The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1937 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1937
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

' ' ""* SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBEvGAZETTE, MARCH 20 · 1937 ! i i a U\ !i GOOD FLASHING WORTH COST TO OWNER OF HOME Importance Considered by Builders to be Vital. Flashing is--used in so many places in a house and is so vitally important to vis weatnei-tightness that it must not be passed over lightly^and left to the whim.of. the builder. CheapHashing, like most other cheap things, is not of much use. It is difficult and expensive to replace, and therefore a little extra cost for this item when the house is being built is well worth it and will'be a saving in the long run The heads of all door and window frames should ,be flashed; flashing should extend through the wall under, all masonry sills and turn up back .of them; all junctions .where roofs butt up against walls should be flashed, carrying the metal well, up back of the wall covering if it is of wood , or -well into the wall if it is of masonry- All chimneys should be flashed and counter-flashed where they pass through roofs; all valleys, even closed valleys, should have flashing at the. angle where surfaces^ meet; and flashing should be carried under the base of all ve- neered walls and turned part way up the back of the veneering to protect the wood members against possible rot from moisture collecting at the bottom of the wall. Flashing should be of noncor- rodible metal, or it should be carefully painted with good metallic paint on both sides before it is placed, and again on-the outside after placing, to protect it. It should be painted from time to time during its life to forestall corrosion. Lines Drawn Betwen Modern, Modernistic Novel Arrangement Suggested for Room A modern room that was shared by two daughters of a family had studio couches alond a long wall. A' -table separated them. They were placed head to head so that either one could benefit from the lamp and accessories on the table. When such arangements are planned before building a house, the architect may plan a room to suit the furnishings. The: Federal Housing administration insures mortgages for-the construction ol new homes. There Is a Paint for every purpose Sherwin Williams PAINT , Headquarters L.A.MOORE LUMBER CO. 629 South Federal :; Phone 1 119 Milk Cabinet Saves . Steps for Housewife A milk cabinet, with a door inside and one out, prevents millc from freezing in winter weather. It also enables the housewife to get the bottle without going outside. This type of -convenience may be included when a home is built under the terms of the Insured Mortgage system of the Federal Housing administration. ' Electric Motor Repairing By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 306.2nd S. W. Phone 911 The Spring Planting Season is almost · here . You'll want the best grass seed, shrubbery, fertilizer and blooming plants for your garden. LET US HELP YOU Kemble's Greenhouse 1205 South Federal PHONE 5 5 · ' · . : Home Should Conform to' Architectural Standards, WASHINGTON, D./C.--In the classification of types tif houses for insured mortgage loans a distinction is made by the Federal Housing administration between the modern and the modernistic house. A modern hoi'Se, according to the definition of the Federal Housing administration, is a dwelling so constructed as . to. afford, comfort, convenience, and livability within certain cost range, while the more or less special design of a so-called modernistic does - not particularly add to its'utility. Favor Orthodox. Dwelling designs which are likely to meet with the measured approval of Federal Housing, administration appraisers, other things being equal, are those which more nearly conform to what is regarded as the orthodox type of house: that is, the house that is standard in construction and does not depart radically from the style of houses in its immediate vicinity. That does not mean that the homes in a given section .must all be built alike after the same pattern and according to the same architectural plan or even of the same material. In fact, even in a newly improved subdivision, of moderately priced houses it is generally not desirable to have them look as if all of them had been made from the same model, as if carved out with a cookie cutter, but rather that they shall present a harmonious picture of development in keeping with the surroundings. Ultra effects in houses which do not lend themselves to the symmetrical relationship of the structure in the surrounding area add little, if anything, to its value from the standpoint of marketability, even though their installation may have materially increased the cost of the building. Standard Equipment. Generally such houses are especially designed and constructed to meet the special taste of an individual, and they are most often located:in areas where there are no deed or building restrictions. Home buyers generally are reluctant to accept many of the new-fangled touches that are being introduced into this type of house. The average buyer preferes to acquire the character of equipment and construction which have proven their worth. Particularly in low-cost homes, standard equipment is called for as well as standard construction, and, as a rule, the ultra modernistic is_ avoided in both instances. WHEN YOU Use BUILD REPAIR REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement · For Beauty · Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices, 6th Floor ·First National Bank Bid?. A Perfect Setting ..... for Your Windows! How fine your Curtains and Drapes will look when we have skillfully Dry Cleaned them. House cleaning cares vanish when you let us take charge of Ihcm.. LYONS LYONS CLEANERS PHONE 600 - LAUNDERERS -- FURRIERS FOR