The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 1, 1939 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
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Saturday, April 1, 1939
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SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1939 hear Hitlei-'s answer to the Brit- ish-Frencli pledge'to defend Polish independence, . A short-wave radio broadcast intended primarily for America failed in the first two minutes ol the speech and there was no other communication from here until after Hitler had finished speaking. (The British-French pledge was announced Friday by British Prime Minister Chamberlain in .the house of commons.) \ - (Main provision of the naial treaty to which Hitler referred was limitation of Germany's naval tonnage, with some exceptions, to 35 per cent of Britain's as "a permanent relationship." Germany Germany Now Has "Grand Admiral" WCLHELMSHAVEN, G e r many, (/P)--Retchsfuehrer Hitler Saturday gave . Admiral Erich Boeder, Commander-in-chief of - Germany's expanding; fleet, the .·title of fraud admiral--Germany's first since the World -'war. The announcement was ·nude after the launching here of the new 35,000 ton battleship :Vm Ttrpltz. recently announced she would take advantage o£ an exception that permitted her to build up to parity with Britain in submarines.) - - Hitler drew an eloquent picture of what was promised Germany as an inducement to drop arms in United States President Wopdrow Wilson's 14 points and then exclaimed: "There began a breach of faith such as history had never known!" ~ Prolonged cries of "pfui" re- 'sounded. -'-The fuehrer explained that ·when he came to power he was determined to solidify the country and to free it from the Versailles treaty. "I am not here and the German :people were not created to obey laws \yhich appealed to France and Britain but which deny us our right to exist, so I tore up the Versailles treaty." -Turning to the Rome-Berlin axis Hitler asserted, "if any nation wants to measure its strength With ours in any other way than a peaceful one we are ready 1 or that also. Axis Is Natural "As we think so do also our friends, especially the state with . : which we shall march now and in all the future," Hitler continued. · "The axis"is a' most natural instrument. It is a political combination corresponding to common sense, justice and idealism." Hitler contrasted the homogeneity of the Berlin-Rome axis with the lack or homogeneity in the .camp opposing Germany. · Derisively he said "I congratulate the gentleman (meaning Chamberlain) if he says there is no ideological difference between England and Soviet Russia. » Praises Franco Spain Hitler paid a .glowing tribute : to nationalist Spain. "I can proudly say now that many German youths did their duty there and they helped as volunteers to break a tyranny." · Sarcastically he added, "we are happy to notice how quickly an ideological change came in certain other quarters which evidently thought they could at least further their economic business if not their ideology." ; Hitler expressed the conviction that the ultimate peace of the world was assured because he said '.'I believe;the world will rid itself of the Jewish bolshevik danger." ' As for Germany, he declared ,we are perhaps not beloved but we arc certainly respected." ·Hitler left no doubt of his resentment that Chamberlain complained about not being consulted concerning Czechoslovakia. "II a certain statesman says we have no right to do this or that ,1 counter: What right has England -just to give one the example to shoot down Arabs who defend their country. Assails English Acts "If a British statesman demands that we talk over with him every problem affecting our German space for existence (lebens- . raum) I may demand that the "British talk over every problem with us. "If true, the English will say we have no business in Palestine I answer we don't want anything ir. Palestine but Britain has just as little right to interfere in our German 'lebensraum.'" Hitler stood behind a bullet proof glass arrangement like a bank teller's window which some said