Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 1, 1939 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1939
Page 14
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SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE I!. Bidding Steady on Most Butchers in Chicao WEEK'S REVIEW SHOWS DECLINE Cattle Market Nominal With Week's Activity Showing General Drop CHICAGO, (im--Livestock Sat- higher; Arizona spring Iambs slo.aOCe 10.73; natives dcm-n from Sll; \veek lop fed Iambs paid early S9.C5; closing bull; $939.15; late sales clipped lambs SV.Tj 'ji8.25; lop slaughter eives 55.63; shorn Arizona ewes S4.75iI5.10. SOUT1I ST. PAtlt LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (!f,~Fedejal-slate market service-CATTLE 375; .compared Friday ]at week: Killing steers 25 lo 50 cents lower; she itock steady to 25 cents lower; bulls steady; slockers and feeders 23 to 50 cents lower; fed steers $3mO: fed heifers Sa.50ft9.25; top COU'S 51; cutters 55 do'.vil; u-eek's b u l k stocker and feeder steers S7tl9: calves 125; vealers steady after losing midweek upturn. Extreme top 511. HOGS 600; steady; top 57.10; good and choice 140 to 250 Ibs. $6.75ft7.10; sows S6.10ge.I5; stags $5.5066.23; pl8S$7ST.50; compared with close last week; barrows and gilts a lo 15 cents lower; st'.vs 15 cents off. SHEEP 200; compared week; Fat lambs lo to urday: Hogs, 100; bidding steady on most butchers; no strictly choice light hogs ottered; for tfee week demand narrowed along with receipts, prices slumping 25 to 40 cents; sows shared decline; early top, $7.70, closing, $7.45; lowest top was §7.50, equalling the low time o£ December, 1938. Cattle, 100; market nominal; compared Friday last week: Bulki OMAHA LIVESTOCK fat weighty steers, 50 cents lower; f OMAHA. plain and medium kinds mostly 25 cents down; prime offerings, steady; yearlings, mostly 25 cents off, scarce; top, £13.65; little above $13.00; best yearlings, $12.50; heavy heifers, $11.25; light heifers, 510.75; heifers steady to 25 cents lower; cows, strong; bulls, 10 to 15 cents lower; heavy kosher vealers, 25 cents higher; light kinds, steady. Sheep, none; compared Friday Friday last cents lower; last week: Fat lambs, 25 to 35 cents lower; having first lost upturn which carried Monday's top levels to highest point for fed lamb season since 1937; sheep, 25 cents higher; top ewes, highest since May, 1937; first California spring Jambs o£ season, graded medium to good and averaged 72 pounds at S10.75 Thursday; week's {op wooled lambs, $10.10, closing top, $9.60; week's bulk, 59.25 to $10.00; clipped lambs this week, SB.25 to SB.75; top slaughter ewes, $5.00; bulk, $5.50 to $6.00. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Saturday; 11OGS Steady. Good light lights 140-130 S5.50-5.60 Good light lights liiO-IGO SC.00-6.10 Good, light lishts 160-170 S6.40-G.50 Good light lights 170-130 S6.60-6.70 Good light butchers .. 180-200 S6.80-6,90 Good light butchers .. 200-220 S5.80-C.50 Good me. wt. butchers 223-250 $6.05-6.75 Good me. wt. butchers 250-270 $5,50-0.60 Good me. \vt. butchers 270-230 56,30-0.40 Good me. \vt. butchers 250-325 SG.15-B.23 Good me. wt. butchers 325-350 S6.00-G.10 Good heavy butchers .. 330-400 S5.85-3.95 Good packing SOWS ... 275-350 55.80-5.93 Good sows 350-125 Sj.70-5.30 Good sows 425-500 S5.60-5.70 Good sows 500-550 S5.60-5.70 IThe above is a 10:30 truck hog markcl lor good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime sleers. heavy 510.00-11.00 Good lo choice steers, heavy S 8.50- 9.50 Medium to good steers 5 7.50- 3.50 to medium steers ...... S G.50- 7.50 Plain to fair steers .......... 5 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .... S 9.00- 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... S 8.00- 9.03 Medium to good yearlings ... S 6.30- 7.50 Good, to choice heifers ...... 5 3.00- 9.00 Medium to cood heifers ..... S 7.00- 8.00 Tair to medium heifers ...... S 0,00- 7.00 Plain to (air heifers .......... S 4.00- 6-00 Good to choice cows, heavy .. S 5.aO- G.QQ Utedium to good cows ....... S 5.00- 5.50 Pair to medium cows ........ S 4.50- 5.00 Cutters ...................... S 4.00- 4.50 Cannera ........ ..- ........... s 3,00 - 3.75 Good lo choice heavy bulls ,. S 5.50- G.2.1 Light hulls -....., ........... s 4.50- 5.00 Calves, good to choice 130-190 S 7.00- 8.00 Calves. Tiled. 10 good 130-190 S 6.50- 7.00 Calves. Infer, to mcd. I3Q-1S3 5 2,50 d - wa 5BEEP Genuine spring lambs, cood to choice ............. 70-30 S 3.00- 8.50 Spring lambs, good lo choree .......... . ............ 70-90 5 6.50- 7.00 Spring Iambi, medium to (toad - - ---- ............... .. "0-90 ^ 3.50- 6.00 Spring Jambs, common ...... 5 4,50- 5,50 Native ewes, goofl to choice s 1.50- 2.^5 Cull ewes . ......... . ........ , aOciosi.oo Old bucks .................... OMAHA riVESTOCK (Saturday Iarhr!) OMAHA. f;?{ -- (U. S. department of agriculture)-- Salable cattle, 50; compared Friday last week: Fed Mecrs. yearlings. 