Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 29, 1945 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 14
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14 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MONDAY, JANUAKY 29, 1945 HITLER LEAVES NORWAY TO FATE Believe Agreement to: Withdraw Nazi Forces London, (U.R)--Adolf Hitler was believed Monday to have informed Vidkun Quisling, puppet premier of Norway, that Germany. must abandon Norway and its nazi rulers to their late--almost certain death. . An official German DNB agency dispatch from the fuehrer's headquarters said Hitler and Quisling had concluded a "cordial talk" in which "full aud sincere agreement was achieved concerning all problems of common interest to Germany and Norway." The "agreement," informed London circles asserted, was on the necessity for the withdrawal of German forces from Norway to bolster the faltering wehrmacht for a desperate attempt to stall the jhrushing red army and the impending allied offensive in the west. There also appeared little doubi · that; Quisling had expected bat news "when, he.received the summons to Hitler's headquarters, and had hoped only to retain enough German troops to prevent a spontaneous uprising or one incited b; allied parachutists in which his own life would be forfeit. At least some .German troops from Norway already have shown up on the western front, including the 6th SS mountain division, am even, more have been reported in action in the east. Apparently reliable reports als said'th'at Col. Gen. Lothar'Hendu lie, German commander in Nor way; had been called to the east ern front; leaving a Genera Blonme to supervise the evacua tion of Norway. H i t l e r presumably informe Quisling that he would be give help again only if the Germans b some miracle succeeded in hurlin ,the.Russians back across the naz ·border and succeeded in holdin .the allies in the westl. DNB glossed over the confer ence with a report that-Hitler ha reaffirmed Germany's Intention I "restore'full freedom and inde pendence to Norway after the vie torious end of the struggle fo .Europe's destiny." ;The importance of the talk was underlined by the fact tha they were attended by 'Germa . Foreign Minister Joachim von Rib bentrop; Hans Heinrich Lammerb chief of Hitler's chancellery; Mar tin Bormann, chief of the naz party chancellery, and Josef Ter boven, reichs commissioner fo Norway. (A Stockholm dispatch reporte to the OWI said a.German arm. ammunition dump at : Horten, de scribed as the "largest" in occu -pied Norway was blown up Sal urday with the· first reports men tioning over 200 dead. Horten lie 45 miles south of Oslo on the wes side of Oslo fjord-) - One hundred years ago, whe; the Mutual Benefit Life Insuranc Co. of Newark, N.' J., was founded it was customary to cancel a pbl icy if the holder joined the.arm or navy without the consent o the company: How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly be cause It goes right to the seat of th trouble to help loosen'and expe germ laden phlegm, and aid natur to soothe and heal raw, tender, in flamed .bronchial mucous mem branes. Tell your druggist to sell yo a botUe of Creomulslon with the un derstahding you must like the way quickly allays the cough or you ar to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchiti MARINES ON MARCH--U. marching from Camp Lejeune : S. marines bound for war fronts with full. battle packs; ,' N. Car., pass women marines-marching into camp. . Sentence Ibwan to 1.0 Years for Plack.'... Market Operations ( Paris, W--The'first officer to face the U. S.'general courtmartial trying 'railways battalion black market cases here went on trial Monday on charges of. wrongfully receiving looted army supplies and'money which he knew came from.selling such loot. The officer, Lt. John W. Springer, also was charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and with neglect of his duty as an officer in failing to prevent looting of supply, trains headed for the front lines and diversion of. their, supplies into the black market. . ' * Nine enlisted men were sentenced Sunday to terms of from 10 to 15 years for looting of cigarets and;other army supplies or black market sale. 4 One of the men was Pfc. John P. Masterson, 32, of Boone, who was sentenced to 10 years. Report James Byrnes Out of United States Washington. (U.R)--War Mobilization Director James F. Byrnes is out of the country, it may now be revealed. Security, however, prohibits any discussion of