Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 4, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1943
Page 2
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, LA PORiEE CftY. IOWA CLASSIFIED ADS or 1C per Word CLASSIFIED RATES Classified ads are one cent per word for each insertion, with a m i n i m u m of 25 cents per order. For example, a 10-word ad will cost 25 cei;t£ for either one or two insertions, but only 30 cents for three times. A service charge of 10 cents is added t j "keyed" advertisements c a l l i n g foi .eplies to Se sent to lhi« ofl:ce instead jf t h ? ajw'i n-oi^. Term? are ca^h oxcvpt f f r liuMnP^s house* r a r ' ; i " i ; r e g u l a r lodi'or nccouiil^ st this office. EASY TO FEED--Saint's Min- ral Meat Meal for hog*. Farm- e.-s Supply Co. m TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OIL $1.20 at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf CLEANER'S SOLVENT AT L. J. Tutt's Station. l~tt Real Estate FOR SALE: Modern house with · SERVICES Rermir Work REPAIR SERVICES -- Rubbers and rubber overshoes are off the market, but we can repair your old ones no matter how badly worn. Work absolutely guaran. teed! Cole's Shoe Shop . 4-2p BODY. FENDER REPAIRING 2_ lots on Chestnut street. F. W - j _D ents retn0 ved. repainted to Kober. 3-2c match pc-rfecty. Our work will please you. Drive in. Leo Motor Co. i-tr APARTMENT for rent. Inquire at Fred S. Garrabrant's Jewelry · FOR SALE Miscellaneous POULTRY r.F,M!-;iIi;s of all and Gift Shop. 3.3c NO H U N T I N G signs for sale at ;his office Livestock kind?. If your floe'- : i ot a c t i n p r | F O U SALE . Tulips, Iris, Peonies. as it ^hfv id emu in, tell us Belter plant now than in spring. Tjikinj,' orders for Glads, Dahliaa and other bulbs for spring delivery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb your t i o u r j k ^ . \\' f ' a i u i e famous I.iM '- u r r . i l h . N'c, obli- pation. Ilav.k-: 1 '-. !!· x:.ll Diut' = . 4-lc SARGENT C H A I N ' fo r poultry ,sidt« yoiii balanced BALANCER ~ ..'1 ·. u ntcil bc-_ A I I (.'i.iii t o insure i i l i r t ' . It's easy. n ' \ [ . t i m e r ' s Sup_ Farms, Rt. 218. 1-tf HERE'S ONE WAY TO SAVE SUGAR KNIVES Sharpened. Gravenhors' Weldinp Shop. 4,DC viisccllnneous LET YOUR DRUGGIST keep you ncl'.' Ask hi-, :idvict when b u - inp patent medicine advertised with txlravatfant claims. He is well qualified to advise \ o u Hinvky's Rtxall Drugs. 4 _ l c AGENCY F O R W A T E R L O O Laundry and Unique Cleaners Harry Esher Baibcr Shop. 2-9p WANTED ply Co. GREEN C O L O M A I stoker. Enjoy anil comfort as FOR SALE: Pair 2 and 3 year old mares; 10 Duroc Jeri-ey brtvll .^ows. WANTED: Single bottom | 1C inch tractor plow. Frank | Biooks, Brandon. __ J-Zp BECAUSE we handle poultry and FOR SALE: Full blooded Chester! 'Kt's only, our entire effort i White bo-r. Abe Avers 4_2(. used to get you the highest J prices. Fosse Produce Co., La its c o n v t n i L n t you pav. W t ' l arrange deferred p . i w m n t plan to s u i t ynur \V. A. Fianklin. 4 _ l c YOUR FORD is a R r c a t car. Keep it that way by h a v i n g it serviced by Fold mechanics. Bring your Ford buck Jionie. LLO Motor Co , Inc. L2c STOVE A N D LIGHT GAS-- 22c a gallon at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf GREEN COLONIAL FURNACES. Phones: 297 and 50-11. W. A Franklin. 1-tf. USE BRIARDALE COFFEE aJid your breakfast will be good. Brust's Grocery. 1-tf. FOR SALE; Early and late potatoes. Bill Bottema, phone 461 3-2c Furniture Portt; City. FOR SALE-- Slip coveied daven- GOOD MARKET for hent. Cull out port and chair; wicker rocker;] the boarders and (fct your flock oak buffet; standard size poolj table with cues and balls a n d j rack; coil spring single cot; e n d ] tables; electric sandwich toast-j or. Mrs. Ralph Brown. 3-2p FOR SALE--Combination book| case and desk. Fred S. Garra. brant. 3.3c ready for the laying season. Phone for quotations. Evergreen Hatchery. 