25® 40 cents lowcy. mostly 25 cents oil; heifers steady; cows steady to vreak; bulls, vcalers strong; stockers. feeders weak to 25 cents lower: for week; Fed steers and yearlings $8.751; 12.10; heifer? S81Q.23: beef cows $5.75^ 7.50; cutter grades 54^5.50; bulls E@S,75; lop veal- ers 510*5 10.50; stocker. feeder steers S8 @10.65: stock calves Sll, Salable hogs 150; 210-230 Ibs., 56,75 io mostly SG.O; compared Friday last ·we ek : Butchers 230 Ibs. down 1 0 3 SO cents lower, heavier steady to 10 cents off; sows cents off. 5 15 cents lower, stags . Salable sheep none; compared Friday last week: Fat )ambs steady; yearlings. slaughter ewes around 50 cents higher: feeders nominal; closing bulks: Spring lambs 510.503 10.73: native spring lambs SllgH.Z5; fed wooled lambs S9-25*t9,30; recently shorn lambs 58: fed vcarlings 53(58,25; slaughter ewes S-J.75-S5.95; new- crop feeding lambs $9,40: shearing lambs 5969-35; bred ewes $3fi5.50, sioux crrr LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y M a r k m SIOUX CITY, ·.?)-- iu. S. department ol agriculture"-- CATTLE; Salable receipts 100; calves, salable receipts none; ior the week: Fed sleers and yearlings 15ifi23 cents lower; better grade heifers little changed; other slaughter she stock vreak to 15 cents lower; stockers and feeders weak to 25 cents lower; bulk medium lo good f e d . fleers antt yearlings S3.3Q g 9.50; few lols (food S9.75 Vi 1 0.40 ; car good lo choice 1,210 Ib, average .$11: several sales good heifers 38.50 ti 3.40: f ew choice t others S 10; maj ority med ium to good cows £5.75 ^i G.73 : f civ choice heavies S7.50K8; bulk cutter grades $4^0^5.25; bulls firm; lieavy sausage kinds up to ?6.8J; vcalerj) uneven; selects SlO-Ull: car fleshy 900 Ib. steers on feeder account 59,25; several Files medium grades 57.50^8.50; load fleshy 550 Ib. heifers to feeders S3.«.*. Hogs: Salable receipts 150; nominally steady; quotable lop $7 05; good sows eligible around $G.IO6.25. SHEEP : Salable receipts none; for the \veek: Fed wooled lambs steady to strong; fed clips steady: fat cwcs Quotable 25-535 cents higher; week's early top wool c d Iambs $9.75 ; n c w high for current season: late bulk S5.25'g r 9.45: fad clips 58.10 ii 8,23; few native springers SI0.5011: few lots native cwcs $4.75*i S.25; choice quotable to S3.75; feeding and ^bearing Iambs 70-S6 Ib. 50.75^9.13. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) KANSAS Cm". iJ 1 ; -- 'U. S. department af agriculturel-- HOGS: Kone; markcl nominally steady; for week. 30^40 cenl:= lower: heavies oft most: sows around 25 cenls lower; late lop $6.95. CATTLE: 100; calves 50: for week: Beet steers and yearlings steady to 25 rents lower; heifers and mixed yearlings v;eak to 25 cents lower; cows steady to ·weak; vcalcrs strong lo SO cents higher; stocker and feeder classes opened steady to strong, closing weak; week's top strictly choice sleers $12.13; several loads $10.75611.10; best heifers $9.50; late top vealers 9Ui lighl yearling slock- ers $10.25; medium and good fed steers 53.53S? 10.50; medium to choice stockcrs end feeders S7.7539.75. SHEEP: None, for week, fed lambs 15 *Ei2-i cents lower; sheep 23 5 iO cents slaughter ewes 25 to 50 cents higher: feeding lambs strong to 25 cents higher; week's top $9.75 on fed lambs, new high for season; native feeding lambs $7S8.25. . iVheat: Dark hard. No. j; hard, Ko. 2,^ 6G:i*i67r A'o. 3. 53=i; sample liartj. 64K;; sample hard smutty, 66:,mixed. No. 2. 42--. Oats: White. No. 2. *8'i«a*9; No. 3, 27^*ti28 t ,*: sample white. 25!2ti27^. Barley: JCo. 4, 31!-i; Ko. 5, 32!i. Corn: None. Hye: None. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Livestock prices at midwest markets Thursday: AUSTIN. Mi -- Hogs steady; 140- . . 130 Ibs. S5.50'a5.SO; 150-1GO Ibs. 53.95 ·#6.25; 1GO-170 Ibs.. SS-SOgC-aO; 170-180 Ibs.. S6.45Ss.75; 180-220 Ibs.. $6-60 ® G.90 · Ibs., 56.45 '$6.*,5: 250-2-JO Ibs.. S6.SO , . . .. . £G.GO; 270-290 Ibs., S6.10S6-40; 290-325 Ibs., 55.335 6.25: 325-35Q Ibs.. S5.SOS6.10; 350400 Ibs,, S0.70-SG: packing sows, 275-350 Ibs.. $5.G03o,90; 350-425 Ibs,. S5.30^5.8Q- 453-550 Ibs.. So.4Qig5.70; 530 Ibs. and up. $5. -JOS 5.70. A L B E R T L E A . M i n n . -- Hogs are steady; H0-I5Q Ibs- 55.63 5.80: 150- 1CO Ibs,, SG'gG.lS; 1SO-170 Ibs.. 5(3.40^6.55- 170-1SO Ibs.. JC.70ftG.8o; 180-220 Ibs.. 56.80 Sj'C.a; 220-250 Ibs.. SG.BO^G^a: 250-270 Ibs., SC.40^6-35; 270-290 Ibs. 55 ''OS G 35200-325 Ibs.. SC.05gG.2Q: 325-350 Ibs.. S5.90 ·?G.t5; 35Q-4W Ibs., $3,75g;5.gQ : sows. 27o- 55.20^5.35 CEDAU HAFIDS. (,*.--Good hogs M8- !30 Ibs.. SG.5Q-SG.65; 150-160 Ibs., §G.60^ 6.73; 160-170 Ibs., SB.70'6,S5; 170-180 Ibs S6.80tfiG.95: IBO-220 Ibs.. $6.90ft7.03; 220250 Ibs.. $6.756G,90; 250-270 Ibs.. SSCO'it 6.75; 270-290 Ibs.. 56.455G.60; 290-325 Ibs., $6.23f£6.40; 325-350 Ib5.. SG.105S.25; good packers. 275-330 Ibs.. steady. OTTUMM'A. VPr--Kces unchan"cd. WATERLOO. Wt--Hogs 5 cents higher; 160-1SQ Ibs.. S6.7356.95: 1SO-220 Ibs.. $6,95 fti~t£3; 220-230 Ibs.. $6.8536.93; 250-270 Jbs.. $6.70^6.80; 270-290 Ibs.. $G.55@6.G5; 290-325 Ibs.. $5.40^6.50; 325-350 Ibs.. $623 .3S; pac^Jnff sows. 275-350 Ibs.. Sfff G.tO: 350-425 Ibf., 53.8o-a5.35; 42o-350 Ibs.. 55.75S5.8o. Cattle: Tone steady. Prices unchanged. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINES. yf-U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and ID packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Saturday were 14.400 compared with J25,- 5M a week as° and 15,900 a year ago. Fairly active: steady to strong; instances'- 5 cents higher: loading considerably lighter than 30.700 week ago. Barrows and gilts, good and choice. 340 to 1GO Ibs. unquoted: 160 to lO Ibs SG.505i7.03; ICO to 220 Ibs. SG.70"! 7,15: 220 to 250 abs. S6.55ft7.05; 250 to 290 Ibs. 56.30 SG.85; 290 to 3jfl Ibs. S6.00 36.55- ' Packing sou's, good. 275 to 330 Ibs. $5.90 (TiG.13: 330 to 425 Ibs. S5.70SC.05; 423 to 550 Ibs. S5.45 £5.90. LIVESTOCK FORECAST ^ S a t u r d a y Market) CHICAGO. f.^j--Unofficial estimated livestock receipts for Monday: Hoss 15000; caltlc. 12.000: sheep, 14.000; hogs for alt next week. 63.000. CHICAGO WHEAT PRICES LOWER European Situation Pai'tly Offset by Favorable Weather CHICAGO, ffi--Wheat prices dipped as much as ?i cent a bushel at times Saturday, both Mas' and July falling to 67»£ cents. At that level, however, the market received buying support and prices advanced to near Friday's close. Uncertainty over the European political situation was partly offset by favorable reports for the domestic winter wheat crop. Unsettled weather was predicted for parts of the belt. Wheat closed '.i to I: - lower; May, 673J to G7;s; July, 67*6 to 67=i;'corn, U to i lower; May, 479s to 4712; July. 49Is; oats were unchanged to Is down; May. 29=s to 29=1; soy beans. =s to ^ down; May, 87 Va; rye, Vs to =i down: May, 41%; lard unchanged to 5 cents down. CUICAGO CHAIN fSaturilar Market) CHICAGO, if---No cash wheat. Com, No. 2 mixed 48=4'ft5I^sc: No. 2 yellow 4'aSJ49c; N'o. 1 white 54c; sample grade 465i46^c. Oal?. No. 2 mixed 32c; No. 1 -white IV~c: sample srade white 30= ic. Barley, malting 52@0c nom.; feed 35 45c nom. Rye. \'o. 3. 45*«c. Soybeans, No. 2 yellow G9'.«c. Timothy seed S2.853.15 jiom.: red clover 513-516 nom.; red top S9.2539.73 nom. Lard--Tierces, S6.27; loose S5.65; bellies S9. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Saturday No. 3 white oats 22c No. 3 yellow corn 34c rv 7 ew ear com 30c Barley ,25-35c SATtRDAV GBAI.V CLOSE CHICAGO, t WHEAT-May s July Sep CORN-May July Sep OATS-May . . July Sep. SOY BEANS-Mav July ,. Oct HYE-May July Sep LAHD-Hay July Sep. Oct. , Low .6T' .en. .63 : b 6.31; 6.47 6.65 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN' (Saturday .Market) MINNEAPOLIS, «'i-- Wheat receipts Saturday. 126 cars; 61 a year ago. Quota- lions "« cent lower. Cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern 73US76U: dark northern. No. I, 73*i^t75r*; fancy No. 1 hard Montana. 14 per cent protein. 78','«ft79'4: Ko. I dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 70r-,Ti7H: hard amber durum: No, I, K'iT(30!i; No. 1 red durum. 39%*I60',4. Corn: No. 3 yellow, 42^a43"i. Quotations *i cent higher. Oats: No. 3 white, 27 a ira''8 T i Barley: 353 66. Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Saturday Market) CHICAGO. (J--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 12G: on track 442; total U. S. shipments 513: old stock supplies heavy- Northern \Vhitc stock trend slow; weak; Colorado McCJures demand light: weaker; Idaho Russets demand light: firm with slightly stronger tendency; good quality Bliss Triumphs and Early Chios demand moderate; steady; sacked per cwt.: Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. very lew sales S3.65^i1,$7±: occasional car lare.c washed higher: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 85-90 per cent U, S. No 1 $1.95 ft 2; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1, car burlap sacks washed, good color $2.30: car cotton sacks 52,10; Wisconsin Round White U. s. No 1 fciv- salcs Sl.10ftl.30: Michigan Russet Rural U. S. Commercials car SJ.JS'j; North Dakota Bliss Triumphs 50 per cent U S No. I and better Sl.SOfl 1.05; Early Chios BJ-30 per cent N. S. No. ], SI.55: Minnesota Red River Valley section Earlv Chios U. S. No. 1. car SJ.55; new stock, supplies liberal 4 , demand light: steady: carlot track sales for 50 pound =acks Texas Bliss Triumphs U, S. No. 1 si 15 'a2; washed 52.10: U. s. No. 1 size B SI.80: Florida bushel crates Bliss Triumphs no track sales recorded. Chicago Police Find Man Shot to Death and Wounded Woman CHICAGO, (iP)-- Englewood police round a man shot to death and a woman wounded four times lying in an automobile at Sixty- fourth street and Harvard avenue on the south side Saturday. Capt. Walter Healy identified the man as Joe Carvel, about 35, described as a whom he had minor hoodlum arrested several times in connection with to -thefts and narcotics peddling. The woman, who became hysterical and sobbed "I'm afraid. I'm afraid," had been shot in the head and neck. She is about 25. Lomson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO-- SVhul--There was continued uncertainty over the political situation in Europe but as security prices rebounded from Friday's lows, a little more feeling of optimism came into the picture ar.d the various innucnccs caused moderately lower wheat prices. As to the speech which was broadcast by Hitler, radio headquarters at Berlin said the interruption was caused in the V. S. Other sources susgcsl the foroadcr.n was shut off fearinK it v.