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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 1, 1818
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Of tha pewer that i4Jers have of conveying tbHr tore ads Lroo) one pout lo auouier, auu , ot flying through the air. j Caro' - & 1. - . (FeDr. Thotiism.) i'ir At tha Allowing experiment UoJlotlu ckUt the method by which the geometrical pi - tier convey itself and il thread from om place to another, and eihibiH soma curious fact coo.1 peeled Willi Uiat phenomenon, I thought that u Account of them night cot be miibtaresting to oat of your reader, especially as the tucjeci la order to ascertaia the nature of the (rami tire power which the widen of thii class possess, 1 Ailed a plate with water ; aud having put a ; piece of pipe - clay between two and three indie ' in diameter into the middle of it, I stuck a itraw about a loot long into the clay, so as to stand perpendicularly, and placed two small dry stones on each sideoi the straw to cover the clay, lest the operations of tbo spider should be impeded by its moisture. I then pot a geometrical spider on the straw, and set the platoon a table at some dist ance ran anyoojecu jnepiuer uj d.wu the stones and the straw the whole nay, without alcins; its escape. The water was par - ucnuriy ooeawve 10 11 wns 11 loumeu u, always ran back kamtdiately whenever it came .into contact with it. J left it on the taMe all night, and in the morning it had made Us escape. I ol.uHral a Liu drawn from the ton of tilt straw te the rooi'of the room, and Cud there, at a distance of about luur or fire feet. The thread w almost straight npwat a. I couhl uot conceive hew it accomplidted this, without supposing that it had either flown in some way, or bad shot out its thread to that length before it went olT. 1 rot another snider cJ the tame kind : and har lot put it on the sera, it endeavored to make a peerage from its conGaeineot much more readily thiA Ka it Hi - in .lAnnil .IaSTM h it line abdutaa inch from the top of the straw, it seem - - ed to fix its thread rouu J i'j middle legs, oQ rest' ' 111; itself white banging in this way against the wan wuu iu uwii au' - i lure tc?. iu iiiuuuiun .h. .IL :. 1. ...1 r - M. 1 - I , h.n.lniiul lugi Wii? itrelched out behind it, iu a few mo ments it shot out a thread from its spiuners about yard lou;. 1 be thread went straight out, ri og gradually npward. It coutiuued Hiating in - tail way for minute or two, when the spider . turned round, took bold of it with his lore legs ww vrgiui iu iiuii 11 ill. 1 lie i - irrau wh mw ' to much upwards ai to form a very acute angle With the short hue upon which the spider rated, but when the spider drew it 10, it became more Honsootal. ' It appeared to guide its line as a tray (be a kite. While it drew in the threads very quickly with its fore legs, what was taken in was , formed into a round ball upon its hindmost legs, which was left upon the straw. It seemed io calm air to have the power of making the line ; more slowly round it, like a long feeler. When ' the thread was blown upon, so as to ihaog its : poaUoa, and throw it into waves, it quickly re - . turned io its former place and elongated form It at Lett caught bold of the arm of a chair witliin its reach and as the thread continued hanging loose, the spider pulled it in, till it became tight ; and wdeu it found it t uBy - 'iently fastended to bear it, it ran along it, strengthening it by another thread much thicker as it moved 00. The tpider uciug very young, 11 was very uimuuii 10 wtn the thread, 00 account of its great tenuity ; but I was much assisted in perceiving it by the particles of duit which stuc k to it. I tried the tame experiaiaui wim lateral timer (ruoicuiw spiucio, and observed nearly the same results but a? fjk ee MMt !rirrir vnunvftt tirMcint. it Wliinnt m j o , eiasy to ducorer their operatious correctly, from " the e"xtreUe exiguity of the thread. 'Havinr at learb. however, urocured one much larger than those 1 had formerly exami - mod. I placed it on the post of trial, as usual, iu such a liluation that the sun thoue full upon it, which enabled me to observe its movement pre ciscly. The geometrician soon emitted, with surprising a urettv long line ; .aud a I 1 1 1 1 nnT - nrn II Luci't uylTuo' peculiar in caowa it toslukw reaiti v tl aor thin il touch td, I broke lha thread close by the straw, and drew it In by d;gree. 1 he ou!y thing 1 could ooierve wan, uiai it Aecame more aud wore te nuouc, till it turned almutt iavuible. This form of the line is perhaps necessary to its risin j 10 uie air. 1 ne spiuer then ibot out another thread, which it stren - jthened by emitting a secoud a - loniJeof the firjt, but not quite so long. After the two threads had anited into one, it attached the liue to the straw . and flcr drawing it ia a - tfiia wi;h its for legs till it became very short, and ILi.iiug it did not catch hold of any thing, not haviug been lutficienUy long to reah to iii. surrounding: object, it abandoned it. and remain ed at rest for some time, at if preparing for a greater effort to mke it escape, it then dropped down by its thread an inch or two from the top of the straw, and rjected fro in it sptiuicn two threads at once, a good deal longer titan the former ones, and added immediately a uuuihei of liaei in the tame direction extremely exite ; but ai the reflection of the un's rayi was very bright from tl.em, I could count about 14 disliuu threads, which bsued from the small aperture. ct wnicu the spmnor are composed. They soon all Joined i'q one j and as iho spider seemed still to lengthen them, and guide them as if by ma jic, it evidently emitted from its t pinners a stream 01 air, or it may be possible toine subtle fluid ol e - lectrict kind, for the nuriva nf !rtrliino - mil and coalescing the diUereut filaments of which the thread was formed, as there was tomelliuij Which ran along the whole thread, brmgiug it more into a horizontal position, makius a kind of obtuse angle al it went along with the pail "J"S "I'". 