Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 31, 1939 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1939
Page 16
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16 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1939 Clear Lake Globe-Gazette LUCIA E. O'NEIL, News Editor Residence Phone 296-J OFFICE PHONE'239 U you do nal receive y o u r paper call 133; Alter 6 p. in. call 513-W Deadline for locals, classified, and dla- pJay ads Is 11 a. m., dally. TheaU* P-3S*' deadllnt Li 6 p. rn. of th* day be fort publication. TED ADAMS, Advertising Home Phone 464-W JACK CHRISTIE, Circulation Home Phone 513-W Committee Raises $5,000 for 'Iowa's Home Town" Campaign for New Residents Off to Successful Start Work Progresses on Lowered Floor ot Surf MRSJOSLYN REVIEWS BOOK Luncheon Carries Out Idea of "The Country Kitchen" CLEAR LAKE--"The Country Kitchen" by Delia T. Lutes was reveiewed by Mi's. A. A. Joslyn for members of the Twentieth Century club who met at the home of Mrs. H. H. Crane Thursday for a I o'clock luncheon. The book, written by the daughter of its main characters, relates a group of events centered around the old-fashioned farm kitchen which is: rather accurately described. The luncheon, in keeping with' the spirit of the book, was served in the kitchen of the Crane home and the food was dished up in the family style of 50 years ago. A red and while oilcloth covered the table and old- time dishes and customs were featured. The. luncheon committee consisted of Mesclames F. P. Walker, Guy Wisgerhof, T. .E. 'Sondrol, C. A. Knutson, H. E. Freeman, Ed Boyle and Crane. Mrs, JosJyn will entertain on April 13 with Mrs. L. E. Ashland leading the lesson. a a o CRESCENT CLUB KAMBS OFFICERS Mrs. J. B. Calhoun was elected president of the Crescent club at the regular meeting held Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. . , ,, - ,, ,, ~ , ,,, - , A. B. Phillips. Mrs. T. G. Burns roer ** '?" » ? enri ' Va ° ? uuk j Cletr lake. ,,,.,,. »,----i ..; . , , ,. Scheduled to reoTjen Thiil-sdav nteht. Am CLEAR LAKE--OH to a solid I start in its campaign to sell this oramunlty as "Iowa's H o m e Town," the Greater Cleat- Lake committee Thursday night reported 55,000 subscribed to finance the CLEAR LAKE--With the raised floor of the Surf ballroom as their ceiling, Fred Schaffer (behind the wheelbarrow) and Tommy Kofoed, both of Clear Lake, are shown coming out from under with another load of cement. At work on the thoroughgoing remodeling of the Surf interior are approximately 110 laborers on three eight-hour shifts daily. In the left foreground is a strip of the dance floor al its original level, while a glance at the "roof" oyer the two workmen shows that the floor proper has been raised about four feet to.allow for exacavat- ing much of the old foundation. The floor when re-installed will be approximately seven and one-half inches lower than the stepping off places at the surrounding edges. The carpenter reaching,for his ham- fl: 1 was named vice president, Mrs. Ed Nelson, secretary, and Mrs. Carl McKone, treasurer. Mrs. W. W. Choate presented the lesson on "American Folk Songs," telling something of the origin and authors of several favorites. "Songs We Used to Sing" were used for roll call. Mrs. W. J. McGowan will be club hostess April 6 with Mrs. William Hathorn, Mason City, leading the lesson on "American' Poetry." * = - . * ENTERTAIN GUESTS AT ROYAL CLUB ; ...Mrs. Will Paul, Bellevue, Mrs S.. S. Hudson, Mason City, Mrs. L.rA. Butler and Mrs. Boyd Harding were guests of the Royal club 'which met.Thursday afternoon at _the. home of Mrs. F. G. Cookman .with Mrs. 'Oscar Cook assisting hostess. Boll call was answered .isui£:*.4iM^.^P4 lunch was served. There is an .Stescott will be slow . as molar ^' "fi Mrs. Cora Good, thick. - -. 4- :r. Post move fast ivh' J1 J-*Jlrs. How- time, and it_ jy %£ sp e cial it is cold, Now fierson faiol d elac- main Scheduled to reopen Thursday night, April 6, the new Surf will feature the sunken floor, all new booths and lighting fixtures,-420 yards of carpeting around the raised sides of the floor, and complete remodeling of the orchestra stage. The huge vaulted ceiling has been paintc'd a deep, navy blue. (Lock photo, Kayenay engraving.) IT- , luncheon.'Mrs. ^ igh was assisting host- ,-ie time was spent in vis- working on the fall ba- ,,#oject. Mrs. Louis Krall will ^'"hostess April 14 at the church /parlors. Boys'"C" Club Gives Dinner Dance for Faculty, Friends CLEAR LAKE--Members o£ the Boys "C" club entertained a group of girl friends and faculty members at a dinner-dance at the high school Thursday evening with 43 persons attending. Dinner was served by students of the home economics department, supervised by Miss Mildred E. Bums, instructor in home making. An Easter theme was combined with the C club motif for decorations carried out with yellow the predominating color of flowers and candles, used. Coach Chris Johnston, club sponsor, and Mrs. Johnston, Supt and Mrs. T, G. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon ffintzman, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Grodland and Mr. aild Mrs. Harold Cone were among the guests present. Radio music was provided for dancing. Buck Martin, Bob Bliss, Ora Ostrander, Frank Baker and Maurice Kimball were the dance com- "mittee while Willis Comstock, Darwin Monaghen and Paul Anderson arranged for the dinner. RELATIVES SURPRISE MBS. E. T. COBB SUB-DISTRICT CONTEST OPENS Music Students Pour Into Clear Lake From 16 Towns CLEAK LAKE-^AH was bustle and business at the liigh school building Friday morning as the vanguard of the 1,200 music students expected to participate in the sub-district music contest Friday and Saturday began to arrive, with teachers and bus drivers, shortly before noon. Pages were on duty io direct contestants to the rooms where wraps were to be checked, tickets sold, lunches obtained, instruments inspected and finally the auditorium where the events were to be held. Bulletin Board Placed Teachers and others charged with supervision of the students assisting in 'the care of visitors hurried to their places with hands full of paraphernalia for the occasion. Janitors put the finishing touches on the building and bulletin boards were placed at strategic points. The large board upon which results will be tabulated as judges render decisions is on the wall in. the senior high school hall opposite the front entrance. The reception committee has a table in this hall too. All instrumental contests wi o'clock. The two programs go on simultaneously up to Saturday evening. Entered in Events Mason City students are entered ' in 22 events, Clear Lake, 21; For-1 j est City, ID; Garner, 16; Northwood, 16, and Lake Mills, U. In class C schools Kensett has 16 entries, Hanlontown, 11; Rockwell, 10; Ventura, 10; Manly, Fertile, 4; Thornton, 4; Joice, 4; Swaledale, 3, and Hayfield^l. Clear Lake Churches ZION UNITED LUTHERAN" Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock Morning worship. 11 o'clock. Palm Sunday sermon theme: "Beholc drive. The announcement %vaa made Trout Season Opens April 1; 80,000 Adult Fish Placed Jn Streams 'ollowing a dinner of the Clear Lake Commercial club at State Park lodge, by C. F. Crane, chairman of the finance committee, who said the response to date was 100 per cent in achieving the committee's minimum quota of 51,000 a year for a years. Similar success n the remainder of its solicitations would double the committee's yearly budget, any unused surplus of which will be turned over to the 'general club fund. Immediate task of the Greater Clear Lake committee is the production of approximately 5,000 ph'oto pamphlets which, in the words of Publicity Chairman F. P. Walker, will spell "vacation" to anyone seeing them. Emphasis will be on up-to-date photographs of Clear Lake's summer resort pleas- CLEAR LAKE--The Iowa tvout fishing season will open officially at 5 o'clock Saturday morning and from that time on trout may be taken from one hour before sunrise until 9 o'clock in the evening each day. The daily catch limit is eight and the possession limit 16. The size limit is seven inches. Adult trout to the-number of 80,000 have been placed in suitable streams of the following counties: Allamakee. Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque, Howard, Jackson, Jones, Mitchell and Winncshiek. More Homes Needed The committee's iriajor objective of attracting new residents and new home and year-around cottage builders, will be sought through a long-term advertising campaign correlating radio, booklet, newsoaper and personal promotion. Speaking on the latter point, Committee President E. B. Stillman urged that Clear Lake residents aid the campaign in their own interests. Mason City businessmen a n d Commercial club members invited to be present were introduced and asked to comment. Charles Strickland, of the .People's Gas and Electric company, declared: "The biggest Basset Mason City and Clear Lake have is each other. By pulling together we can make this 'one of the great sections of Iowa." E. H. Wagner. Midland Investment comnany: "Your club has one of the finest outlooks in years. I've always