The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 1, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1818
Page 3
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THEATRE. LAST GRANU CONCERT. : ; MOT ttVMWO, ABO. 3, 1018. ' Will be presented. . , i; CONCERT. '.Uttot be Band. " Mr - Gillingham Piano, Mr. Joha Bianchi Taylor, , ftrans the King' 1 waire, Loe,daa.J fAKTl. '"J1"'! . ' :: Mis Fowler - ; m PhiliDoi. ' Hail Temple of Libert?.1 . ' ' Moore - ,r Mrs. Holmao. " Deep io mr breast. . Song, Mr. Iocledon," BirthorLiberty ' (Hi la appearance io America.) HniiniM. Eveleeu't Bower. - , w r" Irish melody ft r, Mrs. Holman, - Robin Adair," - . ' ' Irish melody Sobs, Mr. Iocledon, " Black fcy'd fcusan," . , ' Levendge " , PART II. " Sobj, Mre. Ilohaan, M Fly swiftly ye Zerhyrs" fiooc. Mr. Incledoo, " iba L.a vrmstit, ' , Shield Duet, Mr. Philips, aiid Mrs. Holmao, " I love iKee w Bishop Polncea,Mr. Ihihpps, " No more by Sorrow cfaas'd mv Heart," Braham 'w. Mr. lucledon. " Scots wha ha wi '' TrVaJlaee bled," Written by Burnt Echo Song," Mrs. HoUnan, echoed by herself, Bishop Duet, Messrs. Phitipp Ind'edon, " All's Well.' Brahani Door on at 7, and the concert commence precisely at U. tor BELFAST. (Positively to ami on or brfire the 2th instant ) The shir GLENTHORX, Etillman, matter, having nearly all ber freight engaged, will positively sail as above. For freight equal to 400 bbls. or passage, having good accommodations, apply to the captam on board, at Pine - street wliart, or to HYER, UREMNF.R L CO. aug 1 St . No. 131 Front - street PAS SAGE for IWBLLY, ? - Vf superior coppered ship DUfj - r ACRE I , Coles, master, now nearlv loaded, and will sail Air Dublin in tour or five day. A few cabin or steerage passen gers, can be handsomely accommodated, and on moderate tuis, applv on board, or to JAME.S M'BRIDE, 82 Librrtytrett. Who hat fur sale by the I'atkage. A general assortment of Irish linens, lawns, sheetings, diapers, and ilrog!iedas. Also, common glass - ware, consisting of decanters, w.nes, tumblers, salts, gruetts, pocket boitles, i.c tic. and a few blids of basket salt, in 1 Iv ' t 1I.L1AM liUt'CL, I jJ iiruuuway, ut.r f t l ily Hott L has lor sale . Shrub and Lust Juice, Brown Stout and Ale Old Cognac Bounty Holland Uio, ssid 'Jamaica 1 Olives, Capvlt titikni ' - Oaions, PickKiCi &. iluibroora iud walnut Kt - trhup 't Ilnrvey & Quit Sauce - India boy Old Java CorTae ' Fresh l.tfuom . Salfl'elre Teas, - t.oM iKi Lamp Sugar rpicet, Sic. , ' &pniacHi Caadlea Claret aud Pott. . ua i (Li citi Old Hock and Cham - pagne Burgundy Arrack Old Madeira, Sherry, Cordials Old ,Mc(b Klin Old Whortleberry Gin Pickled and Smoaked Herrings Conttantia and Convent W mc White Wine Vinegar Cnrry PnwnVr lr;s'i Whiskey I'each Brandy Lauip Oil ltni.a Syrup,' from irfcUiJuitti LKMON8 ISO boxs biciljr lemons, m prime ovder, laadiue and for tale by .JOSLTil O.SRORX, ' ' angl . 20 6outh - st (I - IL'S'1 1C 10 tons Fustic, landing and for - Jl . ' ssle by . ' . KIPLF.Y Si WELIl, 192 From - street. su.C I ' I RA lV 34 M'tKt I tj liray's Brandy, and JL hijjh protfpure Spirits, both of superior (siiality, for sale bv Jackson t wooixey, atig' T ' ' ' - 75 Wall street - f AL1 HAM bUltt'l'IAG, cc - Just re - T T t - eived fmm the Waltham Factory, a mittignmool of 1Q bales Sheetins and Whirling?, lrNlby P.KEMOiCU. an? I . - ' " - , ' tXUH't.ilMi. T V. k T. Ii. CHESTER, hY receive! If . by thelate'ariivals. a full .'uforlmctii of fwptUngr cooiiiliugof ... l - tptnai Bruudlr, ttiptfiar and ordinary Brut - Mill, t'rrnchaml Tuik'iirarpr'., Imperii Drtltthand rtriycd ctiuliitHt, fvr rooms, halls and stairs. - Tim and common imptrial and wiltm hearth rugs, all of the latest and most approved ratterns. Superfine and coaiDoo English ingrains, iu great varirty. Pntittd table pianno and crumb chilis, and bains ol all widths. . TtoTtJHckltt patent merino vool run. hart's ttltbratti patent Inglith jloor clotis, of various widths, tor hall. Liibim. jVnnJfcem, i'unionand Calcutta mails and miulinir. . . . 'India and oilcloth Hole malls and doiles. India vindvic blinds. Stair rods and ye wiUi every other article in the carpet line, are offered tr sale at 191 Broad Way, corner of Dev - itrett. X. B. Orders taken for Hare's floor cloths, ol any pattern now in work, (samples lobe seen at the store,) and of aay diuimsinrjs, without team, lout rooms or balls, ts be uchTcred next spring, M I 3t 1 ( IMPE3 VI 12 ' f'L f I T.. 1 " TIT . 1 - 8 Q. - . Cak Malmer do At of Scott, Looghnan, IVnf il I & Co's. brand, and ooered lor sale by . W. & S. CKAlu, ? aagl 1m No. 34 Front - st. 