Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 21, 1943 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1943
Page 4
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Page Two 2SS-REVIEW, LA PORTE ClTf, IOWA La Porte City Personals :·'..'. -- i M.-«. 3*.-. E-ppeTt and] Mrs. M. I- FliHrirgtr of Hop^. Mr arc Mr*. Per: Shaker »rt«nd. | *e:i, Va_, is a gn«*t m the home for Mrs. H ^ p _ , of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Flidduger. =- J^ici, star Mrs. Flicldnger arriTed last Sat_ ii-r. _r_o -.3 z:*.e.-.d tie funeral 'T Mrs. C=£r]es Oren and she will go to CajbtoE, Wis. "-his week to -.;'. her bt'ore rttnmirg Vr= Joe Duerst of Scribner. Neir. --as a guest in the home cf Mr. and Mrs. Frank Craven. r o r - t last fcrd Monday. J!r5. Irb:.-. La'.hrop of Carrolle- r t r a'J't ar.d ur.cU, Mr- ind Mrs. iik: e Churches s \ C R K D HEART CHURCH Itei. Konan Fo!ej S'jnr;^'-, Holy Mass and Ben- ;'.?;'.rjn. 3:00 a. m. Fr.'-f. Ho'.v Ma 1 -', ":30 a. m. every one in **"' or aay other ctnnnTmity should want to snp- port the church in every way poedble. PRESBTTEBIAN CHURCH Frederick R. Passler. Pastor Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church Worship service at 11 a. m. The theme for the morning message will be "The Place of Prayer in the Church Today!" This present war has given an impetus to piety asd spiritual de- rire in many parts of tne world. Recently a poster appeared in a London church w i t h the-e words: "If Your Knees Knock,! on Them." Kneeling is a good remedy for knocking kr.ces. It i§ unfortunate that it takes war to make people prayerful. But adversity ras a l M a s s been beneficial to h u m a n i t y in driving it to its knees We =hali be able to stand more firmly if we knee 1 oftener. The Women's Missionary So*- ciety will meet with Miss, Gertrude I Gardner on Wednesday, Jan. 27th. I All members and friends are I especially urged to attend this Jungle Fury Under the Blazing Sun a- ST. a - , ' a group of i 1Q:00 o'clock. . . ,, . , rWctior-, -7-30 p. m. i meeting, since it is the time for Sat'j'jtv H'jlv Mas?, S:00 a. m ] the annual election of officers. ."a'.urcrav, Devotions, 7:30 p. in. ' __: METHODIST CHL'RCH M A R Y ' S OF MT. CARMEL R^P" Supple*, pastor Eaxlc Center. Ia. I 10 a. m., Church school; clasbC Fr. h.~F. D u f f y . Pastor j for all ages. Mi--'-' '.i Sundays at 8:00 and I n a . m., Morning worship. tt Ernes -i-r. .- r -a'cnts. Mr. ': a* !)':i-. Moints h i - wife ib em. a. m. '·.'.-·: plant at 1 I,A Ralph Waller' l.'.r- in Gruntly . \ I M \ C L - I . A T E CONCEPTION CHURCH Oilherlville, Iowa )lev. Win. J. Tremer. Pastor Rtr. Victor Oerlemann. Assistant S u r d a y Masses at 7 and 9 a. m. W f - e J t ' d a y Masses at 7 and 8 ld(.-:-.t daugh. ;-;r '.'. .M.-. E-..J Mr--. Hc-rb'-rt Jo_ hKr,- ' 'j . c'j' to htr home PORTE CITY CHURCH WESLEYAN METHODIST Itev. A. Polrifuss Pastor Sunday, Sermon, 10 a. m. Bible school for all ages, 11 Special Sermon: "Faith and Cynicism as Philosophies of Life." 7:30 p. m,. Youth Fellowship at the parsonage. continues, the high point being,their skate* or the refusal of Cardinal Van Roe v,-. be confiscated by t r e Primate of Belgiurc, to accept death of an eleven German domi=ation. In Holland,, brought about the or it is the same. ' i n * Tul *=- h, the Balkans and the Baltic I 7^^~~ ^~in Luxembourg, the story I same nRiriv \ - O R I O I . N A L .\L of all who stand invader. We are remarkably fortunte in these United States. We are not faced with tyranny, with religious I discrimination, with oppression, I concentration camps, torture, a"d I murder, as are our fellow-Catho- ilics in many other countries. Our problems, sit T- Bessie Terr;.-, r To Bessie Terry, T'~ You are hereoj the petition in ccu".y .obligations, our problems, sit liff. Claiborr.e W. T IliBbtly upon our shoulders in on file in t nc o;f:c' I comparison with their own. j of the District Cc. ' Hawk County, lo'.va. and against you a the bonds of grounds that i "stumped the experts" for a time the plaintiff v.i 'was identified by the State Con- °u have been sr Nervation Commission as a Myo-l^d ir.huyan i ! castor co-pus. This beaver-like the plamt.ff as I animal, native of South America lf £; i is not generally kr.ov.-n in North / ' . 'American countrj- and its migra- of p l a m t u f s cau~c , |tion here is a source of specula- a rt "^·red to ..-. ition. The cypu, according to Dr.l^uity ^h)ch is ·Jose Can-alho of Iowa State co'.