found Clear Lake the best toivn in Iowa to do business in--there is alwavs a spirit of co-oneration--but T still think vou could mpke more noise about Rotarians Entertain Grant Farm Bureau; Ralph Knutson Talks CLEAR LAKE--Rotarians entertained 25 members of the Grant Township Farm Bureau at luncheon -at 'I. O.. O. F. hall" Thursda noon with" Ralph Knutson; giving on the tea,and coffee business as'the-program. Mr. Knutson was engaged in this business for several years in Sari Francisco Cal-, and told his audience man interesting and striking facts abou the two commodities. Tom Connor, Mason City, was a visiting Rotarian and Ray bobbins had as his guest, \Y. D. Gibson, Rockwell county supervisor. week announcements: Thursday, i April 6, 8 o'clock; special service:; Appropriation Is Made "Christ Our High Priest/' Fridaj*. i Other guests commending the BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN Ladles'.aid, Wednesda3 T . April 5. at church, 2:30 o'clock. Good Fri- Lake club sponsoi day services, April 7. 11 o'clock. r* ed, pursuant to the provision! ot ·ection 5315, "Code o/ Iowa, upon the Mowing named persons lo depart, irom erro Gordo County, Iowa: Chas. Te^ard Vera Calkin; H. Mower? The ioreoittg- motion carried, all mbers voting "Aye." Reflation WHEREAS, O. B. Govig is indebted i Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, in the aggregate sum of 5144.16 without pen* altiej, for personal taxes assessed in. he.City of Clear Lake, lov/a, and the City ot Mason City, Iowa, for the year 1937. and WHEREAS, it appears that (he said ,xes and penalties are not · collectible in. full. NOW THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by tlie Board of Supervisors ol Ccrro ~ordo County. Iowa, that the said ixes be compro misect for the sum IE $144.16, and upon, the payment to Countj- Treasurer of the said sunn the said personal taxed shall be discharged in full.- Jlotion \vas made by Supervisor R.-'O. obblns, secondd by C. R, Pattan, that ie foregoing resolution be'adopted. Mo- ion carried, all members voting "Aye." Motion declared adopted this 20th day £ February 19S5. Board met- in the irialier of Drainage District No. £3 and levied an additional assessment in the aggregate sum of jS9.I3. Board met m the matter of Drainage District No. 41 and. levied -an additional ssessment in the aggregate sum o, 23.30. Board approved the official bond o. Can Coyle, Assessor. The Board investigated and found tha notice of the time, and place of the meeting for hearing on the initiation o. iroceedinj for the. issuance of 545,00 ,;Funding Bonds of Cerro Gordo County had, according to la*.v and as directed -by this Board of Supervisors jeen published on^the 23rd ~ day dl Jan lary, 1939. in a newspaper printed, pub ished 'and -having a general circulation n said County and that no petition o irotest io the initiation of such pro ee4ings Iiad been filed. Thereupon Su pervi*SGr C. R- Patton. introduced ani to be read the -resolution here inafter set out entitled "Resolution pro vidihg for the. issue of 543,500 Fundin; Jonds of Cerro Gordo County, Joiva, jnd moved its adoption; seconded by Supervisor R. D. Sobblns; and after due consideration thereof by the Board, tlie Chairman put the question, and upon .he roll being called the, following members voted: Aye: C. R* Pallon, H. D. Bobbins, - and V. I. Gibbon. "Nay: None. -AVhereupon the Chairman declared the resolution duly adopted. RESOLUTION primdior (or the issue of $15,500 Fundlur Bonds el Cerro Gordo'CoDtitv, low*. WHSREAS. the County of Ceri-o Gordo. in the State of Iowa, is a body corporate, duly organized and cxisi- injj under and by virtue of the la'wrs and Constitution, of the State of loiva; and ^VHEREAS, said County has an indebtedness in the amount of over $45.000 evidenced by warrants of said County representing expenditures for the support .of poor persons as defined in Chapter 267 of the Code of Iowa, xvhitli indebtedness thus evidenced was on th e first d ay of January, 1939, ' .outstanding and now is outstanding, payable and due, and there are no" available funds to pay said indebtedness in the amount aforesaid; and WHEREAS, the indebtedness evidenced as aforesaid was contracted, incurred a nd all owed by ord^r of the Board o£ Supervisors of said County for the" purposes authorized by law. and. in form, lime and manner as're- quired by law; and said indebtedness Britt Man Sentenced to Eight Days in jail C L E A R L A K E--K e n ncth Knoedler, Britt. was lined 525 in the court of C. W. Wallace, justic of the peace, Friday morning, fo writing a false check. Lacking