The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1818
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, , CiNCfiNNATl. - , :'m f be - member of the New - York Sute '.Society e Ciuei' - nati, are requested to attend efunerl of captain Abel Huldeny, from his late residence, No. 16 Forsyth - atreet, t - raor - tow afternoon at 4 o'clock precisely, i i 13 order, ' , ' . w s t r D.E. DUXSCOMB, Secry. be RlilS'lXji Mnerav' wean, or io ' POTT M'KTSNE, an 3 66 South street. fur CUARLESTUuY, fj The schooner VENUS, 131 tons, if 1 ' living at Murray s - wnart, a nrst rate ',. JtmeL wilt Boi accommodations for passen - .. e(ctf will mil on Sunday next. For freight 2, passage, apply to ISAAC F. ROB, ; ;tu3tf 98 Mnrray's.uharf. tar SAYAXXAH, TUfinesth SALL Y.ANN, Woglom, imaattr: will sail oq Wednesday, 6th ol avtnU . For freight or passage, apply on board, ; at Jobcs' wnaxl, or to rvTT IZ MK1N i E, . r U - 1. .taut. tor IVlUitHGTOj,jY.C. . XVv The substantial coppered ship GLOBE, Yv'.MDcvoH. master; will positively sail on . YVsdjiesday next With, what freight oners. Ap It tV POTT & M'KLNNE, wig 3 56 Sooth street for JYEIVORLEAXS. vf y Thebrig MARY ANN.Capt. Schlor, t &an excellent vessel, about 2 years old, tail very fast, and has good accommodations - j . ..I i .1.1 for passengers. ne win oe upaiciica wwi cut deUv. and take what treiirlit and passen n tl'm K. th Cth liKHMf Annlv to lh captain on board at pier ISo. 9, r.. K. or to J. It LAUKCAUt. i: ui. . au 3 Iw - 55 Pine - street T7 A H'1'11 EN VV A K 30 hogliads aud 20 crates, form ni a well assorteU invoice Of gowls, Copi, baucers Milk Jugs, I ea l'utt, Sugars and Creams in a.i . i ..... . - A Chambers, Oislies, Tureens Flat and Soun flato T witSers and ftluffios, of Shepherd and other ' Mttorns ' Received per bris? Alfred from Liverpool. For klby JOHN B. MURRAY & SOS, , t. 113 Pearl - st. i . j. Alto - For - tale, etjil or charter, v4VTlie above brig, burthen 260 tons, cop . rertd to light water murk. . au - 3 3t , 1 LAS, VVI.NKsAi GROCKKlr.a. No. 7 fark (late Ladies Auctum Kor in.) fpHE subscriber kef - ps constantly fur tule a X. general assortment oi nrst rate urocerics ijt family use, amongst which are i V Gunpowder Imperial Hyson, Young Hyson Hysou Skin Souchong & TEAS fof first quality and htett importation. t'uacnong Havana whfte and brown SUGARS Double Gloucester, . rurt cr Ilollaod at American J Lemon Juice - Sicilv Lemons in good order 4th proof Ccgoac Braody (genuine) Molland Gin and Jamaica spirits Madeira, Port, Claret, L. P. Tcneriffe, Sherrr and other Wine Sweet Oil in Bettics aad Bottles i KnicM. V. I. Penner llibbert's Brown Stout Sperm Oil and Candles i with many other . articles too itumsrotM to specify, which will be told at a Moderate advance, by , iW . - .JAMES P. ANDOE, rilOhA(XO - IJ hlids. prime quality, land - X ed from schr Express, from Charleston, and for sale by H. VOS. 73 Waihington - street. About 150 demjjolm of 5 gallons erxh. au 3 3t v w t - , ..... r i t. f r.Af - i v. LVr T F clow Glass ol best quality, 6 by 8 & 7 by 9, English Hats, anortod in cases, A few cases of English Cords aaJ Velveteens, One case Children's black and drab Fancy Bon - own, trimmed, . jtegro pipe S small bowl do. Irish Ghua - ware, HaUer'svWool Bow - strings Old dry Mataga Wine, English White Lead, dry and in oil of best qnali - Do. Red Leaj, Laruissi Ware, in lots to suit purchasers, . . Lsodjm Particular Madeira Wum of supehocr f qnslity, - t A few ewes of Irih Linen nd Diapers, For le by WM. NE1LSON tl SO. an 3 1w JAMAICA iiUAl 3J puncheons will be landed this day at the foot of Rector - street, 1Mb River, from on board the ship Pacific - far sale by 3 ROBERT LENOX. RUSSIA HtMf, WLE,c 15KsHeui (uperior qnality 50 pipes Catalonia Wine, en, to debent. 10 do O. L. P. Madeira Win 9 qr. casks Malaza Wine 1500 Empty Demijohns. 1500 Borr Stone For sale at 58 South street, ly aug 3 POITKM'KINXE. CUim.W r UrU 1000 OUr and Mtua U ckus, just received nod for sle by . AMOS Q PHELPS, c3 18 J Front .street. H 1 I SCOVAlnJ ctGAK 100 lihdt Hava IV I Miucovado Sugars lacdmg this day in froal of the subscriber's store, and lor sale at 67 rtsstungtoa - sirett. - - - aocft O. O. ft S. HOWLAND pOTi '$ 3 ioTTpj Lb t - '300 bales prime Upland, for sale rOTTft M'KIMflE, . ' - 56 South - street. IX) R SALE, at Maidra - iane, opjwule ' GoW - st eet, a span nf grer carrige HORSES, well tnatcbed ts genrle in harness. Will soiii low, th owner Having no use tor inem. tte3 - At n Court ol Chancery Ik - Id for the state 4 . . . of New - York, atthecitr of Albany, on tbt thirty first day of July, in the year oiour tvra one inousana eigui nenareo and ajghteea : raxiKRT. The Honorable James Kent, Ei quire, .. ujaacelior. Sareae) Parsons, Valentine) Hicks, and Joseph W ar - . m Brackets esecotors. IT appearing by &c of Mr.tthsw Frank - I I affidavit, tu the - lie, deceased. r satisfaction of litis t. J cnrt, that the a - Heory Franklio. I bore nmed defend - 'r i. i . . i ' j ant, Henry Frank Jo, is concvaled in the vicinity of the city of "w i oru, eilt. - .r in tne neignrtonug pans oi trie .state of New Jc.ay, oron Long N.'iod, in this tbte, and could not, upon diligent searcn and en - iiry ce lound, to he served with process tD - Efiiiire. mtitJtnr fiw the COfnplaio ' TerT Perior brig JANUS, Dow - vlii'Wt uster wiU sail , ou WJneidat '"" jhw freiaht or passage, apply en board, If. K is ordeKd that the said defenJant, Henry 'fsnklia, do raiise his appearance to be enter - - H aadbisaovar in this cause to b filed, with - ' a lBo,ltbs from the date of this orJer, or in de - 1 kwwftthal the cotcptuinant's bill of com - . g' be taken pro - conff - sso against bia. And BKiTtter Ofkfed, that a copy of this order be FNiabed within twenty days from the date here - ? or nwr "f i Wic wspa(rs 1 Wlz? u,u '!'n, wk raccesaivt - fy.once at least in ver werJi Py. ISAAC L. KIP, P'ffUwSw. AiiUBtlUgitter, 1 - ArE SPECULATION. - - - ALE,theap, so tstaUithinect to full JtL . operation, which yield from 12 16 f 15 per oay. xoiquueoi - - E. M'GAR AGDAN. Eq. air3 5t? . i No. 4 r rank fort street. OJYE CKYT R.EWARU. RA 1 A WA T from tlx subscriber, a SLACK C1RL, answering to the name of Lanah Jackson, it about IX years of age; hat on only a woollen homespun frock, having told there mainderof bcr clothes since. she absconded Whoever' will return her, or give information where the may be found, shall receive ths aliovs reward ; and any perien harbouring said girl, shall be punished as the law directs. THOS. DENN1SOX, aug 33t 384 Bowery Roed. IVJXTEJJ, A Pocket Dock Maker, one who understands his beaioes will have good wages and constant employ, by applying at Mo. 13 Wall - street. aug 3 MR. L A. COLLAa, Portrait and Minature Paiotur ha the honor to inform the public of New - York, that being returned to will continue to exercise in his art oflare Portrait and Minature Painting, hii rettvience is at Messrs. Btffard k. Monduu'a, Booksellers, No. SO Maiden lane. ausr 3 end 31 fiTElV AMEKlVAJt ATLAS. SUBSCRIBERS to Tamer, Vnllance, Kearney ti Co. new Amnricnn Atlas, are inform - ed thai the first u umber has been computed and is now lastly for delivering at Priori Dunning's, No. 1 1 1 Water - street. aug 3 Iw BOARDING. TTMGHT or ten gentlemen, who ura desirous of I J r . 1 . 1 1, i 1. 1 rw kn.4 i . . a m. .( mtirA - u . uij it vuwu AU u '.i.uruii l (.lilt iciuru pint oi me city, can fe acomnioaateu in a pn vate family, at No. 49 Cliff street. The improve uients which have lately been made in this street and it retired situation, it is presumed will render it a deairable retreat from the none and bustle of business. - aug 3 lOt CI T. JOIiiN'o HALL OKU1NARY ! The 3 continuity of this building to the scat of bu siuess, induces the subscriber to open, for the accommodation of gentlemen connected with public biifcuii - ss at tho City Hall and ether?, a public Urdinary. umner will pe served up pre cirrly at half i;ast two o'clock, and turtle soups, rcli. - be - r, with the moit suitable refreahmeuts of the season, at all hours of the day. v An uleaut Ball - Room, decorated in a per fectly national style, is also at the service of par ties (or dancing, society meeting?, or for purpo ses of our justly deserving and admirable milita ry volunteer corps, fiir their various exercises. 'I ke subscriber has spared no pains to render the hutlliug as pleasant as its situation would per mit, aud, by rtriduily and the strictest attention, tvill ttide.a - vour to descrva that patronage which an enlightened and discerning public are at all times ready to bestow. au3 lm JAMES L. HEDLNBERG. A liKLi'Ui SCHOOL is vacated till the lust X. MonJijy in August instant. . 'jy The public is respectfully informed, that Mr. John R. smith is engaged as drawing mas ter, and Mr. PchijTelv as teacher of the Fi cncu, Spanish and German languages. aug 3 tlMAu? A HjUWAIS FOR LUMBER b PECULATORS. WAMTLD to exchange, for a farm, on the border of the Hudson or East R'vers, within SO miles ranze of the citv ol New York, 4283 acres prime out lands, 3451 of which are contiguous and situated in the town of Chatham, in tit state ol Piew - rlaropshire. Chatbam lies in the state line adjoiuiug Fryehnrr, in the district of Maine, where there is "an academy of the Grst standing. These 4232 acres are near ly all tne rood land remaining unsettled in tne town, ami pr incipally covered with th best of iiiooer : they are laid in mis or iuu ana zuu a - cres : Saco river run throigh both town, aud an or dt a direct ondenenp opportunity or conveying Uie timber to a very ptnutable market. The roads to saco and Portland, a distance of 50 miles, are remarkably rood. The resnairuter 832 