Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 4, 1931 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1931
Page 17
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I 18 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 4 1931 n SWINE MARKET LOSES WEEK'S ADVANCE AT M0 TO 15CLOWER 'jCattle Market^ Irregular; \ Lambs 25-50 Higher P for Week. ',. CHICAGO, April 4. ff--Dull i trading on a 10-15c lower basis to' flay cost the hog: market all Its hard ^von advantage for the week. Bids of : J8@8.10 for good to choice 170-215 ] Jb. weights, which were selling at I 58.35 Friday, were refused, hut i $8.10 was the top in the opening · founds. No strictly choice hogs were · Offered and few of any kind were ; to be had, as 6,000 of the 7,000 re- i "cetved at Chicago today were sent ' on direct consignment. ; : Because of early scarcity the bog \ Jnarket built up a 25c advantage j ipver and with some difficulty held · that gain all week until consistently . (lug^sh. markets and broader re- i feipts brot about the decline late ! yesterday and today. Directs to -·: packers totaling around 62,000 head \vere 50 per cent of the week's sup'! piles, and with shippers fairly ao- '· tive, and supply on sale each day '· yvas too small to satisfy buyers, / Another week of uneven trends i like last week gave the cattle mar- i ket another shaking up and another i adjustment of values. The better the , Steer, the poorer the market, was .' the rule this . week. Heavyweights t declined 50c because of the absence \ bf kosher demand, while light steers i and long yearlings ranged generally i 25 c or more higher. What the run ; of cattle lacked this week in quantity ''', it made up In quality, and the clos- ' ing bulk of steers was selling at i $7.50@9.50, against $7@8 a week ; ago. All she stock gained 50-75c In ·j active trading 'all week for al i classes except kosher cows. Weak- 1 er closing trade marked the end o! I the gain in light heifers and mixec S loads 'of yearlings. Bulls advanced i 30 to 15c but vealers lost all their - strength of last week and sold fully i ?1.50 to $2.00 lower. j" -.The highest prices since last sum; jn'er for light lambs, which have be! come almost specialities, brot the i yest of the lamb market up 25 to 50c ' higher than last week in spite of the '\ Thursday break. Closing pricos i ranged from $9.25 to 59.50 after ' $9.75 had been touched in mid week · Receipts for the week at 86,000 ex- f ceeded last week's by 13,000 and ' tfr" fact was Instrumental in check- i ing the advance in prices after Wedi nesday. Local Hogs -·»{ASON CITY, April 4. -- Best Tj.T.d^iigttts, 180 to 230 Ibs., ?7.30 j best- medium weight butchers, 240 i to 260 Its., $7.10; best heavy butch j.ers, 270 to 300 lbs.» ?6.80; besl ; prime heavy butchers, 31C to 35' 1 Ibs., $6.60; best packing- sows, 300 } to 350 Ibs., $6.00; b.est heavy sows JS60 to 400 Ibs., $5.80.; i CHICAGO XIVESXOCK. j.'l' CHICAGO. April* 4. tin-- U, B, departmen ; pf agriculture -' CATTLE 50 0 ; compared weak ago heav: i »teem BOc lower; better grades slowest a i decline due to Jewish holidays and Utnltei ' buying on kosher account; light steers an i Jong yearlings mostly steady; B lockers an i ieedera 250?50c lower with country deman ! Bull; extreme, top f«d steers $10.75! uppe - trust 510® 10.40; beat yearlings $10,25; bul lat steers 57.50@9.50: liberal supply mcd s turn weights . and weighty eteers here con } glderlng relatively small run la aggregate \ supplies belns armaHeat »lnce last August j *U aha stock 5Q-75c higher; light heifer an i -mixed yearlings share upturn, but close j weak; bulls 10-lSk: up, but vealen $1.60® ', Jowcr. . ' ' i f , SHEEP 6,000; for ·week 266 doubles fror ' feeding stations, 32.100 direct; today's mar '' Itet nominal; compared week ago genera i jnarket on old crop lambs 25-50c higher ' Stability was regained (cUowlng Thursday' i bad break; sheep around 25c higher; week' i Climbs top $3.75; closing hulk good an i 'choice wooled lambs scaling 05- Iba. dow 139.25^0.50; heavier wclghta $0@B.U; dip -pers 5808.50; several loads '$8.75 earlier t j-week; wooled throWoula' J7@S; spring, lamb i ground $13 with best upward to $16. KO i contrasted with mostly $!4frlS.50 pal i parller. ?· HOOS 7,000; Including 6,000 direct; stead i o n heavy weights; 10-lGc lower on weigh below 210 IDS.; bulk 170-200 Ibs. 58S.I5 220-300 Ibs. *7.35@8; pigs and light Ugh itcarce; packing sows $6.60(^6.75; compare* i^eek ago market mostly Ip-I5c higher; ship ipers took l.OOOi holdover 1,000; light ligh -j £ood and choice 140-160 Ibs. ,$858.15; Ug ! weights 150-200 Itjj. JSffS.J-^; medlu j y/etghLs 200-250 Ibn. 57.60^8.15; hcav [^eights 250-350 Ibs, »7.10©T-75; packln - asowu medium and good 275-500 Ibs. $0.30! * 6.00; pigs good and choice 100-130 lb 1^7.75® 8.10. -- - ~~* .. ' SIOUX CITV UVESTOCK. .'-·' SIOUX cinr, April i. w--U. S. dtpar ) totnt of .ftsrlculture-- J - CATTLE 100; calvej 00; for the week !