Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 8, 1934 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY MAY 8 ACCUSED IN INSULL CASE Score of Utility Magnate's Former Associates to Go to Court. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS With Samuel Insull in his impending court battles for freedom and rehabilitation of his good name are a score of his former associates in 'his great utility empire. They are, in addition to his brother and his son: Harold L. Stuart, former president -of Corporation Securities company former president Halsey, Stuart and company, brokerage Charles B. Stuart, vice president of Corporation Securities; vice president Halsey, Stuart and company Edward J. Doyle, director of Corporation Securities; former president. of Commonwealth Edison company. Secretary of Firm. Frank R. Evers, secretary Utility Securities company. Stanley Field, director Corpora tion Securities; former chairman o the Continental Blinois Kationa Bank and Trust company; directo of. numerous outstanding'' Chicagi business houses. · . John H Gulick, director Corpora tion Securities; vice president Com inonwealtb, Edison. George A. Kemp, assistant secre tary, Utility Securities. ' Philip J. McEnroe, vice president, Corporation Securities. Clarence T. Martin Insull alone with embezzlement of ?377,720 of Middle West Utilities company funds and an indictment in Lake county, Ind., charges Insull, Jr., and six other men, all officers of Northern Indiana Public Service company, wltn arceny and embezzlement of a $2,533,375 note. These are all the criminal charges so far evolved out of the Insull debacle, but there are dozens of civil suits of various sorts. Former lowan Dies. ACKLEY, May 8.--Mr. and Mrs Tom Trepp and Miss Thelma left Sunday because of the death at Sioux Falls, S. Dak., of Mrs. Trepp's brother, Will Schultz, 60, who has been suffering for two weeks with heart disease. Mr. Schultz lived at Parkersburg for many years before ;oing to South Dakota. WHEAT PRICES MOUNT AGAES[ INLATE TRADE letter Carriers Honor Couple. GOLDFIELD, May S.--The CLOSE STRONG AT NEAR DAY'S PEAK Buying Outburst More Than Overcomes Preceding Downturns. CHICAGO, May 8. UP)--An outburst of aggressive buying of wheat in the late dealing today lifted prices briskly, and much more than overcame preceding .downturns of the market. The fresh soaring of wheat values ran quotations up to a new high point unequaled since the middle of Wright county rural letter carriers April. association met at the Memorial Washington advices regarding association hall Saturday evening with 50 carriers and members of their families in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Bert J. Beck were honored. Mr. Beck retired May l following 30 years of service. ' ADJUDGED THE BEST President Roosevelt's silver policy were construed as decidedly stimulating as to grains. Besides, officia advices indicated rainfalls were as a rule insufficient to be of any ma terial assistance to wheat crops. Wheat closed strong at almos Produce MASON CITY, May 8 -Cash Quotations toy E. U. Morse Eggs (current receipts) He Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over ..10s ,ight hens 6c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags :.._ 6c Old cocks (heavy) »c Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 11-12C* Eggs, in trade 13o Butter, Plymouth .30c Butter, Clear Lake 28c Butter, State Brand 29c Butter. Very Best 29c Butter, Dairy Maid' · 26c Butter, Brookfield 26c Potatoes, peck 30c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. CHICAGO POULTBY. CHICAGO. May 8. (.1')--Poultry, live. 43 trucks, steady; liens over 5 Ibs., 14c: 5 Iba. and under lOVjc; Leghorn hens 12c; Rock . McNeffle, secretary, . Ireasurer, Corporation Securities. John F. O'Keefe, assistant secretary, Corporation Securities. Fred H. Scheel, vice president, Utility Securities. Brother of Actor. Frank K. Schrader, director, Corporation Securities; vice president Halsey, Stuart and company. Clarence W- Sills, vice president, Corporation Securities; vice president, Halsey, Stuart: brother of late Milton Sills, movie star. Waldo F. Tobey, attorney for Corporation Securities. Robert W. Waite, vice president, treasurer, Utility Securities. Clarence R. Whitworth, auditor, Corporation Securities. ,U1 M*"."" v " · - , *!.,, The above are all named in the indictment charging use of the mails to defraud in the sale of Corporation Securities stock: In the indictment alleging transfer of Corporation Securities assets in anticipation of bankruptcy, the defendants, are: 3 Insulls Named.' The three Insulls, Harold i. Stuart, McEnroe, O'Keefe, Doyle, Gulick, Field, as above, plus these two: . William R. Irwin, auditor 'Corporation Securities. Charles W. Daniels, treasurer. - . In the state indictments alleging embezzlement, Samuel Insull is named with only his brother, Mar- indictment