Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 21, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1943
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, January 14 THE PROGRESS-REVIEW., LA POME CITY, KMttA 'T!CE THE RED AND GOLD Weekly Publication of the La Porte City School Three SACRED HEART EDGES OUT RAMS The Sacred Heart Cardinals of Waterloo harded the Rams their second setback of thc year by the score of 29 to 25. It was a lagged game with a grand total of 26 fouls being called on both teams. The Rams playing their worst game of the year trailed during all but a few minutes in the second quarter. Sacred Heart jumped to an early lead behind the basket barrage of Reiff, their for- ward'and then fought off a Ram offensive to hold a 12 to 10 half tlm« .lead. In the second half the Rams offensive punch was weakened by the loss of George Spence , - - w h o left the game on fouls Sacred Heart pulled into a four point lead and held it till the final gun. Dexter paced the Rams scoring attack by hitting the hoop for 3 baskets and a free throw. Knise ran a close second with 6 points. Reiff and Free paced the Cardinal -attack with 16 and points respectively. The little Rams had their most RED AND GOLD STAFF Editor-in-chief ,, ,, ,, Associate Editor ...I ......... ---------------- p- R , uth , G. A. A. Reporter ...~' ......... ----------- Hicha7rd , Hi-Y Reporter ..... v Zaid '' S '" Athletics and L Club ...... ----Vc , n 1Fo , ste , r spotlight club ... -------- ....... · ---------- -J a c I s l Voice and 1^TM^^-^:;^:^ Freshman "cTasVReVortVr':::::-:- ........ ~-- "jUdrTd' Ca"cv Sophomore Class Reporter ____ --------------- DarvMlcBnclp Junior Class Reporter ........ - i::"!::;: WcS Blou'h Senior Class Reporter ... ....... -------------- Mcrlc McEriJl , ......... ------ .............. ---------- Mnrlvs Stahnke S P° nsor ...... ---------- ...... - ---------------- Mr. Hembera We. the Finance Commute*, herewith report cash as follows In the various County Offices 1 Office Amount County Auditor ............. s 119 S" Clerk of Court ........... 262.W County Recorder, hunting fishing Sheriff | County Treasurer 200 23.8fi 13.2G2.0J Respectfully submitted. GEO. B. MILLER. FRANK \'f. KECK. EDW. REFSHAUGE Fiimnce Commit too Motion curried PING PONG TOURNAMENT A ping pong tournament, spon sored by the Hi-Y organization, is now in full swing. A small entry fee is charged and a prize of some kind will be presented to the winner. Drawings have been made as follows: Fehl vs. Bader, Sh?ncr vs. Dawes, Sides vs. Peters, B. Kline vs. G. Spence, Case vs. Craft, D. Spence vs. Neighbours, Krusc vs. Feller and Moore vs M. Kline. H I G H SCHOOL HONORS I ·MISS THOMA i Friday nf tei noon the hijrli [ ^ c ' l c n l nrcsrnten" tin assembly pro-| ffrnni ho'ioring- Mist, Thoma on h i r I;IM d:ij w i t h i s . I t w a s o u r ' v; y of ^'lowiiij* her how m u c h ' ve .ippi'-t-i-'tecl w h . i t -she. 1 h:is d o n e ] fti" u « in t h e tine sho has spent| l u r e . , , The pirp-i-am was a« f o l l o w s : 1 lie l i t t l e German b a n d , com-i i". n l j kro-Hii ;is the M ·' . - ' ., , . '." ^ r i l l l l i 'iiutorficld. Bw)kkct'pLr. .·. Ml ;i ."-I.'ction tit led "III I.e III T.i.x Ck'rk: n:iil L-iur.i L I " . ' rul'owinj: this = p : r i t c i l it:irtl ! '!l? 0 J?