The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 3, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1818
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I' IN CHANCERY,. - poroUiy Hacklia, .' Mi1, ' Williiini Peek tfld Elir. ' hetk hi wife, Maria ' Hani, L.aUinaUlout ., i and uthers. - - .".i . '.. . I V pwrsuaac of aa order of this honorable - . - .. - I - 2 ,4.. . I . M..H W - .M . public auction at the Tontine Cone House, m the city of New York, on the lath day of July init at 11 nrlnrk ml ma. anrftr tha direction of the ssbechber. aS thorn fiva lota of ground, tit . aatit. Iiine - and lie in i. Ik. attrlith araid of the c cij of New Jtork, being formerly that part of tuts property Ol mcuolat uayara, - esquire, ura known by the name of Bayard' farm, lying wtMward of Broadwav t aaid lott being detig - e naterj oa a map of taid farm, made by Casioier . . . tl i - Zt j - 1 1 v... c .A.. k j v : j u. vrvrtB, men onr m uie buj ami ij the number 1147, 1 14ft, T149, 1150 and H5t;to - ( .1tUI VIVI t tT. IVHlM'.M B - y - . .cestolhesame titlwiiins oria anywise apper - tawing.. Dated July 3d, 1818. . - ; " . ' v . . THOV1A3 BOLTON, J - - I t ifttn,li Master in Chancer. Tli abote sale is postponed tome day of .,.. nf at Ih.o IIIM time And place. JU - iy SBih, 18t8, " inuxiAo duuv.., J t9 dtds" - v - ;' Maiter In Chancery, cv afJVetr Tart. It, IV nunaaaca of ah order ef thii honorable .. - .: - - .I.) - h. 7lh tnrnf Juoe 1810. i conn - wum . - wihbetoM at public auction, at the Tontine HA..t thecitT of New York, under the direction of tbeubscriber. at one of the maa - j er of thiitoart, ou the xutaayoi juij !, llo'clock at aooo, all thow aewral hlockapie - , ce or parcel" of cround", titaatu, lyinR and bewg . in the townahlp of SfooklvBr in the copnty oi Ki.tga,ad atate ot .er - ioui, biwicthiu, known aoddUtinjtuisbed on atiapoiade hy Jeremiah Lott, the 19tu day of March, 1KU2, by , the fiUo1og houudariti, to wit, northerly in " front by Water - itreet, touthtrly in the rear by Frout - atreet, eatterly on the one tide by Jck - aoo - itreet, and weiterly oa the other tide by ' Gold - itrttt, containing fonraqnareaor blocfctol MliKrt. Alio all Ummh cf rtaio water Iota, lying , JiBiDeduUly j front of II before deacribedJ block, bonnded M lollowa to wn cuiu - nj u. i JaelnoB - itreeuaoMiiieny tiy raieT - .w WM'er'y hy Gold - itreet, cnotaining in breadth ' oa Water - atreet the dintance between Gold - and Jackaon - itreet, and twining into tne r - asnvirer ... ... it.. .aHft r ihaMrmratina of the CltV lai .1 tifv v. - y or'SwWiXoi'R MiMwa wim - uie appurwuMw.c - DaUdJane!;; AM , ' ' "' , Maiter in Chancery. Note. The abore property will be told in Iota and parcel, according ti cenain map w i.. .;..r,r arhu - h viil twi cihibibited in tne ConYe - boeae one week tebre the day of ale. JeA) lawSwdlw ' , . - The aale of the abore proprly i popor.f d to the Sjeireateentb day ol Augint next, at toe lame JT SI rltita Maiter ia Ctmnrerr. " is CiIaSClKX. . Mate afA'ew - Tork, mm. JiV pursuance of an order of this honorable court hearing date the filteenth day of J une, 13111, will be sold at public auction, at the bouse ol Mote Bagg, Inn - kfeper, in the village of Utica, Oneida county, on the SJ day of&pteaibernext, at 15 o'clock at noon, under the direction of the tubicriber All that tract or parcel of land,, lying and being itua - ted in the town of Rome, county of Oneida, state of New - York, beginning at a walnut slump (landing in the outh side of the Mohawk river, at the northeast comer of lot 4, i.i the third al btmahl of the Oriikany patent, and running thence south 39 decrees 10 minutes, west along the southeast bonods of lot No. 4, 139chains and 99 Hnki to a beach tree, cornered and marked 3 and 4; thence north 74 degrees and 40 minutes, west along the southerly bounds of said lot 4, 44 chain 60 links to a stake standing IX links i S. W nf imn wood tree, cornered and marked P. C. M B. thenca north thirty nine degrees 10 minutes, e;.et along a hne of marked tree o uie rU - aml land novsawned by Frederick, btandley, nrl h a4 aiiia of his farut. aa the fence .Bowjtand, tothe post road leading to the village of lort Stanwtck thenre westerly a the txui mid runs chains 64 links ; tbence north t9rfM.a in minntna. at alornrlhe line of aaid Ki.nHl,.!. irm chnins 94 links (on the whole hoc) to the eoulh bank of tbe Mohawk river ; thtnceaslhe aaid river winds and runs to the nktca nf hHinnin? feXCetlt One acre. Sold and deeded hr Pater Colt to Abel nurrow adjoin ins the south side of the road and the lands ol (in,rr. t"Aar)t. Cont&inine 554 acre, more or kt ;being the farm lately owned by Peter Colt, ivi tnM hvhim to the aid George Scriba. To - feather with all and lingslar tbe hereditaments to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining Dated July 20th, 1818. - J . THOMAS BOLTON, J 30 law6w " Matter in Cham ery. Ta I HtRtA: llesekiab Kelley of the town VV of Brooklyn, by his certain indenturd ol mortgage, bearing date the twenty - first day of September 1816, lor the belter securing the pay ment of tbe sunt Of three hundred and Dity dollars, lawful money of tbeUnited States of America, . together with the lawful interest for the tame according to the conditions of a certain bond bearing even date with the taid mortgage, did grant, bargain and sell unto John