Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 3
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Ttranrfay, January 28 Churches SACKED HEART CHXJRCB '·Rev. Ronan Foley Sunday. Holy Mass and Benediction. 9:00 a. m. Friday, Holy Mass, 7:30 a. m. FriAiy. Devotions, 7:30 p. W. Saturday. Holy Mass, 8:00 a, m. Saturday, Devotions. 7:30 p. m. ST. MARY'S OF MT. CARMEL Eacle Center, la. THE · Ohio, in recent years has sent! Paul L. Klldet. cash adv his Christmas greeting cards to| nai^'h^vrn^T^vls^i^n^adv 3 the Joice, Iowa, postcffice to be|Dr. S. D. Smith. II. D.. fees! mailed from there to his friends £ el " Brustkern. Tr. meet. SS-REVIEW J LA PORTE CITY, : . .7A and relatives. He is the nephew of the late P. M. Joice, former Lake Mills banker, for whom the town of Joice, Iowa, was named. Frank Cotter, meet J- J. Kelley. meet W. S. Peck, meet Edvard Schmitt. services John F. McDonald, meet Morris Nissen. meet Lincoln Qfflce Supply Co.. off. ·sup. 11.45! .Co.. lei 5.71 Barlles Shepherd OH Com- 7.51 pany. fuel oil 78.30 Iowa "Public Service Company. 4.00i dec ". 4.00 Waterloo Water Works, a-a.- 4.001 ter 4-00' T B ERADICATION FUND 1.50 Dr. R. J. Dundas. salary MTV lO.TO BANG'S DISEASE ERADICATION FUND .28 55 cents: Walter Peterson. 1.20- Harvey Clnuleiuir ' "" - -- , voy Clniileilillli. 1.G5: I. W Fortune 04.62'1.B5: Ed R-nli,,", Gi.35: H. E Me-' N;u:ieP. 01,35: A. \V Eoltint' T150- 2I '- 5 -, FilT, Wlsup, 1.20: Herman Peter^n! |i9.-40: G. M. Ean-r. 7.;.10: Arnold 7-1 j Schmit, 1T.33: H. F. Peterson. 3630 I K E .Meuvi'.f. 37.10- G K Wv.lll 5° !"·'·"' ; .£ ra "5 f at :'TM- ?M L R?' Th,'m- Why waa? Sell it now, through 1 Mrs- Mark Buttcrficld. Soc. Hiu want adal · ~- ' Wel - B d . . ' . . H e want aoai Iciva,Public Sen-ice Company. CARD OF THANKS j I wish .to thank the people of 10:00 o'clock. FT. R. F. Duffy. Pastor i this-community for the sympathy Masses on Sundays at 8:00 and a nd many kindne'sses extended to me during my recent bereavement. 4-lp Chas. R. Oron PROCEEDINGS~OF COUNTY O U U 1 M 1 I JMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH Gilbertville. Iowa Her. Wm. J. Cremer, Pastor R«V. Victor Gerlemann. Assistant! Sunday Masses at 7 and 9 a. m. I Week day Masses at 1 and elec. Waterloo Water Works, walcr 10.00 1 4.49 15.50 132.51 LA PORTE CITY CHURCH' WEBLEYAN METHODIST O'yvH*"*. A. i?nthfuss. Pastor Sunday, Sermon, 10 a. m. ·iV/Bible school for all ages, 11 - ^ aZ m. · ' x Bibl«L study for all, 7:SO p. m. . Sermon, E p. m. Cottage prayer meeting Wedy; 8 p. m. Waterloo, Iowa. January 11. 1955. The board of supervisors of the county of Black Hawk. In the slate of Iowa, met In regular adjourned meeting al Ihe court house in Wa. terloo, counly seat of said county, al ! r.dne o'clock (9:00) a. m.. pursuan" I to law. to the rules of said hoard, and to adjournment. The meeting va: called lo order and on roll call ther. were present: Chairman. C, V. Kline. Frank W. Beck. John P. Eillcr. Geo EMMANUEL WESLEYAN ;: METHODIST CHURCH .; Hfcrold D. Seoggan, pastor "' Sunday School at 10 a. m. ' Morning- Message at 11 a. m. Yontfg- Peoples Service at P p. Mr.:" ' · 'Eveninp Message at 8:30 ' l On :·'· this Thursday evening at the Wellwood Williams home the church is holding a combined Mis-- i -VTT i i_ "KT-A \-uuniy 1'urm 1 Sionary meeting and Watch Nite Refshauijc, Taylor^ service. Everyone welcome. Teli your 'friends to come. B. Miller, Edw. Refshauge, Val Schmit and Stanley Taylor. Absenl: None. Moved by Miller seconded by Reck that the claim of Clarence \Vidner of S64.00 for loss of household pood:? by fire, be nnd the same is hereby declined. Motion carried. Moved by Biller seconded by Ref- j shauge lhal Ihe appoinlmcnt of com- mittecs for 1943 by Ihe chairman were approved and ordered spread upon Ihe minutes- STANDING COMMITTEES FOR Finance--Miller. Taylor, Kline. Counly Buildings Property-Taylor, Beck. Schmit. Poor--Rcfshaugc. Miller. Beck. Insane--Schmit, Kline, Billcr. Frinline and Supplies -- Kline, Schmit. Miller. Judiciary-- Seek, Biller. Refshauire. County Farm and Home--Bill ur, COUNTY ROADS AND BRIDGES District No. 1--Billcr. Miller. Kline District No. 2--Refshauge. Taylor. Schmit. EMMANUEL