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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Thursday, July 30, 1818
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. JLL - LI.. U. . U , m NUMBER 5031 THURSDAY, JULYTO, 1818. NO. 49 W1LUAA1 - STRECT J rCASVLES and GROCERIES. fa 7rAK(LATS LADIES ACCTIOS ROOM - "Hit, SSSCriucr wiwiojitiw vu uouu a geil I era! assortment of the (olio win articles, Teas pi first quality ' Sugars 'do di ' Genuine old Cognac Brand j ' Holland Gin ' ' ."'Jamaica and other Spirits ' . Wines of the various kinds Tine Apple Shrub ' Lemon, Lime and Oranga Juice ' : ballad Oil in iiettits and bottles ' L. Browo Stool ; 1 - Boltkd Ale and Cider . Double Gloucester . Jioiland and American Cheese Cordials Spices, Essence ' Sperm and Tallow Candles : " Do. Oil for Lamps Coffee, Rice, Barley and Muttard A few boXSicily Lemon, in one order Raisins, Almond, Prune, Fig . ' gasket Salt, eic. - " ' iw.Ub . JAME3 P. ANDOE. . Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second hand 1m and Dorter itoltle. . Kbit I A UUAUlU. n tlim. prima Kentucky Tobacco, laiviioK this day from uGriid Seicnor, from New. Orleans, for moTkv , , CJlAS. L. OGDEN, and Vjii , ABRAUAM OODEN. 35 iiumnrk'li Mi u TI Vii CI OTHS V A' largo assortment of every description, Dutch Boiling Cloths, warranted to be of the hml nn.Iilv ever lmnortcd. and at the most re dticed flfk, for sale ty .. JSO.M'CRACKAIT, 'J71 '' 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. 131TT bAWS, A small invoice of Cist Steel XV fitl Saws, pint rereirrd and forfait - by . - ANDERSON & SHEARER, Jets 131 Water - street. BY Dominichino, MurUlo, Suydcr, Salvator Rosa, Guaspar Pousjiti, 1c. Also two elegant bruuaei ; a marble figure, size 01 III, 01 a steeping iupiu. . I'or sale or exchange by THOMAS GIMBREDE, Jy 18 2w lfl Broadway. WHITE LEAD. BLUE VITRIOL, A - L Received r Chaunces and Columbia, from Bristol, (Eng.) and for sale by toe subscriber, on advantageous terms, vie. 2 HO kegs jeauine ground white Lead in 281b. kegs 20 casks hest dry White Lead in casks 5 to 6 cwt each - 39 da Red Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt. each 12 do Spanish Brows from 3 to 4 cwleajzh 30 do Ivory Bla; - k from t to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitril from & to ttewt each S3 do Venetian Red fr.m t to 3 cwt each it tierces AUum from 7 to 10 Cwt each 1J htkli. 5 tir esrud 8 Mils Rotton Stone Tren - li Gr u, Lamp Hlfn:k, Purple Brown Co'cothar Vitriol, tiatlt Scouting Uricks Apply to A. CHURCH, J IS IHt Bowery. 1 U J.I 1. i .. K ... i I ... It . . u it rt V (Jta? PON V , fnur y tars old, fast, sound and kind u liarotff. Ijiiuire of CHARLES H. BELLOWS, J 15 tf X4 Leonard street. JL O Cttet mmlios 10 do 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish linens ' 1 1 do. piulr guighama ' 1 do. ibawla. 4 do. brown pUtilla ; C do. Scotch onabunrt 7 bales imitatloo slieetings ' 4 la. brawt) Unea x e. unea uea in it 4 tie. 5 - 4 cotton checks . 1 de. xarDetioe. : - ALSO, - Skilloth, ' - Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For al by GEORGE IOHN5TOX, Jnlv t No. I Sloat - lane. HARDWARE. CUTLERY Su.i casks Scotch spring Loc k s & casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles, tic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do brass cocks, ic. 1 do ball metal kettles and skillets t do tin'd pots and sane pans t do fee padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, he. 5 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c 2 do HL hinges, zc. 4 do anvils 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 1 - 4do pocket, pen and double blade knives . 4 do aham buck and bone table knives ' 3 do Vmttoua 5 do cot nails ani brads, from 3d. to 50J. Also, a large and general assortment of roods open on the abal vea, for rale at the mod reduced wicefiy tUAJiot OL.AC.tvn ecu, . mw 7 9t1 PV. LEDYARD U CO. 104 Peari - street, . offer (or sale, in addition to their former ei - tMMivt assortment of Hardware, the following sTticles, rer'd by the Martha, from Liverpool I Of tlUU eUjv Clout Nails m Itttr VUBII1 Spades and Shovels Krsss Kettles do Candlesticks do Cocks do Minis ft Hinges Gilt Coat Buttoos, Sjbm of sup. quality, Eutable for merchant lors ' JaiiannedCandleticka ., Flemish Tacks J3 tf v 6 and 8 barr'd Curry Combs 6 barrM Mane do lroaVire,iNo.4tolO Steelyards Fine Guns Trunk Locks ' Drawing Knives Bingteys Patent carriers knives warranted equal to Cox's gen - nine, . LlifFJfS, rEU KTS, Sic A VERY - hamlsmue ftssortmeut of Seleaaia , i. Linens, conatin of Plalillas, Rnyalv, Iretagaes, Estopilhw, Dcwlas,'Croaj asl Cbo - 2 cases silk velvets 5000 muskeu 2 bom fowling pieces 2 casks Steuerark scythes, doable sword 150 kegs Dutch' herring '. 4 botes assorted glassware Th abave ar - otiUadto debenture. 