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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, July 31, 1818
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iV'.l. V ..' If I V - ft NEST - TORX KrSJWfO POST., FRIDAY, JULY 3U ' irsf YiriW - - Tbjt forenoon the iship' Importer, Dinghy, errlf e J here'hl 40 days frem. liver - pool, bringing London datas (e the lilh snwliv - erpool to the l?lh of Jeae. NoihtngcifmimedT - xla importance to (tut country n fooad in the ("Arpapen, of which we hare perused a large number. The speech of the priuce regent at lbs dttooldtioa. of parliament give promise of e state overeating prosperity ; it will be Iband in the 'prepe ptace.'The elections that have since takes c bare been marked with much cis - graceful violence. TheLondoaConrwr.tpeak. - " tax ef the dteiotented party led br Leigh Hunt ted eir Fraocu) Burdett, observes, that the spirit - .. evinoed by them at the tumultuous mseuog at , the Crewe aoJ Anchor Tavern, wm unusually .violent and malignant, of which the following . facte are mentioned at evidence : - - A geo - . 'tlemai Who evinced hie disspprobstion by : .hissing, bernj observed by Hunt,, he imme - .'diately directed the - vindictive violence of the itob, againit him, by pointing him out as an t object of personal hostility. It was observed. ' - that be wore a white hat,' and they could not ' - nyiUke their m&n. Immediately a most vio - ,"feot attack was commenced upon the individual, and he was driven to the Jowi - r end of the room. Hit own resolute conduct, ' however, and the assistance of some spirited individuate wbe witnessed the base transac tion, aucceeded In driving the assailants off, otherwise Jus life would have been endanger ed. ' On bis rescue, he went in front of the .. hustinjs, supported by some friends, and . reproached Hunt far the unmanly aJrantajs he hd talcsn, wbca the exprceuons of icJirnation became so geoeral, that this "mover of leJitkm" . tboughl it pradent to retire, which he did amidst ' eassMrimooi exclamations of abhorrence." Letters mention that the markets for Ameri - ; eaq proioae had deeluicd a little. Floor it quo - ted at 44 to 4ft cot f one balf - penee lees than by oar ftrrnsradfiees. Jtmericanfvxih3 per cenU 70 71 y New Loan 6 - per cents 102 102 1 - 2 j 7 per cents 109 109 1 - 2, (Dividend from 1st April.) ; . . The ship At&ens, Meador, fro. Fbitadelpbia, arrived at Liverpool the 1 5th June. . Advertised in the Glasgow Chronicle of June 11th : Brig Venus, launders, for New York, to ' clear for sea by the S0U June; Ilarmony, S pence for 5 York, do. I lib June j ship Rebecca Coffin, - Walt, for Charleston, do. early in July; ship ' Louua, Fullock, for Charleston, to sail in 3 days ; ship Native, Drummond, for do. to sail June 24. Sailed from Glasgow June 3, ship Niagara, Lou - bird, far MYerk. From Lkyft Lilt, Junt 11, Off Dover, Jane lO. Mintrva, Bates, from i Boston. Off Plymouth, June 4. Fraucts, , from NBeJlbrdj Fatmoutli. June 8. Arrived, Moiiticello, , ' from Fhiladelphia. Off Falmouth, June 0, Man, ' Hall, from Savannah i Ilasjird, Hopkiur, NOr - lean. 1 v - , - Off Scilly, June 2. Hannibul, Foster, from BMton Albion, Conway, N York. Cnpenhofen, June I. Ami red, Catsta, At - well, from PiOrlejos. - . . firemen, June 2. Arrived, Tone Orion, ' tVilrea, from Virginia. - Havre, June 6. Arrived, Ameriquo, Assclin, . from NOrleans. , ' .Rouen, June 5. Arrirrd, Cantrlow, Tou - qaeui, from NOrleans. ' Oporto, Jane 8. Arrived, Dettey, Foriter, from Baltimore Gold Hunter, Baker, do. Lisbon, .May It. Arrived, Schuylkill, Hel - burg, from Philadelphia. ISth, Aurora, Ha.s, from Baltimore. ' ' Trieste, May SI. - Arrived, LaJy Monroe, Conklm, from Baltimore. ' ' fetU enlrred for loaJin? at eut btrtt. At Bristol Ellen, Rowland, for New York ; Catharine, Gar. fur Boston. At the Clyde Mary - Augusta, Becker, for New - Yoikv - c - At Leith - Prince William, Davis, for Phila - delpliu. . IXPERLtL PARLIAMENT. ' - bock or Maoa, sewt 10. . " About e'sht minutes alter two, nlu'esofar ' Lllery annuunced the arrival of the frince He - , geot, acd soon afterwards, his Royal Highness, havioc put on his rebel, entered the I (oute with the asnal state and procession, the Sword of State ' being carried before him by the Carl of !iver - pool, and delivered from the Throne the folio w - T' tug speech : " Xtj Lordt tnd Cmlltmtn, It ii with deep regret that I am again under the necessity of announcing to yon, that no alteration has occurred ia lit state of his Majesty's lamented indisposition. 1 continue to receive from foreign powers the strongest assurances of thtir friendly diepositioo towards this country, aad of their desire to maintain the general tranquility. I am fully sensible of the attention wbicb you have paid to the many Important objects wbtcb have been brought before you. l 1 derive peculiar satiMaction from the mea sure which you have adopted, ia pursuance of my recommendation, lor augmenting the number , ef places of worship belonging to the established '' church j and I confidently trutt, that this mea - (ore will be productive of the most beneficial effects on the religion and moral habits of the people: Gtnihmtn nf the House ifCommoiu, ' I thank you for the supplies which you hare granted to me for the service of the present year sal I nigniy approve of ine steps you nave ia ken with a view to the reduction of the enfund ed debt. I am happy to be able to inform you that the