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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, July 30, 1818
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r. . - PcMtteuhs, nrf more - The violent adminis - ' txation editor who thiak it would betray a want of eal to wait till they are, duly informed of tbe nature oc existence of a measure beforsi they sapport aiid applaud it, art completely gravel - ltd at the step taken by the president in relation tit Pensacola. Aotocs those who appear the .W.t disappointed and clamorous on this occasion, ' tbe Washington Caxette i particularly dittin - gc'tshed ; but, harm; indulged itself in railing thitoagh almost three columns, U it hoped it will ( njrieuce the ntual relief which ton courte uiually brio js with it, and will now be contented to wait a little while longer tor a, complete ave. .' ..pemeitof the measure of th executive ; wl.u I. it la nonfiJentlv believed. wUI M I - natur ; to command the noiversal approbation of ?h citizentofthe United Statet, without regard t parties. .' ' fr Au Cwi - Bf the arrival this fore m - ih.Ar. William and Mare, in 17 days Iron lux Cayea, we learn, that 3 or 4 day be .s Tln i u a.. earn Daft1 iram rnn - Rii Prince, r all the troops to repair to that capi Id, for iW defence afahut Crrrtstophe, who, it 41 raid, wa in full march with all - an force, to attack that place, .The order was miniedi tvtely complied, with, and the militia at Aux Cayet were compelled to do gamson duty. .By the tame arrival, we learn, that en Thursday, 9th July," four armed barges, from .lux Cayos, brought in the Spanish ship La Feliciana from the Jlfedilerranean, with a carso of wine, brandy, silks, Sc. bonnd to Havana, priae to the Buenos Ayrean privateer, pen. 6L AlarM, Stafford, who had taken her Trwa a Mesiran pri vateer, and sent her to AoxCayes fur watfr and prorkioui. .She was taken by the barges at an. chor under the leo of the lslo o' Vach. Her papers were sent to Port an Prince for the decision of thct government.' Capt. Stafford, it was . expected, would soon make his appearance and reclaim his prize. Enquiry. Is the A Lima Plantago, lately meotiooeditt vour paper as an antidote to the hrdrophebia, a native of the United Stales and where is it found fV - As cmiee of this dreadful malady daily occur, it is certainly of importance that the public should be in possession of the valuable remedy above mentioned. An answer tosthe above will much oblige A Subscriber. . , BEM.T. . ' I leave it to tome person more competent than myself to furnish the information above asked Ibr, - But I think it would be full as valuable to describe the plant called HAuUeop, in a familiar, inteliigble manner, inai ail may uniiersiauu u ; tot Lhare the most unshaken confidence in its ncrer failia? virtue, in all case of the bite of a - - - - mad dog, if administered at any time before hy drophobia actually comes on. A new comic pantomime ballet, called the Kaleideirope, or py for peeping j and a new trtelo - dratnatic opera, called Anaconda, or the Bra Constrictor, ana iu iuna.o, nave oeeu got up in London, and were to be performed for the first lime on the evening or the bin of June. From tht Dailon Daily Aditrtiser, June 23. Our lat French papers contain iiirt of a new constitution, granted by Maximilian Joseph, king of Bavaria, to that country. It was pu bushed at innhuirh. M.iv6 The royal procbiinaltoa by which this constitution is promulgated, after a briet history of the preparatory labour, proceeds iillnwi. The nreieat conttitutinn, whit h fiat been preceedeil. by loivjaod mature delileratious, and work of our - will, at free at it is unthan - e ,Mv Our People will find in it the strongest mmrartv of cur Kntimenti Liberty oi cunciere, with scrupulous distinctions hetwreu what bulor.Rt to the state and what to ttie rhun li, wid equal pro'ectinn for each ; freedo - n of o - pinion, withlreal restrirtionton ttbutet; Hiieqo il right on all native to all the detpt or public service, and alt the - distinctions due tn n.eiit, equul obligation to serve the state in the honorable career of arrtit ; equality or laws, and of citizens in the eye of thf law ; impartiality and prouiptnes in the administration ol juttice ; equality in the asetnwnt and payment of imports ; strict order iu all the parts of public Monuiuy ; royal for aupimrting public credit, and lor aearafltyiu the tueaus destined to that object : the e - Ubli'h(Dent ol municipal corporations in all tlio.r rights to the edministr&ton of atfairs which im n - diRlrly iuterest tliem ; stiites scnernl form - I Artl itnFT.iflli t Ai I . - ill r. a . ft, A lite statct general vested with the ri;bt ofr.oun - u - iliiig, voliftR the laws, of granting impost!, of itiukio; known their Wisttes and Biabing rtmon - srttaucet, in case of the invasion of constitutional rights, and called to increase in their public assemblies tht: winlom of the dtiiberations ol lb fiovcmnieut, without paralizing itsenerxy ; fU - ullv, a inrnty of th constitution, which ,jtn!crs alt change impossible, except such a - m. ndmcntt as experience may prove to Oe bene - Ceial. - 1'itle 1, of the constitmion, declares that the cM .i - m! new prottnrrs of the kingdom of Bavaria sliatl form a sorereign and luouurchiral tta'f, nn.l ill il llw r tbhll i an SiieiuLiv of ?t.itti Cinni r:d divided inti two Houses. : Title 2. Relates f tbe king, the