The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 31, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1818
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, FOR BRISTOL, lftLV mptriur brig JANU&, Dowdall, 'aster; will sail oa Sunday uext. For "JrjK,PP,youVcar,:t Murray's ""l" A' ' FOTT M'KJNNE, , i - ei ' 58 South street SAKAJfAAII, Thuuech SALLY - ANN, Wrtglom, , matter; wiUsail oo Wednesday, 5h ol AutfU5u - r or u vig hi vi ja93(gT ffipiT w uwU t Gooveracttr's wharf, or to ; . POTTfcM'KINNE, jy 31 , 56 South street. tor iriJ..ilAQ W.V,.Y. C. Tbe sabstautitd coppered ship G LOBE, 1 Dor oil. master : will positively sail oo Yeduttday oxt with what freight offer. Ap Jf 31 " ' 56 South tlreeL H'anttd to CU.1 HtKti, 4yv A fait railing brig or eclioooer, of from 11000 lo 1200 bbl burden, for a voyaee to south American - Immediate despatch will be giren.. Apply W ' , , , G.G. &S.HOWLAND, : Jy 31 , 77 WabingUo - ctreU !' The fine fast sailius substautial hip LAElA, Alexr. S. Sutherland, master, will bw about SU0O bll. and now ready to take ia a cargo. For terras apply to LAIDLAW, G1RAULT fc CO. Jy 31 ' 5t Mo. 90Coffee'.loU!!e?ip Wanted to Charter, A rood British "Brig or .Schooner, of .about 150 tons, calculated for carrying hu. es on deck, for a voyage to the W est In die. Apply to TLTKEI & LAURIE. J 31 29 South - street. 4 A food ship. tocarr about 3500 bob (mediate despatch will be given - Apply to - JOSEPH JONES, No. 12 Greenwich - street. Jy3lSt OILS. Ate. Kfifkfi Gallons Refined Sea Eh plant Oil JUUU 1500dn.SuniBierStrMtperai.Oil ; t VfJ do Nut Oil for Portrait t'amten 2 Oil i'reme. with screws, runnine in copper dyes, auitlble for tobacco, oil, or doli.iert. To bcoiaoy barium, jviju, at 52 Broadway or 13H Fly - market. Jy3l lOt ) n pi ajAJLA i j jzi , &c. AW J boxes tin plate, assoittd i 90 do daavijred 1500 lb India and 5;aniiH Hock tin 80W lb of eld copper. For ale by ANSON G.' PHFI.PS, Jy 31 K3 Finnt - st. HAVAjNNA .MUl.ASar.f - . - 31 liii.Js. tirsl quality Hnvamia Mo atstt, will be landed Iii day in iront oi tho store of (he subscriber, ' audforsele by . TUCKER Ac LAURIE?, J 31 .' , - ioitth slrevt. ' CALCU'l I A oUODa. - l:w taie u. Our - ratisand BafUia.for al by JOs. OSHOR. J 31 , il S iitii - mrr. t F.OL'K il 4' l'l,i!,.(Jfi l m up. r - line Kloii, - , :indih;i'rm sctir il uil.a, at Old up, lor tale ly J3l, POOR VHV At JOHNSTON. MVSOOV.ljo&lt.AK4 - oiol ) quality ILtvMna Mu;or:diupr, land in? ttua nwroiug in front cf the tubicri'icr's ttort , od for Mile by , G. G. fc S. IIOWLAND, . JtSI - "67 VVae'iinston - nlret. IMiLlSH xWLft. i - tt teeiel, llieiol - Jji lowing Afticlii v - t:r.mbri: Light Taney Printt KV Two Gren d. bhiric fiiiTshite do. ' Vnueja Ut, I" i - iced CatMuieret Tr Ground furnitiirf .Ppr Uitfi r Ipti'cd do ' 9 8 aad 6 4 Cum' ric do. Tor ;! hy - J SI FKTKK Kr.MSKiS St:o. NEW PATENT PH.VU FURIES. GEO. I. XEVYUSRY retpccifully and ennfi. deatly amrrs hi frieads and the public, that at his office, M'l Pearl street, tnny be purchased die above instrument , lower than any o - ther plaeein the aityt wherv may also be had Macl'sU patent Mctronoinea. J SI USllr".R Um direction ot the subscriber, wilh aa assistant it now opwi for tlie recp'ion of Shidjnts. The price of Board and Tuition tii, P teim oi ball ver or at that rate lor a (en period. Tutti m or - ly, ("r"m Jlo (6, per half a lem, according wine tiuatet pers:iec. i nis liutituiosi coniprptnnni tws d ttinct departments, tie cne (otjiws inntlemen, wno will be titled for the Countiaz - hoare, or th Ccllrge, the vihtr,br youns l:idit who wiil be instructed ia all Ue"brancliei of Literature, proper for their Mt. . Tb luhecribrr has mane rrnngemtnt for twardi the yonnj gentlemrn who resort to thin liutilstiou ; yonug ladies rany be furnished with ooaniM reasoDubie ermit in the village. TIMOTHY CLOWES, ' licmustead.,,nrl. For further particulars teir to Mrtsrs. Kirk k JMtrntn't Hook Store, ZS Y ail - street,?!. X. i 31 zawtr Sr.W - YOKK 6I UlL Ai CA - bb f AtJ 1 U K K i - y 0. 63 a K.OAU - VV A X S' IAMDEL JUDD, hn for ) sale, wholesale and retail. V winter prencd and summer tlfttrained t - ptmaecti t Vlirt uii. at tne aimv lariory. or t the old st&nd, 133 Fly Mar - ei. Also, SPERMACETI. WAX. I TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general t - ortsoeot of Lnmps, Lamp HltMes Latpp Wick ; and for aceommodatinn of cuttSDien. I fn Caimtcrs, Irom l Wi 15 arallons : Krrs. yiwsii - ii - i - Jf imras to gallon; jujv. romi lt3 do ; vrilh a variety of otlier articles, til sVvhich are warranted of the firt uuality, vd! cheap as can be purchat - d ia New - York. . intaiiore arttcles rent to any part of the city fret peace, where the l.urchaier make it o.ct. . J31 Jj ' A ikfighrful mutkerli brrezt 'plIS day' mail coftTned the