The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 3, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1818
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ffUMBER 5frU ..... . - (t t i . w Blakelty and Xobdt, ' - (one of tb Hue of packets,) The well known, fait Wiling schooner txTTilSKYv.cnpl. Week?, having two thirds . L;f.irhl eoirased.will meet with all coa - - Miuec Jiacli - Joy the remainder, or pas - "!l!h.viiii'tuperforoccommodatioM, apply to - ..rr - PETERS. ft HERRICK, ' JvC7'' ' - v 20 Cumti - alip. ' ., . or The brig 'liKltO. Capt. Marto,151 toiia.' 7 year old, built in Duxbury, "... - :. I.I I i:u...l credit, lar exchanged fur nicrchaiidue. Ap fly Jo . 4. - rf.ft TALCOTT, L7" ' 64 South - street.' . r - CHAJtTEU, A British BRIO, burthen 213 tons British, or 2100 barrel t now at 11)5 - ilii&i. will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or the West ladies, na oan be despatched within three days no tice. Apply. U J6 ROGERS k POST, 51 South - street tfAAttU lOCtl.itHt.ii. lAfv . A British BRIG, that will carry a - iijibowt 700 bales Bengal Cotton,, to load lor Liverpool. Apply ro its (GRAClEfcSONS. , Hot UyttitOOL, - m - - - l.r Tina nt till lrl IK IUUE t.1 U 1MB f. The coppered, Kew - Yorlt built sl:ip FACitlC, JoUn wdhaso', master; oaeissui secemmodatioos tor pavtogei, and is iuteudrd to sail, according to a flced arrangement, on tlu 10th or next month, r or fregn or pa - sage, a?' fly to captakr WilliaaiJ, oa board, at Fu!tuu - rt wbvf, to , ISAiCAVRlGUT&SOX; or. KRANCW THOMPSON. . r P. S. Beds aud bedding are fouuJ at the chip' eipenie . ' J? 23 rr ' ' for KLYbyJVsi, Jamaua. vt The fine coppered schr. CLAHt,."' jjjy Du.y, John U. Frith,, nailer, is now hiduii, aud wilt be dupatcbed without delay, for paina'c ouly, apply oa board, at pior No. 9, Jwt - River.orto TUCKER & LAURIES. . july ii 'i'J gOnth - ;t - ' HanuA it Uiurler, A revel ol alout 140 tons, lor a voy - Jago to ttnttijft aud back. Apply to july 28 67 Squid, st. , fur t'rtigltt vr Lhaiter, The Schr. ALBATROSS, Colling (ma;lrr, 10O tons burthen a first rate vexL Apply to CAMBERLENG k PEARSON, jqjyga 67 Sooth - st. tur cxiie, f reigU vr Lharlrr The staunch eixid thip MIHROK, .314 hMisburUtvO, is iu complete oriW to rectii'ea carn, aud hi ) be iut to tea wi;h lit Ustxpc ace. Apply on board, west side Btir - liec slip, or to N. L. 4 G. GRIiWOLO, - Jytl Pfl.Vuth - st H AAILU JO Ui itilt fi. A good fs.tlk? VLSStL. ol'loOO Ito fiOUO barrels borthen: Apply at 67 WsJimetosi - etreet, to - ' . ' " Jy O.O. ftS. ITOWLANO. : ... HUM AJSU Ol.YULK. sTV PoA - heous hst proot' eVvifM!enl Kbo M.9 - - 'fine flaYoared Jamaica do. ; 9 Barrels Jaaalra Gm, - r,u. received aud For sale br TUCKE41 It L AURIES, july 24 29 Soath - t. HUM. 40puncJieoni fiist jaality for sale by JAo. UW( 1,K, E. Rum, Jon treet. ' J 9 64 Shi:', TEAS, W1.L9 and UKOCfcKHic. ?f0. 7 PARK (LATH LA01KS AtCTMN BOOM.) rpIIEsuoscribcrhaa eooatsntly on hami a geu - X tral assortment of the lollowiug article, which will be disposed of at a moderate advance Teas ot fint quality Sugars do do Oeoaine old Cognac D randy ' HoUaadaGiB Jamaica and other Spirits Wines of the various kinds Pine Apple Shrub Lrnnn, Lime aad Orange Juice Ssllnd Oil in betties and bottles b. Brown Stout Battled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spice., Essences Sperm ami Tallow Candles I. Oil for Lamps Coffee, Rice, Barley and Mcstard A few boxes Sicily Lemons, in fine order Raiiios, Almonds, Prunes, Eijrs fitiktt Salt, iic. rorssleny JAMT3 P. ANDOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second hand wise and porter bottles. J 1 K ENTUCKY TOBACCO. - - 274 bhds. prime Kentucky Tjhacro. landine this dav om ship Grand Seuuor, from Now Orleans, for we iy hi as. ti., and i 13 ABRAHAM OGOKiV. WHITK LEAD, ULCJK VITRIOL, AL LU M, c. Received per Chauocev and CoKmbia, from Bristol, (Eog ) and for sale by usiabscribert on advantageous term", via. 230 kegs genuine ground white Lead in 281b. kegs 90 casks best dry White Lead ia casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead i casks from t to 3 cwt. each It do HpnishBrowafrom3to4cwt.each 30 do Ivory Black frera 2 to 3 cwt each - It de - Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8 cwt each t5 do Venetian Red froos 2 to 3 cwt each IS tierce Allan from 7 to 10 cwt each l) bbds. 5 tierces and 8 Ijbls Rottoo Stone preach tireen.Laiup Black, Purple Browa voicomar ViUiol, Bath Scouring Hncks Apply to ll& UHUKtJfl. 