The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 4, 1936 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY 4 1936 WORKERS MAY BE HIRED BY CALLING LOCAL JOB OFFICE BALL ARRANGES FOR SERVICES IN CLEANUP, FIXUP No Charge Is Made to Bring Employe and Employer Together. The Iowa state employment service has co-operated with the Junior Chamber of Commerce in making easily available help in the cleanup, painting and fixup campaign which opened Monday. Letters have been sent out by Frank R. Ball, manager of the service, and the Junior Chamber, calling attention of housewives to this service. The employment service is prepared to refer to employers workers qualified to do garden work, yard work, domestic work and other work. Haulers may also be obtained. Miss Miriam Ingraham, who recently joined the employment office, will receive calls at telephone 1467 for any workers that may be desired. The office of the employment service is at 21 i South Federal avenue. No charge is made to the eraploy- ·er or to the employe in helping both find workers and work. Towboat Arrives at Rock Island With Steel From Chicago ROCK ISLAND, 111., UP--The towboat Harold Grant arrived at the Farmall works "of the International Harvester company here Monday'with a barge carrying 243 tons of steel. The barge travelled the all-water route from Chicago to Rock Island via the Illinois waterway and Hennepin canal, saving a distance of more than 470 miles. E. H. Sohner, superintendent of the Farmall plant, said that whether additional such shipments of material will be made through the Hennepin is undetermined. A decision is awaiting a check on the costs of handling this shipment, he said. Arizona's "Inspiration Home" These pictures show what can be accomplished with the most commonplace sort of house. A dilapidated bungalow was chosen in the city of Tucson to become the city's model home project. An architect, building supply dealers, paint contractors, and other interested parties co-operated in creating the attractive home seen in the "after" picture. The fixtures and decorations include the most modern improvements. The home has been visited by thousands of persons. Unfair Competition Bill Passes Senate WASHINGTON, OT--The senate Monday passed a bill giving the federal trade commission power to halt unfair or deceptive practices without the necessity of proving injury to a competitor. Introduced by Senator Wheeler (D-Mont), the legislation was requested by the commission. It now joes to the house. Now Is the Time... To fix that driveway and sidewalk. Use Washed, Screened and Sized Sand and Gravel. THE CLEAN tJP, PAINT CP AND FIX UP CAMPAIGN IS SPONSORED BY THE JWSIQE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE dw^^ Aw AffMOHV Sand and Gravel Co. PHONE 551 GLEAN-UP PAINT-UP AND FIX-UP WEEK MAY 4 TO 10 You must have seen in the last few years how old houses that seemed ready for the wreckers have been transformed by clever architects and builders into beautiful homes. These miracles of transformation from the old to the modern--veritable wonders in remodeling--are not as expensive as the startling results would lead you to believe. We are in a position to give you cost figures that will surprise you. THE OLEAX CP, PAINT UP AND FIX l/T CAMPAIGN IS SPONSORED BY THE JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COM31EBCB COOPER SUIT FOR LIBEL IS FILED Petition Asks $50,000 From Cedar Rapids Gazette and Four Others. IOWA CITY, i.T)--· A petition asking 550,000 for libel was filed here Monday by attorneys for Harold M. Cooper, former state liquor commission chairman, against the Cedar Rapids Gazette company and four local defendants. The petition charges that the Cedar Rapids newspaper published a libelous statement that Cooper perjured himself in his trial for conspiracy to violate the state liquor law. Other defendants named in the petition are charged with being agents of the Gazette company, as distributors of the newspapers. Local defendants are Robert Whetstone and H. H. Gibbs, drug store owners, Fred Racine, owner of the Racine Cigar stores, and Joe ?usateri, grocer. Funeral for Boy at Rock ·Falls Is Held in Church ROCK FALLS--Funeral services for Norman Johnson, 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Johnson of Rock Falls, were held