The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 30, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1818
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Mit ham ae4 English df P' frt tlt mo.t wpttb Cluoa tea and dcactt .eta, !;eter, tumbler., wwen, c. . y t 13 o'clock, gold iratcbw, chain, teals and key, tookuij (flutes, toilet do. mahogany ruinit"" i 'he nnc noop inAnUiUi, oo ions, z J Vfinri old, in eood order, caa be tent to . a 1 U lUlt I - 0 A M 16 puncheon fine - flavored Jamaica Rum S nipei Cognac braudy 8 nkdt muscovado ugar 3 do molasses. Apply to jT30 Iw E. FlsHER, 54 goiilh - it. W tRKiUtiivr CHARTER, I ke FAVORITE, 630 bbls burthen, will be ready to receive a car - iiUHihji. Apply to , 1 1 IdHEK, J30 1w 51 South it. Ue - AN 1 IUUA HUM. I puncheons Antigua Rum, will be landed this day fiom lheccltoonexMu - tha(at Jones' half lor tale by PAGE & TRIPLE TT, J3Q it 83 Coflee - house - slip. HAVANA bUbitK? VA) ooxe superior white Havana Sugar 80 do do brown ilo io. landing froin brig A - erican, Capt. Aiiner, ar.d for kale by J 30 UOOUHUtT&CO. OLD CurTEK, fcc. 5,500 - lb. old sheathing copper, and a quantity old copper bolts ; alio, a coper rudder chain, brace aud pump, which would answer for a man - of - war for sale by CLARKE, MUOHK to CO. Jy 30 St 4l Souihslreet. .. .. 1 .i .... .. DRUGS. Gem Copal, Boras, Oil of Aniseed, Senna Leaf, and Assalielida, tor sale at 28 South - street, by J 30 JOS. OSBORN. JV1 ..kl'llL'l . .L' I.L'I III - . sale at 28 fcoulli - strett, by 3 3U JOd. QSBORN. O Ut: U.Kia - A lew baleshall bleached Kus - sJ Ma Uici.U4i, Mr tale by Jy 30 mmu t ShWALL, 3 nuth. OLU lUALir.lrtA Wl.t UiUs. of Iht brand and fhvor so niuth approved of l r three years post, iuM received 'roiu Madeira, and lit aiv i y f l It. tit. I HUA r. A: LU. . i) Whll - street. J. W. K O R B L S, MANCrACTO&F.R Op SltVER WARE, Ao. M BrouJttay. INFORMS Lis friend ami the public, that he continues to manufacture ol sterling silvurex - clusively,snd ol superior worknmfwUip, Siltrles Wid'l'aLlc I (dlci, Urn, Setts, j Waiters, oyphoas Church Plate, j Fih Ktaves ftfoons, 1 Virk, j Cake BatkeU, &c. &c. bitiie latest and nMl eiejjaut patteiuf, and at Iteioweitpricft. Ail urteitxernt(rd in a mattrrly maimer. M - B. FaMiLIKS wiping to be supplied with the first rale articles of.i'vr, are invited to iwascthM work, as all articles olhis niuu - f xture are sold ou ly bv hiiukelt, J - M In. THE iuScrifer havjn a l - ire and good as - scrtiuti.t of ail rts of senrauts nn his hook', such a wc raaii cook, girl chamnerui.ii'N, nurses and for Uoue - work. Alio, a few lad'i wait - rs, ec. He takes this opportunity to inform them, that, they any he supplied at the kiiottcst sotire wiihgjud seivants, i.t his cilice No 5; idaWcn - lanu W P t EBEItti. , N - B. there are also a few farmers, g rd neis, and coachmen. Jy:l3t ojvjs HummEo jjuLutn he - ard. TJ UN AWAY Horn the liritisli brig Prancis, 1.V capt. Tennant, . lying at . the quarantine mund, on the 30th hut. a nejjro boy named ISAAC about 16 J ears of age, very dark, has a star on hit brent occasioned by gunpowder i he landed at or near Hergen. Whoever will deliver id Isaac to capt. Tennant, on board bfl Francis, at quarantine ground, or at No. 44 a'outh - ttreet, shatl receive the above reward. J SO SiAirl AVE.Vut, aud CAIl.UI.Sr. - 3 1 t'.Lt. 1 jNOIlCE. NOTICF. is bercbygivcu 10 all persons inter - itcd, tfie comini'sioncrt nl etim.itr , aw) astetunmit appointed by the Suiveme Court of Judicature of tie state nf Mtw - iorlt, trpcr - I form certah duties relative to tli extending of (be tilth Avenue from Cireenwich - Kiue to Car - ntDetreet, aiMi for eiilargin and improving Car - in street to Varick - street,in lite eighth ward el the said city, have completed tbriretliaiate and assessment as well of the loss anddamage int - takd over and above tle benetit and adrau - laje received by the owners and parties interested ia the lauds and premises required lor the said improvement, as alto, of the benefit and advantage received by Ihe owners aud parties interested of and in certain lands and premises not re - qsirc - d for the said improvement ; and that we the raid commissioners have deootited a true co py of sorb estimate and asscAinent in the clerks wbee, of the city ofXew - York. fur the infraction I whomsoever it iay concern ; and notice i fcjreby further given that the report of the laid roaaaiitjinw - rt of estimate and uaesincnt will Us presented to the Bupreme Court of Judicature, . eftha state of .New - York, at the capitnl in the ritv of Albany, on Fridav the fuiirtt - enrh dar of Angustnext, at the opening of the court on ihat lay,o aniMin thrrtafteras counsel can be beard Ihereoa. New Yotk, 30th July, 1818. HEISRY MKIu, ) WM. ToRRF.V, and Comroi.fioners Jy SO Hit ' T XereLnnli, Afore 'ijcn, vVe. WAN rs a situation as Clerk, a Ymin; Mm whose character can anderro the itnetest ravestigation, and ho has no objection to go i any panoi toe united States. Employ moot . bcins hischiof otjecL will an!ra r a hnH periooV msderata terms, to any merchant m - . L A . 