Crapier, oiiitm city of fsew - York, bouse painter, all that certain lut of erouad with the buildirurs thereon. heinj part of a parcel of ground in the city of KeW - lcTK, diitiniruunea ana Known ny me name of Bayards West farm, and is particularly designated in a map thereof made by C. T( Goerck, by number three hundred and forty five, - situate on the weit tide of Laurens - st. between Broome and Spring - streels, and bounded easterly in front by Laarens - slret, westerly in the rear by lot number three hundred and i sty - four, southerly o one side by part of the said lot, number three hundred and forty - five, and oorthurly on the other side by lot number three hundred and forty - six. - 1 containing in front and rear twelve feet in width and in length on each side one hand red feet be the tame mare or less, which aid lot Of gronnd waa sold by the Corporation of taid city ta vvm - L &imen,ior arrears oi isxe, on tbe I7tb day of June 1811, for tbe term of 16 years trom tna I3tn may oi saia year, ana ny tbe said Wax. L. Sinters conveyed to tbe said John Crapser on tba 7th March 1813 : And whereas default has been made in the payment of the prianipal and interert due upon said Bond and Mortgage, according the condit ion thereof. Wee it hereby given that oy virtue oi a pow er contained in the said mortgage, and in pursu ance of tbe statute in saebcase made aud provi ded, the said mortgaged premises will be sold at public auction or vendue oa the til in day oi J acu arr next, at twelve o'clock at noon, at tbe Ton s' tine Coffee - Home in the City of New - York. Da ted, Juot 25Ui 1818. JOHN CRAPSER, Piter Dt Witt, Attorney. ' - Jy 1 lanflna NOTICE is hereby given to all the creditors ofJosrpb Sistare, an insolvent debtor, that a division oflhe monies which have come to Uie hands of the assignees, from hi estate, wi l he made among bis creditors on Monday, Uie f 1st day of September next, at 10 o'clock m the forenoon, at the store ot the subscriber, Daniel Lord, No.T? Water - street, New York ; and the same will then and there be paid to tbe creditors, according to tbe provimoits of the act for giviug relief incases of insolvency, passed April Uth, 1313. - Notice is also given, thst a general meeting ot aa Uie aid crjdiioc will be held at the place a - foresaid. a Fridv., the Uth dsy of Auxuit wext. at 10 o'clock in th u pose of examioiog aad ascertaining the debts due io eacn cieaiior, accordm - to It prnviM. - n of inra.junelith. 1818. KLIiHA ELY. KmSn Je IB M LLZa . A - ".SALEoriuuKi , and liarnediste poseson gien, tt beautiful KT Ta 0M - Alta, seveo mile from the i.iry - iiaiuaottie ISorth River, .dm.nin. woortenay. It conUins SO acre of land under1 Irepm - etnent, with a rre rarden wrU stnrk.4 with vegetable a variety of fruit, with every coorenienc frt a family. For terms, which are very reasoaabta, aad if told a lone credit e.i - ""jfSI to .K. ft D, TALCOTT, ST" "w. .. . y . , .... jen , of or and east one salt said dow hy and ess tbe the time it sell in be sons and in be It ia 81 I rif IS CHASCERT JLTHEREA9 Janet James, f tt ton cf1 VV. BootbMd, count ot Rkhiuoftd. and atate o( Xtn beiug UMleblefl uow neary ltvtw, ot thn unm nlr. ia and hv a Certal Mod t ligation, beahn date the teuth day of Decem ber, m toe yearoi our lrar on inouaaoa cig hundred aad aeveateea, in the peaal aumof twelve dollara. lawful mooey ol the United State, conditioned lor the payment of ii hundred and forty tire aoiianarra nay ceui, lawful moaey aforeaaid. with lawful interet - for the (aae, on or before the tenth day of Ma, then oexteaauinc lb date ol taid iiond oroongauua, for the tetter eecuriag and more aure payment ol the laid aom of money raeationed ia the aaid bond or obligation, according to the true latent and meaning thereof, dia, together wiui aoiRh hi wile, on the aaid twith day of December, in the year aforeaaid, mortgage to the aaid Henry Daria, ail that meuuage, farm, plnntaOoo, ealt meadow and premiiea, tituate, lyiuc ana ucuig in the town of Bouthueld. county and ttaieaiore - aid, and i butted and bounded a follow I be - rinoing by the eattertztott corner of the "land of Cornelius Van Buakirk, and running from Uience by hia line, north forty aeven degree and thirty ninate, wettthirtf fire cbaini and listy link: theaca bv aaid biehwar. north thirty - three detreee and twenty aunutea, eat fourteen chain, to tne comer oi uieiana oiuaac ciuuh - nn ihviaM h the liAe of the laid Ir.tad Simon - ton and Perine, outh forty aeven degree and thirty minute, ei rorry one caaioi ou u&ij link, to the land of Jacob Vreelarid ; tbence a - lonir Mid Vreeland' line, onth ufty onedegree and forty hve nunute, weit twenty micecnaini and xt links, to the place of besinninc ' : con - toibing wit bio the bound and Units thereof eighty eiglit acres and one half an acre of land ; bounritd southwesterly by the said Cornehui Van Huakirk's land : northwesterly by tbe said highway ; northeast by the land of the taid Iaac biaiom'io and ferine, and southeast by the land said Jacob Vreeland. Also, a certain piece parcel of salt meadow, lying in said toirn, near a place called Old Town j brginning tt or near the corner of Cornelius Martino1 meadow. runniae from thence south twenty nine de grees, eatt fourteen chain and fifty links : thence aurth seventy tour oegrecs, esse one cnam tony tbreehnkst theaceaorth twenty nine