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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Wednesday, July 29, 1818
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, .. , , r . , . : : .... . r $. . :. , r - DUMBER 5030 WEDNESDAY, 7ULY 29, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. TEAS, WINES nd GROCERIES.. . 7,A (HTB X.AD1I AVCTIOB ROOM.) subscriber ha constantly oa baud a gtu - rJ jsvtinnt tht following articles, 7 it H isnneed of at a moderate advance. 8 w ' - eear 4 ' Oess okl Cognac Brandy Holland Gin ' Junaica and other Spirit ' Wv of the vane kinds f Apple Shrnb Ltmoa, Lime and Orange J nice :' fiallad Oil in bettiei and bottiee ; U Brown Stout . Bottled Ale and Cider Double oioucesier Holland and American Cheese Cordial Spice, Essence sperm and fallow Candles - Do. OU for Umps Coffee. Rice. Barley nod Mustard Afcsr boxeslsic'ly Lemons, in fine order - Raisins, Almonds, Prunes, Figs Baiket Salt, Sc. . ersakby JAMES r. ANDOE. Wuted to purchase, a quantity of second band LiMMfl aorter bottles. i 1 irrifV WHITE LEAL), fcc. &c. OUtf kegs London White Lead in oil f 30 barrels uo Dry wnue leaa 8 tons Red Lead n Ii.pIi Rristnl HH Or lira 20 do Venetian Red ; t tons fine Litharge 60 hoszheads W biting 60 casks Paris While ; t hhds. Verdigris 60 tierces f reach Yellow Ochre ' 5 kegs Vermillion : 4 csk Prussian Blue, 4001b. Crome YeDow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, UN OIL. Black, I Verdigris, J Lsmpnlack ( Ivory Black ; Purple Crown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted FortsJe oo the lowest terms, for cash or at Sort credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORN h SONS, 1 S43 Water - street. K. EfUUCssY TOBACcO. - - 274 bhds. nrime Kentucky Tobacco, landing this das frnthip Grand Heignor, from New Orleans, (or Uiehv CH AS. L. OGDEN, and jli ABRAHAM OGDEN. WARRANTED BOLTING CLOTHS. A large assortment of every description, ofDitcb Bolting Clufbs, warranted to be of the test asality ever imported, and at the most re - dscttiprices, for sale by r JNO.M'CRACKAN, J II 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. )ITT bAWi, A suiail mtoiee of Cst Steel Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by ANDLHS03 tl, JetS 131 Water - street. UA.fl.LWi7, Vf.V'J'iAG'a BY Dominicbino, Murillo, Snyder, alvator Rota, Guaspar Pottssin, ttc. Abo two elegant bronze ; a marble figure, size rflife, of a sleeping Cupid. For sale or exrbnnre bf THOMAS GIMBREDE, If 16 Sw 33 Broadway. . HU E LEAD, bl.UE VITRIOL, AL LUM.ic Received per Chuuucey and Cohnibia, from Bristol, (tug ) and for salo by tie subscriber, on advantageous terms, sit. fH kegs genuine ground white Lead in t8lb. kegs JO casks best dry Whit Lead la casks 5 to 0 cut. each Sa do rUd Lead in cask from I to 3 cwt. U do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4 et. each 30 do Ivory Black from to 3 cwt each It do Rowan Vitriol from 5 to 8cwt each 25 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 tierce Allum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 nhds. tien e an.l K hbls Rottnn ?tone French Green, Lamp Blsck, Purple Brown Cokothar Vitriol. Bath Scouring Bricks Apply to A. CHURCH, J li 184 Bowery. FOA SALE for one hundred Dollars, a dark gray PON Y, four years old, lust, sound and kind in harness. Inquire of CHARLES II. BELLOWS, J 15 tf 24 Leonard street. Q J)Ui GOODS, Sic. 1 sj Boies macliut 10 da. 4 - 4 & 7 ft Irish linens 1 VI do. jiiuk gir hams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas t do. ScotLh oenaburg 7 bales imitation iheetiop 4 do. brown linen ! d. linen bed tick 1 ds. 5 - 4 cotton checks I ds. carpeting. ALSO, Swl - clolh, Cotton bagsing Twilled sacking Stine twine For rale by GEORGE JOHSS TO, July 2 'o I . lt - hne. IT A KU WAKE, CUTLERY &c casks u otou n punne i.oi ss S rasks plate Locks, I do Steelyards , 1 do chest handles. c. 1 do screw lates.c&le beams, ic. 1 do brass cocka Sc. 1 do bell metal Settles and ikilltts 1 do tin'd poi and sauce pan ! do fin - , padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, he. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 5 do IXC. hinges. &e. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black Si brhrht vices. 2 An file 4 in pocket, pen and double blade knives j J - l t a .1 100 tiiam duck ana none xauie Knives J do button MO do cut nails and brads, from 3.1. ta 9(VI. ibo, a Urge and general assortment of pood - oa th shelves, for sal at the most reduced P,by ADAMS St BLACKWELL, y7 215 Pcarl - sL p V. LEONARD & CO. 104 l'ear! - treet, offer for sale, in addition to their former escort assortment of Hardware, the following 'tlei,rw'd by the Martha, from Liverpool Trace Cha ina 5pdeid Shovel Bra,, Kett'e do Candletticks do Cocks d Nail, & 1 luges j - 'U Cost Buttons, 2 of rap. quality, for merchant nBedCandleUcks "r - 'h Tacks 'J tf CKui Aaiis 8 and S burr'd Curry Combs 6 hnrr'il Mane do Iron Wire, No. 4 to 10 bteelyards Fine Gans Trunk Locks Drawing Knives - Binclcys Patent currier's knives warranted equal to Cos's genuine. 