1 i m - rjt:r. n iiog aoureteen in i. o. aud kit at this office, shall meet LnmediaU attention. jy jo tw - - A" n' Mr 'nin 1UST rnblished by W. DUBOIS, at bis Piano .1 C - . i a f . r uiiesnn .iu:ic ciore, ivo. lib cruadMar WiLiain T.H . " Her Smiling F.yct Fanny L)eirct . Thine am I mi Faithful - Fair The Soldier's Bride - ; . ' Kvelten'i Bnw'r. with v - irlntinni hv l.mir. Alin. all lk s.... ik. . - v . u. m'r iiwi, vnii.ig the Concert's bv Mrs. Burke, Holmaa, Mcsrs. lacledon and Phillips. &c. with a great vnrie - 'T rf new Masic for the Fiana Forte and toe Flute 7 i Annrnafhinfr Ih fVnrth A Pole, asserted, by the Hon. D. Barrin - ton, new edition, with aa appendix containing pa - pw on the suroe suhtect, and on a North West ' 2V bT Colonel Heufoy F. R. S. Illustrated tth a Map of the North - Pole, aciordins to the rrd'coTeriet. Frice 155 cents. This day witfhed, and for sale at the Minerva Circaia - wg Library Book . Stationary Store No. Ci ruad w, opposite the mu?eum. J 30 AT if annt'v ' TlJ Plity f approacbin; the North "wnea ry inf nonorania li. utr - jr',n an appendix, contaioiog papers on J Pje subject, ud on a Nortb - Weft pn - age. T Col. Beauty ; with a nap of the Xorth Isle - price Ji 5. sVtt Cl?&mor, Companion in visitine the by VTm. Paley, D.D. - pric 87 12 cents, J,y ' C.WILEY Co. r.ntrcATmif.i - YOUtfCf LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, J - No. li Cedar - stkxet. MR. MEAD respectfully give notice, that, bis School vful be again open ott Tuesday the 1st of September. , t ' Young Ladies' will be instructed as uiaaLJn a course of Education'; embracing all the important branches, from Heading and Penman - hip, to Rhetoric and Natural Philosophy. Trench by one of the most approved Instructors. Eoouirers mav sati&iy themselves respecting the character of this School, by calling upon any . ot Die following gentlemen, most of whom are a - (bntig its patrous.' Kicuard vancit, i nomas a. swariuon, Caleb 3. Rings, Anthony Uey, . Gecte Griffin, Amasa Jackson, John r'uydhm, and ' James Ren wick, Esqrs. J 30 liu N KXT TUESDAY, (4th OF AUGUST.) nUK Medical Science Lottery Mo. 5, will J positively commence drawing in tliis city. The following are the capital prizro in this splendid lottery, the largest ever authorised by tins state. 1 prist of 100,000 DOLLARS. ' I do ,ol' 50,000 do 1 do of 20,000 do 1 do of 10,000 do 1 do cl , 5,000 do t do of 2,000' do 45 do of 1,000 do And a great proportion of smaller prizes, none lent thau $30. Ticket;, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, fur sale at " . ABM. P. DBOWER'S, Lottery Office and Bookstore, No. 27 Miiiuen - lane, coriicr ol iaaaau t. Where a correct bck 4 the drawing will be kept for the examination of all Tickets. Uncurrcnt Bunk iMotti aud prize Tickets taken in pay ii' - nt. J 30 4t 1 KOLi.l.NG last vcumg through a plc - a - taut street in the upper part of ihecity, 1 was attracted by the sound cf a melodtoui voice, lo a respectablu linking house, from whi h it is sued. . The air, I thought, seemed to be familiar lo me, aud as I drew nearer found it to be that of " Seots wh hae w i Wallace bled." I stopped and l:tc ncd, nn J was agreeably iitrpried to hear the fo.l triii words tun by a gcntlcaio, who (as 1 arcrtvards learned) bau been deservedly raised f om the depths of poverty to Uie greatest affluence. Ye whom Fortune ne'e r has blcft, Ve whnni want has e'er ilislret, Ye w!io lovo wenHiis pleasures beat, And would happy be : Soon'i the d:ty aud soou'j the horn - ; ;ee the golden prim tow'r, They will give both wealth and power, And front wan' swill Iree. Who would m in o fair a chance ? V no woulJ not each joy enhance ? Who would lose iatue Fortuno's fclauce Fly Iroru lihr r!y ! Call at ;UACIK,.i lacky store ; Go to tlu m yotir wants are o'er Itic'.ies dwell within their door of poverty ! They will case thy woes and pains. Take from poverty its stain, Free tliec tram it cursed chains ; Give the life and glee. Lose not thin the happv lav. Fly to GRAUFS in IMOADWAY Proudly stand