Friday afternoon conducted by the Rev. T. C. Collister and the Rev. William Galbreth. There was a brief prayer service at the home and services at the Rock Falls church. A mixed quartet composed of Mr: and Mrs. Park Thomason, Mrs. Okey Boles and Rufus Wilkinson, accompanied by Mrs. William Maher, sang three selections, "When He Cometh to Make up His Jewels," "Safe in the Arms of Jesus" . and "Beautiful Isle." Burial was in the cemetery at Rock Falls. ARDNE FURNACE CO. Gutters Downspouts Repaired Sheet Metal and Furnaces Bear F. G. E. Bldg.' Ph. 480 PAGE LUMBER CO. 415 S. FEDERAL PHONE 48 V 7 REPAIRS fj Steps and Walks. n Driveways. Q Foundations. D Porches and Terraces. D Pools and Yard Improvements. Here'§ a list of repairs you ought to think about now. We're concrete experts -- ive do all these things--quickly, at costs you can afford. Call us--there's no obligation. HENKEL Concrete Supply Co. 525 9th S. E. Phone 2626 CHECK NOW ALPHABET FOR CLEANUP GIVEN All Phases of Campaign Are Given Emphasis With New Poem. Here is a poem on a clean-up and paint-up alphabet: A is for alley, that we should keep clean; B is for hasement, neat to be seen; C is for "Clean Up," begiin it today; D is for dirt, drive him away. E is for Emma, who burnt the old cot; F is for father, who helped me a lot; G is for garbage, we burn every day. H is for health, that dirt drives away. I is for idle, that does not mean us: J is for James, who cleans without fuss; K is for Kenneth, who killed many 3. rat; L is for Larry, the mice fear this cat. M is for mosquitoes, destroy breeding places. N is for never neglect dirty places; O is for odor, prevent it you can; P is for paint, making things spic and span. Q is forquestion, is this Clean Up Week? R is for rags that the ragmen seek; S is for safety, as well as for soap; T is for trash, to hoard it's a joke U is for useful, be this to your school; V is for vicinity, keep it clean as your rule; W is (or willingness, to help win the prize; X is for x-ercise, "Use it!" May School cries. Y is for you who are in this campaign; Z is for zest, which the prize for us gains. Chats With Master Gardener 3. Caring for .an Established Lawn You remember I told you in our last little chat that weeds are the result of thin, sickly grass -- and that the best way to improve the grass and_ get rid of weeds is to feed the grass. I recommended that you use a complete plant food, one that supplies all 11 of the food elements your growing tilings need from the soil. And you remember I stressed the point that lawn feeding should be done good and early, so as to give the grass a good head start over the weeds. By early feeding, I mean just as soon as the frost is out of the ground the first two or three inches. After you've given the grass a square meal you can wait a bit, till the soil is completely thawed out and dry enough to work.. Then go after the places where the grass was killed last summer. Try to analyze each spot and see what caused the trouble. If the soil has too much clay in it, so' that it baked hard and dry, spade in some sand or finely- sifted ashes to loosen it up. If on the other hand it was too sandy, so that it couldn't hold water enough for the, grass, you can fix it by mixing in heavy black loam, or peat moss, or well-decayed mulch such as last year's dead leaves and grass clippings. Then mix in some complete plant food. How Much To Use. If you're working on small patches of ground, use about one heaping tablespoon of food to every square foot. On larger areas you can figure two quarts to every 100 square feet. Mix it well into the soil, working it down three or four inches into the ground. Then apply your grass seed, using the very best .seed you can and plenty of it. Rake the seed lightly into the soil and water gently but thoroughly--and don't let the soil get really dry until the new grass is growing strongly. Now I'd like to say a word about rolling a lawn--a subject very few people really understand. A lawn should be rolled just once a year, and there's only one correct time to do it. That's early in the spring, when the ground is just dry enough to be firm after frost has left Rolling at that time removes the air pockets caused by the frost, and pushes the grass roots back into the soil where they can get nourishment. On