£cef ateen and yearlings steady to 25c lo^\ ;er: she stock and bu)la unchanged; vealei ; SOc hl^ber; sEockers and feeders 25c lowe · liultc steers and yearlings 47.25^8.25; tt load* $8.50^0; long yearHn^a ^B.10; heav ·fceevu 50.75; load lots heifers {6.5008; (e ·S6.35; moil cows J4.2385.25; bulk nlockc; load lots up to $8. ; . HOGS 3,500; slow 160-200 lb. butehe ccarce, weak to lOc loner; heavier weigh i steady to weak; packing sows unchangei imost 160-200 lb. weights 47.0@7.SO; to '57.60; 210.250 lb. weights largely $7.23 7.50; 260-2BO lb. weights 17.105,7.25; 30 ;330 lb. weights 56.85SJ7.15; packing sow J0.35S6.50. { SHEEP 1,000; today's trade steady ttroPK; desirable wooled Iambs $8.83; ell ;pera »8.25S^«.40: market lor tie week; Fa |lambs around 25c Tilener; otber daises llltl -.changed; .cloaEng bulk fed wooled Iambs 7 :or around' 100 Ibs. $8.60@8; week's to '$9.15; gooJ lambs $a@fi.35; spring lambs u .to $13; good fat wooled ewes {4.50; quotab ·top (5; choice light weight sham ewes 53.5 ;tetter frade feeding ana shearing Iambs J OMAHA IJVESTOCK. April 4. W-- U, 9. departmei Of agriculture -- · ' CATTLE 100 ; no calves ; com pared wl' ,^-eek ago: Fed steers and yearlings weak 23e lower; she slock steady* bulls 25c hlgl «r; vealera coe higher; atockera and feedc ateady; bulks for the week: Fed ateers an yearlings $7^8.75; several loads light steer* and yearlings $9.60; weigh steers $fi.OO; heifers $ft.75G7.75; few load 98@8.25; bulk beet cows $4.25^5.75; chol i lota $5.7536.2S; cutter grades medium bulls $4.25 @ 4,50 ; practical tu vealers $; few $9.50; stockers and feede 3fl.75@8; yearlings $8.50. -, SHEEP 100; compared with a week ag Fed lambs 25-56c higher; sheep stead feeders strong; closing bulks follow: F ·wooled lambs J8.75@»; closing top * ·week's top $3.15; fed clipped Iambs $7.75 £25; California, spring lambs e springers up to $12.50;: good and holce ewea $4.250ft; feedl? lambs $7.500 shearing lambs up to $8.50; feeding lipped lambs $7.60 @ 7.75. HOGS 5,000; 55 direct, steady to lOc low; practical top $7.80 on EOtted 200-210 . averages; small lots $7.85; bulk 160.225 . averages 57.50(^7.75; 230-280 lb. butcn- $7.25^-7.30; 2BO-350 lb. butchers $7,10@ 25; average coat cost Friday $7.34, weight 0. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, April 4. (/IT--U. S. de- artment of agriculture-CATTLE 100; compared week ago: Ma,red steers 25c lower; feeders and a locka weak to 25c o f f ; all other slaughter asses unchanged; week's prices lop heavy eers $0; bulk all ateers and yearlings $6.75 8.50; beef cows $4.25@5.50; butcher helf- -3 $5.50iiB.75; yearlings to $8; cuttera $3@ bulls (4.50 down; half fat finishing steers $8; most bids stockers $5.50^6.75; calves 00; vealers 50c{y$i lower; venters at close ood grades largely $6.50; choice kinds 8.50. HOGS 700: unevenly 15c to in'spots 25c wer than Friday's average; top $7.75 palfl or sorted 150-210 lb. weights; better 22050 lb. we] ghta J7.25® 7.60; 250-350 lb. eights $6.75(57.25; sows mostly S6.25; plga 7.75; average cost Friday $7.48, weight 37. SHEEP 200; compared with week ago: at lambs 25c higher; other classes steady; ulk fat Iambs at cloae $B.25©8.85; week's op $9; throwoutjs 56^7; fat ewes $4@5; eedlng lambs $6.50©7.50. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK, ICANSAS CITY, April 4. UD--U. S. rte- artment of agriculture-HOGS 1,000; 500 thru and direct; "weak · lOc lower than Friday's average; choice ght hogs scarce; top $7,85 on 190-220 Ibs.; eslrabl* 170-280 Ibs. mostly $7.60 @ 7.80; dd packing aowa SB.50^6.75. CATTLE 330; calves 50; for the week: ^ed ateers and fat light yearllnga generally 5c lower; few loads heavy steers "on shfp- Ing accounts steady; common to medium. Uppers and slaughter cows steady to strong; uiis strong; vealers and slaughter calves teady to weak; week's tops: Heavy steers 10.10; light and -medium weight steers 9.50; mixed yearlings $8.75; vealers and Ight yearl/tiff stockers $9; bulk fed steers 7^8.50; moat light yearlings J8 and .down; ulk stockers and feeders. $6.50®8-25. SHEEP 1,800 billed thru; tor the week: iVooied lambs fully 25c higher; sheep and horn lambs about steady; top wooled lambs ,9.15. closing «bp 59; late sales shorn ambs mostly *7.50f7.eO; Texas apr amba largely S7.50@IO.35; closing top natives $11; wooled ewes mostly $4.SOS ) 4.B?5; horn Txas wethers $4.50^4,63. UVESTOCK FORECAST .CHICAGO, April 4. UPl--Unofficial estimated receipts for Monday: Hogs, 43,000; attle, 33,000; sheep, 16,000; hogs for all text week, U8.00. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. April 4.--Estimated receipts of hogs, 43,000; cattle. 