5 ccrsjons Indigo, t box toys and a few pie cas Datcacloth For sale by C.ZlMMEOMAJf, j"r 11 lm 77 Washington - st. OEiSO.NAULE DKY GOODS, Ac. bales superfine clothes 2 do.cassimera, 1 do. fine plains 1 do. Gncy toilinett w.iitcoatinys 3 da white flannels 1 do. ladies pel is e cloth 2 do. low priced plains 3 do, superfine cassirnere shawls 2 trunk, Jamuk shiwls boxes steam loom shirtings do 6 - 4gt9 - 8Qambrick ' ' i on - figured satins, :"l1rce,ed per Paciic from Liverpool, a'nJ T at 'o. W Coffee Hotwe Slip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAliLT CO. 3 h.1 tM 0JL ' Wet Bombaiefs I SlfPermio Black Cloth Y1 Cambrics S - Cutloa j.KMtuckyT.Ucco. i LAKET. 40 dozen very superiour Claret, roraaiQ at fia me doaen, by GEORGE JOHNJiTOX, je 30 tf No. 1 81oat - lane CIHKMlCALb, UOLURb, 4c J Epsom Salts, in casks of 2c wt. Lump Mafrncsia, in cases Do do small squares ' Calcined do in phials Rochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citri Acid, Blu Verditerin firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rrcutus of Antimony - OUA3, BUTTONS, be. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do io wainscoat cases, Boely finished with apparatus complete - Duelling Pistols, in cases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Berts Grit Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates for engravers Mathematical bistnimoota Rolling Paralel Riders Mariners compasses) telescopes - Opera glasses, microscopes 3 set'.s splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and. turtle shell tea Caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMUEKT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - street iSEW HUSH LINEN GOODS, kc. kc. L& C. SUYDA.Y1, are now receiving, per .. the ship Neptune and brig tielridera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages tttit spring bleached Linens. They eoniist of 7 8 & 4 - 4 Irish Llnns, variety of assortments, 5 - 4 do. Sheetings, do. 3 - 4 & 7 - 8 Denalxng Lawns, BirdYrye Diapers, 5 to 10 - 4 Diapers and danvuk Table Linens, Extra super damatk Tnble Cloths & Nakios, 3 - 4 Brown Liuens aud giey Lawus, Linen Checks and 7 - 8 Mack LiutQj, Irish 5ail Clolhi, Ducks and DrogheJv, Lc. Aim, Come to hand per the Putifir, 2 Cases elegant new pattern Ginghams, 2 do. do. furniture il baluon Dimities, 3 Cambric Mutlin part undresmd, . 2 Super Lood. Cloths and Casimeres. The above for sale, by the package, ou reasonable terms aud credit. ' Also A general assortment of the above goods opened for piece and retail sales, at No. 61, MaiJeu - lane. Jy 22 2w rIOUNTING ROOM. A pleasant And con - let. Apply at 9 South - utrpet. J 7 (iKll.VI AN (iOODS. RECEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late import ations, an assortment of German Linens, such as riaiiiias, wntie ana crown Bretae,nes, Cress, Duwla", Brown Checks and Shirting Linens Hempen Osnaburgs rnd Ticklenhurgs, Httsians, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, Bag, TapfS, Supeifine Bread Cloths Napkins, Silk Galloons and Pound Rlbhops CotTee Mills, Slate Pencils Ijookirg Glass PlaUs t'ockrl and Stutia Glasses Lead l'eo its And an assortment of Card wire. Als'jon bautl, A few ton. St retenliuri Hemp . First auality tloHand Sail Cloth, and Sixty boast Putegrass Cheese, entitled to de - ouniure For sale on reasonable terms, by GEO. , S TU KO. MKiER, J 15 lm 129 Washington Hret t. f ID I'TON For siile a lew ! suitable f tr niunufdcturmg. IVarl street, eptairs. balrs of Cotton, Enquire ut I4U ; J 14 j CLOTHS. BoMUASK ITS. 4ic. 'lHE suhsirilMfrs have jot received by the A esuo Jytwt CietaraW Pacilic, It bales Clotbs, of A. SlmdnHiKMtn - nuracture 15 do Bombuetta, ) of do; and ,Iind 3n,itli 2d2w"dK clCo's - minutacture. Which thev offer for sale at No 163 Pearl sL LAVERTY, SHELTERS & KING, J 16 2w TO jPOCA Z J' BOOK MJIKLHSr TWO men who understand their business, may have constant employ in the above business, by applying at la wail - street. July IS HACKNEY COACH ES, f?OR Select Parties, from F.liaahetb Town r Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boats at Trentou and Bnttol, and the Minetal Springs at scnow - y's tuountairs. Notice sent to No. 53 White - Hall street, New York, or HALEY b STILES. Elisabeth Town, by mail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalanta, will be immediately attended to. J 14 UULU IfATLUtA .IT AVCTtOJs: TOS. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at tf 20 Wall - street, an invoice of gold and silver patent lever watches ; mnsical snuffboxes, some cost 70 rumen each ; do seals : cold chains, ac 4 cases of rreacb chairs, bureaus, Kc. I cas oi German toys. Goods intendod for the sale will be received until 6 this svening. Catalogue will be rendy at 8 to - morrow morning. Jy DEN MaTKY. DOCTOR ZEKAM H A W LEY informs the public that hisouke is at No. 91 Nauau street ; where he ttlrotU tttih, tliant and trit ft(V,and perlnrms every operation indesti'try. The followinjj certi5cate of skill, he thicks a sufficient recommendation. , WHOM IT MA V C0KCER5. This certiUes that Dr. iitrah Hnwley is a rer - alar bred physician, and to good standing with ni oremren in mi piace ; mat