11 men mrncu rouuu 1 asaiuali and fixing the lino to the one it was Banging py, seemed to guide its movements for amw uuuuies, wnen ino una laJiencu 10 me ...... uii..i vi, 11 ujK, wu ncm ia. - . - I then put the spi Jor upon the straw, and took Verr stronar. aad it rather seeineJ avcrte iu movo ; but as 1 kept it in motion by touchin? il rullr, Bade aother attempt to escape, as it ruun'j 11 wioaiion noi quue 10 agreeaoie. 1 roro th time it continued letting out iU IhrcaJ, it Lmi iiarc vnu uituiy jariu ion?, a uie winu raemeu ereauy 10 Mcuiittie me emission. I net - tareaj was, however, thrown to the ground and broken by an unsettled fust of the wiud. 1 uct ceriu bui lusir luresui wun sucn ceien ty that they could eject, I should thiuk, about 30 vard in a minute. It is nrDriui' that in a room, where the air it quite stilL they should be able to make their threads fly straight out or up wards with such rapidity. We would be apt to lowron 1u.11 in a uorunce so Tery ugui, uie n&rl arKich Bn. mit aiiS 1 . - 1 inM nu. ini!r. oucnllv rat into curve or knobs. It makes it. ' thereCMe, more probable, that these pidr mit hive the tower of (browing out some stream mir, or some suhue Quia, a the Ime keeps mo - Vln a.! - ..: a a? l a - bat alstart ric. Whit. ;,I " rd which it had iml mil in tog upeo.W a nfui.1 by a short line irom the ' aiU the" ihJi'.! f"'"'4 when 1 blew j aji . H IHlrKin. .( .l. a .;. - uw . i " - "5 " - - vioiuia ay. T ' .'5,r tried io draw lh behind it to that lenrth. I eonc - Ji k.. wey, with the beh, of otW ."T. ight be carried through the air. b a ik7.i tome length, to a treat dittanr. N - v " raa tt.l. 1 a . ) I v juncture wrong; for hlvuisl Iflhe torn - do has the ., - r.i. : e'ertri. J m.. Hn ,kl - j . - " - "?ol oauiy wui cootiaurto do acmy, may not toe aoider ha is. ..l , - .. . .t . . ier U a cerum exf ujieraxnway: ' kept gxnnelrical spider runainf for torn f' p. a my Uaud, which was stretched eot a little, it divpi - ed down about six inch f'0 the point of my finger by iu thread,' and immediately e - mitted a pretty lung line at a 1 ight angle with the one fey. which it was eupevuei." "i which wasByingoutwarusquickly rosa opwafde, aul r - rrirA thm inuUr alonsr ith it. When the spider bad ascended as far above my linger ti It wu beneath it, it let out toe mreau woun w. attached to ay finger, and coo tinned flying smoothly upward till it nearly reached the root of the boose, when it veered about to the side, and alighted ou the wall. When it flew, its mo - tiun was smoother and Quicker, than whwt a apt. der ran along the thread. , If they are able to fly so easily in a room, they will eviaeiujy uy with much more tacllitr in the open air. These spider generally drop down from the place on which ther rest some inches bv their thread be fore .they shoot out their flying line i that by haneine in the air ther mar be enabled to feci more sensitively whether the line they bare let out may be buoyant enough to carry uiem up, or whether il fixes on any object while they pull it in. They may fly in this way to any length, or to any height; for as the line lengthens be hind them, the tendency to nee increases, i found also that another i - ecis of spider, with a braht ve how bod v. and very short legs, had the power of shooting out thread, but not to the same extent as the geometric spider. I trieiLseveral other kinds of spiders, but none of them seemed to have the power of making their escape, remaining eight or teu day on tne straw. 1 hey were as lively after being without food during that time as when first brought from the fields. . Two could never lire together on the same place. The stronger very oon killed the weaker one; and they always teemd to be con. ciousof their retpective degree of strength. 1 he mora Tattle was alway more alraid 01 111 euemy than any thing that eculd be presented to it. hen touched gently with the linger now and then, they did not regard it much, and tome - time hardly moved out of their place; but when they saw a spider of superior strength oniing near them, they (ometime ran into the water to avoid him. One having fallen accidentally into the water, upon which it floated without nuug a - Me to ret out, I was roinz to extricate it, when it sunk to the bottnm, andrin along . the surface of the plate, on which there was some gravel, beneath the water, with the samempidity as if 00 dry ground, like a small crab. When it came to the tide it could not emerge, and. appeared uo willing to try it, a the water made its legs clap so cloe together when brought out of the wa ler, that it could not move. I observed, wnen il was first iinmertcd in the water, it discharged two large air bell from it sides ; from which I still think that it was very probable that tbey may render themselves lighter by internal air, although it might possibly be the