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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, July 29, 1818
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ftKW - TQRK Er&VtA'O PUST.'U to ttullfa. the horn Ciif.on tfcUck jrjdjje of ,. "j the Provincial "Court of ,Vic Admiralty, ana America, may iu, ine wrunv of Norfolk, out 14 days, from N. York for May lit, William Oelstoo, of Bel - , , t A j',.,.., Phiininhi.. WEDNESDAY, JULY &. - Lttvi report On Satiwday last, judge Livinj too. issued warrants against captain Skinner, Don Maaeel H. Apuirre, Mid Mr. Delano, for wwIue' tilr.J concerned ia the fartiahinj. fitting outer artniag, ia (be tort of New - York, two bins called tha CuriAxe - tad Horatio, with the intent, that they should be coiployeJ to the aerviee of some foreiini prince or people, to cra'tte or .commit hostilities agaiost the subject! of some other fareira nrince of stale, with whom o . the Uuiled State are at peace." j ,. These warrmnU were killed under the third ecliou of the act patieJ at the last session of coo - ' rrest, "for the punishment of certain crifflti a - gainst the Uuited Slates," aud which ii ia the words folloal'uj : Sect. LAnibeit further enacted, That if any person thai!, wilhiu the limits, of the United Atates. fit out and arm. or attempt to tit out and arm, or procore to be fitted out and armed, or of any colony, dirtrict, or people, lo cruise oi commit histihliee we suojei is, hihciii, or projxrty, of any foreign priuce or state, or ol any coloiy, dtrict, or people, with whom the United Mute? are at peace, or fhall iue or deliver n commin ioQ within the territory or jurisdiction of tha Unite 1 States, for any ship or vessel, to the iutent that she may be cmpldyJ as 'aforesaid, erery person so offending shall be . deemed guilty oi' a hiith misdemeanor, and shall t fined nit more thau ten thousand dollars, and imprisoned not more than three years ; and every such ship or vessel, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with all materials, arms, vmmunitiort, aud stores, whirh may have been procured for the builJmg an 1 equipment thrreoi, shall be forfeited one hall lo the use ol n in t .t i...irt. . .iU. TT..: Kinntr, anu ine outer uau iu uic w ui "' " - ted States." - Tho parties were all arrejttd and taken be fore juJ;e Livingston yesterday arternoon, when Xv&3)et, Mr. Wells, anJ Mr. James Stoujh ton, appeared ia support oflhe prosecution, and . Mr. J. O. Hoffman, air. David B. Ogden, Mr. liurr, and air. I'almer, lor me ucicauanis The counsel for the defendants moved to have their clients discharged altogether, or if held to bail, they insisted that they shoulfl, under all the circoavtances of the case, be recognized to uppoar at the next term of the Circuit Court, in a very - small iuv. This motion was made on three grounds : 1. That as the prosecution had beep commenced without any direction! on the part oQie government, or plication by the districHiUorury, it was irregnlar in its inception and oht to bj immediately discontinued. 4 S. That Mr. Aguirre, (to whose caalone this ground applied,) was a minUter from the government of Buenos Ayres to that of the United Slates, and coul J not, therefore, be proceeded n;Vtu - t in this way, 3. That to constitute an offence against the thirJ ection of this act, tha vessels must not only have been fitted out with iutcut to be thus era - ployed, but aeluallj armed for that purpose ; and many depoiitiona were produced, proving that neither of the vessels were or ever bad been armed. After an argnmont of these points by the respective counsel, judge Livingston decided, 1st, thsfoo imtructions wre necessary on the part of the president, or any other oScer of gnvern - meut,to ju - tify the usuingof a warraut for the violation of this or any other law nor had the presideat any riht to interfere with the proceedings which had been commenced in this case, by giving any instructions to him on the subject. Nor was it uccewary that the application for a warrant should be made by the dutrict - attor - riy s ai auy individual might rompl iin of the infraction of a law, and hs considered it his duty to award a warrant whenever complaint was mado to him on oa:h of a crime's baing commit ted, whether sucb wa'rant were applied for by the diitrict - atlorncy or any other person. 2nd. As to any privilege which Mr. A guinea' com - ntitcn conferred on liim, the ju lge was of opinion, ihstthis gcutlemnn, not being accredited by tin prffi.lcut, and the independence of Suenos Ayrcs net being acknowledged, by the goveru - mcut cf the United 6'iau, he was liable to be proceelctl gaiast forany oSence wliich he might! commit agaitiit our laws, in the same way aa any ! other individual. On the 3rd point, the judge j t'iou;'it no ofloace could be committed against the third section of thi act, miles? the vessel was ormtd as well a fitted nut with intent to be employed, &c. 1'hht it does not apprar by any - r 1 1. . . I n . 1 . 