acre are situated in tin - town of Klsworlh and Orange,' (also ia the state of New Hampshire) and are susceptible of ma King tne pest larms. itio lurnpiae road mat leads frora Haverill lo Concord runs near and through 600 acres of the land in Eisworth. f or lurtner particulars apply to Ho. 38 Scuth street, New - York, aug 3 PSawlm (JsJhwIih LOTTERY 1'ICKLTS IN SHARtS. A'oniihi good Lurk A NOrill.R l - fcirtv Th - .usaiid Dollar Prize J sold at WAl I'E's Truly. Fortunate Lotte ry and Ex' - htmge ufi - e, in shares of tu keti, vis. 13,894, the highest prixj in the haltimre LoUe rv. drawn lat Turadav. It was divided and soJJ at tlifr office in a half and two quarters. A lew days since in another lottery now nrawuig in Baltimoie, thrysold No. 5577, in two halves i a prise of Ten Thou'aurl lllrs. In the late Nn - tibial lottrrv tliev svM aud immediately paid the highest prute everdr.wn in this city, in shares ot 1 1 nets, !. ?ia. a prise ol 3 j.uuu duis. f it Tuesday will commence drawing the great Medical Science sV ttery, in this city, and it is more man pronanie uie uigneii prixe inuiat lioi tery alo $100,000 will be sMd (it WAITE'S in shares, and (he cash immediately advanced. ti. H K. W All E hare sold and paid prizes ia Share of Tickets amountinsr to upwards of two minions Of iKinarv. "C J it. A 'I'OMOKKOW auernoon. Medical Science I Lottery, Ne S, in which the capital prize is 100,000 dolls, will commences drawing in this city. The following are the principal high pri ces win en compose ims unnmni viimuB 1 prize of 100,000 DOLLARS. 1 of $50,000 1 of 0,000 1 of 10,000 1 of 5,000 8 . of 2,000 45 of 1,000 Tickets and shares for sale at the old establish ed Lucky lottery Office of . JVVAU H 1JIZARUS, . . ' 74 Maiden - Lane. Where hare besa sold in torturr lotteries pri ze to the amount of a millijo and a half ol doi lara. Thi is unquestionably the most splendid sneme ol any Lottery ev - r prvsenieo i" uir cm - xeits of Network : aod srhesi it is coosidereil thai the payment of the prises is gaaranteed by this state, and that the proceeds rtsultiog from it are to be appropriated to a valuable object, it can not fail exciting the approbation ol every lottery aiiveniurer. Most foreisn bank notrs. approved promitsorj ootrs, and prizes in former lotteries, will be takeu ui payment tor tickets. Order from a distance, enclosing the cash, (post paid) will be immediately attended to, and the arliest advice given of their success. A correct check book will b kept at the lucky lottery ouVe, which may b examined at all times tree ol expense. aug u 1 0U,i Jfi 1,000 'PO - MORROW comiuenres drawing the JL Grand Medial bcietttt LoUrry, contain ing the above gjeat prises anu als fluting pn - zesof $10,000, I0,0(0. and5,OL0, and a great nomlr of $1,000 mskI smaller ons. Those who with Inr chances can be supplied at Gillespie's Lottery andx - hnee c - tnre. No. 1 14 Broadway, opposte City Hotel, at fS3 for wnoie tickets and snare in prpoeuuo. aug 3 MAUtlHA HIM.. a pipes I Choice L. P. Madeira Wine. J 12 Had. 9 1.9 Of r.k tlmv, Aa Aa of Scott, Loughnan, PanlWld Ic Co', brand, and offered for sale by W. & 8. CRA IG, au; I Ira no.C4 rront - n. B RASDY & SPIRITS Grart Brandy, and high proof pure Spirit, both of upenor duality, fur sale by ' JACES0X & WO0LLEY, Of 1 75 Wall street. i he tuw coppend bm rtm w s - 'jbriaw, Evans, master, now luading witn cotton at Stalest bland, and Will bo ready tnr a next Salurdar. For passage only, having vary good accommodations, apply at N. 6 Fine - street, where letter may baleft. Jy29 : ' rr For SAVAJYMil, wW4 . Tbe fast sailing regular packet schr. ? UN DAUNTED, Van Scbaj ck, master, having S - 4Uis of her canro on board, will sad on Monday next, 3i August, weather permit ting, tor remainder ot freight or passage, apply on board, at Gouverneurs - wharf, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, aug I 183 Front - street. f BELFAST (Pontivrly le soil of er 4 - ire the 12A itutmt) The ship GLENTHORN. Stillman, oiamer, having nearly all her freight engaged, will positively sail as above. For freight equal to 400 bbls. or passage, having pood accommodations, apply to the captain on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to HYER, UREMNER & CO. aug 1 3t No. 131 Front - strtet. PASSAGE for UUBLLV, The superior coppered ship DUBLIN PACKET. Cole, master, is now nearly loaded, and will tail fur Dublin in four or five days A few cabin or steerage passea - gers, can be handsomely accommodated, aud on moderate terms, apply on board, or to i .JAMES M'BRIDR, 83 Liberty - strett. Who ha far $ak by the Package. A general assortment of Irish linens, lawns, sheeting, diapers, and droghedas. AUo, com mon glass - ware, consisting of decanters, wines, tumblers, salts, ci uetts, pocket bolties, AiC be. and a fe w hhds of basket salt, au 1 lw , tor