1 VP L,'VE'yiif MIGHTS, A. A i hmJsome anortmeut of Seloasi g(nS conwstinj of Platillas, Rovxles, leiii ErtopUlas, Dcwlas, Creasand'Cbo - ctoesiilkTlreU "ntkeU luxe, fowling pieces 'ks Ptenersrk cvthe,lonble sword 'Iti Dutch hrrrinis tid!H?'?naH4 g'tffwnre The almve ar - - tlti Im4 I. A 1.. i "Htch cloth For sale by pie - Jtiflli. C ZIMMERMAN, CLARET. 40 dozen very super iour Claret, for sale at $13 the dozen, by GEUKUC JOHNSTON je 30 tf No. 1 Skiat - Une C CHEMICALS, COLuRS, Ac J Epson Salts, in caks of 2cwL Lsmp Matnesia, in cases Do do small squares Calcined do in phials - ' Kochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Cttri Acid, Blue Verdi ter in firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rcgulus of Antimony GUNS, BUTTONS, Szc. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do ' do in wainscoat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, incase Gold Epaulette Naval and Military Sword Belli Gilt Coat and Vest Button topperptate for engravers Mathematical Inatrument ' . Rolling Paralel Ruler Mariner compasses, telescopes Opera glasses, microscope 3 actts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 . J Courtlandt - itreet. NEW IRISH LINEN GOOD& &c. &c. Lit C. SUYDAM, are now receiving, per . the ship Neptune and brig Bclvidera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages this spring bleached t.inens. I nay consist or 7 - 8 S 4 - 4 Insb Linen?, variety ol assortments, 5 - 4 do. Sheetings, do. 3 - 4 Si 7 - 8 Demi l.oog Lawn,, Bird's eye Diapers, 5 to 10 - 4 Diapers and damask Table Linen, Extra super damask Table Cloths ii Napkius, 3 - 4 Brown Linens and grey Lawus, Linen Checks and 7 - 8 black Linen, lrih 6'ail Clotlu, Ducks and DroghcJas, &c. Alo, come to baud per the Pacific, 2 Cases elegant new pattern Ginghams, 2 do. do. furniture k. baluou Dimities, 3 Cambric Mulm", part undressed, 2 Super Loud. Cloths and Ca!imeres. The above for sale, by the package, on reasonable terms and credit. Also A general nisortincnt of the above goods opeoed for piece and retail sales, at No. 61, Maidcn - lanc. JyS"2 2w rIOUNTl.NG KOOM. A pleasant and coi. let. Apply at 99 iSoutb - street. il (iKR.VIAN GOODS. I Vt'CEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship It Eliie. from llamhnnr, and other late import ations, an assortment of GermauLiuens, such as Manilas, white and Drown Bretiignes.Crenl, Dowluc, Brown CI ecks nnd Shirting Linens Hempen Oinahurgi and Ti'klen!uigs, HeMiari", Burlaps, Brown Rolls', v Bags, Taixs, Superfine lirond Cloths Napkins, Silk Galloons and Puuud Ribbon Codee Mills, Slate Pencils Lookkg Glass Plates Pocket and Statu Glasses Lead Pencils And an assortment of Card wire. Alsooo hand, A few tons St. Petersiiur.; Hemp first quality Holland SatlCloth, and Siaty noses Pategrass Cheese, entitled to debenture. For sale on reasonable terms, by GEO.&THEO. MEYER, J 15 lm 129 Washington tre i. ClbfTON. Kwaaie a lew suitable for nsaniil'arturing. Pi arl street, up stairs. bales of Cot la - l. Enquire it HU I 14 CLOTHS, BOMUAZEl'TS. rJHE suhsDhbera hate just received by the X ships Julius Caesnranri Paritic, 14 bales Cloths, of A. Rhodes and Co7 manufacture 15 do Bombasetts, 2 do Kattine'.ts, 2 do Wild bores. Of do. and Hiod, Smith li Co's. muuuiuilure. W hich thev offer for sale at No 163 Prai! - st. LAVERTY, SHELTERS li KING J 16 2w TO P OCKtl T BOOK MAKERS. TWO men who understand their business, may have constant employ in the above Business, by applj ing at 18 Wall - street. July 15 HACKNEY t - OAl'HKs. FOR Select r a'tie, from Lhzalieth Town Point, for Philbdt lpbi i, and the Steam Boats at Trenton nnd Bristol, and the Mineral Springs ai Ecnooitys .n.nniaip. Notice vnt ! No. 53 White - Hall street. New York, or II LY & S rlLES. Elizabeth Town by mail, or by th Steam - Boat Atalanta, will he iro.n' iliately ot'rnieri io. J it T04. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at If 20 Wall - street, an invoice of gold aod silver' patent lever watches ; musical snun boxes, seme cost 70 guineas each ; do seal, ; gold chains, tic 4 cases of French chairs, bureaus, fcc. 1 case of Oerman toys. Give Is intended for the tale will be received until 6 this evening. Catalogues will be ready at 8 to - morrow morning. Jv " DEN Usi'RY. DOCTOR ZEKAII HAW LEY informs the public that his office is at No. 91 street ; where he txtrarU Uelh, cemu mid ttti (iA,aud performs every operation indeatistry. The following certificate of skill, he thinks a luUicient rtcommendation. WHOM ITMAV CORCER. This certifies, that Dr. Zerh Uawley is a ree ular bred physician, and in eood standing with his brethren in this place ; he has paid particular attention to the ait of Vmlitlrg, has studied the best European works on the sutject, and has given very good satilacliou in this branch, to his customers, who are persons ol me urai ro spec.tabihly in this city. W therefore, with entire confidence recom mend Dr Hawley, to the citizens ol New - York as a JJenruJ. r .F.neas Munsoo,) Professorsof New - Haven. 