Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
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I!/! ocal, IT HEAD 1-43' ; 'at the date after your Dane at the top of jour pa p«r. IS it reads 1'43 our subscription expires this according to our rec PROGRESS-REVI Vehune 73 LA PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, JANUARY 28, 19U After National ULI ESI IPO td K stCic IBS Vdia , 55 To Collect Tin Cans on Saturday Boy Scouts to Use Legion Truck in Rounding Up Needed War Material La Pert C i t v s t i n cms w i l stert ira c n i i z off to w a i thi Saturday Local Bi\ Sio ts- u s i n g -\ trucl furnished b\ the American Legion will canvass tho eitv during th day, picking up p^epaied cans from the curbs in f i o n t of the home of the ciU and loe il residents- an urged to set oat their boxes of can somewhere between the sidewalk find stiect, v.hore t h e \ can be reached c. silv by the bojs ac companying the nick uo tiuck Farmeis who \\ish to contnbjte to the dnve ma^ bring their can to the Ashlev building--the for mer post office quarters--where the collections will be accumulatcc for shipment to reclaiming plants Fron 75 to 100 pounds of tin can be leclaimed fiom each ton o] cans, and vith the Japs sitting on 80 per cent of th" world's tin sup ply^"" saving of even these smal amounts of the vital war metal WflUie of ' C--! r~i^Gi tance "Housewives are reminded thai tin- cans destined for the collect!TM 1 should be washed thoroughly, both ends removed and placed inside and the 1 whole cm flattened out to save space Only tin plated cans ** are wanted--not the painted or v. enamelled varieties BULL SELLS FOR $14.100 fire Guts Jtoner Home ?Worst Local Blaze in Years Destroys Upper Floor of West Side House ire ttcd of the undetermined origin upper floor of the ims Stoner home just north of city ball diamond Satuiday noon, and left the lowei floor badly "'ater-damagcd Firemen snul the ilaze was one of the worst m many ·cars in this c i t j . The attic of the house was 'ablaze when thc fire was discovered, and the flanes had broken through thp icof it man\ points by the time the two fire trucks ^,reached thc scene A stiff wind knd zero weather h impcred thc firemen m then efforts to get the J lRaze under contiol C Household goods on the lower jojffloor was- sa\ej, but it was im- ^possible to get into the upstairs JOoms to get much of anything 5 V out The Stoner family has moved to Will Loveless house pending a "decision on i c n a m n g o r rebuilding 1 tfcur homo Much of the fire loss -l»as reportedly covered by ms:ur_ Postponed Meetings To be Feb. 1 and 2 ,^Machmeiv repair meeting 1 ; " ich had to be canceled last week use of blocked loads are now for next Monday and Tuesday, 1 and 2 'he F«h 1 meeting will be at at the Mars theatre in La .e City and thc Fcb 2 meeting thc Regent theatre in Cedar i cry valuable piogram for farmers will be presented on both days and ever farmer is urged to attend Machinery dealers and repair. ; tten m both La Poi te City and C*dar Falls ore cooperating with " Black Hawk county Farm is sponsoring these meet. bRANTFORD ONTARIO, CANADA-Photo shows a scene at thc dispersal of the Trailynd herd owned by G M Ckmons of Brantford, where the yearling Holstem bull, Montvic Renown, was sold for 514,100 to a Chicago company Renown's great grandfather, Johanna Rag Apple Pabst, topped this price in 1926 w h e n he sold for S15 000 Mr. demons, the proud owner and Secretaiy of the Holstcin-rnesian Association of Canada 19 shown right, and representing the buyer it W. Cation, second from right LETTERS From Men in Service Camp Crowder, Mo January 19, 1D42 Dear Mr Smith, I have been in the army since last fall and have been receiving the paper regularly It certamlv is good to be able to read of what is going on back home AnJ I want to join with all the rest of the fellows in thc service in thanking you for sending it About all I can say about this camp is that I am going to a radio technician school, and that we have just plenty of that old army routine Thanks again for the paper I remain, Tech. Cpl. Francis Bedard Co A, 