and proudly say, " 1'il poor no loncer be." US Broadway. J30 40U.00U DOLLAKa. rjTi HIS sum i to be drawn from the wheel of JL the Medical Science Lotterv. which com mences drafting next Tuesday, when we anticipate furn ibbg our cutomer nearly half a million of dollars. One thousand dollars will be a - warded to the first drawn number for the tint 15 day's drawing, and the prices floating, which may re drawn any day, are 2U.UUO UULL.AKS, 10.000 UOLLAK9, 5,000 DOLLARS, ' " 24 of - 1,000 52 of MOO The first 3.000 blanks drawn are entitled to $JO each, adventurers can bold chances for these Rich frizei without drawing a blank dunug the first 7 davi drawing. i nr. cv - ii tun i i.'cj, 1 prize ol 100,1100 DOLLAUd - .. 1 do of 50,000 do 1 do of 20,0)10 do 1 do of 10.000 do 1 do of 5.0.W do 2 do of 2,000 , eo 45 do of 1,0)10 do 6 do of 100 do 5300 do of 30 do Tickets and Shares for sale at ALLEVS Tmly Lucky Office, 122 Broadway. Where was sold the lareert Prize ever drjwn in the United Stales, vu - N'o. 3UiO, $100,000, alo, several of 30,000. 25,000, 20,000, 15,000, IU.UUU, A.C. N. B. All Tickets sold at ALLEN'S will be endorsed and paid by them. i Managers, Dr. Saml. L. Mitchell. .vlosi Kent. Eci. Gen. Jeremiah Johuson, Isaac Denuiston, Evj Uen. jnhn M'Lean. J M R U.VI A; UL1 CO f ft - It. 10 funelit. luh proof ind good duvored St. Vincent Rum. 0 do do do Jamaica do 4000 lbs. old Copper, (till bottom)i fnr sale bv TUCKER A' LAUK1LS, J59 29 outh - ttreet. KOAL)tl.OHld tc KKKSKVMEUKs. 4 MJ bale assorted Broadcloths 1 do do. Kei - sevmerc! for sale by JNO. M'CR VCKA.V, J23 3t 821 - 2 I'carl - street j ufc oi l r can - Hirer i. UA1. 4U puiitueonr tiriteju.ilily M. E. Hum, - for sale by J As. IT VV O L K, J uu. . 2' 51 Sooth - 'trcpt. IJ UM i MOLAsEs. 10 puncheon lint tin t v nu red Aiitigu Rum, and 51 doenndre tailing Moiasies, will roinmence landing this af - (ernMiu, tioui brig Francis, fMni Antigua, for ..;e liy GUOLIHl'r: N CU. J ti ,44 South street. t A I.Ati A MALVISEK Wi.E. li)iiiar - it I ter caks vcrv superior quality, lor i.ilc in qnantiUes to suit purchasers. Also, lUqr. cask Sherry v ine, lor srlr by Jt5 BOORMAN I rJOMKSTOV. 0 0 half barrels Dour, made from new wheat, received per chr Jaue - Mnria, and tral by WALS11& GALLAGHER, ' Jy 25 66 South - street. I OLAsSEs. 20 bhdv. Molasses, landing It a. froni sloop Adelia, at Burling slip, lor salt by J. OiUOK.V, J iS 28 Sulh - itret. lUCH.MOMJ TOBACCO. 30 hhds vnav Li quality, laading from schr Brilliant, Block, muster, lor sale ty J 25 BOORMAN A JOHNSTON. UHM.. 6 pis choice L. F. Madeira Wiue, branded 8.P.C. 2 half qr. caks do diMalrusc - y do. 8 vear old do. for sale by W. t 8. CRAIG; J 24 HL.H siAlt OlAUt.H. f Pun hrtus hi;h proof SL Vincent Rum, 16 do fine flat .mred Jamaiia do. 9 Barrels Jamaica Cinder, just rereived and For sale by TUCKER k LAURIE?, july 24 - 23 fcoullwt. BEEF. fiO bblsof Boston Beef ol, of an esceilecl quality for ship t tores, forialo by G.G.ltS. ROWLAND, J 24 67 Washiogtoa - ttrert. rV PLiTE, Ac. QOX POX ES Via Plate, iwrteJ, O&O'J) boxes 3 D X and D X, 20 boxes, X X, 1210 Ibj. Iron Wire, 1 50l ludia and 5'p sniih Elrct Tin, Forsal by . ANSON G. PHELPS, Julj24 l&JFronUt. TOBACCO. ' 20 bhds. prime Virginia Tobacco 60 hhds. prima Kentucky do' .. ' - 7 kegs Ladies' Twist, Davidson, Seun - ' - fden It C' brnd 77 do Negro Heads, Nu.l do do 54 do do No. I R. Archer's do 18 do do Ho. 1 Davidson, bau.v f ders it Co's do 115'do do No. 2 It. Aicber'a do t or sale at luo r ront - street, ty TROKE8, DAVIDSON & CO. J20 IAKi HEN WARE, tc 100 crate. Ewrtb - U enware. particularlv - selecled for this mar ket, imported in the ship Martha, frooi Liver pool. 5 pipes Madeira Wine, of sup. quality, imported in 1815, for sle at 106 Front street. J 29 TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. CALCUTTA SUGARS. - aOO bags iaudiug, and for sale by JOS.OSBORN, J 29 28 Sooth Mreet. I h lb II Lljif.At, i..itijib, kc. rilHO.ViAS bUFFERN, No. 6, 1'epeyster - ft. JL has ju - t received, per the Hesptrui, 42 Boxes, consistiug of broad aud narrow Diapers. Lawns, Sheetings, 4 4 U 7 - 8 Linens, brown beetled Law nc, ic. which, with his furtner'stock, makes a complete assortment of every article of Irish Linen manufacture. All of winch will be jold on reasonable terms. july 28 6t COTTON, BARK, TOBACCO, Ate. 73 bales prime Upland Cotton ' 110 hhds. H.. C. Bark ' 20 kegs manufactured Tobacco - 8 do. pigtail, iu I lu. rolls, and 175 bhds. tohook, lor sale by GR1SWOLDS ft COATES3, J 29 . 