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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, August 3, 1818
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.SEW - YORJC.EVEXIXQ POST.'. MONDAY, AUGUST 3 firaticat Ar Tb Saadford tVWil - liaau Eliw. arrayed hers thii forenoon fiom Tn - tsense, ipox, do um ism juae, in tsnusa swop f WW Iadiih, iroa Lcttdoa koknd to Jamaica, ; laden Tory see) with prw&iocs. The captain . fi iV. - .n j :r i tM - . that r ww - ...i . iwo ctyt Defer b bad a MfM eongeaseat witn f piraUcal ship, tad tacotedsd, after ft long t s&hatjn treating ber C She tbea hauled her ',,wta4jdstoodtothe8 - W. apparently in Crippled Ut. The pirate made three attempt ' to board, and was repobed each tin with great srtw.i The Iom on board thpirU could not be anccrtauted, bat was supposed to be very great. t ;CptT CU states that the sloop of war sonerad , i . - 1 rv.v. m f . (. v Tert, VpftrCaoU, Whjufy, 1618. 'thtEdUaroftkeN. Y. Evening Poet, Sir. I bAaete a subscriber to joar paper, .a in V V rU P4 torn t k ji mjiiiIvt. In . ' Tebraarr UU aiace watch time it ba never - . 1 1 1 . Lo.l Ana WaW t M l " the ICiontoe atail to toil place, and another week .. Jt Um Niagara aaail i u week I got two or three papers, aad another week I got none ' , Sorely this cannot be called a proper regulation. "Ifewspaper . should be eent regularly every , week i instead of which I probably get one of a - ; tier data this week to the one I got last. 1 am ot fheooly pertoo that complains of irregularity ; .' : - 1 . t'.L - Aji tK IT,H TTT'J WWM WW vi" . ' - ' Evening Post, stake the tame complaint. ; ' - X 80001 to b air, your obedient serr t, : ' ' REMARKS. ' ' Scarcely it mail arrive that doe not bring ut ,' , two or three lclteri Iron aome of our tuUcribera, complaiamgof the irrejolar manner in which t they receive he AVm - fer fvrntVig Fatljr the " tanafry. W wkk it were in our power to ro bed the era. All we can do it to depoeit tbe ' Japewinthapot - ofichre - - ailrtbat wehave ao coBtrauJ ever the. ' If they bake a wrong ' . route, It Itooi ear fault, although it may be to . aw injury. Until tone mode, diflerent from the one aof in practice or conveying newspaper ' by mail h adopted, we detpair of any abatement "ef the evuC How can it be expected that fen ' jfitiuimd tewtpapert, all tumbled belter skelter ''into a leather portmanteau, (o be convey edfrest vm UWWN H. " MM w yaw uuwuu a maoy aoit - offlces. with nothing around them but a alngte paper wrapper, aboald reach their fxm of dastination In a sound state, or even at all f Newspaper should be made to pay a post . age that Wtould enabla the government to go to a tetter. 1 y often convey bformation to the Vmaa of buuaest as important as any letter, and VSeir tailing W vwue w uouu mm fjrvai uuaji p ointment er Injury. We hope tbe nest time 'Vtatgress take np the subject, they will consider - .it welt, and do aometbiDg effectual. For tbeir iWonaation we copy the following from the Rich - mood Compiler. It will serve to (how what 'freedom w takes, as a thing of Course, by coun try post - matter and other, with property be - longing to pr hilars, which it eabractei to the ' mail. ' , .' ' . - V ' frtm the ItuAmmi Vompikr. ' Xinerite of" irner. Among the com plaints . which the Editor of out - newspaper have to , 'make, and they are meat certainly not few nor - far between" tt that most crying tia of negli - 'gence in many country pott offices. After we Have been at all tbe paint of collecting new, see - ln the paper et up, worked from lha prete. di rected to subscribers, and carefully depositing . them m the poet office, our whole labour it some times et at nought by the remissness of a pott master. He will not forward Die papers to the .anbscribert, or to the neighboring office. Some, time the packet, which is addressed to hi own office,' let it arrive ever so safely into his own bands, never reaches tbe diflerent individuals for whom It wa Intended. 8ometimes the post master itches to learn in news bunseii opens the paper, cons it over, throws it down, and it b bever replaced in tbe box. Sometimes he hands cut a paper to a parttrular friend, who never . thinks of handinr it back. Sometime the mail it opened in a back room m tbe presence of bis 'sUlghbors, who very unceremoniously neip tnen elves, aed pocket pipers, for which they have never paid one cent. Frouiitet in these cases - are scarcely ever fulfilled. Only lend me the Taper for one hour, sir, aad I will be tore to re - torn It." Tbe sheet is (bund to possets some particular attraction t either a great battle, a fcraftv eon, or s fwcinafar the tooth ache, and - " 1 . i he aever remember to return it, until the next I eiaO dy, when the paper it lost, and an pologv to the bar or the passage of a public bouse where packets are opened by any one, and papers purloined with at little ceremony at if tbey Were the property of tbe first finder. Sometimes the positive instruct mot of the pott master general to report all dead pa pen, are expressly dts - regarded, te furnish tbe post master an opportunity ef reading tbe news or accommodating tome neighbor, who is good enough to indulge bis curiosity at tbe printer'! expense. The negligence of pest matters, is fraught with ery sore evus te U