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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1818
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. - - - t - ?!. - : r.i m ni ;;. Mir - I ivvt - M7 - TMTnv ; rNUMI3ER ,5032 NO.. 19 V ILLI A M - $T.K ET. . : . ; r'A8WINE8 and GROCERIES." Ho. t PARK (LATA) L1MM ABCTIOW ROOM ) f I ' 11 E uicrios hut constantly oo band 4 Ren X era) assortment of the following articles, .which ltjlNMd 01 moderate advance. Ten ol first quality , t ' Sugar do do (icuuioe old Cognac Brandy i Hollands Gin - Jamaica and other Spirit . Wine ol the various kind " ' a Pint Appla'Shrafi . . Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice , ballad Oil in bet tit and bottle . ' L. Browa Stout 'VV Bottled Ale and Cider , . Double Gloucester . Hollaqd and American Cheee ' Cordial Spice, Eence Sperm and Tallow Candle ' ' , Do. Oil (or Lamp Coffee. Bice, Barley and Muitard A few boxe Sicily Lemon, in fine order ',' Raisins, Almond, Prune, Fig " Basket Salt, Sic. ' rn,.i.h JAMES P. ANDOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second hand mirM ami DOTter t)MUe. J I rr slN I UCKY TOBACCO. 874 bhd 1 IV prime Kentucky Tobacco, landiugthuday from ship Grand Seizor, from New OrUfant, for 'tale')' tiM9, ij. uui;.i um J 13 ABRAHAM OGDEN. itf III I k LEAD. 11LUL VITRIOL. AL VV LUM.Ae Received per Chaunrey and Columbia, from BmtoJ, (tog ) and lor aie Dy LLt subscriber, on advantageous term, viz, 280 keg genuine ground white Lead in 231b. , - keg - 20 cask best dry White Lead U catki 5 to , cwt, each i . 30 do lUd Lead In cask from 1 to 3 cwt, each It ia Spauisb Browa from 3 to 4cwt.eacb 30 do Ivury Ularkl'rom 2 toScwf each : 12 do Rowan Vitriol front & to 8cwt each 25 do Venetian Red from 8 to 3cwt each 12 tierce A Hum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 bods. 5 tierce aod it bhis Uotton Stone , French G wo, Lamp Black, Purple Browa Cotcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Brick . Apply to A. CHURCH, J 15 IU4 Bowery. 1 Q . Itnt UUULIS, A - e. X J Botes muslin : 10 do. 4 - 1 k 7 8 Iiish linen 1 1 do. pink ginjham ' 1 do. ahawU 4 do, brown platillas 6 do Scotch osnaburgi 7 b.ilei imitation theeting ; 4 do. browa liuen 5 do. linen bed tick 1 do. S - 4 cotton checks 1 do. aarpcting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton tagging TwiBad tacking Seine twine For a)e by t CEORGE JOH.NSTO.V, . July 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. QJ . - JVti.lCCV. . 7cFkrgs8Nn. 1, branjtd "T. M. Deane ft Co." iiew landing from tb chr Brilliaut, from Richmond, and . iXSTUKK, M . flr) I . o a on. i Tobacco of Enden, Efre, C' n. 8 V do. 3 . I.Slbk rolU . . 1 - 4 lb. roll - :LadHa twirt' . - Caveodwi Jy 8l ' FUtchac, Molt, Miller, Cibb, Dvkj, Ron, put - tod, Labby, btar. Hughoa ft Cow Brady, Cautur fe i ehltao,id Williamson' bra (or tale bw. . CORNELIUS DU BOIS. 1 .. fA'A.VS, t t.Lt, iie. 7 AVERT haniuwm aortmeat of Selntla tiinen, coamting of Platillaf, Royalrt, Rraiagnea, Ettopillar, Dcwlai, Crai and Cho - letta 2 caie wlk velvet ' , 5000 mmVeU : 1 base fowling piece X cask Steuerark fcjlhes, double (word - , ' 150 kecf Dutch barring . r 4 Uae ajaoKrd lawar The abort ar tide entitled to debentura. 3 cecoooi indigo, 1 box toy and a few piece Dutch cloth For taU by - C. ZIMMERMAN, JulyJWla 77 Wahingtoo.t. S" !?ONABLK DitV GOODS, C 2 bale luperfine clothe 2 do.easaimew, ldt. line plain . 1 do, fancy toilinett w.iateoaungt 3 do. white flannel 1 do. ladie peliae cloth , - 2 do. tow priced plaiit 3 da. (uperftnecasimerehawl 2 trunks damask ahwla ' 5 boietram loom thirting .. - 6 do 64 fco - 8 cambric k 1 dn. figured aatins, ' Jtut received ir Pacific from t.irerpool, and or tate at No. 90 CotTse Home Srip, by LAIDI.AW, GIRAULT 4c CO. ' ' - it sroaau 3 ba!e Bomhazet - 3 bale Miperti.ia Black Cloth 1 tot Fruach Cambric 1 do Boot Top 40 bale Uphi.d Cotton tQ hhd. Kentucky Tobacco. J22I0 NEW IRISH UN EN GOODS, kc. tic. v. suiu i.m, are now receiving, per '.Li. the hip Jeptun and Iwig Bclvidera, from Dublin, 8EVC TV TllRErl Package this CiiQ' bleached Linen. 1'brTeontist of 7 - 8 fc 4 - 4 Irish Linen, variety of anorl'mcnta, s - 4 oo. neetini, , do. . 3 - 4 & 7 - 8 Demi Long Lawn, . n . "'. BirdVeye Dipera, A to 10 - 4 Diaper and dimruk Tabl Linens, Ettra antxr damask Table Cloth ft Napkins, ' 3 - 4 Browa Linru aud grey Lawn, Liaen Check aod - bU k Lini - n. Iriih Aail Cloths, Duck, and l)ro;hJa, kc. , aln, come' to haod p the Pacific, S Case elegant nt w pattern GinjhajBJ, , 2 do. d. - . furniture & baloon Itimilies, 4 wmbnc Muslim, part undressed, 3 upr Lond. Cloth and Cauimem. Th abovafor tale, by th package, oo reaiona - ble tennt nJ crvdii. , . .. 