184 Buwerv. German tionna. RECEIVED hy the ship Triton and (he ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late iropon - rant, aaamriuieotof German Linens, such as '""" wn"e and Drown fctag0es,fjreas, Uowlu, Browa Checks and Shirting Linens "'pen Osaaburgs and Ticklenbnrgs "essians. Burlaps, Krowa Rolls, 5S Tapes, Superfine Broad Cloths Wkins, Silk Galloons and Pound Ribbon V5 Mills, 8lateTtnclU " Looking Glass Plates racket and StaUa Glasses id Pencils d U assortment of Card w ire. i , . . Afsooohand, : tons St " Petersburg Hemp nrst qualitv Hnllanrf H..f 'l.ih nA 'iV? b"es Pategrasi Cheese, entitled to de - uiare. ... ' le on reasonable erros by . i . CEO. ii THEO. MEYER, isini 129 WnshinrtnnstwL f V ? P'P cl'ce L. P. Madeira ri sj h.ti Branded S. P. C, V i. ly - 5a,k, do.Mahnsey do. 8 year old "1alby W. is. CRAIG; T fOLKPT JiQQK'MAKLJRS. wo mn who understand their business, UjJh' have cormwnt employ io Thy appKbt; at is Wall - su the - above street. fi L ARET. - 74O docn very superiour Claret, V for sale at jiotne dozen, tv . - . GEOKGE JOHNSTON, je,80 tf No J eloat - lane' Kpsoin Salts, is caksol Jcwt. . LutnpMaK'iii caei , - Do do small squares Oilcioed do in pliialr ' , Kocbelle Salts, Acid Tartar ' . Cilrie Acid, blut Verditerin firklnt Patent yeMow, Kings Yellow Keeulus of Antiwoay '. - ; . OUSSBUTTOKd, tc. Fowliaj Pieces, assorted, well finished ',' Do do in waioscoat cases, finely finished ' with p.ppuratui conifete i Duelling Pistols, in cases tiold Epaulettes ' Navnl aud Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons . Copirrplates for engravers " lath - niatical InitrumenU ... Rollins Paralel Rulers Mariners ecmpassrs, telescopes Clpera glnsscs, microscopes 3 Kelts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and tui tlr. shell tea cuddies Put en t. corkscrews, silver pencil cases, for sale by J. LAMUEKT, je 18 3 Gourtlandt - ktreet. V. UKJVARU At CO. 104 leari - sireet, . oflVr !r sale, in addition to tbeir former ex - It'nf I.e H?i.r(mwkl of tiaidwnre, the inlluwins; r'lf,iti M ly the Martha, from Liverpool ai 'k Tracu Cbams Clout Nails bpades mmI bhovels Brats' Krttlts do Candlesticks ' ito Cwki ' do Nails Si HiPt'l Gilt Coat Dultoiir, suae of sup. quality, suitable fur (Merchant tavlors , JapanncHlCandlpticks l ltiimli Tacks J 3 tf 6 nndS barr'd Carry C'tiiiiln 6 liarr'd Mane do Iron Wire,.o. 4toI0 Steelyards tmeiiuns Trunk Locks I 'rawing Knives ' IliiKlevs Patent cur rierS kiiivus warrant ed ( (jlial to Coa's gen - ! i.i mi CtOno.N A; rOrJACCO. l hairs Upland Ci'ttorj, l..n Jiiik from ship Jtisjnr biattl, Irom 3Hv:ir.n:ih 11 hiidi Kentucky ToIhto will he landed on .Monday, iiom (lie sclir. Al.iiy Ann, iruin Sew Urlcan lor sale lv 'RODERTGirxESPIE, J5 ll2Eront - 70 1 loli.itXv. hh li Richmond tobacco, wiinc of it oflhe first quality, and suitable for the Irish market rorsle by Jy 24 XT. k S. CRAIG. ' CU T TU.Y miL ii MACULYH VA HDS. r MIOd. VVUir i EMOKE has conrtacHy on band at his ruan'ifactnrv. So. Att Ftrrv - street, next to th corner of Pearl street, a large and general assortment of card of every descrip tion, vil : Cotton Curtsof7, 8, , 10 Wo l do 5 and 6 Mncl'ioe d'i ClMhier' and Ilattrrs Raiding Cards 1AI! of!0(rior niiuhly, which he will sr!l on the ! wet (erm, J 24 Im BAIL tKUV, A.. - 5 tuns bar Iron 6 t'ni ."hrtt Iron . 20 dorcn TrvinR Pans Patent Chaff .mil Drawing Knives Iron and steel Shovels . " (ieroiin aii'l cait itcei mill, pit & band saws Coach bprins St' - el. Fra!eby , A.NDKRSO.N h SHEARER, J 12 ' At 131 Water street tUKFMKl.tJ KlUMLSUhJM GOODS. Ciflt - nrattv aryrted table Knives b Porks, VP 1 do. do. do. Small CuOerv. a A .i ' S Table Knives it Forks, 4 d0 - io' d0 - irith small cutlery. 1 do. do. do. isawf, 1 do. do. do. Files, 1 do. do. do. Erde Tools, 1 rti. do. do. Britannia Tea - pots, A few casks Can Uctick., Butt Iinees,Wood Strews, Commode Knobs, and l case Buttons, For very low, by J NO. M'CRALKAN, July m Tearl - st. vv .vl. luDt, .o. it float Laue, has for tale, rtreived t v latest arrivals from EuroDe. 4 - t Imitation India BookMuilins 4 - 4 and 6 4 Plain Lenoes Rich sewed Insertings ami Flounce Trimmings 0 4, 7 4 and B - 4hlark cottondamask Shawls Do blue and red do Do Waterloo ' do Do li;ht grounds, spade filling, with rhinfa borders 3 4 and 4 - 4 1 gbtuinghams 4 - 4 Drawing Miitlin, for dresses 7 - 8 Linen Bed Ticking . 5 - 4 to 14 - 4 Alarseiiles Quiltings, auorted Chintz lied Lace, Scotch Loch Fiue llorrirgs J 2K7t ItlbH LtAt.. blAri.H i, ..sf Ao, ie, fHHOMAS SUFFERN, Ko. 6, lep.vster - :t M. has jutt received, per the Hcsnerut, 42 Boxes, consist in or broad and narrow Uiapers, Lawns, Sheetings, 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Linens, brown beetled Lawn;, ic. which, with his former stork, makes a compltte afortuint of every article ol I nth Linen manulactitre. All of which will be .old on reatonahlc tenit. ' jilv 23 6t WILLIAM TELL. JUST published by JOSEPH WILLSON, 14 Maiden Lane, William Tell, as sung tiy Mr. rbihpps, Bay of Biscay O ! locledon, BewilderM maid, And nil Mrs. Burke's, Mr. larledon and Mr. Pbilipp's sooss for sale, with every article in the musical line. . . J 23 1 w CI OT I ON. fcc. - 33J i.ales Wew Orleans Cot - J ton, laodint from briz Marv Ann, from New Orleans. ....... in Store. . 