air of respira tion, as nion insects breathe laterally. These trials prove beyond a doubt that the ge ometric spider has the power of shooting out thread to an indefiuite length, and ol living by means of the (bread ; and I think this curious circumstance was onlv once observed before by some persou in France The manner, however, in which they fly was never before noticed, nor attempted to be accounted for, with any feasibility. IIiw admirably is every creature fitted for the tphere of it existence ! and how much does it add to our pleasure, 'that, while we sur vey the varieties in ualure, we ever behold the wisdom ol our Creator ! AKH' - l Ukh' K.YAO POST. SATURDAY, AUGUST 1. Angltsh trtraclt aro continued this evening, but they ralhcr serve to amuse, than to afford any very interesting intelligence. One will pro bably be read by the ladies with some interest. Liquid magnc:iat thbk we render a public service, by direclinj tho attention , of our readers to tbo advertisement they will fiudin the proper place, of CullenU liquid magnui, and the description of this pleasant aud salutary beverage there given. Fnm tfu Baltimore Patriot if July 33. Extract to the editor dated 41 it'utkmgton, July 20. " .Mr. Monroe You will doubtless bo .unu sed to learn, that the notorious Stephen CuUen Carptnler ha at length obtained a clerk - hip iu one of tlie public olficti in Um city. He was csicrday appoiuled book - keeper for tho quar ter - master's ucparlment, to Uie exclusion ol native Uleulaud worth. Il is ueleu to enumerate Ins attempts to difame our republican institutions, and the best men ol the republirau pat ty, particularly Mr. Jelfcrson. 'I lie public have not forgot them. This political Judaa has become, in prtfrsrion, a violent republican, ami has "betrayed williakUi," at lcmt one man. lluiu; '.di.iiidoued by his old federal associates aud laid up ui ordinary, he soon louud himself in a leaky condition aud in need of repair ; and fjilu.g a strong inclination to be 'again i - ut 111 com - ntuitin, he commenced bis I ouriuir and sci aping to, and wooing llio e he out dilislited 111 villi lying. He has been for a Ion; tiujc pat regular in ins attendance upon tome one ol the beads 01 Jcpartiutot. Mot long since I wa in one ol the departments vt lieu lie appeared to pay hi morn tug devoirs the secretary not being in, he soon repaired to another part of the building, stben I heard teveral declare they would leave the pub ht service U Carpenter received an appointment m u,e 0lhce v.htro they wero. He is here al mMt universally di liked, ao.l yet by sher - r tui pudmice and perseverance ha smxecded. hope these thiiiz will uot last alwa.s; but Ht um is me "era of gova JMinr,1' I suppose thrr mutt be toie ruled, at least lor the pi et uU" ntiiAUB., Thii is the tame nun who wa euconraged by certain icalous and well - aicauinj g nllrmcn in this' city, to ict up a newspaper under the title of 77ie Penj le't Friend, some of whom were af - terwarus lau - ut, 11 is said, Dy Ucar - Dougtil ex - perieuic, to regret the baty and blind confi dence they had reposed in a man whom they did not know. The following letter from cur attentive Liver pool correspondent ought to have come to hand ,esterda. but it did not reach us till this morn - I Sj LIVERPOOL, June 17. "0"e''leni I have put to - day 'e paper in the Import er's bag, also, the last Londoa paper ( 15th J une.) - fi election commeiKe Ure in a lew days, as t J ' be suspeoded in a degree. Tnere are Uire; I candidate for this borourh Geurre Cannme Eatl of Lefton, and old General Cascoigue. Canning will bereturoed. Whether Gascoign or Let ton will be the other member no one at pre sept caa tell. Tt.e latter is the leforaiiog Condi date. " CIRCULAR. LiykHPOOL. June 15. 16i3 Gentlemen The 1 wsae, aata. VUi UID WUVIV VEee)j iwixuMSa esiivt I " iH rVinn ks am t a.k.J. I.Maa. Il..a.lwl pa'UculHrly o the last weeic. The import bav t".0,"1 CVM considerably, and most pro uu(U ther it m 4 Tt The holders e vmc and to that alone we a. wUi., I " w wuiwuuu kh Dreseai prices. The spinners an 3 djeJen continue te visit us from lh ' uittrMT, and as titer cawnot purchase s a reuui tioo, they gefeeiiufy return without supply intt themselves) ( cotmuueutly Their stocxs art gei - Uug tow, and it is thought they hm soon return la market, bsmI purchase to a coaiiderable extent. . Uplands have given way about one far - thing per lb. in the lower and middling qualities. Orleans very steady, and we do not look for any material change In them. At foot you will notice ft statement 01 tne import 01 couon Ihd Dorf for the first five Mouths f the present year, compared with the first five months of the last year t wmcn exniiMU an mores e 01 npwarus of 65,000 bags, and which ha been principally in United Mate, Braal, and East India. Unbinds are 20 l - 2d. a 21 1 - 2J : Orleans Zia a 24 1 - Sd ; Sea Wands 3. a 4s 1 - 2d ; iirszib 2d a 26d ; Bengal 10 - Sd a 14 1 - 2J ; iurats 15 1 - Sda 10 1 2d. Ashes continue in a very neglected state ; and as wa continue to receive uMilic from the Uni ted Slates, and being on the eve of importations from Canada, Ire apprehend a further advance, first Boston pots are 53s a 5 1 ; New - York S'J a 53 ; Montreal aOi a 51 ; and firs, pearls 56s a 57s. . . Naval store hare had a s&aterial decline. Tar has been sold at 13s. 3d. f 14s. 6d. per bar rcl, and Turpentine at 13s. d. to 14s. for ordi nary to middling ; for two - thirds ami upward; soft, 14s. a 15s. 6d. Rice is hi limited request at 35 a 36. in Bond. Bees Wax 13 a 141. 