The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 27, 1943 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1943
Page 12
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surusuisssa^^ Hog Prices Steady to 10 Cents Lower . -- *- _ - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1943 HEAVY RECEIPTS ARE CONTINUING Top of $15.15 Paid in Chicago Dealings C H I C A G O , {flO--Hog prices were steady to 10 cents lower Wednesday as salable receipts continued to run much heavier than last week. The top was $15.15 per hundredweight, 5 cents below Tuesday's best price. 'rend 5ood Butchers-- 50-160 Ibsl '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. WWtt-ia'.OO 60-170 Its $13.33-13.40 70-180 Ibs $14.00-14.05 80-200 Jbs S14Ji-]4.30 00-220 Ibs $11.40-14.45 220-240 Ibs. SH.40-H.15 40-270 Ibs $U.4Q-14.« 270-300 Jbs $H.40-!4.»5 00-330 Ibs. $14.40-14.45 Packing Sows--« 70-300 Ibs tl3.90-I3.93 Salable arrivals here were 19,- |TM;H9 !? s 000 head, about 2,000 above expectations. Salable r e c e i p t s Wednesday at 12 leading western markets were 99,000 head, compared with only 64,889 l a s t Wednesday and 86,095 on this date a year ago. All killing classes were steady 5n the cattle market, which was largely a steer run. An early top of $16.50 was paid rather freely .for 1,300 to 1,500 pound steers. Bulls were urgently wanted on shipper accounts, with $14.50 paid freely. Vealers were firm to 25 cents higher, choice kinds selling up to $17. Fat lambs opened fairly active 00-400 Ibs. 50-500 Ibs! . =00-550 Jbs. and mostly steady, about steady. Sheep were (U. S. department of agriculture)--Salable hogs 19,000; total 25,500; general trade moderately active; steady to 10 lower than Tuesday's average; top $15.15- bulk good and choice 190 to 33C Ibs. $15 to $15.15; most 150 to ISO Ibs. $14.75 to $15.10; bulk good 360 to 550 Ibs. sows 314.60 to $14.90. Salable cattle 11,000; calves 800 all lulling classes steady; largely steer run; bulk steers and yearlings $14 to $16.25; early top $16.50 paid rather freely for l,30t 1o 1,500 Ibs. steers; some held higher; heifers steady; strictly choice 1,067 )bs. offerings $16.25 bulk $13.50 to $15; active, firm trade on cutters and common beei cows selling at $10.50 down weighty cutters to $10; bulls urgently wanted on shipper accounts with $14.50 paid freely; vealers firm to 25 higher; choice kinds to $17; stock cattle in negligible supply. Salable sheep 6,000; total 8,000- fat Iambs opening fairly active, mostly steady; strictly good to choice wooled lambs $16 to $16.50; top 15 higher than Tuesday; $16.65 paid for one load outstanding quality to shippers; clipped lambs with No. 1 skins and fall shorn $16; sheep about steady; few head good native ewes $8.75. Hides rorpfiAM t, «r«f am, ·» rutk sum n.itk»«u ies ·G«EEN BEEF HIDES FtOffl IS It*, up »u« From 13 Ila. ao Bull filda e ·Cured hides lc 10. tilgier". Alro'lc m tt. higher (or creen nid« to wholes*). dealer* io wholesale Quantities. NEW LOCATION Economy Welding Machine Works Now at corner of West State and Washington PHONE 1020 Formerly at 112 South. Commercial Ave. Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY'S PEICES) Albert Lea* Minn. lOc lower S13.9D-I3.95 - 513.30-13,85 : S13.70-1S.7S Austin Minn. lOc tower J1J.40-J2.70 J12.85-U.15 S13.15-I3.45 $13.45-13.75 S13.S0-I4.20 $14.10-14.40 314.10-24.40 $14.10-14.40 $14.10-14.40 $14.10-14.40 S/14.00-14.20 S13.75-14.05 S13.15-14.05 S13.75-W.05 S13.65-13.95 S13.35-13,85 $13.55-13.63 Waterloo lOc lower *t3.6fl-13.75 $14.00-14.15 514.25-14.40 $14.40-14.45 $14.40-14.45 S14.40-14.45 *14.4d-14.45 $14.40-14.45 $14.30-14.35 5c loxver $14.10-14.25 S14.10-14.25 $14.10-14.25 S14.00-14.15 S14.00-l-i.15 S14.M-I4.15 Cedar Rapids lOc lower J13.C5-U.T5 $14.05-14.15 314.35-I4.4S $14.45-14.55 $14.45-14.55 $14.45-14.55 $14.35-14.45 lOc lower $14.15-14.25 S14.15-H.25 SH. 15-14.25 S14.03-14.15 S13.95-14.05 S13.95-14.05 ·(Good to choice nogs, less than normal fill, delivered to Wilson plant at Albert Lea. will bring 5-15C over foregoing quotations.) Local Livestock IIOGS MASON CITY-For Wednesday Ten cents lower. Good light lights ,140-150 S12.10 Good light lights 150-160 313.20 Good light lights 100-170 S 13.70 Good light lights 170-180 S14.20 Good light lights 180-200 S14.55 Good light butchers 2QO-220 S14.55 Good roe. wt. butchers ... 220-240 S14.55 Good me. wt. butchers ... 240-270 S14.55 Good roe. wt. .butchers ... 270-300 S14.55 Good me. wt. butchers ... 300-330 S14.55 Good me. wt. butchers ... 330-360 SH.15 Good pacilne sows 270-300 $14.20 Good sowa 300-330 S14.20 WHEAT PRICES OFF FRACTIONS Other Grains Hold Steady Most of Day CHICAGO, (/P)--A small amount of selling pressure was sufficient 300-330 su 20 *° sond wheat Prices down for uguu sows 330-3SO siilio fractional losses Wednesday, bu1 Good sows 260-400514.20 other grains mainly held arounc Goon sows . . . _ 4nn_i*;n *id in -n... ,;._ _ _ . . . . . Good sows Good sows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . Good sows ................ 450-500514.10 CATTLE MASON CITY -- For Wednesday Choice to arun* «T«eca Good to choice steers . Medium to good tlftrt , . . S12.50-1S.M J11.5H- 12. 50 Fai* to medium sleen ...... sio.00-ll.5l Plain to fair steers f 800-10.00 Choice to prtirw yrlz. ttetn sin 50-14.30 Good to chain rrlg. itetn Medium to eood yearllnu Fair to medium yearjlnim .. «iu.uu-ii.w Common to (air yearllnp * 6,00-10.00 Choice to prim* beUera. aoo Ibi. down $13.00-1 ta Good to choice bejfers *12.00-13.C Medium to good heilen tll.00-li.ot Plain to fair heifers tlO.OO-ll.S Common heifers * 8.00-10.01 Good to choice cows, dry fed SIO.OD-II.OI Medium to fair cows $ fl.oo- 3.50 Fair to medium cows C 8.50- 8.0. Cutters, heavy 5 7.23- 7.15 Cutlers, lljiht s 6.5U- 7.01 Canners. fteavy s 5.50. oi " "~" S 5.00- 5.50 S 9.75-10.25 X B.S0- 9.50 S12.SO-13.00 Canners. light ..... Buffs, heavy Bulls. Uchl Fancy seJecl calves .i^^-io.uu Calves, good to choice. 130-J90 ill.5D-12.50 Calvefc fair W good. 130-190 9.00-11.00 Calve*, common to tell 6.00- B.OO Calves. cuU t 6.0Q d' 1 SHEET MASON CITY--For Wednesday Spring lambs, good to choice S13.75-ii.75 Spring Iambs, medium to food S12.50-13.50 Spring lambs, good to fair ... 510.50-11.50 Spring lambs, fair to medium s 9.00-10.00 Sprign lambs, common ~ ~ ~ «o1nS?!5'J2 the Preceding session's close for «o-=oa most o£ the d?y _ Traders said mill buying of wheat was small and reports indicated a slow demand for flour With grain men watching possible, government developments to control wheat prices, traders adopted a cautious attitude toward futures Wheat closed % to % cent lower May 51.39V' 4 to $1.39%, July $I.39$i to $1.39'/B, corn was unchanged to Va cent higher, May 98 ] /8 to 98Vt, oats were unchangec to V\ cent lower and rye droppet Vt to % cent. May soybeans, un- traded Tuesday, closed at $1.84% CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (,T5--No cash wheat. Cojm. Jfo. 2 yellow Sl.ooy 4 3S1.00M:: No -. SaVicSSl.OO; No. 4. 53V4®99c; No. 5, 8854®69J4c; sample grade yellow 75Vifi Tc. Oats, sample grade mixed 57?lc; No. 1 wljite 6!c; No. 2. 62Hc. Barley maltine SCclgSl.03 n o m i n a l ; teed, 72®B2c nominal. . . 5 5.00- 7.00 , cmmon ...... .- .0 Vative ewes, good to choice.. S 2.75- 375 2wcs. cuJl ...... . ............ s Bucks ........... . ............ $ ESTIMATED IJVtSTOCK RECEIPTS (Wednesday Atarket) CHICAGO. Wl-- Official estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday: Hogs 18,000: cattle 5.000; sheep C.OOO. Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (.?}-- (U. S. department agriculture) -Potatoes, arrivals 53; on track 1S4; otal U. S. shipments 758: old stock. supplies light, trading light, market steady, to firm on best quality; ne-.v stock, supplies moderate, demand light. market about steady on best stock, no rack sales recorded: Idaho Rus5et Burbanks U. s. No. 1. S3©3.10; Colorado Red McClurcs U. S. No. I. $2.SO@2.95; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U. s. No. l. $3; North Dakota Bliss Triumphs Commercials S2.10'S2.35; Michigan Green Mountains Tj. s. No. 1. $2.50: Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $2.05 per bushcL STILSON-- Delores and Joann Eusse, now employed in Waterloo, came home for a few days' visit with their brother, Pvt. Dale Busse, .who came from the Pacific coast to visit his mother," Sirs Kate Bussee, for five days. Livestock Auction AT THE Kanawha Sales Pavilion Kanawha, Iowa, on Highway No. .11 Friday Afternoon, Jan* 29 STARTING AT 12 O'CLOCK seu ,7 onr Restock. Many buyers here every Friday. herc eariy - .Another big sale January J9. Will auction springer cows and heifers, milk cows, stocker anfl butcher cattle, breeding bolls, veal calves, steers and heifers, sows, boars, feeder pigs, sheep, tew horses. Many consignments vnnr 1 ^,^ ^if^" 0 " , fu TM ts "^- Wc'U MP you carry out yoor plans. Reliable marketing: sen-ice. H» Brummmtd, Auctioneer Manager Public Auction Friday, February 5,1943 SALE BEGINS AT 15:30 O'CLOCK SHARP BEEF CATTLE, 45 head: t -- K«d S. B. belters, , . «.,, ,,.,,,,. ni yrj . K 'hrHcr srnMl ABOVE BEEF STOCK IS EXTRA GOOD BLOCK? STUFF *' 4rjr coto in TERMS: Cash i until : »nltr. No pr»pcrtr l« 6« r.mor.4 Ludeman Behr 0«A BAYLtSS. Anit. UNITED HOME BANK * TRUST ro 1-l.r* STOCK PRICES TURN DOWNWARD Brokers Expected More Results in Casablanca NEW YORK, (IP)--Stock prices irned downward Wednesday in he wake of announcement of the major allied war conference in ~rench North Africa. Profit cashing on recent ad- ances accounted tor much of the eUing in the face of the drama- ic news, brokers said, while there vas disappointment over the lack C more immediate and tangible esults from the Casablanca meet- ng. The list was uneasy from the tart and slipped in moderately ood volume until, about midday, few recovery attempts were made. Leaders took on a more esistance tone and going into the inal hour had succeeded in trim- ning losses that at times ranged o around two points. Transfers or the full session aggregated ibout 900,000 shares. Shares which ran into fairly heavy going most of Wednesday ncluded American Telephone, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors, Chrysler, Goodyear, West- nghouse. General Electric, Sears Roebuck, J. I. Case, Oliver Farm, iu Pont, American Smelting, AI- Moson City Groin MASON CITY--For Wednesday Ho. 2 shelled corn 81e So. 2 new oats 55c lew ear corn 74 C 1o. 2 soybeans SI (51 Barley 50-75c CHICAGO GRAIN' CLOSE WHEAT-Tay uly ept. ...... CORN-lay .:... uly Dec. ...'.'. OATS-lay uly Sept SOYBEANS ruly .. RYE-- Sept. High .50! 1 -=avi .58 . .8711 1.39V. 1.33%1.30 Close 1.39 !·'« 1.30','. 