1 I - l. l. i pali OI Ulr d' - l UI.IL I'fiiic:. - IIULUUVVltU IMIIIUIl the citizens l" tho U&ited States from building veeseii and selling them to either ol the belligerents, so long as they were not armed. Iu the case of a principal, it was clearly wcrssarf by ' the very terms of tho law, to render him criminal, thr,t the vessel should be fitted out and arm cJ. Those, therefore, who were knowingly concerned iu tbe furnishing, fitting out, or arm ing of such ship or vessel, must alio be consider ed as innocent, until au actual armament took place, or this absurdity would result, that one nwu miht l ave a vesel built and fitted out for this purpose without beingguiHy of anyoffeuf, while the whold penally of tbe law might be incurred by a person who should furuih her with a sirgls suit of sa:!r, or a cable. As it respected tte - ore of an armament, the difositions on which the warrants had issued, were not only ilbtr altogether tiltn - , or quite insufficient to prove bfi kct ; but those on the part of the de fendants e'tWi - h 1, beyond roatroversy, Uiat neilherof the vessels, aUhmijh no doubt built tor wrl,Ve purposes, had vtr been armed. Jii; L.vii.g'ton was therefore of opinion, that ncith - rof tho panics arreted had commit trl a - y offence, aad ordered them sil to m dis cnarjed. Tx - e it pi lutet Ji - om LmJtn The Brithh Packet L'mn$T;e. cpt. Vatkir, arrived t!ii forenoon from Ksdmouth, (U ij ) via Halifax, .with the June mail. She saife.1 from the fimt mentioned port on the Sih of.luir. ami f. om tbe ktter on the 19ih July. She brought out shall knowintr be couceroeu in uie lurosiiiiig, i I - . : , d - n nr iwL ilhV" liltiuj out, or anmng, of any slip "re"''fmi,nd. infcut ih - t such i ship or ved .hull be employed in lit service of any foreign pnace or slate, or ' i Winckworth' Allrn, Esd.' ; i To the politeness of iht agent of the Packet, we are indebted for Halifax papers to the 18th July, containing London dates of the evening of the 10th of Junej and from our correspon dent at London, we have a file of the London Sliippinir nJ Commercial List to tbe 9th of the same month. The London dates are two Jays later than were received by the Euphrates, arrived last Saturday evening. They fur. nub nothing interesting except the official annunciation of the dissolution of the Drills!) Par liament From the London Shipping and Commercial List of June 8. Vessels loading at London Ocean, Fowlc, for Alexandria, Washington, and Georgetown, 3d May. Atlantic, Allen, for Baltimore, 29th of April. Gravesend, June 5 Arrived, Dragon, Baker, North Carolina. Havre. June 1 Sailed. Asia, Sutherland, 19. York. June 2. Ameiica, Heth, for do. . QjilU beof, May 31 Arrived, Minerva, Mas - , terton, Charleston. - Vessels spoken with May 13, ship Valiant, June 8. Bristo!, June 6 Sailed, 1'liocion, Conear. N Ycrk. Curk, Jane? Arrived, Jas. Munroe. Wood - side, Goryetown. Oil Dover, Junes Arrived, ranris Henrietta, Alewyn, N York, bound to Antwerp; Ariadne, Copland, Baltimore, bountto Kotterdnn Off Oungarvon, June S Arrived, Rebecca, Colfii, Charleston. Otf Hastings, June 6 Arrived, Iudian Chief, Allen, N. Orleans. Plymouth, June fr Passed by, the Newbury, port, liom Charleston, for London ; aud the Albion, from Bo. - ton, for Amsterdam. W - y mouth, June 7 - - Arrived, the Minerva, Bates, Unston, bound to Kottcrda - n. Barbadoes, April 23 Arrived, Union, Welsh, AIeiandri.4, and sailed f r Tnni lad. Bremen, June 1 Arrived, Germania, Ila viehon - t, Charlestown. Quillcbetif, May SI Arrived, Pharsw, Gerard, Charleston J and Bragauza, Good.'maun, Charles'own. Tcjel, June 1 Arrived, Kentucky Belle, De shon. N York. Vessels spoken with May 51, in lat 47, 31, the Hrnsou, of V hitbv, hound to America Mar 2, in lat 49, 30, ion 1G, the Ceylon, from N Oi lcaui for Rotterdam. Kxtrae'srtm the pnper$, LONDON, Wednesday Afternoon, June 10. To - day, at 2 o'clock, the Prince Reei - nt pro - reeded in state from Carlton house to the House of Peers, whither the Commons being summoned, bis Kojnl Highness gave the royu sanction to several riuMic and one private hill, and deliv ered apee h from the throne, in which he intimated his design of forthwith dissolving the pre sent Parliament and calling another. When his Ro)ol Highness had concluded, the Loid C'lMm ellor declared this Parliament (I i' solved. Tlit Qutfn The areoiint of her Majesty yes - rday was" The Queen has hud but an indif - leicnt night, tut wiismu. h hi - tb r yisterday." aa. July li. We ore indebted lo a Mercnntilc House in tliis town for the copy ot'the I'lllowing letter " Lom.burzii, !' June, 1813. Gentlemen, " I he Americans will devrov the r i:her in the straits Rnil on the Labrador fchore. 'I hey have left (he Banks where they wire disappointed in their eipectutioiisuf success and upwarls ol lUU sail have gone to the straits, and ihc - others have returned to the United States, to he Ct ted for the Labrador. From accounts we have - rerrived, there are upwards of Eight Hundred sail of American vessels bound for the Straits If they are allowed to take our fishing around, nestintl not succeed in obtaining cursors ; mul the fi'hing establishment formed at Halifax, will prove a losing contem. It will lie neces sary to kiforni the ships of War, on the Station, that the Americans always go further to the .or(!i, than they go in senn a cl them, and where our principii fishery is. i ours, &.c. (Signed) John I.y!, Robert M Donald. Brudiord llailo'.v John Lock. Dreadful explosion. One hundred and fifty hou - es were laid in ruins, on the S5th of May, in the town of St. Jean dVAngely, by the plo - sion of the powder - mills in that viciuity. Tbi milh were said to contain 40,000 pounds of powder, an 1 were the mod