The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1937
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 20 ·§ 1937 t I HOGS TURN WEAK AFTER OPENING PRICES DROP AS MUCH AS DIME Quo table Top $10.35;" All Grades of Cattle Up for Weeki CHICAGO, (JP)--The hog market turned weak after the opening Saturday,, with declines reaching as much as 10 cents in some classes. Prices for 200 pound and heavier animals were steady compared with'last week's quotations. The quotable top was §10.35. All grades of cattle were higher in comparison with last week's prices, though medium weights and heavies lost a . considerable portion of this week's gain. Prime steers just under "1,500 pounds, sold, at $15-50 during the week, a new top since May of 1935. Fat lambs lost as much as 25 cents during the week, the top falling to $12.40 at the close compared with $13.25 during the early part of the week. Fat sheep, facing the usual s e a s o n a l scarcity, climbed around 50 cents. Local Livestock FERMENTED MALT LIQUORS, AND DISTILLED SPIRITS MONTHLY CONSUMPTION (TAX 'PAID WITHDRAWALS) MALT LIQUORS MILLIONS OF BBLS. 12 SOUftCE' U.S.TRCASURf KPAMUWT DISTILLED -SPIRITS MILLIONS OF -GALS. (2. Hog Markets :'· MASON CITY--For Saturday. ; HOGS Five cents lower. . . . . Good lisht lights ... HO-150 J .7.4;-.7.1; Good light liBhls ... 150-100 $ 7.0Q- 8.2o Good lights ISO-no S 0.63- a.9a Good ligllls 170-180 S 0.10- 9.40 Good light butchers 180-200 S 9.40- 9.70 Good light butchers. 200-220- S 9.BO- 9.00 Good me. wt. butch. 220-230 S 9.60- 9.90 Good me. wt. butch 250-270 3 9.GO- 3.80 Good me. wt. butch 270-230 5 9.00- 9.SO Good-heavy butchers 290-325 5 9.30- 9.80 Good heavy butchers 325-350 5 9.40- 9.70 Good" heavy butchers 350-400 S 9.25-3.33 Good packing SOWS . 275-350 S 9.15- 9.45 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 S 8.95- 9.25 Good bis Heavy sows 423-500 S H.M- S.05 Good bitf heavy sows 500-530 S 8.55- 8.85 (The above is a 10:30 truck hoff market tor good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers SIO.OO-ll.SO G o o d . t o choice steers ..... * 8.00-10.00 Fair to good steers ........ 5 6.00- 0.00 Low grade steers $4.00-6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. S 9,00-10.00 Cood to choice yearlings ... S 7.00- 9.00 Fair to good yearllns's .... 5 S.OO- 7.00 Common to fair yearlings ... S 4.00- 5.00 Good to choice heifers. ...?. S 7.00- 9.011 Fair to Eood hdfcrs $ 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers ....' S 350-;5.00 Choice to prime cows ..... S 5.00- fi.OO Good to choice cows * 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows .:-......'.. S 3.50- 4.25 Fair to good cutters ..;.... S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters .... S 3.00- 3.50 Fair to good canners S 2.75- 3.00 Common to fair cannera .... S 2.50- 2.75 Good to choice bulls S 4.50- 5.50 Light bulls S 4.00 Calves. Cd. to choice 130-190 S 7.00- 8.00 Calves, met!, to good 130-190 S 4.50- 7.00 Calves, tntcr. to gd. 130-190 S 4.50 d'wri LAMBS Lambs, gd. to choice 70-80 $ 9.75-11.00 Lambs, med. to good 70-90 5 8.75- 9.75 Lambs, fr. to medium 70-90 $ 5.15- 8.75 Lambs, common S 5.75 d'wn Yearlings, gd. Ip ell. .70-90 ·? 5.00-.6.00 Yearlings, -modlumVto ^good,.S .4.00-^5.00 Yearlihgai "'Cair- 1 to 1 medium · S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings,' culls . $2.00-2.50 Native ewes, good to choice S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, ewes ..'...... :.:.. $ 1.00- 1.50 Bucks $ 1.00- 2.00 Wolhors, 2 year olds .......: S 5.00- 6.00 Wethers, old ....: * 3.00- 5.00 Buck lambs SI lower. No clock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Saturday:, WATERLOO--Hogs . steady with Friday's close. Good to choice 140 to 150 Ibs:, 57.COfi7.90; 150 to 100 Ibs.. 58.10® 8.40: 160 to 170 Ibs., 5B.70g9; 170 to 1BO Ibs., $9.25®9.55; 100 to 200 Ibs.. 59.558'9.85; 200.10 290 Ibs., S9.65ciI9.95; 290 to 325 Ibs.. 49.55^9.05; 325 to 330 Ibs., S9.45R9.75; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs., 59.15®8.45; 350 to 425 Ibs., 59®9.30; 425 to 550 Ibs,, 5U.HjgO.15. CEDAR RAPIDS-- Good hogs 140 to 150 Ibs,, 57.70S8; ISO to 160 Ibs. $8.20@8.50; 160 to 170 Ibs.. 58.70S9; 170 to 150 Ibs., S9.25Sf5.55; 180 to 200 Ibs.: $9.5569.85; 200 to 325 Ibs., 59.C589.95; 325 to 350 Ibs., 59.50S9.CO. Good packers 275 to 330 Ibs., 59.155J9.45; 350 to 425 Ibs., S9®9.20;. 425 to 500 Ibs.. S8.8569.15: 500 Ibs., S8.70S9. AUSTIN--Hogs. 5 cents-lower; good to choice. 180-200 lbs« S9.50«I9,80: 200-290 Ibs., S9.70E10; 290-325 Ibs.. S9.60g8.30; 325-350 Ibs.. S9.50S9.80; packing sows, good, 275-550 Ibs., $9.29.60. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) CHICAGO, (*)--(U. S. Department of Agriculture)-HOGS 7.500. Including 7.000 direct; few cales 210 to 260 Ibs., $10©10.25;', weak to shade lower than Fridays close or weak to! 10 cents lower than early; quotable top 510.35; compared with week ago most good and choice hogs 200 Ibs. up, steady; medium kind all weights 2ocSP35e nlgher; weights under 200 Ibs. steady to lOc higher; packing sows lOc to 15c higher; pigs.lQe to 25c higher. CATTLE: Receipts 200; calves 100; compared Friday last week: Light steers anc yearlings, excepting common kinds, 25c to" 50c higher, mostly 50c up; comparable medium weights and heavies steady to 25c higher after losing biff part'of week's advance ion unevenly lower close; common steers steady; stackers and feeders strong to 25c .higher,-meaty kinds' lip most; heifers r,hd medium to choice foeci cows 25c to SOc higher; common and medium heifers up least; cutter grades and common beef cows weak to 25c lower only, very .thin light cutters showing ful decline; bulls steady and vcalera SOc to $1.00 up; largely shorUcds in both steer and hel/er run; but prime 1,403 Ib. steers reached, $15.50, new, high since May, 1035 best · light steers $15.25; best yearlings 514.85; heifer^yearlings $12; bulk steers $9.25ft]3; meaty feeders to $9.40. SltEEP: Receipts 3,000. all direct. For week ending Friday", 4,300 directs. Compared Friday last week: Fat lambs around 25c lower, l a t e ^ t o p $12.40 against a practical top of $13,25 early in-the week, the highest locally in March since-1929; fa Jamb supply around 75 per cent from Colorado and Nebraska.