The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 15, 1944 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1944
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Wednesday, March 15, 194« MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DISASTER RELIEF -- What the Red Cross Does During and After Disaster. THIS If DICK SMITH.BOTH HIS PARENTS MUMMED WSHT KfOK HIS EYES THE MO CUSS HELPED US IEWU1 THE HOUSE AND SO THUft A KTIEU OUNCE FO* YOUk SCHOOLING. WHEU Old VOU LEAKN HOW TO CO THAT. YOUNG FELLOW ? OKAY/ILL PICK UP THE SlimiES AND BE THEREJ INSIDE THE HOUl. RIVER'S RISING FAST.J BETTER. GET/GOING.' fHCTNE ME HOW THINGS LOOK. IN THE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL WHICH THE RED CtOSS HELPED ME ATTEND. 1 WISH Wf 0 HAD A PLANE W4ENTHE(LOOD WEIL LOOK OUT K)H HIM NOW. LETS SEE WHAT YOU NEED FIRStDKX SAY.CMNOPA, CAN I MAKE FLAMES WHEN On receipt of jdvance sform w«rntngi, Red Cross gois into action. In local disasters, {rained chapter volunteers do 4h» job. Headquarters eiperft ar« on .quick call. In disaster Red Cross medical attention follows rescue. Then comes dry clothing, shelter and food. Usually the Red Cross buys necesiitlej locally. Rehabilitation is an important part of Red Cross aid to disaster victims. This means helping according to the need. No loans but only outright grants are made. Where other financial aid is lacking, the Red Cross assists in long-term planning for schooling and car* of children who lose their parent! in a disaster. \ Tax Forms \ Simple for I Quiz Kids Chicago. (U.P.) -- Form 104OA, ' which you sat up with Tuesday · night, is so simple and easy to fill i out that a 7 year old child can do it '",' in 15 minutes--provided the child's name is Joel Kupperman, the quiz 1 kids' mathematical genius. i "I filled out lotsa them," Joel : . admitted modestly Wednesday ; "and it only took me 'bout 15 mini utes for the hardest ones." Joel, a third grade pupil, wa ', puzzled why so many grownup ! should have to stand in line {o i hours to receive instructions on ! how to file their income tax re j turns. ; "I read where people said th 1 form should be made simpler," h \ said. "I guess if so many people i think so, it should be changed. - But, eolly, making out income tax ; returns is easier than doing al: gebra problems. "In algebra you have the unknown quantity, but making out income tax returns is just plain addition and . subtraction." Joel's class is learning to' add numbers which total 100. When he finishes those problems, he voluntarily turns to second year high school algebraic equations and to '. reading Van Loon's "History o£ Mankind." Quiz Kid Richard Williams, 14, can't see anything difficult about lling out income tax forms either. He said it took him about 30 minutes to fill out his, including checking his figures. He believes that many people encountered difficulties "because hey didn't read the instructions." 'My goodness, it's all down there plain as can be," he said. Because he earned $5,200 last year appearing on the radio he could not use the simplified form. "I wish I could of, though," he said. "That's easy, like eating applepie. I used it when 1 worked out my English teacher's return." Richard is a high school freshman and has the highest I. Q. of any person ever tested by the University of Chicago. Richard's father, David Williams, a combustion engineer ant a brilliant mathematician also, saic that being the father of a quiz kid has its disadvantages. ' "Richard received a $100 wa bond for each of his radio appearances," he said. "We didn't want t cash the bonds and he only gets a dollar a week allowance, so I dug down to pay his tax to the tun of S713." Relief At Last For Your Cough . Creomulsion relieves promptly be- ·: cause it goes right to the seat of the .' trouble to help loosen and expel ;·! germ laden phlegm, and aid nature 3 to soothe and heal raw, tender, in; flamed branchial mucous mem- ! branes. Tell your druggist to sell you ' a bottle ot Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it ; quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis I their highest altitude in Peru. TEST YOUNG MEN FOR WAR Iowa City--Between 50 and 100 young men were to take the 3rd army-navy qualifying tests at the University of Iowa Wednesday morning. The candidates include those who will be 17 but not yet 22 by July 1, 1944. Each person is required to indicate his preference either for the army or the navy. Military scholarships may be won by 17 year olds who pass the test and who will not reach their 18th birthday before entering the army specialized training reserve program. The navy section leads to assignment in the V-12 program, purpose o£ which is to provide officers for the navy, marines and coast guard. Tests are designed to measure aptitude and general knowledge required for success in the services' college programs. The Andes mountains reach PRESS HUNT FOR BLUEBEARD Parisian Claimed to Have Killed 30 Persons London, U.R)--Paris. surete and jestapo agents turned their search or a sadistic Parisian Bluebeard who killed at least 30 persons- most