1 Hainan bmitti, f the mea. Jan. 22.1318.1 Eli Ives. I Institution (Jona. Knight, ) Yale Cot J27Iw 1. NLU bEKY. 132 Pearl - street, resneit U. fully informs Hie public and tho.e ladies ana gentlemen wno imciy appnea ior nr. MEJV3 SUPER. PATENT PIANOFORTE!, that he has inst received a new supply per Ka - dius, precisely the same as the lust, and oilers thtru fur sale on very accommofatiu terms. As Piano Fortes of this escelleiit maker have but lately been introduced mto this country, tor want of a correspondi ng G. N. feels it incum bent to add, that their loncs (hy those who are acquainted with them) are allowed In be full and expressive, and Dave Hitherto given uiuvcnui satisfaction. Maelsel's Patent Mttrooomes for sale. Also, London selected collections and specimens of Mineral. y, Kc i 21 FUR s.iLt.. li!) 1 h. HOUSE ti LOT. No. 33D. Broad ay. Th lot is 28 leet iwit ana rear, ana I w . . . - . ...... leet deep. The bouse u 6a leet deep, nnisoeu . ika lM.t msamr. and renlrte with Oovenien ccs for alar. family. Oo th premises are a brick stable, two rain - wmer cwera, yvuw ui Khich is brirk) and a well of excellent water. I it situation is considered equal to any in this city. For particulars apply to acnjMM u. Xtnlurn, oa the premises, ono ROBERT COWNR, j j J5 in No. Sj6, Teirl - iL to Or those who may wish, to erect three elegant Duiiumgs or lactones, r OTS, 77 feet hy 80. more or les. with tlrf LJ buiidisiis tiietcon. in the centre of Vesev - tt. can be purchased separate or together. ALSU. An elegant LOT, vh the Building thereon, 1 1 liowirv. 42 bv 126. more or less, near Chat ham - street - the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, rear Beekuiaa - st J he advertiser ruu three small ninrteaeesfo dispose of, one of $3,000, one of $1000, one of $ixu', an in mis r.iiy. je a A MEKIC AN CLOTHS. 2 hales suoeruue il American Ckitns, just received and lor sale by The COMMISSION COM, OMPANY, Jyl6 148 Perl - atTet. I O 1.ET, A pleasant back room, at no. 56 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the front offica. Je4 SCHOOLS!' MOBMTAI.V SPKIHO. HEA l ll'S HOUSE. THE subscriber, icnsihh - ot the many obligations he is under for the preference heretofore given to his house, whilst kept by his c would hereby return his sincere acknowledgements for past favors, and at the mine time inform them, that he intendekeeping the house the present season himself, and that they may rely upon every attention and accommodation, that can make this healthful and fashionable resort useful and pleasing ; his son being under the necessity of being absent this scasou, he trusts will not be found an objection to his establishment, as no pains, expense, or exertion will be waut - to render complete satisfactioo. J 7eodlm JOSEPH HEATH., Wit S.1LE, A very profitable FA RM. of 1 10 acres, two thirds under cultivation, the residue wood land, situate on the sea shore, a quarter of a mile Mow the narrows, on the Staten Island side and a short ride Iroin the steam boat ferry landing It gives a very extensive view ol the bay and t ,i - vironsof New - York, within the Narrows, and of Sandy Hook nnd the ocean r or prospect is eqiianea ny none, j ne line is unquesiinn'ime Two thirds ol the purchase money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on the premises, nrto W. A. SEF.LY, 113 Crecnwich - stn - tt TO LET, convenier.t new 2 story house, adjoining nieaonve, witnaganien ana anout an acre ol lami. f or terms apply as above. snb 3 eodtf WKI IJ.Vt. I V SlX LEO.NS. IR I)E SPRANGIJ has obtained Letters 1 I Patent of the V. S. for hw invent lou ol teaching the art of Wntine in six lessons. He will enable any person, of whatever 8. mid notwithstanding any bad habits lluy mar have contracted, to writ.; well and with rapidity, af ter having received these lessons. Persons of good capaci'ywill be ablx, by a stin t attention, to wriU well in four lessons, each lesion of one hour. The solid utility and merits of this system can nn in its particular results, in those iwaiitiful and various specimens it has produced, and wmcoenn neesaittiuca hiAir. u. a" leaching room. No. 48 Uroe. I - street. trlr. D. S. bf vmg returned from Washington, whtre he I his taught with great success, and Mliere his rndiod ha been much approved by the lieuds ni lvirniuent. will remain only lour or five weeks in iNrw - Y'.rk, after which time ttt must return M v astiineton, to iu ul an en - gag - iueot made at the soiicitalion of a number of gentlemen of that city. N U. Mr. D S. will sell a patent right, and learn his system of teaching to those who with in puri naie it. j xiieonw ROARDi.vG HWsr. - .Vount fUatanl. rilut ur hujiiomI tltai board paay be JL o'ltaiueJ in Unit sitacious anJ elegant man sion, the property of Jo'io r . .Marh, E.)Q. at Mount Pleasant, by applying ou the premise, to Jvl5eod?w vv n. I.I AM MAMill AM. A FARM, contuiniug 3tJ0 acres, on the iMnks of the Nor ih River, a mile south fiom the