'K)A general anortoient of the above good iuc iuriiece ana rcuu taies, .o. oi Maiden - lao. - Ijt w . . ... , - itviu iism iiars, ksa ei'irr laic mpon - on, a assortment of German Linens, such a "atul.a, white and brown ritagne,Crea, - Powlas, Brown Check and Storting Linens fjp a Oinaburg and Ticklenburgs, Htsaiaot, BuHbd, Brvsn Rolls, J1.. Tapes, Sapeifija Broad Cloth JVMjkms, Silk Galloou and Pooad Ribbon tWdilkSiafa Pencil . - "KCIwpiat - a. ; 'JwidatatiaGlaaKi - . l - ead P. nrj Ald an aurtmeot of Cardwirei . . AlmocUaitd,' KlJ t0? 81 P'tr"org Hewp quality Holland Sa.rLlotb, and f oiatv be Pategras Cheeae. entitled to de - p 'tntare. . . fo'aleoa reasonaU w ' ' . . CEO.etTHEO. METEB, . 'IjIov - - 'lMWajBinttaBalrett. 1 LARKT. 40 doen very superiour Claret, roraaie at jib tne dozen, by . CEORGE JOHNdTOSf. ' je80tf No. I Sloat - lane ; ClUrWICALS, COLORS, Ac . Epsuoi Sails, io cak of Scwl. Lump Magoesi1!, in case . ; Do do tniall square Cnlcined do in phial ' Rocbelle Salt, Acid Tartar ' Citric Acid, BIik - Verdi ter in firkin ' Patent yellow, King Yellow r Regulus of Antimony . OUttS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowline Piece, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscoat cases, finely finished who apparatus compieu " Duelling Pistol, in case Gold Epaulette Naval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest Button Copiierplate for engraver Mathematical Instrument - Rolling Paralel Ruler Mariner compasses, telescopea Opera glasses, microscopes 3 aetts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je IH 3 Courtlandt - street. PV. LF.DYARD ti CO. 104 Pearl - street, . offer for sale, in addition to their former ex tensive assortment of Hardware, the following articles, reo - u ny me oianna, rroro Liverpool - Trace Chains Clout Nail Spades and Shovel Bras Kettk do Candlestick do Cock - do Nail & Hinge Gilt Coat Buttons, some of tup. quality, suitable for merchant tavlor Japanned Candletick Flemish Tack i 3 tf (i and 8 barr'd Curry iooidi , 6 barr'd Mane do lronWirr,Na.4to0 Meetyarri Fine Gun Trunk Lock Drawing Knives Binpley fatent carrier's knives warrant ed equal to Cox's genuine. CO r I U. e TOBACCU. U bale lpl.uid Cottrur, landing from ship Risiug Stute. from Savasinah 27 hbds Kentucky Tobacco wi!l be landed on Monday, from tne schr. nlary Ann, trom rvew Orleans, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, J 25 114Front - tr. - et. ry ruBf:CU. J hhIs Richmond tobacco, some of it of (he firt quality, aod suitable for the Iivli market For sule by Jy 24 ' , W. Si S. rR.IG. CO' TUjV H'UUl. K MACHl.Vt:V.lHDa. T 110S. Will i TEMORE baontantly on band at Ins nwniilaclnrv, ao. 60 rerrr - street, next to the corner of I'earl street, a larec and general assortment of cards of every descrip tion, vis : Cotloo Cards bf 7, 8, 9, 10 Wool do 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters' Raiting Cards Ail of superior quality, which he will fell on the !owet term. J 24 tin BAR IRO, c & tons Bar Iron 6 ton Sheet Iron . 30 dozen r rvins Fans Patent (haffand Drawing Knives Iron and steel Shovel . - " German ani cast steel mill, pit & band saws Coach .Spring bt. el. - - For sale by . ANDERSO.t h EHF.ARER, Jtt - At 131 VVnterttreet. iHhFrlHi.a k ItlliMlXQ HAM QUODS. GlaiKs nerity.assorUd. table Knives Riot it, I do. do. . do. Small Cutlery, a a. a J ,i S Table Knivea Forks, 4 da. do. do. ith,,,.. ' 1 do. do. do. Saws, . I do. do. do. Files, 1 do. do. do. F.r1ge' Tools, 1 do. do. do. B"itannia Tea - pot", A few casks Candlmtirks, Bu't Hinc, Wood Srrewj, Commode Kuob, aad I caw Buttons, Forrlet very low? by J NO. M'CRACKA.fp July 2 VZ l - 5JTearl - r. M. i DUO, float Lane, bus lor sale, VV received by latst arrivals from Europe, 4 - 4 Imitation India Book Muslin 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Plain Lenoei Rich tewed Inserting and Flounce Trimmings 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 black cotton damask Shawls Do blue and red do Do , Waterloo do Do light grounds, spade Cuing, with chinti honfcrs - 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 light Gingham 4 - 4 Drawing Mn - lia, for dresses 7 - 8 Linen bed Ticking 5 - 4 to 14 - 4 .Marseille Quittirg, assorted Chintt Bed lace, Scotch Loch Fine Herring JW7t IHISH LIAt.AS, OljiftUA, .HtfAH, kc. riliiOMAS SUFFER.", No. 6, Deueyster - Jt. JL ba jut rtreivoJ, r the Hrspirut, 42 Boxes, confuting of broad and narrow Diapers, Lawns, Sheetings, 4 - 4 fc 7 - 8 Linens, brown beetled Lawns, Ac. which, with his firmer stork, makes a complete assortment of every article of lnh Linen manulactura. All of which will be .old oo reasonable terms. julv C3 6t WILLIAM TELL. 1 UST published by JOSEPH W1LLSON, 14 J Maiden Lane, William Tell, a sung by Mr. rhilipps, ' Bay of Biscay O! Incledon, Bewilder'dmaid, And all Mr. Burke's. Mr. Incledon and Mr. rbilipp's ongs for tale, . wiih every article in the musical line. , . j ao i w COTTON, A.c Sp - i fctilet New Orleans Cotton, tandins from tin Marv Abn, from New Orleati. - . ' - Ston. 165 pipe 2d proof Hot I and Gin. - 19 do 1st do dn ' do 200 piece Holland Duck 200 bale HOrlean Cotton - for ale by . K. ti D. TALCOTT, J 27 64 South - treet. Hjil u MuLASaEo. 