was to prevent any wind from striking his chest. Uses Notes Sparingly Hitler spoke rapidly and almost extemporaneously, u s i n o notes sparingly. ° Before speaking, he entered the' city hall to accept the honorary citizenship of Wilhelmshaven. Vice Admiral Adolf Von Troth;i AUNT HET By Robert Quillen *'They can keep right on worryin' about the falling ,birth rate. So long as young women can get good jobs, they're goin' to let somc- i.body else have the babies." MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE launching nazi Germany's second 35,000 ton battleship in the presence of Adolf Hitler Saturday said that "this proud ship shall carry Germany's honor into the outside world and break the resistance of our enemies if they oppose Germany's right of equality within the community of nation." Roars Greet Hitler Hitler arrived at 11 a. m. and was greeted with a roar o£ cheers. He was welcomed by Admiral Erich Raeder, commander in chief of the navy, and General Walter Von Brauchitsch, commander in chief of the army. Admiral yon Trotha, delivering the launching speech, said that the army was the basis on which the freedom and unity of the German people were based, but that the people should show this unity on the ocean as well. . Ceremony Is Coiiducfed The new ship, sister ship of the Bismarck launched in February, was named Von Tirpitz for Grand Admiral Afred von Tirpitz of the World war navy. Admiral Tirpitz's daughter, Frau Rolf von Hassel, broke the traditional bottle of champagne over its bows and the ship, after a pause, went slowly down the ways as the crowd burst into shouts of "heil!" and a band played the national anthem. After the launching Hitler went to the new 20,000 ton battleship Scharnhorst for lunch, planning then to make his city hall square speech and board the new "power through joy" vacation steamship, Robert Ley, to visit Helgoland island, 35 miles out from shore, and inspect the new fortifications there Sunday as he awaited the international reaction to what was expected to be an answer to the British callenge. Poland Goes Ahead With Preparations WARSAW, (/P)--Poland, promised full French-British military assistance in the event of German attack, calmly awaited Chancellor Hitler's speech Saturday as the key to the next nazi move. Although Poles generally expressed belief that "nothing will happen now," the government continued war preparations. Exchanging: Information Poland was reported reliably already exchanging military information with Britain and France to implement the new Anglo-French guarantee to help assure Polish independence, announced Friday by Premier Chamberlain. These consultations were said to be intended to co-ordinate land, sea and air forces of the three nations. There was a possibility British and French warships might be sent to Gdynia, the Baltic port Poland has constructed at the outlet of · the Polish -corridor, Factories Work in Night Armaments factories worked throughout the night. The supply of gas masks was increased for Warsaw citizens. At Masoe" City's Churches THE GOLDEN TEXT: "Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature- old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 4 "--II Cor 5 - 1 7 «ve m«ii n - g -;^sda7, 3:30. at 1 ------ -- . . . cn urch, class in child evangelism. Tl . 1T . '-- --i'. £,. £reugn, pastor. | *"=v. r. a. v^nenauu was Killed in c=,.»i » y V *·- 1 £ . Good Flda " 8 - Evangelist Florence will bring Church of {he Open Bible-au automobile accident near'here DflvW T K · Bapt . ls . 1 church.-- the closing message of the revival 429 East State street. Sunday earl y Saturday while enroute to Mivif m W i ' rmnist . e '" Mlss series in this service. Wednesday school 10 a. m. Morning worship, hi = Waterloo, Iowa, home after rainam Mars ton, organist; Miss evening prayer meeting. 8. at the H a- m. Young peonies overeom- completing a series of revival BAPTIST First--Where Pennsylvania ave- cZr^rh^O-ro^iccfmoS'' Km^M^""^^^^ ^^Her^ wldn^ Jchoof.u a. m. Mormng worship, - -to woreh^ Mable J O V P ' ° rgi !T ; M ' SS CVe " ing prayer mee «"E. 8, at the H a. m. Young peoples overeom- completing . ,,,,,, MLter's r 0 n«rS?Sn" Ob.Pr^ 7 PPrl^g'l 1 ? 