uc no pniu ) licnlrr attention to the art oiDcnliHry, has to - died tlie best European work on the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this branch, to his customers, who are persons oi the first respectability in this city. W therefore, with entire confidence recommend Dr. Hawley, to the cilixens oi New - York a a Denlitt. Aliens Monsoa,) Professors of New - Haven. INathan Smith, r the mca. Jaa.22.lC13.) Eli Ives, f Institution (Jona. KnigUt, ) Yale Co I. J27 1w Gl. NEWBERY, I3 Pearl - street, respect - . fully informs the public and thoe ladies and gentlemen who lately applied for DETT - MER'3 SUPER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, that he has just received a new supply per Ha - rtius, precisely the same as the last, and offers them for sale on very accommodating terms. As Piano Fortes of tliis excellent makerhave but lately been introduced into this country, for want of correspondent, G. N. feel it incumbent ti add, that tt cir tone (by those who arc acquainted with them) are allowed to be full aud expressive, and have hitherto given universal Mattel' Patent Metronomes for sale. Also, London selecUd collections and vpeci - ment of Mineralocy. be J 21 e - yon salk, The HOUSE At LOT, No. 339, Broad - way. The lot is 28 feet front and rear, and i'Al feet deep. The boose is 65 (set deep, finish" J in lb twrt manner, and replete with convenien ces for a large family. On the preinUes are brick stable, two rain - water ci.terut, (one oi which is brick) and a well of excellent watc. The situation is considered to m thit city. For particulars, apply to afein V. Minium, on the rrtmlscs, oro ROBERT BOWXP, Jy2j la So. 256, Pcirl - iL TOBACCO. kegs C's No. 1. branded T. M. Dean b Co.' now landing from the arbr Brilliant) irom ivscnmonu, ana IX STORE. I . 8's no. I Tobacco of Enderr, E?e, 8s no. 2 8sno.3 1 - 2 lb. rolls - 1 - 4 lb. rolls Ladies twist .Caveudisb Jy 25 8t Fletcher, Holts, Miller, Gibb, Daocyf Ross, Dot - ton, Labby, Star, Hughe ti t - o. Brady, Cantor u Shlton,and Williamson's brands (or rale br CORNELIUS DU BOIS. CIOTTOJ & TOBACCO. - U bale Upland Cotton, laading from ship Rising Status, from Savannah 27 hhds Kentucky Tobacco will be landed on .nooaay, irom the scbr. Wary Ann, from Mew Orleans, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, J2S llSFronl - ttrret. 7M3ACC0. j J hhds Richmond tobacco, some tt 'Htl tiie first quality, and suitable for the Irish market r or sale by . Jy 24 W. k S. CRAIG, 'I'HOd. VtHITTEMORE has constantly on nano ai nis snanuiaciory, An. tu t erry - and general assortment of cards of every desenp Cotton Cards of 7, 8,9,10 Wool do 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters' Raising Cards All ofsunerinr nualitv. whirh li will ull nn tlie lowest terms. J 24 lm fAO T 1 ON. 85 dales prime iNew Orleans and w tamo u plana coitun, inr sale by J25 SAUL ALLEY, 08 street A iMHOKS, weighiug about louu lbs, each, for sale by J03. OSBORN, 28 South - street. J n BAR IRON, Ac 5 tons Bar irou 5 tonsSlieet Iron . 20 dosen Fry ins; Pans Paier.t Chaff aud Drawing Knives Iron and sleft Shovels German aol cast steel mill, pit & hand saws Coacii spring si - el. or sale by ANDERbON it SHEARER, SH At 131 Water sir.rf ri'UliPEfif INK. 690 blh soft Jurpeuline, X afloat, and for sale by K. ,. VV. UAVEN1 UK I Si CU. J 27 35 I'eck - slip. I O tiUILDErlS, Or thwe wIki ay wish to erect three elegant buiUiings or - lactones. LOTS, 77 fret by 80, frore or le, with the buiklinss thereoik in the centre of Vesev - si. con be purchased separate or togefhtr. ALibvJ. An ele?ant LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chat ham - street - the whole on accommodating terms Apply at Si Chatham How, near Beekman - st 1 he advertiser has three small inorteaee to dispose oi; one of fJ.000, one ofiflOOO, one of $l400, ail in this ri'v. Je 9 DU. DK ANGEL1S, formerly practiliuner of Medicine io the Mtlitarr Hosuitals of Na ples, and admitted a member of the Medical So ciety or Aw York, where he has resided sine the year 1798, anil rv reputation and success in practice is now established sat ike .knowledge of the publie bj uear twenty tear erferine, eon. thiiMs to be eonsullrd at hit office, No. tii Wa. ter street, opiwsite Crsne wharf. In Klieutnmic and Venereal cases, Dr. De An - gelis has been wonderfully successful ; and the most lernoie eltcett ol Umt disorders bve ire' oueully been cured by him in a shot i space of time without ineonvenhno to th BVeiit. UUtruetioiiS, ulcers in the UiroariniJ pslste, stifTneu m tlie'toints. puins in the tititrW ei options lot' the skin, together with a numerous ttvn of e - lis arising from negteetor iroproicilv treating ni ine mot iwmiwi a tal - ilKt. yare yr Q W touia mwe oi ireaimeni in almost id mti edible manner. liis extraordinary succest is, in a mrniure sttnbotable to his well knora Anti rheumatic and Anti sypliiiie Syrups, which whilst thev eradicate every form of disease, restore the emaciated nutient to vigor and