-ould be broadcast back to Germany where the people were unaware that Hitler was to speak. After an opening, speculative selling of long wheat made its appearance. The selling together with that of traders carried prices about '\ cent I bushel under early high value?. Wheat, however, was taken on restinc orders by brokers and it was thouzht that some of this buying related to taking off of hedges on government sold wheat. The wheat market naturally continues under the influence of the deep seated political \mresl ill Europe btit the outside buying which would ordinarily mate- rialise tinder such conditions is lacking. Corn--Commission houses sold corn moderately Saturday -while cash brokers were on the buying side. There was no export bu?;ress reported. The A r g e n t i n e official v crop report said that general railis durins March had been beneficial. K A N S A S CITV GRAIN* ( S a l n r d a ? M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. r,?,_ Wheat: 146 car; 3 cent lower to u cent higher- No ·» dark hard. 7l^77ii: KO. 3, eS'ifiTS'i- No. 2 hard. S3'.i^$9 : No, X. £7fl70 1 i : Kb. 2 red nom., G T U g e ^ i ; No, 3 nom. * ' cent Jfo FORMER JOWAX KILLED KIMBALLTON. OT)-- Word was received by relatives of John ·! Neilson, former well known resi- ' dent here, that he was killed in a fall from a tower he was painting at Withee. Wis., where he was employed by a construction company. . Corn: 21 cars, unchanged lo lower; No. 2 white nom.'. -«\;^ nom.. 45ji-g-47'i; No. 2 yellow nom.! 3 « ^ 4 : No. 3 nom., 44=ift46 1 i: No " mixed nom.. No. 3, 46*i. .. . , . Oats: 3 cars: unchanged. No. 2 white nom.. 29^4*? 30?; Xo. 3 nom,, 2S',Vfi29^. 'Milo maiie. nom.. "3^79. Kafir, natn., Rye. nom., W. Barley, nom., GLASS-LASS Stretch o£ plastic "liller" used in new laminated safety glass shown at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is tested by pretty Wyncttc Price. I April in Stock Market History .25 a. -£15 s is ^ r 0 ·E 5 'o IK · As Shown by Changes in Dow-Jones Averagos- f|-J» I' 0'31'JJ 2701, J U ; U r ·34 ·}, a "'35 ~ F LJ ** -- ,,»« -re Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS BI Te Associated Tress) J9; f l .1 Air Reduct Al Cli Dye 150 Allied Stores 7=i Am Can 55.* Am A: For Po 2'a Am Loco lav* Am Rad : Et J3 Am Roll Mill Mtt Am Sm A: Ref 31*8 Am SU Fdrs 24 J « Am Sug Ref 17 U Am Tel T 154?4 Am Tob B 82' * Am Wat Wks S T « Anaconda 24 J * Armour til 4 3 ; At T s F aci« At: Relin Auburn Auto Bait Ohio fi'i DarnsdaH 14'^ Bcrtdix Avtat 20-* Beth Steel Cl=i Boeing Airpl 2"; Border) \Z\-i Borg-Warnor 2.1 Brldgpl Br 10*a Budd J\I/g -j*^ Can D G Ale ULj Can Pacific 4 Case -H Cater Tract 41 3 ; Ches ; Ohio 32-j C t G W ? C M St P ft: P '« C R I F Jj| Chrysler 69 Vi Coca-Cola 122 Col G E 61.-. Coml Solv iQ-i Cmwlth Sou I 3 j Con Edison 30?s Con Oil B Con Can 36=; ton Oil Del 2S% Corn Prod G2S Curt-Wr 3*i Ocere Co is 1 ; Deere pf 23 : * Douglas Air duPont Eastman El Pow Lt Fairbanks-Mo Firestone Gen EJee Gen Foods Gen Mills Gen Motors GlUetle G^k Goodrich I7= a Goodj'ear 27-i Gl Nor Ry Pf Zlr'e Homestakc Gl?i Hudson 5's Hupp Motors I 3 * III Cent 12' a Ini Harvest Int Nick Can Int Tel 5: T Johns-Man v 1 ."» -CP.i 41V- 4 j i:i'i I3{« i"^* a 1 * 57'j GO~ K 142 ',163 20 33*-j 39 »i 79, B 43 1 « 54»i Kennecoit Kresge Lambert Lib O F GI Loews Maytag Slidcont IMont Ward Kash-Kelv Katl Bisc Nat Cash R Nat Dairj' Pr Nat Distill Nat Lead 20 3 ^ Nat Pow Lt 7i a N Y Cent IS*; No Amer Avi 14T« North Amer ^l Nor Pacific 8"« Oliver Farm 18?i Otis Elevator Otis Steel Owens III GI Packard Param Picl B% Penick *c For 50?Penney 77 ','* Penn Ry 19 Phillips Pet 34 Proct . Gam 54 V« Pullman 2T l .\ Pure Oil 1 J j Hadio G:\ Rem. Rand 12"U R«pub Steel IG^a Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac SOLI PacUic Std Brands Std Oil Cal £td Oil fnd Std Oil N J Stew-Warn Sludebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Te.-s; Gulf Sul Tim, Roll B Traiisamerica Un Carbide "Union Pacific 94 Unit Air Li · 91; Unit Air Cor 33Vi Unit Corp 2',j Unit Drug u'.:; u s Gypsum U S Ind Ale U S Rub U S Steel Walgreen Warner Pict West Un Tel West El A: Mf 93 Wilson Co X»\ Woo7ivorth -15?Wrigley Jr 11 Yel Tr 4; C I4-V Vngst Sh S: T 37=!