degree,. fourteen chains and fifty links, to tbe fence ; thence south twenty lour degrees, west chain and forty three links to the place oi beginning containing two acres of salt meadow ; bounded southwest by Cornelius Martino's ; southeast by the creek , northeast by John Kel - tletas, and northwest ty meadow ol Stephen Martino. Also, that certain piece or parcel of meaaow, situate ana tying in tne town oi Nnrthbeld, county and state aloresaid, on Uie easterly side of Tuniion's crtek (so called) and Cherry Tree Creek ; bounded westerly by the two creeks : northerly and easterly by mea oi captain rucnard courson, and southerly meadow of John merrell ; containing two acres a half of salt meadow, be the tame more or ; together with all and singular, the edifices, buildings, rights, members, privileges and appurtenances, thereunto belonging or in any wise ap pertaining ; with a power 10 the said mortgage contiuned, that it dtlault Mould to made in the payment of tne said sum of money mentioned in condition of the aaid bond or obligation, and interest which should accrue thereon, at the specified for the payment thereof, that then should be luwiul lor the said Henry D.ivis, bit heirs, executors, administrators and tisigns, to and dispose ol the said premises at (u Din - auction, according to the act of the legislature such cases made and provided J which should a perpetual bar, botb in law and eouitv, a - gainut the aaid James James and Abigail hit wife, their heirs and assigns, and all o'ber per claiming or to claim the said premises, by, irom or under, inetc, or any ot tut - in. And whereas delault has neen made in the pay ment of the said principal sum of six hundred forty five dollars and fifty cents, and the same with tne interest thereon rernuins due and unpaid Notice is hereby given, that pursuant to the act luch case mad and provided, all and singular the premises above particularly mrntioutd. with the hereditaments and appurtenances, will told nt public auction or vendue, at the Ton tine Coffee House, in the city of New York, on Wednesday, the 4th day of November next, at o'clock at noon. Dated the Mtliday of .May, the year of our Lord one thousand eight buudred my I51aw6m HENRY DAVT3 Amy wsjenl's Office, A tie - k or k. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity of locurt timber and tree - nails. Apply to the Nary Agent, at Washington - street. Jy" The publishers oflhe New - Brunswick Times, Newark Ceotincl, Lon - Maml .Star, New - Haveu Journal, and .New - lxnJon Gaxette, will please publish this advertisement one month, and send their bills to the Navy Agent's Office. JylU lm JU?s 1'publislied and lor sale at the new Law Cook Store, corner of Nassau and Spruce ttrects, Blake1! Practice of the Court Chinct - (new work.) I he trial ot John M. 1 rum - bull sTHinst Thomas Gibbous, for a lilel. An J also. The Brownie of BoJsberk, and other Talcs, byjamti Uogg, author of Queen's Vaks,&c Sic. JV THK PUHL1CK. A GENTLEMAN from France would wiA to draw the attention of the citixeoi of New - York to his neuly established LRb.iratory of Co lours for walls, prepared for immediate life, ami accmnattied with directions for laying them nn. 1 he colours are of the bn - 'litr it tiut, and pre pared to that no disappointment can take place. St. John's Hall, t ranklort - ft. N. B. A very superior quality of Recording ink mnnutecturcd ty tajams person. juivzz u AN THO.MY - bTRKET NOTICE. NOTICE ii hereby given to all person interested that the Commiuioner of esti mate and eiment. appointed by the Su preme court nf Judicature of the people of the state ol new - York, to irform certain duties re lati e to the openiog, enlarging and improving AnUiony - street, in the tttid city,hvecomieted their tstiaiateand assei - nt, as well of the loi and damage sustained by the owners and parties interested of and in the land and premises required for tbe slid improvement, as also of the benefit and advantage received by the owners and purtirs interested of and in tbe lands and premi - erot required for the said improvement, and that we the said commissioners have deposited a true copy of our report of estimate and asseit - ment in tbe elerkt oUire of the city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern, and notice is hereby further given, that the report cf the said commissioners of es'imate and assess ment, will be presented to tbe Supreme Court of Judicature of the people or the state ol ?te w - x ort at tbe capitol in Uie city of Albany, on Friday the 14th day of Aieust next, at the oiening rf the said court on that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be beard thereon. Dated this 21!b day of July, 1818. (...copy.) JOHN FORBES, WM. TORRE Y, J NO. L. LAWRENCE, JJ5 K Commissioners GT NEYVBERY, I3t Pearl - street, respert - . fully informs Uie public and thoe ladies and gentlenvn who lately applied for DETT - MEK'9 SUffcrl. ralha l tlSKUiuni r., that he has hist received a new supply per Radius, precisely the same as the last, and offers them for sale oa very accoasmoianns terms. As Piano Fortes of this excellent maker have but lately beet introduced iuto this country, for . , r i f nj t i : i i want Ol n comwoau nu v. t. irriv i, iin.iiid - bent to add, that their tones (hy those who are acquainted with them) are allowed to be fall and expressive, and have