The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 29, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1818
Page 4
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' IS CHANJERY. , .. .. - - Stale sJVew I rL (s. IV partaance of u order of thi. honorable cowl, beariag dW the t7tn day of June, 1818, will beold at public aacUoo, at (be TonUue Codec Uoae.iath city of New York, uader (be direct! u of the subscriber, at on of the matter of tbit court, oa the tltt day of July aeat, at lte'clorkat nooo,U thoie aeveral block, p - rtt or parcel of croand. situate, I vise aad being the (osir wT Hrooktva, ia the county of tuogtlaaa ttaw or New - iora, aioretaia, man kaowu and cum sng mined on a map made cy Jeremiah Lou, the 19th day of March, 1802, by the following boundaries, to wit, northerly in front by Waier - ttreet, southerly to the rear by Froiit - ttreet, easterly oa the one tide by Jack - soa street, aod weaterty oa the other aid by uotu - tret, containing I oar eqaare or oiocc i I round. , Abo aU those certain water lolt, lyiof 7 i " . - 1 . r JujitihM icnnteaiaieiy in ironi oi inc oeiore block, bounded u f !low to wit - eatterly by Jacktoa - ttreet, southerly by Water - ttreet, and westerly hy Cold - street, comaiwng u oa Water - street the distance betweea Gold - and Jackson - street, and running into me Ml I"" at tar at tlie grant of the corporation of tife euy of New - York extend, with tbe sprwieoauw Dted June, 1813. - - JAMES A. HAMILTOIf, Muter in Chancery. . Note. - Tbe above property will be told loJ aad Darcehv. according to a certain "V."' " made thereof, which will be eihibibiteU in me Couce - bonse oae weeK ueio.a ui u - j The ale of the above property U pottpotwd to the Seventeenth day of August neat, at the tame - " JAMES A. HAMILTON, J tidbit ' . Muter ia Chancery. At atroart of chancery held for the ttate i N. Vntk. ut the city ball of the ci - . . ty of New York, on the BfUamli day of June, In the year of oor Lord one thousand eight hundred nod eighteen : rixiKr, . ... . . - The honorable J tinea ivem, &iu.j Chancellor, Mary GauUer, M. l I IT noneaiin by affidavit r. 1 to the tatitfa.tion of thi court, thai process of tuhpeena to appearand an wer in tbit cause nam oeen reguiaiij ."v" r gainst the above named defendant, Benjamin OauUer, but that he, the taid defendant, could not, upon diligent tearch aad enquiry, made intermediate tlie te(e and return of the laid tub - pa, be found to beamed therewith And it further appearing by the said affidavit, that the aid defendant reride at present either in the city of Philadelphia." the ftate of Fenntvrva - nia. or in thn town of Botton, in the ttala or Ma aachoietti, and not without the temtorlet of the United State of America. And on motion of R. C.Ludlow, Junior, Esq o!kitor lor the complainant, it it ordered, that the taid defendant, Benjamin Gaolier, do caete hit appearance to be catered, and hit aniwcr in thi cause to be filed, within four month from the date of thi order, or ia default thereof that the complainant1 hill of com nlaint be fake - : pro - cnnfeifo asaintt him. And it i further ordered, that a copy of this order be psiMiihed wunin twenty my irom (hp date hereof, in one or more of the public newipapert printed in'thia (tate, for eight week fucceuivety, ooce at least ia every week. A copy. A V u. rvt , Je SO Uv8w AtMttaat Rgilter. tTATJB or VKW - VORK. SS. Ttninnsiirs of a decretal order of this honora - I h court, bearioe date the sixteenth day of October lasLwill be sold at public auction, at the Teotine Coatee House, io the city of New - York, (wtrrih direction of the subscriber, a one ofthe Busters of this court, oa Wtinudav the sevenA day of January next, at twe've o'clock, at ooon, mil i,t certain lot. tract or parcel of land, situa ted ia the county of Delaware, in the ttate of New - York, and ia Ev&ns Patent, and known by great lot thirty four, and bonnded at follows : be - giooiat at a stake and beap of stones near a beech iiet, marked No. 34 and 'SI I being the northeast corner of lot tldrty se veo ; tlieoce along th north bound thereof south eighty nine degrees, west u. hi.nrlrxt nri twentv eirht chain and ninety sixlinkt to i beech tree niarked No. 31 and 34 ; being tbe eoatheast corner of lot (No. 33,) number thirty throe ; thence along Uie east bound thereof, north thre degrees, eau eiguiy one chains and twenty links to a beech tree marked Wo. 31 and 34 ; thence along the south bcunds oi lot (No. 3 1) number tliirty one, north eighty nine decrees, east the distance of one hundred aod lour chains, to a ttake nnd heap of stones ; thence south thirty five chains and twenty four links to a bMch trea marked No. 6 ; thine north eighty nine degrees, east twenty chain to the wet Uund of lot thirty five; thence along the ami sauth forty four chain tnd ninety ix link to the Place of beginning t containing nine hundred and rt and three fourths of an acre ol i,,i uiiv. thn nooortenance. And alto, all thtt .Iu,u. tract, or cartel rifland. itua ..j .i . - .niv of Dulaware. in the date ni New - York, in Evan' ratrpt, and known by great lot thirty seven, and is bounded a f'. - fow s - BeKinning at a bemluck tree mark - . A v m nH AO. beina tlie northeast cor - r int Na. f40 numlier forty ; thtnee k north boundt thereof, touth, eish - ty ofne degree, west one hundred nnd thirty iT.r rhnini nni ten link to a beech saplin; ijn . & 37 : thence north three rle - erer s, east seventy eight chain to a Beech tree with stones round it t thence on the south bounds oi lot thirty ft ur north ciirhty nh.e degrees, cast one hundred and thirty cliajnsto a Birch tree marked thirty seven and thirly - eight ; thence on the west bound of lot thirty - tight, south seventy - eiehl chains to the plnce of beginning, containing on uioutaoa ana iweui - wur. - fourtli of an acre of Ito l with the appurtenanie. PBVlMMILTOS. Dec 3 lawt&dts Mnter in Clmucery. tifT The ssle of tlie above probity is pottpo - nedto tlie eighteenth day of February next at the me hour and uUce. Dated Jan. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 laati Mntsr in Chancery The sale of th above proierty is potpond lo the Uli dy of May next, at Uie tame hour and place, Feb.813.MM(froNf - r.k i ft 1 .o - iHa Mi - trt in Chancery. The lale ofthe above propeity is postpnied to I (he J3d day of June next, at the same hour and place. DM,ytra,8fiAMiiToV( my 14 lawtrlt Mailer in Chancery. The tale ofthe aove property i postponed to tbeI5tb day ef Augut next, at the lame hour nd nlai. - e. Dated J ine X3d. 1818. and place. WAME3 A HaM,LT0N, f, 1 1 i wtd Master in Chancery. - v - r iTir.l. hrp:, eiren. watw me uiiuc. IN signed have been appointed by hit honor Richard Kiker, Recorder oi ine ciiy oi ew -,,r.m to the act for relief acamst ab - conding aod absent debtor, trustees lor all tbe creditors of the persons constituting the firm, co - partnwship or house of tratle, of Prentitt It Carter, of BsHimaie, debtors, who resile out of this state and are indebted within it ; tnd all peton indebted to the said person conitiiutio; Uie aid Ann. rr.n.rtr.ermhin or house of trade, are r'. - oul - red by Vtm tenth d y of J one next to pay all debts and torn of money which they owe to the aaid persons constituting the said firm, copartnership or bvuse ol trade, and .deliver all property of the t .rae, which the; have in possession, to as, the taid tru - ten. Aad Ml creditors of the laid rr - noes comti'.uUne the said firm, coiiartnershinor tvoose of tride, ie;irrd. by the first da of August text tu deliver to us, or oae of us, their ' revpeetive demands egaictt the same. Dated the ?jttioayoi May,iS!8. WIU.UM C. ML LUGA.V.) WM. PROCTOK, jTrastees. JiSF.PH BATKS, . jf23 dtJlOSlnHUl AMBOY ON St'SUAY. gft The Steam Boat OL1Y INCH will sail fAm - bsinday next, and . w . i . . - J"rr tnceeoiDgr - 11 O'clock precisely. She will leave it at 4 P. M. tot rrive all o'clock. fuaengensaay either dine on board or at any . tsftbt taverns. Pattace 50 cents gotnr, tbe same ptic tot tetuLMnc ; dinner on board 75 ceatt. P. S, la b...w the trip aba will tail rorcd awuB lMaas 4 im a la all to the The IT hied June made Naw an part the the in tersed line IM. York, their to the the that of ior every j. need is ami ty use. me the lion out ol Uie vt - t be ient P. of to 1VTOTICEia horb riven to all UcredUon; of Joterh Siatare. an insolvent debtor, that OivitKMi or the snoiiiet which have come 10 uie handa of Ibe aiMUnee. from hi etate. wi!l he ado amone hi creditor oa Monday, the flat nfSnljmliwiL al 10 o'clock in the for toon, at the (tore oi thetulcriber, Daniel Lord, No. 7 7 Water - etreet, New York I and the tame will then and there be paid to the creditor, according to the aroviiiOM of the act for giving re - Kef ia casts of insolvency, patted April iztn, Notice is also given, thafa general meeting of iKj uid creiiitors will fee tteid at the place a foresaid, oa Friday, the 14th day of Aagast nL at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the pur pose of esanining and ascertaining the debt due eaci) cr emior, accuraiuK " iru, mun. said act. Dated New York, June 17th, 1818. J 18 lw3m At a court ol Chancery held lur the tiate of New York, at tbe City Hall of the city of New - York, on the seventeenth day of June, in tbe y earof our Lord one thousand eitfht hundred and seventeen. PaiSEST, the honorable jame Kent, Chancel lor. Stephen Jumel, r. Urtuline Convent ia the city of New - York, aad o - tbc'rt. ) appearing by affidavit to the tatiifaction oi thi court, that the bill in the above cause wa and the nbpceoa isiued oa the 5th day ol instant, and that the laid tubposoa wa returnable on the twelfth day of June, instant: That tbe brsuline Convent in the city of - York,i aa incorporated body created hy act of the legislature, duty incorporating three individual under the name aforetaid ; that the persons composing tbe taid incorporation are all absent from the state of New York, being in some of Great Britain, to wit, in Ireland; that diligent search and enquiry bus bren made for (aid individuals conapoting the said incorporation, and defendant io thi cause, intermediate tette and return of the said lubrccnR. to ap pearand answer, but that they could not be bund, and that they have left ho person in the capacity cfpreiident, presiding officer, cathier, secretary, or treasurer, nor auy other person, to represent the said incorporation, to act for them their absence, nor upon whom the i.ud subpoena ia this cause can be served ; and that owing to turbcauetbe said tubi.rena ha not been upon the said said df feudants, the Urtu - Convent in the