extensive of any in the ncighboihood of Trance. The Ladv Marv Pcl!:m Packet, capt. TiV - y, arr.vttl ut tbittt.ix on the HID inst. in b days f. oin New. York ; also tbe ship Alexander Scott, 46 days from Lrith, with 140 passeiv gera, fir the UiiiteJ SUlea. More Fiihnmm captured. A Halifax paper of July ft, which we received by Ihe Briii - h Packet this morning, says, H. M. S. Wye, has detained and sent into this port, several A - merican Fulling vessels." Had this been a rar of impres'mcut, our papers would have opened in full cry against it, frmn one end oflhe United States lo another aud we are un.tlle to view t in a more innocent liht. Jlfu'f Diz - Several mad dogs have lately made their appnarance iu New - Bruns'vick, N.J. and have in their rovingj 1 it mauy other dog and some valuable cattle. The inhabitants have become much alarmed, and the common council, in roD'cuuencc - , held a special meeting of the Board, yesterday, at which they parsed an ordi nance, oruerm; every owner ol a Uog immediately hi de - troy or securely confine him, under a pcuatiy often dollars. This was immediately printed aud stuck up in all their public places. A mad dog punned another to the stoop of a Mr. Vanlaver, at Millie Buh, about 6 miles from Brunswick, which he seized and tore, and turning to a child at play, he gently lit Led its band, and then run furiously to the barn, where was a slut with pup, two of which he killod, and bit the slut before he could be destroyed. A Mr. Isaac Williams, who lived near Pendie tou District, (3. C.) while out a deer hunting ot die 4th uf July, in company with another gen lleman, received a bito by a rat'de - soake, and died before medical asi:tance could be procured For the AVir - JVt Etfntng Post. Mr. Cob - man r' ir. In a late' paper you de clare your wiliiaiie to notice any cneance our tmrclien's ii. - .it ar un h r. Permit sit o call vour altc..'' ,i ;o n:i ahi'.h bears pecu liarly hard on t'.e ship owner ol Ihie ciy, aud hH - h places tlitin iu wir si'uaiiotr than the ownen ot ves I h - l.wing to the olher . - - tates, - .'i t li 1 1 1 i )i ir o o X. of tUltirnore, stud It. of New - York, have e - v h a vr.l oi - . - r,ms Immure iuis? in a iwrl n l - ;ue.,iv the? ',cn i.tke ia iOD ..a.'euer f.irl New - York. A's vrl proceed to Aiuboy, tiays - - j is on is 1 Suited State' Jutjr f mtijir ton W I his passengers tber without ut detenticjo. ana , M tt rtch landed in for tO cents each caa have the whole landed in New - York, and his vessel proceed to Baltimore immediately. - . 1 - " . Bs vessel cemca to the quarantine Kreund, and Is there detained one or two days, at aa expense, for provisions alone, of at least J 100.00 Hs then has to pay for Health Certif. 7.50 Second pilotage, - - ' . - 15.00 Hospital money, $1 each passenger, 200.00 He is again detained at the wharl here for three or four days, to get, rid of his passengers, at an apense of at leait 50.00 He has to report at the Mayor's office, 5.00 But his difficulties do not eod here, lor he has to give bonds for bis passenger, (not to become a burthen to the city for two years) to the amount of .JG(),O00,and many here have paid 2 per cent, to get this dona for them, (some more) 1300.00 Making a difference against tbe New - Fork ship of $1577.50 It may he said that he also might have sent his vessel to Amboy, and save these expenses ; but his doing so would only add to his expense, as on his vessel s coming from Amiwy be would have again to enter and give bonds as before, and per haps the Corporation Attorney might think it convenient to make a few addilmus to the account. It may also be alleged that he could seud his ship from Amboy to some other port than .New - York : true, but will thn help him f IV o. for he then bas fresh port charges, additional wages and provisions, together with commissions for buying or procuring a cargo for his vessel ; and every chin owner will inform you that the disbursements of a veseel are always far higher when the owner is not on the spot. It is not, however, the merchants of other State? of the Union only that have this advantage over the New - York ship owner; but foreign ships daily take the same advantage, in the same manner, without delay or expenses as they are generally bound to southern ports to look for cargoes relerenre to a hie oi your paper will show yon that this is the cae. The Erili - h ship, however, in the passenger trade, takes an advanlage over all Americans. By their laws, all vessels are prohibited from carrying to foreign countries more than one prr - sou for every three tons; but this law U a dead letter as to their own vessels, though strictly enforced oo others. The general manner of evading it is by clearing out for one of their colonies, and finding the ports of tho United States the nearest way to them. Congress could certainly easily rectify this, by declaring any vewel coming from their ports, who bronht more pas - engers thin what their laws allowed American vessels tn brin?, liable to confiscation here. I hare always understood, thn, by the con stitution. Congress only had the right of regulating and taxing commerce : How comes it then that a vessel should be made to pay more in thir port than in a port only 30 milos from it ? or why it that a vessel should land her passengers at Amboy without any Hospital Duty, and must pay it