hitherto given universal attraction. M selsel's Patent Met moomes for sabs. Also, I Ami) on selected collection and speri mens of Mineralogy, tic J 21 JEWELLERY. WATCHES, tic. A of undrJ Jewellery, fine Cutlery, omtt naming and nam watche. Dremg Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladiet Corset assorted". For tale by . . . . j LAMBERT, Jetl 3 CourUaadtlitst. VALUABLE SEAL ESTATE FOB SALE, - rmw J"T Cm ikWf Oil. - . ,IVE lott of ground f One mt side of Oreen - V wcb - reei, seiwecn aasiry nu jwuw et - iireeis, oy uu. ., v ' - - " . : four do ia the rear oflhe above, 'fronting on theeast sidaorWaamof ton - street, fa hy u. Eight do ia the block below, .TKlweeo Weiu ingtqo and West - street. u. : - t - ' t .... la Montgomery County. ' 1 6060 acres of Land ia La wrsace't purchase, near Last Canada Creek, on tha north aideoi the Mohawk. : ' - : ' - In Franklin County. - . ' 15,162 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount inorna and uavion. . - ' , t.r - In Lsaei County. 783J acres of Land ia tbe Iowa of Barry more. lothe County of Lewis. ; . ' 150 acres of land in Catterlaod, Chassaoit Purchase. r '. . Ia Saratoga CouBty. 2C00 acres in Pahuers purchase. 1 l Enquire at tU office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. - ' ' . - ". , .. CtV, llOUIWSU?!. mh 17 tf ' " ' - r - - G.bAUADtlVri PATKN'r KAZOKSTKOi'. Yoo that wish to shave with ease, Hoy of Sauivim if you pleave ; Hi Aasor Strop's, peculiar such, That harpsthe Kaior with a touch. G A(Jftli:R! respectfully solicits those . who bare not got his Patent Kasor Strop, to. furnish themselves with his new invented Ra - sor Strop, aad Metallic Composition. - Mn gen tleman who once makes trial of one of the Strop aow ofiercd. will ever try any others! and such is their formation, that ever so much use will iMti - give the rarors that routnoesa which render the best of them useless, and which is well known always to follow the application ot all those hitherto invented. Tbe above strops are ia general uie in New York, and are distinguished from ail others. Barbers who baveustd litem sar more in their praise than I can myself. ' mfinnrue lft Wall - slreet. Alto for sale. Raiors. Soab. and every uten sil for Sharing, of the first (juality, with a superior assortment of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, aic. Irnm Smyth's, New Ifond stiet - t, London. n. B. I be most liberal allowance made to lealers. my Si pt i o Ltr, SiaiU ' A pleasant bark room, at no. 58 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply iu the front office. Je 4 ' A farm of between sixty and aeventv sure, situate on the wett bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from Uie village of Cooperstown. Unit are auew stone house 64 feett(tiare ;anew farm bouse, baru, tic. It form a desirable es tahliihiut - n! for a. gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, tic. is not surpassed hv any in Uie interior of the. state. It will he sold low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty la thiscity, goods, AC. Apply to II. 1 k R. iWICK, mv 7jf Law Buildings. WANTED, A WHITE girl or woman to do the cooking, &c. in a small family, consisting of four grown persona, living' in a pleaaaut part of the ritVi she will have the assistance of a little girt and a boy. None need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this other. J 16 tf i im GRAMMATICAL BAR. I'MIE importance of a correct kn - iwledge of l urainnw, is too much atanowitogea to need comment. 1 lie unsettled and desultory manner, in "hi h it is t.iuM in common schools, is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rulet anil delmitions parrotlike committed to uitiLory, learned mid conned ry role witnout coinroeui oi eluri'lation. is found to be eenerallv void of utili ly ; for o long as the prim lpies ol rules are not underetond, they can never be applied to actual n - e. Under such impressions and influenced by a dtire to promote so useful a branch of education, the subscribers proe a remedial system. I Uie undertaking, they are conscious of no other motive, Umn the promotion ol a Draucn ot Knowledge, which is an indipenible pre requisite in every other. The subscribers anticipate niacy objection to so complete a deviation from the antiquated track, which custom has long since sanctioned at the most eligible: but, to obviate tliem, they a!t a thorough and candid investigation of ils principles. It is a dictum, that without a knowledge of the leasnnt on which laws are made, no one can know the law. A conviction of its truth formed (he most powerful incentiveto the invention ol the Grammatical Bar, wbichcon - vrys to the mind through the medium ol the eye tbe reason, the whys, and the wherefores. To he short, it employs "the perceptive faculties, th learner ncnnirt i a linbit of attention, his judge ment is exercised, and he advances with ease and delight. The snbcrilert have taken a cone a - ientroom in Fultoo - street. No. 139, where chil dren, young lai.ies and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of Enclish srammar in sixty hnnrt.' A correct knowleclce of parsine will be given to new beginners ; if not, no pay will bt re quired. A new Clan to begin on vvennesaaj. J. n IV l n , juii. E. D. CROeSFIELD. W. R. Ynun gentlemen, who have been in structed in the short term of isty hours, will