- r _'!! ncr - M m c d bv Beck si-condod by Tay-. Moved by MilTr' ^L^°I'°I" car r iod - *i.E ^SSU^H 5 -J] JrSJi ^srr 1 ' 1 ?^' 1 ^ lie siimc ii. hL'i-oby jp]r,n,*d Motion M. I.jii carriprt I"--''"' - m - i ,- 10 ' i I ' V Uth. Mo\ed bv Miller seconded bi- Tayi lor l h a t [lie f o l l o w i n g jippoinlniLtus J by iho F L - \ e r a l couiuy officers In- ap- { p . o v c d for ilicir UTIII of o f f i c e i COf.NTY A U D I T O R - J P D.-nip- Huilpryi Flor. Deputy E May Keller, Dejiuly nrcrrram i'^nnic Koob« Tax C l e r k . Florence Mitchell 'EX.VK a,j P.L_ 1. successful night of the season by Some matches have already runnnig over the little Cards, 32 been played. It looks like at this to 10. Bill Lee paced the Rams time that Dawes and Kruse arc attack'by scoring 9 points. Moline| going to offer stiff competition ·was a close second with 8. Gal- to all comers. lasher" looked best for Sacredj The c o m m jttcc in charge of the Heart- with three points. 'tournament is Darrell Spence, ] chairman, Bob Case and Richard FOURTH GRADE NEWS I Fehl. VICTORY BUY U N I T E D STATES BONDS AND STAMPS Deputy D,.]nity. Edith I!. Al Jcrrv \Vilhne. clerk ' ' ' 1 ' 1 1 . .inl. and Jc in Elou^ll. Sccrc'.ary S H E U I f r . 10-1 Slirtopa C h i e f Dt-nu l y . II II Milda-ll D e p u t y J P Jr-risrn. D i - p u l y . Floyd A. Maatain , th, ...ftcmoon. thc pre^n' of | ,"£?«·£J h ° DISTRICT C O L R T ' j ' i · fiL-;-:";!!! e'a«-s. Dorothy . T a - : k l | I L ' J = : , e\pie.-F('il her L u s t wishes I ji'ii%,,.^ ill beh.llf of llic f r e s h m a n thss COl.'NT : i : "rtBcbn"DEn'- Rose Uirron ] to -Mi-s Thoma. Then :i S;i\- d u e t , D ^oi- ^ T v UlAI TTOnNEY'- Cl Riilp!| I Wn I Jim P e a r s o n ;md Jc:in Jtnk-:. o f - 1 Travis" Assistant. Course b. lleatli "cvt,l L . y l o j - u h i r s o k c t i o i i f , bc- A' 1 " 1 "-" 1 ! .Jainrs. S Newman. 1 11.ul t lie a m o n p r "\Ii.- s Thoma's i . . \ o n t t - s "I Had thc Craziest I £; D n . i n " and "I Came Here to Talk I DC '-or Joe." Bob Case acted a s ] M spokesman for thc t i i g m o m c t r y . J " cla.'.', .ind p i r t i i i t c d Miss T h o m j IriMi. D n p u i v ; Maude H.irmon. pepu- w i t h :i g i f t A l t h o u g h ?hc did rot \\. ^Ix opui thi'-e t l i n i K , the p i c s c n t s | c i r r k : P W ChikK A u t o Clerk. IK-1- vvcro a ·jol of book encK nn-1 a^'-", ? I n r ' £ l r ^"^ R u n , Tax. cicrfc -, . ' i \ f l d i BrilM A p p o r t i o n i n g Clk ; I j i u "X ol *pice soap, ra 15 S i . l i . i f r L'onkkevpiT: M n l u A L'lrls t i i c Maxine Tlinmns i l-'i'i'mip O f f i c ^ Cln'h.' i, , i -ii A - I ", ' r T U i r T i v Clerk .ml Dorothy Mll- A n n a n d Marion Gill, sang " T h c i c ' l . r A u t o Clerk A i c Such Things" and "Just a s ] Moied by Eeik -.etoi Jed by B i l l M i t c h f l l . M n L r o j i 0 ' T R E 4 S U R E H : and Flo^d P. INVEST IN VICTORY I ,i] us ns li Vn.i \Vm TT " \r I " 1: " ""' r c l l u rt or I. ,irl Roberta li \ o u \ \ e i c Here. Verne r o u n i y necordtT. s h o » m K re^i n.llnci- r and Arlenc Wi'dor pave The boys have been carving o u t ' rigger canoes from soft pine. The! girls have strung colored macaro-J SPOTLIRHT CLUB NEWS A meeting of the Spotlight club i f ar. i h e r s : t h i n g n ?'