at New - York i That some remedy should be found to place the New - York ship owner, in his own harbour, a footing with the merchants of other State;, the opinion of more than B. Ventarola. The following interesting article upon this subject is just received, and, we are lad to perce ive, is in accordance wilu the opin ions confidently advanced iu this taper. II Spain can fulfil the condition of tbe Treaty refer red to, well ; if not, better. We say, again, it Will termiua'e in our acquiring the Florida", and that before many months shall hare, elapsed. - ' - j " - - j The President of tbe United hwies has, we undersUnd, decided, that t'ensacola. and the other Spani.h posts, which have been taken by Cen. Jackson, in the Hondas, shall be restored to the Spanikh authority but with a re quisition, that the Kin; of Spain sh.ll, hereafter, keep such a force in those colonies, as shall enable him to execute, with fidelity, the hfth article of the treaty between the dated States and J - p - in. That article, so far as it affects this subject, is in the following words : " 1 he two high contracting parties anall, by all the means in their power, maiauin peace and harmony among the c - veral Indian lialiu - i tvlio inhabit the country adjacent to the lines and rivers, whiJi, by the preceding articles, form the boundaries of the two Florida j and, the better to obtain this effect, both parties ob ige themselves, expressly, fa rerm"n, by fwee, nil hotliUtiet nn thf pai - t of the Indian na tion living' wit Mn their bouniliiry ; ti thnt bpain vUl not tuffer her liiJiant to attack the cwizens nf the United States, Wir the Indian inhabiting the:r territory , nor will the t inted Males per - nut these lasi mentioned Indians to commence hostilities ajrainst the subjects of His Catholic Majesty, or his Indians, in any manner whatever." On the strict execution of this article, on tbe pa - t of apui l, it is understood that the l', e - mltnt riirnrutisly msUlu ; and that it was the failure to fulfil it, which produced the ne ce. - sity of crossing the Spanish boundary, dm - injr the preent war with the Seminole Indians, 'l lese tribes occupy the lands on the side ol the line between the United Stntei and Florida ; inue b the greater part ol Ihein liviug within the limits oi the kin oi tiuin. Thry ate Dnihrrcr tiC'fii of the Uuiled states, nor tu'Mtcls of tlit king ol t pain. 1 hey owe na alugiance to the la i ot any power, i m y cannot, ihertlore, ne tried lor treason on account of their levying war against either nation within whose hunts the, dwell. 'J'l.ey are the owners oitna soil which they occupy ; hold at least a qualified sorereign tv over it, anil exercise, on ail ocLaious, ine nsiitof makine war and ce. j o tins pur puse they bre s - .veri'gii thecounlry winch they possess ; to this purpose the country is their couutry ; anu that couuiiy may aim must, oi uu - cjstity, liecome the leitnn ito seat oi war, il il.c war cannot ne oliieiwite trrmiiiaud. his consider ft. on become; the itroreer, when it is remembered, that it wascwin to Ine uck - uowledited incompetency of biiaia to liilbl the stii.aljtioiivf t,er treaty with u, by restrainm, the holilitits oi the Gemini is, bifurce, that the United Stales were i'uupu!lil t, take up arm hi tlieir own dutenre. Vet su,:h Was the delicacy clour g - ivernment (owants. Spain, llut the first order issHtd lothegi couiusanduig in that qiiaiter, expressly l - uti iue liuii to cross Ihe iiaiuHi line, 'l'liis Intnl. ition was rrtwate I by a second order. But, as il was apparent, that driving Hie Indians lieyond Ihe limit of. be Unt ied Bl.ilef. Was d 'in - i.otliin: effectual to ex tin'iiib the war, since in falling back within Ihe bonis ol r ion la ' ey were still at home, witn hII t'ie means ol iin nrsiofi hnd annoyance which thrv luitered at tho cooiniem eu.eiit oi hoslili - tic, a third order wn iurd, which auth - irisetl the American general, il the I nlian rh - aild pre sent tli'mstlvt in oosty, lx yondt ie line,tocross it. and atn e k'tiiem. shortly after i - Mine this .rdL - r, a wascoicuitti by tlx - . Iu.iians, which ill inoii'lruted liialno alteri.Htivet wtre;ery weeK left lor Ihe United Stat - - , but lo leave ur Irun - IliTexiwised to Ihe meriy ff the ava'. - , or to 'carry the war into Florida, and thus d - lor Spaia t,e confessed b iskII unable t - do for l - r - cell, by termination by fone the lo - titilirs of uV'te savage, A l iurtii oMcr was, litf - relore, issued, to thil rfl - . - i t, lo the American tvne ral ; but by - the same order lie wis rxpresiy commanded, il the livlians should Like r. - l'e uimer a Spanish tort, rnl t attic a fh. - n in thst silnation, but tn report the case lo tlx - department l wsr. Such has tiren fie debcacjr obwved by Ihe Lin bit bta:es Inwards S - paio ; and n4 subsequent ordtT. t is understood, has been inurd, to ralarge ttie auth.jrity of the American greercj. lo attacking the ptts ol St. Mark and IVnsa - cola, with Use tort of Barrancas, General Ja. k tot.,! is nderst - Kl, acted On facta, whieb were, iV.r ttie first time, bri.atbt lo his knowledge, on the iouneiliate thea're oiwar; facu. wliich. in hit tj'juialion, iuij - heated the bptnith authori - Uo is that quarter, at the instigators and suxfl - iaries of the war ; and he took these measures on bi owe responsibility, merely. That bit