165 pipes 5d proof Holland (im - . 19 do 1st do do do 2 'JO pieces Holland Duck 900 bales NOrleausCotton - for sate tf N. & D. TALCOTT. J 27 64 South - street. RU41 & MOI.AbdEa. 61) puncheons hue d vonred Antiaua Ruin, and 50 do good re tailing Molasses, will commence lin lmn tint af ternoon, from btis Fra'ici. from Antigua, lor sale by GOOPIIL'E & CO. J X. 44 soein svreri. MALAGA MALMSEY WOE 210 quarter casks vcrv superior quality, fr talc in quantities to suit purchasers. Also, 18 qr. esk old Slurry Wuie, tor sale by a Diuimi ft i . iiiirvcrnv f sf half barrels flour, made from new wheat, received per schr Jane - Maria, aad a'e by WALSH & GALLAGHER, Jy 66 South - street. " TOLAS5E3. 20 Lhd. Molasses, laodinz i.VA from sioop Adelia, at Burling stip, for sale by j. uevuaiii J fS 28 S..uth - Mree L RICH.MO.ND TOBACCO. - 30 bhds prime quality, landing oom schr Brilliant,, master, lor sate ny J 25 BOORM AN Ic JOHNSTON. I J ICE and COTTON. 230 casks Carolina It Rice, 153 bales New Orleans Cotton 41 do Carolina do For sale by JO.SES & MEG RAN II, ) n 91 South Street. OR SALE, . - TOUNG bbKik.wmaa. For lerms, etc. apply to . (Irs. It ANDERSON, A J 29 2a Ja. 10 Sttte - suect. - v - mondA YrAutftisT 3, 1818. m.' ;: 99i . TOBACCO. ' I , kert 8's No. 1, branded T M. Deane t Co." bow landing from the schr Brilliant, Irom Richmond, and I A STORE, . 8 no, 1 Tobacco of Enders, Fre, e's no. S ,. 8's no. 3 , ' 1 - 3 lb. rolk 1 - 4 lb. rolls . Ladies twist Cavendish, Jy 25 8t Fletcher, Holts, Miller. Gibb, Daocy, Roei, Dou4 ton, Labby, iMar, Hughes AC Co. urady, Cantor s Shlton,and Williamson's brands for sale ty ! CORNELIUS DU BOIS.! " ' LljYtA2,r&Lr - JiTS,tLc. - ' AVERY hand'ooie assortment of Selesiia ; Linens, consisting of Plalillas, Royalsr, Bretagnes, Estopillas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cho - letts . ; ; 2 cases silk velvets " 5000 miiiltets 2 boxes fowling pieces 2 casks Steusrark scythes, doable sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted glassware The abeve ar ticle entitled to d bentnre. 3 ceroons mdieo, 1 box toys and a few pie. ces Dutch cloth For sale by j C.ZIMMERMAN, Julvll 1m 77 Waphincton - it. ' SKAcONAHLr .DRY GOOUS, Ac 2 bales superfine clothes 2 do. cassimers, 1 do. fine plains ' , 1 do. fancy toilinett Wuistcoatings . 3 do. white Qanuels 1 do. ladies pelise cloth do. low priced plains - 3 do. superfine ciMiinere shawls . 2 trunks damaik shawls 5 boxes steam loom shirting: 0 ao o - s o cainoi - icK 1 do. figured satins, Just received per Pacilk from Liverpool, and for sale at No. 90 Coffee House Klip, by LAI OLA W, G1RAULT & CO. I If STORK. 3 bntes Bomhazets t bales iiiperfinn Black Cloth 1 hot f'renrh Cambrics I do Boot Trps 4U balnsU pi ind Cotton 2 bli'U. Kentucky Tobacco. J 22 lot .NEW lUirll LINEN tiOHlJS, o. AT. I A: C. sL'YI'AM, are now receiving, per J. the ?hip .Veiuue and bng Bclvidrra, from Oublih, SEVEN Y THREE Packages tha pno! bleachrU Linens. I heyeotiMst l ii H 4 - 4 lush Liiipfh, variety fl aasortnicii'j, 5 - 4 do. ASertiViJ, do. 3 - 4 A. 7 - 8 Demi Lorig Lawns, ,, ,, Bird's eye Dinpcrs, 5 to 10 - 4 Di - 'ip' and damask TaMoLinen Extra titjier dauwsii Table Clnths M Napkins, 3 - 4 Brown Lineti and grey t.awus, Liuen Checks and 7 - 8 black Linens, lu ll ail Cloth;, Ducks and, AI n, come to hand per the Pacific, 2 Cases eicgaut new paliern Ginghams, 2 do. do. furniture & haloou Dlmitie, 3 Cambric Musiirw, part undrested, 2 Super lxxtd. Cloths and Ci.simeres. The above tor sale, by the package, 'on raona - Me terms and credit. Also A'general the above, goods opened inrpiece anu retail sales, at .o. bi, Maiden - laae. - i Jy 22 fw Is Dht GOOD, &.c. 3 Boxes muslius , ... 10 "do. 4 - 4 & - S Irish lineus - - ' 1 do. pink ginghams - 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas - 6 do Scotch oiuaburgs 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown liuen 2 do. linen bed tick. ' 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks ' t do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine ror sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, July 2 No. 1 Stoat - lane. A I O i'HEK OK PEARL. ? - A uuitutitv, for LYA sale at 23 South - street, by JOS. OSBORN. J 30 CHOPPAo. A few cases sua - rline Cnoppos, for sale by P. REMSEN ft CO. J 29 26 outh - treet 'II bROW., s'nue real eugraver aud jiwel - JL . ler, No. 166 Broadway. . Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, engraved ou stone. Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, crystals, 4c. bought or cut to an) form. Ladies teals engraved with motto, devices or cret. ' Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. A large assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Jy 28 1m :1X 1 11 AY ENUE, and CARMi.VE - S I KELT NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the cuniaiitsioners ol estimate and assessment appointed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of the stale of New - YorK, toper ditm certain duties relative to the extending oi the Sixth Avenue from Greenwich - tune to Car mine - street, and forenlarcinziindiinprovMU! Car mine - street to Va tick - street, in the eipMh vtar I of the raid city, have completed tht :i cMiui.ih and assessment as well of the toss and damage sui - tained over and above the benefit and advantage received by tne owners and par.ies iiitrrt - ted in the lands and premises required l3r the said improvement, as alio, of the Itenelit and adv initio received by the owners and parties iiiterei - ted ef and in certain lands and remises not rc - noired for the said improvement : and that a'i ttievsid coainiissioner have riep ited a Irveto - py of such estimate and aseiiient it the leik" oui'.e, oi the city oi .ew - 1 or, inr Hie inspection ol whomsoever it may com em; and ntce is htrebv furtuer given that the report of the snio 'omrMSMnncrs cf estimate and as - i ill he prt sented to the Suirume Court of Judicature, ol the state ol Niw - York, at the capital in the city of Albany, ou Friday the lout tec nth day ot August next, at the opening of the court on thai duv, or as soon tl.ereal ter as counsel can be heard Uiereon. New York. 30th Jutv. 1318. HENRY MEIGS, ) WM. T iRREY, and Commissioners PETER STAGG, Jy 3 lilt m FIRST ITAPXiKS SOAP AIR - FRUMENTO has recened if 1 the best perfumed aNap'es Siiavib box Of soap, wbah be warrants to be'ot Uie first quality, and wtm h he will sell arrygeatkoian wishing to make tL trial or Jt, at rtu. 1 VYaUSireeU J 27 lia ""t FOR SALE OR TO LEASVS KmM JxtSmth5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many swuich arson regulated and paved streets No money win ne required under tea yean, if sold, rewiw eccpico. ....... HOUSES. . .. . - Seteranwri'and three story homes, osiwhicb ireai parioi uie money remain on mortir - sie. ' ' : LANDING AT RED HOOKT' . Aaxtlk:otstaad for business, with ten acres oflandv pleosaDtly situated, with s wharf, store - r.vuso aaa pern. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. Wear New - Haveo, with 40 at res of land, and a oevei failing stream, upon which 20 mills aiay be "7wui wiu riumciencj oi waierioreacD. Applyat - . No. 2 Greenwich - street inn IS u' ; . , r'uli SALE. A FARM, coutaiiiins 300 acres, on ths bauks of the North River, a uiile south from the village ot HYUt Park, and euhtv - ita from New. York. ' llie (.ind is equal hi quality tothwlnl in uticnen couuty, ana u iu high oi des' ami gumi fence. On the premises is a good pliiu fai m nou.e, a gooa barn aud other appendages ouoas sary to rooj acting a large farm. Abo, a build iue spot cosnmaiHiiiig an extensive aud heautifiU viewofheNarth River. Within half a mile of life fnrai hoine is aa eminent Acadmny, and wJUin two aides an Episcopal and a Prcsbvie rian Church, ia each of which there is regular jervico iihpU iaiif two landing, one cf which the &teaui - boat advertises as a lauding place, stores, Ac. Ac. The whole will be sold together or divided t4 suit purchasers. 'Die terms of payment will be. made easy, and an indisputable title given rt Ine subscriber. ' , WILLIAM BARD. Hyde Park, July 24 tf I R. DB.AACELIS. formerly practitioner of 4 J iiieOtelua in the Military Hospitals ot Na ples, snn adiuuteu a member ot the Medical ao ciety ot rr xork, where be has resided since the year 1798, and his reputation and success in practice is now established in the. knowledge of iue puiiiic uj Htur iwenij years experience, con tiimes to be consulted at his office, No. 222 Water street. 0Mesite f :rnnc - wharf. (n Rheuniafle sad Venereal cases, Dr. I)e An - gelis lias been wondersully sueoessfi.l i and the most terrible envois of those slis'H ders have fre - ci 'ently besn euixd by him in a short space of nine wittirtit lacniiveuiuioe to the psUent. S'Uiriitliobs. .iileers in the thrnst and nslste. stiffness in thejnims, pains in the limbs, eruptions oi liiri ki;i, i gcthtr aiih a lnseious trwn ot e - vils ariiiiip, ro , ndleetor imriroperly treutinr v. wis iihjvi iiitmiiis i uii;ii(ie uavc kitcu wht C .1. u . .. i: .i i.. i to his mod" nf trt. - ria - iA in iilwou so incredible niuniier. t'ii txiidoTi'insij uoc ss is. in a great meire ktfrihuuble to 1 is well known Anti - iheumaiir, nnd Ant syphilic Hyiups, which whilst tbej eradicaieivi.ry ti.rm ,.f disase, restore the emacia'ed ,'mUinl in vior iud hevlia. A. M. All letters In - iu the coui liy (post paid) will be atteailid to, icdthe nevussacy advice and medicine will be given and sent