charges for assistant (Continued from rage 15) people of the country prosperity means a return to the hectic days preceding the stock market crash of 1929. This theory disregards the fact that those hectic days were created by false and inflated values which in turn were created by a false and inflated philosophy. In the creating of this inflation we disregard all natural laws of economics, so it is but natural for us to expect to cure the trouble by the same process. But it cannot be done. The only way back to solid ground and to a degree of prosperity and well-being commensurate with common sense and economic soundness will be by the application of thrift and hard work and the balancing of the budget of every individual. The old haywire days are gone forever. But a large percentage of our population still believes in Santa C.aus and in good fairies. The cause of the present economic condition ot the country in large measure 'can be ascertained by every citizen by ooking in the mirror. Each one of us contributed his share. There is nothing new about all of this. It has been the history of things in the world since the' earliest dawn of civilization. Particularly, has it characterized every postwar period. Humanity never learns. We have not progressed so far in our thmk- ne, after all. Where is our money? The answer is not difficult. It can be told m one short sentence. We tin. Another Fire Damages Kool. AL.GONA,, May 8.-- Fire originated by sparks from the chimney caused slight damage to the roof of Mrs John 1 Laing's Bouse on South Minnesota street Monday morning. is covered by msur- The damage ance. the day's maximum, l j ,i@l%c above yesterday's finish: May, 85%; July, 8t@84%c; corn, %c off to He up; May, 47y 2 c; July, 49? 8 @5pc: oats unchanged to %c higher, and provisions unchanged to a decline of 2 cents. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. CHICAGO. May 8. UB-- Wheat: No. 2 red 85%c: No. 1 hard 86c. Corn: No. ! mixed 40c; No. 2 yellow lake No 2 yellow old 49Vi(S50c: No. 3 yellow 49'ic- No H yellow 48%c; No. 2 white 53Vic; sample grade 43®49c. oats: No. 2 white 35%®36c; No. 3 white 35c. Rye: No. 1. 5DC. Timothy seed: S6.25JE6-50 cwt. Lard, tierces, S5.S2; loose lard, $5.40; bellies 57.75. MasonCityGrain M.ASON CITY, May 8.-Barley 30-45C No 2 yellow old shelled corn . . . 37c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn- . .36c No. 3 yellow ear corn 34c .. better 26c TUESDAY CHAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO. May 8. (,1'v-- WHEAT- High Low Close May 86 .83% .85;i Sept. I ! 85 ,82!i -84% CORN-- . ,. May - t7?; .462, .4,5, July',; -48r« .48:4 Sept '.52VJ .50 .51W i"::::::: 2* S s sil :.:.: ** -^ .33% Sir..- « -5i s * Tnlv . .5S 3 ,; .57 .58% Ct. ·::'.'.'.".'.. -S»H ·5--i 59 ' 1 M 1 *?" 3 *" ·«* 5SS ·;:""" .«* ·«* : ·«* sept « ·«* ·«* LARD-- - ' "1y :::: 5.9? s.»z- 5.».-. .Sept. .: 6-20 6.12 6.17 BELLIES-May 7 g- ·July '' So TUESDAY GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO. Hay 8. HT-Open Close Close · Today Yesterday Yr. Ago WHEAT-- ,,,, M a y . 84 .SiW -69 £ « sepl .: 82% .S3U -71?, CORN-- _ ryers 25V£fi26c, colored 24Vjc; Rock prlngs 25V^@26c. colored 21%c; Rock broll- rs 23@25c. colored 23c: Leghorn 1V-, Ibs. p 20C. under IV Ibs. Its. barebacks ISc; oostcrs 8c; turkeys ll®15c: spring ducks 2@15c, old ducks 10(j|)llc; geese 8c. CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO, May S. Uiv-Buttcr, 10.582, easy; creamery, specials (93 score) 23^ 5t 22K® e ic? S rlms (88-89) CJ 21«@22c; seconds (86-87) 21c; standards (90 centralized carets) 23c. Eggs, 30,635, steady, prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, May 8. (.TV-- Egg tulurcs closed: Storage packed firsts. June. 16Vic; refrigerator standards. October, 18Hc. Butter futures: storage standards, November. 24c. No potato futures. NEW TOUR PRODUCE. NEW YORK. May 8. (.T-- Butter. 24.047. @24vi'c: other grades unchanged; extra (92 ^Cheese, '406.245. firmer. State, whole milk flats, fresh, tancy 13@13V6c; fresh, specials 14c; all held grades unchanged. 163i@17c; other mixed colors unchanged. KANSAS CITV PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY. May 8. (.TV- Hens, 9® cVamery butter 26V=c. other produce unchanged. NEW YORK POULTRY. NEW YORK, May S. LTV-- Dressed poultry quiet and unchanged. Live poultry weak. ETollers.' freight 1 B 20c; othsr freight and all express unchanged. HIDES, WOOL Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 808 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsehides SJ-J 5 Cured beef hides 6 « c Green beef hides 5c WOOL No. 1 clean bright 21c lb. Semibright 1?? »· Rejects loe lb ' \TOOtM MARKET. BOSTON, May S. UP*-- D. S. department 0f Lo S wer Ul cou e nTr,- Prices on fleece wools In the earfy shearing sections caused a further i»?lin» in Boston spot ouotatioos for Ohio fnd simllaf wools. P New graded strictly combing 56s, % blood and 