rtveoue u m a coure of conUauod uuprove - lljot uATy Lerrfs ani OtnUmm, Oac!oii:iettjs et'no I think it proper to in form jnu, that it is my uiteatioe forthwith to dis - SoWe the present, and to give dtrertkms for call in: new f srliameot. In nankin; this comma su Jitioet, t caaoot refrain from adverting to the ksspnrUatchan;hVhh&i ortorredia thesite - ation of this country and of Euruue, since I first met yo ia thn ptuc. "At that period, the dossutUo of the common enemy sua no m wkteiy extended over the continent, that rtitatKe to his power was b? many oeeeied to t hopeless; and ia the esJre - shim oi trttie KkMia was tun fetitUoce ef - fertoidl maiutaioed. M Br the onexamoled exertion whi4. ... enabled me to snake, in aid of countri nobly Contending for independence, and by the spirit which was kindled ia so many nation, the ceati - tsent was at Unrth delivered from the matt nil. ingandoprcnive tyranny under which It had ever mbenred ; and I bad the happiness, by the Irfestingof Diriua Prorideace, la termioate, n coajaietioa with his Majesty Allies, the most ercatful ud sanguinary con Lest ia which Ed - as of i a to ry to ia on but of a in rope had for centuries been eopjcd, with onpa - j - "V .i : .;rf:..liih St,. S - .h - i.n Ambaair "We we told Tne proaecutionot I many years, and more particularly the elTorls which marked Vie Close ei n, nare uccn - lowed wrThto our own, Cowry. as wH 4 throughout the rest of Europe, by considerable internal dittculties ana assireso. oui, uiij I felt for the immediate pressure upon his Majesty's People, I nevertheless looked forward without dismay, having always the fullest confidence in the solid it v of the resources the British Empire, and in tbe relief which might beejpectedfiom s cont iu nc e o peace, and from in patience, puouc spirn, nu ciiw - These expectations bare not been dtsap - rjointed. .. . - . - . "Theimorovement in the internal circum stances or the country is happily manliest, ana promises to be steadily progressive ; and I feel Derfect assurance that the continued loyalty arid exertions of all classes of his Majesty's sub jects will confirm these growing indications ot national prosperity, by promoting oneaience tbe laws, and attachment to tbe Constitution, from which all our blessings have been derived." i " My LtrJt an J Gentlemen, - It is' the will and pleasure of his Royal Highness tbe Prince Iterent, acting in the name and on the behalf of bis Majesty, that this Parliament be now dissolved : and this Parliament is dissolved acco. - dinrly." The Prince Regent descended from the Throne, and quilted the House with the same state as on lib entrance. The Speaker ami the commons withdrew from tbe bar, and the Lords retired from the House LONDON, June II We have given in another art of our paper a full account of the ceremony of dissolving par liament yesterday, Tbe prince regent svas re - ceiveUon hi way to andironi tbe house, with eve uetuouslralUMi of respect, and the fineness ol the day attracted an unusual number of spectators. Tbe sueei h which bis royal highness deli vered, communicated some pleving intelligence (he country. Besides announcing that the peace we enjoy is likely to remain undisturbed by any political events abroad, it confirmed the declaration made by the chancellor of the ex cb.eq.ncr some time since, " that toe revenue is a coarse of con' inued improvement." These two facts, alone, at peace with all the world, and increasing prosperity at home, are such ass u ran ces of positive good as cannot fail to make a due impression oo the country. At the same lime, the comparuoo instituted between the present stale ef Kurope, and what it was, when the late parliament first assembled, must have been no very gratifying topic of 'congratulation to those who used their beet efforts for preventing the ac complishment of those great events. We have received a r landers mail this morn ing. An article from Uruuels states, that the duke of Wellington has purchased the ancient hotel D'Oudcnarde, situated on Grand Sablon, with the intention of erecting a magnificent man sion on its scite,, for bis occasional residence in that city. A serious disturbance occurred in Louvaine the 51 h inrt. in consequence of a quarrel between some' young men and the military. Several of the citixeiu were wounded its the affray, order was happily restored by the cxertious the police, and the military authorities. 1 lie keys of the city of Ubent, which were sent to Paris in 1792, by general La Bourdon - uaie, have been restored by luis XV11I, in consequence of an application from the Dutch am bassador, baron Fagel. Loudon, June !. Paris Journals have arrived, extracts from which will be found in anoller column. These papers quote the rumour which we inserted yesterday from a Flemish print, that the Duke (if Wellington has purchased a great hotel at Brussels ; and further, that it is his Grace's intention to budd a country seat in the neighborhood of Waterloo, which b&s been erected into a principality. It is repeated that the or dinance of the King of fpain for establishing certain number ff free ports in his kingdoni has been suspended by counter orders from Madrid. 