op - nroceeded froifl motives of tbe purest patriotism, and from his conviction, tha t u ',JS end holdine those posts, he was justified by the necessity oi thecase, and was advancing the best interests of bis country, the character ol General Jackson forbids a doubt. Oflhe important lacts allcsed by him, satisfactory proof, it is under - trui.1. has hues alreiidv fnrniihed to the Presi dent, and proof of the other facts is conndentlw exprciea. Il is niniciiie iu anion hk; utnc, - ri. so totallv reerardleMi ol the amicable rela tions between Spain and the United Statis, so directly repnenant to the stipulation of the treaty hnve minted, and in themselves, to hostile and even cruel, will be avowed and adopted by Ihe King of Spain. ve trun mat iney were mr fhoriwH arts ol lib neents. But should ihey, contrary to all rational expectation, be so avowed and act ipted ny inai sovereign, irimi be little doubt that tbe means oi annoying us innu that quarter will ere long be taken from him. by the de inoq of the competent authoiity, to be restored no more. In the meantime, as Congress, only have the powrr, under onr constitution, of declaring war, and bad made no such declaration against spain, it it understood that Ihe President does not con ceive himself authorised to retain tile Spanish posts, inasmuch at such retentioa would be an art of war. It is oo this ground, we understand, that the resolution has been taken to restore the posts, and to demand front the king of Spain the punishment of those officers, whose improper con duct lea to uirir seizure. The President no duubt, aees, in common with his countrymen, the ureat advantages which the United States would derive from the enwte possession of the Florida but, confes sedly great as these advantages would be, he is not willinsr to ram them, but by the sanc tion of an Act of Congress. To have retained these posts, under present circumstances, would certainty have had the eclat of being a strong measure : but we hope never to see a President of the United Mates itisposed tn tie stronger than the Constitution of his country fur that is the palladium of interests far more sacred, and of infinitely higher import to the general cause of human liberty, than any acquisition of territory, however vast or advantageous. Notwithstanding this unexpected collision in the Floridas, we trust that the relations of amity between the two nations will be pit serv ed ; nor can we abandon the hope, that their differences may j et be settled, on fair and ho norable conditions We may even indulge the hope, that the incidents which have grown out of the Seminole war, however adverse their tendency may have appeared to be, may contribute estemiallv to produce that happy re sult. Spain must see, and hat practical!)' confessed, her iucompctemy to maintain her authority in the Florida, against the Seminoles and foreign adventurers ; and we hope she will see that it will be much wiser for her to cede those provinces at once, than to attempt to hold tli em on the impossible condition of fulfilling her treaty with us ; or, on the condition now brought home to her, by experience, of subjecting herself to perpetual collisions, and eventual losses, which she may now avoid with case and lutnor to herself. From Ihe Avgusla Chronicle, July 15. The following extract of a letter to a gentle man in this place, from a source that entitles it to the most implicit credit, opens a new vista to the character of Ferdinand, and ti e Spanish ca binet : from this it is evident they have long expected the United States vrould take possession of Florida, to indemnify themselves for the spoil - a'ions committed cn their commerce, and that while they were making the fairest promises to do us justice they were so far from intending to comply with them, that they were actually la - boring to prevent us from doing ourselves tnat justice which they knew we were entitled to. The two agents of tbe Duke de Alegon, to horn all tha ucreeded lands in East rlorida were ceded, hare arrived ia .St. Augustine and claimed the same smd I am informed his cel - ieocy Got. Coppinger has already placed them in possession of it .'they have opened a Lao I OiV and mean to tell to any purchasers offering ! they have also the privilege of purchai g the Indian title to the celebrated Alochaway Territory, and have already taken steps to effect lb same." BOSTON, Julv 27. TheU. S. filtrate Guerriere was spoken on Saturdav mornirg, by the Cyrus, off Cape Cud. 1 he driver oj an overloaded truck who anus - ed bis horse on Thursday last in State strett, has been arrested on a warrant, taken before a magistrate, paid a fine of J, and cost of pro - srcusion, $ j,.)0. Laitstfrom rr.mrt Arrived yesterday alter - noou ship Cyrus, capt. T. II. Curtis in 47 days Irom I lavre - de - Orace, bringing rain papers to the 7th June ; from svhich we have selected the following articles, as the most important of their coutents. PARI?. June a. On the 2jth silt, a frightful explosion took place at the lown of St. Jean d'Aigt - ly, of Ihe powder mills said lo he the most esbn ive m r rancc. The quantity of powder exploded wa more than 40 000 pounds. A hundred ind fil'tv houes were laid in ruins. At the date of the account 16 persons had been feund - deiid. r.t mo, june . This morning Lord tVel'mgton had a particular audience