pleasing" in. tellifjence to tiis city, that Fortune, wef rivnrable to the f AITEV throwj - . e ttediura of their tffice, presenterl to three fhvotariea, the highest priie 30,000 dot - drawn last Tuesday. It wa ao'.d at their , in a half and two quarter; and teem the immediate precursor of better luck j oeu" customer, a the 100,000 and 50,000 "trt wtU be shortly drawn ia the Medical ' ince Lottery, which will probably be aold - J beir ofRce in iharea. The fortunate hoW f this great prue roar receire the caW i immediately. I 31 I ' $1O0.Oi - - t o,oa 1 Hi I. DhA. - ik. tl iM ii. elk A , but class of the Science Lottery, being the iJPular ever prijjflt - ied U Amerira all f 11 d ? obtaintd at tl aper Orrea - Otfu ' 4 HRiMm in . u t - i k a i tat more iapiuu mzei im mc uw V IOIUrr. ha. tlm. rnnrl ana ' ei!f tKlut nded by (bean,) than wJt.Maio - J"Ttkoo'wi9thiariry. r"ortne UTI P th ay to then ofice for rateable Pnxe. r aad Jihaiva, for aide on the bett term, liberal discaaat snt ta thn oho take a JJf. present price f, bat advaaea tofJ0 ir..7irT ne Uua Urttery oommeacci li y ( CP trAw It v Jy .31 MAKCHfcSTER VELVETS. Aaaortad e - louri and wry taprrjbr mlltr, for aale lo,by GtflLI. KEVVBERY. J3f U9 Pearl itreet. , liyl'litrt Putrid from Utnltil Htutet. . CULLKN'S LIQUID MAQSESTA. Approved of, and reeoiomended by atveral of the roost eminent pbyticiant of Philadelphia. rpHE Traniparetit Solution of Magoeua ii prel J. tented to the public with the aanetioa and particular recommendation of many of the moet reipea able phttieianiof ibit eity, at the meet eligible mode of eahibiting mgneia. Thiaauja - lio - ) poueawi the virtue or Uat medicioe in an eminent degree et morcpecdty ; with greater eertiintjr and i not liable to form conereiiont in the bowel, Meaira. Braode and Monroe have dle ivered are tome timet produced by tolid mag - netla. It combine with its antl - ae.d arid aperitnt principle the very dettrable property ef allayinc the moet excewive vomiting, and carrying off ii e and offcniive mirtter. Hence inferred i (threat efficaev in thetummereonip aintiof lemaiet, eni.aren, e. ete. To penon of bilioot habit', it if recommended atan neellent enrrevtor of bile and acidity eora - nunicaUa tone to the tonacli - i perte a a gentle axation, and uta' lithe a permanent acd regular itate itfthe bowel. A ditcreiionary ue of thit agreeable Leverage enable pertfMiaof ev ry ag' , tea and ennstitutioi to k ep their bowrlt moderate, without the use of tall or drat lie purpet, (hitherto uted) which never f;.i tocoiifirra the cottive ln'Jlt they were intended to remove, and to r lor life the organ of digettioo. In we.ik ttuniacht urie and other aeid are evolved, earning gout, gravel, Minuets, ;.nd coo retion o: the j int$ the solution will enliven, palliate, and ofieu ;eraO' e lieie atllicUn; eom - plain . Inilkettion nl many dito'der of the iyt ra, frequently proceed from an acidiou state of the stoniach i ehiM'cn are particu ariy till jeot to tins aepravrd condition ol that organ, in eon - tequence of their existing almost entirely on milk and vegetable diet. A small qiantity of the solution (which children d.'ink with avidity, and in gene al prefer to every other beverage) will in a a short time neutralise the canting acid, and, if j Botitmued, will prevent the formation ot any new acid. a Independent O'' the other advantages the solution piittcsses over crude magnesia, or any oih r medicine, intended to produce a similar cfl'eot, the superior purity of the mtgner.a contained in the solution ( the patentee having ditcovcred a process by which he deprives the magnesia he makes use of, ol the numerous impuritii it i always contaminated with) must give it a decided preference ovt r every other preparation : to avoid the appearance of empiricism, the certificates of the p ysictaiit, and other approbatory tettimoor, are nni'publiilied, but may be seen at the store of the patentee. The solution mar either be drank at the fount, (as mineral waters) at IV I - 2 een per half pint, or may be had in bottle ol an oval shape, marked, in raited letters, " Collcn't LlqiiM Magnesia" and labelled Cullins toluliouof MK"etia. Observe, none i genuine except what answers the abuve description, and is signed by the patentee. JOHX CUL" EV. Price $2 50 per dozen, 7i cents of which wrll b: re urnrd on rce vingihe empty bottles. Sold in Philadelphia only, at Cullen' Chemienl ahd Drug store, . - .li, est corner of Clioauut aud Second street. Ptuludtlpitia, April, 1818. The Patentee, encouraged by the success of the Patent Liquid Magnesia in I'luladutpliia nod elt where, resiieclfullv iufor i.t the inhabitants ff New Yoik and its vicinity, that he hat formed an r eitahiitlinient lo itt talc at no. fit uroxuway, will.iu two donrt f t'ai k Place, where he