The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 29, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1818
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. ft Sale, Freight Chart, itX.' The briir JOHN, 144 tons, buil Y ' - Massachusetts, In the year 1808, and Zmult : in PiiiUdelpUia n toe. ists, isagood labstantUl vessel, nd in complete order for a Laee lies UrooKiyn. rot terms, apply 1 I 1 III' v! Iwlll JAMES iy W0I.P, Jun. 54 Soutlittreet. . J 29 tor Hale, t're.ght or Charier, Theh L' NYMPH, 184 tons; ii staunch irood vessel, nails fust, and rTTue s ent to sea with expense. Ap w n. . 'V rJ29 - 66 South - street. """ r PAiS.iUE eUH LIILntuuL Tn! fiue C0PPereJ briS FAIR. CAM Ytfri BRIAN, Evau master, now lemdiii! triui cotton at Staten Islaud, and will be ready fcr sea next Saturday. For passage only, having veiy good acoontntotlatioiw, apply at No. 6C , "joe - Street, wuere icucia uuijr iwittu Jyi9 RUM k OLD COPPER. IU putichs. fai; proof ' - ud good navored - St V'ibceut Hum. t lo d i do Jamaica do 400 i lbs. old Cornier, (till bottom)' "or 'ale bv 1 UC - & liAU Kir. a, J 29 . 29 south - street. i UuOERlEo, PAINTS, he. I5U lihdt J prime old and new Virginia Ichacco aai Lc3iimoufai".urrd dj. 6 and It hands id II nr. casks L. P. Madeira Wine, ti pipes F'rcurli brandy "a flvur 40 boxes bes' white buttled EugUsu luusluiu 3 kegs refuted salt fttr! 4'.i boxes 1 - 3 X Tin Plate 2i) 1 - 4 cwt. new while Paiut 120 do 1 - 2 cwt. ' 7 casks freh Madeira Citron 25 casks Brown ntout, I cute Bengal Indigo 1:K boxes dry white Lead CD caeks best Green Copperas 69 casks ass'd hardware, for southern mar ket 40 crates ass'd Earthenware, ent. to deb. 20 casks green and Whit assorted Phials 40 cases smgle'atid double Aquafortis 100 bbli. Spani'h Brown, tor sale ljr DlY'lE BETHUNE 6i CO. S& - 9i C. Il.ilip, f pOH ACCO. 1 St) hhus. prime V'irsiuia Tobacco 60 hhds. Lriiiio Kentucky do 7 kez Ladies Twist. I).ividrn, Smm fd .'ri Co' brand 1 1 oo.iogro ueau", i uo o 54 do do No. 1 It Archer' d IS do do No. 2 Davidion. Sa'in dart MC' i'n d" ' 115 di do No. 2 K. A'clier' du Tor tale at 10C Tront - itreet, by TROKLS, DAVID50V tt CO, J 2!) I.UlU'ilK.M WAKK, l:c. KMJcfale? harlli l!i enware, particularly i In ti l lor llii mar ket, inipurtrd in (be iliiit larlba, from Liver poo). 5 pipvi I.ul ira Win;, of up. (juility, im - wrifO la lou. ( r "ale at l.ifi t runt !r:et. JO I ROiCivS UWIDiOV A: CO. IiJOITas A lew cuki lupi - rtine Cboppa, lor aie or P. RE.MSEN&CO. J 23 '.6 outb - ftrppf. f . - 1AX'T I A . - UuAKa. - o(JJ IjJo', luiiduig, J and lor t.tie by J C9 JOS. Of UORV, ill Smith ,trot. U.'l'v.v Kit. Jihi.j ci5i Gu.uxiwdtr, vJ 'ruu Hie Oiuiije Worm m iriiil' - ictorj - , lor 11, - by JA3. UHVUl.r', Jun. J 20 54 Sooth ftrrct. S I. "'IV - .' U fiiiTlllown jltTon tioard brii Nympb, .r tru Klfat. lor sale by N. L. K O. tiKISWOl.l), J S3 151 South sunt. ll UAl. 40 puiiUieon fii - t quiiiity N. t'.. Hum, XV - r ' saie by JAo. 11'VVOL.F, Jan. J 59 54 Soulh - ttreet. pOI'TO.X, BAIIK, TOBCCO, tic. 73 Kj bales prime Upland Cotton i0 Widt. Q. C Uarlf trO hep ru.ioufnUiired 6 do. pigtail, in 1 lb. rol., nnd 175 hhd. M;ooU,'for aV by CUIsVVOLUS Jt ( OATES, J 10 6! guiilh - strtet. Kit K hikI CUI 'JO. - iJ0 catks Carolina Kir,, 153 bal - New Orleans Cotton 41 do Car - duia do For .ale by JONES Si MEGRANIT, J S9 .91 foiith strret. A V1EKICAN ATLA3. THE snli ril'.ersliakr jut p'in:i!if,l, No. l.c( ll, NEW AMERICAN ATLAS, retain - fag ninps ol'tbe World, Kurope, and South A riffu a, lu two sheets. Price to absrriters. 6 i lili. the number. The rnaj s separate, t lo!ls taib sl tet. '1 be American Atlas will contain taps nf the World I fbett, America I, pe I, Ami 1, Afrit a I, fnulli America 2 sheets North Ameiira 4 slin - 1 ard the UNITED - STATED 9 shot; wbi h will be drawn on a caleol lien (icfsrai'hiral luiles tu Ihcinih, and arranged in the following order: Maine, New HaiL(liire, em.i nt, Ma.irhuett, R bijvl, ami Conm cti ii, 1 sheet; New York I; PdMHylwinix and Nrw Jeney, 1 ; Oelaware, Xirjiaml and Viriiiia, I ; Oiiio and Indiana, I; K'ntiit ky an 'I tnneep, I; North and Sfoulh Ciroiina, I ; CiO'giaand' Alabama, 1 ; Louitia - manil Misstiiippi, ; in all 21 sheet, including Utr. - raved title pace. Speimeti of the State Maps may be seen at J. 10 Library - street. Persons lioldmi; suit - enption papers lor this work, are requested to forward them without delay, as arrangement re now roak;n for supplying distant subscri ber withthf first nqmber ol tlie Atla?. The pmpricton ofthe Ameriren llasdeirnm sf rend, ring it as correct an I uiei'ul a possible, ihrni:e this tnrtho.l