tiiLlUUVor CHAMt.R, The good schr FAVORITE, 850 bbtf burthen, will be ready to receive a car - goi3daya. Apply to E. FI6UER, Jy 30 lw 51 South tt." - For WEIGHT or, The fine fast sailing substantial ship ASIA, Alexr. S. Sutherland, master, will stow about 2800 bbls. and now ready to take in a cargo, r or terms apply to LA1DLAW, GIRAULT Si CO. Jy31 5t No. 90Con"e House slip " H'AATED TO CtiAHTEH, A srood shiub to carry about 3:00 bbl - . Immediate despatch will bo giveu JOSEPH JO.NES, No. 12 Greeuwich - srreet. FOR SALE, The fine sloop MARILLA, 53 tons, 2 years old, in good order, can be seut to sea wUU little expeoce. IN STORE, 16 puncheons fiue - flavored Jamaica Rum 2 pipes Cognac brandy 8 hhds muscovado sugar' 3 do molasses. Apply to Jy30 Iw E. FlbHF.R, 51 South - it OLD MADEIRA WLL 40 l.h - is. ol tl three years past, jutt received roiu MaJiira, and lor sale by DIVIE BETHUNE k ( O. 1 'lit fiM Wl - il - A w 9t Wall - street. NEW PATENT PIANO POUTES. GEO. I NEWKKRY reipootfullr and conft - dently assures his frieuds and the public, that at his office. IM P.,, I n.) m.r 1 - . ... J w et ssed the above instrument , lower tbau any o - mr piace ia uie city i wncre may also be had yic:ui nicLruaoiucs. jsi EDUCATION. TOUNG LAU:Le &ELECJ T SCHOOLr No. 13 Cspah - strext. 11 R. MEAD respectfully nies notice, that .vJL iiii bciiiioi will ie again open on .Tuesday tne 1st ol aepteniner. i'oanr Lnd es' will be instructed as usual, in a course ot t.dvcation; embracing an the important branches, from Reading and Penman ship, to Khetoric and Natural Philosophy. t reach ry one ot tne most approved instructors. Enouirert may satisfy tbemtelve respecting the character of this School, by calling upon any of me lonowing gcnitemeu, luoti ui wuam are a - wong its patrons.' ii . i t i mt 9 r - 1 I mcnara vanr.a, i iiomai o. laratun, CalebS. Riegs, Anthony Hey, Gt"r;e Gnthn, Amasa Jackson, John toy dam, and James Renwick, Esqrs. J 30 lm W ,'ILLIAM BKUCE, 139 Broadway, near City Hotel, has lor sale. Shrub and Lime Juice, Old Hock and Cham Brown Stout and Ale pagne Burgundy Arrack Old Madeira, Sherry Cordials Old Methrelin Old Cognac Brandy Hollands tiin, and Jamaica Olives, Capers (jrerkin Onions, Pickles, &c. Mushroom and Walnut Ketchup Harvey & Quia Sauce India soy Old Java Coffee Fresh Lemons Salt - t'etre Teas, Loaf and Lump Sugar apices, Sic. Spermaceti Candles Claret aud Port aug I dft c U Old Whortleberry Gin Pickled and Smoaked Herrings Conttantia and Con v,.ot Wine White Win Vinegar Curry Powder Irish Whiskey Peach Brandy Lauio Oil Lemon Syrou, from Fiesh Juice BjUS I1C 10 tons Fustic, landing and for J.' sale by RIPLEY tl WELD, aug 1 192 Front - street oil.ri. Ate. Z.((t I Gallons Rtfiued Scs Elepbsnt Oil sJUUU 1500 do. Summer Str'd sperm. OU 100 do Nut Oil for Portrait Painters 2 Oil Presses, with screws, runninc in conpr dyes, suitable for tobacco, oil, or clothiers. To be sold by SAMUEL JUDD, at .No. 52 Broadway os 13M Fly - market. Jy3l lOt .SW.7' JIT. ifif( BUSHELS Lisbon Sail ready for faUUU discharging, for tale by STEPHEN HATH A WAY, jr. Jy 31 Iv.. 221 Front - t up stirs. AMEKICAN CLOI HS. JOSEPH TITCOMB k CO No. 162 Pearl - street, have test received 10 pieces American Superfine Blue Cloths, which will Le sold cheftn. for cash only. Also on hand, au ex'ensiye asortmt of Do mestic, Woollen, and Cotton boodijol every dis criptioa, at low prices. i9 tlWC BLOCK TL TUf k - L.i TE, kc tmi 4 J hoxes tin plate, assorted 30 do damaged 1 500 lb India and Spanish block Va 8000 lb of old copper. For sale by , ANSON G. PHELPS, Jv31 113 K mot - tt. WAL I II A : SHIKTINGn tic Jurtre - rlmA from the Walthain Factory, a coe'ifriment of 10 bale Sheetings and Shirtings, tor sale ny s . rvcmocn a.v. u? 1 . t - 1 A ft CHESTER VELVETS, Aesorud eo i. I lour and very superior qnslity, for sale low, by UEO.LNEWBERY. i M M Pearl street. LADIES' best Ijoodon wade Jean, Kid, and Silk Boots an 4 Shoes. - Toys aad Screw Boxes, particularly suited to country dealer. . Straw Bonnets. - " ' i ' 300 Paper of Leaf MetaL Tor sale, on the most ftrvourtbie term, at GIBBONS & Co', atigl 3t OTWater - at. Apply to Jy3l 3t ,BblM Pnfentf.M At Vnited Stale.. . - CULLEN'S LIQUID MAGNESIA. - Approved of) end reeommeaded by several of the moat esaiaeof pnysiuan of Philadelphia. ' THE Transparent Suiution of Magnetia is presented to the poblie with the sanction aad particular reeommendation of tuny of the most rcspee ahle phi, sieiansef ihi city, as the mesteti gibl mode of exhibiting magnesia. This suht - tio.'i possesses the yirtues of t M medicine ia an eminent degree ot more speed ly with greater eenaiBiy ana ss not liaUe tu lorn concretions in the bowel, as Messrs. Brafide end Monroe have diss vered are sometimes produced ny solid magnesia. It combine with iisanti - aoid and aperient principles the very desirable