Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 1, 1939 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1939
Page 11
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1939 KGLO COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM NETWORK 1310 KILOCYCLES Saturday P. M. 5:15 Adventures in Science, CBS 5:30 All Hands on Deck, CBS 6:00 News of the Nation 6:05 Sons of the Pioneere 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Joe E. Brown, Post Toastics, CBS 7:00 News ot the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum, H. F. Risse, Mitchell. 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Studio Party 8:00 News 8:15 Music Tor Men 8:30 Tropical Moods 8:45 Ranch Boys 9:00 Your Hit Parade, Lucky ; Strike Cigarets, CBS 9:45 Capital Opinions, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:15 Jack Tcagarden's Orchestra, · CBS 10:30 Shep Fields' Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Jack Teagarden's Orchestra, '. CBS I 11:30 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS ' 12:00 To Be Announced. CBS 12:30 Dick Barriers Orchestra, CBS 1:00 Rhythm Club 2:00 Sign Off Sunday, April 2 7:00 Morning Moods 7:30 Sunday School Lesson Pie- view 8:00 University of M i c h i g a n Hymn-Sing, CBS . 8:30 Wings Over Jordan, CBS S:00 Burroughs A. Waltrip, Ra- Here's How Imagination Works on Kitty Kelly Show Scene Is Shifted to Florida Because of Youngest CBS Cry Baby 'I KITTY KELLV dio Chapel 9:30 Aubade for String CBS 10:00 Clyde Barric, Vocal, Charles Paul, Organ. CBS 10:30 Major Bowe's Capitol Family, CBS 11:30 Salt Lake City Tabernacle Choir and Organ, CBS 12:00 Huck Shaffer's Orchestra 12:30 S a l u t e to New York's World's Fair by Japan. CBS 1:00 Americans All; Immigrants All, CBS 1:30 The Passover P r o g r a m, CBS 2:00 Philharmonic S y m p h o n y , CBS 4:00 The Rev. Carl J. Senlman. German Baptist Church of Sheffield. 4:30 Mail Bag Hour 5:30 Voice of the North Iowa _ Press 5:4a Music by Cugat 6:00 News of the Nation, P. G. and E. Tribute for West Bend Girls on Air When the West Bend community honors its girls' state championship basketball team at a big banquet occasion Monday night. KGLO microphones will be placed on location to carry the program over North Iowa. Inasmuch as the West Bend girls have copped the state cage trophy for two j'ears in succession, the businessmen, parents and friends of the champions plan a roaring tribute for the home town girls, The program will be carried over KGLO Monday from 8:45 to 15 p. m. Full Moon There Frank Dahm. author of ''Pretty Kilty Kelly," has no trouble with his imagination. It's apt to run away with him and he has to hold it down to the realm of reason. So he checks all the facts for au- j thenticily for the serial, heard five days a week on Columbia uetworl; and KGLO from 9 to 9:15 a. m. The current plot of "Pretty Kitty Kelly" calls for Kitty to be abducted by a smuggler in his ( seaplane. To make it more intrigu- i~ ing, Frank decided Kitty's sweetheart should pursue the smuggler's plane in another ship. This was further complicated by the chase being at night. Checks With Officials Frank realized this might sound too fictitious, so he sought facts to back up the imaginary sequence. He talked to airline officials who admitted an airplane chase at night was possible, but reauired a full moon. Dahm then rushed to the Hayden planetarium to learn whether there would be a full moon in New York during the week Ihe plot called for the chase. Officials reported no luck for New York that week on account of cloudiness but. they assured Frank, there would bo a beautiful full moon in Florida. Moved to Florida ''Hooray." shouted Dahm, who forthwith dashed to his office and hatched a plot which