10. prr cwt. Quercitron Bark is dull, New - York at 17 a 20s. Vhiladth.hia at 20 a 22. Staves are in demand; white oak barrels 12a 131. Pipes, H a SCI. tier M. In Tobacco there is but little doing ; the stock on had is very small. Virginia is 7 a lOd. Geor gia and Kentucky 6 a Bd. Maryland, none in market. ' Four has fluctuated very much the last 10 or IS day, having risen from 42 to 4ila. and declined to it present price of 41 to 45s. Wheal is 12 a 13. per70lb. Respectfully we are vourol't scrv'ls, LAURENCE, WILLIS & Co. during the first From the U. S. New - Orleauj, 1UI7. 181ft. 55,135 68,I1H) 8.601 18,361 Savannah, etc. 63,7 ti 86,461 23,242 4'j,.i37 5,0K 5. - 17 - 2 2,621 3,969 12 ii 3,862 21,120 907 66 ; 93,360 164,471 Brazils and Portugal, Deiue rara and Derbice, West - India Mauds, Ireland, fast - Indies, All other parts, Further selections from English papers, received at the office of the New - York Evening Tost, ' by the ship Importer, captain Dingley, from Liverpool. LONDON, June 15. On Friday the following oath wa taken by Mr. Hunt, beiore the lord mayor, :tt the inva sion bouse. This telf - d nwl ol the depuneuty in swearing to refuse what is h rcry Ukity to be of - U'ered to him, is singularly m:iguaniniou3 "I, Henry Hunt, do hereby Voluntarily aud olemnly swear, that 1 will never accept or take from the. kirn;, or hi ministers, either directly or indirectly, for uiyelfpr any of my family, auv place, pension, emolument, grant, contract, title, or any other gratuity wUt - oever. 1 will never cease my endeavors to obtain for every man above the age or eighteen years, a vote loi a representative in the coaiuio V house of par liament ; I will never fail to exert my most sti e - uuous endeavors to repeal that cruel, uojust and partial law, the starvation act, coniaionly railed the corn bill ; I will keep the poll for the city of Westminster open till the last moment allowed by law. (Signed) HENRY HUNT 0, Norfolk itrect, Strand, Juno 12." litot at TamieorlK. Sir Robert Peel having announced the intention of his son, Wn. reel, esq. to oiler hiitttcli cuiioiutly with sir Robert, at tne approaching gcueral elei Uou, lord Town - ihcnd, one of the present nicrqbcrs, arrived in the borough, aud the canvass of "bolls parties ha proceed! U with great bneknes. Ou Moudiy iast both parties gave public dinner to their friends. The head quartets of the parlies were it Ihe King Arms (sir Robert's inu), aad t!i Castle (lord TowoolienJi), Khich inns are emct - oppojite each oilier. After dinner, iu tlw oursc of tho eveuiug, the rival candidate parad d the town in procession, witb appropnate Har, He. The procession meeting (ak the matter v stated to us,) the bearer of one of llse Teel fl g? waved it slantiugly over the head of the rival party; the flag wa instantly torn to atom ; the procession passed on but the " thumb In J been bitten," as rhak - pearc r:ij s. Arrived al Ihe iuns. v . feci, esu. an.ieared at the Window, and, we believe, addressed the freemen bvlow. He h:d a walking tick in bis hand, which tho Tnwtitbriid toy say was shaken, as in uicn.iee; (a tiling perhaps not very likely, bat the thought wa enough.) lu. - t.intly to it Ui rivl Iwys wtat ; and sconr were in a moment roiiing ; the r - avcincut w.i torn up, and the siee begin o.i both of tliu z " - ri.on : windows, shutter,, tic. all; - peared ai by the wand of an 'I irboni'i, till s area a stir k or pane wis visible. Th job wu. completiit of bolli hu - e iua few niinute. A carl Oi large paving tlooi'l weie collected fmm thn room of each inn, uriny of which caiii rolling down the stair Ore like thunder. Ou the part of the Toiirh ml Uivt, tt.c wur Wh mUntly rarriel to the house of K 'munj I'ld. cq. aci - os the road which p3'e Uie iijnier oi Itie street at right anj;lr. fins n si ,r.. dnn'.Iy shared tha fte of ill'' and Ihe Mmi ly were obliged to fly. Tho daiir.ig - d ine mu. bo very considerable ; but wo have h nr l of no estimate that can be reiie.l on. The towu h.xt ticeu quiit ever tinre. We are sorry tn heat thM one roan h:i been o severtlv hurt, that hi life ia d - 1 paired of; anntlier had !.: leg broken . and various others are teriourly injured. I Ins oi'irnui; while a man ai swimming iu tne Hyde at Dominie's Hole, a ferormus water dog leaped in alter him and hied his fore paw on his shoulders, m d kept hut below the wa'er till he was nearly Urowuc l. 1 wo rcnn; nie.i liearing the cry " save bi.n," imme jia'ely swau towards nim, an1 buoved him up unt.l they got to a shallow place, when he was horlly after wards n moved. I ue practice ol bringing wa terdog lo a bathing id ce is very much "to be reproia'.eu. The couuleoanea of the Duchess of Cam bridge, lately mariied to the king yonnjest son, uot only beautiful, but slron - lv marked with benevolence and inteil enc. lier figure is ex - lnisitely formed, aud the smalluea of her waist k remarkable. 'I he f - illnwing is a description oi lie wedding drees ot tier royal luphnc s the lucheof Cambridge: A very rich silver tis - ue, with two blond fl ionte of beaut f.ii Brus - 'els point lace ; each ftmuce be Jed, with rich iilver rcolloped Irimuiiog; the sleeves iatefully looped up with silver tas - els, and richly trimmed nib. Urusselj lace to correspond. '. A nl ver tissue ul, linc - d with while satin, trisuncd with broad Hruseal lace, and bordered with a rch silver "olloped trimming to match the dress, and ( tened in the waist with a brillimt diimooj clasp; ,iead ars a brilliant bandeau rd diannnd. f tlMA LE fjiSlilO.YS fDi'i JU.YK. H'utking Dren. hijh dret?, cmp - ved f ,m - grecu sarinet, made very short hi the wai.