unhappy editor. Mi tub acriben tax him with postnenaud murmurs. dufy, fa deli vexing it t tkswefcea. their MeT teten knows to be ch. roet V&cn mart a"1 tie cemverua aut Keaoing - nKHm. i retire, while it awst i! to if not create, the ery evil coeuHined of, afford. Ui aamo alrantas bxe oothing either t toe feet Office, Uie Stamp Offit,rtbetdtor. Depaty Poatmattr muet not be Areata ta acta, which bare a direct wa - oeacy to injure one branch f pbhc renue, and by curtailing tbe circalatioa of )ewpapeM Uitenara with tbe loieretu oi we rm i is mad for bis negligence. Sometime., instead i of the back room of a store, the mail it carried Some refute to pay for papers which tbey nave stiver received. Many, who wnb to take the paper, are pre r ruled by tbe uncertainty of its transmission. Papers are sent on front year to year, to a particular gentleman and when the printer calls for bi pay, lo ! bis chagrin in finding it to bare been a dead one, that the pmt matter kept tt for bit own use, and that the tub - i - riber is dead, or run awsy. The righH of SuktcrijKTi ta JS'evrpcpm. lo en EnglWh prut now before a of Inst Dec. we ths I that the Infringement of these rights bad he - ee to great ia Ireland, as to call for the inn. - toontinciol the General Post - office in Dublin toe ioUewine Order were arronlinrlw tunrH. . .V Tb where a rixtmaster, on opening MsMau, shall Bad that a Paptr which be think f V tachad hit Oftce, ha not arrived, ewUlbr letter eeqK.iht tLe SecreUry with the wosmtUnce, and the name of the Subscriber, vvoose paper may anorar te he buh. SjriT 'kbis Meweoter or anvant knows : M. TK,IiibJm A. 1 . ... Wi'hoot the toetenief a Saixcntwr .k. n - nety open and read a Kwimtt r..r . . . tet"ir. - V ,U wr;v". of umrte, from aider hit official care. If .SuHu - ni . r toe O at reatmatter shcoM h... . - . 1 jeaditj their papers, it must be after, sot whC tbey hive oficiai ewttody of them, 'ith. Thatoedeoutv wilt. nitrr tf, fitter wnttt er verbal, permit aoy paper to be opeoerT, en reed hy any person, hut the sanserif to whore it is addressed. If Eubtcriber are wil'in to Ocrnut Mnat tn Tmmti Kiv nana A corratpoadent recoaimenda the attendance SKort arrival from 'JVevOrleant We learn by passengers in the ship Annisqnam, in 17 day from New - Orleans, and 15 from the Be lize, that tbe city u remarkable healthy whea they tailed. " There were about 60 ves sel in port, and freights dull and fulling. By the above arrival we have received New - Orleans paper to the 8th July. We understand the company commanded by capt. Coles, in the 1 1th regiment N. T. state ar tillery, will go on board the tteam - boat Nauti las, lor Etaten - ltlaad, at 11 o'clock to - morrow morning, for the purpose of firing at a target. General William II. Harrison, ef Ohio, has declined a re - election to congreu. " Forth Tfeu - Tork Evening rut, Young Laditt rxamintA in the Philiamfiical Uau. on Saturday, August 1, the leniale pu - gt of hletm. A. 4 f. U. Picket's Manhattan bool, underwent an examination, on the branches of knowledge in which they had been instructed during tne preceding academical year un tnis occastoo, the exercises were pcrlormed at the New - York Institution. In consideration of the lively interest excited by the young ladies, and of a warm desire expressed by their indrfaf i gable instructors, lb member of the l iterary md riuloMprucal Soeuty generously granted the use ef tneir elegant ball tor the purpose. Tbe examination was conducted, firm beein ning to end, by gentlemen, who, for the advance meut of learning, volunteered their services. The instructors took no part in the transactions ol the day tncy were not even present. All the performances were under the immediate direction of the visiting committee, who were themselves the examiners. By thi mode of condiictiug the business, the acquirements of the scholars were fairly tested, la literature the classes were questioned, touch - ing Ihe progress made in grammar, the elements ol language, the analysis of sentences, reading, and the outline of chronology and history. Such as bad studied t reneb, were asked to show their knowledge in that tongue. In tcieuces, they displayed tbe information they possessed in a riUimetic and numbers several were found to have studied geometry, algebra and mat hematic ks, and to have their minds well stored with the phenomena of natural ami experimental phi losophy. The young ladies then showed their acquaintance with geography and astronomy, by the globes and mar. On the whole, the gentlemen who superintend ed tbe examiuatioa were very much gratified, both at the proficiency evinced in the several branches of study, by the pupils, nnd the e vi denoe tnat pronciency anorded ol tne skill, industry, and qualification! of the Messrs. Pickett, Among the active mend of learning present, were Ca Jwallader U. Colden, Samuel L. llitcli ill, Lyman Spalding, Eilvanus Milter, Felix Fat calif, V am Jamet.MacNeven, John W. tran cit aad oamaul Akerly. To close the exercitet of the cLty, tbe honour of the school, consisting of twenty - six golden me dals, each the value of about fillets dollars, were conferred on the following young ladies: The Grit golden medal on NU Eliaabeth P. Spalding, S. EmmaGarniss, 3. JuUa M. Samh, 4. Lanrentioi A. M. Bogardus, 