alto m inut'ucturet Soda Water of a superior quality. J - It tf I i.AR'6t;ALCIF.I M AGNKtIA, 1 Hemtiifora Sour Stomach, II tart Bum, and a Curt for Indention. (' 1 A 1 CI N E I M A ( .1 Etol A has bee n some t i m e in ilsu both in Europe aud America; but Intlerly it hat been m ire (rrqumlly used lh.n formerly. It was brst brought intu ure in Gonna - up. aud was highly extolled by HoLTtuan, on oil whose autltority it was introd - ired, but very cirfinuediy, litUlikiiowrdeorit,'nd ilt f xctl - irii' - e, was more cxtensiwly diil'utcd by the author of a lui - dical pamphlet, entitled n." Etsay upon the Nuriii.g and ilaii i':uimt ol Children,' 1c. This auliior has bellowed mui lj time and atirnuua in me wvesui(aioa oi ine virion ui u.e Cnl incd magnesia, and ir. most tott.inces ha great judeiuent and knowledge ol the subject on which he treated, arid thereby hu brought this mcdii ine into high repute. We ennnoi, tlicrrfore, more properly explain its reputed virtue, than by quoting the passage in which be re - c - miuendt its u;e. lie says that v tiie nrvi and general cause of most disease to which infar.t are liable, i the acidity which their Ibid occasions in ti.eir stooim hi. 'l itis acidity becomes very obvious from the griping and purging occo - ti'wed thereby. It may not he improper to men tion an and generally a certain remedy, or rather preventive, ir timely acminivcred, wnicri it the meneiia dlba. calcined. This medicine effectually caret all acidities proves a mild aad lenient purgative, and Keens the body ftenuy o - pr n, without leavh.g behind it that co;tire state whicn lay the foundation lor many dangerous ood trnuDievome oieates." The author of (lie above mentioned eay fur ther observes, that " notwithstandios the pecu liar excellence ol this preparation id removirg imlige'tioo, yet still it lahon under a disadvantage difficult to be obviated, ai nornemist ha a yet pursued a method calculated to diyest it com. pletely of it crudities, and give it that prr - erai - Df nee which i? merits ( wheo pnnrly ptepared) v,ould justly demand for it is a well established fact, tiiat iad'gtstioaisthe primary caase ol many of the oiost alarmiog and dangerous disears incikiit to the humaa system ; cotiKqiiently the magnesia alba, wbw properly calcined, would be the most rffiracioas rtniedy hitherto known." Sucretsiul experiments have fully demonstrated, that the m - '.gneiia here recommended ha arrived to the perfection at which the above author hint. Sold nply (by appointment) by JOI1W C. MORRISON, Drwrgitt, ISB Greenwich street, and HULL & LOWNE. Drucsisis. 146 P - arl - street, New York. J 31 lni ANilt.LA UUM. If minchmn Antirua Rum. will be land ed this day from the schooner Jones' v, hai F - - for tale by PAGE ii TRIPLETT, J.30 2t - 83 - lip. I lAVANt eUOARS. ISO bolt upenor Li. white Havana Sugar BO do do bruwa do do. Innding from brig A merirnn, Capt. Aoner, a ad for sale by JJ0 GOomiUESCO KL'(;.S (,um (inal. IVirxl. Oil of Ani - XJ teed. Senna Leaf, and Auafaeuda, for title at. 3 Soulh - street, by J 30 JOS. 0?RORX. OTHER OK 1'EAHJj. A quaulily, lor IT L sale at 28 South - street, by J 30 JO. OS BORN. CHOfl'Ab. A few cases superfine Cho pas, fora!eby P.REMEX&CO. I S9 S6 Sonth - ntreft. SHEETLVGS A tew bale half bleacl,d Ru i Slieelmrt. f r a)p by J30 UX'RD & SfcWALL, 6SSnh. rpOBACCO. - L JO hfids, prime Virriaia Tobucco 50 hhd. prime Kentucky do i k... i .t.i "r.i.i Dvirlwui. Saiin - t ftui . . - . - - - - 1 filers ft Co' brand 77 do Secro Head No 1 do do 54 do do No. 1 R Areher's do q a - . A. Ma tWviflknn. Finn ic w - w - 1, . V - - . fders At t' dn tic J K. U Ivkir'l fla For sal at 106 Tront - rtreet, by , TROKES, V..VID30X A CO. J TJ , TIARTHEJiWARE. Lc - 100 crates Earth VJ en ware, particularly selected for this mar ket, imported! to) snip aianua, irena urer pooL ' . 5 pipe Madeira Win, of sup. quality. Imparted ia 1815, for sale at 100 t ront street. J t9 TUOKKS, PAVIDS05 A CO. . Tot SjTAXjVAa. . : TflsW tmtT1tlst rrlAe lhttAJl Y?V. iiiDAUNTEU. Van Scbavck. master i UaviiiKae half of ber freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For fi eight or passage, apply on board, at Gouverneurs - wlurf, cr to - v AiSO G. PHELPS, J 30 . . 183 Front - atree'. 1.'. 1 A k I m Jb The fine sloop M A RILL a, 53 tons, 9 Jjjataayear old, in good or der, can be tent lo a wiUilittle expeoce. ' , IN STORE. 16 puncheons fiue - fiavored Jamaica Ram S pipes Cognac brandy 8 hlids mutcovndp sugar 3 do molatsea. Apply to Jy 30 Iw C. FISHER, f Pouth - tt. For t RblOUT w CH.1 nlr.K, The goodschr FAVORITE, 850 bbh burthen, will be ready to - raceive a car - go in 3 Jays. Apply to E. r liHER, Jyao iw 51 booth St. for Hale, J - Yeight or Charter, The brig JOHN, 144 ton, built in Matsachutett. in the vear 1808. and rebuilt in Philadelphia in the 1816; is a pood substantial vessel, and in complete order for a voyage lie at Brooklyn. Fur terras, apply to Capt. Stltet on board, or to . JAMES U'WOLF, Jim. J 29 54 South - street rp. - tor Hale, t rcigld or Charter, ki9 1 be b: i' ftYMrrl. 