The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 2, 1936 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY 2 1936 HOGS AND CATTLE SHOW BIG LOSS SATURDAY MARTS NOMINAL AFFAIRS Prices About Steady With : Only Few Sales Made of Swine. ! CHICAGO, (#J--Hog snd cattle values were forced sharply lower this week when receipts bulged to the best volume of the year while lambs advaacfi steeply and then reacted as the supply of wooled offerings dwindled. The markets Saturday were nominally steady, only a few hog sales being made. In the case of steers, values slumped to the. lowest point since Jate in 1934, while hog prices were off to the lowest level in more than a month. Receipts of both hogs and cattle were sharply above last week and a year ago but the sheep run was only about 38,000 compared with 62,000 last year. On a nominal basis Saturday's hog market was about steady although only 200 fresh hogs of the 4,500 consignment were offered for the open trade. During the week hogs xveighing- below 250 pounds 3ost 25 to 50 cents and heavier kinds and sows were 35 to 60 cents off, the general market declining to a level about 40 cents below a month ago but still about $1 above a year ago. Pork prices were weak, declining in some cases a cent a pound wholesale yesterday. Medium weight and weighty steers, the latter comprising the bulk of the crop, lost 25 to 40 cents during the week although some light kinds and practically all yearlings ruled fully steady. The average cost of steers and yearlings for the week was around $8.25, lowest since late in 1934 when supplies were heavy because of the "liquidation" of stock during the drought. The extreme top was $10. A year ago a 5 year steer peak of $16.25 was established. Fat Iambs were up around $1 early in the week to a 512-85 top for wooled kinds, highest in six years, but reacted closing with the general market around 25 cents higher than a week ago.-The closing top on wooled offerings was $12.10 and on those without fleece it was $9.90 Compared with a 7-year peak of 11 at mid-week. Mason City Livestock MASON CITl"-- For Saturday - HOGS "-steady to 5 cents lower. Good light. lights ...... 140-160 $ 3,65- $.95 Good lights .......... 160-18U' $ 9.10- 9.70 Good light butchers . . 1B-J-200 S .6S- 9.95 Good light butchers .... 200-220 S 9,65- 9.95 Gflod med. wt. butchers 220-250 S 9.60- 9.90 Qjood mwl. wt. butchers 230-270 S 9.10- 0,70 ^cod med. \vL butchers 270-290 S 9.30- 9.60 Good heavy butchers .. 290-325 S 9.10- 9,40 Good heavy butchers . . 325-350 S 9.00- 9.30 Good heavy butchers .... 350-400 S 8.70- 9.00 Good packing sows . . . 275-350 S S.55- 8.85 Good heavy sows .... 350-425 S 8.35- 8.65 Good hib hy. sows ..... 425-550 S 8.15- S.45 Good biy hy, sows 550 and up S 7.95- 8.25 - (The above is a 10:30 trucli hos market tor good and choice hO£S. The difference in price is for short and lorig haul hogs.) CATTLK. Steers, good to choice ..,.., 9 ?.30- 8.50 Steers, medium to good ...... S 6.00- 7.50 Steers, fair to medium ...... S 4.50- 6.00 Heifers, good to choice ...... f 5.50- 8.50 HeJfers, medium to good ..-- . 5 4.75- i.50 Heifers, common to medium ., S 4.00- 4.75 Cows, good to chO'.ca _..-.. -- * £ 4.25- 5.00 COWE, fair to g°od «. ..... ... S 3.75- 4.25 Clyws, cutters ................. -S 3.25- 3.75 Cuws. canners ...«..»«..».... 3-00- 3.25 gulls, heavy -- ..... ............ S 4-50- 5.25 Bulls. ;JSC£ ......... ..,,.,-.. 5 4.00- 4 5 0 CJaives, med. to good 130-190 S 3.50- 6,50 Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 4.50- 5.50 Calves, infer, to com, 130-190 $ 4.50 down $10.00-10.50 S 8.00- S.OO $ 6.25- 7.25 5 6.25 down S 7.UU-.9.00 $ 5.00- 7.00 5 4.00- 5.00 5 4-00 flown S 2.T5- 4.00 S 1.50- 2.M I 1.00- 2.50 * B-OD- 7.00 $ *-00- 7-00 taniha, good to choice . 70-90 Lambs, medium to good ---- tambs, fair to medium ........ Common to fair ..... ............. yearlmss, 6"°d » choice 70-90 Yearlings, med. to good 70-90 Yearllnes, fair to medium .... Culls ....... ....... .......... ** .Native ewe*, gaod to choice ... Cull ewes ................ -·-. Fucks ....................... Wethers, 2 years old -. ..... ... U'ethene, poor to best ........ . Buck iambs SI less. No dork on Iambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuation*. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Saturdaj- JlftrkeO -CHICAGO, UV- IT. S. department of agri culture --"CATTLE 500; calves 100; compared Friday last week; Medium weight and weighty steers 25-40c jower; bulk light steers and practically all grades yearlings fully steady; but bulk or- crop comprised weighty offerings; hence, general market unevenly lower, average cost steers and yearlings for week around SS.25, new ]ow on crop; extreme top $10; best yearlings §9.90; not many weighty steers above §9,50, all grades yearlings and light steers selling as high or slightly higher than com-; parable -heavies; largely $7-75@9 market, -with lower grades high in contrast with middle or better grades; receipts larger locally; largely steer run; stockers and feeders steady to 25c iower; fed heifers in liberal supply, steady to weak, best $9, best lie n t offerings SS.60; beef cows 10-15c lower; cutter cows steady; bulls weak to lOc lower; vealers 25- 50c higher; late top sausage bulls $6.40; selected vealcrs to S9.50. --SHEEP 2,000; for week ending Friday S,500 directs; compared Friday last week: General market around 25c higher, dull at close; fat lambs went up sharply eary in week but lozt most of the advance; week's top wooled lambs S12.S5, highest since earJy .1930, clippers 511; closing top wooled lambs $12.10; hulk Sll- 75 ©12; choice 103 Ib. clippers £9.30 at close but above $10 still quotable for strictly finished handy weights; best wooled yearlings earlier in week Sll: top wooled ewes 56.50, shorn offerings $5.75. HOGS 4,500, including 4,300 direct; market nominally steady; few sales good and choice 260 to 300 Ibs. (9.85@10: top $10.60 nominal; shippers took none; estimated holdover 1,000; compared w i t h a week ago, weights be'ow 250 Ibs. 25-50c lower, heavier weights and sows 33-60c lower. No representative sales. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. {Saturday Market) OMAHA, t.P--U. S. department of agriculture-- CATTLE 200; calve.? 25; steers weak to 2Sc lower; heifers steady; cows 25c higher; cutters 23-5Qc up; bulls strong vealers steady; steers nBd yearlings $7.25 Jr 9.35; heifers $6.25yS.3o; cows S5@ 7.25 cutters 54 " For COMPLETE Markets and Financial Ne\vs THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Helled upon hy businessmen -· and investors everywhere. Send for ftcc snmplo copy. 44 Broad St. New Vorlt Hog Markets noes Hog prices ai midwest markets Saturday: CKIMK ItAl'JDS--HOKS unchanged. WATEHLOO--HOKS 5c lower. Good to choice 310 to 150 Ibs. SS.658.90; 100 to 160 Ibs. $8.90 (ft 9.20; 160 to 380 Ibs. 59.4051-9,70; 180 to 250 Ibs. $9.65fa9.95; 250 to 270 Ibs, $9.45(tefi.75; 270 t o 290 Ibs. ja.30i5i9.60; 290 to 325 Ibs. $9.15cii'9.4ri; 320 to 350 Ibs. $91' 9.30; packing sows 275 to 330 lltf. ?8.50?« 8.SO; .150 to 425 Ibs. $S.30@tt.60; 425 to 550 Ib*. $8.15(1 8.45. 0TTt'M\VA--HORS unchanRcd. A tj'STIN--Hog market at eady: pood to choice 1SO-220 Ibs. S9.6, r i(!79.95; 220-250 ?bs. S9.609.90; 200-290 Ibs. J9.3r.5i 9-65; 29(1- 3!iO Ibs. 59.0,'i l ii'9.35; packing sows good 275- i50 Ibs. 58.20^8.85. COMBINE!) HOG XKOHI'TS DBS WOINKS, til'i--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hon receipts at 2i) concentration yard- and nine packing plants located in interior 3o\va and southern Minnesota for the 21 hour period ended at 8 a. m., Saturday were 14,300 compared with 19.500 a week aso and 35,900 a year RRO. Fairly active, mostly steady, spots 5 cents lower than Friday's average; fading ap- ptitra considerably lighter than last weekend. Quotations follow: Light llchts 140-160 Ibs. jjood and choice 58.85fpfl.60; light ghts 160-180 lb«. pood and choice S9.4@ 10; 180-200 Ibs. pood and choice S9.75f[D 10.25; medium weights 200-220 Ibs. i;ood and choice $9.75^10.25; 220-250 Ibs. pood and choice $9.60(^10.25; heavy weights 250290 iba. good and choice $9.35^10; 290-350 Iba. Rood and choice $9.05(^9.70; pigs 100140 IbB. Kood'and choice none; packinR sows 275-350 Ibs. Rood S8.r)5(S'9.05; 350-425 Ibs, d $8.40(58.90; 425-550 Ibs. good $8.15 (8.70, The above quotations are based on bulk transactions. Long haul shipments showing excessive weight shrinkage aad hogjt excessively lilled usually sell respectively some' what above and below prices quoted. HOKS bought on the basis or shipping point weights are also excluded from quotations. 5; bulls S3.505?5.S5; vealera JS-30; few $9i 9.50. SHEEP 1.200; Iambs and yearling* steady; sheep 25-50c hiphL-r; lambs $10.50® 11.50, closing top Sll.50. HOGS 700; steady: top $10; 230 to 300 Ibs. $9.25$u9.90; 190 to 250 Ibs. S9.25(-i 9.75; sows $8.80(38-90. siorx CITV LIVESTOCK. (Saturday Slnrket) SIOUX CITY, JP!--U. S. department of agriculture-- CATTLK 100; market lor the weak: Beet steers and yearlincs steady to 25c lower; fat she stock steady to 25c higher; utockers and feeders strong; choice medium weight beeves $9.50; IOHR yearlings $9; bulk J7(y 8-25; load lots choice yearling heifers up to $7.85; c lots good and choice 775 to 950 In. feeders 57.fiOfffl7.75; few choice light weight* SS. HOGS 200; peneraJ/y steady with Friday's averase; top siO.10; 170 to 230 ID- butchers SIO^IO.10; 230 to 270 Ib. $9.60!$ 10; lew 270 to 310 Ib. weights $9.25®9.60; gdd lots sows $8-75rti,8.90. SHKEP 300; Saturday's trade steady; choice wooled lambs quoted to .$11.50; market for the week: Lambs steady: fat ewes np to Me higher; clips show advance: week's top wooled lambs early S12.25; highest since June, 1930; late bulk $11.25fiJll.50: week's high fed clips $10.30; late sales $9,00 (£9.60: no spring lambs ollered; bulk wooled ewes $56.25; shorn e wes $4.7,1 @ J 5.25; load iS Ib. shearing Iambs $11.50. SOUTH .ST. I'AIX I-IVKSTOCK. (Saturday .Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, LT)--U. S. department if agriculture-CATTLE 500; compared with Friday of ast week yearling and light steers tully iteady; heavier weights weak to 25c lower; she stock mostly steady; foots stronger; stocker and feeder steers weak to 25c lower: julk fed steers and yearlings around $6.50^ '.50; sood kinds mostly $7.755? S.25. few good to choice S8.50SiS.75; better grade fed ers S7(SiS; common to good cows $4.75!$ 6: lew $6.23; low cutters and cutters .$3.75® .50 mainly; good and choice stocker or feed- r slccra $6.50Si:7.75; most all lower grades 5(TyS.25; calves 200; vsa.lcrs largely steady 'or week, few higher; desirable kinds $7@8: choice handy weights SS.50; very few S9. HOGS 600; moderately active, unevenly ·steady to lOc lower; mostly sleadv; better 140 to 220 Ibs. $10@10.15; few lots 140 to 170 Ibs, $10.25; 220 to 250 Ibs. S9-75®10; odd lots 250 to 300 Ibs. $9.40@9.75; heavier vrelfthts down to $9; sows SS.650)5.80; few S8.90; pigs scarce; average coat Friday S9.71; 237 Its. SHEKP 500; compared with Friday o£ last week, slaughter lambs 25-50c higher; slaughter ewes little changed; weak in spots; ·ooled lambs S12; shorn Iambs S10.65; Friday's bulk: Medium to good wooled lambs $10^-11; good to choice clippers $9.5Q®9-75; medium to choice wooled lambs $4.50@3.75. KANSAS CITV I-TVESTOCK. S»turdny Market) KANSAS CITY, l.P--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 500; receipts mostly direct; market lominally steady; compared with week ago: 40-50c lower; heavies off most. CATTLE 500; calves 200; for the week: Beef steers weak to 25c lower; full decline on better grade; light yearlings and she stock strong to 2Sc higher; spots 50c higher on _.jws; vealers steady: stocker and feeder classes in reduced supply; strong to 25c higher; -week's tops choice 1.145 Ib. New Mexico steers $9.35; heavy steers $9.15; choice long fed medium weights on the close $9: yearling- heifers 58.25: practical top vealers S9: Light stockers 58.25. SHEEP 3,000; on through billing: for the week's fed lambs 50-75c higher; spring iambs 25-40c higher; sheep 25-50c up; week's top native spring lambs $12.40; Arizonas $12.35; top wool lambs 512.35; late top native spring ambs 511.60; Arizonas and Callfornias $11 (3)11.35; wool lambs $11,75; clipped lambs mostly $10@10.15; shorn Arizona ewes $6@ 6.16. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. f.T)--Unofficial estimated receipts of livestock lor Monday: HORS, Ifi.- 000; cattle. 15,000; sheep, 11,000; hogs for all next week, 67,000. Miscellaneous POTATO MAftKKT. (Saturday Market) CHICAGO, oft--U, S. department of sericulture-- Potatoes 79. on track 229: tolal U. S. shipments 612; old stock, supplies light, demand Ight, about steady; sack sales carlot out- veight and invoice weight sacked per cwt.: daho Russet Eurbanks U. S. No. I. $25? 2.25; Colorado McClurcs U. S. No. 1, $1.9£?f 2.25; Wisconsin RouDd \Vhitcg U. S. No. 1, $1.60; Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, f i n e qual- ty $1.90; Minnesota Red river section Cobblers partly graded $1.10; Early Chios partly craded si.45; Early Chios unclassified 51.15: North Dakota Red river section Early Ohio U. S. No. 1. $1-60; Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. ., $1.75; new stock, trade sales carlots out- vcight per cwt.: Alabama 100 Ib. sack Bliss Triumphs 1J. S. No. 1. $2.9531.3; U. S. No. 2, 1.73@1,SO; Louisiana 100 Ib. sacks Bliss Triumphs better than fair quality small size 2.75*12.80; Texas 50 Ib. sacks Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. S3.20 per cwt. GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Saturdny Market) NEW YORK, LPt--U. S. government bond? ,losed: Treasury 4 Vis 47-52 117.24. Treasury 4s 44-54 3.12.22. Treasury 3?»s 40-43 June lO$.)3, Treasury 3%s 43-17 10S.3. Treasury 3 Vis 46-19 105.20. Treasury 3s 51-55 104.11. MINNEAPOLIS FLOCK (Saturday Market* MINNEAPOLIS. (.IV-Flour in n e n l n . Carload lots family patents Se.SO^'S. a i r r l in 9S 111. rotten sacks, F h i p r r e n t s 10; purr h r a n 516 IS inntlard middlings 5l"i/17.50. WHEAT AND CORN LOWER AT CLOSE Notable Weakness of Canada Wheat Quotations Pull Chicago Down. CHICAGO, UP)--Notable weakness of Canadian wheat quotations, with all future deliveries at Winnipeg breaking the season's bottom record, pulled buying support Saturday from under the market here. Forecasts, too, were that domestic winter crop territory would receive considerable moisture next week. Furthermore, rains over the spring wheat states were expected to result in rapid germination. Wheat closed unstable, Vs to % cent under Friday's finish. May 97%@97% cents, July 86@S6%; corn '.i to % cent down, May 62%; oats unchanged to a /g cent off, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 15 cents. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. (Sntunlny .Market) CHICAGO, l.v--Cash -wheat No. 3 mixed 95?-5C; corn No, 3 mixed 63c; No. 5 mixed 58c; No. 1 yellow 6riSt'65!ic; No. 2 yellow 64?rfr65c; No. 3 yellow 6^!i^fi3^c; No. 4 yellow tlO{fG2^c: No, 5 yellow SSfiiSg'.^c: No. 3 white R B v i c ; sample prade l2Si55c; oats No. 3 white 25H:' r «'-l J .:!C; No. 4 white 23 ^2-me: sample · grade 20 ] ,ft^22c; no rye; soybeans No. 3 yellow 82(iiS3c; sample yellow "O^SETfie; barley feed MliiMSc. m a l t i n p 53tf?93c; t i m o t h y seed $2.70^2.85 cwt.; clover seed SXl.TSrti'l^.SS cwt. Mason City Grain '.MASON Cirr--For Saturday No. 3 yellow corn 47i No. -i yellow corn 45c Ear com 40c White oats. No. 3 19^0 Feeding barley .25-4Uc No. 2 yellow soybeans ,,..-*...56c SATURDAY' GRAIN CI.OSK. CHICAGO, WHEAT-- Hich I.ow May 97--; .97 July Sfili .S.- 7 i Sept S4*a .8.V'i CORN-Kay S3!i .Bl! July 61 U .ei Sept 59''1 .58 OATS-May 2:,'-» .2.1 July 26 U .2.', Sept 26?s .26 EYE-May ......... .iiO-'s .SO July , .riO'i .rtd Sept oo;i .M BARLEV-M a y July LARD-May 10.90 10.S7 July 10.R7 JH.SS Sept 10.90 10.S5 Oct. 10.77 10.72 BELLIES-May July I.T Close .82% ,fiO",, .59% ,. r )0' .r.O 1 ,' .SO'.j Mo XS5 13.75 MIN.VEAI'OLIS GRAI.V. (Saturday .Market) MINNEAPOLIS, .1V-- Wheat S3 car.", xe lower: No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. Sl.t3'/,ei.27!l; No. 1 dark northern 59 IDS. Sl.llV, frl.26',1 ; 5S Ibs, ,$1.09yi@1.25 Vi; fancy No. 1 hard Montana I t per cent protein SI. 13".i in. IS;;: to arrive S1.12U!?' ni; srade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 97',irftS1.03!i; to arrive SeUcrti Sl.02'4; No. 1 hard amber durum 92c®SI.OS: No. 1 rad durum 77c; May Sl-00'..i : July 95^'sC: September sfiVic. Corn No. 3 yellow fiS 1 -'- TcSSVjC. Oats No. 3 white 23',i(il26c. OMAHA GRAIN. (Saturday Market) OUXBA. .Tl-- Wheat No. 1 hard 96c: No. 2 hard 9, r u:; No, 3 hard 90VjS93Vic: No. 4 hard 90c. Corn No. 1 yellow 62^c: No. 2 yellow 60 fa61'.ic; No. 3 yellow S7c: No. 4 yellow 56^ic; sample white 50c: No. 3 mixed 56 : ,3C. Oats No. 3 white 2-t'^c. KANSAS CHI' GKA1X. (Saturday Market) KANSAS CITY, u-Wheat 71 cars; ',;.- l^c lower; No. 2 dark hard nominally 97c'ffi Sl-07'.i; No. 3 nominally Snc^Sl-OS 1 ^: No. 2 hard gsfl^Svic: No. 3. gi^SSSe: No. 2 red 99'£99',£c; No. 3. gG^jC. Corn 66 carp, i.l-lc lower; No. 2 white 69~ic: No. 3. 70c; No. 2 yellow 63=jC; No. 3. 60"iP?63Uc: No. 2 mixed nominally Gl-uli 62'ic; No. 3 nominally 59',', ig61'5c. Oats 12 cars, unchanged (o lie lower; No. 2 white nominally 26|4@27 J ^c: No. 3 nominally 25Vi Hides and Wool Quotations Famished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. \VOOL Clean bright 26c Rejects and western · 22c Pulled wool aad No, 2 rejects ........ t .2Sc HORSEH1DCS HorsehWes -- ?3.00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Ibs -- TM6c 25 to 45 Ibs ». «... 5c More than 60 Ibs. ..,,. Ac Bull hides _ 3c · *Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wool*- sala dealers tn wholesale lots.) WOOL MAKKET. (Saturday Market) BOSTON. t.T'i--U. S. department of agri- cultureTM The quoted prices on domestic wools in the Boston market during the past "'ceJv were mostly steady or only slifihtty lower than during the previous week. The volume of trading was not s u f f i c i e n t to indicate a fully established market. Sentiment as to the outlook tor the market was raised. Strictly combjns Ohio flesce. were quoted mostly at 32-35 cents in the crease for line, at 31-35 cents tor \~ blood, and at 35-3" cents for »i and U blood crarles. A little btjpinw? was transacted in the last two grades at prices on the low side of the range. N1-;\V YORK Sl'GAR. (Saturday Market) N'lTtt' YORK. 077--Raw sugar uncJjanped. Futures advanced 1 to 2 points. Refined unchanged. Mr., Mrs. Mickey Leave to Attend Rites at Waukon Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. Mickey, 1316 East State street, left Friday evening for Waukon, where they were called by the death of Mr. Mickey's brother, Herman E. Johnson, who died in a hospital at La Crosse. Wis.. Thursday night. Mr, Johnson has been active in the American Legion. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at Waukon. Stock List A'tHV YORK STOCKS. (Saturday Finn I tu»tutlon0 Air Reduct 60 Loew.i Al Chem Dye JMtf Maytac Am Can 125i MeKcs? A Rob Am Sm Ref T2K Mid Cont Pel Am Susar MHi Mont Ward A T T iftlfc Morrell Am Tou B 89 U Murray Corp Am Wat whs '20% Nash Anaconda 33',g Nat Bisc Atqhison 70 Nat Cash Reg Auburn 3-1 Nai Dairy A vial Corp .V.i Nat, Dist B A O Ifi'l Nat Pow Lt Barnsdall !*"« N Y Ccnl Bendlx Aviat 27'A Nor Pat Beth Sll 49Vi Oliver Farm Borden Zlfi'/i J c Penney Bore Warn 70 Pcnn R R Can Dry 11'^ Phillips Pet Can PHC H 74 R C A Case 148 Rep St] C N W 3 Key Tob B C G U" !·% Scars Roc C M S P P l-\ Shell Union C R I P tvi So c Vac Chrysler j»Ji Sou Pac Col G P: I" 1 * Stand BVancis Cont Solv 17S S 0 Calif Comwlth Sou 2-% S o Ind Cons Edison 2S|-» S 0 N J Cons Oil 12 Stew Warn Con! Can 74 Stone Web Cont oil De! 31 s ; Studebakcr Corn Prod "3 1 .* Swift Co Curt Wright *',! Tex Corp Deere pf 29% Tex Gulf Sul Dti Pont 1,17*1 Tlrnk Roll B Gen Klcc 3(5 Un carb Gen Foods 3S Un Pac Gen Mot GJ'i Unit Air Gillette 16 Unit Corp Good * car 21 U U n i t Drup 111 C*nt 19f.- II S Gypsum Tnt Harv RO'/i \J S Rubber Jnt Nick Can -lii's U S steel I T . T TJ?» Warner Plct Johns Manv 97 West El . M Kcnnocott 35-H Woolworth Kresse 21U Wrijrley Llb 0 F I P - i 16 K *· m^i 38 ~;i 155 17 Vi 33 "i 23 li 28% 9;it 33 »; 37 y; .10 14 T2 % 29% 12 ll)'i IS'i 37?; 35 16 Vi 11 123% 21*1 11% S.I 28 «i 36 U 9 ft 101"-; rmcAfio STOCKS. (Saturday Final tiudtatltiiis) Cities Service *»'* Nat Standard .... Dexter 3-1 ',1 Northwest Bane .... Heilmann Brew ia*ji Qunkcr Oats .... Katz .Dru;: .... Rai h Pack KelORe Switch Swift . Co 21'i, Llbby McNfil 7\ S w i f t Inil 2fl'-i Midwest U l i l .... U l i l i l y Ind Nat Leather .... Z f n i l h 16-/i Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTBBKS AND CO. Mason City Office In Ba^ley- Becb Bldg. Telephone No.'7 mm JONKS AVERAGES Ind*. Rail* nils. Close 16MO 43.39 2S.96 Total Sales -100.000 rmcAfio STOCKS Butler Bros. 8% Keys St Wire , . . . Cord Corp r, Marshall Fields !,"· Kalamazoo Siov 5b" Walgreen Co 30"s M:\V YORK CURB Am Gas Elec 3-1 ~* Ford Mo of Knp ,,.,, Am Cj-anamid E 3:J : ;s Hccla M i n i n p .... Am Su Pow Co 2 Hud B if S .... Ark Natl Gas A G',i Humble Oil Co .... Asoc G K\ A l r :k LOckhoed 7",s Can Ind Alk 8 NiaK Hud P»w ..., Can Marconi l-'n S O Ky Co .... Kisler Elec Un Gas Co 7»i HI Bd Shares 37-; Un Li Pow Co D'/g Ford ilo of Can 22 T^ \laaka Juneau ·vlleghcny A.m For Pow Am C Fy Co Am Po»" T^f Am Roll'g Mills Am P«L S Co Mner Tob Co Armour Co Dry Goods All Pet Eel Hemingway Best Co Baldwin Loco B'riggs Mf£ Co Budd Mfg Co Byers A M Co Caterpillar Tra.c Cerro de Pasco Ches Ohio Chi Gt \V pfd C M S P pfd Coca Cola Co Com Credit Cont Motor -r of Wheat ^udahy Packing Durt-Wri Co A Dist Corp Seag Doufilas Airc Eastman Eaton Mfjr Co Elec Auto Lite Elec Pow Li Krie R R Co Fire'nc Ti Ru First Na Stores Footer- Wheeler Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans Glidden Co Gobel Gold Dust Graham Paise Gt Nor Pfd Houston Oil Hudson Motor Hupp Motors IntI Carriers Indust Kayon Kelvinator Co VORK STOCKS I." Lambert Co 2"-N Luhigh Port ce B^s Liquid Carb Co n\k Lorilard 9"'s Alack Trucfc ·~ iluihicson Alk '9^s McK Rob pfd 39 Vi JIcLellan Stores 'I 7 * M«x Sedb'd Oil 13% iiion. oline 1m W M K T Mo Pac .... Motor Products S'i No Anjer 45 Va NO Arner Avi 1't't Olis Steel Co 16v.t Owen 111 Glans Packard Motor Park Utah COP SS Penjck Ford * Piiisbury Flour 3"'s Plymouth .... Proc Gam Pub Ser of, N J 2!-i Pullman Pure Oil Co 3SU Purity Bakery 14 7 s R K O 19-Vc. F.eading Co. 53'..!i p em Rand .. ·. Reo Motors - . - . St Joseph Lead 33 Simmon.'; Co 137s So Calif Kdison 11'A Sperry Corp 28 St G E TelautORraph Tide Wa As Oil U S inn Aich U S Smelter Util P Li A Vanadium Union Oil Calif Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Western Myld Western Union Worth*n Pump Yellow Truck Youngs S T Lamson Brothers Market Letter MARKET LETTJSR Vheat--Further moisture in sections of the southwest and weakness in most world markets cave wheat a soft tone here Satin day. although net declines were not of importance. The best precipitation over night occurred in Oklahoma relieving dry sections o f , that state, but the weekly forecast indicated considerable precipitation is likely over both 'I'e winter and sprinp wheat beits. with temperatures TXpeeled tn hold around normal for the period. Winnipeg eased to new lows on the crop under heavy deliveries and the failure of export business o[ consequence in appear on the decline. We believe the effect of morsture in the Fouth- wcst has faded ;is a chief market influence nnd i's effect has been discounted. It will, however, be rather d i f f i c u l t tn cain support for the buying sirfp unless their is an improved export demand or some other bullish development. Orn--Corn rules slightly easier Saturday, demand bcinp indifferent, while local traders anil cash interests were moderate sell- -rp. Most of the local scllinc was in aym- athy with the, action of wheat. The under- one in May hold? firm, the small amount jf deliverable contract grades beinj; n factor in the situation, INVESTMENT TRfSTS By The Associated Tress. Bid and asXcd Saturday; Corp Tr Sh 2.53 Corp Tr Sh AA Mod 3.o.-» Corp Tr Sh Accum Scr .... 2.45 Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod .... 3.05 Dividend Sh 1.;-J 1.67 iTarylund Fund 17.85 10.30 Nationwide Sec ,"!.I*6 ·(.% Nationwide Sec Vtc 1.K3 1.78 Nor Tr Sh 2.37 Nor Amcr Tr Sh UT)S .... 