'T ADIES' best Lofiitna mado Jeaa, kid, and Li Silk Booti ana Shoes. - Toys and Screw Bozos, particularly sailed to country dealer. Etraw Bonoets. , 300 Papers of Leaf f eUl. . " . For sale, oath most favourable terms, at GIBBONS ii Co's. ' tr 1 , 3t 83 Water - st. "flllE possibility of approaching the iNorth A Pole asserted, bj the hon. D Barringlon, a new edition 1 with an appendix, containing pa - Prs on the same, sobect, and on a northwest usage, by colonel Beauty, K. R. 3. : illustrated with a mapoftlie north pole, according to the latest discoveries Urn. Ju - t received and Cor wleby COLLINS 4: IUNNAY. a I 0 Pearl - t. V" A.N TED, a socood hand wrought - irou CHr - apf ly at 58 Wall st 1 Pro of 1 it at 1 do of IOt),UM 50,000 20000 I pruw vl 1 do of. 2 do of 10,000 5,000 ,0U0 - tt nnn THE boT are iho tapital prites in the GraoJ Medical Scienca Lottery, which commsaces drawing xtexl Tutshy, and 23 will a Ucket, if applied for Ui'ore the draw - '"S.M GILLESPIE', No. 1 14 Broadway, oppo - "f.'y HotaL . Casil will be PJ fcr all prizes U as above. . . 4 1 ST. nHr.'Rrn. Cburcb. for takt. Caauirc at S4 Wilbaia sireeu - on 1 4t . , 1HK CHECK "bOOtU - I knew br the scrolls in a window unfir!M " That the truly Larky office of Allkits was near. Ana i said it there's wealtb to be found m the world ' . The mau Uml will venture my hope for it here Tw&s morn and the CUck - Books (ay open a rOUDU. - ;t The records of Fortune ooerrintr decrees. trery leal was at rest and I heard sot a sound, But the clinkins: of eold and tho tutains of kevs. Anu uere in ibis lara'diucicy omca I eiclawfd Where all is so tcmptins to ear and to eve. Mad 1 purchased the ticket which Albert ob - . taiu'd ... flow blest could 1 live anil how rich could I die. I said, and the accents still dwelt on my lips, wnen i louna a mm t nze to a nunioer ol mine, 1. r . ' ma now rrn ine owner ni nouses anu snips. And treat my eood friends to a goblet of wine. try l ne Medical science uottery commen Cfs drnwinz next 1 uedav llichest Prize Jl 100,000, 60,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2 of 2,(tOO. and 4. - ol l,uuu Ticket and shares for ale at ALLEMS Truly Lucky Odice, No. 122 orosmvHy. aug 1 zt THE DRAWING, . i soiro Jon the 4tm or svocst. . Tune 7 he Glate Sparkle. rihe clerks are seated round the board, JL And every eye i bright. The reign of Fortune is restored, Of hope and gay delight. The day is coni - and wreath's our own, 1 lien let the numbers rise, If anv pain or care remain, We'll cure it with a pri.e. This world they say's a world of woe. But this I do deny; . Can sorrow from half eagles flow, Or bank notes a sigh . , The wise are fools with all their rules, Who lotteries do dispue i If life's a pain 1 say it as a in, Leu cure it with a prize. That time flies fast the poet sings, 1 hen surely it is wise. With heavy jrold to gild his wings. And seize him as he (lies. Now turn the wheel and let uh flrl, The joys which flow fioin gold ; By all the powers the prize U ours, And SMU II the ticket sold au 1 3i At 170 Hhoidway. iKW AMJ UUiGlVAI. l.l.KS mOM UIFFgnEiVr QUARTERS AbDnKaStO iioaooo " Tueidny neit, it is the text, The Lottery begins a drawing Crake. " Soon the day and toon the hour, sec tiiegoid.:n piuts lontr." Gracic. " And nour for the prizc,1le prizes, the prize. in ju,i(1imh una tnoutamis hn.i hii other sizes" P. IN THR GATE. The next sun's ray beheld mi rtiphiy A heavy ha ofg'il I from .1 lien's came, Now hirst with wealth and Iovp, 1 will tnank the powers above." ALL!. GOOD VERT GOOD ; But slill better ii you follow IbrtuiiK to 27 Wall ttreet ; where you hare a right to expect something more solid for ynnr money, and where tick - Is arc to be had at parts in proportion ritn a handsome allowance to thoie who pur chase to sell again, by 27 Wall street. ' 'ho will redeem tbe Mil ford and Oweco pri ses at a smaJI .rtitcmint aart icmi uucuhcdI bank not t of the state in larze sums, at 3 - 4 per ceni (iircnuni. aus 1 tl OILS, tie. nnfi Gallons RrlmeJ Se Elephant Oil kJXJXJU liOOdo. Summer Str'dsi'erm. Oil 100 do Nut Oil lor Portrait Painters 2 Oil Pree. with screws, runninir in copper dyes,'Ic lor tobacco, oil, or clothiers. To he sold by SAMUEL JL'DD, at io. a - i Uroailway or J'i rlj - market. Jy3l Kit .ii.t .leu K - t r. 2000S II ELS l,l;Lon Salt ready for harg'ii'j, lor fair by STEPHEN HATHAWAY, jr. 1w 2?4 Kront - ?t. no stairs. Jy31 AMEitlt'tN CLOTHS. TOSErilTITCOMBkCO. No. 16 Pearl - ) street, have iust received 10 pieces Ameri can tnptrline nine Cloths, wlncb will le sold cheap, for cash only. Also on iiami, an extensive assortment 01 Do me stir, Woollen, and CotUm Uoodsjof every nil - cription, at low prices. J 29 b V E A R'S C A LCI X E I M A G K ? U , A Remedy era Hour Xlomuch, Heart Burn, and a Jure for Inmtilion. fi AI.CI.NLD XI AtJNEsilA has been tome time J io use both in Euroie and Ami - rica; but lath - rly it ha been more liequently used than for roerly. It was tirtt brought iutu use in Gerina op, and was highly extolled by. Hoffman, on on whose authority it was introduced, hut very coi.Gneoiy, till Uie knowledge ot it, and its excel - lene. was more extensivrlv diffused by