15 *' Parsonage--Lawrence R. Cart- ers service, 6:30 p. m. Evening meetings at Dallas. lion of t h f o r d ^ s i m , ^ rfn-1' St TolmS ^P?*^ Wright, pastor. Evangelistic sen-ice 7:45 p. IT!!. Mrs. Chenault is in a hospital DK5 MOINES, OPj--Th, nonPriI iinfil TtarVrtTM SKfht °^n anrtSf^viK, »~ ^ ly .u Coramunion Wesley--South Federal at Twen- 'Holy Communion will be served at here with injuries not considered chain store question wa poned until Thursday night 2.30 and distribution of the Palms at Ueth street. 9:45 a. m., church the close of the morning service, serious. A daughter, Virginia Lou hanging fire in the Iowa Sv^o ,,,?* t f ^f * ? Li? £ T ? ? OUng pe °P'e's school, Mrs. J. E. Vesterby, gen- Morning sermon topic: "Why The £ was not hurt. Another child, Friday, with the chamber h examine candidates for baptism. Fellowship will be present for oral · «,r,»rin»»r,^«».. »7._'·*** £· ~ n,, TM :.._ .,, . . . Betty Mae. 5. hari remain ,, over the weekend matv tn R n'rfnr.1- T],« -O- ,, * " sued. o.* a u . m., cnurcn "«= nuoc ui uie wuuung service. " U..L.S..ISI, rnuu a uuu ~~-a-»o "-«= ui uic lowa senates ^antim pp1?mvS,-U ·? ? oung People's school, Mrs. J. E. Vesterby, gen- Morning sermon topic: "Why The |. twas " ot hurt. Another child, Friday, with the chamber in recess"? baptism. Fellowship will be present for eral superintendent; Mrs H H Cross'" Evenine sermon tonic- ? etty Mae - 5 - had remained at over the weekend. Y o u n g heir corporate communion and Rosem*TM,. TM-i»J,..'r l,,L,T:*TM n^o-^^SI...!^?^" J°P 10 - Waterloo, with relatives. The house nf «r,« r »«...=.... A ^^1mtn.^^i 0 ^^ Sa^fcoSffS^ ^F"=^:«e^ ^spi^christ^d^ session o£ the School of Christian school 10 a m Choral Eucharist th«m» '"rt 1 S-' TM° rsh 'P- S , e TMon p - m " Pra y er and Praise service. f th w - - -- 8:30 o'clock. assernbiy, and solemn processio^l ^m^e' fc, ^Vfc^^..^ SM£j», £ SL?^.^- chur* of^tof** Jesus tn«»Phal entry into pt-ano solo, "The Palms,"" Mrs. Living. ... Picture Interpretation, "Jesus of .,*.,,,,,, njuwitiuai emry into and the Little Ones." Monday Jerusalem. The rector will speak through Thursday noon, Holy on "The Courageous Jesus." The WeeK 8 noon"meev^s' at"st ^C^£l*K^nn£ ^fTi- ^^ ^'^ ^ith ITwlmBmT VrTngtag "fte · V "o-----"~ John^Episcopal church. Wednes- will . sing the_ "Communion Of^ devo"Fo^ T^k^p T. even!n« ^eTl^RwT^Ld 11 '^ 1R A UtO; Greeted ty ·/willl .» AJ^^^-u^ui ^l!U4t-l. r , t u l » t o - «'.* 01115 U1C ^-UIHmUmOn Ul- Hf^mfinnc T.1J day, 10 to 4 p. m., district mission- fice," chant. Dr. R. F. Kunz will ?p,. u Vr~ «Th ary rally. 7:30 p. m., Holy Week be the soloist singing Faure's PpTM?£,, .. Th £ baptismal service. Talk: "The "The Palms." Mrs. R I Patton's ?f ne " a! - -G - k r u ^ L ^ ^ l l l a L ^ ^ L Y I V . 1 ; . A U 1 I V . O . 1 A C J L 1 I C i ^ d l X H S . I V l l i . _t\. J^_ i aHOn S Baptism of Christ and His Cross." organ numbers will include "The Followed by the immersion of can- Processipnalto Calvary," Stainer; didates. Thursday, 7:30 p. m., candlelight communion service, Meditation: "Was the Cross a Necessity?" Good Friday, 12 noon to 3 p. m., meditation. Three one hour services. Kindly bring wee white church offerings this Sunday.-J. Lee Lewis. BAPTIST St. Johns--715 Sixth s t r e e t southwest. Sunday school 9:30. W. B. M a r t i n , superintendent. Preaching, 11 o'clock. B. Y. P. U., 6:30 o'clock. Evening services, 7:45 o'clock. Wednesday, Prayer meeting, 8 o'clock. Thursday, H. F. Mission circle at home of Mrs. A. E. Macer. Friday, Good Friday services, 7:45 o'clock. Miss Vivian Martin -in charge.--Rev. J. M. Eaves, pastor. CATHOLIC St. Joseph's--Sunday masses as follows: 6:30 o'clock, 8 o'clock, 9:lo o'clock and 10:30 o'clock. The Rt. Rev. P. S. O'Connor, the Rev. We Do AU Adore Thee," Dubois. St. John's choir augmented by voices from other choirs will sing Dubois' "Seven Last Words" at 7:30 p. m.