5. Aaicartha Miller, 6. Mary II. Warren, 1. Joaitna B. WarriiU, 8. Juliet E.M1 Evert, 9. Elizabeth H.Green, 10. iMaryE. Bugert, 11. Maria S. Bogard at, 1. EUsafhyfe, IX Cornelia Towt, 14. Juliet Wood, 15. . Jane M. Kip, 18. Elisabeth T - Willard, " 17. Eliza Ann Mercein, IS. Jane M. Oakley, 19. Maria Belts, 0. Catharine A. Ward, 21. Ann L. Post, St. France M. Uleecker, Si. Caroline Bush, ' . . St. Elita U. Greenwood, 25. Louisa A. Cornell, Ann Alida Bogert. aV the Editor of the Jftte - Yurk F.teaing Pi Sir You will gratify a subscriber by inserting the enclosed notice in your paper. The com mendations are concurred iu by the majority of the profesnon. J fate s Chancery Prvcl.ce. Yit nave rartly enjoyed moco tatisl'aclion than in rccrxnaicnding to the profession throughout the United Stale, a work that has just appeared entitled UiaWt Chancery Practice." etronr as it the inducement to encourage the labors of a gentleman whote purity of life and urbanity of manners have long engaged tho in terest of this commcnity, it U strengthened by the raojcioutnew that we may Invite the atten tion of the legal critic to tin book as oo com bmmx perspicuity aaa conciraes, great accura cy ol research, correctness of thought, and elegance of expression. U bat been rulneno a source m no less regret than laborious Inconvenience to travel through the undigested mass of chancery practice as it existed ia this state. The labors and mind of the profession and tbe betch (band foil occupation in perfecting a syv tem of common law froceediojs as near aa prac ticable in principle to Knglinh precedents, and at the same time adupted to oar peculiar tr.nauen, and the chancery canness wat conducted more oy mutual accomawdation and tetTtporary ar rangement adopted with reference to each particular case, than by any defined and obliga lory rules. neact grew op a practice prolix, careless aad ansatitfaciory, m which the lawyer and the court were (nfferinc under a mutual embarrass - it, trees which the inter ens of the client were t mast be after tbe Fast CEce bat discharged its 1 by no meant exempt. . Thteleratioaef (he chief jailica to kit pr tent teat wae the aw of neir 'f biog aiiad u be toe bea by meritoriotu ecrtroo of tome of the off r of bit court, and w coo - fidcotlr proMUt tliea treatue to the jublic aa the beat evidence of the ameodaent of or cbaoo ry fHooeedinga. ' Tbe recent extension of eqaity jontdicUoo pointed out in 1U 4rt pagea, required Um adoption of a practice conformable to . ' Tbis i folly tot forth, togetW with tbe pnictJce iu ordinary caste ia a regular liiuplified and compro - beruiTC manner. - ' ' Tbe doors of thtt court are now opened to er - of a few police - office rt in tbe neifhborhood oil tTJ f,aDUtJina0 wto wUl gtre it tbt Decenary at Faltoa - eIi(,' oo Sonday anarnoona, mat uir piaj may U obeerred by tbota wio M try to do each other the moat harm," particularly when not lem thaa til are in nerval engagement at one time. Such conduct reflect! dirgrac on a city, and should be met by eiemplary paauhment. " , The National InteUigencer which came to hand thtt morning, introduce tbe " very important" newa of the ceuioo of Florida to thi country, time " , . " The following article, rrpectinj the al - lered trantfer of Ute Spanith territory in Flori - da, ia publiihtd in the Charleston papers with an apparent confidence' in it veracity.' A it ill probably te widely circulated oy ouicr print, we copy rt into our paper only to re mark that we do not believe it baa any foundation in truth. , teutioo, and he may safely resort 16 thi work as hit guide through what bat been' heretofore a labyrinth. ' . The introductory ttaget of a suit are explained with admirable accuracy and system, and we hare not a doubt that when this treatise shall become the chancery mannal, tbe community will feel its beneficial effects. - - From the Hartford (Con.) MimrfJlug. 1. On Thursday last, the dweUior - houte of the late tared Scarborough, eq. with the adjoining lands, lyiug about half a mile west ef this city, was sold at public auction. The premises were struck down to Joseph Trumbull, esq. but It is understuod, that the purchase we made for the benefit ef the Connecticut asylum Car tbe education and instruction of deaf and dumb persons. It is probable that the pupil will be removed as soon as the buildings can be put in a condition to receive wens. We are informed that $3,600 was the sum the above beautiful country teal told for. ruusunee ot a letter from a renueman in Jefferson, Camden county, fG'eo ) to the editor ot tne MiliedgeviUe Ilettectorlated July 11th - i nis uay i nave oeen informed that a man and a woman riding on the Hartford road. were fired on, a few days ap, by a party of i no inns lurxing in tne former was killed, the latter made her escape, and has ar rived in Una county. The lady states that the man killed bad with him about seven hundred dollars in cah, a gun ami borse, which the Indians took from him. The lady also states that some of the persons w ho left their plantations on the frontier of this county, some time since, in consequence of the menaces of the In dians, returned a few days ago, for tbe purpose of gathering in their crops of wheat, but left their possessions without eilectinjr their pur