village of Hydi - Park, und eighty - six from New. ior It. I he laud is rjuij in quality to the best iu Ditchers county, and is in high oder and good feuce. Ou the remies i n good plain farm house, a good barn au J other appendages necessary to conducting a large farm. AUo, a building snot commanding an extenn - o and beautiful view of the Nm'th River. Within half a miie of the farm lioti - e is an eminent Academy, and within two miles an Episcopal and a Presbyterian Church, in e ach of which there is regular service physicians two landings one of which the Sleani - boat advertises as a landing place, stores, A c. ic. 1 he whole will be sold together or divided to suit purchaers. The terms of payment will ve made easy, and an indisputable title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM BARD. TTyde Park. July 24 tf I VR.DK ANGF.LIS, formerly practitioner of J iVIedicine in the Military Hospitals of Na ples, and admitted a member ot the Mi - diea! bo, eiety of New York, where he haa resided smet theyesr 1798, and bis reputation snd success in practice is now established in the koosleilge of tne punne ey nrsr twenty years experience, continues to be consulted at his nBice, No. Water street, opposite Crane li'rf Iu KheuniMtie snd Venereal esses. Or. De An - gelis hss been wonderfully successful ; and the most terrible effee s of those disorders have fre qucntly been cured by him in a short space of umc wunnui inooiivenn nee to tne patieui. Ohslructiona, ulceis in the throat and palate, stiffness in thejnints, pains in the limbs, eruption, of the akin, together ilh a numerous trmn of e - vils arising from neglect or improH:rly treating ol the most insidious ol maladies, have ei ven r to bis mode of treatment in almost an incredible manner. His extraordinary success is, in a gre - it measure attributable to his well known Antirheumatic and Aiiu - sj philic Syrups, which whilst they eradicate every form of disease, restore the emaciated patient to vigor snd healln. N. B. All letters from the country (post paid) will be attended to, and the necessary advice and medicin will be given and sent to say part of the union. J 25 .. LEE'.S SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS, No. 8 I'ask I'lite. . nnilE course of instruction pursued in this .m institution embraces every department of Literature and be euce nccessarv to a hoe ral education, (the ileail lsnguaea excepted.) The public is assured that this School shall consist of a number of pupils, never exceeding tenty - five. No ptipil will be admitted who Cinnot read connectclly and write legibly. and who is not acquainted with the brst nve rule of srilhrnrtick School hours from 12 past 6 till 8, and from 9 till 1 o'clock. Terms 12 dulls; per qr. J 23 2w JUS 1' published aud for sale at the new Law Book store, corner ol Nassau and Spruce streets, Bkikft Praniee of the Court tf Ckanct - ry (new work.) The trial of Juhu M. Trumbull against Thomas Ginbous, for a libel. Aud also. The Brownie of Bod;! k, aod other Tules. by antes Hzg, author of Queen's Wak,c ice julySS Jsr f OA'T, about four weks sinoe, a POINTER"! LJ DOG, two rears old, railed Aaaco, large for his age, tail cut, bit ratherlo.Tf, coIm white, with several liht liver Colored spots. A liberal reward and all txpeuses will be paid to any person who will give iafonsnlioa ia a line left at the offict of lh Lveninf Pnu Jj 25 1 w " SOLAR MICROSCOPE. ATVr New - York Philosophical Museum, Meslstal, Electrical and Galvanic Room, No. 92 Chtiiam Street, (in the frout hall of Chatham Garden) tuvybe seen the wonderful effect qf the sotai microscope that magnifies one hundred thousand tiejes, and is one of the best instruments ol the kind vr she wo in America. A description of &us tMtruuent is unnecessary suffice it to suv that forty persons may at the same tims sit and aee Hs operations without the inconvenience of lookius through a lens or glass of any kind. 1 ne loiiowioj lit presumed) will be sutli - cient to give an idea of the ellects produced hy una great exaumer ol nature : he head ol Hie common Flea is v.agniti:d to look as large as that of an elephant i its piohoirisor sting two leei long i legs eiglt aeei ; nair oa lue legs six iurhes. In a glass Tube of clear wnter. taken directly from the well, may be seen thousands of animal - cula, all alive, sobu of which are two feet lone. iu common vmrar ana iu uluioat an vegetable aar.ids or wine may b seen Animals iroui one to three feet Ume. The circulation H thr blood is distinctly seen in a variety or Dsn arid insects. J he wins: of the smallest Mujquito will up near from 7 to 12 feet long, shewing distinctly ute imajiest hiire. Tbs wiiig of th common Butterfly can be mag niBed to the enutn.ous size of30 leet. i'Jie proprietor has lately leeu presented by a gentleman oi this city with au insect, placed on the object glass of a common 'microscope about six years since ; wheu first taken it was about I ol an inch Ions, and on it may now be seen hy the help of the solar