184 tons t is a iSFifit'''"''1' Rood vessel, sails fast, and may be sent to sea with trifling expense. Apply to Ji. L. ti G. GlllSWOLD, J 29 86 South - ktreet. Mi The fine coppered brig KAllt, CAM BRIAN, Evaus, master, now loading with toltonat Matcn Itlund, aud will be rnuy for sea next Saturday. ' For passage oaly, hav ing very good accommodations, apply at No. 56 lUue - tlreet, where lolttr may telelt. Jy29 t or tiLuktlry and Mobile, (one of the line of packets,) The well known, fut tailing schooner aAMDUSKY, capt. Week?, having two third of uor treiht engaged, will nmet wan Mil co veoient di - iintch. tor the remainder, or pas sage, having superior accommodations, apply to i'bi fcus oi m.K.tuiK, Jy 27 39 Caentiej - lip. r S.iLE, The brig HERO, Capt. Maitton,151 tons, 7 years old, built in Uuxoury. Mats. She will be sold very low on a liberal credit, or exchanged for merchandize. Ap. ply to N. & I). TALCOTT, J27 64 South Urett. or . V A,' ll' - OHL t'.Aj 'S, . The brig MARY ANN, Capt Sclilor, an excellent vessel, about 2 veurso u iln vtrv fast, and has good accommodation torpaasengi - rs. the will be diKpatclit - d with out delay, and take what freight und passengers tnay oircr by the 5th August. Apply to he captain on board at whart, or io J. II. LAURENCE & CO. J 27 Iw ' 55 Pine - street. for CIlAUVt'M, A British HUKi, burthen 218 tons British, or 2100 barrels) now at Phi ladelphia ; will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or the West Indies, Mid can be despatched within three davs no lice. Apply to ROGERS & POST. J 6 51 routh - atrect H'.i.yj e.U JO CliA tiim.t. &4V A British BRIG, that will carry a iiSJibout 700 balet Bengal Cottou, loload tor Liverpool. Apply to St3 AU.CTPD GRACIE'HTONS, Bor urKHruoL, (Oue cf the line of packets.) Tbe coppered, New - York built ship t'ACIrlo, John W ilhaim, master ; has elegant accommodations fur passengers, and is intended to aii, according lo a nxed arrangement, on the tOtli of next mouth. For fre ight or passage, ap ply to captain William:, ou board, at r iiUou - si wharf, to ISAAC WRIGHT 4s SON ; or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. P. S. Beds and bedding are found at the rhip's expense. Jy - z tor AI.VUei1K1t Jamaica. I he luie coppcrca cnr. VIJIilt:Jv - 1J.iy, John u. rntn, master, it now loading, and will be dupatched without dtlay For passage only, apply on board, at pier No. 9, Eatt - Rivar, or to '1 L'CKER H L ACKIES, July 24 . 2. Sotdh - rt. H amid lo Charier, 1 A rettrl of aiiout 140 tons, for a voy - ' . T a ' - i i ..v . i i kag w irnrrreinu iiai;a. riyyij iu GAMUKr.Lr.NG &: I'bAlldU.', july2!l C7.Suthtt, tor tYe.ieit or Charter The ccbr. AI.HATKUSS. Collmf. .matter, 100 tons burthen a first rate resiel Apply to CAMBERLENG k FEARSQN, july 5(1 67 South - st tor bale, trcigltt or Charter, The staunch good ship MIRROR, 314 tons burthen, is io complete order tp receive a carf 'i, and may be sent to sea with lit. tie en pence. Apply uo. board, west aide bur ling slip, or to - N. L. G. GRISWOLD, Jy 21 86 South - ft rfAATHU JX) CH.iHii.Ji i A good fast sailing YES&F.L, of lUV ilto '2000 barrels burthen. Apply at 57 vv ailitoiiton - street, to 4y 3 O. G. & S. IIOWLAND, I ROCERIEb, 1'Al.N'i'S, 4.C. - 150 huds. VJ prime old and new Virginia Tobacco 500 keg manufactured do. 6 and 8 haodt 10 hlHlt. It or. catkt L. P. Madeira Win, 6 pipe Trench brandy 4 fine flavor 40 iK.xet brst white bottled Englisb Mustard 13 ftegsreuuedsait retre 40 boxes 1 - 3 X Tin Plate j0 1 - 4 cwt. new wliite Paint 130 do l - f cwt. 7 casks freth Madeira Citron 5i calks Brown Stoat, 1 case Bertfwl Indigo I3U Doxcs dry wnite i - eaa ; , (PI cark bett Green Copperas 60 caoks ast'd hardware, for southern mat ket 40 crates a'd Earthenware, eat. to deh, ( 20 casks g'een and white assorted I'biairr 40 eases ni.tfie and douh; Aquafortis J 100 bblt. bpmt.h Bmwn, for sale by OIVIE BETH UN E k CO. J89 01 C. II. slip. i 1 1f Hovv1jKH.. 4INIM caikt Gotinowder. Lf frma theOiange Works mamfnclory, for sale by JA9. U'vVULr, Jaw. J - Ti 54 Sotrto - rtreet I IL OF AMsKEU. - l caie, jut! received J and Ibr Sale by JOS. 03BORN, 1,28 ' tf8 South - streef i ti , un iK "i X I lls. 1 OSEniTirCOMBkCO. rfb. I6f Pearl - I street reet, have it received io peeet Amen uperfioe Blue Cloths, whidi wilt J aold caaS cbeip, , lor casn oswy. .11 Alto lOn MM, St f tmilW "wkwwi oi iat . UnJkM &iui f '.nltnm (landiavcrT Jit - 1 mettie, crqitioa, m. U u - M. r 1 . J a . OI.U COPPER. kc. - 6,5O0 lb, old aheatlri ute copper, axl a uwantitr old copve bolUt alto, a coriier roddf r.chaus brae and pamp. which would aaswer for man - of war or sal by CLARKE, MOORE ft CO. j Jj53 5t 41 lb - ttrest, RUM Jk OLD COPPER. 