ose, as many Indians were bclirved to be in the vicinity. This letter confirms the account published incur last, of the skirmwh which took place near the Tennessee pens." From the Salem Register, .luguif 1. The Sta Serpen. On the 33d ult. tbe srreat Sea Serpent was seen in the harbour of Gloucester, and under more favourable circumstances for viewing this extraordinary animal than hereto fnre. Mr W. Sure nt, with two fount men. one of the name ol 1'roctnr, were in a wherry, (a imi.ll boat,) on Ten Found Island ledge, for the purpose oi fidiing. Three other boats were iu cniauy. About 10 o'clock in Ihe morn ir., one of the young men taw tom - thin ap proaining (lie toal, and observed that a laree hakf was coining. It came within 8 w 10 feet of Mr. Argent t boat with j'ttiead about a foot a bovft the wat r, when it sunk its head and passed unuer mi u"ai wim a guuuig luouon, apparently without aoy muirular exeriiro. Mr. sargent describes the head as res. aiblinr tliat of a toad. ham e prmectioirs which he calls smeller, like tlie hukf , on each side. On top of the head were three spears or horns, tbe middle one the largest. ana nu tnrte u uiai titne, laying oat on tne head. Tbe body appeared about the bigness tof a lime cask, (the tize of a Mrdeir nine.) The colour wat a aura orown. J ne scales, snout tne site oi the crown ol ins rial, and the nnrnaclet on the bo dy encut 4 inches in length. 1 he protuberances were nr me sue oi a j canon aer, aad tnoest tt.ey might have been counted, it was neglected His leoeth from 70 (o 100 feet. AibewaeWith to two icet of the boat, Mr. eargeat ettMte time was almost retolveeT lo attempt tog et a barnacle from his back. Upon ttrikine Ihe water with aa onr, the serpent innK Deneatn tbe surtace, with out any ttrucele, and dlpreared. we leara mat me oeria was train seen near tbe same place, on Wednesday last ; and tout several shots were tired, and a harpoon thrown at hi ji from a ooat whicn wtnt in pursuit, but witn outtuici. Frtm tlie WaJUngton City Catetlt, qf July 31. Barbarian captivity. Aa intimation wae civ - en in Ihe French paiier shortly after lord Kx - mouth's attack on Algiers, that , rrenchman, who baj been in captivity 34 years with the Barbarians, was one of the christian slaves delivered up to that ofiicer agreeably to tbe treaty of submission then entered into by Ihe Aleriu. This unfurtunate being, when restored to his fritnds, was quite ignorant of the events of the French revolution, and the couruliioa of Eu rope, for the last 25 years which grew out of it. 1 bis, we doubt not, is oos of the rarest instances of liberation on record, and we are glad to have Uiis opportunity (through the kind industry of a friend,) of U)iog the particulars before the A - meiican public. We beg the reader to excuse any MiiTne in the style wliita may be met with, owing to the literal translation that hat been attempted : tlie extraordinary facts set down may perhaps compensate for the delect. Translated fiom the F retuh,for the Ci'y ef ll'aih tsig on Uatette. An auUn - atic relaimn id tbe dreadful tortures which a poor FretKliman, (I'etsr Dumon,) eufltred hi Alrica, during a slavery of thirty - four irs. In the year 182, being 14 years old, I left Paris, my native city, to follow, as a servant, le chevalier d Ternay. Wc embarked at Brest, on board ot II. M's. hi:, I due d Boursogne, which wa sent to America. A few days after our arrival nt Khode Inland, where M. ue 1 er - nay died suddenly, I went lo oi, iwhmlnpe ; Irom theuc to Giliraltar, and from Gibraltar to St. frorhk, v here I was employed in mootieur couut D'Artoii' equipages. I slarttd with M. Mont - merry, who had received an order to join the French iquadroo, then blockading We embarked on board of his majesty's brig, le Lie - rre, cf 14 guns, and alter a stormy piisage, we were shipwrecked oa the coast of Africa, between Orao and Algiers. Tbe crew of the brig consisted of 140 men, half of wboa were drown ed, and the other half massacred, by the Arabians of the Coubaly tribe 111 excepted, (among whom I wat one,) who had presence of mind e nousb to hide until day. Arabians don't allow ihcauelvt to kill in open day any on who de clares himself their tlave. At soon at the Ara bian perceived us, they seized us, and we were compelled to walk with them six nights, (tbey never travel in day time,) till we arrived at sr.: ly't mountain, which it inhabited by Arabs ansof the Coubaly tribe, and which is the resi - dt:c of their Cheyk. Hie bouse is situated upon a bill ; it it the only one in tbe whole country ; the other Arabians encamp under tent. After w were presented to the Cheyft, whose name was Schyd Solyman, who has an unlimited power over all the individual whom the tribe consisted of, we ware chained two by two, and duriug 28 years, consequently I have been coo deisacit lo support mgbt and day witn my mise rable fellow chain - mate, the weight of fetters which made ot inseparable. Every morning at four o'clock, th slave were taktu out to work s sometimes at us mines, sometime at clearing; the mountain, or cuttin? down limber, or ploughing the ground. We were bound to work onU twilight, and we bad not any other rest hot to smoke during a qnarter of! an boar, some tooacco w cooid pica ap a tne fields by tbe way. In tbe