city of New - York On dio - f I n. I. C - I . i - .1 . complainsnt, it is ordered, that the said defendant, the Uursuiine Convent in the ritv of New do, in their corporate capacity, enure appearance to be filtered and their answer De Died in this cause, within nine month from date of this order, or in default thereof that complainants bill of complaint be taken pro - eonfesso against them : And it i further orde red. a copy d thi order be puhluhed within twenty day from the date htreof, in one or more the public newpuper priuted in this state, eigni weeus successively, once at lfcal in wttk. A copy ISAAC L. KIP, AaiMant Kf' - iMer. Jf. Iaw8w 'IJIt GRAMMATICAL BAR. rHE importance of a correct knowledge of orammar, is loo much at knowletlged to comment. The unsettled and desultory manner, in whii b it it taught io coaimou schools, highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rules definitions parrotlike committed to memory, learned ana conned oy rote without comaient or elucidation, is found to !e generally void of otiii ; ior so long as ine principle ol rule are not understood, they can never be applied to actual under sacb impressioni and influenced by a deiire to promote io useful a branch oi t ducati' n, tuDtcriher propose a remedial system. In undertaking, they are coutciou of no other motive, Ulna the promotion of a bran .h of knowl edge, which is an iodispensible pre requisite in every outer. I ne turiKriher anticipate m iny ooiecuont io tu complete a deviation ironi Uie annuuaien trues, wiiicn custom ras inns since tauclioned as the most eligible : but, to obviate them, they ask nUiorough and aiid d invetliga of in principle t. It is a dictum. tht with a knowledge ol the tea Hint on which laws are made, no one cen know the law. A conviction its truth formed the most powerful incentive lo invention oi the bramaiaOcai bar, wbichcon - yi lolhe miiid through (he medium ol the eve he rsssont, the why, and the wherefore. To short, it empiny me perceplue la nines, the learner acquires a hahit ol attention, his ludce - ment is exercised, and he adv once , itb ease dad delight. The subscribers have taken a conven room in r ultoo - s'reet, JSo. 139, where chil dren, young ladies and geulleraen may acquire a aorrect knowleflge of 4gUth granm:r in sixty hours. A cerre. t Knowledge of parains wi'lhe given to new beginner; il not, no pay will he re quired. A new cias to DegiD on Wednesday. J. HKUVY. - V, Jun. E. D. CROSSEIKL1). N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been instructed in Uie short Una of sixty hours, will be presented for exaroinatfun each day at 5 o'clock, M. Scholars received and instructed at any hour from 6 o'clock A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M Terms of tuition made known at the above mentioned room. J 20 lm BREWERY For sale, a bargain, a Brew ery it Malt House cootie led, in the city Hudson. The buddings are stone, an J par ticularly well calculated for the business. Il L - tiloateU in the midst of a barley country, and hJ mauy other advantages. Il is certainly an object for tboie wishing to eugae in Ui'S buu - aesi. Itistaeonly brewery in the courtry. This property will be sold cheap. Terms liberal ; liUe good. For further particulars apply - M. MULDEN, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New. York or J. NIXON, Jr. Dear the premises. June 13 tf ANTHONY STREET NOTICE. ATOTICE it hereby given to aJI persont in XI terested that the Coinmittioneit of esti mate and assessment, appointed by the tu preme court of Judicature oi thn pen pie of Uie late oi new - 1 ore, to eriorm certain duties re lati e to the oiniM;, rnlareing rd lmiirovin; Anthonv - slreet. in Uie said city, Lave couipMed heir estimate aud assessment, as well ol me loss and damage sustained by the owners and parties interested of and in the land and premises required for the said improvement, as alto of Uie ben efit and advantage received ny uie owners ami Dartut interested ol and in the lanus and premi ses not required for the said improvement, and that we the said commissioners Lave di posited a true copy of our report of estimate and ae - meut in the clerks udire ofthe city of New - York, for tbe inspection ol whomsoever it may concern. and notice i hereby further eiven, that Uie reiiort ofthe taid commissioner ol el'imate ai.d assess ment, will I presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature oi the people ot me laieoi.ew - ior at tha canitol in the fit of Albstftv. on Fruity the 14th day of Aaenst next, at the oper.nig cl the aid court on that day, or at toon tbreailrr at couatel can be heard tbefeoo. Dated thi 24th day of July, 1 8 8. ( copy.) WM. TORRE V, CorjBBitriosera. J NO. L. LAWRENCE, ) JX5 10I A KEYED HARP. J A. GUTTWALDT respectfully mvites . the amateurs of music to inspect at hi Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical inttratnent that perfectly tuutl the hart) m oad and far mrpaise it in point ol ea sy treatav ot, at it it played like the piano by sueaot m key, and cunseqnentiy nat an uiy aa vantaae ol nnlliant modulation : uie nmy one n the tinted Statet. Also, an elegant Piano Forte of noe tone, musical variety and workmanship, with an assortsaeut of different kinds, whose rond qualities have been, testxued by the oodertigaed minent professors : W'e the sabtchbers, professors of mmic, do icrn.y, mat wtDavecarcuuy cxamineJ Mr. J A. tiultwaldl'sDiano - fortes. which, for ty and excellence of workmanship anil utuk rm nniuaucy oi tone, we deservedly rrcriuBit.nd lo Dunne patronage Messrs. till!, s, Etuuie, Rd. uni,v uituuitianitwef.'' i 1 . to ior use in il a v lo the a VALUABLE REAL ESTATE fOR SALE, a tbi iTt or aaw - Toaa. tMVE lots of ground on the west sideofGreea - 1 wkh - street, betweea Vestry and Deabrot - set - streets, 25 by 80. - I'owr do ia tlie rear of tlie above, fronting on the eat side of Wahingto - stfeet, 35 by 80. rjfht do ia the block below, hctweea Wasb - iagtoa aad VVrit - itreett. - Ia Montgomery County. 