1 bis is complained ol by the ports question as an instance of undue partiality Us the merchants of Cadiz, whose services to the Court have been supposed to purchase them many former advantsges, at the expense of their commercial countrymen. The King of Prussia, accompanied bv his eldest son, set off about tbe t5ih ult on his journey to Mos - We find by the Dutch mail that the commerce of Antwerp has rather languished during the last 12 months. The number of ves sels which entered inwards before the 1st of June, 1817, was in all 600. To the same peri od of the present year there have not arrived more than 250 merchantmen. Part of this difference is, however, attributed to an exten sive corn speculation, which was carried on last year, and which produced a temporary influx of shipping to the port of Antwerp. The marriage of his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent with the Princess Maria Louisa Victoria, of Linanpen, sister of his Royal High ness Prince Leopold, of Saie - Coburg, was an nounced, on Thursday night, by his Hoyal Highness the Duke of Sussex, at a public din ner at the Frteruasons Tavern. LONDON, June 15. The second lieutenant of hi Majesty's ship VII lli XI. m. k 1 1DII UK. miUIUKU UIF" UUIWVl. - .IT ml. II - I. - I - f. A I .. n, ofthe Lord Sidmnutb, which arrived yesttrday off f orUmoaUi, from Bombay, that Buonaparte was quite well on the 14th oi April, and attend iiie the laces which look nlace on that day. DEATH Ol MR. llILKV AUIHOTO, SVe are sorry to announce the death ol the Risht Hon. John lliley Addinetoo, of a mortification in his stomach, on 'lliursd ay tight. He had been UKlisposed for some time, but. it was not appre - hendu - J till W ednesday that tuS Uisaolulioo would be so speedy. l .onion eerw exchange The supply of Knglish wheat this morning wns small, but the arrivals from abroad most amply compensated for any da flcieucy of that ol onr own growth, and bare pro duced a decline of 2s per quarter in our prices, and at that reduction tbe sales were heavy. LIVEKPOOL, June 17, t.itervool corn exchange W had a very mo derate supply at to - day's market, and not much doing. Wheat fell 3d. barley 3d. and oats 20 per bushel, and American nour zs per ddi. a. merican flour, 44s to 47s per bbl of 1 'JC lbs net. Ships sailed June 12, Balloon, Stiles, Baltimore; Arminius, Gibson, dj; Richmond, Ru - gan, do; FJitabelh, Bradford, N. York. Jane 13, Mechanic, Neagle, Baltimore. June 15, Brothers. Lid Jell, N. York ; Robert, Gooch, Boston; Betsey, Cox, Massachusetts ; Resolu tion, Jewett, Portsmouth, N. H. ; Hero, Holmes, Virginia. Vessels arrived Alexander, Martin, N. Or leans; John Watson, Osrvm, do ; Hector, TJare, do ; Arricola, Darkee, N. York ; A JJiwo, Bliss, j Charleston ; Enterprise, Peas, Wilmington ; Lacy, Webb, Savannah. Hovte if Commons, June 8 At half put ooe o'clock tbe speaker took tbe chair. Mr. Wilber - force observed, that he bad received information on wbl'jh he could depend, that the slave tmle wasopeiily carrying on, to a jreat extent, in the French colonies on IheN. W. coast of Africa, and that this inhuman practice was accompanied by ctrcunsHances of peculiar atrocity, murders bavttig beea committed by wholesale in its prows tution. lie coocluded by movinr aa address to the prince regent for mbrmat - an on the subject. FALMOUTH, June 8. We have received inforsnatioa of the foHow - sag vwneli having arrived etf this port, via i brig Mars,UaU, tVnm Savsawah in 40 days, for Aavtsnlam, aad Hawxd, Hopkins, of New Providence, from N . Orleans in 54 days, for Havre. f Piaxs. June 9. The Duks of Tt tUmgton &invi on Sunday hi. wilf ve P.. .i the endVcf this, .... , - t - fAKIS, JM.iU " The affair of the loea has bec - oose the subject TaJI eoaversations. ' Aa association cMposea of the first banking bouse in Paris, and tfJe first houses ef the greet cities of France, 1 the number of 32, bad requested leave to contract for the loan of twenty - four millions. ' Tbe bouseol Bv rinff fc Co. having obtaiaed the loan, joa may easily imagine the humour ia wbicb tbe assocta uea was at seeing Uie preference given v h - eign company. 1 be rrieaas ot we iroreruscni declare tnat bieb political considerations 'alone determined it to give this preference to Barnig IX. I etpeci soon to ooiaw poeiuve ibiui - mation en tbe details of tbis affair, aad 1 shall immediately communicate them to. you. . 1 be emigrations to America irons. trmaav and Switzerland coetiaue. - Prom, vine SdtB of April to tbe end of May there passed M'Otsos en hir wiw Ia A marira vU rwranna. In tttia naia. ber tlieie wbere 36 1 persons from Wurtemhent, tt from Alsace, aad 10 from SwiUerlBad aed caoen. Tcaisr, May 50. On the 8th inst. a British force, cotisatmg of 2 ships of the line, a frigate, and a sloop of war, entered the roads of Algiers, to support the reclamations of our Consul, who fur some time past had ui vain protested acainst tke se questration ana pillage of tne cargo or a fiea tnonteee merchant ship. At hrst the hew Uey pretended that he was not responsible for the injustice of his predecessor but he afterwards thought proper to pay the amount reclaimed. lie declared, that he had himself acted trong in taking the King's flag from the ship called li Quutiet Freree (which was compelled, in defiance of the remonstrances of the Consul, to proceed tu Alexandra) he, however, promised to restore it, witli suitable indemnity. The plairue continues its ravages at AleieTS, the Uey has just lost a sou and a daughter, who have fallen victims to this pestilence. One of Ins favorites is also attacked J?y Ae Prtsidenl of lh Unilti Statu of America, A PROCLAMATION. Whereas by an art of the coogrejs of the I'ni States, of the third of