(. tnd with a plaio broad bact. Long steers, ra - iber loose, umshed at the bottom wi'h w'ule sv 'in honevcombed. A very f jII enanlt licetp. 'lie fulueta Coafuieil in compartments by ttlk imming. l be collar t oroameoteu in a nuu By mistake, ia yejterjay'i f aper, called Lei - K II ant. lar xfjltj itstanfii backs ao4 Iii?laj tnMerittt, orlttfl worn underneath. ; Tat rt itomameuttd by a Mud and tassel, anu me i - (ma of the skirt finished with folds of pea greea t.n aad rich silk trimmine - idaoed alUi nately. Mead dress a pea greeo satin toque, otnasaeuuM with flowers. - Glove aud inoet to corrcipouu. Evenine Jrc. - - A while net gowu over a nnla blush - colored sliu : the bod v is niado tirrht to she thane, and cut verr low all round the bust, which n delicately shaded by au under front of while Usee. J he oast o uie uresa u tastefully oiDaucnted by rich white silk tris - ming ; a band of tha tame round the waiet, with while silk Usseli bed in front, gives an elegant finish to the boily of the drew. The skirt i trimmed with draperies of net interspersed with bunches of roses; . these draperies are placed high, and the skirt it finished round the bottom by a narrow triminuig, of a novel description, composed of satin and a rich flounce of blond lace. Short full sleeve. - Head dress, a toque composed of richly embroidered gauze, ornamented with an elegant plume of while feathers. which are placed so as lo fall over en the right side, fearl necklace aud ear ring, vi nite kid gloves, and white satin shoes. - T'ht tummer I amnions this year are, more than usually, various and elegant. For wulkiug dress, plainness and simplicity teem to be the order ol the day. Plain muslin high dresses, with silk pell - sts or spencers, and very large Leghorn, fine straw, or silk and straw bonnet, which are generally trimmed with flowers, are moit prevalent High silk dresses, made alway in light colour, are also in very general estimation. For the carriage and dress promenade, pelisses composed of clear mualin, lined with colour ed sarsnet, and profusely trimmed with white lare, are considered very toni;h. The most ele gant of these pelisses is composed of fine plain clear muslin, and lined with bright green ears - net, the skirt gored aud made full. The waist is very short, the back is full, and the body rich ly decorated with lace, put on in a nofcl and rather whimsical manner in four zig - zag rows, laid one above another, which forms a pelerine and half - slncve, for they come no farther than the houlder iu front. 1 her is no collar, but a e ry rich lace ruff, usually left open al the throat, is worn with this pelisse. Long full sleeve, the tuibtss confined from the wrist, about half way to the elbow by narrow bauds ot bias green sa tin, which are fiuuheU at each edge by a row ol imp. The trinimmg of the pelisse consists of a broad flounce of lace, which goes up the frouls and rcund the bottom, aud is surmounted by a wreath of leave formed of joining lace, which is lot in immediately above Uie flounce. Tbo materials for carnage bonnets are white atio, white g - .iuze, net, or chip ; the latter, how ever, i but partially worn. The crowns ol bonnets continue to be uiaJe low, but the brim are considerably larger than we ever remember lo hare seen litem ; when, however, which ia frequently the case, the brim is composed of a transparent material, its immense size doe not reudcr it unbecoming. Some bonuctsare entirely transparent, the most fashionable are either compo sed of plain white satin, or else having a gauze or uei iioin, niiiia wnue ssiia crown co'crcu wuu gauze or net. Flowers are the favourite orna - monis, bat white feathers are sometimes adopted for satin bonnet." - . Cloud is a great deal u?ed, ptrlicularly for satin biuret", the brims ef Which are genoiaily ulged with it. ' .viusiin rohis t - coitm jo in verr grct e - ti - :natinn in n;0: iiiug di e.s ; but clo - e round dress lejjiu also tn te a g - ood doa' worn. The bod,es cf these dresses arc uiado in a stvlc very sinolar to the robe. Wai ts coutiuue as short as u - u - al, and long siceves are v.ora fuller Uun lal u"iith. vlulin, satins, and figured silki are thr t'ashio liable materials for dinner Jrcts, tl form of which has undergone a tiigh. revolution ..nee ourlal ncticc. Frocks are more in favourthao - tvn., and trimnings afford a gwd deal of ;t - nety in lorui, though very Utile io material, as they are mostly composed of satin, gauze or net ; '.he lormer ol which is generally mixed with chenille. In full dress, toqurt, turbans, cap, and small hats are all fashionable ; even the most youthful belle covers at least partially her beautiful tresses with one or other of them f he crowns ofhatsmid the caul of caps are always of a moderate height : the former are com - ;Htd of white satin or satin t J correspond with the dress ; the latter of lace, or else of a mixture of satin and lace, fome also are ol" net, the ,'uliifcs of the caul il.vidcd by lou'.eaus of white - alin ; these have a light and tisteful appcar - mce ; but perhaps the most strictly appropriate lo full dress aro those composed of blond, with a mixture of satin. Cap ate always ornamented with flower. Toques