snicrcsropc, thousands of insects preyiig and receiving iouo irom me utad car case. The Cheese Mite, though so small an insert (hat it i alusoit imnossihle to discern tlx m with I he naked eye, is made to appear as large as a turtle ten inches r ng,aiiu very luucn rescmuuu lhat ammul. The collection of anirralriila and insects in general in possesion of the - ijieralor is cuiieidera h e. tliouli slioulil anv lailv orntleman, vim inK the luusenni, hriic with them an insect, sub stance ir fluid, that tl; - hibIi toexumiin, it will be shewn. The Si'lnr MU - r - rscope will be shewn from ten o'clock A. M. M.tiltwo P. M. Admittance cents ; children, und'T twdve years, half price. - Persona vi.itiag the museum sre requested to notice, that the Qiicroscripe cannot be shewn wiles the sun suue. NOTICE. fJClT" Tl.e Physicians of New - York and its vi ciniiy, also Iti, lailies and gentlemen now at - l ( - 1111102 lor tUltetitfit of Electrical and Galvanic i .iteration, are rejiicctfullv informed, that the hours of operative for medical purposes in future will be us follows : From six to ten iu the morning, and from two uulil seven in the after noon The F.lec'riral experiments wiil take place every evening as usual, should the weuther uot be too damp or wtrm. . riLLh, I'roprirtnr, And manufactumrof nil kinds of Philosophical Apparatus, lor most ol the public scientihr institutions and Private Seminaries throughout the United Mutes J 21 lOt FOR tALE, A LOT of ground cn Broadway, between Walker street and Canat - slittt, 26 feet 10 inches wide aud 175 feet long. Inquire ol ' P. A. JAY, Jt 1 tf No. 'SI Pine - atreet. il ,1 ONT - ALT A For SALE or to LET, and 1YJL immediate possession given, the: heautiful place called Mont - Alta. seven utiles from the I Hy 'Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lorn Court nay'. It contain 20 acres of land under impevemel, - with a large garden well stocked witn tegetanjee a variety of (run, wrtli ercrx t Has ieswe We a fssnll v - For Icrms, whii h are wv reas - uiable. and if Sold a lotur credit si ven if wanted, tpply to N. & D. TALCOTT, r.4 .Viutn - strt - et. . Jr. it A'ery igent'e VjTue, Aew - iork. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. VVANTED, a quantity of locust timber nnd T v tree - oail. Apply to the Navy Agent, al 81 Washington - street. " The pubbshers oflho New - BriinfWick Times, Newark Centincl, Long - bdand .Star, New - llaveu Journal, an'TNew - Londou Gazette, will please publish this advertisement ono month, ami send their bills to the Navy Agent's Office. Jy IX lm LOTS TO LEASE AT 1HENOKTH RIVEU. SHU ATE between Barclay and Murray - streets, Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay and Harrison - streets, and North Moore and Beach - streets, at a price very considerably less than in terest on their value, and at the expiration of the term the buildings to be fairly Valued and paid lor, or a new lease granted. Also, to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or yards on th water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of paiis, tic. Apply to 1 11. RH1NELANDER, 31 Park, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June II tf COOK AYJJ AVJt&K. WANTED, a woman to do the cooking, washing and ironing, also, a girl to take care of a child and do the chamber work of a small family. Enquire at 48 Walker - street. J 14 MADEIRA WINE. SIX pipes, remaining of parcel per Louisa Cecilia, of Scott, Loughuan, Peofold U CVs brand, selected particularly for private use, and ul very superior quality, for snle by the single pipe, by I t. I t K. KEM&EN fit tJO. J 22 Azents of the House. MAHOGANY SOFAS. CHAIR AND CA8I . NET Fl'rtNITUKK, .V. 49 UUEKMAft STHF.ET. 'PHE subscriber bees leave to return bis tin X cere thanks to those ladies end gentlemen wno nave oeen Kind enough to honor bis will theircommandi, and to iniorm them, and the ad mirers of handsome furniture iu geneial, that he has on hand some very elegant sofas, ch.iirs, catd, Pembroke and extending patent dining tables, grand sideboard, inlaid with high polished ornamental brass - work and rose - wood, card tables to natch, Grecian couches, solas, chaise lounge, music stools, chair, Vc. Also, a li brary stepchair, the utility of which be Darlicu larlv recommend. All furniture warranted of the best nnalitv and woramansiup, ana oi uie newest European lain inns. Orders executed to any part of the union to sny drawiuz, on the most reasonable terms and punctuality lor cash. Ladies or gentlemen having fancy woods, mas nave tnera inaouiaciurea to any article the) wish, by apply ing as above. my sv suu a. w. hat wood. Gi tVR HALE Oil TO LEASE, Lots in the 5. 6. 