of respectfully so'ii itirujr tb - lil of Gentlerorn wtio nj - .y be in poetsion ol By 5oo;rapliicl inform ition not before punish M, bv cotnmunicatin the same to tha publisli - ttin Phl'ad. lphia. U.NNEIt, VALLA VCE, KEARNY b CO. Enrravers, No. 10 Lileri v - street. "ho have coiiMantly on hail !, aq extensite nntyi umin ijhaU I'S&i (iEOiillAPMI CM, VVOiTKi,0;iAVING BOOKS, sCUOOf. ATLVSKS. tie. TheeJitors ortlie New - York Advoca? - , Co - aSnn, Evening Post; U.diimore Patrio' TO tederul (iazctfe; Wasbrntoa Ntonal In VSiencert KichiO'ind Enquirer ; Ga'e p - per Nl C. : G "telle. Charleston, s C s Morn J? .'hrir!e. Savannah ; Pittshurh - Meirury; Vthern Cenliiu I, Erie WeMern Pre . Mer - .exinxt - v Uaxette ; Chilhrothe Supnr Vermont Wa - liirtstoniao ; Albany G te aliille Clarion ; and Orleans G:itette. wil ; ir.ert the above three times, and forward - r ucniims to r. v . a; ijo. J ?9 3t TO LF.T, A tVafnf all llstSia on, I av fMn - tT. ! v'" - - ( - n tm iiuurc IS'IVS ( l mti. W 111 TT III wrry - treet, within a few rods of Fraaklio " Inquira at No. 17 Cedar - street Jy29 tf 'pIIE Clergyman's Compauion, in visit in - tb, i.h.ivl"' ov 1 al7' D - - Arch lerno. v. n - . p I'tncoln, He. Kc. a new edition, rl 8' I 2 rents. jf'iia. or the Iree of health, by Madame de ?pnc5'l cents. . .r" "Jrr. n:i i .us. mm D . . - . .. Jiv. n w 01 "ods'r k and other tales, by ftSs1 p1b"',H'd and for a!e the M .i? y'T I Bo k aod Stslit. - price i dniiar. inrrva Cir - itinary sto.t, J S9 rTn;.V. F.!tlCAN CLOTHS if ii. ',I( - Olllki:0 No 16 Pearl s,,!r. 'ni r - ceivM 10 p e - tt Am - ri W""h Cloths, sviikb wid be told ..ftWfrsih nnl. "'e r.o.t. n - ni of Do - iuL, - ?l. . Cotton Goodiof every dis - 'Hi 8 8 a i ww prices. 29 ! FOH SAUL YOTOG tlack - womin. . Por tertn, &c apply to Mr. H. ANDEItSON. J 29 No. 10 State - street ELLlbH'b New Map of the World, on - - - - " wi III. UUIIU, Ul Mcrcator's protection: with an - - ,nn. nying book, containing a (ieograihical deatrip' tion, price 12 dots. Melish't Map ol the United States, 10 dMi. Do. travellers' Oirectorr Ibrou - 'h the I!i,itH siaiei. wun a map, l - z bound, 2 dols. i'o no oouua in a pocket rj'.olt lorm, 2 50. Do do do with t maps, 3 dolt. Darby's Emigrant's Guide, 8 vo. 3 dolt. . Western Gazetteer, Jivo it 25. for sale by A.T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, orner of Cedar street, op J 29 Ipositethe City Hotel. IS CHANCERY. Dorothy Hacklin, I n. VilliaiD Peek and Eliza - heth his wi.'e, Maria Hunt, Catharine Hunt andothtrs. i Stale of JVew - For. IS pursuance of an ofder of this honoral.Ie court tuadi; us tne above rause, will he told at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House, m the city of New York, on the 2sh day of Jul int. at 12 o'clock at noon, under the direction Jl the suhsenbt r, all those five lot of eround. sit uale, ltnx and bein in the etchth ward ofthe city of ,ew York, being formeily that partoi ine property oi iiicnoias uayara, require, then known pt me name of Uavartl't arm. Ivm: westward of Broadway ; said lots being detig - .aieu on oinp ui saiu larin, raaae r,y uastuier rh. Uotrck, then one of the City surveyors, bv . I. i , , ,n iiio i I in , , rr lit - - . . IU6IIDHIUOIB I I , I I'lO, I I Alu HUU 1 I Off 1 10 gclherwith the hereditaments and appurtenan ces - to the same bel' - nRinn or in anytvise apper tuininr. Dated July 3.1. ti!18. 1T10.V1A3 BOLTO.V, J 3 l3wtJv20dbl Master in C'ham trv. The above sale is postponed totbe lUUi da of August next, at the same time and place. Ju ry i'Uih, 1818, THOMAS BOLTON, J TJ lawtds .M ister in t Imncery. Prues or Blanks lor no condition rite. Buv few Ticket - there all the nrosoeel lies. xr EXT we. k (Tuesday) the 5'h and last, class Ll ol the science LolUry, enmm i.ees ra - in', and on the wjJ kr Tu ke's wilt be advan ced in price. y till. (jAlll - AL t'Ult,3 HL. 1 o( UlOleK) 1 of 50 000 1 of 20 .'00 1 of 10.00.) 1 of 5.0'H) 2 of 2.0i K) 45 of 1,000 Those persons who b?ve not supplied lli - m selves with Tickets in the above Lotierv aro res it cti'ully ei.vittd totalloutl.e GKACIE'. 