and turbans have sometimes flower, but ofiener feather or silver ornaments ; tbey are al frequently trimmed with the mate.ri.d ol which they arc made. Hals, the brims of win h we muM observe are always small, are invariably docur.itid with feathers. The passion lor covering the hair has prevented any novelty from being observable lately. ' Fnm lie Dtulcitiwn, Penn. CorrespanJerA. Curiout Ci' ntm - tance Immense numbers offish were fl.;i:is' in the Aeslumouy creek, in a torpid and dead state, on Sunday, the 12th inst. The water wa very shallow, occasioned by itie 1oii(' absence of rain. And as that dy i. id the preceding one, were unusually hot, to Ins circumstance is their rte ith attributed An ohn rvini friend mention a similar occur cuce about 40 years since. F;om Jlrifi J'hitaJeiphia bazrUr, July 31. Ship Vaunrh To - morrow, between 1 and 2 o'clock, Mill bo launched from tlieslup yard if Mr. Kvre. Kensington, the elegant ship A(inmc, upwards of i'M tuns nieaKUi eiucnt, rvnrd by Mr. John Me.ii - v. We undenland t'itl it is a Uct f nd we are almost afraid to tate it. as the New - Yorkers will boa - t on the subject) that this will be the fust ! Kb launch m Uiu port, t,,r uie last live years ! Capful Me - ny certainly dueives the tliunk of the sli pwriglits for Ins endeavor to revive tiicir busir.css. From !'if rLlutJefphla Di - m.ratic Ire$ of yet - tenluy A most dm ins Robbery was committed in this city on We .i.csJay last. The particulars, as cominuBicaieu to us are as loiiou - . a nun comiiig in Uie bteam - bout from New - Ctle, Imvintr in bin hand a small bundle, complained of being sick. - As he approached the city he fut stnl more tick, and was enquiring of the plain wnere he could gel lodirinzt in the city and procure the attendance ol a pmsicuu. when two young men, passengers, profercd their services to conduct him to lodgings and procure a ptiyMCian. I heir oner wan accept ed. 1 he sick man having landed and put lumselt under Uie care ot his polite fellow passengers, they conducted him to a house in iVater - strvet, above Race. There was something in the appearance of the hone and fur niture, &c. uliicli nude no fuvor.ble impres sion on Uie sick: man, who earnestly begged that a doctor milit be brought all con venirnt eeL The fellow who had conducted him to the house said be should soon have the doctor, but they tiioiig - lit he should first ive Viera hair a i!oi sr for the trouble they nad Had. 1 he nun thinking it vain to re - (, drew out lies money and while handing .me of them the half dollar received from the other a box on Uie side of the head, which ex tended him on ihe floor. Hie fellows then proceeded wiluuul ceremony, to rifle the man f all he hail, ne fmtiheJ and eight Mlari, which accompt - shc.1 they ran oil' and have wit since been arrested. We trust that this narrative will act as a caution to Uivel - iera not to accept the Bervkeofatrargeri who presi their attention unasked. - - ' r . - i . .. . - - . - Vtm tht potion G.teite, July 30. Whal W.eVt. The ship George, Captain Fitch, arrived at Nautucket 24tk inst. frua A whaling voyage in the Paciflc Ocean, SSOOObbl. sperm oil; all well. Left Conception 19th May, in co. with thin Francis. Coffio, for Nantucket. Left at said place, ship Rover, Cleaveland, of Mew - York, on a tradiug voyage, in uie uauui w the Royalist tho cargo under arrest, anu uie cantaiu at liberty on shore the ship appropria ted to Ibeir use. J W Diig saniou, wuK, i Salem, in the like situation. .1 he iwo capiain mentioned, were sent t Lima for a second trialj in the brig ; the ship left behind, for the purpose, it is supposed, of carrying despatches. At the above placo there were several armed vessels, and the inhabitants were in preparation to em - hark inlhtni, in case an attack from the Patriots (which was anticipated) should be wade. They had uot received any account from Valparaiso since the latter part of April, at which time there did not appear lo be any molestation of American property, aud they were partial to the Aaierican trade, Capt. Fitch bring the following lists of the whale (hip of Naotuckct and New - Bodford ; and from his idea, it does not appear there will be many Teasel heady to returu ia the present year ; probably four or five. March 5, 1818, Franklin 1400, Mar 1100, Hero 1200. Independence 400. Thomas 400 April 20th, Essex COO, Improvement 600, Factor I80perm. 270whal. May 1st, vulture liw, Criterion 300. Gov.tfroug 200 sperm. 150whalu, Hysco 1400, Alert brig 300, Gen. Jackson brig 350, lVorlli America SOOspcriu. W0 whale, Atlas 1E0, Brother 300, Prisidtnt ISMI, Lady Adams, on tho ta coast, uo arcouut of N. Bedford. Jan. 20th. Maria 60. Diana 60. Eliza Ba ker 60. March 6th, William k Eliza 300, iwift 1300. UTICA, July 58. Mr. Printer Observing iu vour paiicr of last week, tho account of tho mrlanclioly death of Mr. John Purkman, I have thought that the pun lie might possibly form an opinion too unfavorable of the intentions of the unfortunate young man, Mr. James milh, jun. who wa the means ofthi trying event. I he circumstance which led to this nielaucl.oly act were uunoumeaiy me following: Smith aud five other young men in the neigh borhood having determined to kill Ihe dog of Mr. Parknian, met on Tuesday evening the 10th inst. for that purpose. Between tho hour of 10 and 1 1 at neht. South and reck, witn earn a ioau d musket, (the others ha.iiigstopped distance back,) approached within a few nd of the