6U puncticoo fine Ha - kiiwI Hilm. and ill do COod l - if.ilu. Klnl.iui u ill riiiiiiiianri. Undine tlli af - twrnoon, from bog Francis, tnm Antigua, for 9HIC VJ w. ALAGA MAL.M&EV VV tNti. ilO quar - xSjL ter cask very superior quality, for sale in Quantities to suit purchasers. Also, IU qr. casks old Sherry Wine, for sr.le by J lb oWJIV l A.v A' ull.iivM. 7f. Jit If HhUIMA tLOUti. m halfharrvU flour, made from new wheat. received tier schr Jane Jl iria, and for sale - by ..... . a ' A.etr ri II t' D IVAIi31ltfUrtLl..iunan, . Jv 25 66 South - street. l CLASSES. 20 bhd. Moiasaes. landiag iVl from oop AdeJia, at Barling liS M aie by . J.OSBORX, J jj " .. 58 Soalh - trrt. RICHMOND IOBACCO. 3D hbds pnme qaaUtv, Uadiag from schr Brilliant, Block, master, ,.al. &QR k J00y, II ICE and COiO.X - iO casks carol ma It Kice, .. ' 158 bale New Orleao Cotton - . 41 do Carolba do For sale by JONES & MEGRANH, Jt - 81 'Soirlh ttreet. . - . . - FOR SALE, , i AY6u.N"G kUek - womin. For term, fcc applyta , Mr. JL AN HER SON, J"25 8 - No: X0 'SUte - atreet, TilROXVN, ton seal r)grayraudjewel - .ler, No. 1C6 Broadway.. Coat of arms, creO. crpben. WirraveJ ob stono. , . ' . - - . Diamonds, anielhvits. tnoeun.' rerilnla. A. . . g - . : r j 1 . bought or cut to an) form. Ladie seals eoerarad with motto, device or crests. . . , . - , ; :'. . . t ' Books of heraldry kept with op wards of 60,000 names. . A lanr assortment of fine srold seals, chain. and other jewellery. Jv!8 lm TO POCKE'P BOOK MjiKLR$. ' ' TWO men who understand their business, may have constant employ in the above Business, by appl ing at 18 Wall - street. July 15 HACKNEY COACH KS, t'OR Select f.irties, from FJixabeth Towa V Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boats at Trenton and Biitlol, and the Mineral Springs at Scbooley'a Mountairs. Notice sent to No. 53 White - Hall street, New otice sent to No. 53 White - Hall street, New k, or HALEY ti STILES, Elizabeth Town, nail, orby the Steam - Bat Atalants. will nmediattly attended to. 14 , York, by mai be im UENTJaTRY. . DOCTOR ZERAII J1AWLET inform the public that his office i at Nn. 91 Nassau street ; wbere he txtrattt feeA, chant and iff iVeM, and performs every operation in destittrj . The following certificate of . skill, bethink a sufficieut recoimnendation. WHOM IT Stat CONCERN. This certifies, that Dr. Zer.b I la wit T i a rrg ular bred physician, and in good standing will) hit brethren its this place t that he has imid pr' ticular stttntioh to the ait of iJentutrv. has ttu - djed the bet European workt oo the tunji ct, and has given very good satumcuon in tmi hrancn, to his customers, who are persons of the first r - Swctability.p this city. ' We therelore. with entire confidence rcon - mend Dr. Hawley, to the citizens of New - York at a Dentist. rXneatMuuiton,) Frofesrr of New Haven. 1 Nathan South, f the. Mtd. Jan. 22, 1018. JEI Ives, t lntitun'o'. (Jona. Kuiglit, ) Yale CoL J27 1w C"i 1 NEWbERV, Mi I curl - siiet - t, respect - J. fully informs the public and tliore laH:et and frillpmen who lately aplied for DHTT - MKR'S se PER. PATENT r IANO r OR I T.i. that he hft iust rerrived anevui!p'y ptr Ra dius, precisfly tbe same a the last, oid cf r them for ale on very accommodating terms. - Ai rianaFnrfetofthiseirellent maker have bnt lately been introduced info this country, fr want of a correspond!, nt, G. N. feels it incuia txnt toadd. that their tones fby thoe who are acquainted with tlieni) are allowed to be full aid expressive, ami nnvc nitiuno given universal latiffartioD. ' . MrElsel's Patent Metronome for sale. Also, London sclecUd collection and speci men ol Mineralogy, tec J 21 jjf Tbe line uew steam ves?el FUONTENAC; . of 700 tons burthen, Jame m ra iiiMininr ivuizie. ntemer. tiiii coiuui'.iH e runninij on tbe first day of May uex), aol vrlll leave Kiugton, for York anil Niagara, on the 1st, I Mb and list day of each month, and Niagua, for York aod Kingston, the 6th, 16(1 and 'Sitli day of ech month, during theteaso where every attention will be paid to the ease and comforTof tlie patiengere. t Appni aliens tor passage to be made to the ra p. tain on board. ' " ' t KinKtton, Orh April, 181ft. J7di. tOr FII1.ST OUAIsITT .SOAP 1IR. FRUMENTO ha received hov of IV I (lie best perfumfd Naples Shnviiii - Soap. which be warrants to be of tbe firt quality, and whit h he will sell any genlk man wishing to make (he trial of it, at No. 1 WalUtreet. , J zv im AMERICAN ATLAS. TlIE suhsrribers have just published, No. I.of the NEVV AMERICAN ATLAS, containing maps of the World, Eurore, and South A - inerica, in two sheets. Price to subscribers, 6 dollt. the nnrul er. The maps separate, 2 rioMs each sheet. The American Atlas will contain maps of the World I sheet, America I, K.irofw i, nsia i, Airica i, coum America s snei u, North America 4 (beets, and the UNITED - STATES 9 sheet : which will he drawn on a scale of fifteen Geographical miles to tlie inch, and arranged in the lollowiDg order: Maine, new Hampshire, vermoor, iwaseachusrtt, K. Island, and Conneclirnt, 1 sheet ; New York I ; Pennsylvania and New Jesrv. 