68 Soiitti - stnet. RICE uud CO IT ON. sUO casks Caroliua Rice, 158 hales Nw Orleans Cotton' 41 do Caroliua do For sale by JONES St MEGRAXH, J 29 91 Sou'h street. WILLIAM TELL. JUST pub:Uhcd b JOsEPIl WILLSON, 14 Maiden L;:nc, William Tell, as sung by Mr. Philippt, Bay of Biscay O ! Inclcdon, Bewilder'd uiaid, And all Mrs. Burke's, Mr. Inclcdon and Mr. PhitippN songs for sale, iviih every article, in the fiHHica! line' J "l Iw - TEAsj, WI.NEc ,V OKOCt.ltiEs. Nn. 7 Park (late Ladies Auction Boom.) rTiHK sub:rriiiir keeps iiou.tuniry for sale a I general uenorlment l Crst i rile C metrics for family use, amontt which ate uiinpotvucr Inr.Kilil Hyson, Young Hyson i()snu Shin Souchong it TEA? of first qii. - ili' - v and latest luiportattuu. 1 ouchong I - ii.ll, L.UIIIP, ( 5lipil)J Havana white and hrowni BLl""3 - Double (louretL - r, firi'i'r Holland a American S llt t'1" a 1 Lemon Juice Sicily Lemons in Rood order 4th proof Cognac Brandy (genuine) itolUnd Gin and Jamaica piriia s Madtira, Port, Clun. - t, L. P. leueritTe, cherry uud other v uirs Sweet Oil in Bettiei and Bottles Spices, W. I. Pepper ilibl erl's Brown stout Sperm Oil ami Caudles ; with many other articles too numerous to specify, which will bt sold at a moderate advance, hy JAMF.i P. AN DOE, fiTii MXThl TO HK.VT, A convenient two story brie U house, moderate, rent, within 15 minutes walk finm tl.t Park - AppU .is ubovp. I S'! i iUr.t'Fit.L.ij i I iiii.iM ',uOi)Ji. Casks neatly assorted table Knives Si Forks, O 1 do. do. do. Small Coilery, a A A ,i Table Kmve - i. - Forks, 4 do. do. do. with .maU cutU - ry. 1 do. do. do. Saws, 1 do. do. do. Files, 1 do. do. do. Ecdge Tools, - 1 do. do. do. Britannia Tea - pots, ' A few casks Can llosticks, Bu't 11 luges, Wood Screw, Commode Knobs, and 1 c e Button, Korsale, very low, by JNO. VCKAt K N, july 28 . 82 I 8 IW.. i , i M. i UIJi). .So. 2. - loat 1..1..1 - . iiiis lor sale, V? received hy latest arrivais from Eutopc, 4 - 4 Imitation India Book ..usiins 4 4 and 6 4 Plain Leiioes Rich sewed Inserting? and Flounce TrimminH 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 black cotton dainaak Siiii.vl - ' Do blue air.l red do Do Waterloo di Do light gruuuds, spade Glliug, with chintz borders 3 4 nnd 6 - 4 light tiinghams 4 - 4 Drawing Muslin, for dresses 7 - 8 Linen Bed Ticking 5 4 to 14 - 4 Marseilles Quilting;, assorted Chinti Bed lnre, Scotch Locb Fine Herrings J 23 7t OALT. i.OtiO hiisheU fine Blown salt, on io board brig Nymph, fnm B'li'int, 'or sale hy N. L. At G. GltHWOI.O, J 29 f.6 South St. eet. AMERICAN CLOl'tla. IOSEPHTITCOMB01CO No. 162 Pearl I ttrret, have iust received 10 pieces American Supertine Blue Cloths, whirh will be sold chenp, for cash only. AIo on band, an extensive assortment of Domestic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodsjof evety dis - cription, at low prices. J 29 AMERICAN ATLAS! rpi!E sub' fibers have just published, No. l.of J. the NEW AMI.K1CAN ATLAS, containing maps of the World, Euroe, and S.'uth A - mt - ricii, in twosheet. Price to ubs riners, 6 dolls, the nuaiher. The maps separate, 2 dolls each she.ct. The American Atlas will i i.tain maps nfthe World 1 sheet, America I, Europe I, Asia I, Africa 1, binth America 2 sheets, North America 4 sheets, and tlie UNITED - STATES 9 sheets; which will he drawn on a scale of Cilecii Gei'graphical miles to the inch, hhI arranged in the lollowing order: Maine, New Hattpsliire, Verninnt, Massachusetts, R. Island, aud Cnnnertirut, 1 sliest ; New York I ; Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 1 j Delaware, Mary find and Virginia, I ; Ohio nml Indiana. 1; Kentiw ky and Tennrsier, I ; North and South Carolina, 1 ; Georgia and Alabama, I ; Louisiana and Mississippi, 1 ; inall 21 sheets, including antngraved til Ic page. Sciiuens f - f the Slate Maps may he seen at No. 10 Library - street. Persons holding sen - scriptioi, papers for this work, are requested to forward them without delay, as arrangement are row making for supplying distant tubs ri - tiers with the first number 01 the Atlas. The proprietos of the American llni(!rirmi of renderi'ig it as correct and useful as possible, embrace this method of respectfully soli. itiua the aid ol Gettiemea who may be in possession of any gronnpbHtntinforimtion not before unlili ed, hy comtiuniratiii; the same to th - ' publishers in' Philadelphia. TANNER, VALLAN'CE, KEARNY & CO. - Eny ravers, No. 10 LihertT - tlreel. Who have constantly on hssid, an ex? nive variety of MAPS. CH RTi& GEtlGi: A PI II - CAL WORKS.URAW1NG BOOKS, SCHOOL ATLASES, fcc. The editor of the New - York Advocate, Columbian, and