4Ss, 60s. *i bloocl OhTo and similar bright fleeces were ottered at 34 cents in the grease. Old wools were held at 1 to 2 points higher than prices on the new wools. A A ^ -- I ^ ^ * M/-»f£»e HOGS SLOW AT 10 CENTS DOWN Top for Medium Weights 15 Cents Below Monday at $3.70. CHICAGO, May 8. VP--The hog market was slow today with prices ranging mostly 10 cents lower, the top for medium weight swine drifting to ?3.70, 15 cents below Monday's peak. The run of 22,000 was more than had been expected but did not equal offerings of a year and a week ago. Packers had 7,000 of the total direct. Outside markets ruled generally slow to weaker with prices 5 to 10 cents lower. The general steer market was slow, but mostly steady. Even good to choice medium weight and heavy steers were selling 25 to 40 cents below last week's peak prices. The top for strictly choice kinds, however, held at $9.50, equal to last week's peak. Receipts of 7,000 were more than had been expected. Sheep ruled unevenly'lower, with light weights fully 25 to 50 cents off. All lambs were steady, however, with the bulk of wopled offerings held around $10, with sellers talking as much as $11 and ?11.50 on desirable spring lambs. Receipts were 13,000, which topped the estimate and was more than aver- acs for the day. Hog Markets Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesday: WATOWLOO--Prime hogs ISO to 260 Ibs. $2.80(33.10: 260 to 300 Ibs. J2.704('3; 300 to 325 Ibs. 52.60®2~90; 325 to 350 Ibs. $2.50® 2.80; good packers S2.30Sf2.50. CEDAK BAPIUS--Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ibs S3- 200 to 260 Ibs. 53.10: 260 to 280 Ibs'. S3.'o5; 280 to 300 Ibs. 53; 300 to 320 Ibs. $295- 320 to 340 Ibs. 52.90: good packers to 350 Ibs. 52.30: to 400 Ibs. 52.20: to 450 Ibs. 52.10: to 000 Ibs. $2. OTTUMWA--All grades lOc lower; 140 to 100 Ibs. 51.70; 160 to 180 IDs. 52.70; 180 to 200 Ibs 53-10; 200 to 240 11)3. 53.10; 240 to 260 Ibs. 53.05; 260 to 280 Ibs. 52.95; 280 to 310 Ibs. 52.85: 310 to 350 Ibs. 52.70: over 350 Ibs S2.303V2.60: packers under 350 Ibs. 52.1582.45: packers 350 to 450 Ibs. 52.05® 2.35: packers over 000 Ibs, S1.852.15: thin packers and pigs priced at killing values. DBS MO1NES--Oc lower; 120 to 160 Ibs. 51.50S2.50; 160 to 300 Ibs. 52.50}f3; 300 to 400 Ibs. $2.35.^2.75; good packers 52.0313; 2.45. AUSTIN--Choice light lights, 140 to 160 Ibs., 52,40; choice lights, 160 to 180 Ibs.. 52.75; choice medium, 180 to 200 Ibs.. 53.05: 100 to 250 Ibs. 53.10; choice heavy butcher, 250 to 290 IbS.. $3: 290 to 350 Ibs. 52.85: 350 Ibs. and up 52.65; choice packers, 275 tu 350 Ibs., 52.50; 350 to 425 Ibs. 52.45; 425 to 550 Ibs. and up 52.30. RALLY LED BY METAL SHARES Virtually AH Parts of List Participate in Rebound After Slow Open. NEW YORK, May 8. UP)--Stocks rallied substantially today. The upturn was led by the metal shares. Virtually all parts of the list participated in the rebound. Following initial hesitation, the volume increased in the late .demand. U. S. Smelting and Homestake Mining rose about 6 points each. Americar Telephone, Dome, Chrysler and Johns-Manville ganed 2 or more each. Transfers 2,000,000 shares. approximated Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, May 8. final (tuotaUone. Air Reduct 99,i I T ft T Alleghany 2?i Johns-Many Al Che Dye 140 Am Can 9814 Am For Pow SVi Am Pow t Lt 6»t Am Smelt le Re 41 Vt Am Steel Fdrs 1714 Am Sugar 52% A T T 1 1 1 1214 HI 20,4 IS Is 2115, 92 32 W 40 ~i Am Tob B 71 VI Am Water Wks 1SV4 7 12',. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, May S. W*--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located in Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota Tor the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 20,800 compared with 14,800 a week ago and 19.200 a year ago. Hather alow. 5c to lOc lower than early Monday; Indications loading Jor Tuesday to continue comparatively liberal. Quotations; Good and choice, light lights 140 to 160 IDS. 52.40«f3; light weights 100 to 180 Ibs. $2.70®3.25; 180 to 200 Ibs. $3® 3 35- medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. $3® 3.35- 220 to 250 Ibs. $3®3.35; heavy weights 250 'to 290 Ibs. 52.85U3.35; 290 to 350 Ibs. S2.65SJ3.20; good packing sows 273 to 350- Ib3. 52.45®2.75; 350 to 425 Ibs. J2.35®2.65; 425 to 550 Ibs. $2.15(ff2.55. U. G. government securities dis-| played 'further strength, pushing into new high territory for the past year or more. Corporation bonds, however, were hesitant. Some of the gold mining issues were moved up following declaration of-an extra dividend of $1.50 by Dome mines. An additional disbursement had been generally expected in view of increased income due to the higher gold price, i Mason City Livestock MASON CITY, May S.-HUGS Mostly 10 cents lower. Best sorted lights 200-240 S3.10 Best medium weight butchers 240-260 53.10 Best heavy butchers 260-300 S2.95 Best prime heavy butchers .. 