804th Sip Tng Rept Camp Crowder, Mo Jan. 22, 1943 Dear Editor Heie wo are basking in a temperature of 68 degrees, after manship Progress-Review verj much My home was near La Porte City for about the last seven year and was known to all my friends there as Arthur Hospodarsky M\ parents, the Mr and Mrs C W Hospodarsky, still reside on a f a i m south of La Porte City After being inducted at Camp Dodge, Iowa, I was n^ipned to the 211 Military Police orgamzn tion in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo I have enjojcd aim\ life \ITV much with the Military Police The work is interesting and tin training; is very f i n e We receive the finest instructions that could be had, and our officers are very good The food is splendid h e i c in the army I am coming to the close of nu basic t i a i n i n g and earned a i.iting of private fiist class after being Name Ship For Son of Local Man · _ i U. S. S Charles R. Greor Honors Young- Marine Killed in Action After Receiving Decoration S t o \ c n M G i c i r u n n l o v c d on fie tt ,-,nc M c Q u i l k i n f i r m neai h"ie i c c c i . e d in n i M t n t i o n this- month lo bt p u s i n t u the 1 ui'ieh i"K of the I S S C h a r k s It ' Croci at the M u Js| ,,] \ n v | \ a u l at ^ in Trancis-co. The ship was named in honor of Mi Grerr s 'on i marine coips prnaU who has been icporled killed n iiition Mis Greer w is lhc s^pons-or of the ship at the launching ci n monies, Januarj 18 Because of n clel.n in trans mission of the mail, Mr Greer STOCK SALE AIDS RED CROSS SIOUX CITV. IA--Indicatne of tho sp , r t , in suppoiting the war cffoit is L E Cici s \ c of purebred Shorthorns «ho is =1 mn ^^ , C ' unable to leave foi Caliloi m i in time to attend the cereninov The young marine for whom thi t ship was named \\a* a residcnt| -w~k -m-m-m . of Ilughson, Calif, and -was dec_ I H? £1 I I H PI TYI orated foi b r a \ e r \ in action clur ··-*** 111 I CHI I ing; res-cue work on B i l n i n nemnsula on December 29 1311 He is k n o w n by manv in t h i s c o m m u n i t y , havinp Msilcd here two years ago The proud father of the marine hero ib a nephew of Mrs Agne* McQuilkin and a cousin of Gre r \Va\nL and Homci McQuilkin of this community , ,, _ L Rerson of the CluciRo Red Cro of Mr Crews' \isit to Clncigo to i ^ n , i d, t annual meeting ind Internatioml Core'.= i i 10 per cent of thc gross rcccipu of. l h L i t t i l ^ at Sioux City In , and thc rcnnmi.ifr 9u 1H1 t , , into United States War Bonds The heilu s , , , M-iiliKlit G2nd, one of the prize animals of UH \1' Loloiado. Rites Read 'Dies J«i:. 7 Subscriptions Are Rolling In ·-- Progress-Rcveiw Readers Hurry to Pay Ahead of March 1 Price Boost Subscriptions boih lieu and r(. have pouicd in during the Charles Rallheim Funeral' Held Here Last Saturday Afternoon ! O'dcst V C ih l\is II' nu of I e -- 'oil n ist ifter aiiiiouncLmrnt last I h u i s d i v that thi snhscrip here two months I have a l s o j tl()n ,,,.,,, of l h c Protr , css R t v l _ earned a medal for rifle m i r k s ln thc j _, Porlo C]ty t l _ u ] c U n | with the temperature at 5 below The entire city was fro/ :n--stores, factories and schools losed because of a gas shortage We are surely busy, but the voik is; most interesting Dick is issigned to the test stands where he Army Air Corps pround news are taught to test and TQuble shoot airplane engines of ill makes. Do you suppose you could send 'he PTORTCSS Review down thi= Don't forget this week 1 ' Mrs Richard J Pearson 5827 East llth Tulsa, Okla R a y 7 s-sue ps. Countryman in California Friends have received word of sudden death of Mrs. Fayette "ntryman at Los Gatos, Calif ~ :. 20 rs Countrjman was Harriet gf. daughter of Mrs. C. W. 