of them women--to the Lyons area Wednesday following a report that his frightened wife lad been found in a hideout there. According to accounts broadcast by German-controlled French radio stations, Dr. Marcel Petiot, the mad killer of the Rue Lesuer, left Paris several days ago with his wife and 17 year old son alter police had discovered his death house near the Arc de Triomphe and set an unsuccessful trap for him there. Crime Commissioner Massey, charged with the investigation, left Paris for Lyon by automobile to question Mme. Petiot- There was no report regarding the whereabouts of the son. Meanwhile officers of the su- rete, France's Scotland yard, continued their investigation at 21 Rue Lesuer, a gloomy house surrounded by a 12-foot brick wall on the number probably was much higher. The London Daily Mall reported in a Madrid dispatch that Petiot was a close friend of Jacques Doriot, ardent French collaborationist. If true, the report would remove any suspicion that the Germans were faking reports of the crimes in order to catch a leader of the French underground. The German transocean news agency reported that a detailed examination of the home-made death chamber, where the physician gave his victims injections of a strong poison which they thought was narcotic, revealed that he cunningly had installed an optical device in the wall. While his victims writhed in death agonies, Petiot sat calmly at a writing desk in the next room and watched their contortions under the beams of 2 powerful lights. Then, in the small chamber behind bolted, double oaken doors he dissected the bodies before destroying them. Nazis Facing Disaster in Ukraine Area By DE1VITT MACKENZIE Associated Press War Analyst Hitler's great army ot the Ukraine, estimated at between 400,000 and 500,000 men, is in the clutches of far- *~ ~ ^ reaching disaster. Even though h e s a l v a g e s something from t h e wreckage, he will have suffered a terrific blow. The b a t t l e n o w raging in the mud of Russ i a's e a r l y spring is bring- IA MACKENZIE a quiet street, contrasting with Dr. Petiot's respectable middle-class menage in the bustling Rue Caumartin. Dr. Petiot, described as the 47 year old former mayor of Villn- nueve-Sur-Yonne, a town 70 miles southeast of Paris, was accused ol murdering at least 30-20 of them women--a gruesome series of killings which recalled those of Dr. Landru, who was executed in Paris more than 20 years ago for slaying a number of persons, at least 10 of them women. Eight of Petiot's victims were reported to have been men and 2 of them youths. Dr. Paul, a surete expert, said tiie remains found in the Rue Lesuer could belong to 12 or 13 persons and pointed out that a stove. in which the slvoyed after bodies Petiot were de- had first dipped them in a limepit, had been burning 40 hours preceding $5,000 a Week 'Peons' of Hollywood Rescued From Bondage Threat Hollywood, U.R -- Hollywood's $5,000-a-week "peons" were rescued from the threat of bondage Wednesday by a decision of Superior Judge Charles S. Burncll that seven years is seven years, regardless of whether the boss is angry. Beautiful Olivia DeHavilland brought about the upheaval. Burnell's decision ended the movie industry's time-honored "suspension system," by which an actor in bad grace was taken from the payroll for an indefinite period and the time added to the end of his seven-year contract. T h e judge maintained that seven years was the legal limit of a contract and that the system would amount to virtual peonage for employes, or even life bondage. Miss DcHavilland's contract, he said, was terminated as of last May 5. Months of suspensions by Warner Brothers were eliminated. "Those suspensions .were made after I refused to accept roles for ing the end of the European war appreciably nearer. The whole vast right wing of the German line has been swung round so it faces the bleak'north. In this position it's being hammered back towards Rumania with bloody losses. The Russians indicate they've killed or captured close to 100,000 nazis in the last 10 days in this region, and have taken vast booty. In some places the usually solid and stolid German troops are in panic. If there's any silver lining to the fuehrer's cloud, it's badly tarnished. He has been banking on the fact that his water-boy, Marshal von Mannstein, had ere- ated Bug stronj river defenses which along the the next UtJUll UULU1II TU nuui ; i^i.vk.