uccession, .ami the rCK:cy. The kinjr is the supreme po.ver; limited only by the provisions of the constitution. His person U sacred and invio - title. Hie croan is hereditary in the male line, but on the extinctionof the, may po to the female. It it alioulU UU to . Mse cin of airreater monarchy. ho cannot or ill Put . res de in OAaria, it is to ps to tlic nest heir. The ape of nujoily in the priocess and princesses is eigutcen years. Tilt king may apoint any prince, who is of to Ve recent durtiig the rr inorily of his su ces - s - r, or in case none has been, appouited, the nearc,t prince of age is to be - regent uunug tlie iiiiiioiity. - - , PARI?, June 3. Ye have already mentioned the deplorable - eviut vthj.Ji hh plunicd iuto grief the town ot St. Jsn O' Anjlv. I htt toivt. contain! powder mU h.h me generally conidtred i the mott extemii e in Kranc t l.ut the mills tituateJ in lb. bikWI oi the.village of Fkilletaorg, tiie mwi rnpulous part of the lown, are, th - .u vicinity, the mi't dnngeroui to the iuhabilnn. Ou a iu oi .y, hi quarter paa fi in the Dtorning, tbe mbatutmiU were aaV.crn.J by a droadt'il eaploion, which ws. iamiediau - l, jbl. J unwi. i uv two esiiio - iuiu pened at tho west pan uf ttie ixiwdir - works,' w - Ki, viMku vu j more uian w,uuOib. 1 : of powlor. , it if bad:y pwsi'Je to conccire of fio Cjt v oflii!e two successive explotious, sod J the xnaiJiaLen alikh they piodured among the in - habilaa'.s of '.be towo. The repmt was hard " wearly tWffily lreus arou.x'. t he whole tnwn was ieiiuediateiy ufo.i their feet: fcrtheshocks Lad broken the giats of almo ad the win Lws. THURSDAY, JVbT 30. , - .. - . - ! - . u the eogth - aast they taw In the atmosphere a white cloud of smoke, to appearance liuo an e uonnouit rock, wbese ineonalilics, they aay, imi tated houian figures, so perfectly, that, we are assured, the people believed lhy recognised the nun." ver one hastened to the disastrous scene, wUch recalled to mind tbe catastrophe of of the plain oftireoeUe in 179 - 1. 7 ne wboie extent employed in the manufactory powder, the olace of the mills oolv excepted, was destroyed from top to bottom. A hundred and fifty houses. in St. Maaaire and the village of I aillebourg were either thrown down or so much injured as to be rendered uninhabitable. . A great many silizeus have been crusbod, or bnneU under Uie roouui, or killed in tbe sheets , in their gardens, by the fall of stones, timber, trees which were rooted up, and otlier things, which were thrown into the air by tbe sorce n ine explosion. 'Every exertion wae made to save the inhabitants, so imminently threatened with destruction. Several toot of powder were removed from the mpiine which wat already on fire, to a place of safety. But a new danger, still more frightful, suddenly appeared to alarm the labourers. There was a large magazine a little further dis tant, which contained 20,000 lbs. of powder ; and its expfrhiori would cause the destruction of ine whole town. I hev perceiveJ Wat some pieces of burning wood fell upon tbe roof of this magazine, and threatened to reach tbe ulterior. A cry of terror was heard in all quarters of the town, and a great part of the population preci pitated litemielves into the plain, each one toil ing whatever be could, that was most precious to him. at. Jean J'.Anjoly was deserted in a moment. A few men, however, had the cour age to remnu. They sprang upon the building and threw down to tbe ground the bursitis brands. This intrepidity entitles who manifested it, to the highest honor, (ly degrees tranquility was restored ; and the danger being over, th inhabitants relumed to their houe. 6'uch are the particulars of this dcnIoraUe e - rent, which plungrs so many families iuto mise - The number ot victims, however, at pre sent tixlccn killed, and some wounded. The bodies of 1 1 laborer, all ftthcrs of famiiit?, have bred found, by piece - mcal, in tbe vicinity and in ' the neighboring gardem. In the town, almost all the brick partitions are thrown down, the indowcandcafeuienttaredestroyod. and ma ny of the heavy w ills arelijiired. The damage already known is estimated at a million of francs. It is tai J that the trcmliliur "f the earth was so reat, that the river was fur a moment thrown from it bed. As to the cjuvs of the ex:losion. thev are un. known. - ' The rumours in circulation ure not sul. tkicutly established fjr us to report them. Some speak of it asxn xliout venancc, hut the crime wnuld be so horrih e thhteverv honest suul !niH. ders at the idea. tHisers suppose that a labourer who was in the muRaiine where tb fre took, having rolled a quarter caikof powdi r with vi - lence, the lri ti in oct - asioned sparks, whii h caused tli double exi!osirn. But we rrut at tbattnotliin! is yet certain in respect to it. The neighboring towns have tent e.tprirs to offer assistance. It is probahle that in all r'ruin - e and especially in the Capital, subscriptions will he opened, for the relief of those who arj ruined by this deplorable event. - Circumstances Its aisaiirous naro onen excileu tue compassion ol tr.c puoiic. it is qo w that generosity will be no - uie uq j useiui. BERLIN. May 23. A dreadful fire has dettiored the town of Creutzberg. Of 231 houses, only II remain. Four hundred and seventy - five families, consist inj ofabnnt SO0O persons are left without asy lum, and jtduccd to the greatest misery. From our