EVANGELICAL CHURCH G. L. Bercemann, Pastor Sunday church school, 10 a. rn. MornJriE worship at 11 o'clock. Evening worship at 7:30 o'clock. Mid-week service and Bible stodj; at 7:30 o'clock on Thursday averring. Since no one in the community "Would -want to live in any community where the influence of the church is not being felt therefore every one in this or any other community should want to sup- .fkort the church in every way JMudble. "METHODIST--CHURCH Ralph Supplee, pastor. Church school, 10 a. m. 11 a, m., Morning worship. ·Sermon: "The Gates of Heaven.' Dlslrlcl N'o. 3--Miller, Sqhmit. Taylor. District No. 4--Taylor, Kline. Ret shaufrc. District No. 5--Kline, Beck, Biller. District Beck. Nt». 6--Schmit, Refshauge. District No. 7--Beck, Biilcr. Miller. Moved by Taylor seconded by Schmjt that the appointments anil McFarlane Coal Company, coal 219.3S Alfred Hallberg Auto Top Shop, repra. ./...'.' Rynearson- Koch. Inc.. repr. Black" 1 Hawk Electric Company, Churchill Mfc. Company, wax. Theo. E. Robortsotl' Products Co.. soap ...... · _ ' . . : . . . ' . . Waterloo- Hardware Company. mlsc _. Waterloo Drt'Jging Company; sand .'. Dr. R. W. Gctchell, an^lvsis. . Jake £ Bill, c l o l h . . ' . . , . , " Black H a w k . County Medical 5.00 10.40 1J.22 7.01 3.S3 John C- Krcb. salvage Fred Meier, salvage Wallace H. Allard. sal race. .. Gordon Duiik'jrtoii. ^ a l v a ^ e . . . 1 Oscar Johnson, iv.lva^e SOLDIERS' RELIEF FUND i \V;,!t C. W. C o t t o n , d i s l r l b u t i c . i l . . . !!XU.G ' j 1 Jio- LIBRARY F U N D I Cli-n'c The Bobbs-Mcrrill Company. books ". Fillli'll Book Company, bi.uks ,". D. Jefferson, sunt.. G i n n Company, bouk.-* Mii'ln-l. iL'.L'j; Harrv : t i m e r J. H.iusmiin. C3.-J3: Vf. tfl.M: Joiin Phillips J . , , ^ l ; ni.l:, : L. ^ T . _ Nl-Ufi.-lll, 7Ml: ivt'o ro.rnl ct.s;,: August ' ci'n':V, '"si,r,' \v-i!t?f 12.301 V.", mi. Gl.ltt: O. 11 Mnuoli-'ui $·· ]-,- r TV;,TS,..|. -I £0: 1.. I I . ' IVrr'v' Kr:ii!k NYllh. 53..III; Harvey , n i , n i . fi.n-; t. \v; Fv.i-.un,\ -1.40; l i , K a s l h i ! ; . |.!l.-, : I.e 0 N e u l i a l f e l i . It. .1. l l , , y : m . S.»- Carl .lons-n, r,y i l i l i i K - r , :!.!;,'· ' K\zy' wllso'n! inn.nnl Ji m Flujr,, S.Ml 3K.-,: Page Three Hln-cl Truriis-SI -Man a:.;l i ,,.,.; Shop M.-.-h-ii' , J. S. L n l l a Son. Tlie books Macmillan Company. J. A. RichnrxlK. Inc.. b o n k s . . Th- University Publishing Com^.?nv. hrwiks ,,.111 i - - I f . : i ( i i i : -,|. F. K. M'-li'.lU. MM I! V r n:,,|i-.-.. I . .',:i.:M; W r i l l . T I 1 . I V i - r v . .^l.jii: . Society. aiU Wilson Di-u^' Company, mod. sup. - - , " Pearl -Roberts, cash adv Stacy Map Company, m a p s . . Addressncraph -- · · 3.S3 A. C. McClure i- Comn; S ' 1! '. POOR FUND n |I.i,la Eersen. salary .. ·i.uu pi, v ii( s i..i.^., n ^.. ....i~..,. 1. \V. : ttMi-.k I'lii-ivii iL',7": John P l i i l - lvli-1-j..-ii 37.5ii- l i ,r\i-y C\. n , I n . E n s l l i i - k . C.3S corporation, repr. E. C. Naumaii. M. aid HelL-n G i l b e r t m i l v n John P. Biller. D,, med. g.09 3.CO IS.S3 col. Bljikcsley. o m l l lax Cedar Falls Dully Record, pub. bd. proc Waterlop Daily Courier, pub. bd. proc. Maxine . , Josephine Konri, it. ail.iry J. II, Filzsurald. P. M., V.u:«'.- u'nth. salary _ Wilbur and l l a v r i i ' l t - Niu-her salary Mel ami Dolpli Pa-kenm;. ,-;l- ary M a r t i n m.'.l Mildred Tlinin. I .salary \Vaiorloo. Cedar Kills I . , , , N , - u ! i : . l f , - n . '.1:1. .-,Vi:,. | · r . M i l l , : - . R . f - | 'i'.-.yl,.!-. a v d K l i n e i K"S"lllll.Mi d . i - l a i , il COfRT FUND Christi.uisun, help _,, ,., Not-U\"rn R;iil 213 . 23 Cl.-onii Saffr-l" 9.3., ^Iph Shall J. II. FilZforald, P. M.. post- Roy H. Jensen. Falary Henry \V. Brandt, salary A n n a M. Decker, cash ;ulv.... Matt Parroll . Sons Company, off. sup Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, lei Dr. R. YV. G . - i c h r l l . a n a l y s i s . . Prof. A. VV. Sivcnson. analysis CraiK H. MnsilT. ff-es Everett H. Scott, fees T, Euccnc Thornton. Tees Waterloo Oltice Supply Company, o f f . sup Jenkins Fergemann Company, off. sup The Service P r i n t i n g Company, off. aup Tribune Press. cnvelrtrH-s JUVENILE COURT FUND J. H. FUzscral'J. P. M.. post- 22 f,2 1 Rn.OO 220.CO l-t.10 lllmoi.l O n l r a l li.