6000 acres of Land ia Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Creek, oa the north side ol the Mohawk. la Franklin County. 15,161 acretofLasd, in tbe town of Mount Morrit aod Dayton. In Eex County. 7833 acre of Land io the tnwa of Jf arryi&ore. In the County of Lewit. 1250 acre of land ia Catteriand, Chatiani Purchase. In Saratoga County. S600 acre in Palmer' purcbate. Euquire at the office of (he ubcriber. 34 Ce - dar - ttiecL BEV. ROBINSOX. mh!7 tf li.SAUNDEK'6 PATENT RAZOR STROP. You that with to thave with eae, Buy of Sacroeri if you please ; Hi Raior Strop's, peculiar such, That sharp the ftaxnr with a touch. G SAUNDERS respectfully solicits those . who have not got hi Patent Raior Strop, furnish tiiemtclve with hi new invented Ra Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen Neman who once makes trial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and suchin their formation, that eer so much uie win cot give the razor that roundness which render tlie belt of them usrle, and which i well known al - way to follow the application of all those hitherto invented. The above itrons are in eeueral in New York, and are distinguished from all other, barber who have used them sav more their praise than I can myself. t ClflWrDQ 18 Wall - street. Also for sale. Rainrs. Soan. am! everv nten for Shaving, of the first quality, with a superior aisoitmrLt of Perfumery, 1 1 air Powder, Aic. from Smyth', New Bond stieet, London. N. U. The nioit liberal allowance made to dralrr. mT rsrsi wvs rrrnn si v&vsvisfvsjlu IjOR the above troublesome nnd often faUl complaint, Hamilton's Elixir is rffered. with ronlideiice iuspircd by twenty years successful experiment. A sinmk trial will prore it )i lodc ami evacuates the touch viscid phlegm or mucus, strengthens the veakened vessels ol'lhe ungs, sheathe the acrimonious humour which irritates theio, and linally dischargei it. Thus striking t the root of the diorder, Uie tymn - tomtare of course effectually and permanently conquered ; the reverse of common medifnes, l.ich weaken the constitution and give ttrcngth the disorder, for the lake ol moderating: for the reent some of it painful iffeel. 'IO PARENTS, who have childreo afflicteil wi'hthit dreidrul malady, thi it a discovery of first magnitude, a it afford immediate te - lief, checks the progress, and in a short time entirely remove the most cruel disorder to which children are liable. The elixir is to perfectly a - grecahle, and Uie dose to small, that no difficulty arise in lauinc u. lie particular to ask for Hamilton's Elixir, im itations ol Hhi h are offered to the public, but none ure genuine without tbe signature oftl. LA. For sa'e at LEE'S medical warehouse, No. 46 Mniden Lane. nd by eery respectable Dms - :it in N w York. J 10 iS. MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TFTE CITY Or ITKW - lORSt. (Iheoldett lnihluiuinfoT Insurance mgaitulrt in this rsfv,) P;?URE agaiuit Los or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Houe. Ware Houses, Buildinzi ia general, Merchandize, snip in port anu ineir cargoes, riouieiioia rurm.uie, ami every inscription ol personal property, on terms a favo - raolc at similar intuiiiuon in uiisciiy. 'Phi Company it iiirorporated tolely ror the urnnu of insuring airainst losses bv fire, and has ircumscribed its oierations chiefly within this city and immediate proximity. In addition to Uie Capital block, $juu,mw, hicli is secured by bond and mortgnire on real estate and public slocks, this Company ioasesK hanutomo surplus lund, invested in like manner ; parties assured may therefore repose tbe ful - lesc t iWUiieuce in uiesomuij w u.iiiui, ini (bat an) losses or damage will be settled with Dromotitudc and liDenlity. i ne oiuerenx rates oi premium una cnoiiiironi f Insurance are uniform wiiti those ofthe other ire Insurance Oihcesm tluscitr. The oublic aro referred for particular to the printed proposals in circulation, and wuu n may be had on appi'cnnon ai i" oi van street O AH III hi, re1 K1 AN, l'retident, JOHN P1NTARD, Secretary. may SH - WANTED, V WHITE girl or woman to do the cooking, Sic. in a small family, consisting of four crown perkunt, living in a pleasant partot the . 1 1 1 i . i - . r - : . i - itv . me will narc iuc sniiuncc ni nine girl and a hoy. .one need apply witnout gooo rccummendationt. Apply at UiisoHice. J 16 tf JEWELLEKV. W A 1 CUES. ice. A CASE of tundry Jewellery, fine CuUery Jl bilver MuBUcg and 1 lain vvatchc. 