be nrmipiilrfl for eaanunation each day at a O'cioca, P. M. Scholars received and instructed at any hour from 6 o'clot k A. nr. to 10 o'cloi k P. M. Perms of tuition made known at the aoove. men tioned room. j ipi A KEYED HARP. J A. GUTTWAI.DT respectfully invte . the amateurs of music to inspect at hit Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical instrument that perleclly equals the harp in sound and far surpasses it in point of easy t teat m nt, as it is played like Uie piano by means of keys, and consequently has all the ad vantages of linlliant modulation ; Uie OulY one in the United States. Also, an elegant Piano Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, withan assortment Bindi, whose good qualities have been testified by Uie undersigned entinent nroieflSors : - " We Uie subscrioers, proirssors oi music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. UuttwaldCspiano - iortes, wiucii, lor ingenuity and excellence of workmanship and uuiform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to . i 'i - 1 ... . - :n... L - . : n .1 Meetz, C. libault, Cbarlet Gilfert." j i f Orl SALE, a : LOT of ground on Broadway, between A Walker street and Canal - street. 26 feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet long. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jv t tf No. 37 Pine - street. T iYUJiSE H'.4.Vi'JJh XE with a good supply of milk, and who can produce satisfactory testimonials ot character, lie. will meet with encouragement, by applying at MRS. SAIDLEKS, J 10 tf No. 36 Broadway. t un sjtLt. The HOUSE ii LOT, No. 339, Broad way, i ne lot is 33 leei iroai aua rear, anu i ou feet deep. Tbe bouse is 65 feet deep, finuhed in the best manner, and replete with conrenicn ce for a large family. On the premise are a brick liable, two rain - water cisterns, (one of which is brick) and a well of excellent water. 1'he situation it considered equal to any in this city. For particulars, apply to BttijAmin U. Muilurn, ou the premises, or lo ROBERT POWNE, JyCt lm No. 206, Pearl - it COtttASI jl. skptilv of la dies Beaver Hats, fresh, from Uie manufactory, tuita ble lor tbe south ern market, and packed at Um - . shortest notice, et J. WILSON'S, ICO Uroadway nn a d may 7 rolr coACn a - boat.une, BT WAT or SLiaABK - TBTOWtT tOIBT. ' t Q'hfvsb ia On Day.) 4 A NEW Line of Post Coaches with every con - A Ycniencefor natsenerrs and bAKKage,.ou swings, starts irom tne coacn onice, i'o. i Coartland - street, near Broadway. New - York every morning, (Sundayi excepted) at 5 o'clock, in the steam rioot AtalanU. via Kliiahetbtown Branswick. Priin'.eton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at riniauviDhia the same aiternooo, a1 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Poat Coaches will start worn New - York every moruinK. (Sundays ex cented.) at 10 o'clock m the Steam Boat Atalan ta, lodge at I renton, and arnve at niiladelphia, in a Sleaui IlonL nextntoming at 10 o'clock. rare 6 dollars. P. S. Passeneers are requested to caii and lake their beats at Uie ollice - Po. Courtioml - st. N. Y. United btatea Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wasliirton City, with every convenience lor passengers and baggage, ou springs. The U. S. mail coach will start from the roachoftce, No. 1 Cnurtlaadt - st. NewYork every day at S o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Phil adclphia next morning at So'clock. Only 6 pas scneers admitted. ror seats intho above named Lines, apply to Til OS. WHITKIKLD, at the old established isoacn, and ateara Uoat oihce, no. l uoun iHiidt - ttieet. near the corner of Broadway, New York : or to A. T.GOOUKIC11 S CU. o. 1X4 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street, New - York. (CT - AII goods and bnggnge at the nsx oi ine owner. JOSKfll MUfl, swa ou. N. B Expresses sent to any part of tbe Con tinent,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je Z4 SWlEl' &liRK MAIL COACHES, ina rniLADKi.rm a. try l.eme Aew - iorb rj evei v uiornine fSundav'sex T jtrvJt'rotilw.n nl Ho'r lnrlr. nnrl r rive iu Philadelphia next av 4t diniitr . I he public It houses are good, and reasooan;e in their 1 he drivers, horses ana coacn - es are not inferior to any others now runuing between theie two cities. Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable exiences, are beleived to lie strong inducements to travellers in gmng this line a derided preier. ence. The strictest attcntioo will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at Uie risk of the owner unlets lusured and receipted lor ny tne clerk of said omce. Stage fare ouly $5, with a generous allowance nf baggnge. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - street, New - York. LYON, SONS, A CO. ap 2 Proprietors. UNION LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twecty - five mile land carriage, Tia New - Brunswick aud Trenton. In new poit coaches' . . $' iJo giod tng'1 4 50 l)o forecastle or deck passengers, 3 50 Connected by the steam loat oi.ivk BBS run and rHLS.Pt LrntA. 1 he tteam - boat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, sun - day' excepted, from ti e north side of tlie Battery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and fake the steamboat Philadel phia, as to arrive" in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock tne nf XI morning, in nine 10 iaae ira linini uw Rnttunorn steam boat. Thii line has a connection with the best boats the I Maun re and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; also those of the North River aud Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause Ut - tie, if any delay. ... 