^ STOCKS END ON RISING NOTE Rallies, Relapses Follow Quickly in . Fast Saturday Session NEW YORK, JP)--In one of the fastest Saturday sessions in more than a year, the stock market Saturday rallied and relapsed at frequent intervals but managed to end on a rising note. The European scene held Wall Street's attention to the virtual exclusion of domestic business and political happenings. Many trad- j ers were said to have stepped in i on the buying side at the opening on the theory the sharp declines o£ the past two days called for a "correction" no matter what transpires overseas. Transfers for the two hours approximated 1,500,000 shares. Final gains ran to 2 or more points for favorites, but there were a number of losers of as much. The financial district seemed to derive some courage from the belief that the stronger stand of the Anglo-French entente might avert war. Prominent stocks on Hie recovery shift included U. S. Steel, Bethlehem. General Motors, Chrysler. U. S. Rubber. Goodyear, Montgomery Ward, Douglas Aircraft, Sperry, American Tele. phone, Anaconda, du Pont and ij.-i j Philip Morris. Lagging were Dow Chemical, American Can, Union Carbide, Allied Chemical and U. S. Gypsum. In a ragged curb market gains of fractions to over a point were posted by Lake Shore, Electric Bond Share and American Gas Electric. Lockheed and American Cyanamid "B" dropped back. U=i 23 13" 6 l ZG\ 27',37 VL 6 3 ij 72 V 84 IS'i Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAM SON BROTHERS CO, Mason City Office in Basley- Beck Bui I din-. Telephone No, 7 Close DOW JONES AVEBAGES lulls. RliK LIIK. ... 1K.S2 27.2-t 22.50 TotaJ Sales . . CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 7*4 Walgreen Cord Corp 2^ SEW YORK CL'FB Am Gas : E! 33?i Am Cyan B 20 1 : Am Su Pow 5 Ark Nat Gas A 2' As G El A ' FortJ of txjckhecd 25 s Kiag Hud Pow 7 Pennroad Cp l [ Std Oil Ky 17 Un Gas Co S' Un LJ · Poiv 1~ Bond Market NEW YORK. (,T--The- bond market found the upgrade a lough one Saturday. Even U. S. government Joans dropped back. Light offerings In the government set- lion accounted for losses running up to 10-32nd.j of a point in the Hnai hour. A \vide loser else\vhere was Erie con- vertibJe 4s of '33 "A." off more than 3 points. Declines of fractions lo over a point were posted by loans of Firestone Tire and Rubber. Allegheny. Chesapeake and Ohio. Illinois Central. General Steel Casting?, and Columbia Gas and E!ec- Iric, Aside from a few transactions in German Loans at slighttv Io-.ver prices, the market shied away Irom foreign dollar Joan^. G O V E R N M E N T B O N D S NEW YOHK. Wr~ V. S. government bonds closed Saturday: Treasury 3!is, 46-49. 110.25. Treasury 3s. 51-35. 109.13. Federal Farm 3Itg. 3r. 43. 103.10. Home Owners Loan 2?is. 49. 101.27. Home Ov.-ners Loan 3s. 52. 108.6. April Fool Spirit Found in Statehouse Motion to Abolish Legislature Lauded by Secretary Miller DES MOINES, (/Pi--The April Fool spirit invaded the Iowa statehouse Saturday. Alter nearly two hours of serious labor, during which the house concurred in senate amendments to the tax commission bills, the representatives indulged in some levity before adjourning until Monday. Deputies from the offices of executive council members mimicked their bosses in a "mock" council meeting. Hoegh Offers Motion The house of representatives had passed several legalizing acts when Representative Leo Hoegh (R), Chariton, rose and asked for unanimous consent to take up house file 637, which lie described as "just a little legalizing act, of I a non-controversial nature." I House file 637 is a liquor-by- I the-drink bill. "It really is a 'legalizing act,' '· Hoegh grinned when the members caught the joke. Some one asked for consent to take up house file 1 (the local option bill), but the request was ruled out of order because there was a motion to adjourn before the house. Earl Miller Agrees As the session broke up, many representatives went downstairs to congratulate Gov. George A. Wilson on his fifty-fifth birthday. Proposals coming before the "mock" executive council included a resolution purportedly sponsored by the secretary of state's office and calling lor abolition of the legislature. "That's a good bill," Earl G. Miller, the real secretary of state,. called out from the "gallery." Millers department would lose heavily under governmental reorganization measures pending in the legislature. Grandson of F. R. Bom to Boettigers; Name to Be Chosen SEATTLE, (fP -- The newest member of a famous family was still nameless Friday. John Boettiger, son-in-law of President Roosevelt, said no name had been selected for his new son, born to Mrs. Boettiger Thursday at a Seattle hospital. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt was in attendance when her new 9 pound, 1 ounce grandson arrived while Boettiger, publisher of the Seattle Post Intelligencer, paced the corridor. Mrs. Boettiger has two children by her former marriage, Anna Eleanor (Sistie) 12, and Curtis (Buzzie) Dall, 8. Produce MASON CITY--For Saturday (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds .. He Heavy hens over 4 pounds, including S pounds 13c Likht and Leghorns lOc Eggs, Specials 17c Eggs, No. 1 13c Eggs, Under Grades lOe Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-14c* Eggs, cash 12-Mc Butter, Iowa- State Brand Butter, Corn Country Butter, Plymouth . .. Butter. Very Best . .. Butter, Clear Lake .. Butter, BrookCield . . Russet Potatoes, peck .30e .28c .30c -28c 28c 34c 32c MORE SPACE IS NEEDED-IL DUCE Speaks at Dedication of Project; Crowd Shouts "Tunisia" NAPLES. Italy, (/PJ--Premier Mussolini told a crowd of peasants at Capua Saturday that since they lacked enough space for their fam"- ilies "somebody will have to provide it." - . . . . . . . He spoke at the dedication of a big land reclamation project but his hearers shouted "Tunisia" and "expansion." What II Duce said was that the reclaimed land eventually would have farmhouse" adorned w i t h many children for whom the space is insufficient and somebody will have to provide it.'' He left Cupua shortly before noon on a special train for Rome, completing his three-day tour of southern Italy. The reclamation oroject he dedicated is on the Volturno river. Homes are. to be provided there for 3,500 families. Business Notes Early Ohio Potatoes, peck _. _ -EDITOR'S NOTE--These rep- ',°,T In . olal ?V5 r 'o arrive in rcsentative quotations were ob- A ??..? ro"S.Vot SiS^o tained by calling several grocery -· - · · - - - - - stores. El Bd Sh Ford of Can XEW YORK STOCKS Am Cry Sus 7*~ Lcn Port Ce ID'a Lorillard 21*i Mack Truck 22'j McLelian Slo 7'i Slinn. Mol Im 4!, Motor Prod IS 1 ', Ohio Oil . 7'i Packard Motor 3!j Plymouth 19 Pullman 27% Purily Bakery 13!', R K O p. Rco Motors St Jos Lead Simmons Co Am C A; Fy Am Pow S: TL. 4 ] j As Dry Goods 7 Baldwin Loco 12 3 a Briggs Mf Co 20 '-k Eycrs A M a 1 Ches Ohio 32^ Clii Gt West =a CMStPJfcP pf 3 \ Conjioleiim 21 *i Cudahv Pack 12' = Cnrt-Wr A £1=* NEW YORK PRODUCE (Saturday Marfect NEW YORK. OP.--Eg£f. 27.830; about btoady. MiKcd colors: Extra fancy selection ItVi'iiW,; standards 18: firsts 17; mediums 13 3 i-fil6: dirties. No. 1. 15^;: average checks. 151T151,*; storage packed firsts I7, Butter: 474.059. unsettled. Creamery, higher than extra. 23?2$f24'«: c.\tri 192 score'. 231123!*; firsts (83-911. 22!*'(i23i seconds IS4-37I. 2I'Tt22. Cheese; changed. 171.666, steady. Prices un- Dist Corp Sea 17 Elec Auto Lit 29 l i Erie R R Co I a * Foster-Wheel IB 1 ; Freeport Tex 21 '* Gen Am Tran 48 Gliddcn Co 17 Gobcl i l i Hou OS Imcw) S'x Inspiration Ill's Indus* Dayon 2D Kroger 22" l'» 32b 23 So Ca! EdLson 2j Sperry Corp SS'j Tid Wa As Oil ll'i U S Smelter 52 3 j Vanadium 20*-a Union Oil Cal 17'i Un Gas Im H 3 Warren Bros 47i Wh'.tc Motors fi'?« Worth Pump 14;i Hides Cjualzllon* Focimtifil by ivoll Bros- Inc 508 Fifth Stretl SoDlbnut QORSEH1UES · G R E E N BEEF HIDES From IS Ibs. up From 15 Ibs. down . . . Bull hides " , .. 4f .. 6c .- He BOSTON' WOOI, I S a l u r d a j Market* BOSTON'. (J--U. S. dcparlmcn! ot agrictulure-- kittle demand was received tor spot wools in the Boston market during the past week. Most ot the piecing-out sales went at concessions from last week's prices. An occasional inquirv reflected interest in wool for the nest season's goods, but most buyers were unwilling to make any commitments beyond current needs. Graded combine briKM fleece wools were nominally quoted sligh'.ly lower at 27 to 29 cents, in the grcssc. for fine delaine, at 23 to 29 cents for half-bloods and at 29 lo 30 cents lor the three-eighths and quarter blood grades. C11ICAGO PRODUCT. rsatardar M a r k e t ) C H I C A G O . I3i--Butter,. 1.151. steady: prices unchanged. =-38^. "6,307. unsettled: current ceipts ir^S: storage packed extras 1 other prices unchanged. KANSAS CITY PRODUCE (Saturday Market) KANSAS CITY. lF^-Eg£s unchanged; hens 1315; springs IS'.ifi 14-; otiicr produce and poultry unchanged. CHICAGO P R O D U C E (Saturday Markcl) CHICAGO. (J)-^Buttcr futures, storage standards, close: Nov.. 22i: cgp futures, refrigerator standards; Oct., 19!e: storage packed firsts. April, n 1 ;. Ridgeway Ladies Aid to Meet on April 13 RIDGEWAY--The United Lutheran Ladies' Aid society will hold a meeting at the church on Thursday, April 13. The hostesses will be Mrs. Richard Thompson, Mrs, Adolph Vick and Mrs. Marion Ringocn. Choir to Present Du Bois Oratorio Palm Sunday Night The choir ot St. John's Episcopal church, with assisting soloists and singers, will present DuBois' "Seven Last Words of Christ," in the church Palm Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Philip Jacobson. F e r n Muevs. Mrs. W, L. Bennett. Dr. ! R. F. Kunz, Frank Pool. Donald Smith, Richard Ufford and James Archie will be the soloists. Singing in the chorus are: Violet Bellows, Nancy Bowen, .Toy Davis, Jean Houscr, Shiela McPeak, Eileen Payne. Jean Peterson. Margery Pickett, Helen Scheibe, Betty Senneff, Mrs. B. R. Thomas, Mrs. Russell Thompson Seymour Angel, R. J. Edwards, Kenneth Harrington, Ed Hill, James Kelso, Murray Lawson, William Parker. Erne?t Pickering and James \Vhitehead. Mrs. \V. L. Bennett is director, and Mrs. Roscoc Patlon, organist. Tlie full force of the current flow of refugee fjold from Europe hit New York Friday \vhen trans-Atlantic liners unloaded the last cargo of what was estimated as^ the largest amount of the yeJ- ' " ' " * ' ' ''om across t h e of 24- hours. . . S123.500.000 in gold arrived in New York in this space of time. A total of approximately 591.700,000 In gold was recei\-ed Friday, in addition to which $·? 