-iilruad Cum- jiany. frt CyniS Myrrs. rar,' Lou RotfiT*. m i l e a g e Cedar Falls M.-dkul Sociley. nicd. aiil Cedar Lumber Company, l u m - ber _ _ " . Mrs. J. E. Dmvdi- I.TI; 30.00 ·i.r, . rent ,_. nf Diamond B r o l l u - i s , pn.v 4 'C-JJ j M i l l u r Shoe Store, cloth N'nnhwcsicrn Bell Telcnlumc C o m p a n y , lei Standard Oil Comyiany. f t n - l S h u t l y Coal Cornrany, c o a l . . . TownscnJ and M e r r i l l Company, coal W h i t e EaRle F i l l i n g Station. k t - r o R o n e Kl-ick Hawk C o u n t y r,njil S t a m p Revolving Fund prov Farmers Su]iply Companv, coal ; M a i t i e Ferry_ r.-nl Richards arkl Rirharils eniil Dr. R. A. BllckmnsUT. il. D.. S. I T I M . I I ' I 10.0(1 10.CO lO.on 1B.S1; nf Sl".l!U IS. l " \ y i n s u f f i i - i i - n l ' il 11, ,'i-ss:iry oi- L,- ;^, uerLLl c o u n t y ·, nnL- I n t i n - i r e n - ' ; i n s u r f i o i e i H lo r L u : , l ai.'.l n , - c r s - ' , ' r 111,- c v i r r - M i t f i s r a l nr: ,;, llry IY'r«-lT,'d U); - !ln- b.iard "f .-·iipcr- l l r n v k i - , u i M t \ - . Iowa ,,f Hi,- f u n d s in t h e !·· lr:ins-rf-iT'i] PIT- ·;,-n,.-r.-il .-..iiniy f u n d - . Mrs. Bcenken, care... , .. Mrs. Stella Bown. care ....... "Mrs. Kate Bronson. care ...... Mrs. J. D. Church, car?. bonds of the followini; as d e p u l y l M r g , Ilarvcry Carter, care.... sheriffs, to act in criminal matters I Mrs. Dayton Filtoon, care... only without compensation, be and the same are hereby approved: Tim J. Carey. A. W. Foster, Court Husscy and G. E: Snyder. Motion carried. Moved by Miller seconded by Rcf- shaufc that the annual report of the Black Hawk county Farm Bureau for year ending December 31, 1942. be received and placed on file. Motion carried. Moved by Refshauffe seconded by Beck that Ihe Black Hawk county Farm Bureau's certificate of membership showing In exceag of 500 mcm- ·bers- be ^received and placed -orr 1 file and that there be and there is hereby- appropriated the sum of $5.000.00 for use, of the Black Hawk county "Farm Northwestern Bell Telephone -- -- -a -- , ,,,,, Company, tcl , . . . priatlon being made in accordance, M a t t Parrctt Sons Corn- Bureau for the year 1913, such appro- Mrs. Ada Gillcy, care Mrs. Frank IT^T care Mrs. Robert E. Ililcman, care Miss Anna Kvhl rare Mrs. C. M. R h c r r i l l . earn Shell Rook School, trans, Consolidated Lutheran Children's Home. care Mrs. Jameg Turner, care . . . . Bureau of Catholic Charities, care , Mrs. Georpc Dellz, c n r e House of the Good Shepherd. board Mary M. Law. mlleap/e ·Mrs. Ray .Lichty. c a r e . . . , m.OI), l. r i.r,r R BG 21 On lfi.,-0 13.2B 13 28 15.00 110.00 in.oo . fid's Place, kerosene. ", L. L. FronlnK. coal Francis Mopsr-rlv. prov . Mnrrls Nisacn. q l l a n i n l i n e . . . . O'Cumior Urnlhf-ra coal Khimp Brothers . Sons, coal Black H.-.wk C o u n t y Food Slamp Revolvinf; Fund prov Anderson P l u m b i n g Co'mpiiiiv repr ; Allen Memorial Ilospilal. care A P Tea Company, prov, Apux Electric Company, repr! Broadway Coa coal Lola J .1 Company. 1.30 K 'I 12.2' ! \ ' 1.1 SI 12.1-1 2.02 BJck, mnn r 2 n , °- 80 Bniddlawn'B H o s p l l n l . C rent . Polk C o u n l y . C n u n l y A m l i t n r . of Sup, rn.sor.^. \V.-ilnrl.,n. |n w -a. J . ' i i i n i i r y IS. 1913. The bc,:ird , , f Hllp.TV i y n i . s , , r I I I county n[ r.lurV; ll:iwl; in 111'.; Inw.i, m , - t in r,-^iil:ii' ;i(lj,,iu n ini; in tin., ( . n u n h,)up" In c o i i n l y u.-:il , , r ,~-;iifl f , i i i n l \ - . a t n i n , ' ri'rloclt (0:0(1) ,i. in., j i ' j r s i K l i n In linv. lo l i l t r u l r s ,,l .i.,.