morning wbea we Were getting out of the Bagne, (that it a large and dark orison, where bur tbonsand men who were csofixd, bad for beds, only a little straw wbkh they could bring along with tbem, where never penetrated a ray el tbe tun, or any light wnaie - ver !) we each received two rell, which were black, tough, and very often mouldy, and tome rotten olivet: this was our only meal every day. We bad but once ia tbe whole year (the day of the cu - cuascif ton or the children of the trtoe; a small I'iece of meat, and a little broth. If any one of us, harassed with fatitue and hunger, dis continued working a few moments, tbe chid guardian threshed him unmercifully. In short, to miserable was our fate, that (not one day ex cepted) two or three were found who had killed them t Ives. 1 remained 28 year in tbis dread ful situation ; my life was constantly uniform ; I am roiur to rive the recital of the only incident which happened to me during the whole of that time. . i A Marabou, (so tbey call a Turkish monk,) who wat travelling through the country where we lived.rave ut in aunt 30 sequins, f about 200f.) our chief guardian wanted to get his part of it I was the only one who relused rivm? him any tiling. Filled with indignation on account of my refusal, be treated me every day in the most cruel manner. Every morning, when I was getting out of the Bagne, he overwhelmed me with injuries and blow. Tired of such a lire, I resolved to put an end to it by taking vengeance on my persecutor, whom I determined to kill at tbe first blow be would rive me. I did not wait a long time for tbe opportunity of executing my purpose ; tbe next day when 1 was going to work, he came to me and began to strike me ; I went back, and having seized a large ttone, I threw it against hit face, and beat the right eye out of I bis head. 1 was instantly turrounded by Arabi ans, who tied me to a mule ; and alter having been threshed in a dreadful way, I was brought before the cheyk, I happily had learned to speak Arabic, and I wat able to explain to the cheyk the motives of my conduct. ' I made binv per ceive the cruel proceedings of the guardian to wards me: the cheyk, penetrated with the justice of my nemonstrancef, condemned him to be banged - ; then, addressing himself to me, which baud of yours, said he, has struck your enemy ?j lie has infriuged on the Co ran laws, and has suf - fared bis punishment s now you must suffer rours. At I foresaw the chastisement I wat re served for, I answered, I bad thrown the stone with my left hand, in order lo save the right - He then ordered the band which had committed the crime, to be tied to a plank, and struck till tbe skin and flesh were taken ofl, which wat ex ecuted immediately, in the most cruel manner. After I bad suffered this dreadful torture, with out being allowed to dress my wound, I was com pelled that very day to move round a mill ttone, wnicn I was concerned to do for a whole year. The Cheyk of the Coubaly tribe wat always at war with Ihe other tribes ; and when he wat forced to march hit troops against thi - mK he took along with him one hundred slaves to pitch the tents, to load and unload camels, and generally for the most tiresome and painful duty. I remained 2H years amongst these Barbarians, until the Bey of Titre, who wa tributary to the Dey of Aiders, after some aegociatioos entered into the Cheyk, bnd us conveyed into the country under his jurisdiction: we were then only fire hundred in number ; and walked eight days to get to Titre, where we remained about five month. The Bey told at to the Regency of Airier for a sum ol money, which was deducted from that ne was oouod to pay lor tut annual tribute. Al ter the bargain wat concluded, we set out, and arrived, after a four night's journey, at Algiers, wnere i remained a slave about six years. I wat liberated in the glorious expedition under Lord i mouth, to whom I owe my restoration to my country, after a slavery of 34 year. AtaaTiT, July 31 Phrtnxy A soldier stabbed himself, while in a fit of insanity on Tuesday, at the cantone ment. The wound was deep and expected to prove mortal. Every exertion was however made to preserve him, and hope arc now en tertained of hi recovery. We learn be wat a brave soldier and worthy man. Rocbxsteb, July 28. M She layeth her band to the spindle." Fart Spinning. X Miss Anna True of Pitts - ford, Ontario county, on Friday the 17th inst. spun six run and seven knots of Wolen Fillain. Two run is considered a day's woi k. Fair daughters of Columbia, emulate her example, and you shall have hutbandt, riches and honors. Gcnxva, (Ontario County,) July 29 The Chataiiqiie Guetie says that Mr. Buf - fineton, of Portland, in that counly, has re sumed hi laborious undertaking in search of salt w ater. He has perforated 100 feet further into the rock, making altogether six hundred and thirty feet ; which is believed to be 100 feet lower than the level of the tide waters of the Hudson river at Albany, and 300 f - et lower than the greatest known depth or Lake Erie Mr. B's object is still unattained. July 25. Tbe brig Crisis, from Matanzss bound to Antwerp, bavins; spruncr aleak bore away for this port, and in attempting to run in over the bar, being in a sinking condition, and having no pilot on board, ran