the au thor of a medical pamphlet, entitled an " Essay upon the Nursing and Management ol Children,1' ic. This author has bestowed much time and attention in the investigation of the virtues of the calcined magnesia, and ir. most inilanres has ret judgement and knowledge of the subject on which lie treated, and thereby has brought this medicine into high repute. We cannot, therefore, more properly explain its reputed vir tue. than be Qitiitini: the passage in which he re crrninends its usri. He says that "the first and suneral cause of most durases to which infants are liable, is the acidity Which their food orca tiuns in their stomal hs. This acidity becomes very obvious from the griping and purging occc - ioned tbereh. It mav not be improper to men tion an easy and generally a certain remedy, or rather preventive, if timely administered, which is the mngneiia alha, calcined. This medicine effectually cures all aridities, proves a mild and lenient purgative, and keeps the body g. utly o - pe o, without leaving behind it that costive state which lays the foundation for many dangerous and troublesome diseases." , The author ol the above mentioned essay fur' ther observes, that " notwithstanding the pecu liar excellence of this preparation in removing iudigertion, yet still it laliori under a disadvantage difficult to be obviated, as no chemist has as yet pursued a meih - vi calculated lodiyest incompletely of its rrud;(iel, and ive it that pre - eminence which its merits I when property prepared) would justly demand lor it is a well established fact, that indigestijnisOie primary cause ofsaa - nyf the most alarming anddsugerous diseases inci - Vnt to the human svstem ; consequently the ma - npiia alba, when properly calcined, would be the most tfiicacioul remedy hitherto known.'' Successful experiments have fully demonstrated, that the magnesia here reconmended has arrived to the perfection at which the ahove author hints. told only (hy appoinUnent) by JOHN C. MORRISON, Iimceisf, KSJ Greenwich street, and HULL fc BOWAK, Druggists, H6 Pearl street. New York. J 31 lm HAVANNA MOLASSES. 31 hhds. first quality Havanna Molasses, wilt I landed this day in 1 not of the store of the subscriber, aodforaaleby 1 TUCKER & LAUR1F.55, j'3t t Sooth street I J rahsand Baftai.for sale br JOS. OSBOR!, J 31 23 South - street T - S.I.OI7R 2.0 hhli S. P. Philadelphia super r fine Fhr, landing from tcltr Martha, at Old slip, for tale br J31. I OORMAS j: JOIIXSTO.V, A rcMtiof about J700 bt - Ss Inrfhts, for voyae to TeaoruTa Applfto lyat LB ROY. BAYARD i Co.; tor HAVAJiXAU. The, urns sch SALlArANN, VogVw,' matter ; will sail on WeduejJav, 5th m Augtut. rot frc'?htarpaMR'e.aptilrouboard. at Gourrueur's wharf, or to v POTT BfPKrJfNB, Jy 31 ' . 56 South strent. tor hiLMtXOiOfJ.V. , jDcvoII, master: will positivelr sail ou Wednesday neat with what freurht "offers. Ap ply to . POTT&M'KISSE, ' Jy31 56 South street. H unted Io CH.iH'lHH, wiuy " calling un; orsuwoner, oi irom iiijilOOO to 1Z00 bbls burden, for a voraze v. A r . 1 ... , r r to couth America Immediate despatch will be given. Apply to G. G. U S. IIOWLAND, Jy 31 77 Washinjloo - street. tor t HEIGHT or VUARTCR, I he luie la:t smiing substantial ship ASIA, Alexr. S. Sutherland, master, will cUiw about 21100 bbls. and now ready to take in a cargo, t or terms apply to LAIDLAW, GIRAULT & CO. Jy3l M No. 00 Colfea House slip Wanted to Charter, A good British Brig or Schooner, of 1 1 about IjJ tons, calculated for carrying Homes on deck, for a rovace to the West In dies. Apply to TUCKER & L VURIES, J 31 ' 29 South - street: n.iJ'e.V iO CU.1K.TKH, IATv i l.l.:. .k...i4:lulV.I.I, WJE n jjunu :mi;, iui.fliijr auuui jjuu uuiii tm i amu""" - '''' despatch will be given Apply to JOSEPH JONES, J3i ,3t No. i Grecuwich - strcet. t'OU i.i., The fine iloop VARILLA, 53ton,2 years old, in good order, can be sent to bca with utile cxptuce. IN STORE, 10 puncheons f.uc - llavored Jamaica Hum 2 pipes Cognac biaudy U libd: muscovado sugar 3 do molasses. Apply to JvUO 1w K. I IsHER, 51 Soulh - st. Fur FRrAUliT or Cll.i nJ J - Ji, The gowlsthr FAVORITE, 8,,fl hhls JjgQtj burthen, will he ready to receive a car go ia 3 days. Apply to L. rlillr.K, Jy jil Iw fl South it. for .Sate, Freight or Charter, . I lie brig - JUil., H4 tons, built in .Massachusetts, in the vci.r lssua, and ebuiit in I'hiladelpiiia in the 1816; isagood substantial vessel, and in complete order fra voyage lies at Brooklyn. For terms, apply (. apt. fchtts on hoard, or to JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. f 29 51 South - street. bttt tt'a ', a - lit ill t's.irlft 44. The b.iir NYMl'll. 184 tons : is a justaunch good vessel, sails, and may beseiit to sea with tr fling expense. Ap ply to N. L. 4; ti. GRIaWOLI), .1 29 .'16 Souih - Mrtct. K Thi fine rnpiicrcd brig F AIR CAM - HiS. BRIAN. Eians, master, now loaui:iir With