- few loads clippers and' seasonal scarcity 'of fat sheep latter selling around SOc higher: top shorn lambs for week $10.75. closing 510.25; late bulk -woolen lambs' $12.25ffJ12.40. sorting from fed bands very llpht; outs mostly Slp.75 upward late; most small lols na lives closing $11.75 upward: best fat ewes $8; bulk fat natives'$797.75; no shearing lambs offered. (No representative sales). 00; SOc to $1.00 higher-for \veek; good nd' choice S8@10; v select · handywelghtj 10.50. ' . ' ' . . ' ' ' · ' . HOGS 700; about steady with Friday; lost 190 to 300 Ibs.. $9.B5«?'10; lop $10; 60 to 190 Ibs.. $9.50R9.90; 120 to 150 Jos., . f t 0 . 3 0 : bulk good sows $9.50; average ost Friday $9.84: weight 215 Ibs. S1ILET 900; compared with Friday.last Veek; .Slaughter lambs largely steady; ther classes largely 25c higher; Friday's ulks: Good to choice 62 to 66 lbs.,genu- ne springers $15.25(517; choice old crop ambs $12; common and medium S9IB 0 ] /450; good to choice ewes SG.50Sit7.50; good to choice 5S to 74 Ib. feeding lambs S9.75S10.73; week's top fed lambs $12.90. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) SIOUX CITY, fJF--U. S. Department o Aftricullure)-- CATTLE, 4M; for the week: Slaughter Bteers-and yearlings, 25c to 50c higher; ra she stock 25c up; stockers and feeders strong, 25e higher; week's, lop weighty steers $13; medium weights $12@12.75 bulk good 1.100 Ibs., Sloeil.25; small lots food and choice heifers $10*310.25; bulk SOlSD.25; most beef cows $5tfl7; few up tc SS; cutter grades $3.7594.50; load lots fleshy feeders 5S®9.50; bulk good placement steers S7@8; few heavy stcc calves S8. HOGS, 200; mostly steady to 5c hlglie than. Friday's average; top £10.10; gooc and choice 190 to 300 Ib..butchers Sfl.DCK 10.10; few good 170 to ISO Ib. lights $9.505 0.9f1; lighter weights scarce; sows quotct 50.SO 579.110. SHEEP, none; for the week: Lambs 10 to 20c Imvr; ewes mostly 50c higher ·week's lamb top $12.93 (highest In sever years). Late top $12.15: late bulk fc ·woolcd 511.75(112.15: package choice 88 Ib fleshy shorn $10; load lots choice fe ewes 115 to 121 Ibs., $7.75; other sales me dium to choice $5@7.50; other mcdlu light weight feeders $9.75Q10; cholc salable $11 or above. SOUTH ST. PACJ1Y LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) SOUTR ST, PAUL, (/P)--(U. S. Depart ment of Agriculture)-CATTLE, 700; compared with Frlda last week slaughter steers steady t strong; Rood and choice grades scarce mostly 25c higher; heifers steady strong; cor/s about steady; instancu week; bulls steady; rrtockers and feeder strong to 25c higher; good ted steers BO Ibs. and above 510012; small lots cholc S13; bulk medium grades ja^io; mos medium and good fed heifers $71?JO; goo h e e f , cows $fl.50$7 mainly; few cholc $7.5068; plain butchers down to S3: lo cutters and cutters mostly 53.7504,75 most stockers And feeders around $C# 8 fancy 320 Ib. finishing steers 53.00. Calves t COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINES, (/Pj--U. S. Department of Agriculture) -Combined hog receipts at 22 conccntra- ion-yards and 9 packing plants located n interior Iowa and southern Minnesota or the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m., aturday were 21,500' compared with 15,- QD a week ago and -18,200 a year ago, dy to 5c lower generally, spots. lOc ndcr early Friday, trade undertone moo- rately active \veek-end loading Indicated ome less than 42,BOO week ago. Quota- cms follow: Light lights. 140 to ISO Ibs., ood and choice. 58,10^9.10; light weights,. fiO to 180 Ibs.. $9.05f?9.BO; 180 to 2QQ Ibs., 5T 10; medium weights, 200 to 220 bs... 59.50^10.20; 220 to 250- Ibs.. 59-80® 0.20; heavy weights, 250 lo 230 Ibs., 5.80^10.20; 230 to 350 Ibs., $9.75-210.10; cking sows, 255 to 330 Ibs., good, ?9.40 9.60;.330 to 425 Ibs., $9.2Q29.50; 425 to 50 Ibs., $8.95^9.30. WHEAT MART IN BROAD ADVANCE mpovting Nations Soon to Have to Depend Largely on North America. CHICAGO, (XP)--Wheat prices oared almost three cents a bushel ere Saturday, influenced, traders aid, by indications that wheat inverting nations soon will be forced o depend largely on North Amerca for supplies. Gains of more than three cents t Winnipeg, where prices reached ew highs for the season, caught he attention of Chicago traders nd buying here at times was ympathetic with action in the Canadian market. Wheat closed 2 to 3 cents above i-iday's finish, ' May Jl.38%-%, uly $1.24 %-%, and corn was %% up, May $l:10%-54, July 1.08'A-y 4 . Oats gained =4-1 Vs, ye !%-!%, and provisions were cents off to 3 cents up. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) KANSAS CITY, W-- (U. S. Department of Agriculture)-HOGS: 100; not cr.oUKh ottered to lest values; market nominally steady; ior the week: Mostly lOc higher. CATTLE: 800. calves 300; lor the week Fed steers and yearlings ot good erori and better, SOc to 75c higher; other killing classes 25c to 50c hiffher; veaiers fully SOc higher; atocUer and feeder classes steady to 25c higher; medium stockers mostly steady; week's top: choice six- months fed matured steers $13; Severn loads good crndc S12® 12.60; practical top veaiers S10.SO: short yearling ' slockers S3.75: bulk, short fed steers S9«fll.75 stockers.and light feeders, mostly $6.2offl S.50. SHEEP; 1.300; for the week: Slaughter lambs about steady; early advance lost shep, 25c hleher: week's top fed lambs tc shippers 5,1:1.75; to Backers S12.6n; best offered at. the close 511.75; shorn lambs lati $9.751? 10; Texas and Arizona spring lambs, mostly S13.505? 13.75. few-natives up to S14.2. 