-| 3ta - ed - lege, is found in the wild state as. MYSTERY NO LONGER i An animal trapped by Gere and Les Miller of Charlotte that had inatr- J 0 j ; a more partic- And n o w , unlai- I well as in domestic, and arc kept'| thereto and deferd | before noon of t^c r.txt March. ; District Court i in penned pounds ard fed g^ai^ ' a n d other vegetable foods. The '["? 'flesh is edible, and the f u r , whe;i r n e 'processed, is known as nutria, ocei County. Iowa, v h , I of South America's most import! -iTit furs. a. m. Bible study for all, 7:30 p. m. Sermon, 8 p. m. ·Ajil-j h.'.)·-. r . fi'j'/. i Cottage prayer TV KV;-.LI lodge will have a neijay, 8 p. m. rani party jr. Thursday night in ih"- I. O. O. K. hall to which the lM:r i invittd. Mrs. L. D.'.T i- chairman of the table tommittf; and Mr-;. Eurrel Wilder uf the- n.i riu committees. meeting Wed- EMMANUEL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Harold D. Scoggan, paator Sunday School at 10 a. m. Morning Message at 11 a. m. NO CELEBRATION Page County Sheriff Cecil Crawford thought he could celebrate the fact that he would have no guests in the county jail for a time. However, before the celc-, bration started, a call from Shen- ondooh advised him that he would receive three more visitors soon. This hoped-for recess would have been the first time since Crawford took office that the jail had been empty. Local movie fans can look forward with certainty to a film hrilk lauchs and melodies, when "Beyond the Blue n e ^ h n i c o t ; jungle film comes to the Mars theatre for a t » o day engagement starting ncvt Sunday. Excellent jungle scenes action! uproarious comedy by Jack Halej and a chimpanzee named Go-Go. .%«,* b Dorothy Labour and romance b, ^chard Denning all blend into unusually fine filmfare. Others in the cast include Patricia Morrison and n alter Abel. An NEW SIREN electric fire siren is beinj; STILL GOOD Elizabeth Reed of Knoxville displayed a sample of the mate-' I rial used in her great grandfather's wedding suit during a Catholic News And Views Opinions expressed herein nre Ihosc of Ihe wrller. and may or may nol conform to Ihe editorial vlewa ol the ProEress-P.evlew. By FI.OYD ANDKBSON THE CHURCH IN 1942 How Much Does Dreaded MASTITIS Due fo Slreploeoecui Agalactiae COST YOU EVERY YEAR litre U K»d newi for e»cry tBTDDeT who hail '.futltla In hli herd. About ninety p«r cent 'tl all Maoim*. or Garnet, la e-tUMd by try, Ht*ln- G-Iac, (7roihrlcln)cvruj4tsof f^ramlcldln and Tvrocldln. Ilecbe G-Lac -ilopa die acilrjn of Streplococcua Bfljilac. i l a v . II M i i B t l i l d , clue to thU microbe. !· culilnA Iniu your milk production . . . II your bt*c dx\ry co-wu arc In danger--act now! Ot Ilecbe C.-ljtQ You'll be n ma ltd ac the rettullh. Iferlju (j-ljnc !· ^iqy to Inject fDto the t tat canal. I'LFUC fi-IjacQovfrlht to work. lon'l l c t M a B t l t U i ( d u e tn£trcplt. cutcu* ailjurtlac) rob you of your profit*. fffl Jh'vhif f j - \ j * c trnlay. _ L«-t un arrJiiltc laboratory M A S T I T I S t i n l n o l milk n'jmplon from T E S T I N G y" r «!»·. Only lie tier 4^r.,,i7.^ Mmplu tc.tfd. Aak u, la, S E R V I C E d i l u l l . S.j (.1.Illation. P- · ^ ^ j b e en Bpun nd On this Thursday evening at ^ ***** *« the Wellwood Williams home the church is holding a combined f ^ 1843 - The n by hand to Lockhart, the KrandfatheT, on his wcd- lrl Kentucky on Jan. 18, 'Baltimore remarked 'ago: "The Polish .never lost their soul. Like other I persecuted nations, they lost | everything they had in a mate- j rial way, but bo long as any na| tion Eaves its spirit, that nation is never conquered and never be conquered." That is the spirit that sustains these persecuted peoples of the i world. In Germany itself, the purchased by the Marion city council. They have been promised the delivery of one within a short time, but until that time they will be without any system of general alarm. The former siren was run a few weeks | by city steami but that service people have has been discontinued. In this first month of the new | c a tholic Bishops speak put against year, it is useful to turn back,'the attempts of the Nazis to and see what happened during the] hamper the Church and Chris- last year, what has gone on i n j t i a n i t y . Cardinal Falhauber cites our own country and in other a consistent effort by Nazis by sionary meeting and Watch Nite service. Everyone welcome. Tell y earB °'d your friends to come. E M M A N U E L EVANGELICAL CHURCH G. L. Berftcmann. Pastor