.:';" BIG r . FOO. tip pvi N E E H ni -.shells as part of a South Sea was ne i d Tuesday, Jan. 12 at which Islands reading project. , time plans were discussed for our Those who had 100 in six week's annual one-act play festival. We test are Carmen Abbott, decided on three one-act plays one Bagenstos, Rayona Bag- O f which will be directed and pro- Juanita Bryan, Shirley duced by the club, and the othpr Mae Hitt, Shirley Kuhn, two to be given by members of Beverly Sides, Beverly Hild, Don- the student body. The date for aid Coller, Lee Reinhardt, Jim- the festival was not definitely de- my -Skiles and Dick Wagner. I cided, but it -will probably be held The--'follow ing are on the hon- during the month of February. ' or -roll the third six weeks: Car- Our boys can take the War to l l L ' ' the enemy, if we back them up with ' H i - f i shirs and tanks and guns! But ( ,i. s that takes money! u ,',,, Help your Government to put the tools of war into the hands of our soldiers by purchasing War Savings Bonda and Stamps. And re- c a l l t d "Dumb Darliiig," the f i l l i n g In thc skit finished the hon- Miss Thom ing and I. \v rk of D i s t r i c t Cdiirt sho\v- r n l l e r l e d a m o u n t i n g ( S373C23. bolh (nr q u i r t i - r e n d m K t-ciiili'-r .11 1912, and the n ;Kirt of H T. Waifiiir. Sherifl, for llio nirinili of D e i ' n i b c r . 1912. iho\Llm: coun.y enstos, Foster, r.d cor] 'Itfen "Abbott, Berniece Anderson,' vt to i- · roduct '. K Kuhn *si_. Shlr ' We discussed plans for a party or gift for our president, Vern Beverly Sides. it in pi'p c h i l j and t h o i t u d e n t body. \Ve w i t h to su to Miss i'ho- iia t h a t v r. arc- s u n y t h a t thi f : ini!.in liiiiul d i d n ' t do .such a hot iob i f iimtiitii'g Tommy D o r = c y - r r _, __, . (" h »!""'. to be K.'T.'s fav- Bonda cost J18.75 and up ... I i r , l c ) and that thc girls weren't i v [HL'.-i.'iiLirE iUl^s inoni-l u c r r m u c r . l'J12. i h o M l n r ; coun.y To^f a . S t l i a o f f c r KLMI -ind n p n n i l ' c o l l e c t e d a m o u n t i n g lo saj.70 b c rc-- i i if r ,, ,i . P c n c l l | c M \ r d and placed on f i l e Motion rar- b v l u l f of Ihc G. A. A., t h c | r i - d . member . . . just one* Bond c a n ' t ; lick the " " one gun! icans buying War Savings 'Bonds and Stamps every pay day! q u i t e l i k e t h e K i n g Sisters, b u t hope she enjoyed our t r y i n g and they pay you back one-third more in only 10 years t Stamps cost 10*, 2Bf, and up ... soon total the price of a Bond if bought regularly. Help our boys on the fighting - ^ ~ , --v ..^ ,,..,,, ,, fronts wherever they may be! Boy j all thc good l u c k in the world, \\o am way. 1VV \\ ci-e Thoinii indeed sorry to sec but \vc wish her Mr B i l l r r p r c s c n t c (1 I h u f o l l o w i n g r n q n l u l l o j i ind moved I t ' s adoption · - n r n n d c l hv Mr rtcf'Jhau^e IT IS HESOI.VED by the Board of SipcrU«orh thai Ihc f u l l o u i n c ·-c-h^d- GIr ule of days ind for he nllou-ed I" 1913 Hircl-iv TiK Crrek Klnck Hawk r n r l i r Falla navy in the near future. Leone I Kenney, our vice-president, took SECOND GRADE NEWS [over the presidency and Eleanor . f We.' had a number test this Taylor was elected vice-president ·week .over all of the work we for the remainder of the year, have Jiad this year. We also had who is