Cemrnandenl. NORFOLK, July 27. Extract of a letter fathe Edtiort, doled GibralUr, June 3, 131.1. " I hr no news to send you by this opportunity, save ouly that the poor Dons are so harrais - ed by tlio " vile rebels," the privateers that even tho little ccaMiog trade between this and Cadis, only 60 miles iu extent, is cut tip. All trade of value between these two ports is carried on either uuder the American or Engli'h flag. - Four privateers have literally blockaded the port uf Cadis for souie time past, making captures in sight of lbs walia ! And the Russian fleet in port!: " Our elegant chip the Franklin, cspt. Ballard, has jut anchored in this bay, S days from Leghorn. No ncft t by her. The Peacock sniled with her, and will be in in the ccrse ui the day. The others remain aloft." Capt. Herbert informs that the Peacock had arrived beu?re he sailed. Capt. PartiiJarc, who arrived hero on Saturday iu the schr Widow's oou, from Plymouth, N. C.states, that he saw ou Friday morning a brig aihoro tibout 8 miles to tho southward of CunUuck Inlet From her appearance he tho'l sho could not l.ave been lung ashore ; her masts were cut away, and the people on board were employed in landing her cargo, which was lum ber. On capt. Ci nearing the shore, the people on board tho wreck lri;tcd atonal upon the end tf a pole, which had on it Uie letter B. C. with a red ball between. Capt C. could not come uihYintly n ar to speak the wreck. .ot oj lltit tchr. .Triton, Cuit. J'htHnry, ny JJosloii. lue Nelson sailed from Iloston the BtliJuly, hound tt this port, with a caro of plui&ter, lime, gin, sc. On the Uth, in lat 38 27, lonir 61, ws. boarded by a sea which log ged the schr for some minutes. The pumps immediately tried, and it wai found the made - attr very fast. As the wind was blowintr fresh from N NF. Capt. I. was in hopes that he would be able tn get in be fire any serious injury might happen : but on Saturday the 8th, the wind hauled round to the South, and the leak i'i increased that boih pumps could not keep In r free. At 5 1 M siw a bi 'nj to leewam and bore down for her, (brig Stanuai - d, Latillicid) and asked tor assistance, but could obtain none, as the bri was short manned, but was advised by the captain to abandon the schr. and corre onboard of him; this, however, Captain V. declined, thanking him r,'. the same t me for his advice, ai 1 uhserving that lie would not leave tho Nelson s dcckwhde she floated. He then bore away for the hu t, and she very toon r.fler ent down in 3 fathoms water, near Wreck - Island. The Captain and crew finding that she was going down, took to the boat aiid with some dirticulty succeed ed in savior two pipes of eia. few boxes le - moiwCic. with which tliev reached the shore. They jwere af:era - ards f - llen in whli by the' schr. Union, Walker, Horn Iew - orlc, wtioi took them on board ith the articles they had saved, stripped the Nelson of as much of her ringing, spars, etc. as could be got at, and arrived here Willi the same on Wednesday after noon. KoariLK. July 27. Arrived, British brig - antine Wellington, 24 days frcm Monteeo IUv, Jamaica. Spoke, July 6th, oil Cape Antonio, brig Harmony and sch fclmmrock, both frnm Kingston, Uie former bound to Liverpool, the latter to N Orleans, out 7 days. 13ih, lat 24, 16, Ion tJO 20, ship Echo, from Falmouth, Jam hound to London, out 14 days, all we t, wished to be reported 15th, lat 26 43, Ion 80 10, was fallen in with by a pilot boat built schr. with about 13 black men on board, who said they were from N Orleans bound to Iort - au - I'nnce kept co. with the W. t'.ree days, and were very particular in enquiring after ipa - nb - h vessels. Capt. S. had no doubt tint said sch. was on a piratical cruise. . British sch Neptune, Havward, from Anti gua, via llerniuila. Sch Jane, Moor, Z davs from Surinam. Left June 3oth, ship Char'les, Preston, of and KirlVistonj biis ftcn Jackson, Lo. ing, da. oaad ontheldth December next i Telema - clius. Wood, do do in 10 days ; Henrr, John - , of Hath, lor do do j Uesolution, Andrews, or end for Wilmington, do l.dia It dargaret - ta, .Vitiold, for It. LlanJL m 4j days 4 Ctha - ' rine, SUlroth, of and for Ntpa& SO; Cdr sypium. Parsons, of ami for Gloucester, wait - me cargo I uvntnia, iioimes, ot arm iur taon, do i Abieil. Lee. of Pbiladdnhfa. forfl lxu - don in 10 day. Tbe brig Houuid, Cook, of sad for Salem, tilled June srtn. fcpnxr, Juiy 16. Ut 28 30. Ion 60. sen Hunter. 7 cays irpm Baltimore, bound to Cape FraneaV Most of the above vessels had beet) lying a lont; time there waiting for Molasses, which was v&j scarce. . An epidemic prevailed at Surinam, which swept off great numbers of the Dutch - in many instances tbey died in 4 or 5 hours alter bemir taken it. lua Ameri cans were generally bealtliy and had escaped the attacks of this fatal malady. . Sch Thomas Tenant, Herbert, 51 days fwrri Gibraltar. Spoke, June 7th, lal 37 10, ton 16, sch Huston, fcom GibralUr, for N T6ik, out 4 dsvs. July J4d, lat 38. Ion 74. ship Augus tus, from N Orleans, bound to N Vork, but 29 days. Sch Return, Cowing 14 days from Renne - bunlc , ' .' From our Corrnp - rndtnt. ' City Gaaette Office, Charleston, July 23 noon. From Si. fary'. By the arrival of the Dri ver, we learn that the small privateer or piratical schooner lately scuttled and suuk m Jekyl Sound oaa been, raised and carried into St. Mary's. She. is ascertained to have had no interest in