1 : DvIawhiv. Maryland and irgiuia, I ; Ohio and Indiana, 1; Kentucky nnrt lenuessee, I s iNorth and south Carolina, 1 1 Georgia and Alabama, It Louisia na and Mississippi, 1 ; in all 21 sheets, im luuiog an engraved title page. ., Specimen of tbe State Map may be teen at No. 10 Librarv stret t. Person holdme tub - script ion papers far this work, are requeued to lorward tii - m wiinoul tiemy, at arrmigeaientt are now ranking for supplying distant tuUcri - bur with the 6rst nureix - r ol the Atlas. The proprietniol the American Allajdcirous of rtnderiic it a correct and aseful as possible, embrace this method of respectfully solRitirig tlie aid ol Uer.t.emm woo may be in possession ol any georaptical information not before published, by communicating the same to lis publishers ia'Phlladelpbia. TANNER. V.ALLANCE, KEARNY &CO. Engravers, No. 10 Libertv - street. Who have onftantlv on hand, an nfnsive varittvof MAPS. CHARTSii GEOG ILt PH1 - CAL WORKS,Dlt A WING BOOKS, SCHOOL It l, ac. - - ' , 1 he editors ot the New - ork Advocate. Co lombian, and Evening Post : Baltiinnrtf - Ftflrio and Federal Gazette ; Washington National to - telii'encer; fiicMnond Ixquircr ; Gale paper, tlaieign, ; u.izt - tre, Vhaneston, Horning Chronirie, Savannah ; Pittsburgh Mercury; Njrtliern tentiml, trie j western fres,' Mer cer: Lexington arette ; thillH othe seppor - ter; Vrmnt Wathingtonian i Albany Gasrette : Nashville Clarion t ai d Orleans Gatettr, will please insert the above thre timet, aod forward their accounts toT. V. At Co. J g8 3c f O Sif.E, .' aail .in unnivnicn cnoierv 10 sue nuiosuz 1 i of land in " Evant Patent' Detawae.tunty, Mate of New - York, vis Lot No. ill, containing 176 acre . lot N. 51, containing 13V Alsn, an undivided moiety in the e'asr half ef lot No. AO, eonuining l)4 acres, and hi jot No. 17, la the same psteut containing 10$ I teres. . . The above lots are well timbered with pioe, k. ka aad their continuity to Ibe irrsl branch c - flh Delawarr river render them worthy of tlie nitra tion of lumber merchant. They UI be sold reasonable for eesh or approved notes. - For for - tb'V psrtieulart apply W THOMAS 'A DDIS EMMET. F.tq. eountellor at law. No.. Vine s'reeL New York, f who b aolhorited to snake eon tracts tor tbe sate ot the above lots; or to in tueacriber, by whom an unquestionable, tuj iU be given. ' MARTHA BRADSTRF.KT, ; Hamtaemd street, Greeawieb, - New York. Jalv xAUulSIS. - . (rr Tht . Prstwietoi of th Pkfladelpbia Fieeniaa'a JoarueJ are nqvesisai. to publish the aSovc for two moo tht in thru team aad aeud thn'r bill to the aubauibrr. . s J2J tftaeZta M JEWELLERY, Vf ATCHEH, kc. . A CASE ol aundry Jeitetlery, fine Cutlery, (X bitter Muutiag ao't Plain Watcbct. Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Bote. ' t case Ladie Corset tsioted. Ff?ahby J LAMBERT. ' ' 4 3 Courtbind stieet. rj""t t - OH is ALE UH'JU'i,K.1Al, I tLJ Lotsiu the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: taanv of wilicb are oo regelated aod paved streets. No avsacy wMi De required under tea ytar,utold, imorMt excepted. ' I HOUSES. Several two and f hn e storv house, on which a great pari of the mnaey remain on mortgage. ijAlVLlill Ai JVt.U IIUUA. i An excellent stand for basiaess. with ten acras of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store r.aate and bara. Curl ON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of land, tod a never fiiltne stream, upon which JO mills may be vi i - v wiiu e suuicienry oi wnieriureacn. a pi iv at xvo. 2 Ureeuwicli street. mrrTajr FARM, containing 3"0 acres, on the binjks of the North Hiver, a nrile south from the ViSee ofllyJe Park, and ti"hty - tix frr.m New. fork. The land is euusl in quality to the bil .u Ditchers comity, and i in high dnr anj good $M.e. On the prcmuw is a good plaui farm houe, a good bani and other appendant nocei - aiy tocouductuie alarreianri.. Alio, a build iu spot commaudliaj au extensiva and beautiful fJt'a'w of the North River. Within half a mile .(the faiffl houia is an eminent Academy, and hrithin two udes an Episcopal and a r!byte rian Church, in each of which thti e is rej'ilr service physicians two landitiip, one of which the Steam - boat advertises as a l indii.r place, - lores, Ac. Ac. The whole will be sold tngetlr at divid' - d to suit pureh'iftrs. The terms of payment will be mado ry, and an indisputable title given by the subicriber. WILLIAM BARD. IlyJePark. JnlvCl tf I K.DK ANGELIS, for'mei lv praethioner ofj Vf leUieine in UieHIItitary Hospitals or Naples, and admitted a member of the McdicaJ So - ciety.of New York, Where he ha resided sitioe the yesr 1798, and his refutation and success in prsatioe is how established in the knoaleda of lie puimc nvacar tweniv ven - s