Evflipg Post: Baltimore Patrio' and Fedral Gasette t Washington rVational In - tellijiencer; Richroocd F.eqoirer ; Gales pnp - r, Ralcitth. N. C. ; Oarctte, Char1 - ton.St - ; Morning Chronicle, Savannah; I'it'snurph Mercury; Northera Centin - I, Erie ; Wesiern Pre, Mercer; lexingtn Gaiette ; Cbii'icotl Supir - ter; ermont v astnogtunian 1 Albany lette ; NashtiHe Clarion, ami Orleans G. - uettr, wi!' please icsrrt the above three times, and - rivrd their arcouaU toT. V. & Co. J '.'9 M tff - A TO LET, A part of a hou - e and a front office in Cherry - street, within a lew rods of Franklin Bank, lor, aire at No. 17 Cedar - street. Jyt9 li For Salt, Fra'fki er Charter, IV Tlia K..M II itJ M lili Aa. K.. .1 an IStLlaachiuKtu, in the vear 1808, Md rebuilt in Philadelphia ia the I816;1sagood iubiUuiiial ivessel, and in' complete order firs voyage liea at Brooklyn. For terms, apply to Capt Stiles on board, or to ' JJaMW P'WOLr, Jun. J 29 ,, 54 South - street. tor 6W, freight r Charter, ' v4fci The brig NYMPH, 184 ton i it a Jjjjjj, staunch good vesael, sails fast, and may besent tosea with trifling expense. Ap ply to , X.Lk G. t.ltlSWOLD, J 29 , . 86 Southtreet. f.i&bstVe. tun. LWtHtOOL. The fine ropi - ercd brig FAIR CAM - uBKlAN, Evauv, master, now loading Willi cotton at Staten Island, and wilt be ready for sea next Saturday, For passage onty, bavin; very good accommodations, apply at No. 56 rme - btreut, where letters may be kit. Jy29 t or liliktli y mid Nobilr, (one of the line ol packets,) The well known, fust tailing 'schooner iNLUSKY, capt Weeks, liaviue two third - of her freight engaged, will meet with all can - veuieui rii.patdi. ror the remainder, or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to PETERS it HERRICK, Jy27 , 29 Ccenties - slip. for S.1LL, The brig HERO, Capt. Marston,151 tons, 7 vears old, built in Duxbury, Mabs. She ill be told very low on a liberal credit, or exchanged for merchandize. Apply to N. & D. TALCOTT, J27 64 South - street. Fur Xi - :H . OH LMA'X, The britrMAUY ANN, Capt. Schlor. klan excellent vesel, about 2 years old. ails very fast, and has good uccommodations for pussengers. She will be dispatched without ilelav. and take What friMi'Ut and nasseii - . - - o gers mtiy offer by the 5tli August. Apply to the cuplaiu on uoartl at whari, or 10 J. 11. LAURENCE & CO. J 27 Iw 55 Pinc - street. 'V CHAUTEU, A British BKIfi, burthen 213 ton JfttM&Uritisli, or ?loa barrels ; now at Phi - l:iileliiliiu : will n roc red to this, or a (southern port, to loud for England, or the West Indies, and can be despatched within three duvs notice. Apply to ROGERS & POST, J 6 51 South - street 11 M, Villi I I I) I 'II jI II I A I,V ,I.IIIEII ,JI.IMp ,II.b ..... ?ibout 700 bntci Bengal Cotton, to load lor Liverpool. Apply to J 2J A lit II'D GRACIE ti SONS. Hot Lit tJil'VUh, (One tf the line of packets,) The civ'pncd. New - York built ship PACIKIC, John VVilliauis, master ; has elegam accommodations lor; pastuiigcrs, and is intend J to ail, accoiiling to a fixed urrangement, on thr ;0;nof uext month. For freight or passage, apply to cajHaiu Williams, 00 lniai J, at Fultou tt. wharf, lo ISAAC WRIG'IT&SON; or, RANCIi THOMPSON. P. S. Beds and busMoig arc fouuJ at the ship's expenie. Jy2 for A7.V(jil'.v, Jamaica. Jkh The line Coppered schr. CLAUF.ff - D'.JA J"hu G. Frith, master, is now lir. nog, anJ will be diipatchcd without delay. For parage only, apply oa board, at pier No. 9, East ttiver, or to TUCKER li LAUIUES, July 24 , 29 youth - st. The vert superior New - York buiit coiir fusWned brig JANUS, 400 tons ; win iMisilin - ly clekr no Friday next. For freight ol about 500 barrels, or paa ;e, having exteu - live and ccin'mtahle nccoiiuuodations, apply on hoard, ct Murri. 'nuhsrl, or to .f l Oi rti M'KIVNE, - C Souih - stnet, Pnsserger iirntsrHwi'h he didng. J 23 . it onlid to Ch'irler, v$V A vt8tt' "'a' o - t 140 tons, foravoy - sfc - aire to Tcntn't and back. Apply to CA.MBRELEMJ ii PEAIWO.V, julv 28 67.South - st. The fcclir. ALBATiiUSS. Collins. Jymaiter, 100 tons burthen a first rate vesael. Apply to CANiBERLENG A PEARSON, july 28 67 Soulh - ft. . , tor Salt, trcigltl or Charier, The staunch good rhip MIRROR, KliLiilU lorn burthsn, is in complete order to ret eiva cargo, and may be tent to sea with lit - Lis ixpeuce. . Apply on board, west tide Bur ling slip, or to T H. L,. U. bUlsvvui.u, Jv21 ' 86 A'outh - st If AATEU IV CHARTER. J$f A f00'' fa:l tailing VESSEL, of 1500 itiii10 2000 barrels burthen. Apply at 5 Va - hing tou - street, to Jv23 G. G. Si F. HOWLAND. CHOPi'Ae. A