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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1818
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. NUMBKf. 5033 ' For Blakcley and Mobile, (one of the litis of packet!,) The well known, fast sailing tchoober I iU3Ky, capt. Weeks, having two thirds ll fcrf freight rKe, "tt wifn "" .Iajenicrispalch Forlho remainder, r pa - "ThaTUafi lupcrior accora&iodatiuns apply lo rTER3 tt DERRICK, Vtfjff ' 29Cosntiw.s4s. or .V.iLiL iffv The bt'f l,ERi CfP1' Marston,151 T ! " ton. 7 mr old, bnilt in Duxbury, ffnrShe will be fold very low on a liberal of exchanged for merchandize. Ap. y. Si D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street, For AElV.OIiLEAAfS, J Tbe brig MARY ANN, Capt Schlor, an excellent vessel, about 2 year old, ib very fast, and bus good accommodations tor passengers. She will be dispatched without delay, and take what freight and aasen - c ;r may otter oy tne oui August. Appiy 10 e capum on board at wharf, or to . J. U. LAtHC.Mt ti, W, j 27 lw . 55 Pine - atreet. rs CUAR TEK, t A British BRIG, burthen 313 tons . . wm . ' British, or 2100 barrels j now at Phi - ladeiubiai will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or the West Indies, and can be despatched within three days no tice. Apply to HUUEKJ & FUST, J 6 51 fouth - atreet HAJiitLU lOCtUHtt.ti. M A British BRIG, that Will carry a - .bout "00 bales Cotton, to load for Liverpool. Apply to L, JtJ ' ARCH'DCRACfEfcSOXS. ZZ. Bor Lit JCHtOOL, jf 1 $v (On of lha line of packets.) J, The coppered, New - York built bip pAO'iC, Jolts Williams niat,er ; as elrgadt sccamoMJatioM lor iasonvra, aa4 i inlesiWil to sail, acoorvUug to a filed arraagement, ea the 10th of next tuouih. For freight or passage, apply to captain Williams, ou board, at Fultou - st. wharf, to ISAAC WRIGHT & SON j or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. .P. S. Beds aod btdiLug are louud at tba ship's liynse. Jy S2 hut JClA'LrS'JV.i, Jamatcm. The fine copperad schr. CLAKEJf - Jliii Djy, Johu i. Frith, muter, is now ieaiJiog, and will be dispatched without delay. For parage ooly, apply on board, at pier Ho. 9, Eat - River,erto TUCKER ft LAURIES, july tX ' ' 89 South - it. H' anted to (harttr, A Vessel of about 140 toos, for a voy - ajs to Ttnenfft auJ back. Apply to CAMbKcLEAu U f EAItoO?!, July t!t C7 .South - it. tor freight or Charter, The schr. .1LBATHOSS, Colin, guaslZr, UK) tons biirtivea a iirst rate Tuti. Apply to CAM8ERLENG It PEARSON, jnly ?8 ' 67 gouth - tt. - rer bale, freight er t barter, , v The staunch rood nip lllKHUK, 'LI 14 ton burthan. ii ia roaaulete order mi wAvcacargo, aod anay - be sat lt lit (lettpence. Ajt'I on Doaro, west siae nur se slip, or tn . . N. L. A G. GRISWOLD, Jy '2l 86 yptuh - st I A good fast sailing V fcsStL,, of I5iu Lito tOOO bxirelt burthen. Apply at 5T Wuioiofton strert, to JB C. G. St P. HOWLAXD. HUM AjSU GIAU&H. 1 ( Pun heousbij(h proof et. Vincent Rum, JL 6 do fine flavoured Jamaica do. 9 Barrels Jamaica (.inir, just rerrived and Per sale bv ' TUCKER k LAUttlES, july 24' . 89 bouth - tt. RUiVl. 40 puuilKsont first gunlity iS. E Rum, forsa by JAa. U'VV'OLF, Jon J 19 44 South - otiret. I tAa, lLb and Ui.UCt Kir. - . NO. 7fRK (LATK tADIXI ACCTI )JT ROOM ) 'l'llEiulMicrlbf rhnt co nlsntly oo hand 4 ecu X tral assortnriit of .the lollowiu artuier, which will he disposed of at a moderate advance. Teas of fint quality Sugus do An tieauioeold Cognac Brandy , Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Winci of the various kinds fine Apple Rfrub Lemvi, Lime and Orange Juice Salad Oil ia beitkl aaJ bottles ) 'is. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider ; Unable Gloucester Holland and A anrican Cheese :. Cordials Spires, Essences ' Sperm an1 fallow Canutes 1A. Oil for Lamps Coffee. Rice. Ilarlev and Muttard A few boxes Sicily Leoioni, in flne order Raisins, Almonds, Prunes, Figs Baiket Salt, Sc. forsaleby JA.ME3 I'. ANUOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second band eiiM and porter tvitll - . J I Kemuck tobacco 274 ands. prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing this day from ship Grand Seignor, from New Organs, for salehy CHAS. L. OUDEN, and S 13 ABRAHAM OGDE.V. WHITE LEAD, BLUE VITRIOL, At. LUM.Icc. Received per Chaunceyaed Columbia, from Bristol, (tag) aod lor sale by lac sahscrilier, oe advantageous terms ?80 kegs genuine ground white Lead in 231b. kexs 20 caiks best dry White Lead in casks 5 to 6 cart, each 30 do Rtd Lead in casks from t to 3 cwt. each 12 do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4 cwt. ea:h 30 do ivory Black from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol from 6to 8cwt each 25 do Venetian Red frntn 2 to 3 cwt each 1 12 tierces Alluos from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 blids. 