The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 1, 1939 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1939
Page 10
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SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE LONG-TIME VIEW OF SECURITY IS REQUIRED FIRST Minimum Property Standards Assure Sound Investment In dealing with long-term mortgages jnsurabje under the terms of the national housing act, it is necessary to take a far-sighted view of the security and of the factors which influence its preservation, according to Frederick M. :Babcock, assistant administrator of the federal housing administration. This means, he declared, that the property must be the ultimate basis of security, and its physical characteristics must be such as to Presume desirability and durability far into the future. Minimum property standards required for dwellings insurable by the FHA are designed to provide assurance that the property securing the mortgage is economically sound, at the same time encouraging improvement in housing standards and conditions. Offer Protection "The standards set up by the FHA," Mr. Babcock said, "must provide for dwellings which are substantial and durable in structure, convenient and efficient in arrangement, attractive in appearance, and appropriate to their neighborhood setting. They must be carefully considered in relation to visible trends in housing development so. as to offer protection not only against undue physical deterioration but also against obsolescence threatened by prospective changes in habits of living. It is also important that they require that these dwellings shall be located only in neighborhoods which possess, in considerable degree, security from disintegrating influences which are more certain than defects in the buildings themselves to destroy property values. Modest Home Considered "This does not mean that only high-priced dwellings in high- priced neighborhoods will be eligible for insured mortgages. On the other hand, the minimum requirements of the federal housing administration have been drawn up with the modest dwelling and the modest neighborhood in view. There is nothing in these requirements which makes building expensive, but it is intended through them to make the building of low- priced as well as expensive dwellings sound and honest. * The federal housing administration, as the custodian of funds accumulated from insurance premiums, must eliminate so far as possible the risks to which these funds may be subjected. The mortgage-insurance facilities ot the federal housing administration may be made available, therefore, only to those properties whose prospects of continued utility are sufficiently good to give assurance of their enduring as sound investments throughout the life of the mortgage." CHECKROOFFOR NEEDED REP AIRS Replace Bad Shingles In Order to Avoid Expense in Future Every home owner should check his roof for failures due to \vinter freezing and spring thawing, particularly if the roof is an old one. Damaged shingles shoud be replaced, and if necessary the entire roof should be renewed to avoid more costly repairs to ceilings and furniture in the event of a leak. Most roofs of average pitch can be easily sun-eyed from the ground. Close-ups can be obtained in some cases with the aid of field glasses or by leaning from a dormer window. Common roof faults to be looked for are missing shingles, split shingles, curled shingles, projecting nails, and faulty flashing. In addition, a trip to the attic after a heavy rainstorm may reveal wet stains on the underside of the roof. Such stains eventually become damaging leaks. If any failures are discovered, a roofer should be called in to make a th"-o'"Ii inspection. A number of fire-resistant shingles an} available for reroofing most shingled roofs. They include asbestos, slate, tile, metal and asphalt shingles. Spring--The Time for Needed Home Repairs Herman J. Brims FOR GENERAL CONCRETE WORK · ..SEWERS · SIDEWALKS · DRIVEWAYS · FOUNDATIONS · AIR COMPRESSER SERVICE P H O N E 3532 a ,,,l Ov f 13 ' our Prop* 1 "'? nowt Prompt attention to repairs helps maintain the value of your home and Prevents large "emergency" bills later on. Funds wit!, which to repair, alter, or Improve proper^ Si? Implement CrToit PlaT " 1S " tUti0nS * UaIified ***** the TM*** Housl« A««U£,flS7S ,u l he foll ° win e numbers and list ot items correspond to the numbers in the cross-section vipw nf y%a7 ee t?