'i, and lived in Ld Porte and taught school here before marriage They moved from ;°, Ro *ford, Iowa, and later !iforma tfo mourned by her husband, ?ughter3, son and a brother, "lin, who lives m Minne. January 19, 1943 Dear Sn, I will take a little lime this evening to write you a few line' ind give you my new address I jlso wish to thank you for the aper which I have been receiving regularly and enjoy very much t is a swell way of keeping jp with the home town as well as earing from the other boys who J.TC also in the service I haven't received the last two Capers on account of my change n address ! have left Fort Ord t not California We have been having 1 the typi_ al California weather, warm in he day and cold at nite, once in a while quite foggy I haven't seen any snow here, there has been frost and some ice in places What I miss the most ia thc change of seasons, they all seem the same to me. There hasn't been a great deal ai ram yet this winter. In my travels of the last couple weeks I've had opportunity to see San Quentm and Alcatraz, which are visible from the highway only on clear days. Thanking you again for paper. I will close for now Pvt Lloyd A Petersen Gilroy, Calif the Dear Sir: January 25, 1943 Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo Upon receiving your newspaper for the past two months while being m army service, I have de. Without a doubt thc United Stites has the finest nun ind Lhi best f i g h t i n g Lmt in the world Our post here at Ft Leonard Wood, Mo is located in the heart of the O?ark M o u n t a i n s and in the center of thc Mark Twain National Forctt The w e a t h e r and climate are ideal and lhc sccnei^ is beautiful here I would like at this time lo extend my greetings to all mv friends in and near La Porte Citv Thanking ^011 \ ( r v much for the service vou h a v e rendered me I remain sinccrclv \ours, Pfc Arthur Hospodarsky 211 Militarv Police Co Ft Lcnnnrd Wood Mo U S Army t o i \ f i o w o u l d lj. boosted March 1 lo ?2 50 a \ear Most readers seem to feel that .iMiig for Uiui p i p i r now iv ,n w.n of c u n i t i K fiftv cents, and m im m n I h n H C i i m h n K in r e n e w a l s the\ arc already paid up well into 1943 M a n y have i m p r e s s e d surprisi t h a t they H e s L i l l bung pemittid to pay foi the paper at the old Ch.irlei Dallhcim died l i s t ' M i n i s Thnrs(!a\ e \ e m n p Jnn 21, i t 2 ~tli IK I i I n t o'dock in tin home of his sistct dud u s M . s h h / i l x t h WH.H.IIK]S i f t i , i UK |,, , l i n K c r i n g illness f r n m eomplica s In ,i , i | lions due Lo advanced agi i h u u c l , lie w a s 87 yt irs old, bom ni u ^ I i ^ ' i M e n o m n e i I ills, Wis on I J i c i n i l i i I bc-i 18, 185 r ) the son of "\licb u ' w h i i \ mil Ann i Mane BalllHin 1 111 ' " s i I i h^ed thcic until June in 1S8 ! w h. n ' i l u i hi ( a m i \ \ i l h his p irents tn 1 i t i r Porte City and located on a fai n' I I 1 in K i n c i t o w n s h i p In 1M')7 In n M u l i i ] i f t i r i d fr( m . d u e f i r m i n g ind i i in i I fi w \ i irs I it. r w e n t lo l i \ i i u L ' ^ In I ' i i i his s i s U r and husb mil Mi m l 1 1 \ Ii 1 Mr^ 71eri'-i Wicnands mil f a n i i h i 11 In 1'iJ'j lie cimc to t o w n ' i t ' i ' l h v '' Ins i = l ( r w h ( n hi 1 M i l u i i h l 'i '" '' ' d u d lie w a s a mi nilKr i f H i "" " l A i M L r c l K il church foi m.inv \ i u and he was nev r in irric d "' I I . ,s s m . i v c d M i v n s, u, "'",,' , U ' l i n i n d and Mn J o h n O h i l ' La P o l l , d t v , ori( brolliir \\ il | . , liam l i i l l l H i m of Ixnp n ( icl I "" " ( i l i f , a n d s e \ i r a l n u c i s in 1 1 n( ph. ws ! I m i f Th( funeral K r v i c c W T S o 1 S i l r d a \ at 2 p m at thc H in h-irt i n d [nhanns'cn Tuner il hoir OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER -Number 4 --= Crown Lo?al Girl In national Dlv'ng Meet 0 _ X«e \nn Olsen to Com- neic for National Junior nhinif Championship at Chicago Sunday I i Poi ( ( i l \ is being rcpre 1 1 ( 1 i v u k (n.l in the Nn_ | il v \ l ' H n n i i r s minor diving i i |)u iishm c o m p e t i t i o n in Chi. ii Iiv. / H Vim Olsen talented \ 'i .Id d u ghlir of Principal 1 I h s \ u Olson. Zoo Ann is i i i '1\ one of the \ounge-t 1 v . i tu e n t u this national i n ihon I In n u l l is o p i n to all women ' u i l u t the n itionil chnmpion is \ p u t c d ti bring together in J i i I I hi nation's out stand ' iliMn^ stars The competition ' 1 1 1 he-Id Saturday night a t t h c I w i \ C pool in Chicago, us p