19 h!g!i proof sad good la vored St. Viiicwat Hunt. tin do do Jamaica no 4O00 lb, old Cooper; full! bottoms), for tale t . - TUCkfcRlz LAUKM Jt9 ?9 Jioulli - ttirf. BKUAUCLQlHS il Kr.USEYMEttt.aj. 4 - balea assorted Broadcloths ' , - . 1 do. do. Kerseymeres fur sale ty . JNO. urCRACKAN, 4 28 3t 831 - 2 r"earl - street L1U.M. 4Upuucbcoui first quality .N. E. Ran), UAL" xt. lurmtcr u''L.r. Jua. I i9 , 64 South - street. U'INE 6 pipes choice L. V. Madeira Wine, branded S. P. C. . - t half or. casks du'doMalmte do. 9 venrtald taie oy ,i. IV. at B.LilVAIiJi J 44 m - HUM WA'J oLxGaH. t f Pun hcoos high proof St. ViuceotRum, Jk. "V b do ho flavoured Jamaica do. 9 Barrels Jamaica Gin?rr. iuit received aud r pr tale by TUC&ER it LAURIE?, July 24 29 horrth - tt. ULU MADEIRA WIKE iO l.bds. of the brand and flavor so much annroved of for three year past.tmt received irom Madtim.and loriaieDy UtVlE ISETHIK CO. ' 82 Wall - street. , . J. W. F O R B E 8, f ABUVACTDRKH V SILVER WARE, No. NI - av. INFORMS hit ami the public, that be continues to manufacture oisti - rlins tilvertx - uwonv, uuu ui tuuenor woraaiannup, - .il.P a., A I'bIJ. I I ...II... It.. ilverlea aud Table Ladles. Urns. S.:ttt. Waitets, Syphons Fish Knives Chart'h flafe. Spoons, Forks. Cake Baikets. Sic. c ol the l&tett and most elegant patterns, and at uie lov.e.i prices. aii oruert executed in a maiterly manner. N. B, FAMILIES wiihiu to be suonlied with the nut rate articles of Silver, are iavited m ii;ieci ms wora, ai ail articles ol ins ruanu tactuie are sold only by himtell. J 30 Im Ki)Uc.iJiu.y. YOLNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, No. l'i I'fdar - strebt. R. MEAD repecliully giics notice, that. In bcrtflnl wnl lie again opeu on 1 utEday U: 1st ol Sertemhcr. Ycunz Ladies' will he ir. rtirted n usual, in a course ol Education ; cmhrat in nil ttie im porlunt hrarn lies lnin Rending and Penman ship, to Rhetoric and Natural Phihis.ihy. r rew h bv one ol the molt aouroved Instructors.' Enquirer may satiny tl.eiiittivrs ic ectmg the ciiaractcr ol tins school, oy caiimi: upon any o' the follotviiig gentleuieu, most of whom uic a Uiong Itl pi - T ;.' Richard Varitk.'' Thomas 3. ( - larkson, Aiitli iny Dey, Ainaoa Jack ton, James Reoiick, Esqri. Caleb S. Rtifgs, (e re Gridm, John uydaui, and J M lai' toTamu&s. 'IHE Suhfcrilwr l.avinu' a large aud good ns - X soi tiucnt of all twit of f er ants on hit books, such ns wninau cooks, girl chnmhcrnifti ls, nur - .s und ior h"tii; work. Alto, a few lad's nail ers, kc. lie tuke win opporiuiuiy io luinrni (hem, ihht, tln - y moy he xipjilied at the (l.orti si nntice with good Sirvautt, al his office No 52 Maiden lane WITTENBERG. N. B. theie are alto a few larmera, gardeners. and coaclimro. . Jr - v) 31 ojye ui:.hRi:i hu i.i. .iti$ Howard. 1 UNA WAY fmnithe Hritish brig Francin, V capt Tennant, Iving at the quarantine ground, on the 30th inst. a negvo boy named ISAAC, about 16 years of age, very dark, has a scar on his breast occasioned by gunpowder ; he landed at or near Bergen. W hoever will deliver said Isaac to capt. Tennant, on board brig Francis, at quarantine ground, or at No, 44 South - street, shad leceive the above re ward. J J SIXTH AVENUE, and CARMl - NL - il rbhf ' fcriTii - sv . "VfUllC'L'sfiereiiy xjvcd to all persons Inter - i.N astd, mat rnecoinini.innei oi ettiruai' ainfSieiuieiit npiKiinltd by the Supreme Court ol Judicature ol the stale ol Acw - inrk, t"pr form certain duties relative to the extcmli s ol the Sixth from Grcenwt'.h - I.ii.e toCtr mioe - ilreef, and for enhirjruu anil unnrnvinj Car mine street ti V'arick - street, in I he eighth ward ol me taid city. Have completed Hit ir i - ti.r.att and KMettmeiit at wtllol'lhe loss and d.imnge sus - tan.ed over hod above the bene tit and advan - tacc recvlved by ttie owner and pnrlirs interested in the lauJt and preimtes rrqniied lor the said improvement, as also, of the benefit and advantage received by the nwncri and parties interested nl und in certain lands and premises not required Inr tbe s'dd improvement ; and (hat we the raid t ouitnniionert have deposited a truec ) - py of tu h estimate and assessment in the clerkt ofljee, oi thcrity of New - Yoik, for the inspection ol whomsoever it may concern ; and notice i htrthy further given that the report of the said comuiisaionert of estimate nud attrMinent will Im f.nsonled to IheSuiireme Court of Judicature, ef live slate of New - York, at the capitol in the city of Albany, on Friday the fourteenth day oi Auguttoext, at the opening of the court on (hat day, or as soon thereafter a counsel caa be beard (hereon. New