March, ooe" thousand eight hundred and fifteen, so much of the several acts inipwin duties oo the ships and vessels, and on goods, wares, anJ merchauilixc, imported iuto tlio Cuited States, as imposed a discrijiintliorf duty of tonnnge between foreign vessels and res sols of the United Mates, and between foods iiu ported into the United Mates in foreign vessel? and vessels of the United Stater, were repeal' d, o far as the same respected the produce or ma nufacture of the nation to which such foreign shir or vessel might beloug, such repeal to take effect in favor of any foreign natiou, wheneicr the president of the United states should be tatitSed that the dicriiuiiiatin or countervailing duties of snch forcigu nation, so far as they optratc to toe UifaJ rantase ol the Unite J states, have been abolished : And whereas, satisfactory proof has1 been received by me, from the Burgomasters and senators ot the Free and Ilanseati city ot u; e - nen, that, from and after the 12th day of May, tofj, all discrimmatincfor count ervailmg uu tics of the said city, so far as they operated to the disadvantage of the United States, have been and are abolished : Now, therefor, 1. James Mouroe, President ofthe Lnited States of America, do hereby de clare and proclaim, that so much ofthe several acts imposing duties on the tonnage of ships and vessels, unit on goods, wai es and mercnan dize imported into the United States, as lm posed a discriminating duty of tonnage between vessels ot the Free and H.inseauc city of Bi e men and vessels of the United States, and be tween goods importen into the United States in vessels of Bremen and vessels ofthe United Ststes, are repealed, so far as the same respect the produce or manufacture of the said Free, liansestic city of Bremen. Oiven under my hand, at tlie city of Wasb.l ingioii, uus iwt - niy - rounn aay oi iuiy. in the year of our Lord one thonsand eight hundrrd and eigtileen, aad the forty - tbinl year ofthe Independence of tbe United states JAMES MONItOE. By the President, JUlift qtlNCY AUAMs, Secretary of Stste. Trantlatad for the jVew Fori Evening Pott. PROCLAMATION. The king to the Haytiatis of tbe west and of the soutn. Haiti, at The civil dissentions which have afflicted onr country havealwavs sensibly affect ed our paternal heart, and we base not ceastd, and we will nut cease, to use everv enort to ex tinguish them without spilling the Haytian blood; that precious blood, which we ought to preserve for the deleoce ot tbe country, against our common enemy. When the only obstacle which opposed itself to our re - uuioti existed, the llaviiun people wit ne'sed the exertions that we made to conciliate and eflect a peace. We did not hesitate totuke the first step, and shall always be ready tosucri Ace our private interest for tbe happiness anJ wriiare oi ourcntxens. At present there exists no obstacle to prar.e. to the re - union of the people, and to the extinrtijii of civil war. We call upon tne heads of fami lies, and all the good people of Hayti wh - i love their country, good order and tranquility, to as sist us with a. I their power, to brine nbout the re union of the flay tians: Input an end to our distentions without the crfution of blood, and to establish a new order of thing, which may be iut. reasonable, hoaorabie and advantageous to atl. Our first duty and our greatest deiire is to exert all power for the happiness ol" the Haytian people, that theyshuuld enjoy all tbe advantages that they have a right to expect from a just and generous government ; of introducing public instruction, and religion ; enCouraruig the arts and sciences, and extending the fostering hwl to commerce aud agriculture ;but in order todo this effectual, Irarwiiili'y must first beretlored throughout the interior. We are informed tbat some evil minded, persons, who deiire to see the horrors of civil war renewed, have spread false reports, that, under the pretext of suiting the kindjin, we intend tn march an army against Port an IViace s whilst the true object oi the circuit that we now make eccnmmpanicd by oar family, is to lutorm our selves of the situation of the people. in order to do away tnese l.iue reports wrucn have oolv for their object to iuQame the miuds of the II ay trans, we have determined to prolong our abode in the city ef L Mark. Tbe troops who occupy the lines of the west come not to fight yon, but rather as friends and brothers, who wa to live with vou on rood terms. Therefore, in order to leave no means to the enemies of tbe public good and tranquility, tu spread new reports, lendinc fo cast suspicion up on our peaceable intentions ; and io onlr that no one may pretend ignorance, we proclaim the articles bereaarr. which will be religiously De ferred towards all those who will araoowlwtge or will declare in favor of tbe re - tudon and ofthe royal and legitimate authority, security to persons aod r - " No one shall be called to account for past cUbv dact. All officers, civil and military, sballbive their cemnsssaions restored to thena. We promise tbe bngMat hoonri and re - wants to tboee who shall pnataaeaslf acknowl edge our authority, and shall shew the most t"al and devouoa ia br ingmg abewt a prompt re The troops of IHe line wiH - be kept wp, clothed and paid. - They will remain ro Uxar re - pective rarrisaos for the protect tow nf ties cits reas, as well aa the chiefs aa their respective commiade whidl they aww bolJ. We will aive new