14C uroaimay. And pia. e iheniselvet in fortune way, Not 111 her paths froiu day to day, Tit tliu w jhua her nidi st power, Ami with her smiles on eiery hour. C'a5h advanced I'orOwtao i.rucs, at the rate f 7 per tent, per annual. J 9 In a cuiious r.iece it n - jw pl iiuly HH.irp. 1'hal the Doctor, tnrai;'d, i. - it'd a mg by the tar ; Which uii'g Evtleeu't Bower" so melodious and tweet. fliat it charui'd all the brokers who live in Wail street. Doctors should not touch pi?i, at it cu'isti vexation, I'or pigs all btlonjto our fam'd eorptiratio. - i. NexicoiiiCt the it a Serum', wlncli snallow'da whale. Don't touch her my friend, there's a sting in her tail. In Mnluul Science, you're yet but a Vrenf it p. And I li ar very soon you'll be ;i cempm menli; In whit hcase dearest doctor, I'm happy to say, We have a bit house to loo's you in Broadway, When your pericranium is rack'd, sir, you shall Be put in tint home, which we call Hospital. And now lor the prizes, the t rize , the prizes. In hundreds ol thousands and all other size.. Which I, my dear doctor, aro happy to state'. Will be told by jour most bumble aorvant, n. WAi I E. - T EPICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY com 4.T.L lUCtice drtwii g. CA IITAL PRIZES. 100,000 Dollars I 2i,0t)il Dollare 50.0IX) Doilart I'VOU 1 o!lnn Ticked and Shares I r sale y It. W AiTE. Jr. J 29 135 Brohdway. ON TUESDAY NEXT. COMMENCESdrawinsinlhicity,theMedi cut Science Lottery, No. 5. in which the Capital Prize is $100,000 Besides Prizes of 50.000 20,000 l'J.000 5,(K)i1. Ic. This is unquestionably tfie rnot snlendi heme of any lottery eecr presruted to the citi tens of New - Yotk.and when it is coniil. r d tlm the payment ofthe prizes it gunranti d by this Male, and that toe pro eedt resulting Iroin it are appropriated to a valiiabli' ooierl, il cannot lai exciting the approbation of every lottery adven turer. Tickets and Shnret f - r sale at the eld estab luhed Lucky Lolltry OfTirer.f JUDAII 4; LAZARUS, 64 Maid"ii. Lane, Where have beea s.i:d in former Lotteries, prizes tt the amount of One Million, Five Hun dred Thousand Dollars. Most foreign bank ni'tes, approved prnn.issory note, and prizes in former Lotteries wi.l betakeu in payment 'or ti kett. Orkr frotn adi - tane.enclo'idc the ca;li, post paid' will be immediately attemled, to and the earliest in or mat ion ir n of their sui res. A eorrei t check book will he kept at tlie Lucky L - .tlery OtiL e, whirti ui.iy be examined nt all tunes iree ol t x - . n e J 29 4t ' JO I.KT, The firt and second tl.vir in ttorc No. r tetcher - street. The rooms are large, beii Jj feet wi le, 70 feet deep, we'd t - lculated lor a hotrsale crockery, t slorsge, or for other iiui!.s requiring much rcoai. 1 o be let toge - llier or separate. Enauire on tne premie. or at 143 Pearl street, up stairs. Jy 24 ADVERTISEMENT. IlROPOSALSvvill be received at the Navy Agent's cdki. New York, for jne wiek from this dale, to surply a quantity of Jeriey Oak Plank averse kngih 45i'oet. 10 to 16 iimad, 9 to 4 l - 2lhi k pith ul bart must t e out, and clear ol sap A. , a nuiuln r - l Jersey Oak L imiu 35 to 65 feet Li to inches sqiinre. nd a number of White U..k Ki ee, to side Ir - vo I 2 to 12 incuts, arm 4 12 to 5 feet lu, bod ies 5 to 6 I 2 long. The whole to be first quality, aud subject to the iii(icctioQ at the Navy Yard, and d livercd tl.rie. The proposal,! nut to exceed 5000 'eel ol I tank : not ne re thnn 10 loj. nor more than 60 tin s at no coot rait ill t givrn to a ny individual torieud no rf the alnive name.: uuaetitis : the sh irtest time, n it ex. eedi.'" t weiksniust l e mentioned. Monev t - . be iui.1 on .kliverv. Anv i - xplaa - ition thil tuiv l - re - onired, wiil beobtuine.l at the Navy Yard, when bill wdl be given esch ii.ilnid'.al ait. rbe ha cotitriried, hnd hy which be is to be governed. J S.'UJcCtf FOR. S4.LE, f ( 00 f ' 1 MK:S OF LAND, ly I VJ'.VJ' v VJ7!!!!; in Uptown o( Florence. connly r. Om - i la ni l sole l Nei - Ynrk. Tl:. state ro id (roni llooi" to Sackrts Harlior and Sabn m river past thr.msh the town. The country adioini'ig i he land rffered lor saloit well set - tied ; tbe toil is g". - d for grass or eraia, and the situation is convenient lo : ed P' - il h either to llie M - ntrT or L't . a Viarkei. bties; cely 35 miles from thclntter ttrf.a e' - rurtb. r inlorma - liiosappy to Mr. iENJAVIN vVKi.'.HT, at Rome, f.i to VM. HEM' K R .'ON, J 10 cod lm 3Jp - No. 55 Wall street tRtSTI Ll.YEJtS. DUPEtlS. LAWNS! U f pilOMAS SUFFERS, No. 6, DpeytUr.t. rX. hat just received, per the IHrptrus, 41 Boxes, cousisuug of broad and narrow Uuipers, Lawns, Shading, 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Uutna, brown beetled Lawns, kc. which, with his former stock, makes a complete aMorttneot of every article of Irish Linen manufacture. All of which will be sold on reasooabla terms. . iu)y28 6t. OFAMiLED. 