1.3951 .93! -SBi .59 .57M .82? .85 .B7H Christianson Named Commercial Club Head 11 a n s o n, buttermaker for ' thi Farmers Butter and Cheese asso ciatipn o£ th'is city, was electei president of the Northwood Com mercial club for the ensuing yea by the board of directors. | Mr. Christianson succeeds A. J Johnson, mayor of Northwotx since April, 1942, who asked to bf relieved of the duties of this of fice, in view of his other civic du ties. Directors of the Commercia club are C. O. Christianson, Ar leigh Holstad, A. R. Trenda, A. J Johnson, Norman Flatness, Pau Martin, Ted Gran and Arnol Talle. Glenn O. Tenold is sec retary of the organization. HARDY BLOOD DOXOR LACUNA BEACH, Cal. (U.PJ -Mrs. Paul E. Neuschaefer, 2 pedaled her bicycle a distance o 65 miles in order to make he blood donation to the Red Cros She made the trip in five hours. PHIL R. SHEIMO AUCTIONEER Livestock and selling experience for 20 yean. ' ' i^**«iitf A i A vi FERTILE, IOWA PHONE 61 carriur boy. Backstage in Iowa Politics Warrants Out Against Funds Must Be Taken Into Consideration in Study of Viewpoint of "State Reserve" By FRANK T. NYE (Iowa Daily Press Writer) DBS MOINES, (IDPA)--What is the true condition of the state reasury? That is a question which has many lowans, including those " tne legislature, somewhat confused. It is no small wonder with many conflicting statements from so many sources Recently Treasurer W. G. C. Bagley reported that the "cash on ind" was 831,000,000, whereas Comptroller C. Fred Porter reported hat the unobligated, unallocated money in the treasury, which ould be called "reserve," is 58,900,000. TEPE--In a sense both, statements are true but why the dis- repancy? One reason is that people see the $31,000,000 figure and ssume it is "reserve" whereas it actually is CASH ON HAND The treasurer is custodian of the funds and knows how "much he state has m the bank at any given time. But he does not know ow many warrants are out against the funds because these are issued y the state comptroller. * * * x ?. x CLOSE SHOP--The comptroller, on the other hand, is in position know how much money is in the bank and how many wan-ants re out against it, thus how much of it is "reserve." / In other words, if the state would close up shop on June 30 1343 ,, L« of the Cscal year, paying all debts, etc., approximately! 9,000,000 would be left to distribute equally among its cHUeS RATIONING--With liquor rationing taking its toll,*it appears hat local option is going to be forced upon tavern operators whether he legislature takes any action on these kinds of measures or not At least it appears that the tavern operators will have the option £ whether to close or to continue in business selling beer only. * * * if if. ^; CON'SUMPTION--Did. you know that Iowa's per capita consumption of liquor is far below the national per capita according to government figures? " 5 ied Chemical, Santa itandard Oil (N. J.) Fe and Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Wednesday Sggs, current receipts 32c Capons, 8 Ibs. and up 30c tfeavy springs. 5 Ibs. and up. .24c Hteavy springs, 4 to 5 Ibs 22c fleavy springs,.3 to 4 Ibs. 20c Leghorn springs I7c 3eavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over,.22c rlens. 4-5 Ibs 20c Sens, under 4 Ibs j.7 c -ocks. heavy i Cocks, Leghorns "i AU No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less 2ggs, in cash ...29-32c £ggs, in trade 30-32c 3utter, Iowa State Brand.... .5Ic Sutler. Corn Country .50c Sutler, Decker's lowana 50c Butter, Brookfield 50c CHICAGO POULTRY (Wednesday .Mxrkrt) CHICAGO. «5--Poultry, Uve 5 trucks; im; market unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (i?)