ol His Majesty. Aff r having consulted the I lake of Richelieu, and the Duke ol Tarentuni, His Maieslv went to St. Cloud. The Generai Staff of ihe nrruy, is said to be dcfibilirelv organized. I Here lollow the names of the appointments to Lit Colonel" I ne loii'. - .ving are in cieuiennni nenerais : Baker, Bagart, Gnilleminot, Tbiehault. I'revel, Ricord, l.m ette, Mnnthion, and L'Lcqucrilly And Ihe following Mar!)als - iie - Camp: Geneia! I j junc, P - 'prr2, Borelly. (Jrandlrr, Sccpeaiix, Mnntequion Ferensae, Antoine Darfert, Philip de Srg'ir. and N agues Saint - Cyr. There it now only one Bank in France ; it is proposed to establish another at B'rdenx - MADRID. (Spain) May 27. The royal decree lor opening fiee ports in Spain, and which hit occasioned to much spec uiation, has been suspeiidid. The greatest activity etists in a'l the Arse - nels for the eqipmcnt of the troops destined on the expedition now fitting at Cadiz ; but no time bas as vet been fixer! on f - r their embark - ation. They are expected to sail in all June We remark pleasure, that a great number of officer who distinguished themselves in the war fir the extirpation of the French. have requested leave to be employed m tin - expedition,, the moat formidable that has sailed from our ports for mar.y years. Vitxsa, May 25 The F.mperor of Hussia is now in Ualmatia BERLIN, (Prussia) May S8 The King previous to his departure lor Mos cow, rle'iyn td hit second son William, to take command of his armies, and the Prince of Har - oeoburs, to take the supreme charge of civil af - I lair. .A courier is dispatched lo Ins maieslv ev - HANOVEILMav 25. The Britrh Duke of Clarence, wno it to mar ry the Princeu ol Meimner, is daily expected Dere. FRATRFORT, (Germany) May 30. Fvrrr necessary pre para ir - o i making at Kit la - ChapiK lortlie reception of the allied mon - anhs : Inn for the Lmp:ror Alexander are nearly com pleterl. It is rerorted, that Ihe tm Alexander will visit Pari, iieiore he joins ttie Craud Congress, and that Hk" King of France will pass some lime at Aix - la - CbaiicMe. French Funds Fite per ceo.t, 7i bank shares, 1610. II .VRT1 June 6. CofTf, Mart and fin id. i 7 I . 2i 1 - 2. alacqiile ; llavxn i, Ch ; ' n O. i. L. S. 4wi475; Io.C.h.26ia 175; Can'ma, do do. ; Loai'iana, t "Si a 2 82 I : Pot Ahe, pi. - r MftiloghV; lea'ls, 7ii a 71 ; S';ar, VI art. an J Uuai. 1 4d a 1 4i ; llavica, 1 4 - j a 1 47 ; TV I ; .j t - i Laccf,JaasRicer,perlO0 kilos 180 a 190, In entiepot ; Kentucky, 13a a 155. , SECOND EDITIONS e'efort, P. .V. ARRIVEIl, fch nuffalof, Lee, 22 days from Motile, with skins and cotton, to A. Ic C. YMiiiney, t. A. Wbitmore, T C Butler, and J Smith. Sell Express, Aldrich, 4 days from Charles ton, 'with molasses and tobacco, lo order. Left ach Charleston Packet. Vail, to sail nexl day for New York ach Calypso, to aail iu 5 days Picssengeis, Mrs Valk, children and servent, Miss Courtney, Major Wainryght and ladv. Mis Hart. Mrs Waller, Messrs Morris, M'Clure, Osborn, Gilchrist, Crocker, Caldwell, M'Kituie, and otnera. ' CHARLESTON, July 24. Further Particulars. We learn that the pri vateer schoo: e', t:ink iu Jekyl Sound, was fitted out at Savannah, a few months since, under rne of M'Gregor's commissions, that among other prizes, she bad captured a large Spaui h ship, irnn OM rpain bound to Cuba, having on board about SOi) .as i.gers, including women aud children; thee they had plundered of all their valuables and clothing, leaving many of the children nearly in a state of nakedness; when the was I alien in with nv me liuenus Atrean one san anin. Cattain Stafford, who Uiok poessionof lie privateer, as a pirnie, nnu reiwii ine opnn - i I. s .it . The crew of Ihe privateer were taken ont.aud a prire master and crew put on boaid ber but in the course ot ine nigni, mis crew ro:e uiion and confined the prize - master, and shaped their course for the Uuiled States arrived off Jeky) Island, the y lauded whit property there was on board thn privateer, together with some fire arms, cut nway her masts, and she drified ashore iu Jekyl Sound. It was the intention ol these aesperaunes, when tbev landed, to have defended them - selves on the Island, but they thought better of it, w hen they beard that a detachment of U. S. seamen was coming against them, aim decamped, leaving on the island, absilt thirty muskets, but concealing or carrying off wbb them most of their ill - gotten plunder. It is supposed that they made Tor Savannah, f rom some circumstances which have transpired, this privi.tcer is believed to be tbe same w hich robbed the sch. Sight, capt. Sylva.oftbis port, as atated a few' days since, and as her crew are in confinement on board the San Martin, whose commander threatened to have them hung as pirates, they may yet meet with their deser's, if brought into the United Slates. Cuarlision, July 24. Arrived sell Calypso, Hillard, X Yuik 16 days. The brig Arethusa, Holmes, from N York, took a pilot yesterday. Savannah, July 21 Arrived ship Concor dia, Martin, Poilsmmith. N. H. 41 days. Brig Coventor Hopkins, Adams, Providence, 37 das. kci Hal, Davis, N Yolk 33 days. The second concerlOa jVonday evening was given the second of the three promised concerts, and again were tbe boxes filled with beauty and fashion. Expectation, which was raised very high by the bills, was amply gratified. The evening