Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 21, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1943
Page 2
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SS-EEVIEW, LA PORTE CITY. JQW.% CLASSIFIED ADS in! income) of S1200 or nore, re- NOTKE ....- i.. ·unutnre r..y. itiTi 2-lc =tcye · FOR SALE - irfrc-.i le^s ire = -^= a eo=- ealcsdar yiir 1941. =0: airier.; i= t^e S-^-tr. Seas =.:IIic!: persons were '\K-^--^~- cf°2.s-r~7-eir«i, i-hit- for -.ha: year, while Of ' £«-7-'. I; £. r_s:ii = -^a.-.t; :o S'LC-W 26 mi'.'ior. =ore than 9 I..,., -^_ :-.,, -.- -.:. i-,-* r-jsr.s- --er* zo; :xbi* cue to seme 261 come, must file a return, Seeds o=Jy reooired to tai returns hese same EBJKiop. credits ra-ao.=. As a T«--L!; of -.he lowering ^: ·--,,;·-·?-·- FOR SALE .·I Ph',.-.e VX. Real Estate .; .-.. May ~r- f r -. V£'t.i I T t _ Pr.or.e J 6 5 !*: 0. A.O" FOR SALE rw IMPROVED- OAT AND £OT2iAN VARIETIES TAilA AND BOONE S'-i.-.* C*.-T:f:*: R I C H L A X D of oersons -^si'".----"h-tr-tr :: :-- e.Te:r-p:;cr.s. ntar.y TMort pi:r o: fifrt;. pr. e^r- £ re r.-;-- subject -o -he Fed era", is come BLACK HAWK SE£D FARMS Ofrict: 211- 3!a:r. St. YOUR _ INCOME TAX srjjri^ --3^"F - r i: :;.-- Pr'.^r-e^s- ?.«·-.-:'·*· :.-. jil'.ir.z c j " i y-rr.=or.5 -w.:i n.e r rtitra. i^t-^Liic ·ix TV.-IT--. To -.he large r.araber of p*rior.5 r.o»- E-jhjec: to the r'eiiri'.^.s '.ax, «'-t ^ ve rv.-er re=cr:^i :r.;oir.e before for Acr.ual holders of the Farzi= Telephone compar.v -x- ·JOHNNY APPLESEED" at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday. B. S. Pickett, head of the hor- the room over the ;e".ep cculrnral deparnnen: of Iowa ROY E. WAGNi?.. State college, Ames, lo-^a, prt- - v n T T r , stated a conuairtce report on lc-, - u i i L i e of '·Johnny Ap- 1 Annual Eieet;r.g .-: ise kriO-a-n as John City Rural Fire Cc. -.- j n -i_e earlv pioneer Wednesday, Jaru^r/ days distrib.ted appleseeds to !ani o'clock at Com:nur..:y settlers along z. route extending TM i . from the Oiuo to the Missouri riv 2-2c er. Tht grave was located in Allen purposes, an nnder- jr;:i! March 13. ^-" y c _ c. p a.-.c Ficera! rax -·_i.r. ilr.ff of the i^" A ' ^^- sp b-i rcr3-_!:icir.= is of pnnie irr. is a Jec- of :he tax- lablp income :oee:her ^i"-h t ·.vhich ho :s er.t::!ed. SERVICES Reoair Work JS INCOME T A X ? Kt.r? 1-2P BODY, FENDEP. P.EPAIP.ING -- Dents removed, to match perfecty. Our "^or'-r -^:']) p'.eaie ven. Drive :r.. L*o Mittir C o " j-*-- r : -=c"o=-jre. ar.c; the integrity of :axrsver? ?--=-r'iy. ".h?.t the cost : ',: £r;'.ra*.:cr. of the ir.come u:e.- b ".:·: l-j.:^ r j -P^- r - "ax c£r. be '-'erii n; a m i n i m u m r-.o-jr: of, ar.y person ^ho wiilful- !er: ir.corr.e :ax p u r - ;-.- rr.ake^ a rcturr. he coe§ nor be- DALLA5 H died near Fort Wayne. Inu An GOLDEN EAGLE injured golder. eajle was "E.s. Insurance Miscellaneous - ' · F I R E I N S U R A N C E AGr.NCY FOP. COFFEEi a*. = j-Tirisisgl:-'] Laandr;; and AGK.'.'C FOK GHOLSOVS baby P.'.'-'.o 2J-W, Mr-. H. E. La 2-2p U, yo-s i.i '.hi S35,000/XXi/X) immediately. |po f -», rr.ear.: :r. Ker.era! ar j s fc r.-ti:ior i"or or.^'? .'· j - v h t t h e r the ccrr^tr..-Eitior! I ir.onev or !r good- or othe W A T E R L 0 Q| : ce ,. ';. l r d u de ? also the r. Uniq-j* \ Y^^-.-W =,,~ the product y corr.