--Butter, receipts 430.089; inn; prices^as quoted by the Chicago price current arc unchanged. ESSS. receipts 8,755; easy; fresh graded, extra firsts, local 371'«c; cars mic; firsts ocal 36J4c; cars 37c; other prices unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Wednesday Market) NEW YORK, iff,--Eggs 26,763; weak Ibccd colors: Fancy to extra fancy 39y 4 ig Oiic; ertras SB^esac; graded firsts .Kc; current receipts !C',kc; mediums 4',ic: dirties No. l 34VaSM^ic; averaze hecks 331?33SV. Butter G75.G25: scarce. (First Hand vholcsalc price levels): Creamery, 'hislier nan Dz score and premium marks 47}iQ "IVjc; 92 score (cash market) 47V 4 © i-Vic; 83-91 score 46%^47y 4 c. Cheese 5EG,831; !irm. Prices unchanged. Increase of 40 Hour Work Week Is Urged by Senator Giirney WASHINGTON, (/P)--A sub stantial increase in the basic 40 hour work week to permit thi shifting of 6,000,000 workers Iron industry to the farms was urgec Tuesday by Senator Gurney (R. S. Dak.) a member of the military committee. "Twenty million workers in in dustry working 40 hours a week which is approximately the na produce a given amount of'good in 1943." Gurney declared. 'It these same workers woul, put in not quite the 56 hours tha the workers of England are put ting in, or even not-approach th number of hours being worked bj Russian citizens, we could tak six million workers out of indus try and give to agriculture mo farm workers than the farm could possibly use in producin the increased victory food objec live." At the same time, he said, th nation still could "maintain th 1943 industrial production no\ contemplated." of two young children, airs. Haze McDaniel, has taken over the jo of crossing watchman for Pennsylvania railroad. MOVIE PARADE iood Things to Come in Movies Booked for Cecil Theater Sscreen ,, · , . B * MAGLOPH If you re tired of looking forward to a change for the better in eather, how about looking forward to movies to come? "Stand By All'Networks" will* ucceed "Pittsburgh" at the Cecil arher day is offered in "The lack Swan" which opens Sat- rday at the Cecil. This is Tyrone MOVIE MENU TRAND--"Here Comes Mr. Jordan" and "The Night Before the Divorce." TATE--"Parachute Nurse" and "Scattergood Meets Broadway." LAKE-- (Clear lake)--"TisJi" »nd "Spirit of Stanford." pnt^tTvriM « T ^ representative got a chuckle out of Repre- entative Edward J. Morrissey's remark upon meeting a lanky Negro youth whom he had sponsored for a job in the legislature im the fellow who sponsored you," the representative is re- iorted t to have said, "so I guess I'd better meet you. What's your "Mah name's McGuire, sun," answered the lad _ "That's fine," said Morrissey, who hails from* Jasper rish have got_to stick together." IIAPPT--A mighty happy girl in her new surroundings is Miss Maxine Maxon, who has been Gov. Bourke B. Hickenlooper's secre- ary for the last few years in Cedar Rapids, but she figures she's got to cut down on her methods of showing it "You see," confided Maxine, "when the governor was away from «V- a fr Plds , on . speaking tours I frequently whistled at my work iffice " nS ~ smging--just isn't the thing to do in the governor's BITS--In all the years that he represented Plymouth county In the ower house of the Iowa legislature-even when he was one of the ew democrats m a houseful of republicans--Gus Alesch never lost an overcoat . The other day Gus returned to town as a non- egislator and what do you think, he lost his overcoat while lunch- ng at a hotel . . Iowa health department hint; "Fun off the job keeps war workers working" . . . Representative BUI Judd of Clinton s quite a magician with a lighted cigaret stub he wishes to dispose of--he merely cups his left hand, stuffs the stub in the cup between his thumb and forefinger and, PRESTO, the cigaret disappears 2 IOWA DEANS ENTER SERVICE IOWA CITY--Deans of iwo Jnlversify