was warm, but by throwing opeu the box doors, aud cutting large apertures in the partition that divides the front from the interior of the house, it rendered it quite tolerable : excepting however, to those who came with a predetermination to be boisterously dulighted, and to make their delight Vnown to others, by clapping, bawling, stamping, knocking, aud every other agreeable mode wliich tome folks take to express pleasure. Indeed, some gentle men, w hom we taw ii the pit, seemed to labor as hard as if tbey really xcorkrdfor money so that, on the whole, I doubt whether it could be called a cool house. We understand that the manager has been pre vailed upon to continue tha concerts two eveu - in; more. ' LULU, At Brockfield, (Mast ) Hon. Oliver Crosby, Senator in the Massarbusettt Legislature. KYEA'LYG POST M.1HLYE LIST. CLLARLU, Brig Sophia, Cape tie Vcrds ti G ii S tijwUnd. Scbr Clarendon, Frilh, Jauieica I ucker k Launea Scl.r Two Brothers, Duibv, Halifax Rowland k liraiue Jane k. Martha, BowiKm Halifax Ri'wland Rraine JRMl'F.O THIS eUHe.WO.V. Brili'h Packet Monlegue, Wat kins, 47 days from Falmouth via llaliiax, with the June mail, sailed Iroiii r ahiionlh June Will. Passenert, Mr. and Mrs. Fua, and two children, siioke nothing. hrig Alo.azo, t.reen, 7 days brox Savannah, with collou, lo Pott li Vi'Kiuue, and others. Passeucrs, cid. Shad aud daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Densler, Miss Jones, Miis 6lrr, Messrs. Crane, llaker, While, Norton and Richards. Ofl Cape Halter as, spoke ship Wade Hampton, from Philadelphia for Charleston. Same day, poke (loop CIk, 1 1 days from Norlulk for Charleaton. Scbr f'rank, Cede, 32 days from Madeira, with wiue, to Uaily k Russell, Marsh it tiensoo, T iia h ti Co. J lleffernan, W ti S Craig, V lleinsen li Co. and Ii lleihtiue ti Co. Left, n - hr Ambqsc.ide, from N Vork, dix.harging, ha been put uuJer i'iarantiue for " days iu cume - queue e of having a l'ortiign.e cplaia and passenger that were put on board by a patriot privateer; brig Koe, Tickle, for Philadelphia in S Javs; scbr F.hza, Stone, for NOrleaiu'. July Id, spoke brig .Merchant, Fan field, 13 days 1 1 oni Uoston lor ot. Croix. Sloop Scourge, De Groot, 4 days from Phila delphia, with dry goods, lure, &c. tn P Grim, owner; Smith k Nicnl, Smith Qailv, Black - well li M'Farlan, t Gordon, E Van Nest, J ia'lburo, J Slroug, and Muldcn & Montgomery. BELOW, Scbr Science, 4 days from 1 hiladelphia, with flour, to order. Schr Express, 4 d.,ys from Charleston. fcchr Union, from Wilmiugtou, with lumber. And a schr fiom .Mobile. HALIFAX, July 17 Arrived, brig Four Brothers, Hurley. Waterford, 49 passangers. Scbr Parker, still, Norfolk, Viriciuia. Schr Roseway, Lane, Baltimore. Schr. Four Sous, Kelly, Boston, 4 days Cleared, Schrs. Riing Sun. Austen, Baltimore ; Consolation, Davis, bnltmore ; Siiecu - lator, Sinclair, Alexandria ; Liitanni.i. Bruce - , N. York; Nancy, Bn.rdingbam, Baltimore. SAVANNAH, July 18. Arrived, S.oop Albert, Wood wort ti, 4 days hoiu JerTi - rsin (inland j. Reports, that on t rduesday morning lasi, iu &t Andrews Sound, law a copper bollomed schooner ditniastid, drove in the mat sh, with several lcrsoiis on board, who informed capt W. that her cargo consisted ol beef and rice, which probably imglit be saved, but the vessel they caicu - Ihted v.onid be tost ikj further particulars could be ascertained the persons on board are supposed by rapt. W. r hate been some of the crew oflhe II - S. brig Saranac, now lying at St. Marys. Was also inlormed, a short tuue after, by tome persons who had - dsa been on board ol thv above vessel, that there was another schooner oo Little Cumberland Island, pretty much in the satu; preWcaiuent. It is cvn je, turtd, tnat the h.ive vessels have been intentignally run aground as I ahaadooeJ by their crew, for some unlaw ul purpiwe. Below, schr Hornet, Tmnde, li Orleans, 20 days 'ihe Hornet was bonnd to St Thomas, but bring siiort ol provisions and water put into Ibis port U procure a supply. Tns capiaiu ol J I the Hornet fepoHs a great liomber of ilurou). . N Orleans. Widtin l.,r treivhla. . 1 T ' CHARLESTON, July si Arrived rUr. day, ship Georgia Packet, Bunce, Philadelphia 10 nays, and 14 from the Capes. On tbe lAik inst. off Cape Hatteras, passed the ship General Wade J I amp toe, Baker, and ach Timandra AmiUi, for this port ; brig Olyuthus, Sharp, ,J Savannah all from Philadelphia; and two brigs and several schrs names and where from un known. St.ip Camillas, Choafe, Havana 4 days. ' - British brig tlitabeth - Janc, Marshall. Mafe. 9 days in distress. The sen Comet, of and for Baltimore, sailed 2 days before. Left at Matanras, brig Cru - is, of New - York, loading for Antwerp, to sail in 2 or 3 days ; sch Cosset, i.t aim i ruin dosiou, jusi arrivcu, oiicnarging a cargo of lumber ; sch Jane, Hills, for this port, load - mg, and was expected to sail in s or e days. - Th Fhzabelh Jane was originally bound to Ham J "5, iiaius 'V wsaa, in me UUlph Stream on the 14th instant, put into this port to repair. e uimi raiaiiu hub nas upwards of six leei water iu ner now, ana wui De obli'ed to discharge her cargo. 