healtn. i. u. All letters irom tne country (post paid; will be attended to, and the necessary advice ami medicine will be given aud sent to any part of the union. J2S JUST puuiuiicd aud lor salu at the oew Law Book torc, corner of Nassau and Spruce street, BtakeU Prailice of the Court tf Chanee - ry (new work.) The trial of John M. Trumbull against 7 homa Gibbons, for a libel. - AnJ also, 1'he Brownie of Bodsbcrk, and other Tales, by Jamet foftf, author of Queen's Wake,c kc. july 25 2w LOU I , aoout lour weeks siiK - e, a PUiN I f .K DOG, two years old, caUed ianro, large lor his age, tail cut, but rather bug, color white, wilh several light liver colored spots. A liberal reward and all expenses will be paid to any per son who will give information iu a line If II at the cilice of the Erenlnj Post. Jy 25 1 w IO LET, The htt and seconJ Boor in store Nn, 8 t Ictcbcf'Street. The rooms are large, being 25 feet wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated lor a wholesale c rockery store, fur storage, or for other butiness reqtuntii' much room. I o be lot toge ther W separate. Enquire on the premises, or at 143 Pearl street, up staim. Jy 84 ADVKRTIsE.VlENP. PROPOSI.SKill t e received at Hie Navy Aeent's office. New York, forooe w k from this dale, tosnpolv a ouuntitv ol'JernV Oak Plank - avrrace lenirth 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, D to 4 1 - 2 thick pith oi hart must be out. aud clear ol sap. Also, a iimiit - er el jerrey uaR L.", trora to its leet ion;, l.t io iu square, and a numhti oi White Oak Knees, to side from 3 1 3 to 12 indies, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, bod ies 5 to U I 1 loii. The who1 to he Irst quality, and tuhjiTt to the inspection at the Navy - Yard, and dtlivered there. The proposal are required not to exceed 50OU d - el of l'lank : not more than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 KnerS - as no contract m ill be ivin to a - ny individual to exceed ' no of the above namec' quantities ; tlie shortest time, nit exccMfsn weeks, must be mentioned. Money tj be poid on delivery. Any expln.intirm that may be required, will be obtained 'it the Navy Yard, where a bill will he given cftch individual after he hat contract!, and by w hich he is to be governed. J XT IJ&Utl FOK Sil.E, Srlill An undivided moiety in t'..e followinglote of land in " F.van' Patent" Delaware County, state of New York, vis Lot No. 50, containing 176 acres , lot No. js, containing 131. Also an undivided moiety iu the e.iir half of lot No.iO, containing 104 acres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent containing lOit acres. 1 be a'tovelut are n timbered vitri pine, ste. See end their eonlisjuity to the vrti branch of the Delaware river render them worthy of the atten tion nf lumber merehsnts. They will be sold reasonable for ash or approved note. For further particular pply to THOMAS ADDIS K.M M 1 1 , r.sq. em,n.iur at lis, o. Hi fine street. New York,, (who - u auib'insed to make contracts for tbe sale of tbe ibovclots) or to the subscriber, by shorn an Bsiquestipoalle title will be given. aiAitin. HKAuaiur - ci, tlamrootid street, Greeawith. New Yoik, July i4tb. I III. ft - 'r 'I Iki I'n.iirietort of 'he I'lii'ad Iphia Free.Man'e Journal are leq - ifitrd to publish the for tn onion tin in Uiev pair and send tttfir lull to tin - subscrihrr. J ii aim Km 99. SOLAR MirROcflOPE AT to New - York Philosopliiil Mustmni, Medical, Electrical and Oalvanic Room, 50. wa; U)tham Street, (in the front ball of cmttiasis warden) may be si en the wonderful effect of 1e selar microscope that tuaguiues one hundred ttwsand times, Bfd is one of the best imtrumeat ol the kind ever shewn ia America A description of this instrument is uettecfsia - ry i suttica it to say that foity persons may at the same time sit and see its operatiow without the iotoniiuence of looking through a lens or glass of aa kind. . .. The ftHrMsing (it is presumed) will he sufficient to lire an idea of the effects produced by this greisBiarfMtwr Tbe bead of the common sen t arairiuBbd to look a large a that of tr'.vephMti Us proboscis or (ting two feet long ttvgcight fcetj hair on the legs Six inches. ' In a glass Tube of clear water, taken directly from the well, may be seen thousands of animal - cula, all stive, some of which are two feet long. in coirtnon Vinegar and in almost all vegetable asctftt wine may be seen Animals Irom one totb&e feet lour. The Circulation ot tlie blood is distinctly tees in a vaftoty of fish and insects. The wtn of the smallest Musquito will appear fro 12 feet long, shewing distinctly the smatlest fibre. The wing of the common Butterfly can be magnified to the enormous size of 30 tei - t. The proprietor has lately been presented by a Sentleinan of this city with ao insect, placed on ie ohj ct glass of a common microscope about six yeatt since ; when first taken it was about 4 of an inrh lone, and on it mav now be seen bv the help of tot solar snicrosropc, thousands ol