house, wluch caused a barking of the dog mat awoke Mr. I'arkman, who ro,e up in hi bc.l, raised the window iu the eat wall of the hou - e and or dered the dog to be still immediately after Smith discharged his gun at the dog, but unfor - tunalely the ball missed its intended mark, perforated Ihe wall of tlie north side of the house, in which direction b'mith stood, and pwed through the heart of Mr. Turkman and left him a lifolc corpse on hi owu lied. I nere wa ro wmnow in the north side of the house, and Smi'.ti could not hare seen l'arbinan if it had been in tho day time. Thus was an affectionate wife bereaved of a kind husband, and three small ihilden de prived of an indulgent and affectionate father It is no more than justice to sell, that no difficulty had heretofore exi ted to create any suspicion that the young men meant any other tuischiel man the death of tho dog. CHARLESTON, July 23. Yesterday afternoon, about 5 o'clock, when our pilot - boat were coming in, two of them accidentally ran foul of each other the cue, the New Friends the other the Frolic ; the latter was upset and had her mainmast carried away ?hi bad - I men on board, 2 whites aud 2 blacks ; one oi the latter, a trie man, ny mt name oi James Green wood, was drowned Every ex ertion was made lo resuscitate him. but without e&cct. i NASSAU, (V. P.) Ji'ne 25. Arrived, ch Sarah, Petty, Baltimore. 2b'th, Lavinia, Barknr, N York. June 7, Wiuerican sloop Eagle, Halch, Charleston; brigantinc Nas sau, Ward, rt lork July 10, loop .Sarah's IJe - light, Sweeting, Norfolk. July 8. T he American sloop Amtlii, Bunker, master, from New - Orleans bound to PI - fXuningo, put iu here en Sunday last, and has hern cized by the searcher cf his majesty's custom, tor breach of the laws of trade. A Charleston paper itate a circnmilance as creditable to the police of that city as to the in dustry of the poorer clti - of its inhalitams. I he city marshal seized a quantity or bread not ol the legal weight, ami after advertising it for distribu tion amongst the poor, could not hud poor peo ple cuough to take it off hit hands. The editor thinks it not improper to mention, that he Cuds it necessary, on accouut of iudispo - sitiou, to leave the city for a few week. DIM), This morninc. in the 3'.'d rear of his see. Mr. James O'ine, 01 the house ol John V. BuigiiineC Co. of Wilmington. iV J. J be friends of the deceased, and of Marshall R. Willkins, are invi ted to attend hi funeral Irom the residence of the latter, io. 16 Courtland street, this afiirnoou at 6 o'clock, witbuut a more particular invita tion. .This morning, at 5 o'clock, Mrs. Maria Sheriff", widow of the Itte Wm. Sheriff, of Cor - lea 'a hook. Her relatives ami frisnd. and those of Mr Tims. Stevenson, blacksmith, are respectfully invited to. attend her funeral, tomorrow morning, at 8 o'clock, from her late residence Nd. 89 Bowery.. ' in Richmond County, (Vir ) Capt. William Daii igerfi eld He had left home u - i the morning cf one of the lute hot days, on a fishing ex cursion, and was tound dead on the dav fol lowing, near a spring which lay in his way limne, hence it is concluded, that, overcome by thirst, he drank too freely of cold mater u hich caused his death ; hi basket, containing fidi, was found grasped in one hand, and .lis angling rod in tne other ; He has left a wife and cliikl, together with numerous and respectable connexions to deplore his prema - tu. e lost '.V7.VtV POST .MA RISE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Galatea, Beiuaout : Havre Brig Trari - ller, Ork NewFoundlind oibr Eliz ibeth, B asset t Boston Mary Si Betsey, Corham Boston Ranger, Richards, Norfolk Sloop Young Hornet, Lewis, - Boston Constitution, l - aforge, Norfolk Express, Bulklev, Boston JKIUrF.U litis FORFXOO.Y. SchrSUra, Crowd, 7 day from Yarmouth, with Plaster to the mas er. Sch Celvidere, Johnaen, from Alexandria, and 36 hours fiom the Capes, with flour, kc to J & C Segume, owuers, Burrill k Calioone, and T C Butler. . - loop Justina, Stevens, 3 day from New - Bedfurd, with salt, to Fish Cirinneil. Sloop Sally, Ai.tUouy, Sdays.from Newport, with cotton and straw goods, to Dunham and Auchinclos. Hicks, Lawrence & Co - and Adams and Thayer. BELOW, one ship and a brig. i - Hsr t.rSLW, Ship Garonne, Whiting, 55 days from Trieste, with merchtidite, to G G Si S How. land. Sailed in co. with brig Almeida, M'Ken - ny, of Baltimore, for UraxiU, and parted witf, her at Gibraltar .:Left, bri; Lady Monro, 1 Conklm.of Baltimore, loading for Hamburg to tail about )5ih June'; ship Blrjornlnp - KcaJ - Trowbridge, of N i ork, for Oaplet in 10 or days, the only American vessel in port P.. . ..l r - : c i . i. J o m ik. .!. cu miar aiu.ii al'l,IJlMSaW la tbing ot tne u. a. tquauron unaerstood that " a part of them weie al Leghorn at the time ', we len iricsic. ppoitc, June zo, on 41 11a sch Montezuma, Hormes, of Baltimore, 37 dat from Havana, for Marseilles July 29, lt 39 Inn TI 90. aeh Harriet. Hull. f. - .,m I ..i! . - , - - . " miucc for Baltimore. Passenger, Mrs Home, Mess, C R Horite, R W Palmer, Dasdisco, and Boa, tmtwwwnn 'I'll flnivinn It ufe n,d, . i quick voyage, having been absent only three montus ana 14 city t. . fchip Morning Star, Wheaton, from IS. Or. leans, 18 days from the Ralize, with tobacco & cotton, to II Cowing, I) Bethune Si Co Bogert Si Kneeland, tnd Moorman & Johnston. Left sch Undaunted, for N York next day ; brig Sa. vantiah Packet, for do in 2 ; ship Aiuikquam for do in 3. invoke in the river, July 9, thjp William. Hunt, N York: sch Elizabeth. fm Cliarleston 1 10th, brig Dolphin, from Boston , t , c - . i. 1 j r . 