ordrse to esrr General to respect the Uaytiaoi who txau retura w a ia a ef duty.' and treat thoae as brethren and cii - i .... sens svbo pe( uemMives auuei u.e proituuwB v. oarhwa. . - , ; ' ' Oivea ta our uayai raiaca oi sr. i"'r'i" '.. fUiJMel8lB. . JJENKs - . ' : By tbeKieg - " . - t V ' COCHT DC LlMoff A. Eeo. of State and Minister oi Foreigs Affairs. :v WATERTOWN,Ju1y7. rtanmtaft us Jrfftrtan Lomdv On Mondsy Um Jnutuh Ransnerle. ex - kinr of SosiOf arrived t ska wai of M. LeKarde Chauuanti and on Tuesd. y, he with his attendants, aeeompsoied bv At. Le Itay de Ckiimoot, passed throagh this vil lage, tie spent two nours in visiungino mum factory, fuilin g - rnill, trin - liimmer, paper mill, tbe park, tee. and appeared highly gratified with the many publis improvements witnessed In this vicinityand which fcsve generally beea torn pitted ska ehort snaea cf four vassev Couat Rial, who passed through this village a slsart time sioee, baa we unaerstaaa nxea nis re sldence m this eounty. NEW - BRUNSWICK. (N. J. July 30. Mad iosi Our city has been much alarmed few days past, in consequence of the appear - auceof mad dogs. We understand that a young man has been bitten by one of these animals, but havinsr applied the scull cap. we hope it will prove aa efficacious in this as it has in former ca ses. A cow exptrea suddenly a lew uays since exhibiting every symptom ofthe hydrophobia, occasioned, it is supposed, by the licxing ol tne blood of a dog, killed a few days previous for that disease. This should serve to caution others bow tliey dispose of animals killed for this alarm ing malady. l be common council ol tne city have passed an ordinance, imposing a fine upon tbe owners of such dogs as shall be found run aidg at large for the period of two months. Scm Lap 1 bis valuable herb many years used with success, as a specific against the hy drophobia, and it being now the proper season to lather it, would We tlunk, especially at 'be pre sent time, command a good price in this city Those, therefore, who have a knowledge ol tbe herb, would do well to bring it to market. CntiiisTO, July 25, Dy the arrival yesterday of the sch. Kudoi a, capt. Hugh E. Vincent, in 6 days from Havana, wc nrr pui in pvnun oi ne Tcry interest ing intelligence, that the Floridas have been ceded by the Spanish Government to the Uni ted States. This pleasing and highly import ant imfbrmation was communicated to captain t mccnt, the evening before he sailed, by capt. Bunnell, of the sch. Mary - Ann, of this port. who had just arrived at Havana, in 41 days passage trom ladu. 1 his news capt II. re. quested capt. V. to report on his arrival in Uhrrirstun It was also stated, that our M mis ter was on the eve of sailing, when the cession took place. ' Insitrily. A young Frenchman who was tried in I.oihIju lately for an attack on a Roman Ca Uiolic clergyman in church, with a drawn sword, was acquitted as being insane. The lady where the pruvner loJged for tbe last 13 months, pro ved ttie I uiowuir cxlraordiuary conduct in bis mode of liting : For some weeks he confined his diet to.bread (without yeist) and water ; then he would live lor weeks ou fowl, eatm twenty - one per week ; then for a time on oranzest th - i oo oil cakes t then on boiled flour and water ; t.ien on the juice of pounded grass; then on the juice of pounded roses; then ou unboiled peas ; then on boiled ones, eating each day three pecks shell ed one;, and one of th - m with the shells ; some times changing bis diet to mutton, of which be would eat six pounds per day. He had ako a variety of iron armour made, weighing 214 pounds each, which be used to try on at the bra zier's, and say, that be would walk in them 50 k agues a day. He bad also an iron crown, and a highly polished double edged sword, a boot 8 feet to length. He avowed his intention of lead ing forty millions ol men to extirpate the Barba - ry llater, .The iron suits of irmour for himself arulA horse were produced in court. lt From II Carlisle (Eng.) Patriot. TO ALL NAVIGATORS, From the Atlantic Oceaa to the western shores ol Europe ; but more particularly to those Great - Britain and the English and Uriftol channels. Causes of thewmerew th'pmtcki On the Stilly WaaJs, in - Mount's Bay, in Corn wall, and on the western coasts of Great Britain ; but more particularly iu the English channel. All vercels, which are bound to the western horcs of Great Britain, from the Atlantic Ocean, will always be subject to that disaster, without care and attention to the circumstances explain ed hereafter; for they will always be more or less ahead of their recitoaing, and of course will be liable to be oa sbore before tbey conjecture themselves to be near the land. Tbis was no doubt the cause of the lots of admiral Shovel, io i lie Association, with the Eagle and Romney in company, oo the S2d of October, 1707 ; for by onr naval history it appears they brought to on that day, and lay by till sort set, when thoy made sad lor the English channel, supjioniug, no doubt, they had space enough to run till day light, without getting into danger ; but they were cast away iu the night oa tlie Rocks of acilly, aud every soul penmed J whereas bad they souuded at sua scty piior. to their making sail, tbey might have kuosrn they had not sulh - cieat run for the night. The depth of water at sunset, to the best of recollection, which will insure them safety in the longest night's run to - ards the English channel, should