--C. Burnett Whitehead, rector. Cra e EV ^ GEUCAL senior "choiF; Grace -- Adams avenue and Faure, and BYmvfoonih * i ii: *auie, ana "ine Lilona" by Mo- Church schno a t q^V" 6 5 *' zart Mauritz Lundholm, organist service -,t n T= · M ° rmn 2 «"d director of music. Sermon by "lorJesus 'MSS'uESS racy^^ll^o^Un^ PnThls^' P ^ c %^\be given SoTind teMatton° or'n^ in tlus service for the christening elected elders. 3 p m Junior adul'tf'YounTi * h ? . bapUS - m °^ Builders o£ the-Trajh 4^0 tfS aauns. Young peoples service at · ' " -- - 7 with Violet Collen and Lois Carson as leaders. fni- TpVn=» nrfir,- i t. ? i p ln Ine s o n «uary, with the tor Jesus. Official board meet- pastor in charge.--Roy W paving on Monday evening, 7:30. Spe- - - - - B y v - ray cial Communion service on Thursday evening. ~ . . . Cavl Kurt and the Steiert, assisting. ' , . Rev. G. V. 'Holy Family--Second s t r e e t northwest. Sunday masses at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 a. m. The Rev. H. P. Murphy, the Rev. William Mullen and the Rev. Joseph Kleiner, assisting. LUTHERAN Bethlehem--Between F o u r t h and Fifth streets on North Delaware avenue- 9 a. m., graded Sunday school and Bible class. 10 a. m., English service. Processional by the vested choirs, "My Faith Looks Up to Thee." The pastor will preach on "1 Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,." Both the adult and children classes will be confirmed in this service. Anthem by the senior choir, "In the Hour of Trial." Recessional, "Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name." Monday evening at 7:45 the regular quarterly business meeting of the congregation. Tuesday evening the Ladies' Aid division 1 meets with Mrs. John Speaker. Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 5 and from 6 to 9 registration for Holy Communion. Maundy Thursday evening at 7:30 German service with Holy and Lithuania, which ceded *".=- mel to Germany, had been under discussion and now was being hastened to a conclusion. A movement to concentrate all shades of opinion behind the government brought General Joseph Haller from retirement to a place on the defense committee. BING BORROWS TO PAY TAXES Brother Cites Some of Expenses Crosby Must Be Able to Meet By ROBBIN COONS HOLLYWOOD, "(£) _ B i n g Crosby, one of filmland's so-called "richest men," .had to borrow money to pay his first quarter's income tax. No foolin'. Moreover, his brother Larry said Saturday, Bing hasn't been able to "clear a dime" in two years. Bing, said Larry, who is vice- president of Bing Crosby, Inc.. won't even talk about his financial situation any more. He's too "di«- appointed." 80 Per Cent in Taxes "But I'm talking," Larry explained, "to ward off the false hopes of a lot of people--about 20 write in every day--who think B ing's wealthy and want him to lift the mortgage, give them jobs or share-the-wealth." Bing makes $135,000 a picture, as many as four pictures a year for a total of 3540,000. He gets $3,500 a broadcast. But Bing--quoting Larry again --is in the top income brackets Appoximately 80 per cent of his earnings go to the federal and California income tax bureaus. . Can't Quibble on Prices "And then there's his living expenses--living up to what the public expects of an actor," Larry amplified. "Bing can't quibble over prices or he'll be called cheap. When he goes out in a parly, it's Bing who's expected to grab the check. "Professional services cost him more, too," he ,snid. "He was billed 54,000 by the doctor who delivered the twins--but he played the doc a game of golf and won, cutting that to 52,000. "Bing could make more money --actually--by making two pictures a year instead of four. He makes four to take care of other people. If he made only two, what would he need us for? He's got about 50 people--mostly relatives and friends--on his payroll, to say nothing of the hundreds employed indirectly through his activities." at 7 junior choir and at 8 senior choir. Good Friday evening at 8 English service with Holy Communion.