1 bis is a speeoy ana ceriainiy uie niiwi conve nient route, as the passengers will leave fte - York after the banks open, and arrive iv Philadelphia before the hours of business, without fa tigue in travelling or warn oi siecp, uie lann carriage being much lets than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in Uie above line apply to WILLI AM B. J AGUES. At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ketfirld street, north side of the Battery, be tween Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAP I AIN on board. fjy All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. apt NO I ICE. For the further accommo H.i;A..rik.ti.M; ,v. a ffii i i rparture of the Firefly from will be in future on tbe following davs JLeave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at9 A. M. Leave Newburgh on Tuesday, r inlay and sunaay at a. mi. The above arransement will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, tbe 24th May. Tbe Western Stage leaves Newburgh immediately after the arrival or the Firefly, my 24 . E ASTOII AMD BKTBLEBKM SIW LI UK, VIA BICW BRUNSWICK. ff Passengers will leave i:ew - York every Monday 'and Friday, at 1 1 o'clock, 'A. M. In the steam boat Olive Branch ( lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Eatton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Kastoe every Monday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. M , lodge at New Brunswick ; arrive nt New York i t io o'clock next morning, in the steam lioat Olive Branch. The stage connected witb this line is a good four - horse stage. I'assage from Is. Uruntwick lohaston, X350 ; from Laston to Bethlehem, 7o cents, r or seats in theahnve line,a,ly to WM. B. J AQUKS, at the rmiadeiplua Union Line steam - Boat Omce. north side of Uie battery. K.UBt.111 LtTSON, 1'ropnetor. Jel3tf tun tHlttiJtLPHI.i, KUZ.iBETH - lVlVJt POIJO'. Via POST - COACH 1 - lNK Through in m day and by day - lieht. T EAVES New - York in tlx hteam - boat AU jLA lanta, from the foot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. IJConrtlandt - street and No. 53 White nail - ilreet, at wrucn places seats may oe laxen Je20 tf AMBOY ON SUNDAY. Tbe Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH will sail for Am hoy on Sundny next, and every succeeding Sunday .at llo'cluck i recisely. she will leave it at 41 M. to arrive at 7 o'efock. Pa - sengers may titber dine on board or at any oftht taverns. Pass ige 50 cents goin, the same price for returning; dinner on bard 75 cents. . S. in mating the trip sue win sail rouna Staten lilxnd. J 4tf . BOABDINf, SCHOOL. THE MISS BENNETT'S have opened a boarding school for yoang ladies, oa Uie south side of Powles Hook, in a shuatioa very healUiy, and altliougb rnnvenient to the city, qntle retired. The usual English branches and Needlework, French, Masic, Daacios and Draw - inc. are taurht, by themselves or by approved masters. rr tarms lie. apHy lo Mr. IK I GREENE, 24 Wall - ttrett, or at the school. aaVBjMaw "CP Vf,"i 1 Tut SOUJTD S72.1.V COATUJIE. . ' ' The proprietors, wrb FHv'"" J'ew t accommodating the I" 1 "fpublic, by extending the Kne J ' Narwich. intend taakintf uiestBperimeni.ulih tbe r ultoa, ohpt. Law,nd ous roaie i,i i iouna practicable.) will oe continued during the season. t The line will in future be fioro New - York to Norwich, at follows: The Connecticut, Ctpt. Bunker, will leave New. Vork every Monday. W'dnuday and Way, at 8 o'clock, ia the morning, for New - Haven. The Fulton. Cant Law, will leave AortsuA at 6 o'clock in the morning of the same days, touch ttiJi'nc - Loniiou and depart from tbence for JV"stc - ren at II o'clock. The boats will meet at JYtw Hattii,! ana depart irom thence every Monday, Ittdnti dnit and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for jYrv - Tori, and the Fulton for jrw - ijonaon and jvorsr - icA. nihl7 NKWailHUH and lARArHAI.VASSAIi. - STAUK' THREE TIMKS A WP.KK. EAVES Newburgh eve ry Sunday, 1 uctday, Thursday mornings, at three o'clock, runt through Montgnnitry, Bloomingbnrgh, Monticelln, hy White Lake, Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Qienangn Point, Owega, Itliica, and Geneva. toCanandaigua. Returning leaves Canandaigua cverj' Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at thrr e o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, the third day in lime to take the Steam - boata which arrive in New - Y'ork the following morning rr7 mow bt trptcttd tliat al all timet trAm tht tteam - bcatt alter Ihtir dayt of running, that thit line vill alter to otto mnt them. The whole route will be perfumed in three dayt, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the hrtt of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth tf March until the first of My, in four days and from he 1 5th Decooiber, un til Uie fifteenth orMfcrch the tame line will be continued to the city of New - Y'ork and run from thence to Canandaigua in four dayt. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Butf'ulo, can leave N. York in the evennig tteam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miks. The l'it.e is well furnislied with good, new carriages i good hoi sei, and cart ful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that uie accommodations on Una line are equal to any line in the tUte. (TT FAKE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the tame line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown ami Painted Putt, to!i, Sc. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh, ' E. C. St. John. Mount Pleatant. L. & R - Manning, Chenango, IProprie. L.utner uere, iimca, i .tor. Samuel Greeniiu, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 dim run LX,lZACl - .llllOV. TUINT, LEAVES N York each day, 'uudiiys except - mss'! (raUi f'101 of YVhite - liKii - stieel titar the Battery, at 5 o'clock nd 10 o'clock A. M. aud 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves I'loa. bethlown Point f.t B o'clock A. M. and half past 2 o'clock and hall past 4 o'clock r. M. Je SO tf JfUHTU f7 - On the llthofMnv. commenced runuing four time a week. A Boat leave New - Yoik on Tui - s - M : Wednesday, at 5 P. M; and Saturday, at 5 P. M. ol day, at o'clock, A r nuay. nv s oi each week ; and a boat Ic - aSye Albany on Mon day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A.M. . The Fire - Fly leavct New - York on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Newburgh, and returns oa Monday, Wednesday and Frida;.at tl A.M. Je Hi W HOOPING COUGH. DOCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral Mixture, which is a safe aud effectual remedy for the uiiooping cough. It is only ten yean lim e it was offered to the public, and some thousands of children, both id England and Scotland, have been cured by it, alter every other medicine had been used without enect. It is held in the furri est estimation for its excellent and salubrious virtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, re - moves viscid plihgm hy an easy und safe expectoration, and is highly salutary to the lungs ; it strengthens auddeiendithe stomach, gives greater liberty of breathing, and produces the most safe, salutary and happy effects, by prevent ing inose aisiressing ami convulsive cougns, to which thousands of individuals, in conse quence of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. It is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of relief in those violent paroxysms that its qualities are manifested, but by effectually remov ing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened frame, and renovated health to the afmctcu individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by It. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadwav, and J. C. Mori - son, Druggest, No. 188 Greenwich - atreet, N. York. Druggest. throughout the United Mate, may be mpplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above placet, at the lowest wholesale price. Jy 7 2m 4 MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TUB CITX OF BKW - TORK. Ihtoldtil Institution for Insurance against fire tn Ilia ttiy,) INSURE aeainst Loss or Dumaec! by Fire. - Dwelling Ilouses, Ware Houses, Buililines in general, Merchandize, Ships in port and their Cargoes, Household Furni'.ure, and every de scription ot personal property, on terras at favorable at similar institutions in thiscity. This Company is incorporated solely for the mi rtn u of insuring nffainst losses hv tire, and has circumscribed its operations chiefly wiUiio Uut city and immediate proximity. In addition to the Capital Stock. $500,000, which it secared by bond and mortgage oa real estate and public stocks, thii Company possesses a handsome surplus fund, invested in like man ner : parties assured may therefore repose (lie tul lest confidence in me son city oi its capital, and that any losses or damage will be settled with prompinuae ananueraiiiy. Tl different rates of premium and conditions nf Insurance are uniform with those of Uie other Fire Insurance Offices in thiscity The public are referred for particulars to the printed proposals ia circulation, and wbicb may tie naa on application at rvn. az vvau street. GABRIEL, FURMAN, President, JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. may 58 I O.'IN HEWITT still resides at No. iU Wa .1 ter street, where he has a very handsome and fashionable assortment of Cabinet Furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first qnsJify. He solicits tut New York and southern friends to give htm a call, as be lla Iters hinmtf they - wvll out be 1uappotultd. Orders executed at tht shorten notice. sBBBvLBhBBBXaBaBBBBBBl ntf. ,,,... - .ft t $&f&ms B T - IOCTOR RORXF fr. mmber of the fie,,,, Z l " ad surgery there, it ty to repeat tomeoera "oi I tbe abuse of Aii.;ft!i.DLcM rasb,indiscriuiinate, ! . fied as. tnereoi, tsKcen St tive of loficita lands are annually taercurialited out of it?"; nee. 1 liediaease w have io View ,.. x tal re.u!U chiefly to thit source! "mVt that a young man, the boi. of hit coun iZ1' tbe darling of hit parenW should "& StotJt" way from all the uroinerf Bui "01lUj'' a - by the consequencet orfone wgVarid mr l'4'' and by a disease apt ia it own nre VtM' which oaly provet to from neglect or fl.L84 treaUnent.'' A getitlema., ffi . in8P lient) now perfectly hearty and IrtUh.X onderphysiciant of general praxlice"'J?il' and repeatedly talivat.d; wbea recom"','' Dr. H.