*;iiii£) uii.tL i i v^ua^u i" «v.v,_i-«i. * -jii_o itn the discovery of the crimps, so t h a t ' which I was unsuited," she said. ree 50* ALL THE VITAMINS GOVERNMENT EXPERTS AND DOCTORS RECOGNIZE AS ESSENTIAL--AND NEEDED MINERAIS Package of Vimms When you buy tiie large size $2.25 Value for $1.69 Money-back Guarantee included with each Free Trial Combination At Your Druggist! natural defense in the German line of retreat. This empties into the Black Sea at Nikolayev, near the strategic port of Kherson which red forces captured Monday. Von Mannstein had intended to make a stand on the Bug in case of emergency. That's the meaning of the fierce battle now in progress at Tarnopol in pre-war Poland, at (he end of what is now the marshal's left flank. The Germans are hanging to Tarnopol for dear life to prevent that flank from being completely turned. Watch Tarnopol! The Bug now is reported In spring flood and would make a formidable defense for the nazis if von Mannstein could hold it. The Muscovites already have cut the nazi line of escape through the port of Nikolayev. and are said to have forced a crossing of the river 50 miles southeast of Vinnitsa. That looks bad for the Germans. Von Mannstein clearly recognizes the threat, if the report is true that the Hitlerites are rushing all available ships from Rumanian ports to Odessa. That presumably would mean preparations for possible evacuation of troops by sea. cither from the Dnieper bend or from the Crimea, or both. This would presage a further German withdrawal to the Dniester river--barrier to Rumania. Jlitler's Rumanian satellite reportedly has sent Prince Barbu Stirbey. former premier and onetime power behind the throne, to Cairo to sue for peace with the allies. B r i t a i n is said to have granted him passes to expedite his trip Confirmation of Slirbcy's mission jp awaited, but the report in itself is symptomatic of the feverish condition of the Balknns. which have had their fill of Hitler. Stirbey is. of course, a relic ot the past and probably doesn't represent all his people. However, the signs are that most Rumanians want to get from under the growing load of German defeat. YOU'LL LOVE TO LIVE WITH Sero-Tone Easy to Apply Brush on low-cost WG!! beauty with Sero- Tone! One coat covers any interior wall. No primer needed. Glareless, washable. Dries in an hour. Pastel colors. Master Mixed Roof Coating Porch Floor Enamel Resists Worst Weather Why be doomed to feel low, under par just because your diet lacks the vitamins and minerals you need? Now there is a simple way lo get them --fust take Vimms every day. U. S. Government Experts In a nation-wide survey of eating habits, Government experts found that three out of four people weren't getting enough vitamins and minerals. Other surveys show similar results. Vimms contain all of the vitamins that Govern* ment experts recognize as essential in the diet. That's not all. Vimms also give essential minerals to work along with the vitamins. Talcing three Vimms each day will bring the average diet up to peak vitamin-mineral efficiency. Vimms give you ALL the vitamins named by doctors as desirable in the daily diet, and they give you too, a proper balance of these vitamins as officially endorsed by medical committees. No other product of any price oil of Viniflu' ouvunft Not only do Vimms give you all the vitamins Government experts recognize, and essential minerals to work with them, but also Vimms keep their standard strength. What's more--the vitamins in Vimms are absorbed quickly and efficiently! Get Vimms from yowr Druggist Take advantage of Vimms' Free Trial Offer now, while the supply lasts. Buy the large economy-size Vimms from your druggist. ; . get the 5Off package of Vimms free! Vimms are pleasant tasting, cost only a few cents a. day. Start every day with Vimms! An easy way to remember is to take your three Vimms at breakfast. Lever Brothers Company, Pharmaceutical Division, Cambridge, Mass. AWOL's May Rejoin Units Camp Edward;,. Mass.. (U.R) -The army is giving runaway soldiers a chance to make .amends-without leaving a blot on their service records--nt one of its 2 processing centers -- t h e Eost Coast Processing Center at Camp ! Edwards. The center is composed of a stockade and training 'area for AWOL problem soldiers who attempted to run away from impending danger. As the director. LI. Col. George A. Palmer, puts it. the function of the center is to restore to duty those men physically and otherwise fit for duty who are absent without authority from army units destined for overseas. Some men, found to be downright misfits, are returned to civilian life, but the majority are remade into good fighting men and shipped overseas to join their units and face the call of duty. The Chinese are said to be the first people to use thimbles. Master Mixed red barn paint produces a tough, glossy finish! Costs 'less in the long run because it goes further and lasts longer! Flows freely. Made to be walked on! Use Master-Mixed floor enamel on wood, cement or linoleum f l o o r s , inside or outside. Popular colors. New liquid roof! Asphalt and long asbestos fiber, blended for toughness and water resistance. Weather- p r o o f s a n y composition, metal or concrete surfaces. YOU CAN'T BUY BETTER PAINT Fights Destructive Wood Rot Koxv that you cannot replace your house, your most valued possession, guard it against destructive wood rot! Master-Mixed house paint furnishes this protection. Because a balanced formula of the finest ingredients obtainable is used in making this top-quality house paint, you get lasting protection plus enduring beauty at lower cost per year of service! 2 .79 \ In 5 Gallon GAL. Container SEAKS, ROfBUCk AND CO

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