cotton at Slaten l. - land, and w ill be ready for sea next Saturday. For passage only, having very good accommodations, apply at No. 5C I'uie - street, where loiters may be lelU Jy29 LD MADEIRA WINE 20 hhds. of the brand and davor so muck stbtuoved of f u three years past. tuM received from Madeira, and for sale by D1VIE L'ETHUNE ic CO. J M 02 W all - street, OLD COPI ER. Kc 5,500 lbs. old ahoatii - iugLbpper, und a quantity oid copier bolts; also, a copper rudder chain, brace and pump, which would answer for a man 01 - war for sale by CLARKE, MOORE & CO. Jy 30 Jt 41 Soulh street. jT Tl.e uim nw lean. m.. ...1 I' n rtvrrv t ygrr?yv 'ly't' Tens tiuniien, jame zsasir. K coiuujtiiie runino nn the first day of Mar next, ,...1 ...:il 1 1:..:... r v 1 - J auu win icatci fviiiwiuu, mr ifiris nun .iin(iru, on the 1st, I Ith and 21st day of each niotiih, auu Niagara, for York and Kingston, the 6th, lOtl and 25111 day of each month, during the season, where every attention will be paid to the ease and comfort'nf the passengers. Applications for passage to be wade to the captain on board. Kingston, 6th April, 1318. " J7dfcctOcl 'Jo Merchants, Stvre - kteptn, fcr VVT A NTS a situation as Clerk,' a Young Man T T whose character can undergo the strictest investigation, and who has no objection, to go to any part of tho Uuited States. Employment being his chief object, will engage for a short period, on moderate terms, to any merchant or store - keeper. A line addressed to J. R. and left at this office, shall meet immediate attention. JyOO 2w FUR S. - iLE, A country House and Farm, on the east banu. olTIudson's River, in the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - York, lying between tbe country seats of William Denning, Esquire, ami capt. Phillips, and nearly opposite West Point. The farm contains 121 acres. Tbe house (which was built in l(H)5) has 12 rooms, exclusive of the kitchen,and possescsevery convenience necessary lor a family, there is also a farm bouse, barn, stable and other out - houses, in good order, a garden and a great variety of fruit trees of the beat kinds. A further description is not given, because person inclined to purchase will no clouDt view tbe premises ; lor which purpose application may he made to Mr. James Thompson, on the farm. For the term of sale, enquire of WM. HENDERSON, 55 Wall street, New - York. J 8 W&S Idpalm EOR SALE, - IfiOfiO ACRES OF LAND, ly - Js. J, J KJ Vingin the town ofFlorence, county of Oneida and state of New - York. The state roads Irom Rome to Sackets Harbor and Salmon river pass through the town. The coun try adjoining the land offered for sale is well set' tied ; 'the soil is good for grass sr grain, and the situation is convenient to send prod'ice either to the Montreal or Utira Market, being nnly 35 miles from the latter plare. Forfuritier informa tion, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, at Rome, or to WM. HENDERSON, J 10 eod Ira 3dp - No. 55 Wall street. t) S.1LF, An nndivaled moiety ia the lollowinrlou of Unci in " Evans' Pateut" Delaware County, state of New - York, via Lot No. 50, contain ins: 176 seres . lot No. $8, containing 13k Also, an undivided moiety in the east half M lot S(i,, containing 104 . acres, and in lot No. &7, in the sanie patent containing 105 1 acres. The above lots arc well timbered vilh pine, Ira. fie. and their contiguity to the vest branch of the Delaware rivor render them worthy of the attention of lumber merchants.' They will te sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further psrticulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, Esq. eoansetror at law, No. 25 Pine street, New York, (who is solhoriscd to make contracts for tbe sale of the above lots) or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be risen. r MARTHA BRAIISTBCET, Hammond street, GrecawisB. Xcw York. Jutv with. ISIS. rrr - The Proprietor! uf the Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to pub'isb the above lor two months io Vttit paper an j seat) their hilt to the subscriber. J Si d2a aim . 1 ;l TAN' VELVETS, Auortcd to - j lt.l tours and very sHerior qnstitv, for sale " "7 ulU, I. Sill lit - UI, J 31 " - ' 1J3 Pearl street 275; ti JAJCK I .V. ' A fL Ti.. iic, boaes tin Plata, acwrUd 30do damaged ' ' ' r - ' ' 1500 lb lodia and Spanish Mock tin 4 C00O lb of old copper. For tale by ; AN60S C. PHKLPS, 31 '.S3 Front - st J. W. V O it B tO cn . JUAjurACToREa of eilvkr ware, - No. 90 Broadway. 1 STORMS his friends anti ne uublic. that he 1 contiuues to manufacture 01 f terlin tilverex cjiisiveiy,ana 01 superior woiKmanwip. . .:.n.l..'