th 525 he was taken to Mason City b T. W. Tompkins, constable, t serve eight days in the county jail Mrs. Wilbur Hughson Funeral Saturday CLEAR LAKE--Fimei-al sen ices for Mrs. "Wilbur Hushson. wh died Thursday at Glen Lak . - - ,, ,, TV!;,,TM uill ho Violri at the Meth- was incurred jn tull compliance mill Minn., will Be neioai. me ,ueui al| restricting or insulating the odist church Saturday afternoon ' - at 2 o'clock, with the Rev. Z. Hougham o£ Ventura in charge. Prayeir service .will be lield at tlie home, 314 Vincent street. Clear Lake. Ward's funeral home is in charge. Ice. Disintegrating Under Warm Sun CLEAR LAKE--The ice-sheet which has covered tlie surface of Clear Lake since last November is slowly but surely disintegrating under the spring sunshine of the past few days. An opening of considerable width extends along the town shore of the lake and continues around to south bay. The area from Ventura to the sand bar is also showing several large open spaces and open water is found along the shore line practically all the way around. Observation shows plenty of ice still in the] middle of the lake although it is, becoming honey-combed by the: sun and. being worn thin by the wash of water beneath. A warm r Perry Ferley Wins in Checker Tourney Easter services, April 9. 11 o'clock, lodge, inviting state officials and j Evening services, 7:30 o'clock, members of the conservation com- Prayer meeting. Thursday, 2:30 mission, met with favorable corn- o'clock.--S. M. Stenby, pastor. ment. The matter will be dis- GOSPEL TABERNACLE Sunday school, 10 o'clock. Morn-J A motion by . members of the ing service. 11 o'clock. Evening P°stoffice committee, asking the - - club's assurance of a S200 appropriation for its activities in seeking a new pnstoffice for Clear Lake, was carried unanimously. program for the new State Park LAKE MILLS--Perry Ferley is ' the county checker champion. The county .contest was held Tuesday night. Leslie Peterson of Leland was second. The local team goes to Lyle. Minn., next week for the last out of town engagement. i cussed soon by club directors. service, 7:30. the Rev. Paul Fre- light, Mason City, in charge. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening, 7:30 o'clock. · CHURCH OF CHKIST At I. O. O. F. hall. Preaching service, 9:30 o'clock. Sunday school, 10:30 o'clock.--D. L. Kratz. nastor :w^iii _ 'rtnmt'n rw i-iinier ' } "S- his committee has withdrawn ^Ir-vL" ^ i i u '^quest for S100 of club funds »- i, -r, ''CIENTIT . , to foster the project. Tuorth East street. Sunday school. | -- Clear Lake Congratulates-Kobert Dean Winter, son of Mr. Reporting on the lake dredging an a Mrs. Henry Winter, Ventura, proposal, committee Chairman Ira 1 \vho was born March 31, 1933. Jones said that because prospects r an appropriation by the pre"* legislature are not encourag- V*Ji l i J fcnt !e i »g. hi Mrs. Carrie Conibear, whose birthday anniversary was March 31. Kenneth Knutson. son of Mr ^ w i ««^ j:w » Ii . ,, ,, .,, and Mrs. A. B. Knutson, .2UO Hereby Resolved byjhe Board South Fourth street, whose 15th " _ the incurring of indebtedness and the issuance of warrants: and WHEREAS, all of said warrants represent indebtedness of said County for poor relief purposes as referred to in Section 6238 of the Codfc of Iowa; and WHEREAS, all:of said indebtedness \vas "incurred in full compliance \v\Vn. 'and not'ln violation of, the provisions o f ' t h e lav.-slof the State of Iowa, particularly Chapters 33. 2*. 240, 253. 264 and 267 of the Code of Iowa, as amended: and WHEREAS, none of said indebtedness in the amount of $45,500 has ever been adjudicated to be invalid and no litigation is pending, prayed or threatened involving the validity o f - a n y ot said indebtedness.' and said indebtedness thus ex-id enced is a le£al, -Valid and binding obligation of said Coun- tj-'. and said indebtedness thus evidenced 13 in such form and of such character that it can be legally funded 'and in the manner hereinafter provided!: and " WHEREAS, notice of the proposed action by this Board of Supervisors to initiate proceedings and authorize the Issuance of such Funding Bonds in "Hie amount of $45,503 has been duly given by publication of such notice at least once -in a-newspaper of general circulation within said County at least ten 110) days before' such proceedings were instituted, and no appeal nor petition oE protest pursuant to said notice has been filed: NOW. THEREFORE. Be It and It Is Of Su- Cerro rain or a stiff breeze will destr , the last vestige shortly according be held in the senior high school ( t o seasoned