3.11 Quarterly Inc Sh 1.17 l.'1 Selected Am Ph Inc 1.H 1.3$ Super Corp Am Tr A 3,3-1 r P n i, r A i7,r.7* jr.*?* C F F,l TJ A- r P 2-*'t -.' l ( u s EI L r vtc i."i i.os STOCK MARKET LACKS SUPPORT Lower Drift in Evidence on New York Exchange After Irregular Start. NEW YORK, (JPI -- The stock market lacked support Saturday and a lower drift was in evidence after an irregular start. Losses at one time ranged from 1 to 3 points or so, with American Telephone leadin; the downward side. Iii the final half hour prices stiffened and the close was only moderately heavy. Dullness ruled throughout, with transfers approximating 400,000 shares for the short session. It was one of the smallest trading volumes since November, 1934. The ticker tape was frequently motionless. Several of the mining issues, including Dome, U. S. Smelting, McIntyre and Alaska Juneau, were in demand, and scattered specialties held their own. The major telephone stock was down more than 2 points at one time to around its low of the year. It came back, along with the others, in the final lap, and virtually cancelled its decline. Among backward shares were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler. General . Motors, Consolidated Edison, Westinghouse, Allied Chemical, Case, Anaconda. Standard Oil of New Jersey, Douglas Aircraft, New York Central, Santa Fe and Pennsylvania. Despite the arrangement of further gold shipments from Paris, the French franc was fairly steady in terms of the dollar. Bonds were irregular, with U. S. governments easier. Wheat futures were a bit heavy. Traders, generally, were disinclined to get too far out on a limb in view of the cloudy European situation, the French runoff elections tomorrow, and the likelihood that the supreme court on Monday may hand down the long awaited Guffey coal act decision before taking its summer recess. Curb Market NEW YORK, i.Ti--Curb issues shifted Irregularly Saturday w f i h f u r i h e r rallying tendencies evident in scattered leaders and specialties. Fractional improvement featured stocks like American Cyanamid B, International Petroleum, and Lake Shore Mines. Pan American Airways was traded at about a point advance in the second hour. Aluminum company or America, a heavy loser on the week, dropped around a point. Electric Bond arid Share, United Gap and Niagara. Hudson Power wore easy. Royal Typewriter fl.nrf North American Match . ; ost sgme ground under small dealing.". Bond Market NEW YORK, f.Vl--Excepting U- S. governments, which continue to droop, the bond market -showed a mixed trend Saturday. Treasury loans registered further losses ranging trom 2-32nds to 7-32nds of a point during early trading. The 3s ot 1951, showed resistance and managed to hold a small sain. Treasury 3',is or 1943 sustained the widest loss. The guaranteed obligations were down X-32nd to 5-32nds. Corporate issues making small gains Included Postal Telegraph 5s, New York Centra] 5s, Missouri Pacific 5s. "F," and Canadian Pacific Debentures. Sellers accepted fractionally lower prices for Allcgbany corporation 5s, American Rolling Mill 4',is. Santa Fe 4s, Baltimore and Ohio 4Vjs- Illinois Central i'-js, and Northern Pacific 4s. The principal movements in the foreign sector included a recovery oE several points in Polish government 7s. losses of fractions to around a point in German obligations find gains of like extent in svrae or the Italian municipals. Produce LEGAL NOTICE MASON CITY--For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, currept receipts .I6c Heavy ttens, 4 Ibs. and over ...15c Under 4 Ibs 13c j Cocks 9c merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade - .17-lSc" Eggs, fresh 16-17c* Butter, Iowa State Brand 34c Butter, Corn Country 33c Butter, Kenyou's . . . , . . . . , -33c Butter, Very Best 34c Butter, Erookfield 33c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PROIH-TC. (Saturday Market) CHICAGO. .r,r-- Butter 11.034 tubs, unsettled, unchanged. Kggs 35.177 case.*, steady, unchanged. Poultry, live, no cars in. none due. 3 Iruc.ks steady at decline; hens 5 Ibs. ami less 20',i,'C: more than 5 Ibs. ISM-c: No. 2 hens I7c; Leghorn hen? I9c; Is'o. 2 Lephjrn hens loc; springs. Plymouth Kock 27c; White Rock 26c: colored 23c: fryers. Plymouth Rock 2Jc; \vhite Rock 211:: colored 2! C ; br-jil- erp. Plymouth Rock 25c; White Rock 2 J c ; colored 2-Jc: barebacks 2Q£ 22c: Leghorn 22c: roosters l-l';c; hen turkeys 22c; younp toms 20c; old toms 20c: No. 2 turkey? 4'i Ibs. up. l?c: small white riucks He: small colored ducks l3c; KCCSC 12c; plucked and swan geese lOc. NEW YORK FKunUCK. (Saturday Market) NEW YORK. i.l r --Eggs 39,689, f i r m ; mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts 23$i2.i*;iC; standards and commercial standards 22^^22=^; firsts 21ric; mediums. 40 Ibs. aoy-ZO^c; dirties No. 1, 42 Ibs.. SOftSOVric; average checks 19U® 19Vic: storage packed firsts 22@22'/iC. Butter 7.676. about steady; creamery, firsts (89-91 scores) 27^27'^c; centralized 90 score) 27(3'27ic; other prices unchanged. Cheese 99.777. quiet; prices unchanged. Live poultry nominal. All freight prices unquoted. Drcpsed poultry steady to f i r m ; all fresh and frozen prices unchanged. PRODUCK FUTfRKS. (Saturday .Market) f H I C! A O O. iJ*--Butter f u t u r e s clo^d: SlTTVse ^standard.", November 2~c. Kps f t i t n r e f s , FtM-nzc park"d f i r « ' , = . May 21 ' t c ; r e f r i g e r a t o r s t a n d a r d s , Ociobrr 20c. NOT1CK OF INCORrOKATlON of SOUTH FEDERAL BUILDING COMl'ANY OF MASON CITV \Vt, whose names are hereunto xubscrlb- ed, have associated ourselves loselher n..i a body corporate under the provisions of Chapter* 3S* and 3S3-C1. Title 19, of the 1935 Code of Iowa, and acts amendut'M thereof, and supplemental thereto, and to that end we have adopted articles of Incorporation, whicn amoDK other things, provide; ·1. The name of this corporation shall be SOUTH FEDERAL BUILDING COMPANY OF MASON CITY. The principal place of business of this corporation shall be In the city of Mason City, County of C«rro Gordo, State of Iowa. 2. The general nature or the business to be transacted by this corporation, and the