be not less than 75 fathoms ; of court e, more than that depth, or having - no soundings, will put them out 61 all doubt ; but of this exact depth, at tention to iheir charts must caution them, lest my memory should be in error. The mischief arises from vessels persisting to run by their reckoning, without sounding ; more particularly they are tempted to this if tbey have had fine weather in navigating the Atlantic Ocean, and of course couDde more in their reckoning. - Tbs reasoo vessels coming from the westward will always be far ahead of - their reckoning, say KM leagues more or less, is owing to the eject of the Gulph of Florida streams ; and how that Operates I will endeavor to explain, hopicg the apparent simplicity of my description will be excused by all who think it Uerilly so, as it is meant to explain it to all capacities, and particularly to those who msy never have attended to i the geography of the coasts of Mexico. The Gulph of Florida stream runs with mors or less vel - icity, according fo circumstances, to be explained hereafter, from out of tbe Gulph of Mexico, between the Bahama islands and the coat of East Florida, and on its arrival as far north as tbe north part of the Bahama Inlands, it takes a more c - asterly direction, to restore tlie level of "the Atlantic ocean, deranged by the trade winds, as will appear hereafter ; and the influence it has in carrying vessels to the eastward faster than tbey seem to run by the log is, without doubt, the cause of the numerous accidents whicb bave already Lappened, and will happen in future, unless proper caution is observed. All geographers know that the winds, called trada winds, blow from tbe eastward, between lbs trepic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, generally about nine months in the year, and they era the cause of the Gulph of Florida tre3sss: for they drive before them all the surface of tbe Atlantic Ocean, and that with a re. lority, and ia a quantity greater or less, in pro - twrliatt to there strength. I bave beea la tbe Atlaahc Ocean, when, daring near two months, ww could not get ap a topsail, it blew so atroog ; At I have, sit another time, crossed tbe Atlantic Of cents, when, I may almost say, I cssold bave carried a lighted candle ia my hand, without a tan - tbera, all tie time, aad it wool d not hare blown out. Tbe strength ef the ilrtam, therefore, fill of must vary, and wifl cause ai eflVct equally un certain. Tint current, h is, which forcing its way into the Atlantic Ocean, to restore the level interrupted by tbe trada winds, by a current inclining mora easterly, as it gets clear of the Bahama Islands, carries lue resneis aaeaii oi .vne rsxtasninf. v. . . .." To explain this more familiarly, lei one oi us a basin with water opto the brim, then blow strong on the surface, and the water will run e - ver on the opposite side ot tne passu to wnicn blow, bv little waves raised 6v the blowing. Taka some ol tbe water out oi tne Dasin, ana then on the opposite side to that on which we blow, the little waves will raise arainst the side tbe basin, and the surface of the water being raised tberebr. it will find its level again by es. casing on the sides of the basin each way ; but let a card, or some outer opstacie, De pus ou ouc side, and the whole Quantity will escape the o - ther side, to preuuee a level, i usi to u n mm the water forced into the Gulph of Mexico by the trade winds; for, as it cannot find its level by escaping on both skies, from Use uuipn, ow - lo the norm coast ot eoutn. America, exieiu - ing so lar to tne eastwaro, as again o nirei u trade wiuds; it all, therefore, escapes ou the . ... .... . . .i north side, and takes its course alour the east coast of Florida, untd it passes the Bahama Isl ands, and then, as I have said, forces ill way into the Atlantic Ocean, to restore the level interrupted by the trade wiuds. It cannot escape between the ulanos. because it meets tne traue wiods again. This current it is, which forcing its way into the Atlantic Ocean, governs the na vigation of that sea, and carries vessels so mucn to the' eastward of their reckon in - , that they ap - proach the western shores of Europe before thev are aware of it: and the western very ire - queully proves so hazy and cloudy, that no ob servations can tie taaeo to correct ineir longitude, before they set into soundings. I have been iuformed, in tbe west of England, that vessel has been known (the name of which , was mentioned to me) to have run on shore on the north coast of Devonshire, with all her small sails set, in the night time, right before the wind But the frequency of wreck on those shoies, but too well ascertained by the melancholy ac counts which our naval history affords. Vessels should therefore, always sound at snuset, whenever they get with in one hundred leaeues of Sicily by their reckoning, when coming from the westward ; and the dopth of water, or bavin? no sounrtintrs, will ascertain what sail they may carry in the longest night, without getting into danger Letore morning. Rut the misfortune is, ves&ew wiU depend on their reckoning, and run for the English or British Channels witliout soundings, more es peciallv if they happen to have had mild wea ther on their voyace I, myself, in a two decl'.ed ship, was near bt ing on the rocks of 4'icilr. when cominir tiom the West Indies. The loss of die Alexander, EasMndiaman, off Portland, on the 25th of March, 1H16, when every soul on board pensh. - d, gave rise to the publication of these observations, which though they msyfrot l ossess mnch merit, it is hoped will not bring into contempt the humble ertionsof AN OU) SEAMAN DlEU, Last night, at Mount Vernon, in the vicioity of this city, Airs, niana Uliulon, wile ol nis excel lency governor Clinlou. Her limeral wdl take - morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the house of jtfrs. Clinton, Franklin - street. The relations and friends are respectfully invited to attend. 