leaving for the War Savings Bonda as an i'nvest- spelling, art and writing tests. Hinkel read us some folk leam/to get new words for our- we read aboub the dif- ;ive milk to in other lands. PEP QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS CHOSEN her attendants were chosen to reign over all the basketball games of the present season. These girls were chosen by the ment for yourself and your country, New Pupils and New Teachers Start Second Semester Three new pupils, Juan Mer chant from Garrison, Sarah Me- Nitt and Hurt McNitl from Mason City, started their second semester here in La Porte City high .school. j Also beginning the new semester are Mrs. Bailey, who ib sub- j .stituting in Miss Thoma's p'acc for the present, and Mis. M c N i U . j G. A. A. NEWS Mcixinc Thomas ontcvtained the hoard m e m b e r s at her home Monday, Jan. 11. At the meeting p l a n V.CTP di°cu°scd for f u r t h e r leas luncheons and banquets,. It was not df f i n i t e l y settled, but we be l u \ c H i d e may not bc a Mother "'' U i !,' .'ind a if foods,. /' uc t° " thc baskctball squad and were pre- who is 'taking' over Mr. Snell's sented to the public by Lloyd science classes. , Frush, a member of thc squad. The queen, Arlene Wilder, was ' given a corsage of swcetpeas and yellow rose buds, and her attend- azor ades CULTY PARTY FOR MISS THOMA faculty members met ants, Ruth Coburn and Ann Gill, after school in the were each presented with a beau- rooms for a short tiful red rose. reign over many vie- I /farewell party in honor of Miss This election was sponsored by Thoma. Refreshments were serv- the Girls Pep club, and may we ·^,'ed Jand a gold locket was then say to you girls, "We wish you a ·* presented to Miss Thoma as a glorious »···»" «»«·· «=«,. «/.. · remembrance from the faculty. ' tories." PROCEEDINGS OF jL:S)UNTY BOARD Waterloo, Iowa, January 2nd, 194^ _he Board ol Supcn-lsors of the r County or Black Hawk, In the State or \[- loirik' met In regular meeting at thc Court Houac In Waterloo. County Seat of nld county, at nine o'clock (9:00) a.m.',v*nu9uant to law, and to the rules ol.wld board The m e e t i n g was culled to^orper and on roll call there were priemi: Frank W Beck. John P. Bill er, C. V. Kline, Geo. B, Miller Bdw. Refahauge, Val Schmlt and Stanley Taylor. None. · County Auditor reported that ·k of thc District Court hud ap the bonds of C. V Kline. B. Miller and Stanley Taylor r term of office beginning on 2nd, 1943. and that such bolrts i presented to the County Au- id made of record by him. ard of Supervisors then pro- vote for Chairman by secret Ich resulted In alx (6) votes Kline and one ( l?ote for '. B=rk by Taylor seconded by Beck '. Kline bc elected Chairman oard of Supervisors for the . Motion carries by Elllcr seconded by Beck bonds of the following be and _ - '· are hereby approved: Bailey Barnes, I. W Blough. Anna M. Dtch- E£ Paul L. Klldcr Fred L. Northey. Br.