6 tierces and 8 Lhls Rotton "stone Frem h Greo, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Colcuthar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Apt:jto A. CHURCH. . J 'S 184 Bower - . - GERMAN GOODS. RECEIVED hy the slip Triton and the ship Eloe, from Ilamuurg, and other late iinp'vt - ' ''"is, an assortment of GermuLiacaa, such at ius, wnite aod Grown Brttagties, Cress, J'w!ii, Brown Checks and Shirting Linen J eiupen Osnaburgs and Ticklcnburgs, llessiaai. Burlaps, Bnwn Rolis, Tapes, Siipeifiie Broad Cloth Jkin, Sil Galloons and Pound Ribbooa coff - e Mins, Slate Pencils ' Lookirg Glass Ptat - s f ocket and Statia Glasses ead Pencils Aad an assortment of Cardwire. . . Also on hand. A w tan St. petrrsburc Hemp t list oualita U.IU.,1 B.;rfk .n.t "it'lboxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to fce - 'or sale oa reasonable terms, by , GEO. tt THEO. MEYER, " 129 Washington strut 1 LA RET. - 40 doien very aOperJouCUret, n B4ic m 1 j uin - uoACil, oy ' ..' - , . , CfcOttGU JOHKaTOX, . je 89 tf 1 v . Ho. - CUt - lan'e CJlltAHCAlA CyU'US. Ac J tsom Salts, fat caiks v. JcwC - w - ljin.kUnA.i. In f - & k Do. , - small tquaref - " y CalehMd do ia phials ' . Kocbkllc Salts, Acid Tartar Ciln Acid, Bine Verditeria ftrkias Patent yellow, Kings Yellow - Keguius of Aotimooy GUS, BUTTONS, kc. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well teisLed Do do ia wainsco&t cues, finery finished - ' with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, ia cases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belts - Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplate! for eosra vers ' MalheiuaticallnvtrurBeoU V Rolling Pardel Rulers , Mariners oumpasars, telescopes - Opera glasses, microscopes . . 3 setts splendid chessmen Carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases, v - For sale by . J. LAMBERT, je 18 . . J Cottrtlandt - street PV. LEDVARD & CO.s 04 Peart - street, . offer forsale, in additiooto tiirirformerex - tensive assortment of Hardware, the following ariirips, rer'd ny tne alarms, rrom Liverpool rw ; I a m - " Trace Chains Clout Hails Spades and Shovels Brass Kettles do Candlesticks . do Cocks do Nails & Hinges Gilt Coat Buttons, some of sap. quality, suitable for merchant taslors J ai - anned Candleticks Flfujuh Tacks , J3tl 6 and 8 barr'd Curry VODIDS 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wire,!o.4toJO steelyards Fioe Guns Trunk Locks Drawing Knives Bine leys Patent cur rier's kiuves warrant. ed equal to Cox's geu rAOf .'OXU JOUACCO. 12 hales Uolaad KJ Cotton, la4u fro ship Riiiog StaUs, from Savannah 27 htule Keutucky Tobtcco will be landed oa Monday, rrom (tie scbr. Mary Ana, from ISew Orleans, for sale by ROBERT nil.LESi'IFV J25 ltFront - Mrert. J hhds Richmond tobacco, some of it of the first quality, and suitable lor the Irish market - f or sale by 1 Jy 24 W. St H. CRAIG. 'I'HOS. WlllTTEMOltE hits constantly on I hand atbit manufartorv. No. 50 Fcrrr - street, next to the corner of I'earl street, a l.'.rite and general assortment of cards of every description, vii : Cotton Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 Wool do 5 and 6 ' Machinf do Clothiers' and Hatters' Raising CaMe All of superior quality, which be will sell no the lowet trrn. J 24 1m BAR 1KO , Ac. - o lous Bar Iron 5 tunsheet Iron 20 dorm frfing Pans . . Patt - nt Chaffand Drawing Knives , Iron aad steel Shovels ('roinn and cat steel mill, pit Si hand saws Coacb Si - rin - Pt el For sale by A.NDERbON t SHEARER, JM - AtlStVatestroet. 6 Casks neatly assorted table Knives Si Forks, I do; do. do. Small Cutlery, Table Knives it Forks, with small cutlery. Eaas, PiUs Eedge Too!?, Britannia Tea - pots, 4 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do I do. do. do. A few cvks Candlesticks, Butt Hm;ev Wood Srrews, Commoda Koobf, and 1 cae Buttoo Forsale, very low, by J30. M'CRACKAN, jnly 211 B2 l - X reant. j M. IOUU, iNo. iatoat Lane, tias lor sate, receive J by latest arrivals from Europe, 4 - 4 Imitation India Book Muslins 4 4 and 6 4 Plain Lrnoes Rich sewed lnertings atid Flounce Triotminss 6 4, 7 - 4 aod tt - 4 black cotton damask Shawls Do blue arid red do Do Waterloo do Do ' light grounds, spade filling, with rhintl borders 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 light Ginghams 4 - 4 Drawing .Uuslto, for dresses 7 - 8 Linen Bed Ticking 5 - 4 to 14 - 4 Marseilles Quilting!, assorted Chints lied lace, Scotch Loch Fine Herrings J 28 It rnilU.MAS SUFFERS, No. , Depeyster - ft JL has just received, per the lletptnri, 42 Boxes, consisting of broad and narrow Diapers, Lawns, Sheetiio, 4 - 4 ii 7 - il