6,600.000 arrived on th e Nor- mandlc Thursday afternoon. Friday's inflow included the 536,500,000 consignment on t h e Manhattan, the largest single cargo on record. Other ships dock,, Friday included the Aquilanla with about 533,000.000. the Auranin with S|2.~ 500.000 and the Black Osprcy with about $700,000, Encland Bluest Shipper Some 577,700.000 of Friday's receipts represented official shipments directly to the Neiv York Federal Reserve bank. Of this amount. S64.800.000 was shipped from England, $10.100.000 from Belgium and S2.COO.000 from France, although il is believed possible that the latter shipment originated in Switzerland. The New York reserve bank's dally Kold statement ahoxvcd the import of ^34.034.000 in gold Friday from England, $1,931,000 from Belgium and S247.- 000 from Indt.i. The reserve hank also announced that S612.0QO was engaged in England as of some previous date for shipment to the United State?. While this amount engaged was less than those reported recently. It was believed to reflect the difficulty in obtaining shipping space rather than any decrease In the desire of foreien gold holders to ship to the United Staler. S.Vl.OQO.'JfcJ Week Btfore The rlrpartmeni of commercc'c weekly Gold report disclosed that imports of the metal amounted to 5J3.009.263 in tlic week ended March 24, third consecutive period that import.* have been above Hie S."0.000.000 level. These imports included S24.339.383 from England. 51.M9.53S from the Netherlands. 56.093.301 from Belgium Sl.690.16C from Switzerland. 52,373.533 From Canada, S2.033,l";8 from Mexico, 58.580.10+ from Japan and S4.217.933 from Australia. English Market firm A f i rmer un d erton e d eve! oped on the London. Stock Exchange late Friday /oJ- low in R Prime M in istcr Clia mberlain's pledge of support for Poland, In early trading prices had- been marked down in all sections with trade sentiment ·extremely nervous. Tnc late rally pushed American shares well above parity levels in mojt instances and scaled lossts in domestic Polish bonds featured the rally, the 7, jumping to 4S'i, up 2' = . Cains among trans-Atlantic iysues In United States cquix-alcnts ran get) to l ' » points in U. S. Steel at X32'«. Chrysler to S7l*a. General Motors » to 548 and SEES TRICKLE FROM TRUNK Oil Station Worker Discovers It's Not Oil; Murder Revealed SAN ANTONIO, Tex., U.R--The only thing mysterious about Hugh Wliite's car when he drove into a filling station and asked tor gas was contained in the sticker on the windshield which advertised an TELLS FACTS IN HOME BOMBING Crowley Names 8 of Once "Terrible Touhy" Gang as Responsible CHICAGO, (fP)-- Eight members of the once "Terrible Touhy" gang --six o£ whom are dead or in prisons--Friday were branded by Assistant State's Attorney Wilbert Crowley as the perpetrators of the bombing of a judge's home nearly seven years ago. ' Solution of the bombing on Sept. 20, 1932, which blinded 16 year old Wilbur Lee Koeppen, injured Mrs. Ada Moyer and shook the south side home of Judge John P. McGoorty was announced by Police Capt. Michael Naughton. The judge and his family escaped injury. The men involved. Crowley said, included Roger Touhy, the leader; his brother, Tommy; Albert (Polly Nose) Kator: Gus Schaeffer; two others not identified by Crowley: and LeRoy Mar- schaik and" Willie Sharkey, both dead. Roger Touhy, Kator and Schaeffer are in Joliet prison for 99 years' for the kidnaping ot John (Jake the Barber) Factor, Tommy Touhy is in a federal prison for 23 years for mail robbery. play "Mystery at Mid- amateur night." Attendant Jolmny Stehvig saw the sticker while wiping the windshield. As he filled the gas tank he reached to wipe off n smudge of "oil" trickling out of the rear trunk. Calls Stale Police '·Blood/' he said jokingly, to Attendant M. L. Mailey who stood nearby. As White drove away, Steiwig started to toss the rag back 011 the pump "island." He gave a start. The "oil'' was blood. He called the state police bar- raeiis. Troopers overtook White ;i few miles down the highway, stopped the car and looked in the trunk. They found the body of G. F. Weaver, Royalty, Te.v, garage owner. "We Were Drunk" '"We were drunk and got into a quarrel," White said. "It was over whether to steal some dynamite from an oil well warehouse Weaver drew a gun. I took it and shot him, 1 don't know how many times. We were pretty drunk. It was about midnight Wednesdav I've been " ' ' since." The windshield murder night. Pope Sends Message to Franco, Voicing Thanks for Victory BURGOS, (/P)--Nationalists Saturday disclosed Pope Pius XII had sent a message to General Francisco Franco expressing thanks '·for the desired victory of Catholic Spain." Nationalists said the pope sent D TV I T the following telegram to Franco: I DrOWnS l l l l HODeS OR ·Raising our hearts to God we · - thank Him and your excellency for the desired victory of Catholic Spain and pray that this beloved country, having found peace, may renew with vigor her ancient Christian traditions which her so great, "With these sentiments we send your excellency and the whole Spanish people our apostolic blessing." driving with his body .