objects and purpascs for which, and for of any of which, this corporation Is formed, are as follows: (1) To acquire ir purchase. lease, exchange or otherwise, Iniidd, buildings, nnd heredlt«meiitii or any kind, tenure, nr description, or nny Interest or estate therein. (2) To manage. Improve, nnd otherwise handle lands. buiMlncs. and other property, rral or perMinnt, betnnj;Inj; tn the curpnratlun or In which the rorpimitinn stlJill hnve »n estate or Interest of any kind: and In pnrtivu- )nr, ti prepare building silts. In construct, reconstruct, alter, irpalr. Improve, decorate, tarnish nnd maintain store buildings, offices, flats, factories, warehouses, nhopn, and to dn an.r and all Urines Jn connection with the Improvement, management, nnd cure of any and all nuch lands, buildings, and IierRflltaments which nny natural person might do. (3) Tn lease, rent, and manage nny and all land, buildings, and other property, real or personal. In which the said corporation has nn estate or Interest of any kind whatsoever, and to collect any and all rents, profits nnrl Incomes therefrom. M) To enter Into, malte, perform, and r«rry out. contract* and ncrcemwits of nvr.ry sort and Ulnd nut prohibited by "law, with ntiy pcrcui, part- ncrship, firm, association or corporation : and to tnukc, draw, accept, endorse, execute nnd deliver promissory notes, bonds, debentures, and n»y other negotiable or transferable instruments. (5) To Issue bonds, debentures or other ohli cat Ions of the corporation, nnd to contract Indebtedness without limit as to amount for any nnd all ot 1he object* mid purposes of the corporation, and lo secure the. same hy morUaze or mort^Res, de«l or deeds of trust, or (iy pfcctee nr Hen mi any or nil the property, real or personal, of the corporation. (6) To enter Into agreements nnd cooperative relations, not in contravention of law. with any persons, firms, piirlncrslii|)i, associations or curiHir- ntions, whenever the Board of Directors of this corporation are of the opinion that to so do would alt) or expedite any or nil of the objects nnd purposes of this corporation, (7) To conduct the business hertln contemplated, or any part thereof, both within and without the State of Iot:i, and In nny of the Mulct; «r Trrrl- rtr/es of the United States ot America. (8) To purchase or otherwise acquire »" nuch terms and in hiich manner as the Board f Directors of this corporation shall at any time decide, :iny shares In this corporation's capital stock; nnd to hold, own. sell, pled a*: or otherwise use or dispose of ;«ny nnd all such shares. 3. The total authorized capital of this corporation Is 300 shares without nominal par value, which may be Issued from time to time lor such consideration as may be fixed by resolutions passed bj' seventy-five per cent of the stock then issued and outstanding voting in favor thereof, and when so issued, shall be deemed ;Uly paid and non-assossablc. ·1. This corporation shall commence business on April 1, 1936 and shall continue lor a period or twenty years thereafter unless sooner dissolved by the stockholders as pro* vldcd In the Articles of Incorporation, or by law. Seventy-five per cent of all of Ihc stock then issued and outstanding, voting in favor thereof, may at any regular meeting of the stockholders, or at a special meeting or the stockholders called £or that purpose, authorize the dissolution o! the corporation and the liquidation and settlement of its .Hairs. 5. The business and affairs -j[ this corporation shall be conducted by a board of lot Jess than two nor more than live dircc- :ors and till otherwise iiscd by the stockholders, the board shall consist ot two rcembers. The Board of Directors shall have general charge of all tie business and affairs or tha corporation and all of the powers of the corporation are vested in its Board of Directors, except as provided by law or by the Articles of incorporation, or by the By-Laws of the corporation, and subject to any acts restricting such powers which may be taken from time to time by the stockholders of the corporation, seventy- five per cent ot the stock then issued and outstanding voting m favor thereof, either at an annual meeting or at a special meeting duly called thereior. An affirmative vote of a majority of the number of directors then allowed by these articles, or as changed by resohition duly passed by the stockholders, shall be necessary at all times to bind the corporation and ths stockholders thereof. The directors of this corporation shall hold their offices for a one-year term, or until thoir successors have been duly clccied and qualified. The officers oC this corporation shall be Presidsnt, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and such other officers as the By-Laws may from time to time provide tor the convenient transaction of the business ol this corporation but no one person shall at any time hold more than two offices in the corporation; The officers of this corporation snail hold office for one year or cnUl their successors are duly elected and qualified. Any vacancy in any office provided for in this Article may be filled by the remaining, members of the Board of Directors until the successor ot the person thus chosen to fill the vacancy is duly elected and has qualified. The Board of Directors of this corporation shall be elected by the stockholders of the corporation at the annual -meeting of the stockholders, which shall be held at 3.00 o'clock P. M. on the first Tuesday after the first Monday to iTarch of each year at the general office of the corporation in the City of- Mason City, Iowa, or at a special meeting of the stockholders duly called lor such purpose. Each share of stock then issued and outstanding shall be entitled to ons vote for each director to be elected; and such votes shall be cumna- tive so that the total number of votes for each share of stock outstanding may be distributed as the holder of that share shall desire. The officers of the corporation ^hall b« chosen by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting of the Directors, which shall be held immediately after each annual meeting of the stockholders. Until the next stockholders inciting. Louis \Votf of Mason City, Jowa. and Nate Lapiner of Mason City. Iowa, shall constitute the Board of Directors; and until the next meeting of the Board uf Directors. Louis Wolf shall be the President of the corporation, and Niite Lapincr shall be the Secretary and the Treasurer of the corporation. Each director shall be a stocKholder, and if any director ceases to be a stockholder, he shall forihwith hy virtue of that fact, cease to be a director. liath officer shall be a director. 