Lmens, brown beetled Lawns. Ac. which, with his former stock, makes a complete asrortuient of every article of Indi Linen manufacture. All ot which win oe old on reasonable terms. july SO 6t 1 m. 1 mi 'l - LI IUST published by JOSEPH WILLSON, 14 J maiden i.ane. William Tell, as sung hy Mr. Philipps, Day of Biscay O ! Incledun, Pewi!il - r'(l miil. And all Mrs. Burke's, Mr. Inclcdon and Mr Philimi'ssonL - s far sale, with cveiy article in the musical line. wi" .. ' I iM t I"1HT I O A. . - I'll iNi w Orleaiu Cot - ton. landin from brix Marv Ann, from New Lr leans. Al Slorn 165 pipes td proof HillaJ Gin. 19 do 1st do do do 200 pieces Holland Duck 2tW bales NOrleans Co'ton - for sale hf N. & D. TALCOTT. JOT ' 64 "iilh - street HU M at IULA33bO. bU j - ancneons nne ns - toured Antigua Rum, and W do good re tailing Molauts, will commence lanuiaa u trn,n f r.irw hs I mil'K. fr - im ANft?n&. for I liinsiis II Via ays s& a t " - - ra 1 nl h. GOODHL'E tC CO. . J M . J. ...U ..... f J IIICTI. ALAGA M ALE V l E. Id quar - IV I ter casks serv suoerior oualitr, lor sal in quantities t a nit purchasers. Alto, 111 qr. casks old Sherry Wine, lor sale by ilS BOORMAX tt JOHNSTON. 4 sf half barrels flour, made from new wheat, received per schr Jane Maria, and lor sale by WALsHSGAi - Jr 25 66 South - street. MOLASSES. 20 hbds. Molasses landing from sloop Adelia, al Burling slip, for sale or j.ujsbui, r .t . I f t 70 BOBIR - Vircci. JTiCHMO.ND TOBACCO. 30 hhds tnme 1 L cualitv. landinc from schr Brilliant, Block, mastes for sale by ' J 25 bUOriiiA.v a - jun.o - ' ICE and COT TON. - 230 cask Carolina Rice, 158 bale New Oilcan Cotton 41 do Carolina do .... Forwdeby - JONES & MEG RAN fl, J 9 91 South t'.nt t ' kl SALb. . ' YOUNG black - woman. For terms, tc apply to v - Mr. H. AKOF.RSO.V A J ;9 im No. 10 sute - treeU ' 3d 101 . SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1818. Clfl TOBACCO, 7 sUkers E's No. !. branded T. M. Deaa. 4 Co." now laudmer from the " scar 'UHlliaot. from lUchmo'od and ' ' ' J IX STORE. ; " rr - l . 8's bo. 1 Ci no. t 8's no. 3 12 lb. rolls t - 4R. rolU Ladies twist Cavendish Jy 25 8t 1 Fletcher, Ho&U, MUler, Gibb, Dancy, Ross, Dut - ton, Labby, htar, H ogties ! ft Co. Brady, Cantor k bhsltoo,Md Wlllianuoa's brands for sals br CORNELIUS DU BOIS. AVERY handsome assortaaeot of Seleasia Lineal, consistine of Platillas. . Rerales. Bretasnss. EstODillas. Dcwlas. Creas arwl t.'hn. IeUa 2 cases silk velvets 5000 muiketa 2 boxes fowling pieces . 2 casks Steaerark scy thes, doable sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings tioifs entitled to debenture, . 3 ceroons iudiro. 1 bn ton and ( - mm rim. cee Dutch cloth por sale by C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 lot, . , 77 Waihinstoo - st. SKASONAHLE DKV GtKDS, Ac - " 2 bales superfine clothes 2 do. caasimeis, 1 do. fine plains 1 do. fancy toilinett coatings 3'do. white flannels . 1 do. ladies pel is e cloth 2 do. low priced plains 3 do.' superfine cansimere shawls 3 trunks damask shawls 5 botes steam loom shirtings 6 do 6 - 4 &9 - 8 cambricks 1 do. figured satins. Just received per Pacific from Liverpool, and for sale at No. ! Coffee House Hlip, hy LAIIiLAW, GlRAULr tt CO. m aroac . 3 bales Booths set . t hairs superfine Black Cloth "I hot FretM Cambrics ' 1 do Boot Trbs - - . ' 40 bales Uplai,d Cotton 20 hhrt.. Kentucky Tobacco. J 5i lOt SKW IRI - ll LINEN GOODS, 4ic. AlC 1" & C. SUYIMM, are now receiving, per JUI. the spip Neptune and brig lii Ividera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages this spring bleached Uncos. I bey consist oi 7 - u S 4 - 4 Irish Linens, variety ol assortments, 5 4 do. Sheetings, do. 3 - 4 & 7 - 8 Demi Lwig Lawns ,', Bird's - eye Diapers, 5 to 10 - 4 Diajerr and damask Table Linens, Extra super damask Table Cloths 4C Napkins, . A - 4 Brown I.incui rim) grey Lawns, "iiinen Chetttn and 7 - 0 blatk Linens Irish ail Cloths Ducks ami Dioshedas fee. Al - o, come to hand per the Pacific, tm - ,'. - . t " vascv ntw pnucni iiingnnins, S do. do, furniture & baluou Dimities, .3 Cum,bric Mnslins, part u,odesnd, 3 6'uverLond.CltbsaudCasrimers. The above for sale, by lha package, on reason - bit terms and creuiL Also A general assortment of the above goods opened Ur piece and retail sales, at No. CI, Maidcn - U'us. Jy 22 2w 13 - T - 'U - HTa jWMft Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 fi 7 - 8 Irish linen 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown plalillai 0 do Scotch osnaburfs - 7 bales imitation sheeting 4 do. brown linen, 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 tot U.n checks 1 do. oarpetin;. - ALSO, Sxil - clolh, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, July 2 No. I float - lane. 1 rliNK. tiipfs choice L. P. Madeira VV Wine, branded 3. P. C. 2 half qr. casks do do Malmsey do. 8 years old do, for sale by W. 1 8. CRAIG; J 24 M OTHER OF PEARL. A quantity, lor sale at 28 South - street, by J 30 JOS. OSBORN. CHOPPA:. A few cases superfine Choppas, for sale by P. REMSEN St CO. J 29 26 ! - outh - rept. ril littOvv.S, none tthl eutavir and jewel. JL . ler. No. 106 Broadway. Coals of arms, crests, cyphers engraved on stooe. Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, crystals r bought or cut lo n form. Ladies teals engraved with moltos, devices or cret. Boo'xs of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. . A large assortment of Cue golJ seals, chains, and other jewellei v. Jy 23 Im TO J'OVKKT BOOK MAKLHS. fWO men ho undentand their business, JL may hare constant employ in the above Business, bv appljmg at 13 Wall - street. Julv 15 HACKNEY COACH K?, FOR Select farties, from Flinihelh Town Point, for Philadi lphia, ami Im: Steam Hoais at Trenton and Biistol, aod the Mineral Springs St Schoolry's Mountains. Notice sent lo No. 63 White - Hall struct, New York, or HALEY Al SULKS, Elizabeth Town, by mail, or by the Stcain - bont Ataiaiita, uiil be immediately utlt nile.l to. J 14 SIXTH AVENUE, and CARM1.VE - S l'AEET NOTICE. NOTICE it hereby given to all persnns interested, that the cmniisiiners nf estimate and assessment appointed by the Supreme Court of Jadicatare of the sta'e of New - YorK, tipfr - lorro certain duties relative t tlie extending 01 the Sixth Aver.uc from Greenwirh - lane to Carmine - street, and for enlarging and improving Car mine street tn Varick - street, in the eihtli ward of the said city, have completed their estimate and assessment as well of the loss anddam.:r sustained over aod above the benefit and advan - tafe recelvetl by the owner and parties interested in the lands and premise required lor tite said improvement, as also, nt tne brneut ,and advantage received by Ihe owners and parties iutvret - ted of and in certain lands and premisrs not required for the said improvt meut ; .rd that we the raid commissioners base deposited a true co - dv of such estnnate nnd atsestuent in Ihe clerks ofice, ol tlie city of New - York, for the inspection ot whomsoever it may coarern; and notice it hereby lurtner given that the report cf the said of estimate and assessment will be presented lo Hie Supreme Court cl Jadicaturr, of Ihe stale of New - York, at the capitol in the city cf Albany, on Friday the fourteenth day e: Aogattoext, at the opening of the court oa that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. ' " New York. 30th Jury, 1318. ... 1 HENRY MEIGS, - ) WM. TwRREY.and Ccmmusiocm. PETER STAGG, JEWELLERY. WATrHFS iir A A&E( sundry Jewellery, fioe Cutlery, C. Silver Hunting and Plain Watches, Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases L&dits Corsets assorted. For sale by - , J.LAMBERT. JfU . .j, - 3 Courtland stieet. . 3 . LnUfK thm A. fi ft. anil Ifl VVorrl.. ... lol wiucb arson regulated aad paved street's. No j wiinu iMr a vcars, iisom, tatereat esceptMl. . ' , . - ' ,, . WUUBLH. ; , . . Several twaaiidlira lnr hnM. aavkii - k . great part of toe atnaey remain on mortgage. . LANDING AT RED HOOK. 1 of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, stont - COTTON sad'fA'OOLEN MANUFACTORY, near new - Haven, witn 4 acres of land, and a sever failing stream; upon which 20 iuills may be erected, with a sJcerry of water for each. H'J . t. no. z wreuwicn - stteei. jan 13 tf .'..; r TOR SALE, A FARM, containing 300 acres, on the banks of the North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde f Ark, and eighty - six from Nr York. The laps; b equal in quality to the best in Dnchess county, and is In high order and good fence. , On the remises is a good plain farm house, a good bam and other appendazes ueces sary to conducting a large farm. Also, a building spot coimnandiog an extensive and beautiful view of the North Hirer. Within. half a mile of the farm house is an eminent Academy, and within two miles au Lpiscnpal and a Presbyte rian Church, hi each of which then - i regular service physicams two landings, one of whirl; the Steam - boat advertises as a landing pla e. store, ic.