1 cum:, just leceived and for tale by JOS. OSBORN, J S3 28 South - street. tt 11.1.1 A VI IKI.L. JUST published by JOSEPH W1LLSON, 14 Maiden Lane, , William 1 ell, as sung by Mr. 1 lulipps, Bay of Uiscay O ! lucltdon, Bewilder'd maid, And all Mrs. Burke's, Mr. Inrledon and Mr. Phiiipp'ssonxii for sale, with eierv aitiele iu the musical line. J 211 I w TEAS, WI.NES Ac tiKOCEUlES. No. 7 Park (late Ladiis Auction Room.) aHEsubrilierkeept constantly for salts a e. neral assortment of first rata Groceries for family use. amongst which are I .iiniiAi.iiii, - - rf l.ll'W T Will Imperial Hyson, Young Hyson 11) son Skin Souchong & TEAS first quality and latest importation. loucbong J Loaf, Lump, .Rs e Uavana white and brown &UUAn:s' . trouble Gloucester, ),,rrci, ' Holland & American CHEEsL. Lemon Juice Sicily Lemons ia pood order 4th prooi Cognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Claret, L. P. Teneriffe, Sherry and other Wines Seet Uil in Betiies and Bottles bpicea, W. I. Pepper Hr!ierl't Brown Stout Sperm Oil and Candles : with manr other arti' lt - t too numer. - .us to specify, which will be sold ut a modtrate adram e. hv JAMES P. ANDOE, !5Jl H.l.YVVI) TO KKM HJISJ A ronvi'inent two story brick house, mo - lie rent, within 15 minutes walk lir.iu the Pnrk. Apolv .thoe. J 2! ' UOAUCI.OIII. Ai KKltsEV.xiEHEu. 4 bales assorted Bi - oadcloths I do. do. Kenevmere for sa:e by J NO. M'CRACKAN, J 28 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - trect. lii.Fy,r.l..j ii UtUMI UHA.V (,nj)S Catks neatly assorted table Knivei k 1 orii, 1 do. do. do. Small Cutlery, ( Tat le Kruvi i with small c 4 do. do. do. es & t orks. cutlery. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. Shu, File, Fledge Tools, BrilHiinia Tea - pot. A !e - wra - ki Can llcsticks iiutt llme", Wood S' - rewii, Cojiniode Knobs, and l ca - o llutl. - .n, F..r sale, veiy low, by JNO. M'CIt ACK AN", pily I 2 l'eari - st. vV M. I ODD, io. vi. - iuat Luiie, h i lor sale, received hf latest arrivals from Europe, 4 - 4 luni ition India dok ivjusuiit 4 4 and 6 4 Plain Lenoe Ric h sewed Interline and Flounce Trimming 0 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 blaik cotton damask Shawl; Do blue and red do Jin W'.iierli'O do Do liiht grouuds, spade filling, with chinfz borders 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 hj;ht Ginghams 4 - 4 Drawing Mulin, lor drrtses 7 - 8 Linen Bed Ticking 6 - 4 to 14 - 4 Marseilles Quillings, assorted Chintz Bed Lace, Scotch Loch Fine Herrings J 28 7t BAR IRO , .c. 5 tons Bar Iron .0 tonsclutt Iron 20 ib zen Frying Pans Puteot Chaffaiid Drawing Knives " Iron aud steel Shovels Gerimn and cast steel mill, pit & handsaws Coach Spring st el. lor sale by -, J 22 At Ul Walrr strref. U J' I'O.V, dec. - 333 bales .ew Orleans Cot Vj ton, lauding from brig Maiy Ann, from New urieans. In i'lore. 16.1 pij)e?l prooi Holland Gin. 19 no 1st do d i do 2'M) pirres Holland Duck 20u bain NOrL - uus Cottm - for sale by N. fc D. TALCOTT, J 27 C4 South - street, UEA;().VAHi.f: ORY.Gtnjlis, o.c. O 2 bales superfine clolbtx 2 do.cass.mcrs, 1 do fine plains 1 do. f.ncy toiiinelt w.,isicoalings 3 do white flannels 1 do. ladies pelise cloth 2 tlo. low pi iced plains 3 do. superfine co - ssimerc shawls 2 minks damask sluu ls 5 boxes steam loom shirtings 6 do 6 - 4 & 9 - 8 cambrick 1 do. figured satins. Just received per Pat id" from Liverpool, and lur tale at.o. in) i.oiiee liotisu Slip, ty LAIDLAW, G1RAULT & CO. 1.1 STORE. 3 bales Bomhazets 2 bale s ipei fine lilnck Cloth I box French Cambrics I do Bunt Tops 40 hairs I'pl end Cotton 20 lihd. Kentucky Tobacco. J 22 I0t VHACi.iJ, "S 8's No. 1, branded UT. M. Deine A: Co." cow landing from the tchr Brilliaut, Irom Kichmond, and I.VSrORE. fl's no. I 8's no 2 8's no. 3 1 - 2 lb. rolls 1 - 4 lb. roll La - lies twist Cavendi. - li Jy 25 31 Tobaoro of Finders,, Flel'her, Hollz, Miller, Gibb, Dancy, Ross, Dut - ton, Labhy, ttar, Hughes K Co. brady, cantor X Sheltnn,and Williamson's brands for sale by CORNELIUS DU HOIS. CIO riO K J OB.1 .Cotton, landing from Savannnti TOBACCO. - 12 bales Upland from ship Rising States, 27 hhiis Keiitut ky Tobacco will be landed on Mnmlay, from the tchr. Mury Ann, (rem New - urieans, lor sale cy ROBERT GII.LESriE, J 25 1 1 2, et. JUliA'VU. f Vr hhds Richmond tobacco, soma of it of (he first quality, and suitable lor the Irish market rorsalety Jy 21 W. & S. CKMO. Ci THA' H OVL MACUIXK C.iKDS I HOa. WHITTE.MOKE l.asconstarMy on band at bis mamilart irv, No. 50 Vprrv - treet, next to thp corner of Pearl stree',, a large. and general astortioeut of cards of eve'v detenu - tion. vis : C - .ttoa Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 Wool do 5 aud 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Halters' Rap jn Cards All ol'supcrior quality, w .vi, k - w;i a - n on the lowest term. J 24 I in I IU I I ll.l - bi hales iune Sew