300-325 52.80 Best packing sows, smooth .. 300-350 52.45 Best heavy sows, smooth .... 350-400 52.35 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 52.20 Light lights, ralr to good, · (140, 160, 180) S2.00, S2.40, $2.60 CATTLE Choice youcg iteen .. UOu-l.ouo 54.73-3.M) Medium to goorl yearling steers .... 900-1,000 $3.75-4.50 Choice corn fed steers 1,1100-1.200 S4.SO-5.25 Medium to good corn fed steers 1,000-1,'JUO 53.73-4.SO Low grade. Bteera .. J2.50-3.60 Fair heifers (SOO-SUO 52.75-3.5U Good heifers 600-800 53.5tl-4.oo Choice to prime Belferi 600-800 54.00-4.50 Butchers cows, lajT to good ....52.00-2.50 Good to choice cow« J2.50-2.75 Choice to prime-owl (2.75-3.00 inferior cannera 7-1.UU Fair to good canners $1.25-1.30 Good cutter cows ...,.....,......$1.50-2.00 Common to lair bulb .$1.75-2.25 Fair to good heavy bulls ........^2.00-2.25 Good to choice bulls $2.25-2.75 Good to choice calves, 130-190 . .$4.50-5.50 Medium to good calves, 130-190 .,,.$3.50-4.50 Inferior and common calves .. .53.00 down LAMBS Choice lambs 70-90 $7.73-8.25 Medium to good lambs ... 7U-90 $6.73-7,73 Buck lambs 51 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. Curb Market When I V i s i t there I Stay at the MORRISON That's what many people like best about the Morrison. Everyone is welcomed as a friend and treated as a guest-not iust a room number. The Morrison is equally famous as the home of the Terrace Garden and the historic Boston Oyster House, both of which have been redecorated m a way that makes-them Chicago* most distinctive restaurants. · In the Heart of the Loop · Bright, Inviting Booms · Quick, Cheerful Service I May July Sept DATs- Hay ...--·· July Sept. .....',. RYE--' May July ..f. Sept '··· BARLEY--. May July ,: Sept LARD-May July Sept, BELLIES-May July .47 U .49% .50:, '.50 H .ut .41V1 .42 .43H 7.85 .43'i .44'i .24% .24% .25 5.95 6.05 6.20 6.67 7.00 By T1OKEE TAF1S and light lights scarce, tending lower; average cost Monday. 53.22: weight 222 IBS. SHEEP 1,000; 808 direct; very little on sale early; practically nothing done; indications about steady on slaughter lambs; Monday's late bulk fed c'ippcd lambs strong tn lOc higher at S8.754p8.S5; best wooled lambs Monday 59.90: good to choice spring lambs 510.239)10.75. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, May 8. in--U. S. department ot agriculture-HOGS 7,000; active on better grade medium weight butchers, mostly steady to 5c lower; other grades and weights bid 5-10c lower; packing sows mostly lOc tower; good to choice 190 to 260 Ibs. 53.15®3.25: medium grades S2.85S3.10; few 260 to 330 Ibs. S2.80©3.20: part load choice -400 Ibs. 52.70: 140 to ISO IBs. S2.50@3.10; feeder pigs mostly 51.75: packing sows S2.50SS2.60: average cost Monday 52.98, weight 251. C4TTLE 7,500: calves 300: fed steers and yearMngs slow, early sales medium weights and weighty steers about steady; undertone weak on yearlings and light steers; other killing classes slow, steady to weak: stackers and feeders scarce,- steady; fed steers and yearlings mostly 565P8; several loads weighty steers and medium weights 5S.2o (5!S.75: choice 1260 lb. weights 59; heifers 54.75*5.75; 882 lb. weights 55.85; choice around 775 lb. average 56.10; beef cows S3® 4 25- cutter grades S1.75@'2.75; medium bulls S2.75(8-2.90; few $3; practical top veal- er "sHEEP 6.000; lambs weak to 20c lower: sheep and feeders steady; medium to good California spring lambs S9.25®10; early sales native spring lambs up to SlO.i^: early sales fed wooled lambs 59.75; fed clipped lambs bid S8.60SfS.90; two cars shorn California ewes 54.35; new crop feeding lambs $8-85. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, May 8. Iff)--U. S. dc- irtment of agriculture-HOGS 0.000: 240 (direct; mostly 5c lower lan Monday's average; top 53.35 on choice 80 to 240 Ibs.; good and choice 140 to 160 ts 52.6563.25: 160 to 180 its. 5333.^1; 80 to 200 Ibs. S3.15S3.3i3; 200 to 250 Ibs.. NEW YORK, May 8. (JIV-The curb market was more steady today and prices Improved small fractions to a point or more. Trading was moderately active. Utilities, alcohols. Industrials and an assortment of specialties were In demand and r£p?nded with slight gains, although there were some laggards that Jailed to share American Gas, Electric Bond and Sha £~re«Ke;K|%; terday and alcohol stocks, including Hiram Walker recovered moderately. Anaconda Atchidon All net Auburn Aviation Corp Baldwin Loco B 0 Barnsdall B'endix Beth Sll Bordens Borp Warn Burr Add Canada Dry can Pac :ase !erro de Pasco Ches t 0 Ches Corp 4 Chi t- E 111 C N W Chic Gt W Ihic Gt W pfd I M S P P C M S P P pt C R I P Chrysler Col G E Comwlth Sou Cons Cos Cons OH Contl Can Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtlss Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Eastman El Pow Lt Fox Film A Freeport Tex SS. Standard Oi, of Ind, r^r.