13,000; sheep, 16,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, April 4. (.Tli--Representative alej, as selected by the U. B. department I agriculture-- HOGS. LJghls-- Heavy-7 293 II 277 2 270 2B3 Mediums-243 222 214 207 7.40 29 7.75 -29 7.50 54 7.65 39 7.75 7.85 8.00 8.00 197 195 171 164 8.15 -8.10 8.00 8.10 Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS Hoff prices at Iowa markets Saturday: CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hoga: Mediums ;T.05@7.23: heavlea J6.75®6.85; llghta i7.05@7.25; packers S5.75S6.25. DES MOINES--2,600; steady to lOc low er; prime Hhta $7@7.0; prime medlumi 5@7.40; prime heavlea {6.40@7; good packer* *5.758^0.50. OTTUJIH'A--Unchansed; 120-150 Iba J5.35; ISO-ISO Ibs. 56.B5; 1SO-230 Ib3. 57.30 230-260 Ibs. 17.15; 2OT-300 Ibl. JS.85; 300 550 lus^ S6.55; over 350 Iba. 16.25; soo packers $5.80; fair packers $4.80. WATERLOO--Prime hogs 180-220 Ibs SS.9SSf7.lS; 220-240 Ib5. S8.8507.15; 240 "" Ibs. 5S.60yi6.00: 280-320 1«. «. 6.70; 320-350 Ibs. $Q.30@6.60; good pack era $5.6036.15. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES. April 4.' UT--U. S. de partment of agriculture-- · Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In In Lerlor Iowa and southern Minnesota for th 21 hour period ended at 10 a, m. today wer 14.800 compared with 21,000 a week ago. Mostly steady, epots 5-10C lower on Ugh hogs; marketing moderately heavy In moa sections; bulk oC 170-230 lb. weights 57.25SJ 7.55; choice 180-210 lb. welRhts at 17.60 li spots; 240-2SO Ibs. mostly ?0.8bS7.25; hi: weight butchers down to S6.QQ. Quotations for good and choice: X*lgh lights 140-160 Ibs. JB.7557.55; light weight 100-180 Ibs. S7.25@7.60; 180-200 Ibs. S7.25S 7.60; medium weights ..200-220 Ibs. J7.25® 7.60: 220-250 Ibs. S7@7.50; heavy weigh! 250-290 Ibs. $e.6067.30; 290-350 Ibs. (6.550= 7.05. Good packing ROWS 275-350 Ibs. 3o@G 3SO-425 Ibs. 55.75GS.15; 423-550 Ibs. 55-5 @5.85. HOQ FUTDBES. CHICAGO, April 4. I.W-- Hog April medium hogs Bold at S7.65: Grade Offered LIGHTS-June (llrst twin .... Sept. (first half) ..... May (first hall) stpt. (first half) HEAVIES-Sept. (first half) MISCELLANEOUS POTATO SIARKET. CHICAGO.-Aprll 4. LT1--U. S. departmen of agriculture-Potatoes C5, on track 310; total U. S shipments 370. steady, trading rather slow sacked per cwt., Wisconsin round white £2.50^1.65,- Minnesota round whites $1.4 ®1.50; Idaho rusaets No. 1, 51.75®!.85 No. 2, Sl.50Sfl.60; Colorado McClures branded $2^2.10. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, April 4. un--Hay 6 cars; un changed, TOLEDO SEEDS. · TOLEDO, April 4. !/H--Seed unchangei HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bro SOS Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides $1.50-$2.0 Cured beef hides 4 Green beef hides Many Improvements Planned. CASS LAKE, Minn., April 4. (.T --Extensive improvements in th Chippewa. National forest by th federal government, are nein planned for 1931, according to J. 1 Walley, superintendent. Sever thousand dollars will be expende by the government in Improve ments. Free speech Is to be restored Spain. We hope It is better than these free speeches congressme send us.--American Lumbermen. DID YOU KNOW? , Illustrated Question Box "By B. J. SCOTT- -rfc. FIELD WAS A ·- RECU.LAB. ^HO HM FWE. PASES SNOW, is *=ou«cr IN -THE r WAS APOPTED AS THE NAfrtONAL. 5AME. BETWEEM 6O AND TO YEARS A$o IT WAS DERIVED PROM -ffiE CLP EMiqlJSH SAME OP ROUNDERS Copyright, 1981. by Ctntnl Preu Assoctation, Inc.] STOCK UST NEW YORK STOCKS. NE1V VOHK, April t, TlnaL Quotations WHEAT SCORES BRISK ADVANCE Market Is Helped by North American Exporting Business. CHICAGO, April 4. (tfV-Wheat cored a brisk advance today, help- d by North American export business totalling 1,000,000, bushels a :ay In the last four business days. The fact that large export business developed when, most of the eading markets were closed owing o the Easter holidays was taken as evidence that Europe would need plenty of wheat the next three months especially, and that Asiatic Buying would also be broad enough to be a factor. At one stage today, July delivery of wheat was up nearly 3 cents a bushel over Thursday's finish. Wheat closed firm; unchanged to 3c up; com l % @ 2 H c advanced; oats ft@}ic Wgh- er and provisions unchanged to a rise of Tc. Chicago arrivals ot com were 211 cars Rgalnat 134 a week ago and" 221 at this time Ml year. This week's primary receipts total was 3,148.000 bushels, the -week previous 4.537,000 and the corresponding week lust year 5,310.000. MASON CITY, April 4.-Cash Quotations by B. G. Morse. EflGS Eggs (current receipts) .......15c POULTBX Stags 13c leavy hens, 4/i Ibs, 14c Mght hens lie )ld cocks, heavy 9c Ducks 12c Geesa 7c Mcrcnnnts Quotations. Eggs, In trade 16c Eggs, cash .14c Butter, Plymouth 35c Butter, Clear Lake 32 c Butter, State Brand 35c Butter, dairy 30c Potatoes 35o and 40o a peck MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, April 4.