i e i a l f( ilure m connection 111 the ( c n t n l A A U swim. u IK m e e t / ) Ann ilnad\ holds thc Iowa \ \ (_ w omi n s indoor and out n i d i v i n g eh ui.pionshipi, and tho M i l u e s t A \ U girls' dlvnig l l Shi is thc proud possesscr T "7 n u i l n ' s -ind trophies thc first f w h i c h s-hc uon when only seven i old in a diving meet at the 1 I i ulor hotel pool in Los I n i s n i i n t l j pickid by Sec i i \ i l i i i n sports editor o f I 1 M o m i s Register, as one i l l n I L I I o u t s t a n d i n g women in i H I , in low i -- t h e only swimmer I mi HIT Uii ten \S d i n t h i v e much hope of ' i \ n t i u i n i u n g honors ut the \ n i ' i H U L L t.his week," Ml 01- n s u d \\ i. dnmdiy, "but we do I 1 111 il the (\peni_ncc will be I 1 l»i I 11 ind that she will be I i i '\ Lo in ike a real showing in lomiKlitioi, in anothter / \ n n ind Mrs Olsen left i i i \ i i nn g for Chicago, i J At \ n n u i l l spend a few i , ' i l U n K special i i I i ' mil K i l n i n g familiarity 1 1 I ' M H I fool dmng Lonrd o n in li l u i l l pi rform Saturday I I lic\ L \pcct to return to La i i ( lU Sund i Thc wn\ C M r j t h m g h i s gone am] ftt , »,0 M. thc E i . a i i K . l i r , up I don't see how \ou h i v e b(cn culrcl , W ) l n JJ L V G ]_, B ,,,,, January 21, 1043 San Dugo Calif Dear Everett I have a few h o u r s off tonight, so I figjred it v ould be a good time to write I know it is improper to ask for things but if it is possible please send me the Progress-Review It would sure be swell to pet ahold of a paper and read thc home town news My trip was a very interesting one Saturday, Jan 16 at 8 30 a m we boarded thc train at DCS Moincs A train loaded with service men picked us up about 2.30 p. m and by morning vie were well on our way We switched trains at Kansas Citv and con. tinued on our way There were about 23 marines from Chicago, 11 from Minnesota and then 13 from Iowa As we continued on. to San Diego we picked up more) at each stop AH through New Mexico and Arizona you see cotton fields and able to wilt Ibis long before raising lh( price," one subscriber commented. This issue of Lhc Progress Review, meidentally, will be the last to be m a i l e d to those whose e x p i r i t i o n dates after tncir man o f f i c i a t i n g Burial wa n \ \ c s t View c c m c t c r j The. cn'ket luarers V V I K m p h i w s of the dcceas.d and th ( j u t of lown relatives who I lhc f uric ml T ere Mr. and Mi Roy Hallheim of Onnh.i, N i b , M names at thc lop of their papers ( i n ( i J| rs A n d r e w C h i isti tn-ci ( f read "1.43," unless renewals are Elwood, N e b , Mrs C.«i,t received before this time n i x t Jleathcrton, Mrs G n l r n M u n n i i week N imcs of b u b t c r i b - r s arc \i r nn ,j M ri Ernest Wici in 1 automatical^ r piovcd f i o m thc ,11 ,,f Waterloo, Mi and Mr list at thc end of the month our Waltci \ \ i c n a n d s of \ i n t o n ^ I i Hire Math Teacher I O rormcr Sfatc WPA Of! i u e Employe to Begin ! Work Hero Next Week I I I isi \ a i _ T n c on thc local h« i f K i i l U -b filled thc first I II i w i c k w h e n Dorothy Ncw_ i n r r Dis M u n i s accepted, in a 1 1 I al I i I si nice lilcplioiiL conversq i on m n l i ic In tc.ieh mnthc- I I li i c c o i d s show then subscrip I , n ( j Louis Ohrt of M lions expire, under the "stop on , in ,| M ] S A l l x r t Ohrl of C , , n i in expiration" policy which has been m, ,, n d Mrs Herman Ohrt of MI in effect for the past three or A u b u r n , Mrs J W W i c n a n d f o u r years We urge that those Mrs P II Wicnands Air whose subscriptions are expiring i\j rs T, i Mathc 0 anil d IU this week come in promptly, to O f Cedar Falls that they won't miss any issues r I o* thc piper Manv hjvc alreadv| Mr ard Mrs Richard M il uoil | done so, but there are many others arc p i r r n t s ,t an 8 pound 4 OIIIK [ W^ves ( I s J { , 1 1 1 1 1 , l i l t ( l o r O f f i c e to come in boy born 5 minutes pa-t n u n ' Why wan' Sell il now, through Thursday nt Presbyterian tl e want adal I in Waterloo Baby Pictures to be Printed i Beginning in Next Issue I il i h i s in lhc loi U