Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 4, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1943
Page 3
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, February 4 THE 2S! Page Three LEFT TO WRITE Otilnlona expressed heieln nre iftOM of the writer, and may or Sy rot conform to ihe edltorl B l vlewj of the Progress-Review. By LOU OABD.NEB get another grist through the legislative mills and back to the floor for another day's calendar. Both houses are plunging into their work with a diligence and earnestness as intense as we have ever witnessed. The First Bills The first Senate bill to go to the Governor for his signature went House Bills The following are among 1 the bills introduced in the House: Giving trustees power to receive gifts for library purposes . . . Changing tax sale date from December to January . . . Exempt, ing members of the armed forces In Full Swing The legislature full from requiring fishing, hunting I governor icr ms signature wem and trapping licenses . . . Chang, down on the 27th. It provided for ing primary- election from first 'reveibion to the general fund of Monday to first Tuesday in June went to the Governor on the 25th. There were two, both of them duced in 327 This cornpaies with 1941 session at the i period, and to 279 in the 1039 ses-1 ln the Background sion. The number of bills already. Th( , war p s y c hoiopy hanfrs over in tl» hopper is a quarter o a the sessions and lurf^ i n the hack. W l 7fc W i li n third of the total which will be introduced if the session reaches, the" average of past assemblies. At the end of the eighteenth day 136-bflls had been filed in the Senate, compared with 192 in 1911 ground constantly. It shows up frequently in consideration of legislation. It is evident in bills in- troduccd to exempt members of the armed forces from need for fishing and hunting licenses, in granting '·fad 115 in 1939. The -?° USe -,Q^! tax exemptions to soldiers and ' Raising sal_ of guard? at Ft. Madison rcctions of errors in code numbers, penitentiary and Anamosa refor matory . , . Exempting taxes against co-operative corporations and associations engaged in f u r - nishing electrical energy to rural communities, where such service is not otherwise available . . viding for appointment of mcrce Commissioners by the Gov_ Pro_ Com ""176, compared with 'and 164 in 1939. An Average Day Last Tuesday 158 in 1941 was a good ex- « ample of what makes up a busy ,',' day at this stage of the assembly. *'| The House convened at 10 o'clock. f By 10-25 nil routine matters had xT been taken care of and there being no bUls on the calendar adjourn. 3 ment was taken for the day. This ' left an entire afternoon which to those .vho do not take note of wnat sailors, and in other measures. I t j often appears in questions raised as to how pending legislation will affect the war effort, and in mak, ing discriminations for the "dur_ ation " In it all there stands out the very apparent fact that what is uppermost in mind is the welfare of our country-, and loyalty and protection to its armed forces;. These come first with full consideration of our state and its people standing next in the ear_ Claiming Homestead Exemptions? Permitting investigators to claim homestead exemptions for those receiving old age assistance the average legislator does, might nes t goal sought. Mean "hours of idleness. Not so-- j shott . Uneasiness positively, not so. When adjourn- ment'came there were 14 calls on S'- "the board for committee meetings, " ''' including the large committees on ; ^"appropriations "'"· means. The , the 14 and total ways and membership committees called j 267 almost two and H half times - entire membership of the The answer is that some had to attend two and Jmcetings during the after. r The short session days arc ·with hard, grinding work in .,°tbe- committees, getting ready for .,-Jaterl longer sessions when con_ ·;tnversial measures are sure to ^ "'itakeftlp much time on the legisla. Senate we say here of the House , f . _ rise true