl Mis. rapidly regaining use of it. and ,,: can now use the t h u m b and two i;:,:ij;-.ra .K-a:i,\ fingers. It is now thought t h a t j '.d Saturday! eventually he will make a com. ;i:iT-s. ar.d !i| plete recovery. j Highland club met Wednesday issued r .f.ernoon with Mrs. Irving Anton, w i t h 11 members and eight guests --Mrs. V. C. Palmer, Mrs. Ray Anton, Mrs. Clyde Anton, Mrs. [(.liter. cr. Miller l e f t for Av.n'jr., TL-X-.IS e n d Ilc-rb Anotn, Mrs. August Stahnke, all of La Porte City; Mrs. Cliff 1 Palmer and Mae Palmer of Dy. S ; a u r d a y j f a r t , and Mrs. Fullctto of Wor. vr.icri Chester, Mass., a guest of Mrs. r.nvul i Sumner Sncll. Mrs. Palmer re. Mr=.!,;c..i VCI ] a gift from the club, am '·""·I li'.is community, ji rs . Sncll was given a birthday home- with thtm here j gift. ,,. j Ensign Lester E. Peterson ar: Chevrolet comjiany [ r ivc.d Monday morning and spent : wc'-V 'h;it because the duy with his wife's parents Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Franklin "'-- tioi nours :is auu|^i. ... ..... ----- , He has finished his course of in. "birhdav which came o n , |.^" t Vi - e ek. t h e i r K»S service- hours! s t i- u c tion a t Dartmouth college a' Dn'-' by tr-atititf the',,.:][ ),,. 7/30 n. m. ;o C P. m. from! Hanover, New Hampshire, and re c- t o ' c u p cakes. Jimmie Monday through Friday; ir.l'A .1. m. turned to Chicago Tuesday eve Teeter was a visitor. i to L':HO p. m. on .Su'.nrchiys, Mr and Mrs. Ova! DrontbarKcr no service on Sundnys. and 'daut'httr, Patsy, of near ji r . :ir ,d Mrs. Clark Johnson at. 1 ' - - ' ' - ;he i-hurc-h wedding »ml rc. of tin; frjrnier'.s brother, Center Point, ' Lucille and Latty : . tended the- church wedding »ml^rc. of \Yaltrloo vtru Sunday | _ in the- homo of their par.; l; u lt)h Johnson nf ninfj, Bruce Mrs. Amanda Ka! Ida and Modie K ed the wedding of meier of Waterloo evening. Mr. and Mrs. y brought their son, on Saturday f r oa teiian hospital i n y, he had undergo:^ tomy the previous Mr. and Mrs. li entertained a and friends on Ss; their first \vuiMiv Read th NEW DiSCOV AFR.CA- S OUN D PHOTO-Th, S .-ad.ophoto frorn Wjj ' howler, and they captured ents, Mr. and Mrs. L. II. .' afternoon, J"H- ;i1 - T h u bri(1(; w a s ; t h ' - - U..IK, where he was met by hi wife who has been teaching at Kanloul, III. They will leave at once to drive to Charleston, South ,,. , Carolina, where Ensign Petersen , Sunday! W il] report for duty on Feb. 6 in Those getting . ,. - . , . awards in five , the former Verna I'o.s, who the Legion and , at tht Iowa County | tamed ^ ""'J- _. . t Mr and Mrs. Vern C lark : mter. dent at Waterloo January 18, has jeen removed from Allen Memorial nospital to the home of her sis, ;er, Mrs. Henry Glass. Mrs. Dris. col is employed as a nurse at Allen hospital. She -was unable to attend the ceremony at St. Luke's hospital at Cedar Rapids, a few days ago, when her daughter, Maxine, student nurse, received her nurses' cap. Maxine is a graduate of La Porte City high school. Marion Tutt, accompanied by Beatrice Dillon, Waterloo, left Monday evening for Los Angeles Calif., where they plan on secur. ing positions, as both are grad_ uates of Gates Business college Waterloo. They will visit severa days in Denver, Colo., in the home of Marion's aunt, Mrs. Dora Pauls, and her daughters and when they reach California they will be entertained in the home of Mr. day and Sunday, Feb. B and 7, Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen Jebe and with Rev Lester R. Fletcher of, Alice of