...ia,.Li , .'i, . n ' filter l ea' and Table Ladles, Ums. Settf. Waiters, Syphons FUb Knives Cake Baskets, ire. kc. turch Plate, Spoons, t orks, of the latest and moil elegant patterns, and at the lowest prices. , All orders execo'id in a roaster'y manner. fi. B. FAMILIES wishing to be supplied wth the first rate articles of Silver, are invited to inspect his work, as all articles of bis manufacture are sold only by luuwei:. J 30 1m O.KK ULWliREU DOLLARS REWARD. RUNAWAY from the British brig Francis, capt. Tennaiit, lying at the quarantine ground, on the 3'Jth inst. a negro boy named 13 A AC, about 15 years of age, ver dark, has a scar on his breat occasioned by gunpowder ; he landed at or near Bei - gen. Whoever will deliver said Isaac to capt, Tennant, on board brig Francis, at quarantine ground, or at o. 44 South - street, ahall receive the above reward. J AO .Vt.W MUSIC T published by W. DUttOH, at his Piano I'orte and Music Store. No. 126 Bruadivav. William ten HerSmilingEyet ' Fanny Deaiest ' Thine am I my Faithful Fair '1 he Soldier's Hritle Eveleen's Bow'r, with variations by Lozier. Also, all the Sens, &c. that are now Mi.fcina al the Concert' py 'Mrs. Buike, Holman, Mtsrs. iiiclrdoii nr d Phillips, tec. with a great varie ty of new Mukic for the Pian'i Forte and the Flute Jy M NEW - YORK Si'EK.MACr.1 1 Oil. .V CAN DLE FACTORY No. 52 BROADWAY '71 11 Pi QAMUEL JUDD, Uns ff:r r. - f J aale, wholesale ! r t - m, LI: wn,iri 111 rnitii nii.i 9tiiinii. I 'stnintd bnrrinticeli . tin' A h Uu, hi the ui' 1 .i.t.iry, or nl the old stand, l.ilj K!y .M .r kit. ',o, fsPER.vUCK'M, WX. I TALLOW MOULD CANLLEa. T - .pftl er s.'illi a g' ! yr 1, 11e.1t of I.U'lip:, t.nnip 2. f iuses, Lamp Wit !l ; wd lor lie nccoin'iiuoa'ioii ti tusl' incrs, I in Cnui'ters, in 1 to 15 gallon ; Ks. ktS - . - . . . - z. - jl. irom o co 1:, gallons: ju, Ii - u. 1 tuJiIo; fi!li a variety , other 8'ticles. r.h whu u are warranted e. tho hr.t qu.ility, 'ind tts chf ai as 1 an he p'lrrhas d in Ncw - Vork. The abeve articles sent to any part of the city free ol'expence, where the pu chaser make it an o!ie t. J 31 Uu t'tirrt t'nl - ut frmn ' - I '.td Slates. CULLEN'S LIQUID MAGNESIA. Approved of, ai.d recoiiiiueiiiled b) several of the most eminent physicians of Philadelphia, r"! Mlii Transpsrei t'SiJutioii of Magnesia is pre - 1. vented to the public with the sanction and nurii. - ulur r - commendation of runny of the most respec able ph s cimicf this city , as the mosteli - gihie mode of exb.bit ng magnesia This hi - tio.i possesses the virtues ot t - at inediciue 111 an emiueut degree act. more speed ly t with greater certaintv aud is not liable to lorro concretions in the bowels, as Messrs. Brtinile and Monroe have Jim wad an soautwi praducvd y solid mag nesia. It combines with ilsanli - ae d and siierient pri ciples the very desirable property f allsying tne mosi excessive vomiting, ana currjciu on 61 1 and oR'ensive matter. Hence may be nfur - red its ureal eflicacr i - thesuramercuiiip aiutsof females, chi dren, ace. kc. To persons of h lion is recommended ssan excellent corrector of bile nd acidily coin - 11 on teste tone to tbe stomach peratesasa gentle 'axation. ami sta lishes a perma ent and regular state of the bowels. A discretionary use of this sg eenhle beversgc enahles person s of ev - rv sg - - , sex and constitution to k ep their bowels mmlerlr, winioiit me use of salts or drastic, (hitherto used) which never f:ii! to confirm the costive ha its they were iute'ided to removed and 10 diso.dor mr life the organs of Iigeition tin we: - k stnsjtadlis urie and other acids arc evolved, causing jrtjut, gravel, stiffness, nd e0 crroon o' me j"ini me ioriiuoa win, palliate, and often emo e hete afflictin : eom - plsjnfcj, Indi. estion an I msny diso - ders of the syrt.infrefjiienllT proceed from an acidious state of the stomach 1 child , en are parlicu arly sul jtct to this depraved condition cf that organ, in eon - sequence of their existing almost entirely on milk and vegetable diet. A small quantity of the solu tion (which children drink with avulitv, nd in gene si prefer to every other beverage) will in a a short time neutralise the existing acid, aud, if continued, will prevent the of any new acid. Independent of tbe other ad vantages tbe solution possesses over crude magnesia, or any oth - r medicine, intended to produce a similar effect, the saperior purity of the magnesia contained iu the solution (the patentee having discovered a urocess bv which he deprives the masnesis he makes use of. of the numerous imtmrili. s it is al ways contaminated with! must tne it a decided preference ov r every other preparation i to avoirt the appearance ot empiricism, tne ceruncaici 01 the p .ysicians, and other spprobatory testimony, are notpublished, Lul insy be seen at tne store of the patentee. The solution may either be drank at the fount, (as mineral waters) at li 1 - 2 cen s per half pint, or may be bad in bottles of sn oval snaie, roar ed, in raised letters, " Cullen's Liquid Magnesia' and labelled Cullies solution of Magnesia. Observe, none is genuine except what answers the above description, and is