0 A schooupr was coming up last evei ing. The sch Timandra, Smith, from Philadelnki, took a pilot yesterday. I he U. S. brig Prometheus, captain Fineb, 5 lavs from it. Mary's, anchored off the bar .. tefday morning, aud sent her boat up to town for a supply of wafer, and proceeded in the afternoon on her cruize ; after which, we understand, she will return lothis iort. The P. sailed froai St. Mary's for the purposeofendeavoriu'toraUe the two sthrs lately tunkoff St. Jaquel Iilaad but foi.nd it impracticable, ' BOSTON, July 26. .Irriesd, Ship Cyrus, Cnrtis, 47 days front Havre, pasenger, Moni. Paul. Left, June 9, ships Rubicon, Holdridge! New - York, to sad June 90; William, .nil, .'una j nrrer - a, omuuy. on jh . k I in. the supercargo. Spoke, June 13. lat 49 37 N Ion 11132 W brig Abigail, Tilcomb, efNewbu - ryport, 45 ds. from N. Orleans for Havre. 17., lat 50 35 Ion 14 05 ship Andrew Jackson, Johnson, of Salem, 40 d. from N. Oi leans, for Liver pool, sist, lat 47 3d Ion 13, ?hip Amanda, Wil, liauis, irom Liverpool, of and for Baltimore, 14 days oul. ch. Bet - ey, Foter. 55 davt from Onortn. spoke, July 7, lat 43 Inn 43 brig Nymph, 32 days from Belfast, lor N. ork. 14th, lat 4a Ion 68 brig Ann, 40 days from Gibraltar fur Boston. lUtli, lat 4i a'J Ion 64 shin Woodrop, Sims. 38 d. from Liverpool for I'hilad. 19th, lat 41 loo 64 ship Grand Turk, Qucieao, 43 d. from London - dcrry lor N York. Bug Mary, Archer, N. York. Via Qwirant ine Ship Amazon, Stetson, 30 d from Honduras, bound to St. Petersburg, put in leaky, sailed C4th ult. left no Am. ve;sels. - . ?0.h, hi 4030 lou 71 30 an English brig, 5 days from X. Y. for St. Bart. ( jit Quaranj'j'ne ih Friends, CaliW, of5t. Johns, (N.B.) 23 days from Demerara ; k - ft, June 26, brigs GrorgH & Thomas, Parkinson, from N. Y. ; brig Swan, from Bo - don, ar. Jiith June. Spoke, July 14, sloop Catharine, Clark, f. N. Y. for it. Domingo, iu lat 27 31 loo 64 30. THEATRE. THIRD GRAND CONCERT. OX WEDNESDAY KVE - IISG, JULY 9, 1GT3. Will be presented, A CONCERT. PART I. Overture. .r Song, Mr. Inch - don, Bay of Biscay," Davy son, Mrs. Holman, " I nlkr forbear," liisbop Song, Mr. lbilipps," Bewildered Maid," iBrahaa New Bravura, Mrs. Burke, ' The bun Flower," fcoJ& Sonir, Mr. Tailor, Thiae ! fWUrfVW Fair," - - WuiUktr Duet, Air. fhilirpi and Mrs Burke, To gcil:iT let u range," Dr. Boyce Song, Mit. Holm an, 11 Robin Adair," Irish Melody PART 11. Sinfome, song, Mr. Incledon, The Thorn, Shield Duct, Mr. Phiiipps, and Mrs. llolman, ly Mnnlliiig Vpinrs," T. Cook Bravura, " Mrs. Burke, " Softly Waft ye Southern Brvejes," Hook 3nng, Mr. Incledon, " Scoltwba ha wi Wallace hied," Written by Buns Bravura, Mrs. Holman, Softly Sighs," Mdiiinjii Polirca, Mr. Fbilipps, ' No more by :Sr - row chai'd my "lleiit," Brabta S mg, Mrt. Burke, " lluming Hook Duet, Alrssrs. I'bllippt A Incle don, " All's Well.' Brahaa Doort open at 7, and Ihe concert coaimenes precisely at 8. J To B RO A D WAT C I It c u s, oooooOeiiioo Till? EVENING, Jl'LY J9. The per.'onuiiice will commence with Gs Grand Military Entry. Master Thomas wt on one horse perform Bt ny woudrrlul leafs of horsenianthip. . . The elegant Spanish horse Romeo will, afttf leaping oter boards and hart of a prodigioei heiphih, parform an astonishing leap through I hoc - heads. Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Tatneil Mrs. Williams will display . her tltoDisiing equilibriums on the slack wire. Matter M'Carn, tbe winder of the age, will, on one horse, pertorm many wonderful leatt for a youth, only nine years old, leap over 2 garters, ami conclude by riding on bn head, hit bone ia lull speed. Mont. Canssin will go through many surprising feats witlt a stick, but receirljr jutroduced into this country. Coronation, or Lf arne.l Horses ; ' which all those horses will show their, wnnderfuliagecity the eleant horte Othello will aland on a pedestal as a statue, and all Ihe ether horses will tn down at the command oflhe riders. - The tlefiant horte Othello will perfom CM pari of n domestic, he will at command, brinia whip, ha', basket, handkerchief al0 walk, trut aud canter at command. Mr. Bullen will on one horse perform inMf surpriing feats, leap over 4 gsrlers with rut handt ami fret tied, and coocjude by leal'" owr lour illuminated galleys, m The whole loconclnde with the graad Tra poliue Exercises, by Mr. Mathe, who wUlafiM seyeral wonih - rttil le.ius. tumble a sorajneo" Lfj horcs, one through a hogshead on fire. . lickeis may lie hail al me circus, oVI - h k, A. M. to I P. M. and from 3 to S - A place is provided for people of coloar - Doort will be on at 7 o'clock, and toe Performance commence precisely at 8. ...f.. No smoaking allowed. Clicks oot "VJ,, able. Gentlemeo are rerptctted aottotawr nn. V A fineGRKKX TDllTLE iUbtMeT sed and served at the ordinary of tit) - ""1 TO - MOKROW at 30'clock. JS. NOTICE. ' (r - The proprietor of ihe Dall - Alley respp fully informs Ins pnmns, tuat the Abe?" cl sid until Ihe 1st cl September, wbea - br happy to wait oo Iheui. n J "9 lw ROCRRT PiV NOTICE. ' CO - The co - pHr.nersl,ip.ltweell W. J raipanSLCo. is this day dissolve oi to il i ..t, and the bu'ineaa in future conducted br .SidMas D. Irapp - "JI sorts indebted to the latr firm ' - TJiSi - make immediate payme at te A. O. I 'Pr Dated July i:,l8i8. .oiPp. - f ANTHONY W. TRAPPAJ. NICHOLAS D. TUArf s3. JSfllw " netli, .iojj, cnanestrn, nnccrtain Medora, Ramberger, I'hilad. discharging ; brig Cornel Bond, for St. Petorsbiirg, laying off and oa for

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