would take Kitty to Florida to be kidnaped. So this week finds Kitty down south being abducted KALTENBORNTO i The Week on KGLO SPEAK SUNDAY i Programs--April 2 to April 8 To Sum Up Events \ of the Week in Foreign Lands ! H. V. Kaltenborn, who rates second to none among foreign news commentators, will be heard over KGLO Sunday evening at 9:30 o'clock to sum up affairs of the week in foreign lands. Because of his wide travels and i visits with leaders of various ; countries, Mr. Kaltenborn lias an intimate insight into the complicated foreign situation, as was demonstrated when he was acclaimed all over the nation for his comments on the Czecho-Slovakian crisis last September. Talks of Premier Daladier of France, Premier Mussolini of Italy and Prime Minister Chamberlain of Great Britain during the week will be interpreted in Kaltenhorn's unique style on the Sunday evening program. STANDARD PROGRAMS * V- ¥ Every Week Day SPECIAL PROGRAMS ·¥ * * Day by Day MORNING G:00 Alarm Clock Hour G:45 Morning News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes 7:15 Radio Chapel 7:30 Home Folks Frolic 7:45 Musical Clock 8:00 Richard Maxwell, CBS MONDAY (Afternoon) 1:OU Rhythm Rascak, CBS 2:1)0 Book Pilot 2:15 Curtis Institute of Music, CBS (SA) Console Contracts, CBS : |;J5 TM teS ^? cAB «g' CBS Air Listenin? HANDEL OVERTURE CYCLE Having probed musical literature of the Restoration era, Bernard Herrmann turns to "Music of the Georgian Period," conducting the Columbia string orchestra in a series featuring Handel opera overtures, Monday from 4. to 4:15 over KGLO. MIC KEU N E T W O R K Ultra KILOCYCLES Vivian Block is Columbia's newest--and youngest--cry-baby. The 17 year old actress, who started oil tile "Children's Hour" and has been learning- more radio tricks on Is'ila Mack's "Let's Pretend" programs heard over KGLO Monday and Thursday at 4:15 p. m., recently was called to do ii cry-baby scene. Bliss Block's mother is the most surprised person of all concerned. "I* seems funny Vivian should make money by crying," says Mamma Block, "she never used to cry at all when she was a baby. Here's Vivian with her pillow-standard equipment for the cry-baby act. '££ Jose Iturbi Is Soloist on Sunday Symphony Concert Rev. David Kre 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Weekend Potpourri, CBS 6:55 News, United Home Bank 7:00 Dance Hour, CBS 8:00 News 8:15 Music for Men, Utilities ' Engineering Institute 8:30JRosario _Bqrdorrs .Concert Ofchesfra," NBC ; 9:00-Melody and Madness. Bob Benchley, Old Gold Cigar- ets, CBS 9:30 H. V. Kaltenborn Comments, CBS 9:45 Capitol Opinions, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:15 Ozzie Kelson's Orchestra, CBS 10:30 Archie Bleyer's Orchestra. CBS 11:00 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS ll:30'Dick- Barrie's Orchestra, CBS Monday, April 3 6:00 Alarm Clock Hour 8:45 Morning News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes, Hamilton Seed Company 7:15 Radio Chapel, Burroughs A. Walt-rip 7:30 Home Follcs Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders 7:45 Musical Clock, Merlcel's 8:00 Richard Maxwell. CBS SATCRDAV EVEXJXCr r»:45 Religion m the Kcxv-s 6:tH) Avalon Time 0:20 Ne\vs B:4^ This Business Week 7:00 Quaker Party 7:3H Fred WarinR's Orchestra 3:00 lo\va Bam Dance Frolic 10:15 News 10:50 Dance Music SL'XOAl', APUIL 2 8:00 Biblu-BroaOcaslcr 3:00 Dick Leibert. Organist Q:15 Seventh Day Advcntist 9:30 Crescent Hour of Music 10:15 Chimney House 11:00 First Church or Christ, Scicutibt. 12:00 Musical Plays 1:30 The Old Dreamer 2:00 Sunday Drivers 2:45 Chats About Dogs 3:00 Father Charles Couclililt ·4:00 Sunday Afternoon in Ro'cdiite 4:30 Spelling Bee 5:00 Cosmopolitan.