4-Zc The Freedoms freedom from want. Ew ft by · in the United States vfc AAA Farmer Fieldwoman I P ates '" the 1943 AP E. Millet I Agency program will ^ On January 6, 1941, our Presi. }^ W "'' { arm P 1 ""- «*- dent made the following state. ' loca ' A A A "Prcientai* ment: "In the future days, which I"TM ^ TM\ ***!, we seek to make secure, we look bl " e P""' °f h. s i nltr: forward to a world founded upon'^ion. U w '» lj '-' Ws i four essential human freedoms. duct '°" ttith The first is freedom of speech " nment and u '" « r in the The second is freedom of every }j ke W»P'°Mh to tin t , helplne c , :lch f «"'U ?:. f r o p e r sharc u t ^P : lne v a *- ( ' I ' , . r t r ,- '11 t r ' -On V · ' · ; FRESNO, CALIF.--Dried figs fiom the San Joaquin Valley of California arc helping housewives all over the nation solve their sugar rationing problems. With .1 53 per cent natural sugar content figs make possible a big reduction in usual supar requirements of delicious dcsser.s, such as the okl-iashioncd Bread Pudding illustrated above. Eaten out of hand, figs are also an ideal confection for satisfying the sweet tooth of children and grown-NDj alike. Father Foley May Become a Chaplain K-v. Fr. Ronnii Foljy will end hir ten ice in Sucied Heart church 'n La Pert; City next Sunday · l i e n ht \ ill be succeeded by Fr Adtialbei t. Fr. Foley has served L i e chuich hcie for two and one_ half years, and will go to Dts Moincs next Saturday to take his examination to enter the armed forces as a chaplain. If he passes will go to Harvard university to take his training and will be given the rank of lieutenant. person to worship God in his own v.-ay--everywhere in the world. The third is freedom from want --which, translated into world terms, means economic under^ Mrs. L. D standings which will becure-to cv t: ) in Q t E f;n Ery nation n healthy peace time n i £ n t v honoring h. life for its inhabitants--every, is leaving- foi I'H\ wheie in the world. i Terry Chc-iu ,n rj The inui-th is f i u c d c m I'-on Mrs, Fled ("ru-t .,,, fpai--which, translated into \\orld party Salu'-i], ;·. c b-.r. terms, means a world_wide r e d u c _ ' = i x t h birthday, run'.-, ;, tion of armaments to such a point leave to join Hi · iu ·- and in such a thorough fashion ing, too c a i l y i i . t that no nation will be in a posL | r.jc.'i'nt at the · : : ( ; Want ads v.i'l K i n - c l odds and _ u l t -- 1 ' i p p ; to buy war stair;!- and t Insurance records. \Ve pay 5 cents a pound. Edison records not in eluded. Byam's Storu. 4 _ 2 c WANTED to buy a second hand baby bed. Thursa Smith. 4.2p F'ARM PROPERTY INSURANCE GIRL WANTED. ch a5 . Kin g . 3-2- written on installment plan at actual cost through Jesse 0. Kober, Agent. 1-tf ?OR THE BEST INSURANCE in life, fire and auto see G. E. Loveless. 1-tfc FOR AUTOMOBILE insurance phone 31, Anna W. Kober. 1-tf C. A. BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH Friday SPECIALS FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER Per Pound TALL CORN CRACKERS 2-Pound Package . G. W. C. OATMEAL 5-Pound Sack BRIARDALE MILK 3 Large Cans TALL CORN PEANUT BUTTER 2-Pound Quart Jar G. W. C. MATCHES 6-Box Carton . . 49c 21c 29c 29c 54c 25c NESTLES SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE Ready to Use--For Toll-House Cookies 7-Oz. Package, 15c SEEDLESS RAISINS 2-Pound Package SANTA CLARA PRUNES 30-40 Size, 2 pounds. . . . G. W. C. LYE 3 Cans SWEET HEART SOAP , 4 Bars . . . ENERGY SOAP GRANULES Full 2-Pound Package BICARBONATE OF SODA 10-Pound Package CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP . 6 Bars 25c 34c 25c 22c 23e 59c 25c 'FLOUB 49-Lb. Sack, $1.89 FOB BENT FURNISHED apartment down- Itairs for rent. Mrs. Belle Oh- Itnd. l*3c Letters (Continued from Page One) S.S. ROBERT E. PEARY RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA -- A new world's record for Liberty ihips of four days and fifteen and one half hours from keel laying to launching was chalked up at the shipyards here when the epic-making vessel, the "Robert E. Peary" slid down the ways. Photo shows --after peak usembly. Summer Pigs Can Fill the Perk Quota Black Hawk county's 1043 production of pork'can yet be increased by breeding for summer pigs, Paul Barger, county exten. sion director, said this week. It is now too late to breed sows for spring litters but sows