to Say part of the nmn. . , J if . REWERk '. roi ala, a banrain, a lrw i ery Si iWait I loose ci - nnccttd, in the citv ol Hudson. The buildings stone, and par - u.ularly well calculated for thr liQ inew. It if utuated in tlis) midat of a' barley couutrv, and has pia(,y other advantages.. .It isceilaiuSy au object for those Wijbme to eugac in ttvs bust aess. It is thu only krsrwery ui the coai'trv. I bis propetty wili be sold cheap. ' Terms libe ral tiUeoed. ', For further . particulars ajply to Jl. MVJLlr:, Na 78 - Maichm - laoe, New Yorts; or J.MXON, Jr. near the premises. June l31Lk . IO tUILDEKs. Or those who may V7h to erect three elegoi)' , .buildings or factories f" OTS, 77 feet by 80, more or less, with the lJ buildinus tJiereon, in Hie centre of Vesey - st. con be purchased separate or togulhtr. AUU. An LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 11 Bowtry, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chat ham - street - the whole un accommodating terms Api'l v at 33 Chathom Row, uenr Beekm:m - dt ... I ., I, . .. I lie nuveriiKer "us inree aiu.iu inonea 10 ili.'pnse oi, one of 43.000, une of 41000, one ol U00, all iu this ciljN Je 9 '1 HE subscriber having permanently fixed his JL nsnleiice in the town ol St. Louis, Missou ri (eiritor, crt' - r his services as agent, either in me parclme oi rale ol lands in the Missouri or linois territories ; lie - will also a t in II ic capa city of agoatgeueraliy, and execute such coiu - iniviuui ai may heenirusted to lam. Persons Iwvinz landed property in the Atlan tic states, may make favorable exchanges lot hi'Ml iu Uie territories above - mentioned, by ap - plirnti'.n to the subscriber, und furnishing a pnr - ticeiar description of the property ofl'ered for ex change, wiUi an estimate of its real value. lo tlie enquiries ol suc h ks are desirous ot emigrating to ei'.ber id the territories, he will clicci' make promul, without any charge ; iiostage ol ietK - rs t him tiiins nid. T. W. SMI Hi. St. Lnm's Missouri Territory, 1st June, 1UIU. Messrs. Irung, Smith i. Holly, . Chetsehoriugh Ic Patterson, f Refereu - Rathhnne At Downer, V ces in .. John Rutlibone, IN. York. Ogden Edwards, Esq. J J 15 d&c?aw!m FOR SALE, v:iii ' Aa undivided ruoiety in v.t following lots of laud in " Kvans' Patent" l)elssra - e County, stato of New - lurk, vix Lot No. SO, contain iug 176 seres . lot No. iH, containing 1 3d. Also, an undivided moieiy in the ei;l half fcf lot No. 4(1, eniitaiuii 1'U - acres, and hi lot No. ST, in the same containing I I'M ncres. The above lots nre ell timbered with pine, &ce. tie and their contiKUii) lo thewef branch of the Delasraie river render I he id worthy of the attention of lumber merchants. Thry will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For fur th.ii iikiticulars spply to THOMAS ADDIS K.MMLf Kmi. counsellor at lav, No. 25 Pine street, Nc York, (ali is authorised to make eoatracts lor itie sale ot I he above Intsj or to the sub - crcbtr, by whom an Uuqucttionable title will be given. MARTHA BRADSTRF.KT, Hammond street, Gicenoicb. New York, July W - iih, 181a. - y ' i he 1'roprieiors ol fhe Philadelphia Freeman's J . - uroal are requested to publish the abeve ior tiro oioiiths m their paiier and at bo llx tr toll lo I i f. subscriber. J 3.f stn cn I O LET, A part of s homo sod a front office iu .hen j - irert, within a few rods ol Franiilin iir.nkt lnoui - s at No. 17 Cedar - streeL ' Jv29 if. . ADVEiiriSEMENT. DROPOFaLS will be received at the Navy I term's oKr, New York, for one week from this dale, tosupplya (iiianlity ol'Jerrey Oak I'lann Mvng lene'h 45 feet, 10 to Id broad, 9 to 4 1 - i t:.M k - pith of hart must be out. aud clear of sap Also, - a number of Jersey Oak Logs, unm Sl l - j so fee' lon. is to SO inches square, and a unrn'act 14 White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 to li iiwhes, arm 4 1 - 2 too feet long, bxe - I ' I les 0 to b I z Icn. I be whole to be first quality, a:d iiil - '. t to t!ie inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. The piofostls are required not to exceed 5000 feet of Pima : act more thaa 10 Lops, nor more tiian 50 Snci s as no contract will be givta to a i.y mdi'idaal lo exceed one of the above nasnrd aAniitui : die shertest time, not exceedisg 6 .vteks west be ueutiooed.: Money to be paid j k. drlivet. Aiiy evp aaatioo that may he re - j piirtd. 