4F.VfwV POST MARLVX LIST. CLEARED. Brig Swan, Slickncy, Amsterdam Jno. W. Russell. Hope, O'Bryan, Schr Active, HowlanJ, Havanna F - Poineroy West - Indies A S Hallelt .tnRiVED this roRE.roujY. Ship Importer, Dingley, 40 days from Liverpool, with a full cait - s of coals, crates and dry goods to isbas. nan, owner, t. utxon, j tins, a very ft Weeks. 3. Lessen. G. Aspiuwnll. Proc tor i Mathews. J. Asuinwall, W. W. Woolser J.IVorlti, Alarx le Liindsey. nlaior ei omespie. Andersou ti shearer. Laverty, shelter 8 - lsO. M'Evert, W. iVIanks, Otis & Swan, J. 6. Bai ley, Fellows k Young, J. Wheeley, C. It J. A Lie won, r. Kemsen, i.oru u uinisienu, nag ferry ii Austio, W. Cairns, J. Boweri, K. scarih '. Thompson, . Dodgson, J Jt G. Tredwtll, B. J. Corlies, J. Wickhaoi, S. tt J. Hudson Aduins it Blackwelf. II. K. Toler 4: Co, BrinckerhofL jun. J. Corlies, D. Cairns, H Grinned. G. Wrnrj. 3. B. Munu. T. ti J, Lawrence. G. Uiusltv. K. Gill Ai Co. 8. IC U Barker. D. Dunham, Lambert U Brothers, W C. Holly, Marsh & Brooks, liurd& Sewail, F W. Delavan &Co. A. Hammond. L. Ropelye T. Trotweil, i. Taylor and dons, W. Leslie, P. S. Irary, smith oi McCull, A. 1 horopson, v tt S. Cran:. 3. Corp. H. Marshall. J. e.' N Haight, llattnck, Lee ft Co. i. Barret, Squire St iiiliaian, M. Bathurst, Vose & Low, Kotfers A Son, and Kiium & Whitmore. Lett Iris Tom Haxardtosail next day. Sailed in co. with brig i'henix for Boston. July II. lat. 41, 14, toog. 40, spoke ship Wellington, from Jamaica, for London. July 12, I d 44, 4 - 1, long. 43, spoke ship Juno, of Boston, 11 days from Savannah for Liverpool, all well. July 17, lac. 42. 31 long, S3. 35, spoke brig Brutus, of Portsmouth, 43 days from Liverpool, for Portsmouth. July 21, lat. 41, 53, ion. 69, spoke ling Morris, 7 days from New - York for Bristol. Same day, long, bl, spoke ship Illinois, 4 days from aew York, for Liverpool. July 21, on St lieorre Bank, lat. 41, 30, long 67, spoke schr. William U Sandlord, Bliss, 47 davs from TeneriOe for N Vnrlr VR lt fit. In,,. HO .nnW. ..rim. m u J 1 w, v, ..... w, ship Grand l urk. 50 days from Londonderry, for New. York. July 27. lat. 39. 50. Ions. 71, ppoke ship United States, Windsor, 3 days from York for Hull. Passengers, Mr. Mulligan and 10 in the sfeersge. fry mVotice.A the owner of the Importer finds by experience, that K is ten times more troublesome now, ibsn it was in former years, to discharge a s ip, ann as lie is desirous ot despatching the Importer agsm to Liverpool immediately. he will feel mneh obliged if the consignees of goods by her will send their permits oo board ss earl v as possible. All goods not permitted In days alter the ship enters, will he sent to the pub lic stares. 1 be ship lies at pier Ho. 13 East Hi rer, Sch Mry Ann, Chapman, 5 days from Balti more, with gin, teas, molasses, and dry goods. to W W 4 J H Todd, J White & Co. D G Hub bard, r Remsen, T 11 .finith, Dobbins Si W nant, P & J Crarv, and others. Sch Hayes, Thompson, 5 days from Newbum, N. C. with naval stores, fcc. to Hyer ii Bremner. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Ecb Charleston Packet, Vail, 80 hours from Charleston, with molasses, pimento, Ac. to Morgan, and the captain, owners, Fbilbrook & Peters, P 4i J 8 Crary. E GaiUard, II Brett, lit Uham & De Lessen, Strong & Havens, 11 Cary, 6 Cooper, P Laroussallier, H Cowing, sna vo oruer - rassengers, Ueneral Kulledir and servant, Mr ai.J Mrs Boll in, Mrs Lindsay, Mr Trapman and servant, Dr Chisholm, Mr Chisholm, Col Roper and son, Jos Manks and daughter, Misses Morrison, HaltalL and Wil liams, Messrs H P Hardy, Bingley, Parsons, Withlngton, and Scherach. Sch Honor & Amey, Ingalls, 17 days from Port - au - Prince, with calTee. logwood, specie. Ac. to A P Edwards, M Oathurst, W Colgate auu.o n uume, J j Astor, J L. bowne, 1) a I Brown, W Cairns, A' Quick, J R Graves, "roots Hoyt, J Cowan. C Poor. D 1 Cooner, J aret S Son, J Germain, J Anderson & Co. Meucr c Rogers, W ii C Porter. G S Mum - ford, and to order Passengers, Messrs. LI Foumiquet, T Barber, M Slolin, Labutut, and a in use steerage. Union line packet sch Martha. Denieon. days from Philadelphia, with Hour, iron, clay, stovts, pepper, porter, pimento, dry goods and D 1 3 drags, to L'rlommedieu k Brown, ewnert lioorinan Si Johnston, Llackwell k M'ParUne Elliot ft Co. Ludlum. Johnson fcCo.T Webi'r ster, John Wright, T Proctor tt Mathers, Collins it Co. Wood k. isons, Eastbnra jti Co. R M'Dcrro'ut, and.othm. . Sch Financier, Crowell, 3 days from Philadelphia with flour, to W f Van Amringe. acu ume uiartes, irtggs, o aays from Currituck, with staves, to Blount t Jackson. ," Sch Olive Branch, Griirg, 4 days from Curri tuck, with staves, to Blount it Jackson. - . , Sloop Brutus, Haley, 5 days from Philadelphia, in ballast, bound to Stonington. ' 1 Sloop Triton, Treat, 4 days from Philadel. phia, with salt, to Connor & Beldcn, of Hart ford. .. : bloop Active, Bigelow 5 days from Newbum with naval stores, to Hyer, Bremner k Co. Sloop Huntress, Beecher, 1 day days New. Haven, with rum, sugar, and ino lasses', to the captain. Sloop B. D. Jones, Cahoone, 3 days from Newport, with rum, to Burrill li Cahoone, and Thos. Rich. BOSTON, July 58. m'tvd at qvtrmli Brie Ann, Rosseau, 33 days from Gibraltar. spoke, 2d inst. lat 44 18 Ion 45, br. Hope, Snow, of this port, 16 d. from Baltimore f. Plymouth, ioio, isi 4s vu ion a i up nnpuum, oi ilartfoM An mm trnm Ratmnnfth (nr I .iuVfvinl . 