can be bret for summer litters or as they are technically called after June 1 fall litters. Farmers who arc shost on equipment can farrow sum mer pigs where they could not increase the spring farrowing Very little shelter is needed fo summer pigs, shade being the most important. Where a-piece of t i m _ her is available pigs can be fai rowed there and by the u c e of large feeders the fteclin" job can platoon, and all the guys in mine be done economically even though | arc swell gays. We are living in some distance from the f a i n i 'tents now, and it is sure a change | buildinps. \ \ h e i c the timber is in, from civilian life. But up to date I available temporal y .shelters c"n on into Los Angeles and changed trains there for San Diego. It .gave me a chance to call. ( my folks, at Alhambra. Because of being-. late we didn't go 'through Old Mexico as all the other La Porte City boys did. We arrived at San Diego Wed. nesday and was met at' the sta_ tion by a old timer in the Marine Corps--stripes from wrist to shoulder. From here on my civilian life was at a end. My first day I took a examination, X-rays and several shots in my arm. Today We marched n. little and our clothes were issued. For the next few dnys will be the same, and our boot training starts next week. There are about GO men in Phone Company Re-Elects Officers At a meeting of the directors ol the Farmers Mutual Telephone Co. on Tuesday night the following officers were re-elected to succeed themselves: Charles Jtup_ prich, president; George Bellinger, vice president; R. E. Wagner, secretary; Charles Oren, -treasurer. Burrel Wilder was re-hired as electrical manager and Audrey Hulse as chief operator. tion to commit an act of physical ion against any neighbor--a n y w h e r e in the world." Pythian Sisters to Install-February 2 Pythian Sisters will hold their installation of new officers Tuesday night, Feb. 2, with Mrs. J. H. Goon as installing officer, Mrs. Fred Ganabrant as grand senior,! Mrs. Court Hawley as grand | manager, and Mrs. L. J. Tutt and her committee in charge of serving. HONORED The Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Severtson of Eagle Grove were honored recently by mcmberb of the East Side Lutheran church. They have been associated with the church for 25 years. the Marine Corps is sure 0. K. I sure wanted to get up and see you Eddie before I left but I didn't have much time. Everett, I sure would appreciate the paper. Thank you, and will write you soon. Yours, Pvt. James F. Rampton Platoon 60 Recruit Depot, M. C. B. San Diego, Calif. Department of Public Instruction DCS Moines January 27, 1943 Dear Mr, Smith: Your editorial regarding th r freezing of teachers for thi be constructed at a m i n i m u m c n - t . Every farmer n.ui-t nmilizc h i . own situation and plan In .some 1 way to increase his poik piod.c tion. MONTH GONE Mary Richmond of Hawarden \.as in an automobile accident a month n so apo. Just recently, she! discovered that she suffered a fiaeturccl jaw bone, as a lesult of no accident. Studies .show that the piodJctive life of farm machineiy may be shoitencd more than a third by failure to provide .sufficient shelter. The dumajjc ictulls when the sun causes the paint to d i y . o u t and crack, leaving Hie wood and metal exposed to the corrosive action of nioi.stuie. Mr. and Jlrs. Fred Chester spenL Fiicl.iy and Siituiday in Dos Moines visiting at the Walter Jo. hannscn home. duratoin of the war in in entire I Among those from out of town nirwinninnt ...iii, ,.,,,.....!,,,,]..'., --:,, I ultcntlincT were Mrs. Cecil Tcctcr agreement with everybody's opin. ion in this office, including that of Miss Parker. Some reporter scut out the information to which you refer in your editorial. I shnll enclose a letter by Miss Parker which she i sent out to all the county superintendents in the state trying to correct the unfortunate report. Knowing you as I do, I waa sure you would care for direct information on the point under discussion. With personal good wishes, 1 am Your truly, K. D. Miller Supervisor. Looking a bit more harried thar usual, · little older and with the loss of weight. Hairbreadth Harry, well-known knight of the road, visited Guthrie Center recently seeking a lodging for the night. He forecast a hard winter and deplored the stresses of rationing. Hanry ia still reciting veraea in exchange for the usual dime extracts from his many friends among the editors of the state.