8, and 10 Wards; many ol Much are on regulated and percd. streets. No money win ne required under ten years, il sold, interest excepted. HOLfcr.S. Several two and three store l.ocies, oo which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. An excellent stand tor busm - sa, wi ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, widi a nar., store - : : ouse and barn. - COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 si r of lend, and never fading stream - upen whi. iiSO sr.i'ismny b erected, with asulbcicniy of water for each. AiMyat iso. S ortenwictt iircet. janl3tf La u rtgvlating the Ouaging and Inrpcctwg vt l ull UilM. r - asssd iWaich 31, 1B18. ; tr?' tit il enacted r the people e Ike itote f , fi ett - 1 ort, rtpmenlci in ttmue ana eiHzviji, That the narson admiuistering the government of this stale, by and with the aJvice aud consent; of the council of appointmeot, shall from tiin to lima appoint one person lor the city ol Wew - xorK, wbosa powers shall extend to. and iuclude the village of Brooklyn ; on person for the City of Albany and on person lor the city of 1 oy, whose power shall extend to, and iuclude Lau - singburgh aud Waterford, to be guager and inspectors of fish oil. .indbexl further tnaeltd. That it shall b the duty of each person appoiuted by viitue of this act, to provido himself with proper instruments for guagiug and kispecting oil, mod whenever called ou to guage auJ inspect any parctl of fi - h oil, williin the place lor wUich lie was appointed, it shall albo be bis duty to inquire djligently and seek out any parcels of fish oil within his district, and guage and inspect the same,and brand legi bly on the bead ol earn cask he may so guage aud inspect, his own name and the name of the place for winch he was appointed ; also the whole uuniber of gallons the same shall guage, and separately lrom each other the quantity ofwt ter, uie quauiitr ol sediment, as well as pie quautity oi'iiurv oil he shall find therein, and snau mane, suoscnu auu ucaver to tne owner i i I i i . . or holder of soch parcel ol oil so gunged and in spected, a certificate, txhibttiug in separate Mi - lutnua the quantity of each of the nfnreiiid enumerated iii'i cthent the whole parrel shall con tain ; for all of which guaing, inspecting, branding and certifying afonsai 1, be shall receive from Ihe owner or holder of the oil so guaged and in spected, tweuly cents for each ra - k, he tin sum small or large, the one ha 1 1' of which thall alway thesealler be chargeable upon the purchaser cl (be same. And be il further inaelti. That it shall be th.' duty of all pertous owning or holding ft nit oil, Ic put the same in a convenient position lor gmiit: and inspecting whenever thnreto required hy ai authorised guager undoprctor. .ini be t furl tier enacted, That any person or persons who shall couutcileit, alter orihan.'e auy of the brauds or marks aforesaid, on' anv cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oil so braniledor marked, or who shall boy, sell or bru ter auy oil withiu the ili - lricts or places ahrc - tsud, except the tanin shall have been guaged, inspected aud branded acrorthng to law, or who (hall ship, export, or otherwise convey or cau - e to be conveyed nny oil out ol, or Iroui the districts or plates nfurssaid, except the same th;.!l have been gauged, in - pecled and branded ac - coiding In law, such person or persons so offending, shall forfeit and pay the sum ol twenty - five dollars for each caik, the brands oriuaikio.' which shall be so couulei felted, altered ur chan ged, or which shall be so bought, sold or barter ed, or which thall be so shipped, exported or eu, or wniensnau u. so ..... Fu, r, r,,. or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true uitcnt I r.V.. . rw.j .n.;... and tueauiiig of this act ; Prondi d, nurrthtl - it, that uothinsr herein contsioed shall lm tnnrtitMd to prevent auy person or persons from bujlrijj or sclliux oil by measures legally sealed. A nd 6s il further enacted, I hat it shall be the duty of any person or parous who shall ire or otherwise empty the contents ol any cai,k ol b'U oil, InimedtaWly to efface the guager's and inspector's marks or brands from the same, under the penalty of twenty - five dollars. ' Inif be it further enneltd, That any forfe'.tures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, in auy court having cognizance of the mme, to Lho sole use and behool of any pursou who shall sttff meresne. NOT ICE is hereby given, that the subscriber lia.1 beeu appointed by the honourable the Coun ril of Appointment, Guflger and In.'pcrtor of all F ih Oils in the City id iew - York and llrooklyu, and has opened bis office at No. 37, Water - !. where be will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JA.ilES 1AUKICE. N. B. Dealers iu Fi - .bOil are hereby notified. that nny infringement of the above law will be prosecuted. Juiv so lm NO 1 lib. A NEW ESTADLISItMCIfT. THE suliscriher refectiui.y informs hi friends and the public generally, that he has removed into the house No. 107, owned' and lately occupied bv chief tustice ThompaoD, two doors west of SL Peters Church, in State - street, and near the Capitol, where he continues to keep uoardins House lor the accommodation ol those who may favor him with their custom, either by the day, week, or year, where every