O'lean od 151 do Uflaod Cos 4if (or , J ' 8AI'L ALLEY, 911 V oi oe street PAPPUS I IV - SMALL roll VnntHinin' the Cebl notes of le ts in tbe t jwnnf Ifo.arr. V.rril nH Tin. ritiatns. Delaware coumy Tbe finder will receive t dollars tjr leaving thefn at the rfllce of. J 27 3t City Snrrcvor, Law buiiitings. NCIiOttS, weigliins tbooi I6O0 lbs. each, for, Mie ' JUS - USKUK.1, J "3 , 28 Sosrth - atreet. forje f the line of packets.) The well known, last railing schooner 3A ft DUSKY, capt. Wetks. hario; two tbirdk ol her freight engaged, will meet Willi all co - venieaidit patch. For the remainder, or pat - sage, having superior accommodations, apply to PETERS k HERRICK, Jy 27 . . - .29 Coenties - slip. l ur SALE, llie brig I.EKO, (Japt. Marston.151 L tons, 7 years old, bttilt in Duxbttry, Mass. She m ill be sold verv low on a liberal credit, or exchanged for merchandize. Apply to N. & D. TALCOTT, Jj?7 64t?outh - street. For Amt:ir.OHLL.1A'S, The brigMAHY ANN, Capt Schlor, an excellent vessel, about 2 years out. bails very fast, and has good accommodations for passenge rs. Fhe will be dispatched without delay, and take what freight and passen gers may olfer by the 5tli August Apply to llie cupiaiii on board at w hart, or lo J. 11. LAURENCE li CO. J 27 lw 55 Pine - street. for CHAKTEli, A British lUWi, burthen 218 tons British, or 2100 barrels i now at Phi ladelphia j will proceed to tins, or a southern port, to load for England, or the Wi st Indies, and can be despatched within three d.iys notice. Apply to ROGERS St POST, J 6 51 South - street H - .US'J.IJ iOCUAUihn. A British BRIG, that will carry a - Itout 700 bales Bengal Cotton, to load lor Liverpool. Apply to J 21 ARCli'll UKACIK atlAS. Bur HV EHPOUl., (One cf thfl line of packets.) The coppered, New - York built shii . t 1'ACIHC, John W illiams, master ; has elegant accommodations for pasicugri s, and is intended tn?ail, according to a fixed nrraugemciit, on the lOth ol ner.l mouth. 1 - or Ireiglil or passage, ap ply to captain Williams, on board, at Fultou - sl. wharf, lo ISAAC WRIGHT & SON; or, FRANCH THOMPSON. P. S. BmU bedding are Ibund at the thip't i - xpeiise. Jy 22 for CJHZ, JAAv The frooel stibsthiilial ship MARY, izjiitJas. Mallit. master, having the greater ii.ii I of her cargo ready to go on boaid. will be dispatched immediately. Freight Will be taken if olleied within 4 duvs. Apply to GOODHUE K CO. J 2 41 S. nth Mnct. fur K.St$l)., Jiwuhu. The fine coi.pere.1 schr. CLAUF.A' - test )i.. V, John ii. Friih, master, is now louimg, and will be dispatched without delay. Kor parage ouly, aptly oti boarel, at pier No. 'J Last - River, or to TUCKER H LAUKIES, july21 29 Soi,th - t. J - OJi Hiti.vroL, Tlit very suiienor New - York built Ag;alCi'Pijei - fastened brig JANUS, 400 ton ; will puaitively clear on Ki'iday next. For freight ul about 5t'0 oarreb, or a - e, having rxlcn - ive and comioit idle nccoiiia - odations, apply on hoard, at .Murray's ivhmf, or to run k N'M,nr., 5(1 South - street. Passengers provided with br dding. J 28 11 un'.td ii Charier, i A vefsui m acout nu tons, wr a voy - I,age to Temnjje ana oacK. Apply to CA.MHRbLE.NU K ri.ArlSl, julv 23 07 iouth - st. tor i light or ( liarlcr, The Schr. A LHA TltOSX, Collins, master, 100 tons burlucu a first rati vcssn - i. Andy to CAMDERLF.N'G ic PEARSON, July 28 67 Snutb - st tir bate, t'reidhl or Charier. Tin ,,314 tuns burthen, is tn compute order to re. eivea cargo, and uiay be Id sea wi'.li lit tie exptnee. Apply on board, west side Bur - lirur hp, or to A. L. ic . ORIS WOLD, Jy2l f!6 .S',iuih - t H A.St Eh TO CUAItTtlt. A good fist suling VESSEL, of 1500 to 2000 bai r. - li bui lhen. Apply at 5? W .i - liiiitoa - strctt, to Jy 23 . G. k P. HOWLAVn: GlilfflAS tVYTUKS. Gh v r.ilA I.L i considered superior to any o - ttieis made iu Gnat - Britain ; those so just ly'd of W'aldron perhaps not excepted. Orders lor the above article inkei, by SAMUEL CORP. N. B. It i noiy time to issue lor the enstiinii spring, considerable dulay in the execution being H'v.void.ible. .ly 27 eod Vw Pin. st QUALITY WAPliKS SO AP R. f RUMEN TO has received a box of It. I thebsst perfumed Naples Shavin. Soap, which be warrants to be oi the 6rM qu diiy, and which he will teb any gentltman winding tumaki the trial cf it, at No. 1 Wall tlreet. J tl lm s$5& tX)H SALE, . ve - iasl A count rv II mse and Farm, on the east hank, of Hudson's River, iu the Hi'hlamls, about 54 miles from New - York, hiux netwem the country teats of William Denning, K - quire, and rapt, runups, end nenrly oppoiiie We.t romt. The farm contain 121 acies. The house f which was built in 1805) has 12 rooms. ex; - lu;ive ol th - kitcheii,and posse - MCS every conve.nienct necesn - ry lor a family. 