of the Senate ·s . ·where, more work is done in com,, mittees than in the House. That . :ame day the Senate convened at 10 o'clock and ran until 12:15. ·There was a cleanup of 12 bills which were on the calendar when the day's session opened. Cleaning .the calendar meant that commit. We notice a little uneasiness here and there over the state regarding the number of bills going into the legislative hopper. This is because the general feeling seems to be--and this is reflected in the attitude of many legislative members--that the less of re form and change we have for the duration, the better. There is no cause for alarm. The flood of bills is an example of representative government at work. The fine thing is that the bills are getting in early which gives ample op_ portunity to study them. The budget is already before the appropriations committee and its members arc hard at work. In both JEHOVAH'S WITNESS A divorce was filed by Margery Martin apninst Wilford Mavrin, both of Greenfield. Mrs. Martin's petition states that Wilford is a member of the Jehovah's Witness and as such does not salute the United Statas flag or buy war bords. Me'inbers- of the gro-p have been ho'dinj; religious meetings- at heir home, ami uher. Mrs M a r t i n refused to become a member of 'he sect, ihe defendant and his I father threatcmd to bung the 1 I ' l a t h df Cod upon liei, Mis. Martin claims. IT PAYS TO FEED DIG GATX MIXERAL STOCK FOOD, t h n t is what thousands ~f =ati- i"l feeders everywhere ai e *ayi!ij. If yi u .\rc looking for the 'ird u f L'ontTntrate you fun DEPEND on -- for uniformly iroot! i-i'* 'IN, for up_to_date in. "leuitri-, fi i .s:uily quality-- I'V.son.i'iu ;iu--tee your 1o_ 'u! k'fl!i.r u (i ij. Big Gain Products i\ fit I'nirn Iowa Increasing salaries of deputy shcriffb in Polk and Vfoodbury counties . . , Recognizing Iowa Sheep Association in accordance \Mth recognition given like usso ciations Increasing pay of township assebsois to $4 per day . . . Making it unlawful to trespass upon or along railroad tracks Providing for a garbage collection levy of 2 mills in towns of less than 5,000 population . . . Rai.sinpj Boning adjacent the: A time)} film, crammed n i t h aciiim romance and excitement comes to the A l a i s theatre ni'xt Sumhn and Monday »|:cn "Wings for the Eagle" mnlcs its local iK'but. The picture feature.-, \nn Sheridan and Dennis Morgan in lop role:-. « i l h an iniprosshc supporting cast made HU uf Jack Carson, dmrge Tnlii.i- and Uissoll Arm 1 -. The rcnlislii selling is the huge I.ockuvd A i r c r a f t plant. from engaging in n l a w f u l vocation. Senate Hills The following arc among the oc:i I Reading- and Writing . . . Senate bills introduced-. Defining hazards and airport pay of municipal court rcpci-lor. 1 from $8 to 510 a day . . . Raising pay for prisoners meals from 24 to 28 cents in counties of less than 50,000 population . . . Providing for appointments of attorneys to represent neglected, dependent or delinqucnt children . . . To prohibit false or misleading statements in advertising spectacles and lenses to Reducing board of s three, with four year terms Continuing Iowa legislative committee on national defense . . . Eequiring instruction in schools on the evils of use of alcohol Providing for trapping of beavers . . . Authorizing regulations for blackoutb . . . Increasing per diem houses appproprialions will be p a y O f district court reporters from scanned by men of sound judgment. There is every indication $10 to $12 and their expenses from $3 to §4 per day Appropriat_ had to swing into activity to 1 this. that they are committed to keep. h n e $208,000 for emergency fund ing expenditures down. The need I for the Board of Control . . . Es_ of some increases in pay in the| tablismng a code for and lower brackets of salaries due to .ing Hccns increased living costs and the dif-i Requiring ficulty of retaining help is going: to make statements and post them to be given some attention. There' annually instead of quarterly . . , can he no just