1 - ill be obtained at the Navy Yard, where a i i:i wi.l oe given each mdivideal alter be hat c.mrrd, aoj hy which he it to be governed. i MUSCU y NO. Law regviititfig the Gumgitig nsf Irjpteting tfi - n Otis. Passed .VJarchSI, 1818. iy lit H wetti y ikt ftoplt eflKttlatt qf yie - j err, rtpreunted tn ttnajc ana utemoiy, Tbat the persua administering the government of Uilt state, by and with the advice aud consent of tho council of appoiutmsnt, shalPTrum time to was appoint ooe parson lof the city ol New - lor a, whose powers shall extend to and include Uie vUIage of Brooklyn j one person tor tits city of Aioatty i wad to person toy the city'ol Troy, whose powers shall extend. to, and ioclode Lao - singburgli and Waterford, to b eaaccrs aud in - specters of &h oil. - ..; : ' ' ! ' ,iuf it U furthtr tnaeltd, That it shall be the duty of each pereoo appointed by virtue of fbi art, to provide himself with proper ustrumeols' for roaring and iuipectins oil. and whenever cal led on to guoge and inspect any parcel of fish oil, wilhiu the place for which he was appointed, - it shall also ba his duty to inquire diligently and seek out any parcels of fih oil within hi district, aad fuage and inspect the same,aod brand legi - tiy oa me oeau ot eacli issK he may so guage aud inspect, hi owe name and the name of the place for which he was spiwinted ; also the whole oumber of gallons too same shall guagc - ,' aad separately from each other the quantity of water, the quantity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pure oil ho shall find therein, - aud hall make, subset ibe and deliver to the owner or tiolder of such parcel oiioil so gnaged and inspected, a certificate, cafubitipg in separate columns the quantity of each of the afortraid enumerated ingredients the whole parcel shall con tain ; fur all of which goading, inspecting, brauu ing and certifying aluresaU, he shall receive front the owner or holder of the oil io guaged a J in spected, twenty cents for each cak, be the same small or tar - 'e, the one half of which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser of l!iearue. .7 nd be it further tnactei. That H shall be the duty of all penons owning or holding fith oil, to put the same in a convenient position for guagiug aud inspecting whenever thereto required by au authorised gu:gcr and inspector. Wnrf be tt f uritiet efiacied, 1 hat any person or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change any of the brauds or marks aforesaid, ou any cork of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or io aoy manner adulterate any atk of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, tell or uancr auy on lviuini ins uiiru.u ur inaovs ktv - sttii, except - the tame - shall have been guaged, laipectnd and branded acconliug lolaw, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise coavey or cao. - e to be conveyed any oil out of, or from the dis trirts or places aforesaid, except trie same shall have bren ganged, inspected nnd branded ac cording to law, such person or persons so offending, shall forfeit and pay the sum of twenty - five dollars for each cn - k, the brauds or snarks ol which shall be so counterfeited, altered or changed, or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, sir which shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent and uicanmg of this act : rrovtded, ntvtrlheleu, tout uuUnng herein contained shall be construed to prevent any poison or persons from buying or sellius oil by measures lerally sealed. A nd be xl further enacted, That it shall be the duty of any person or persons who shall use or otherwise empty the contents ol any rasK ol sun oil, toimediately to efface the guager's ami In spectors marks or brands from the sanfe, under the pfeualty of twenty - Ave dollars. .' - Aud btit furiktr enacted, That any forfeitures sritine by virtue of this act, may be sued for and itatonwreq ry action m. uem, witrixys oi suit, ui huv tuifci un, urr .Fiifznue oi utr siout. io III. BVIU u.v MMM V. HW. W I., j II I,. . 1. n I . Ik. ...A ..n.1 li..l.b., n I nr... n..., .a v K a . K . 1 1 mnt. f llfr,fAl KOTICK l hereby given, that the subscriber haa been ap)oiiitsd by the huuour.ihle the Coun cil of Appointment, duagcr and Inspector of all Fish Oils in (he City of New - York and Brooklyn, and has opened Iris ofhee at No. 37, Water - st. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. D. Dealers in Fish Oil are hereby notified. that any infrinirement of the above law will be prosecuted. Juw 20 lm atS t Oil &AL. 2 A farm on the Hudson, about a mile irom iNewtiurgh, containing 133 ocres, 33 Ot which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a dW pmpoition of meadow, orable nd ph' - ture land. 1'he buildings are partly new ; the In. use convenient for a small family : its situ ation is equullcd in beauty by lew on the river ; the advantages, from tlie vicinity of a flooruU - ing village, of public worship, society und goed inarktt, with the facility oi communication with New York, render it a desirable residence lor a gentlrmt.ii. 4000 dollurs ol the purchase mom y may rem sin on mortgage ; tlie payment of the rest will be made easy to the purchaser, Appl) on the premises, to