* 5:15 Vox Pop r.:4.j Headlines of the Week 6:00 Jack Benny 6:30 Filch Bautlu-osoji 7:00 Charlie McCarthy 8:00 JIc/ry-Co-Rounct 3:30 Tlic Circle 10:00 Dance Music. 10:1") Nexvs 10:30 Dance Music ins m another. Latest astronomical reports indicate Florida's fullest moon smiles from the heavens --and author Frank Dahm blissfully dreams of his ne.xt adventure for "Pretty Kitty Kelly." HERPSSlDAY RECIPE FOR JOY Columbia's Second "Dance Hour" on From 7 to 8 p. m. Recipe for a Sunday evening parlor prom--Count Basic's ! orchestra, by Eugene Bonner. New Noted Musician to Play Concerto by Franz Liszt Jose Iturbi performs as soloist and .1 new American work is introduced in the New York Philharmonic-symphony or c h o s t ra concert directed by John Barbi- roll! on the Columbia network, including KGLO, Sunday from 2 to 4 p. m. Deems Taylor is intermission commentator. Iturbi plays the Liszt Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1. in E flat major. The new composition is "White Nights:"' A Prelude for W M T NBCJ BI.L'E N E T W O R K I'll" K1LOCVCI.ES 8:15 Today in Osage, Merchants O s a g e S:45 Musical Clock, Nash Coffee Company 9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly, Wonder Bread, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air, Clear Lake Merchants 9:30 Organ Reveries, Innes 9:45 Charles City on the Air, Charles City Merchants 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons 10:15 Parade of. Bands 10:30 Morning Concert, V a n c e Music Company 10:45 Church in the \ViMwood, Marshall and Swift 11:00 Home Town News, Iowa Shoe Brokerage 11:15 Mystery Melody Game 11:30 Markets 11:45 Mid-day Review 12:00 Mac's Truckers 12:30 Front Page News by Pat Patterson, Inter n a t i o n a l Harvester Company 12:45 Hank Hook on the Street, Pritchard Motor Company 1:00 Rhythm Rascals, CBS 1:15 The Town Crier 1:30 The American School of the Air, CBS 2:00 Book Pilot 2:15 Curtis Institute of JVIu^ic CBS 3:00 Today's Devotion, The Rev R. C. Helfenslein 3:15 Not So Long Ago, CBS 3:40 International Rifle Match CBS 'W* Columbia Chamber Orchestra. CBS 4:13 Let's Pretend, CBS 4:45 The Mail Bag Hour o:15 Singin' Sam, Coca-Cola S A T U K U A Y E V E N I N G 5:00 Opportunities for Men 5:41 Sports fonts 5:45 Weather--News U:00 Rernic Cummins fi:30 Leo Shelley's Orchestra. CBS 7:00 Premiere of "Dodge City'' 7:30 Saturday Circus 10:00 National Sam Dance 11:03 Jack Teagardcn's Orchestra 11:30 Gicri Miller's Orchestra SL'NDAV, APK1L 3 7:00 Peerless Trio 3:00 Rebrcoclcast o[ Mussolini's Add 9:00 News :t:0! Dick Hardinp.. Orcanist 10:30 American Legion Hour Il:W» Churcli Program 12:00 George Sir VcnUa's Orchestra 12:4.» History Speaks 1:00 JIagic Key 2:00 Frank Simon's Band 2:20 Rural Riddles 3:00 Bishop Oxnam 3:30 Lutheran Hour 4:00 metropolitan Opera Auditions 4:7.0 ChenauH Speaks 5:00 My Llichy Break 6:00 Evening News G:15 Euirenc Conlcy. Tenor 0:20 Red Cross Calvacadc 7:00 Cavalcade oE Baseball 8:00 Hollywood Playhouse 8:30 Walter Wlnchclt B:45 Irene Rich 9:00 Dr. James Slocum 3:45 News 10:00 Old Fashioned Revival 11:00 Glen Miller's Orcliestrn 11:30 Bob Crosby's Orchestra rock rhythms, Don Alfonsi and his tanso orchestra, Barry Wood and his Music. Sweeten with Nan Wynn's songs and en.toy as Columbia's second "Dance Hour" pours over KGLO Sunday from '· to 8 p. m. Count Basic holds high standing among dance fans and swing critics for solid sending. He scored notable successes in engagements at New York's "Famous Door" and Boston's Ritz-Carlton. Don Alfonso appears before the CBS microphone to supply authentic tango and rhumba tempos. Composed wholly of South American musicians. his orchestra lends an entrancing air ot the exotic to "Dance Hour.'' Barry Wood and his musicians are playing their second stand for program listeners. Rhythm in the quieter vein, with more than a dash ot romance when Barry sings, can be expected of his contribution. Nan Wynn makes a belated appearance on the broadcast with several new arrangements of I Wynn favorites. "Jadn" which she j lias just recorded, will be one of her vocal solos. Japan to Salute 'voadcast York music critic and editor. The complete program follows: Overture to "The ISIcrry Wive.