3, 1 . - W - .. . VI m IL, Ut 43 46 Ion 64 1 - 2, ship Rolla, 42 dnys from Am. sterdam for Baltimore ; same day, set). Union days from Beverly tor Guadaloupe j J2J, tt 42 41 Ion 67 sch Dolphin of l ly mouth, tuan from this port for Trieste. Brig Belvidere, Avsai, ez days from Princea Islands coast of Africa. ' ' The famous Cleoptra's Barge, formerly he. longing to Capt. George Crowniusbicld, deceased, vikc knocked off yeerday at 15,400 dollars, to his brother, Capt.v Richaid Crowninshitli Her extra furniture, rallied at about 7 or 6000 dollars, was first taken out. , Half of the privateer ship America was aln old undtr (he hammer at the same time for 4000 dollars, belonging to the same concern. CHAllLES'iON, July5 Arrived, brig Ar - (huso, Holmes, i York. 34 davs hiu tlie Gulpb btieani four times dunog her passage and has expniinced a successioa of southerly wirds. . SchrEudora, Vincent Havana. 6 dnts. Left. bria Catharine. Wellsnian. lor this nort in 6 da v.! schrs Ino, Concklin, jest arrired from this port ; Rover, Sinclair, fro a this put in distress, housd to New Orleans : Mary Anik Bonaell. ot this port pist arrived in 44 days from Cadis. Oo tbe 2td inn. mi .i, ju, in tne ijurpn oueam, spoae senr cmiiy, e uays irom Uic itiaaaoi vuta oouud to Philadelphia. The schrs Milo, from New Tork, and Ellis, from Baltimore, both bound to s'avannah, ween poken t'n Uape Kotnaiu on 1 burtday last. THEATRE. LAST CONCERT BUT ONE. tiT Tlie public is respectfully informed, lhat in consequence of the numerous applications for for tlie enncertt, they will Le continued oo Friday and Mooduy evi mogs next. eooooieoooo - 05 SRIDAI EVEMINO, IVLt SI, 1318. Will be presented, A CONCERT. Leader of (he Band, Mr. GiUingban Grand Piano, Mr. John Siaachi Taylor, (from the King's I heaue, Lonaoa.1 . V PART I. . Overture. Song, Mr. Philippe, Iho late is warm asshiV' nranass. Bravura, Mrs. Hoiman, Deep in my bresst," Csrri Song, Mr. Incledon, " Will Watch," Davy f Ilis last sppearunce oei one nnKntyi Soog, Mrs. Burke, " Whilst with village maids1' Shield Irish Melody, Mr. Fbilipps, " Love's louog DrMm.'' Ballad, Mrs. Hoiman, Retsesabraace," H. f . Son - Mr. laclealon, " The Last Whistle," Shkl4 New Scotch Duet, Mr, Philipps Mrs. Bwke, M. S. - mupps PART II. Sinfonie, . , , Hunting Song, Mrs. Burke, away ye dull slay - eards," Duet, Mr. Philipps, and Mrs. Hoiman, I sws "v Song, Mr. lajior, - ssnen tne rove - oeti oi Duet, Mr. Incledon and Mrs. Burke," Lnvs is Jacksia u Echo Song," Mrs. Holmaa, echoed by heiself, uwy Song, Mr. Philipps, " Tempfe oi "D;1" Bravura, Mrs. Bnrke, Joyous Days," torses Ballad, Mr. Inciedoo, TIk Storm," Steveas Doors open at 7, and the conceit comments precisely at 8. ttUOADWAY C I R C U S, oooooOoooeo THIS EVEJiliVG, JULY 31. . The pcriormance will commence wilh 0 Sports ofthe Ring. . Master Coly, tbe celebrated American here, will distinguish himself wilh many brilliant feats of horsemanship. . Officer and Kecruit, by messrs. uuiieue. aa, on two horses. ... . , . Mrs. WUIiama will display her estonhlung euuilibriems on the slack wire. - i ne elegant apanisu noriw ijhrhj wm, leaoin: over boards and bars of a prodiptoss heij;hlh, coacludw by leaping oyer ot eorse, with master M'Carn as nis rioer. Master M'Cam, tbe wonder oi the age, Will, on one horse, perform many wonuenui s youth, only nine years old, leap over 1 garters, and conclude by rid to; on bit head, bis torse si full speed. , '" , Mons. Canssin will go through many tarprt - sing feats with a stick, but recently wUeuecea into this country... chicle Rope, py mr. oiaj - De. , - . Mr. Campion, ia the character of clewn, win perform many feats of mirth and builbonerj. Mrs. Williams will, among other extrsoruiiia - ry feaU, go through the six divisions ol the "ro sword. Mr. Ballen wiU oo one horse perioral surprising feats, leap over 4 garters snni hands ao feet tied, and conclude by leapl 0T" four illuminated galleys. . Roman Pyramids, by 6ve persons oa two nor Still Vaulling by the company Clo Mr - Csanpbell. . ,a Tickets may be had at tbe circus, m iv o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 ro !h ,. A place is provided for people of colosT. Doors will be open at 7 o'clock, and P" formanre commence precisely at 8. .mJrt - No smoaking allowed. Checks not rlrt able. Gentlemen are requested not toesssr rine;. ' ' ' - . XSU I IVt . ,v.f . . . hMjCS Uiat A u 'l.T.V JZiH sxcept A. JaV WIU UVV iiciiiss - j - ssritlsrll those contracted by myself, without a rw order is first produced, signed with"! v" nd - L'IA Jy30 lw 84 Cha'lisat CAU HON. LL persons are hereby forbid tresbi ft. ward Ward, on my account, asbe n my service by bU request, soul the coo guardiau. J 31 2t a nf ahout 1700 bbls barm" for a voyage to Tweriffa. - Apply i.E RUf, P I " , halt JtrLuAr. f BUSHELS Llsboa Salt ready V UUUdischarging.forsaleby ' STEPHEN HATHAWAT.jr - - Jy3l KaFront - st.uprtai' - ei tf

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