observers, starting at 1:15 o'clock Friday afternoon and continuing Friday evening and all day and evening ·in - t i 10 o clock. ! Although no proposals have yet ! birthday anniversary was March ] 1 i been made there were some indi- i Saturday. Vocal contestants will compete in the junior high school assembly room. That program closes Saturday afternoon at 4:05 IS INJURED IX FALL HANLONTOWN--Howard Kisner, aged farmer, fell while work- | ing In tlie hay lolt and suffered fractured ribs. Clear Lake Briefs s. Jack Larson, Northwood,' The committee on decorations is spending the week with various friends. She formerly lived in Clear Lake. airs. H. H. \Valrod will fce hostess to the Laf-a-Lot club at her home Monday afternoon. Close- out sale of inside paint, prices at cost. Bass Pharmacy. for the junior-senior banquet is made up of Rhoda Mallory. Keith Jacobson, Warren Kruger, Evelyn Bieber arid Marguerite Butts. On the program committee are Willie Comstock, Fred Clausen, Margar- ST. PATRICK'S CATHOLIC P'irst mass. B mass, 10 o'clock _ be heard Saturday evenings at j events. 7:30 o'clock.--E. J. Supple, pastor, j : .... LAKESIDE JT) ' T LT rM' 1 S u n d a y school, 10 o'clock. DOyS 1 UITlDling LlUD Preaching service, 11 o'clock.--Mrs. Charles Hill. LUTHERAN, MISSOURI SYNOD , r _ ,,. _ At Legion hall. Sunday school. ! a t V r W P 1:30 o^clock. Divine services, 2 J a l * ' * " ' * o'clock. We invite you to come and worship with us.--N. S. Tjernagel, pastor. METHODIST o clock Service Wednesday eve-| catl - ons t hi s week that appoint-i Carl Bruchner. 515 Kimbali mn« H ^,.irv-i- ment of a retail committee may S street, whose birthday anniver- be suggested to club directors at | sary was March 31. i o clock. Second j their next meeting, with a view to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fankell. both c. Confessions will organizing c o m m u n i t y sales Gives Demonstrations ,,,,. ..,, _ _ of whose birthdav anniversaries 1 negotiable Punding Bonds Vr i - » t " Countv: to be numbered werc March 31. Caniralalatton* Items are news hen the}- are published without chErxe. possible pleaie'TiVdie your ilems lo 2 te day before pablicatlon. LAKE -- The Boys' club from the high j SL-hool pi-esented demonstrations; Church school, 0:45 o'clock, jj" , i " di , vidu ^ i ., ant j combination; r,,.r,iT, CT ,,-,,«!,;,, 11 ^vin^L- Cno. maUvprk and bar stunts, also lad- Morning worship 11 cial music by the choir. Epworth league. 7:30 o'clock. Evening serv- f der drills, tower building work. TMK^:$^Z fe^^v^^ hand walking and needle thread- the at uomsiocK, rrca uiausen, iviargar- come t 0 a ll Thomas B Collins vclc: ""« «· *«i=i!S" vai: ai et Howe. Ora Ostrandcr and Pa- ^or. Thomas B ' Colllns ' | Mason City Thursday evening. tricia Doyle. Members of the team ave Charles Board Proceedings ~ ~~~ Jb'i*TH PAY REGULAR JANUARY SESSION, February 20. 1939. The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met pursuant to The to - order ty the roll befng called were present Vf. D. Gibson. Chair- adjournment in regular session. meeting v.-as called Chairman, and th R pervisors of trie County of Gordo. in the State of Iowa: Section 1. That for the purpose of funding as of January 1- 1939. the indebtedness of said County in the agffreEate amount of 545,500. referred ' to. and proposed to be funded fn Uie preamble of thia resoJution, there are hereby authorized to_ be issued 46 oC said County: to be numbered consecutively from 1 to 46, inclusive; to be of the denomination of One Thousand Dollars ($1.000) each, except bond number IS whicli fc shall be of the denomination of Five Hundred Dollars 15^00); to be dated the first day of February- 1939; each bearing interest from and after the date thereof until paid at the rate of Three Quarters of One per cent (.73?-) per annum, payable November I, 1939. and seml-annually thereafter on May 1 and November 1 ot each .year, such interest to be cvi- dcnccd by t negotiable coupons attached to each of said bonds; b o t h principal and interest of said bonds arc hereby made payable at the office of the County Treasurer ot Ccrro Gordo County, in the City of Mason City, Iowa. Sai d bonds shal L mature serially ss follows: $15,500 on Mav I. 1940 13,000 on November 1. 