the nature of his-trip. Disclosure of his absence came shortly after London dispatches revealed that presidential aide Harry Hopkins was in the British capital last week and then went to Paris. The dispatches said Hopkins was acting as advance man for the big 3 conference, carrying messages for Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Gen. Charles De Gaulle and possibly Premier Josef Stalin. POSTWAR SAFETY Mansfield. Ohio, (U.R) -- John Steele, former Mansfield, Ohio, patrolman, now serving in France has sorne postwar plans of his own for policing his home city. Steele wrote that he was going to conver the cruisers into armored sections install two 30- and one 50-caliber machine guns, hand grenade racks a portable flame thrower and tow a 105-mm.' cannon for blasting ou road blocks and pillboxes "when we go through some of the tough spots." If sometimes you can't get Smith Bros. Cough Drops, don't be peeved at tis. We're trying to spread our .war-reduced output to give soothing relief to every rougher! Black or Menthol, still 5?. SMITH 1UK 'COUGH DROPS r HARK POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT VOTE FOR C. M. LEE 121 6th St.. N. E. --for-Councilman FIRST WARD Served on Council during 1917-18. Was in Grocery and Meat business 20 years where Xci- bererall South Federal Grocery is now located. Am now custodian of the First Christian Church. Am a member in good standing of the Odd Fellow Lod|?c. ied Cross VlanActsas Seneral Store By HAL BOXLE Will! American Paratroops in lelgium, Jan. 21 (Delayed) (IP)-Everybody 'recognized the big pectacled fellow in the front seat his jeep crawled through the now past a line of plodding para- roopers. "Hey, Dave, I am hunting for a oothbrush," one called. "Hi, yuh, Dave, Where's our doughnut girls?" "I need some chewin' tobacco.' And' at each greeting big Dave ·De Varona grinned and waved ·and the paratroop boys knew hat if anybody in the American ,rmy could get up that tpoth- irush, chewing tobacco --· and ioughnut eirls--Big Dave would. Dave, Red Cross field director or the 517th parachute- combal earn; is something of a battlefield nomaly. The army wouldn't take lira--so he has adopted as much f the army as he can. Back in 1938 he was a star ackle on the "Thunder Team" of he University of California Goldin Bears. But when he . tried' to inlist after Pearl Harbor the rmy, navy and marines all turnec iim down. He had a million-dol- ar build--and 10 cent' eyes Examining physicians took one ook at his thick-lensed glasses ,nd shook their, heads. But selling life insurance pallet or the Befool, 2 inch, 195 pounc ormer football star. Dave took, a ob' with the Red Cross and spen 1 months in the cold country up 4Iaska way. He made landings on both Atln and Kiska. After 6 months at home in San Diego, Caal., Dave was assignee o a parachute unit in Rome. Hi s the only Red Cross field direc tor ever to jump in combat. "I have made 8 jumps, altogeth er," he said. "When tttey got readj lor the jump into southern Franc "ast summer I tagged along too." Dave rates high with the mei Because he moves right up int battle with them. Keeping them supplied with toothbrushes, shav ing; needs and extra cigarets take up most of his time but isn't interesting as the -work he does helping them solve family prob lems and personal difficulties. "These kids are younger tha men in normal infantry units an ave different problems," he said They are like college kids with n extra dose of patriotism. The; !ave all the morale in the world "They worry chiefly over thei irls back home or some troubl n the family." Dave, .who is only _ 28, and a paratrooper at heart, \youldn' rafle his job with "the boys with he big .pockets" for any ottie ype of outfit in the world. "Nobody would fight the wa hey do just for that extra 5 bucks a month they get," he saic 'They are all volunteers -- tha makes a big difference]" Mames Ambassadors to Portugal, Iran; Minister to Afghanistan Washington, (ff). -- Presiden Roosevelt Monday named ambas sadors to Portugal and Iran and minister to Afghanistan. He sent to the senate nomina .ions of Herman' B. ftaruch o STevv York for the assignment j Portugal. Wallace Murray to 1 b ambassador to Iran and Ely 1 Palmer of Rhode Island to go 1 Afghanistan. Baruch, a brother of Bernar Baruch, · retired capitalist an presidential advisor, has serve with the foreign economic admin istration in Latin American coun tries. Murray no.w is director of th state department's office of nea eastern and African