complaint against Making it unlawful to use force or to i ing licensing of emhalmers . . . if-1 Requiring certain school district? up a board for covcrnine' Thr (1 " U ' ^ Sliml:n ' J l l l y 2f ' lhl Scttir. ! T h r o u P» thci S o l l t h P'X-'ific-. u n d e r ? and ic vocation of certificates to w a t c h makers Providing Incnl option and elections to d o t e i m i n e establishment or discontinuance of liquor .stores . . . Providing local option and elections to determine licensing or discontinuance of licenses for sjilu or manufacture of bei-r . . Providing four year terms for county officers other than county attorneys Making total insanity for f i v e years grounds for divorce. Allowing Income Tax Ilcduelion-- Allowing for reduction in state income tax returns of costs uf medical care . . . Relative to audit of school districts and filing of report with Stale Auditor, and permitting work to be done by ertified public accountants after notice is ghen Authorizing violence to prevent any person ink oil- ART LUNDAK'S ENTIRE CLOSING OUT SALE As I have decided to ejuit farming, I will hold a complete closing out sale on my farm, one mile ;jliorth and one mile east of Geneseo Consolidated school, 15 miles south of Waterloo on the Blue House road, four miles south and one mile east of Eagle Center, on gravel road, on Thursday, Feb. 11 Commencing promptly at 11 o'clock and disposing of the following: 4 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 4 Consisting of team of bald-faced geldings, one Q years old and one smooth fcouth, weighing 3,200 pounds; team of bay mares, 5 and 6 years old, sound and ^weighing 3,200 pounds. 30 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 30 Consisting of ten Jersey and Guernsey milk cows, some just fresh and balance may be fresh by sale date; two Black heifers, fresh recently; three yearling heifers, one Brown Swiss and two VVhiteface; eight summer and fall " calves; six Black summer heifer calves, milking strain; Shorthorn bull, 2 years /old. \ 70 -- HEAD OF HOGS -- 70 Consisting of forty-five head of feeding hogs, weighing from 125 to 180 pounds; twenty-five fall pigs. These are good thrifty hogs. ·} SHEEP AND POULTRY Consisting of one ewe and one buck; 250 White Rock pullets; about 100 te Rock hens. i CORN, OATS, HAY, STRAW Consisting of about 1,500 bushels of hybrid corn under roof; 800 bushels of ^'ood oats; 25 tons of clover and timothy hay in barn; 175 bales of timothy straw. * FARM MACHINERY Consisting of Case corn planter with 80 rods of wire; Case 10-foot disc; "ase 10-inch hammermill; Case side delivery; Case four-section harrow. All above machinery used only two seasons. Case tractor cultivator, used one season; Emerson spreader on rubber; Minnesota hay loader, good as new; John Deere pull-type corn picker; steel truck wagon and hay rack; 36-inch wagon box; Massey-Harris three-bottom, 14-inch tractor plow; Massey-Harris two- bottom, 16-inch tractor plow; Hoosier broadcast seeder; McCormick-Deering 6- foot mower; two-wheel trailer with good tires; Massey-Harris single row horse ""tivator; John Deere walking cultivator; bobsled; 7x12 brooder house; oil- tncr tank heater; electric pump jack; one-third horsepower heavy duty motor; some barrels and hog troughs; 60-foot hammermill belt, nearly new; buzz iw; set of good breeching harness; two se ts of sliptug harness; some horse col- irs; McCormick-Deering electric cream separator used two seasons; and a com- 'ete line of small farm tools. ' HOUSEHOLD GOODS Consisting of new Home Comfort range; 5-burner kerosene stove with i; two 10-gallon cream cans; feeders and brooder stoves; 40-gal. cooker and er household goods. iUAL TERMS--No Property to be Removed from Premises Until Settled for. The Geneseo Ladies Will Serve Lunch at Noon. T LUNDAK, Owner and directing county attorneys to obtain lists of pcr-ons holding government permits for sale of intoxicants; providing for public.i. tion of same, and holding them to be competent evidence . . . Rinsing old age assistance pensions