1 ): ton ewes S7.75; numerou. shipment-i 57.50W7.75; odd lots natives mostly ?B.50rj57.SO; sn om ewes 55.75. OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) OMAHA, (.T)--(U. S. Department of Ag ricuHure)-- HOGS 700; Including 650 direct; ... enough fresh hoes offered to test market odd heart Rond 250 to 329 Ib. butchers SI to packers, nominally steady: very few common and medium around 120 Ib weights S7«i8.aO; no other weights . classes on sale; average cost Friday $9.85 weicht 230: compared with Friday las week..mostly steady to Idc higher, in stances 2sc VID on pin stuff. CATTLE 100; no calves; compared Pri day last week, top stood to prime steer 25c to 5flc hicher. other steers and year lings steady to 25c higher: common kind mostly steady; few choice heifers 25c ti 51c higher; cutters and cows mostly steady: bulls steady to shade .lower calves and veaiers firm: stockers anc feeders strong to 25c hicher; spots up SOc week's bulk medium to Rood steers and yearlings S8.50SM1: numerous -ood t choice 1 950 to 1300 Ibs.. $l!.35«?i:Uft sprinkling choice to crime S13.25WI4 reveral loads crime 1.143 to 1,348 Ibs., lone feds SI4.85OT15.23. latter hichest sin. February. 1030: common and medium light welehts $s.2sffn.75. cutter to com mon S5W8: Kood to choice heifers S8.S05? 10.25; few loads to S11.25: load !56 Ibs. S12; common to mpdhim S5.2o578.50; fiooc to choice cows $6.25fiS: common, to me Hium S5ifi6.25. cutter **rade.-! S3,25?M.75 fetv 35; medium bulls $5.2.iff6: beof kind $6.50; bulk e.ilvps flnd vealera SG.fidffJO; loct veals S10: bulk slnckers and feeder si;; few S9.25; load meaty feeder SO.IiO. SHEEP 700: bulfc direct and IhroiiBb compared Friday last wrok: Lambs steady 1n stromr: fat sheen 25c to 4"c hliher feeders SOc lo 51 hinder: clo.Mne bulk follow: fed wonted Iambs $11.0.11312.15 lop $12.30: week's ton M3; native snrln lambs cholcn SMSF14.25; good (o cholc ewcn SS.25Q7.75; common down to S3.75 cood tn choice feeding lambs ' cliglbl $10911.50. · LIVESTOCK FOJIECAST CinCAGO. i/n -- Unofficial estimate livestock rocelots for Monday: Hogs 18, 000; cattle. 13,000; sheep, 11,000. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Saturday Quotation*) NEW YORK, vn--U- S. govcrnmon bonds closed: Treasury ll'.s 47-52 11S.C. Treasury. 4s «.5 111. Treasury 3',is 40-43 June 103.25. Treasury 3T»3 43-47 106.12 Treasury 3 T /»s 4R-40 104,16. Treasury 3a 51-55 103.10. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Saturday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. Wj--Cash wheat: No. 1 hard 1.44/ t ([il.45 j ,'4; No. 2 hard $1.43%; No. 4, 1.33'A., Corn: No. 2 yellow $1.1T,4; No. 3 yel- oiv Sl.lS^ei.lS'.a; No. 4 yellow tl.llC 1 lo',i; Ko. 3 yellow ?1.00'AS'1.11; No. 3 ·hitc $1.17; No. 4 white $1.14(31.15%; ample BBc@1.07!i. . Oats; No. 1 white 52'Ac; No. 2.white Ic; sample 49!ic. · ." ' Soybeans: No. 3 yellow $1.553,4©1.56. Barley: Feed 73@'S7c; malting $1.00® .35. · Timotliy Seed $4.75©5.50 per c\vt. Clover Seed $30(536 per cwt. I^ird--Loose, $12.52; tierces, $11.82; cllics, $17. Stock List NEW YOHK STOCKS (Saturday Final Quotations) By The Associated Press. 8 Hi 23 3 , es'.l 31 Al Cti Dye 239 Am .Can 106',a Am Sm S: Ret U7 · Am T i: T 171 M. Am Tob B Am W Wks Anaconda At T S F. Aub Auto Aviat Corp Bait Ohio Barnsdall Bendlx Aviat 25','z Beth Steel 95 Bordcn 27'A Borg-Wag 80 li Can D G Ale 3G^ Can Pac 15 Case 153 Chi t N W Ml Chi Gt West 3^i C M St P P 2V, Chi Rk Sc f .I'.i Crysler 127 Col G t El 15Ti Corny Sou 3 Con Edison 41)% Con Oil 16'A Con Can 6IH'* Cont Oil Del 41'A Corn Prod 6B'.? Curt wri n; Deere Co 123Ta Deere Co pf SO^i Du Pant D N ." Gen E]ec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Good T Hud Mot III Cent Int Harvest 104 Int Nick Can 6B% Int T T 1314 Johns Man? 142 Kresgc 25"i SG 411: 18 R 43!'» Libb O F GL 6S? Maytag in McK Rob 15'._ Mid Con Pet 32 Jilont Ward ' 62!i Nash Hot 22 Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dry Pr Nat Distill Nat P Lt N Y Central Nor Pac Oliver Farm Packard Mot Par Pict Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet Radio Hey Tob B Scars Hoc . Sliell Union Soc Vac Son Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Slew-War SUtdebaker Swilt Co Texas Corp Tex Gl Sul Timk Roll B Un Carbide ' Union Pacific 146 Unit Air Corp 31?! United Corp Unit Drug U S Ind Al U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pict West Un Tel West E HI Woolworlh STOCK TRADING IS SLOW AFFAIR Makes No Progress Except for Few §teels, Rails and Specialties. NEW YORK, (/P) -- Stocks shifted from one foot to the other in Saturday's market and, except for a few steels, rails and specialties, made little or no progress. In addition to nervousness over the labor outlook, another break in U. S. government securities tended to keep many traders in the safety zones. Dealings were slow from the start. Transfers for the 2 hour proceedings were around 600,000 shares. Helpful to the steels were estimates mill activities in the Pittsburgh district next week will start at 93 per cent of capacity, up 3 points at a new post-depression peak. Bethlehem ran up more than 2 points at the best notwithstanding plans o£ the Lewis unions to start an organization drive in its plants. U. S. Steel, Crucible and Republic, while far from buoyant, were a bit ahead most of the time. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City =0",i 3(3 '/· 24'.i 3U 33','. GO 10?:, 24',',, 101'A 55" 11 '.i 5l'/4 9U ."1 Vt G2 . IS'.il 45}; 48% 27'i 57V. 39 'A 07 104!i 15V. 40'. i 67',', 117 V.i' . 52V« Produce MASON CITY--For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 19c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ..l'2c Under 5 Ibs 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs. 7c Cocks fie All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less merchants Quotations Eggs in trade 20-21c* Eggs, cash -... 