6. The private properly of the sUiCktinld- ei's o* the corporation shall be forever free and exempt from any and all corporate debts and liabilities, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we, the undersigned, all of the incorporators of the SQUTH FEDEKAL BUILDING COMPANY OF MASON CITY, have hereunto set our hands on this 30th day or 3£arch, A. D. 1936. (SIGNED) LOUIS WOLF . NATE LAP1NER By C. Frederick Beck, their attorney. NOTICE OF THK APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX. STATE OF JOWA, Cerro Gordo County, SP. No. 47.'. * NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duty appointed and qualified as Executrix of the estate of Daniet Me- T^iushlin. Deceased, late of Cerro Gcirrto County, AH persons indebted to said estate are requestfvi lo m a k r i m m f d i . i i c p a y m e n t ; ;\n'i t h w h a v i n g r h i m i e n g a i n s t the sam* will prr£cnt them, duly a u t h e n t i c a t e d , to the Large Crowd at Fifth Merit Badge Exposition Armory Buzzing With''' Activity as Boys Stage Displays. A large Crowd spectators attended of interested the fifth annual merit badge exposition of the Boy Scouts at the armory Friday evening and were greeted by a hum of activity when the doors opened to the public at 7:30 o'clock. One of the outstanding features of the show this year is the lack of "spectacular" badges and booths but in general the work being done in the different booths is far above that of previous years. To best describe the show is to take a mental tour of the many booths that are on the floor and as one enters the exposition floor they are greeted on the right by troop 12 Mason City demonstrating the subject of public health sponsored by Huxtable Drug company. These scouts are well versed in matters of public health and can give out a wealth of information. The next booth finds the Girl Scouts of Mason City demonstrating the subject of laundress sponsored by the Peoples Gas and Electric company. This is one of the most popular booths in the show and the girls are doing a fine job in demonstrating their subject. Then comes the headquarter booth in which there is a number of small exhibits of badges and literature and a large scrap book showing the work of the local council. Malte Model Planes. Troop 21, Mason City, is the next booth with an excellent exhibit and demonstration of aviation sponsored by the Pioneer Flyers. A small landing field attracts a lot of attention as does the small work place where the boys are making model planes. Troop 57, Hampton, has the work in metal craft sponsored by the Hampton Rotary club. A Paul Revere lantern is the center of attraction on the back wall and a small work bench where the scouts are doing their fine work also attracts considerable comment. On the next corner is found troop 14, Mason City, demonstrating the badge in electricity sponsored by the Peoples Gas and Electric com-" pany. Signaling demonstrated by troop 60, Charles City, and sponsored by Klemish Battery service is a place of much interest with its signal keys, miniature signal towers and short wave radio. Troop 8. Mason City, is next with the subject of textiles sponsored by Gildner Brothers. These boys have a fine exhibit of cloth and know their threads. One of the outstanding attractions of the whole show is found in this booth with Mrs. Martin Wang operating an old fashioned spinning wheel and carding wool as well as spinning thread. Shows Mining:. West Lumber company is sponsoring the booth in mining being demonstrated by troop 3D, Mason City, and in the booth there is a cross section of a mine with its tipple and shaft machinery as well as the "levels" with their miners. Soil conservation sponsored by the Lundberg Coal ana Ice company of Forest City is being demonstrated by troop 18. Forest City, and these boys also know their soils and how to conserve and get the most out of it. Troop 21, Mason City, comes next with wood turning sponsored by Currie-Van Ness Hardware company and is a busy place with its lathe and other machinery. An array of athletic goods and a good demonstration in the subject is Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted hy A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Bid and asked Saturday: Cent St El 6 pet ptd (S2fi par) 12 11 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (525 par) 13 lii Cent St P L 7 pet pfd II 1 ,;; 13'.i Champlin Ret la 7 pet pfd ., 75 Creamery Package com :ir J .i. 2fi'.^ Hearst Cons A 23 23 1 /! Geo A HornicI A pfd .......... 9S 10.) Gco A Hormcl B pfd 9B HS Gco A Horroel com IS lS: Interstate Power 6 pet pffl .... 19 21 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 22 24 Jowa Electric CSo 6'/. pet pfil rr r7 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pCd .. 56 S» la Blec Lt Pow 6 pet pfd .. 66 6! la Elec Lt Pow 6 VI- pet pfd 67 69 la Elec Lt Pow 7 net pfd .. 69 71 la Power Light 6 pet pfd .. 97 99 la Power 4 Light 7 pet pfd .. 301 103 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd 91 93 la Public Sqrv B'/. pet pfd .. 92 94 la public Serv 7 pet pfd 96 95 fa South Util 6 pet ptd »2 M la South Uti: 6i pet pfd SB SS la South Util 7 pet pfd 60 (12 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd .. 7S so Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .. SR SS Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 7-1 7fi Northern St Power 7 pet pfd S2 SV N XV Bell Tel fiv; pet ptd .. US J2(l N" \V St Portland Cement 22 21 Rath packing 6 pet pfd 9S irifl Rath Paekins 7 pet pId 100 102 Sioux City Gas * El 7 pet pfd ffi fis United I.I t Rys 6 pet pfd .... 