-' ;ieve to he "-rue and correct in ev trvic^, f-rv rraterial'er is subject to be in | - .. . , . , v ,; READ THE \VAN7 county, Inciar-a, on Lar.d iroctirg the St. Joseph river and owned by- W. S. and Lizzie Roebuck. Chap- D O N ' T LET OF MASTI Due to Streptococcus ROB YOU OF YOUI I Lm i» ACICM] nerrs for erer^ I Mojtids in hi * herd. About i of all Mastitis, or CarfM. Streplococcua aftaLictiae. T IT. B«*be G-Lac, (TyToihr:, I stops the action of Screp:^ i tiae. If NIastiiii, du^ to t 1 cuciinft Jnto jour mill: prc- 1 vour best dairy cowa are i! Gn B«be C-Lac. Vo: jr them-jlt*. B«*b« G-Lac i ·:-TO the teat anal. IWbe C :i»ork. Don't ler MasCiti-i'. ··iM-fus a£alactiae) rob you * · :«·! BcrtM; G-Loctoda. M A S T I T I S Mti^i^fi T E S T I N G you'coj.^ S E R V I C E dnai!'.. No" found by a boy in Call stale park and was turned over to Mr. Wille, the custodian, for care. Mr. Wille w spfnds much of his time shooting rabbits :o feed the bird until it is ready to fly again. co.-r.par.y, valu r - ( _ _ _ _ ^_ one's Harry Esher Berber Shop. 2-p j a j irj , fc5 : arm pr o'J-jce in :he ca-e of a ffcrmT; ir.corrf- from ir.vest-! r.a W. eggs to dispose oi Citj it's Fosse's. in LE Por Foi;e Flats. FOR RENT T'.VO OALI.ON.S OF GOOD 11.20 a'- L. J. T-j-.f- Stalior, 1'tf ?OP, SALK: lar'l ;,.";:-. Larg'; -izt Enlt W. F. Hughs'. l'2c CLKA.'.'KJ'.'S SOLVENT AT L. J. Tutt'H .Station. 1'tf Livestock FARM PEOPERn" INSUP.ANCE vrritV;rj on innallment plar. ul actual co?t thrrjagh Jesse 0. Kober, Agent. 1-tf r OR LITE, accident and hospital insurance for entire family in ore policy see JeEze 0. Kober, agent. 1'tfc FOP. SALE--Ttn black Poland China brood ,c,v^s, to farrow in Afarch anJ April. Max C. Whitehead. Phone 13-41. l-2c J-'Oii SALE: Tulips, Iris, Peonies. Better p l a n t now than in spring. Taking orders for Glad"), Dahlias und other bulbs for spring delivery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb Farms, Rt. 218. 1-tf FOP. THE BEST INSUP.ANCE in life, fire ant! auto B«e G. E. Loveless. FOR AUTOMOBILE insurance phone 31, Anna W. Kober. lt( NO HUNTING signs for sale at this office. FOP. P.ENT: 7-room house in the third block beloi- the bank. In- fraire of W. N. Loveless, first house north funeral home. 52-tfc FOR RENT--Large unfurnished apartment. First house north of La Porte City Florence Harmon. State Bank. FURNISHED apartment downstairs for rent. Mrs, Belle Ohland. l-3c ht penalties provided by lair. The fir.-; requirement; of the law = '.he filing f an appropriate re- u"-'. For indi-nauals generally. his m'-s: be dor.e by March 15 'oHo^TT-K ihe ^nd of the calendar rr.tnt;; profit from bu?!r.e?= opr- v £ a ,_ The return must be filed L'.ior.= ; o-.htr gain* from salts' -jri-y, j'ne appropriate Collecto:' of and txchanjres of goods and prop- Internal Revenue for the district erty. Certain limited categories of, ; n -nhich is located the legal resi- ir.come are, however, tax exempt, dt^Qp or principal place of busi- and to the extent of such e x e m p i n C 5 O f the person making the '.ion ar excluded iri comyjutir.g return. the tax. | L'r.der the present law every| Because of exemptions from the; single person, and every married tax given to persons having kt? person not living with husband or than certain stated