19-20C* Butter 1 , Iowa State Brand 42c Butter, Corn Country 40c Butter, Kenyon's 40c Butter, Very Best 42c Butter, Brookfield 40c Potatoes, russets, peek 75c Potatoes, cobblers,' peck 57c' ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. Btd and Asked Saturday. Cent St El 6 pet p* ($25 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet pf ($25 part 11 Cent St P L 7 pet pt ____ 13',i Champlin Hef Iowa 7 pet pf loo Creamery Package com ..... 21 Hearst Cons A .............. 22V* George A Kormel A pf ..... 104 George A Hormel common . 21 Interstate Power 6 pet pf ... 13 Interstate Power 7 pet pf ... 15 Toxva Electric Co 6te pet pi 48 Iowa Electric Co ' 7 pet pf 50 la Elec Lt S: Pow 6 pet .pf 64 la Elcc Lt Si Pow E'A pet pf 65 la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pf 70 la Power Light 6 pet pi . ICO la Power Light 7 pet pf . 101 la Public Serv 6. pet pf ... 05 la Public Serv-6'A pet pf ... 96 la Public Serv 7 pet pt ... 97 la South Util G pet pf ... 60 la South Util 6Vi pet pf ... 61 la South Util 7 pet pf ... 70 Minnesota P L, S pet pf 88 Minnesota . P k i. 7 pet pf 93 Northern St Power 6 pet pf 85 Northern St. Power 7 pet pf 91 N W Bell Tel Cli pet pf . . . . 105 N W Portland Cement com . 30 Rath Packing com ......... 36 Sioux City Gas «: El 7 pet pf 100 United Lt Rys fi pet pf BQ United U Rys 6.36 pet PE ~' United Lt Rys 7 pet pf Western Grocer j( Western Grocer com ....... ·Called April 15. 25 10T * lo"* 17 50 52 66 67 72 102 103 . 97 93 89 62 63 72 90 95 87 93 32 37 102 r.2 83 93 100 10 Legal Notice NOTICE OF INCORPORATION an see MARKET NOTES By TICKER TAPE firm; Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Saturday 'lo. 3 yellow shelled corn...$1.04 *Jo. 4 yellow shelled corn .. .$1.02 ~lar corn 94c White oats, No. 3 42Vjc 3arley 60-80c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ....$1.30 SATURDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO. (; Low Sl.SS'.i f 1.22',« CHICAGO STOCKS (Saturday final Quotations). .:·:-.: By The Associated Tress. ; Cities' Serv' " '415 " No'wst Ban' " ' Dexter l.i Quaker Oats 1 Hcil Brew 19% Rath Pack Kali Drug 14=1 Swilt t Co Kel Switch IOK U t i j Ind Midw Corp 12'A Zenith Nat Leather Hi Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Oflice in Bagley-Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7. . 1.2414 WHEAT-May .... July Sept. .... CORN-May, new .... I.ID 1 ,^ May, old 1.09 July, new .... l.Ofi'A Sept 1.01 OATS-May 47',i July 44 Sept 41',i SOY BEANS-May July RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Mar May July Sepl BELLIES-May July . 1.19U .45'.', .42% 1.10 1.05'A .S3 ..12.8.1 ..1X1(1 ..13.32 12.77 13.00 13.20 1.2314 l.lO'.i 1.08% l.OSVj LOOT, .47 1.10 1.05 .76 12.65 12.B2 13.05 13.27 17.0(1 17.25 MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN ( S a t u r d a y a l a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS, Wl--Wheat. 39 cars, 2'/« cents higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern. 60 Ibs., SI.49VoG'1.59%; No. 1 dark northern. 50 Ibs.. Sl.38»i31.50V.; S3 Ibs.. $1.47',igl.57»k; Jancy No. 1 dark hard Montana. 14 per cent protein, $t.45 s ,atfa 1.47»i; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. "l hard Montana winter. $1.3a^i(fiil.40^i: hard amber durum: No. I, jl^^^i; No. 1 rde. durum. $l33Vt*S\.Wi. Corn--No. 3 yellow, $1.15',4@l.I8',!,; 1 cent higher. Oats--No. 3 white, 46®48. Hides BOW JONES AVERAGES l.iils.' Rails TJIils. Close 32.19 Total sales 710,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 16!'n Walgreen Co 30% Cord Corp 4?'. NEW YORK CURB Am G i El 37',i Hecla Mining 19T Am-Cyan B 30»A "" " ~ Am Sn Pow 2 Ark Nat G A 10% As G i: El A :!','« Can Marconi CHICAGO PRODUCE (Saturday Market) CHICAGO. f/rj--Butter, 8.331. creamery -specials (93 scare). 36',-i^37; extras [32). 3G; extra firsts 190-91), 35ia Sf353,i; firsts (68-69), 3W435\\; standards {SO centralfzcd carlotsj, 35^. Eggs. 1S.B81, steady, prices unchanged. Poultry -- Live. 4 trucks, firm; hens over 5 Ibs., 20 '/2. 5 Ibs. and less. I9',*j; Leghorn hens, IG'/i; colored fryers, 26Va! Plymouth, and White Rock, 21 'A; colored broilers. 25 1 A. Plymouth and White Rock, 2GV4, barebacks. 20; roosters, 13, Leghorn roosters, 12; turkeys, hens, 24. young toms. 18, old, 1C: No, 2 turkeys, 15; ducks, 4',i Ibs up, white and colored, 20, small u-hiie and colored, 17; geese, 15; capons, 7 Ibs. up, 28, less than 7 Ibs., 27, NEW YORK PRODUCE (Saturday Market) NEW YORK. (R't-- Live poultry, by freight, nominal; no quotations. By express, steady; prices unchanged. Dressed poultry steady to frim. Tresh ducks, IGCtltl; frozen ducks. IS. Other fresh and frozen prices unchanged. Eggs, 33.05U, barely steady. Mixed colors; standards, 25S25'/i. Other mixed prices unchanged. Eultcr. 7,3fl6. firmer. Creamery, higher than extra. 36 3 ,;i5t27': extra fQ2 score), 3flVb; firsts 188-91 scores), 3436 1 /*; sec. onds (84-87 scores), 3216I333; centralized (90 score). aS'.^f^SSVA. Cheese, 24,874, firm and. unchanged. Dist Corp Sea 27^' Bd Sh 24 Ford of Can Hi Walk Co 471,4 Hud B M i: S Nia Hud Pow Pennroad Cp Std Oil Ky Un Gas Co Un L Pow Util P Sc i. 5',i 20 V, 11% That the United Light and Power company, holding concern of the local utility corporation, may join those who are withdrawing their opposition to registering under tht; securities and exchange commission was indicated Saturday. A statement by the SEC, issued following a federal district court decision upholding constitutionality of the act, was advanced by the United Light and Power as the reason for considering abandoning last ditch opposition to compliance with terms of the act. The SEC had given assurances that registration did not entail forfeiture of any legal rights. FOREIGN SHORTAGE STEEL EVIUEXT A steel shortage of famine proportions in Europe, recognized for some months by American producers as a factor to be reckoned with, was accorded official recognition Friday In a prediction by department of commerce officials that a sharp gain in domestic exports may be expected if present demand abroad continues. The commerce department reports t h a t a