77 7 United Lt ft Rys 6.36 pet pfd 80 S2 United Lt Rys 7 pet pfd ... SC SS Western Grocer pfd Sn 86 Western Grocer com 7 SV undersiKned for allowance, and file in the o f f i c e of the Clerk of the District Court. ROSE MCLAUGHLIN. Executrix, DUNN AND WIEGMAN. Attorneys Dated April 23rd. 1936. S- H. MacPEAK, clerk -District Court By Margaret Rilcy. Deputy KOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR \VITH XVILL ANNEXED. STATE OP IOWA, Cerro Gordo county, ss. No. 4808 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified BE Administrator with will annexed of the estate of David McGreevy, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the oflioe of the Clerk of, the District Court. ·DAVID \V. McGHKEVY, A d m i n i s t r a t o r with will annexed. F. .1. M c G R E K V Y . Ark'.cy. Iowa. Attorney D a l r r l A m i 2 4 t h . 133fi. S. H. M a c P E A K . f l ' r h District C'MlH By Marsarct Kile.v, Deputy found in the next booth by troop 9, Mason City, and is sponsored by Decker Brothers Sporting Goods. Busy applying bandages and demonstrating artificial respiration are found scouts from troop 60, Charles City, with their badge first aid sponsored by the Floyd county chapter Red Cross. Another booth ia aviation by troop 17, Clear Lake, sponsored by the Stafford Post No. 222 American Legion, very attractive and the boys are busy all tie time answering questions and demonstrating their work. Troop 22, Nora Springs, has an attractive booth in safety sponsored by the Kraupa Service station. A miniature city with all of its traffic signs and other equipment attracts a considerable amount of attention. An excellent exhibit of stamps are found in the booth of that subject by troop 2, Mason City, and sponsored by Krivolavey Stamps. Shoxvs Sea Scouting. A sea scout "land ship" has been set up in the floor by ship 366, Charles City, sponsored by the Charles City Rotary club and the "gobs" of that unit are putting a good work in sea scouting. The bird study booth by troop 18, Forest City, and sponsored by the Larson Clothing company o£ that place has a large number of stuffed birds and bird nests and pictures from which the boys can explain a great deal about bird life. The next booth with troop 72, Charles City, demonstrating photograghy, is sponsored by Blumensteil studio. Troop 35, Mason City, with archery sponsored by Decker Brothers Sporting Goods and the Globe-Gazette, is a busy place where the scouts are making' bows and arrows. A tall signal tower and a miniature lake with its surrounding woods and small bridges has been made attractive by troop 8 and sponsored by the Mason City Hardware company. A small sailboat under full sail is found in the booth in which ship 301 Mason City is demonstrating seamanship under the sponsorship of the Mason City Junior Chamber of Commerce. A large collection of flowers that are mounted as lantern slides and some plants form the center of botany booth sponsored by Johnston's Flowers and being demonstrated by troop 13, Mason City. A small leanto is built in the next booth as a part of the camping booth by troop 8, Mason City, and sponsored by the Mason City Tent and Awning company and the boys attract much attention by the demonstrations of making fire by friction and by flint and steel. Demonstrate Firemanship. With the usual clamor and noise of a fire siren the scouts of troop 12, Mason City, are putting on a demonstration of firemanship under the sponsorship of the Mason City Fire and Casualty Underwriters. Troop 2, Mason City, has a very interesting booth in marksmanship sponsored by the Decker Brothers Sporting Goods. A booth in path- finding by troop 21 and sponsored by the Chicago Great Western railroad is the last of ths row and has a fine display of the location of churches, schools and troops in the city and is interesting and surprising. The exposition was to be repeated Saturday night with the doors opening at 7:30 o'clock. Admission is free to all. AT THE HOSPITALS Mrs. William A. Schmidt, Apartment 2, K. C. building:, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Friday for a major operation. Verna Nehls, 115 Seventh street southwest, -was admitted to the Park hospital Friday for a minor operation. Miss Marie Murry, 210 Third street northeast, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Friday for a major operation. Laura Bratz, 33 Twenty-first street southeast, was dismissed from the Park hospital Friday following a minor operation. Mrs. Roy Rowe, route 1. was admitted to the Mercy hospital Friday for a minor operation. Roger Uker, Nora Springs, was dismissed from the Park hospital Friday following treatment. A son weighing 6 pounds was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young, Rockford, at the Mercy hospital Friday. John Mentink, 1634 Pennsylvania avenue nortseast, was dismissed from the Park hospital Friday following treatment. Orval Foster, Britt, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital'Fri- day following a major operation. Mrs. Laura Dearmin, 615 Sixth street southeast, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Friday following a major operation. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hejlik, Garner, at the Park hospital Friday. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED TO COUPLES Marriage licenses have been issued to Arthur T. Anderson and Helen Bogard, both of Mason City; Everett Watson, 30, and Hilma Satre, 19, both of Austin, Minn.; Herbert Wagner, 21, and Irene Young, 24, both of Mason City; R. B. Adams. 22, and Izetta Bacon, 18, both of Clear Lake; Wilbur L. Cassiday, 27. and Evelyn R. Bork, 23, both of Cornell, Wis.; Clyde Peters, 25, New Hampton, and Don- afred Richards, 25, Mason City; Harry A. Jacobs. 42, and Veria Sliker, 33, both of St. Paul. "Pre-Primary Demonstration The Washington who was swept through a culvert by a- flood knows how -some of the 1936 political candidates will feel when the primary votes aie counted.--South Bend Trl- 1 bune. ( f f i

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