-T; ( " f EX ,' K T° rf ' (tim: (2) , a ." iC ventilation, attic roomf (3) «a."hin gS ; C (4) chimney nSon- fl'fll h.;n ( , 0) ; ( f* , ra " erS ' stud(Un S: 7 r °°f slieathinp; (8) dormers; (9) veather-stHpping; (10) lath; (11) garage, tool space, workshop, etc.; (12) walks and drives; (13) Uerlor walls- U4 sbeathms and insulation; (15) window frames and sash; (16) blinds, shutters (17) porch bench tran son,, door-columns, etc.; (18) steps, brick, wood, concrete, tile, etc.; (19) drain tile- (20) rooHne- m foundation walk; (22) basement floor; (23) recreation room, laundry, workshop etc · (?4) heallns plant; 2 3 ) grading and landscaping; '(26) gutters, downspouts; (27) modern kitchen- (28) built-in bookshelves, cabinets, cupboards, etc.; 29 joists and subflooring; (30) fireplace mantel f l u e ^ l l T ntlnt wallpaper, interior decoration; (32) interior trim; (33) stairways, treads? raTlT barters etc · (34)' i£ f- C flT" P' fl"""?.- h ? rflware : 36 Plumbing and fixtures; (37) outlete and Sir (38" Hooting, finished lumber, tile, linoleum, etc.; (39) wallboard, plaster, etc.; (40) closet sSace shelves etc Cottage of Colonial Design I Chief charm of this small home is in its trim neat exterior which brings together modified Colonial and Cape Cod architectural features to form a home of well-balanced proportions. One side of the dining room is made into a large bay window, affording an abundant supply of sunlight. All of the rooms open on a small hallway, which gives entry (o the bathroom, making passage through other rooms unnecessary and addinj to privacy. Neighborhood Needs Access to Facilities A neighborhood to remain stable and retain desirability for the same general class of occupancy must be well served by schools, neighborhood shoppim centers, churches, theaters, parks playgrounds, community halls, and libraries, acording to federal housing administration officials. . However, they point out. only in .a fe.w^ instances will/iaU. the Idnds .of facilities entering into the consideration of this feature be present. The older residential area within a city will usually ha\v available more of these facilities than the newer neighborhoods FHA officials say, stressing the fact that such facilities usually follow rather than precede, the buildin up of any residential area. Wall Linoleum Is Used in Bathroom Increasing in popularity as _ covering for the bathroom wall is linoleum, now obtainable in many shades with harmonious moldinc strips. Being flexible, smartly rounded effects at corners and openings can be achieved, while the wide range of effective colors increases iis value { o the decorator. Washable and easy to clean, wall linoleum has many practical advant- ·PHERD'S ' runs on CITY'S imh^wMjy, Bring Us Your Spring Planting Problems -- landscape arrangement--lawns--shrub- bery and flower gardens. O u r representative w i l l gladly call--Phone us at 55 NOTE: Place Your Easter Flower Order Early-- . Kemble's Greenhouse Main Office 1205 S. Fed. Phone 55 Downtown Shop W. State St. Phone 416 ·FLOOR-PLAN- ages that appeal to the home owner. In modernizing the bathroom, the home owner may use funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under the property improvement credit plan of the federal housing administration. If this writer seems biased and partisan, rejoice and be glad. The side he favors always winds up behind the eight ball.--Fountain Inn Tribune. THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. W. Mason City, la. ROS AND CONS OF OWNERSHIP ARE DISCUSSED Home Is Rated Highly as Investment When Compared to Securities People do not buy homes for he sole purpose of investing their urplus funds but with entirely different motives. This is the opinion of Albert W. Atwood in an article in "Barren's" ,nd reprinted in the insured mort- iage portfolio, official publication f the federal housing administra- ion. Discussing the pros and cons the comparative merits of in- ·esting in a home or in stocks or londs, Mr. Atwood declares dei- nitely that there are millions of persons who should not own lomes. In this category he places he very young, whether rich or poor, terming them "too unsettled" o be "tied down." Moreover, he ays, too many persons buy homes on the assumption that their jobs and incomes are practically permanent; they are inclined to buy at the wrong time--"when the narket is high." In addition, many buy the "wrong house in the vrong neighborhood and in the wrong community." Positive Returns Against this array of dangers in lome buying, however, the article cites a number of positive .·eturns on the investment: "The lome owner almost invariably acquires something on which the return, although difficult to measure financially, is just as tangible and valuable as interest on any Standard Oil or United States Steel bond." Again, the article declares, the ndii-idual in buying a home gains .n most cases something even more personal; pervasive, and fundamental. Home ownership adds a certain element of respectability, dignity, esteem, pride and self-respect." Desires Satisfied "When we put our savings into a house instead of securities we feel that our desires are being directly satisfied. In other words it is only fair that the home owner should charge off a certain amount not only for depreciation and obsolescence but also for the sheet pleasure he