few cu es superfine Chupptu, fur tale by P. REMSEN Si CO. J 2fl 6 South - street. vl7w uLL' 1 't , ' , i: rv. UJZIZ "lir r " ,, ,, zx - .i - Mi - '.HFs(.na - r - j SOAP R. FRUMENTO ha received a box 01 iVl the hrst perfumed Naples Shavins Soap, which he wxrtants to be of the first quality, aud whit h tic will Sep .mv r,enth man wishing tomake lb. - trial of it, at No! 1 WalNtreet. J 27 liu o TUrai MV AKXT, CIOVMENCES drawing in this city, the Medi - rhl Sv - ioncc Lotterv, No. o. in which tlie Capital Prize is , 100,000 Beiidc Prize of 50.000 2i),000 I0.0HO 5,0t!fi, Ac. Thit it unquestionably ,,,e mo,l tplendid rheire of any lottery ever presented to the citi - zn - s of New - York, and when it is considered thai thr psDint of the prizes it guaranted bv this state, and M at tu proceeds resulting from it are apiKcp wird to a valuable vhiect, it caunot fail niiig Hie approDdtion 01 every lottery auven tueer. Ticke's and Sharei frr sale at the old established Lntltv lottery Oltice of JLWAll K I.. A All US, 54 Maiden. Lane. Whet hava t - n so!d in former f)ftcr?ef, prt - ti the amount of One Million, five Hoa - dre l Dollars. M - t foreign biMk ntes, approved promissory odes, awl prires in loraitr lotteries wLI be taken hi payment for tickets. Oricr from diliive.cncloidg the cash, pott paid' will be immediately atteuded, to and the earliest in 'ormntinn givrn of their a cess. A . nrre' t check book will be kept it the Lucky lifery Office, which aJ bt eiamined at all bmet Iree oi ex pence. J 29 41 '"li. I C '1 1 CXAOCERIES, PAINTS, e. - e 159 - bhds, J prime old and new Virginia Tobacco , 500 kegs manufactured do. t and 8 band . 10 hhds. 12 qr. cask L. f. Madeira Wine, 1 6 pipe French brandy ,r ''fine flavor 40 boxes best white bottled English Mustard 13 kegs refined Salt Petre " ' 40 boxet 1 - 3 X Tin Plate '. 20 1 - 4 cwt. new while Paint ' '120 do t - 2 cwt. ' . T 1 casks freh Madeira Citron 23 cask Brown stout, 1 case Bengal Indigo 130 boxes drv white Lead " 60 casks heit Green Copperas ' ' 60 casks ass'd hardware, for southern mar ket 40 crate ass'd Earthenware, eat. to deb. 20 casks green and white assorted Phial 40 cases siugle and double Aquafortis : ' . 100 bbis. Spanish Brown, for sale by , DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. J29 92 C. H. p. " UN POWDER. 2UW casks Gunpowder Jt from the Oiunire Works manufaoAory, for sale by JAS. D'WOLr'.Jtui. i 2'J 54 South - street, o IL OK AMSrJED. - l case, just received and lor s.ile by JOS. OSBORrf, 8 South - street. Jy 21! $100,000. oO.ihjo, 20,1)1)0, I0.0U0, 5,000 And 45 of 1000 Dollars. THE nliov arc the capital priacs in the 5th and only class in the Medical Science Lottery, which coinmcncea drawing on Tuesday next. Prises guaranteed hy the state, payable 60 days after the completion ol the drawing. From the great demand for thooe, it is preisu - uinhle that there wtll be very few for sale at the commencement .of the drawing. Those who with for chances car. be supplied at . GILLESPIE'S Lottery and Eachange Office, No. 114 Broadway, oppntite. City Hotel. PRESENT PRICE, Ticket $23 Half Quarter Eighth 14 7 3 50 Sixteenth 1 .5 Those uho wiih forrhnncc had better apply imtnemnuiy, as tickets will advance soon. J 28 3t N EV 1 OKK S l A I E LO 1" I Ert i . N Tuesday next will commence drawing ivieoical Science Lottery Xo. 6. Capital Prizes. 1 of $100,000 I 1 of $ 10,000 1 50.0H0 I 1 6.000 I 20,000 2 2.000 45 of 1000, ic. &c. Tickets and shares in a variety of numbers. for sain at tho book ttore aud lottery olfice of No. 19 Peckilip, corner of Water - street. Pi tunt Price. Wholes 28; halves 14; quarters 7; eighths 3 50; sixteenths I 75. Jy 28 LIJlCAL tClEiNCE IA t l.egiui iVl (lia'iiignu the 4th of August. $100,000, 0,000 dolt. 20,000 doll. 10,000 dol. 5,000 luls. next hinhest. Only 16,000 ticket, not two blanks to a prite aud the price of Tickets only 2't dollars. Halves J4 00IS. 1 t ignui .1 iioi ;.n eti Qunrlert 7 dole. l'ltln 1 dols 75 els. To be had in a vtnr ty r.f numhert, at WAITE'S Truly Fortunate, Lottery 4 Exchange Office, No. 54 Mnidtn - lnne.. Where hat been sold the gientest number of capital prizes than at any other onice 111 the united Stutes. A iew of them only are selected, viz. 1 of 60,000 dolt. ; luf40,tM)0; lot 35,000: 4 of 30,000 ; 3 of 25,000 ; besides a great many 01 2U,UW, iu.uuu, All shatci of ticket, tigned hy G. & . TVaile, will he as promptly paid as the whole ones. J 28 DKAkUNU AC HAND. On Tuesday next, It in the text. The Ixittcry begins a drawing", The tt'ory h toll, - H e pay in Gold," It