| l , i , a n l . .'inil In .Hi j m i r n i i i e i i l . Th i n i ' d i i n : wnp calle'l t,i a u l "n m i l ,':.ll I l i e v i - WITI- rlo Soclely, nicd. aid 15.50 Wm . \V. Baker with chapter 138 of the code, and that Tooth Fellowship, 7:30 p. m. at, "?e county auditor be and Is hereby *' r 'directed lo Issue warranls each quarter payable la the Black Hawk county Farm Bureau In an amount of $1250.00. ,Motlon carried. , ; Moved by Beck seconded by Tay- young or old, interested please get lor lhal the report of the township We are trying to organize a Sunday schocj orchestra. .Anyone in touch with Mrs. Supplee. ' PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 11 i jkJPredcrick R. Passler. Pastor ^ionday school at 10 a. m. ·^ J/iormng worship at 11 a. m. The theme for the message of C thf morning will be "The After. t ^wwd of Chastening!" J ~* How deep is the mystery of I God's chastening of His childen! pany. off. sup. Mrs'. Ora Howard, care SECONDARY HOAD MAINTENANCE Mar'^ret , rent Barllea Shepherd Oil Company. i,-as GL-ncviovo B, Cobk, m i l e a f j n IT'S S'-^i ot , Wlller loo, V. D. clinic id -x \v-illard DoLison. 7.01 3. S3 I trustees for Foyner township, for Ihe year 1942 be received and placed on file. Molion carried. Moved by Biller seconded by Schmit] h u t ' Ihe rcporta of Bailey Barnes, counly audllor. for the monlh of December, 19-12, showing; counly feeg collected amounting lo S299.50: and Iho report of summary of fees and rc- demplions for Ihc year 19-12, be received and ^ plnccd on file. Molion carried. ' Moved by Miller seconded by Tay- FU.ND American Business Corp Bartlcs-Shepherd Oil C, M. Berkley Hardware Company Herman M. Brown Company Earlc "L. Brown . ay- lor that the appointments and bonds of the following, by Fre'd L, Northo city assessor, as deputy , i , . . . « · · "-"v *if**aa*Jt , ita utpuiy ii*acs*sura. u"j are tempted to shrink from and the same arc hereby approved' th* mention of this thought. Ye£| ^ u ,,,,,,,,,- ^ ,, in the New Testament when .God stnhiMu." ""james' A. would set forth one of the precious| Fr .»Q!;.p-J'. nr « ho .;_Motii teachings of His loving with His followers, He says: (| "Whom the Lord loveth, He Shaiteneth." Here is a 'truth which \es ; the depths , of Christian ·ejnce as -it' 'brings iis face tb with God's wondrous ^race erfuling suffering 'to the enrichment and /blessing .of the . life rOf the Christian. -."' '. I ' ' SANTA IS A STORK (y Mrs. Hans Wetergaard of Reini. i Wdt became a gTeat-grandmothcr } twice on last Christmas eve. A v jbojr and a girl, respectively, were "" to Mrs. Harold Minder 'ana Hugo Minder, both of San , Calif. The two women last id are daughters of Mrs. Wes- ard's daughter, Mrs. John rd of Gait, Iowa. NAMESAKE Maxwell Joice of Cleveland, TION CALENDAR TIRES "Class A Ration: First in_ §pection deadline--March 31. . Class B, C or bulk rations: . ·. First inspection ' deadline-- ·j . C o m m e r c i a l vehicles in. ;' : lpection deadline--Feb. 28. GASOLINE ! A" book coupons No. 4 ala. each) expire March FUEfc O I L - - · - - - Period 2 coupons (10 gals, i.) expire Jan, 26. 'criod 3 coupons (11 gals. expire Feb. 20. 'eriod 4 coupons (11 gals, valid Jan. 31, until 12, COFFEE ipon No. 28 (1 Ib.) ex. Feb. 7. SUGAR pon No. 10 (3 Ibs.) ·3 Jan. 31. ipon No. 11 (3 Ibs.) ·Feb. 1, expires March REGISTRATION pf registration for ation Book,Two -win ounced" soohl · . Trimble ion carried. and -- -. - _ - by Rcf- shnuee that Ihc reports of · Doris Klnlon, overseer of the poor, for Ihc month of December. 1942,^ be received and; placed., on fHc.. Motion carried. Moved by Beck seconded by Miller thai the official bonds for the following -be and. .the same are hereby approved: ' Raymond L. Stevenson. Georpe II, Willis.,, James S. Newman. C. -W.. Rcnahaw. P. W. DcRcner; Vincent Driscbll. Glen T. Lcland. t Cella Demulh, Ray Kelly, Ceo. N. Wlngerl. Mlllord B. ilUlon. C. I. Cook and "Wrri, r E.'-':Shaulis.'Motion carried, 3Ioved:' by . Beck seconded by; Ref- shauge . that -Leslie Schrubbc be and Is hereby appointed as' member o f i Soldiers' Relief commission to fill the vacancy caused by the dealh of C. W. Colton. Molion carried. * ' Moved by Rcfshaugc sceonde'd by Taylor lhat the reports of the following reports for the year ending December 31,-1942, he rccevled antt placed on flic: E. W. Kcopce. clerk of "municipal- court: Roy Ashley, Justice of the -peace for Big Creek - t o w n s h i p n Hanrey p. Bolrd. Justice of i the peace' " c Cutler Hardware Company... Dukchnrt-Hughes Trader Equipment Farmers Co-Opnralive C o . . . . . Fullcrton Lumber C o m p a n y . . Globe Machinery . S u p p l y . . . Coplcrud Oil Company Gravcnhorsl Welding S h o p . . . . Hudson Lumber C o m p a n y . . . . International Harvester Company Iowa Gasoline Engine Company Iowa Public Servlre Company 30.47 Martln-Roasa Tractor Equipment Co Municipal Ulilille.