^'Sirw^'^ss slocks showed small declines but the act.v ity in these issues was small. Bond Market 15 09 H 25 X 37% 6% US 24 Vi 8 10 7i .36;; 23 23% 14 22 % 16X 57'A 33^ 4451 43% 2Vi 33'A 11 !i 78 Vi 31 66 314 13 S 87 U 88 ,i SK 15 41 Genl Am Trans 37 a ,i Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gobel GoM Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gt Nor prd Gt West Sue Hudson Mtrs III Cent Int Harv Int Nick Can 33=i 34 1051 Kennecott Kresge Kroger Ug * My B Loews Loose Wiles Lorlllard Maytag ^ McKess ft Rob Mid Cont Pet M K T V'j. Mo Pac 1 Mont Ward 26?4 Morrell Nash 1« Nat Bisc 39',; Nat Cash Re A 16'.; Natl Palry 15 r M Natl Distill 26 Natl Pow Lt 10',; N Y Cent 28'i N Y N H * H IK No Amer 16» No Pac 29 Oliver Farm 3 : /R Oliver Farm ft 1ST* Packard 4 Vi Fenick Ford Penney Pcnn Phillips Pet Proc Gam PuI'man R C A R K O Kem Rand Rep Stl Rcy Tob B . Roy Dutch Sears Rocb Shell U Skelly Socony Vac So Pac St Frands St G't E St Oil Cal St Oil N J Stew Warn Stone * Web Studebaker Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear 31^ Un Carb · 41 L i Un Pac 125'i Unit Air 20'i United Corp 5 U S Gypsum 37 ?i U S Indus Alch 44 ^K U S Rubber 21!i U S Steel 45;i Wabash 3*i Warner Pict 6'.i West El Mtg 35 Woolworth 49is Wrls'cy 63 Yel Tr 5 56 i 58 32 17'/, 35',k 52 it 7% 3 9'A 177i 42R 34 9, 44 'ii 15 Vi 20'i 10 33 ",i 43% 7S 5 24 Vi 33% CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO, May S. w- Cities Service 2% Quaker Oats 110 Great Lakes Air -"i Katz Drue 34 Ms Llbby-McNcil 5',', Midwest Utilities U Natl Leather IVi Swift Co 16V1 SwKt Intl 30=; Utility and Ind IVi Zenith 3 Vt. " equalled OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA. Nebr., May S. (.TV-Wheat: Hard No. 2. 76%c. Corn: No trading reported. Oats: No trading reported. KANSAS CITY GRAtN. KANSAS CITY, May 8. Wl-Wheat: 9 ·ars- 1C lower to l%c higher. No. 2 dark hard 79¥c: No. 3, 76Vi®83'Ac nominal: No. 2 hard 77S84C nominal: No. 3, 76%®83V=c nominally; No. 2 red SOc; No. 3, 77®80V4C Corn- 16 cars: V-c to Vic higher. 1o 2 white 51c; No. 3. 48Vi®49Vic nominal;''No. 2 yellow 46Vi@47J4c nominal; No. 3. 46@47c nominal; No. 2 mixed 45Vi®46%c nominal; No. 3. 44945C nominal. Oats: 2 cars; le to l%c higher. So. " white 35©37c nominal; No. 3, nominal. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, May 8. im--wheat receipts 44 cars compared with 171 a year ago. Market liSc higher. Cash: No. 1 northern 87K«90Kc;; No. 1 dark northern 15 protein STttSslttc: 14 Reopening .May 26 ... Even if you saw last year's-Fair, there will be new surprises awaiting you this summer. ^ Make your reservations now. IF YOU DRIVEI We will pa* your car. Standard rates. No other charges. M O R R I S O N LEONARD HICKS 0/rtctor The stock market Monday sank to new mi ipvpk for 1934 Turnover of 2,360,000 share's was the Srgest since Feb. 10 Extent of the liquidation was mirrored in the fact that 585 issues were dealt in, "presently the broadest trade since Feb. 7. Only 30 issues were higher at the close, and the gains were small while the 755 stocks ex- -iencing setbacks lost 2% points on the "'Emanation for the market break could neither be traced to the news events the day nor to the action of other spec U« markets. Practically all commodities were strong and grain s featured with ad. vances up to 3 cents a bushel in wheat. MANY BULLISH "Sews of business .that would normally influence sentiment made no impression on market quarters. Some of the items on trade activity included the following reports "Steel output at- Four year peak. 'Chrysler shipments in April in sharp in- "Ward sales gain 33 per cer.t." ^ -Rail operating net shows sharp gam. "February tire shipments 43 per cent above 1933." ,, "Coco Cola net profits up 22 per cent. "Living costs drop in month." "American Telephone gained 4S.160 units '"These' factors were evidently overlooked by the trading community as prices were registering the sharpest break since last November. The reaction of the last two weeks, it was believed, had left tie market "on edge" and vulnerable to any persistent pressure. And when early strength failed to CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, May 8. LT)--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 22,000, including 7,000 direct; market slow; mostly lOc rower than Monday; 180 to 250 Ibs. 53.60®3.70: top $3.70; 260 to 350 Ibs. 53.405J3.50; 140 to 170 Ibs. 53.25 !y'3.65; most pigs 52.50 down: packing sows ;2,75@3.10; light light, good and choice, 140 to 160 Ibs. 53.15103.65; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs. S3.40@3.70; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., !3.55e3.70; heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., S3.40(S!3.65; packing sows, medium and good, 275 to 550 Ibs., $2.60® 3.25: pigs, good and choice, 100 to 130 Ibs., S2®3.15. CATTLE 7,000; calves 3.500: general steer market slow but mostly steady; all inbetween grades under pressure; however, good to near choice medium weight and weighty steers selling 25-40c under last week's high: strictly choice kinds steady; top 59.50; she stock steady to weak; slaughter catt'e and vealers: Steers, good and choice S50 to 900 Ibs., S6®7.