Dysart, were recent Sun. Waterloo in charge. Business m e e t - j day guests in the home of their ng will be held on Saturday eve. ; son, Wesley, ning at 8 o'clock. All church antlj Sunday school officers are urged, to be present with a written r e _ j port. Due lo Sfrepjococe Here la good nuw lor eiq \ MaGtlltalnhlslierd.Abo or all Mastitis, or Cir, Streptococcus n£:ilacibt cry. Beebc G-Lnc. (Tyrnt Gramicidin and TVHK| stops the action o[ Strf tlac. If Mastitis. Hue Ic cutting Into your mllkj your best dairy cnv,* u now! Get Dceljc G-Lac, at the results. BvtbeC.-l. Into the teat canLil. IkctN to work. Don'clct M^isUt CCCCUA al^ilactiu^ rob yi Get Bccbc G-Luc tihlay. MAST'TIS " TESTING '"'", S E R V I C E IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHUIICH Gilbertvillc, Iowa Rev. Wm. J. Cremer, Pastor Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. Frank Miller, Mrs. George ^fas. Selk and Walter Wagmer. Wayne Longakcr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Longakcr, who formerly lived in La Porte City, has been promoted to the position of chief shipping clerk at the Hoxic Fruit company at Waterloo. Mrs. Clark -Johnson attended a J U 1 S . vjit*»r* v % * · · · · ---- -- | * _ v - U miscellaneous shower given for a | their first child- i V y l c n i v "-" twjv' -- tyi _ The men in the department i w e r t , cousins of Mr. Scott. Visit- wherc Louis S toner works at ; ng and games occupied the time, John Deere's made up a purse of an d cake and ice cream were money und presented it to him served bji Mrs. Clark, assisted by to help him after his home b u r n e d . , her sister, Mrs. Ezra Hagcr. Those Mr and Mrs. Miirtin Morrison I present included Mr. and Mrs. are the parents of an eight pound j Vem Clark and family, Scott boy born at the Presbyterian hos_ Clark, Mr. and Mrs.^Ezra^Hagcr pital on Monday, Feb. 1. This 7^"TM. M^Go-rdon Stainbrook until they avc secured employment. Mrs. tainbrook was a sorority sister f Marion's.while they were at- ending I. S. T. C., ^Cedar Jails, ·"riday ' "~~ ** " Vlaurine lamed entertained at former girl friend, Lenore Hurt, man, county superintendent of Two L. Porte City men, Lee Snell and Raymond Grobe, wure and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hagcr and family and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hager and family. Mrs. Dallas Driscol, formerly uf this city, who suffered a brain Marc-ngo, la., last brought together at their naval u f this city, who suffered a brain station at Sampson, New York, | concussion in an automobile acei. evening, Staack the and Misses Roberta a party n the Staack home in Marion's lonor. ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH Raymond, Iowa ' Rev. L. Putz, Pastor Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. METHODIST CHURCH Ralph Supplee, pastor. Church school, 10 a. m. 11 a. m., Morning worship. "A Bundle of Life," Special music. 7:30, Youth Fellowship at the mrsonage. Churches SACRED HEART CHURCH Sunday, Holy Mass and Ben- ·diction. B:00 a. m. Friday, Holy Mass, 7:30 a. m. Fridny, Devotions, 7:30 p. m. Saturday, Holy Mass, 8:00 a. m. Saturday, Devotions, 7:30 p. m. ST. MARY'S OF MT. CARMEL Eagle Center, la. Fr. R. F. Dufl'y. Pastor Masses on Sundays at 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock. You Can Help WIN THE WAR! Food is proving to be one of the major requirements of this war and Poultry is one of the items which can and should be expanded as rapidly as possible. If you have facilities to handle two broods, by