--C. A. Hinz, pastor. Central--329 East State street. Sunday, 9:45 a. m., church school. Sunday, 11 a. m., morning worship service. The sermon, "Ye Are My Witnesses." The order of confirmation. The reception of new members. Prelude, "Jerusalem," Parker. Anthem, "Ride on! Ride on!" John Prindle Scott. Offertory solo, "The Palms," Faure, Overan Lund. Postlude, "The Heavens Are Telling," Haydn. Sunday, S:30 p. m., Luther league vesper service. Topic, "The Wounded Word," Viola R. Wass. Monday, 8 p. m an Passion services at the Immanuel Lutheran church. The union holy week services at St. John's Episcopal church each day during holy week from Monday through Thursday from 12:10 to 12:35 noon.--Walter H. Kampen. pastor. Immanuel--Corner F i f t h a n d Jersey southeast. Sunday school at fl:30. Worship at 10:30. Sermon. "The Lord's Passover Desire." Anthem, "The Palms." by Faur. Vespers at 4:30, "The Three Crosses." Solo by Dickie Nelson Celebration of the Lord's Supper Thursday at 7:30. Meditation. "Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?" Anthem. "Into the Woods My Master Went," by Lanier. On Good Friday this church will unite with the Central and St. James churches in a three hour service in our church, beginning at noon. The northwest division will meet Wednesday at 2:30 at the church, Mrs. C. J. Olson entertaining. Confirmation class Saturday at 9:30.--B. T. Erholm, pastor. Our Saviour's--Jefferson a n d Twenty-fifth street southwest. Ladies Aid Wednesday meets with Mrs. Schwanke at Twenty-third and Jefferson southwest. Rebecca Sewing circle at the home of Mrs. Victor Cooknjan Thursday. Choir Friday evening at 7. Luther League at 7:30 Friday. Saturday at 9, confirmation class. Adult class at 2 o'clock. Sunday school at 10. Momink worship at 11.-C. A. Fntz. pastor. CHURCH OF CHRIST First--318 Adams avenue north- 'Adoration," Glul" and "ChrLrt no r £v i £$! .Ve Do AU Adore Thee." rnhTMV n , olthwest: 9:45 -- a. m., Sunday church school. Safford Lock superintendent. 11 o'clock, Palm Sunday divine worship. Prelude, 'Prelude and Fugue in D Minor," April 9, Mr. Williams announces a )y Bach, and "Palm Sunday" by special series of meetings with fangs. Mailey. Anthems by the vested Scott B. Pyle, evangelist. Services ,_.. ., · t -« The Palms ,.. by Sunday will be held in the Y. M. C. -- --0 - t 'The Gloria" by Mo- A.--The Rev. Keith M. Williams, th e man's arm. Eshleman killed . at 7:45. Theme, .'ioneer_ club. S^S^o'cio'ck," e'ven- hoiy^mas^fo-aO/Apoftle^PMmp! 3 * ChllTch of ChtlSt Evening "service cafeteria °«,^; I 0 *"1 ^T and 4 ' ^A'" 1 ^ y°« r forbearance be Special services will be held 'The Pficfp^ Sg^.CSegSr^-SK inrn^Gofpen^an-lB 5 ^g/S^tU' minister. St. on, pastor. -Raymon Ferg^on, Sunday ^ct^^ 1 * "jTn ^"**inlw »t"Hs. James - 50 2 Sixth street ^ffife ff^^S^^^ southeast -- Graded Sunday school, . . choir, directed by Mrs. Lavem o ,, ,, v; tr 1- «^iuuj oi-nuuj, mini-, ulreciea. oy Mrs. Lavem L % in?' ^"PP^^er, superinten- Brenton. Sermon by the pastorTM dent. Ella Woisnak, secretary and ' T ~ "· -·· - vTM 101 un treasurer. Palm Sunday. The confirmation class will sing, "Jesus Still Lead On." Loreita McKee, Betty Pearson, Anne Braecklein, 'Jesus, Our King." Evening serv- ce at 7:30 o'clock. On Wednesday ivening Dr. Harless, superintend- Jnt of the Iowa Synod, of Ames, M _,.J_ "-jr ' *V"»? "'""-' vl = 111 ' will conduct a meeting in the in- Mauan Frenz and Mable Ruhnke terest of the East Side church --B will be confirmed^ The pastor will A. Stevenson, pastor CONGREGATIONAL First--Delaware avenue and -wv-»i.»« *iii_Li, j.i.ic f a a i u L will speak on "Take God's Word With You." The senior choir sings "Hosannah" by A. Beck. Junior league 7 p. m. Marvin Schroeder, Pearl Rohr, Arlene Buhr, Lynne Hohle. Bible verse, "Jerusalem." The church council will meet Tuesday 8 p. m. On Holy Thursday, 8 p. m., English Holy Communion. The senior choir will sing '"Twas on That Dark, That Doleful Night" by A. Beck. On Good Friday German services at 7 p. m . and English 'March Pontificale"" by De La- service at 8 p. m. Carlton Rohr TombeUe. The choir under the di- ?irst street northeast, Roy C. Helfenstein pastor, Clark E. Gilman, superintendent church school Church school at 9:30 a. m. Worship service at 10:45 a. m. The pastor will speak on '-The High Moment of Decision." Mrs. J. E Stinehart, organist, will p l a y will sing "They Led Him Away' by H. Buffum. Union Lutheran Good Friday services at Immanuel Lutheran church. Three services. The Rev. B. Erdhohn will preach .at 12 noon, the -Hev. O Mall at 1 p. m. and the Rev. W. Kampen at 2 p. m. The senior choir will practice Wednesday evening at 7:30.