certainly lias a flaw in. MEDICAL SCIEFCE LOTTERY, No. 5. the largest ever authorised bv the t'tatc cf New York, will positively begiii drawing on Tuesday next, and continue regularly until finished. Th promptness heretotbre observed in our Lotteries, puts all questions of its regularity beyond a doubt. Tickets, aud also Halves', Quurtert, Eighths and Sixteenths, in a variety numbers, for tale at II. CRANE'S Bookstore nnd lottery Office, 85 Cherry - street where less than 300 lit kc - ts in the last class was told , ami yet the second Highest Prize, $10,000, was sold in quarters, and promptly paid (but not in Gold) A correct check book of the drawing will be kept, and cash paid fur prizes as toon at drawn, or received in payment, togi llier with prizes 111 former lotteries, lor warranted un drawn tickets. J 28 St LOTTERY XOT ICE. fllllE ofTices in Braadway are now in labour, JL having conceived the idea (the great tea serpent having returned with its iittle brood) of charming dame fortune from Wall - street One has brought forth a piece to the soft music of Evt leens Bower ; the other after a hard labour has likewise brought forth a piece to the sharp notes of The Pig in the Gate, which at e said or sunjj lo their customers gratis. The Mint and Press are likewise in labour, the former will soon produce an addition of $ 100,000 ill Eaglet, and the latter $50,000 in Bank Notes, which will be ready for delivery in a few days, to the possessor of Prizes purchased of the subscriber. Recollect the $100,000 I $50,000 : 20,000 I 10,000 and the fat lottery fortunes already made. Ticket will soon rise. Present price 28, Halve $14, Quarter $7, with a handsome discount to those who purchase to tell again, at BENJAMIN BUTLER'S, Exchange & Lottery Office, 27 '.Vall - tt. J 28 tf In a curious ni'te it now nlainlv appear. That the Doctor, curas'd. seiz'd a pit by the ears 1 ' ' Which nn g " Evcleen's Bower" so melodious and sweet. That it c.hariu'd all Ihe brokers who live io Wall ttiecC Doctor should not touch ptzri, at it cauet vexation, For pigt all helonz ta our faiu'd rorporation. Next comet the 4eo ierpen which twallow'd a whale. . Don't touch her my friend, tbere't a tling in her tail. , . In Medical Sritner. you're yet but a 'prentice, And I fear verv soon yosi'll be nsn compos tnentu; In which cat dearest doctor, I'm happy to tay, W have a big house to lodge yon in Broedway, When yoer pericranium it crsck'd, ir, yna shall Be put in this house, wbicb we call Hospital. And now for the prizes, the prizes, tlie prizes, lo hundreds of thousands and all other sites, Which I, ray dear doctor, am happy to state. Will be told by your most bumble servant, B - WAlTE. l EDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY com - lVA mences drawing. capital prizes. : 100.000 Dollar I W.000 Dotlat 60,000 Dollar 10.000 Dollar Tnkett tad E hares for sale by . R. WAITE, Jr. ?JM ; ' 138 Broadway. Mann t v rnn ttVltTitKO. IL ' rp H E projwiefort of the tnntlMra marbl trk X ries. near KinzVBridse.'tjiv notice, that they have on hand, aoH are receiving, it th A'uVif ridge farWe 'and J,m - l ttrd, to tt Bsach - striet, on the Hudsoa river, an xtensiv stork ul marble icr boilding, of Ihe Mahaf d - enpuoas, vat , Aihiar. Coping " Foundation Steca Chimney - Piecea Facing VV CoIubuu . . W'aurtabla Step ' Platform ' Sills, Lintel Arches Also Lime of the Deit quality. VLr' A coustaut supply of the abort material . may be calculated upon;, aud thosa detiroaa of ' purchasing, or making engagements, win apply 10 EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 Atthe Yard. 'MOALX 'iO LOAA'. . .. P7 lift Al'OLL A RS lo loan, in tarns to O 4 ,U J J suit applicants, 00 bond with mortgage upoo approved preparty. '' AL.SU, 40,000 dollar on approved paper, roarenleed by bauk stock. Enquire of . ' ' . . . a . MSB sat . 1 - A . vvwi. niLUAffiB, ia w nier - sireei. Where application may be generally made through the year, and mortgage disposed of. Je 'M tl To LUAJi. .4 4T " t i DOLLA DOLLARS to loan ott i KJ.VJ J VJ7 bond and oaortcag opot property in tli city of New - York. Apply to J. U. DUUtftl) Jy 28 13 Water - st; CORNELIUS BOGEK.T, A 1TORNEY, COUNSELLOR 4 T LA IT, A Jib JY OTA RY. PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authorised to take Affidavits aud Special Sail in any Court of Record of this State, the proof and ackaowUds - aitnt of Deeda, and discharge of Mortgage Also Affidavits Special Bail ana in aepotitsM ol wiinesMt debate tne, iu the District and Circuit Courts of the United States, continue bit