insects pre j tag mm icteiiiug toou irom use ueau cr cose. 1'he (cse Mite, thoesh so small an Used that it tr i.Vt impotAjtJe to dlsccra tliem wilk tlie natsd eye, is mad to apear as Urge as a turtle t Caches long.tnd yuj much roscuibiirg tliat anirioeJ. , The coli.ction of animalctiln and invert In general in po - tts - ion of the cperator it considera - tile, thougtishonld auy Indy or gentleman, vint ion the inuiKum, brinx wilh Iheta as insect, tub t.itire;.i fluid, that tiny wish toexaroige, it will be thatdi. Tho solar Microscope will be shewn from ten o'clock A. M. until two P. M. Admittance 25 cents ; children, under twelve years, Dnii pnee. PriVMj visiting the museum are requested to none, inat t tie microscope cannot be shewn unlet tcVf un shines. NOTICE. flrjr The Physicians of New - York and itui ciniiy, alto the taUie and gentli men i:ow at - tendms lor the benefit of Eln - and Galvanic operation1, arv reiiwclfuilf inforuitd, that the hourtofoperatii. lermedKalimqioses fu future will he es follows : Frrui six to'fen in the mortihjjr, and from two until Kfta in the after - ion. - ' Ttw Electrical experiments will take place every rvtnin; as usual, should the weather not be luvuunip or warm. N. TYI.F.E. Proprietor, And saanufaclurer of nil kinds of Philosophical pfitralus, fur most of the public scientific Institutions and Private teounarits throughout tl.f foiled Slates. J 21 101 LO f S 1 U LKASt AT THE NUll 1 11 Rl V Elt. faFtUATE betweeu Barclay and Murray - vbreets, Chamber and Rcd' - t.treets, Jay and Harriton - strects, anJ North Moore and Beach - slreetr, at a price very considerably lew than in - W.t ou their value, and at the expiration of tbe term the buddings to be fairly valued audtpector's marks or brands front the same, under paid tor, or a new la granted. , Also, to let br tbe vear at alow rate, several foia,W yards on the water, well calculated for iDOKier, piaster oi funs etc. , Apply to Pit. RUINELANDEK. 31 Park. neat the theatre. . . fereral of tha above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small pWtfon of tbe inOiiey only will be rtqoireJ. June II tf ft YjrsWW'Ifli, u.umau. to tla the cookinr. 1 v washing and ironinp. alsfl,agh - t Ut take care or a child and do the chamber work of a '. - trial I family. Enquire at 48 Walker - street. .1 14 .VlAUKlrlA WINE. Q1X pipe, remaiuing of parcel per Louisa Ce - O iliu, of Scott, Loughnan, Penfold i CVt brand, selected particularly for private use, and of very superior quality, for sale by tne liiie pipf, by PETER REM SEN At CO. J 22 Agents of the House. iftm. tOit SALE OR JO LEASE, hJlI Lots in the 5, 6, 8, end 10 Wards; many oi ninch are on regulated and pe.ved streets. No money will he required under teu years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on which sieai carioi ine inuiiey ,riuain on monaee. LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excellent stand for business, with ten acres oi land, p.eassniiy situated, with a wnari, store home and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near Nc - w - H - tven, wilh 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, opoo which it) mills mny be erected, wun a sumciency oi water tor eacn. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich - street )an 13 If JJAAK UNITED STA TEX, May 12, 1818. ARCHITECTS of science and experience are invited to exhibit to tlie Board of Directors on, or before the 1 t day of August next, appropriate designs and elcvattou for a Banking House to be erected on the scite purchased for that purpose, bounded ou the north by Cbesnut, and on the south by Library - streets, containing one hundred and fifty one feet iu width east and west, and two hundred aud twenty five feet in depth, north and south. 1 The ground plan will include an area of about ten or eleven thousand square feet in a rectangu lar figure ol equal r unequal sides, as may be b!.t adapted to tlie interior arrangement. The building will be fared with marble, and have a jiorticnon each Oont, renting iijion abasement or platforu of surb altitude as wdl combine con venience ol ascent with due proportion and effect. Iu this edifice, the director are desirous of ex hibiting a chast: iroilttion of Grecian architec ture in its simples! and least expensive form, five hui.l'f d d'lil.irt will be paid for that dsv i?n which thall be approved, and two hundred dullars for the next beet specimen. By order of thelmnrdof dircrtors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 2awtlA rtt! FOR SALE, ':?; A FARM, containing 300 acres on the baoks of the North River, a mile south from the village of HyiU - Park, and eighty - six from New. l ora. I he l.ind u equal in quality to tbe best m Duchess county, and is in high order nod fVK) leue. On the premises is a good plain farm bouse, a good barn and other appendages necessary to conducting a large farm. Also, a lin'd - ing spot rommamling an cxlewsive acd beautiful view ot the North Hirer. v ith:n bait a miir of th farm