York, 30th July, 1818. HENRY MEIG!?. - i - W.M. TuKRKV.aad Comroiiiioncrs TETERSTAGG, jy 30 n 'Jo Mrrtkan't. ittore Icrtum. &.e. WANTS a situation as Clerk, a Young Man whose character ran undergo thestrirtett inveitigalion, and who has no objection to go lo any port ol tbe United Mate. t.mploymcui bein? hie chief object, will enirt?e for a short period,' on moderate terms, to any merchant or storo - kecptT. A lint) addressed lo J. B. aud left at tins otiice, snail meet immediate attention jy - JU iw JVJCfV MUSIC I L'ST publithed by W DU Ol at his Piano ii Forte and Muuc Store, No. 1X6 Broadway, William i en . . Her Smiling Eye , Fanny Dearest Thine am I my Faithful Fair - The Soldier's Bride i Eveleen'i Bow'r. with variations by Loxier, Alto, all the Sougt, hie. (hat are now singing til toe concert's ny ivirt. Burue, lloimao, niesr locledon And Phillips, tc. with a treat vane ty of aew Music for (be Piano Forte and tb Flute ON TUESDAY .NEXT. tIOMMENCES drawing in (bit city, tbe Medi L eal Science Lottery. So. 5, in which tbe Capital i nn M 100,000 Besides Prize of 50,000 10.OUO; 6.000. . This it unqoettionabl' .ne most splendid scbeme of any lottery ever presented to the cm - tent of New - York, and wbea it is considered lhat the payment of the prise ifgkatanted bytbi, it a SB, aim uai im proceed retaiung irom uare anwoDriated to a yalnable oh lecL it cannot fail existing lb approDttion oi eery lottery adten turer. Tickets and Share for tale at the old estab lished Lecky littry Office nf ' JUIJAM S LAZAKUS, . - 54 Maiden. Lane. Where have been told id former Lotteries, P"" prises t the araoaot ofOoe Uiilion, five tsaa - rwm Ml et Thenand Ooliata. , . ' Mot (cmeien baa k wot t A inrwored twoftiasery wotca,aad kriee in former Letteria triil be Uke ia py stent far tickets - . Orders frdps adUtsn - ),ex)Cloidtth cash, pest txaicT will be iaasaediatelr attende - i, to and the e artiest ia CorvetkM gi re of their taccrt. . A correc t check book wiU be keplat the Lacky Lottery Ofce, whicb my baeaaudat all tinci fret ofetprace. : ?Jg?4t tXT TTE3IUT. Mth OP AUGUST.) ryWE, Medical bcirace ixittrry No; 5, will J. pntitittly commence drawing lntlisciy. TImi followina - are the canilal i.rirct in this Hendid Ibttery.'tbe largest ever aatboristd by 1 pvhe of 100,000 DOLLARS. ,, rj VA - J do do of 50,000 - do of fit. ff),i)00 do ' i t do do do I of 6,000 8,000 1.000 do i do. of do And a grvat proportion of smaller prise, dom lets than 3ll. - ' - Tickett, Halves. Quarter1. Eiditha. aad8ix teeuUis, for sale at ' j ABM. P: Ca0WKRg,; ' - 1 ! Lottery Oflic4uid Bonk store, ".' 1 No. $7 Maidew - lane, cttfaer Ot Sattaa - st. Y litre a correct honk f tli iln iviftfr will h t ii ... . . " mxy Kir ma r lamination Ol au 1 KKeu. Unrurrnt Bank Note aud prise Tickets ta ken in pay nnt J 34t NEW UK.kMAl l. UiT - ituv I N I uetday neat will commence drawing w itieuicai eoanra ixiltarv ia. 5. Capital Prices. 1 of $100,000 I I ol 10O00 1 50,000 1 S.OtKI I 20.000 I t 2,000 45 of 1000. e. &c. Ticket and tharct. voriaic u me Dooif store aua lottery oilier of No. 19 Pick itip, corner of Water - stnet. - ' . f merit Price. - " Wholes ".) ; halves 14; quarters 7; eighths 3 50; sixteenths 17"'. JvVU MV.UICAL cClE.M.E LO I i Elt I liegiur drawing on the 4 III of August. . 100,000; 50,000 dol. 0,000 dol. 10,000 dols. ' 5,000 dolt, next highest. , Only 16,1X10 ticket not two blanks to a prise - ana mt price in i iraets oniy xu noiiam. Halve.s 14 dolt I Eighths 3doli50cts ((Unrters 7 dols. 16ths 1 doll 75 Cts. To be had in a variety of number, at AAI'IE'S Truly Fortunate, Lottery H Exchange Office, No. 54 Midden - lane. Where hat been fold the greatrit number of capital prizetthnn at any other omce in the United States. A ew of them only are sek - rtod, viz let 60,000 doii. lof 40,000; Iof35,000; 4c(J0,tKK); 3 of 25 000; beside a great many of l,000, 10,000, Ac. All ilia re i ol In Kelt, tiirned hy U. tc li. H aite. will he as promptly paid aa the whole outs. J 11 In a curious piece It u?'V iilanilv aiiiteuni. That the Doctor, enrag'd, aeiz'd a )nj by (lit eurs; Which meg " Eveleeu's Bower" so melodious and sweet. That itr hnrm'd all the brokers who live i:: Wall street. Doctor should not touch pitri, as it causes vex ation, For pigs all belong to our faiuM corporation. Neauomes the btubtrptnl, v.uich swallow'd a whale, Don't touch her my friend, there1 a sting in her ' tail. In Medical Science, you're yet but a 'prentice, And l lear very toon you'll ne nan compoi menus; In which rase dearest doctor, I'm hui tiv to sar. Wb have a bighouteto h dgeyoa in Broadway, wi.enyour pericranium is crack'd, sir, you snail i . a - , ;.k. it . i . i ou pm in nut nunc, wmcn ire can nospiiai. And now tor the prtiet, the priles, the prists, ' ia hiindredi of thoutondt nnd