offico at No. U Cedar - ttreet. Jy 22 len ' JU .H.AHAMA At KRVH A A'TS. FLEERS St STEBBINS, CcJiMiasio Mruchaist. r BLAKELEY, Mobile - Bay, HAVE extensive store house and rece.ive and forward goods, cotton, Wc. free of carlaga aud wharfage. Vessels and barges lay along . - ide ol their stores. Shippers wilfplease apply tn CAI. IN SPEAR, Boston. PETERS K DERRICK, N. York. EM LEN 6c ItoWELL, Philadelphia. Jy 25 tf - ' NOTICE. The proprietor of the Ball Alley respect fully informs hit prtrons, thai the Alley will ha - lout d until the Itt of September, wbeu he will he happy lo wait 00 them. . J 29 I w uunr.rv.1 iviswa. . NOTICE. - , ft - V The en - partnership between Anthony W.Traiwan & Co. it thit day dissolved by mv lual conut. nnd the business in future will bw conducted hy AicWu D. Trappan - All persons indebted to the lute firm nru requested to mrike immediate payment toJf.U. Twppati. Dated July 28, lb IU. .' Iiwinni'l NICHOLAS V. TRArPAN. J 29 1 w ' " (TT - JA.viE 1). STOUT, Engraver and teal Cutter, removed to t0 Laberty - atreet, near tireenwicb - ttreet. jy B am t'or t.victand, stu Halifax, JV. ti. Cr"r LETTERS fot His Britannic Majetty'a Packet iurnsberry, will be received at Post Oflice till Wednesday alter noun, me ovn day of August. : j 1. vv . Bmunn, fXJ" Wanted, a 2d officer for a hip to lu dia. Apply to J. . UOGERT, Eq. jy 23 No. 138 Water - street. ; ' MECHANICS' BANK. The Stockholder are informed that A dividend nf four per cent, out of the profit for tha hut tii mouths, will be paid 00 the lit of Auguit next - By order of the President nnd Director. J 27 I - n W. FISH, Cashier., isOilCE. ALL persons are requested to tak notice that 1 will not hereafter pay Any debt except those contracted by mvtcjf, without a written order is first produced, siirued with my own hand. LEWIGG1 PIAGGIO, Jv 23 Iw 24 Chatham t. Washington inruranct Company. 'THIE Board of Directors have declared m Uiv - 1. ideoJ of for aud one half per rent, on the cupit'jl slock of Uie company, , for the last six mouths, payable ai ine.r onice, corner ui joun and Wiiliuiu - streets, on and alter the first day of August. . PEll4ttiAWta,oec'xy. J t i 2w (SHE lr - uwnie of Bodsbeck, and other Tale, by James Hogg, author of ."Tb Queen' Wnke, c. etc. ALsO, jvarrative 01 an e 1 pen m on, io cxpiorv the River Zaire ; usually called tbe Congo ia South Africa, in 1816, under lh directions Captain 3. K. Tuckey, R.N. to whieh is added tha Journal of Professor Smith, Ac. fcc. Just pub liihed and for sale by P. A. MESIER jy 24 6t 28 Wall street. WAJSTtU, GIRL about 20 or rooreyear of age, capable of doing the cooking It other work, of a small family. The best recommendations will be required as to honesty and character. Enquire at tlie store No. 1 1 1 Chatham - street Jv 28 3t . CL.LHK It'AXTAl). A YOUNG MAN of about 18 year of age, who can be well recommended, is wanted as Clerk in a Fancy Hardware Store. A lino addressed to A. Y. and left at the offici oi Ihi paper, will be attended to. It is expected tha opMrtunity h will hava of obtaining a ltnow - ledga ol th busmen, vnu 09 ooosiuereu tom - peosatiou for his services. Jy 28 3t fl BROWN, toneel engravar and jwl - 3l . ler, No. ICS Broadway. Coat of ami, crests, cypher, engraved oa stone. . . Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, cryitais, c. bought or cut to an) form. 1 . . . . 1 ; 1 1. U Ladies eaus cngraveu wuu mi.u, Bwkvf heraldry kept with upward of 60.C0O names. . , ' . . A large assoriment of fin gold seals, chain, and other Jewellery. JjM im (fy The Aue new sttam .Mi rRnvTF.SAP. At m. - i.Ih - '700 ton burthen, Jame :Jt Mac Kinzie. master, will commence running nn the first day 6f May next, sod will leave Kiorston. for York and Niagara, oa the 1st, 1 Ith and 2ltt day of each month, and .Viacara. for York and Kingston, tMWh, 1MB and 25th day of each month, dunnf the temoo, where evrrv attention will be raid to the taee and comfort of the passengers. Application fot passage lobe made to the cap tain on board. - Kingston, 6th April, 1818. . J 7dictOc 1 . FOR SALE . YOUNG black - woman. Tor term, ice. apply lo lira. II. ANDERSON. A J 29 fiw . . No. 10 State - etreet. COTTON, tc 333 bale Hew Orieane Cot - Ion, land lac from brig Mary Ann, from Re Orlean. - w . " " 4 . Jn Sir , r 165 pSpettd proof Holland Glu. 19 do 1st do jrt do' 200 piece HoBantl Dssckil : 2U0 lalrt NOrleaiji Cwton f - t - , . w.ftD.TALcoi r, , It., . . - v. . 1 l 41 It'f. 1 Vt 1M ! - ' ? 1 v if it':; it ! I: 1 1. 1 ' 1 , v r r' ' .

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