hour is an eminent Academy, aJ within two miles an Episcopal and a I'resbyie rian Church, in each of which there i regular tervic phyucians twn landings ooe of w jicu the Steam - boat advertises a a landing place, stores, lc. Ac Tbe whole will be sold together or divided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment will be made cany, and an indisputable title fivtu by the suUcriber. WILLIAM BARD. V letjitk, July 24 tf 9 Li0 regultlixig ih (Jwtging and Jtuputtng ej ' tu CM. rawed March 31, llilo 37 Bt if wMcted the ptoptt tf On ttt$ of A tut - 1 oik, reprtitnltd tn trnalt end umimrg, That th pervja aduiiuiiterin tbe gorernment of this state, by and with the advice ami consent of the cooik U of appointment, shall from time to time appoint une person for the City of New - York, whose powers saall extend to, and include the villaa of Brooklyn : one person lor tbe citr ol Albany; and one person tor the city of 3oy, Whose power shall extend to, and include JLtui. intburcb and Watarlbrd. to be xiuurer and kv spactof of fih oil. . et' further inuetcd. That it hU Be the duty bleach person anointed i'7 viuuo f thir act, to provide nimseU with proper uiitruinenit for guaging and itupcctiitg oil, and whenever cat. ltd on tn guage and inspect any parcel of firb oi, within the place for which be was a poiu'.td, it shall alto be his duty to inquire diligently tun! eer out any parcel of fid) od witLui bis district, and guaga and inspect the iaaie,aad brand Ugi - bly on the bead of rack task he may so gniigr and Inspect, til own name and th nam of the place for which he was appointed ; alio the wbol number of gallons tha same shall guage, and separately irom cacn other tne quantity or water,' th quantity cf sediment, as well as th quantity of pure oil. ha bU find therein, and shall make, subscribe and delivsr to the owner or bolder of such parcel of oil so gueged aud in spected, a certificate, exhibiting in separate co lumns the quaatiiy of each of tbe aforwttid enumerated ingredient tha whole parcel shall contain t for all of which xongiiit:. iu. - oetiuiir. brand ing aud certifying afbretaiJ, he tbtu! receive from tha owner or bolder of the oil ro coated and in spectcd, twenty cetds fur aach cask, I the same stsv&li or large, the on half of which tbidl always thereafter; be chargeable poa the pore hater of U earn. A ltd be il further tnattti, That it thai) hm the duty of all person owuing or holJii j A.h oil, to put tit aaoiiu a cooveuiont position for gnaging and hMiecting whenever thereto required by an auinornen hunger and inspector, And be tt further enacted. That any person or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change auy or the brands or marks atornraid, on any cask of oil so biaudcd or mrl;ci! or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask cf oil j.i branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell cr barter any od within (Be districts or places alore - aid, except the tamo (hall hnvo t rrn guascd, inM - cted and branded ai corJing to Inw, or who shall imp, export, or cthrrwift! couviy or caur to be conveyed any oil out of, or from tbe dis trict or places aforesaid, excrpt the same shall have leen guagrd, imjurled and branded according t U - w, such person or perions t o onVnd - iu, shall forfeit and pay tha sum o twenty - five dollars for each cask, Ihc brands or marks ol which shall be so counter filled, attend or chan ged, or which shall be so bought, Fold or barter ed, .or which shall be so shipped, exported or olhcrwire conveyed ctinlrary to the true kitent and meaning of this act ; fronted, ntverlhtlfis, that nothing hcreiu contained shall be construed to prrveat any perron or person frnn bujiug or Jelling: oil by measures legally sealed. .Hud be tifwlhtr enaetet, I bat it shall te the duty of any person or persons who shall use or otherwise empty the contents of any cask of fih oil, immediately to enace tlie guager ana in the penalty of twanly.Qv dollars, And teit further enarted. That any forfeiture! arising by virtue of this act, may be sued for and recovered by action' of debt, with costs nf suit, in any court having - cognizance of Ihe same, to tho sole use and behoof of any prsou who shall n therelor. NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber ha been appointed by th honourable the Coon - rit of Appointment, Guager and Impis tor of all r tut ciis in me envoi 1 ora ami nmoKiyn, 7 and has opened his olhce at ,o. Si, VValer - d. nce be, will ret rire orders from 7 A. AI to C P. M. every day, - gund excepted. JAVIW MAU&lCn: X. R. Dealers in Full Oil are hereby notified, that any infringement of the above law will t prosecuted. July W lm PRO&PEC'l Ua for rmtinino it 8CBScRirrtojr A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. THE publication of this Map has been undertaken with the impression, that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at this eventful crittis , and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, durinEliisscveral