&o. 1 he tvhoie will be oold togctbci or divided to suit purchasers. The ttrais if payment will be made easy, and an indisputable title given by the subscrilier. WILLIAM BARD. HydeTarlt. JW24 tf I IR.DE AJSELIS, formerly practiUimer of s J .Yieojeiaejn tne m iupt liosniin s ni rva. pies and adsaird a member of ihe Medical So ssety of w rt, where he has resided since iyer I79ud his reiutntion and success in practice is nowvvtiahhshed in the knowledge rt the publie by near twenty ears experience, continues to be onsnltew'st his uf&Ve, No. - 2VZ Water street, opposite ikne whurf ' In RheumatiS and Venereal rases Dr. De An - gelis list been ' wonderfully successful; and the most terrible effects of ilmte ilivirders have fre quently been cured hy him in a short space of time without ineoHvemince tn the paUent. Obstructions, ulcers in the throat and Pilate. stiffness in the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of the skin, together with a numerous tram of e - vils aritine from oectecl or imiiroperly treatms of the most insidious of maladies base given way to his mode of treatment in almost an incredible manner. Hit extraordinary suceett is. in a great meacure attributable, to Ins well known Anti rheumatic and Anti - svphilie Syrups, which whilst they eradicate every fnrsn of dtsi aae. restore the cmaeiated imtient in vigor and tieslin. - N. 11. Ail lenirs from the country (post paid; will be attended to, and the necessary sHviee and snediaine will be mem and seut to any partof the olon. . 1 . v .. 1. KlK WAI.l - X3L Watte sfrett .and Canai - street, ,26 feet Lv.sjIcnejjBvaiia 1 13 recs slhiit. tnquirr 01 J 1 tf No. 37 Pine - tUeet A NTHON Y - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons in 'crested that the Commissioner of esti mate and assessment, appointed bv the Su preme court of Judicature of the people of the nare 01 new - 1 or sr, to perform cerium uuues re - lati e to the opening, enlarging and improving Aiithnnv - street. in liie said citv. have completed their estimate and assessment, as well of Ihe loss and dnmae sustained hy the owners ami parties interested 01 and 111 the land ann premises required for the said improvement, as also of the benefit and advantnse received bv the owners and parties interested of and in the lam's and premi ses not requirrd for the said improvement, aou that we tne said commissioners nave aeposuea a true copv of our report of estimate and assessment in Ike clerks office of the city of ew - York, for the insiiertion of whomsoever it mnv concern, and notice is hereby further Riven, that the report of the said commissioners 01 es iruate and assess ment, will he presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature of tlie people or the state 01 new - 1 ora Ht the canilol in the citv of AHmnv, on Fndnt the 14th day of Aucnst next, at the opening r f the saiil court on that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel ran be heard thereon. Dated this 24th day of July, 1818. (.a copy. JOHN FORBES, ) WM. TORRE V, Commissioners JNO. L.LAWRENCE, J 25 lOt , DENTISTRY. DOCTOR ZEKAH IIAVVLEY informs the public that liisofficei is at N. 91 Nasau street ; where he txtratlt tetth, eltntu end tttt IttlK, aud performs every operation in detlistry. The following certificate of skill, he thinks a sufficient r cntvinendatmn. WHOM IT MAV CORCF.RR. This cettifie. that Ur. Hawley it a rer ular bri - d physician, and in good standing with his brethren in this place ; that he has paid particular attention to the att of Drnlitlry, hat stu died tint best European works on the subject, ana has given very good satisfaction in this branch, to Ins customers who are persons 01 uie ursi se fK:t:ihility in this rity. VV.. llirt'irR. with entire confidence recom men I Ur Hawley, to the cititens of New - York : a lieiiiixt. fnefisMiinson, Profestorsof New Haven. yNnlhan Smith, f the Med. Jan. 22,1818.) Eli Ives, C Institution f Jontt. Kuislit, J Yale CoL J271w 1 NEW BERY, 131 Pearl - street, respect - J. fullv inform the public and thoie ladis and genrieineti HTio laieiv appuen mr nr. 1 i - MKR'S SUPER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, that he ha lust received a new supply per lt dius precisely the same as ihe last, and t tiers Ihtm Inr sale on very accommodating itrma. A Tiano Fortes of tliiseicellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for want ora corresfondrnt, G. N. feels il incumbent add, that their tones (by those who are sM - ooainted with them) are allowed to be full and expressive, ana bare muwrto given auiversa tatisfai'lica. Mattel' Patent Metronome for ale. AIo, London selected collection and spri men of Mine ralotiy.kc J2I FIRST Q.VAX1ITY lVAPlsES SOAP ! R! FRUMENTO has received a bn of it I the beat perlumed Naples bhavift; o.p, which be warrants to Iw oi the first qiU';y, ami whkli be will anli any gentleman within t JUiaUe Ihe trial of it, at no. 1 wall sireeu J27 1a m J0 5H1.M, a m uus cnj. z fiO Law regulating the Giwgmtf mud itupeeltng oft tun Utit. fasted Marcis 91, ISIH. fXT Be il enacted y the petmef tlu tint of "tw - i orMj Ttpmenua in tenuis, on? ssfrwy, That the person administering the government af this state, by and fith the advice ami consrut ofthe council of appointment, shall from base to tkas appoint one pw son tor the city of New York, whose powers shall extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn 1 one person for the city ol Albany; and one person tor tbe city of Troy, wliese powers shall extend to, and include Lao - tngborgb and Waleribrd, to be guagcrs and iu - specter of fish oil. . 