1 irentng Cases aud Uauie V ork Bo - xet. S rant Ladies Corsets assorted. for sale by J LA l BERT, Je 24 s isouruana stieet. WET JTURSE H'.t.VTEI). O' NE with a rood supply of milk, and who can produce satisfactory testimonials ot character, kc. wiU meet with encouragement, by applying at MRS. SAlOLEltS, J 10 tt o. jo ilmadway. NINTH WARO. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the Asiestort of the Ninth Ward have comple ted Uieir Attessments, aad that a copy thereof it lelt with one of tbe Atsessors, at tbe bouse 01 Vivid Huestis, llarlrm, for five days, the1 other five at the House of David Purvey, Bowery - inn, where the same may be seen and ex amined ny a ny ofthe inhabitant during tea dayt frsta the date hereof, and that the Assessors will aveet on Fnday, July 54, 1818, at the boose of David Turvty, Bowery - HiiU to review their taid as sessments, on tlie application of any person coo - ceivuig tmasell sgjrievecl. nosirs irom iu io ounrhdiT. ' JOHN ADRIANCF, Assessor oi tne JOSEPH WILLOliOHBl ) Ninth Wrd. July 14 IO TUH PUHLiCK. t GENTLEMAN from France wooU wish XX to draw the attention of the titixcns of New York lo his newly ettatliJied Laboratory of Colours (or trails, prepared lor immediate asa, aod accompanied with directions for layis uienl on. Ths colours are of lb brightest Uats, and pre pared so that aa duappoiutment can take place, St John's Halt. Fraokfort - tt. N. B. A vtry soperior quality of RtcorJlDg Ink mtnntactnreffpjtaetamt penoa. Jalytt tf : 4 roar coach Vd steam - boat lise, ' FOR PH ILA OKLfU M . ' at WAI or KMIABKTRTOWir FOtBT. ' (Through ia One Day.) ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for paiseu&rrs and baggage, oa Sjiring, start from the Coach oflice, No. I Courtiand - street, near Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalar.ta, tu Elixahethtown. Brunswick. Princeton, Tienton and tHistol, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame afleruoon, at o'clock. A ecpnd Line of new Poit will ttart from New - York every morning, (Sundayt excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'ekx k. - Fare 5 dollart. P. S. fatsengers are n quested to call and lake their Seuts at the oilice No. 1 L'ourtiaud - tt. N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Vahiiig(,gn City, with , - very convenience fur pdstiitr and baggage, vu spring. The II - 6. wail coach will start fmi" the coachoffice, N'n. 1 Couitlaudt - st. New - York, every dBy at i o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock Duly 6 pas - lenders admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the o'A estr - u.lished Coach, and Steam Boat oilice, No. 1 t'ourt - landt - stteet, near the corn r of Broad a v, New - York ; or to A. T.COOIMUCH & CO. No. I5i Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, and at No. 53 Wbitel all - siret t. New - York. (tr - AII goods and baggage at the risk ofthe owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS &: CO. N. B Expreitie sent to any purl of the Con THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 24 SWIFT SUKE MAIL COAUJr.a, ron ruiz.ADtt.rniA, r. I M, V,.l, &t9 ere:vinornirs(i"untlav'sex cepted) ut HoVIock, und arrive in Philadelphia next to dinner. ( he puhlick houses are good, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, horses and coaches are not inferior to any ethers now running between thoe two cities. ' Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, connected wlili the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducements to travellers in giving this line a decided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be observed by theproprietJil in giving general saticl'actiin. All baggage and package will go at the risk of the owuer unless insured and receipted for by Uie clerk of said office. Stage fare only $S, with a generous allowance of baggage. Purtie wishing to travel at Uw - ir leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previou to starting. tor sats apply at northern liotci, no. in CourUandt - ttreet, New - York. L, I .'., U,vf, y.u. ap 2 Proprietor. UNION LINE FOR PHIL A D t: i.P ill A. Twrntv - hve miles Innd cartiaz - ', via New - Brunswick andTrentuo. la Lew prt coftclict J 3 Do good stages 4 50 Do lorecas tie or deck raisensers, 3 50 onnccled by tl.e steam boats oi.ivk brakch nd PHl.atiF.LPm a. I he steam boat Olive Branch will leave New Yolk every day, Sun - dav't excepted, from the north srle ot tlie Bat - tery, at 1 1 o'ciocu, A. i. riwseiii;er win nmgo at Treuton, and take the steinu boat I'hiladt - I - tibia, to astonriive in HhiUdlhia at lOo'clurk l. w . - . .i - : Uie oex morning, in inue tu suite uie uuiuu uuc Ballimnre steam boat. This line has a connection with the best boots on Uie Delaware nod Chesapeake to Norulk ; s also those of Uie North River and Sound ; arid tUir several aim - alt are calculated to cause ht - t;. Il any delay. TlusiB a tpeeiiy and ceriamiy ine moat conve nient route, us the passengers will leave ie - York a'ter the nauks - ptn, ana arnie in i niia - lelDhia before the hour oi business, without la - tigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land car - age being mum irs man oj oj utuei iuhic uc - (ween tbe two cities. For teals in the ahove line arpiy to WILLIAM B. J AGUES, At the Onion Lfne Steam Boat Office, in Mar - kcttield street, north side or the Uattery, between Greenwich nnd Washington streets, or to The CAf PAIN on board. 