signed by the pa tentee. JOHN CULT EN. Prieejt2 50 per dozen, 75 cents of which will b re'urned nn reef .vintr ihe emtltV boUles. Sold in Philadelphia only, at Cullen's Chemical and Drug store, id, east corner ol uncsnui auu Second streets. Philadelphia, S5A April, 18 .8. Cj Tlie Patentee, eneonraged by the sueees of the Patent Liooid Magnesia in Philadelphia and el where, respectfully infor ns the inhabitants of ,r I ork and its vicinily, that he has locmea an etublishment far its sale at No. S3 i Uioadwsy, within to doers cf Park Place, where he also manufacture Soda Water of a superior quality J .11 tf N E W PAT E N T PIANO FOR i ES. f F.O. 1 XEWBKRY respectfully and eonfi I Jl dently assures his friends and the public. that at hitoRiee, IS Peai I street, may be pur s' ased the above instrument - , lower than any o - ther pnrce 111 the cily t where may also be had MaeLels patent Metronomes. . i SI KIWCATIO.Y. YOUNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, No 1 i CEDAR - srRr.r.T. i 1 R. MEAD refpectfally gives notir, tha V I his School will be again open on i ueway h, Ut nl KnVtnhr. ' : Yownr Ladies will be instrmted as usual, in a uce - af F.dveatim; embracing all ttie important branch, from Heading and Penman - shsp, to Rhetoric and Natural Fhilosophy - rench by one oftlu most aaMved Instructors. Enquirer may satisfy tUnielve rcspectm. tlie character of this School, bj calling opon any ol the following gent'emea, luost of wuom aie a - snnng its patrons.1 Richad Varick, Tbtmas S. Claiksoo, Aathnuv Dej ' Aaiasa Jackson, " Jajteittecsiicll, Esqra. Caleb ti. Rfcrgs, , Ge'iTgeGnlhn, : John SnyUatn, and - J 7i lea 3LXT 1 UESDAY. (ICi OF, AL'GVST.) rpilE Medical Scii - ma' J.ctury N $,s wit r nil E Medical Scinice - J.ctury NiN will J. positively comurece riraoin in tfust iiy.p I tie lollowiug sre tf cital in. splendid lottery, tli, Inrgest ever authcriHd by this state. ' - . ;. 1 prize of IOO,flr.O DOLLA R3.v.. 1 1J or b,lrU no "" 1 ds f 20,000 - do 1 e!o of 10,(HM - do ' 1 ilo of 5,10 f do 2 do . of ' afO do 45 do of 1.000 do And a great proportion of smaller rrie, none I.. . . . u - lew luori 211. ... Tickets Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sii leenUis, ior sale ot - v ABM. P. B ROWER'S,. Lottery (ifice end Bookstore, . No. 27 Maitlrn - hcne. comer ol Nassau st. W here a roirect book cf the drawing will be Kept lorj.'ie examination of all I iCHi't. Unctirrtnt Bank .Notes and prize Tickets ta ken in pay D - nt. , J30 4t NEW lOKKzJpATKLtrp'JT.HY. 0 Tuesday next will commence drawing Medical Science l ottery No. 5. ' Capital Frizes. 1 of $100,fHH) I 1 0f 410,000 . . I 50,000 5.000 I 20,000 I S 2,000 45 of 1000, He. kr. Tick(s and shares, in a varii'tv of nninhrn. for sale at the book store aud lotUsiy office of No. 19 Peck dip, corner of Water - sin t. . Present trie. Wholes $;'!!; halves 14; quarters 7 ; eighths J Mi sixtcrrill', 1 7.j. , , Jy tf ON TUESDAi' NKXP, ' riOMM ENCF.S drawing in this cilv, the Medi cal Scieaee Lottery', No. 5, in whu h Uie capital 1 rn i 1 ,000 Besides Prizes of 50,000 20 000 10.000 5,000, I This is uriqiiestiouabh Jie most splendid lit - air o iv 'littery ever pit - smltd Io the citi e: s of Nrw - Viii k, and when it is oi - .i - iih n d that it:c payniint of llm prize s is cu.u.i.iti d hy thi ,i'e. and that ttic pro eeds resulting from it are aporrpnotel to 1 valuable oSiect, it cannot mil exciting the approbation of every lottery adven tU'er. Tit krts nrul Shares f .' site at the old estab lished t - UCiry Lottery Ollice of JUD AH &: LAZARUS, 51 Maidi'ii.LHnc, Where have hn;n sold in foitner Lotteries, prizes to the amount of Oue Million, Five Hun dred Tiious.uid Dollars. Most foreign hank notes, approved prnn iory noles,and prizes 111 former Lotteries will betaken in payment lor tickets. OMcr irom adn - tniiJe,euclo'idg the cash, post paid' will ne immediately attended, to aud the earliest in ormatiou given of their wiecess. A correct chec k hook will he kept at the l,uckv Lottery Ollicc, which may be examined at all time he of , xrence. J 29 41 IIK,00ij 50,000 20.000. &c. itc. '"piIE above arc the Capital's in the 5th and Jt. lust class ot the science Lottery, heine the most popular Trr projected iu America all of which may be obtained at the upcr Green - Office 14(i BROAD - WAY, where the GRACIE'S reside, who sold more Cnuital I'rizrs in the Owe - go iiou' rv,ju'i nniAii'U 0 rawing, improoriion to tne ticitet vended iy them.) than was untam ed at any other othce in this city. fortune still r'!iit uiC wm - ii inoir mt c fvi inmw t - tte Tickets and Shares, for sale on thi best terms. Hiid a fihernl discount made to those who take 1 number, present pi ice but ndvanre to $30 on Tun day next, when this Lottery commences drawing. jyai rt A deiijshr'ul sunthertu breexe fJIMIS day's mail conveyed the pleasing in JL tellig - ence to this citv, that