1 A lid U it further enacted. That it thall be the duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, lo provide himself with proper instruments mr guaging and intpectuig oil, aud wuanever cal led on to gnage and inspect any parcel or fish oil, within the place for which he was appoint! d, it! shall alto be hit duty to inquire, diligently and seek out any parcels of hthort Within hi dit'trict,' and gunge and inspect the stlm,and brand legi - oiy on tne neaa 4 each cask be nUv so guae and inspect, ris own name and ti e name of the place for which he was appointed; also the whole number ol gallons tbe same shall guage, and separately fiom each oilier the quantity of water, the quautit; of aedircent, at well as the quantity of pure oil he shall find thcraiu, and shall make, subscribe and deliver to tbe owner or holder of such parcel ol oil so guaged and inspected, a certificate, ululating in tepai ate columns tbe quantity of each of the aforesaid enu - merated ingredients the whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which guaxing, inspecting,' brand ing and certifying aforesaid, he Jiall receive from tne owner or bolder ol the cil so gnaged and In' spectad, twenty ceuts for tacli cak, be the same small or large, the one half of which shall a! wan wereaiier tie chargeable upou the purchaser ol we same. . . And be it further tnacted. That it shall be the duty of all persons owning or holding fi.b oil, to put til same in a convenient ioition for guagtni and Inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guagcr and msiiector. And be U further enacted. That any person or person wno shall counterfeit, alter or change auy of the brands or murk aforesaid, on ant cask of oil to branded or marked, or who (hah mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, tell 01 barter any oil within tn district or places - sa.J, except the same thall have him guaged, upected and branded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or caue to be conveyed any oil oat of, or from Ihe dis tricts or places aforesaid except tbe samo shall have been guaged, imjiected and branded sc - ording to law, such person or persons so offend - mg, shall foribil and pay Ihe sum of twenty - five dollars for each 1 a1t, ihe brands or marks 01 which shall be so cnunteifcited, altered or chan ged, or which thall be to bmiijut, sold or bartered, or wlmh shall, beta shipped, exported or Otherwise conveyed contrary lo in truo intciil aud meaning of ihis t.cts frariittd, Heiitrthelrs, tbat uothing herein contained vhall be const rurO to prevent any person or persons from bu iug o Selling oil by measures legally sealed. A rut be tt further enacted, That it shall ! the dntyof any penon or persons who shall Use or otherwise empty the content of any ca - k of fiah oil, immediately to cuace tne guagars and in spector's mar as or txamds irom the same, under the DMialt of twentv - five dollar. ' . And be itfttrlher enacted, Tbat any forfeiture arising by trtif TW.iact, may be sued tr ud recovered bv action of debt. - '.i in any couri having cognisance ol the sau., to the sole use and bchool of any person wno snail sue therefor. NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been appoiuted by Ihe honoumbU tlie Cuun cil of Appointment, Gnager nnd Insprrtor of all Fish Oil lu the City ol new - 1 ora and Brooklyn, and has opened his offiie ut No. 3', Watrr - t. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to C P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES MAUR'CE. N. B. Dealer in Fiih Oil are hereby notiilrd, that auy infringement ol the above law wdl be prosecuted. July 2t im hut. aA Lth, A farm on the Hudson, about a' mite from Newhurgft, containing 13J arte, 33 o: which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a doe proportion of meadow, arable and pasture mno. 1 u nunoinc are parity new 1 tlie house convenient lor a iiiau miiiuy nisna ation il equalled in beauty by lew on the river the adsantaee. from the vicinity of a flourith ing vitlnge, of public worship, society anil trood marks t. with tbe facility 01 communication with New York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of tbe purchase money may remain on mortgage 1 the payment ofthe rest will be made easy to the purchaser - Apply on Ihe premises, to 7, 23 tf 1. VERPI.ANCK. VI ONT - A LTA For SALE or to LET, and iTJL immediate ossession given, the beautiful place called Mimt - AHn, seven miles from the City - llnll, on lh North River, sdjoining Loni Courlenay's. It contain 20 acre of land under improvement, with a large garden well slocked with veKetalile a variety of fruit, with every convenience for a family. For term, wnii h are very reasonable, nnd if sold a long credit given if wanted, tpplv to N. Al D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street. Je 12 Mil. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR nOY5, N'0. 8 PaIK 1'LiCB. THE course of instruction pursued in this institution embraces every department of Literature and Scic.ce necessary to a libe - ral education, (tlie dead languages excepted ) The public is aasurcd that this Sclrnol shuli consist of a number of pupils, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil will be admitted who cannot read connectedly and write legibly, and who is not acquainted with the first five rules of arithmetic School hours from 12 past 6 till 8, and from 9 till 1 o clock. Terms 12 dolls; per qr. J 25 Sw LO l"S TO LhAac. AT THE OiV 1 ft nlV Lu. OlTUAlb between Barclav aud Murray 3 streets Chamber sad Read - rtreets Jay and Harri'on - streets, nnd North Moor aud uenn - streets, nt a price very considerably Uss than iu - tererton their value, and al the expii 'M ol Ihe term the buildings to lie fairly aiud aud paid for, or anew has granted. Abo, to let by the year at a low rale, u vera lots or yards on the water, well ealcuratt: for lumber, plaster of pari. Ace. Apply to I'll. RHINELAXDER, 31 Tark, near the Theatre. ' Several ofthe abort lots will b sold at a mo derate price aud on a liberal cieuit. A stud, portion ofthe money only wdl be required. June II u us fcCILDLils, Of those who may wuh ti rect three elegant DuiKiinrt or lactone. - LOTS, 77 lect by 80, more or ks, with tbe buil linis ttnrjoo, in Jii - eeutre of Vescy - st. can be puntiUMd separ - e cr togeiner. AI.. - U. i An eieaat LOT, Willi 'h Cuillings theeeots 1 1 Powtry, 42 by 125, H ire or Its, near Cal tun st reel Uj while on accocnrrndating tcrair A;.olj el j.iChMham Row, near Boekrian - tt 1 le? a '.wn'ter s th.rce snjll ovwtcaie to di - p..e of, one of j(3,O0J, one of J: 000, one ot 19 WILLIAM - STREET. : 0r Hw new ERRY BOATS :romtl foe4 ol W atout street, New York, to tbe foot ol Lit - litret, Brooklyn, tiear tbe Nasy Yard, will conuneuce ruot.V - n Sunday, tbe lT inst. . TCrsons crossing to Brooklyn frbsu 4b tirpef pntol the city, will nod ll.e cUstauce. u.ncn - sliorlened J.y using this ferry. mv 14 (tt - The Rising Sun Sail Boats' Nonparul, anu industry, liom Ihe Elizabeth town Puiut, Kf New - York, tails iVco. iViarkcthelu - street, (wbeiu , the Steaua - boat Alalanta foimerly cbme to,) at' 10 o'clixk, tx each day. Passnga It j, - 2 ceute. Eoquire at the Steam - boat Ho'elL of - VANDERPOOL Si PHILLIPS. my 21 If : - irj JOHN PKOU'J OR, Jvj. lOb liberty - U offer liberal anticipations on nropfitj cunsigTi - - ed to his friend in the Mtditeriancan. Pun lurlber particulars,' (,p!yas above, or to AUlttHAM litl.L,, , Jefi'tf comer of Chit Si Fulton - eta - LAM. (tV STEPHEN B. MUNN. Ne. 226 Ptarl - street, New - York, purchases Lands in tbe lllia. ois Territofy, which has been set tpart for tlie lute Army.' l etter from the giving a. description ol the patent arid the pricsfatked tor . . eucn lit, ill be attended to, H 1'osi paid, my Is 11 A CARD. . fty At the particular solicitation nfthe'La - dy ttibsrribeis, the New - York Salt Wider Float iug Bath will be removed to her old station at tbe loot of Murray - street, this day, where tt will cuntiuuu open tvery Ok T, from innrtHf in Ike umrniiij;, until 10 wVlotk at nibl, - duriu tba bathing season. It is hoped wbeu ihe .i.wlict of this city know that this large building, . ivhii h Will accon:iiii'ittitu two or three hundred persons al a time, is excluiivi Iv devoted to their enjoyment on Mondays and v uli.t sl lytol etch wek' iinili 2o,click,'that they wi:i give that eiicoer - anemt nt vv huh such an appropriation ilerv. On a'l other ilavslhey have th irowoaparliueflts only. . Tbe grtutet pttihle uttinliou will he With : . I'he Bath at the Battery isprn every day irom sunrise to 10 o'clock at mbt, for Gcntlt - ipc n only. ' Je 9 h.AOhh. tint. COM f..V 1 , " OK Nr.W - YOrtK. - 07 Notice is hereb) given, Ibut a Dividend of lour and a hall per cent on the Capital Stock ot this company, has been declared hy the liouris of Uirectois ; mid will be - paid to the stockholders, on nr alter Hie 15th iit. J3lm' ' CO" 'fi'! Pntilic Insurance Company ol New Yifk, hhtf this day declared a dividend otiix. tier rent, on she capital stock, for the last six nwintli, payabln at their office, No. 4'J W all - St. ou llio liith uat. . - . . lit order ol the Board of Director. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'rr, Jfi Im . Ocean Inwii ancc ' lhce, 1 Julv 6, 18115. S' 17' The Board of Directors have this day di dared a dividend of throe and a hall per cent on their capital stock lor the - last tix month. which will be payable to the stockholder nr their legal representatives en tbe tenth init. l the office of the company, 4a Wall - street. ' - " .... SMULLSTAJNSUURY,Sec. ' July 7 ln r rjHK President ami Director Iijs this day JL declared a dividend cf five pt Ccr.roiv the cifhital stock of - ibe, company, tor; the lust six monuis, payable tn the stockhouiei . or their legal representatives, on - ami after ther I3lh inL nl the office. No. 34 Wtll - ttj eeL tnlv fl Im' C. G. SH1PMAN, Sectyr CLASSICAL, lTATit.ivrit 1 sww t - i.;iT - CAN I II.E ACADEMY. . TESSRS. KELLY It TUOMY lerpecfftflr iVl inform the iblic, that lliey hav lately" commenced this r'ai.lishn,ent in the large airy room. No. 475 Pearl street a few door (rem (lie corner ot Chatham strret. Their course of education comprise the KiM - lr. Latin. French, aud Enelish lauKUnges ; ConifMtoition, History, (ecgra hy, tbe us M W ei Globts. Book - Keeping, Arithmetic, with the oth er practical branches of Ihe MatheioalM s Yuung Ladies have a room approriuicu ,vi themse.ves w lirre they will be taught a regular course of female education, together with plain mid ornamental Needle - work, by a laeyoiexem - arj conduct and long experience in tnai oepari - mcnt P.sferenceto Robert Aiirain, P. M. anu.t. 1 . CehiHiliia College. - ( PAI EN'l GRAMMATICAL PlUlltOK. Mttt. Kelly it Tuomy beg leave also to in form tbe public, tbat their Grammatical Mirror is now completed and organised, aud that they are prepared to undertake its application to tnt duties ol Instruction. The Grammatical Mirror is a machine constructed on such principles " actuated by such laws as to exhibit a manilctl representation of all the parts of human speech, iu till the variety of their inflections aud all the diversity of their combinalieus 1 ills calculated to impart information more expeditiously that words, whether conveyed by writing or by utterance: letter and sounds are the tvrbilrarj symbols, not Ihe reiemblauce of iihss but the Grammalical Virror pretsuls an exact imitation ol the agent with its cases of the object with it passions, of their substitute with it gcndeis and person., and uf the action with its manner, vnd its times. The oihcr parts of speech will make their respoc live appearances iu the revolutions of Ibis extraordinary machiue. It is no Its useful to the teacher than to the popil ; an t whila tt expedites tbe progress of tbe one, il will facilitate be labor ollh drier. Should any person object to tie practicability ifilsptication,they tballruge tbe invest igatioOi of opposition : they cannot courrttt lo a udiscri - minata inspection : but any person wh. thall be qual fled to disru.'t its mtrils they are willing to, aod prepared loanswer hit objections. Though duty Sirbirts them lo acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and xeul others bar as much 1 they rely not on their emditkm andt talents, others nuy not have less but they rely on the co - operation of their , whicli they contend to be si.perior to any lhat can be emploved to attain the object it contemplate. Though they entertain nu doubt of its superior genTfcl utility, they conceive that for such as Cannot afford" much time for study, or wlime d.fltrcnt eniployments muvt. confine, them to interrupted and de - ullory lectures, it must possess peculiar 4v.titage. rr. . A'evrralliteiaryc'iar.cti ii - . no navt; uifPee. ted UiU niseliinc, have been equally astonish - td ami iMightcit, and doubt not that experi - ence will rea' isetbe ot sanguine "expectations that are entertained of il advantage nd UCClV. ' L'iK'ei thee ininressiun the rsrotn - ietnra ef tbe Granmuitt'rn .Iftrrer recom snetvl it to pub lie notice, and they are no' trior Jemsu of tcquirins;. than tUy are Confident tf securing the patronage nl Uir public. N. H. T lrv have lor sr an erst convenience deterTBined to deliver ercrting lecsstrea, from half past five til) half past seven, an any ofthe alsovementtoaed branches of literature. J 10 ln .s - - TV 3t - Jr US The fiMaadsrcooJ Boor in ttor'9 - 8 r .tcbev - smet. Tbe too - ar Urge, being fort wide, 70 feel JP. wH calcn - red tor a holes l - c rockery rtors br..r or :lher hutinast requiring saae room. 1 be M together or era. - :e. E.J'''C - P"' at 148 PeaH street, wpstasr. - JS 1 ' iif t r y'. t. . .'Iff 1?:. hi , - Hv - l .v. r'V - . ' !! 1 1. , i r M : r, "ii ! '1 1 ' ; r, : - J ' ' 1 I , 1 . I i ' ! '

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