Je :23 ti' I. VF.RPLANCK. Mil LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS, No. 8 Paaa Ptsrs. THF. course of instnictinn pursued in this institution embrace every department of Literature and Sc e .ce necessary to a liae - rral education, (the dead language excepted ) . , i - I . . i . r - I i .,. Ii 1 lie puoiic is assured inai in is scnooi anan consist of a number ot pupils, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil w ill be admitted who cannot read connectedly and write Irgiblv, and who is not acquainted with the firat five rules of arii imetick School hour from 1 - 2 past 6 till 8, and from 9 till I o'clock, 1 erms 12 dulls; per qr. J 25 2 LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER LJU UAIE lielweea Barclay and Murray (O streets. Chamber aud Reed - streets, Jay and Harn - ou - strceti, and North Moore aad Beach - streets, at a price very considerably less than in Utreal 00 their value, aud at the expiration ol tlie term the buildings te bo fairly Valued aud paid lor. or anew lease erautcd. Also, to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or yards ou lire water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of pans, fcc. Apply to PH. RHINELANDER, 31 Tark, near the Theatre. Several oi the above lots will be sold at a moderate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of lb money only will be required. June It tf HACKNEY COACHES, FOR Select rarties, trout Elisabeth Town Point, for Philadelphia, and Uie Steam Boats at Trenton aad Bristol, and the Minetal Springs at Schooley's alountau s. Notice u nt to No. 53 White - Hall street. New York, or HALEY ft STILKS, Elisabeth Town, hy mail, or by tlie Stenro Boat Atalonta, wiU be imsneiliately attcnled bf. ' - J 14 AEW MUSIC. - 1 UST pablished by W. DUBOIS, at bisTiano J Forte and Music Store, No. 120 Broadway. William Tell , , 5 Her Smiling Eyes " , . Fanny Deafnt Thine am I my Faithful Fair Tbe Soldier's Bride - ' : . Eveleeo's Bow'r, wiOj ysriMroos by Loaier. Also, all the Sores, tic. that art now eingiug at the Concert's cy Mrs. Bke,Holroaa,aMcsrs. lacledoa and Ptnlliiw, ftc. with a great variety of new Musie for the Piaao Forte aad the Flute Jy30 .'. ' - 'v - ''r:' - r? r ii, s - 19 WILLIAM STREET; " ; V 1 (FT Tbentwf ERRY BOATbiromtl fcot of Wakut street, New York, to the foot of Little street, rooklja,oear th Navy Yard, wU commence ruuLiog oo Sunday, the ntbs., Persons crossing to Brookryofiom the arjpef partcf the city, will. hud the, distance oiMh sborteued by bsmc this feny. B.y,4 N. i I 1st 't' TheRisM jt Sua Sail Boats. rCor.ttariel. and Industry, fiou tfie EUiabetb towh 1'wutyh.l New - York, sails from AUrketlir rd strrtt, (Uu the Steam - boat Atalatita' loiu - crry rame Id,) srt 10 o'clock, oi each day. 'Passage Isl Seeats. Enquire at tlie Steam boat llo'ell, Of , , . - " - VANDERl'OOLk HlILLirS. . - my 21 tf v - - i - : - - . - - '.ilLTiJOHN PROCTOR, Je. 100 Lib - ertyt. offers liberal aiiticipat onaon property eontwn. ed to hi friends in the Mediterranean, jor futher particular, apply as above, br to . ... AliKAIIA.VlKr.Uy; . Je 6 tf ' corner of Cl.H & Fultoo - at. LAN I IS. . r. ftr STtrilKN B. WUNN. Nn. 226 rarl - street, New York, nrjrrhaci l.ahdi in tfae lllie - oi 'lercitory. whitli boa been ret apart for ths late Ariay. : Leiiett irom ttre teuniry giving a descriptioa of list patent sad the pi w asked Tot eat a lot, v in he attcudvd tu,ii rost paid. uiy la tf t . ... :; . ;.. V. ' , , : ..... A CARD. flrV.. At the particular sOlidtationsof tho La dy snbiurihert, Uie - Naw - orkSalt M otor Float - iug i win ne r'movvy so net. oiw siaitoa as the loot of Murray - sire t, this day, where It "w ill coctinue; opea every day, iiom sunnseuoths morning, until to u'crock at raMj duruig the bathing season. It is hoped whe - a the' Lasues cf Mi is city know that this - large baildirr, which Will accommodate two or Ihiee bkadred persoos at a time, is exclusively devoted la their enjoye Uient os Mondays and Wdresdayioi each week until 2o'clock, that they will gsye that encouragement which such an appropriation deserves. On ah other days they iave their own apnrtii.ept; only. The greatest possibK) attention will Le ptuL. . e . - The Bath at be Battery I open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle men only. . , - Je.KJ KAULK tlRKLOMPAJtK, .., .j o' new. York . (Kr Notice is hereby given, that. 