--Oswald G. Mall, pastor. Trinity--508 South Pennsylvania avenue. Early service at 8:45 a. m. Prelude, Herbert Sinn. Pro- There is a Green Hill," by Gou- the bill was* aDDroved"after"?everi - -- - r r j -, nod, "The Palms" by Faure, and h^urs of stem debate Friday TM *"* rolb . officia ^ estimated night by a vote of 85 for and 37 £?· ? y ' t . , ,,,,,. against. It now goes to the senate. Tmrty t . hou ^nd WPA workers The measure would empower . will sing, "Jerusalem" by Parker and Mrs. C. E. Gilman and Miss Ellen- M. Smith twill sing a. duet, "Hdsanriff'. '· by , · Gra ni er. Pilgrim · cessional, junior choir. Baptism of James Lucerne Moor. "The . ,, .,.,, Sixth Commandment" by confir- ancc---616 Delaware avenue north - mation class. Song, "O How Shall , John 12:12-19. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. J. C. Odden, superintendent. Morning service at 10-45 o'clock. Prelude, Mrs. J. O. Gilbertson. Processional, senior choir. Anthem, senior choir. Sermon "Our Passion King," John 12: 12-19. Solo "Jerusalem," Park- .er, by Mrs. Russell Thompson. Luther league "Fireside Hour' at W ^^?Se5 F7 TM-~ -£f- Thursday 7-4=5 n m fl?o ^-r, Iuncneo " ""d"' auspices of the an p a «i,TM «£;=!:;= "tTM°"TTMTM^ J. 1 ! 10 Blessings of Redemption,' west. Bible school, 9:30. . . Kollman, superintendent. Morn- W. S. ing worship, 10:45: communion service; women's chorus, "The Lord's Prayer." Malotte. Deis; sermon, "The Living Gospel," the minister. Christian Endeavor and Fireside chat, 6:30 at Halsor home. Illustrated cross service, 8:30; sermon, "Three Crosses on Calvary," the minister; marimbaphone solo, Louise Reynolds accompanied by Betty Church; vocal duet, Betty Church and William Seeley. Spe- ^ . -- .. _.,,,,,... ^j^^i^,^, v^»ji_- ii*. u.i i .ov, jvii4, ^ijii(i ijiono CIE! Passion week services will superintendent Class meetink i continue cac^i evening through I 7:30. Evening evangelistic service Ephesians Ch. 1. L. D. R. at church parlors, Monday at 7:30 p. m., Helen Gulbranson, hostess. Choir rehearsal. Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Adult class for Baptism and communicant membership Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Holy Thursday evening service with Lord's Supper at 8 o'clock. Junior choii rehearsal, Thursday at 4:15 p. m. Union Lutheran Good Friday service at Trinity church, April ' from 12 o'clock noon to 3:30 p. m. Calvary and Our Savior's churches participating in the service. Good Frid^y evening services at 8 o'clock. Confirmation classes Saturday: Boys at 8; girls at 9:15 and sixth and seventh graaes at 10:15 a. m.--O. L. N. Wgdahl, pastor. Caivary--1615 North Delaware avenue Sunday school at 9:45 j m. Glenn Erickson, superinten dent. Morning services at 10:45 o'clock. Prelude, Mrs. Glenn Murren. Sermon by Glenn Erickson. Evening sen-ice 8 o'clock. Busi ness meeting of Calvary church Monday at 8 p. m.--O. L. N. Wigdahl, pastor, Glenn Erickson, assistant. METHODIST First--124 North Washington avenue. 9:30, church school; 3:30 church of youth; 10:45. morning worship. Sermon, "The Great Passover," Dr. Flynn. Music under direction of Mrs. Pitchen: "Festival Prelude," Stanley Rieff; "Open Wide the Gates." Howorth, chorus choir: "The Palms." Faure, James Archie: "Grand Chouer, Dubois 6:30. Epworth league; 6:30. faelh- ocUst Youth council.--Clarence E. Flynn. William Galbreth, minis ters. Free--146 Sixth street southwest. 10;00, Sunday school, F. M. C e r n e y , superintendent. 