NEW HOME OR REMODELING PHONE 3914 R. P. HANSEN GENERAL CONTRACTOR Financial arrangements can he made for responsible parties. ·**"* a ^*^"^*^TM^" M *^ 1 ^^ Household Effects · RUGS · DRAPES · CURTAINS · FURNITURE Can Be Carefully Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOW PHONE 788 PANEL HEATING GAINING FAVOR Interesting European Plans " Becoming Popular in This Country. An interesting method of heating used in Europe is gaining favor and wider use in this country. This method, known as panel heating, calls for the installation of labyrinth piping in the walls, ceiling, or floor of the room, but not exposed within the room. The pipes are concealed by a material which is a good conductor of heat and that does not absorb radiant heat, thus by circulating hot water or steam through the labyrinth pipe the surface which contains the piping is kept near the temperature of the water or steam, and this heat is radiated to the rooms, producing a pleasing effect similar to that experienced from the rays of the sun or the open fire. It has been rather well established that cold walls within a room are one of the common causes of discomfort in winter, even though the air-temperature in the same room may be approximately 70 degrees, thus panel heating, which heats the walls and' in turn raises the air temperature within the room, has certain advantages. Panels Reflect Light Into Kitchen "Window Kitchen cupboards that exterid to the edge of windows cut off light and air. If such shelves exist in your home, try mirror panels on the end of the cupboards, at right angles to the window. II you are building in shelves, set them back ten inches or so from the window edge. Rounded shelves to hold pottery or plants would give a finished appearance. HOME BUILDERS MUST CONSIDER WOMEN'S TASTE They Control Spending of About 85 Per Cent of Family Income. 'Women are accredited with superior buying sense to men. They also control the spending of about 85 per cent of the family income. In purchasing a home,-construction methods, usually interesting to men, do not ordinarily appeal to women, who much prefer to witness'" results and the finished product. If a woman can actually see a labor-saving kitchen, a convenient laundry, adequate heating facilities, a splash-proof bathroom, a play room or workshop for her children, attractive well-decorated comfortable living rooms, her interest is thoroughly aroused. The advantages of buying a home through a long-term insured mortgage retired by payments made from income appeal strongly to a woman's economic sense. Builders are wise to consider the housekeeper's reaction in planning and constructing homes for sale. Proper Installation Prevents Corrosion According to Real Estate and Business Management, corrosion destroys steel, cast iron, wrought iron, and alloys to the amount of $100,000,000 annually in the United States. Annual replacement exceeds $27,000,000. Moisture, gases, and chemicals hasten corrosion, and electrolysis is n large factor. Buried pipes show largest deterioration, especially where covered by soil. Protective methods are valuable and should be used as extensively as possible. In constructing homes this important matter should be borne in mind and necessary measures taken to give adequate protection to the piping and other metals used. The Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages for home financing. * Century* SIDING SHINGLES End painting eotii and repair bill* for«v«r. Economical, fir** rtiUlant iiding chTnglat with of w»other»d wood. Remodeling - Repairing Carpentry DARWIN D. HELM Phones 515-347W Henry E.Tagesen BUILDING CONTRACTOR "Tagesen Biiilf Homes Are Carefully Constructed" Phone 2788, Mason City Feel Free to call on us for any information about your Plumbing or Heating job. J.C.Puth Company Z02H North Federal Ave. Tiny Room Usable for Extra Bath Modern Fixtures Are Built for Limited Areas m Modern Homes. The plans for the modernization of homes and apartments ordinarily include an extra bathroom, 'he modern bathroom is compact nd does not require the extensive pace formerly considered neces- ary for this room. In the manufacture ot modern plumbing equipment and fixtures pecial consideration has been given to their adjustment to a lim- ted area. - , A space as small as 5 by 5 feet n size can be effectively utilized, although 6 by 8 feet is preferred, especially in the better type of apartments. Not Expensive. The size and shape of the extra bathroom necessarily depends upon whether space is immediately available or whether it must be created from adjoining rooms, halls, or clothes closets. The artistic decoration of a bathroom does not necessarily require heavy expense, but a cheerful atmosphere is requisite and bright coloring is frequently used. The floor material should be waterproof, readily cleaned, and attractive. Tile, either as wainscoting or as total wall surface has been found satisfactory for bathrooms. The material used on the remainder of the interior surface, whether plaster with glazed paint finish or wallpaper, must carry out the note of cheerfulness and simplicity. If paper is used, it is well to bear in I mind the fact that its exposure to dampness from the shower fixture I must be avoided. Chest Advisable. Of great convenience in a modern bathroom is a medicine chest of sufficient size to include supplies and medicines. The light fixture properly adjusted to facilitate shaving or make-up adds to the comfort of users. In addition to adjustable glass shelves in the medicine chest, an extra glass shelf below the cabinet is a practical feature also. The tub should be built in and of material that cleans easily and wears well and have a faucet and drain sufficiently large to facilitate rapid filling and emptying. Modern bathrooms may be installed through credit advanced by private financial