1 snip lircniu, ennui, in uj 110m m York i brig Sukey, Brown, 35 day from Newbury, port 1 ship Virginia, from N York, 18 daw o the Ralize ; ship Tennessee, 26d:ys Phj, ladelphia ship Pocahontas, 40 days fiom Lst. bon; ship Hope, 7 days from Savannah; bri' Argo, 26 days from N York. At sea, July 2? 1st 24 45, in the Florida passage, brig Ciitui' Allen, 3 days out from Havana, forCo - ea.hit several of the crew being sick, Wended to make for a port in the U States, unles they should recover. 23d, in the Passage, brig Rut - si II, Eldridge, 5 days from Havana, forKe. port. Passengers, Messrs. T II Tailor, ll.irtman, V Boyd, H F Toweslev, J Bums, jr. M Morgan, W F.cles, J talkeri T Frank - tin, It t Blossom, It W I'litt, N Atewlrt, J T Uttle, T Luckhart, J F Perault, S Hall, tnd 8 others who express the warmest approbation of capt. W'b. management and polite demea nor 011 me passage. Sch Dart, Carlton, 3 days from Korfolk, with Wider melons, tn the master. Sloop flea Washington. Attvood. 7 dava from Boston, with fish, kc hound to Albany, sioop aiary, uuctlcy, l days trom Boston, with dry goods, Ke. to P Itcnisen tc Co. Le Uoy, llayard i: Co. J Osborn, and other. climp l.ydia & Mary. 7 days from Rich. motid, with coal, to Laing ti Kami o I ph. 1'HiLioitruiA, July 31 Arrived sch Margaret, VV ilson, fi - om St". Jago Sloop .lover, llcox, 4 days irom Stoning - ton. Bri? Ariadne, Haskill, 11 days from Litbec. with 90 passengers. Si huoner m. Penn, roster, 10 days from Boston. v Ship . Sims, Eels, JO days from Liverpool. with 100 passengers t ship Georgia Packet. Buice, 5 days from Charleston ; and schooner Nancy, from New - York, are below M II. DERBY'S ACADEMY. RESULT 01 tne Ar - uual Es animation, trrai - nated at this Acudimy, Juy Sd, laifj. OKEKK. First Class M'Cosker, premium ; Triplet aid Bogtrt, ai.crsserunt. fcecond Class Smith, pn miura ; R. Baiks and Bacon, accesserunt. LATIN. First Clasj (First Division) R. Burke and Cono!fy piemiuua ;Tripier aod Bacon, aicewe - runt. (Second Division.) Delany, premium; H( - tinaud VVbitehuu, acresseiunt. becond Class D. Pell aud Harrison, premium ; Burnhani aod Isberwood, art rsearant. I hird Clan C. Miller, premium ; Targes) K ceil. Fourth Class Selon, premium ; Flora, acce sit. ; , laii. riiosouy. Tripler premium ; CossuHy aod Bacon, sects - 1 teruut . FRESCII. First CltsfCuniliy, premium s M'Cocker, accessjt. ' " - second Clas Bogert, premium ; - Wtutt - hruie, acct - siit. ' i hird Class uurnbam premium ; Uelaay aim Staples, Hcreiterui.t. . Fouriii L lass I nplcr, premium ; Batoe au Flora, arret eiunt. ' i. T ri Ui Class vci,h and Coleman, preouoai; 1'uift.e anil llostiu, acictserunt. - bixth Clan ton, preutium ; Islerwood, K - itiiit. t;.CLII.H GRAMMAR COMPOSITIO.i. Fust Class Burke, premium ; Tripler, atcet - sit. ... Second Class Brevoorl, lstp)troiiim;Whi house and Harvey, 2d preiniuui ; Weldi, Bun - bam and Targe - , (c ttstrunt. r.L.ucu i tvj.. f ; Bacon, premium ; U hitciiouse, acrusit. U&E OF THE CLOU Lb. . - , First Cls Burke end Fiota, ptemiua; Tripler nnd Bacon ncccsseruut. becood Class Delany, preminm ; Archd. Pts accensit. - . Third Class M'Cosker ar.d Staples premiaa; Tarsee, accetsit. BOOK - KEEI'lNtt. Miller, premiuui ; Welih and Conolly, acctt erunt. AKITHMC1IC First Class Harrison and Delany. prtmiuni Welsh and Colenian, actesserunt. Second Class - Breioort ami Ccsker, premium ; Tripler. Burke and Miller, accc sseraot. Third Class Harvey and Bacon, preaium; Staple and WbitrLwuse, accesserunt. Fourth class Bogert hud C. Miller, premium ; Targee, accesit. Filth Class E. Arciutky, ptemiMia ; Jl'Cloik), acecit. - vvuiii.u. First Class Conolly pnmium ; Buike, acces - sit. ... Seyond ClasColeman, preuuum ; Hirrisoa, VVeUh and White House, aicefscmiit. "I hird Class .VI 'Coskef and Bogert, preautua; Brevoort and Miller, accesserunt. Fourth Class Tnpler. premium ; Staples, to ccsit. . , Fifth Clan E.. M'Cloiky, rremiua f .Vl'Closky, accessit. - - , . , t VacBiioo ends tlie in wcepiemner. , aug 1 - - ifr " llie Ornliaii Asvlum Society," gra,e' fully acknowledge the receipt of 830, arbitra tion fees, from Messrs. wm. nciiwm, j" - Gcorge W. Talbot, and Jon. H. Uwrcuee. an 1 J. W. OGDKN, Sec'ry. ICT A SERMON willbedoliverHlLrjn' Day afternoon, the 2d inslaut, at three e'dock, in Uie Moravian church in FuKon - elrect, by Revd. E. Cornelius, recently returned frets tour lo the Cherokee, Chickeiaw and Choc1 tribe ol Indians. om interest leg tahrwW will be given relative to Uie mission of die borw Brethren in the Cherokee nation. ' a I - For bAV.LVS.iH, The fast sailing regular psekettenr. ji2iUXDAUNTEO, Van Schayck.iwtWs having 3 - 4th of her cargo on board, u on Monday next, 3d August, weather ta" - ting. For remainder - of fi eight or psfssff' applv on board, al Gouvenieiirk.wharf, or to ANSON fi. 1'HELPS. uir 1 - 183 Front - sti. tun muytvL, Wl,., 11.. N.Yn.k built bri? ih!iV0 J George K. Dowdall, master, 300 tot 11 on Tuesday, and can aecomiaooai uill sa ifP - t day car in paascugm w ot,i. y - Aif nlication for ntssireonly. is madoon tni 0 - - - . :n mt.wwtnT manner, m i or Monday, U) the muter on board, at Muf ray's - wharf, or to TflTT Jr M'lvlNJiEt " , . - 56 gootkslreet. CJ Bedding provWcJ fur ptsiengers.

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