ut - tontion will be paid to render their slay us ree j - ble while at his house. Ladies mid gei.Hrriien passing through this rity may be net oniinodated a above. Breakfast ic. will be provided lor partu s ot, the shortest notice. '1 he subscriber nas lately added a number of single lodging rooms, which render this ertahlMinient very commodious for travellers. Good horses and carriages provided for his customers, cn Ihe mostreasuuable terms. J. W. ROCKWELL. Albany, July 18, 1818. J Iw PROSPEC'l L'a ron rcni.ibiimti it suBscmrTiois A M AP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 MIE publication of this Map has been under - 1 taken with the impression, that it will exhibit information, highly interesting at this event - lul crisis, and the valuable Maps whirl, ihe au thor has procured, durinzhit several tours tijruuh Mexico, in the vears lUtJb, 1BU7, ISlt, lilid. 1815, IHlC, niul lu 17. induce him to beleive that the Map, with even all its imperfection, will lie much the must perfect which hss appeared before the public. This idnn will contain Uie latest and best in formation lrom the discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British ar r rench travellers and navigators anil representing the claims of their resective govcrniumt ou the Northwestern roast of Amrncn. The Map will include thai portion of North America, which lies between the Isthiuiis cl Da rim, nnd tfie4!.tf. tlrgree ol North Lntilude, and from the Mississippi River westward to the racihc oceao. In size Ihe Map will be about six by five feet, and will he projected on a scale of 40 miles ti the inch, to he delivered to the subscribers al fifteen dollars - ach. Natches, March 7. lftlfl. l 7 lul TRAPS. THE newly invented pateut sale at 130 Water - street. Box Tiaps. for Je 13 atr ton ifjj A farm on the Hudson, about n n.tV from Newhiirgh. cont.iiniiig 133 i r. - , 33 o' which are Woodland, the rsst is tliviit. d byno - Ml fence into a due pr.)ortii of mendi w, hrni I and pature laud. The buildinp - re nr;lrtrw ; the house convenient for a small family : us situation is equalled in beauty by lew ontt : nver ; the advantages, from the vicinity of a L. ui. - h - ine - villase, of public v.oriiup, erTiei and good market, Hth the feciii'y o. cioinn.riiiili - 'n with New York, rentier it a distruMe - reeti!em e' for a cenUemaa. 40U0 dollars ot tl pwidjse monev inav remain on murtaee ; the pnvtiteui of the ret will be made easy to the purcLiHer. Appivon tae premises, to , jt ti i. tr.nri'i.M.h. AADElRA tPLVlC. T LYNCH, Jua. has a few pipes of Uie We J.. trow tli racsfies ii t,sui de l.ob - . St. Antonio, remamirr, which tie cao warn a quality, supsnor to ai'jr iis ported to this rc i - try sor .uiny yew ; aad wiatk be oner t f,rsa oa moderate utiai. jy 1 l - p - ? - Tlte new FERRY BOATS iroui the foo , of Walnut street, New York, to tl.e foot of Little street, Brooklyn, neat th Navy Yard, wilf coanuitncerancime tin Sunday, the ?tM!, Persons cro,.ii,g to Broskiyn from tlieirpef part of the city, will 'find the distance Diuch stjorteeed by uwaa this letry. ' my 14 ' NOI1CE. The Risinr Sun Sail Boats, Norparicl. and Industry, froui th Elisabeth town Vmut, loa New - lorlfc, salts IrctnniarkeUielU, (wheie - - tiie Steam - boat Ataianta sormerly ca.e le ) al 10 o'clock, oi each day. Passage 12 i - i! cents. Enquire at the Steam bout HoMl. ol tanuLnruuus: rjui urc. my l tf " Oil - JOHN PUlHJ'I OK, Jci lv)i Libert - kt. ofiers liberal anticipations ot. rtpetty cjliMfl' - ed to his friendi in tlx - Vrdiiriraiiean. cor further particular, appiv us i bove, or to auk ti. . r;j - i.u, Je 6 tf enrnei of Cl.ti ii J - 'iiItu - sl. fj - B 1 tJ'II r.. C. 'LiSIS, IMl. 20H0rj" strei t, New - Yolk, pur. ''ti.ti l..oos in the J Ilia ois Territory, wbh ii be been set i.purt lor Ihir" lair Army. Letters irom Iht cobni'j einrg description of the patent Kid Ihe price asked ior each lot, will be aitcmM to. il rest paid. iny i: u A CAii - i fttr At the pa'tirumi solicitations Of the. La dy subscribers, i,. New - Vcik Sail Water Ftnat uaui win ue re rvov i'ii to ner old statiou us the ;ol of n1urr y - i . el,t!;is day, will coii'.iin'i) bH n evirv Ohv. ironi sunrise in the morning, until K o'clock at iiiht, clurii, U,e on thing sens a. It L I p( when the Liuties cf viii - etty know t!::t (hi, Urge 1 uilding, t uh wi.l in ciuiiii - m,i t,i three bundled piisun n f lime, i exrhittvi I) devoted lo their enjoy - mciit mi Moncjys ai,d Wci'nusdKys of each hi ek until 2 o'clock, thai lb' will t - 'ue that rncur - nement Vihu h smh an a,priiiriiliou deien es. On a'l othrrtluysthey have their own :ipnr.iieiit only. The trenttsst possible attentiu,, will he. wiil. The Bath at the Battery is open every day ' Imni sunrise lo 10 o'clock at uight, for Gentle ' men "nlv. Je x OK NEW. YORK, ftir Notice is hereby Kin n, that Dividend of foui nnd it hall per cent "ti the Capital Stork of tht. riuupnuy, has heen dec In red by the Board of Director ; ui,d will he paid to the stiKkhoid - ers, on or tiller ihe 15h inst. J 3 lm 03 i he l'.,cihi liif uioti' e Cuuipany ol Sew York, hav this day dec In red a dividensl of sis ner i tut. en the cai'itnl stock, for the last six months, potable a: their office, No. 49 Wall - st. on the lutn inst. By order of the Board of Directors. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'ry. J6 tm . 1 NO I ILL. ff7 TUt public nrecauiiQited airainst trtntin" die crew nt. Ihe britisn ting IWoinptncc, John Gaytir - i m'lcr, as no ttehts eontra - jUfl by tbeui. j he t of ,.,lti 1 i J . - T 1 S O 4 Uteaii lnui ant e I. III,., Juiv a, ihii;.. s dTT.' Bonid of Director, have this daw declared a dividend el thrc and a halt per rent rnpit'il atuck for the last .sis months, wiuclt will i pay.itiU to the stiM i, holders or tl.eir legul reii'esen'a'ivs on the tenth irtrt. tl 0i offic of the enmrmov, 4T Wnll - strei t. sa iL'i:l'staN5HUuv,sc. July 7 lm ; At 1 1'. YtsKX L'S U HA ACE COMI'Ar f IIIIK I'rrkitlent and Directors have lliistlay A declared'a dividin.l nf five ,cr cent on the capital stock of the cou.piiiy, for tlie Ijst six months, p'ljkblv to the mockiiuiiteis, or their hpl representatives on ami after (lie lo'h iimt. at the office, i. 211 Vll - tiert. - .liilv - 6 lm C. . SIIIPMAN, Scerv. CLA3?1CAI., .VIA I nE iLtTICAl aud iVlEJi CAVI IlE ACADEMY. IF.f5.Sn. - .. KKI.l.V Az'l UOVIV rp,nrtfi.ll iuloriu the public, that they have lately oinn.euceit tins S'S'at'lishim.iit in the large and airy rooms, io. 45 rearl street a lew doors lrom the cf.rncr ul Chatham street. Tin ir course of education comprises the Gref'k, Lntin, French, ami English languages Composition, History, Geography, the urn - ul the Glolu - s, Kook - Keeping, Arili.nietic, with the oth er practical branches of the Mathematics. Ynunir Ladies have a rni appropriated to - themselves, where they will be taught a regular course ol education, t with ( Inin aiidoriiamentnl Needle - work, by a lady ot exemplary couduct and long expei ieui c in that department KeH - renceto Robert Au'rain, P. M. and N. P. Columbia College. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. Mtn. Kelly .V Tuomv bi lenve also to in form Ihe public, that their Grammatical Mirror is nuw completed aud crgnuited. and that they are prepared lo undertake its application l Old duties ol iwtrur tioo. The Grammatical Mirror is a machine tt,nlrucled on such principles, and artuated by such laws, as lo exhibit a uimilrst rcpreai ntalioa of all the parts of human speech, in ail the variety of their inflections aiel all the diversity of their combinal iocs ; iti calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether Conveyed by writing or by utterance : letters and sounds are the arbitrary symbols, not the resemblance of id. as ; but the Grammstical Mirror present, an exact inntatios of Ihe agent with iu cac?, of the object with, it pusions, of their sbbstitule with il gcudcrs and persons, aifl of Ike action with il manntrs, anil its times. The other parts cf speer b will make, their respective appearances iu (lie revolutions of this extraordinary machine. Il is ne les - useful o the tea. her than to Ihs pupil j ami while it expedite the progress of the one, it wdl f icili - tute the labor ol the other. N.otilJ, auy person object to the practicability of itsnpplicutino.they oliall - Dgo the irn estimation of opposition : they c - ?..uotct - u. - eut t.. Nil ioilcri - jiinate ini - pc'i 'irn 1 I ut any wi. - .n wh - t sh.,11 bu . 'jiiilified to di. - rtis its meills Ihry are willing ta admit, l.nd prepare! toan - wer l.n ut - jectious. Tlirnir.h !uy f .rt - iil, them to ackiiotsledije then - '.in iiit'eriorit yet, they iciy not on their diligence and e.J otl.eiS tnny have tis much t thev relv net o i their erudKion and talents, othr may '.ot have lvs ; but ll.ey re. Iv on the c - nneration ol their ttti, which ."hey contend to be tiprt iortt.any that can be rmpinyed to attain tht object it cuniempUte. 1 houirh thrv entertain no umibt nt its nine - - rior general uti'uy, they conceive that fjr such as rxiiM'it Mi'iivi mucti time ior study, cr whose d HVreiil employments, .rniut confine) ti cm to interrupted ami desultory lectures. i mil t piks;t pectiliar - snbtltntage,. , '.Several literary eUsQ,iiCP':r!', - Trl i.ire""rn - "pec led this machine, liave been eji4alT astotiUlu et and ile'iUtriL, atvl doubt slot' tUt eXerj - will rralise the most sani. - Tiiie exnecU - limis that are entertained of iu advaiitjgcarij success. ' Under three impressions the proprietor of th? C'rtiniiRultruf tA. - ror retomnicital iito pub lic notice, and tliey ne no irmre ctesiwu ot acquirinj, than tbey are confident vf securing Uie palranae of thr rnl ittc N. IV. Tiny h .re for Kef.eral convenience JetcrmineU to dcllicrevotrnff 1 - cuires, from - ha'.rpasl five ill half past een, ou any iff U.t Uen.ct.lioiid brambes e4 Uicrture. J ": Jm ' - ,TAi AN . - KvvINO ii ra.i ... . w . J cipsuj black. oal. or sa.ehy : " i ' , ' f 'HI' I - y 1!

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