-Barley 30c Oats ; 22c Shelled corn, No. 4 42c Ear Corn 39c GrainFufures SATUBDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, April 4. (jT^-cloalng table. WHEAT--May old.... new... June July Sept Dec CORN-May old.... new,.. July Sept. Dec. OATS-May old new.., July Sept Dec RYE-May old... . new... July , Sept. · 6V Ti .62% .64 .62% .53 H .31 -3u; -31 !i .31', 4 .32 « Low .82% .84 icou .59'.; .62 .60 V4 .30 .30(4 .30 ',1 .32 May .: July Sept. BELLIES-May July Clol .83 .01V .62 .S3V .62=, .55V .30]' .31(1. .315 .31 '. .325- .3611 .3014 .40 M fi-CO 9.02 9.17 10.72 10.92 PRODUCE CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO, April 4. I/PI -- Butter 12.595, weak; creamery extras (92 score) 26%c; standards {80 score carlots) 2B^ic: extra firsts (90-91 score) 26'/»®2614ci llrsls (8889 score) 25H@2Sc: icconda (86-87 ICore) . Esgs 28.411, weakr extra firsU 20c; Jresh graded Ilrsts 19c; ordinary firsts 18c; atot- age packed lints 21 Vie; storage packed «x- tros 2iy,c. PRODUCE FUTKHES. CHICAGO, April 4. /n--EBB futures closed: Storage packed tints. 21%c; refrigerator Btondards, Nov. 24%c. Butter futures closed: Fresh itandardi, June 2611c; storage standards, Nov. 3Sft CHICAGO TOUI.TBY. CHICAGO. April 4. l.f-- Poultry-- Alive. 3 cars; 14 trucks; steady: fowls 233'24c: broilers 385?40c: roosters He; turkeys 2 ducks 203?23c; veavy aprlng -ducka 27c; geese 15c. KANSAS CITV PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY. April 4. UT) -- Produce unchanged. NEW YORK rOULTRY. NEW YORK. April 4- LT-- Poultry dressed steady, unchanged. Live firm; chickens by freight 17iiS19c; fowls, freight, 25Sf27c; express 22@27c: roosters, freight, I4c; tur Keys freight 3Sc. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, April 4. ILT)--Butler 360 steady. Eggs 28,326. steady; mixed colors, regu lor packed, medium firsts 20c; storsgt packed.'medium firsts 2014c; nearby nen nery brown, extra 23ffi'23?ic. Cheese 209,402; steady. GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, April 4. I.T1- Close Yr. Ago. ,1.15?. 1.17 1.19 W 1.21 U WHEAT-May old,.... n e w . . . . June .: July Sept Dec CORN-May old new,... July ........ Sept Dec OATS-May old--... new.. July Sept. Dec RYE--May old...... .69! new July 75! Sept SO' I.ARD-- May 10.55 July 10.80 Sept 11.00 .BELLIES-May .. 13.65 Sept, .........13.85 ·44 "i Close Yes'd'y. .83 .84 »i .73 % .591i .5814 .61% -60H .61 .61% .601,1 .53 .30H .3014 -30H .32 .3811 .30 8.85 8.95 9.15 10.72 10.02 Open Today. .83'.* .8414 .74 .60 U .59 !4 .61 .6014 .61« .6214 .60 % .5314 .3014 .301i ..10« .30!i .32 .361* .30 « ' 10. B2 CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. CHICAGO, April 4. tin--Wheat-- No. 1 hard 82Sc: No. 2 hard 8214c; No. 1 mixed 82c; No. 2 mixed 82c. Corn--No. 2 mixed flOVic: No. 3 mixed 5Sf?58«ic; No. 4 mixed 57VSc; No. 2 yellow 39«80Sc; No. 2 yellow (old) 62Hc; No. 3 yellow 58(S5»!4c: No. 4 yellow 56'/4®5711c: No. 5 yellow ate; No. 2 white. 61®61Vir; No. 3 white 59«®6014c: No. 4 white 571Sc. Oals--No. 1 white 31c: No. 2 whlto 30?; ©31c; No. 3 white 30Vl®Sic; No. 4 white 2»c. Timothy seed JS.2SS8.75. Clover seed $ll.SO$rl.25. Lard $8.90; ribs *10.62; bellies J10.62, KANSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITY. April 4. um--Wheat cars; unchanged to %c higher; No. 2 dark hard nominally 7214@7414c; No. 3 nominal ly 72ff73!4c; No. 2 hard 72H«T73c;. No. 3 72Vii?72!4c; No. 2 red nominally 53®54c No. 3 nominally 52£?53c. Com B5 cars; up 1 to 115C; No. 2 whlti SO'.lc; No. 3, 53',4ff54!4c; No. 2 yellov 57c; No. 3, 54«?55c; No. 3 mixed S4!iS» 54VSC; No. 3, 52«553!4c. Oats 27 cars; up Ic; No. 2 whits 33c No. 3, 32T4c. OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA, April 4. f/r--Wheat--Dark hi No. 3. T6c; hard No. I. 73©73ttc; No. 72 1 ,4ft'73c; aample hard 66©70c; durum No 2, 63fl?68c; No. 3, 62c; durum smutty No 4, 60%c; mixed No. 1, 72%c; No. 2. 72c. Corn--White No. 3, 52c; No. 4, Sflc; yel low No. 2, Me; No. 3, SI%(ff5'2^c; mixed No. 3, 49?TM'4c; No, 4, 49T£@50c. Data--White No. 3. SOlic. Will Build Oil Station. CYLINDER, April 4.--Work wil start Monday on a new oil station to be erected near the north end of Main street here by Norris Wright The station will he of clay blocks and will be modern in every respect The station will be open for busl ness about May 1. Pine Cones .Gathered. MILWAUKEE, April 4. UP)--Thi gathering of pine cones in the Laki States region for seed purposes i; now a recognized Industry in con nection with reforestation work, £ resume here of accomplishmenta in the district during 1930 shows. Real Estate Transfers Gould, G. O. and wife to A. 1: Cummings $1 Lot 30 Days subd NW SW 3-96-20, 5-2-30. Anderson, Arthur T., to Hattie L Anderson ?1 N'/4 L 1 Blk 1 B. an O. Add., 4-2-31. White, Mattie D. et al to Arthu T. Anderson $2,600 NVs Lot 1 Bl 1 B. and O. Add., 3-27-31. , If there are sermons in stone the solitaire frequently license some women to preach from now on.