property ef allaying the most exeessive vomiting, and carryw.c oil 6i sand offensive matter. Hence may be nfer - red its irest efllcaey ia the summer eomp ainu of cmaies, cut ores, etc. ste. To persons of bilious habit1, it is recommended asan excellent corrector of bile aod acidity com - iLnnieate tone to the stomach - i perates as a gentle laxatien, and stai - lishc a perma cnt aiid regular sute ef th bowels. A diseretionary use of thi sg eesble beverage enables personsof ev - ry sg,aix and eonstitutipn to k ep their bowels moderate, wiUiout the use ef salts or drastic purges, (hitherto used) which never fail to eunfirm the eaelive hat its they were intended to remove, and to disorder lor life Uie orrsns of digestion. la we. - .k stomachs nrio and other aeids are evolved, causing gout, gravel, stifTuess, und enn eretion ol the j sals the solution will enliven, palliate, and often icrame these afflicting complaints. Indigestion aad many disorder of the syst - m, frequently proceed from aa acidioos state of the stomach i children are partita arly subject to this depraved condition of that organ, incon sequence of their existing at most entirely on milk and vegetable diet. A small quantity ol the solu tion (which children drink with aridity, and in gene a) prefer - to. every other beverage) will in a short time neutralise - the existing acid, aad, if continued, will prevent the formation of any new anMt. ' ' - Independent of the other ad vantages the solution possesses over crude magnesia, or any oth. r medicine, intended to produce a similar cO'eet, the superior purity of the magnesia eoutained in the solution (the patentee haviag discovered a process by which he deprives the magnesia he makes use of, of the numerous iranuriu - s it is at ways contaminated with) must give it a decided preference ovt r every other preparation : to avoid the appearance of empiricism, the certificates of the p j ticians, and other approbatory testimony, are not'published, but may be seen at the store of the patentee. . The solution may either be drank at the fount, (ss mineral waters) at IV 1 - ? cen t per half pint, or may be bsd m bottles of an oval shape, mark ed, in raised letters, ' Cullen's Liquid Magnesia and labelled Cullins solution of Msgnesta. Observe, none is genuine except what answers the above description, and is signed by the patentee. JOHN CULi EV. Price $1 50 per dozen, 75 cents of which will bu re timed on receiving the empty bottles. Sold in Philadelphia only, at Cullen's Chemical and Drug store, 08, e jst corner of Chesnut and Second st recta Philadelphia, 25A .jJr7, 1818. The Pstentee, encouraged by the success of the Pslent Liquid Msenesia in Philadelphia and ols where, respectfully informs the inhabitant! f New York and its vicinity, that be hat formed an establishment for its sale st No. 23 Broadway, within two dor . f Park Place, wht - re he also manufactures Soda Water of a superior quality. J ol tt eiEArt'St ALUNED MAGiM.MA. A Remedy for a Sour Stomach, H tart Burn, and a Cure for Indication. t" UI.CLNED MAGNESIA has been some time V. io use both in Europe and America I but latterly it has been more trequently used than lor ineriy, it was nrst Drought intu use in uerma - np, and was highly extolled by Hon man, en on whose authority it was introduced, but very eonfinedly, till the know ledge oi it, and it excel lence, waa more extensively ainuw a oy ine author of a wtetlical oamnlilot. entitled an ' Easav Upon th Naraing aaxl Maasctmtt ofChildren," Ic. This author has bestowed much time and attention In the investigation of the virtues of Uie calcined magnesia, and in most instances bar great judgement and knowledge of the subject on which he treated, and thereby has btoughl tins meaiciue into mgn rspute. vve cannot, therefore, more properly explain its reputed vir tue, than by quotine the passage in which he re - cc - inmeuds its use. He says mat " tne ursi and general cause of most diseases to which infants are linble, is the acidity which their food occa sions in their stoma hs. This acidity becomes very ohvious from the eripine and purging occa sioned thereby. It inuy not be improper to me, lion an ety and generally a certain remedy, or rawer preventive, ii iimeiy auruinisiercu, wiucn is the mnsnesia alba, calcined. This medicine cflectually cures all acidities, proves a mild and lenient purgnttve, and Ktes the nooy genuy o - peo, wiuioni leaving oeninn ii tnai cosuvc siaie which lays the foundation for many dangerous and t rou hlesome diseases." The author ol the above mentioned essay fur ther1 observes, that " notwithstanding the pecu liar excellence ol tins preparation in removing indigestion, yet still it labor under a disadvantage difficult to be obviated, a no chemist ha ss yt pursued a method calculated to divest it com - .fitteiy oi its r rnuities, and