exinyiene. con - llnoes to px aonsulted at kis office, No. S!tf2 Wa ter street, piris'e llraiie whrf. tn Rheumatic nd Venereal eases, Dr. D An - genV ha been wnndcrfully successful; and ibe most errible effeeis of those disorder have fi t - enently been eiirrd by him in a short soioe of time without iueonvent - nee to the pitteiit. Obi - uolinns, nleers in the throat and pslate, ililTfiess in the km it ts, pains In the limbs, eruptions of the skin, together with a numerous tram of e - vils anting from nrgleet or improperly treating of the snost insidious of maladies, have riven wuy to his mode of treatment in almost an incredible manner. His extraordinary tueeess is, in a great measvirit attributable to his well known Anti rheumatic and Auti syphilie Syrups, which whilst they eradicate every form ifiin ase, restore the emaciated patient to vigor and bealtn. IS. li. All letters trom the country (pott paid; will be attended to. and the neeestarv advice and medioine will be given and tent to any pan of the union, ' . , . .. , - . J $5 - . .' v..cuuvl.r.x's mout.i ai - Riao. . .: ur.A'ritvs. hiuisk. . rpHR tahscfiotr, sensible ot lie many obligo - L. liuntlie it under hr tlie ure&rence heielo - fore tfivra to his house, whilst Vpt by his son, would hereby return his sincere acknowledge - itrrlTiriT tuHreTf, aaH aliheaame time in form them, that he inleadi kt - f jdng the house the preacut seasoa himself, Had that they may rely upon every attention and accommodation, that tan make tlits healthful' and fashionable resort useful and pleasing ; his ton being under the necessity of being abseut tint seasou. he trusts will not be found an objection to bis est if lislimcnt, as no pain; expense, or exertion will be wanl - inxto render complete satisfaction. i coo im jusr.rrr t ti. tSJl - - Mil SALE, siaill A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres, two uiirdl under cultivation, the residue woodland, sttuate oo the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the stalen Island side and a short ride from the steara bo. - .t ferry landing. Iteive a very extensive view of the bar and en - viiontofNew - York, within the Narrows, and of Sannv Hook and the ocean For prospect it eqnailed by none. The title i unquestionable. i wo thirds ot tlie purchase money may remain secured npon the land. Apply to A. V.T). Fountain on the premises, or to W. A. SEELY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET, a convenieut new 2 storv house. adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre oi and. r or terms apply a above. soh 3 eodtf WRITING I SIX LESIONS. AIR DE SPRANG!! ha obtained Letters It L rafcut of the U. b. lor hi invention ot teaching tlie art of Writing in six b isons. He will enable any person, of whatever age, and notwithstanding any bad habits they mar have contracted, to write well and with rapidity, af ter having received these lesson. Persons of good capacity will be abta. bv a strict alien lion, to wilts well in four lessons, each lesion 01 one hour. The solid utility and merit of this system can be best in it particular results, in those tieautrui and various specimens it has produced, auu noicii can ne eiaiuuiea tiini. v. o icacn ing room, No. 48 Broad - street, irlr. D. 8. having iust returned from Washing ton, where be ha taught with great success, and where his method has been much approved bv the beads of government, will remain ony four or five week ia New - York, alter which time tie must return to Washington, to f ulfil an en gsgeinent made at the solicitation of a uuuiber of gent iPintn of that city. N. B. Mr. D. S. will sell a patent right, and learn nil system of teaching to those who wisl to purchase it. J2(lend4w BOARDING UOUiE - .Voon i - Vnuo - il. rT H E public are informed that board mny he jl ootaineu in that spacious and elegant man ion, the property of John F, Marli, Esq.' al Mount Plea - ant, by applying on (be premises, to jyneodw WILLI A vj ,VAG1IAVL GENERALLY considered ttqierior to any o tliert made in Great - Britain t those to lust - ij lanien 01 vvaiaron pernaioot excepted. vraert lor tne xdov article taken hy SAMUEL CORP. N. B. It it now time to itsue lor the ensuinr spring, considerable delay in the execution heing nnavoin:mie. jy zi eort Tw ADVERTISEMENT. . DROPOS.ALS will be received at the Navv 1 Agent office. New York, for one week from this date, to supply ft ouanlitv of Jerrcv Oak Pbtnk - arerage length 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 10 4 1 - a imca pun 01 hart must be out, and clear ufsap. Als. a number of Jersey Oak Logs, irons ois 11 bo leer long. 1 if in iu inchet square, aad a number of White Oak Koets, to side frost a I 2 to liinrhet, arm 4 I - la 5 feel long, todies 5 to 6 I 2 loog. .Th whole to be firat ina!i tv, and suhiect to tlie inspection at tk Navy Yard, and delivered them. - Tli proKieeJ are reqairod aM to exceed 5000 fett of Piank oot taore llr.aa 10 Log, nor nyeiv tlian StT Knee no cootrar twill be givra lata ny iadfridual 4oxxeed na of the ahov aanied qoaetitie t the' shorlM tiaic, aal exteedib 6 reeks most be mentioned, ofotiey t.t he y - .tA oooelivcrjv Any expiaaaliosi tkattaaybe rr - Iqeired, wUI be obtained St Uie Nut y Yard, whrre abiUwsU be gia each soUivMoal a mow aa coauacled, aad by which be i to Ur governed. JJUDiiCtf Lam rceulaiitig tlit Cueging end Jruptttvtg 1 iA Ottsw - Pasatal niarcb Jl S ft it macitd tl.t penfc if tkettole ol f'tflrk, reyrutnltd in ttnai ayf euemlty. 