'Dividend of lour and a ball per ceot oa tlik Capitol Stock of this com puny, has been declared by the Boa4 of Directors; and will lie' paid to the Stockhold ers, on or after tlie 15th iwst. : ' i it v tirr .The Puciiiu iusutsaca Coiupaoy oi iw YoiC. have this dav declared a divideiid ofoix per cent, on the capital stock, for the last sis months, payable ac their oike, Kv. 49 WaU - tt. ou the loth iot. , . . , - - ,, B order of the Board of Directors. WALTER R. JOTSE3, &ctft J 6 lm ',. Oceao lutui - anca Olin, July 6, 1U18. i j j !TP The Board of Directors have this dy declared a dividend of three and a hail per oAt on their capital stock for the last tin loon lbs. which will t payable to the tLcckbauVn or. their legal representatives on the ucolh u.aC at tho omc o the company, 4S Wau strecL " July 7 lm . .. y ' r " .Vc.tF,l'0JA' J.YSUJLAJYCB, C0.UP.tA t rlinE rre&idcnt and Directors have Vhjs dy JL declsVed a dividend of five per cent on tlieoapltal stuck of the company, for the hit six mouths, payable, to the stockholders, if their legal representatives, on and after thi 13th in.t. at ti.e btfice, No. 34 Wall - street. . , i lip t. O, SItW'MAN, StcrV - : ,. CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL maUUi - CAN7 II.E ACADEMY. lYESSRS. KELLY ft TL'OMY rerpertAdly iVX inform the public, that they have lately commenced this establishment ia Uie large and airy rooms, ao. 40 l ean street, a lew door Irom the corner of Chatham street. - Their course of education comprise tho Greek, Latin, French, and English latuteage ; ConiDosiiion, History. Central hy. the use 01 ibs Glotit. Boc.k - Ker phiir, Arithmetic, with lb oth er practical branches of the Mathematics. Young Ladies have a room fipprftpriated to themselves, where they will be taught a regular course oi female education, together with plain aodnuiamealal Needle - work, by a lady el exem plary couduct and long txperieoctia thai depart ment. . . ' - ' Reference to Robert Adrsio, P. M. aad N. P. Columbia Colk ge. PA l f.N I OKAal.'MAl 1LAL MIKKUH.. . .Vets. Kelly ft Tuosny bee leave also to in ' form the public, that their Gi amaiatical Mirror is dow completed and orgaut.d, and that Uiey are prepared to undertake its application lo th duties of instruction. Tfae Grammatical Minor is a machine constructed on such principles, aud actuated by such laws, as to exlubit a manifest representation of all the parts id human speech, in all the variety of their iatlcctioos aud all the diversity of their combination ; it is 'calculated to imparl information more jioditinusly Uiau words, whether conveyed ry writing r by ut terance! letter and sounds, are lb arbitrary symbols, not (he resemblance of ideas ; tut the Grammatical Mil ror present exact imitation of the agent with its caics, if the object with Us passions, of their substitute with its genders and persons, aud of the action with itsaiauners, and its times. The other parti of speech Will make their respcr live appcaraace iu th rcvolutmo of Ibis entraordinury niachiue. ' It is do less uss ful to the teacher thao to the pupil 1 aud while it expedite the progress of the our, it wdl fucili, tat the labor of the other. Should any rersoo object to the practicability of its appHcalion,they chatlt - uge the invest igatiou of oppniUon : they cannot consent to an indicri - omiatr Iuspectico : but any pertou wh.i shall be qualified to discuss its merits thry are willing to admit, and preparrd to answer his oLjetuotu. , Though duty forbid them to acknowledge their own hiferioi ity yet, they rely not oa their diligence and seal others may bave a much 1 they rely not on their erudition and talent, others msf not have less ; but they re - ly on the co operation or uie.r menu, wuiou, thrv contend to be huprrior to any that con be) ' employ ed to attain tlie object it contemplates. 'I hocvh thry entertain 110 doubt of it ups, . rior general utility, they conceive that for such. as csnnot allord roach time tar study, or whose d.fferent employment, must Confine them to interrupted and desultory leclui - es, it rrujst posse peculiar advantages. ' , Several Ih ertr character. W ho have inspec ted this machine, have been equally astonish td and delighted, and doubt not that experience will realise the most sat.g - uine expectations that are entertained of iu adtsntafu and success.' ' . . ' Under these impression tbc proprietors, of the Urammutitul j lifrtr rccoaaai cod it to public notice, and tliey are tiovenar desirous of acquiring, thaw thty are eordidesa of securing; u.e patronage ot me rnibtsc : . ti. U. They hrva for ifrneral convenience detrrm'med - to deliver evening lectures, from halfptst five till half past seven, On any oTth aboyementsoned UancUr cf lucraiure. , J 10 lm .. to lkt; tijjj The Cr - f and secnod nVor ia store e 8 i letcher - street. Tb rooms ar large, beiof 25 feet wide, 70 feet deep, weU cwkniaU J toe a w holesale crtx kery store, for sloragw, or for aiher bstsiness requiring asach iwoesv Te ba 1st tog. Oxr or seuwnle. Enquire oa the prmisa, or at lt Pearl street, o stain, , Jj t :l;, I - i n ' 1 . 1 . i - )i 5Vr 1 - t 1 1 1 f A 'ii i . 1 : t . ..t .! ,4 I irt' t . 1

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