give it mat pre - emi nence which its merits f when properly prepared) would justly demand lor it is a well established fact, that indigestion is the primary cause of many of the most alarming and daogeron diseases ind'ient to the human system t consequently the maeaesia alba, when properly calcined, would be the most efficacious rtmedy hitherto known." Sucreisful exrimnls have fully demonstrated, th ,t tl magnesia here recommended ha arrived to 0e perfection at which the above author hints. t - old only (by appointment) by JOHN C. MORRISON, iWgist, 108 Greenwich street, and HULL h BOWNE, Druggists, 146 Pearl - street, New York. J 31 lm NEW - YORK SPERMACETI OIL K CAN DLE FACTORY No. 52 BROAD - WAY AMUEL JUDD, has for sale, wholesale aud retail, TlTL, 'n'i..ii winter ureMoil ant summer s - ' strained Spermaceti Ic Ulue Oil. at the sujv Inctory, or at the ol3 t and, nai ly Market. Also, SPERM ACETI, WAX, A kil ' k CANDLES. .Z'.'mr - i Together witn a general as - nrtmeut of Lamps, Lamp - Olasses, Lamp Wicks t aud for Uie accommodation of customer. Tin Canister, irooi 1 to 15 gallon ; Kegs, from 5 to IS gallons : Jogs, from 1 lo3 do t with a variety of other articles. all of which are w arranted of the first quality, and as cueap as can te rnsrciiasfd in lsew - lork. The above articles tent to anv riart of the citv free of expeoce, where the purchaser makes it an object. I J 31 J. W. F O R U E 6, MAjrVf ACTCRK Of IILVSk WASX, No. 00 Broadway. I NFORMS his friends and tbe public, that he I comioues to rmnu'iclure 01 sterling tilverex - clusively,and ol superior workmanship, silver Tea aod Table I Ladles, Urns, Setts, I Waiters, Syphon Church Plate, I FiWi Knives Spoons, torks, I Cake Baskets, fcr. cc, ol Uie latest and most elegant patterns, and at tne kiv. est prices. All orders en roled In a masterly manner. N. B. FAMILIES sritbing to be suimlied with the first rate article of Silver, are iuvited to insr this work, as al articlci of hi mana - f act sir s re sold only by hiaeell. J jo lm To Merchant, Slart - kcepen, lit. WANTS a situ - um a Clerk, a Toung Man whose cl - ni 'er caa andergo Uiestricteat mvestigatino, an 1 wb hs eo otjeetiea to go to any part of lb United eute. Employmeot beieg his chief object, will engage br a short period, on moderate term, to any merchant or store - keeper. A line addraseed to I. B. aod leR at thu ALce, shall meet unmrsjat IttfaUtsa. Jy 30 Xw 1 Vi . III vt,..v - ti NEXT TUESDAY. (4lb OF. AUGUST.) rp ME Medical gcitote Lottery No. 6, tviis JL positively cemrM - ace drawing iatbiacity. - The lollowuig are the ciital prize in tlit r - leadid lottery, the largest ever authorised by (iu (tale. - - 1 prite of 100,000 DOLLARS, r ' . 1 do of 50.000 ' - do 1 do of 20,000 do 1 do of 10,000 - do 1 do of 5,000. do ' 2 do of 2.0 ' ' do ' 45 do of 1.C00 do , And a great pruorlion of smaller prise, noh' less than $ JO. Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Six - beentlu, tor sale at AB.M BROWER'S, Lottery Office and Bookstore, No. 57 Alai.leifrlaor, comer of Nassau - st. When a correct book of the drawing will U kept for the examiustinuofaHTicKets. Uururrent Bank Notes aud prise Ticket ta ken n pny rtont. - - - J 30 - It EW aCRKoTAfKLUTIERV. - gN Tuesday next will, commence drawing VJ' Medical Bcicice I .ottery No. 6. Capital Prizes. I of 10O.00O 1 of $10,000 1 50,000 I I AOOO I 20,000 ? 2 ,000 45 of 1000, Ac. kc. Tickets and shares, in a vanptv of nambers. for sale at the book store and lottery office of 19 Peck ilip, comer of Water - stret. Present I'rue. Wholes $28 ; halves 14; quarters 7 eighths 3 50; sixteoiiths 1 75. ' Jy 28 THE CHECK BOOk.' - I knew by the scrolls in a window unfuri'd Tlmt Uie truly Lucky office of Ai l. as was ne - xr. And 1 said if there's wealth to be found in tne world The man that will venture may hope fur it here ; Twas morn and the Lhcck - lookt lay open a - round. The records of Fortune unerring decrees. Every leaf was at rest and I heard not a sound, out the clinking or gold nnd the turning of keys. Aud here in this lani'd lucky office I e.xclaiui'd Where all is so tempting to ear and to eye, ' Had 1 purchased the ticket which Albert ob - taiu'd How blest could I live and how rich could I die, I said, and the arce nil still dwelt on mv lios. When I found a Rich Print to a number of mine, And njiv I'm the owner ol houst - s and ships, Aod treat my good friends to a goblet ol wine. Q3r The Medical Science Lottery commen res lra wine next Tuesdnv Hnrhrst Trices 1110,000, 60,000, 30,000, 10.000. 5,000. 