-; Phillips Pelroleum Company. Pink Supply Company Rcpass Auto Company Raymond Grocery John Rooff Sinclair Refining C o m p a n y . . . Sl.indafd Batlcry Electric Co Superior Welding W o r k s . . . . The 'Texas Company TromanhauFKT Company W. W. Worsnw Waterloo Dredpint,' Cumpany. "Waterloo "Water Work^ Watkins Coal . Lumber Company "Wlnlcrboltom Supply Company Zeldler Concrete Products t . ~ Deparlmcnl of Social Welfare, ' -- ' j b l i n d pensions «, n f t i Adam Fuii.s-t. rent j n » l Ft ' dc ' r ' 1 ' Sanilnllon Cumpany. 1 - ua j soap ,,, ,, I Ka.isanMra Knlarls, rent Si'iJ I L. H. F'TiiiTHon, M. D.. ri-nl M i n n i e K. Goss, mlleQi;'-. - . . w. A, (Tranter, rent Grimily C o u n t y Food Stamp Office, prov. Ray Hurley Funeral Home ii.nt ....." I n d e p e n d e n t Meal Grocery No. I. prov . lou'.-i Public Service Compnny, ·'kc ,,_ J-''ke Bill Clolhicrs. i - l o l l i . . . "' " | Jcnklnr, Fcriiuinann Ci.mpiniy. ^M' 1 " Dr. J. I,."KeHici."M."D.!'ini'-d. JJ-^J Kalz JJIirkaVpriiT 1 .'.'!!!'.!!!!'.! Kcai-n'M Garden Chapel. pr,,f in.rn 1U 311 , 12.1X1 - i l l : r i i n i n n i n C. V. K l i l l i ' , l!i-rk, . J , , l i n P, I',i!l,T, Cn-.p. K r l w . H,,f.»liiiii;.','. Val f,:lunl M-y T a y l , -. , Ho l l i r i t . v i d by M i l l , i I l i r - - Fnulk W. H. Mill,-!' nnd K l ^ n - by H i - h i n i i . rl K. PJ,'lv, a n , I C l a r i ' i i c i - D. tjw.llnl ' l i p v i t y sllfviff.-:. i n :iH i n r r l l n l n u l l l i - i s i, l i l y \ v M l i i i u l (:,inipi.'n.iall'in. lir- :;n- h'-)'''t,y approved. ,;r .«,'eoi!f|.-l by I;,Tk of 1C, ' [ I I I I f o i i p r H . su- ' 50.08 2B.3GI 214.45! r,.no iL'.li'l. l.-il. l:f r , r.' ',.m\ M I . i I n n I'.'iii'ii'd, lr,.ir,, M n v i - i l by U r i ' l i 12.0'l t h a i H i , , i,,.,:ii-d r tin kiv.-.i Pul.lic'. Taylnr rrsiiit I l-':i"J ( I a n a t r v l i ; o ', Z.O'i I s u p p l y |.,t i - l ^ l i l I S nnd l i l Ihri'i; ('.\) I.I View I l , - u ; l i l s w i t h ri.'d. M , , v r d !,j- .-.liili-r a i m , l h a l II,.. ,i!,|i, 1S4.12 10.21 2.3G 21.40 50.33 12,08 42.50 5ij9.10 81.21 8.-17 8.IS 11.1)0 23..10 Machinery Co. .. Northwestern Bell Co. Telephone Members Mutual Oil Company 3.10 .52 17.85 2.45 1.16 7.91 H2.51 for Cedar Falls townnhlp: C. S. Thorsrud. Justice of the peace -for 'Cedar Falla township; S. Trunibauer, Justice of peace for Lester lown.Hhlpi and John Hanson, mayor, town of Caailc Hill. Motion carried. Mr. Beck presented' the, following resolution and moved Its: adoption seconded by M r . , . , IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the board of supervisors of the county of Block .Hnwk, In the stale of Iowa. Ihnt Ihc following auflHcd claims hereinafter described, lie allowed aa: rearl. and that the county, audllor be authorized and directed lo Issue' warrants ngalnst the various 7 funds In settlement of such claims as al|owecl: COUNTY FUND! ' J. H. Fitzgerald, P. M., i postage · . . . : . . . ' . . . . ' | J13.70 Helen Cloven, holp audllor.'... 7B:20 Helen Davlj. help attorney.... ' 32.50 ^flnB B. Holdlman. PBX opcr. 75.20 Geo. N. Garrellaon. dep. assessor -. -.... ·. 36.60 F. J. Hadlsh. dep. assessor.-'.., 144.00 Bailey Borneo, caah adv ; E.01 Anna M. adv.'... · 66.88 Treasurer or Slate of Iowa, _ "»? t« ·,,,.. 3.00 137.75 1SB.OO 183.95 150.05 t'«:- S on,-Co.'.-oVf- | WM ^^nffi"^TM^ 1 *-"" j "^ Jenkln Fergcmann Company, : Off. 9Up ' 15,- . B Allen Priming Company,'' oft', r SUp no Ar Tribune Press, off. aup ', nKi Curtla 1000 Inc., off. sup..'.'.'.', '; · 7173 Waterloo Typewriter Exchange' Co., off. aup 23 M The Aetna Cuully k Surely ; company, bond · 370 00 Allbee and Son Company, no- ir" Tj-V," -*-»"», reff. BOSS,.. W V « K i )n ,?' rC S- «" Si« H -_ B « 1 l; «e- »" . . . jS-U Roplwugc. «c. W. B. Howeil' arid 'company!' lorroa Waterloo Office Supply "Co' Off. sup ,.* A.' B! Jeyett,' Beh r . C -fls^;'.'.'.'.'