or connection with the other schooner which wat recently sunk in that vicinity. The circum stances under which the latter vessel was sunk, are somewhat mysterious. It seems a strange boat, with uwfflcd oart, arrived at St. Mary'sone night lat week, aud was detained by the sun boat. Her crew represented themselves to nave Deiange J to a schooner, prizo to an independent privateer, which that afternoon bad been uprct in a tquali aud sunk ; but a written paper was aiurwanu uucoverea in the bottom of the boat, giving a particular description of the vessel's thurttiou, the depth of water the wat in, hor beariogs, Jtc. wlii'.h induced the suspicion of her having been iun intentionally, and that the was afterwards to be raised. The top of her masU were out of water, and upon one fcf them a small signal. She was reported to be a Span - ish vefscl, hut from various circumitaucea she is believed to be a Swede or Dane, reported to have 40,000 specie dollars on board, and a cargo cf silks, A:c. worth $7000. This mystery will probably soon be cleared up, as the U. A', brig 6'aranac was to have sailed from St. Mary's on Tuesday morning to join the U. S. schooner Lynx, when the would be ta. - dy raUed, though iu 7 fathoms water. COMMERCIAL. Extract of a Utter from Havre, June 6, received by the Cyrus. " The numerous arrivals from the V. S. this spring, have brought into market a most valuable stock of American commodities, which have generally met with a pretty steady dcinaiiJ Our slock of .American cotton wool, which somewhat exceeded 20,000 bales, is now gradually I - j?eo'm, and may be computed at tthout 6000 Upland, 1700 Oi lrr,a, and OoO Sea Island. We arc of opinion that our present quotations will maintain thii year, especially, fur prime torts, which are scarce, and will always command advanced prices. Bengals hang heavy on bind, and afford but lilt.e or no encouragement. Qur trk bsjs ao - cumulated by late importations from India and the U. S. to about 10,000 bales. Brazils have been somewhat neglected of late. , . Our market for American rireand flour opens this year rather unfaTorabfy for importers, on account of the generally L;n: apect of growing crops in France, and abroad . Carolina rice sold latterly at 3a a 33 l - 2f. duly tic. We have now hardly 1500 casks in first h u.l, which we presume will maintain E. ludia and Brazils' nominal. Srme Rve Flour aold at low as M f. pr. M. - and Superfine will not now command 15, duty tri e. We may have about 3,300 bis. 4a the market. Pot and Pearl Ashes, Quercitron Bnrk, an I Beet W ax, are of a limited consumption, but will, however meet with a ready tale nt quoted prices, in small lots, well selected. We are, at this raiment bat slightly provided with these articles" Fish and Sperm Oil, Pitch, Tar, Rosin, and ?tavr Coknial and E India produce, coioirtnsd a reudy sale, at quottd prices, eipecial'y Cols, which, as will be observed, rules liigb, continues scarce, and i much wanted - The l.ile actual importation nre by no means adeq'iuto to our wants Cocoa but little demand. We entertain a favourable opinion nf TobaccosVirginias, lfMd, end Kr.nluckys 17, prime q'laiitips, nave a ieoiuei preiercnco, eipeciaiiy lie latter, which is wed tirlapted to our wants. O'lr artnal does not exceed 1,5K) hhds. in Virginia, Kentucky, Carolina, acid Georgia descriptions. Sugars are not in active demand, but superior Havana, especially yellows, would obtain higher puces. Frsiii fas London Tinrt rf June 8. ' Fracas at Ih Inyal - lir'ru dinner In our ac count ol this dinner we stated that every tiling was cmidurlwl with, harmony and conviviality oiiretateuienl wat true op tn the time at which we leA it, which was about 10 o'clock. It ap pear., however, that, afierwanU, the gods of wine and of war broke this fair peace : and that noise and liot concluded an evciiiu; so amicably bc"un. The following account is from the "i - " It was generally stated that the evening, on thisocca'KHi, was pa - ed with the greatest con viviality, when it mi;ht hare been mentioned that Inne was a battle - royal, in which a uistin guhhfd tity orator took a leading part. It ap pears that there were pnrsous auiniig those loyal citizens who did not approve of the proceeding, an I eipiessed thiir sent ments iu the utual way, by luci and groans ; and these were so often re iwate.l, tl.rit a real lo$al man could no Ionrer keep his tear, but went to the cUcnling party to expostulate, a'ld w is received by aknoilc - dowu hluw. The gaaia'oucr heun wai not so easily flopped ; several started up, nod in a few mi - uuti - t all was uproar ; the tables tx rici to totter, and Uie glares to rajtle ; the tables fell, and the glasses and bottles were broken, to the amount ul'alhve XiO damage. A very worthy citizen, h was early in acUon, waj sinjrled out by Mr. A'arauel Hixoo asa leader ol Die disroiitenls ; and. ' orator, couareu anuunrgeu 10 me noor. During this transaction tbe batllo became gene ral, and tlierreate't confufio'' prevailed. Now it v happened, that, for bo first lime in hit life, Mr. Dixon was wrong. The gentleman he col lared was not a discontent, but had appeared early .11 the nc4d, to prevail on one of the Uifou teuts to de. - ist from diattirbin the harmony of the evening, and had so got mixed up with the bat tie, a to be by bnih parties very s vtrely ltd. 11 J nose lied, and his hii t an J waistcoat were turn. 1'htn ended