amounts of in-, wife, having a total income (ear-) come, as «'ell as because of v a n - ' m n g s , together with other i n - ' ous deductions ar.d credits allow-! come) of ?5CO or more, and mar- able, only a small proportion o f l r i e d persons living with husband the number of persons receiving 1 or wife throughout the taxable I.OST-FOUND WANTED WANTED: Either a black or a spotted Poland China male pig. Clark Hoyt, phone 16-31. l'2c C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS STRAYED to our farm-- Erown heifer. John F. P-ahn. 52-3p ANNUAL GIFT The turkey for the dinner table of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Morris of Gu:hrie Cen:er has been furnished by their son, Howard Morris and family for nine years. This year, :he fowl weighted 14 pounds. The Howard Morris family notv resides at Taeoma. Wash. subject to the tax, but of the es- subject to the tax. hus, of the estimated 55 million persons in this year, who have an aggregate income (total earnings of both husband and wife, together with other Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH Friday SPECIALS Saturda y 49c 39c 15c $1.69 25c 17c FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER Per Pound BRIARDALE S.ALAD DRESSING Full Quart G. W. C. CATSUP 14-0/. Bottle PURE LOUISIANA CANE SORGHUM Gallon Glass Jar SHREDDIES--Whole Wheat 2 Packages BRIARDALE GELATINE DESSERT All Flavors, 3 pkgs We Will be Closed Wednesday Evenings Until April 1 GOOD LUCK VEGETABLE SPREAD Per Pound PURE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES One-Pound Jar G. W. C. BLEACH 6 Bars OXYDOL Large Package SWEET HEART TOILET SOAP 4 Bars PROTEX SOAP 5 Bars 28c 25c 15c 23c 22c 21e tamps I Federal Food Stamps 'M We Redeem Them Reading and Writing The Book of the Month club seems to have moved in on the Solomon Islands. For January, the club has selected "Headhunting ir the Solomon Islands," by Caroline i Mytinger, which gives the best account we have read to date of ·what life is like in these South Pacific Isles. Then for February, the book of the month will be "Guadalcanal Diary" by Richard Tregaskis, which brings us right up to the present with the first eye-witness account of the successful invasion by our marines. Caroline Mytinger is an attractive young American artist. Together with her friend, Margaret Warner, she spent two and a half years in the South Pacific, headhunting among the natives--who had once been real headhunters--with a paintbrush. Mias Mytinper wielded the b r u s h ; Miss Warner played the ukclele to keep the models quiet. Their first white model was the huge Scotch Captain Voy of the Matarani, an island steamer. It was a lucky choice, for Contain Voy was loved throughout the South Seas, and his recommendation did a lot toward making their way easier for thc.m. Their first native model was less satisfactory. In Malaita, the manager of the steamship company offered them one of his workers for a model--told them to go up to his house and wait. They did so, but no one showed up. Disconsolately they started back down a narrow lonely road lined with I hibiscus Then they suddenly heard | a piercing scream and a terrifying I savage, face smeared with white j paint and brandishing a bundle of five-foot spears came