steadily increasing volume of inquiries from foreign consumer;; o[ finished and semi-finished steel products is being received. More requests for steel are coming from abroad than the department has seen in any year since 1920, with the greatest interest being shown In aemi- linlshed products. Norway, Sweden, Belgium and other continental countries which have- relied largely on German semi-finished steel are reporting difficulty in getting their orders filled because of increased concentration of German producers on domestic orders. Another factor in the shortage abroad appears to be the diversion of British steel to Britain's rearmament program. FOREIGNERS HEAVY BUYERS OF STOCK Foreigners have been lieavy buyers of American stocks for many months, it was conclusively shown today In a special study which revealed that ioreign purchases of stocks in the United States have exceeded foreign sales in the American market an average o£ 5*3,750,000 a month for a period of eight months. In other words, while foreign traders have .been both sell ing and buying stocks In Amer- 'Ican markets, their net position at-i the end of each month has shown them to be heavily accumulating shares o( American companies. Tile net addition to holdings of American corporation shares amounted to §350,- 000.000 in a period ot eight months, the study disclosed. Total holdinps of American stocks by foreign Investors is estimated in the billions, the figures concern- inc themselves" primarily with changes which have occurred In recent months. That foroiijn accumulation oE American slocks lias been on the increase, despite governmental investigations to find moans to slop the flow of canttat to this country. is indicated in the disclosure that in the first week of March, foreigners bought 520.000,000 worth of stocks in the United States over and above what they sold. It is commonly believed that foreign investment.'; of all k i n d s in the United Stales approximate 57.000,000,000. To Whom It May Concern NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned have associated themselves together under and by virtue of Chapter 384 and Chapter 35-C 1 Title 19 of Ihe 1935 Code ot Iowa and laws amendatory thereto, as a corporation, and have adopted Articles of Incorporation which provide as follows, to-wtt: (1) The name or the corporation Is "The Mason City Motor Coach Company" and its principal place of business Is Mason City, Iowa, . (2) The general nature of the business to be transacted by such corporation is owning and operating motor busses, motor vehicles and automobiles for hire for the purpose o£ transporting passengers and: the public generally over and through the streets ot Mason City, Iowa and to furnish Individuals and parlies conveyances for business, pleasure or trips in. through and about said city, and from city to " other nearby towns and cities, and to any and all places where an individual, person, party or group of parties and the public desire to go and to be transported and to carry and transport mail, papers and packag es. To purchase, own or leas e motor busses and motor coaches, automobiles and motor vehicles with power to sell, exchange or dispose of the same and to purchase or lease snow plows and operate the same in connection with the aforesaid business and to purchase, own, lease or otherwise acquire all necessary equipment and personal p opcrly incident lo the aforesaid business. To purchase, own, improve, lease, sell, exchange, convey or transfer real estate. To purchase, erect or construct garage or garages. To lease or own garages and to purchase, lease or otherwise acquire oil stations, bulk stations and filling stations. To borrow money and to mortgage or otherwise lien or pledge any or all of the company's property; to acquire from the State of Iowa or from any town or municipality or froTi any corporation or individual any concessions, grants, rights or franchises, powers and privileges within the State of Iowa which may seem to the company capable of being turned into ac- 'count in carrying out its business, and to exercise the same, and with power to sell ot dispose of the same. To borrow money and contract indebtedness without limit as to amount for any oC the purposes of the corporation. To draw or make, accept, endorse, discount, execute, issue, sell or otherwise dispose of promissory notes, drafts and bills of exchange, warrants, bonds, debentures and negotiable or non-negotiable instruments and to secure the payment thereof with interest thereon by mortgage, pledge, conveyance or assignment of the whole or any part of the property to the corporation at the time owned, or thereafter acquired. To purchase, hold, sell and transfer the shares of its capital stock. To give and to execute either not less than three, nor more than five. directors, who shall elect a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and such other officers, including executive committee as they may fit, or as may be provided fay the bylaws of this corporation. The annual election shall be held on · the second Tuesday o( January of each year. Until the first election, which' shall be held on January. Hi 1938, the following named persons shall be directors: James E» Osbornc, Mason City, lowar Rose Os : borne. Mason City. Iowa, and Eee Osburn, of Albert Lea, Minnesota, And tlie follo.ving named persons shall be officers: President, James E. Osborne; Vice-Prestdent, Dee . Osburn; Secretary and Treasurer, Rose Osborne. All officers of this corporation shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. · Every director shall be a stockholder. The Board oE Directors may fill all vacancies occurring in iis membership between annual 'elections by appointment of qualified persons, who will hold office for the remainder of the term. Special meetings of the stockholders may be called at any time by the President giving ten (10) days notice. In person or in writing to the