--Mexico Ledger. BEARS BUY TO COVER SHORTS Trading Tho Light in Volume Develops Considerable Buoyance. NEW YORK, April 4. m--Beirs used the two hour interval of t/ad- ng in the stock market which was lipped in between. Good Friday and Easter today primarily to buy hares to cover short commitments. Trading was in light volume but he list developed considerable, buoy- ance. Net gains of 1 to 4 points were numerous at the finish, and Au- lurn again had a spectacular rise, iloslng 22 points higher The closing one was strong. Transfers for the wo hour session were well under 1,^00,000 shares " · Sags Fractionally U. S. Steel, after sagging fractionally to a new 1931 low in the early trading, surged up 1VS points, and closed at the top. A little fresh selling appeared In the last few minutes, and 2 point advances In American Telephone and American Can were cut in half The American Tobacco Issues were strong- spots rising 3 and 4 points Issues up 2 or more Included Consolidated Gas, Electric Power and Light, Westing- louse Electric, Eastman, American Rolling- Mill, Case and Allied Chemical Utilities displayed group strength and advances of a point or so were numerous. Rails, Coppers, oils and most of the motors were sluggish. The upturn appeared to be primarily a technical correction of excessive bearishness. Tha week-end business and trade reports were scarcely of a nature to inspire bullish efforts j Starts Downward. The market -started downward just a fortnight ago today, after a period of backing filling after making- its February peak. Today's rally was the firs,t in the two week period worthy of notice. Today's upturn was too technical in its appearance to give a clew aa to the underlying- condition of the market. Distinctly encouraging, however, was the tone of the bond market, where the rails firmed up decisively after their sag of the early part of the week. There was no money market today, and foreign exchanges moved negligibly, reflecting the holiday in leading foreign centers. Air Red 93 Allegheny 81i Al Ch, «T Dye 137 All.s Ch MfE 34 Am Can 1223,1 Am Co ml Al 9 Am' For Pow 39 U Am Int 18% Am Loco 25?i Am Pow . L 52 VI Am Had St San 18Vi Am Roll Mill 3 Hi Am Sm 4 Hef 45?i Am Steel Fdra 24% Am SUB Rel A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wfca Anaconda Arm of in B Atchlson All Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B. O Rarnsdall A Bendix Av Beth St Borden Bor Warn, Bliss* Burr Add Can Dry Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco'23Vi Ches t O 40 %t Chic Gt W pf 22^ C N W 36 C P- I P Chrysler Coca Cola Col F I Col G B Col Graph Coml Solv Comwlth So Congoleum Consol Gas Cont Can Cont Ina Cont Mot Corn Prod Cudahy CurUs.i Wr Drue Inc Du Pont Eastman El Fow A L Er.e Flak Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub ficr Gillette * Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grab Paige Gt No Hy pf Gt No I Ore c« 22^ Gt W Sugar Jlahn Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp III Cent Int Comb Eng Int Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Manv Kelvin ator Kennecott Kresee Kroger Llgg £ My B Loews Lorlllard 24% 2611 30W sa 54 18 Louis G- A £ A 30 '.i Mack 180 K 131 60 Yi IBlte 73 Vi 11 68 U 73 li 25 19ni 2S'.i 33 'A 40 7i 67 ·38 11 -i 17 V4 9ft 11 tt 0944 58* 44^1 3% 80 '.-, 46 4Vi 73 '.i 95-ri 164 32 % 3814 53 IB 30 T, 17 G l r ·I'-i 91 20% on 9 2% 32 % nay D S McK 4 HOD Sfei Sea Oil Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Morrell Mot Wheel Nash Nat Bis Nat Ch Reg A Nat Dairy Nat P- L N Y central N Y N H Nor tk. W No Am Otis St Pac G E ·Packard Para Pub Fathe Penlck Pord Penn Phil Pet Proe Gam Pub Berv N J Pullman Radio Rad K O Rem Rand Reo Rep Stl Rey Tob. B Roy Dutch St I. San r Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Shelly So Pac So Pr Sug So Ry Stand Brd9 St G E St Oil Cai St Oil N J St Oil N T Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Cart» Un Pac Unit Alrc Unit Clg Unit Corp Unit G E U 8 Ind Ale U S Rub . U S Smelt U B Steel Ut P L A Vanadlura Wabaah Warn Fix W Mary West Air West E Mt Willys Ov Woolwortll Wrigley Tell Tr 35V! 13H 16 Vi 10 H 23V1 52 M: 17 «, 38'A ·86 2SVJ 47W 37 « 108 li II SOli 197 77 U 12 51 9« 43 211 40 22 H 21 12 8 18V, 61 '.i 36 37 ii 55 ~-i GH 16 11 S. 44 Vi 18 V, 75 49 W 23), 1 28-4 ,«K 53 ii 64 18174 32W 61 'i 25 3i 32% 43y, no 26 62 14 M 11 il SI* 63 X 72 Vi Market Notes By TICKER TAPE The Friday holiday marked the eight successive declining sessions end of 1° the stock marltet which removed 0 per cent of the value from tno- list. Tho reaction was accomplished without general participation and was conducted In accompaniment of a steady stream of adverse business news, the majority ot it referring to mat quarter earnings activity which was disappointing In that It Indicated an earlier than expected slackening In the seasonal pickup. Comparative figures made a poor Impression but there is a - i a y of light In the fact that coming quarters will be compared with quarters of last year In which business had begun to decline rapidly. A great many observers leel that' comparisons with the first quarter of 1030 are the moat difficult to be encountered this year. CONDITIONS APPEAR MORE HOPEFUL The Reneral run of business