toward them. They ran--and the cannibal ran after them, howling as he did! so. As they nearcd the boat, they.' caught sight-of their Captain Voy,| shaking with laughter. Their savage pursuer was none other than the promised model. He had been told to clean up for a "pic-a-lurc" and he had spent hours doing his native best. Another time the two girls nearly got themselves in trouble was when they knowingly left their horse in an egg garden. This was in Tanakombo. The egg garden was a cleared space where the megapodes--a kind of brush turkey--laid their eggs, and every day the native men went there to collect them. But no women. Somehow, they believe, a woman is simply poison to a man's industry. So when Caroline and Margaret appeared for their horse, they were greeted with no welcome. Margaret got them out of that difficulty by whistling. The outraged natives watched her in fascination and one by one they tried to whistle too. In addition to learning .about primitive civilization, the girls picked up a considerable amount of pidgin English. For "sore leg along arm Lfl:POPTfr CITY' IB ANOTHER WEEK OF HIT PICTURES! the Mars a Habit. JAN. 15 - 16 FRI. - SAT. T\VO SWELL HITS FOB THE ENTIRE FAMILY RID RIVER VALLEY ROT ROGERS ·/ GEOICE UV HAYES . VOUTH SUN. - WON. The story of three girls in the small mid-western town who dared live their own lives. From the best selling novel by Stephen Longstrcet. JAN. 17 - 16 instance, which, GEO. BRENMITZGERALD In the Story of the Slanting Loves of The Girls the Town Pointed At... -Donald Crisp- Nancy Colerran · GKJS LocWiart A D D E D V A R I E T I E S COLOE tAKT'XJ. 1 - "THfc JKIVf.R BOW n alb YOUNG JIATI.VEK SUNDAY AT 2:15 TUES.-WED. THURb. Jan. 19, 20, 21 BRIAN DASHI£LL HAMMETT Who jfavc you "The T h i n Man" . . . "The Malt«nc Falcon" and many other adventure stories, now gives you another thnll! VERONICA DONLEVY -IAKE letRtosbr S ALAN IADO H4M*irr'i -- ADDED FEATURETTE -"A sUIPJikdMIKL-^diilKKjUrV IN COLOR NOTICE We will be closed Wednes Evenings Until April Is TOGO'S TOGGEI La Porte City's Fruit an Vegetable Headquartei Sunkist Oranges That Finest Quality California "Navel The Popular 220 Count Size, dozen Large 126 Count, Jumbo Size, dozen Texas Seedless Grapefr Jnst the Right Size--96 Count 7 FOR 25c FANCY CRISP HEAD LETTUCE, head CRJSP CARROTS, Fancy, bunch Emerald Brand ENGLISH WALNUTS, Ib. Shop Here for All Kinds of Clu Mild Mt. Hope Longhorn, Kraft's 2 pound boxes in Pimento, Pimento Velveeta and American; Sharp Cheeses. Genuine Karo Syri in Light or Dark MAPLE FLAVORED WAFFLE SYRUP 5 Ib. glass jar ... P AND G SOAP, 6 bars SANIFLUSH--The Regular 25c Size . OXYDOL--Regular Size--pkg. ' FRESH BREAKFAST EGGS Guaranteed Fresh Seconds--dozen SALAD DRESSING, full pint CRUSHED PINEAPPLE Large 2'/ 2 Size Cans FRUIT COCKTAIL--Del Monte in Glass Ja 17 oz. size, jar Omar The Wonder Flo SUNSHINE "KRISPY" CRACKERS 2 Ib. caddy MACA YEAST IS BACK WITH C/S TOMATO CATSUP, large 14 oz. bottle SPECIAL CAIIMEL CAKES By Peter Pan Large 9 Inch Cake with Caramel Fro-lmff 39c 1942 PURE SORGHUM, gallon glass jar i Cooperating with "save fuel and light cam this store will be closed on Wednesday ^ until the opening of spring farm work. EWSPAPERl

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