* o/ \Viii[i-;or" . Nicola! White Nights: A Prelude for Ortliestra . . Bontier First performance Conccrtn for Piano and Orchestra IN'n. 1. in E tlat major Liszt Jose I t u r b i ' " : S y m p h o n y No. 1. in E minor. Op. 3'J Sihelius II. H. TELLIN' 1'A: All the major advertising; agencies now have "war clauses" in their radio contracts. The clauses give them the right to cancel performers and shows in case of any war--foreign or domestic. The tune, ''Deep Purple." was written as an instrumental number five years ago by Peter DC Hose without lyrics. Doris Rhodes, CBS vocalist, liked the tune so well that she hummed it tor a tune song. -The tune began lu catch. Mitchell Purrish was called 1 in to fashion the lyrics. Result: j The song has been No. 1 for the i past month on the stage and on the air, * i » ItJtlio, which formerly tapped motion picture files for dramatic material, is now being tapped by the film industry. Three of the original dramatic sketches used on flic Texaco Star Theater, heard on KGLO Wednesday nights, have been snatched up hy picture companies. 8:15 Today in Osyge 8:45 Musical Clock 9:00 (M through F) Pretty Kitty Kelly (Sn) Pappy Cheshire's Hillbillies, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air 9:30 Organ Reveries 9:45 Charles City on the Air j 10:00 Melody Time 1 10:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 Morning Concert 10:45 Church in the Wildwood 11:00 Home Town News 11:15 iVIvstery Melody Game 11:30 Markets 11:45 (M-W-F) Mid-Day Review (T-Th) American F a m i 1 y Robinson (Sa) Enoch Light's Orchestra, CBS 4:00 Chamber Orchestra, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend (Evening) 6:30 The Chicagoans, CBS 7:30 Rural Round Table 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 The Town Crier 8:45 West Bend Girls' Basketball Banquet 9:30 Eddie Cantor, CBS 10:15 Count Basle's Orchestra 10:30 Cab Callowav's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Clyde Lucas' Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Shop Fields' Orchestra, CBS AFTERNOON' 12:00 (M-W) Mac's Truckers (F) Earl Hunt's Revelers j (T-Th) Mid-Day Review 1 12:30 Front Page News i 12:45 Man on the Street | 1:00 (See Special Programs) ] 1:15 (M through F) Town Crier! 1:30 (M through F) School of the j Air ' 2:1)0 (See Special Programs) 3:00 (M through F) Devotions 3:15 (Sec Special Programs) 4:45 Mail Bag (Saturday at 4:30) 5:15 (M through F) Singin' Sam (Sa) Adventures in Science, CBS 5:30 (M-W-F) Lone Hanger (T-Th) Junior Music Hall (Sa) All Hands on Deck, CBS EVENING 6:00 News 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers i:15 Sports Camera ~:00 News 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 Town Crier 8:00 News TUESDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Milton Charles Presents, CBS I!:00 Concert Hull. CBS 2:30 Story of Song, CBS 3:15 AI Bernard's Merry Minstrels, CBS ;i:45 Music Without End 4:00 Current Questions Before the Senate, CBS 4:15 Concert Orchestra, CBS (Evening) G:30 Navy News 6:35 Moments of Melody 7:30 Emil and His Commanders 8:15 Music for Men 8:.')0 fletmy Goodman. CBS 9:00 Barn Dante Frolic 10:15 Jimmy Joy's Orchestra 10:30 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Sammy Kaye's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Dick Stabile's