1940 13,000 on May I. 1941 , Section 2. That upon presentation at the office of the County Treasurer of anj' ot said bonds, same maj' be fegi.5- _nd credit ot staid County are .hereby, irrevocably pledged. ' - ·' ' This bond is issued by the Board of Supervisors-' ol said. County pursuant io and in strict compliance with th« provisions o£ Sections-5213 to 5277, inclusive, of the Code of Xcnva, and in conformity with a resolution of said Board duly passed, for the fiurpoe of funding a like' amount of the valid, subsist in c Indebtedness ot said County outstanding on the first day of January, 1939, and until the issuance ol tiiis bond. And U is hereby certified and recited that all acts, conditions and things required by the laws and constitution of the State ot low*, to^be done precedent to. and in, the issuance of this bond, have been properly done, happened and btcn performed in .regular and due form as required by, law; that the indebtedness funded by. ^he issuance of thJa bond was a valid. subibilnfi and legal Indebtedness' of said County, and that the total indebtedness o£ the said County, iiocludlns this bond, does not exceed' the -constitutional or statutory limitations. This bond shall pass by delivery unless U has been registered In the nam«j of the owner- on the books of tht County Treasurer aixd such-registration noted on the .back hereof. Thereafter no transfer of this bond shall be valid except when, made on said-books, and similarly herexm, unless · the last registration .shall have been to bearer, in which case transfersbility by delivery shall be restored. Registration. o£ this bond, however, shad not affect - Hi* transferal)Hity by delivery only of the coupons hereto attached. IN TESTIMQ:s r Y WHEREOF, said County, by its Board of Supervisors, has caused this bond to be signed by the Chairman ot the Board and .at- · teslcd by the County Auditor, with the seal ol ,the~ County affixed, and · the coupons hereto, attached to be executed with the facsimile signature of said. County Auditor, who does; by sifaine this bond, adopt as and for hia own proper signature hia facsimile S!E- na$ure appearing on said coupons,-this first day of February, · 3939. · · :· Chairman;- Board- of. Supervisors. Attest: County -Auditor ' . . . · - tFcrm of Coupon}' . , · No. ...... | . . . . On the*Jfel day of ; . . . . 19' , the Treasurer of C«cro Gordo-County, Jovi-a, will pay to bearer . . - . . Dollars "S at the office of the County Treasurer, Mason City, Iowa, for interest due that date on its Funding Bond dated February - 1 .1333, No. County Auditor. (Form of County-Treasurer's Certificate) COUNTY TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE STATE OF IOWA ·} ·: - 1 SB COUNTY OP CERRO GORDOf I hereby certify that the ^Issuance of this, bond has .been duly recorded in a toook for that purpose in my ojfice in accordance with. Section 52SI of the Code of Iowa. County Treasurer, Cerro Gordo County, lawa. Section. - That on the back oE each bond there Ehall be printed provisions for registration as to principal in substantially the folloutng forxa: Date of -Regis- Jlffgistercd- Signature of tration Owner County Treasurec,. Section 5. That the bonds hereby authorized shall each be signed by the Chairman o f - t h e Boatd, o£ Supervisors and attested by tlie County Auditor, \vith the county seal affixed, and the coupons thereto attached shall each be executed wilh the · facsimile signature of the County Auditor, and said bonds with coupons attached, when so executed, shall be delivered to the County Treasurer and shall'be by him recorded^ and-by : hi;n delivered to the pi ~~ and the proceeds shall* be ap the * payment, retirement and lation of a lite amount of-the.-, «dnew prbpos-ed to be funded V'. resolution. ' · · " - · Section 6.. Tbai~for the purpi provtdinft for the levy and colli of a direct 'annual lax sufficient!* the interest 'on said bonds as · it, due and also to pay and discharge, principal thereof at maturity, there and there is hereby levied 'Upon all taxable property in said County in cat . of the years while said bonds or" any' 6 / them are outstanding, a tax 'sufficient^ for that purpose, and in furtherance of: this provision but not in limitation or restriction thereof, that there be and there is hereby levied on aH ot the taxable property In said "county the following direct annual tax, to-wit: For the year" 1919'a tax sufficient to produce thft sum of $31,040 for interest and principal coming due Kovember I, 1W9, 3I»y I, JMO, and November 1, 19W, For the year 19W a tasc sufficient to produce the sum of QlS.OoT for interest and principal coming due May 1, 3941. · Said taxes when collected shall be converted into a special fund lo be laiown as the "Bond Fund* Series February 1. 