stockholders, and shall be called by him at any time upon request of stockholders representing :3% of the outstanding stock. And in case of his neg- lecl or refusal to call such meeting the parties owning stock to the amount of t outstanding may join in a call of the stockholders, which meeting shall be the same as If called by the President At all meetings of the, stockholders eacfi stockholder shall be entitled lo one veto for each share of stock held by him. which vote may be cast in person or by proxy. (ARTICLE VIII) (6) The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from the debts of said corporation. This Article shall not be changed except by the unanimous consent of all stockholders In Interest. (7) The corporation may make and. alter by-laws and may authorize the Board of Directors to do so. (8) Amendments to these Articles, except Article VIII, may be mode at any annual meeting of the stockholders, or at a specia" meeting called for that purpose, two-thirds ot all stock In interest voting for such amendments. ' ; Dated this 24th day of February, 1937. INCORPORATORS ADDRESS Jarnus E. Oaborne, Mason City, Iowa. Dee Osnurn, Albert Lea, Minnesota. Rose Orborne, Mason City, Iowa. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OK ADMINISTRATOR PRODUCE FUTURES (Saturday Market) CHICAGO, tiP) Close: 'Butter storage standards March 3A^ic; Wov. 3l',i. Egcs storage packed firsts March 24*ic; April 24^c; refrigerator standards OC ·26V. Potatoes Idaho Tlussets April grade A ?2.70; May grade A $2.61. Bond Market NEIV YORK STOCKS Quotation! PurnlsbeO dy Wall Bru*_ inc., 30* F i f t h Street Southwest. Horse hides J4.25 ·CIEEEN BEEP D1UES Up (o 23 Ibs , ,. Il'/iC 25 Ibs. lip .,...' 9 c Bull hides , 7'£c 'Cured tilde* halt cent mar* a pound (On Above prices A ccnj? and A half higher to wholesale duelers In wholesale lols.} Alaska June Am For I* 11V. Am Car Fy 64 Am Pow Li in. Am Roll Mills 39 1 ,'* Am Ra S 25Va Amer Tob HlV-i Armour Co 12',^ Arm Co pf Q7 As Dry Goods 21'A All Hcf 33 J ,b Baldwin Loco 9 Briggs Mfg Co 48V* Bendix 25!=* Qudd MfR Co I2!'« Bycrs A M Co 23^i Caterpll Trac 91 Cer ue Pasco 78 ^hc.s Ohio 61'.i ~ Gt W pi !«'.'« cMstpip pf m* Coca-Cola Co 159'^ ^om Solvents IBTk Cont Motor 3'/B Cuclahy Pack 4lVi Curt-Wr Co A 2l'A Dist Corp Sea 27V« Douglas Alrc 62 Eastman 159 Eaton Mfg Co 32'A Elec Auto Lit 39ii Elec Po S: Li 24% Erie R R Co 22!t Fircst T R 3B'/i Foster-Wheel 46 Freeport Tex 27'A Gen Am Trati 73 Glidden Co 45^ I Cobcl · 6 Gold Dust 14 Gt North Ore 25*,^ Graham Paige 3Ti Gt Nor p/ 51 !i Hou Oillnewl 14^« 21V B Hudson Motor 20 Va Hupp Motors 2. Jntl Carriers 8$i Indust Hayon Lambert Co LchigH P Ce LEq Carb Cp 52 Lorlllard 23V- Mack Truck 5B',' B Math. Alk 31 '/· McLcllan St IGT» Minn Mol Ini HVa M K T 0 TVIo Piicllic 5n Motor Prod 32^V No Amer Av 23^8 Otis Steel Co 31'/t Owen III Gl IBS) Packard Mot 1(PA Prak Utah Cop 6 Plymouth 25V 4 Proc Gam 57}* Pub Sor N J 44 '£ Pullman Pure Oil Co Purtty Bak R K O Hem Rand Rco Motors Simmons Co So Cal Edison 271i Spcrry Corp 21 St G E 13 Tld Wa As OU 20 U S Ind Al 4D3; U S, Smelter S6'A Util P L A 31i Vanadium 35 '£ Un Gas V* Im 14 '£ Warren Bros · 10 V/cMern Un 75 ·Wort Pump Yctlow Tr Yngst S : T 64 54'£ NEW YORK, (fF)--Another sellinR movement In U. S. government bonds brought further sharp losses in treasury and guaranteed issue. 1 ; Saturday. By the end of the first hour declines ranged from 4-32ds to 2l-32ds ot a point, 1 eavlnR values at the lowest levels for 1937. Selling was apain accompanied by reports institutional holders were ISghtcmnp portfolios In preparation for a gradual rise in money rates, A Tew low yield corporate Essues slid off witli the federals, and most specula- live t-atings wore inclined to sap fn absence ot support from the share list. Declines ran from minor fractions to around a point in obligations of Columbia Gas and Electric, Goodyear. Groat Northern. International Paper. McKesson £c Robbins, Bethlehem Steel, Chesapeake Corporation. Baltimore Ohio, Missouri Pacific, Pacific Gas and Pennsylvania . The relatively few Issues which man- aned to work a lltlld higher against Ihe doxvntrend included American and Foreign Power 5s. Allegheny Corp. 5s and Youngstown Sheet 3Us. The last named climbed about 2 points. Most of the foreign loans had small markets with negligible price changes. Abltibi Power and Paper 5s rose 3 on fairly heavy trading. Lamson Brothers Market Letter or paid on the o[ MARKET (Saturday Review) Boston, {)--(U, S. Depanment of Agriculture)-- Distinct improvement in lone of fine domestic wools was made In the Boston market during the past week. Strong prices in Australian markets and clearance fn this market of low priced Australian wools suitable for top- making purposes eased the pressure against domestic prices. Quotations showed a strengthened tendency on contract for western grown fine wools. Prices on medium grade Ohio wools were somewhat soft as a result of the arrival of new early shorn ficcces. Graded combing Va blood Ohio fleeces were quoted at 47 to 43 cents in the grease while quarter bloods were 45 lo 47 cents. The finer Ohio fleeces were steady nt 44 to 46 centi in the crease'for fine Delaine and «t 47 to 49 cents for staple combing Half blogd, CHICAGO POTATOES (Saturday Market) CHICAGO, (#}--(17. S, Depariment Agriculture) -Potatoes, 32, on Irack 357. total U, S. shipments 7,10; old "stock, weak, supplies liberal; demand slightly better for best quality large size Russets; other slock demand slow; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S, No. I, S2.75tTt3.10 according to size and quality; U. S. No, 2, mostly 52.15; Maine Green Mountains U. S. No, l, $2.40£?2,50; Wisconsin round whiles U. S. No. 1 tew sales fine quality large size $2.3002.35; U. S. commercial $1.55; Minnesota and North Dakota Cobblers U. S. No. I, and partly graded few sales $2.GQ; North Dakota Bliss Triumphs ordinary quality S2.25; new stock