news has been confusing and in tho uncertainty the flrst Impulse has been to take the pessimistic view. This cynical attitude has been a distinct handicap to prices and the fact that the market has performed as well as Jt has Is very much to Its credit. According to the Dow-Jones averages the Industrials, after an advance of 23 per cent from the lows in December to the February highs, have come back until they are now on a level 8 per cent above the December lows. Disappointing as the spring business revival has appeared to' some, and there are those who maintain U has presented many good points. It still Is Indicated by the stock mar-, ket that conditions and prospects are at 'least slightly more optimistically viewed than they were lost December. The situation la still leas depressing If one takes into account the possibility of crediting a small percentage of the recent decline to short Celling. \ CHICAGO GAS LINE TO BE FINISHED JULY 1 The world's largest natural gas pipe line project, extending more than 960 miles from the Amarlllo field in Texas to Chicago, will be completed about July 1 under the terras of a contract Juat signed by the Continental Construction -company* sponsors of the project, and Ford, Bacon and Davis, Inc., engineers. The contract provides for the construction of the last link of the 24-inch lino which will run from Rock island to Jo]Set, in,, distance of 155 miles, where It will connect with the M i d d l e West Utilities company. Completion of the line will mark fulfillment of plans of nlno largo oil and utility corporations to furnish greater Chicago and adjoining territory with natural gas. These plans were "formulated by Cities Service company, Insull "and Son. Inc., Standard Oil of New Jersey, Texas corporation, Columbian Carbon, SJcelJy OJJ, PMHpps Petroleum, Southwestern Development company and United Carbon. STANDARD OP INDIANA IN GOOD CONDITION Action of directors of the Standard Oil company of Indiana In reducing dividends on the company's stock to a $2 basis with the start of 1931 was not predicted upcn 1D30 resulLs. It was revealed Friday -when, Edward G. Seubert, president. Issued a preliminary consolidated net Income figure. It Indicated that earnings for the year covered the payments amply at the previous $2.50 rate of disbursement?. Earnings of the company and ItA subsidiaries were 548,371,000, or 52.73 a share on 16,996,595 shares of 525 par value stock, after provisions for depreciation, depletion, amortization and inventory adjustments. Ce Pub Sc "A" Cities Service Cont Chic ctfg Gr Lakes Alrc Grlgsby-Grunow Insull Ut Inv Llbby McNeil Mid-Wen Utll CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO, April 4. 17 it. M-W U 6a pfd 100 IB 1 * N W Bane 31 8 ] .fe Swift Co 27 « Unit Gas 9 5 U S Gypsum 47 37% Utll Ind 7 Zenith 21 Vi GERMANY SEEKS TRADE IN RUSSIA Business Delegations From Two Countries to Meet -,. in Berlin. BERLIN, April 4 (IP) -- drders from the Russian Soviet government, probably totalling $75,000,000 are expected to result from negotiations which will begin here shortly 1 after Easter between a soviet trade delegation and -representatives of various German industries. When the delegation of German industrialists returned from Russia March 11 it was rumored that large orders for German made goods would be forthcoming provided the necessary credits could be obtained. On the question of credits, however, the German government decided that it would be wiser not to go beyond the limits of the present plan for stimulating exports to Russia. Under this plan the reicb. guarantees 40 per cent of the value of Russian orders against possible .default by Russia. The individual German states guarantee 30 per cent and the industries concerned the remaining 30 per cent. This system has worked out satisfactorily in the past The ?75,000,000 was set as the limit of the guarantee which can be assumed for 1931. Move to Obtain Finances, MOSCOW, April 4. (ff--The soviet commission which will leave here after Easter under the leadership of George Piatakov for Berlin to sign .the final agreement for a $75,000,000 trade credit for 1931 is seen here as one of the first steps by the Russian government to break what it believes is an economic blockade plot. It Is also a move to obtain finances which are much needed for the completion of the five-year plan. In soviet government circles American anti-soviet moves are generally credited as the reason for curtailing purchases from the United States. Foreign observers, however, believe that the real reason ig that it is no longer possible to get sufficient credit from American sources. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BKOTHEHS AND OO. Mason City Of flea in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 Curb Market NEW YORK. April 4, (.TT--Professional traders who had sold curb stocks short earlier tri the week bought some of them back today, with the result that prices made a general but moderate advance. Coveting was fairly active In utilities. United L.lBht "A" and American Superpower rose about n. point and American Gas and, Electric rallied two- Electric Bond and Share was more lugg]j)h and closed with a fractional advance. Selling of Aluminum of America, apparently based on the 1630 earnings statement showing $1,02' a share a gainst $11.18 m 1929, was a feature of the industrials. The stock broke 11 points on the 'first sate, ^extended Its loss nominally and then rallied, only to sag again at the close. Cord corporation was boosted more than a point by the climb In Auburn. Noranda was also strong, and Zonlte and Deere fitmed. Scattered covering c Jite Into t h e all group, especially Standard of Indiana. The company'B preliminary statement showcrt $2.73 a Ahare for 1030 compared with Si.66 In the previous year. NEW YORK STOCKS Am Bank Note EG · Houston Oil new 11 Am Metal 18^ Inland Steel 63 Am Sumat Tob ' 8 Lambert Co 82 % A m T o b 119*4 - - - - Arm A Co B 111 1% Baldwin Lo £4 l /4 BrlBga Mfg Co 19 Vi Beat Co 42,i Burr Add Mach 28 Vi Buttc Cop Zinc l=i Cal Packing 38^4 Com Credit. Com Solv Cont Motor? 41 12 2Vi 17 3% Cont OH 0 Cream of Wht 32 Cudahy Packing 46 Curt Wrig pW Sft David Chem 10 Ft Nail Strs S2,i Flsk Rubber ^ General Mills 46i tiers Choc Co t9 NEW YORK CUBB QUOTATIONS Am For P Co 24 Humble Oil Am Gfi3 ft El 77H Am Sup Pow 25 Ark. Nat Gas A 5*i ABBOC G El A 2114 Can MarconE 3% Cons Auto Mdac 3-T.B Deforest Radio 6% Durant Mo tor 2 4fc Elaler El 5^ K( Bci Sh 48% Ford Mo of Can 27 Ford Mo of Eng 15Hi Fox Theaters A 41i Hud B M B 3 CIIICAQO STOCKS Anb Auto Co 258- Gt Lakes Alrc Ben Avl Corp 21K Bor^War Corp 24% Butler Bros G^ Cont Chic Corp SH Chicago Invest 3^i Cord Company 13'^ MINNEAPOLIS STOCK Ft Bk Sk Corp 22 Lambert Co LIq Cart 1 Corp McK Robb Nev Cons Cop Otis Steel Pathc Exchange Oil Co 8^ Pur Bak Corp 42% Heo Grande Oil 7 Reo Motors 8 St Joseph Lead 21 Sch Ret Stores 10 So Cal Edison 50/ t Stand Brands 28% Superior Oil 1 Tobncco Prod 3 U S Real Imp 20 VI Vanadium G2 Wahosh Ry 14# Western Myld 14% " " ' Jr Co Pipe Line Nat Pub Ser A Ntatr Hud NI-Bem-Pond : No Am Avlat Pennroad Corp S O Ind S O Ky Trans Air T United Gas Un L P A utu P L Vacuum oil WalRreen Drug 31 U 2074 6 9'.6 28',1 12 53^4 21 *i 4 Grigs by-Grunow 5 Lions O Ar H Co 5% Nat Leather 1 U S Gypsum 47',1 Utll Ind Corp 7-U U S Rad t Tele 28 Vi Road Is Graded. SWEA CITY, April 4.--The first four miles of road No. 9 west of here is torn up and' the McGuire brothers grading: gng *a doing the necessary grading. A new detour has been formed north of here on county road K to Armstrong. Paving machinery is being unloaded in the local yards by McLaughlln and son who have the 30 miles of paving west of here. GRAIN 5IARKET REVIEW WHEAT--While the past winter vraa one of the most favorable In years, for wheat. It has had an effect, thru heavy survival of insect life, that will In quite likely prove adverse before we come to harvest limo. Mr. Cromwell says the hcaslon fly survived the winter well In Missouri and Iowa, States some fields have been destroyed in Monona county, Iowa, and surrounding territory. Infestation In parts of Missouri la general altho In southern sections of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, parts .of Kentucky and north central and northeastern Kansajr the vlaieattan is lighter. Mr. Cromwell fs of opinion that the mild winter will likely be reflected In an abundance of Insects, root rota, stem blights and head blights. The extent ot damage from most of these Is not apparent to the average observer before the end or If ay. Weather conditions today were mostly favorable. However temperatures In Kansas and Nebraska were lower and the weather bureau reported frost or freezing temperatures as far southward as the Kansas-Qklanonia line. This was an Indication of what might happen 'during the uncertain month of April. Altogether the Impression seemed to prevail that prevailing levcta had discounted about everything bearish and that any changes should be on the side of tho advance. We expect a trading market for the t i m e being but favor purchases only on breaks. CORN--An oversold condition was d i s closed in corn, and with wheat strong nhortfi ran to cover. A good advance wag held. Cosh sales for a Saturday were very good with bookings footing up 25.000, mainly from terminals. Favor purchases only on recessions. STOCK MARKET HEVIKW * There was s. cheer/ul tone to the news today and stocks responded with a good rally. The advance was not so much from new buying aa It waa from short covering, the scarcity of o f f e r i n g most of the session making professionals nervous. News from the motor Industry was encouraging. Practically every maker reporting for March revealed a. decided Increase in shipments. Indications that sales were expanding In chain store and mall order lines waa another Indication of business