all other sixes," Which I, ray dear doctor, stu happy (o state. Will be sold by your most bumble servant, . - ., - IV. WAIT,. k.uic.11. - LirrKVE cut rr.ll X com nieacet uiawiig. " CA11I1L PRIZES.' - ' 100,000 Dollar j 20,Xti Dollars 5i,0()0 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 'T.Lktt and Shares for sale hy It. W AITE, Jr. 13rj Croadwny. J 59 41X1,000 DOLi.AKo. r 11 HIS sum is U be drawn dum the wheel pi JL the Medical brience lotUry. which cem - meuccs drawing ucxt Tuesday, when we anticipate furn.rhing our cutlomert nearly half a unl iiou of dollars. Oue thousand dollar will be warded to the fir.t drawn number for the first 1 5 day's drawing, and the prist Boating, which u:a be drawn any day, are 20,000 DOLLARS, 10.000 DOLLARS, 5,000 DOLLARS, 21 of 11,000 52 of jIOO The Gist 3,000 blank drawn are entitled to S 10 each, adventurer can hold chance far these Rich Prizet without drawing a blank daring Ike first 7 days drawing. . - THE SCHEME CONTAINS. . 1 prise ol 100,000 DOLLARS' - 1 do of 60,irOQ do , 1 do of 20,000 do 1 do of 10,009 do 1 do of 6,100 do 2 do of 2,000 . co 45 do of 1,000 ' do 61 do of 100 - do 5390 da of 30 do Tickets and Snares for sale at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office. ti Broadway. Where was sold the largest Prise ever drawn in uie united Blares, vix n. flW.m', Mo, teveral Ol JU.UUU, Ko.UUU, ZU.UUV. Id.tMU, 10,000. 5000. A,c. N. li. All Tickets sold at ALLEN'S will be endorsed and paid by there. . , - Alanagerf, , Dr. Snml. L. Mitchell, .doss Kent. F.?q. ' Gen. Jeremiah Johusou, Isaac Deaoittoo, Esq uen. jana i'i.ean. j au (ak! TROLLING last evening through a plea k3 saot ttreet in the upper part of the city. I was attracted by the sound of a melodious voice, to a respectable looking house, from whrb it is sued. The air. I thought, seemed to be familiar to me, and at I drew nearer sound it to be that ol " Scots wba hae wi' Wallace bled." I ttopped nnd listened, and was agreeably turpriied to hear the following word tuog by a geutleman, who (at I aAerwiirdt learned) had been deservedly rahed f. - om the depths of poverty to the greatest amur&ce. ; Ye whom Fortune ne'er has blest, Ye whom want his e'er dislrest, . Ye who love wealth's pleasures best, And would happy be : - Soon'i the day and soou's the hour ' See the golden prite tow V, They will give both wealth and power, And from want will free. Who would mit to fair a chance .' Who would not each joy enhance ? Who would loie Laoe Fortune's glance ' Fly from liberty Call at GRAC1 E'S lucky ttor I Go to them your wants era o'er Riches dwell 'within their door Bane of poverty ! They w ill ease tby woe and pains. Take from poverty its stain, Free thee from Its cursed ehainij . , Give the life and glee. Lose not then the happv lav. Fly to GRA LIE'S in BROAD WAV - proudly stand aod proudly sty, HI poor no lonrer be." 'HSBroadwsy. J80 Wa&intto Inmmwnea Cemeamr. THE Board of Dkevtarehave declared a th v Sdend of four aad on balfner eewi. oa ta capital stock of the company, for tb tast six moothtr payable at their otter, corner of John aad WriUim - sUM't, eo an - 1 after the tint day ol . isuaaints, 'ry. PUBLIC SALES. ; HC BY ftiiLLf, MlNTUN& CO. Monday.'.'.' ' v ." i At half nasi 9 o'clock, a. their" eattirw rwnwl, - - a genaral astortmeni ef British tuv Vrcnt - dry - goudi. usisnvg vf s bales blue, black, kewwn and btiv, - , aiuUi Idosais'd and blue eutL acresand isancrial ewrds; I dotaperf. wiiite It . II' . m i . . . .. . . . . . reu nvwa aauncwf aa uaea laea tjek ; s i se Jatson viuory Ctaudi el tf do daiaavk tthht tloth arvd aa(kia ; t do striped teawt I do tup. Marsedle juiltwgs I I da mmiow pocket t do . Ftoreate btikl. i 1. do taffeta riubof a, in 'garnitures 1 1 do bett a mpanj ahoppa romall 1 1 do bandanoek'i t oo steam lounf shutln.; ttlranks .'. plat calicoes ; son black and Uu liurtaa tew iua j 1i de men's and womea's wbitk and Pd eottVjn hose 1 1'lto biacb tad slate wnrtted drvaad a saber of - other article, fart ef the above will be tdtd v 4 tnoetha credit ' - : Thursdsy. ' 1 1 o'dnek, at the T. C House, (he bouse and lot Na Sl7 Orchard street, now occupied by Jas. Kaox. Tha rot is S8 feevlroet and rear, a d 100 le - 1 deep. A further dcMruulon of the proper. tv m deemed uaaeccsaary. a it is presume o - me will piucbase wllhoui IrSl viewing lh - vrami ' es Twenty live per eenu of tbe purchase mo ney rous be paid on dehv ry of the deed, the re - mtlrtderma remain oa bond aud mortgage on t ie premi e. ' - ' .'i.t iJ.. tCH til ij.UiAOf c. j fll H E proprietor of the sou there marble qua JL ri, near King'c - Bridge, give not ice, that :hcy have on band, and are" receiving, at u fuig'i - ifrtde Marble and Lima - Hard, foot of each - street, ontb Hudana river, an eatensiw . tuck of marble ior