11:00. Morning worship. Service w ill be in charge of Evangelist L. O. Florence of Wilmore, Ky., who will bring the message. Children's chorus practice, 3; pastor in charge. Y. P. M. C., 7:30; Mrs. L. H. Cartwright, superintendent. J. SI. S., 7:30: Mrs. Zclla Eldridge ' ' TM ing 7:30 p.. m., evening Come." The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. ... ·· Need_of Spiritual WilliamsjviHsmg^The Comforter Rattlesnake's FangS C. Lusted, min- PKESBYTERIAN First--Washington and Ninth 7:45 with Mr. Williams speaking on "Where Is Your Heart?" Tuesday evening the Prayer and Bible class will meet. Wednesday the girls Missionary class will meet with Mrs. Williams at 403 East State street. Beginning Sunday, evangelist. Greek Orthodox church--April 1, Lazarus' Resurrection. April 2, Palm Sunday, the glorious entering of Jesus into Jerusalem. Morning prayers, 9:30; gospel, Matthew . - rection of Miss Ellen M. Smith . . at 7:30 p. m. in the church parlors. east. Morning sermon topic, based I Receive Thee,""' Junior choir. ° n the original Palm Sunday "ex" Sermon, "Our Passion King," perience, is '^Hypocritical Wei come of the Saviour." Exchanging worthless things for treasures will be the general subject of th sionary group will meet with Mrs. O. Dahl, 615 Van Buren, avenue southeast, Wednesday afternoon. Midweek prayer meeting Thursday evening. Monday evening, at parsonage, regular monthly execu- --P. E. Freligh, pastor. Waterloo Pastor Is Fatally Injured in Accident in Texas , McKlNNEY, Tex., (ff) -- The | Rev. P. R. Chenault was killed in , . . Rev. Russell E. Pope, pastor. Williams Revival: Services at Y. M. C. A. Afternoon service with Investigates Rattle , Has Come." Evening service at CLEVELAND, (ffJ--Charles L. Eshleman, advertising executive, decided to investigate that rattle in his car which had been bothering him for weeks. He threw open the trunk compartment -- and a rattlesnake greeted him witri a thrust of its ' .ngs. The thickness of two coats prevented the fangs from piercing . the snake with an umbrella. Special Passion Week Services to Be Held . , , - . Vespers, 4; evening worship, 7:15. Services every evening of this LABOR DISPUTE BILL IS VOTED House in.Minnesota Passes Measure for Settling Problems ST PAUL, Gov. Harold E. , -- . . Stassen's labor relations bill, setting up machinery for settlement o£ industrial disputes, Saturday was past its first major legislative hurdle, the Minnesota house. With only minor amendments the governor to appoint a full- time labor conciliator and special conciliators when needed. Where their efforts fail, the 'governor FrtWihiW 'i J '-'yTM I C er - '".'Bran their efforts Jail, the -governor 6-30 D m%£t n h- a Jh.'TT 18 3 t TM uld ap P° int a * ree nrin arbi- at 7- ^' m ^ f h 8 \ ? 01 ^° UP t^ 0 " board to se W* disputes. ilv l . o U D- m. \n 1ri* rruirr-ii TmrlnT-c- · * » _ · · . .. r . .__ . . Major provisions of the bill The Amiciclub ^m nSS'ffinday W ouS°givfSor^he right to or iTrHerbeirTe?-± ^T* n^ «**»· ^ ba « ain -"^ely and! 101. Herbeit Temphn will speak to refrain from ioinin? union-; n 01J1C- "=fu""cans ^wynne, jen- at rt h r P i! gr ^ FeUow . s , hi P "«»*« woufd ou\la\r s tr,Tes fn vlofetton sel ^ Le C ?"? te ' Martin ^ Tall « fh?oothiS, 1 ^ 13 " WJ " SPMk f ° r o£ union contracts, sitdown strikes voted againstit me posi-iiisn EIOUD. a _ : _ r _ _ t - . . _ _ i _ ,-, . .. --^_.. J J _. imor'VfVAVBviTTc and pickeUng unless the maiority ^^^ ... T I 1 - 1 , ch^£? c 5?^sss, Am. ^fsar^r^ss ccc Work « Unearths on highways also is. forbidden. ^ ) $20 GoU PlCCCS . Employers would be given the right of association for collective , ployes for reporting to the board will h» the nonorai c,,h;,,^t n t *u " -- . ,s , * " uuaiu en, ujiednaeu a un can contain A'S^SMSSAS: ss*s" "·"""« ~ w " ±s, ! ,?va »sy ,s.g v CHAIN BILL IS LEFT PENDING Senate Is Hoping to Reach Vote Monday on Compromise Measure ; -*1 % , . The Rev. Chenault was pastor Baptist ----f *·* "JMiiViuj H l U J U g U Thursdaq. On Friday the Church of Christ will participate in the Good Friday services at the First Baptist church. Sunday evening there will be an illuminated cross service. The sermon subject will be "Three Crosses on Calvary." The sermon will be illustrated by replicas of the three crosses. A marimba solo will be played by Louise Reynolds. A vocal duet will be sung by Betty Church and William Seeley. Order Would Reduce Iowa WPA Rolls by 1,900 by April 1 WASHINGTON, «)--WPA Administrator F. C. Warrington's order reducing WPA enrollment 200,000 by April 8 will mean a reduction of approximately 1,900 were authorized for Iowa in March