the loyal livery dinner, amida none, riot, and cmfu.imi ; and it was not spent, at reprrscutcd, with haruioi.y and conn - via!ity., From tht Lherprvl Courier. The following pleajinjr proof of animal sagacity has been sent to u. by a correspondent : A few days ago, a person was attending a vessel discharging oak b.trk at the kin - i dnck, when, aolortunately, a particle of this substance g!t into his eye, which ttriiU nH he extracied. either by hime'f orsever.d o'.hrs who tried all their skill. He coulmatd, for three successive lays and nigliL, in the oioiltarr'xiatinc pain - On the foarth etraiii;, whiie still tuirenng tht severest torture, hit faiilful little dog, of the pn; brred, appeared U view him with an unmual lere nf atleutioo, and, after fawuin; with seess - ingly extra vauil flatt7,he leaped on hit mister's knee, (which liberty Le had us ver attempt ed before,) placed his pasrt 00 each side of hit bead, eed began to lick, first about the chin, ttMi the - ear, then," by degree - , - '.to thi afflicted eye, where his attention was chiefly directed 1 be - approached it, and, with his pug nose, endeavoured to remove tbe shade which had been placed over it, and which, with his master's assistance, was soon removed. Tbe dog was then uflered to proceed in his operations : he imme diately cleansed the eye, with a' care and judgment that would have done credit to a respecta ble practitioner, and, tn less than a minute, his master wat relievbd front a misery, of which only tbey who have tuffered under similar circum stances are able to judge." ' ( . From the New - York Columbian. Last Saturday, as a carriage, with a gentle man, several ladies and children, was driving down the hill at West Farms, commonly called Brown's Elbow, the horses took fright, and at the turn near the foot of the lull, the carriage by its velocity overset and was dashed into a thousand piece - . Fortuoately no lives were lost, although all were much bruised, and one lady had her arm broke. ' , There would be tome difficulty in ascertaining the number of cripples living that this borrid hill has made, without taking into consideration those it has hurried on beyond the grave ; and still we are compelled to travel over this hill to towo, or go twice the distance by way of King's Bridge. If the Harlem BridgeCompany seriously wished to oblige tbe public, they would run their road to the west of Walker's house, strait to where it now crosses the Bronx niver, by which they would have a level road, aud avoid this danger ous hill, with several others, and lessen the dis tance one third, aud which csuld be doue for hall the niouey that bat been expended on tirowu'i E.bow. But the Company, having no opposition 6uf what they tcnino how to mamge, leave their little narrow road for you to get to tne City as well as you can for slay at home), taking care, however, when you travel over their Bridge, to make vou pay the most exorbitant toll in the u Mates if you complain, you are told that 'be Company, having the exclusive right of bridges over llarlcni Kiver lor ages to coine, you must travel as they please. If the Company have this privilege, it it time to put an end to it, by indent - nifvin' them and making private propeity sub servient to public good look at the roads leading from the N orth aud hast, are tbey not a disgrace to the adajcent counties, as well as to the great and flourishing city of New - York What is the cause that the Long Ltand farmers grow rich, while we nud a dimcultv in getting a living .' It is because they have good roads, aud can carry their produce to market oJ miles distant, with more ease and less expense thau we can 15, be tides the difference of wear and tear of horses and team. Let the citixeus of New - York look at the map of their city, and say if they are sati ned that Harlem Bridge should be tbe oniy puce of egress aud regrets, uf tnelie out ol fourteen of the gruat aveuues leading from their city, f wages Income. Wtslchetler Farmer. Westchester, July 23d, 1811). ( front the Philadelphia Adcerlistr. STEAM - BOAT PORTERS. Mr. Poulsnn Theimpoiitious practised upon strangers by the porters who atteuJ our steam boats, are disgraceful to our city, artl call nloud for redress. Charges of a mast cxhorbitant nature, are made for trifling services, and it is not unusual to see from 50 to 100 cents extorted for Uie porterage of a smsU trunk. The policy pur sued by the depredators in question, appears to le, to get as much by one jvb, as wul enable them to be idle all the rest of Uie day ; and as ihey are persuaded that strangers would rather submit to imposition than to insult and law suits, they never lad to extort. If our couueils do not Uiink it worth while, for the credit of the city, to regulate the charges of steam boat porters, the owners ol the steam boats ought to interfere. They should establish a fair and equ:tafle rate of charges, a table ol which should bo' placed in a conspicuous part of the host, and Jo porter should be allowed to euter oa board, wMo would not render himself subject U - uch regulation. Such a measure adopted by ei ther of the boats, would give a decided preference to that boat j for thm is scarcely ius individual in the community, who would not be willing to lend hit aid towards the suppression of a practice to outrageous at the one complained of. Should thit appeal, however, to tlie interest as wrll as