1939," and shall be used only for the payment of said interest coupons and bonds and for no other purpose xvhatsooi'er. The principal or interest coming due at any time when there are insufficient funds on hand fro m the f oregoin g provisions to pa y the same shall be advanced from other current funds and reimbursement shall be made to such current funds in any Sums' .thus advanced when the taxes herein provided shall have been collected. Section 7. All resolutions or parts of resolutions m conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repeated. Passed and approved February M, 1935. r g Chairmsn, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: County Auditor. Th e Count j" Treasurer presented his report of the sale of 545.5CK) 'Funding Bonds of Cerro Gordo County and same' was duly considered by the Board. Whereupon. Supervisor C. R. Patton introduced and read the resolution next hereinafter set out entitled ''Resolution confirming sale and award o£- 5*3,300 Funding Bonds of Ccrro Gordo ' County, Iowa." and moved its adoption; seconded by Supervisor R. D. Bobbins; and alter due consideration thereof fay the Board, the Chairman put the question, and, upon i tbe roH being cal!cd T the following mem- ! bers voted \ Aye: C. R. Fatten. R. D, Bobbins, and |W. D. Gibson. ICay: ICot . j family moved Wednesday f r o m , .!! i 106 East South street to 110 West | Sunday school at 9:45 o'clock, i a | Division street- · Soecial opening exercises are \ Morning sen-ice. 11 i 'ins. F. M. JM ' P c! W." Butts for AVclI drilling! Mrs. C. K. Bailey is reported | P la .""J d ; Mrs. E. T. Cobb was pleasantly pump/windmih rcpair.'ph. eOB-Wi | seriously ill at her home; 415! ^ [ ^^^^ *" TUe Man " · - - - * ·sr » » TT . T_ i ' A7^T-^V» FJfjVi ^J·-ort^ nouu ot ine L\iasLci. surprised at her home on South East street Thursday evening when a group of relatives came in to help her celebrate her seventy- s e c o n d birthday anniversary. Among those present were Mr, and Mrs. Magnus Johnson and Mrs. Charles Caponi and son, Charles, Mason City, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cobb and children, Kamona and Homer, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Baker and daughter, Madge, Clear Lake. The time was spent in visiting and lunch was served. Mrs. Cobb was presented a number o£ gifts. CHOIR PLANS CONCERT LAKE MILLS--The Waldovf North Fifth street. Buy your new Easter dress at Oluf T. Hanscn's. Wonderful values $4.95 and up. Jliss Evelyn Hanscn. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hansen. Orchard avenue, observed her Sirs- J. P. Hanscn. Jr.. has returned from DCS Moines where she spent several days visiting relatives. Place your order for Easter ham at Econ. grocery- Phone 172. Members of St. Margaret's Guild met at the home ol Mrs. John W. Cole Thursday afternoon to work on a sewing project. Dick Clausen, assistant coach, was called to his home at Oxford Junction Thursday evening by the serious illness o£ his mother. For Sale: Household goods. 400 N. Elm. Howard Ross. Miss Mayme Christ, fourth grade teacher at tlie junior high b u i l d - ' ''fs. Oliver Braver, who was at The choir will present an aopropriate number and Miss Evelyn Johnson will sing "The Palms." Children may be presented for baptism at this sen-ice or on Easter morning. Evening sen-ice. 7:30 o'clock. Ep- wovth League. 7:30 o'clock. Wel- Hunting } F Become Necessary April 1 CLEAR LAKE--Hunting and fishing licenses for 1939-1940 are ,-I-L. *-· .^j · T, L i -«.--*.. ^,^.,. now on sale and may be obtained lath birthday anniversary Thurs-! come t o a u.--Thomas B. Collins, i a t the various depositories accord- day- j pastor. ing to J. Z. Stevens, state conser- ~ - · - 1 vation officer. All 1938-1939 li- traci bavins become vested i ferent parties since the last I ment. I Xo\v Therefore, be it Resolved by I the Board of Supervisors of Cerro i Gordo County. loxvft. that pursuant to I the provisions of Section 729S. Code of Iowa, that the date of hearir-z - on the appsrticmrr.ont of the assessed value be s«t and fixeot-as March 6th., 19S9 at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the office of the Board of Supervisors In the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, and that the Countj- Auditor be instructed to give notice to the owners in severally of the said tract by mailing a Rcadr j'our car for spring al Gasoline Alley station. \Va-Tin-Tc club will meet COXGKEG ATTOXAL Church school at 10. o'clock, j censes expire Saturday, April 1. for all young folks. The price of a fishing license re'" ' ' " ~ mains the same-as in former years. SI, for Iowa residents and a combination fishing and hunting li. ... . cense for a resident will cost S1.50. solo. ''The City i These are good for one