and the reduction is expected to cut that figure to 23,100. The. Iowa delegation split in voting on. the $100,000,000 reliei appropriation bill passed by the house. Democrats Harrington and Jacobsen and Republicans Dowel and Gilchrist voted for the measure. Republicans Gwynne, Jen LOS ANGELES, (#j--Henry bargaining. Lockouts for violation Valencia, 18, swinging a pick or of union contracts, penalizing em- a civilian conservation corps prpj- - ect, unearthed a tin can contain- Moot was Jeft senate .ij . . The house of representatives was meeting Saturday, but with? ' ·- absent, no unpoi-i "fj ant^ legislation could be consid-'f The senate hoped, to reach a t ,°M, the compromise chain-store bill on Monday. Lewis Makes Proposal 4$ A^ proposal by Senator H. V. 'M sum of 10'average days' sales'to 1 a chain store's annual assessed f valuation, .was under considera-* t !*-,*! t l . n « * t _ , " · · w i u . t . A Q . , . Friday a d i °'TM d .. Lewis proposed substituting his -average assessment" plan for the graduated unit tax section in the compromise bill. The amount to be added to a store's assessment under the -Lewis plan would be determined by dividing the year's gross sales by the number oj business days and multiplying by ten. Charges Text Altered The debate reached a climax *,: Fnday when Senator Edward · ft Breen (D), Fort Dodge, charged that the text of the compromise bill was altered between the time i'- it was approved by the special 'M committee which drafted it arid t : t the time it appeared in printed ;$1 form in the senate. *·;; Senator L. B. Forsting (R) Si Sioux City, took the responsibil: fe! ity for the changes. He said they ··'. were made "to correct mistakes -W the stenographers had made." ·*?· Breen' charged that insertion of 'f-' the word "additional" in the pro- * posed license schedule was "an- T other whack at its effectiveness" ·* Tax Scale Listed JH ·He claimed the committee had ^ intended that the rate for the l ? highest bracket in which a com- ' - . ^ i pany iias stores would apply to *'J all of the stores which that com?; * 1 pany won in Iowa. As the bill stands now, a company would pay S10 each on the first ten stores; $25 each on the next ten; $50 each on the next ten; $100 on the next ten; $150 on the next ten; $200 on the next 25 stores; $300 on the next 25 stores; and S500 each on all "additional" stores Baker, 47, Dies of Injuries Without Naming Assailant PITTSBURGH, '(#)--Friends 'jj£jl the famous chocolate maWng-'sj^fii family Friday night identified the'^'f J}1 victim of a fatal beating in a Y. M. miral Richard E. Byrd. The man who once was a civic leader, at his ancestral home at S?-t: Winchester, Va., a philanthropist, the owner of theaters and a base- j-.^*» ( ball club, died a WPA recreation 'if;-^M supervisor, tight-lipped about his'^^W 1 past and declining to death to name his assailant. He died in a hospital, six days after detectives learned he was beaten in his room. HERE'S THE BEST OEAt IN TOWN MORE MONEY FOR YOUR CAR MORE CAR FOR YOUR MONEY FOR SPRfNGI 2 NEW MODELS AT NEW LOWER PRICES STARTING $ 50 LOWER Come and sec [he brilliant new Hudson Pacemaker Six, on display today for the first lime! Learn, too, about die new lowest priced Hudson--the Traveler Coupe! Cats you can bay at a saving and drive at a saving. Prices Start Among AMERICA'S LOWEST and up, delivered in Detroit, equipped to drive; Federal taxej paid, state tax eitra. for USED CARS IN APRIL You SAVE more-- we need used cars and we're ready and willing to give you a higher trade-in allowance that will open your eyesi Just drive in and make us prove it. You GET more-- we challenge any car on the market'today to match the new Hudson for looks, comfort, safety and great new features. It's the year's best buy . . . and we can prove this, too! YOU'RE DRIVING A USED CAR! WE WANT IT! . . . Fords, Plymouths, Chevrolets, Hudsons, Hudson Terraplanes, Dodges, Pontiacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Chryslers ... in trade on new Hudsons. ^ HUDSON LAPINER MOTOR COMPANY 125 South Delovrore Phone 1182 Mown City, Iowa

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