school at A l u \ of SI 10 a m o n t h I M i ^ x \ c \ \ l o n i graduate of I I l i i l i i m . u s i l v in 1U28, taught I m i l h i in i t n s it ("astin.i, Iowa for I H i s Sii cc th it time she | I In i n u r p l o j e d in the state V I \ r , f f i u m DCS Moinii The i fl l t is b u n g closed thii, month n d i t h e m c n t order I riM n i i i g \M'A aclnilics. M N c u l o n w i l l begin her M| In re n c \ l Mondav Mrs L. I U i i l n h i « been subHtituting i in ii h i m ilits teacher since the In M i n n j r nf thi second semester, ft \\m\u\K 'he designation of K i l l . na llioma cactus plant*. Thc cotton fields were ready to pick, and in tome fields negroes were picking it It is really quite a sight By this time there was quite a change in the weather--it was warm and all the boys were in ahirt bleevcs and had the windows open, but at night you d--n near froze In Arizona you see lots of dairy farms Almost every town you come to you sec hundreds of cows on each farm, and the grass was the Slnhnkc Itirhard and Raymond Konken, Judd Higgle, Richard and Ronald Anderson, Allen The long-awaited pictures of La Porte City children, 48 in al! which were to have been published in the Progress-Review six weeks ago finally arrived Thursday noon,i Hay, Patricia Marshall, J i m t too late to begin publication in Tho-na, Msrcia Gravcnhorst i I I L *'] 1 1 1 in Hi 1 i i i I C i l i i-l J f ' IK ul 1 i i l i n g ' Many from Away Port( Marlg Botlcma, Dallas Kray, A n i i J i l l c i d c d 1 Johannsen, Robert Labe, N a m \ J Mr , n c s fur you as to how much conjunction with my paper are two buddies of the mine from the and ,nforn;' sure ^ een ~^ 3t llke IowB In thc The pictures will be published I emov it . sunimer lme ' , I three groups, IS the first we y STM 1 WC ^v SU T-° to K^T e IB the second and 18 the third, y enjoying trains at Yuma, Arizona, but be. . n . ._ buddies of ... ,,, . J. . ^\»~A ,,,« m ^t February 4, ll ana 18. this werk's issue of thc Progress- Review It was explained that difficulty of obtaining 7inc on which to make the printing plates delayed thc engraver in delivering thc cuts of the pictures. The pictures will be published m 15 the first week, ... as f and they likewise enjoy thc I (Continued on Page Six) Ucek arc pictures of Kenneth j . e r , . '"» " c were a da ' behlnd we WCnt Scheduled for publication next Klame Christian «nd C.'iiolc ton Parents c r others wishing c x l r i copies of th» papers carrying UK picture's are msked to make rei ervations not later than Wcdncs day noon, »o thet we may kno how many to print We ordinarily print only · minimum of rxtr copies each week, to con^c'v newsprint, and we cannot promise to hmc extra copies if they are not ordered in advance \t Clark Funeral , M ind Ah Fred Woolman, I M i s I L S S I C Lauzon, Gifford and ] U i l i i r ( 1 irk. Mr and Mrs Lou \ i i n hong, Mn Oscnr Wagner, I 'Irs Floia Collins of Waterloo ' IM| U liter Scott Clark of Wy_ i i j i i i n g M i n n were among t h e o u t I . f ttmn relatives and friends who ' . i ' t e n d e d the funeral of Mrs. f h i r l e s Clark last Sunday n .s I" i 'n 11 i I In listing servivora of Mrs. in t-ue .11 it Cogjro , [ ( l r r l c Clark last week, the Prog. I ress Review inadvertantly omitted f i r s t i the names of t vo brothers, Glenn t ( i t l l .-'l U U . . I Ml \ I L '111 '( 11 1 I L I I I I '1 1 ' u.ited from o o I ' it ( d i Jtaplds in J'l.J ' s i ' K L ! i I S i p tcmber h. rnatheii .Ln Io\ a Her f ah. i is JH it\ n f l class in tlu u r u mil is s. i t i o n d l a n d W , ' t e r Scctt, and misspelled in thi lerloo T h e filed i n tiling ofnc( in \Va I the names of Dan and Otto. for of Clurles Ballheini probate Ibis w e e k , K e i t h Anton was graduated J i m i a r v 20 from thc naval training school for signalmen at the names a. niece, N m i \ \ i c n i m K as I L'nivcr^il} of Illinois, and has been b e n e f i t i n g , and C V lia nli.ul ' promoted to thc petty officer rank 1 of radioman third class. as executor the Date Following Your Name Is 1-43, . P W S F A P F R !

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