-- sticker advertised_an amateur play in which a was committed at mid- Dodger Roster Has Six Hurlers; One May Go to Phillies CLEARWATER, Fla., (U.PJ--The Brooklyn Dodgers had six catchers on the roster Saturday and the rumor was that one was going to the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for Pitcher Hugh Mulcahy. The Phillies need a catcher, and Dodger Manager Leo Durocher could use another hurler since Van Mungo still is the question mark ot the club. It seemed likely that Brooklyn's regular receiver, Babe Phelps, might go to the Phils for Mulcahy and one other player. , The Dodgers, who dropped an S to 7 decision to the Cincinnati Reds Friday, engage the Detroit Tigers here Saturday. Giants Will Tackle Cleveland Without Services of Hubbell BATON ROUGE, La., (U.PJ--The Mew York Giants tackle the Cleveland Indians in a resumption of their spring series Saturday. The Giants, who downed the Indians twice last weekend, face the American leaguers without the' services of Pitcher Carl Hubbell Manager Bill _ Terry ordered Hubbell to Memphis, Tenn., to consult -with Dr. J. Spencer Speed, who removed a bone chip from Carl's elbow last summer. The elbow apparently is all right, but his sore shoulder has not responded to treatment, and Terry i* worried. Newsome, Van Atta Average Net Income Increases $300 for Farm Association Against Phillies , SAN ANTONIO, Texas, (U.PJ-- made The St. Louis Browns looked to Buck Kewsom and Russ Van Atta Saturday to avenge their first shutout of the training season inflicted 4 to 0 by the Philadelphia Phillies Friday. The two teams meet again Saturday, at Waco, with Newsom as the Browns starting pitcher. Club officials said there still was no word from holdout Infielder Don Heffner. ELKADER. ^- Malone, bers of the northeast Iowa farm business association was S2.320 an increase of approximately $300 over 1937. A summary of the records showed hogs brought the highest feed returns. Leonard Bodensteiner has been named fieldman for the northeast association, and Malonc has been transferred to the Central Iowa association. , e , . _ . - Program I: Conducted at Legion Meeting in Kanawha KANAWHA -- The American Legton Auxiliary sponsored a benefit card party at the Odd Fellows hall Thursday evening with 12 tables of bridge and two tables of 500 being played. Prizes were given to Mrs. Verne Kenney and Henry Schroe- dcr for bridge and Mrs. Otto Schroeder and Melvin Hill lor 500. At the close of the evening a program was presented in the observance o£ the sixteenth anniversary of the Auxiliary society in Kanawha and the twentieth birthday of the American Legion. Cardinals to Play Exhibition Game ALBANY, Ga., U.R--The St. Louis Cardinals stop here for an exhibition game Saturday. Card Manager Rav S-H. International Nickel ... ,, New York Central 5-32 lo $16. Srilish funds moved up from the lows but closed under previous levels, British treasury is \vcrc unchanged at 98 while United Kingdom fund 3s at 92.*^, were off ',i. British 35 of 1934-I95S at si*; Na- Pricc? In domestic sections moved up from the day bottom* (o finish yjjjhtty below the previous close in most in- E. F. Lusk Resigns as Publisher of Rapid City Journal RAPID CITY. 0P--The resignation of E, F. Lusk, publisher of the Daily Journal here for the past 14 years, and sale of his stock to R W. Hitchcock and James Early both of Hibbing, Minn., and E H Lighter, Rapid City, was announced here Saturday. Hitchcock succeeds Lusk as publisher, while Lightner. business and advertising manager o£ the ^ara luanager Kav Blade'; said Journal for the past 13 year,. W J11 he expected to altSte Joe Oren- continue m these 0 n S ,t,TM, =,,,,, go Jimmy Bro% . n a ^ £^ n M". ers at shortstop for the remaining road games hoping to solve the problem of the position before the club reached St. Louis. The Red Birds dropped a 3 to 2 decision to their Columbus farmhands of the American association Friday. ELECT OFFICERS DECORAH--The following officers were elected at a meeting held Wednesday evening to head the Cowpasture Baseball league- President, William Nesseth; vice president, Otto Koenig and secretary. Leo Tekippe. Joe Flynn will handle the publicity for the league. continue in these positions and will be in active charge of the newspaper. Hitchcock has been publisher of the Hibbing Tribune for the past 33 years, and Early has been its business manager for 20 years. Missionary Society Will Meet Tuesday JJORA SPRINGS--The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church, will be held Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. T-afe Hill. Miss Myrtis Fay will have charge ot the lesson.

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