2 ot 2,000, and 45 of 1,000 Tirkett nnd shares for sale ut AU.ES Truly Lucky Odicc, No. 12 uroanway. , . em i vt THE UK. WING, x sojio roa thk 4to or arccsT. Tune The Glatnet Spi0k!e. The clerks are seated round the board, And every eve is bright. The reign of Fortune is re - tored, Of hope and fay delight. The day is come und wreath's our own, 1 lien let the numbers rise, If any pain or care remain, V e'll cure it with a prue. This world they say' a world of woe, But this I do deny t Can sorrow from half eagles flow. Or bank note cause a sigh I The wise are fools with all their rule. Who lotteries do dispute i If life's a pain 1 say it again, Let cure it with a prue. Thai time Ale att the poet sings,' 1 Then surely it is wise, , ' With heavy gold to gild his wings, And seize him as he flies. Now turn the wheel snd let us feel, The joys which flow from gold i By all the powers the prize ii ours, And SMITH the ticket sold u 1 3t At 170 UnoAB war. MEW AMiORiGlVAL LTsK FROM DirrxaciiT watim AoosEiiaxo TO TH iioo,ooo u Tuesday next, it it th text, The Lottery begin a drawing." Caus. Soon the day and soon the hour, see i tie gutaen prizes tower." Gracis. " And BOW forth nrizes.thenrizM. th iu - i. In hundreds and thousands and all other sixes" The next sun's rav beheld me diilav A heavy bag of gold which from Wicsme, now niesi wnn weaun ana love, 1 will thank the powers above," ALLS at. GOOD - VERY GOOD : Bat still beUer If you follow lurtune to 27 Wall street where yon bate a right to expect something more solid for your money, and where tick ets are io oc naa at parts in proportion with a handsome allowance to those who pur chase to tell again, by BENJAMIN BUTLER, 27 Wall street. Who will redeem the Milford and Owego pri zes at a small discount and receive uncurrent bank notes of the stabs in large sums, at 3 - 4 per cent discount. aug 1 tf WANTED, a second, hand wmiight - iron CHEST - apply at 53 Wall - st, aug 1 3t " THE possibility of approaching th North Pole asserted, by the boo. D. Barringten. a new edition j with aa appendix, containing pa per on me sam sunject, and on a northwest panage, by colonel Beantby, F. R. 8. : illiMra - ted with a map of the north pole, according ta the latest discoveries 8o. Just received and for sale by COLLINS ft H ANN AY, au 1 230 rarl - st LD COPPER, fcc. - 5.500 lb, old sheath w ing copper, and a quantity old Copr bolts ; also, a copper rudder chain, brace and pump, which would answer for a man ot war lor sale by CLARKE, MOOH K ft CO. jj - jusi - 41 Boutn - eireet. CARPETIVQ. XT W. ft T. L. CHESTER, have revived v v . by the late arrival, a full assortment of. carpeting; cooMsbngoi Imperial Bnusellt, tuprrior and ordtntrj Brui - tellt, trench ana i urtry trrpeli. Imperial Bntuh and itriptd venUiatu, lot rooms, halls and stairs. Fin e and com mon imperial and vilton hearth rugi, all of tbe latest aad most approved patterns. Soperfine and common Englith ingrain, in great variety. Printed tmltlf piann and crumb riotht, and baisu of all widths. ' HornbutUtUpalenJmmnavoolTUCt. HareU ttltbrutti patent Engtiih floor cloths, of various Widths, for balls. Liibon. (ankeen, Canton and Calcutta tnaus and auUtint. India and oilcloth table matt and dailu. . fmfie snnsvsr Mindt. Stair rod and ewes with every other article iv the carpet line, arlVd (or sale at If I Brr - ul - way, corner of Dey - street. N.B. Orders latt, Cor HarVt ftmr c!ot!, ol any pattern now in work, ('ample to be ca at the store,) aad of ant diavmsljae. w'ltbr.atteaai. to fit room or halls, to be dsuyr4atxt rpring. an 1 - No. J.. 1. fr. u vv. - PUBLIC SALES. ' . ' DT MILLS, MtNTON ft CO. - 'ITioradsy,' ' 1 o'clock, at the I . U iiouse, the home end ot No. 27 Orwliard ttreet, tuiar Oct a pied by Jas. Kuoa. The lot is it feet liunt and rear, d 100 leet deep. A f irther dctariptiou of tne proper - , t is deemed onaeuesaary, as It it presumed no ill purchaae wiihoui hrsiviewisgthe premise. 'Twenty Use per emit, of the purchase money rautt be paid on dehvciy of the rletd, the remainder may remain ou boud and mortgage oa the premises. - ' . . - ,,i. - iiiL,t eH hLij.Lu.Mj, se. . T 1 1I E propris tors of th southern marVIe qua JL ries, iiear King's - Uridg, give noUce, that .hey have en baud;' and arc rt - ceincf;, at Uie' Kingt - bridife .Varblt n.d Limr - lurd, foot of Ikncii - strect, ( the Iltidwu river, aa extrntlve stock of marble lor building, tf the lolla'wlng descriptions, yi : Asldar . Coping Watertable . . Foundation Stoae Step Cbimnf j - l'iatts , Platicrms ' r'aciegs - - i - Bills, Lintsls Column Arches ' - AUo Lime of (he riest quality. fTy A constimt supply of the above material ma; be calculated upr; aud those tlewrous cl purchnio;, or making f - nccpi'i'is. will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. FeblJ At the Yard. AIO.Vi.1 JV LOAJV. . rkDuLLA?i3loloua,insumU yJ ,"vJfvr suit applicants, on bond with mortgage Uioa approved property. . . AL.rU, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, eoaranletd by bank stock. - t'aquife of WW. WILLIAMS, 137 Water st'eet. Where application may be generally mad Uirough the year, and mortgages disptt. dol. Je 