about steady for best stock, supplies liberal, demand fair; carlot track sales bushel crates, Florida Bliss Triumphs XT. S. No. 1, ?2.10£2.17',':7, lair condition $2 a crate. NE1V YORK SUGAR NEW YORK, IW--Raw sugar unchanged Saturday at 3.45c for spots with no sales reported. Futures were irregular with No, 4 contract generally lower under renewed commission house liquidation Influenced by the easiness of London. No. 3 held steady en trade covering and trade buy- Ing. Refined unchanged at 4.fiOc for fine pranulalorf with continued good withdrawals reported. Curb Market CHICAGO--Reports regarding the possible restrictions of Argentine exports was the news ot the day and the reason for sharp advance In wheat prices. Broomhall said it was reported that the Argentine board announced there is possibility that it might be necessary to restrict wheat exports commencing May 1. Our market and Winnipeg both started higher and prices in the latter market advanced almost 4 cents a bushel for their May future. May wheat In Winnipeg sold at the same price as May wheat in Chicago, which represents a gain of about 10 cents n bushel for Winnipeg May wheat on Chicago since around the first of January. If the reported possibility of restrictions of Argentine exports should be put into effect Europe would then be forced to Australia and Canada for wheat supplies until their new crops or possibly our domestic new wheat is available. There was a little moisture in the southwest, mostly in Nebraska, Friday night and the official weekly forecast for upper Mississippi nnd lower Missouri valleys is for precipllntlon the first of the week; generally fair and more pre- ciupitation near the close. Commenting on the government crops estimate the crop reporting board said with supplies with farms reduced by drought nnd with the demand for most farm products showing definite signs of recovery, the intended acreage docs not appear to be abnormal. Later in the day more snow was reported in various sections of Nebraska. News regarding the possible action o£ the Argentine wheat board Is a very important factor in tho wheat situation and on the immediate trend In values. However, without a confirmation and definite statement of such restrictions we believe It will be difficult to maintain sharp advances in our wheat market. NEW YORK, (if)--Although prices opened higher In the curb market Saturday, lowering influences developed later lo send roughly half of the list downward. General uneven ness prevailed late in the short session, with swings ranging to several points in each direction. Manu- f a c t u r i n g -and metal shares were lower white utilities were mixed and merchandising stocks a little better. Off 1 tn 2 points OP so were General Tire and Rubber. Aluminum Co. of America, Lake Shore Mines And Newmont Mln- inp, "Nehi Corp, lost nearly 3. On the up Ride, with swings of 1 lo 2 points were Atlantic Pacific, Great Northern Paper, Agfa Ansco and Bell Telephone, of Canada. as principal or surety, surety, indemnity or liability bonds in connection with the operation of the aforesaid business and to purchase and acquire such surety, indemnity and liability bonds and to purchase, acquire and contract for insurance policies and indemnity policies insuring against any or all hazards connected with the aforesaid business. To enter into and maltc and perform contracts · of every kind (or any lawful purpose with any person, firm, association or corporation, town, city, county, body politic, state or United States Government, To have one or more office and to conduct any or all of its operations and business and promote its business within the Slate oC Iowa. To buy. hold, sell and convey personal property and such real property as may be necessary and convenient for the proper conduct of the affairs of the corporation. (3) The authorized number of shares of capital stock of this corporation are Three Hundred Fifty (35o| shares, of which Two Hundred Fifty (250) shares are common stock without par value, and one hundred shares (100) are preferred siock, of the par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per share. All stock is to be paid in. on date ~of issue without condition. Said Preferred Stock shall entitle the holders thereof to receive Six .(56.001 Dollars per share per annum, from the surplus or net profits of the corporation payable at such times as the Board, of Directors may determine, before any dividends shall be set apart for or paid on the Common Stock, and the Preferred Stock shall not participate in nor receive any additional earnings, profits or dividends. The said dividends on Ihc Preferred Sloclc shall be cumulative, so that If full dividends at · the aforesaid rate for any past dividend period shall not have been set apart for or paid on said Preferred Stock, the deficiency shall be fully paid or provided for before any dividend is declared Common Stock. The holders' ol Preferred Stock shall in case nf liquidation or dissolution of the company be entitled to be paid in full out of the assets of the corporation, including its capital, the amount of their Preferred Slock at One Hundred (5100.00) Dollars per share nnd an amount equal to the sum of all dividends unpaid thereon, and in lieu of such, dividends, before any amount shall be paid to the holders of common stock, and the remaining assets shall then be distributed among tile holders of common stock exclusively, in proportion to their holdings. Said Preferred Stock shall be subject to redemption in whole or in part, at One Hundred* (S100.UO) Dollars per share, and an amount equal to the sum of all dividends unpaid thereon, and in lieu of such dividends, at such time and fn such manner as the Board of Directors shall determine, after two years from the issue thereof. That each stockholder, either preferred or common, shall be entitled to one vote for' each share held by him or her, at all stockholders' meetings. That