institutions cooperating with the Federal Housing administration. ONE PERMIT FOR NEW BUILDING February Was Light Month in;Mason City; $15,420 in Alterations. Only one building permit was issued for new construction in Mason City during February, according to B. L. Stratton, build; ng inspector. This was for a garage and amounted to S100. Permits for additions and alterations amounted to §15,420, of which two permits were for dwellings, $17,500; one church, 56,500 five commercial buildings, $6,170. Six permits were issued f o r signs, one for moving, one for heating, five for electricity, seven for gas, and nine for plumbing. ORIENTATION OF HOUSE, LOT ARE OF IMPORTANCE Home Must be Planned for Location as Well as Convenience. A subject that should be given the greatest consideration is planning a house, but one that is frequently completely ignored, is that of -orientation. Too often a plan is taken which in itself may be an excellent plan but which may be entirely uhsuited for the lot on which it is desired to place the house. The plan may have been designed for a lot that faces south, so to put the house on a lot that faces north may place all the rooms in their wrong places: The living room, instead of being on the southwest corner, finds itself on the northeast, where it gets only a little morning sun; the dining room, instead of being on the southeast, is on the northwest, where it gets 710 morning sun; the kitchen, which should be on the northeast, is on the southwest; and, since the prevailing wind is from that direction, all the cooking odors flow through the house instead of out of the windows. And so the house is all wrong, although on the lot for which it was designed it would have been ideal. orientation as the one you' have bought. -,. . . ' ' j Remember that a well-designed house that fits the lot and the surroundings and that has the rooms in their proper relation both to the lot and to the points of the compass has a higher sales value than one not possessing .these characteristics. Money spent..on thorough, preparation of plans is money well invested. Well Lighted Halls Welcome to Guests Well-lighted halls arc essential in the modern home. If there is no direct light in this part of the ouse, a glass panel may be sub- tituted for wood in the front oor. This type of improvement hould be kept in mind when buy- ng a home. The Federal Housing dministration insures mortgages or the purchase of homes up to 80 ier cent of the appraised value if the property. Do not select a plan until the lot has been bought, and then, if pob- sible, have a house especially designed for it; or, if you feel that you can get along without an architect, select a plan that was designed for a lot with the. same THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALT. KINDS OF MACHINE WORK AI,L WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. W. Mason City, la. ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS G ARDNER FURNACE CO. ^ * Gutters Downspouts Repaired Sheet Metal and Furnaces Rear P. G. E. Bldg. Ph. 480 New Fairbanks-Morse W A S H E R S New type agitator moves one- fourth more water pet minuta. · Washes faster. Washes belter. Yet eaves wear on clothes. Oversize porcelain tub, large heavy . duty wringer. Operates so quietly you'd say it wasn't, running. See this marvelous new washer today. \ CHAPIN-O'NEIL INCORPORATED 302 S. MONROE PHONE T606 BRIEN PAINTS Wholesale-Retail HAVE YOUR Easter Clothes Cleaned the ZORIC way. It's amazing. Leaves NO odor! Ideal American Laundry AND Zone Dry Cleaners IT'S PHONE 22 Kelvi n ' a t o r YEAR AROUND AIR CONDITIONING HOME OFFICE STORE Stoddard Appliance Co NEXT TO WESTERN UNION PHONE 514 LET US ESTIMATE . . . . Any Plumbing, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You Plan On. Kelroy Fuel Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 W A L L P A P E R HUNDREDS OF NEW SPRING PATTERNS TO CHOOSE FROM Just Whot You Want Priced to Sell STAR WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE ·Mo. 57 Broadsiding FULLERTON LUMBER Co. Frank Melius, Manager 15 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 3838 Plan Your Spring Remodeling ' NOW Buy Quality MilIwork items BEFORE present conditions force,further price increases. MASON CITY MILL-WORK GO, Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" Phone 155 Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. Shelves Constructed Between Rooms Usefu Sometimes shelves may be but! in between two rooms. If the wall of a house are fairly thick, there i often room for shelves at eithe end of a double doorway ieadin from living to dining room. If yo have dishes or books that yo would like to display in this fa shion, consult your architect whet building a home under the Insuret Mortgage system of the Federal Housing administration. and iy Bath Window May Be on Level of Others For some reason not apparent, it has been customary to raise the sill of bathroom windows higher than the sills o£ the other, windows. This usually . makes for awkward 'exterior design and marks the location of the bathroom to the passerby. The same size window in the bathroom as in the other rooms might, in many [ cases, be preferable. I Mary-*.'.'?* -- Oh.Mary-therei no hot wafer Suppose I'll have to be late -- or $et shaved down town .'»/.?/* I'm sing to do something about this.'/ \ *!*! Well,you know, John, you carft expect to $ct hot water ii morning when you let i/ie furnace ^0 ' ;-., '*?*» TT AFTER Ta-Ta-Te--Gosh, that" ivai a sweet shave ·--( Ta-De-Da---c Mary-- It certainly 1 (. [s a comfort ' to have plenty of hot water when you want it, Mary ' Y« - thot nevy GAS WaterHedier hds been a life Saver for .me,too- I -feel tike a. different womorv now, J See the New Automatic Gas AValer Healers at the Peoples Gas and Electric Company

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