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs. S6S8.50; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. 57.50 ®9.50- 1300 to 1500 ibs. SS®9.50: common and medium, 550 to 1300 Ibs., 54.50®7.75 heifers, good and choice. 550 to 750 Iba. £5.25@6.50; common and medium S3.50!£! C.25: cows, good, $4.25®5.20; common and medium 52.75(^4.25; low cutter and cutte 51.50GJ2.75: bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) 53.25^3.75; cutter, common and me dJum S2.75P3.40; vealers, good and 'choic 55 50®6-25; medium 54@5.50: cull ani 1 common S31J4; stocker and feeder cattle "eers. good and choice, 5nO to 1050 Ibs. 75(?E6; common and medium S3.50.yy SHEEP 13.000: indications steady on mb classes; sheep unevenly lower: lign eiehts 25c to SOc o f f , but heaviers unde vere pressure; early bids slightly down k wooled lambs' held around S10: talkln 4.25 on best ewes and SUffill.'bO on de -able spring lambs; spring lambs, goo d choice, S10.23@ll.50; medium 59®10.25 imbs. 90 Ibs. down, good and choice SS.5 9.10- common and medium $6.25@8.50; 9 98 Ibs., good and choice S8.50@9; ewes to 150 Ibs.. good and choice S2.75@4.3£ weights, common and medium S1.50@ 35. arouse support of importance, the bearish side won many new adherents. So disinclined were market interests to consider favorable developments that htlle was made of a fairly good rally in the final 30 minutes of the session. V-'-c; No. 1 amber durum $1.12% 118S; No.'2 amber durum 11.11% ©1.17%: No. 1 red durum Sl%iS!83%c; May Sliic; July S4V J -c; September S4c. Corn:'No. 3 yellow 44®44'.ic. -Oats: No. 3 white 31%«r323ic. MARKET INFORMATION By Jno. F. Clark I. 0. F. Building and Co., S25 Phone 845 Miscellaneous POTATO MAKKET. CHICAGO, May S. CiP)-^U. S. department of agriculture-- .... Potatoes,' 5S, on track 257; total U. S. shipments 565; old stock steady, supplies moderate, demand and trading moderate; sacked per cwt.: Idsio russets U. S. No. 1. SI 5001 55: U. S. No. 2. ?I.25@1.30: Wwh- incton russets combination grade 51.Z7fc. U S. No. i, 51.37 S: Wisconsin round whites U S. No. 1. $1.30; Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1, 51.50. New stock, steady, supplies moderate, demand and trading moderate; sacked per cwt.: Louisiana triumphs U. S. Ivo. 1, 52.20 (52.50; Texas triumphs 52.65. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUB. MINNEAPOLIS. May 8. (.T--Flour 20C hlKher. Carload lots, family patents W.i*a 6.95 a barrel in 98 lb. cotton sacks. Shipments 19.076. Pure bran S17.50B1S. Standard ralddllnps S1BJM6.50. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, May 8. .Tv-Seeds unchanged. NKW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK. May S. on-- Eaw susar unchanccd: futures opened unchanged to - CLOSING TRODVCE. LETTEH. Butter -- The spot market was easy quotations v,c to Vic lower. The four mar kets yesterday reduced the surplus 2SS,4i pounds. Trading In futures was quiet. No cmber butter closing He K wer - Further re actions are probably only temporary. KK s -- The spot market was steady wit quotations unchanged. The four markets yesterday stored 18,406 cases less than las year Futures were easier, Octobers closln lower. Any further declines are like y t attract more buying interest. Potatoes -- No sales. May offered · with 51.40 bid. 'Octobers offered at ' with 51-45 bid. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By the Associated Press) Bid and asked on May 8: Corporate Tr . Sh .......... J-»5 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod .. 2.1, Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser ., 1.8S Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod . . 2.17 Dividend Sh .............. 1-18 Nationwide Sec ............ 3.19 Nationwide sec Vtc ...... 1.18 Nor Amer Tr Sh .......... 1- " Nor Amer Tr Sh 1935 ..... 2.27 Quarterly Inc Sh .......... l.-J Selected Am Sh ........... -·'» selected Cum Sh ......... ;.J' Selected Income Sh ....... ·-3S Super Corp Am Tr A ..... 2.SO U S El L * Pow A ..... 12 II S El L Pow B ........ I. Si U S El L Pow B Vtc . . .66 , continued in loans , ailway, United Drug and 3.2583.35; 220 to 250 Ibs.' S3.25H3.35;,250 o 290 Ibs. S3.20@i3.30; 290 to 3=0 IDs. 53.1= -S3.30: packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., $2./S CATTLE 6.000; calves 1,000: fed steers low steady to weak; most bids lower due o excessive -water-fills; other classes gen- rally steady; good heavy steers S7.oO; hoice yearling heifers 56: steers, good and So«, 550 to 900 Ibs. S5.85ffi7.00: 900 to 100 Ibs 5658.25; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. 56.65 ®S- 1300 to 1300 Ibs. S7.25S9; common and'medium. 