Orchestra. CBS That (|uartet from Stacyvillc. heard on the Legion Hour over I 8:15 to 10:00 (See Special Pro-I KGLO Thursday night, had plenty i grams) 10:00 News 10:15, CBS D a n c e Orchestras.! (See Special Programs) i BENGHLEYWILL i April Fool! QUIT NEW YORK Moves to Hollywood After Sunday Night Show Over KGLO Fair on B Prince Yasuhito Cliidiibu, eldest brother of Emperor Hirohito and heir presumptive to the Japanese throne, delivers the principal address in his country's salute from Tokio to the 1939 New York World's fair in a program over KGLO Sunday from 12:30 tr 1 p. m. Prince Kenoye, prime minister also is scheduled to speak. Special Japanese music brightens the broadcast, 14th accolade from leading countries of the- world to the New York exposition. On Forum Saturday Sunday Forum Guest We Know RADIOS like Miss : Ann Kingsley knows her cooking HERB and GEO. Radio Service 9 SECOND STREET S. AV. "California Here J Come'* and his friends are buying bon voyage gifts as the star of "Melody and Madness" 1 prepares for his final New York appearance on the Columbia network and KGLO Sun- das', from 9 to 9:30 p. m. Henceforth, he makes the CBS Hollywood studios his headquarters for trips aboard the " B o u n d i n g Broomstick'' and solving murder mysteries. Artie Shaw, wno has been making a personal appearance tour of tlie East for several weeks past, plans to join Benchley on the coast for the Sunday, April 23 broadcast. Artie Shaw Continues Ulcanwhile. the orchestra leader and comedian are to appear on the program from widely separated points. Benchley, in Hollywood, will give the cue to Shaw in Cleveland on Sunday, April 9. and the following week. April 16, in Chicago. In recent years. Benchley has- been spending six months in New York, as dramatic critic tor the sophisticated New Yorker magazine, and writing for other leading periodicals. Hollywood Contract The remainder of the year the humorist fills a three-way Hollywood contract, which calls for him ( t o write shorts, act in them, and do the commentary on the sound track. He came east last November to inaugurate the "Melody and Madness'' program scries. Now that his six months are about over, he is off again for the land of sunshine and kleig lights. Six Sing on "Hit" Quintet The Raymond Scott quintet, heard over KGLO every Saturday night on_"Your Hit Parade'' from !» to 9:4a o'clock, may be a little Robert Etencliley^ is humming | April fool joke all by itself. All rr T r. , j ,.... ^ ^ ^^ men insist on calling themselves n quintet--not only on April 1. but on all the other 31H days of the year as well. This April 1, however, they will ' be playing from behind a contract] renewal that has nothing of the April fool about it. It starts them on their third 13-week series of R a y m o n d Scott compositions, heard every week among the nation's 10 hit tunes. Original Music , So far. the quintet has played ten "first time on the air" compositions on Saturday nights, ;i high average o£ original music for any show. They've introduced, in the wayward manner characteristic of the Joe Brown iii Hunt for 1-Man Band Talent scout Joe E. Brown of the Bullhnmmor bureau runs into j two stumbling blocks, Gill and on the bait. When will you be back, boys'.' * '* ^ Betty Scnneff, piiUm-playinfj songbird, returns to the KGLO studios for a-quarter hour presentation Friday at 7:30 p.