'I here is rIso a l.irm bouse, barn, stable and otber out - bVtises, in good order, a garden and a great variety ol fruit trees of thi best kinds A farther description is not ;riin, liecaiiso pertCus m.'lineH - tn nnrrhase will no doubt view the prvmi'es ; for which purpose application ruay tn: to Mr. Janus '1 homptun, on the farm. For ll terms of sale, enquire ol W.V1. HENDERSON, 55 Wall street, New - York. )8 W&SSdpfilin tffp Fort s.i Lv. - d..iH An undivided moiety in ll.e following tots of land in Kvans Patent Delawa'e Couuty, sUte of New York, viz Lot No. So, contain iog l."n seres . bit No. 5S, eonL.ininglii. Also, an undivided moiety in the easi ball of lot No. 40, containing I0t seres, and in lot No. 37, in the same pstent emitaininf lOit acres. Tbe above lot are well timbered with pine, fc e. Ho and their eomiguuy to tbe trr( branch ol Hi Delaware river render them worthy of the stten tion of lumber merchants. They will Le sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For for. thT ptrticulart sppty to THOMAS A DOTS EM MET, Ktq. counsellor at law, No. V'S Pine sireet. New York, (who is authorised to mske eot.ineu for the sale of tbe sbove lots) or to the tubterilier, by whom an aiiqucMiouable tide will be given. . MARTHA CRAD3TREET, tUmmond street, Gieuich. New York, Jury 4th, Ula. (Qr - 'I'lie Pr.preiors) est the FbilaoVlpMa Freemaa' Jouraat are rrqiested to pebhsli the above fur two tnonthi in tncir paper tuid t;nd their hill to the sabKriber. J 25 eUra tSnx ... rs to ttuy. 40.000 bood to mortpa loan on age upon property id the city of New. York. Apply to J. G. EOGERT, Jy 23 133 Waer - st. JleKJ,0W, bO.tHNI, 20.UUO, I O.OOti, 6,UWU An.l AT nt 1lUlO 1 1. Jl.lra. THE above are the capital prizes in the 5th and only class in the Medical Science Lottery, which commences drawirg on Tuesday - next. Prizes guaranteed by the athte, payable 60 days alter the completion ol the drawing - From the great demand fir those, it it pn burnable that there w:ll be very few for sale at the coinrueni emeut or the drawing. luot Wile with furcbaneet car. be supplied at . ' GILLESPIE'S Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 1 14 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. PRESENT PRICE, Tickets - 28 Hair 14 Qnrter 1 Eolith 3 50 Sixteenth I 75 Those who wish had better apply imni. iliately, as tickets wiil advance soon. J23t NEW YORK h'l'A 1 E LO f PER Y. ON Tuesday next will commence drawing Medical Science Lottery No. 5. Capital Priirs. 1 of $100,000 I 1 of $10,000 1 50,0i)0 1 5,0(10 1 20,000 I 2 2,000 45 of 100(1, &c. kr. Tirltets and share, in a variety of numbers, for sale at tho book store laid lottery oflico of 19 Peck slip, corner of Water - street. t'reienl trrxce. Wholes $ - 23; halves 14; quarters 7; eighths 3 50; sixteenths I 75. Jy 28 M I.OIC AL tCIE.NLE hU 11 t,Ri begms drav ing on the 4th of Aug it. 100,000, 50,000 dols. 20.COO dols. 10,000 dolt 5,000 dols UeXt liiglu st. t)nly 16,(iIhJ tickets, not (wo blanks to a prize and the price of Tu kits only 2'i dollars. Halves I t dols. I L!,il,s 3 deb 50 cts Quaittrs 7 dols. I It. i. hi 1 tiois 75 cts. 'i'o bchud in a variety ol iiiiii.beis, at ' iVAlTE'S Truly Fortunate, Lottery ii Exchange Office, No. 61 Maiden lauo. Where has been sold tlve greatest number of capital prize 11111 at Hiiy olhtr iit!ice in the Uni ted tol.ile. A w ol II, em only - are selected, viz. - lol C0,1H10 dol.; 1 ol40,0(J0; I ol 35.000: 4 of30,000; 3ol 25.U00 : I'cside a ;:reat ui.uv ..f 20,000, 10.000, tc. All stiarcs ol ti nt is, vnr - d by u. 4 It. II aiti, w.ll l e as pn mptly paid as the whole ones. J 211 - DKAv. I.sli A I HAND. On Tuesday next, It is the tent, The Lottery begins a drawing - , The r.tory it told, " li e i.ii in Gold," Ii ceriuiulv has a flaw fi kdioal'sciekce LOTTERY, No. 5. If El the largest ever authoriseel by llie State .f New York, will positively her, in drawing on Tuesday next, and continue reirularly until finished. T he promptness heretofore, observed in our llteries, puis all quc&tiont of lis itgu luriiv bevond a doubt. I Tickets, and also Halve. On irtera riirhth. J amj gixiecnllis, in a variety numbers, for talc at B. CUANE - tt Boolistore and lottery Office, 85 Clierry - siret t where less than 500 tickets in the last was sold , and yet the second Highest rnnc, f lu.tAAl, was told in quartein, and promptly paid (Ard not in Cold) A coircct check book ofthe dra wine will be Kept, anil ca - u paid tor prizes as soon as draw n, or received in payment, tog - ther with prizes in former lulttiies, fur warranted un drawn tickets. J 23 Jt IMi'Ukl A.S I lu ADV'ENTUKERa !!!! rfau! hss.ii!! T EXT Tuesday cuiium - nces drswii g (he bst ciass oi tne .tir.iiitAt M.:ir.ivl. LOl TERY,aud weiee - l conlident it is the last Lottery that will be drawn in this Lily with a capita! P'ioo,ooo . Tint magnificent Prize will be purchased by tome one for$2!i who will not tuke a chance lor it r THE SCHEME CONTAINS, I prize of 100,0(10 DOLLARS. I do of 5o.O!MJ do 1 do ol 20,000 do 1 r!o of 10,000 do 1 do of 6,000 do 1 do of 2,000 do 45 do of 1,000 do V ill! a large pro oition of small prizes. vn iy io,('(io in - i.eit. less than 2 Hanks to a prize. Lowest prize jJO. On Tuesday next at (he epening ofthe wheels Ihe mating! rs w ill in (he pi crncc ol tbe public put in Ihe following tapitni doming Prizes, viz 1 of 20.IIHO DOLLARS 1 of IH.OOO do 1 of 6,KH) do 21 of 1,000 do . . Adventurers will obvive that there never was offered greater ludutt meiit lo purchase a Ticket at the coiutiiene eiiientnf (he drawiag, as these Prize may lie drawn the first day. Ti kets and Shares will continue at the present price nntil the opening of the wheel, when an advniice is coitL - u.plait - d, at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office. 122 Broadway. Whore have been sold within a short tune, Pri zes oi iou,iiu, KU.tHNi. rjU.OOO, 25.1HMJ, 2 - i.UUO, iV.OOll, 20,000, 15,000, 10,000, 5000. he. ic. N. H. All Tickets told at ALLEN'S, will be endoired and paid by th - m. Managers oi "this Lottery appointed ry bit Excellency ti e Governor. Dr. taiul L. MiMiell, Moss Kent, Esq. Gen. Jerrnuith Johnson, Isaac Deonistoi., Esq Gen. J. ho. M' J 23 att LUTTPRT A'OTICK. f T HF, offkes in llroadway ai c now in labour, JL liavii. conceived the idea (llie great set serpent having returned with its little brood) of charming darne f.iitune from W all - street One has brought forth a piece to the soft mu sic of Kvelccn Uow'eri the oilier aiicr a nam labour has Lkew Ne brought forth a piece lo the sharp notes of The Pig in the Gate, wliicb are sa d or sung to their custom rs gratis. T he Mint and Press are likewise in labour. the former will soon produce an addition oil $100,000 nd the latter gjy.UW in Rank Notes, which will be ready fi.r delivery in a few dav s, to the posse sor of Prizes purchased ofthe subset iber. Recollect the $100,000 I $50,000 20,000 1U.000 and the fat lottery fortunes wlreadg made. Tickets will scion rise. Present price g2U, Halves ill, Quarters $7, with & handsome discount to those Wlio purchase to sell again, at B.JAMLH UUILER'S, Exchange & Lottery Office, 27 .Vll - tt, J23 if rMJR PENT INF.. 590 bbks soft Torpentinr, X afloat, anrl for tale by No. IT! . 35 Peck - sliji. FDBLIC SAjjES.. Bt MILLS, MINTOS! t CO. Tw - morrow, t v , . At 1 - 2 past 9 o'el ck, at their aution rwtria ' agtna - altssiHtmentiif dif goods, ccusistihg of 2 cases lvantine shawL, J do fiureni e Lkfav. 1 du white and bWk thull lece, 1 do wlitta silk 1 - 2 hose, 1 do Ivory and woodatick fans, t ' do pint in boxes, I do ce.Ho - . bal.s, t bides sit - i perior linen bed tick, 2 eases msk tabltt cloths and counterpanes, 1 bale India chrtki,' 2 trunks furniture calicoes, 1 case diir.ities, 1 do white jeans and 7 - 4 U 8 4 damask shawls, do superior company choppa romalls, 2 do. no. 4 and 5 taffeta ribboii, 1 do cambric hdkfs( fhirences and levan tines, I do blue atrip'd gi"g lams, 1 do silk buttons, I trunk white and colored cotton b.isc, 1 bale negro cloths, K.C. and a number of othei articles. At 1 1 o'clock, in front of the Auction sir re. No. 148 Pearl street, 60 boxes cieler, ol very su - jierinr quality, pat - fced in sand. ' XAliUL.h. IVti tllLUUlt t. II E proprietors of the : - outhe rn uai hit tiua" ries. near Kbit's - Bridge, give neti. e, that T they have on hand, and are nreiring, hi the KuifU - Hridge Mmble and Lxme - Sard, foot of Beach - street, on tbe Hudjon rier,cn esteniiv stock of marble tor building, ofthe folluwiug U scriptionj, viz : ' Ablar Cqiinp Watertable FoundRlion Stona Steps Chioinry - Piecea, Platforms l'a.:nigs Sills, Lintels i Column Arches - h Al?o Lime of the Lest quality, tt A constant supjily ol the above material may be calculated upon ; and thoe detirrus of "iircliuji. - , or ruakmg tngagi mtnts, will apply o , EZRA LUDLOW, Feh 11 At the Yard. HO.EY lO LUAJf. O tf ,ivfvl suit upp'.icants, on bond with moitgage upon approved piopeity. ALSO, 10 COO dollars on approved taper, guaranteed by bank stuck. l.nqiro f x W.M. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. ' Where application may be generally made: through the year, ni.d moMgagts ducted of. Jeibtt COKNr.l.lL' BOGEK'J, ATTOKAKY, COLAHr LLOIt AT LAW, AM) A OTA 1:1' PUBLIC' COMMISSIONER, authorised to take Affidavits and Special Bail in any Court of Recoid of this Stale, th proof and acknowledgement of Det els, and difchai ges of Mortgages l;o AfRUa. its. Special Bail and the deposition of witnesses rfe b'nense, in the District aud Circuit Com Is of the United States, continues his office at No. liCrdar - strret. j 22 101 AO A LA HAM. I .Vr.tiCUAXTS. PL'I ERS A - .uTEBBINS, Co4miisio! Ms.kc HABTS, - liL.lKKi.EY, Mnbiie - llny. H A VF. extensive stoie hi uebiid receive and fonvurd goods, cotton, tic, iree ol cartage and nfcirJhge. Vessel and baigrs lay idcolthiirslorts. Wilpnert w ill please apply to CALYIA SPEAK, llosioo. PEI'ERSAi HEUKICK, N.York. EMLEN h 11 'WELL, Philadelphia. ' Jy?5tf Wr.l' .vUlE. 07 - A young woman with a fresh breast of milk, will hear ol a good situation by apply ing nt o. 58 Warren tlreet. None nerd apply tx - ce pi they can bring good recouiiuend'atiuDS. - r jj J A Alt's 1). STOUT, Engraver and teal Cutler, removed lo 90 Libertytreet, near (irreiiwich - slreet. Jy8 3m ' for t.Hietontl, Ma Ualtjux, N. o'. - Qr - IjETT ERSforltis Britannic Majcsty'a Packet (juri'nslmrrv, wiil be received at the Post OtTirc till Wednesday ullcrnoon, the 6lh day of August, j 21 T. W. MOORE, A pent. Ujr Wanted, u 2d olh'cer for u ship to In ilia. Apply to J. .'. JUK.ERT, Esq. Jy 2.5 No. 138 Water - street. .MI.CIi. - v.Me S' BANK. QT Tin" StocKholders aro informed that a, dividend of fnurper rent. ou( ofthe profits for Ilia last si i idol t lis, will in pud on the 1st of August next By order of the President nnd Directors. J 27 I in W. FISH, Cashier. NO 1 ICE, LL persons art revested to take notice that I will not hereafter psy any debts except those contracted by uiv.'clf, without a written irder is first produced, signed - with my own hand. LEWIGGI PIAGGIO, Jy28 lw 24Cha'hamt. If aiiii7i.;!Mii Insurant Company. 'TMIE Uoard oi Direrlort have declared a div - X iden.1 of four and one ball per cent, on tbe capitol ittn k of the eoiiipuivy, lor the b't six monll. - , ay able at their office, rurner of John aud Williani - sliccls. no and alter the first day of August. PE1ER HA WES, Stc'ry. J 2J2w . ' I mTE Brownie of Boibbtck. and other Tales, I by James Hogg, author of " J he Quecu'i Wake," ic. kc. ALSO, Narrative of an expedilinn, to explore the River - Zaire ; usually culled tho Congo ia South Africa, in 1 81C, audi r the direr tion ol Cap. lain S. K. Turkey, R. N - to which is added tho Journal of Professor Smith, i c. kc. Just published and for sale by P. A. M F.fclER Jy24Ct 23 Wail - ttrr.eL haa'Tlu, VGIRL. about 20 or more years of age, capable of doing tlit U other work, of a small family. The brtt recommendations will be required a to honesly and character. En quire nt tbe store No. 1 1 1 Ctutliaoisttrcet. Jy 2H at Cl.t.HK H AJiit.U. 4 YOUNG MAN of about 18 years or age, l who can be well recommended, is wanted as Clerk in a Fancy Hardware Store. A line addressed to A. Y. and left nt Ihe office ol this paper, will be nttmdod to. It is eipected tho opportunity he will have of obtaining a knowledge i.f tbe business, will be considered as com - iieusHlion for h" sf - nice. . J.v 38 3t i - l. - Al, H.J.1T I.Obi. D'ii1 RIFI ED "i S IOLEN fr; m the ibip MA - Y.wbeii iuiingsil I Mi Brooklyn, on tne 24(h ui.t. - int. a Spanish built L.'iig - uoai, paiatcd black, about i' - led I ns. In.i ver will deliver utid hoal lo Capt. Maiiit, on M.ard hi. Mary at Alb .ny Basin, or at 44 ?oulb - slrtei. 'bull be ii - beial'v rwrdd. J k 23 It f1 BROWN, stone seal engraver aud jcWtl - X . ler, No. 1 1.6 Broadway. Coals of arms, tresis, cyphers, eijjravtd on 'tune. Diaoinnd. amethysts, topaxes, crystals, &c bought or cut to iui) fcu m. Ladies seals engraved with. inoUot, devices or rets. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of C0.00O nataet. A Urge assortment S fine gold leils, chains, aisd other jewellery, , . Jy 23 ; la. Qy The fin - ww tcaus tesH - l F RON TEN AC, of 70V tons biirlber., Jiirres Mae. Kiizis - uiasxf,. v:'"! cwnnjtBt, run..!. m the tiiM day I "y s V1 will leave Kii - - toi, for Y - rk 'M'J m, il,A i.f i us, ml i - l.t dav ul ea Ii in n is "" Niagara, tor Yorn and Kiiant.n tbe 6th, !6uY and 25in day h, dunra: M . wtiere everv .ttc. tioe wd; t e jitwdts sa. and cnm.ri oi to I?V , . , . pv ArplitiiritXtJbaade totUckp. - 'Ktatb Apnl, 1313. J TdfcvtOcl " : 5 n : - ?) m V : . ' It ! , tl.:: :!:J ' i t I - - ' I": i.f ' It If I i i

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