of Iowa colleges with-"n 10 days relinquished their iQsitions here lor the duration, ach with the commission of ma- or in the U. S. army. Mason Ladd of the law college olowed Paul C. Packer o£ the col- ege of education into service. Maor Ladd is in the judge advocate general's department of the army and has been "lent" to the sur;eon general's department as lead o£ the legal division in St. Louis, Mo. When Major Ladd leaves the iniversity shortly after Feb. 1, his executive duties in the law college will be taken over by Prof. Percy Bordwell, acting dean. Processor Bordwell has been a member of the faculty since 1910. B. A. Jerman Named Chairman in Infantile Paralysis Fund Drive DECORAH -- B. A. Jerman. _ -- -rt --w.,, un. ..u manager of the J. c. Penney store, tional average in industry, will has been named county chairmar fresco Man Bound to Grand Jury on Charge if Grand Larceny CRESCO--H. E. Rowland, who fficers recently returned to fresco from Portland, Ore., for a rand larceny hearing, was bound ver to the grand jury Saturday nd released after furnishing 1.000 bond. Rowland, alleged to have stolen r sum of money from Robert uiopf of Cresco, was returned to le Howard county jail Jan. 21 fol- owing his apprehension by Port- and authorities. Sheriff Percy Haven and George "Vlikesli, acting county attorney made the trip to Portland to return he prisoner. in the drive to raise money for the infantile paralysis fund in connection with the president's birthday balls throughout the country. Mrs. Fred Biermann was named county chairwoman. The campaign will begin next week. The board of supervisors sen_ Mrs. Ida Iverson, Miss HaUie Musser, local nurses, and Miss Esther Good, county nurse, to take a course of instruction in the Sister Kenny treatment for infantile paralysis. Funeral Held Tuesday WOMAN GUARDS CKOSSIXG £,,, florl^l! W COLUMBUS, 9. «J.R--A mother tor Llarksviile Woman Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette LIVESTOCK AUCTION FKtPAY. JAXPARY 29th -- 12:30 p. j NOTICE; We will start selling hogs at 12:30 sharp. Be on hand. | 400 CATTLE: 33 White Face steer and heifer calves, native calves of choice quality, \rt. 300 to 400 Ibs.; 40 White Face and Shorthorn steers. wJ. 550 to 650 Ibs.; 35 Shorthorn steers wt .50 Ibs.; 10 White Face steers, wt. 1000 Ibs., fleshy; 21 While" Face ana Shorthorn heifers, wt. 550 Ibs CLARKSVILLE--Funeral sen.' - ices for Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth An the gcll, 86, who died Saturday at thi home of her sister, Mrs. Josi- Hood, were conducted Tuesday afternoon at the Community church the Rev. Herbert Marsh officiating Burial was in Antioch cemetery east of town. Born Nov. 6, 1856 near ClarksviUe, she was marrie Nov. 7, 1880, to Lea Angell. He only son, Elmer, died during World war I. Two sisters, Mrs Mary Goodr.ow and Mrs. Hood Clarksville, and her daughter-in law, Mrs. Ella Angell, Osage, sui vive. Also many consignments of stocker and feeder steers and heifers of all weights and classes, fat steers and heifers butcher stock of all kinds, springing cows and heifers, bulls and veal C31VCS. «ock d are"h1 h^Coirsi'" 1 " "' "'"' '* T " r *°°*' S '° ck " llle *"'' "" lol 150 HOGS: Feeding piss of all weights, bred gilts and boars. We nave a lot of inquiry for good bred gilts. Bring in your surplus. SHEEP; Fat lambs, feedinr lambs, ewes and bucks. C«nil[n Voor liresloek le, TJ, f o r Prompt s»l. and Compltlc s.itijifactlon CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. ELECT NEW OFFICERS DECORAH--Members of thi Decorah Lutheran Aid societ' :lected at the annual meetin : were Mrs. Paul Schneider, presi