maximum to $4C . . . delating to li a blazing MIII. a fleet of t r a n s p i noses its uay. each ship j.unim-d to the rail with Marines, each «hn carrying n caijro for \\i\i. one of them, n Marino c h a p l a i n pi caches a sermon on D u t y . Down in the lounge n g i o u p uf officers check over some- maps. Alorg the decks- art 1 -.catlon-d gioups of men, cleaning their guns, «h;irj-_ enuiR bnjonels, counting c.u_ IrUlges in t h e i r belts. A m w s paper correspondent wanders here and there around the ship, l-iking notci. He pokes down into the I hold, lie sits with the officcrF ho | ( h a t s w i t h the Marines on l h o | decks, listens- in to t h e i r own t o n . vcrsnUons. Nobodv Know, vet whole- t h e flcc-t is boi-nd. Nobody k n o w s w h a t the- f u t u r e holels for any i)f tlu-in Tbey do know, however, tluit t h e y aio on the move--the fnl of fen, sive move of any Amei ican troops since Pearl Harbor, more t h a n si-\ _ on months before. T h e y know they lire going out to meet the .lapa- ne'sc, and they hope they will be able to give :i good account »r thum.sulvcsi. . . . This is the b e g i n n i n g of a new censing of electricians and elec .... ^ .. .. Cancelling book called "fiimdalcanal Diarv, trical contractors . state income taxes due and payable in 19J1 and 1M4 Prescribing nonce for tc-iminating farm lease's Appiiintment of assessors by supervisors, auelitor and treasure' Providing cnfch to be retained w h i c h the Book of the- M o n t h cli is d i s t r i b u t i n g as a Fclmiaiv --I'-l lection. The- n e w s p a p e r man n b n a i d j transport, w a s lh« author, Ilidiard sis., foot. by old age assistance recipients siccnmpanied without reduction in their alln\v_ . To repeal $2o maximum seven-inch war (iirrcspondc-nL v.lm old age .substitute ·-isLancej payment, and needs and condition as basis of such assistance . . . 'lo appropriate 575,000 fen' and f u r n i s h i n g of home Goveinor . . . Proposing a C"n_ stitutional a m e n d m e n t for four year t e i m s for Govornor and other state official the M i n i m s \ \ l i e n they moved nn, ,|i«nt (ho next two ninnlhs on island a-j they capture el s-on Fiuld mid i-xpnnded t h ' i i tivities, w h n a t e - w i t h them, erection with them, ducku| bombs for t l i c l l h e m , anel who fin.illy c une { of the .Solomons w i t h nri- of tlie-i most h a i r i:iising accounts of - m o d e r n Wai thut ha.s yet be'e n I w r i t t e n . I "Ruadnlranal Diarv" is iu'-t I w h a t its title implies--a West Union skating fans have, day account of the battles on the I i l l i c u l t time get I island, what the Marines thought - -· · · " iglit tlu been having a d i f f i c u l t time g ting their .skating rink fixed up and felt and did, for .skating, but there'll come a and .sounds and smells wer, like e'av they hope TWK.C a snow how the men behaved and w l i . i t .storm has drifted i n t o the , , n k ' they said, under the ternfic after it had bcin cle-rcd for flood ing. Sammy K.istman, h o w e v o i . is still planning to fix it, before the Fourth of July, he says. of "war. N'o pinches are pulled either These language are- the or men themselves, CIRCUMSTANCES ALTERED When John Carter reported a l | A , )C)ml) Camp McCoy in Wisconsin for tough and sinewy and hard b i t t e n . J T h c wounded Marine, foi instance, who was put aboard a truck to In ' c , irria ] b at k to a basu hospital. 1 ki'led the truck training one of his superior officers was Lieut. Colonel Harry A. Brown. Sometime ago. Carter was assistant to the superintendent of the Iowa KUte t r a i n i n g school at EUiora when Brown was then in traniing at the school. E. NISSEN, Auctioneer. WATERLOO SAVINGS BANK, Clerk. ODD BEDS Some of the cloven new babies- at the Clarinda municipal ho.