tours through Wexito, in the years lim, IliOV, 1UIZ, 1315, 1816, and IU17, induce him to beleive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, will he much the most perfect which has appeared be - lore ine punuc. This Map will contain the latest aod best information from the discoveries and posiRstions of the American, Spanish, Russian, Butish and French traveller and navigator and representing the claims of their respective government on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies net ween tlie Isthmus ol Da rien, and lh4bth degree ol North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River wettwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In siie the Map wiit he about six by five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 mile to the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fifteen dollar ach. Natches. March 7, 1818. ap7tAo1 TRAPS. 'Till E newly invented patent Box Trans. for J sale at 130 Water - street. Je 1J FOR SALE, A farm on the Hudson, about a mite frwu Newburgh. containing 13J arres, U'J oi which are Woodland, tbe rert is divided by good fence into a doe proportion of meadow, arable ana ieuiure lima, i nc uunainga are isniy new the house convenient for a small family : its situ ation is equalled in beauty by lew on li e river ; tlie advantage, from the vicinity of a flourish - ins village, 'of public worship, society and good market, with Ihe facility of eonmimiratioo with iew lorx.renacr n a ursiranie rrsnirner for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase mon may remain on mortgage ; ine payment of the rest will be made easy to tbo purchaser. Apply on the premises, to , Jetf I. V'ERI'LANCK. MONT - ALT Fur SALE or to LET, and immediate possession given, the beauliul place called Mont - Aita, seven miles from Ihe City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay's. It contains 20acresoi land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vegetable a variety of fruil, with ctery e - oiiveoience fi r a family. For terms, winch, are verv ieaonali!c, and if rold a long credit ci - ven i'' wanted, "ii'!y ta N. 4: D. iALLUii 61 South - street. 'c IX .Hfft. LEE'S - SELECT c':iOOL FOR BOY, No. 8 Pane I'ucx. THE course of iiislriction pursued In this institution embrace every department of Literature and Sc: necearr to a liberal education, (tlie dead languirr excepted ) The public is assured tliil this School shall consist nf a number if pirpiU, never exceeding - twenty - five. No pupil will b admived who cannot read eonheote - lly arid write legibly. and who is not srctuauitea wiUi ihe nrtt live rule of arillimetick t.. School hour from 1 - 2 pail C till 8, aiiiJ fro it. Ult 1 o'clock. 1 mns li ilAlti ptr ir, J 25 2w - . - - i - - - , 1 j er is is u to of its of ful it tat of of ly nor us them must ted tiotn the c. - the lulf ri I OCT 1 h nw FERRY BOATS from the too ol VV alnut Ueet, ew York, to li e Ibot of Lit - Ueetreet, Brooklyn, near tbe ay Yard, will commence running on Sunday, - the 17tb ins t. - Person crossing to Ilrookl)a from the upper yart of the city, will find the, diataare ma - h shortened by ustnsr tins teny. . n.v 14 NOliCE. . ... pr" inerusug sun ban lloats, rlparle, ana Industry, from tlie Elizabeth town Point, (cr Ne - jr - Vork, saitslremMarketfceW strttt,(lei ltt Steam boat Atalanta fortxierly crime to.) at lOw'cluk, oi each rtny. Pauaf;e 12 1 - X ctnls. t Eaqaire at the Steam - boat HoUil.of f VANDEKPUOLit PJilLLlPfi. my 21 tf y ft y - 'JUUN MtUCTOH, Jp. 10b Libeityt. ufl'cre libensl trAicipatonson property consign. til to lu lru mis in the Mediterranean, rur further particular, apply ss above, or to - AUKAIIAM IIKI.I , , Je $ tf corner of Cliff At Fulton - stn. j LANDS. ftt - STEPIIE."! B. MUSH. No. t?6Prarl - slrcet, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, whuh has beeaset apart for tts iiw aiiut. i.eiicr in n inc rouoiry kivike detcriptioa of the patent sod the price asked nvr eato lot, v, u be attended lo, ai rost paid.' my ta ii , - A CARD. ftT - At tlie particular oiicittions oftfce La dy ubcribera, the New - YotkSalt Watrt Floal. ' iug tsatn win oe removed to ncr old atatioa at the foot of Murray - street, this day, where it wt.l continu open every day, from suoiM in the morning, until 1(1 o'clock at Merit, during the bathing teaon,' It ss hoped when the Ladies of thir oty knew (hat llu targe buildnc, . wUkii wr.i accooiiaoaate two or tini - e twcaikd pertcn ut a time, it exetutivtly devoted to their enjoy - , mentos) Mondays and WedoeWay of each week until S o'clock, that thev ill Rive that encvut. aii4neot which anrh an appTopriuticsi deaertet. a'l atiwr aajstwy nave toeirowa stiaitncbia only. The art lest possihl atUntina will ha iil. The Bath at the Battrry it open evert day from tunctse to 10 o'clock atnilit, fo' Gentlemen only. Je 89 JlA OLE t IK ft COM FaNT. GF NEW - YORK. - (ttr Notk e is liereby Kiven, that a Dividend of four and a ball (r cent on the Capital block of this rnmppny, has hern declared by the Board ol Director ; unit will he - piiid to the ttqrktiold. ert, on or filter (ho I jth iiu - l. . J 3 lm - OT" 'J liu Pacific inruraiice Coilipany of Ne'V Yolk, have this duy drclnred a dividend of six tier tent, on the rai.ital stock, for Um last six iii'4ilf.t. pnyable at tiicir otfict,, No. 4'J Wall il. on - the lOlh lust. , Bj order of the Board of Dirertnrs. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'ry. , JC lm . NO I ICE. ftr" The public srp cautioned neainsttrutiii'K (he crew of the Rrilish hiig Rtcomptnce, John Ga ynes master, as no debts contracted by them, - will he paid by the captain or consignees. i 3 ' Ocean Insurance Otlict, i Jult 6, 1818. 'V ' (7 Tbe Board of Directors have thitdav declared a dividend of three and a half per cent on their capital stock lor the last six moui. which will be payable to tbe iUt.,,Mr or their legal representatives on tbe tenia uist. at the oloce ol th company, 45 Wall - street. &.JMULL STANSUURY, ?rt. July 7 Ita JWIV.tORJC MMSHA.VCi COMP.WT THK President ami Directors have this day declared a dividend of five per Cent on the capital stock of the company, for the - last six months, payable to the stockholders, or 'their Jecal representatives, on and alter tn Jjth int. at the office. No. 34 Wall - street. Jily 6 lm C. G. fllll'if AN, Srcr'y. CLASSICAL, MA THEMATICAL and JJEit - CAIV I ILK ACAUKJlr, . MESSRS. KELLY ii TUO.MY respectfully inform the public, thut they have lately rammeaced thi tahhshmei.t in tlie huge and airy room. No. 475 Pearl street a few doors irm (he corner oi Chatham street. . .. Tlnir coursu of education comprises - rthc Greek, Latin, French, nod English languaces ; Composition, History, Geography, the ust of the Globe, Book - Keepine, Arithmetic, with the otli - practical branches of the Matheinatir s. louu Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where the will be taught a regular course of female education, ticcthtr with phiiu u . . ... i v ii.. i. l L j . . ' . wiiiiauieuiai i.eeuio - vruis, hj a mujr ui caexu - plary conduct and long ex perituct idlhat depart - menu - - Reference to Robert Acirain, P. M. anJ N. P. Columbia College. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. Mot. Kelly It Tuomy beg leave also to reform the public, that their Grammatical Mirror now completed and org - aniied, aud that thry are prepared lo undertake its application to tho duties ol instruction. The Gramma'Jeal Mirror a machine contracted on such principles, and actuated by such laws, a lo exhibit a manifest rejH - esentatioa of all the farts of hnman rpeeeb. all the variety cf their moecliou ami all lh dirertity rf their combiuatiout ; it is calculated impart information mora expeditiously thats word, whether con ve red by writing or by ut - teiance: letter aud sounds are theaibilrary sytribols, nut the retemblaace cf Idea t but tho Grammatical Mirror present an exact taatatiou (be agent wilh its case, of the object with its passion - , of their substitute withlii ireodei and perron., and el the action with lUhianiisrt, ami time. Th o'.hir part of speech wdl max - their respective appearance iu tho revolutions this extraordinary machine. It 1 on his to the teacher than to the pupil i anJ while expedite the progress of In one, it wU faciU - the labor of the other. Should" any person object to the practicability its npplication,they challenge the iiivestiatiou opioition s they cannot consent to an iodifcn - mioato iuspeclioo : but afy person who shall be tiuaTJlcd to disrurrils merit Ihey are willing to Admit, and i.repnred to answer hi objections. Though ciiity forbid them lo acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not on iheir diligence and xeal . - other may have much ; they rely not mi their erudition ana talents, others mv not have less t hut they re. on the co - operation of the.r nxant, which they contend to be superior to any that can b emtdoyed to attain tbe object it eon' emplates. I'hottica thi - y en ter lain tno doubt or its supe. general utility, they r - onceive that for sccli caiinnt afford much time for study, or whose different employments, ntuvt confine ' to interrupted and desultory lectures, it possess peculiar advantage.. Several literary characters, who have in spec - this machine, have been equally astonished and delighted, and doubt not that eXjiei i - will realise tho ronst sanguine expecta - '.hat are entertainec! of iu advantage and luccrss. ' Under these impressior.' the proprietor cf Crfjinrriohcof.1frrt - ,r recorrniend il to public notice, and they are no: more clesirou of 1uirirg.'thn they are confident oftecurins; patronage of the putlrc. - '. B. Tliey have fjr general cor.venienco determinetl t'o deliver evening lecturer, f - cra past fire til rei.. on any UO.t ibcven.entianed branches of literature. ; JJOl - n J - AuiA - t sfcWlAt. feluh.c - X truuxs, n 1.1. - ka an,i h.'jt. lor sate bv pU - VxrJ f. HUSX CO,

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