atfairs. He a native of Bardstown, Ky. Palm is American consul general a Sydney, Australia. HE'D BE MOBBED NOW Marfa Army Air Field, Tex., (U.R) --When S/Sgt. Leonard F. Most was lecturing for the Diipont corr. pany before the war, he didn't have much trouble holding the attention of his audience. He just held a paint can in one hand and a pair of nylon stockings in the other. That accomplished- 2 objects: It demonstrated the variety of Dupont products and it also held the attention of both men and women. OGAL DEBATERS DP TOURNEY Tie for 1 st Place in Luther College Series Mason City debaters tied with 'est · high of Waterloo for first ace in the Luther college debate ourney held Friday-at Decorah. ach school won '5 of its 6 de- ates, finishing with' 26 team oints each. Mason City's decisions were ver St. Patrick's of Waukon, af- rmative; John Marshall high chobl of Minneapolis, negative; outh St. Paul, negative; Concor- ia academy of Moorhead, Minn., egative; Waukon, affirmative, nd a tie with Concordia acad- my's affirmative. With 90 debaters participating, tichard Lloyd Jones - was 2nd ligh point man with ,4 o u t . of a possible 15 points. Elaine. Adel- mau and Arthur While were next ith 13 points 'each and Marion ohnsfon had 12 points. David Butler'was the Mason "City al- ernate. - - · Participating schools were South 3t. Paul, Eau Claire, Wis., Wau- ·co'n, Decorah, West High of Wa- erloo. New Ulm, Minn., St. Patick's of Waukon, Mankato, John Marshall high school of Minneapolis, Concordia academy of VIoorhead, Minn., and Mason City. The question was: "Resolved, hat the legal voting' age should be reduced to'18 years." . Mason City debaters went to iampton 'Monday afternoon and evening for a series of no-decision debates with the Hampton high school squad. Debaters making the trip were Robert Franklin Grady and David Sutler, affirmative, and Herbert Boothroyd and John Taylor, negative, debating the same question. 17 Elephants Have Farmers Oiling Guns By HERBERT LANGSON United Press Correspondent Port Elizabeth. South A f r i c a (U.PJ--Seventeen Addo elephants which are roaming Addo Nationa Park crashing through fences and destroying crops, to the consterna tion of local farmers, present a major headache to governmen authorities here. If the farmers had their way they would probably shoot th elephants are. all that are known to do unless-something is devisei' to curb the animals. But publi opinion is all for preserving them somehow, perhaps ,in a simila manner that the United States 'au thorities adopted to save the buf falo. For these '17 South Africa' elephoants are all that are know: to be left from the extensive herd that formerly ranged the country side when the first Europea stepped on to these shores. The Addo elephant differs from all others in that it is practically tuskless and generally is much larger than other species. For that reason it is of scientific interest to zoologists, and as such also a good tourist attraction. Addo park, the nabitat, consists of close thickets of low-growing t h o r n Mimosa brush and scrub. The nature of PATROLS ACTIVE IN ITALY AGAIN Volunteer Group Traps Nazi Garrison . Rome, (U.PJ -- Patrols continued active on the 5th and 8th army fronts despite 'severe weather conditions, headquarters said Monday. · ' ; . . . . . ..South of Bologna an American volunteer combat patrol, Iei$ by Lt. Kalph Decker of Junction City, Kans., closed in on a German strong point which had been Isolated by artillery fire, killed a number of the enemy and took 3 prisoners. The Americans, wading through deep snow, dodged machine gun bullets coming from a house to toss 30 hand grenades through the windows and killed or captured all the occupants. They destroyed a neighboring house from which small arms fire was coming by placing a demolition charge at the foundation. · The communique, for tbe 25th consecutive day, mentioned only patrol activity. , No" changes were reported on the 8th army front, ~-'... .' SHIPYARD GIANTS--Four mammoth cranes, working as a team, lift into place a huge section of a ship at'U.'S. Steel's federal shipyard at Kearn'y, N. J. · CEILING PRICES ON CATTLE Last Basic Food Under-Direct Control Washington, (/P)--Ceiling prices [or live cattle went into effect Monday, the last important'basic food commodity to be put under direct price control. The office of price administration said the effect will be "to give buyers and sellers--from caU tie feeders to retailers--rea'son- ablc assurance of fair margin