-,. L. L. P. C. met Wednesday night with Mrs. John Bctta. Mrs. L. W. Ferguson was ft gijest." Family Dinner to Honor Bob Teeter A family dinner was e n j o \ e d Sunday at the home of Mr. a i d Mrs. G. C. Teeter honoring thcu son, Robert, who will leave for nrmy scivice this week, and also observing the sixth birthday of James Wayne (Jimmie) TecUr.] New l/ilamin Combination Brings Hope In the afternoon, al -1:30, a b i i t h , J - to Childless Homes day cake was served with a iiliitc-i ., , . , --;--~ ] un , n fioihing equals a baby lo bring complete unity and happiness inio ihc homft and lie husband and -wife together in a stronger bond of enduring love and mu- lual imurest.D'.iorceia rare in lllehomej of couples iliat have children. a t t e n d i n g were Mrs. Cecil Tcctcr of Mason City, Mrs. Louise Teeter of Ames, St. Sgt. Francis Teeter of Camp McCoy, Wis., Mis. Clar_ ence Fish of Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sawyer and Al Knagy of Dysart, Mr. and Mrs. Vernor I Aycrs and Evelyn of Biandon and I Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sawyer a n d , Karen, Clayton Sawyer and Jua.l nita Wcsterberg of Waterloo. Three Re-Enlist In U. S. Army Thre« loc»l men, all former members of the United States navy, will leave Dea Moineg Saturday to report for duty at the Philadelphia receiving ship. They include Fred Chester, who has received his old rank of electrician's mate second class; Del_ bert Haven, who goes back ns boilermaker second class; and Francis Bisbee, formerly of this city but recently a resident of Waterloo. COULD BE EASY HUNTING ii-rt, childleu due to relieve, able lunciionil weakliest may now enjoy the desires and iciiviiy of Niture'i most wonderful creation--a normal, fully-de- »elopal, vigorous wmnnn. A nensaiknul dew vjiarnjn irealmeni ipecifically In Women may be ]iul the thini nceikd bj ino clnl(]|e» wife end quickly bring lt» happiness ot a baby in ihc home. U U. c. course, absolutely narmlesj, If you ue chiUlcsa due to function*! weakness and lack nonual vigor--if rM wish to eliminate one of the R«al «u»5 cf unhappy marriages, by all Deans- In , Ferlcx for one -week. To inlroduce ihk new vitamin , · , - iivr vitamin ccmDinaiion la A have made an evergreen grove on i woraen qu icUr. the P«l« Compiny the Don Bolton place near West I 314 N. Michigan Are. Chicago, Uliooij. Union their resting place for the will send a full S2.00 MppN for only 11.00 night. Each evening- about roosting » n ? · few c*" 15 Poslige. Send no moner time nno o«o= irt n th« hcavv --J^'.V"" name Hid tddretii. Perlex time, one goes into heavy . desaert luncheon waa served, -fol-fohage, and before long all the . «,, lowed by pinochle. bird., are "untied for the night", i n a plain ,; mn il .,,! - _ -oeccu* i* / V La Porte City Sales Co Next Sale Saturday, Jan. I 100 HEAD CATTLE 10 head of springers, Guernseys and Holsteii 15 head of 800 to 900 pound Shorthorn steer; 3 head Shorthorn bulls. Remainder mixed cattle. 45 HEAD BREEDING EWES 7 FEEDER PIGS ANTON, CLARK JURGENS, Ow PHONE 209 LB PORTG- C I T V MOVIES AI1E 10 CHEAPEST ENTEKTAIXML.V Hopalong Cassidy IN "SECRETS OF THE WASTELAND" A 11AB.D BIDFN' WESTERN FR1. - SJ Jan. 29 - CO-FEATU " WAR DOGS" SUN. - MON. Jan. 31 _ Feb. 1 Matinee Sunday, 2:15 I'M RIGHT ON YOUR TAIL You've got a one way ticket to Hell and I'm the baby, to punch holes in it ... with |^;-'! lead . . . HOT LEAD ! ! ! " PAUL KELLY · GORDON BILL SHIRLEY · MAE C AND A OUT Of THOUBAWf ADDED VARIETIES LATEST NEWS EVENTS v U . S. 3IARLVE BAM) TUES- -WED. -THURS. Feb. 2 . 3 . 4 DRAMATIC DYNAMITE! It will stir your HEART . . . your every EMOTION . . . you will LIVE and LOVE every breath-taking moment of it! "HONE POWER . JOAN FONTAINE F. ZANUCK'S pnxfacfion jl I f(\\ TBA.VE NEWSPAPER!

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