dent; Mrs. Kenneth Ingvolsiad I'ice president; Mrs. Leonard Ol son, secretary; Mrs. Raymoni Herwig, assistant secretary; Mrs James Hepburn, treasurer, am Mrs. Prank Miller, assistant Ireas urcr. L A KIT CLEAR LAKEJI/ Wednesday - Thursday CO-FEATCRE · Frankic Alberts "Spirit of Stanford" MATKSEE ^VED. 2:00 P. M. Filling Stations Adopt New Hour Schedule NEW HAMPTON--New Hamp ton filling stations will have nev hours this week as the result o£ the government regulations concerning 72 hour week. The stations will open at 8 o'clock and close at 7 o'clock Monday through Friday. On Saturday the hours will be 8:30 to 8:30 and on Sunday, 8 o'clock to 1 o'clock. The stations 1 had been open 93 hours a week. SWING OUT TONITE STEP OUT AND LIVE! DANCE Chuck Coffee and His Orch. Also Kcsr. Wednesday Feature TIPSY WALKEKS KILLED «,u- h ;. ------o - LOS ANGELES, Cal., (U.PJ--In which an on-the-spot radio an- the annual and eternal competi- icater, offering John Beal and lorence Rice in an exciting film T which an on-the-spot radio an- ouncer foils a spy ring. Remem- er --_ -r-j -"·. »^.«»v.»»- uuji ueiwv^jj arumten peaestrians when amateur detecting was and drunken drivers to run up the !ely in the realm of the news- aper man? More excitement and in an highest fatal score, the tipsy walkers won out the past year, according to Coroner Frank A. Nelson's annual report to the board of supervisors. Forty-one tipsy walkers were killed by automobiles during the year, while 19 drunken drivers made the fatal grade. ECIL--"PUtsbureh." ALACE--"Bambl" Koar." and "Busses ower in his swashbuckling best nth Maureen O'Hara as the love- y lady over whom swords are rossed. 'Cairo" is booked for the near uture and in it', not only Jeanette tacDonald. but Ethel Waters 'arble to the delectation of the udience and of Robert Young 'ho has one of the leads. Egypt J the locale of this film, as the ame might indicate. Comes then "Sherlock Holmes nd the Secret Weapon," another n the surprisingly' good modern daptations of the Holmes stories. "his time he meets the arch fiend, rofesspr Moriarity. Ah--Ha! Little Theater members will be nterested in the news that George Washington Slept Here" ·ill be played at the Cecil theater oon. The play which was pre- ented last season by tho Little "heater has been adapted for the croon with Jack Benny and Inn Sheridan in the leads. MPS FUN NETE NOW THRU FEIDAY ANGELS IN KHAKI... _ _ M t « f fobbe*. tion between drunken pedestrians MlllIED CQLlS- PALACE NOW SHOWING U^^^^^iWlr WALT DISNIV* UTOT ounotim noMceiw -- CO-HIT -- "SECRETS OF A CO-E»" Otto Kruger NEW LOW PRICES Mat. 21 c - Eve. 3 DC Plus Tax CECIL lost Across the Park · TUUKSDAT Action-Thrill Show! --and-- "· 7.AST TIMES WED. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan Claude Rains "Kite Before Divorce" Lynn Eari FUN J.1TES WED. AND FBI THURSDAY NITE PREVUE 9:30 O'clock 2-BIG SHOWS Come - Early YOU'LL ENJOY THIS GRAND PREVUE HIT! STARTS SAT. Tyrone Maureen POWER · O'HARA "THE BLACK SWAN" COMING SOON.' "George Washington Slept Herc" · . "RANDOM HARVEST" · "WHITE CARGO" · "MOON and SIX PENCE" · "I MARRIED A WITCH" FEZZ FRITSCHE FRI. LATE BUS After Dance Wt*. - Frl. - Sat. - Sin. STRAND NOW OFFERS 3 ENTIRE CHANGES OF PROGRAMS EVERY WEEK Change Days--Sat., Tues., Thurs. FUN NIGHTS EVERY WED. AND FRI. We Mean Real Fun Nights NOTE--"The Strand is positively the only theater in the city showing the biggest and best screen production for LITTLE MONEY. Every change is a real bargain. Make the Strand your theater! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!

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