--pH;il were occupants of bureau drawers, for lack of crib'. This is the sec, ond time the hospital has had eleven babies occupying the nurs. cry, the other time being one day after Christmas. SIREN FAILED When the hyelro.gencrator at the plant of the electric companv in Anamosa failed, the fire siren was put out of action. To bring the firemen to the scene one of the trucks was placed at a strategic place and the siren on it waF used. The lights in the town were also put out of order, and the volunteer firemen who rushed to the scene of action had to dress in the dark. Irivcr, the wounded man col down und brought the truck in himself, lefroshxd by his unexpected oxer tion, turned right around and drove buck again, into the thick of battle, to rescue othci woundi-d spent two months on Guadalcanal, niul then left, n September 28th, on a Flying For. tress. Mis is a book t h a t will bung home to hundreds of thousand of Americans j u s t w h a t war in "South Pacific really is. It ' bock that will make all who i it feel mighty proud--pro-^d of our own toughness, our own abi'ity Lo dish it out. a n d , more than anything eKe, of our own United States Marines. the SERVICE STARS Mrs. Angela Kchoe of Anamo_ sa has five sons and one grandson serving in the United States armed services. Mrs. Emma Rowc of Bosnian has eight grandsons now serving with armed FAMILY DOCTOIl Dr. 0. F. Parish of G r i n n e l l l recently celebrated his fortieth | anniversary as a practicing physician in that town. One of the happiest days of his l i f e was when his son, John, became a doctor and started practice with him John is now on duty with the Navy but expects to be back after the i I . I I .'\N I) 11 Shortening ,'i I.II. l l \ C Whole Wheat 1 NO. ·- |'\NS, 1 . \ M i Tomatoes 19 I.II tfU. It I I-1 I \1H» Flour 1.75 M). HP i v\ Crosby Corn . I ' W I S Lye 3 ca V ( l II) ( \S Prunes ^having Soap 10c M i V X I I . \ T K I Sugar Lb. 7c · - _ . I.H is\e. ui ri TVTiov Pancake FLOUR 15c i ( \\s STOKI.I \ Baby Food 25c AETNA PEACHES i MOTS IN in "i 2 No. ! ,z cans--39c I !fl U l M I- T'VJ-v 25c Dwarf ies 22c I . A D V C O K I N N i : I KKSI:H\I: I S All rl.iMirs l;\ri'|)l S l r . n v - licrry and Kaspbrrry, 1 Hi. jar -- .--"-_ CIeanser 19c SI.l.DI.V-SS Grapes 25c I I! 1-KC. I'.\M 1 CO\s.T I ' l l O / K N Pike r.o\i.s it 11 Corn Starch II /. P.'IX 1) II. Cake Flour Currants 33c'-" ^0 Pure Cider 45c I M) - ' - ( A N ^ M VM li.lUDKN Peaches 35c ISc ·I'l I.K. l l \ « D I A M O N D S l l l . s r Flour $1.94 Shaker Salt 13c REPUTATION BRAND I'" E K 1) S ( I N 111(1 Mi Fancy Larpc Walnuts A I . l l I I N l ' ^ O K M I X I . I ) NUTS Pound--29c Soup I'l'llv HHijilrnlril N A T T 1 I A F . A I I M IlA(, . HASH .1 ( · n i n m e W** si l-n.M1l.VI . Cabbage t,.u,iroi!\M Carrots Lb. Bchs. 07c 15c Chips | ! II Mt 01 \ l - MO I . T I I I . A K T Soap \ ( . I l l CAN I I A I S I M . T r Pears s: VI ION I! ^H Cookies 19c [A 21c .T 21c 73c 15c * j.j\ HI* i j " ''' ·' ^ Head Lettuce 25c APPLES J O N A T H A N ;j ||is. 2.'5c; bu. I r t N C l I I I I J M O I S 3 Ibs. 2oc; bu. A M I \H M^I'S :; Ibs. 52.93 53.23 25c MANY LISTENERS Many Kiron radio listeners were n hand when Lieut. Thomas Strieker's voice was heard over the air from Great Britain. Lieut. Strieker, a co.pilot, took over the now serving witn armwj, -~. - , five of them overseas. Another was shot bringing a grnndson expects to enter service! plane safely ""-,,. th ·boat Feb. 1. controls of B plane, when the pilot the channel across an air raid. Ohios,peck 36c 100 Lb. Kns--S2.35 M H I T M K I I X COI515LKIIS, pk. 100 I.". HA(i--S 42 in i n I:AI COI.D M I . U A L Flour $2.25 U'l.K Prunes I'-O/.. I I O T P I . I , I t A D I A N T Furn. Polish 25c i-I.I! IlU: ( . I t A I M M Flour 18C X)J5ACCO in 1-Lb. Cans )ll,l.'s I J I . s T Ik,.,..,* «· ·'-- ^ -- CELBKY, per lb. Ijc Lemons II07KN FI.OBIWA Oranges Do/. . 1,-MON l.NAIII-.l' . Tile .He ..60c 35c 25c Oranges £34e 26c IG-OUNCK CAN (HI. Juice ,0 1JAIIS FI.I.S- NAI'TIIA DOZEN CAMFORMA A Oranges 288 Soap 29c 49c . BOXES N. II. C. SHBRDDhD Wheat 25c OZ. JAB COAST FHOZKN OCEAN n 288 Oranges size 10 TEXAS .WABSII SEEDI.KSS Pimentos 25c | I.ARGK HABS BLUE BARBEL 25c 20c Soap Can?t A " \v e Can Buy More Bonds' IN £V SPA PERI IN £V SPA PERI

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