to the justice cf the sttatn - boat proprie tors, bo disregarded, there is no remedy left. Strangers, whom we ought to protect, will couti - nue to be imposed upon. Our city will suffer in its character, an t we shall raise up a class 01 gentry, who will idle 23 hours every day upon the earnings of one. As an example of the impositions complained of, you will do the public a service by publishing the fullowiuj decision upon an action trough: yesterday before alderman Bartram. Philadelphia, July 24, 1013. F rt. ALLEN. The defendant wat a porler who attended upon the steam Boat Philadelphia. A gentleman received a travelling leather trunk, by the boat, on Thursday, and ngreed to pay the defendant fifty cents, lordetivering it at a house which was distant about ttventy - tive minutes walk. This was the price at which a man. horse and dray, cWd be hired to haul 10 or 15 times the weight, for the same distance, and at which a packieol 'louble the weight could he transported to lleor - ia. On arrival at the house, the trunk was delivered to a lady, and in the absence of tho gentleman, the sum of seventy five cents was demanded for the porterage and paid. This action was brought for the recovery of the twenty - five cents extorted over and above the sum stipulated to be paid, and the defendant having nothing to pls - ad in dei'enre, but his misunderstanding the distance, and the right which he slated the Porters possessed or tinrgvig what thef pleased, when the distance was great. Judgment was entered naninst him,' and the amount of debt and costs, (eighty seven and a hall cents) was, at the request of the plaintiff, deposited in the Charily Box. , A tew examples like this would, in a great degree, save our citizens from bting imprxed upon ; Vid at to strangers, if neither the public authorities, who owe tlirm protection, nor the owners of steam hoat, reit gsf their money, will have any regard for their pockets they iust erer continue to share tbe fate of the mau who fell among 'Ju!y25, 1813. From the Bos'on Palladium, July 23. Ty11r FoundTg.W is with much pleasure wc state, that through the exertions and enterprise of Mr." K. White, Type Founder at New - York, a branch of his business is now established in this town, under the superintendence of Mr. D. Mapley, a very ingenious attentive and persevering artist, who is thnrougly acquainted with the business ; we thiak it no more than justice tn say, that the Types which have been cast at this Fnundery, are in every respect equal, if not superior to those of any other in this country, hnd we hope that the printers of New - England will not he wanting in their patronage towards an tstabh'hineat to useiui ana Dcoeucial to thci j business. WASHINGTON CITY, Jely 58. The President of the United Ststn returned on . - wnriay to bis faro, in liusmnn losinty, va. itirtaut about 30 mile from tbe city of Washing - loo. i CHARLESTON, July M. On Saturday nieht last, a ft colored man, namevnot recollected, jumped from on t.oard the ship rlbirail, or Boston, lying in the strearr and was drowned - It it wot a awn wnetner it was to swim to shore or to commit seicide. NEW - ORLEANS, June 23. Willises Wratt was executed yesterday after aoon, la pursuance af his sentence, lor the mur der of oaptaia Cornelius DriscolL ra tie high - ; A TZXPTISQ OFFER! - HAITI. March S. Tht following regulation resjiecting political rights, has been added to the 3ilth article' of the constitution, by a decree issued in the beginning Qfrebruary: x "A white msn, who marriesa woman of Hay ti, becomes a citizen, and after a residence of eae year and a day is eligible to all" offices, and may become 0 proprietor of tbe island : a white wo man marrying an inhabitant ol Hayti, becomes a female cilisen of Hayti. " A white man of arfy part of the world, mm - - ryvig a negiest tn the place where he resides, may come to the territory of the republic ! On his arrival, tht ex peaces of his voyage shall be paid bim. ' This regulatiou is applicable to both sexes." NEVV - HAVEN, July 28. Robbery X)a Wednesday afternoon last, the store of Messrs. E. & E. Flagg, was entered by a lad of 17 years of ago, who took a small irank cootaining about 70 in money, with notes aud other papers to the amount ol one or two thousand dollars. The trunk was secreted in a hhd. of sand until evening, when it was taken out, the top broken sufficiently to admit a person's hand, and to get the money. The trunk was then thrown into the mud, and about ten o'clock ou Thursday morning was found in the sound, one mile to the eastward of the light - houe, contain ing all the papers. The boy has confessed the transaction, aud is bound over for trial. Coroner's refnrrt. Yesterday the coroner was called to view the body of a mail unknown, found in the river, near Kedltnok sppears to have been a sailor on board the Washington 74, as be had a while shirt with blue collar, long black hair, with a white string or tape around it ; had the mark in blue on his arm of the anchor and rope seems to be ubout 35 ) ears of age, and appears to have been eaten by some fish, as both legs aud thighs were toin oil' near the body. Jiat. Adv. Third concert Lait evening the third and last concert of (he three firtt promised, was giveo at the theatre, to an auJicnce equally numerous and fashionable, to appearance, with either of the preceding. We shall still adhere to a resolu tion which