1 Bat Uie person awimmuteriog ,ta government of this tate, by aod With Uie advice uod cirfucqi of th council of appoinlmetu, shall fnot Uaie u time appoint oo person tor the city of New - X ot it, wbes powert - ehaU extend U, and include tbe villago of Brooklyn ; one peravu lor th city i Aiauayi ami on poison lor the city ot lio, who power shall extend to, and include Lu singbargb aad, Waterlord, to be gusger and tn - pector of fish ell. - And toil further enacted, That it shall ba the duty of each person appoiuted by virtue of this act, to provide himself with proper iiistiuments tor guagmg and mnpectiog oil, auu whenever cat led on to guage and iuspet t any parcel of fi - li od, wiioin to plac lor which lie was appoiotaA, it hrdl also be bis duty to inquire diligently - and seek out any parcels offish oil within his ditrict, and gua and inupert the same, and brandlegt my on iiifc.ptaa oi rath caak he may so gang and inspect, lb own nam and the dame of th place for which he was appointed ; al6 the wliole unmber of gallon the same shall guagt, and separately from each other the quantity of wa ter, the quautitr xj rediment, a well as the quantity ol pur oil he shall find tlierein, and diall Biitkc, subscribe and deliver to the owner ur holder clinch pared ot oil to gunged and in peel J, a crtincate, cxiubitHig ui scpatate co lumns ths) qaatiU'y Ueat h of the aforesaid vno meraled iagredieuU C;e whole parcel shall con tain ; for all of which gaagiog, uipoctiu, tr4nd - iug and certifying aiorewi I, he hall lecaiverVom the owner or holder of the oil so guaged and in spected, twenty cents for each cask, be Ibe same sma or large, the one half of which shall alway thereafter be chargeable U(Mi the purchaser ol tne same. A ml be H further tnattrd. That it shall be the duty of all permns owning or holding fub oil, to put the tame id a convenient portion for guaging and inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guager and intjicctcr. A nd be tt further tnacfrd, Tnat ahy person or person who thalt counterfeit, alter ' or change any of the tirnnds or marks aforesaid, on any cnk of oil so liraiidod or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any t ask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell or barter Any oil within the di - tntls or placet aforesaid, except tl.e tame shall have been guagerf, inspected and branded atrordiug to law, or who hall ship, expirt, or otherwise convey or raue to be convoyed any nil out of, or from the districts or place nforrsid, except the same shall have been gurtged, impeded and branded c - toi'ding t(i kiw, such penna orperaassooflond - ing, bail fori'sit and pay th sum of twenty - five Jollars for each cak, the bl and or marks ol whii h shall be to counterYeitcd, altered or chan ged, or which shall be so boucht, sold or barter - ted, or which shall be so shipped, 'cxportid or othrrwue conveyed contrary to IL true uitrut and meaning of this act : FrevHttd, nereWneess, that nothing herein contained shall ha construed to prevent any peron or persons from ouj mg or selline oil bv measures lc?all? seided. And lit it furthtr enact td; I but 11 thall be th duty of any perron, or person who shall us or otherwise empty tne contents ol aiiy cutlt of n?n oil. Immediately to efface the guager'a atid in ectur' mark or brand from th same, under the penalty of twenty - fiv dollar. ' ' And bttt further enacted. That any forfeiture ariiihg by virtue ol this act, may be sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs' of suit, ieraay cotsrt heVuvjf cwoiaanc cth rnv . .10 the sole use and csbool ol any person who fli.ill sue therefor, ' . NOTICE is hereby given, that tbesob - criber has been appointed by the honourable the'Coon - ril of Appointment, Guager and Inspector of all Fish Oils in the City of New - York and Brooklyn, and has oprmid his otfice at No. 37, Water - si. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Suudays excepted. ' JAMES MAURICE N. B. Dealers In Fi?h Oil are hereby aoti'uVd, j that any Infringement of tbe abort law will be prosecuted. . . - j Julv 2t) tm . i A farm on the Hudaoa, about a mile from Newhurgh, contailiinK lid u. 3J ot. which are Woodland, the rest i divuled by good feuce into a due proportion of sneadow, arable and pasture saaa. 1 ne nuuuings ate pariiy new , tlie bouse convenient for a (mail faintly : its situ atioo i equalM in beauty by lew on lie nvei - , the advantages, . from tlie vicinity pf Uloriib ing village, of public worship, society ant good market, with the facility ol commuasrattoii with new iorx.renoer 11 a uriiranie retiaence for a gentleman. 