0 All goods and baggage at the risk of the nwnur. p NO l ILK. For the further accommo dation of the put'lie, the de f parture of the Fin fly frnm 5.ew - xork and fvtwtiuri will be in luture the day : lave New York on Oloniiay, vvennes'iay and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newhursh on Tuesday. Fiiday aod Sunday at S A. M. The ahove arrangement win commence ny hi irefly reaving Newburgb on Nioday, the S4th . . ' 1 1 i . , lUay. "I he Western Stnee leave Newbureh immt diately after the artival ofthe Fiitfly. my Tt KAtTOlt AI SK1HI.KHXM HKVV LIIIB, VIA nF.tV - BRl'N8WltK (FT I'aMt'Bgert w ill leave New - York every .Monday . . - i f ind Friday, at 1 1 o'clock, t " J i ..,.. I Oiite Branch ; lodge at New Bruiitwick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at baston at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Kattoa every Monday and Friday, ata o'clock. A. M, lodge at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the steamboat O.ive Branch. The state connected with this line i a good four - horse stage. Pattaee frnrjt N. Brunswick toEastnn, 350 ; from Kaston to Delhleheai, 75 cents. Fir seat in ihe above hne.apply to WM U. JAQUES, at tlie t'miadeiphia Union Cine bteam - lioat Uihce, north tide of the battery. KUtitKi Lbicu.v, rrornctor. Jel3tf FOH FlULA Dt.LfHM, Via ELlZABETll - lVtr.V I'OIXT. tOoP - COACH LINK, Thrtmeh in a day and by day - light. LEAVES New - York in Uie steam boat Ata - lanta, from the tot of Wluteha l - strect, near ths Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. VI. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandl - t'.rret and No. 53 W hite - hall - ttreet, at which pl - .ee teats may be taken. J 20 U Ji'FW MUZJC. TV ST publiil.ed and for tala at WILLIAM tW DU BOlb" piano fort, and music, slcre, IW 120 BroaJwsr. Tame am I niy taitldul fair; the soldier's rnoe ; and from cliildhood's dawn to noon of youth at suug by Air. I hilipps. Ah tan I e'er forget thee lova Tbe celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred melody The Saxon air, with variation., hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzonet, My mother bid: me hind my hair, as a Twenty four sonatas, for young performers, by N. B. Ihallonrr The Saxe Coboorg waltz, with variations The Sophia Waits The storm rondo, by Sleibsk J 1 2 WAXTED, a lad about 14 years of ace, a aa apprentice to tbe printing hniine. Appiy ai iM corner oi aattau aM cpruct - tu. J8 ,1.1V fT 1 i 11,1 d ' TiJ SdUJYD STK.1.H E0.1 T - LIA , kit c JU(.vry r..i.n ni. mXJfl .The PP' A 1 - view of acto rfcn j.i "S.w public, by ex ffi - ai" Norw ii'.li, The proprietors, wih a accouiuiOiiating tac extending the hue inttud waking Hit esperiiuent with tlie Fulloo, Chpt. Law, and UiM route (if found practicable) will be continued during Uie season. 'itm line will in future be from' New - Y'ork to Norwich, nt follow: 'ihe Connei'ticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday. W'jintiioji and. t'rtduy, at 8 o'clock, ia the mortiiug, for New - tLiven. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leave Aunetck at 6 o'clock in the morning of Uie same dayt, touch at jVesr - Lontfen and depart from tbeuce for Acto - arm at II o'clock. The boats will meet at Attn - Hurcft, aod depart from thence every Monday, IVednet - day and Friday, nt 7 o'clock io Uie evening the ConnecUcut for JYev - i mk, and Use Fuiton lor ffew - Londan and Aor ich. inhl7 NawackoH arid t akamaioc a mail - si Aolf THRf.E 1IHM A UKKK. VrVTSJI I EAVES Newbiirgh eve - SS!ttJ&!&Z& l i V Sunday, Tuesday, ig&$MW.?aup Tl.urstlay mornings, at S - L2 tbree o'clock, runs through tMontgorM ry, Blcomiruzhureb. Mootireilo, by White Lake, Corhecton, Mount Pleasant, tireut beau, Chenango I oint, Onega, ithic, aud Oe ucva, toCannmiaieub. Rtturni: g leaves flanandaigua every Morv ('..iy, Wexlncsday and Friday murnings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgli, the third ila in lime to t ike tbe Steam - boats which arrive in New - Yoik the following' morning. ffj , trtiiu Oe tryttltd Uuit at ail innn when the ttinir. - li - el' alttr thru cfa.v "J runwtg, thattliu lint villn't. r i3 alto Pint thetn. T he whole route will be perfumed in three ilays, fi - om the first of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of Man h strst it the first of May, in Riiir days and from the 15th December, until tli.? fifteenth uf. March the same lute will be ron tinned tu the citv of New - York and run from thence to (.'hou daij;ua in four days. Passengers ti - avcllii.g from New - York to t'anamiaigiia, Niagara or Uulfalo, can leave N. York in the evening - steam - buaU, and arrive in dnaiid.iigua in tli. ce days a distance of three hundred s. 1 lie line is well furnished with j;ood. new carriage - ; good horses, and careful ami expei lencc il ilr.vers Every attention will be paid to render tue passage ofthe traveller tafe, easy anil expeditious ; and it is believed that Uie accommodations on this line are equal ti.any line in the state. flCj - FAKE from Neumirgh to Canandaigua FOCHTEEN DliLl.AltS. X. It. A b audi of the same line runs three times a week from Itliaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Outgo Tioja Point; tlience througli Newtown and Puiu.rd Post, to Bath, Uc. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk ofthe owners. David fiodfrry, Bloomirghurgli, E. C. St. John, .Mount Pleasut, I L. & R MatiiiincChcnaugo, IPropne - Cere lll.n - a, , ton. Samuel GreenlirT, Geneva, I Oliver l'htlps, Laniiug, J mh 14 d6iii FOR ELIZABET H I OWN POINT, nR3 r F.AVE3 N York raih dy, JSund:.ys excrpt - iil the lout of W hitr - i uMi ntr liaiury, at o o'i luck ana IU uci'fk A. M. and :! o' l. k P. AI. ; leavu Ll:za - lic - thiown l'.iuil at ll oMuck A. Al. and half pail li oVI - i.k and hilfp .t 4 o'clock P. AI. J . - SO tl . tteSsf k liyOnlhe llthof May, sR I, - coujaitiictd runninz lour v'mmm J . - . m nines a wees., a uoat 2ok5l3uavei New - Y. rk cn Tues - . W . . 1 , . d.i, ai j ..'clock, A. Al ; Wednesday, at 5 r. al; r n.lay, at v a. ni. and saiuruay, al a r. !i oi each wt'ek : and a boat leaVea Albany on Mon day, tvedntiday, Ihunday, aud Saturday, at 9 A. SI the Fire - Fly leave New - Yotk on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - hdrgli, and relu.osoa Alunday, Wtdnetday aud t riduy.nt U A.M. Je u Jt fUJt H.iLt., aJni A furin bf between tix'y and seventy acies, situate on Uie west bank ol Lake Oisegu, and one mile Iioid the village ol Coopertluwu. O.i it are anew stone house 64 left square ;a new lurni house, nam, AiC. It loriu a desirable el taolithuieiit lorn gmtlenian wishing to retire siit.s (he country, as its situation, At to pr xpe - ct, ccEVeuieoce to liiaiket, A c. is not smi atsed bv any in the interior oi fn state. It w ill be told low tor iah, ou a credit, or .xcbiaiitetl for pro perty iu this city, goods, Sc. Aj ly to U. D h It. SF.DO U K, mv 7 tf Law Huiidings. lOii.N HLWI1T still! V4J Wa - J ter street, vtl ere he has a very handsome and fashionable assortment of Cahinit rumiture un band, which he will warrant to he ol the first quali'y. He solicits bis New York and southi m lnendsto give him a call, nt he flatters hiuisill tiny will not be. disappuiuted. Orders extcuied at the shortest notice. Je 2i tl WHOOPlNti COUGH. DOCTOR t - COT'1'3 Pectoral Mixture, which is a sale and cffrctunl remedy for the whooping rough. It n only ten tar since it wasnlf,.re.d t the public, and tome thousands of children, both in Kngland and Scotland, have hten cured by it, nitcrevery other medicine had been used without cCect. It it held in Uie highest estimation fur lit excellent and taluhrioui virtues It promote! geutle perspiration, re - motet vitcid pt.h giu by an easy and tale expectoration, and is l.urhly talutnry lo the lunts : it trenutheiis and detendi the stomach, git ft great er liberty of breathing, and produce the most afe, salutary uod hppy eflects, hy preventing those distressing and coavuldve cough, to which thousand of individual, in conse quence of neglect, prematurely tail a sacrilice. It is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of relief in those violent paroxysms that its rjuuli - iiet are manifested, but by effectually rcmov - inir thoe distressing svmptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened frame, and reuovatcd heulth to the aiuicteu inuiviuuai. Sold wholesale and retail, by It. Robertson, Apothecary', No. M Broadway, and J. C. Mori son, Dmggest, o. ic urecnwicti stieet, rs. York. Druggrsts tliroiiLliout the United rtates, may be sopplicd with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price, .ty 7 m A HURsE WAN I ED. a flOOD active Hone, about six rears old. He is wanted ihiefly as a gig horse, in v hit h harness be must be peifecWy gentle. A Bay would be prelered. Apply al .vo. 24 Gieenwkh - street. J 6 WANTED, A GIRL from 12 to 15 yeais of age, of good XV character and steady nanus, loatsitl in a family. Apply at 74 Leonard - street. Jei'J S.OARDIMU tCHOOu. PHE Alloa BLNNETl '3 have opened a 1 boarding icbool for young ladies, on the south side cf Powlet Hock, in aiiluatmn very healthy, and aiiiicuen c.trveiiieat totiieciit quite retired. The usual Fngli'h bran, he ami Needlework, French, Muic, Diiucins and t'rhw inc. are taurht, by themselves or by approved neuters, tor terms Sc. apply to Mr. D. I GKEKNL, 24 Wall - strott, or at tU school. J 14 tf IO MASON. PROPOSALS will be received at No. 15S Watrrineton street, for bund' rig a houe, a - greeably with a plan ther lelt, for a tavern, on the of tl.e Bowlir.g Green and State - vtreet. J IB T.' LOU II. - iimi bhrs. Rnhiuoi.d sweet Flour. I branded Variety, wdl be landed thit dey from biie Betsey, from Richmond, tor tale at Si W.IW UUUXC 9UU, UT J4 D. BETHUNE A CO. nJ A ditrU( pablii : u, - , auto. u DOCTOR HORNE, for'merl, ofthe city oflAJodoo, au .nwBkCero the faculty of phvsw and surgery thsie, dait ft 7,. ty to repeat some oosevaUou . tie abuse of MERCURY a rash, in.litcf.mio.u, , ' Bed uie taerenf. ba sauiu are animay mercuriiilised out of exi V ence. 1 hediaeate we have io view owes ill V'l' t..l re - ultt chielly to source. What a nit. 