on the Fingers, and it is supposed will be entirely lost. Bostois, August 1. We learn from Gloucester that on Thursday an attack was made on the St a Serpent with harpoons Capt. Webber and others in a boat succeeded in hitting him twice, but owing to the thickness of his scales or coat, the harpoon did not penetrate. On one occasion the Ser pent ran down lor the boat, and when within short distance sunk, so near, that the draught caused by his sinking came near drawing the boat under alter Inm. From the Ontario Repoiitory. Mr. Bemis.K melancholy accident took place in this neighborhood, oo Sabbath afternoon. Mr. Alexander lieatv, woo wat returning irom meeting, having with him in hit waggon two ol hi own daughter and Caiftanne r owier, eldest daughter or Capt. Charles fowler, (about nine year of age) when arriving within about three fourths of a inde from bis bouse, and about forty rods from Capt. Fowler's, bit horses took fright and ran with such violence, over a rough and descending road, that be .was unable to manage them ; nor cooid any of the persons extricate themselves Iroio their dresdiui situation, i ney were all thrown Irom their chairs in which they rode, into the body of the wassoo. and when nearly opposite Capt. Fowler's house, his eldest daughter, in attempting to rise and assist her father ia holding tne horses, was preripiiated headloneout oi the waxeoo and considerably bruised. About tnirty runs lurmer, roe waggon bodv be:an to come to pieces, and Cant, f 's daughter was thrown out, and ber head instantly broken to pieces. In about ten rods more, h waggon body being now nearly demolished, .Mr. Biv was wrown oei wcea nis nunc, aou uis o tber daughter against them ; the fell to tbe groand and the wheel ran over ber body ; be wat car ried in thii situation thirty or forty rodt further, wbea tbe hone turning a little out oi the rosd, ran txaiatt a stump, tore the remaining part of the wagxon to pieces, and sen mm oo the groand, nearly luelese, with hi booe dreadfully broken, and hit fiesb shockingly bruited and lacerated He survived Ooly about five hour. But my pen cannot describe, imagmatioa noly can conceive of the heart renderine of a father. wbea graspidc the lifeless body o( a daughter, disbttured with wouads and covered with core of a mother, wbea beholding the lifeless body of a daughter, borne in tne arm or aeinoor, her vtaac distorted with wonodt and death, who a few moment bef re was ia health and vigor of a wife, when heboidine her bnsband and children, their father nearly htciesi, torn in a shocking manner, and coald only look, but unable to speak the last adiea ! I am bappy to state that bis two daogbttrt arc . . recovering from (heir wounds, aad arc sot centid - ered daageraue. : . ; - V: - U.xUCHMOND,V Livonia, 2d July, 1813. t 1 - F. S. Mr.Beaty wat 56 years of age, and has leita wile, and nuintrout fanuly to bewail bit lo. ". - MAHK1LD, Ou Saturday moraiaat last in Flushing town ship, L. 1. by the Re. Mr. Styre, Mr. Benin. wiu 1 . &itaam, mercnant ot unt ciiy, to ust Margaret Kissam, daughter of Daniel Kistam, tsq. oi tne lormer pi ace. "DIEfl " ' Last evenmjr, in the 74th year of his age, Robert Bowne, a member of the society of friends. He wat one of our oldest and most respectable citizens, a mtn of great benevolence, for he considered that the precepts of Christianity, properly understood, must seek the good of our fellow men, and. wherever there was a real sufferer, of whatever color or creed, who applied to him for relief, hi active mind, his open purse, his expanded heart, bis willing feet, prompted him actively and persevering to administer to their respective wants bis example and influence during a great part of his life, served to give a tone to our fellow cititens in philanthropic exertions ; be was remarkable for assisting young men, or those who had been unsuccessful in business, and many, who are now in affluence, acknowledge with gratitude, how muck they are indebted to their deceased, friend, tor an early and well timed assistance ; he was one of tbe first Directors cf the Bank of New York, and a member of that Hoard about twenty - five years i to tbe people of colour he was a sincere and uniform friend i and for forty - five years was a governor of the Ne - York Hospital, and about twenty - four year Vice President of that valuable society. ' This morning in the 39th year of his age, Mr. Samuel Green, an inhabitant of this ciiy. Hie friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral this afternoon, at 8 o'clock, from Ne. HI Water - street Last Monday night, near Cranberry, N. J. Alexander Taylor, aged 64 years, formerly a resident of this city. RVENIKG POT MARUft LIST. CLEARED. Ship Mary, Moflct Cadit Brig fair Cambrian, Evans Liverpool Wm. A. Wallace Commerce, Dng?ct, Providence fielvidere, Welden, Savannah Three Suters, Nixon, Lisbon BUido Brig William, Cone, for Lisbon, by Wnv Neil son & Son. The above b ig was cleared oa Friday, but not reported in any of tbe paper. Jitnuhu ;io ff!:fv.H - jv. Shin Fsrason, Halstrad, 54 days from Liver pool, with coal and drygoods, to Jooa. Ogden, owner, 3. James, J. Lambert. W. Pouham. G. Benslev. H. ileDilrick. J. Wheelev. K. I.vde. 1. W. achmit, J Dixon. July 14, lat 43, 40 N. taw nve laree islands