Fi.rlune, ever favorable to the WAIVE a, has throuirl the medium of their old es, presented to three of her votaries, the hiirhest prize 30,000 ddl lars, drawn last Tuesday. It was sold at their offices, in a hclf and two quarters; and seems to be the immediate precursor of better luck lor their customers, as the 100,000 and 50,000 dollars will be shortly drawn in the Medical .vcience l - ntterv, which will probably be hold at their offices in shares. The fortunate holders of this g' eat prize may receive the cash tor it immcd a'eiy. J 31 In a curious piece it now ulatnlv appear. Thai the Doctor, eurag'd, seu'd a pif by the ears ; Which sung " Eveleen's Bower" so melodious and sweet. That it chnrm'd all the brokers who live ia Woll street. Doctors should not touch pigs, as it causes vexation, For iigs all belong to our fam'd corporation. Nextcomcs the Sea berptnl, which swallow'd a whale, Don't touch her my friend, there's a iting io her tail. , . - In Midirul Science, you're yet but a 'prentice, And I fenr very soon you'll he turn compos mentis; In winch case dearest doctor, I'm happy to say, We have n highouse to lodge yon in Broadway, When your iwiicrauium Is crack'd, sir, you (ball Be put in tin house, which we call Hospital. And now for the pi ires, the prizes, the prizes, . In hundreds of thousands and nil other sizes, Which I, my dear doctor, stu happy to state. Will be sold, by your most humble servant. EDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY com X.VX meuces drawing. CAPITAL PRIZES. 100,000 Dollars I 20,000 Dollars 50,000 Dollars 10,000 Dollars . Ticket and Shares for sale by tt. WAITE, Jr. J S3 136 Broadway. ii'i . . JO tAMlLlE'S. IlIE ubcenher having a large and good as - . surtinent of all sorts of servants 00 his books. such as woman cooks, girl chambermaids, nurses aud for houte - work. Also, a few lad's wait er, ate. He takes this opportunity to inform them, that, they may lie supplied at the shortest notice with good servants, nt his office No 52 Maiden lane WITTENBERG. N. B. there are also a few larmers, gardeners. and coachmen. Jy 30 31 TO LET. A part of a bouce and a front office in Cherrf - rtreet. within a lew rod 01 r ranaun Bank. luquireat io. 17 Ceuar - streei. Jy29 tf ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will he received at the Nayy Aett1 odice, New York, for one week from Ibis date, to supply a tpwntiiy Jerrey waa Pk.b.nn li nirlh 45 feet. 10 to 16 broad, b lo4 l - 2ihick - pilh oihaitmutbeout.and clear of sap. - Alto, anumbrrof Jersey OekLogs, irom 35 to 55 feet lon, 18 to it) intbe square, and a number of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 - 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 12 toi feet long, bod ies 5 to 6 1 2 long. I be wnoie io oe ursi eraais - ty, and subject to the inspection at the iaj v,.i .1. Mnereil there. ' i he proiiosals are required not to exceed 6000 fret of Plank : not more Uiaa 10 Logs, aor mure than SO Koers as tin contract will be give to a - nv individual to exceed one f tbe above naeaed a'uaMitiee x ttc iiOTteM time, not exceeding 6 week, most be meni ioned. Jrlnney to be paid no w - livprv. . Aiiv exDiaaatioe thl mav b re quired, ia be obtained at the Navy Yard, vere a bill Will be given each Individual alter he has contrseteM, and by wcUbfe it ta be oytntd 4 KVStttl mm) PUBLIC - SALES " i, ' BY1 MU LS. MtNTOH & COW4 . - ,1 . - Mondsy ;. . v At half rsl 3 o'clock, at their auction room, a general tnanl of Brlt'sb nd rfcncH dry - gtxids, eotiiisiii x ot 3 Ulesblue, black, brbwn a"4 olive, com noo iloilis j 1 do niii'd and bine me - rrs and imperial cords 3 1 do tvperf. white k red Welch flannels) do lioca bed ticks I 1 rate JacUsoo victory Grandir.el s ; 3 do iltrnssk table cloths and uapkini ; I do striped jeans I do sup. Marseilles qoilungr ( I do cotton pocket 8 do Flo encc hilkis. ; I tio trrTeta rihlio s. In garnitures 1 1 do best r( any choppa rorol!s ; t do bandauoes 1 do ttc kio loom shirtings ; 2 trunks plate calicoes 1 2 do black arid blue Italian sew - nigs 1 3 do men's and womu.' while and el'd cotton Ikisc 1 I do blaek and stale worsted do. and a n imbei of other articles. Part of the above will be sold 00 4 months credit. - ,. ' ..; Thursdsy, " - ;. 