4000 dollar of the purchase monev roar remain on mortgage : the pavment of Ibe rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply on Uie premises, to J23tf . 1. VF.RPLANCK. MONT - ALT A For f ALEortu LET, and immediate possession given, tl heaatiful place called Moot - Alta, eeveo milt from the City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay's. It contain 20 acre of land under improvement, with alurge garden well stocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with every convenience for a family. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if sold a long credit given if wanted, ipply to N. & D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street. . Je 12 MK. LEES SELECT t - UUiOL KOU B0Y5, ' No. 8 Pamk - Plscx. THK course of instruction pursued in this institution embrace every, department of Literature and Sc.enee necessarv to a lo ral education, (the dead language excepted ) The public is assured that this School shall consist tf a number of pupil, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil will be admitted who Cannot read connrctclly and write lecriblv, and Who i not, acquainted with the first five rules of arithmetic. School hour from 1 - 2 past 6 till 8, and from 9 till 1 o'clock. 1 era 12 aWIL; per qr. J 23 2w ...... ... LOI S I ULEAsKA 1 I llh.MMili UlV Kk tllUAlE between Barclav and Murraw O streets, rand Kerd'street, Jay mid Harri'oo - atrect, an1 Nirto Moore ami - liewcb - itreeU, at a price very considerably leas than in terest on their value, aod at the expirauoo 01 the term th buildings to he fairly rallied and paid for, or a new lease granted. Also, to let by the y ar at a raw rate, several lots or yard on th? water, well calculated foi lumber, laler of psrris, i - c. Apply to PH. RH1NELANDER, 31 Park, near tl Theatre. Several of Uie above lots will be oU at a moderate prW e and on a liberal credit.' A mll portion of th money enly will be required.. June 1 1 If .. - IU fcUILOLh - i, Or those wbo may v.uli to erect three etegaM buiioiiiga or tactoriea. - - LOTS, 77 leet by CO, nOr 0 let, with t buildings tlicreoa, ia Oie i f Vaaey - iu tan be purchased irparate i ec dier. - ai. - iiv T ' - . "A eleeanl LbT, ,witi the Duildin - a thereon. ri oowery, oy raor of is, pat.,,nl osm - nriei tne wtioie o acCoanV - IMir: - r. (s Apply at 33 Chnaa Row, a - iar Bce4tniasi - M 'lis ad veil v thre ioall mutcacN tc d;ip 91 r TU - RY BOATS iron - tf.e fuot ol - VV afuut street, New Votk, to the, loot i.l Lit - - tlottrtet, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard,, will uortiaracc running uo - .bawlsy, tba nt.sV. ; FarsoM crossing t. Bruokfya froea tLei cpfter part of be city,' will fUidJtbe diataavt. tlioriewd by uunc this ferry. .. my 14 7 0 ( R.E. ... ' (Cr The BUtng Sun bail Boat, ffonparie!, and industry, tiom the Elizabeth town point, fxr New - V ork, sail ircat M arketbeld atrwM trtwo t!i tleaw - baat taiaota wrn.erlj came to.) at 10 o'cl k k, ot act Ony. Patawi It t - tccuU, Kuqaiie at Ui Bteaot beat HoH,bt my tl tf ' Xj JOHN PKOC'J OR.Je, 106 .ibertv - t. offer liberal anticipation on pmpcrU einvign. ed to hw tneiide in the JvJeUiteriam - n. - ror furtlitr particular, .appiy a aixive, or to Je 6 tf 1 corner of CliH il l'uiton - t. I.ANLr. frt - BTEPHEX b. MUNN. No. '226 1'eart stie. t, New - York, purcbhse Land in the Mini - .,, oi Territory, which habrnet i rttor li e late Army. lAttert m as tii country itsvx'g a dercripiion ot the pateM ?wl the pr.te asked iu eir, ii - t, wtu te aiteudid u, 11 rot paid. any ! sr . . . ' V7' At the DartiruLnr soiscilntlositof the La. .ty tunscruiers, tl.e Aew - lorn in water no ma: Dam win oeiemoveo vi oeroto siatiun tlie tool ol nlurny - otrcet. tins day, whereat will cur.tinue crn every Oay Avm ia the woruing, auto 10 o ' a at uis; hi, faring tt liathii.g s'.M(.e II is boptd whe the ladies of id's nl) know that ttiis large LuiUliog which will accoiiiiaodiitu t wo or (lint Kuaditd person Hi a time, isrxclusivtly dt volsd to Oteir etjny - ' mcnt on rVlondiiys and Wednesday toi t 1. week ' until 2 o'clock, iniit they will give that'encoat - agnnrnt which uch on apprt.)rrl;tsl eVservys. On a'l other (lays they bate thtirowi; apar.'