gets from the fact of ownership. Securities are more in he nature of production goods; he home is a consumption goods. "It is very important to note hat home ownership has one great financial advantage over the purchase of securities. The man who sets out to buy a house has a :oal which he is more likely to attain than most goals which men et up for themselves. People who vill not save in any other way will save to pay tor a house. The man ivho starts to buy a house does not, stop in the middle of the pay- nents just to spend his money. iVhat this amounts to is that home ownership is perhaps the greatest ncentive to thrift that we have. The two forms of investment discussed--home ownership and securities--are not alternatives but supplements or complements." You, also, can feel like a dicta- or. Just stand in front of a rich nan's big house and cuss him for laving so much that you'd like to have.--Davenport Times. ' We Offer Cash I Loons on Homes 5 '0 MODERATE EXPENSE SIMPLE DETAILS N'O RED TAPE PROMPT SERVICE We Will He!p 1'ou Choose Your Method of Paying III INSURANCE BONDS " MASON CITY lOANiWVitTMEHTC- t'.t. line. ,aundry Off Kitchen Adds to Efficiency Laundry rooms are being placed ff the kitchen rather than in the asements of many modren homes. Attractive color schemes and, gay ecorations make them valuable as dditional working space. Such quarters afford play room Fix up for Spring J.C.PUTH GO. for Fixtures and Plumbing Electric Motor Repairing By experienced Men NEW A N D USED MOTORS BOUGHT AND SOLD ZACK BROS. ELECTRtC CO. 306 2nd S. IV. Hione 977 P A I N T YOUR W A L L S VWTH "i ou won't need to worry about spots on your walls when they're piloted with LOWE BROTHERS MELLO-GLOSS. S m u d g e s -- s t a i n s -- c r c n ink spots, slide right off this semi- gloss finish when it is washed with soap and water. Come in and get a copy of Lowe Brothers new FREE book, "Practical Hint* on Painting *nd Decorating.". ^irriE Van Ness Co 20-22 East State St. NOW IS THE TIME TO ... Build--Remodel--Repair For Permanence, Beauty and Stability Use Washed, Screened and Sized SAND and GRAVEL CALL 551 FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE Ideal Sand and Gravel Co. NORTHEAST OF CITT BE PREPARED! Metal Roofs--Metal Shingles--Metal Ceilings and Metal Side Walls last longer, look better and are better. Metal has come into its own. The American building owner realizes its advantages, its long wearing quality and is adapting It to roofs, ceilings and walls. In metal only can the modern trends be found. Estimates FREE. KELROY FUEL FURNACE CO. 137 FOURTH S. W. PHONE 441 .1 F OR those who rent, May 1st may present two un. pleasant alternatives: move, or pay more rent. To home owners, it's the beginning ot another gardening season . . _ another out-of-doors season for the whole family as it builds new values, financial and psychological, into their homes. You can own a home for what you are paying for rent (perhaps for less). And you can remodel now at far less cost than later. Ask about cur "one-stoD" balWInff sen-ice -- complete from pUn to financing. Photic, or drop in, and secure one of our complete, beautiful plan 6oo£;. L. A. MOORE Lumber Co. 629 South Federal Phone 11 for children on bad days. The family sewing and mending may be done there without 'taking the housewife far away from the kitchen. Funds with which to make.such additions may be obtained by/responsible persons from lending in-' stitutions qualified by the federal housing administration under its property improvement credit plan. CALL... 2626...429-4*911 _. , There Is a Great Saving in Time and Material By the Use of . . . CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS You are the SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR With all of today's fresh, exciting color schemes at your command, it's easy for you, Madame Secretary, to spread glowing tints of nature throughout your home. Make it a more wonderful place in which to live--quickly and inexpensively, with Pittsburgh Paints. Perk up somber walls and ceilings with the soft- toned loveliness of Wallhide. Restore faded woodwork and furniture with Waterspar Enamel. Bring new life to scuffed floors with Florhide. And remember--any room can be redecorated in a single day with Pittsburgh Paints. WALLHIDE For beautiful , walls and ceil- ( ings. Looks better. Liastslonger, Best results! Per Quart- 85c* WATERSPAR ENAMEL One coat makes furniture and woodwork spar- kte with new life. Easy to apply. Per Quart . , . $1.50 DAVEY 8 SON Phone 874 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 15 Second St. S. W. PITTSBURGH ^PAINTS WAUHIOE . FLORHIDE · W A T E R S P A R . S U N - H R O O F \V. T. Glenn Residence, 713 No. Carolina Place This Home Built of Denison Brick and Tile SOLD BY YOUR LOCAL BUILDING MATERIAL DEALER MASON CITY BRICK and TILE COMPANY

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