the authorized capital stock of this corporation or nny part thereof may ue issued from time to time for such consideration, and upon such terms and conditions as may be fixed by resolution passed by the stockholders of this corporation, at any annual meetlne thereof, or at any special meeting thereof called for that purpose, or by the Board of Directors acting u n d e r authority of such stockholders given in like manner. The capital stock authorized may be increased by a majority vole pt the voting stock issued and outstanding, by the adoption of an amendment to these Articles, which increased capital shares may DC created with or.with- out par value and may be cither common or preferred, with such privileges as may be determined at such meeting. When the outstanding capital Is increased, the addilional shares shall first be offered lo existing stockholders pro- porllonately to their holdings. (4) The business and corporate period of .this corporation shall begin on the date the Secretary of State issues certificate of incorporation, and continue for twenty (20) years unless sooner dissolved, with the right of renewal. (5) The affairs of this corporation shall be 'managed by a Board of Directors of STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. Ko. 4371 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of John Edward Du/fy, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County, All persons indebted lo said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the" undersign e d for allowance, a nd file in the office of the Clerk oE the District Court. JOHN C. ROBINSON. Administrator J. C. Robinson, Attorney. Dated March 12th, 1937, S. H. MaeFeatc, Clork District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT , OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4970 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned lias been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of Lizzie' I. Hull, Deceased, late of Ccrro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to Ihe undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of. the Clerk of the District Court. JOHN C. ROBINSON. Administrator. J. C. Robinson, Attorney. Dated'March 12th. 1937. S: H. MacPeak. Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. 6 Republicans and 3 ^Democrats on Senate · Sifting Committee DES MOINES, (/P)--The republican dominated senate committee on committees Friday announced selection pf six republicans and three democrats as the powerful sifting committee which, during the remainder of the session, Avill determine what bills are to come before the senate. Senator Frank C. Byers (R) of Cedar Rapids, will head the group selected to sift through the 425 bills thus far Introduced. Other republicans named were: B. W. Kimberly, Davenport, r a n king member; Charles B. Hoeven, Alton: Sanford Zeigler; Jr., Fairfield; Ora E. Husted, Truro; and E. P. Corwin, Fruitland. Democrats named were: Roy E. Stevens, Ottumwa; A. E. Augustine, Oskaloosa; and Lester E. Gillette, Fostoria. Rockwell Fanner Is Injured When Auto Smashes Into Bridge ROCKWELL--L. E. Day, who lives three miles north of Rockwell, suffered severe cuts and bruises when his auto rammed into the side of a bridge Saturday morning at 10 o'clock as he was going north on highway 65, The front end of his auto was demolished. Mr. Day, who was brought here for treatment, was thought to have fallen asleep. Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. We Fay Phone Calls Phone 1090 INVESTMENT TRUSTS By The Associated Press) Bid nnd Asked SaCardiy. Corporate Tr Sh - - Corp Tr Sh AA Mod . Corp Tr Sh Ac Scr .. Corp Tr Ac Scr Mod * Dividend Sh Maryland Fund .,.*... NatlonwldB Sec Nationwide Sec vtc . Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr SH 1033 Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh. Inc Super Corp Am Tr A U S El L A P A U S El L P B U S 1 t" *: P Vic 3.05 3.76 S.89 3.76 2.11 10.41 4.80 2.21 2.76 3.6:. 18,82 !5.R!1 4.27 . I8.B23 , 2.04 i.oa 2.25 11.33 4.90 2.37 20.62 17.32 19.125 3.04 1.16 Son Bom to Mr., Mrs. ' Gaylord Hegland Here A son weighing 5 pounds 2 ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Hegland at their home, 110V! South Delaware avenue, Thursday night. The boy has been named Hugh Gay Hegland. Mrs. Hegland was before her marriage, Miss Dorothy Dawes of Mason City. F. F. A. Banquet Held. PLYMOUTH--A banquet was held at the Plymouth schoolhouse, honoring the fathers and sons of the Future Farmers of America. William Nutt is sponsor of the group. There was a good attendance. Aid Society Meets. KANAWHA -- The Ladies Aid society of the Methodist church met Thursday afternoon at the church basement. The hostesses were Mrs. J. R. Hewlett, Mrs. Charles Howlett, Mrs. Joe Kudej, Mrs. Henry Severson and Miss Mary Kvidej. A U C T I O N S A L E I will hold a Public Sale on the former Orln "Hogen farm, 4 miles west, 2 miles south and '/· mile west of Kensett, 2 miles south and i/ mile west of Elk Creek church, on Wednesday, March 24 Commencing at One O'clock 63 HEAD OF CATTLE--IS Shorthorn and Hereford Milk Cows, some fresh and others fresh by day of sale; 1 Hereford Bull) high grade; 16 heart of calves; 12 head of early summer Calves; 8 Steers; 10 Heifers. 7 WORK HORSES--1 yearling: Colts, coming 2 years old; 1 bay Mare, wt. 1400, 12 years old; 1 black team, weight 1300. 8 -- BROOD SOWS -- 8 FULL LINE OF FARM MACHINERY--Including binder, wagon and box, 2 sets of harness, grain drill or scatter seeder, corn shcller, iy- h. p. engine, corn planter, 80 rods of wire, new corn cultivator, 1 set of heavy breeching harness, 1 set of farm harness, some collars, 600 BUSHELS CORN--100 BUSHELS BARLEY for SEED Some Timothy Seed Free From Foul Seed. Terms: Cash, or make arrangements with home banker before sale. J. F. BITKER, Owner Carl M. Shelmo, Auctioneer Citizens Savings Bank, Clerk i

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