-m. * 4 ft Did you know 1 .' Jack Haley is one of tiie largest stockholders in Childs' rcsturants on the coast. * v * Baritone Barry Wood tin's week signed on the dotted line for another year with CBS. " * * I Demling. in his search for a one- The Columbia Broadcasting man band on KGLO Saturday system has revealed plans for ex- ll ' om :30 to 7 p. in. tensive alterations to transform f Paula ^ Winsloiv ;is Joe's girl the JuilHarcl Musical Foundation building in New York City, which it recently purchased, into a structure housing the world's most modern studios. This marks the ninth expansion undertaken by CBS regarding studio facilities in New York. Best airline of the week: When a customer asked Banker Charles Rugglcs on the Star Theater show Wednesday night, where the loan arranger could be found, Mr. HuKgles answered: "Just Yell "Hi To Silver' and he'll show up." Engineers Leo Born and Roger Sawyer, each have a new coupe. Inasmuch as Tom (that's Sawyer's Nickname) is one of the few single men left on the station's staff, his new cuariot will prob- WEDNESDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Sweet Alice, CBS 2:00 Story of Song, CBS 2:30 Columbia Concert Hall CBS 3:15 Time Out for Dancing, CBS 3:45 U. S. Navy Band, CBS ·1:15 So You Want to Be, CBS 4:30 March of Games. CBS (Evening) 6:30 Stop and Listen 7:30 Music for Men 7:45 News 8:00 Texaco Star Theater, CBS 9:00 Master Singers fl:30 Concert Orchestra 10:15 Charles Baum's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Hal Kemp's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Shep Fields' Orchestra, CBS friend. Jill, continues to heckle i Joe, while Joe attempts to carry i on for his agency. Margaret Me- j Crao and Harry Sosnik's orchestra i provides music. ; Service of Jewish KGLO assover on Scott Quintet, several strange mu- a ' ly get plenty of workouts dur- sical characters--a "Girl At the ' ln S the summer. But all dates will Typewriter." a "Boy Scout in have to be in the day time, be- ey'vc also painted, in a inu- i way. such strange scenes as Ripley Will Get Degree at College SwitzerJand," "Peter Tambourine," i and also their musical- version of ! the "Tobacco Auctioneer," whose chant is so familiar to "Hit Pa- rade'' listeners. Paint Stranse Things They've sical "Celebration on the' Planet Mars" and "In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room." Once they gave their impression of airs from Bizet's popular opera "Carmen" and again their description of a Emoke- filled dancehall where a hot band was playing. By now, the 45 men in the "Hit Parade"' orchestra arc · a little worried about the quintet's re- j newal. There's a rumor of a new | quintet composition. It's called | "Forty-Five Men On A Hit Tune Chest." ] A condensation of the service ! for Jewish Passover is to be heard i over KGLO Sunday from 1:30 to 2 p. m., under auspices of the j American Jewish Joint Dtstribu- ! tion committee. The service is to be conducted by Dr. Samuel H. GoMenson, rabbi ot Temple Emanu-El. New York. A choir of six men and women, under direction of Lazar Samin- sky, widely known composer: the chant by Cantor Moshe Hudlnow, and a cello solo by Dr. Felix Mendelssohn, kin and namesake of the THURSDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Melody Weavers, CBS 2:00 U. S. Army Band 2:30 Sonata Recital, CBS 3:15 Ray Block's Varieties, CBS 3:45 Corpus Christi Choir, CBS 4:00 Current Questions Before the House, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend, CBS (Evenins) (i:3U Joe E. Brown. CBS 7:30 American Legion Hour 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 The Town Crier" 8:45 Ranch Boys 9:00 Concert Orchestra !:3G Old Refrains 9:45 American Viewpoints 10:15 Henry Busse's CBS 10:30 Wayne King's CBS Orchestra, Orchestra, cause "Tom" works at night. - * * KGLO wilt carry a wccfciy CBS show, "County Seat," beginning Saturday -at 6:30 p. m., which has attracted much in- a lercst on the network. As the i Goldenson. "tiie feast "of freedom title suggests, the show has a | the holiday which celebrates re- : lot of rural philosophy