^ Sidney D. Smith. Pearl Roberta T Wnener. Motion carried, by Rcfahauge seconded by " ' " Counly Auditor be lorlzed and 'directed warrants during the year 1943 1 Stamps, Court Re(both Grand and (both Grand Am Frel_ghl.. Laundry Nays: adopted. None. Resolution declared Mr. Miller presented the following resolulton and moved Its seconded by Mr, Taylor. adoption IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by Ihe Board of Supervisors of Black Hawk County, Iowa, t h a t the following banks be and the some arc hereby designated as Depository Banks for thc maximum sunu opposite such bonks nam- tfi until further notice to the County Treasurer: The National Bank of Waterloo. Iowa 1900.000.00 The Waterloo Savings Bank, Waterloo, Iowa 900.000.00 Cedar Falls Trust and Savings Beiik. Cedar Falls. Iowa.. 400,000.00 First National Bank. Cedar Tails. lave. Hudson State Bank, Hudson. Iowa We arc glad for thetc new students and faculty members, and we hope they will enjoy their .slay among us. liv elusion of the busi- it l u n c h was servci ss a n d her mother SCHOOL CALENDAR Friday, Jan. 22 -- B a s k e t b a l l -- Jcsup, here. p p Friday, Jan. 20 -- B a s k e t b a l l - l P Vinton, there. | ' u l j Friday, Feb. 26 -- Baskctball--I ii K Sacred Heart, tun. ' l':m: A IK u- I't h i n i n i c l . i s s | T h i i r v l u v lo I . S I m l f , I I ,"]. J ' J - r C L U B NEWS member from thc was elected last ake the p] ncc 0 [ ' i l l n.!s , u 1 "' L n ^ u: .«. II is v ill h:ive \\lin rc"-if;n('(l. regular h e l d , ikl that food pep mid the Pep F i i d a y night at the Jc.sup iattery K Bull Pen Coal House . . . . 1 Koan Horae 1 Sorrell Marc 2 Roan M.ires 1 Sorrell Gelding 1--7 yr. old Mare 1--6 yr. old Horge 1--7 yr. old Bay Gcldini; 1--2 yr. old Colt 1 Yearling Colt 3 Colts ·I'j W ] 0 0 0 ) K OJ M i i p J f k i v r r " n . u n i n i r 5125.787 50 S 80 10 S3 OJ 325 00 75 (JO I S' I *· 1 f ' u l n j i i . k t r ^ fchinl Ir r 1 Hni i n . - 1 i t ' l l 1 '"»· Mini · M All .Sin-ill Tools Harrow 35.00 W I O 16 00 IVI ',() 2.TO 00 I -i.l r o u i p m c n l olil (.OMtls \. . Cllbertvllle Saving) Bank, . Iowa La Porte Cky State Bank. La Forte City. Iowa Denver Savings Bank, Denver. Iowa . . . . ' Formers Stale Bank, Jeaup. Iowa The above resolution la HEREBY RESOLVED by the rdcr. Clerk of Bherlff. ' v 'nB8 Bank, - The au- cr th| s resolution to s Present lemui of tb« r. Bal^y Barnes. Coun- Pearl Roberu; Clerk of «ind 90,000.01 30.000.0 90.000.0 . . 10.000.0 - _ In accord ance with Chapter Two ol the Acts o Uia Forty-fourth General Assembly Tno authorization under this resolu tlon Is limited to the present term o the County Treasurer. Anna M. Deck er. Ayea: Bcclc, Blller, Ulller. Ret shauge. Schmlt, Taylor .and Kline. Moved by Beck seconded by Schml that tie following appointments an bonds, by JiYed L. Northey. Waterlo City Asaoflsor; and George Wood. Ce 'Jar Falls City Asacssor. be and th same are hereby'approved: Esluer L Foster, Gco. N. Gsrreltson. F. J: Ha dish, Roue H. Hollls. Bertha E 'Jack son; G. F. Johnson; M. H. Kelly: W W. Lytle; J. R. C. McBroom, Joscpf L. Rlley: Richard B. Wagner; "Theo J. Wlnnlnger; Guy E. Campbell ani Frank Hemmer. Motion carried. Moved by Taylor seconded by Ref 'bJiuife that the Annual Inventory o the Counly Home b* received, approv ~* ·"· ·· "· mlnutei: .TM/s~,~ «0,000.00,i2 Hclfcre. J70.00 15 Hclfcre. JSO.OO 7 Heifer Calves 1 Bull i) S110.CO.. yra old Farm--3«o Insane ~~ Com Be.1 Eiute acres ~ ~ O B pui B m i u v nty Home-ola bullSfnr'' ?%K!2? Bulla '»f -::· ·Milk HousV Barn No. 1 . " Barn No. 2 '.'". i siio 06 x « ) ...,:,.:::··· 1 Machine Shed " 1 Hog House ana Feeding Floor 1 Corn Crib and Granary!" 