550 Ibs. up S4.25S'i.25: heifers, -ood and choice, 550 to 900 Ibs. S4-8o«6 120 "common and medium. 550 to 900 Ibs. !325@4.85- cows, good, S3.65®4.25; common and medium SS.Me3.65: l o w TM " " and cutter S1.85S2.85: vealers (milk f e d ) medium to choice S3.50SJ6.50; cull and common S2.50®3.50; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (ail weights) S4.2o»S.40, iommon and medium (all weights) 5.1 (·»·· C V B EP 10.000; spring iambs 25,* lower, - rizonas 59.85: d 59.50 ero'2='~medium"s¥(f9.!0; ,ambs.od and choice (x) 80 ms. down SS.25® 8. ^-.common and medium, 90 Ibs. down Si.25«58..j. good and choice (x) 90 to 98 Ibs S8«rS.«5. yearling wethers, medium to choice 90 to Il5 IDS S6.50@7.75; ewes, good and choice, 90 to 150 Ibs. S2.50®4.3b. (x)--Quotations based on ewes and weth- "I'spring lambs excepted. sheep quotations on shorn basis). LIVESTOCK FORECAST. p m c . G O nay 8. (,!!--Official estimated rece^S tomorrow: Catfe 9,000; hogs-20,COO; sheep 7.000. V S. GOVERNMENT BONDS. NEW YORK. May 8. (.Tl--United Stf government bonds: Liberty 3%s 103.31. Liberty First 4V1S 104.9. Liberty Fourth 4.Vis 104.i. Treasury 4'As 47-52 104.7. Treasury 4s 44-54 -Us J" 8 - 1 Treasury 3«s 40-43 June 104.1. Treasury 3^s 46-49 101.19. Treasury 3s 51-55 100.14. fed lambs 15-25C oft: sheep fop native spring lambs Sll; A n n a s 510 40; ' wnoled lambs to shippers spring lambs, choice. 510.255111: good S9.50 Lamson Brothers Market Letter MARKET REVIEW. CHICAGO, May 8.-Wheat--Wheat turned strong In the las ha" hour after a morning of «»««« and closed a cent or more higher than terdav The early weather influences dom inated most ot the day but in the early a" Representative Sales SIOl'X CITV LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. May 8. UP!--U. S. depart- lent of agriculture-- CVTTLE 3,000- killing steers and year- ng's fairly active, mostly strong to 15c igher: fat she stock little changed; stock- is and feeders largely steady; load lots ood 1150 to 1225 lb. beeves $8; choice round 1000 lb. yearlings held above Si..o: ulk $5.50C*7.50: few choice 725 lb. cllp- ers $6; most beef cows $2.75®4.25; low utters and cutters mainly $1.75ffi2.50; mc- lum to good stock steers around thin ommon kinds down to $3.50 and below. HOGS 8,500; medium and light hogs airly active to all Interests. 5-10c lower: no action heavies; early top $3.20; better grade 180 to 350 lb. weights 535S3.20; most 140 o 170 lb. weights S2.65S2.90; sows 52.50® 2.65: feeder pigs S2.65 down. SHEEP 1.000; salable supply all odd lots truck-ins; quoted steady; small lots native spring lambs $11: few medium to choice shorn ewes $2.50g4; around 600 head ^3 o 91 lb. shorn lambs bought to arrive S8. o ^8.90. SOUTH ST. PAf L LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. May 8. GTV-U. S. department of asriculture-- C\TTI.E 2,700; little done on slaughter steers and yearlings, supply only moderate; weak bids early offset stronger asking prices: few good to choice medium weishts held between $7i?S; medium to good lighter weights eligible around S5SJ6.50; she stock fully steady: medium to good heifers S4.2o '(i'5.65: according to weight; common heavyweights down to S3..W; cutters $2512.50: low cutters less: bulls steady to weak: mostly 52 S5 down: few good .heavies S3S3.2a; stockers steady: thin light steers $3.u down: calves 2.000: fully steady; good to choice S3fi6: odd head more; common to medium 53G?4. HOGS 4.500; skiw. lower than Monday sood and choice 170 to 250 Ibs. most'y S3.20S3.30; early top $3.35 sparingly: some held higher; heavier wclchts and medium grades downward trt 53 and helow: mi», i--V" "·"·· «' cr ' 5 '' ·"' "'" CHICAGO, May S. MV-V. S- department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-- 187 3.6j 181 3.65 3.60 3.60 i Heavy-29 354 I 46 38» 73 276 55 258 Mediums-70 237 68 221 72 218 39 100 3.40 .1.55 3.60 3.60 48 50 51 172 72 164 Light Lights-46 15S 37 142 Wooled Lambs-150 86 230 88 200 100 ISO 81 Shorn Lambs-15 84 Steers-40 19 40 17 15 19 20 17 19 21 23 16 33 1314 1445 1228 1490 1350 1280 1310 1271 1180 1125 1115 1140 990 3.65 3.70 3.6a 3.63 SHEEP. Fall Shorn-ISO 81 Clipped Ewes- It »2 11 "I 14 ISO 11 200 CATTLE. Heifers-- 9.5U 42 837 B.40 36 752 9.35 39 665 9.25 26 740 31 6S5 29 7S6 COWS-- 1370 1290 1210 10.10 10.00 10.00 6.75 9.00 MINNEAPOLIS. osed: First Bank Stock S. Northwest Bancorporatio STOCKS. May 8. UT-- Stockn Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BKOTHErS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No,_7_ CHICAGO STOCKS Bendix Corp 15% Lib. McN Lib 5«1 Borg-Warn Cp 23',4 Marshall Fields ~ ""' Quaker Oats Swift Co lutler Bros 9% Bergoff B'rw Co 7Vi Cities Service Co 2% :ord Corp 5',i Gr Lks Dredge 18% Kalamazoo Stvs 23 110 16 U Swift Intl Co 30-i U S Gypsum Co 37 5 i Walgreen Co 25 Zenith Co 3-i NEW 5'ORK CURB Elec 23% HI Walker Co 34 Hud B M S 13 Vi Humble Oil Co 42 U Nlag Hud Pow fi Niies-Bem-Pond 9V-J Pennroad Corp 2 - H S O Ind Co 26';» S O Ky Co I5=i United Gas Co 3 Un L Pow A r, utii P i LI co i 1 ; sections of the belt and there were showers in the northwest and parts of Iowa but official advices showed Mist the pre clpltatlon was not sufficiently heavy to be o any ma'erial aid to the crop except In ( few "stances. The weather map showed no "oudy areas of any Importance in any the need of moisture owing to the lack of sulson reserve. That market was sharply "'coaree Grains--Stop loss orders were un- i Gas Cyanamid B 19 V4 Sup Pow po 2}i k Nat Gas A IV-i As G E A TM Can Ind Alk 12 Vi Can Marconi 2% DIst Corp Scag 16ji El Bb Share 14 Ford M of Can 21?i Ford M of £ng 9V!: Hecla Mining 7 f y NEW TOItK STOCKS Alaska Juncau 18V4 Jewel Tea Co Am Bank Note ,21VS Am Beet Su Co 19V$ Am C fc Fy Co 23 Am Holl'g Mills 2034 Amer Metal Co 23 Am Ra fc S Co 14 Vs Amer Tob Co 69 Armour Co A 6% As Dry Goods 12 V; B'el Hemingway 12 n Best Co 31% Briggs Mfg Co 16% Budd Mfg Co 6=i Byers A M Co 23',^ Calif Packing 31% Caterpillar Trac 29 V4 Coca Cola Co 116V1- Com Sredit 29 Com Solvents 23 Cont Oil 19-i Cr of Wheat 32=i Cudahy Pack's 44 Curt-Wri Co A 9V5 Doug Aircraft 19% Eaton Mfg Co 17=i Elec Auto Lite 21% Erie E R Co 19?i Flre'ne T Ru 20V= Foster-Wheeler 16 Glldden Co 2-IV4 Gt North'n Ore 12 Kahn Dept Sirs 6 Hershey Ch Co 64 VI Houston Oil 22 Houst Oil (new) 4Vs Hupp Motors 4 Indian Ref Co 3 Indust Kayon 7r» Int! Carriers S rallied 9.00 S.75 S.50 8.25 S.OO 7.75 7.30 7.1(1 5.50 1130 3.60 3.25 9.25 4^00 2.50 2.00 6.25 6.00 .-,.83 5.60 5.10 4.SO 4.15 3.90 bulk of the trading in these grains low the finish of yesterday. They later with wheat but were unable to re- co«r 111 losses and closed fractionally lower The weather is .still the dominating fac tor but silver or other news may be a com tributing influence tomorrow. Real Estate Transfers Kelvinator Co 16V* Lambert Co 24-\ Liquid Garb Cp. 29 ^ Loose-Wiles Bis 40% Mack Truck 26"!« Mathieson Alk 31 Vj McLellan Stores 3 : !i Mex Seab'd Oil 33 Min, Mollne Imp 3',R Motor Products 28?; Muiis Wear inc 20% No Amer Avi 4?i Otis Steel Co ·*" Owen 111. Glass 78 Park Utah Cop 4% Peoptes G LI SO-'-i Pillsbury Flour 26 Plymouth OH 12 Pub Ser of N ' J 34U- Pure Oil Co 10^* Purity Bakery 14% Reading Co i5 P.CO Motors 37t St Joseph Lead 20 Simmons Co IT So Calif Edison IT-i Sperry Corp 8^k Telautograph H Tide Wa As Oil 12^. XI S Smelter 120V^ Util P L A S'.K Vanadium 21Vi Union Oil Calif 16li Un Gas -fc Imp 16*!, Warren Bros Western Myld Western Union Worth'n Pump Youngs s T 12'i 45 23 Only 25 at Sale- CHARLES CITY, May 8.--There were only 25 persons at the tax sale held at the courthouse Monday. Eighteen bids were received in the regular sale and 16 scavenger bids were made and accepted at ?1 each. The remainder o£ the sale was postponed uritil July 2. IOWA PtBUO tiTILITl Bid and asked on May 8: Cent St El 7 (S25 par) .... 2_ Cent St P L 7 i D M Gas 8 (S50 par) . D M Gas 7 (S50 par) . Interstate Pow 7 Iowa Electric 7 Iowa Electric 6V; la Elect Lt Pow i . la Elect Lt Pow 6 . la Pow 4 Lt 7 la Pow Lt 6 la Pub Service 7 la Pub Service 6 la South Util 7 Mid states Util 7 N W BMl Tel 6Vi: United I.t R' s 7 . . . 42 UV: 12 11 36'i 33 63'b 58 40 38 No 9 50 14 .19 136 68 £ 62 4-t 42 12'i Robertson, J. M., sheriff, to Asa p Graves, administrator, et al S2 800 SB 20-96-19. April 9, 1934. Robertson, J. M., sheriff, to Asa p Graves, administrator, et al S2,OiO SE 20-96-19. April 9, 1934. Robertson, J. M, sheriff, to MA. Hanson and F. A. Ontjes S2.650 SE 20-96-16. April 9, 1934. Robertson, J. M., sheriff, to J. *. Holden and F. A. Ontjes $700 SE 2096-19. April 9. 1934. Robertson, J. M., sheriff, to Bank- »rs Life company $25,004.93 E% ex E 11 rods of S 14 6-11 rods,.and S^ SW 14 and E % NW 23 all in 95-22. May 1. 1934. Dakin C E. and wife, to Laura J Kern $1.00 QCD Lots 7 and 9 and a strip 18 ft wide on N side of Lots 7 and 9 Rock Crest. M. C. March 28, C.. to Minnie Mors 1934. Mors, John $1.00 an undivided 2-9 interest in 7.65 acres in Cerro Gordo county, QCD. May J. $3,000.00 Certificate Free for Inspection. The National Home Mutual Benefit Association, Dept. 12, Vin- ccnnes, Indiana, is issuing an-amazing new life protection certificate for members, naying up to 51.000 for DEATH FROM ANY CAUSE and up to $3,000 for accidental death, with liberal benefits for Bisability by Accident, Disease or OW Age. No medical examination required. Men, women and children, ages 1 to 80, now in good health, are eligible. Just send name, address, age and beneficiary's narno and they will send certificate FREE. Then if vou are not entirely satisfied that "it is the best and cheapest protection you can buy just return the certificate and you owe nothing. If you decide to keep it. just send $1.00 to pay your entire membership cost for the first 40 days. This offer is limited, so writn IVinm tnrlov

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