Improvement while annual reports of several large corporations again demonstrated what could -"be done by capable management In a time of depression. There was Irregularity at times, resulting from readjustment of accounts by leading shares. Steel furnished able leadership in the Industrial division while the rails, led by New York Central, -was up. Conner Is Elected Hampton Lions Head HAMPTON, April 4. --William A. Conner was elected, president of the Hampton Lions club to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. F. E. E. St. Clair. Mr. Connor was elected after C. H. Haney, vice president of the club, who was advanced to the presidency, declined the position as his duties as gprand high priest of the Royal Arch Masons of Iowa, would not permit him to give the necessary time to the office. Charles City Music Winners to Compete in Oelwein Contest OELWEIN, April 4.--A tentative program has been arranged for the district music contest which is to be conducted in Oelwein.. April 9, 10 and 11. On Thursday,' April 9 competition will be between vocal soloists and groups; on. Friday reed and string instruments solo numbers, small groups and orchestra and on Saturday, instrumental solos Ajid bands. Sessions will be held t'^-^iS'j; morning, in the afternoon and again in the evening. The winners in each class of the subdistrict contests which took place, at Waterloo, Vinton, Maquoketa Charles City and Cedar Rapids will participate. Ross Reid post of the American Legion will present a trophy to th9 school scoring the highest total number of points in each class and the Community club will gtva trophies and awards for each event. Bond Market NEW YORK, April 4. (jf)-- Active trotting with a recovering tendency in rallroatl Issues marked Ihc bond market today. Erie 5s of 1975 made one of the largest gains when It rose about l point on a few nalcfl. Atcblaon General 4s ot 1I05 were. c- tlv»» and hlRher and Unton Pacific 4a of 1968 were more active than usual and steady. St. Paul Sa of 2000. Baltimore and Ohio 4 ^ a of 160, and New York, Chicago and St. Louis 4%s of 1073 were firm oa htRher today. Lower Itvela were reached by Chicago and Northwfstern 4-;5 and Nciv York Central 5s of 2013. JndiiAtrtnt lirsues were moderately active but the changes were narrow* Goodyear S3 ( ,Church Pageant Is Prepared. CHAPIN,, April 4.--There will be special Easter services at the Methodiat church Sunday. In the morning: the Rev. J. E. Pritchard will give a special Easter sermon. In the evening" a pageant will he given by the choir and a group of young persona. Following- the pageant the Rev. Mr. Morrow of Cedar Falls will preach. * PIS and International Match 5s showed a rising tendency. Phllllpg Petroleum 5»$s and Standard OH of New York 4'As were active a n d Atendy. United States government Issues and foreign bontlf were quiet. Public u t i l i t y ' obli* gallons were steady on a few Bales. CLOSING RONI QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, April 4. (/T-- U. 3. bends Closed; Liberty 3',5s JOI.23. First 4 U « 102.2fi. Fourth 4 US 103.2fl, //OAH NUMSKUU, -n«£ DEAfaNOAH-= IS THE cuei- )N^A PIGS TAIU THE- OBlGIWAt- PERMANENT DEAR NOAH- WILL AK IRISH^ POTATO SUFFOCATE IF ITS COOKED WITH MISS HATTIE N^SIWIl-1-E,. TmtiN SEND IN voun N O M B E S T N U M B NOTIONS - ' ' Legion Enrollment in Minnesota Goes Beyond 1931 Quota DULTJTH, April 4, UP)--Minnesota's enrollment in the American Legion has passed the 1931 quota set by national headquarters and is the highest in the history of the state this early in the year, A. B. Kapplin, Duluth, department commander, announced here today. In addition, he said, Minnesota is the. largest state in the union to go over the top to date. Figures compiled by department headquarters following the annual spring conference in St. Paul show 'a total enrollment of 26,660, Commander Kapplin said. The quota for 1931 set by national headquarters last fall is 25,572, while the complete membership in Minnesota for the entire \year of 1931 was 26,311. Commander Kapplin expects to reach the 27,000 mark within a few days, with indications that a new high membership for Minnesota may be established by the time the state convention is held at Rochester in August. The total at present is the largest in the past five years. Merger of Two Banks at Clinton Announced CLINTON, April 4. (JFh- Consolidation of the City National bank and the Merchants National bank, two strong Clinton institutions with combined resources of ?8,500,000, was announced today. The merger takes effect Monday, April 6. THORNTON WINS FROM KLEMME 4-1 THORNTON, April 4.--Thornton defeated Klemme 4 to 1 Friday at Thornton in the opening game of baseball here. Harris and Sawyer were the batteries for Thornton; Smid and Kluchoim for Klemme. LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department FIRST NATIONAX BANK Mason City 1

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