buildin;, of the folly wioj da - jcriptiont, vis ;' " AdilikT ' I ' Coping , . - WaterWbh) I FomiJatieo Stena Stop . I Cbimaey - liace UaUorat r Facing ' bills liiatelt t . I Column : - Also Lime cf the best quality. ; ST A constant 'opply of the abor riaUrtkLt may be calculated upon: and those detiroct ef iuictuuuig, or Biiuuug cugegrait - nit, wilt appir to Teh 11 .At the sard. MUjht JO JO.i.v. fff trDOf.I.ARb to lean, iniutnttn J ,fjJJ suit spplirkut, oq bond with moitgageuponapuroeedpiopsrty.' ' , ' ALSO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may ie eeneraily mada ibroukli the year, atid aioitgngcs diwtdo, jt ti " IXj A,tU.. A (Cn DOLLARS to loan oa V, V - J" J v bond and mortgage upon property in tb city of New - Ypi k. A pply to J. U. UOtiKKT, JyS8 l38Walf - iL CORNELIUS Ut iC till'. ,1TTOk.YKY, COUJfit.LLOR AT LAW, JlAU fit) J JUKI J'UU LIC. COMMISSIONER, auUmiived to take. Affidavits aud Biiecialdlail ia any Court of Kecotd of this Stale, tbe proof and acknowledge ment ol Deed, and di - crnrgei of Mortgagee Also Atfidai it, S iw . - ill H;.il aud the deiimitioa nf witnesses de bene re, In the IHstrict and Circuit Courts of tbe Ucitcd Slater, ceotinus bis omc at fto. tecaaar - airaet. in ia UO .H.AHAMA Mc.tiVU.1XT!. PETE ltd it STEBBlNSi C'otMitiox MtstcBAlrt," - ' ' ' ' BLAHI LEY, Mobile - Bay. HAVE extensive itur houses and receive and forward goods, cotton, ate. tree of cartage and wbariatr,e. Vessel kad barges lay aktug ids ol Korea, bhippera - wwi pwase apply to I.ALVl.M BPr.AIC bbettm. - I'E rf.RSIt tlEKRICtM N.Tfrar - tJVILEN - ei HvWELL, Philadelphia. Jy 25 tf a dated sbet'iing of the i retire ol Co - ludiiiia College will be held oa Monday next, tht 3d of August, al 10 o'clock, A. Ai. iabe College. CLEMENT Cr MOORE, Clk. J30 3I . - :. x.. .... ili - JUHV KLAKE. Stock aiiU Eacbsnr Broker. 4 VVll - trect, will hereafter purchAte all the uncurrenl Hank Note ot ibis state, at a discount of only of one per sent'. ' ' 4 3U uiw cir . . , LX COM viO.X i OUNCiL,) ' Juyx7, 1818 I Retohred. That (be present weigbjaaster wbo have reiortcdlhemselves agreeable to thereto. lutiontl the board of the laib or Jane last, con - tinue to act under their tevcial eonmiissious, aotil the first day ol September next. ,. , .... By order ol the coism'in council. , , J. MOUTON, Clerk. Tli printer employed hv the board wilt please insert tbe above oue week. J 30 Iw NOTICE. - frT - The oronrietor of tlie BaB Alley rerpect - (ullv informs hi i - rtroni, that tltav Alley will be doted until tbe 1st of September, wbea be will be happy to wait on them. s j yj iw ituncrir A - vvA. NOTICE. fti""Tbe co - partnenhip betweea Anthony WTViappan fi Co. i this day dissolved by me taal consent, aad the business ia future will be conducted by A'uaefa D. i rappan. All per - tons indebted to the late bna or requested to makt immediate pay meat to A. V. Trappm, DaUd July 28, iM. - ANTHONY W..TRAPPAN, - NICHOLAS P. TKArPAN. J29 1w ; ' - j try JAAIK3 1). STOUT, Engraver and Seal Cutter, removed tc 90 Uberty - atreet, near Greenwich - street. JyoJnv for jLwrlevtd. via Halifax. JY. fJT LETTERS lor Hit BnUaaic Majetty' Packet tcurenaberrr, will be received at Uie Pest OSlce till Wedaesday afteraooa, tbe 6U day of AegtMt. J 21 ' T. W. MOORE. Agent (ry Wanted, a 2l oiiictr for ship to In - dia. Apply to ' Jy23 J. G. BOGERT, Esq. : ' No. 138 Water - street. MECHANICS1 BAfvK. fj - Tbe Stockbolders are'iafornied that a dividend of fourper cent, oot of lh profit for Uie last six taoaths, will be paidoa tba 1st of August best. By order of ll PrenoVnt and Directorv jrf laa W. FISH, Cashier. LOTTJMy AQTICB. - rpHR offices in Broadway are now in labour, J bavin? conceived the idea (the greet sea sernent havinp; returned villi it little brood) of charm mr dame fortune from Wall street Oiir ha brotipnt Ibrth a piece td the soft - sic of Keeleen Bower i the other after a bard labour baa likewise bremghr forth a - piece to the sharp note qf Tbe Pig m tba Gate, wUfcb arc aid or sung to tli eir customer gratia. u . The .Mint and Frees are likewise in labour. tbe former U1 soon product aa adUhkAot $ 100,000 ta Eagles, Mk1 tht latter $ 50J0ja Hank Notes, which will be randy ior delivery in a fewdava. So the nomssot of Ptixea pur ' chased of the taibecribcr. - - kcecrilrct the ' f 100.000 ' '. - ; $90,000 ' 80.000 I 10.tX. - ' and the fat lottery fortnive alreadr rd. - - r. . ' , , ' i,,. a Kins via boow rtv - rrcscai price &ta. Halves CH. Qutners t7. with xkAdee . discouat to tho who purchase to 4I again. at - BENJAMIN Birrt - KB - s, Cjteoari rt h Lottery Office, V TtalMt J 28 tf Q. low'. - ' - : Apart of a room aed i Lnerrr - strwet, withia a few rod. ofXraaklas Dao. loqaire at . I7 Wi'tTaas . . , . -

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