between legal buying prices and legal selling prices so that they can do business profitably." , Heretofore price ceilings have applied only to meal, not t'o ; live cattle. ' - . ' The order establishes an "overriding ceiling" on live cattle and calves for each of 24 zones and 10 market centers. This ceiling--the top .figure above which no cattle of any grade can be sold--is $18 a hundredweight at Chicago until July 2, when.the ceiling will be lowered to 317.50. A similar 51-cent reduction also will go into effect at that time: at all other' market centers and zones. . The order exempts cattle or .calves sold for breeding or dairy purposes 'and those sold by members of recognized farm youth organizations, such as - 4-H clubs, at sales: approved by OPA. 'BATION" CARDS IN BRAILLE .Boston. (U.R)--Peter Campbell, a downtown tobacco dealer, is blind. '·--but he has his own method of preventing customers from buying more than one package.of cigarettes a day. Campbell has issued, his own ration cards, each bearing the customer's name--in Braille. HUSBAND WOUNDED Calniar--Mrs. Willard Lawerence received a telegram Sunday morning from the war department stating'that her husband, Pvt. Willard Lawerence, had been wounded in action in Belgium. She had not heard from him for the past 2 months. i When the nazis retreated from Belgium they, wrecked more than 200 bridges across the Albert canal to prevent allied use of this important waterway. Relieve Gall Colic TRY PKESCB1PT1ON NO. 6»--A Doctor's formula lo aid nature io the relief of liver and pall distress, intestinal indigestion, sick headaches and billiousness when due to sluggish condition of biJe producing liver cells. Try simple home treatment. Used for over 30 i'ears. Hundreds testify to its gratifying relief. Ask tot Prescription No. 69. Your druggist has or can get it for you. Insist No. 69 Give It a trial today! Adv On Fojjrlh .of July in 1826--the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence --two former* presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, died. And on the 55th anniversary, Fourth of July, 1831, former President James Monroe died. r this growth, upon which the elephants feed, makes it unnecessary for t h e m to use tusks to root around in the ground in search of food, with the result that t h e i r tusks have atrophied and are now no more than rudimentary ;rowth_s. Seeking a solution that will satisfy all sections of the public, in- the angry farmers, Sen. A. M. Conroy. minister for lands, has urged that a committee of experts be formed to determine the best methods of checking the forays, yet preserving the elephants. An early suggestion that a fence should be built around a section of Addo park, constructed from old railroad ties, has been discarded as impractical. The Eastern Province H e r a l d joined the campaign to protect thei elephants, on the ground that "the world becomes poorer for the disappearance of any known species of wild life." EVERY MINUTE HAPPY Sweetwater. Tex., OI.R)--Chief Commissary Steward Brooks, stationed with the navy overseas, had a lot to tell his wife in Sweet- wafer. He must have had a lot to tell her, because it took him 4 feet of paper to get down what he wanted fo say and it took her 3 hours and 10 minutes to read the tome. . · · Popular in close-in southwest Pacific jungle fighting is the 45- caliber army ordnance automatic pistol. Weighing little more than 2 pounds, the large diameter and relatively slow speed of its big 45 bullet permits much of its 400 foot-pounds of energy to be transmitted to the body resulting in terrific shock even when only an arm or leg is struck. The pistol has a self-loading magazine feed of 7 bullets. TIED UP BY ODT FREIGHT ORDER--Following an order from the office of defense transportation, the Association of American Railroads has ordered a 72-hoiir freight embargo on the shipment of everything except Avar supplies moving within the area east and south of the Great Lakes. These cars are held up at the Selkirk yards in Albany, N. Y., by the ruling. DENTIST PRACTICE UNITED PLATE WORK IB FIRST ST CEDAR RAPIDS SOUTH EAST IDES MOINES MflSON CITY SIOUX CITY Knitted Girdle 3.50 Styled and knitted for.hip control and smooth lines. Fashioned of cotton, rayon and SYNTHETIC RUBBER. 14-inch length, two pairs of hose supporters. Tea rose in small, medium, and large. --Corsets, First Floor YOUNKERS FEDERAL, AND FIRST STREET S. E. MASON CITY if! IK';:' I

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