all means do so. Both meat and eggs are needed now. Order your chicks now, as some dates in April are rapidly filling up. We are still offering a special discount of $1.00 per 100 on all orders taken out in March. Help yourself and your Country by starting your brood early or if possible raise two broods. Have you tried the EVERGREEN HOG SUPPLEMENT? Evergreen Hatchery Poultry, Hoe and Cattle Feed Poultry Equipment Baby Chicks Started Chicks PHONE 185 LA PORTE CITY LA PORTE CITY CHURCH WESLEYAN METHODIST Rev. A. Rothfuss. Pastor Sunday, Sermon, 10 a. m. Bible school for all ages, 11 a. m. ' Bible study for »H, 7:50 p. m. Sermon, 8 p. m. Cottage prayer meeting Wednesday, 8 p. m. EMMANUEL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Harold D. Scoggan, pastor Sunday School at 10 a. m. Morning Message at 11 a. m. Young Peoples Service at 8 p. m. Evening · Message at 8:30 Our second quarterly meeting will be held this coming Satur. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Frederick R. Passler, Pastor Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. The theme for the morning sermon will be "God, our Father Man, our Brother!" Christianity alone presents to the world the sure knowledge of a God who is "our Father." Consequent to this Christian truth is another fact which Christianity alone has the courage to proclaim: the brotherhood of man. Heathen religions teach that humanity has no common ties of interest, association or destiny. To a world, torn with strife and divided by hate the Apostle Paul would speak again that Gospel which he preached as the first Christian missionary 2000 years ago: "There is one God and Fa| ther of all ... ye arc all one in I Christ." EMMANUEL EVANGELICAL CHURCH G. L. BerRemann, Pastor Sunday church school, 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Evening worship at 7;30 o'clock. Mid-week prayer service and Bible study'at 7:30 o'clock Thursday evening. The children of the Mission band will meet next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. All who have no church home are very cordially invited to attend our worship services. Come to worship--Go out to serve. La Porte City Sales Co. Next Sale Saturday, Feb. 6 150 HEAD OF CATTLE 30 Head Angus and Shorthorn heifers. 20 Head Whiteface and Shorthom steers, 300 to 700 pounds. 10 Head of Shorthorn and Whiteface springer heifers. 20 Head Shorthorn and Whiteface calves. Remainder Mixed Cattle. 40 HEAD OF FEEDER PIGS MACHINERY Six foot Dane hayloader. McCormick-Deering side rake. Two hole corn sheller. Cultipacker. One set iVa inch slip tug harness. Drag cart. ANTON, ft n inv L PB ME T \ Owners H5PAPER Let Your Druggist Keep Yo 50c Size 12 Dr. Lyons BOH^^HMavmB Lady Esther Rexettes Tooth Puwder Face Cream Sanilarj Napkiiu 75c Listerine 59 C 35c Vicks 65c Pinex §1.25 Petrogaler . . -89 C 50c Rex-Seltzer . . 39 C 75c Cherrosote 69c 35c Broino-Quinine 27 C VALENTINE HEARTS LARGE SELECTIONS 30c to $3.75 SEE OUR SPRB WALLPi · Large Selccti · Delivery froit --no wailing · Return IT on Unused I! · Low Prices SINGLE K 5c to NEW PAINT COVERS Tl SURFACES... WITH ONE WALL FINISH IT'S WASHABLEI Never mind whether your rooms are painted, unpainted, or plastered, wallpapered or made of wallboard. Amazing new Kern-Tone, Sherwin - Williams modern miracle paint, will cover them beautifully, completely, with a single coaL Let U3 show youl 2. °Mix 1 61 Pi and m Your cost, rt* apply,... V* 1 * NEWEST, SMARTESTPA srtt ' HAWLE1 VSPAPERI

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