.'icilt oitlv. The greatest potsflilo atfeafuX) will b p.r.i. . - . - - ..v - ,$ The Balhatthe flattery I opea every !y Irom srnriso to 10 o'clock al flight, for Cientlt - Bicn niiy. ; , j ia U - iULE trlKk. LOMfJutX ; OF NEW.YORi, . ,., fjp - Notice is hereby given, that a Dividend of lour and a hall, per cent on the Capital Stork of this company, has beta declared by the i!jad of Directors ; and will be paid to tl.e slockhold - ers, on or aftvr the 15h ii:M. - ' Jdlwi fa - 'i l, Phcihc iMurduc Cotopany ol New York, havo this day fieclared a divldanal of six tr cnt. on tlie capital ttock, for (he last six inaatlrt, payable a Uieir effice, No - 49 Wall st. on the loth n.sU ;.: ,' 'i.a Bv order ot'the Board of Director. ? WALTER R. JONES, 6ecVy, J61m ' - ft ' ' VCoan Iniliiaoce Ollico, ) 1 ' . ; : Julv 6, I81H, V ny The Board of Director have this daj declared a dividend ol thrt and a half per ceut on their capital stock for the last six mOiltii, which, will be'vayal4rf ta the - ttackbcMer w tlictr legal rrfirrtetitative on ilia truth ins, at Ibo oOice ol the company, J.r W alt street. S - nULL STANiC'CRT, e: July Tin . ' ; . rHK t'reslik'ttl mH)irctor have tins 8f JL dictated a dividi nd of five itr cent on, the capital stock of vlie eompaiiy, foe tl'e la six inim'th, payable to the, attieMioldcr't, or their legal .eu escnttUvesi on and after Uie Utl.mst. at trie office, No. 34 WaC - ati eet' ' Jkuly 6 lm L Ci G. WHP.MAN, Seci'y - '. CLAtfTtCAL, A l'is.HltAL - la. JdJtJU ct ' 1 n r. ictui 'i 1. - j VtESSRS. KELLY 4; JUO.V1V rwrpectfully iVi inform tlict DtibiR. tlmt liver have Jute If , 1 I. liL 1, V 1 omineuced (his establishment ia the lurge end airy roocus, no.. 4j rean street a levy uoor from the corner orChatharo Itrcet. ' Their course of education ' comprise' WO Greek, Lntm, French, and English language ; ComDosititin. History. Geography tlie ne 01 tlie Globes. Book - Kteoiutr. Antntiietu:, with theotn tr practiced branches of Ui MatbeoMitic. Ytntog Ladie have a room approptiaieo to theuistlvt. wheie they will be taught a regular course of female education, together with plaia and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady ot exemplary coodutl and loog ex Dericuct in Uiat department. ' - ' Reftrence to Robert Adraini r. THT and Is. r. Cohmil.ia tkllie. ' - I'AI KNT GRAMMA I ilUtttUuitl . fess. Kellv & 'lltoasy bt - g leave also loin. form the public, that their Grammatical Mirror it now coanpleUd and rgauised, and that they are prepared to undertake its apprtravor 10 v duUe of instruction. . Tlie Grammatical Mirror is a oiachma constructed on uth i rmciple, and actuated' by such laws, as to exhibit, a. manUeit reprrsentatioa of all the parts of human, speech, in all the variety of their Inflections aad all the diversity of thtw rooiUiiatiot); its calculated to impart information Dior, expeditiously them wonts, wlisthcr conveyed y writing or cy nt - terance I letter oud so'iud are' th arbitrary symlwls, not the resemblance of ideas t. but titer Gmastaatu al Mirror priatuts au exict dtaitafjon ol the agent with Its Casej, of theohject with it iiusions, of tlteir sabslitate with it geoctctf fcna persons, an - l ol tne action wun 11s wauiit rsL sou - .) timet. , The other parts of speech Will e their respw til appearaucr iu. the rtvolDtioe of this ext - aorvliaary raacbin.. It i n) less use ful to tbe leather than to tk pupil ais wtuu it expedite the progreM of lb oue, i will fjcili Uteure labor of uuiotner. , 1 ... Should any f i - oi object to ihe practicabilitf f itprlicaiion,tliey cballrng the loveitcatasx of opposition : they cannot ceu'etit U an indiscri - mintde inspection : but any person wb.i mail, p qualified to th. - curt its merits they are willing to aduiit, and i - reparea loantwm nit orjecuoB?. Tiiotigh duty firbids tbeni to acknowledge hti. - own infcriori'.y yet, they idy i.oton their diligence and zeal other ma have s much t they rely not on their erudition and lalrntc, others ny not nave ic ; om mcy rc - iv on Uie co - operation of their mrwnt, which ihev contend to b npi rlor to an that can be eiBplryed to attain the object it c rmemplate. I l.ouirh the enttruin lio doubt of iu aiWie - rior gcn - ral util.ty, liny conceive that for inch a eaniMtt affirt d" much tin. Str tudy. or - 1.,,.. J iTr - ent eiTiuinvinenta. miit Cuofina ".. - . - - I . .7 - 7 them to interrupted and desultory lecUa, if mint possr - s psculiar adwnujc, ! r erai literary c'.iaracvrt.w no riave;insrec ed thi marhiae. have been equally aktostisl. al icul ueliglitvd, and doubt not that xperv. ence will icaiik tli stuist aanguma expecia - lions that are entertatired u ia evdvanuur and . .iicceae. . . ' Under these, smprraaiurst th proprietors of ; lie fj. - nimnaticof .tfirrer recommend W 10 Lub - li not it e, said they are 0' inor J'tfiroos of acquirinjf. than tUay arc coutzdetit of accusing li e pairunuga or tbe public. - . N. K. They have for genera convenient letcrwinrV 10 deliver evening leoiurcs, frrn half paat bv til InvIT pait rvet mi any 01 uie aooveronitaon! brsuschea 01 liteveture, J 10 Im .. - - ' - TQ, , . Th lEr - l - ul second Bor k store fro. 5 1 U tchvrr - street. 1 be :'J71 25 f I wide. 70 fret sk - cp. welt calculated r. Jvh. ecoukery sto. tr arsrf, cr fcr other twit,.. .rioifurg rooot. - - L. . , - Cnnum aa the nreOMef s. e a a 1 Vi 4 ; - v. A. V - it . r'J if I 1 1 1 - ; 5.,' : 1 1 't ' ; 1; i . t

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