. Raymona L. Stereiuon, c inU*-' George i SECONDARY ROAD CON.STHL'CriOM FUND Henry A. Raemlsch Company W. Bowers John Ronff STATE INSANE FUND Buchnnan County A u d i t o r , fees , . - , , , , , , , Dr. C, D. Winder, M. D. !c-g. Henry, T*rx Dr. E. I. Dunkclbcrr;. M. D., fees I. "W. Blonph. fees 17,00 22.00 .1,10 22.CK1 Kn!i Food Market, prov Lnpn.n A v e n u e flroccry, prov. Anna L--(inb, r e n t Mobile Street ClroccTy. Jirov. M i d C o n t i n e n t P c t r u i u n m Corp., fur.l C. J. M i l l u r ft Company, tlli'il. nid Mnc-ller Wnllcr. Inc., coal.. Lriiiru M u l d o n n , r e n t Jolin N o \ ' , , l n y . i,-:ir'r X a t i n n a l Tea Company, prov.. \'a[ional Tta Company, prov.. j N'orlhwe.ilerii Bell Telnplioiir: Crjniprmy, (i.-l O'Keefc Townn, prof. .^erv. PrefbyliThin Uuspllal, earL 1 .. MintTl i'rnlHiier. c.ire M u l t Parrull Sona Company. off. Hup Red Crony Druy Cumprtny. mcd. sup Urljana I'ublln HchuolH. l u l l i n n Robert Drve Company, mcd. uup Beth Slanirard, car'.' St. FrancJH I l u H l i i l a l , c n r v , , , , Mrs. II. B. K n o l l , rcnl Lois S t o H . rvnl ·Si. A n l h n i i y llQme. care.... TlL'k Tock M a r k e t , prov 0,10 Plli'-ibeth Thoman, rent !.!; Mrn. IK-nry Vandentiurf,', rent 11.0 r l b i i ' . . ,] ,.r t r u s t n , . . f..r t h ; M i , n , i . n : L | h a l l f ' I.. X7jik w i n , r.'.si,,-,,..,] br- i- IK l n . i i ' l i y np|ir,,v, : d. Mo- and the tion carriiMl. Mov, rl hy T a j l o r M i n i nuli(;l; lit M,|-V. in a r i ' i . r r l r i i i r i , w i l d l l n : K/.'l!) '[',,nd'-d by l!,','ll ,jn Hi,- f n l l M V . i n ) ; i : i i f i n nsafi (|U2 ol n d i d ; Hay Buchanan County Auditor, fees 4,00 COUNTY INHANB FUND Black Hawk Counly Poor Kund, care p a l i e n l a 10510.00 COUNTY HOSPITAL FUND Lucille Dcnniw. salary Florence Chapin, salnr' Margarel Eyeglone, a.-ilyry.... Lucille Hcnnlnp. j^nlary Lavlna Murphy, salary Harold J. Alice Thompson. salary Allsladt Langlas Baking Co.. prov Big "T" Food MnrHei, prov. Dean's Hatchery, poultry Earl Eyeslone. prov Fowler Company, prov Walnut Dairy Farms, prov... Jamca Black Dry Goods Co., C, j, Mliier"aiid Company, med. sup Red Cross Drag Company, mcd. sup Robert Drug Company, mcd, sup Sanllory Bedding Co.. mnl- BO.'X) .lO.O'l Websler Counly of Social Wclliirr, nld W. w. Whim, rent L. A. W n l k l n n . rent \VnpHlo Co. Tub'rculoiliM Sanatorium, care Waterloo Wnler Work.t. wnl'.r Waterloo O/fic'j Supply Company, o f f . pyjp, Grace Whlli-, rent Dr. 1. It. W,:bb, M. D,. mfd. 'aid Younc Coal Company, c r i r i l . . . . A l l a n F. lieck, o f f . n-nl i'°'1I Cleona S a r f c l l , ' iis»\enit.'.'.'.'.'.'. 10-001 C o n l l n c n l a l Bbklng Company. lOO.OO prpy, J | D l m o n d Brolherfl. prov , , T h e Fowler Company, p r o v . , . I B. Heller and Companv, prov. i H. J. Ilelnz Company, prov... "joose Wllen yfincult Company. prov. ' f F»i -^- M*'^ 1 " Company. p r o \ \ . . 7j.67| | tc j Cross Drug Company, 0 , l med. sup C2.Bli Davidson's Slore. mlse ' Iowa E l l n O Products, mlsc... a m i 11,-lu, Ca.-i"i'l: K i - i ' l y n ' . l o l i i i j n l i . 1 1 J.'if.l-p mill M i l i i n - i l S d i a i - k n w - M a i - 'n.i,:nii.s; Karl I), and Ni,||i,, W a t e r m a n ,1.=" iind c h i l i l r i ' i i , J l a r r y . M i l d r e d . Duiiald. i K i ' i i n i - l l i anil 1|, I v i n ; »:n| p . - n i - i l n n i l Ji-' 1 '- 1 ] W l i i l i - n a Whi-lliK'k. mid i - l i i l d n - n . .Molion 1 ' - » ' , ' an i'jil. 2 0 ' ^ ' j K r l i j n i t ilia.1 Hi" bnmls for T i l ' - f i i i l , , w - provd : K i ' i l h 1.. IIu|ip".4 .'ind H ' T l l i r c l|ij|ipi-.l.' M n r l i ' i n i Kiiudsi-ii, C. K. Kriiin.:!. nml l,..-allr, I I . K c l i r u b b ' j , MM- 'fi-'jn i l i . n ciirrln'J. 1 ' -I J J Mui'vcj ),y Hrck secnii J:iJ by Si:hmil l l ) | W | l l m l U i u i l r , m , . « l i : i i n i n i a l i-liiim 'i( . ... I O'-'DrKC G. I'VII f u r I wo i'l) I I ' / K K k i l l e d a r i d r,ni; l\) h,.^ i n j u n - t l l.y I|,,I(;M. b 1 ' - H i d Hi'- :;aiii-' iy h'-n-by i i l l n w - . - i l in I h " a i n i i v i n l ol SCL'.r.l): a n d l h a l t i n - c i . u n l y - · i n d i l ' i r be raiLliuri/."'! a n i l din:i:!"d I" isvilr w a r r a n t lor x u r h ijhjiru an ;il- I n w - d : A y - n : lioi-k. H i l l , r M i l l e r , S c l i m i l . P.