Cutting Grass. Now, about cutting your grass-let it get three inches high in the spring before you exit it the first time. If it's newly planted grass, set your mower to cut no closer than two inches. If it's pretty well established, you can cut tt down to an inch and a half. And it's wise to use a grass-catcher on your mower: clippings left on the lawn tend to form a sort of mat that hurts the grass. Vnd now just a word about water- Repairing That Pays Modernization of the filling station has been found to pay dividends in increased sales. Here is shown the results of a repair project that comes within the $2,000 limitation of modernization credit allowed by the federal housing administration. New point, a new roof, new concrete, efficient rearrangement of equipment, and an attractive fence and garden arrangement transform an ordinary filling station into one of distinction. Modernization projects of this nature often fay lor themselves by producing increases in sales. ing. It's a good idea to water your lawn less frequently and do a more thorough job of it. You see, frequent light waterings draw the grass roots up near the suilace. Then when the sun gets good and hot these shallow roots dry up and die. But if you give the soil a real drenching, get it wet down at least three or four inches, your grass will grow deep, strong roots and will resist hot weather much better. Greta Garbo Learns Something New on Photographic Tricks NEW YORK, UP)--Greta Garbo, whose acquaintance with cameras has been more than fleeting, pondered a new (to her) photographic wrinkle Monday. Welcomed back to the United States Sunday in the semi-dark smoking room of the liner Gripa- holm. the Swedish screen siren was no little puzzled when someone struck a match and held it over her head. "This is awfully strange," she said. A helpful soul explained the cameramen were trying to sharpen their focus before exposing their plates. Special Prices Society Matron Goes to Jail for 3 Months MADISON. Wis.. .T--Mrs. Cor. nelia Canderlaan Bennett, a blond society matron of fashionable suburban Nakoma. was "receiving" her Madison society friends in the Dane county jail Monday. Mrs. Bennett, divorced wife of Martin T. Bennett, a public service commission engineer, decided to serve a three month jail sentence for contempt of circuit court rather than pay her former husband the $971 expense he incurred in Michigan courts. Moving And TORAGE Dependable Service . . . Reasonable Rates Cadwell Transfer Storage Co. I PHONE 216 303 EIGHTH STREET S. W. USE THE GLOBE-GAZETTE CLASSIFIED ADS l IT'S TIME TO With summer on the way it's not too early fo provide now for greater comfort and attractiveness in all Phone 709 homes and buildings. WE'LL SUPPLY YOUR AWNING NEEDS Individual Styles for Your Home .\ beautiful array of solid and striped colors in plain and fringed edges. Sizes to fit any requirement. Durable Awnings | for Stores, etc, Heavy army duck aivnings for stores | and offices. Made in all sizes at all prices. ' · YOUR NAME, ADDRESS OR I ADVERTISING PAINTED ON AWNINGS at LOW COST! | I MASON CITY CANVAS CO. I 406 South Federal Avenue · LOWE BROS. PAINT Is PAINT-UP Needs Steel Bow GARDEN RAKE Good Grade SPADING FORK. $1 DIC-A-DOO CLEANER, pkg. VSGORO Per Pound In 100 Lb. Lots Galvanized CLOTHES LINE, 100 feet LAWN GRASS SEED Our Own Mix. Pound PENNSYLVANIA Lawn Mowers 4 Knives. *« Ball Bearing « f / e Full Line of FLOWER and GARDEN SEEDS tMrriE Van Ness £0 r EAR AFTER YEAR . . . Lowe Brothers high quality indoor and outdoor paint protects your home and retains its beauty. It costs less to use, because it covers far more surface per gallon than cheap paint. Then too, you won't have to repaint so often. Lowe Brothers Paints spread so evenly and easily that your painting is done more quickly--with less labor cost There's a Lowe Bros. Paint for Every Purpose, 1= to 3^ gal. LOOK! A Royal Portable Hand Cleaner Free! Housewives will find innumerable uses for this fine, powerful little cleaner. Sells regularly for $14.50, and worth it! Now, for a limited time you may have one absolutely free . . . when purchased wtih the famous . . . Royal Floor Cleaner YOU GET THEM BOTH FOR . . And Your Old Cleaner PAY AS LITTLE AS $2.50 DOWN iE Vin MESS Co -

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