6 tf ; . . ,'Tti L,tM.. :.J,J JJ buudtiud mortggupon property bath city of New - York. Apply to J. G. BOGF.KT, Jy 23 ' I3U Wakx.' - ' euR.'rtrLft'f - rcr.ER'l, ATTOR.VE1; CObXSM.Wh atlak; AM) miTARY PUBLIC. OM M IbSIONER, authorise J to lake AS - y davits and Special Bail in any Court of Kecotd of this State, the proof and uiituow ledge - moot of Deeds, and discharges of Mortgage Also AmdaviU, special Uail and tneaspotiUon of witnesses dt bruteMt, in the District and Cir cuit Courts of th Uuitud Slates, continue his office nt No. UCedar - ftrc'tt. jy 22 lm TO .1 Ui bAMA MlHCHAJYTS. PETEKS It STKKBINS, Co suasion M BKH, NTs, " BLAKKi.KY, Mubile - Uay. HAVE extensive store houses sud receive and forward goods, cc ton, H - i. free of cartage and wharfage. Vessels and purge lay aloi ide ol their stores. Niipptus mil please arpty to CALVIN SPEAK, Rottoo. PE TEK3 ii. HEKRILK, N. York. EMLEiM at HOWELL, Philadelphia. Jy 15 tf - ' IN COMMO.M COUNCIL, 1 JulyST, 81B. S Resolved, That the present weiehtnaster who have reported themselves agreeable to the reso lution ot th board ol the 1Mb of June Inst, con tinue to act under their several commission, until the first day ol September next. By order 01 tne common council. J. MORION, Clerk. The printer employed by th board will please insert the above one week. J 30 lw NUTICE. jKy The proprietor of th Ball Alky respect - luffy informs hit prime, that th Alley will be closed tMitil the 1st of September, when he will be bnppy to wait on them. J 29 lw" ROBERT KNOX. NOTICE. Q3r The co - partnership between Anlliony H2ravvanH Co. is this day dissolved by mu tual consent, and tbe business in utare will be conducted by JYicholai D. irajrpan. A 1 persons indebted lo the late hrm are requested to make immediate payment lo JY - U Trapjiatu Dated July SO, IB I it. A.ijnu.ll . iriirrsxi, NICHOLAS D. TKArPAN. J29 1w irj JA.VIK5 U. STOUT, Engraver and Seal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. Jy8 3m for A'lgl und, na Halifax, wY. S. ftwm I S.'T'1'l II "4 Inr llnlnnnir Mn - lfv'a Packet Hueensberry, will be received at tho Pott Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 5th day of August. ' j zl t. vv. rtuunr., ngent. CO' Wanted, a 2d officer for a ship tu In dia. Apply to J. - (i. BOGERT, Esq. Jy 23 Jio. 13B Water - ttreet. - MECHAMCS' BANK, ffr Tbe Stockholder are informed that a dividend of fonrper cent, out of the profit for th latt six month, will be paid on the lit of August next. By order of tbe President nd Directors. J 27 1m W. FISH, Cashier. THE Ii EM PS TEA I) AVAVEMX. DNDER the direction of the subscriber, wtfh an assistant is bow open for the reception of Students. The price of Board aod Tuition per term of half year or at that rate for a less period. Tuition only, from 3 to $0'. per half a term, according to the studies persued. Thi Institution comprehend two distinct depart ments, the one for young gentlemen, who will be fitted for the Countiag - nouse, or the College, the other, for young ladies', who will he instructed in all the branches of Literature, proper for their sex. The tulrtcnber hat made arrangement for boarding the oune gentlemen who resort to this Institution; young iadict nay be furnished with board on reasonable terms, in the villnge. TIMOTHY CLOW KS. - - Hempstead, Lopg - Ulnnd. For further particular reler to Messrs. Kirk tt Mercian's Book Store, 22 Wall - street, N. K. i 31 2awtr H'attiineton Insurant Ctitpany. THE Board of Directors have declared a div - idend of four aad one half per cent, oa Uie capital stock of the company, for Uie fast six months, payable at their otBce, corner of John and William - street!, on and alter the first day of August PETER HA WES, Sec'ry. J 23 2w O.VE HUjYDRED DOLLARS REWARD. RUNAWAY Com the British brig Francis, capt Tennant, lying at the quarantine rroiind. on the 30th init. a negro boy named ISAAC about 16 year of age, very dark, baa a tear on his breast occasioned by gunpowders he landed at or near Bergen.' Whoever will deliver aid Isaac to capt. Tennant, On board brig Francis, at quarantine ground, or at No. 44 South - street, abail receive the above ra ard. . . . . J SQ The fine new steam! FRONTENAC, of 700 toes bsirUieti, James Mac Kintie. master, will otuineoce ruueiug on th first dv of Msy next. and will leave Kingston, for York aod Niagara, en the 1st, 11th nnd - tlst dsy of racb vsonih, and Magnra, lor turk aod Kmgstea, xlc era, sou aad 25U day of each month, ttantig tbe seaeoa, where every srtrstica win ee peso w - and contort of the pasaemgert. Appricatioes for passage t be mad to toe cap. L&is oa board. ... Kiagvtc - n, 6th April, nun - v ti. tirrmtTi'A CHbfttH. APEVV 'ehxiWjr tsteatel - St. OfS' street. astl it "SI: : A A v. A 1 1,1 ; I . I III : t ; 1". i'y 1 ) ; ! ' i - w ..m

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