-f: '1:111;;,-. T.iylor. ai.'l K l i n " . N.iy.^: N'oni- .Million r r i r r i l - ' l . M I I V I - I ] by lli,f;ili:nn,',: Kecoiicluil by I P,il|,-r Ili.-il t!if f u l l , l i v i n g r,'purls f , r 3'i.f'l l l i , : y e a r TJia li- and Hi" saniu .-in- iy ri|iriri;'.vd: V a l " n l | m - .SVhlilllx, · - of I h r - peace of Barclay l u w n I". J.,l,M. r n n y n r nf C J I I l l ' r l - anil C, A. H i x b y . j u n l i c e nl" Hi" ln.'WI Moved l.y IMik .-ii-'.', by Taylor I I h n l tlr; r h r i i n n r L i i and c o u n l y anili- G5. r ^ri n,r be . ' i i i l l i ' i n / , d ,'inrl 'dir'-i-^' 1 fl l'i : ' i ( f n I H a w k c n i i n l y ' K r l ^ - l i l . l i t l . i . and inl'T- l ' i - ' M " F i in I hi- r i , H r , \ v i i u : 'l"-"U-lii.-l ;,r',|,rT'y l. r i.[Kl, IQ Harry \',. U r n w n for a '·on.'ii'lr.-rallon of Ihn Mini r,f .sno.fjij; in fl :l " '"'id 65.TM f l l l . ' . U j h a v i l l i ; h-i'll p:ild, an'l t h e dull ir,1.701 ,.].,],,, ,|,,,.,J ,],,|y i. x ,;i : llu .-ami The s o u t h I c n ' n c r - . i . IS 1'ia) i.t i hi- n n r i h o:i" li.-ilf (N 'il nt Ih'; fl'iulh- 101.1JII wr;s( i|uarl'-r (SlV'.i) nf lh, : TM u l h W K l KK.-.9 i,nr--rjnai l"r (,S\',' 1 ',) of .«.r-linn 22. UC.ra t(jw:i.»hip Vl. n\ni;n. M: and Hi- n o r t h 01,4'J l e n arrns IN 31'a) -if I b i . .--imlh 1"' KI '."'.0') ;P 70 12, fV)! c 27,00 0,81 11,70 Iressca Swifl Company, soap.. Waterloo Hardware Company, mlsc A- L. Cibak. gas Iowa Public. Scrv(c« Company, clec Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tel._ Electric Motor pany. bel[0 ........... Service Com. Waterloo Dally Courier, aub- gcrlptlon .................... Waterloo Laundry Company, laundry .................... ^ Eleclrlc Company, rcpra, phcrd Lumber Company, S^i lumber Wlnlerbollom Supply pany, lumber Wlnlerbollom Supply pony. mlsc. 79. GO 76.BO 18.17 320.62 7.65 _ "FUND" 77.65 J. A. Trimble, salary 3.85 NorUm-Mleni Bell Telephone 22.07 10.71 39,25 36.25 57.01 3.12 16.63 28.82 10.13 2.20 5.00 11.05 1.20 2.50 2.50 l.M MEMOBIA1. HAL.L._MA1NTENANCE 89.23 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Waterloo Chemical Company, mlsc ........ ................. R J. GiK-r.ther. skclfas ....... ;MunIc:pal Ullllllea. service... M.2-I Norlhweslcni Bell Telephone C7.12 JC.fJ.1 12.21 hr.lf IS'.'') r.SWi',) "of (.SW'.J of . f I l i c « ' i l l l h w i - : t quarlCT lh: soulliwi-fll q u a r t e r , 'i",i, in 22, l o w n x h l p 30. fl Ihe .:.-IHI II. 3G acri-^ (E O.Mul ut 21 '.W .-icri-3 wr-Kl of rlvei In t h e norlhvi-.Hl qui-rler f N W V ( ) of tin; n n u l h w e a l q u n r l i T (SW, ) 'il sec. ranK r i H. Miller. Ht-ffillaUK^, Tay- Company, tel R. C, Hammond, chairs ........ Farmers Cooperative Co.. oil meal ........................ The Rnlh Packing Company, feed .............. .......... H. Wnlnnv. sheep ............. Earlc L. Brown, mlsc ......... Herbert Refrigerator, repr.v Van Dccst Implement repr. Com- Hardware Company, Supply Com- pany. Walerlo Wlnlcrbotlom pany, parts ...., Walerloo Dally Courier, n d . . . lown Palnl 4 Glass Company, Shepherd Lumber Company, lumber _ . . . . . · - - . . . - - . » . . . tion 22. Ayr-s: P.^. lor, and Kline. Nays: None. [ Not VoliiK,': Elller. Motion (l-irrled. I Mdvi'.l by fi:k s-ec'indi'il by T a y l o r ' l h a t the uhalrmfiti and counly audllor b r i authorix'-d and dlrecled to Kltfn q u i t rlalm lr,rjr] tuni-tylnK Blnrrk Il.ii'k county's r i c h l . till,:, ami In I Ihe wrst live arrl-H (W r,a) In llii- 10.001 northwijsl qnartiT (.VW'/,) o/ Ihr .inullnvj.'n qnarl-r f S W ' , ) . " t i u l h . o f 118, 001 river In an-Hon 22 l o w n s h l n M. rnnp- 100.00 1 H. i,, Hurry K. Brown. lor n ton- 39.19 sldcrallon nf S'lO.CO. which amonnl I* In CHCT3K nt lln- amourtl of the irerl'-ral Interest .nnd penalties 21. 