or ice, the smallest wat higher than the ship's mast head. July 18, off same island, tpnke tinp Liisibetb, r.d wards, ol and lor rmiuderphia, from Havre de Grace, out 43 days, with 64 passengers, nil well. July 29, 't 40, Ion 70 30, spoke ship Edward, from New i ora i or oinraiiar, u hours out. Ship Bellona, Holdndjre, 59 dav from Ha vre, with plaster and dry (roods, to J Barker. F A, De Rham & De Lessen, M P E Mgnett, A Young, i Defao, S V Rouland, F A Willink, Curtis Lamb, F Varet & Son, Vs let U Lot, and Mr. Lettlier. July 20th, lat 40 i, spoke bug Julia, Macey, 2das from New - tork, hound to Hamburgh supplied us with provisions. . Ship Phoeion, Conger, 58 days from Bristol, with hardware, to W Neilson & .Sin, owners, 11 Hendricks, Proctor & Mather, J B Dash and Son, Jones at Clinch, Abeel & Duntcomb, L C Si T Hamevsley, F H Nicoll k Co. R Scaly, J Elworthv. and tbe master. Passengers. Mr Newton ami family. Miss . A dry and servant, and2Uin uesterraire The th p Ocean, rsrece, sailed same day for the Baltic. Left, brig Jane, of Phdad. and ship Ellen, was to sad in 10. June 29, Ut 43. Ion 30, spoke brig bru lus. 25d.ivsfiom Liverpool for Portsmouth. Also spoke, sch William, Nutty, 14 day from Marblehead, on a fishing voyage. 6hip Aunisquam, Fowler, 17 day from New Orleans, nnd 15 from the Balize. with tobacco, cotton, wheat and whiskey, to Ripley, Center k Co. Lmdlaw, Girault Co. P E Seigoette, Hicks, Lawrence & Co. C M'F.vers, D Bethun & Co. Walsh & Gallagher, and to order, ras tenger, Mr. Peter Laidlaw, lady, child and ser vant ; Mr. James Campbell, lady and niece ; Mrs. Gardiner, child and servant; Mrs. Walton and 2 children ; Afestrs. Porter, Brown. Harper and Walton, and 2 in ths steerage. Sailed iu co. bri Juno, for N York; the ship Commodore Roger wat to tail next day for Liverpool. Left, ship Ohio, Toby, just arrived froji Philadelphia, and ship South Carolina, from Marse'llet. - Spoke in the river, bound up, ship Mary, from NYnrk ; Com. Perry, from Port au Prince, and brig Wessewaiker, from Portland. Fasted bn: Manufacture, of Philadelphia. . Sailed from tlie Balize in co with bri' fiavannah Packet, bri; South America, schr Union, and sloop Com. Pat terson, all for N York. Brig A benoam was insight of the Balize, beating up. Left aliout 60 sail of vessels at NOrleant. r reigbtt dull, and falling City healtliy. Sch Sand ford and William, Ttliss, 54 days from Tcnenffe, wuh wme, to J Heneriian, Patrick, Hicks, Jenkins k Co. J Amory, A D Duff, 1! & G Rarclar, and T Airry. Left no Americans. July lllh, lat 58 6, long 57 15 spoke Adelphia, 9 days from Boston for India l'th, Ut 4 J long 41, spoke b ig Harriott, from Halifax for Jamaica, supplytd us with provi sions. July 27, lat 39 58, lone 70. spoke sch Ocean, Barns, 2 days from Boston, bound to the Wlndies, had sprung aleak aad stopped it. and was proceeding on his voyaire. Same day. sch Caravan, from Portsmouth, N. tl. for the Matanzas. Sch Elisabeth, Tolley, 5 days from Rich mond, with flour, tobacco, and wine, to Walsh Si Gallagher, T Irvin, o' St ill well, Jacobs and Williams, and Boorman k Johnston. Schr Lydia k Marv, Johnston, 4 days from Bath, with lumber, to order. BELOW 2 schooners. .IRHIVKO LAST EVEWXtl, Ship Grand Turk, Quereau, 61 davs from Londonderry, with brick and slate, to Kobert Mt:hntock 41 teeraire paasenirers. ceit, ships Perseverence, Elkins, to sail in 10 days Phormx, Gale, uncertain. Spoke, June lat 46 6, long 35, ship Bacchus, 25 days from Philad tor Havre. July 9, on the Grand Hanks, U. States' ship Hornet, 20 days from Mar fa retta for Copenhagen. July 14. lat 43 14 long 54, sen syren, iu days irom lioston tor Cisoon 19th, lat 4 1, Ion 64, sch Betsey, Foster, 38 davs from Oporto for Boston. 28th, 1st 39 26, long 70, brig Win. Henry, 3 days from N York for Amsterdam. French brig Germain, Presac, 28 days from Porto Hello, in ballast, to Caxeaux Condom Left, sch Sea Serpent, Parker, of N York, to sail in 15 days. July 30,spoke sch Hannah, 12 days from St. Thnma for N York. In lat 35 20, Ion 73, spoke sch Ranger, Eldridge, Yarmouth, 2 days from - - Cape Henry for St Thomas. About 5 days since, spoke sloop Neptune, 14 dav from Baltimore for Wilming ton, and supplied ber with provisions and water. Mng Financier, Davies, 53 days from Liver pool, with salt, crates, dry goods, tic. to Jones & Son, owners, Hyer. Bremner tl Vo. Stafford, D Hidden, G Dnmmer, M Rogers, Anderson. T rVrnrht, O Cotrtrill. T Dixon, Mtrsh b Brooks, Mills, Purdy k Co. Mollan, Rinkin k Gallop, J Wheeley, B Marshall, Brinekeriioff, juri.' & to - L k C Buyd. r tt S llowland, Khuam & Wttmore, Jaroeirtr ham, Oakey. Hart Nazro, H KTolersM Co E Moorewood. T Oovei bank, and to otdTr Spoke. July 23, Ut 43 53, long 67 CO, ship aT menius. Gibson, from Liverpool for BIUmtfi" " Brig Alfred, Holmes, 30 days from Urerpoal with coal, cratea and dry goods, to J B Mu ray & Son, owners, E J March, J Wickh V J Munro, A Brinekeriioff, jun. ej Co D 6i Easiburn, A 3 Norwood, J Grtvi Hone, jun. and A.W Sorgenfrey. PatteneS. S Stevenson, wife and S children, Mary Steve ton, and 31 in the steersge. June 16, oirCswi - i r jiinmjiYlli for Liverpool July 23, lat 41, Ion 62. a hk from Salem for the W. Islands. British brig Amelia, Humphreys, 17 fa ' from Antigua, w'ub rum, sugar and molasse? to R Gillespie, ML, Byem, Mr. M'Kinch. i Rose, esq. and J llardenbrook. , Pusenrera. 