we have already expressed, to ab stain from saying any thing that can be construed into a preference of any one of the performers over the other ; though we certainly are not vithout our partialities and strong ones too, and uch as we think we could amply support by the rules of musical science and good taste. Bat for obvious reasons we shall keep them to ourselves. We beg leave to ray, that to encore a song three tiaies oa a repetition of it a second uight, is fluffing our ears with rather to much of a good thing ; and certainly defeats tbe effect intended. Two more concerts are to be given, one to - mor row night and the other next Monday, a' the re pealed solicitation! of the audience. We beg to express a hope that a little more attention should ho paid to the telortinns. MA It KIEL), At Brooklyn, on Saturday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Matthews, Mr. Brockholst Liv ingston, Jim. to M's Ann Van Beurcn,daiigh. ter of Courtiandt Van Betircu, esq. of that place DIED, On Tuesday, Richard M. Bovine, of the firm of Hull & Bowne, druggists. KFEJflA'O POST MjililXE LIST. CLEARED. Br'g Tybce, Bucktr . . Havre T C Butler, jr. Com. Porter, Doane Chance, Canuiog St. Wary Ts . II Eckford Antigua Ward k Bishop Halifax Ward I Bishop Boston Richmond Antigua R Lenox Boston Schr Brittanirt, Bruce Simington, Bonner, Sloop Betsey, 6'ommers .Martha tiyaoi, Clark, James, Blunt, Rebecca Clark, Prideanx, Newbcrn j hri ma litis mk;.vo(vv. British brig George and Thomas, Parkinson, 29 days front Uemerara, with rum and moias ses, to wm ISailey. I.ctl, bug Loufta, Hobby, for Halifax, to sail in 1 5 days ; brig , Foulks, tor St. Johns, N. C. in IS days British sch Speculation, Hester, 13 days from Nassau, N. P. with hgnumvits, skins &c. to James Scott, and twu passengers. Sch Arts ami Science, Nelson, 4 days from Currituck, with wheat and lumber, to biountii Jackson, and Mr. Mullen. Sch Wm Si Mary, Kobmson, 17 days from Aux Cafes, with coffee, logwood, kc. to tl Harbeck, It Robinson, T Serjeant, and Smith Si Kernochan. Left, sch Diana, Bird, for New York in a week ; sloop First Attempt, Hail, of Warren, far Baltimore, uncertain. No other American vessels in port. Schr. Union, Ternll, 3 days from Norfolk, with shingles and water - tncuoot, to i.iz U. be euoine. Sloop Honest r.nueavour, uwens, 0 davs from Currituck, with water melons, to ttie captain. BELOW, 1 tchr. .1UtitVt;i) LAST F.VEXIXG. Schr Martha, Simington, 5 days from Norfolk, ith paper, rum, tobacco, serais, kc. to R. Dick ey,G. G. ti S. HowlanJ,,D. Huntington, Page it 1 riplett, ivrtiregor uarung, and W. Jones, 14 passengers. Schr Caroline, Lombes, 5 davs from Cum tuck, with slaves to Baker & Robinson. Schr Rambler, hells o days from Currituck, with shingles and staves to Baker ti Robinson. Schr Union, Oennet, 0 days Irom Wilmington, NC with tobacco, cotton and staves, to order 20 passengers. echr Union, Uevoe, 5 days irom Currituck, with staves, te Baker & Robinson, K Hastie, Titus k Vaii Zandt, W B urges, G G k S How - land, A S Halle t aud W Crawford. Schr Leopard, Wescott, 7 days from Edenton, with turpentine and tar, toTredwell & Thome. Schr Patriot, Harrelt, 4 days from Edenton, with new wheat, to Tredwell ft Thome. Schr John Allen, E'.heridge, 5 davs from E - denton, with naval stores, to Tredwell & Thome aud Blount Jacksoo. Left schr Magnificent, for N York in 2 davs. Sloop Antelope, Fitchet, 6 dayt from Norfolk, with ihinglca, to J ft C Srguioc. sloop Gov. Tompkins, Lucas, 6 davs from Bal timore, with tobacco and flour, to A G Phelps. fcloop r Headship, iL'.rslrom aaow Hill, with corn, to the captain. Sloop CaUiarmu Ann, Cole, 5 days from Nor folk, with ruin, to C Beers. iloop Mechanic, Nye, 6 day from Wilming ton, NC with turpentine, to W Neilson C boo. Sloop Science, Hull, S - dnyifrom Philadelphia, with fl.ur, to W Gallagher. Sloop Hops Oweos 3 days from Camden, Del. with corn, to C Oakley k Brothers. Sloop M.ry, Smith, xTJdavifrum Mobile, with Litton, to I'eters k Herrirk, and D R Lambert. fa'senjrer, D. Crawford, eq. Left, schr Ra rer, for N York, 1 5th July. NKWPOUT. Julv 25. Arrived, brut Union J Caitcr, Irnra Acra, f. Africa.) Capt. Carter, left' l t,ap toasl on the 1 8th of April, bn; Belvi - It'M, bwan, of Boston, to sail in 5 or 3 dayt for Princess, to procure CcCie. f;CHRtF.STOX July' SfArrid, sh?p Canullos, Ciidate, (mentioned ywterdav.y4d,. front Havana,.' The brigs Sarah Marii Cot from Boston ; Venes Elsworth, ditto t ChsrtB, and Ellen, Upton, front Catttae'i aad schr AkW baron, Clark, from Boston, arrived at Havana on the I3ih and 14th inst. The schrv MUo. ' Tallman, and Nancy Ann, Rogers, both from Bath, arrived atMatansas oa the 14th inst - . Left at Havana, ship Hero, for Boston, to tail in 10 days t brigs American, Anner, for .N York fat or 3 days Trader, for Salem in 4 days t Ca.' roline Augusta, for a port in Europe in 15 days Thomas, for Boston uncertain ; sloop O.HVash.' ington, for N York uncertain. On the 14th W off Havana, passed schr Eunice, 35 days irmm Portsmouth. N. H. for N Orleans. On the 17th inst. eff Cape Florida, spoke brig Ann, Smith, ofand from NOrleans, 12 dayt out, bound to N York, in a leaky condition, both Dumps aeoine' and was informed that they would be compelled to run ber ashore on the Florida reef. SatxM, July 27. Arrived, sch Fanny, An drewi, 19 days from St. Pierre. Left, BrjM Active, Hubbard, for Middlctown (tonfiance Stone, Boston ; Elizabeth, Low, Portsmouth! Triton, , Cohasset, sclirs Alexander Thompson, Boston : Concord, Holmes, Duxhu! ry 1 Marcellus, Adams Washington 1 James Monroe, Norfolk 5 Morning Star, Davis, N Hs - veil ; Ann, Clark, do 1 Lareine, Goodv, Norfolk, Three Sisters, N York, off and on t Neutrality Satchwell, Salem, just arrived.. Markets very unsteady. Bos 1 ox, July 28 Arrived, brig Dryad? I'luuimer, 47 days from St. Salvador. 