which i dempfion of the children of Israel '. makes a real hit in the afrricul- from the Egyptian house of bond- I tural areas. I age. 11:00 Sammy Kayo's Orchestra, CBS great composer, are among t h e ) 11:30 Leighton Noble's Orchestra program highlights. j CBS " ' ' Pesach, or Passover, begins at j sundown, Monday, April 3. and i continues until sundown, Tuesday. ] April 11. It is, according to Dr. Ozzie Nelson Family iRifle Match Shots to Be Aired Monday H. F. Rissc of Mitchell, representative in the state legislature from Mitchell county, will be the North Iowa Forum speak-' cr over KGLO Saturday from 7:05 to 7:15 p. m. Mr. Risse's subject will be: "An Analysis ot hc Present Liquor Situation.'' Robert L. "Believe It or Not" ,,, .. . .,, Ripley is to be awarded the decree i Thc first n f l c match cvcl ' co "of Doctor of Letter by Mi^oiin ductetl w i t h Contestants shooting Valley college. Marshall. Mo" An-! simultaneously on opposite sides ... nounccmcnt of the college board o f ' ! ! le occn "--'" G l c i l t Britain and I j trustees' decision to honor the JP? Tc " ci '-' sri \° ^ h , c ^, °. vcr i CBS star was made Friday. March i KGLO Moncla - v . r TM m 3 ' 40 lo 4 24, by Dr. T. W. Bibb, president, at an alumni dinner in New York The Rev. David Kratz of the Church of Christ will appear on the North Iowa Forum over KGLO Sunday on behalf of the ministerial association to reveal plans for observing Good Friday. The Rev. HIr. Kralz will be heard from 6 to 6:10 o'clock, 15 minutes later than the usual Sunday forum hour. M m . City. Degree wilt be presented at commencement day exercises on Monday, May 29. Ripley is to deliver the commencement address in ceremonies which celebrate the school's fiftieth anniversary. Bipley's "Believe It or Not" program made its debut over the CBS network including KGLO Friday. The shots fivcd iu the unique contest, arranged jointly by the Columbia Broadcasting system and the British Broadcasting corporation, literally will be heard round the world. This novelty broadcast is the result o£ a challenge from Great Britain's champion rifle squad, the Ledsbury and Brittanic House team of London, to meet the winner ot the National Rifle Associa- ogram Jack , and will be heard every Friday j lion's indoor championships .1 between 9:30 and 10 p. m. i Chicago March 31 to April 2. Their first honeymoon takes Orchestra Leader Ozzie Xctson and Sincer Harriet Milliard out of Xcw York with their youmr son, David Oziic. Married in October, 1935, they declare that they've never had time, for a honeymoon--what with band contracts, personal appearances and film engagements. Nelson is a native of Jersey City: his wife hails from Des Molncs. The Nelson orchestra will be heard over KGLO on night dancr spots when the honeymoon is over. FRIDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 John Fosortv. the Irish Minstrel, CBS 2:00 U. S. Marine Band. CBS 2:30 Keyboard Concert, CBS 3:15 Matinee Promenade, CBS 4:00 Ruth Carhart, Songs, CBS 4:15 Men Behind the Stars, CBS 4:30 Christian Science Program (Evening) 6:30 Wonder Show With Haley. CBS 7:;;o Melodeers Quartet 7:45 Revelers Quartet 8:15 Music for Men 8:45 Old Refrains t):00 Old Refrains 9:15 On With the Dance 0:30 Robert Ripley, CBS 10:15 LeiRhton Noble's Orchestra CBS 10:30 AH Angels Church Choir, i CBS ! 11:00 Ben Bcrnic's Orchestra. CBS 11:30 H a r r y .lames' Orchestra, ' CBS SATURDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Men Against Death, CBS 1:45 Fran Hines Sings, CBS 2:00 Charles Paul at the Organ CBS ' 2:30 Pasadena Boys' Choir 3:00 Texas Rangers, CBS 3:30 Dancepators, CBS 4:00 What Price America (Evening) | (Sec Schedule at left of Page).

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