'hat a voung man, the ..opet of hit coimtry.m?J U.e darluig of hu parent, thould be aoUched way from all Uie project and eojoymeiiU of lif. by the consequence of one unguarded BonenL tnd by a disease not in iu own nature fatal7an - vbich only prove so from neglect or ianratw! treatment."' A eeiitleinan. lLUnif.roP,r tient) now perfecily hearty and wellht b?. auuer physiciant of geneial practice, tix year jnd repeatedly salivat, d ; when rtrcoinmtnQ!a il Ut. H. (by a gMitleuian of thit city) h uL ' a fiiHidtdecUred he x)uld not possibly unit. two moutlit longer. Tboutandt exMriaitu.ii. know with what eat and asetv Dr. H cate Uie severest cnte. and confinn the! .uUon. Tbe D.k tor't Plan (cdvertitiiiK) k a. otttary tognird Uie public againtt the ttim. I. mercury, and other Ikiai delusions, held forth Pei suns, therefore, having contracted a or" tate disorder, or susiecting latent poisos a uduiomtlied not to tamper a - itb their coestiti tion, or conceai U.e disorder, ti'Ppttt retovl ry ; othertbuvwg U.e lemamt cf an old cas. or other iupuriuet of Uie blood, at well at otk er conrpUintt of a delkate nature, ia ti'lu sex. shouid remember posterity, and do justices to tbrir coriences, by Baking p,,irta,lM to Dr. II. at Lit old and resmrirL lishinent, No. 64 Water street, four bouses wh of Old - slip, to ohtain prompt assistance . hnie calculated Ui prevent ditclmur. s.j k kt me claim your terwut attenUou Remeinh.i - t an ; unless tbe bt .inesis radically done, you will certainly bar. he disorder break out again with redoohled ma liity. at some future period ; perhaps U.en will ht too late for remedy . Don't you oka Z the ttreets miserable, mutilated being, wither? even a b.t of note on their face Take warai, 1 beseech you. "uu.i, Dr. ll't. cbwacter for ikill and ttubbom inte - en'y being umvetally knorni in thi. city, sine. 11.04, guarantee to rtrentt tht Hli.. 1a crecy bitkerto unk.iown, and having coufined hi. practice for year, past, exclusively to the cure f disease of U.e blood tyttoj, Uiry may tafelycaU culttennthr most decid.d advantage in consulting Dr. II. tilect eradicated intw. or three tteekt Stricture, removed without bouewu nr n er instrument and all debilities ; likewise all oiii un eraiinu, lisiuia s Kt, A plurality oi oihcet are provided, and to liti. atrd that patientt are not exposed toearh othr obiervation. Open till half past 9 in the evsaiui. All persons concerned are invited ta be fret ,m calling, and sneaking with Ur.H. which it irr oi cost. Aao nere toe I 'ocior cannot avoid U t expression cf gratitude for innumerable reon. metdationt, and for the decided preference (it it presumed wnnjusi cause) long givtotum bj . judicious public. i. a. aii leiirri must De pott paid, Dr. Buchanan. AugS7 H TK. EVANS tuperiti JLmetliod ofcurini acei - fjf i4Vs tam Uiseass, lsaowumvti sauy arxnowleilgcd mUa city ; hi mode of treatnitxt ir perfectly mild, tfe, 7. kit, llili.tua 9trl 1... sl.mM m f - iiiti will retdra U.e pay vlla The strictest tecrccy . al way t ohiervsd. Tr.ere are nir.nt penons in Uiit city and its vicinity, laboring uuder various chronic diees, such as cancers, old inveterate alccrs, acrofuJ or kint evil, fistulas, disease of the urefhr, bladder and kirlnies, oicl complicated complsitu ofa certain natuir., biliout and other obrtrao fions, rheumatism, 4c. which Uiey consider inci. rablr, they cub certainly be cured (in gtaert byorplyint at Dr. EVANS'S Me.lical Store, , 9, Peck - slip, having practised in extelsnt hospitaltiii Europe 11 years, under some of ths first burgeons and Phisicians in the world, sm) mad those olttticate diseaset his constant sUdj lot ' v - :ii. Oct U FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall ttreet, gentle - . jl . n i o f urrBMi i: iih,iu. nas ior sale a ww w zors of Lamask tteel, made by the celebrate! Alarguib, of Paris, lie bat also received an as tcrtiaent of the bett Eiighi - h Razors, which bt warrants good. If proved to the contrary, money reiunf.ed. Also, cutt and dre tret hair in the latest ttyl. and in a manner to at lo adapt it to Uie plijiiog - numy. Air. r KU.vit.. lurcturnt mi sincere Uitait tohiscustobiert, aod the public in gent rsl, lof their very liueial patronage, and solicits a con tiuuance of their lavour. He ha liktie procured a very fine bone, and) engage! to re - lore ratort to a very keen eilef auu snouig mey noi cat wen na win receive pj rprniTiiinrp. Geniieiiieii who tuhtrribe bv the cuarter, will have their uppaiutus kept exclusively for tbrnt - c Ives. Je ou A1 ItttTtH Nppiy oi la diet Beaver Halt, fresh from tbef nulactoty, tirila - ble ior the sooth - ern market, ata racked at the s?isFrs ,SIPt thorttst police, 'j!wiLS0 - VSt 1CU Broadway. bihv 27 iKj l.Et , , ii I. ,. - ,n.t realm t of Pearl iireel. For particulars eoouir' t 1 .UUIlIIIIjl ill HI, M. - - - . ( - - - - w JeS 19". uc 'air. ELhU.lA T tt.iJVU FUKTtS. I UO. VVIL.CV'.', iiiBiiirii - i.nK - 1 - . j .1 etived by the Venus, a law twortwentw - .... . . .1 ...4 I . KM IBM I txceiltnt Piano Fortes, Patent tlules, r ., u, Sc. n anufactuied expressly for hua M menu & Co. Loudon. Also, Piio Forte tuiw l.l Irll , new ruutic, and every article ia v. instruments taken in eachanpi i J"" .. '.i I line ; instrument 'nr.rit toviiled. ni w " 4C. JU cajkt LN hi.e drawn Rjte and Clasp Nailt, wrWB ;Xet "Z casks flack and bright Vieet 3 do I and tad sledge Hummer 20ii do deck bpiket, Irom 4 to 8 tof1. 10 td i.i o square Iron attorted w - For talc at UI Pine street, by J 18 ' HhNDEKSt'N ft CAlrI' - t 2 O LEI. . n . unj.. ,f, hruse NO. i - .ir.trect. tncmireol Mrt. wii'''i 134 rtrl - itrL n.v II tf NfcW - iORa,: mn PRISTED Jrl tlUUSBlD iu ttAFi. tifittXBAM C No. 49 WiLMSM - rraaai orrosn ta Hsss l orrr - s - norn. y VAJ

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