(by a geatlemaa of thit city) hTdu were carious, and hit eab dppir7rom bit friends declared be conki notVoU.u "i t wo months longer. TNwtaads exriZ. J7,T know with what esse and saM, DH e0UI1' catet the severest case, and coimrma'tuV!LM!" tution. Tbe Doctor' plan, (adveS? - cetsary to guard tbe public against the mercury, and other fatal delusions, h,d ff Persons, therefore, havinc rart!, - yata disorder, or impeding latent noiLr 1n admonished not to tau.per with their ,7, l', tion, or conceal the disorder, tUi!a,t't - ry s otliert having the remain, or Ts - or other inipunue of tbe blood, aiTrsSi,?' " .niiiiini oi a uriicare BBtkrt. ht iinT sex. should remember posterity, and do iL - to their consciences, bw s;& Q. J"" . to Dr. H. at his old Lad .L.rS',lc. w sitv.i . ;ivwattai. lone caUolattd to rrevrWisdosweAM let niaelaini your seriout attention - lRT1 a tuperecia, cure it bo cure at all; tmleLT' sinessis radta. y dor.e. Vfm willprS."i f1" the disorder breajk ctrt 1& SLSSi hgnity, at tome future period I DerhTraTih!. be too late for remedy. F D't wu t IL the .tract. rbk even a bit rjlBr.ce - .n il a;, t. , w'uwki aewga, Talfe, i beseech m 1 "e ",rBe. Dr. H't. character for skill and stubborn int.. 11104, guarantee to patientt that delicacy aad ! culate nn tl, ir,ni a.2 Zl? ?J "'uVJr' ...lti.Ti. u - iiatfet lu Cos ...... .ift 1m M.A . - Gleett eradicated ia twa or three weeks Stricturet renioved without houeies or . a er miUumeut i and all debilities t. - L rT. "v. old uktrations flitula'. tic. " " A plurality oroid e, are prorided, and so ait,. Atcd that patients are not exposed tn.,i...iT... observ ation. Open till half past 9 in Uie evernw r - - - .ii.iicu tu oe iree ia alline, and sieakiiis with Dr.H. whirh i. .... of cost. And btre the Doctor cannot avoid tu sxi - re i: - n of gratitude for inhnmerahU ui udatiuna, and for the decided preference fit it piriuuic - j wKiijusccaurrj long given Dim by a n. All iettert must be pott paid. Dr. Buchtnan. Attg7 Ik At.IJMi.ti (ilACKKKV AOJf JMfvitl. DIR. EVANS' ttptrin meliiod ofcariagacte tain Disease., itnowaaivti. tally acknowledged iahSt city ; his mode ot trentoint is pcrreciiy mild, safe, . Ituiiipus, ana Lit chare; I reasonable. In every ii. stance he warrant a cars. and wdl retarn tbe pay if I doe not perform aereaab a to contract. . m ..... ...... - v,j .in.ji uuicrriv, 1 here are many persoas in this city and iu vi. cinity, laboring under varioes chronic diMnssa such a caiw - ers, old ws4erate alewn, arrnfiaj oy kings evil, fistulas, dtwases t the mretfin, bladder and kiduies, old complicated complaitt. of a certuin nature, bilious and other oljtna tion, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider iid. rahle, Uiey can cenamiy re cured tin general) hy applyincatDr. EVANS'S Medical Store. , 9. Peck - slip, having practised la cxtetrin hospitals in Korope It years, tnder tome of tbt first Surgeons and Physicians in tbe world, sal made those obstinate diseases hit constant tti ti lor 30 vear. Ort IS AFRUMENTO, No. t Wall treet, gentlf . mtn's dressing loom, hat tor sale a few Ra ton of Damask Steel, made by tbe celebrate! Mareuin. of Pari. He hat also received an as sortment of Uie best English Ratort, which bt warrants good. II proved to tbe contrary. Btt - ney refunded.. Also, cuts and dretset hair io tbe latest styl and in amanaer so at to adapt it to Uie phjaof - nomy. . rvir. r rtUi'it - iVi u returns on sincere rssnai to his customers, and the gew ral, for their very liberal patronage, aad solicits a ceo linuance of their favours. H has likewise procured a very One hoM,ana engages to restore r.zor to very keea edge, aaa snouio tr - .ey aot cut weu ue win reccm mv recompeace. Geutlesnen who subscribe by the quarter, will have their apparatus kept exclusively for then selves. . J30 170R th abova troubleiome aud flea " acoufidsaice inspired by twenty yarsacoin" experiment. A tingle trial will fre thtt Uf lodgrt aadevacuatti tbe tough viscid Pf", mucus, strengthens the weakened yesstls ss rne lungs, sheathes the acrimonious humoar irritate! them, and finally dircharget it - striking at the root of Uie disorder, tbt iyr tomi are of coarse effectually, and Pr?n' ' conquered ; the reverse Of comoion .B5'IJn which weaken the constitution, and glvt """k to the disorder, for the take ol moarrao." - present some of it painful effect. m - t.A TO PARENTS, who bave childrea aHtw withthi dreadful malady, thit i a discflvtrj the first magnitude, at it afford immedMte re lief, check the progress, ana inn n"'. - - p.M.h tirelv remove the most croel disorder to w children are liable. Tbe elixir it so I"""'," greekble, and the dote to small, that no in. - "' arises in taking it. .'',.;,!,. im - Ue particular to ant lor nammou w.. - - - . . itatront of which are offered to the Pbl,c'Rf M none are genuine without tbe tignature w UFor tale at LEE'S medical warehouse, So. 48 Maiden Lane, and by every reipecttbl vh git in New York. , 1 A dry Cellar, under thebouse No. x HnTstreet. Enqnirsjof Mil. rnylltf 134fearl - ttr NEW - YORK : , PRINTED AJfD PURLISBXD .. ' XICUAEL BVJVfHAX k 0. ' V No. 49 W II. LI A at - .TBI BV 0rTOtlWAx. rlAailL COtriist - rn'v"" . ra practice for years past, exciuniely to the cirea diseases of the blood t, c cah. mi. Mrx - l SLsV TIM iYJiCWili: 1 Ss T)

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