1 June 10, ship Fisher - Ames, Taylor, cfNew! port, for N York, uncertain when to sail t brirg Nautilus, Percival, fur Boston, in 30 davs j lit. nius, Dunton, of Philadelphia, just arrived, via Peniambuco. The Junius sailed from Per. nambuco in co. with ship , of Newport, ' for St. Salvador. Left no American veutUat Pernainbueo. The Junius spoke lat S N brig Vigilant, Waters, of Boston, from St'saC vador, for Bremen, 22 days out. UrigGeorri. ana, Stone, sailed from Montevideo, IVJay 1 for Barcelona. Spcke, July 15, lat 29 7 N tanr 63 18, sch Anson, of Hartfurd, 8 days fwtoM London, for Turks Island. 23d, lat 39 31, Ion 70, ship Lady Gallttjn, Swain, of New York. 6 ...... ......,, iW Liverpool, an well. ling Adze, Rich, 34 davs from Mobile. Left at Mobile, sch Sandyiky, for N York, to sail in 10 days ; sch James McKinley, to sail in 10 dtys for N York. Spoke, brig Cora. 27 days from Boston, 'Mobile Also, shib Ohio, 21 davs from Philad. for N Orleans. Capt. Rich and part of the crew of the Adze, are sick wiih fever and aue , and the brig was aoikedintu port by the assistance of the passengers. THEATRE. LAST CONCERT BUT ONE. 05" The public is respectfully informed, that in cuiiseiuence of the numerous applications for (duces fur tbe concerts, they Will be coatieuii on Friday aad Monday eveoingi rttlL ooonuOooooo ON FBIOAT ZVLNIHG, JPLT 31, 1813. Will be presented, . A CONCERT. Leader of the Band, Mr. Gillioctast Grand Piano, .Mr. Joha Biancbi Taylor, (irom the King's 1 h'atrc, lioudoo.) PART 1. Overture. , Song, Mr. Philipps, ' tho1 lore is warm awboV Braaotn. Bravura, Mrt. Holman, " Deep in my breast," Corri Jfonr, Mr. Inclcdon, Will Watch,' Davy (Hit last appearance out one 111 Ametrca.i Song, Mrs. Burke. " Whilst with village Bates'' Bhisld Irish Melody, Mr. Philipps, " Love's IoH Dream,' Ballad, Mrt. Holman," Ke membranes," M. 8. Song, Mr. Incledon, " The Latt Whistle," BhieiV New Scotch Duet, Mr. ttufippe ex Mrs. Burks, M. S. Philipps PART II. . Sinfenie, . . ft Hunting ?nng, Mrt. Burke, " away ye dull tits, aards," 5biel4 Duet, Mr. Philippt, and Mrt. IIoTman, " I krrt thee." BisboD Song, Mr. Taylor, " When the rose - bed cf su - ,nr st " tentca' Duet. Mr. Incledon and Mrt. Burke," Love it thine eves." Jecktos " Echo Song," Mrs. Hohnin, achoed by beruil, sunop Song, Mr. Philipps, Temple of Liberty,1' . - , Moon Bravura, Mrs. Burke, " Joyous Days," ctoracs Balind, Mr. Inciedon, The. tjtorm," . Stevem Doors open at 7, and the conceit cotnmenct precisuJy at 8. . J 8 CROitUVVAV CIR C U S. 00000O00000 THIS EVENING, JULY 30. . The tieriorroance will commence with tht Crnnd Lquettrian Entry. Matter Thomas will on one horse perform mt - iir wonderful feats of horsemanship. Mis. Williams, the celebrated equettrisM will on horseback go through all her elegant leey and cooi - .lude by the exercise 01 the six division, of the Broad Sword. Slack Hope, by Mr. Maybe. The horse Palafox will perform tbe part eft domestic ; he will tit at table, and partake eft eolation with hit matter. - Master M'Cam, the wonder of the age, will, on one horse, perlorm many wonderful feats fot a youth, only rune yesira old, teaporer tcarler, and conclude by riding on hit bead, bis horse it lull speed. Uymaaitic Exercises, by (he whole troop. Mnna. Canssin will en tbroa'b n&nv turpTI' tin; feats with a stick, but recently introduced into this country. Mr. Tatncll, the flying horseman. wiBonost horse perform many wonderiul feats, leap a board of lights, and conclude by a flying Map through a niai; coach. ' - . Grand Trampoline Exercises, by Mr. Waytti who will after several wonderful leaps, cotjctoot by a turnrising leap over 7 horses. - Still Vaulting by the company Clown - W Tickett may be had at the circus, from J o'clock, a. iu. to 1 r. iii. ana iron ji - A nltr is nrnvirlpt rwtnls of Colour.)' Doort will be open at 7 o'clock, and theprt - 'ormanre commence precicty at 0. . No tmnaking allowed. Checks not ""'T able. Genlstmeo are rtquested not to enter un ruiif. 'rr - a stated mtetmr ot tne i ruiteet 1 4 A. inn.t.:. 1 - ..11, .n s, h.i.i nM Mniular sea's I'l III ' lui VVIKE, . Ill w lir IU iq, .. . Ih. MH r. A .i.u.t ! IA n'rlnrk - . A. M. K " College. CLEMENT C. MOOIU - " " v. - ' , - av " . - .ill. j :u 3t rr - IIIMV ill ivr T. - t - .ml XCU"b 1 - . 1 m 1 .v. . . i - a - . s , h i. state, at an mic uiicurrcni uans. isovcs v. - . - a discount of only 3 - 4 of one per cent. . JSOdlwctf "p LN COMMON OU.VClb,t July 57, 1818. ' K Retolved, That the present weighm'" have reporttd themselves agreeable to tinue to act under their seveialcommitti ij tbe first day ol .September next. . - I By orcer 01 tne ro:,oaYoHT0t. Chl TIw. K.:.iaMar.Ual Ki Iks hoard wdl pk1 llKHIUmi.,i - l""J. - I . If inst - rt the abive one J'f - , IT tArjLYA'AU, The regular packet hoon' having one half of her freight engage mset with unmoiiaie uisp" - u - - . i j - j 183 I rwt - strC -

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