1 Kose, i Humphreys, and D Brown. r flch North Carolina, Pearson. 4 dm t Currituck, with staves andsLbigles, toBak cb Br'uHit Phetb - js, Smith, 4 dan r. Currituck, with staves, to Baker ;0lor . ch Enterprise, Deisms, 14 day fr9m gt drew, with plaster, aud 23 puncheons rum. ta Thomas Jenkins, of Hudson five panenpfM Sloop Hope, Wilson, 26 days from StwJCk. leans, with cotton, to Ripley, Center k Co Met goinsr in, ship Columbia, 27 days from N Vork. Off the Torturas, waa chased n - .il three days by two privateers, by which the was 4vLo beciuieil from the 16lU toiL ror Jiy. . . . t Sloop Prince Morns, Frisbie, 6 dyi from Savannah, with crate, tn CbsaUkhards. Left brig Georgia, Babcock, for N Vork, to ttil h. 3 days t and sch Hal, for do. In Co. The Eii UsU sch Frietidahip. arrived at Sant. k.. the 23d ult from Jamaica, and landed 00,0(0 bch Mark Time. Stalxs. 46 hours folk. Paseengers,' If Hathawav. E n Tiiit.u Smith. E W Williami, and 4 in the stcertgt. Sloop Gan Jackson. Atuood. 7 a, Boston, with dry goods, bound to Albany, tfbin Erin, Dovoue, of H York. hasai - rlv4 at Liverpool from N Orleans. At Briitol, Eng. June 10, brig Mary, James, 1 days from N York. , New - Oaixajra, July f. Arrived shin Com. modore Roders, Day, from N York. ung - south America, Hewet, K York;.; ' Brig rraiiklia.Quer, Baltimore. " ' Brig Venus, Parker, Baltimore. THEATRE. ' LAST GRA2ID COKCERT. oa xoaoAT cvxaiiro, ava. 3, 181C. Will be presented, A CONCERT. Leader of the Band, Mr. Gillinghta Grand Piano, Mr. John BianchiTtylot, (irom tbe King's I beatia, Laadon.) PART 1. Overture. sobg, Mr. Taylor, u Adieu my native short," Mis Fcnvlst Song, Mr Philippe, " Hail Temple ol Liberty," moon Bravura, Mr. Uolmao, " Deep in my breast," Coni Song, Mr. Iocledon, " Birth of Liberty ,n (Hit last appearance ia America.) Song, Mr - Bieonan, (from the Vocal Con certt, Uutiui, mi ortt appearance in America) & Tbe 8oldief Gratitude." Bitbop Irish Melody. Mr. Plelipp, Soldierfs " finds," arraageu oy nuaseu Song, Mr. Holman, " Robin Adair," man bkiubj Song, Mr. Iocledon, Biack Ey'd Sntanr" HtssW Tfio, Mr. Philippe, Mr. BrenBASHaad V. : II. IMII II Martio ' PART 11. Siafonie, ... Duel, Mr. Pbilinps ft Mr. Holman, " I . love thee' Bitbop Song, Mr. Iocledon, "To Last Whittle," Shield Song, Mr. Brennan, Mary, dear Msry l.rtawtke" Will tlie Seng, Mr. Holman, Fly swiftly y Zephyrs' Polacce, Mr. Pbilipps, 44 Ko more by Son row chat'dmy Heart, . Braku Song, Mr. Incledcn, " ScoU wba ba wi' Wallace bled," - Writtea byBsns Echo Sore," Mr. Hahaaa, echoed by berteH Bisbtf Duet, Messrt. Philippt.lncledoa, A11H ' Well. orsawa Doors open at 7, and the concert cwmeset prerisely at 8. BHOAU W A If CIR C U S. oooooOeoot THIS EVEiMUNG, AUG. 3, The performance will commence with Grand Euuet In aa Entry. . Matter Thomas will on one bone petrorB aw uy wooderful feats of horsemanship. " . . JVIri. Wll lams WUl oispiay un " i equilibrium! on the slack wire. ' The elegant opanisnuurc uvww "h - leaping over boards and bars of a prodinosi height, lespoverl borse, aad conclude by ing through a hogtbead placed oa tbe back f another horse. j Gallopiae Vaultlnt:, snowing every mew - mouniing and dismoanUng a horse witnoat w "MaterrM5;arn, the wonder of tt on one horse, perrorm many wonderful feM ax a youth, coly nine yean old, leap over grtera and conclude by riding on bis bead, hit norse it full speed. . - n Strength of Herrultt by Mr. CamisvHe wM oo hit lett and handt tnpport eight parseataita form twelve different groups, ana TJV tupportiug the whole troop oa bis baaasM awn forming a beautiful group. - .'. i j , Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Tataell . . - j. Mr. Camplll, ia lb character ajcloira, ww perform many feats of mirth and buffoonery.. "Mrs. Wdliams will, amoas; other fa ry feaU, go through the sit divisions ol tot moao svrord, '. . , ; . irene ol tbe reaant oo smi i ne "'"vTi. : u: .i l. k. up. lean osW toarus ol lights, and conclude by leapiBg lrsa" . die through a nauoon oi nre. - . w,. Still V suiting by tne company , Camohell. . - ' lfV n k. YA mt Ska f lPCU. ITOm i tl u a M , I p M aniitnimSfoa - v .iw, ... , . A place it provwea ior pupi mT, l w .lit h um at 7 o'clock, and tbt ?" i formance commence precisely at B - . ,1 fer - ' No smoakins allowed. vneca - . ,th - moaxiog aiiowca. vnev. - able. rii. GenUetnea are rtquetted not toew ......... ,m in i - t a. ti l i n. fry The memberi are mtormed . itibe a meeting of th Clab on Wednesday fS the 5th inst. at the customary urlu bt and it it expected that every n"1'', ZZg, lurnished with hit ticket as there will Ot ass - be had oa the groand. - ,atltnva This being n privaie associate, :rltbt not belonging to the Club are informed tb J cannot be admitted wirooui uw - r ' ' j jt fjy JOHN BLAKE, stckandep ker, No. 4 Wall - street, for the further A.. - - .r.i ma. frr him Wit" ,BT those that favor turn modatioa of may '"V, a... avMnMitllDtl 10 rVw UAUVira - M a " a th mooey of ALL Ut etttm if TX'ttrr vmxM . - , ten of one per cent. wi att Wanlai ant lliaaTSiUnt oi only three jw ao 3 Dttwtf . . . . t ... IL - U r - ' " - J aodfa onuii nuv w - V . by

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