1 1 o'clock, at tbe T. C House, the boose and lot No. 27 Orohsrd street, no Occupied by Jas. Knox. The lot is 2$ feet front and rear, a d HKJ teetdecn. A further description of the proper ty is deemed unnecessary, as it Is presumed ao one will purchase without first viewing the premises Twenty five percent, of tbe purchase 'mo - ney inus' be paid on dehvrry of the teed, the re mainder ina. - rcinaiaoo bona ana mortgsce ve the premise. ' " ' ; ' . i.lHiit.K FOR JiLiJAUAU, ere - ; Til E proprietors of the southern ciarble qua ries, near King' - B. - id'e, give notice, lh&t they have on hand, and are receiving, at the Atng't - XinnVj'e juarole ana ixme - iara, loot ol Beach - street, on tbe Hndson rivar, an exteu - ive slock of marble lor building, "of the following U - scriptioo., vit : 1 - - A'luar I lA)nng WhlarUbla I Foundation Stone Steps J Chuoney - Piece ills, Liuteli ' I Column '" Arches I " . ( . . Al'oLim of thebest quality, Hy A constant supply of the itbore materials may be calculated upon; and those dehrous .f purehuiing, or making engagement, will apply to , EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. JUO.vJs.F JO LOJUS. G7.0001 DOLLA Rs to loan, ia sums to suit applicants, on Lor.J with QlOlt e upou approved properly. - ALSO, - 10,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank thick. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Wnter - strecL Where application may be generally niad.e through the year, and moilgtigea dispottd of. Je M tf ' - it J.U.iV. .4 f fff DOLLARS to loan on ; Jr J , J Jr VJs bond and inortgse upon property iulhe city cf New - Yoik. Applyta J. u. ttuuMir, Jy S8 133 Water - st. COlOitLltS LotsEKl, 4JTOR.VKY, COUMsFLLOR AT - LAW, AMP AUTARX PUBLIC. : c OM.VilSSIONER, authorised to take Affi davits and Special Bad in any Court of Record of this Slate, the proof and atkoowledire. mcnt of Deeds, and discharges of Mortgages Also Affidavits, Special Bail and the deposition of witnesses de bent esse, in the District aud Circuit Courts of tho United States, continue his office at No. I Cedar - Mreet. ' iyti ltn 'JO JfEAHAMH MF.HCUAHTli. PETERS & STEBBINS, ft Co ft ft. I It I OR .Mercdabts, BLAKELEY, Mnbile - Uay, HAVE extensive store house and receive and r ..1 1. ..ii... ft. - r ..u and whariage. Vessel and barge lay along side ol their (tore. Shlpnet w ill please apply to CALVIN SPEAK, Boston. . Jy75lf . Ui U I ION. ; ' VLL perron are hereby forbid trusting Edward Ward, on my aceount, as ha has left uiy service by hi requet, and the conseot of hi guardian. DAVID TRAGI - , Jun;. J:ll2t M . mi naiu iMun.i v'n.'.i", nv. , vv ui - m 1 m.c 'ir'y - a stated inetiiiig 01 I tie i iutes ot Co lumbia College will be held on Monday next. the :ld ol August, at 10 o'clock, A. M. in Urn College. CLEMENT C. MOORE, CJk. J :n .It 1ft CO :rl ta U.N COUNCIL, 1 July 27, 18l i Resolved. That the present weighmnsters who have rei orted themselves agreeable to the resolution ol the bnard of the 15th ot June lust, continue to act undertheirscveral commissions, until th first day ol September next. By order ol the common uourrcii. J. MORTON, Clerk. The printers employed by the board will please iusert the above one week. J 30 lw NOTICE. ft7 - Tbe proprietor of the Ball Alley respect - fully informs bis prtrotis, that the Alley will be doted until the lt 01 September, wbtn he will be happy to wait on tbem. J 29 Iv ROBERT KNOX. NOTICE. ft - The co - parbierthip between Anthony tvTj'rappan ii Co. it this day dissolved by mm - tuM consent, and the business ia future will be conducted by tfttholas D. Trappan. All per. sons Indebted to the lute firm are requested to make immediate payment to - V. JJ. Trappan. Dated July 2B, f ANTIIONY W. TRAPPAN', NICHOLAS D. TKArPAN. J291w rr - r - J A VI t'.S I). S'l OUT. Engraver and Seal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Jy8 3m Greenwich - street Ji'or Eugtand, n Halifax, A . S. ftT LETTERS for His Britannic Majesfy' Packet tiurehtberry, will be received at iht Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 6U day of August. T. W. MOORE, Agent. J zi (? Wanted, a 2J, officer for hip to In - dia. Apply to J. G. BOGERT, Esq. Jy 23 No. 138 Water - atrett MECHANICS' BANK. ftr Tbe Stockholders e informea that a dividend of four per ceoL oet of the profits for Ibe Inst six months, will be paid on the 1st el August ""By order of Ihe President mJ Directors, j if la W. I1SH, Cashier. THK H tJt PST EAL ACADEMY. DNDER ih direction of the ohcnber, wills an auistant is bow open for the - feceplioej of Students. Tne price of Board and Tuition And . - .rkJi Miinp t thtf rut Cr k - ss period. . Tuition ouly, from 3 to 6. per half a term, according to Ihe studies persued. . Tbie Institution comprehend two - distinct departments, the one for young gentlrmew, who will be ntrrt for tha Counti: - liouse. or the College; the oUier, for young ladies', who - will be instructed in ali the branches of Literature, proper fov their sex. V . . .. - - 'JTie tuUcnher Iim tttadc arrangtmervts tor boarding tbe yeesc gentlesae whe resort to tbie Institution i yoang ladies nay be wrnishetl wRa board an reejoaable term, ia tne filing. . . J1MU1U1 CLUVVi.3, ' MIepMead, Jmg - lsUnd. For further rertirnlar relet te Metara. Kirk Mercien'a Book Store, Ii Wall - street, A. V. J 31 zawu - ' Washrnrjim htneranr Compan. . " THE Board .f I ireetn b oclare.I idend of ftiur nd one b - lfp", ! capitol stock rf the - romi;. JtrJdba ' . fl.WAWES,Sec:ry.

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