1 Corn Crib and -- · Shop 1 Cattle Shed . . . Slaughter House Tractor Shed . . . . . -330.CK 4.000.00 SOO.OO 250.00 500.00 500.00 700.00 150.00 * Feed Mourn 2 Brooder Houses 500. 100.00 100.00 2 yra. old @ 'swioo' . T-.l.l- S l.OGOu | r \,, h,,., I t'.HI-i S 40700'J n-, i),, I Ml f i . B-iooo i orfif 7.H) in 17". 0 22. r , (10 S G.f/CO f») Sheep 15 Brcc'iliuj Ewes f t $12 CO .5 160 V HllBH 50 Sown 0 S35.00 S 1.750.CCI 3 Male Ho h -3 140 UO 160 Feeding Pigs ffl 530.00 . 7M (i 75 Fall Pig? ffl S10.00. .. . 7» CO 10 old Sows ® S6S 00 fl'0 Oil 5 8,090 IJ( Chlckcng 3SO chickens © Sl.CO $ 3Com Hay and Grain 10 Ton Timothy Hay © J10.00 $ 100 r 'f 100 Ton Alfalfa @ S1G 00 l.C'JO 0 40 Ton Slra-w 0 S1000 . 40000 5.50B bu. corn di S0.70. . . 3S.M.O) 20 acres fodder 200 00 1.300 bu. oats @ 5005 GVHO 75 bu. wheat at SO 81 . . Cd 73 I 30 bags Ilniccd meal CO (KM 70 bu. shelled corn b 75 ton silage © SS.OO 375 Of 500 Ib. mineral M.13 ·I . i NI Fuel 60 Ton Coal 100 gal. gasoline .. . 100 gal Tractor f u e l . .. 100 gal. Lubricating Oil Machinery I John De?re Tractor . . I Tractor Plow 1 Tractor DJ.1C '. John Deere Mower ... 1 MeCormlck Mower Side Delivery Rake .. Hay Loader _ Cultivators 2 Ftour Section Harrows. Sulky Ploif Endgale Seeder .Corn Binder . International Truck .. lumber wagons bay racks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Corn planter Bob Sled* J D Grain Binder . . . . . Manure Spreaders Ensilage Cutter Tank Healer Cream Separator Chum Wheelbarrows Horse Discs Mts harneM Ou ~ 7.3SG90 3750 11.00 8 Of) 4300 S ..$ 437.W 500.00 10000 6000 9000 7000 1200 50.00 250 25 00 17S.OO 800.00 240.00 500055.00 20.00 7500 150.00 300.00 10.00 75.00 20.00 5.00 20.00 160.00 10,00 , f L i h r n r y l'iM"« "2 Di-miir rnrim t a b l e d 1 snr.ll M irirK- 2 P.ftncc C'.ok Sloic.l IS Arm rh-iif . . I R' frlirr-rnlo" n S u l i i i ' M-rlinir"! Offirr. l . f | U i p m ' ' n l 1 «-ii 1 Pi mo nnd Ji'nch . , . ·n P.-!l S f T i n E l r d r l ' - SwtcpTs ' M X V I n d o w sliaOca a n d curl n i n » F'.ilM)r M n t ' l n K " i r l » r --upjillf.i "I Dnis- M i l k T I r n s i M ''. Kl'r-lrir Fins * I f ' . i l i n i ; S l a u i 1 V r n i l l a i m i , ' Fin - A l l U i i - l i f s anil Coukinp U l c n - =:iN . . 2 S in".it 1 " GntyJeri I T r c n r l i P u m p S 333381 .S 10!) 00 S 3.800 ff '·£, 110 2,000 00 W V 87 V) 120 00 i? f/i 100 oo IK 03 21 00 15-1.00 ·1 00 500 (.0 100.')' 100 CO 1M I'D Wl CO 20 on 100 Of 2000' 2( 0' 4 0 0 0 2?- If 3000 l 250.00 Lincoln 511 Vtmon Poyncr Sprinp; Crock Union W i l c r l o i Ton ns C cl.-ir Falls r.iitlc Hill .. Dimkcrton ., .. G l l b c r l i l l l c . . Hudson L.I Puru- C i l y A y e s . R u i k . . 10 . 16 1C fl 10 10 '. 1G . 1914 1G 7 r, 12 22 1C If. ·1 IVORY SOAI I MKD1U.1I IlAKs 1 ClAXT I1AIES IVORY FLAKES LAIUiK 11OX M E D I U M BOX . . DU2 S.MAI.I. BOX I.MCGK no.v . GIANT 1M)X . . OXYDOL G I A N T BOX I.AKGK 1JOX . M h D I U M IJOX DAVIS CUP APRICOTS KA.VC'V F I I V I T IN 1 I K A \ \ SVIU'l' 2 No. 2'/2 cans--13c M. 10 CAN Prunes 37c TWELVE 5c CUTS Spark Plug S2c 44 m. no\ D. n. Cake Flour 17c TOBACCO, in l-Lb. K t t X I . s Grape-Nuts 29c I J K . I.B. UAU :; Pancake FLOUR 15c -- I-" I ' K C i . CITlinj; OB GLACE CHERRIES 25c I I I : A T TOAST Wafers Box 15c (ic-oz. JAU MARASCHINO Cherries i |I-1'OV.