year or ing. was called to hev home in Mercy hospital Cresco Friday morning by at the Salem Lutheran church i ill for a long time. Hie several days for treatment, home. . i Divine" by Bonheur. sung by Mrp. ! until April 1, 1940. -' li ; C. A. Pease. Trail Blazers, o .. __. , - , 'crai days for treatment. Has o - clock . Eav , conklin will lead de- college choir will give a concert death of her father who had been ^en dismissed and has returned i vot j ons a m j Mre ,j B . calitoun . t l i e lioun will lead the discussion. A Sunday evening. Janice Hilton,' Thompson Hybrid corn for sale, local girl, is a member of the ; See or call A, J. Rawson. choir, '20F31. · lesson. Young folks of junior high . It's fun to he Aprit-Fooled by school age avc invited. Congo club» SOCtal hour. w i t h refreshments. will close the evening. High school l i letter to them setting forth the time and place of the said hearing. Motion Tras made by Supervisor Robbin?, seconded by Supervisor Patton that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, all members voting "Aye." Resolution declared adopted this 20th day of February. 1930. Motion xvas made by Supervisor Palton, seconded by Supervisor Bobbins that the 1956 road poll tax assessed aRsinst Ervin F. be cancelled «s an affidavit has been filed by his ccmmandJns officer thjt he \vas a member of the National Guard in that year. .Motion carried, all members s'Otlng "Aye." -.rohort na* made by S»pcrvi?«r Rob- econded by Supci-vtsor Patton l/ provisions pf Section di£- i presentation to the Treasurer with assess- f legal assignment duly acknowledged or proved. Registration of any of such bonds shall not affect the negotiability bt the coupons' thereto attached, but such, coupons shall be transferable by delivery merely. Section 3.' The bond's hereby authorized shall be In form and recital substantially as foltou's: i Form of Bend! UNITED STATES OP A!kEERlCA State of Iowa County of Ccrro Gordo FUNDING BOND No 5 - - - KNOW ALL MHN BY THESE PRESENTS: That the County of Cerro Gordo. in the State of Iowa, for value j confirmed and approved. weefcs in one of the official newspapers of said County: and : WHEREAS, the County Treasurer has f i l e d his report of the sale of said bonds pursuant to notice and has requested that hia action, in the sale oZ said bonds be confirmed and approved, · NOW THEREFORE. Ee It Ruolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, as follows: Section J. That all action of the Counts* Treasurer in the advertisement and sale of £43.560 Funding Bonds oC said Countj- dated February 1, 1339. and hearing interest at the rate of Three Quarters of Or.c per cent Co^) per annum, be and the same is hereby received, promises to pay to bearer, or If this bond be registered as hereinafter ' provided, to the registered holder hereof, the sum of . , . , . . . . . Dollars (5 ) tau-fut money of the United States ol America, on the first day of ...-- , 19 . and to pay interest on said sum from the da'e hereof until paid al- the rate o! Three Quarters of One per cent (,"5 r t per annum, payable November 1. 193$. and scmi-anmially thereafter on aiay I and November" 1 of each year upon pres- Section 2, That the said bonds shall be delivered to the purciiascr by the County Treasurer and the proceeds thu* derived shall be simultaneously applied by said County Trca\surcr directly to the purpose for \\hicli said bonds have been authorized. Section 3. That al! resolution* or orders or parts thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repeated. Passed and approved February 20, 1939. . was made b?,- Supervisor Rob- Ph. ; Ambrose the Magician, at Clear: 6:30 o'clock. Following the devo- young- people arc invited.--J, B. oversee ( L a k e Golf club through Sunday, i tional period, the Rev. Mr. Cal- ICalhoun, pastor. * serve" n cntation and surrender of the interest t bin?, seconded hv Supervisor Palton" ,.,,.,,, .*»_^,«i -- .*,,. that the Board adjourn to meet in regular session nn March 6. 1939. Motion carried. An members vrttine Ayr. W..1X GIBSON. .. Chairman, Board of Supcn i*ory. ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor, coupons hereto attached as they FCV- craUy become due. Both principal and interest of this bond arc payable at the office of the Counts' Treasurer of Cerro Crordo Counly. in the City or Code of Iowa. Lola M. Brown. 1 Mafon City. Iowa, and for the prorapl it (he Poor, br instructed to j payment ft this bond, both principal .oticc, or to cause notice to be and interest, at maturity, tbe lull iaith

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