Sunday church school, 10 a. rn, MornuiK worship at 11 o'clock. Evening worship at 7:30 o'clock. Mid-week service and Bible study at 7:30 o'clock on Thursday evening. Since no one in the community would want to live in any comm u n i t y where the influence of the church is not being felt therefore material will month. be 100 WHERE, OH WHERE! Leo Farmer of near Harland wonders where the pheasant is hat he ahot one day recently. The bird fell into a passing freight car, and Farmer had to forego the pleasure of a dinner of that particular pheasant. countries of the world. oppression of the Church and of The year 1942 was a hard, hard'individuals to force German Chris- world for many countries during! tians to renounce their faith. 1942, and for the present welfare of the Catholic church in many of those countries. In Poland, for example, the Nazis are attempt- In France, Belgium, Holland, ir many of the other persecuted countries overrun by the invader the story runs much the same, in ing the final destruction of that| varying degrees. All church youth Catholic country. Her churches are groups are forbidden in France closed, many of her bishops and j There were, two years ago, 2,001 priests have been shot like mad I parishes in France without dogs, her universities are clo?ed,'priests. But a heroic underground! her secondary schools non-cxKtcnt fight is nevertheless being waged. Yet, as Archbishop Curley of In Belgium Catholic resistance FROM "FIRST LADY" A letter addressed to Mrs. Betty Paton of Winterset from Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, made Mrs. Paton very happy. Mrs. Roosevelt had visited Richard Paton in an English hospital on her recent visit there Mrs. Roosevelt stated that "Dick" was all right and in "good spirits." mcnce and bo hel'l house in the City oT Black Hawk Ccir:. Monday, March S f n will be entered ad- judgment and CL^ thereon as prayed. EDWARD J. V. Attorney for Jan. 21.28; Feb. 4-1 Fort Dodge officials have decreed that no one shall skate or slide on the streets during the remainder of the winter. Anyone I found to be so doing will be minus ' Big, Thrifty It is a v.-ell known sow will provide for pigs before cverj taking from her ow SLpply their needs. MINERAL STOCK specially made to h sow WHAT SHE (arrow big, thrifty any of the thousai fied users, or get a your local dealer . yourself. Big Gain from Sta Big Gain P West Union GOODWIN Food Market PHONE 24 . - ONE DELIVERY EACH DAY FLOUR ROBIN HOOD ENRICHED 49 Ib. bag 49i/ 2 Jb. bag . . . . SNOW FLAKE 49 Ib. bag 24'/ 2 Ib. bae MOTHERS BEST 49 Ib. bag - 24'/ 2 Ib. bag S2.09 S1.09 $1.79 .95 $1.89 .98 RICE KRISPIES i MORTONS Rock Crystal SALT ^ Boxes "C Chicken Broth NOODLE SOUP P G LAUNDRY SOAP, 6 bars 25 C PALMOLIVE TOILET SOAP, 3 bars 23 C SPARK GRANULATED SOAP, large box 21= PERFEX CLEANING CRYSTALS, box ..25 C GEORGIE PORGIE WHEAT CEREAL, box 23= CHERRIOATS, 2 boxes 25= YELLOW CORN MEAL, 5 Ib. bag 19c SPAGHETTI, large, 2 Ib. box SPECIAL 1 Dozen Large Oranges 4 Large Grapefruit ALL FOR 49c We're Accepting Orders FOR THE COMING HATCHING SEASON! For all orders placed this month, two per cent discount for cash and on March deliveries, one dollar per hundred discount from regular list prices. In giving this March discount, we feel that we arc giving the farmers of this community additional incentive to further help in the production of food supplies 30 necessary at the present time, due to the fact of the current talk of rationing of the ted meats, we feel that all the extra production of poultry ia .just that much more- food for our country. Also, for the first time, we have been able to arrange for- fire and wind insurance on all chicks sold by us, covering them the first three months while in the brooder house. Better get your order early, as we have some orders up to the middle of April at the present time. EVERGREEN Hatchery Poultry, Hog and Cattle Feed / Poultry Equipment Baby Chicks Started Chicks PHONE 1U LA PORTE CITY BUY MORE BONDS AND Let Your Druggist Keep Yoi · MEDFORD 50c Magnesia R; Bl; 75c Jar MOLLE 50c Hand Lotion AbsorbineJr THE BIG VALUE- WONVER PACKAGE 35cVicks . . 65cPinex . . . 50c Minitrub . GOcAlha Seltze GOcSal Hepatic 40c Castoria GOc Creomulsion GOc Pertussin ing envelopes at this low price. HAND LOTIONS 50c Jergena ........ 39c 50c Chamberlains . . 42c 35c Campana 25cVelure SOcToushay NEWSPAPER! N E W S P A P E R !

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