\D I'ACKAGE !Navy Beans 29c FANCY HEAD E i l l r r Schmll. Tiylor 7 45fl 7 in ... 1-1 IS ... 8 12 . 0 2S 16 10S M i l l e r R p f a n U K l l n o . lion J'damJ Nays a d o p t c f l Tlic CounLy AuUitor r^.i'l llic n j j p l i ration.^ nf L h u W - t l c r l q g Daily Courier. The " . Dally Record. Tho T-t Pirle Cily Tli WuUTlon PrcHi H i k i n K to «)(' n.inifd a.s Iho offli l;il ni!WHpiip r r.H o( Black Ilnwk cgurily. louii. for Ihc year 1W3 It was Lh-n moicd by Rf fsliftu^' srcumlLd hy M i l l a r Tho VV-il'-rloo Dilly Courier. Thr- Cedar I-Tallb Daily Uncord, The I, a rurlo Cily Prntfrtii- nnd The W.Ucrloo Prow bf and , Lhc H.-imr -irt ncwb]aijcr.i IK roby n »n"d or Black Hawk County, lou.i. for Ihc I'-.'ir 19J7 uiul lhat thc comb in nd c o r n p r n ^ i H o n lo \ic rr-crivctl by Tlio \«-rlfo Pr«'.iH Thr La Porlo CJly Propn ss-U»-vlow. Thc Coclar PiilN Dr»l| Record Him 11 bf cf|unl lr Ihc cornbinctl coni- ion nll'iwod by law for LV.O off i c i a l nr-.vap.ipen In accordance to ,eiH on f i l n w i t h the Counly A u d i t o r . Motion c;irrlr-d Movttl by Rcrstmu^c! seconded by nrk (lint Ihc appolntrn* n t i und bontjn of Ihf folio win y U H Deputy Sla-rlffH, to act In c r l m l r n l matl^rs only n n d i l l J i f i u t rrmpr usui ion, be ancl Ih* 1 amr- n r r hrrr-by fipprcm-d · Paul Bat" - mLin. K H E l t l t - r l y . Clifirlrq Bl;irk, John J, Brink Lf-onard T. Bryan I. W/n \j Enrkloy r.lcn Crnwford, E A D n v l i J j Ehvood H II-irwr-11 Joiojih P, Ilnlkor, f h n r l f t J Mcyir, R (,'. Roblnaon and Clar^nc^- M. Wtlr. ^Iol l o n rarnc'J. by Millr-r arcond'^d by Schmli, l h a t iho reitort of A E Jewell, i h o w - . T Ihr- c o n d i l l o n of tlu- Count) '·achfTH' I n - j l l l u l c Fund b»- rr-cHvrd irl placed on f l i c Motion rarrlrd | Mo tod by E M I T tTond'd by Iir f. j sh LU(,'»! t h a t I h ^ following o/flclal Is ho "*nr\ thi unni'i ore hereby r j v r r l : E d i t h B. A l l n n . P.o^o E a r F W. CtllldM. A C. Court Floyd Davln John Fink v Dcmpq 40 LD. DAG JUIAMONUS 11KST Flour $1.94 Rice 3 L bs.27c HEINZ NO 10 CAN . C - A . N S H i : i N Z Crosby Corn l I C I I I N G K I C b GOI.DK" , Syrup ^ 53c!-' 1 " li » r Lye I'A.VCV MA Cookies ib ·IH m.. uox Oat Meal Baby Food 2Sc NG 17c I-I.I1 CAN CALL'.MET BAKING IU:I,I.OC;GS I'A.VCV MARSII^IAI.LOW T *1 19c Toilet OP 1 25c L A D Y I'ldiSIJItVIlS All FlaM»rs K.\ct-|)t S l r i m - bcrry and I t a u p b c r r j , 1 Ib. j n r 18c Pure Cider 2 M). i"_ ( v,s M-.NNV (..vitDr^J Peaches S5c L A M 1 I I I ) [ I '/: I.It. I'KO. A«iTl). I'hhl., O I I A N O K Oil LEMON PEEL l!)c G m. JAU Pimentos 25c I. l l t f . I |tUIIUi:U Northern POTATOES U S NO. J -STOCK Ohios, Cobblers or Triumphs, peck 36c 100 LB. HAG--fiM IUAIIO Russets Ilnrmon, G^orpc C 1ff r .ri'\ J r n i P Hojith. IV K pn|atO'-.4 ........ V» bu 10 hn iro DI K r l l o r Kloycl A Mislnln. H 51 M i l ' " O l i o Pcrirmn rl-i S u r t c r i H T r n \ l a . ST, Eva Wclrpi V r r n o n l S»«,lck P.UT;"!! Glb«on. C. W. Pncck Rov E Anhlr-v. jick Frahm. Ilcurv V-lm'r, E. P. M u l l r n Il.irtny r '^.ilrO. C S T h o r f l r u d , Lloyrl S ^ l U K h f y , \j. F. W y n r p a r A L K r f - | ·,T, W. P. Sl"h"l. S. Trilnbnucr. Kcl i'dl'-p". Prrrv E l l i o t t B II D.imnur-1 m n n , J A W6lf and W II Fflil. Mol l ( j n C"irri»il. Moved Ijy n ^ f p h a u ^ c yccontltd by S u b m i t Dial Glori W. Horrl.i nnd E l h f l . Morris b" finrl iho .ippolntrrJ h^iv by fllcv^nrd and Mntrnn u i h n Blnrk Hawk Counly Home, lor th ynr 1913. MolloTi cirrlrd by Tnylor S r h m l t i h i t Ki'llh l l u p p i s nice Hoppc.l bi tind Ihr- hircby appointed a 1 ? Super n n d M i t r o n of Lho Dctcnlon 5Iollon carried. n^Jrd h; nnd Ber same ire Pk. 100 I.B BAG--JZ 'J5 45c APPLES FANCV DKLICIODS 3 Ibs. 25c; bn. Walnuts Lb.29e /t Ml. l-KII i:XTBA I.AKOE Pesan Meats 29c IIUI.K Prunes I I!OXF | Barley 2 Lbs. (IL'AKKU SCOTCH Farina 1 CANS Cleanser 25c i 13c 19e 19c $3.25 $2.50,Gloss Starch 19c i LARGE HKAI1S I 5-1.1). Ma E U V K OE HVE GRAHAM Head Lettuce 25o 341 K.i I. C d 2)0 K.-I| F r u i t f e n c s J f N 110 Hi l.-ird IfifiQ II) 'CO Ib. h i ' f l (c-innctl) Butler, Pro- MoiocJ by Beck s«ond"d by Schmli 5 10,351 50 t h a t P.nymond L Stei-T^on bo and I i hereby appointed 03 County Enxln 10000 f 0( - ino yr-tir 1IM3. Motion carried. 30 00 Moi'fd by R^MhrmKC srcondfd by fo'Si M i l l e r thil Dorh K l n l o n be appointed G2..)0 n s Overseer ol Ihe Poor Tor Ihe yi*.lr ' . ^ i l 9 4 3 , and that h«»r bond \f and Ihr 2 0 0 l s a m ^ | n hereby approved. Motion fj 3 1 " 1 carried on Hand 20 -, 1)1.1 flrdir 2 Ijbl. ViiK'^jr 2 bbl. Krout FrozTM Fwdsluf/s 29000 201 GO 477.00 J 1 ! ro 2.75 200.00 17.40 2000 ·10.00 250 00 Sonpi ind Clcancra Equipment t 2.383.45 .f 174.00 GO.OO 215.00 750.00 GRAND TOTAL, J167 TW 99 Kollon carried. IIKPOUT or THF; CASH n» COO'TV OFFICES Board of Supervisors Black Hawk Counly. , Waterloo, Iowa. Gentlemen: Moved by RcfshaUEc scoondcd by Beck t h n t Mrs Lou RoKerfl he and Is hereby appointed 0.1 Food Slump DNbursInc Officer for the year 1913 Motion carried. Moved hy Beck seconded by Taylor that Ihe a p p o i n t m e n t o( H, T Wnp- ner. of D. W. B.irr an District Colirl Bailiff be nnd Ihe same la hereby approve 1 !, and that hla bond Ii hereby approved. Motion carried. . Mr. C. V. Kline, Cnnlnmin of lnc Board of Supervisors, filed hln rrpori naming the following 03 members of the Social Welfare Board. lor the your 1943: Frank W. Beck. Gco. B. Miller Edw. RefBha"B» V«I SchmK. nnd lira Mark Butter-'leld. Motion carried Moved by Miller seconded by Sehmlt that Ihe Board of Supervisors nnprovr the appointment oC Hazel V. Dennis as Director of Social Welfare. »t » salary of Sl£0 00 per month. Malion by Miller seconded by Billcr that thc contract entered Into between Vcm Mc.Vellls nrrd Black H»wk County on July 6th, 1942. be extended unUI January IGUi. 1943. Motion ' " " Moved by Blller Mconded Lemons UO/.KN 210 S1ZK Doz. 35c Flour 23C Itt-l'OlJ.SD CAN Smoked Salt 75c 14 ()//. bUTTI.K Heinz Catsup 20c COLU.MIIIil HUOLK KERNEL Carrots' 2 Bch , 15c Corn 2 ^ a ° ns2 25c Tangerines 15c CALIf ORNIA TKIIXKW Onions 3^.100 10 LABGK MABSH SEEDLESS Grapefruit 2Sc DOZEN CALIFOENIA 238 Size DOZF,N CALIFOBNIA 176 Si/e DOZKN FLORIDA JUICE Oranges DOZF,N CALIF Oranges DOZKN FLORI Oranges 26c 43c Camay Soap 22c 10 O1AST BARS P G Soap 45c 67c 73c 3-rOLXD CAN Crisco NO. 10 CAN BARTI.KTT Pears DOZEN FLORIDA JUICF. its TM 40 LB. DAO GOLD .HHDAL Flour $2.25 NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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