87. CO. 00 12.01 C.1C 16.52 38.17 AND, IT 13 FURTHER RESOLVED that the board. appove the action of the county auditor Ir paying t h e following approved claims orri payrolls: Elzy WllWD, 1.20; O. D, Monohan, rs, e . AKalnst said ft-al cslale, and Ihe snlrt r-1000 hnvlnR been paid, .invl Ihe q u i t r l a l m flrrrl duly -xcculcd, thd Mnie la hereby approved. Ay": EeSf, Miller, Refshaupe. Schmit. Taylor, and Kl|nc. ^nyF '. None. ' · i Not Volliis: Billcr. Motion carricil. Moved by Miller seconded by Taylor labor for work on counly roads be placed an follows, effective January 1st. IMS: . j Tnirkdrlvnr -- 60 cents por hr. Blacksmith -- G5 cents per hr. UalnlalncT Operator -- 60 ccnu per · i:'. SMI.OO. · TV HOSPITAL: K.-i!li Moppo. : : . . · ; · i l i , ; i p e s . S150.C.I. ' · ' '-;. Biller. Jliller. Re'^ . l i . - i i : . Taylor, and Kline. -N", 'i ' J l o t l n n carru-d. v.'. :·-- rvatl anil :i;.;iroved as ! vote Hie in,--.-lint; ad- 1 - J a n u a r y :3." 1W3. Shortening .'^\ n ' · · · ' ' r I!) 1.11. IIAI: K j - r i ; \ i ; ^* jar M i i s h i n ^ I'uu ili'r Lb. tur Softener 7c tor C IK (/.. 11()\ Oat Meal .KW1S Lye 3 Fancy Rice 2 IIIIM'JS Cheerioats ·· ^ : - ',' ' ll t' J ! ·: M). ·; (:.\\s C H K K N CUTS Asparagus ?.9c :'- l.n. i!,\t; UKi'i'TATiON 'Pancake FLOUR O v* \ ^ _ _-^ (V.;^ ii^S' Sir Walter i, \ D V All r i a v i i r ; I-\i-i,|il S: l i c r r ^ and K a - i i l n v i v , p | 1 11,. j u r _ .. ! j !:!·; l:,-!i. Kri.-niK, ITinco Allin', :~ =J i "i- V c l i i - l Tnliarrn, I,b. Cup V.:] R I 75 cents i vi;:i: iiiixus c.KAri". MITS 2?s:Wiieat Meal 25c Salt 19c · 1 I 1 I A N T AMI I I.MIC.K I'KU. D B Bleach tlcj 7-t)/.. .lAlt M i : i S " / Mustard !Hc VAI.liK FOH G8 cents i III ( l i i u i l liars CKVSTAl. 1VIIITE '.'. T.M.I. C A N S II. II ·111 M l . l l r \ ( . I M A M D M I s l \ i - T T?! ^ ^,1-Milk 27c FlOUr $ 1 . 8 4 ! · : » - ^ - A N S SKK-^S 25c n «'/, ICON D. i;. S I'i'.r.Mir.u COAST r i t o / i ; N i c i : . \ \ oilet Paper 27c Pike 111 I.K Prunes I ..n,, ^ ^ Mc \ A u n l . I r n i i i i i ; i Cider 45s i \-.i \ I . A I U . I : i;l I I D I . v^VJnBjtQ ,, 'y^p LtitiJflll5.O LI). iwV I I K I 1.1.. I I : ; : ; - S Oliics ;iiid 'i'riuiir ; l .M.i. I-.1I..MOI.IVK .Soap M l . I l l l ' A \ li.\KTI.i;TT ID.Mli) Russets PK. KM» LI;, r. \(. ^ :.''-i i i , , \ n ( ; i ; i n ; V I K j Pimentos 25c Lemons n»x. M)(SI; W ' IM:S Carrots' I H f , | Wheat -- *-»«·· '.·««·«»..,. Flakes 15c Cabbage AI'I'I.I'.S FAN! V l l i : l . l ' M H ' s AI'PLKS, :: Ibs. J O N A T H A N AWLKS. '·} Ibs- ni-sin;i^-S'!.'j.'. I)O/,I,N ( A I . I I ' O I ' N I A Oranges SI i \ i : ( i i ; C A N IIM.'K iiinnoS 53c 2:.c M" 111 1,11. I!A(1 Cdl.ll M K D A L Flour $2.25 -, !.li. . ( A l l ( i t ) I . I I K N Icro Syrup 35c TM «« n 2SS .' Oranges kSiz 10 T K X A S .IIAliSH .s|-;lilM' Grapefruit SuperSuos zic Ncalmor APRICOTS I raii(j . wh , il( . K r u l t ln S y r u p ! 2 jy o _ 2 i/ 2 cans-- 37c Lar ^ c Box j MOTHER'S OATSi ' with China . 2! » cents HOUSEHOLD SALVAGE Herc'.i n i r i r k y rarnp:iii:n m l : . - i n ( l l '. l i r T a i i w in tli" wortls of Donn l i l Nelson. "11 l» : p i ' i l ' l ' - m 11^' , : i i i !,) lii-kr:il only by American i l l l l l n l l v e , Ami-ru-an niu.«"l". a l i ' l Ari"r i n i l l w i l l ''i win I" There Is no s i n g l e hnst w a y t" r.,l|..,| s,r:,p. :,.-.! n.. p i n t l e hcjit way to DnrsuiKlc people 10 saw il. Kals : i l - , - ^ " n l i n l Id th- u r o J u r t l o n ot (jlycorlnc. w h i c h i n n k o H ··X|Iosiv,-;i lo i,|: : .«r l||f Axi.^. Silk K l o c k l i i R S arc needed ai nonvler bnirN I" I'"I1 t h l r l i n r j i f l l r i l sp.'i'ilfi A m e r i c a n shells across n o - m n n ' . i - l n n d . Tin i- :·- v l l a l i:-::, !',·',( hi n i n k i i i K "f Mcel. of elCLtrl. -al cqillpuioilt. e l f . Rued are i l l , tl-.l '.,) v.-iri' inatlilnf.ry ami clean sun.i. for .1 h u n d r e d n n d ,,n- , , ! H , r |i:nnps,,.J in our mechanized n ^ h t l n R unll.i. nope, nnd s i r l r i K is i r . n i . - i f i p r n i e d into hauaers and low linen, moorini,' nivJ buai rram-s. i : i r r y .iini.-lr imncc o[ rubber we ·Jin lay onr l i n n r l a on add i r n ' i r e linn- i n (he l i f e or n plane, truck. :ank, or car, Il'a all j u n k , Inn it -.- n i l ni-Ued . . . desperately . . and NOW. Yrm rnn cl" y o u r ra", w, know. VOl"HK IN T H I S \VAIl. TOO! TURN YOUR HOUSE INSIDE OUT! THROW YOUR SCRAP I? ' TIN . . STOCK1XCS . . l i r i l l l K K . . i lEWSFAPESr NE WSFAPEEl

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